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Medusa Piercing Jewelry

• The medusa piercing, which is otherwise called philtrum piercing, is a kind of piercing made on the philtrum area, on the top of upper lip, below the nose septum. Normally, a barbell is utilized as medusa piercing jewelry on the place.

• The medusa piercing jewelry will be connected with the unique needle so it gets past new gap and bolt it securely so it is not taken off later.

• A barbell is considered perfect as it is not portable; thus, legitimate recuperating happens.

• As it is a solitary point piercing, it offers you lesser alternatives for picking jewelry of particular sorts. Since labret studs are special for the piercing, check for some perfect outline that could make your upper piece of lip to look alluring. In spite of the fact that rings are somewhat hard to fit into philtrum, you may examine it with your piercer previously.

• Medusa piercings include distinctive varieties that incorporate twofold medusa piercing and vertical medusa piercing. • Twofold medusa piercing includes twofold apertures of philtrum decorated with a blend of extensive and little studs.

• This is a sans nickel UV acrylic piercing jewelry that has been a popular choice for a few piercing devotees. Acrylic piercing studs and rings are known for exhibiting a unique fascination.

• In this manner, it shapes an absolute necessity have for any piercing lovers to consider having it for at any rate once and make heads turn.

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