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Let’s use ICT tools! Let’s work collaboratively! Room: Computer lab, Internet connection, a pc with microphone, speaker/headphones, scanner, web camera Let’s work in groups of 4-5 pupils from different countries. Give a name to your group. Activity I - TEXT  On a paper A4 , please write a small paragraph in English describing your participation in the Comenius project «The Human Rights in Europe»  Write your names in your mother tongue (if it’s possible) and using Latin characters.  Which is your role in the project?  How will you communicate with the pupils in the other countries?  Using a word processing editor write the above paragraph and format it.  Save your document (Comenius_yourgroup.doc). Activity II – SHARED DOCUMENT Copy your above text to the shared document on

adding a new line.

Activity III – SHARED DOCUMENT - questionnaire Fill in the questionnaire: Activity IV – IMAGE On a paper A4 draw a simple design (like a logo) according to the project and sign it. Digitize it and save your image (Comenius_yourgroup.jpg). Activity V – SOUND Using a pc with microphone please tell «Comenius project: Human Rights in Europe» in your language and save it in a file (Comenius_yourname.wav or Comenius_yourname.mp3) Activity VI – PRESENTATION Create a small presentation with the Human Rights organizations in your country (name, address, logo, link to its web site. Use the above sound in the presentation. Save your file. (Comenius_yourname.pps). Upload the presentation to (Sign in username: comenius, password: europe) Activity VII – MAKE A POST Sign in to the blog Please connect using username and password given from your teacher. (Only one member of each group needs to be connected). Create a new post, writing a title and some keywords as label. Save it (without any content) Activity VIII – VIDEO Find a video on YOUTUBE platform relevant to Human Rights and copy the code to embed it on your own post. Activity IX – EDIT AND PUBLISH YOUR POST Embed the video and the presentation to your post. Publish it. Activity X - SHOW Show your work to the plenary session. Which are your impressions? Comenius Project 2011-2013: Human Rights in Europe – 1st project meeting in Celakovice / Czech Republic – IT workshop


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