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liam Haase, Martinville, Ind.; Nathan Scott McGaw, Madisonville, Ind.;. William E. Orr, El Paso, Texas; Harold Johnson, Goshen, Ind. 0 /ficers: Robert Bainbridge, archon; Richard Gollmar, tr.easurer; Henry Thoeming, secretary; Arthur Hirst, htstorian; Harold Miller, chaplain; Gayle Martin, warden; Meredith Price, steward; Nathan S. McGaw, bookkeeper. A formal Christmas party was held at the Edge~ater Beach Hotel by those members and pledges livtn? in and about Chicago. Nine coup les attended thts third annual party. The house formal is to be held at the chapter house on February 20, dancing to start at nine o'clock.

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Alumni Personals Roy Reed is in Korea working for the Oriental Gold Mining Company, Hokuchiu, Korea (Chosen). Art Donovan is playing in an orchestra on the Illinois campus as well as doing work on his master's degree. Joe Nichols is one of the employed of Dallas, Texas. Pete Sherwood is working in Milwaukee. His address is 3834 N. 23rd St. W. Higgins is now back in New York after an extended trip through the west. Robert Cline has completed the design and supervised the installation of a flood-lighting system for the Washington monument, Washington, D.C.

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Alpha Alpha Enjoys Founder of Chapter By JACK ADAMS Initiate: Searcy Garrison, Ochlochnee.


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Officers: Herman J. Spence, archon; John I. Adams, secretary; John T. Cash, treasurer; Searcy S. Garrison, historian; Everett Cox, chaplain ; B. C. Teasley, Jr., Warden. On D ecember 10, Founders' Day, Alpha Alpha entertained the pledges with an informal supper. We Were glad to have with us as guest of honor the founder of our d1apter, Brother Jimmie Ross. After talks by the members and pledges, "Daddy" Ross told us the story of the birth of our organization at Mercer University. Later in the eveni ng we all listened over the radio to the program given over WSB by the Atlanta Alumni Chapter .in honor of Founders' Day. We are g lad to say that recently two of our pledges, James Bullock, Ochlochnee, and Haywood Vann, Thomasville, were chosen to represent the freshman class in intercollegiate debates. We hope next year they will be on the vars ity team with Brothers Evans and Garrison. Garrison was recently elected president of the International Relations Club.


Nelson, Alpha Pi



But what torments oF pain you endured "Some of your ills you have cured, from evils that never arrived." ..