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Omegalite JUNE 2003 Omega of Pi Kappa Phi, Inc. Housing Corporation P.O. Box 2700 West Lafayette, IN 47996-2700 Chapter web address: (includes alumni info) Corporation Officers JAY SEEGER PRESIDENT 3817 Old Farm Road Lafayette, IN 47905 765/742-4529, work 765/474-1986, home

BRANDT HERSHMAN VICE PRESIDENT 7429 North 200 East Wheatfield, IN 46392 219/843-2000, home 219/583-9819, work 801/791-5779, fax b.hershman@insightbb. com STEVE BOHNER TREASURER 194 Twin Springs Ct. Carmel, IN 46234 317/846-3008, home 317/844-2250, work 317/844-2296, fax steve@langdonan PAT KUHNLE SECRETARY 720 Chelsea Road W. Lafayette, IN 47906 765/743-1111 ext. 205, work 765/743-6087, fax 765/743-1256, home pkuhnle@purdue


Omega celebrates 80th Omega’s 80th anniversary celebration at homecoming was a combination of a sitcom and a class reunion. Nearly 200 Pi Kapps from all eras gathered on Sept. 28, 2002, to help the chapter remember 80 years of existence. They gathered to congratulate David Lane (Pin No. 835) as the newest national president while his contemporaries poked fun at him. “He wasn’t even the president of his two-person pledge class,” Nick Anjanos (Pin No. 822) told a crowd of 160 at a luncheon gathering. Anjanos and Terry Zaccarino (Pin No. 824) – unbeknownst to Lane – had the job of introducing the new national president to the audience of alumni, undergraduate students and guests. They recalled a time when Lane was a two-year pledge, because of his engineering co-op job. The pair confirmed what Lane told a Supreme Chapter gathering at his installation as president in August 2002. According to Anjanos and Zaccarino, Lane was “acting inappropriately” in his capacity as a pledge – something scorned by his fellow pledge class members, now initiated. “Pledge Lane, who do

Omega alumni Joe Rose, Jack Berlien and Warren Cline pose with their guests at the chapter house during the 80th anniversary celebration. you think you are? Lane was one of two Supreme Archon?”Anjanos keynote speakers for the asked. 90-minute program. The Lane, after the laughother was Brian Carlson ter-filled introduction, (Pin No. 1282), a victim of threatened to use his cura drunken driver who left rent authority as Supreme him nearly dead in 1999. Archon to have the pair’s Carlson, who lost his left pins pulled. leg in the accident, Instead, Lane lauded expressed his gratitude for and taunted his underhis Omega affiliation as graduate contemporaries – testament to lifelong nearly 10 of whom gathbrotherhood. ered to be part of Omega’s “I came to Pi Kappa Phi birthday celebration. for social reasons and ultiLane reminded alumni mately found a lot more,” that their involvement Carlson said. with the undergraduate He talked about the chapter is essential for the months it took for his long-term success. He sugrecovery, his reliance on a gested there are various wheelchair and how his ways alumni can help from pledge brothers came to attendance at celebrations his aid 10 years after he such as the 80th anniverwas a pledge. sary to being part of the “Thinking back on the housing corporation or months that followed the financially supporting the Continued on Page 2 corporation.


JUNE 2003


Carlson encourages alumni to support chapter Continued from Page 1 accident, I probably talked to 25 to 30 percent of the undergrads that I knew during my time at Purdue (while recovering),” he said. “Considering that I had not given a whole lot of thought to Omega or our pledge class (that Pat Kuhnle contacted about my accident), talking to everyone in a several month period of time was both incredibly moving and very supportive.” Carlson encouraged alumni support of the chapter as well. “I’m here to encourage those of you here today to give back to Pi Kappa Phi a little of what brought you here today,” Carlson said. “Consider giving of yourself – words, or time, or help to another brother. It could be career advice or if you are in a position to hire, even a career for a Pi Kapp or an alumnus.” The week before the 80th anniversary, Carlson visited campus to recruit for Kimberly Clark and spoke at a chapter rush function. He later came on April 13, 2003, to be a speaker at the Pi Kapp 100 – a program he and his pledge class financially supported to the tune of $650. Fall 2002 archon Matt Clark (Pin No. 1583) spoke of how, like Carlson, the chapter changed him. “After joining the chapter, I turned my grades around,” Clark said. “I was house manager, vice archon and now archon. I am also one of the directors of one of the largest freshmen orientation programs for new students in the nation – Boiler Gold Rush. The chapter through good times and bad got me to where I am today.” Fall 2002 historian Andy Conlin (Pin No. 1576) found inspiration for his address to the alumni from The White Diamond, the "brotherhood" manual for Pi Kapps. “ ‘It is good to come back to the source of good things,’ ” Conlin quoted The White Diamond. “ ‘We

