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PikaPackage Spring 2010

Allison Cole Amy Blackwell Angel D’Amico-Bauer Carla Sonheim Cloudery Cristina Amodeo Donna McKenzie Fonfique

Jen Collins Jo Cheung Jordan Grace Owens Juan Diego Katie Green Lucy Davidson Lydia Nichols Michelle Cavigliano

Nancy Mungcal Papirmasse Roseau Sam Wedelich Samantha Battersby Sarah Anderson Pamela Tobler

Your package contains work from the artists circled on the next page! Thanks so much for your support & we hope you have fun discovering new artists on Pikaland! Amy@Pikaland + cover art by allison cole

PikaPackage Spring 2010

participants Allison Cole

Juan Diego

Amy Blackwell

Katie Green

Angel D’Amico-Bauer

Lucy Davidson

Carla Sonheim

Lydia Nichols


Michelle Cavigliano

Cristina Amodeo

Nancy Mungcal

Donna McKenzie




Jen Collins

Sam Wedelich

Jo Cheung

Samantha Battersby

Jordan Grace Owens

Sarah Anderson Pamela Tobler / Zoetropa

allison cole Providence, Rhode Island

How about a brief introduction? Hello! My name is Allison Cole, I am an artist living and working out of a former tinsel factory in Providence, Rhode Island. I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003 with a BFA in Printmaking. Since graduation I have dedicated my time to freelance illustration, participating in gallery shows, and creating cute and fun things for my online shop, Bang Bang You’re Thread. In 2004 my first full-length graphic novel, Never Ending Summer, was published by Alternative Comics. I have recently signed on as an illustrator with Lilla Rogers Studio, who are some of the most wonderful people in the world to work with. Who/what inspires you? I love going to antique stores when I’m in a rut, it usually channels some major inspiration. But one of my biggest sources of inspiration is my husband, he has a never-ending shortage of zany but good concepts - a conversation about ideas with him always gets my brain going. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I don’t know yet, I feel like there’s always something around the corner that I’m excited about! At the moment I am working on putting the pieces together to have a real silkscreen studio up and running - I currently print in our apartment and it has some major limitations. I hope to expand the crafty side of my business with new products and a new focus. I guess this is more of an accomplishment-in-progress, ha ha! Share a secret with us! I may or may not work full time as an Art Director (shhh!)

amy blackwell Nottingham, UK

How about a brief introduction? I’m a doodler, I’m based in Nottingham – where I live work and play. I’m currently addicted to crochet and drawing patterns with lots of little lines. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I drink far too much tea and coffee. I love murder mysteries. I also collect childrens books – so if you’ve lost me in town I’m probably sat in the kids corner of a book shop oggling over the pretty pictures. Who/what inspires you? I’m a little obsessed with colours and colour schemes, thinking about different/new colours sometimes inspire whole new projects. I’m a huge fan of stories too, I love listening to dramas on the radio while I work – they tweak the imagination so I find them very inspirational. What message would you like to send out about your work? My work is lighthearted but sometimes a little sinister. All the characters live in my imagination and around 95% of them have secrets. A lot of the animals appear lost in thought – I have a habit of getting lost in the land of day dreams myself so perhaps that explains it. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Getting up in the morning and doing what I want to do, making and selling art, before I head off to work. It makes me really happy to be sharing my drawings with other people. I still have a long way to go but I’m pleased to be where I am so far. As for a literal interpretation of that question: I’m currently in the middle of the biggest crochet project I’ve ever done. I’m mid way through making a blanket and it’s starting to take over the livingroom. So quite possibly the largest thing I’ve made.

angel d’amico-bauer Chicago IL /

How about a brief introduction? Angel D’Amico - Bauer is a Chicago based Freelance Illustrator and Designer. Loving life and living her dream, Angel has a unique sense of style and a wide range of skills from drawing to painting, digital art, graphic design, playing and composing music, hand screen printing - AD LOVE Clothing and accessories, book making, sewing, photography, crocheting, cookie making, and some other random skills. She combines her fine art skills with her digital artwork, to create beautiful, unique, and exotic environments of work.AD LOVE is specially ONE OF A KIND hand screen printed, hand dyed, hand painted, unique items. I make each unique item one at a time, as if each piece were a creation of my art. Who/what inspires you? i am inspired daily by other artists, and etsy sellers, i blog about it because i don’t want to keep all the cool stuff i see to myself! nature and my environment inspire me, i love the colors, shapes, and textures of flowers and trees, grass and sidewalks, and how beautiful shadows can be, as well as a gorgeous skyline of Chicago, i can see down the street! and graffiti and tattoos are definitely a major inspiration to me because of their colors and details. What message would you like to send out about your work? i love what i do, and put special effort into each item as they are printed by hand. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Hmmmm... having an extraordinary loving and fun relationship with my husband... career wise - starting two businesses from nothing, with no special “connections” or “ins” just me, my work, and a LOT of HARD work, and perseverance, through good times and bad.

