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PIERRE ADAM SCHMĂœCK Industrial Design Portfolio

Good design means to explore new paths to be innovative. This includes to learn something new and to make experiences. To grasp what the people needs I must observe and get personal involved to build a deep empathy. It opens the way to generate innovative solutions that enhance the people‘s life and their enviornment. Let‘s start the journey!

My World





My World



ABOUT ME curriculum vitae



My name is Pierre Schmueck and I‘m an industrial design student at the HTW in Berlin.

CONTACT ME +49151/25266996

LANGUAGE German (native) English (fluent) Spanish (basic)





mangement assistent in retail business( IHK )

(general qualification for university entrance) at Berlin Kolleg

Industrial Desig University of A Sciences HTW

2003 / 2006

2008 / 2011

Oct. 2013



at furniture & interior designer Rainer Spehl

Rainer Spehl f interior design Assistent & M

Dez. 2011 / Feb. 2012

March 2012 /

ABOUT ME curriculum vitae


Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Rhino, Keyshot, Cinema 4D, Makerbot, Invision

gn at Applied W Berlin

furniture and n - Design Manufacture Aug. 2013



Product Design at National Institute of Design, India

DAAD scholarship holder „New passage to India“ Program

July / Dez. 2015

July / Dez. 2015



University HTW - Student Assistent & Tutor for the Industrial Design Workshop

Agilent Technologies Intern at the Usability & Design Center

Oct. 2014 / July 2015

Sept. 2016 / Feb. 2017


CNC drilling machine, Workshop tools, Lasercutter, 3D Print



DMY 2015 - Wallio DMY 2016 - Pasta chess board game


Member of the student organisation Einsichten Member & University representive at VDID (Organisation of the german industrial designers


Participation of the human-centered design online course Introduction to Web Analytics & SEA




Double Deck

Under The Hood




Play With Food

Manta Rays


LOVAHM application


Interviews with students

Qualities of Ahmedabad

Not moving Independently!

Infrastructure / Traffic

Traffic (chaotic)


Dealing with poeple (starring)

Gastronomy / Food

Noise / Pollution

Entertaiment / Activities

No activities

Architecture / Landscape

LOVAHM application


Data collection


Sending surveys and attaching letters questions arround the campus to collect data about positive and negative chalenges in Ahmedabad.

Immerse and exploring the city to realise on my own where are the problems and where are possible solutions to enhance the everyday life quality.

LOVAHM application

Possibilities With my infomations I generated ideations and concepts which may slove the challenge. I talked with the students about the possibilities and I‘ve got feedback.

LOVAHM application

The Design Brief The aim is to design a helpful app which promote the user to move independently through Ahmedabad. It also shows popular and exciting places. The app is about to achieve better everyday life quality for the user.

LOVAHM application

THE EXPLORATION With my user group I discussed variations of the interface and features to get new feedback to define which features are essential to use the app.

LOVAHM application

THE USERTEST After repeated usertests with the user group and the riksha drivers there is evolved prototyp of an app which is suited to the needs of the user group.

LOVAHM application

Rikashaw Calulator Enter the distance from the rishaw`s meter and the app calculates the excat price at day and at night.

Insight To know what the location is about tap on a picture and you get more details and insight about your chosen topic.

Topic Filter Choose your topic you are interest in and learn more about what happens in the city.



LOVAHM application

Profile Where the users can save their favorite location, upload a new one or shre it with friends.

Menu Contains the newest updates what is happening in the city and also the uploads of your friends new spots they‘ve found.

Map Finding the right place and the best way to reach the location. Additonally the price botton shows the price and the meter.

LOVAHM application

THE LOVAHM APP The app enables people to find interesting place and activities. Also it promotes the user to move more independently and increases a higher life quality in Ahmedabad.