Omega alumnus Brian Carlson presents his wife, Cathy, with a red rose prior to alumni singing “The Rose of Pi Kappa Phi” at the 80th anniversary luncheon attended by more than 160. Carlson was one of the keynote speakers at the luncheon. need water, we need food and we need something for the spirit. And I don’t know of any better place to find that touch of inspiration than at Pi Kappa Phi.’ And that touch of brotherhood is evident in this room.” Other speakers included Kevin Ohaver (Pin No. 1438), who challenged recent graduates to support alumni efforts, and housing corporation president Jay Seeger (Pin No. 897), who asked for financial support for the corporation. Two other alumni were honored as part of the program. They included: • Harold “Cap” Johnson (Pin No. 159) was recognized as the lowest pin number in attendance at the age of 89. Johnson lives in Bloomington, Ind., and is a retired mechanical engineer. • Robert Whitford (Pin No. 485) was recognized as traveling the longest distance to be in attendance. Whitford lives in Juneau, Alaska, and is a retired Purdue civil engineering professor who works part-time for the Alaska Department of Transportation.

Housing Corportion officers re-elected All officers were re-elected for a one-year term to the Omega of Pi Kappa Phi Housing Corporation for 2002-03 in ballots received by the Sept. 15, 2002, deadline. A total of 42 votes were cast in favor of the slating of officers. There were no write-in candidates. Included in your packet is a ballot for 2003-04 officers. The slate includes the incumbent officers: Jay Seeger, president; Brandt Hershman, vice president, Steve Bohner, treasurer; and Pat Kuhnle, secretary. Any alumnus in good standing is eligible to vote and/or be nominated to serve as an officer. An alumnus interested in serving as a member at-large on the housing corporation simply needs to contact secretary Kuhnle to be added to the mailing list (correspondence is primarily by e-mail). You can find Kuhnle’s contact information on the Omegalite’s front page.


JUNE 2003


Financial support helps fraternity compete Contributions on behalf of Omega’s 80th anniversary in 2002 will be accepted throughout 2003. A total of $19,290 has been pledged thus far to the "Honoring the Past ‌ Preparing for the Future" campaign (see enclosed flyer). The 2003 summer maintenance projects that will be funded from the housing corporation general fund include: Replacement of a portion of the basement suspended ceiling, replacement of half the fire doors, front door framing repairs, replace rusted framing to basement patio, roof leak repairs and cleaning of kitchen exhaust. Other items include summer maintenance on the heating system, addressing slow drains, exterior dryvit repair, miscellaneous door knob replacements and fluorescent light replacement. The budget for those normal maintenance issues is $12,950. Second priority summer maintenance includes: Replacing stairwell window replacements, fabricating two dining room table (some are pre 1987 fire vintage), repairing the parking lot, refinishing stairs to dining room, miscellaneous drywall repairs, second floor hallway wall treatment. The budget for these items is another $10,350.

