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Piet Jan Blauw visual artist, musician, the inventor of instruments and installations.

This installation is called Quetzalcoatl which comes from the Nahuatl language and means “Feathered Serpent”

Since 2000 Piet Jan Blauw has been focused on music performances in Europe and Mexico - Sol festival (Spain), Psy Fi festival (NL), Paradiso Amsterdam, Cumbre Tajin (Mex). Performed together with: Jorge Reyes in Mexico and Europe, DJ Isis at Mysteryland (NL) and ADE (NL), Cheko Mosqueira in Mexico and Europe, and Alyosha Barreiro at Cumbre Tajin (Mex) with the project “Sonic Explorations”.

The music is a mix of Ambient, Prehispanic-Electro and Psy-Trance. Blauw's instruments produce archetypal sounds. His music can never be played in exactly the same way and demands improvisation. He sculpts soundscapes as he plays with his hands in invisible beams. This results in a pantheon of sounds that are ministered by samplers, sequencers, and processors. He drives his own aural sculptures to their limits in every performance. Technology enables him to push the limits, yet he always uses it as a tool of creation.

Landjuweel festival 2015 NL

Psy Fi festival 2015 NL

Texcoco Mexico 2014 with Aliosha Barreiro and Nok Niuk dansers

Blauw's vision is not just the mere manipulation of technological gadgets. Their use is meant to ultimately evoke an emotional response from the audience and spur them on to discover lost domains within themselves. His objects are of sophisticated craftmanship. Piet Jan Blauw has highly sensitive antennae which serve him. His multi-facetted work is strongly devoted to communication in a rapidly changing society. Visual artist, musician, the inventor of instruments and installations: this amiable artist from the North Holland 
 town of Hoorn is impossible to pigeonhole. He's always had an aversion to categories. He quickly developed a love for interactive media. Blauw explains " I was looking for other means to communicate, because the language didn't seem to achieve what I wanted. 
 Later on, I began to identify with the objects I created. I wanted to feel what I had made ".

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PressKit - performance Piet Jan Blauw  

Performance by Piet Jan Blauw, visual artist, musician, the inventor of instruments and installations. The music is a mix of Ambiant, Prehis...

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