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SOUNDINGS The Newsletter of Saint John’s Episcopal Parish, Hagerstown, Maryland

JUNE 2014 –– From the Rector –– May is usually the month for graduation, but many schools are holding their ceremony in June. To each and every graduate and their proud parents, we offer you congratulations. Watching children grow, mature, take on their own identity is marvelous. The children and youth who attend Saint John’s deserve the best program we can offer them. The leadership of our new Assistant for Youth, Grace Bennett, has already expanded our program offerings, increased our awareness of how much happens here by putting a visual review on the large screen TV in Trimble Hall every Sunday. Every child in any and every aspect of program should be encouraged and praised for their willingness to take part in our combined parish ministries. Many children received certificates on May 18 at the brunch for being in the Canterbury or Saint Francis choir, attendance in Sunday School, serving as acolytes, and we are also very grateful to all the parents who mentor, lead, teach, and encourage our children. In This Issue: As we move into Summer, I am very pleased that we pg. 3 will send off Grace, Priscilla, Chantelle, and Whit- In the Garden New Monday Class pg. 7 ney for the Appalachian Service Project. This is the Music Notes pg. 8 Youth Page pg. 9 first youth mission trip for our parish. They have Commissions pg. 10 worked hard to raise money for the project, received Birthdays/Anniv. pg. 13 Hats Off

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donations from some parishioners, and been to training in preparation for the trip. Many are working on Vacation Bible School (VBS) (July 20-23). The planning team have chosen the theme, begun planning the meals and activities. It is not too late to volunteer to help with this important week of Christian fellowship, formation, and outreach. Every year the children have an outreach project as part of the VBS fun. One of my favorite sessions last year were the science experiments conducted with the children by our chemists, Rebecca Connor and Jason Weibel! Come and SEE! An active imagination helps us see not only how things are but how things might be. Children exercise imagination with little or no hesitation or self-consciousness and from their open and free expression have much to teach us. Awakened curiosity, wonder and fascination about nature, the grandeur of a mountain in the distance with snow on its peak while we stand in a sunny warm meadow gazing up help us explore the wonder of God. That we exist, that all of the grand expanse of nature exists causes us reflect with awe at the mystery of God. The vestry and officers are aware that there are several repairs and improvements to the physical plant that we will be promoting for funding but the #1 item and top priority is funding the assistant for youth position through the operating budget and endowed line devoted to that position. You will be hearing from the leadership team in the near future asking that you prayerfully consider how you can best support the parish community financially. Look at the growth in the parish in children and young families and imagine a vibrant Saint John’s for decades to come! Resurrection faith points in the direction of a belief in life after death. While the skeptics take a break from the request for proof, the faithful take a breat

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In the Garden

Helpful Hints from the Graff Garden Club • Pruning • Remove older inside branches to let light and air into the interior of old clipped boxwoods. • Deadheading • Faded flowers at least twice a month. Removing dead blooms prevents a plant from developing seeds, and that stimulates new flowers. • Finish deadheading rhododendrons and azaleas • Lawns • Mow when the lawn in dry • Keep mower blades sharpened throughout the season • Cut grass high. Grass mowed higher than 2 inches develop extensive roots, will not need as much water and nutrients. • Mow often enough to not cut off more than 1/3 of the grass. • Use a mulching mower so soil organisms can recycle grass clippings. Doing this will improve the condition of your lawn. • Watering • Water in the morning. Watering in the middle of the day causes water to evaporate. Watering at night can cause disease. • To water plants, trees, shrubs a soaker hose is better than an oscillating sprinkler.


A Help, Thanks and Wow! Prayer for Summer by the Sunday Morning Group Heavenly Father, Thank you for this summer day. Help me use it to learn something new and have fun. *THANKS* When I dive into the pool, let my splashes reach Heaven. *WOW* When I hang out with my family, let there be joy between us. Join me at Camp Sinoquipe- protect me and keep me safe. *HELP* Use this summer day to renew my spirit so I can better reflect your light. In Jesus’ name, Amen. “Prayer… is about getting outside of your own self and hooking into something greater...” -Anne Lamott on the three types of prayer, from her book, Help, Thanks, and Wow

CALLING ALL GRADUATES We at Saint John’s would like to recognize all of our students who will be either graduating from high school or college as well as those who will be graduating from elementary or middle school. We would like to have you send us a picture to place on the Antietam Street bulletin board along with a paragraph of your future plans, awards you have received, or goals you have set for the coming years. We would like to dedicate the next issue of Hats Off in Soundings to you. You may send it to the office or you may e-mail it to We will need it by June 10 in order to have it in the July issue.