carla sonheim Seattle, WA

How about a brief introduction? Gosh, this is always so hard! Perhaps a haiku is in order: Guess I’m an artist since I spend my time drawing, painting and fretting. Who/what inspires you? Children’s art!!! I also love Outsider Art, contemporary illustration, and the work of Picasso, Klee, and Modigliani. What message would you like to send out about your work? I draw animals and people. My characters are mostly happy with their lives, but with brief moments of confusion, perplexity, or grumpiness... hey!!! I am happiest when I’ve been able to record those brief “clouds of emotion” crossing all of our faces on any given day. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I wrote a book! (It’s due out July 1st: “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun”) Share a secret with us! I’m not good at keeping secrets. The only secret I have right now I can’t tell because I’m bound to secrecy!

cloudery SW United States

How about a brief introduction? I’ve been drawing in my current incarnation for a little less than two years. As a child I loved drawing, but as happens with many people, as I “grew up” I became hyper-critical of my work, and stopped. It was only when I decided to completely let go of all “rules” and all self-judgment, and just draw as a meditative exercise, that I found my voice. I use black pigment pens with teeny points (.2mm), and my drawing is like a stream of consciousness: organic, abstract, whatever flows out of my pen at that moment. No pencil, no eraser, no planning. It’s totally freeing. Who/what inspires you? Who: My significant other inspires me in all things, whether drawing, making chain maille jewelry, my work as a graphic designer, or simply life every day. Her feedback — objective and subjective — is invaluable. What: When drawing, sometimes I get a word, or a snippet of a song lyric or line from a novel, stuck in my head, and that tends to influence my path, even if only very abstractly. What message would you like to send out about your work? I don’t draw for others — meaning, I don’t draw what I think will necessarily appeal to the public at large, or be popular and saleable. It’s very private. However, I have a shop on Etsy where I sell limited edition prints and the like, and almost all of my sales benefit the non-profit First Book, which gives children from under-privileged communities their first new books to own and read. An avid reader and book designer myself, I find this a compelling reason to draw in those times that I might not otherwise feel like doing so, or when I feel stuck. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Last year a design firm in the UK found my website, and commissioned a drawing for a series of wine labels for a new line coming out this fall. I’ve long had a small “art collection” of beautiful wine labels, so this was a particularly big honor.

cristina amodeo Milan, Italy

How about a brief introduction? 6 years ago I came to Milan with the idea to become a physician…luckely I failed the test!
from that moment my interest for illustration grew day by day and now I have troubles to figure myself in character different from an illustrator. Who/What inspires you? I find inspiration in many things, in works of many illustrators. I love, such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Ericailcane, Blexbolex, Beatrice Alemagna…
I like swedish graphic and viennese secessionism too.
Some of my friends and some young illustrators I knew through internet have also an important role in my professional development What message would you like to send out about your work? My message is always connected to the illustration theme. If someone orders me some illustrations, they must communicate at the best what they represent, a product or a tale; other works arrive from myself, personal researches or ideas that become real
Usually what I try to do at best is to create armonic illustrations, paying attention to composition and to the importance of colour What is your biggest accomplishment to date? This is a good moment, I’m working to my first children’s book and I’m leaving to New York where I will live for two months! Share a secret with us! two teaspoons of coffee powder inside “tiramisù” cream…much better!

donna mckenzie US/North Carolina

How about a brief introduction? I am an artist/illustrator who believes that simple things are important. Music and movement feed my soul. As does chocolate, coffee, and red wine. Who/what inspires you? I am inspired by many other artist – their styles, ideas, the fact that each one is different and beautiful amazes me. What message would you like to send out about your work?
 That handmade – in my case hand drawn – is a worthy accomplishment. And have fun in everything you do. What is your biggest accomplishment to date?
 Corny but true. My two gorgeous children. Share a secret with us! Dance was my all and everything when I was growing up.

