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Our eating habits

I’m Ola. I’m 15 years old. I usually eat for breakfast cornflakes with milk. Sometimes I eat sandwich with cheese or nutella, and I drink tea. After school I always eat lunch with my family. We usually have two courses – soup and second course. I don’t like soup. About 6 p.m. I eat dinner. I usually eat toast and drink cocoa. My favourite dishes are pancakes with jam and dumplings with fruit. I love desserts, my favourite are apple pie and waffles. My favourite drink is Fanta, but I hate Pepsi and Cola. I really like vegetables and fruit, I eat them very often, my favourite vegetables are broccoli and paprika, and my favourite fruit are watermelon and apple. I hate onions, garlic and pears. I love eat sweets, my favourite are jelly and Snickers. Mostly I eat in home, because my parents cook every day. They cook the best dishes in the world.

I’m Justyna. I’m 15 years old. I don’t eat breakfast. After school I eat lunch. I like eating for lunch pork chop with potatoes and gnocchi. I often eat this for lunch. I don’t like eating for lunch cabbage and sausage. I like vegetables and fruits, but I hate onion, garlic and cucumber. I love paprika and strawberries. I like eating for dessert chocolate cake. I love chocolate, because it is the best thing in the world. I hate cheesecake. I love eating for dinner toasts with cheese or ham. My favourite dish is salad with tomatoes. I like drinking tea and coffee. I hate tomatoes juice.

I’m Patrycja. I’m 15 years old. I’m eating for breakfast sandwich with cheese and paprika. My favourite vegetables are paprika and onion. I drink for breakfast tea with sugar. After school I’m eating lunch. For lunch I’m eating pasta or soup. I hate eating for lunch dumplings with meat. For dessert I love eating cheesecake. I hate eating chocolate cake with cream. I like eating for a dinner chicken with garlic. I love garlic. I don’t like eating for dinner pizza with mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. I think my menu is the best. 

I’m Kinga. I’m 15 years old. I always eat for breakfast roll with cheese and ketchup. I sometimes eat cornflakes with milk for breakfast. After school I eat lunch with my family. For lunch I often eat pizza with mushrooms or lasagne. I love pizza and mushrooms. I hate eating for lunch vegetables. I never eat vegetables. For dessert I eat waffles with jam or whipped cream. I love waffles! My favourite dishes are pancakes with nutella and croissants with jam. I love desserts! For dinner I often eat casserole with cheese and mushrooms. I hate eat for dinner sausage and cabbage. My favourite drink are Pepsi and tea. I drink tea for breakfast and dinner. For lunch I drink Ice Tea or Pepsi. My dad cooks every day. I think he cooks the best dishes in the our world. 

Our eating habits  

Our eating habits by Kinga, Ola, Patrycja & Justyna.