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Sailing in partnership

Farr 30 Youth Challenge Sailing in Partnership



Executive summary Sailing is a dream for many young people that fosters young talents to become either proffesional sailors or just be enjoying the sport together with family and freinds. To start a career in sailing is not that easy. After leaving the small Optimist, the choice is either to continue in a dinghy or find means to sail on a bigger boat as crew. The cost and the lack of available means for young people to go sailing is a serious problem for the yachting industry as a whole as well as for the related marin industry. Coastal communities depends on activities in the marinas and house prices would severly decrease along the coast without an active sport like sailing making it attractive to live along the coast. Farr 30 Youth is serious setup whereby young dedicated sailors will have the chance to race against the best in one of the hottest racing yachts of its size. The project started in 2011 and is lead by Project manager Pierre Gronberg 17 years of age. In 2012 the team compeated in the International Farr 30 One Design World Championship in Båstad Sweden and finished with good reasults for the first youth team of its kind in Sweden. After just three weeks of practice we came back with hope that this project could be something for the future.

We were already from day one racing against some of the worlds best sailors. In 2013, the team competed in all the Farr30 GP races in Sweden as well as the famous offshore race around the island of Gotland well over 350 Nm in open sea. ÅF OFFSHORE RACE. In 2014 the team will be competing again at the Farr 30 World Championship and the plans for this year will be to go one step further by setting up a highly competitive profesional campaign for International races such as Sailing Arabia The Tour 2015, World Championship, Swedish National Championship and hoping for top 10 Results in a Fleet of 25 Boats. The Farr 30 Youth Sailing Team Challenge has exciting ideas allowing for a sposors/partners to capitalise on possible three truly global campaigns in one. This is your chance to be involved in sailing and share the adventures of young sailors, their dreams and what drives them to be the very best. Pierre Grönberg Team Director - Farr30 Youth ’’With the help from you we will and can make this become a great success!’’

Introduction to what shall come Sailing a 30 foot racing yacht downwind with the big spinnaker hoisted showing 90 square-meter to the wind blowing steady at 35 knot is what it takes to have the speed record of 25 knots during ÅF Offshore race 2013. Farr30 Youth with 6 young sailors got the boat up in these amazing speeds without any incidents or breakdowns. A squall during the night saw the wind gusted to these forces and with loud screaming in constant surfing made the distance between Gotska Sandön to Almagrundet in record time. Sailing a racing yachts with three dimensional layered sails, carbon mast and a total weight of the yachts of less than 2,000 kg is as close as you can get to have the feeling of a much bigger yacht for many millions of dollars. The unique opportunity for young sailors to race on these boats in the various international and national races that this class provides. Farr30 Cup in Sweden consists of 5 national races and 2014 the world championship is held in Copenhagen. Swedish Championship is held in Sandhamn and races elsewhere is ÅF Offshore Race and GP races in Lomma and Stockholm. On the international scene, championships are held yearly in Europe and USA. During winter a 750 nautical mile long races between the island of Bahrain

and the capital of Oman with stops in Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaima and finally Muscat. 2015 might see as many as 12 boats competing in this race - Sailing Arabia The Tour. Farr 30 Youth likes to invite you to become a partner or sponsor whereby we in the crew becomes your ambassadors and promotes your brand both ashore and onboard racing with the best in the world. Media is covered by means of facebook, websites and many magazines do follow and write about the team. Sailing is well documented using state of the art live streaming and hours of filming with high quality pictures ready for your marketing. There will be possibilities to sail with the team, both as guests but why not a special event for just you or your guests where you will sail the boat under supervision from the team. Please do not hesitate to contact Pierre Grönberg for further interesting talks who we together can make this possible.

Who are we and why? Pierre Grönberg - Project Director of Farr 30 Youth is a member of the Swedish Youth Laser Team, but also focused on the exciting keelboat project Farr 30 Youth. The project owns one Farr 30 that was built for the famous Tour de France sailing between 1996-2008. Farr 30 Youth would be really interested in participating in the 2015 Sailing Arabia The Tour. Pierre is currently studying att a Design & Construction College in Helsingborg and is actively racing in Sweden promoting sail- ing among his equals. Peter Grönberg - Business Director of Farr30 Youth, creator of GAC Pindar specialized in Logistics and notably boats logistics (Team Pindar in Extreme Sailing Series, Volvo Ocean Race ...). So Logistics, and general “project management” affairs would not be an issue and could easily be managed. Why we do this? Well. Sailing in Sweden is a sport that is not growing anymore and in the middle east it is growing step by step, i.e. we have same problem to solve. By running this project we can give the opportunity and connect minds together. By Sailing around in Sweden and maybe later around the Gulf states with dreams to sail Tour de France and other offshore events in Sweden such as Round Gotland Race.

