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NOVEMBER 2015 • Vol. 5 • Issue 3

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2 • ClassCandy ® • November 2015

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November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 3

4 • ClassCandy ® • November 2015

Fifth grade students at Forest Hills recently visited the Betabox in downtown Danville. Students were amazed at the advanced computer technology which included 3-D printing and animated graphic art design. Students designed their projects in small groups and watched them come to life with virtual reality and high tech graphic printers. The students were excited to return to school with examples of burnt laser printing and printed plastic models that they had created.

Park Avenue Elementary School experienced a “Blast from the Past” on Friday, October 16. Second grade students learned about how communities change over time and to illustrate the point teachers dressed in fashions from long ago. Each teacher’s fashion represented different decades. Jasmine Reid was a 1920’s flapper, Nicole Kruggel was a 1950’s school girl, Kim Watson was a 1960’s hippie, Courtney Smith was from the 1980’s, and Christina Estes represented the present. The students really enjoyed trying to identify the different decades each teacher wore. Pictured Above- Left to right: Jasmine Reid, 1920’s; Nicole Kruggel, 1950’s; Kim Watson, 1960’s; Courtney Smith, 1980’s; and Christina Estes, present day.

Reading is sweet! Students at Forest Hills celebrated achieving their first Accelerated Reader goals with an ice cream party. Parents scooped up mounds of ice cream and offered sprinkles, chocolate and caramel syrup for a delicious sundae. 93% of the students in the school were rewarded for meeting their reading goals.

Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11th, 2015. This is a Federal Holiday set aside to Thank all of the men & women who have and still do, bravely serve in the U.S. Military. ClassCandy would like to extend a Special THANK YOU To All Of Our Wonderful Service Men & Women!

November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 5 Recently the faculty and staff from Woodberry Hills rode a school bus to visit the parents and students at Purdum Woods. The monthly PTA Meeting was held at Purdum Woods Community Center as a way to show our community support. The students were truly excited to see their teachers unload from the bus. Dr. Andrews, Principal, Ms. Bev Cocke, Title I Reading Teacher and Ms. Mildred Richardson, Title I Reading Intervention Coach, shared information about reading strategies that the parents could use with their children. Those in attendance were given free books. Mr. Gary Jack, the Music Teacher, brought along his guitar, to lead the children singing “I Know an Old Lady Who is Not Afraid of Anything.” The evening was topped off with everyone enjoying cupcakes and apple cider.

Mrs. Shorter’s class, at Northside Preschool, had lots of fun learning about the letter “Aa” using apples. They made patterns, matched, sorted, counted, graphed, measured, counted, added, subtracted, peeled, cut up, cooked, and ate apples.  They also read lots of stories and played educational games about apples.

Schoolfield Elementary hosted a “Dads Make a Difference” workshop for 3rd through 5th grade students and their fathers or significant men in the child’s life. Danville Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Stanley Jones led an interactive story time, What Dads Do Best by Laura Numeroff, and shared different ways fathers can be involved in their child’s education. He commented how nothing can be done about the past, but now and the future is what counts. He challenged the fathers to always be there for their child. A special guest from the military, Mr. Courtney Epps home on leave, surprised his son Christian Lewis and nephew Caleb Lewis. Dads shared one special trait about their child along with completing a hands-on craft, coloring a Dad Useable Artist Mug. Doughnuts and juice were enjoyed by all!

6 • ClassCandy ® • November 2015 Brosville Elementary School staff, students and Principal, Felita Atkins, celebrated World School Mild Day on August 30th, 2015. Everyone had a great time celebrating as the participated in activities, dressed up as cows and wore their favorite milk colors.



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November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 7


Students, teachers, school staff and even parents participated in Twin Springs Elementary School’s early start to the Halloween Festivities! Everyone had lots of fun!

Chatham C Team “Best Dance”

Destinee Adams, Bree Foisy, Anna Hall, Emma Hodnett, Teadora Kazmier, Tamia McLaughlin, Lily Owen, Anna Pruit, Lillian Reynolds, Brooklyn Rigney, Morgan Shotwell, Kailynn Stone, Hannah Talbard, Kaylen Wilson, Sophie Doss, Jasmine Smoot, Violet Mills, Kailey Mitchen.

Dan River C Team “Best Cheer”

Hollie Rose, Gia Mincielli, Mackenie Kidwell, Emileigh Harris, JayLynn Lyons, Illana Lumpkin, Haley Stewart, Cambell Barts, Hannah Leader, Danielle Barbour, Emma Rose, Hayley Shumate, Madison Foster, Mackenzie Mays, Kendall Oakes,Mary Hardison, Calleigh Cunningham, Hanah Moran.

