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Stephen Whitby



No one ever said

life was going to be easy aking new friends and choosing a major are challenges that everyone faces in college. Life at a university has no curfews, no parents and a whole new set of rules by which to live. Every day is a new learning experience. Your favorite 1V show starts in 10 minutes, the Psychology midterm is at 8 a.m. tomorrow, your girlfriend wants you to go to a movie, the Student Government meeting began 20 minutes ago, intramural softball signups are happening somewhere on campus, and your wallet is begging you to find a job. Does this sound like a typical day? It is in college. The decisions you make today can change the rest of your life. Nobody ever said that college was going to be easy. College and life are filled with many challenges, but hard work, determination and the right set of tools can be a road map for success. Where is your roadmap? Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has been in the business of building better men for almost 100 years. The 75,000 men that are a part of America's leading Fraternity have created a brotherhood that can give you the answers you need. Through The Journey Project, Pi Kappa Phi gives every student member the tools he needs to survive in college 10 STAR & LAMP

and succeed in the real world. What tools do you need? Pi Kappa Phi offers education through brotherhood and leadership through service like no other fraternity in America. Our brothers receive facul ty-level academic coaching, attend a nationally known leadership development school and are guided through career and lifeplanning workshops by alumni across the country. The great part is that we can do all of this and still have time to have all the fun of college. Are you ready to be challenged to succeed? Life may not be easy, but it's definitely a Journey you won't want to miss. FIRST YEAR

The first step in building better men is creating balanced scholars. No one can make the transition from high school to college easy, but Pi Kappa Phi launched a revolutionary Collegiate Success Program to help our members bridge the gap and succeed

inside and outside the classroom. The Collegiate Success Program is a written curriculum that is taught to all our new members by a faculty member who is paid by Pi Kappa Phi to serve as the chapter's Academic Coach. The Fraternity also provides a timemanagement tool, the Pi Kapp Planner, free to all members. Balance is necessary to survive college, and Pi Kappa Phi offers the tools today's students need to excel. SECOND YEAR

A fraternity is about more than what goes on in class every day. President John F. Kennedy said that 50 percent of a man's education comes from what he does outside the classroom.



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