Almanac Died 222 Richard B. Fitts Died 3/21/02 277 Clayton J. Newhagen Died 12/1/02 467 Dr. Marc Ralston Died 6/5/03 Gregory D. Barnes

Priorities not being addressed this year, due to budget constraints, include: Painting of the north stairtower interior, replacing n of dining room, building shelving for the library, and placing rubber grips on stairwells. The estimated price to do these items is $6,500. There are some major improvements that can be done which are dependent on the success of the 80th anniversary fund raising. Those improvements include: Adding ventilation/air conditioning to the second and third floor cold air dorms ($10,000 estimate), keyless/combinationless door entry system ($10,000), bathroom ceramic tile replacement ($10,000) and first floor and basement ventilation/air conditioning ($20,000). These $50,000 in major improvements would assist the chapter in being competitive with other fraternities on campus. Perhaps a third of the fraternities (and all the sororities) have portions or all of their facilities air conditioned. For example, the year-old Kappa Sigma renovation provides air conditioning throughout the facility and provides semi-private bathrooms. In recent years, there has been a housing boom on campus that contributes to the competitive housing

Died 12/15/02 Barnes was former head of the Department of Supervision and served on ad hoc committees and housing corporation. He was an alumnus of the Alpha Psi chapter (Indiana University). He was preceded in death by his wife, Anne, on 4/13/02. Preferred memorials to: Northminster Presbyterian Church, 3131 61st St., Sarasota, FL 34243 or Hospice of

situation. More than 3,000 units have been added in the student market in the last three years (many of them four-bedroom facilities, with pools, private bathrooms and bus service) The housing competitiveness has produced vacancy rates approaching 50 percent in some campus-area apartment complexes as students move to the newest facilities. The Greek system has been slow to adapt to this competitive situation. In the Spring semester of 1991, for example, the percentage of undergraduate students who were fraternity members was 23.9 percent (3,654 men in 45 fraternities). In Spring 2002 that percentage dropped to 16.9 percent (2,961 men in 41 fraternities). Add to the fact that Purdue is actively trying to reduce enrollment, and you can see the competitiveness of the housing market will tighten even more in the coming years. Whatever financial assistance you can provide the corporation’s efforts to make the fraternity a viable option for male undergraduates is greatly appreciated.

Southwest Florida, 5955 Rand Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34238. Married: 1422 Kaz Vogelgesang To Jen July 13, 2002 1423 John Reidelbach To Melissa May 18, 2002 Darron Damasius (Omega No. 1418) was a groomsman and Robert

Marchese was an usher (Marchese has a younger brother, Paul, who is a undergraduate chapter member). 1533 Joe Engler Jen DeMoss Jan. 11, 2003, Evansville, Ind. 1440 Trent Watkins Heather Sleeth June 7, 2003, West Lafayette, Ind.


2002 Donors A total of 158 alumni made regular donations of $5,935 during 2002. In addition to regular Omegalite contributions, 24 alumni thus far have either pledged money or made donations of $20,790 on behalf of the 80th anniversary fund drive. The vast majority of donations through the Omegalite are used to produce and mail the publication. The cost of alumni relations (postage, printing) was $3,907.42. Other expenses included $547.50 (memorial contribution, chapter assistance for homecoming, national for alumni association dues). Any funds beyond our expenses are available to the housing corporation for summer maintenance issues. The 80th anniversary gifts were used to pay off the second mortgage and will assist with summer improvement projects. The $50,000 second mortgage taken out two summers ago for major repairs was paid off in March 2003 from alumni special contributions on behalf of the 80th anniversary. The housing corporation’s mortgage balance due stood at $307,999.81 as of June 16, 2003. The 24-year mortgage has a maturity in June 2016. It is on a three-year adjustable rate currently at 7.75 percent. The next rate change is due in July 2004.

JUNE 2003 Regular Donations 67 D. J. Hendrickson 89 H. Gus Riggs 112 Lawrence Condrey 115 George G. Fassnacht 143 Bruce Morris 159 Harold Johnson 179 Robert S. Green 197 R.E. Thomson 203 Bruce McCandless 208 K. Kitchen 214 Robert Viets 240 Richard Suabedissen 263 Rolund DeHoog 277 Clayton Newhagen 282 Edward Masline 286 Donald C. Adams 299 Randall Murrill 308 Guy J. Overman 317 E.M. Swartz 325 Grafton Houston 335 J.A. Holman 345 Spencer Gullicksen 355 Donald Swager 372 William Daniel 373 Ralph Myerholtz 385 William Macbeth 393 Van Heely 399 Eldon Knuth 425 Ted Michaud 429 Ken Wark 436 Richard Lowe 438 Donald McFee 445 Ralph Ormsby 449 Jack Powers 452 Steve Szambel 464 Robert Rust 479 W. Ramsay Brown 485 Robert Whitford 490 David Peggs 509 Duane Davis 520 Al Kirchner 540 William Hounshell 542 William Bradshaw 571 John L. Weaver 573 Roger Roach 575 Robert Hesselberth 571 John Weaver 576 Don Haselwood 580 Larry Reed 584 Robert Roth 585 Bob Bartels 588 Hilton Henry