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Music Notes

June Liturgical Music Highlights June 1, Sunday after the Ascension “He is King of Kings”, African-American spiritual arranged by Joseph T. Jones (19021983), an important leader who introduced African-American music into congregations in the southern United States through his work as a Sunday school missionary and song leader. The Parish Choir will sing the adaptation of this tune by Melva Wilson Costen (born 1933), retired Professor of Worship and Music at Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta. She then became the Visiting Professor of Liturgical Studies at Yale Divinity School. While living in Atlanta, Mark King had the honor of working professionally with Dr. Costen on a number of occasions.

June 8, The Day of Pentecost “Come Holy Ghost”, written by the late English Tudor and early Jacobean composer Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625). He served as organist of Westminster Abbey, and is known as one of the last great composers of the English Polyphonic (music consisting of 2 or more melodically independent but harmonizing voice parts) School. The anthem is based on the Pentecost Gregorian chant “Veni Creator” (Come Holy Ghost, our souls inspire).

June 15, Trinity Sunday “As Truly as God is Our Father”, written by the contemporary Welsh composer William Mathias (1934-1992). The text of the anthem is by the English mystic, Julian of Norwich (born 1342). Mathias combines this very old text with contemporary harmonic language to provide a meditation that is mystical, both in ancient and contemporary forms. We are probably most familiar with William Mathias, as being the composer of the festive Eastertide Gloria and Sanctus settings we sing at the 10:15 Eucharist. “Tantum Ergo” (Let us therefore, bowing low, this great Sacrament revere), a Eucharist based anthem written by French composer Gabriel Faure (1845-1924). He was one of the foremost French composers of his generation, and his musical style influenced many 20th-century composers. The anthem is being sung by the Parish Choir in memory of Robin Spickler’s father, Donald Merchant.


Honoring Mark King Do You Remember When…… • Bill Clinton was President, • Gas was $1.11 per gallon • Disney’s “Lion King” opened in theaters, • Dallas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills (30-13) in Super Bowl XXVIII, • US Navy issued 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ships, • Physicists announced first evidence of the top quark subatomic particle, • NASA sent 4 Space Shuttles on 7 missions, • Church of England ordained the first women priests, • “I’ll be there for you”, was the opening theme to Friend... And also in 1994... Alberta Alcorn, Anne Carden, The Rev. Ken Dorsch (Rector), Robert Grab, Peg Gross, Norris Rath, Robin Spickler, Frances Young, and The Rev. Victor Zuck (Priest Associate) interviewed and recommended Mark King to be the Director of Music at St. John’s Parish. In the 20 years since, the Parish Choir has presented a Choral concert at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, a Choral Evensong at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC and Eucharist at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Pittsburgh. Mark King has performed Organ Recitals at St. Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, NYC; St. Paul’s Cathedral, London; Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Paris; Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris; Washington National Cathedral and Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC and many more. The children and youth choirs are continuing to grow. Zach Myers, Ashley Myers and Brady Myers (age 5) were members of the Children/Youth Choirs 20 years ago and now continue to share their gift of music by singing in the adult Parish Choir. You may not realize this, but there are three generations of the Myers family currently singing in the Parish Choirs with Jalen McClary, son of Shannon McClary and Monica Myers-McClary being the youngest. Mark was instrumental in developing the community music series which sponsors 6 or 7 events each year. Diverse concerts over the years have included, but not limited to: Haitian Boys’ Choir; Adam Rickards, harpsichordist (grandson of Joe and Nancy Rickards); John Scott, organist at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London; Mark Cook and Jazz colleagues; Choir of St. Albans Cathedral, England; Lyra (Russian choral ensemble). On Trinity Sunday, June 15, let’s give Mark King a round of applause for 20 Years of Service at the reception during Fellowship Hour being held to honor his service to St. John’s, to celebrate of all the June birthdays, and to honor all the fathers in our lives.


