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SPONSORED by the Roanoke alumni, directed by . Gene Dunaway, with Xi and Rho dupters again a.cttng as hosts, a third annual meeting of representattves from the chapters in the South Atlantic states Was held in Roanoke, Virginia, on December 12. The event was an unqualified success in every respect. Repre~ented were ten chapters-Alpha, Epsilon, Kappa, Xt, Rho, Mu, Tau, Psi, Alpha Eta, and Alpha Omic~o?. Present were four past district archons of Virgtnta: Supreme Archon Wagener, Roy Rush, Frank Chapman, and Gene Dunaway; the membership of Rho and Xi chapters turned out in a body; District Archon Price attended from North Carolina; and from other chapters came the following: Epsilon-Pete ~nox, Jr., Allen Whitehead, Reeves Pope, Boggs Corbt.n, Robert Alderman, and Lawrence Knox; KappaPttt Davis and Jack Poole; Tau-James Halstead and Erwin Williams; Mu-Joseph Skinner, Frank Allen, and Brewster Snow. Professors E. K. Paxton and E. W. Bibb of Washington and Lee were also present. Registration was concluded around noon, after a conference among Dr. Wagener and the past and present district officers present, and at two o'clock most of the delegates attended the alumni luncheon. This Was attended by thirty-two local and visiti ng alumni of the fraternity. Frank Chapman presided in the absence of Archon Theodore Webber of the local alumni chapter. Dr. Wagener was the principal speaker. The t~eme of his talk was greater cooperation between acttves and alumni. . From the luncheon the adjournment was to the room ; :Vhich the round table discussions were scheduled. ~ts phase of the program was under the direction of tstnct Archon Reginald Price. Finance, house con-



trol, pledge training, and chapter courtesy headlined the subjects that were taken up in this session. The banquet at six o'clock was featured by the addresses of Dr. Charles J. Smith, president of Roanoke College, and Supreme Archon Wagener. Peter Knox acted as toastmaster for the occasion. At nine o'clock the delegates and visitors foregathered at the ballroom for three hours of dancing, as a closing event of the conclave, which delegates aver has not been surpassed by any similar event for its va lue and enjoyment. District Archon Price has extended an invitation to the conclave to meet at Chapel Hill, seat of the University of North Carolina, on Founders' Day of this year.

Chapter Courtesy By REGINALD


The first and most interesting matter to be broached in the round table discussions was the matter of chapter house courtesy. Inasmuch as this desirable quality is so vital to the life of any chapter, it might be well to set forth the conclusions and suggestions developed by the conclave. First: It was definitely stated that outsiders, whether they be members of other chapters, non-fraternity men, or members of other groups, have no other way in which to judge the chapter other than by the attitudes and actions of the men who make up the chapter, perticularly those attitudes and actions which directly touch the visitors of the casual callers upon the chapter. Secondly: It was called to the attention of the representatives that the fraternity could justly assume that 9


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