596 613 630 632 634 636 672 688 707 710 720 722 724 727 729 732 736 740 769 810 819 821 827 835 838 839 843 852 853 858 863 869 882 919 956 965 970 991 994 995 1017 1030 1056 1060 1090 1054 1135 1176 1196 1197 1199 1251 1277 1292 1340

PURDUE UNIVERSITY Jerry Davee David Katter Ronald Eyer J. Michael O’Reilly David Davis Fred Lyijynen Ronald Lema J. Michael Eberhart James Cridge Fred Schulz Warren F. Cline Jack K. Berlien Mike Ohaver David R. Davis Joseph Rose William Nemecek John Anglin John McDonald F. Jay Hackleman J. Al Hruskoci James Berlien Dale Thompson Philip Newhouse David Lane Mark Laurent David Buck Michael O’Neill Kim Tubergen Mike Tyrrell Bernard Platt Rikard Hill Bernard Graser E. Sonny O’Drobinak Richard Price Larry Metzler Thomas Schapira David Sterenfeld Bryan S. Freed William McNichols Ronald Akens Bruce Halley G. Larsen Kneller James M. Conti A. Doug Ainsworth Jeff Egilsrud David Mitzner Laz Hertelendy Doug Davis Brandt Hershman Pat Kuhnle Mark Peters Dan Coppersmith Pat Lyons Scot Swenberg Eric Nachtrab

1354 1366 1367 1368 1370 1379 1241 1422 1423 1429 1438 1441 1443 1461 1450 1454 1487 1488 1506 Psi 158

Scott Patton Jeff Tang Matt Bouma Chad Carmichael Kurt Schulenberg John Cimino Chuck Smith Kaz Vogelgesang John Reidelbach Jason Morin Kevin Ohaver Ryan Rossiter Dustin Zufall Kevin Johnson Andrew Parker Brent Grunig Tyler Bittner Brent Wunderlich Phil Leslie Bill Newell $5,935

80th Fund Raising “Honoring the past... Preparing for the Future” 89 Herman "Gus" Riggs 159 Harold "Cap" Johnson 449 Jack Powers 520 Al Kirchner 531 Christos Ziogas 540 William Hounshell 621 Hugh Flanagan 707 James Cridge 708 John Miller 720 Warren Cline 722 Jack Berlien 723 Bob Sills 733 Bill Kanouse 736 John Anglin 751 John Lovell 822 Nick Anjanos 835 David Lane 951 Greg Linder 897 Jay Seeger 1197 Pat Kuhnle 1077 J. Steven Bohner 1461 Kevin E. Johnson 1493 TJ Aubin 1506 Phillip Leslie 24 $20,790


State honors Omega alumnus After spending a public service career that spanned nearly 50 years, an Omega alumnus has been honored by the State of Indiana. Allen Craven (Omega No. 344) was honored on May 8, 2002, as a “Sagamore of the Wabash” for his work in public health. The Sagamore award is given by the governor to those who render significant service to the state. Craven, who graduated from Purdue in 1945, received his award at a luncheon for public health officials in Indianapolis. He was nominated for his career that had one very notable accomplishment. Craven, 88, retired in 1985. From 1977 to 1985 Craven was the director of the State Board of Health. He was assigned the task of increasing the state’s fluoridation water levels. What was an average

Alumni directory available by mail As part of Omega’s 80th anniversary celebration, the housing corporation commissioned a directory of all of the chapter’s initiates. This 28-page booklet lists all initiates’ names. It includes addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and biographical information, if available. This is the same booklet that was available at the Sept. 28, 2002, homecoming celebration. Any alumnus who is interested in receiving a copy should contact housing corporation secretary Pat Kuhnle. He can be reached at: Omega of Pi Kappa Phi; P.O. Box 2700; West Lafayette, IN 47996; 765/743-1111 ext. 205 (work phone with voice mail); and, email.

