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Questionnaire’s report April 15th


Doing the project “DON’T RING THE BELL” we would like to “ring a bell” for our students! Doing this QUESTIONNAIRE we would like to understand if our students changed their mind! Did bell ringers play an important role in our everyday life? How far is the school bell to blame for our students’ lack of responsibility, selfconfidence, self-discipline, self-control and readiness for decision-making and initiative-taking? What has changed after the project’s development? Do we need school bells yet? To carry out this survey we were discussing some questions and then the Turkish team wrote the most of the questions. We added some questions more and published the questionnaire on the Google platform through the blog. We distribute the link with the on-line questionnaire to the other pupils, teachers and the administrative staff in the school and abroad and we were waiting for the responses. There were 14 questions. Our point of view is the results are very important: the most students (percentage 78%) consider that the project “DON’T RING THE BELL” helped them become more responsible!



Our topics: • • •

What are the main goals associated with the bell’s ringing? Did we succeed in Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL)? Did this project improve our students’ sense of responsibility, self-control, self-discipline, self-confidence, behaviour and time management capacity and as well as at developing their learning skills?


STEP 3: METHOD Firstly, the Greek Team thought of some questions and then they discussed in class to choose the best ones. These had to be understanding and give as a result with clear information. Then the questionnaire was prepared by the Turkish Team and the Greek Team added some questions more and published the whole questions on-line on the Google platform. The survey was left online for about 3 weeks to give time for the respondents to answer it. The results were put in an Excel table. Each question was put as chart (pie or bar chart), so the information would be more organized. Every result gotten was analysed and discussed. Finally the results were evaluated to give us a backup on how we did and what we might have done for the survey to be better.




In all, 90 persons responded to our survey from March 20th till April 14th. The after deadline answers were not accepted.


QUESTION 1, 2, 3

So, the most respondents are students (89%), girls (60%), attended the 11th rade (48%) and 9th Grade (38%). 9 teachers and a person from administrative staff sent their answers.


QUESTION 4, 5, 6, 7

The respondents agreed that the project helped students become more responsible (78%), improve their self-control (76%), feel free (62%) and understand the importance of time management (68%).


QUESTION 8, 10, 11, 12

The most respondents answered that the project improved students’ selfconfidence (78%0 and decreased enough the noise pollution and electricity consumption (76%).



The most respondents usually joined the class less than 7 minutes after the beginning of the lesson


Obviously, a great percentage 85% of the respodents considered that the collaboration among the schools involved in the project “Don’t ring the bell” motivated students to improve their responsibility, self-control, self-discipline and the time management capacity.


STEP 5: EVALUATION Although we think that we did a good job, we could have done some small things differently to get even more students. The survey was good, but some more practical questions should have been arranged. Also, we should have made some improvements on the type of question. Another suitable thing to do as well could be to go into other schools and ask the students and the teachers about our experiment to stop the bell and their point of view.


STEP 6: SOFTWARE The pupils used: • Google docs (form) and Doodle to compose the questionnaire/survey and polls • Excel for statistical analysis and graphs • Word for report’s editing • PowerPoint for the presentations • for some word clouds • and for comics • for announcements • and for publications and • Blogger for the publishing of the whole work

Questionnaire's report  
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