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#LilyPie 9 – 10 July 2011 @cooperscats @Mr_Pie

The Stag and Hen Party Special Bar Menu.

Pudding sets off to collect the girls for the Hen Party at the swan with two necks...

Announcing a Special New #wlf brew!

Best Tom, @FeralTom’s own label: Old Feral Tom, Strong Real Ale.

Enjoying Meowgaritas at the Hen Party. (L–R: Clover, Lily, Pudding, Nutmeg, Devonscootle)

The Stag Party. (L–R: Goblin on the bar, Pie, FeralTom, Tarmac)

Pudding doesn’t like what she sees in the boy’s bar…

Lily sings ‘I Will Survive’ on the Karaoke stage.

Tom pops into the girl’s bar for a quick cuddle with Clover and a catnip cigar.

Devonscootle falls off her stilettos‌

Oh dear, and Tommo promised as well‌

After-party carnage‌

The Wedding Invitation.

The Marriage Vows.

Opposite: The ceremony is sealed with a kiss. The happy couple.

Best Tom. Matron of Honour and Bridesmaids.

The Wedding Group.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Cats) televised the event for the general public.

The Buffet Menu.

The Bride & Groom prepare to cut the Wedding Cake.

Lily & Pie

Wedding Quote gift from @JessieJaney.

Wedding Quote gift from @JessieJaney.

Wedding Poem gift from @tiddlesfry..

Lily & Pie

Wedding Gift from @MogFleetCommand.

@cooperscats | @Mr_Pie

Wedding album  

The Twitter wedding of Lily and Pie

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