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Delta Chi Chapter at Kansas State Celebrates 10th Anniversary On April 16, 1988, Delta Chi Chapter held it's Rose Ball Formal to celebrate the Tenth

Anniversary of their chartering. In attendance were sixty-five Pi Kapps and their dates for what

turned out to be a grand celebration and the best attended Rose Ball Formal in the chapter's history. Events began on Thursday, April 14, when members wore their letters on campus.On Friday, April 15, members dressed in coat and tie on campus.They also participated in an event involving the ritual in remembrance of the Midation ceremony of our charter members ten

Delta Chi Members at Kansas State celebrating their Tenth Anniversary

"Tau Is a Shining Gem In The Fraternity World" -Durward Owen,Executive Director Tau Chapter has had their finest year ever, and we are proud that our hard work is being noticed. At North Carolina State University,Pi Kappa Phi placed in the top five in Greek Week, and had one of its largest rush efforts in recent history, recruiting 28 men. With over 70 actives, the chapter is within one man of being the largest house on campus. Most importantly, Tau accomplished these improvements while maintaining a top five percent chapter GPA.

Tau has also been excelling on the national level. The chapter has increased its membership by 50% over the past year and initiated over90% ofits pledges for the first time in years. In addition to this marvel, the chapter donated over $5,000 to PUSH,and achieved its goal, the Silver Star Award. In a recent alumni meeting, Durward Owen, the Executive Director of Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity was quoted as saying, "Tau is a shining gem in the

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity world." Another improvement at N.C.S.U. is the chapter house. This year the chapter itself funded over $10,000 in capital improvements including new carpet, new paneling and new lighting. And, better yet, the house was completely renovated in the summer of '88 by the chapter via a university backed loan. The renovations consist of new roofing, windows, air conditioning/heating and fixtures.

University of Texas Chartered as Zeta Theta , Ix

ti The Men ofZeta Theta Chapter at the University of Texas In the summer of 1985, Greg Salmon and Zack Sweeney met with Joe Freeman and Joey Busa of Radford University (Virginia). It was.then that Greg and Zack decided that the University of Texas at Austin needed a nonhazing,responsible fraternity. The fall semester saw a group of approximately 25 men meet Ed Jesko at the Spaghetti Warehouse on September 29, 1985,for further discussion on how to start a fraternity. The fire was lit. Jay Barrow, Leadership Consultant, came to Austin a few weeks later to initiate us as Associate Members. The Austin core was formed of which nine remained from the many ups and downs to end up as the Zeta Theta Chapter. During the two and a half years it took to receive our charter, the colony rode a woolly rollercoaster. The fraternity's first house was at 2827 Salado, with dues at $35 and membership at about 30 men. The roller coaster took a big drop in the spring of '86 with the fraternity losing about half to one-third of its members, due to policy changes regarding dues, selectivity, and whether or not it was going to be a fraternity orjust a party group.The summer saw those still involved making an effort to stay together. The Administrative Office saw one member attend Pi Kapp College that summer. This is where Gregory Scott Salmon became the

#1 initiate of Zeta Theta. That fall saw only 4 new members join and we lost our house due to old members quitting. Despite these hard drops on the track, the ride started to climb with the fraternity donating over $1,000 to PUSH through Highway Holdups and Capture tournaments. The colony dipped to a dangerously low 15 members during spring and some people said we weren't going to make it, but wejust hung on harder. Tom Hain was chairing the housing committee and looking for a house became a priority issue. After a couple of weeks, things didn't look good. Then one day,Greg and Tom happened to see the perfect house and the owner let us lease it for an unbelievably low price. That was the turning point of an uphill roller coaster ride that didn't level off until chartering with the fraternity sending two members to Supreme Chapter in the fall. Then in fall '87, with rush being spearheaded by guru Mark Bola, the chapter was motivated to get enough members to double our size and to push us past the 45 member mark needed for chartering. Next was the chapter dominating 17 other fraternities in an event hosted by Delta Gamma sorority called Anchor Splash. We took third in a swimming event, second in a mystery event, first in synchronized swimming, spirit, and overall. We held Capture again, after which we held a semi-

formal. Having four members at AVATW,and rush pushing us past 60 members in the spring of '88, the chapter only needed minor work to succeed in obtaining chapter status. Ever since its inception, the colony has been noted for its high academic excellence, with two semesters having a chapter grade point average above a 3.0. New traditions abound in the colony, and this spring two of our members ran and were elected as student senators while Mike Hulbert was elected student government president. Hopefully this is the start ofa Pi Kapp tradition where at least one Pi Kapp is always in a student leadership position. Athletically Pi Kapps continue to compete at the"A"level in football, volleyball, basketball,soccer and softball, with a runner-up position in volleyball highlighting our team athletics. Fraternity members have achieved two intramural golf championships, two intramural swimming championships,and a position on the All-Fraternity Council football team. One feeling that all of the Pi Kapps of Zeta Theta share is our desire to be able to return to Austin many years from now and find a fraternity that places no emphasis on materialism,that steers away from elitism, that refuses to haze its pledges, all of which were characteristics that we found unattractive in some fraterni-

