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have an earnest treasurer. Brother Stubing, the buzzing bee about the campus, h as proved versatil e in penning t~e chapter's literature. He is now wi nning recognition as star reporter of the Technician, the school paper. Brother Strickland returned to school after the Christmas holidays to resume his studies where he left o{f two years ago. We are certai nly glad to have him back with us again. .T. Hearne will leave us in March to journey to Birmingham where h e is to fu lfill obligations w ith the Birmingham Barons as a dashing third baseman. 'We wish him luck on the diamond.

Alumni Personals

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James M. Ford left us after the Yu letide to marry lucy Dew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Acree, on Friday, December 25, in Mullins, N.C. The newly:Veds will be at home after the twenty-fifth of January :ross· In Co nstancia, Santa Clara, Cuba. : race :~man

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0 fficers: D. A. Parkhurst, ard1on; Joseph Ondrus, treasurer; C. E. Line, assistant treasurer; W. E. Wishart, secretary; R. E. Grover, assistant secretary; P. D. Grover, historian; Michael Mettler, chaplai n ; T. F. Fleming, warden. Upsilon held a Christmas party for sixteen chi ldren of the third and second grades of the Marquette Grammar School, Champaign, Ill., on D ecember 17. Clarence Frazer was in charge of the affair and Charles McEuen p layed the part of Santa Claus. Under the Christmas tree trimmed with icicles, were red stockings filled with candy for the children. These had been sewn and filled by the pledges. Santa's Pack contai ned gifts for the you ng guests. An hour 'Was spent in songs and dances, followed by ice cream and cookies. Cooperation was show n by all members a~d pledges w hil e the alumni and faculty in town aided g reatly by loaning th eir cars. This year's party

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was an experiment but it wi ll become a regular "curtain-raiser" for the chapter's own Christmas party, which is of a slightly different nature.

Stetson Football Team Composed of Chi Men By



Initiates: William Gautier, Charles Martin, Travis Petrey, Donald Horton, William Elton, George Farmer, Davis Goddard, Stanley Bumby, Boyce Ezell. Chi Chapter at Stetson U. is very proud of its football men this year, having nine men on the varsity squad two coaches, and six men on freshman squad. Horton, No. 72, as tackle; Petrey No. 21, as quarterback; Elton, No. 31, as quarterback; Blastic, No. 43, as halfback and end ; Peculunas, No. 27, as tackle; Urich, No. 19, as end; Lindsey, No. 61, as guard; Graves, No. 91, as quarterback; and Carpenter, No. 29, as halfback, were invaluable to Stetson's football team this year. Brother Charles Martin was the able assistant to Coad1 H. R. McQuillan, varsity football coach, and Brother Gautier was the freshman football coach. Pledge John Urich, besides playing almost every minute in all football games as end this year, is now the captain of a most successful basketball team which so far is undefeated; having beaten the University of Florida, an Orlando Independent team, and taking two games from Citadel. Brother Carl Johnson, an alumnus of Chi , is planning on taking over the freshman basketball squad. As Brother Johnson has had much experience in this field, we pred ict a most successful season for him.

Alumni Personals Brother Chan Johnson, graduate of '28, is now residing in De Land, Florida, and is a regular visitor at our ch apter house. We are very glad to have Brother Johnson with us. Brother Stanley Wagg, graduate of '28, stopped over to visit us the other day.

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