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CONTENTS 1 EDITORIAL Who we are, Company presentation 2 IPHONE iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases 3 THE CROWN JEWEL Swarovski series 4 NEW MODELS Nspire Limited Edition, Blackberry Passport, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nokia N1, Samsung Galaxy S5 5 PIEL FRAMA ON THE WORLD Reviews, magazines, blogs... 6 KIMMIE’S SECRETS Kimmie talk us about the new collection 7 AWARDS Best leather case, Gadget recommended... 8 IFORTE CASE The new collection... 9 FRAMASLIM CASE Pioneer in the world of case... 10 FRAMAESSENCE CASE Therapeutic & Fragrant cases



iel Frama is a Spanish business founded in 1975 by Manuel López Bece-

rra. A pioneer in the world of mobile device cases who created “custom made suits” for any type of mobile phone. He was a head man of his time who even earned the recognition of the President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan. From its very beginnings, Piel Frama has been an example of a forward-looking enterprise company with a clear international vocation.

MARKET RESEARCH Piel Frama’s infrastructure lets itself design and produce any leather case ordered by a customer. This is the reason why the best market firms resort to Piel Frama to apply for their “custom made suits” for any kind of device. The enterprise owns a market research team, which is always aware of technology’s novelties in order to make, as fast as possible, the mould that would be manufactured for any new device’s case. Sometimes, this fact lets the company launch new cases onto the market just before the new device is for sale.

Located in the South of Spain, it is recognized in the most important world markets as a leading company specialized in the manufacturing of leather cases for all types of mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, etc.) More than 35 years of experience in the development and design of high-quality products have placed this enterprise in the market’s leading position. Since its inception, the success of its products has been spreading around the world, reaching even the White House. In 1984, the President of the United States of America made a special order to the Spanish company. Impressed by the beauty and high quality of Manuel Lopez’s items, Ronald Reagan ordered one ostrich leather briefcase to install a hidden camera. The FBI used this briefcase in many of their investigations. It acquired such fame that it has been exposed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York having hundreds of visits per day. Moreover, the high quality of its products did not go unnoticed in Spain. In 1988, the business achieved an “International Quality Trophy” for of the design and innovation of its items. Some years later, the Spanish firm continued succeeding worldwide. In 1995, Manuel López was once again awarded with the “Enterprise Master International Trophy”. Nowadays, the founder’s son, Francisco J. López, is the one who runs the company. More than 150 leather craftsmen and about 20 other people in different departments work in Piel Frama, a business that, due to its expansion, has been moved into another building and has also purchased new equipment in order to improve the quality of its products.




6 & 6 Plus

Apple has already launched onto the market its two latest phone models. They are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. These two new jewels keep on demonstrating the great power and quality of this company. Piel Frama has already made a great variety of cases of every color and quality. Since the day that Wozniak first presented these models, the Spanish enterprise put on sale cases for these iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. Piel Frama remains faithful to its own style and even overtakes the Californian company. As expected, Piel Frama has been the first enterprise to put on sale the cases for these new devices. Its Market Research Team allows the Spanish enterprise to have any case manufactured before their rivals. 1. iPhone 6. Case handmade in high quality calfskin-lizard 2. iPhone 6 Plus. Magnetic closure system with hidden magnets 3. iPhone 6. This case have 2 credit card slots and 1 money pocket 4. iPhone 6 Plus. Case handmade by experienced leather craftsmen in high quality calfskin





