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Few things matter more than trust.

Organizations cannot exist long without trust.

Every organization depends on building and maintaining the trust of those people whose opinion matters most for its future.

To earn trust, and keep what you have Communicating well in this time of instant news, media attacks, blog earned, you must do two things: critics, and Internet information

Do the right things. Communicate them well.

domination means having the ability to communicate instantly, directly and transparently. PIER has been helping many of the world’s top communicators in leading corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations earn and build trust.


PIER is a web-based application that provides all the critical tools a communicator or communication team needs in a single, easy-to-use control center. Because it is a web application, authorized users have full access to all they need, any time, anywhere.


An all-in-one communication control center—no need to buy special applications for the growing list of communication, alert and notification needs

Collaboration — leverage the strength of your entire team including external resources (legal, consultants, etc.) to prepare, review, edit and approve information

Multi-mode distributions — send messages instantly via: • SMS Text Messages • Text-to-voice phone messages • Email • Fax • Social Media Sites • Websites (one or many, public or private)

Communication efficiency — do far more with a limited team, even during the most severe circumstances

PIER CONTROL CENTER Content — collaboratively create any kind of document or information form including draft, edit, review and approve — no information can be distributed publicly without authorized user approval. Send messages using multiple modes including email, text, fax, telephone and more

Conference Room — chat in secure conference room allowing for private, user-only interchanges

Push, pull and interactive communications — it’s far more than web content or sending emails. PIER manages all aspects of communications including direct, personal interactions

Protect limited IT resources — communicators do all the work with no IT support needed Scalable — PIER can be purchased for individual users, for groups using a single center, or for large enterprise use with thousands of users and multiple purposes Image & video — simplified capture and publishing of video Full media management — national and international media list management, media monitoring (print, broadcast, blogs, websites), advanced media planning and research tools

The PIER Control Center — here is where a communicator controls all functions or a team gathers to work together Inquiries — review, manage, respond to and share all inquiries — those that come in via the external website form or are logged in by users from phone calls, emails or personal interactions

Reporting — get detailed reports on all communication activities — use for quality control, evaluation, postincident debriefing, and more

Administration — set automatic notification controls, set website structure, control users and access permissions and much, much more

Dashboard — provides an activity snapshot

Message Center — use as internal message center for other users and link automatically to external email

Contacts — complete contact management for media and all key stakeholders or audiences — sort, list, manage, segment, and much more


For more information or a product demonstration, contact us at or 360.756.8080 * These screen images are based on an actual PIER center used during Hurricane Katrina.

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PIER is a webapplication that combines all the communications tools today's communicators need to survive in the instant news world.