LOVAHM application


a teamwork project


matka product

DESIGNPROCESS 1. Step collecting knowledge, informations & questions 2. Step visiting Potter Village, interview, get knowledge from experts and manufacturing process, places where the matka is used 3. Step first ideations, design directions, possilble solution Design Partner: Kanti Bhai Potter in 4. generation, 30 years work experience


matka product

Initial Design Direction Matka + Ro water purifier Senario 1

Matka + Water can

Matka + Filter

Senario 2

Senario 3


matka product

THE MATERIAL EXPLORATION With tools we we figured out how the material behaves and what is possilble. With the right pressure we worked out to make a hole.


matka product

We decided to redesign the matka with an integrated filter! Who does not enjoy a glass of clean chilled water? What if we have the added advantage of good taste! All this with no electricity? Definitely yes!


matka product

THE EXPLORATON To explore the shape which combines the modern and the tradition I needed to draw variations to find it.




Glazed ceramic

Lid Filtration unit

Glazed teracotta

Ceramic water candle (filter) Storage + cooling unit

Non glazed teracotta Copper tap Glazed Ceramic

tap Base for water collection

matka product


matka product

Ready to use

Filtration Technology

Positive part

Size   Materials

Fixing filter & tap



Negative mould


Time flow rate   Lifespan Properties

Making ceramic parts Coloring & glazing



matka product

254mm x 53mm Solution of peroxide hydrate, ceramic, activated carbon

Further Opportunities

INR 100 to 150 per piece 0.1 to 1L per hour Up to 3 years Removes turbidity and pathogens Removes sediment contaminants and harmful bacteria Removes dust, rust, cyst, cryptosporidium, guardian particles

Creating more products that celebrate terracotta

Teaching the modern generation about the values and importance of culture

Supporting Indian artisans and bringing them forward

Working towards preserving our traditions

D D DOUBLE DECK COACH train waggon

a collaboration with

DOUBLE DECK train interior

Have you met Jimi? New Work Entrepreneurship

using technology devices




working digital

work-life balance networking

DOUBLE DECK train interior

THE CONCEPT Our world is moving very fast and many of us running from one appointment ot the next one. Wouldn‘t it be great to have a transportion system with an environment which allows you to work effiecient and productively that you don‘t waste time while you on the way?!

DOUBLE DECK train interior

1:1 Measurement & Structure Model To find out if the conception works I masked a 1:1 section on the ground to get a real size feeling of the space. I had to know how much space I need between the chairs and how big the passageway needs to be. Addtionally I made a structure model to get setting of all each sections in the train and how they fit together.

DOUBLE DECK train interior

DOUBLE DECK train interior

Variations To find the best solution for the chairs I did seat explorations to figure out what will work, which shapes fit together and also are comfortable.

DOUBLE DECK train interior

THE SEATS The seats on the right have got the best attributes there are be needed. They can combined together or just on it‘s own. Thanks to the advanced 3D print technology they light, staible and thin.

DOUBLE DECK train interior

D D THE DOUBLE DECK The chairs give the interior a light feeling and also allow the user to be flexible depends on on the situation. Do the person just wants be alone, has to work or is there a group of people there are on th way to a business meeting and still have to finish the work.

White painted walls increase the space visually and the space appaers more open.

DOUBLE DECK train interior

Wooden floor for warm and confident feeling.

Big windows increase the space visually and also more natural light comes in.

DOUBLE DECK train interior

Features Conversation area

Meeting area

single work area

non work area

Wireless electricity top of the benches and tables

Interactive surfaces tables and walls

Storage placement

DOUBLE DECK train interior

UNDER THE HOOD head protection

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product


All grafics are based on Statistisches Bundesa im StraĂ&#x;enverkehr in 2

HELMET SAFTY Pro / Cons Safes and reduce heavy injuries at the head area and reduce complications Safty is not scientifically proven


Moto scooter



Killed in town




Fits rarely to the everday outfit


To little ventilation while wearing a helmet on hot days Convey an impression the person who is wearing a helemt is insecure



Overview of people who met with an acciedent on two-wheeled vehicle


UNDER THE HOOD head protection product


n the information of the amt für Zweiradunfälle 2013.


