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A human magnet he is, accepting all humbly. Duty in the face of driving purpose to attain its end became a pleasure to him. Responsibility was a trust not to be ignored, but to be expanded if possible. Inherent the qualities, but they were fed, augmented, and crystalized by the fraternity. It became a laboratory, it gave experience, it created self-confidence. There has been a fair exchange, a reciprocal outpouring; so you may see the difficulty of all that we would like to say and yet speak succintly and fully, as the recipient would like it. Undoubted success will come to this member if he continues as he has begun.

When a man's name is dropped from the rolls it means that he has ignored every effort of the fraternity to prevent such and has permitted the machinery of oblivion to operate unchecked by any action on his part. He has had every opportunity to prevent it, for the wheels grind slowly, sometimes too slowly, and for the most part unwillingly. Once they have ground, however, there is no recalling, nor reforming.

On the other hand, two men who were found wanting and expelled from the organization have made efforts to become reinstated recently. One complained that the action of the fraternity has affected his reception in the business world. The other has had a change of mind and is willing to pay the accumulated indebtedness and change the attitude that caused his dismissal.

And something we treasure: A mother of one of our members went out of her way to state that she would always be indebted to the fraternity. "I had the fear that my son depended too much on my apron strings. I was doubtful that he would find happiness in college. You took him and relieved me of both fears. I sent you a boy, and you returned a man."

When you use indelible ·ink, discretion should be used in deciding what you write.

Thrifty Collegians



Swan Song/' an Omicron Tradition By HENRY H. MIZE

It is told that the swan sings only once, and that is when it sings a beautiful death song. Out of this tale comes the name of one of Omicron's sacred traditions -the "swan song." At the last meeting of each year those brothers who are leaving the chapter, never to return as undergraduates, are given a chance to sing their "swan song." It is impossible to convey in writing the impression one gets from listening to these talks. A tinge of sadness always permeates the serious-minded assemblage when the speeches begin. One sits back and listens to a brother who has struggled to better his and our fraternity for the past few years. The talks are pregnant with trials and tribulations of the past on the one hand and the mastery of these obstacles on the other. The address usually ends by an avowal of loyalty to the chapter and a presentation of sound advice to those who must carry on. The result is inevitable. The "swan song" creates in the speaker a desire to be a good alumnus and in the listeners a tactic agreement to work harder as an active member. The "swan song" is one of Omicron's most valued traditions. We feel that its institution in other chapters wotild help them immeasurably.

The late Dwight W. Morrow was a member of Beta Theta Pi.


In the rush of what is considered more important new>, one phase of the ·economic crisis ought not to be overlooked. College students should get credit for all they are doing to return to simple ways and the frugal life. People think of college students as playful youth of both genders, spending their parents' hard-earned money as they trip playfullY through four years apiece of Arcadian frolic. They need to be reminded that to college students life is real, life is earnest, and economy something more than a word in the dictionarY· All over the country this fall the collegians are looking the situation seriously in the face. They have passed rules forbidding lavish expenditures. Dances and house parties are eliminating frills. Where the colleges are coeducational, the young men are being given the support of public opinion in a retrenchment program and are not considered tightwads if they do not send the girls orchids and rare confections. In one college, at least, the men are going a step farther. The lads at the University of Southern California have got up a 50-50 club. All members of that club insist that girlS whom they entertain pay half the expenses of the occasion· They are, in a word, paying the co-eds the high compliment of treating them as equals. If the co-eds do not appreciate this they will convict themselves of not being modern women· It may not be chivalry, but at any rate it will stimulate social activity and conform to the spirit of the times.-Spokane S pokesman-Revietv.

Alpha Omicron is now offering to the sophomore returning in the fall of the year with the highest freshman average a watch charm denoting his scholastic superiority.



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..


But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..