years earlier. Saturday, April 16, began with a past archon's luncheon followed by an alumni gathering at the house. Later that evening was the Rose Ball Formal. The Rose Ball Formal began with cocktails and then the "Pi Kapp Toast" was read and members toasted to another ten years. The archon then welcomed everyone. The historian read a letter about the early days from an alumnus, Bob Hiss, who was unable to attend. Our chapter's number one initiate spoke about the chartering. Invocation was given by the chaplain, Andy Lamniers and following dinner Dr. Frank Parrish, Area Governor for Area VIII, spoke. His speech was entitled "Fraternity as a Life Experience." Receiving awards were Alumni of the Year - Brent Grauberger; Associate of the Year - Mike Meng;Athlete ofthe Year - Mike Austin; and Member of the Year - Dale Bushylicad.The announcement of Rose Queen was then made and Karen Taylor, a member of Alpha Gamma Delta was selected. Karen and her escort, Mark Sascnick began to dance to the first song of the evening. Other members and their dates then joined in. A lot of reminiscing and looking to the future was shared by the members celebrating ten years of growth and brotherhood. "Let brotherly love continue."(Hebrews 13:1)

Bust most exciting is the reorganization of the alumni housing corporation. This organization is being organized and implemented entirely by Tau alumni, in particular, Duff Freeman, Bob Lamphier, William Campbell, Tom Saieed, and Hunt McKinnon. The organization's purpose will be advising, counseling and supporting the undergraduate chapter and most importantly, provide a means through which alumni brothers can be involved with each other. The plans for this organization include alumni luncheons and a special homecoming celebration on November 12, 1988.The Chapter is very excited and the program is developing well. We encourage your participation and much needed assistance. For information on this organization or the chapter,feel free to contact alumni advisor Bob Lamphier at (919)481-3449.

ties upon our arrival here at Texas. We hope to find a fraternity thatstillemphasizes the need for excellence in academics, that still competes athletically with a high intensity, that is still cognizant and considerate of all members ofour university community. And most importantly,a fraternity that is still interested in each and every member as an individual, yet still exists as a true, unified brotherhood. In early spring semester the stringent requirements were met, and the Pi Kappa Phi National Council approved the chartering of Zeta Theta at the University of Texas at Austin. Glenn Dickson, Assistant Executive Director, supervised the events, along with Chartering Officer Dr. Phillip M. Summers, President, Vincennes University,and Drew Hudel, Area Governor, Area VII. Leadership Consultant Mike Maddox was there for the Administrative office. The dates were set for March 3,4 and 5. It all began on Thursday night, March 3, with the written examinations. The next day the group photo was taken, then came the grueling oral examinations. These oral examinations were etched into the fraternity members' minds by Dr. Phillip M. Summers wonderfully deep voice. After the successful completion and extensive review of the members to ensure our strong commitment to being chartered, the initiation process began. Performing the ceremony were the men from Texas Tech, Epsilon Omega. The men from Tech did a tremendous job initiating over 50 members, including two fathers, Dr. Edward Summers(Mike)and Col.Jack Salmon (Brad and Greg), and an alumni initiate, Jerry Trojan. It was truly anight that will be cherished and remembered forever. The Chartering Banquet was a special occasion for the 200 plus people that attended. The evening started off with Glenn Dickson introducing Dr. Phillip Summers. Summers then went on to present the charter to Archon Michael Lipscomb. Darren Stroud, Chaplain, made chapter presentations. Greg Salmon,past Archon, gave a brief history. Paul Drake, first Chapter Advisor, gave a special presentation. Mostimpressive were Dr.Summers'Chartering Officer's Remarks. Special guests from the University ofTexas were Glen Maloney,Assistant Dean of Students, and Scott Wilder, IntraFraternity Council Director. The presentation ended with the singing of"The Rose"and "You Are My Sunshine" to our dates and mothers.


Fraternity bike riders well underway on their journey to help the handicapped ALUMNI PUSH America '88! Pi Kappa Phi's yearly statistics Anot...


Fraternity bike riders well underway on their journey to help the handicapped ALUMNI PUSH America '88! Pi Kappa Phi's yearly statistics Anot...