fonfique / ceylan kolat Istanbul, Turkey

Who/what inspires you? Mainly, colors inspire me. Can be a piece of art, or a scene of a movie, usually colors attract and inspire me. The blogs I check and great art works and illustrations motivate me a lot. What message would you like to send out about your work? I hope my illustrations give out the positive feeling and joy that I felt during drawing them. I really enjoy drawing every bit of them and I want people to feel it. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Yet to come :) Maybe finishing school! Share a secret with us! I love watching cooking channels on TV, even though I never try them in reality.

jen collins Scotland

How about a brief introduction? By day I work at an arts centre, & on evenings & weekends I work on my own creative things, be it on my own drawings, organising events or collaborating on projects. Illustration & being creative makes me happy, & I love having the freedom to do what I enjoy. Who/what inspires you? Sunny mornings, free time, meeting & talking to like-minded people, looking at the work of amazing illustrators & the hope that someday I can do creative things full-time! What message would you like to send out about your work? I enjoy life & what I do, & I hope my work reflects that. I’m not necessarily trying to send out a message, a lot of the time I’m just sharing a train of thought or actualising an idea but if someone takes something more from my work then that’s fine, but if they don’t then that’s okay too. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Just being happy with where I am. There’s a lot to be said for being content. Not 100% of course, which is fine because that little extra bit of discontent drives me to keep making things better. Share a secret with us! I almost didn’t take Art at high school (despite being able to remember the awe I felt at about age four when I was told that you could make a living being an artist) because I was convinced I was going to be a vet. My old next door neighbour (who worked at my school) told my mum to make sure I took Art, & I grudgingly agreed. Eventually it transpired that I am really not that great at Maths/Chemistry, & I (re)realised that Art was awesome. My old neighbour did me a huge favour.

jo cheung London

How about a brief introduction? I’m a freelance illustrator currently living in London. At the moment I’m a tutor (it’s my part time job) and during my free time I do my illustrations as well as making new stuff for my shop. Oh and I like my coffee in the morning. Who/what inspires you? Nina Chakrabarti, Sarah Beetson, Deanne Cheuk, Stina Persson and the list of illustrators goes on. What message would you like to send out about your work? Nostalgia, decorative/ aesthetic approach, playful, DIY, fun, not taking things too seriously and I love cute animals! What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Continuing to make images and not given up since graduating (which was last year.) Share a secret with us! Coffee addict.

jordan grace owens Greensboro, North Carolina, United State

How about a brief introduction? I have a background in fine arts and a day job in graphic design, and my work has developed into a product of the two disciplines. I doodle, cut paper, and paint in my tiny studio in the tiny apartment I share with my boyfriend and two cats. I like portraits, small sizes, and primary colors. Who/what inspires you? I devour movies, and I draw a lot of inspiration from my favorite films. Often, I’ll fall in love with a particular director or film, and I’ll steal it’s costumes, color palette or overall tone to try to recreate in my own work. I’m also very much inspired by vintage ephemera. I love to paint portraits from old snapshots, draw clothing from vintage fashions, or paint on scraps of worn papers. What message would you like to send out about your work? I hope that my work feels a little bit precious. Much of what I make, like my magnets or moveable dolls, is meant to be touched and interacted with. Even though a lot of the pieces are small, my process is still very crafted and high touch. I love cutting delicate little pieces out of paper and hand assembling itty-bitty art objects. I hope that when someone holds or sees a piece of my artwork that they appreciate the attention to detail and and the mark of my hand. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Opening my first solo art show. Share a secret with us! I finish everything last minute.

juan diego Between Medellin / Colombian and Melbourne / Australia

How about a brief introduction? Hi there, I like doing things with paper, not only drawings but also figures, specially toys and also buildings. I also enjoy walking in the city, taking photographs and drinking coffee. Who/what inspires you? Everything! Especially what I see on television, the food I eat and the place where I live. Also my family: my girlfriend and our two cats. What message would you like to send out about your work? I’m not trying to send any particular message; the only thing that I pretend is make people smile. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Make people smile with the things I make… that’s the best thing I ever made. Share a secret with us! (Psst! I want to share my secret with you, but if I tell you, then it won’t be a secret!)