JUNE 2003 of 5 percent when he started the task was 95 percent within his first six years. He is also credited for the establishment of solid waste landfills throughout the country. He received the Sagamore award from Mark Mallett, director of oral health for the Indiana State Department of Health and Dan Cain, director of water fluoridation, on behalf of Gov. Frank O’Bannon. "It meant a quite a bit to be singled out by my peers," Craven said. "I told them (at a banquet) that I didn’t expect anything like this and I thanked them." The Knightstown, Ind., resident majored in dairy while earning a degree in Agriculture. His first job after graduation and post-World War II was to jumpstart a dry milk program for uses in candy, soup, bakery and ice cream. According to Craven, one of his biggest challenges during his Omega days was keeping the chapter going. From 1942 to 1945, the

PURDUE UNIVERSITY chapter house at 330 N. Grant was taken over by the U.S. Army to house those getting military basic training at Purdue. "We moved in with the Sig Eps for a few years," he said. "It was a real challenge keeping the chapter going." The Omega Pi Kapps regained the house in 1945. "It was in bad shape when we got it back," he said. "Those Army boots they wore just ruinied the hardwood floors. They were tough on the mattresses and bunk beds too." Since retirement, Craven has been a civic contributor. He established scholarships for incoming Purdue students from Knightstown High School. An endowment in Craven’s name provides three $1,000 scholarships annually. He spends the winter months in Sarasota, Fla.

Homecoming 2003 on Oct. 4 The Homecoming 2003 football game is scheduled for Oct. 4 against Illinois. The gametime has not been announced, so the chapter’s homecoming schedule is not complete. As in the past, hotel rooms are at a premium on Homecoming weekend. Overall, hotel availability is maintained by the Lafayette-West Lafayette Convention and Visitor’s Bureau at 800/609-0098. There are two new hotels in the Lafayette area. One is located on the Levee (Hilton Garden Inn, 765/743-2100) and the other is in downtown Lafayette (Holiday Inn Select Centre, 765/423-1000) The Days Inn at I-65 and State Road 43 (formerly the Holiday Inn) has closed permanently. Football tickets are available for $36 each (there is a possibility that if enough alumni order tickets through us that there will be group

discount as there was for the 2002 homecoming). Single-game, general public ticket sales were not available until June 16 and there is no advantage to placing your order early as long as you place it at least six weeks before the game.. Accordingly, if you wish to order tickets in a Pi Kapp group, then you should send us a check by Aug. 15, 2003. Make your checks payable to: Omega of Pi Kappa Phi and return them in the envelope provided in this mailing. A schedule for the chapter’s Homecoming events will be available early this fall when gametime is known.


JUNE 2003


Summer alumni gathering will include advisor roast Planning is underway for a summer get-together focusing on alumni who have been chapter members in the last 20 years. While plans are incomplete at this time, events will be social, work and fund raising. There has been some e-mail communication initiated by Carl Gerlach (Pin No. 1179). He is trying to coordinate a Saturday, July 26, informal gathering to kickoff a weekend of fun and work. On Saturday afternoon there is some interest in golfing and working on a house improvement project. Then on Saturday night, Gerlach hopes to roast chapter advisor Pat Kuhnle. Gerlach believes that given Kuhnle’s 17 years as advisor, there is far more

Homecoming 2002 Attendance 159 H. R. Cap Johnson 429 Ken Wark 438 Don McFee 452 Steve Szambel 479 Ramsay Brown 485 Bob Whitford 490 David Peggs 502 Ken Anthony 520 Al Kirchner 552 David Griffiths 571 John Weaver 575 Robert Hesselberth 584 Robert Roth 591 David Peggs 603 Walter Golden 613 Don Katter 622 David Everts 630 Ron Eyer 645 H. Rodney Orr 672 Ronald Lema 707 Jim Cridge 716 Chuck Peggs 720 Warren Cline 722 Jack Berlien 723 Bob Sills

