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2 • ClassCandy ® • September 2015 In This Issue: Welcome Dr. Lillian D. Holland - Interim Superintendent for Pittsylvania County Public Schools & Dr. Stanley B. Jones - Superintendent for Danville City Public Schools • Puzzles, Games & Art by KidScoop & Deb Johnson • Train With Dave Fit Column • Learning Tools for Students, Teachers & Parents • Back To School Smiles featuring students from Danville City & Pittsylvania County - Public & Private School Systems • BE THE FIRST TO ANSWER THE RIDDLE ON PAGE 10 & WIN A $25 VISA GIFT CARD !

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Meet the new

SUPER intendents!

Dr. Lillian D. Holland Interim Division Superintendent Pittsylvania County Public Schools “I welcome you to Pittsylvania County Schools. I am honored to be serving you as the Interim Division Superintendent. I am excited about this new school year. We are charged with a mission TO EDUCATE AND NURTURE STUDENTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS. Let us begin by working together to do all that we can to encourage our students and fellow staff members so that our school division will have a successful 2015-2016 school year.”

Helping to build character & expand knowledge for a brighter tomorrow! - CC The Monkey

Cooperation means working together towards a common goal. Ask your students to look through ClassCandy to find an activity they can work on together. Have them also tell you how cooperation within the group helped them achieve their goal. • Why does team work make a difference? List the characteristics each student shows within the group they’re cooperating with. How does each characteristic help in achieving their goal?

Values are basic beliefs or standards which an individual and society live by. Understanding different value and belief systems motivates unity. Have your students list their own value systems. Once finished, take some time for each student to openly share and compare their values with their fellow classmates. • How are they alike? How are they different?

Dr. Stanley B. Jones Superintendent Danville City Public Schools Pictured left shaking hands with School Board Chairman, Ed Polhamus (right) “In accepting this position, my wife and I feel like we are coming home. To say that I am excited about this next step is an understatement.”

Welcome Dr. Lillian D. Holland & Dr. Stanley B. Jones!

Make School Day Mornings Easier



School day mornings can be hectic, as getting kids ready for school and out the door on time is not always easy. Working parents may find school day mornings especially difficult, as their own work schedules can make mornings feel even more rushed. Fortunately, parents can employ several strategies to free up time in the morning so everyone starts their days off in a more relaxing atmosphere. • Wake up earlier. Sleep might seem like a precious commodity, but waking up just 10 to 15 minutes earlier can remove some of the stress from weekday mornings without costing you a lot of sack time. Let kids sleep in until their normal wakeup time, using your extra 10 or 15 minutes to shower or enjoy your morning cup of coffee before the house is abuzz with activity. • Tackle certain chores the night before. Delaying certain chores until you wake up makes for a hectic morning, so tackle as many morning chores as possible before you go to bed for the night. Prepare school lunches, lay clothes out for yourself and your children, and make sure kids have their backpacks packed and ready to go before they go to bed. Each of these things may only take a few minutes, but when left for the morning, they can add up to a substantial amount of time. • Encourage youngsters to pick up the pace. Some people are morning people, while others dread setting their alarms for early morning hours. Kids who fall into the latter group may drag their feet in the morning, but parents should offer encouragement when kids are moving slowly in the morning. Allowing your frustration to show may only make kids less fond of mornings, so remind them as nicely as possible that everyone has a schedule to stick to if they seem to be dragging their feet. • Keep the television off. If watching the television is ingrained in your morning routine, try going a few days without it to see if this makes it easier to get out the door on time. Kids might grow distracted by morning cartoons, and even adults may get caught up in morning news shows or other forecasts. Eliminating television from your morning routine can save time and also may help your family grow closer, as you will have more distraction-free time to speak to one another. In addition to turning off the television, resist the urge to turn on your devices or scan work emails when getting ready in the morning. Parents know that school day mornings can be hectic. But there are several ways to make such mornings go more smoothly so everyone gets where they need to be on time.

4 • ClassCandy ® • September 2015

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Trinity Pritchett- 4th Grader in Mrs. Harbodin’s class and Alivia Wise - 2nd Graderin Ms. Farmer’s class, know a big smile goes a long way as they get ready to go to their First Day at Schoolfield Elementary School.

Zoey Wells - Pre K student in Mrs. Shorter’s Northside Elementary School class is geared up and ready to go for her First Day!

