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to prevent acid rain

8 ways to prevent acid rain 1.Reducing emissions from factories and mines. People can help by using less electricity and mined resources. 2.Reducing the use of too much oil on cars. People can help by buying less oil and its ingredients.

3.Reducing the use of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides and the burning of coal and wood. 4.Reducing the use of air conditioning by using fans and single energy refrigerators. Close the doors when the air condition is on.

5.Reducing the use of sulfur by recycling paper. People can help by reading newspapers online rather than buying them. 6.Reducing the use of cars powered by gasoline. People can help by using bikes or walking for short trips.

7.Reducing the waste of energy by turning off the lights when they aren't needed, by shutting down utilities when you go on vacations and using solar energy. 8.Reducing the use of manufactured materials. People can help by producing new biodegradable materials.

Ways to prevent acid rain  
Ways to prevent acid rain  

Ways to prevent acid rain.