724 729 740 742 764 785 814 816 821 822 824 835 839 857 863 893 897 947 948 970 984 1073 1077 1119 1126 1139 1168 1169 1180 1184 1197

than enough material for a roast. The fund-raising aspect of the weekend is the roast itself. Gerlach is hoping to augment Omega’s 80th anniversary fund-raising efforts with the Saturday night event. In honor of Omega being in its 81st year, admission to the roast would be $81 per person. Anything beyond our costs (estimated to be $25-30 each) would go to outfit the second and third floor cold air dorms with increased ventilation and air conditioning. Initial estimates to air condition the cold air dorms, neither of which has duct work presently, is $10,000. If 100 people attend the roast – and who wouldn’t want to take a crack at Kuhnle – we would be halfway toward the $10,000 goal.

Mike Ohaver Joe Rose John McDonald John Anglin Dennis Lowry Jim Seeds Dennis Dayton Jim Karagianis Dale Thompson Nick Anjanos Terry Zaccarino David Lane David Buck Mark Wilson Rikard Hill Steve Robertson Jay Seeger Mark DeFabis Doug Kunnemann David Sterenfeld Doug Kunnemann John Verduce J. Steven Bohner Rick Bonar Andy Hines Marc Zubeck Matt Stuve Steve Beeler Don Porth Jeff Benesh Pat Kuhnle

1198 1216 1221 1241 1253 1258 1262 1247 1267 1268 1272 1274 1282 1312 1342 1343 1354 1356 1358 1367 1370 1379 1394 1397 1404 1414 1418 1419 1423 1427 1429

Many alumni will be willing to pay more than the $81 admission cost, so it is possible that the entire project could be funded by the event. Younger alumni should not be frightened by the admission price because there will be alumni willing to help defray their expenses. We will be opening the chapter house for housing for the weekend, or the Union Club Hotel (800/3206291) is a half-block from the chapter house. For more information contact Gerlach at 847/ 392-2517,; or Kuhnle at 765/743-1111 ext. 205, Obviously, this is not a surprise event for Kuhnle.

Joe Bement Eric Scheid Chris Carrier Chuck Smith Chris Coover Tim Smith Mark Nigh Keith Fessler Rob Jacobson Bryan Williams Todd Spaulding Keith Fessler Brian Carlson Brent Peacock Bryan Sheets Greg Martin Scott Patton Jon Kimpel John Gulla Matt Bouma Kurt Schulenberg John Cimino Kevin Hofer Brian Stout Jim Thompson Mark McKay Darron Damasius Craig Bohbrink John Reidelbach Nathan Malher Jason Morin

1435 1438 1441 1443 1446 1459 1461 1462 1463 1469 1471 1474 1488 1483 1486 1493 1494 1495 1499 1503 1504 1506 1528 1529 110

Jason Weaver Kevin Ohaver Ryan Rossiter Dustin Zufall Brian Quandt Nathan Damasius Kevin Johnson Lee Gillis Rob Perschon Rob Woods Clayton Smith Brian Behny Brent Wunderlich Joe Key Mike Yurkas T.J. Aubin Gary Fischer Tom Moretti Dan Rusnak Ramey Miller Wes Sheldon Phillip Leslie David Hacker Todd Weatherwax


JUNE 2003


Fifth annual Pi Kapp 100 a huge success

Chapter members Ian Koehler and Mark Chyba celebrate completion the 100 kilometer bike trip on Grant Street in front of the chapter house.

Phil Hartz poses with his mother on the chapter lawn following the Pi Kapp 100. This year’s event included a significant increase in alumni support.