New Bishop Suffragen Elected The Rev. Canon Heather Cook has been elected Bishop Suffragan of Maryland. Cook is the first woman to be elected bishop for the Diocese of Maryland. The election took place during the 230th Diocesan Convention, which is being held May 2-3 at Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City. In a statement to the members of the Diocese of Maryland, the bishop suffragan-elect said, “I am profoundly moved that after being ordained from the Diocese of Maryland in 1987, I am finally coming home to serve in the diocese that formed me and is in my bones. With gratitude for all who have helped shape me in ministry over the years, I look forward to crossing the Bay and exploring with you the proclamation of the life-giving Good News in a way that reaches across the generations.”

The next step in the process is the Consent for Ordination, which is given by a majority of both Standing Committees and bishops of the Episcopal Church. With a majority consensus of both parties, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, notifies the Standing Committee of the electing diocese and the bishop-elect of the church’s consent for ordination to bishop. With that consent, Cook will be ordained and consecrated a bishop by the presiding bishop on Saturday, Sept. 6 at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in northern Baltimore. As details of the Consecration become available they will be posted online at

How Do You Say.... Readers with knowledge of native languages needed for the first reading (Acts 2:1-21) on The Day of Pentecost, June 8, at both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. Eucharist. If you are able to translate and read an English text into a native language such as German, French, Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese, we will have all languages read simultaneously. Please contact Melonie Orr in the church office by calling 301.733.2560 or by emaling and let her know you would like to read, as well as get a copy of the reading.


Commissions Corner Welcoming Report “Come and See” St. Johns Postcards It’s easy to welcome someone when they are already there. The Sunday “greeter” extends their hand and says, “Great seeing you here today.” Or perhaps, “It’s wonderful having you with us today.” Or maybe a simple, “Good morning and welcome.” Then at the time of “The Peace” each of us gets the opportunity to extend a hand, offer a smile, or maybe even a hug! (Don’t you just love hugs?) But what if they’re not here yet? How do we welcome them? You might hear someone say they are seeking a church and speak up about St. Johns. Perhaps you share a recent story about an activity the church had and express an invitation to your listeners. Or maybe you are simply on your way to church in your vehicle and someone decides they are going wherever you are going. (This would be nice but is highly unlikely.) I, along with others, attended a church growth workshop a few months ago and a “postcard” mailing initiative was included in the program. Your Welcoming Commission has been proactive in this initiative and we now have St. Johns “Come and see” postcards available. Do you know someone or a family that may need a church home? Is there someone in your prayers and/or is perhaps struggling and needs St. Johns? You can simply mail them a postcard or hand it to them, whichever is more comfortable for you. Bringing others closer to Christ is what we are suppose to do. When you see someone or a family you invited come to St. Johns you will be uplifted beyond words. You know the blessings and rewards St. Johns provides you, and of course you want others to experience the same blessings and rewards. We are a church making a difference in the community, both here and in other parts of the world. We have a beautiful place to worship, and outstanding choir and organist, a youth minister, and we’re blessed to have a Reverend who delivers God’s word elegantly. Share these wonderful blessings. Let others know they are welcome. Encourage them to “come and see.” - Howard Whittington Welcoming Commission Chairperson


Stewardship Chronicles for June The Stewardship Chronicles that we contribute clearly have a definite purpose, in fact, a multiplicity of reasons. There exists the obvious purpose of self-examination and commitment in terms of pledging and fiduciary support of our collective mission. The St. John’s Community at large never ceases to amaze me: the generosity of individuals in our greater Parish family is astounding at times, something we can celebrate together. It is unlike any other parish Helen and I have encountered. All of us become uncomfortable at some level talking about “money and church.” This is natural. The important point (as we view it) is focusing upon the outcome of giving: the magnificent results we collectively achieve for the greater good in our Parish, in our Community, and in the World at large. And so, we balance our lives to do what we able, when we able. There is another purpose that is just as important, and should share cöeval status for us all: the giving of time and talents. As a Parish, we witness daily the Great Works of our friends and co-parishioners. For us, it became an imperative to become involved with these great works. Again, this is unlike any parish we have encountered. There are numerous important projects that our Parish family is committed to, either in the planning stages, or at various stages of execution. All are worthy and all are crucial, all for superb reasons. And (as I have been made aware), all can be accomplished in relatively short order: no single project is (or should be) relegated to secondary status. Nonetheless, one project serves as the linchpin, the keystone if you will, for all the others. Grace Bennett has performed remarkable work since she joined us as Minister for Youth and Families. She has become an indispensible asset to our Parish and all can attest to her good works across the board. She is making a monumental difference with respect to the health and positive growth of our Parish. Therein lies the challenge: together we must establish an ironclad means of insuring Grace’s position in perpetuity. This cannot be accomplished by “spending down” the funds set aside for this position and subsequently assigned to our operating budget. What is essential, urgent in fact, is that we work to establish a properly constituted endowment for this position, one having an investment balance sufficient to generate the needed funds to insure this position for the future of our children, our families, and our Parish. Recently there have been incredibly generous gifts toward establishing this endowment. We have an amazing start. I would urge all of us to do what we are able, when we are able, to accomplish this task. The rewards to our Parish family will be incalculable. Mark Andrew Cook, PhD