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Piel Frama and Swarovski have been joined to make a unique gem. A high quality leather case with real Swarovski crystals. The Austrian company has placed its confidence in the Spanish firm and together they have launched a collection of cases with unique and elegant design. Piel Frama is one of the most internationally recognized in the world of leather cases for mobile devices. Therefore, the Austrian company Swarovski didn´t hesitate for even a second when choosing a partner to create its case, and has joined Piel Frama for making the most exclusive case on the market. Piel Frama has put all its years of experience serving Swarovski to launch her collection “Swaro”. Two models of cases made of leather and adorned with a line of real Swarovski crystals. The Spanish company has now released two models of the iPhone 6. The first model is the case known as “Swaro Magnetic”, a jewel made by expert craftsmen, passing strict quality control. Calfskin-crocodile leather has been chosen which gives it a look of quality and distinction. The second model is the “Swaro Wallet”, one of the most exclusive cases of Piel Frama for touch screen Swarovski crystals. Two designs of cases made in different colors that give the iPhone 6 design and unmatched protection. Swarovski has always been tied to the big stars. In 1994 they created a crystal-covered glove for Michael Jackson who used it in the video of the song “History”. Another star that has used these crystals exclusively is Madonna. The Popular singer once used 315,000 Swarovski crystals in one of her concerts. The American star dressed her team with elements of the Austrian company to shine her performance. The most popular and successful singer of the moment, Beyoncé, surprised all her fans at one of her last concerts. The U.S. took the stage in a suit hand embroidered with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals. Only the big names and big stars can use these unique crystals, therefore Piel Frama has been the brand of choice to create the most exclusive and luxurious case market.




Piel Frama has brought onto the market, for the first time, a limited edition case’s collection. The Nspire collection is created for genuine collectors who will be able to dress their mobile devices with an up-to-date and innovative design. The Spanish company has put up for sale a complete collection for the most famous Apple’s products. It consists of a series of cases for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with a floral embossed design in black and bronze. Its appearance could be one of its main features, as it will not let anyone indifferent. Apart from its luxury design, this case is soft to the touch. The 3D surface provides a powerful grip on the hand and a total protection for your device. It is probable that nobody attends a meeting with the same case as you, so you could be the most exclusive and different person in the office.

Piel Frama has released onto the market its latest case’s collection. They have always been outstanding in going at the forefront of technology. With an astonishing swiftness, the Spanish business puts on sale some cases even before these devices are in the market. Thanks to its market research team, the most novel models have their own cases for their costumers to protect their mobile phones. Their latest creations are the BlackBerry Passport, Nokia N1, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 cases.

Piel Frama ON THE WORLD Many of the biggest worldwide publications have echoed Piel Frama products. Almost a hundred of magazines have resorted to the Spanish company in order to display their items as an exhibition of quality and design. Some of the most important fashion magazines in the world, as Vogue, have shown Piel Frama cases to all their readers. In its United Kingdom edition, the prestigious American publication has defined the items of this Spanish company as “little luxuries of life”. Another influential publication of the leather industry in Spain also highlights the tradition and good work of Piel Frama´s craftsmen. The “Marroquineria Española” Magazine has made a report about the history of this handmade company, which makes a journey from their beginnings until now. Furthermore, many technology magazines worldwide recommend leather cases for their devices. They explain that it is the best way to protect them in an elegant and exclusive way. In this way, magazines like “Computer hoy”,“Revista Gadget”, “Telefonía y Comunicaciones para Todos”, “McToday” and “iPhone Life” have become loyal supporters of these cases which appear in many of their publications. Another international publication that chose these leather cases for their pages is the “Holland Herald” Magazine. The Dutch publication, which goes on board of the KLM Airlines, showed the Nspire Collection to their two million passengers who travel every month with this airline. Apart from magazines, there are hundreds of blogs, which go daily to Piel Frama in order to apply for products for their review. Blogs, Youtube channels, websites, social networks. Piel Frama is always ready to collaborate with any platform whatever their magnitude is.



Kimmie Smith: New York blogger specializing in luxury articles


Working in fashion, I’m always making sure that my look is complete with accessories and certain signature pieces. Much like my style, it’s essential that I not only have my technology but also to accessorize them as well! From my laptop, tablet, phone and miscellaneous accessories in tech, it’s essential that they are contained within luxe packaging. A key accessory for me is obviously my phone as I use it to stay connected with my social networks, to finish reports and to take and record memories. A few days ago, I received a case for the iPhone 5 to not only accessorize my phone but to also share great features that I think are important when you’re considering a case that must meet certain aesthetic requirements as well as essential components.

My Piel Frama leather case arrived in fuchsia (which is also my signature color) and ensures that my phone is not only protected, but that it’s easy for me to identify it. I love that this case wraps around the outside of my phone but it also has a flap that protects my screen so that other items in my bag do not scratch it. As is typical of Piel Frama, the leather is a high quality material that also has the craftsmanship that you can expect from this brand. The vibrant colors of this brand are very true without an y saturation! Even when my phone is simply sitting on my desk, I love that its casing presents itself as a couture piece element that is quite the conversational piece. At the same time, the case works with you as there are openings that allow you to operate the phone from exposing the camera lens and allowing you to touch the volume buttons so that you can adjust the sound as you wish without having the leather get in your way.