katie green Bristol, UK |

How about a brief introduction? I’m a freelance illustrator who loves to draw, paint, sew, make books and zines and drink redbush tea. I have a degree in Biology(!) and another one in Sequential Illustration. I also bake a wicked vegan cake. Who/what inspires you? I’m inspired by the minutiae of the every day, from beautiful things I’ve seen to the relationships between people, or that people have with themselves. I also get inspired by certain colours, and detailed patterns and textures. In terms of artists who inspire me, I really take a lot of heart from anyone else who is trying to make their way in the world doing what they love. Visually, possibly my favourite artist is Shaun Tan, and I also enjoy Simone Lia, Tom Gauld, Oliver Jeffers, amongst many others. What message would you like to send out about your work? I like to interpret things that not everyone notices, or knows how to articulate, and make them visible. And sometimes I just like making things that are nice to look at. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I’m torn. Its between recovery from eating disorders and abuse, or scoring a contract to publish a graphic novel about it. I think by the time the book is finished, that will be my biggest accomplishment of all. Share a secret with us! I still sleep with a teddy bear. His name is Harry.

lucy davidson London, UK

How about a brief introduction? Hello I’m from London and I love to draw, I also love jumper wearing pugs, knitting, crochet, painting my studio and cheese. But I hate peas. Who/what inspires you? A lot of people inspire me, I think the internet is a wonderful thing, you can find so much inspiration I’d find it hard to just pick one. Everyday life and the people who are around me also inspire me a lot. What message would you like to send out about your work? I just draw what I feel like really, so I think that I would like people to not take my work to seriously and enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I guess I would have to say graduating and managing to get an Illustration job which I enjoy. O and learning to handstand last week. Share a secret with us! I cant go to sleep without the television on, this is a very bad habit that I need to fix!

lydia nichols New York City’s largest borough, Brooklyn

How about a brief introduction? I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life (which will be a quarter century this summer!) and couldn’t imagine living someplace without the ocean or lakes. My dream is to return to school to study printmaking, languages, and bits and pieces of science until my head feels so full it might explode. In the meantime, I love illustrating and generally making things. Who/what inspires you? Oh so much! Mid-century art and design are the biggest sources of inspiration, but I also love looking over old animations, pop art, packaging, hand painted signs–it sort of runs the gamut. Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen are huge influences right now (even if it doesn’t seem it), as is street and folk art in general. It’s always evolving which keeps it interesting for me! What message would you like to send out about your work? My work says hullo to you from me. I can’t say it’s trying to be anything more or less than it is and hopefully you find something in it you can connect with. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? 2010 has been a good year for me–many small accomplishments that all add up. I’m currently working on something top secret that I suspect will constitute my biggest accomplishment to date...but I can’t say what it is yet! Share a secret with us! Sometimes I’ll choose the mixing bowls over the pencils and bake up a storm. There are often moments where I wish I could be a baker/illustrator and open a shop with edible goods!

michelle cavigliano Brooklyn, NY USA

How about a brief introduction? Hello! I live in Brooklyn, with my boyfriend and kitty cat, and I love to paint. I’ve worked as a textile designer for the past five years, and I recently just quit to concentrate on my art full-time! Who/what inspires you? All things cute and silly! Nature/yummy food/books/movies/travel/friends! What message would you like to send out about your work? It makes my day when I see or hear that my work has made someone smile! What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I just hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru recently, and that was absolutely amazing and serene and inspiring! And then we biked 30 miles down a mountain into the jungle in the pouring rain! I also just quit my day job to work on my art full-time. This is an exciting year for me! Share a secret with us! I’m deathly afraid of squirrels...

nancy mungcal california, united states

How about a brief introduction? Hello. My name is Nancy and I am happy to be here. I draw, paint, and manipulate paper. I collect many things especially books, artwork, and cameras. I have a strong love for polaroids, cotton candy, and tea. I can often be found at a bookstore or a flea market. Who/what inspires you? my five year old niece road trips the woods and the animals that inhabit them Kaoru Kawano’s wood blocks the music of the Avett Brothers, Band of Horses, and Hope Sandoval the people I know and observe the national parks What message would you like to send out about your work? I feel lucky and appreciative. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? being able to share my work Share a secret with us! I’m a bad dancer but that’s not really a secret.

papirmasse / kirsten mccrea

Papirmasse is an affordable art project that delivers cheap art by the post. We want everyone to have art - real art! Not the fake paintings sold at Ikea or the same tired posters every college student has. No! We want images to travel, and people to get excited about seeing. We sell prints in sets of 12 for $5.00 each (so $60), and in late 2010 will launch the Pap 100, a project that will feature the work of 100 artists and writers divided randomly into mailing tubes. The prints included in the Pikapackage are $5.00 if you buy the full set from 2009, and range in price from $6 - $10 individually.