The Pi Kapp 100 established a new success benchmark this spring. The chapter’s 100-kilometer bike ride from Zionsville to campus is in its fifth year. The April 12, 2003, ride included 20 riders and crew and topped the $5,000 mark for the single-day event. For the second straight year the ride coincided with the annual Mom’s Day. The event – established by Kevin Ohaver (Pin No. 1438) and Andy Parker (Pin No. 1450) as undergraduates – has become the premier Omega chapter fund raising event for Push America. The Pi Kapp 100 mirrors Push America’s Journey of Hope, a 3,500-mile summer cross county event to raise funds and awareness for those with handicaps. The Pi Kapp 100 raised $2,139.50. As the annual event has evolved, alumni have begun to support the ride. Alumnus Travis Conley (Pin No. 1497) has participated all five years. Brian Carlson (Pin No. 1282) served as the keynote speaker. Carlson was the chapter’s first Journey of Hope rider more than a decade ago. He spoke of how when he was JOH team member he worked with the National Disability Center in Park City, Utah, during his ride in 1991. Ironically, it was this same group that in 1999 after Carlson was involved in a devastating cycling accident helped him deal with his newly found disability. Carlson organized fund raising within his pledge class that contributed $650 to the 2003 Pi Kapp 100. Bill Vernon (Pin No. 1332) was a major sponsor of the event with a $500 corporate sponsorship. Other alumni who contributed were Kevin E. Johnson, Matt Stuve, Doug Davis, Dennis Tang, Pat Kuhnle, Matt Bouma, Jason

Morin, Kevin Ohaver, Kurt Schulenberg, Manish Gandhi, Dan Coppersmith, Rod Morrow, T.J. Aubin, Darron Damasius, Mike DeCorte, Nathan Damasius, Rob Pershon, Kaz Vogelgesang and Jae Sparks. Alumni donations (as of Omegalite printing) totaled $1,400 of the $5,260 raised overall. The chapter also holds an auction of gifts such as athletic clothing, beer signs and gag gifts on Mom’s Day through an auction. High bidders have the option of donating to Push America or to a chapter improvement fund. Auction winners donated $670 to Push America and $1,032.39 (net proceeds from the auction and Mom’s Day meal) to a yet-to-be determined house improvement project.

Mike Wilkins poses with his bike as parents greet bikers on the chapter lawn.


Archon Report By Steve Hilker Fall 2003 Archon This summer the chapter will be sending 10 members to Pi Kapp College at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Delegates are going for a variety of ‘degrees’ or expertise in given areas. Most of our members are interested in learning about rush techniques. This past semester was impressive in many aspects. As indicated elsewhere in this newsletter, the fifth annual Pi Kapp 100 was a huge success. With unparalleled alumni support and undergraduate participants, we raised more than $5,000 for Push America. It marked the fourth time in the last six years that we have been able to achieve $5,000 on an annual basis for Push.

JUNE 2003 Our annual Mom’s Day auction, held on the same day as the Pi Kapp 100, raised more than $1,000 toward a future project. Historian Chad Morton and Push chairman Scott Haldeman coordinated the efforts that left parents happy with their visit. Other facets of chapter life have been getting a boost as well. Our Intramural chairman Kevin Jant did a wonderful job of getting the members enthusiastic about the sports. We finished in the top 10 for the semester’s point totals. Our philanthropy efforts with other Greek organizations also was a highlight. The chapter placed second in the Alpha Phi’s Iron Man Competition. We also had a variety of guest speakers. They included Doc Miller, our Pi Kapp district counselor, who gave us training in proper etiquette. He discussed many

More 80th photos

David Lane waves a white flag in surrender after being introduced by Terry Zaccarino.

Cap Johnson is recognized as being the lowest pin number by historian Andy Conlin.

PURDUE UNIVERSITY topics from tipping to business etiquette and first-date protocol. Our sorority relations efforts went well, too. As is customary, at the end of every year, the fraternities and sororities compete over ‘football buddies’ for the upcoming football season. We were able to secure Alpha Chi Omega for the football season. As we look to the fall semester we will be facing a new host of challenges. We are looking to replace Chad Pulver as academic advisor. He served for two years, but has taken a job in Kansas. Finally, the chapter was proud to host the 80th anniversary last fall. We were particularly pleased to host national president and Omega alumnus David Lane.