Isaiah Younger - 3rd Grader in Mrs. D. Smith’s class at Park Avenue Elementary School, is one cool dude for his Frist Day of School Pic!

Sean Tu - 5th Grader in Mr. Spencer’s class at Park Avenue Elementary School stands proudly for his First Day of School picture.

Alexis Sage Combs - Pre K student in Mrs. Miller’s class at Grovepark Elementary School is all smiles as she heads to class on her First Day!

September 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 5

We’ll pay you to save money. What your savings earn is called interest or dividends, and over time it makes your savings grow. What do you want that you don’t have the money for today? • A skateboard? • A tablet or cellphone? • A college education? Open a credit union savings account today and let us add money to it. You’ll be able to watch your savings earn money and bring your goal within reach.

“Join the URW Kidz Club today! Take part in contests, prizes and fun events for kids all year long! URW Community Federal Credit Union supports financial literacy in our schools and community!”

314 Lowes Drive • 539 Arnett Blvd 142 South Main Street (DRMC) 13701 US Hwy 29, Suite I, Chatham, VA 24531 • 434.793.1278

6 • ClassCandy ® •September 2015

Jonathan Hodnett - 6th Grader in Ms. Mayo’s class at Chatham Middle School stands with little sister, Emma Hodnett - 3rd Grader in Ms. Doss’s class at Union Hall Elementary School.

Donald & Mitchell Freeman - Pre K students in Mrs. Kueng’s class, stand with big sister, Kaitlyn Scearce - 2nd Grader in Mrs. Lovern’s class, for a First Day of School at Stony Mill Elementary School Picture!

Will Testerman - 4th Grader in McBride & Foust’s classes along with little brother, Jacob - 1 Grader in McGuire & Stowe’s classes can’t wait to head to class!

Tanner McDaniel - 5th Grader in Mrs. Brown’s class and Piper McDaniel - 3rd Grader in Ms. Mitchell’s class, wait patiently to head off for their First Day at Stony Mill Elementary!

Isabella Patterson - 1st Grader in McGuire & Stowe’s classes at Twin Springs looks forward to learning more this year!

Ariel Irby - Kindergartner in Ms. Adams’ class at Chatham Elementary has her bookbag packed and ready to go learn!

Abigail Breedlove - 2nd Grader in Mrs. Parker’s class along with younger siblings Brayden Breedlove - 1st Grader in Mrs. Simpson’s class and Leah Taylor - Kindergartner in Mrs. Mayhew’s class, all pose with a big smile for their First Day at Gretna Elementary School!

Alexis Hicks - 2nd Grader in Mrs. Cobbs’ class at Stony Mill Elementary is ready to be a learning ninja this school year!!

Jackson Wray - Kindergartner in Mrs. Thompson’s class, strikes a First Day of School pose with big sister, Bailey Farthing - 5th Grader in Mr. Gunter’s class, before heading off to Twin Springs Elementary!

September 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 7

Alexis Atkins - 1st Grader in Mrs. Jones’ class at Kentuck Elementary school is all smiles for her First Day!

Kalin Cobbs - Kindergartner in Mrs. Underwood’s class at Southside Elementary School is ready to lead the pack as he heads off for his First Day!

Ethan Leftwich - 3rd Grader in Ms. Short’s class poses with big sister, Olivia - 5th Grader in Mrs. Hyler’s class, as they get ready to head off to Twin Springs Elementary!

Kyle Scearce - 3rd Grader in Mrs. Brooks’ class at Twin Springs Elementary School has reflected on his last school year and is calm and ready to tackle the new one ahead!

Keegan Hudson - 1st Grader in Mrs. Powell’s class at Kentuck Elementary School has the smile of an A++ Student!

Emerson Irving - 2nd Grader in Mrs. Thompson’s class at Twin Springs Elementary know the First Day of School picture is serious business!

Kailyn Berkley 5th Grader in Mrs. Jones’ class at Twin Springs Elementary, is ready for a new school year!

Kentuck Elementary School Students, Nicolas Barret - 5th Grader in Mrs. Pavord’s class, Abigail Wilcox - 4th Grader in Mrs. Maxey’s class, Gracie Wilcox - 3rd Grader in Mrs. Chappell’s class and Christal Wilcox - 1st Grader in Mrs. Jones’ class, all smile big for a First Day of School Pic!

