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The t ruth about fitness and its do’s and don’ts At present all people like to make the body fit in modern life the people aware of health fitness equipments to maintain the body fit. In modern life the people were eating in fast foods so they became inactive to do some works. Now fitness equipments are more helpful for at present life. In fitness center they are prescribing some of the exercise for the person depends upon their weight and body condition of the person and they will see their age also. Someof the person usesthe fitness equipments different and they will get hurt soon and they will suffer a lot from the pain. The person should be cautious while doing exercise becausethe health is more important for human being. This will give the person the full satisfaction after doing the exercise. The person going to gym or the person planning to go to gym they should know about the do’s and don’ts of the fitness equipments . Instructions to follow (do’s): Warm up exercises: The person has to warm up before the original exercise begins. While doing exercises the person has to spare time to do the warm up exercise otherwise the person should avoid the warm up exercises. The people not doing the warm up exercise it may destroy your muscles. Make your muscle fit you have to follow some steps by walking this makes the muscle fit and the person can do the exercise by using the fitness equipments . Should be concentrated on muscle by stretching: The stretching is an art. The stretching can help the muscle by giving flexibility. This helps and maintains the muscles tighten but it will damage the muscle soon. The person has to extend their muscle after the workout is finishes. Take a water bottle to the fitness center: After doing the exercise the people get thirsty and throat gets dry. That time the person should be act intelligently to take water bottle with you. After workout drink water frequently don’t feel thirsty after doing exercises. Try to avoid some habits while using the fitness equipment (don’ts): Lifting heavy weight: The person should plan which is perfect fitness equipment to lift. This should be definitely the trainer should train the person. If the person lifts heavy weight then he will face the strain of the muscles. The person can lift the weight easily around 12 to 15 times. These are different way to make the body fit. After these steps you can add weight a little bit. If you lift heavy then you feel tired to the body but it gives the risk to the body and the person should take care of his body from the risk. The person should take responsible on the machines:

The person should think about the fitness equipments . The fitness equipments like cross trainers, treadmills, elliptical these are the different fitness equipments used to makes the body lean and fit. So this is known as the truth about the do’s and don’ts. Source:

The truth about fitness and its do’s and don’ts