sam wedelich NYC

How about a brief introduction? My name is Sam and I really love to draw. Much to the chagrin of my parents and teachers, I’ve been doodling for most of my life... especially during church and school. I’ve just begun focusing on illustration full time as of fall 2009 and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. Also, I really like chocolate. Who/what inspires you? In terms of visual art inspiration, I love Chris Ware, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Picasso, Paul Klee, just to name a few. For actually making work, I am most inspired by music and poetry. Some favorites are French Impressionist composers (Debussy, Satie, Ravel) and Poets with a lot to say AND a rhyme scheme, like Frost and G.M. Hopkins. What message would you like to send out about your work? If in looking through my work you get the idea that it means something, you’re right. I don’t mean that as a judgment on non-narrative arts, but my work is highly content driven and I generally hope that viewers would find an emotional connection with the pieces I make, that it might inspire/provoke thoughtfulness for their own life’s journey. (ambitious, no?) What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Having my first art show in NYC this spring and getting a piece published in Uppercase Magazine are two standouts so far. Share a secret with us! Whenever I bake cookies, I always end up eating some at breakfast... they taste so great with morning coffee or strong tea. Just don’t tell my mom!

samantha battersby Sydney, Australia |

How about a brief introduction? I am a history loving, cat fancier who loves art, ideas and all things stylish and imaginative! I have worked as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for Australian magazines and papers and have had my paintings and drawings exhibited in and around galleries in Sydney. I’ve performed several times at The Performance Space theatre (Sydney) in one man (me!) shows incorporating my projected drawings and my boyfriend’s sound scapes. I’ve also sold my cards and posters at markets: most recently at the Powerhouse’s Young Blood markets in Sydney. Who/what inspires you? A lot of things inspire me: walking around art galleries, trekking through national forests, watching a favourite movie, chatting with my best friend. Inspiration can strike at any time and from any direction! What message would you like to send out about your work? I am very interested in beauty and prettiness and humour. One or more of these three concepts are never far from my mind when I’m drawing. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? 
 I am very fond of the collection of drawings I have up on Etsy and eternally thrilled that other people like them too! Share a secret with us! If I possessed one secret power it would most definitely be the ability to fly!

sarah anderson Kansas City area (United States)

How about a brief introduction? I’ve been an illustrator and designer at Hallmark cards for almost 10 years. Every day I try to be open to all kinds of inspiration. Whether it’s a sweet old couple holding hands in the park, a new song or and little critter in my backyard, good stuff is everywhere if you keep your eyes and ears open. Who/what inspires you? I’ve been a fan of mid century design and art for some time. It never ceases to get my gears going. Alexander Gerard, Ben Shahn and Mary Blair are some of my illustrator heros. Love inspires me as well. Love makes the world go round. I truly believe that. What message would you like to send out about your work? Making art is very important to me. When I’m creating I feel the most alive. My work represents things that make me happy. It’s also is a manifestation of texture, shape, color and ideas. Whimsy, humor, a bit o’ melancholy,’s real and what I feel everyday while I’m making art. 60’s form and illustration spur me on, inspiring me to think about shape and how that can play into my style more. I just feel like in that era the artists were really on to something. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? As a human, my daughter. As a human artist, a book. I illustrated and designed it. It’s called Ultra Gogo’s party fun book. It’s based on a tween girl character based brand I co-created with my writer buddy Linda Morris. The book is a hodge-podge of recipes, quizzes and tips for throwing cool parties with your friends.

pamela tobler / zoetropa Boston, MA

How about a brief introduction? Hello, I am a self taught block print artist who has had many many odd jobs over the years including gift wrapper, video store manager, movie theater projectionist, seller of fine pens, and my current job of managing an art gallery and art supply shop. Who/what inspires you? Paper and ink, illustration and graphic design, office supplies, colorful pens, and breakfast! What message would you like to send out about your work? I remember when I was a kid how excited I’d get when I would receive a letter or card in the mail from one of my friends. I still have all these letters and love to look through them every now and then. In this day of fleeting emails, text messages & tweets, the lost art of letter writing (or even handwriting) is fading away. I hope my note cards inspire people to continue to send letters and cards via snail mail. What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I am so glad that I started my paper goods business (almost three years ago) which I get to pour my creative energies into each day. I had been planning and thinking about it for far too long and finally I did it! Share a secret with us! Okay this is embarrassing but, I did not have my own computer until last year. I have been sponging off other people for years. my bad! ;o

PikaPackage Spring 2010

PikaPackage Spring 2010  

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