Helen Chu Cook, RN

Get to Know Grace by Dolores Maletzky

When some of our young people were asked if they liked the activities and programs created by Grace, a resounding “YEAH” was heard. Who is this Grace? For starters, Grace was hired as Associate for Youth. So, in order to share the youth’s enthusiasm with all of us, we need to investigate just who this “Grace” is, and why we were so fortunate to get her. Over a pleasant lunch in conversation with Grace, much can be related about her time before St. John’s and her hopes for St. John’s program for our youth. Grace was born in Mokpo, Korea, a region famous for the cultural arts and the best traditional dishes. Her mother was a modern ballet dancer and her father a stage actor. They immigrated to the U.S. when Grace was four and lived for two years in New Jersey before moving to Portland, Oregon. Her parents owned eight restaurants in Portland all of which are operational today. That is where Grace got her love of food and people. Grace was raised in Portland Korean United Methodist church, a small congregation which became her extended family. She attended schools in Portland before enrolling in Intercultural Studies at Biola University, (La Mirada, CA) where she received her BA degree. From there she entered Wesley Seminary. It was there she met Michael Bennett who later became the Elder at Rehoboth United Methodist Church in Williamsport, MD. They married and have three boys, Zak, 13; Tyson, 10; and Axel, 9. All were born in Hagerstown when Mike was a pastor in Berkeley Springs, WV. When Grace and Mike moved east, her parents decided to cross country to be nearer to them. Grace helped them create their current restaurant concept and menu for Ginger’s Asian Kitchen located in La Vale, MD. Her first job in ministry was with a Korean American youth group in Rockville, MD. “Four teens from my old youth group have graduated from Wesley and are serving in churches in VA, and MD. This is one of my greatest joys in ministry.” “Ministry is the most challenging job I’ve ever had but the most rewarding. I get great satisfaction from seeing people grow in their faith and discover their niche in ministry.” Her parents encouraged Grace to take risks and gave her an entrepreneurial drive. Grace was about to open her own restaurant in Calvert County, MD, but as fate would have it, a change of plans for opening the restaurant due to a failed contract kept her on the ministry tract. The vision Grace has for St. John’s is integrative and intergenerational. “The more our children are connected to the life in the congregation, the more likely they are to stay connected to life in the church.” Some of the programs the children are engaged in include youth led service, Micah’s Backpacks, beautifying the church grounds, carrying food baskets to the alter during the church service, acolytes, and Children’s Chapel. (cont. on page 12)


“Our youth and children are given space and opportunity to serve because Rev. Ann and the Vestry are very intentional about making the youth a priority of the Parish.” “The parents and ministry leaders are responsible for bringing great energy and enthusiasm for Sunday school, JDOK, and VBS. It is no small feat that the church was successfully operating with a committed team of volunteers who love children as their own. The sense of community among the young families is wonderful and will attract new families to join the Parish. Today, extended families live states away. People need intergenerational relationships... Everyone wants to be part of something that is greater and bigger than themselves. God’s Kingdom is the place to be, where everyone has a seat at the table and a special role. The relationships that grow in ministry are very special because they are blessed by Christ. The sky is the limit and the best ideas come from the parishioners and children. We are only as strong as the people who participate and take part. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement for ministry because there is so much talent and generosity within our Parish.” You can see Grace at parish events with camera in hand to record for history who we are and how we live and work out our Christian Faith. And yes, Grace does have some hobbies including traveling to new cities, restoring old homes, cooking for friends, and live music. In summary, it is best to let the voice of one of our youth say it. In a dialog with some fellow youth one of them was heard to say – “I love this place.” Thank you Grace for spreading Christ’s Light and Love to the young people as well as the not so young people of our parish.

