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RICHARD COLE MALTA GOZO FRANCE DEVON My first introduction to the artistic delights of Malta came about when in 1975 I drew a cartoon for The Times of the then Prime Minister of Malta, Dom Mintoff as Napoleon, kicking the British Bulldog into the Mediterranean. It was the time Malta was seeking independence from the UK. Malta Airways, to my surprise, wanted to buy the original and present it to Dom Mintoff. I swapped it for a return air ticket.

On my arrival I was inspired by the island, the people and the baroque architecture; excitedly I returned home with a full portfolio of drawings and paintings. History repeated itself when a Maltese wine company invited me out to Malta. I could see that a book was forming in my mind similar to a recent one I had published of my work in France where I have a studio, Portrait of a French Village by an English Artist. It shows how the village has changed over the 50 years I have known it. The Exhibition shows selected work from the book, Malta and Gozo, An Artist’s View, together with paintings of France and Devon. Copies of the books will be available for sale, signed and dedicated.

Road to the Harbour, Valletta watercolour 37 x 27 cm

Bridge Bar

watercolour 28 x 30 cm

St Paul’s Shipwreck Church watercolour 38 x 26 cm

Grand Harbour, Valletta watercolour 27 x 41 cm

Victor Pasmore Gallery watercolour 21 x 30 cm

Strait Street

watercolour 29 x 20 cm

Rehearsal, Manoel Theatre, Valletta watercolour 31 x 21 cm

Fish Market

watercolour 28 x 51 cm

Two Man Boats watercolour 22 x 40 cm


watercolour 25 x 35 cm

Tapie’s Bar, Victoria, Gozo watercolour 29 x 37 cm

Three Priests

watercolour & gouache 19 x 15 cm

Blessing the Houses watercolour 30 x 43 cm


watercolour 20 x 30 cm

Donkey Cart and Sheep watercolour 23 x 30 cm

Vintage Boat

watercolour 15 x 20 cm

Painting the Boat, Marsaxlokk Harbour watercolour 21 x 18 cm

Rue St Jean, Lyon oil on canvas 89 x 127 cm

La Passerelle de St George, Lyon oil on canvas 87 x 117 cm

French Baker

oil on canvas 62 x 47 cm

La MontĂŠe des Chazeaux, Lyon oil on canvas 116 x 86 cm

RICHARD COLE Born in Wimbledon in 1942, the son of an ecclesiastical woodcarver, Richard Cole studied painting at Wimbledon School of Art. After graduating he taught for five years, then established a career as a caricaturist, political cartoonist and reportage artist working for The Times and Telegraph groups and Channel 4 News. He was the European contract artist for CBS News covering debates in the House of Commons and terrorist trials, including the trial in Lyon in 1987 of the Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie. He is now devoted to painting and illustration dividing his time between his studios in France and the UK.

Malta & Gozo, An Artist’s View is his second book following the success of Portrait of a French Village by an English Artist, published in 2012.

Marsland Valley, North Devon watercolour 23 x 33 cm

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PFG Richard Cole March 2019  

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PFG Richard Cole March 2019  

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