Killed out of town

20000 18000 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000


4000 2000 0 Jan

Overview of the acciedent occurrence with bicycles









Two-wheeled users who met with an accident in 2013. Shown by I involvment rate and months.




UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

THE 1. CONCEPT I wanted to go away to design another helmet. I realised that many people like to have overhead earphones. I started to take this for my inspiration and did variations how the protection for the head might look like.

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

I needed to rethink my idea! At a certain stage of my the design process I noticed that my idea won‘t work. I had to think where all the technique has to go and if it would offer adequate procetion for the user.

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

2. CONCEPT The hood should look like a common hood but when it‘s needed the hood unfold itself and covers the user‘s head.

DESIGNPROCESS 1. Step experimenting and testing with vikoelastic foam 2. Step reflecting insights, explorate possibilities, testing folding and blowing system 3. Step scaling, proportions, cutting, sewing,

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

UNDER THE HOOD Inside the hood there are three layers of viscoelastic foam which is is soft and flexible but in case of an impact it gets stiff and absorbs the energy of an impact.

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product


Integrated mechanism that is working with motion sensors

Hood is lying

Springs are in ten

UNDER THE HOOD head protection product


closed but nsion

Hood opens up by uncommon movement

Motion sensor open the mechanism


the hybrid in your pencil case


hybrid product

THE IDEATION In the beginning there is the ideation process where I wanted to find the best shape and mechanism for my hybrid product.

So I sketch possilities to visualise what would work or not that I can make the next step.

CUTTERBONE hybrid product

THE RENDERING With the CAD model and rendering I realised the proportion and how thin I can make the prototype that it fits in a pencil case. Furthermore, I made color variations to see which I liked the most.


hybrid product

THE MECHANISM The mechanisim is a magnet-click system. Therefore the magent accomplish its purpose by holding the knife by its property and also due to the click system.

CUTTERBONE hybrid product


hybrid product

THE CUTTERBONE The cutterbone is a great tool to cut paper and cardboard. On the end there is the folding bone to prepare the paper before it gets folded. The blade is made of stainless steel.

CUTTERBONE hybrid product


the biodegradable wallet a teamwork project


sustainable product

THE WALLIO The material for the biodegradable wallet is based on water, starch, vinegar, glycerin, gelatine and we added with food coloring and coconut fibre. After the manufacturing process we‘ve created a material which is completly biodegradable, thin and also tearproof due to the coconut fibre. We folded and stitched the layer together and the wallet is ready to use.


sustrainable product

PLAY WITH FOOD pasta chess game a teamwork project


chess game

THE CONCEPT Martin and me want to show the conflict between industrial agriculture and regional agriculture. What are the differences and what influences has it on nature and mankind.

PLAY WITH FOOD chess game

THE FIGURES On the left side there are the figures which represent the people who are involved in the regional agriculture from the farmer to customer. On the right side there are people who represent the the industrial agriculture from the industry to the farmer towards the customer.


chess game

THE GAME We created a game with an open end despend on the player‘s skills. Like in the real world rather the player will win with the more sophisdicated strategy and also will increase its influcence. No matter for which party you play.

PLAY WITH FOOD chess game

MANTA RAYS form studies

MANTA RAYS form study

THE IDEATON My task was to create form studies with two surfaces and one edge. My inspriation I‘ve got from the manta ray. I did sketches to see which forms will match.

MANTA RAYS form study

THE SHAPES There are slightly differences between these two shapes. My personal task was it how far and close I go to make the difference. The left form study is an lying object as contrasted with the right object which an floating object

MANTA RAYS form study

THE MANTA RAYS The final forms are representing a lying, a floating and a standing shape in diverse volumes. They cooperate as a unit but they also appear differently.

MANTA RAYS form study

CONTACT INFORMATION Pierre Adam SchmĂźck Industrial Design Student 7. Semester HTW Berlin


Pierre Adam SchmĂźck

Portfolio 30 industrialdesign  
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