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on a technicality, but served in th e scrub team that played the varsity in practice. H e is a good player and should be very use ful next year. Th e freshman team at Cornell this year lost but one game and that early in the season. Norman Scott, '3 0, was their head coach . H e drilled them through Cornell Pi Kapps Contribute a most success ful season and much of their excellence to Successful Football should be credited to his teaching. H e was a varsity pl ayer w hile an underg raduate at the uni versity. By V ERNE R M. INGRAM Just before the Christmas recess th e annu al dinner Initiates: Frank Canace, Nyack, a freshman in el ec- and party was held at the house and was very well trical eng ineering, possessor of two scholarships; attended. Among those attending was Brother Hurd Glenn Barber, Corinth , a sophomore in mechanical of Michigan State, Alpha Theta, w ho is instructing eng ineering, and possessor of two schol arships; Wil- in Cornell while carrying on g radu ate work in the liam D e Long, Reading, Pa., a sophomo re in chemis- university. try, transfer from Albright Coll ege; H erman WintRalph Lew is, '3 1, a g raduate student, is at present zer, Milwaukee, Wis., f reshman in mechanical eng i- doing research work in the college of electrical enneering; H arley Potter, junior in civil eng ineering, g ineering. a fo rmer member of the Komos Club, the loca l th at John Ferraro was elected to membership as sophobecame Pi K appa Phi , who left the university during more representative on th e Student Co1.1ncil. the war and has returned to fini sh his work. Eddie Smith and Abe George were elected to Now th at th e football season has closed at the Aleph Samach, a junior honorary society, memberuniversity, we review to find that several members ship in which is one of th e highest honors open to of Psi Chapter have been outstanding in their con- a junior. They are both wearers of the " C" for basetributions to a most success ful autumn . Johnny Fer- ball. raro, a sophomore, was the outstanding find of the On Janu ary 7, Psi Chapter received its first visit year and was a consistently fin e performer in every from th e new archon of the First District, Willi am game that he played. H e was a first-squad man and J. Berry. This was Brother Berry's first visit to Cornell received honorable mentions in several of the All- University as well as to the chapter. His stay w as enAmerican elevens that were named at the conclusion joyed by eve ryone and we hope to see him in the of the season. In th e Princeton, Columbia, and Uni - near future. versity of Pennsylvani a games he was recog nized as one of the best all-round players on th e fi eld . Since Chicago Omegans Hold Formal he is only a sophomore in the uni versity, he is seen Christmas Party as one of the mainstays of the coming two years. Together w ith him on the squad was Edd ie Smith, a By H ENRY THOEMING first string reserve who saw service in several of th e big games. H e also is recog nized as being a consist- Pledge: John S. Swain, Cambridge City, Ind . ently good man. Abe George was ineli g ible this year Initiates : Ralph Bertsch, Cambridge City, Ind .; Wil-

Chi Chapter received the announcement of marriage of Brother E. R. Ferguson, '3 1, to Miss Geneva Duncan. The ceremony was held the latter part ot September.

Stetson's Team Almost Entirely a Chi Team Pardon the mutilation. Best that could be done. Extreme upper left is Gautier, freshman coach. Extreme upper right is assistant coach Martin of -varsity See chapter letter for identification of players



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