A New Face in the Office As of Monday, May 19, we have a new secretary, Melonie Orr. Melonie has been previously employed with Caldwell Manufacturing in Williamsport where she worked as an administrative assistant, office manager, and HR/Safety Coordinator. Her talents are not only related to office work. She has been a church organist for twenty years.

Welcome to Saint John’s, Melonie!


HATS OFF TO: • Dr. Mark Cook has been appointed Principal Trumpet for the Montgomery Philharmonic Orchestra. For the February concert, he was featured soloist for Danzon No.2 by Arturo Marquez and Outdoor Overture by Aaron Copland. He will be featured in the June 1 Chamber Music Concert at Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church, performing Serenade for Brass and Percussion by Dutch composer, Willem van Otterloo. As a jazz pianist, he performed at Blues Alley on May 22, and at the New State Theatre in Culpepper on May 31 with David Detwiler’s White House Band. Maybe we can ask Mark to play one Sunday for us?? What do you say to that, Dr. Cook? • Priscilla Laquerre and her team reenacted their documentary script for Black History Month at the University of Baltimore Maryland recently. The team was awarded the “Special Prize in Civic Action and Engagement at Maryland History Day”. She will be given a plaque and a monetary prize for her accomplishment. You have made both your Mom, Tania, and all of us at St. Johns’ very proud!! • The Garden Club sponsored a multi-generational event for mulching the grounds of the Parish. Those that participated were Adriana Cox, Annie Malloy, Bob Speelman, Bill Abeles Sr, Caitlin Fuller, Charles Chaney, Dylan Weibel, Damian Huffman, Dusty Graham, Eddie Magno, Elizabeth Happel, Emma Williams, Glenda Fuller, Grace Bennett, Liam Happel, Liam Halsey, Liam Magno, Jason Weibel, Jewell (last name not available at time of this writing, our apologies), Jospehine Anderson, Ken Magno, Kevin Magno, Layla Poole, Leoni Poole, Maya Wells, Pat Abeles, Peguy Djoumboui, Rebecca Connor, Sam Richards, Suzanne Abeles, Tammy Martinez, Tori Halsey, Will Godwin, and Zak Bennett. Will Godwin helped the younger children prepare the soil for the tomato plants in the new garden in the playground. They were finished in hour and half. Many hands made very light work! A Big thank you to Dusty Graham for making sloppy Joes and cookies for lunch. Even Mother Nature cooperated as it was perfect weather too!! • Emily Slocum was selected to receive the Elementary Principal’s 2014 Citizenship Award. She was one of 75 students selected from across Washington County 5th graders to receive this recognition. Great job, Em! Way to make your Dad tear up!! As always, keep me in the loop by sending information to my email address: Feel free also to pull me aside to share your good news so I may share it with St. Johns. (If I have missed someone from being mentioned in the above sections, please let me know and I will make a correction for next month)

Kelly Slocum


The Wisdom Years (aka Second Half of Life) JUNE 3rd Our meetings have moved to the FIRST Tuesday of each month, in St. Mary’s Chapel 12:30 to 2:30 (BYO lunch if you wish to eat there with us at 12:30). Our small group engages in discussions and prayer time; we share with one another for spiritual growth, as we grow in age and wisdom! We have begun using a book written by Anne Lamott titled: STITCHES. We will use each chapter for our discussion time, taking turns reading from the book. These are some of the questions we will consider: “What do we do when life lurches out of balance? How can we reconnect to one another, and to what’s sustaining, when evil and catastrophe seem inescapable?” Our June meeting will focus on Chapter 3, page 37 Where are you stitching together places in your life?

Please contact Sarah (Sallie) Bailey for more information: 304-258-3057

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Soundings - June edition - St. John's Hagerstown  
Soundings - June edition - St. John's Hagerstown