Piel Frama continues having successful all around the world. Their expert craftsmen make genuine handicraft gems every day, which are internationally recognized. Since 1988, the Spanish company has being receiving awards because of the excellence articles. Their first award was collected in the capital of Spain, Madrid. Piel Frama received in hands of its founder, Mr. Manuel Lopez Becerra, the prize for their international quality (International Quality Trophy). This award was given because of the high quality of all the products of this Spanish enterprise. Some years later, in 1995, Mr. Manuel is awarded again in the Spanish capital. This time, the Piel Frama’s founder receives the “Enterprise Master International Trophy” because of their product’s quality and expansion worldwide. Currently, the Spanish business keeps its success all over the world. The last award received was for the best leather case in 2012.

The prestigious Dutch company “Tablet2Cases” has recognized the design of Piel Frama’s cases as the most innovating and resistant in the market. In particular, they have awarded two of the most exclusive models of the Spanish business. The Cinema model for iPad, appreciating the soft and padding leather, which offers a comfort sensation in our hands and while it is being used. Besides, it highlights the top design of this case showing several displays of the iPad from different points of view. On the other hand, the sophisticating style of the Magnetic Closure case has been also awarded. It fashionable and elegant style gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 an unique and luxurious design. The Spanish enterprise with more than 150 craftsmen and other 20 people in different departments, work hard day-to-day to get an elegant and high quality final product.


The new collection includes a wide range of varied cases. For the youngest ones, Piel Frama launches onto the market a youthful selection in denim. The “Jeans Style Collection� has got an up-to-date and innovative design which gives to your phone a wild western touch. For the ones who look for distinction, Piel Frama has created a unique collection. it is considered as one of the most resistant cases of the market.

Its inner thermoplastic polymer structure gives a high resistance and a perfect fitting to your iPhone 6. Besides, it incorporates a characteristic that makes it a one-of-a-kind case. Thanks to its opening system placed on top, once the call is accepted, you will be able to hold a conversation with the case closed, in order to make it more comfortable. Apart from this, its magnetic closing system with hidden magnets will make the case fit your phone like a glove.


Model Apart from the most famous Piel Frama models as iMagnun and Classic Magnetic, this year, the Spanish enterprise has put on sale on of the slimmest cases of the market. The “FramaSlim� is composed by two thin leather pieces accompanied by thousands of micro suction pads which stick on your device. This innovative system is pioneer in the world of cases and Piel Frama is one of the first companies in incorporating this technique to its designs. This new case continues offering the same protection to your device but with a thinnest adjustment. These micro suction pads embedded in the leather stick on your device causing no damage. Moreover, you can put on and off the case over and over again without harming its adhesiveness property. This design also gives you the chance to hold a conversation keeping the case closed. As the iForte model, the groove on the top of this case lets you talk with your phone with the case completely closed. A brand new slimmer and more functional design which sets Piel Frama once again on top of style and innovation.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils in order to take advantage of their benefits for the body, mind and spirit. Essential oils have been used therapeutically for hundreds of years but as modern medicines began to appear around the turn of the century the use of essential oils declined. In the 1950’s, the practice of aromatherapy enjoyed a strong revival that has continued into the present. Our diffusing natural essential oils cases is one of the best ways to receive their therapeutic benefits. Using our diffusing essential oils cases is simple and life-changing !!! When we inhale essential oils, they go straight to our brain and are sent directly to other parts of the body to regulate and moderate. There is a tremendous amount of science behind it, actually. When you use our diffusing essential oils cases you can expect to experience the following benefits:

Cleanse and purifiy the air of viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold, Impact the mood, impact focus & concentration, Reduce stress, boost the immune syste, create netative ions (create feelings of peace and well-being), a great smelling home, office, car... Essential oils from Piel Frama cases have been sourced by aromatherapy experts from the very finest producing regions around the world, and are pure, natural and unadulterated.


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Piel Frama Magazine  

News, reviews, Piel Frama Life... The highlight of the company Piel Frama

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