Avery Tucker - 1st Grader in Mrs. Phelps class, poses next to Big Sis, Riley - 5th Grader in Mrs. Smith’s class, before heading off to Twin Springs Elementary School!

RaeAnne Hudgins - 1st Grader in Mrs. Buckner’s class at Southside Elementary School is not a stranger anymore to the First Day of School pic!

Jace Hackler - 4th Grader in Mrs. Blair’s class at Twin Springs Elementary is ready to Rock This New Year Out!

8 • ClassCandy ® • September 2015

Our K4 and K3 classes having fun with new friends on the first week of school!

K2 teacher Mrs. Boaz having fun painting and making new friends on the first day of school

Making New Friends in K3 & K4!

Mrs. Porterfield and Mrs. Beach’s K4 classes have been learning about creation in Bible. We love the wonderful world God created for us!

Alex Van Pelt - 4th Grader in Ms. Foley’s Class at Westover Christian Academy has BIG plans for his new year of school!

Mrs. Hoover’s K3 class read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and made their own letter tree. Learning is Fun!

September 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 9

Welcoming Back Many Bright And Smiling Faces For The 2015 - 2016 School Year!

Jayden Holley - Pre K student in Ms. Lauren Swanson’s class at Carlisle School.

10 • ClassCandy ® • September 2015

Sacred Heart School Welcomes Students & Staff For A Wonderful New School Year! How can a pants pocket be empty, And still have something in it? Exercise Your Brain and Body! by Dave Gluhareff I hope you all had an awesome Summer! Many of your days, you guys got to sleep-in, chill-out, play, attend camps, vacations, beaches, lakes, pools, water parks, theme parks, and more fun! Hopefully most of you were able to rest! My boys had many different fun and exciting things happen over their Summer break and had a very loose schedule most days. I personally have a hard time when school starts back because I miss having my boys with me at my workout facility and playing sports and laughing all day with them. Dylan and Matthew are ready to get back to school, even though they had a great Summer, they are ready to see their classmates and staff again at Sacred Heart School. Dylan is in 5th grade and Matthew is in Kindergarten this year. I think one of the main things kids like about school is the structure. Most students will not readily admit it but kids and teens like to have their routines back just like adults. Adults are more efficient and more productive when we have school and work structure in-place instead of loose and free vacation time. We like having structure even if we do not admit it either. Sure a Summer full of chillin, camps, day programs, vacation bible schools, swimming, parks, sleepingin, staying up late, and no homework is fun, but we, deep down inside, like to get back into our routines and daily structure of school schedules. School also strengthens our brains so really education and daily learning is Exercise for our Brains! Structured daily learning environments like school, exercises our minds and helps us to get smarter and have stronger brains to think faster, more efficient, and clear. Educational learning from school is like practice at sports- where we get better at our sport the more we

practice and grow. The more we learn and practice with our brains at school the stronger we will be using our minds to solve problems, calculations, speak to people, advance to the next grade, better understand science, history, and math. Our brains need to workout too so school exercises our minds! My clients and athletes who I train for fitness and sports training do better when they have structure in their everyday lives. Having too much free time on our hands often leads to wasting time or boredom so when my student athletes, stay-at-home Moms, and Dads get back into school, or their kids do, then everyone gets back on track with wake-up schedules, exercise schedules, eating schedules, and going to bed schedules. I have my clients and myself always focus on 3 important goals in fitness: Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. We all can meet those goals better daily when we have our normal schedules back for school or work. As you get into your daily school routine and your family is getting back into their normal work and daily routine, to fit your school schedule, remember to make time for Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. You will already have playtime or PE at school scheduled but on top of that please make time away from school to stay fit, active and healthy! Make sure to eat healthy foods every 3 hours to keep your metabolism running high and please avoid junk foods and sodas as much as possible! When you have full and busy days at school and if you are also taking part in organized sports then you should be ready to fall asleep at a normal hour each night and sleep at least 8 hours getting up for school each morning, with plenty of time for a healthy breakfast before leaving home. If you are active each day and choose to eat healthy foods then you should easily be ready for bed at a healthy time each night to allow for at least those 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is so important to our bodies and helps build our immune systems and keeps us from getting tired and grumpy. Enjoy being back into school, embrace being back into healthy routines, and be excited to exercise your brain daily at school and your body at school and at home with healthy activities, fitness, and sports!

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touch lives

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