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Annual Newsletter December 2011

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Season’s Greetings! Pijaubert Polo would like to wish you Happy Holidays and hope you all have a marvelous New Year filled with Polo! As you all may know, this year has been Pijaubert Polo’s first (official) year! Pijaubert Polo is a familyrun polo farm in the South of France, and it started just as that! Over the past few years, the polo-loving Pike family created a polo field on their property in beautiful Côte D’Azur. The farm grew every year with more and more of ‘junior’ Pike’s university friends coming down to learn to play the game. The farm is now run entirely by Jamie and Alexia Pike who give beginner polo lessons and host our summer tournaments.

Holiday W ishes from the Pijau bert Hors es!

In this issue: Equus Remax Cup La Coupe du Soleil ‘Indian Summer’ Cup Pijaubert Polo at SUPA, UK Polo Lessons Summer Polo Holidays Student Offers


Pijaubert Polo’s Official opening with EQUUS. The event sponsored by Equus on the 18th May at Pijaubert-Polo was a great success. Artist Mardi brought in her amazing equestrian artwork from Canada which was exhibited as if it were floating in space between the trees of the forest. Surreal! The demonstration polo match generated a lot of interest with the public, the home team Pijaubert-Polo emerged victorious over challengers Remax-France by a narrow one goal margin, the final score standing at 5-4 for Pijaubert. Champagne and music flowed late into the night as latecomers from the

EQUUS Exhibition Artist Mardi’s nine equine paintings were strung from tree to tree making an outdoor art exhibition right next to the polo field. After the match the paintings were unveiled one at a time, each by one of the polo players and Mardi herself.

Cannes film festival turned up for the show. The art is now on exhibition inside the main house at Pijaubert Polo and is available for show to all our clients. For more information on Mardi and her paintings, feel free to explore her website

Remax Cup – 11th June The Remax Cup on June 11 was a happy and convivial occasion with a TV-crew from Monaco and over seventy guests all the way from Italy and the UK to play in and watch the return match between Remax-France and Pijaubert-Polo. Pijaubert-Polo won the day over Remax by 5-3, amid champagne and fine wines offered in omaggio by Velier Italia. After dinner on the lake St Cassien, the fun continued through the weekend with Sunday morning chukkas and polo lessons for the hardy (doused, of course, with appropriate quantities of champagne) whilst the wise took the time to explore the nearby beaches in Cannes and St. Tropez. 2


‘Indian Summer’ Cup -18th September

La Coupe du Soleil

The Indian Summer Cup was played between Pijaubert

La Coupe du Soleil trophy match was played

Polo and a guest team from Aix-en-Provence, sponsored

at Pijaubert on the 10th July and saw the

by Remax France.

team sponsored by Remax-France finally

The game started off lightning-fast as the two teams

emerge victorious over home-team Pijaubert-

dueled for the lead. However, Pijaubert finally overcame

Polo. Les Alpilles Polo Club lost by default.

Remax and the game finished with a final score of eight-

For the first time we saw Pijaubert-Polo pupils

four for Pijaubert.

playing and everyone was impressed by the

The match was the last of this season's Champagne and Chukkas series and enjoyed strong spectator support

level of the play and how quickly our neo-

from a hundred or so friends and guests who in true

aficionados adapted to and learnt the sport;

Pijaubert style were plied with bubbly and curry and

we will no doubt see more of them in the near

saffron rice to keep them cheering through the game.

future! Chukkas were washed down with

Several newcomers fell in love with the sport and

lashings of champagne by ever-more

signed-up immediately for lessons in the autumn, so we

numerous guests as Pijaubert-Polo spreads

feel the day was a great success from every point of

the word and establishes polo also as a spectator event in the South of France. Many

view. We thank sponsors Remax, Velier Italy, OG Wines, and

thanks are due to sponsors Remax-France

also Auger and Riviera Radio for their help in promoting

and to Velier Italy who again provided us with

this season's tournaments, and we look forward to seeing everybody come back soon for more Champagne

a selection of their finest wines.

and Chukkas


Lessons at Pijaubert Polo.

Pijaubert Polo at SUPA

Pijaubert Polo is currently giving lessons every week throughout the winter as well as the summer (weather permitting). We give individual lessons as

Earlier this year in February, Jamie and Alexia Pike went to the UK to represent Pijaubert Polo at the SUPA (Schools and Universities Polo Association) Indoor Arena Polo Nationals. There they made a lot of contacts and helped teams of all levels to perfect their game. Jamie also returned this summer for the SUPA Polo Championships.

well as group sessions, which are useful if you wish to train as a team or with friends. We are also organizing chukkas every weekend (again, weather permitting) For more information about prices or booking lessons, please visit our website

Summer Polo Packages We offer Spring and Summer Polo Holidays, which last for 1-2 weeks filled with polo and exploring the region. For more of an idea of exactly what we do... here is an example day from previous years: Morning: Polo lesson, Stick&Ball Midday: lunch by the pool, soak in the sun Afternoon: chukkas, with the traditional champagne break at halftime Late Afternoon: Paintball!! Sometimes painful, always fun :) Evening: BBQ pool party or night out in St Tropez

Student Offers We have offers for students which include discounts on lessons and holiday packages as well as for student polo teams who would like to train and travel with us for SUPA tournaments in the UK. More information will be up on our website shortly.

Many thanks from the team at Pijaubert Polo for all the support from our friends, clients and spectators. We shall be in touch soon with information about events for next season.

Caroline Pike Pijaubert Polo Marketing


Pijaubert Polo Annual Newsletter 2011  

Pijaubert Polo Newsletter with updates and info from this past year 2011

Pijaubert Polo Annual Newsletter 2011  

Pijaubert Polo Newsletter with updates and info from this past year 2011