By inviting and training new sailors and giving them the opportunity to see the ocean, the sea life in 3 different parts of the world. An opportunity that not everybody gets. With this program we will give everybody that is part of the team a chance to explore the world. A team member that will be sailing will have the chance to visit 12 cities in France, visit the best sailing arenas in Sweden. Get the chance to sail out of the Stockholm’s Archipelago. And last but not least 7 GCC countries in the middle east. And all this time flying your brand...

Giving the oportunity to go sailing, is my main goal in life! 

The Farr 30 one design The boat is a strictly a one design class which makes it very competitive and ensures it is up to the sailors, not the gears added. Everybody is engaged onboard so it is not just a leisure tour for the crew. It is really fun but demanding. Farr 30 is extreme but still suitable for young people that likes speed and endurance. The look is cool which makes it fun to be around in port as well as sailing at sea. The speed can be in excess of 20 knots downwind when the boat gets up and surf on the waves. There has been a growing number of boats in Sweden over the last 7 years with fun races such as Sandhamn race week now also the annual Swedish Championship. more than 10 boats comes to the start in most races and together with the Swedish Farr 30 class association and the international Farr 30 class association, world championships has been held in Europe every second year. 2012 in Sweden and we will experience Worlds agains in Copenhgen 2014. The logistics around such a boat is quite easy despite its size of almost 10 meter. The boat can be driven on the roads in a special designed trailer. Mast is stepped down and is laying on the deck during transport. This makes it easy for owners to truck the boat virtually anywhere in Europe.

Initial Proposal - Partner/Sponsor



Initial Proposal - Partner/Sponsor The partnership proposal for this opportunity lies in partly funding the Farr30 Youth program as to allow young sailors to go sailing in 3 different areas of the world under the name of “your brand” The aim with the partnership is to showcase the power of letting young sailors connect, compete and interact independent of race, religion and nationality. On the racetrack, all are equals and onshore, the connecting minds have a lot to share and this is what it takes to create future sailors and an create the interest for the sport many depend on directly or indirectly. Countries with big coastal areas with high population needs the sport of sailing to grow to further impact the willingness to reside on and near the water. Farr 30 Youth have invested in one Farr 30 racing yacht and the boats have been purchased and therefore only running costs is needed in a partnership to support Farr 30 Youth. For Sailing Arabia the Tour, the boat will be hired from Oman Sail to keep the transport cost down. Farr 30 Youth will then be able to sail the Sailing Arabia The Tour as a Youth Challenge in the name of “your brand”. Rapid conclusion of sponsorship agreement is required in order to have the boat fitted out, branded and available for the Tour 2015.

Subsequently, the boat will be available for a variety of corporate sailing and match-racing events during the session before and during the tour with our sailors as ambassadors of “your brand”. The idea is to have regular events scheduled where teams do not need to bring their boats, but instead, fly in and race on the one-design (one class, identical) boats provided. (Match racing requires only two boats on the water with racing formats in round-robins / elimination heats). The Swedish based boats will enjoy strong exposure to regional race teams, event coordinators, spectators, media and corporate entities. By using “Mesh” sails, the boats will be able to fly sails in port and using the 15 meter mast as a huge billboards promoting “your brand”. The team is now looking to progress to more competitive one-design ‘grand prix’ racing and becoming involved in events more international and regional in focus. We are dedicated to promoting sailing as a sport within the region and, in particular in Sweden. The cost for the whole package will be discussed depending on your involvement and how much exposure you aim to have.

Partnership The partnership will allow full branding of the boat with branded team apparel and all assorted merchandise and marketing with full right of name, usage and allow maximum brand exposure wherever the team goes. Branding is available on the full length of the hull on both sides, together with areas on the sails, to provide a highly visible, co-ordinated impact. All media naming will reference the sponsor. Partnership will be for a term of 1 year to 3 years with or without full exclusivity (giving exposure during the Sailing Arabia Tour, all event in Europe) and in all social media as well as right of the team name as well as boat name depending on how much exposure you are looking for. Brand Exposure: Full Hull (custom graphic) and area of main- sail branding, sponsor website on boom, naming rights in publicity, apparel branding. Let’s go sailing together!


Thank you! Pierre Grรถnberg

Team Director - Project Founder Mobil: +46 (0) 727-15 00 59 E-Mail: Web: Facebook:



Farr 30 Youth Challenge - 2014