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With this power in his possession, he will be able to adjust himself to ever changing situations. Third: The danger of pretense. In a recent biography of the erstwhile German Kaiser, Emil Ludwig, a brilliant German writer, characterized the Kaiser as a monstrous pretender who was willing to sacrifice billions of dollars and millions of lives in order to maintain a sham that he had been indulging since his early childhood. Having become a victim ~f a tragedy at his birth (one arm having become wtthered), he early applied his ingenuity to developing. wa~s of concealing his deformity. He pretended his Withered arm was normal and this mental attitude later became generalized. He pretended that he was an infallible ruler, that his armies were unbeatable, a~d that he represented a superior race of people. This performance of the Kaiser is not altogether unusual. It is manifested in many ways in college students. What to others appears as an attitude of braggadocio, swagger, and pomp, for the student is frequently nothing but a miserable pretense-an attempt to cover up a keenly felt deficiency, physical or mental. The student who talks loudly, swears volubly, drinks, carouses, tells vile stories, engages in the risque, far from being the flamboyant individual he appears to be, is often one who despises himself, who feels utterly at a loss as to how to adjust himself, and who continually is faced with the spectre of a deformed personality.

Revised Edition of Constitution and Supreme Laws Issued Shortly after the Jirst of January, the new edition of the constitution and supreme laws of the fraternity were made available by Central Office. Copies were distributed to the chapters and officers of the organization. Supreme Chancellor Meisel, who headed the legislative committee credited with the revision, edited the booklet. Besides the changes in the constitution and redraft of the laws adopted by the last supreme chapter, the edition carries a complete display of disciplinary forms, examination questions for candidates, and a detailed index. It is in pocket form, contains sixty-four pages, and is bound with blue paper cover stock. Copies are available to the membership upon request to Central Office and enclosure of ten cents.

Paul Walker Goes Up Paul Walker, Upsilon, for past three years assistant branch manager, Challenge Cream and Butter Association at San Diego, California, has been transferred to Oakland as branch manager. The Challenge Butter Association is the oldest cooperative dairy products wholesale marketing organization in America: It is owned and operated by 20,000 California dairymen.


Installation of Tau Beta Pi at Brooklyn Touches Alpha Xi Strongly By



EN members of Alpha Xi Chapter are among the fifty-five charter members of the New York Zeta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, national honorary engineering fraternity, recently installed at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. The local group of Tau Beta Pi was organized from members of Delta Kappa Pi, the local honorary fraternity, which was founded twenty years ago. This organization has not been dissolved, although no new members will be elected. The installation ceremonies were held December 5, 1931, at the Hotel St. George, and were followed by a formal banquet. All the eligible Pi Kapps on the Polytechnic faculty are now members of Tau Beta Pi. Prof. Clyde C. Whipple, of the electrical engineering department, has been a member since his undergraduate days, as well as a member of Sigma Xi. Prof. William J. Berry, head of the department of mathematics and archon of the first district, Prof. Erich Hausmann, dean of graduate study; Prof. Harry Parker Hammond, professor of civil engineering; Prof. Edward J. Squire, professor of civil engineering; and Mr. Henry B. Hanstein, instructor of electrical engineering, are charter members of New York Zeta Chapter. Dr. Irving Wetherbee Fay, professor of chemistry, is the only brother on the faculty who is not in the organization, as he is not an engineer but a chemist, being internationalJy known as a coal-tar dye and derivative expert. Only one member of the present active chapter has achieved membership in Tau Beta Pi- Ward D. Paley, '32. He is one of the babies of Delta Kappa Pi, being a member of the last group elected into the local before its nationalization. The alumni members who were initiated are: Louis N. Rowley, Jr., Frank Romanow, Harold A. McLaughlin and Joseph H . Baudendistel. Brother William Bennett Kouwenhoven, at present a professor at Johns Hopkins University, is also a member. Brother Rowley is president of Delta Kappa Pi, and vice-president of the Tau Beta Pi chapter. Brother Hanstein is treas路 urer of the chapter. The installation was carried out by a national com路 mittee consisting of Prof. Percy W. Ott, of Ohio State University; Prof. Robert C. Mathers, of the Univer路 sity of Tennessee, and Prof. Arthur D. Moore, of the University of Michigan, assisted by a local committee which included, besides Brothers Berry, Hausmann, Hanstein and Rowley, Messrs. Walter J. Barrett and Robert G. O'Sullivan.



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..