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Pierre Jeanneau

born the 24th of January 1989 in Poitiers, France.

07 743 745 211

Fast-learner, curious and self-motivated, dynamic and hard-worker.

Studies and Formations : 2011 Bachelor Degree in Fine-Arts, «EESI», Angoulême, France. 2008 COP in Arts, Crafts & Design, «C.A. Coulomb», Angoulême, France. 2007 A-levels in Science, «LP2I», Jaunay-Clan, France.

Abilities to use the following softwares : Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash, Word, Excel.

B Driving-Licence.

Professional Experiences : January to July 2013 Fulltime publisher and craft book-binder «éditions polystyrène», Angoulême, France. Working in a five people team to continue the publishing house created in 2011, launching new projects and printing a new book. • Searching qualified screen-printers, choosing the paper and press checking, then book-binding 50 copies. • Working on the Web design to have a fresh view of the publishing-house and to allow online sales. • Taking contacts and trading with more than 25 bookshops in France and Belgium. • Making grants applications and looking for sponsors according to the different projects. • Selling and signing at comics and books festivals. • Managing and performing exhibitions, conferences, workshops and shows. August to November 2012 Kitchenhand «Mezza», Melbourne, Australia, 2 1⁄2 months fulltime. Working with a big team with a family spirit in a busy and reputed Lebanese restaurant of Melbourne of 300 seats. • Preparing food before the opening time and restocking during the service. • Managing stock rotation and taking deliveries. • Washing and drying dishes during the service and cleaning the floor and the kitchens according to the hygiene rules after the service. May to August 2012 Kitchen­hand «Boire», Melbourne, Australia, 3 1⁄2 months full­time. Working with in a four people team in a small busy French restaurant of 80 seats, specialized in «Cuisine du marché». • Preparing food with two Chefs before the opening time. • Learning from meticulous chefs the proper way of chopping, making chiffonnade, slicing, juicing, straining stock… • Setting basic entrees such as fried chick-peas, green salad, rillettes, pork pâté. • Being fast and able to be multi-tasks during the service : setting entrees, washing dishes and pots in order of priority, running food, pouring wine, making cocktails and expressos, advising customers on menu’s details… • Cleaning the kitchen according to the hygiene rules after the service.

January to March 2012 Allrounder Farm­hand «Adelaide River Grazin», Australia. 3 months full­time. Being a part of a production chain making cattle’s food from wheat, respecting the safety rules. • Keeping the place clean and organized to optimize trucks loading. • Be able to be multi-tasks and to learn quick to make several jobs. • Driving forklift, according to the safety rules, to fill and move bags, move tanks and load trucks. New Year 2012

Glasser «Beach Front Hotel», Darwin, Australia. Casual. Keeping the place nice and clean in a busy environment. • Keeping the bars’s fridges full of drinks and ice. • Helping to serve customers at the bar when needed. Gardener «Mr Pepe», Nara, Japan. 1 week. Casual woofing. Making the restaurant’s garden nice and proper to receive a service in a nice atmosphere. • Being able to find mutual agreement without speaking the same language at all. • Learning from a different culture. • Being open-minded and patient to respect the traditional way to act.

October 2011

April to June 2011 Fastfood floor staff «Quick», Angoulême, France. 3 months part­time. Being a part of a fast-food team to offer the more pleasant and quickest service than possible to customers. • Cleaning customer’s area, kitchen, deep-fryers and bar. • Taking deliveries and maintaining the stock rotation, get any preparation ready to have the best service. • Prepare salads following meticulous rules of ingredients amount. • Using deep-fryer in the service and be able to get organized to optimize the time while making different tasks. • Taking orders at the cashier and the drive-by, working in a team to give a nice and quick service. Wall-painter L’Aiguillon sur Mer, France. 3 months full t­ime. • Preparing the surface to optimize the painting part. • Using different tools and brushes according to the situation. • Fixing wood furnitures assisted by a Professional wood-crafter.

June to August 2010

Train controller June to August 2009 «SNCF», France. 3 months full­time. Giving to passengers informations on their route and stay available to make sure they got an enjoyable moment. • Responsible of passenger’s safety during the trip. • Be able to act quickly and efficiently in case of accident to keep passengers safe. • Giving to the company a daily report and contact the different stations to keep the train in time. September 2008 Waiter «Au Bistro Gourmand», La Rochelle, France. 1 month full­time. Working in a team to give the best service in a touristic place with an average of a 100 customers by service. • Taking orders, serving courses and drinks, using the expresso machine. • Giving to customers a good service advising them on menu’s details. July and August 2008 Cleaner «VMSF», Chatellerault, France. 2 months full­time. Keeping the commune area clean and tidy to give the best atmosphere to the local activities.

• Making beds and cleaning the dormitory. • Kitchen assistant to prepare lunch and diner for 150 children. • Washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen and keep the place ready for the next shift. June 2008 Metal sculptor’s assistant «Le Maki», Angouleme, France. 1 month full­time. • Learning from Professional Artists how to use different tools to cut, varnish, weld metal materials. • Sculpting and renovating sculptures and furnitures for Iggy Pop’s concert at La Nef. July and August 2007 Waiter «Au Bistro Gourmand», La Rochelle, France. 2 months full t­ime. Working in a team to give the best service in a touristic place with an average of a 100 customers by service. • Taking orders, serving courses and drinks, using the expresso machine. • Giving to customers a good service advising them on menu’s details. Fruit sailing La Rochelle’s marketplace, France. 1 month part­time. • Setting up the place in order to keep the shop’s personality. • Taking deliveries. • Creating a good contact with the customer and be able to advise him on the product’s quality. • Serving and packing products.

June 2007

Other Experiences : Conference about interactivity in Comics «CIBDI» Museum of Comic-books, Angoulême, France.

May 31th 2013

May 18th and January 31th 2013 Two drawing performances at the OuBaPoShow «CIBDI», Angoulême, France. Creating and performing in a show about Constrained Comics at the Comics Museum and during the FIBD (International Comic-book Festival). July 2011 to January 2013 World trip Traveling on the budget mainly by hitchhiking across France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Australia, USA and Canada. Conference about relationship between Authors and Publishers in Comics «CIBDI» Museum of Comic-books, Angoulême, France.

May 29th 2011

Creation of the publishing house «éditions polystyrène» December 2010 , Angoulême, France. Being a part in the process of printing five comic-books, managing the distribution, making grants applications, searching sponsors...

Publications : Fluid Prejudice an Australian History Comic Anthology Collective, to be published, December 2013. Heavy-Toast édition polystyrène, November 2011. Fil du Nil n°21 EESI Angoulême, December 2011. Zeszyty Komiksowe n°10 Granice Komiksu (The Edges of Comics) Zeszyty Komiksowe, October 2010. Revue Polystyrène n°1,2,3 Collective, 2009 - 2010

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