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Tunstall C Team “Best Overall”

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Congratulations to all of the TEAMS that showed their spirit at the 2015 Pittsylvania County Football Cheer Competition held at Gretna High School on October 11, 2015. Above are just a few of the submissions that were sent in of the participants.

8 • ClassCandy ® • November 2015

Fire Prevention week! K2,k3, and k4 ended fire prevention week by having a visit from the fire truck and firefighters! They taught us about firefighters gear, their truck, and fire safety! Thank you firefighters!

Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Perez’s K4 and Mrs. Hoover and Miss Nunn’s K3 class celebrated fire prevention week with lots of fun fire safety songs and activities!

Mrs. Boaz K2 class learned about the color orange by having orange day and making pumpkins with real pumpkin seeds!

WCA preschool went to visit Owen’s Farm! We had such a fun time picking pumpkins, feeding and looking at the animals, and going on a hay ride!

November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 9

PS3 studied H for Halloween! 4th grade book buddies make great teachers!

Our kindergarten and second grade classes created the Great Wall of China out of Rice Krispie treats!

10 • ClassCandy ® • November 2015

Grandparents Day was celebrated at Sacred Heart School on Oct. 1. Grandparents/Guardian Angels were invited to attend a prayer service with their grandchildren and were serenaded by first grade students. Followed by a reception and trip to the annual Scholastic Book Fair.

Sacred Heart School students enjoyed the school’s annual Fall Fling sponsored by the PTO. Activities included a haunted house, costume contest, carnival games, silent auction, bounce houses, basket lottery, and cake walk. It was a fantastic day for all the ghosts and goblins!

November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 11

Doing What Is Right by Dave Gluhareff Throughout our lives we are constantly faced with doing what is right or was is wrong. Doing what is right or what is wrong are our choices. It is up to us most of the time to make the right choices even as kids. Just like adults have decisions and choices to make everyday so do you kids. Everyone has the power to make appropriate choices and choosing right things instead of wrong and following a healthy and smart path instead of a dangerous and unhealthy one. We have choices to make like which shoe goes on what foot, putting on a seatbelt, being kind to others, always communicating feelings to our parents, not using foul language, putting our right hand up over our left side of chest during the pledge of allegiance, doing our homework instead of procrastinating, praying blessings before a meal, helping someone in need, studying instead of goofing off, not gossiping, being positive role models instead of negative role models, choosing healthy foods instead of junk foods, being active instead of lazy, going to bed at a decent hour instead of staying up too late then dragging tired the next day, lifting up someone’s spirits who is sad, being a friend to someone who may not have a friend, putting forth effort and not slacking, working hard in school instead of being mediocre, exercising each week in place of some video game playing, choosing a sport to play instead of the couch and television, telling the truth instead of lying, and I could go on and

on. We have the freedom to make so many choices each and every day that put our day into motion. We have the power to do the right thing and make healthy decisions for our body, mind, and spirit. When I was 16 years old and my weight had ballooned up to 305 pounds I had to do what was right and that was to get healthy. I had to stop eating so much junk food/ start eating healthy nutritious foods, stop being lazy/start being more active, stop stuffing myself at meals/ start eating only until satisfied not full, stop staying up so late at night/ start getting to bed earlier to get on a healthy sleep schedule, and those were all my decisions. I had support and help from my Mom and Dad and a few others but ultimately it was up to me to take responsibility and action to get fit and in-shape for me. Those were my choices. If you are struggling with your weight, fitness level, or just wish to get healthier then do it now. Make healthy exercise, nutrition, and rest decisions that will help you feel, move, and look better immediately. You have the power to make healthy and fit decisions yourself that can positively impact your life this very moment. You can always do the right thing! I am a Christian and I am taught by God to do what is good and right for me and all those around me. If I eat junk then I will feel like junk. If I hang around negative people I will be negative. If I surround myself with stress then I will be stressed. If I sit around with lazy people all the time then I will become lazy. My body and mind deserve better! My body is my temple and your body is your temple so we have a responsibility to take care of our bodies and keep them healthy. Always do what is honest and truthful. We will never regret doing what is right!

ClassCandy Would Like To Say THANK YOU To All Of Our Fans, Sponsors & Advertisers! We Hope All Of You Have A Wonderful & Safe Thanksgiving Holiday!

November 2015 • ClassCandy ® • 12

Danville Parks & Recreation: Larger Play Unit For Playground DANVILLE – Friday, October 16th, Danville Parks and Recreation began work to replace the larger play unit on the playground above Rotary Field located in Dan Daniel Memorial Park. “This project is a much needed improvement to one of our most popular parks in the system,” said Department Director Bill Sgrinia. The play unit was installed during the park’s construction in the early 1990s and is home to thousands of imaginary castles, bridge trolls, games of tag, make believe space ships and slide adventures annually. “We’re excited to install new equipment,” Sgrinia said. “We want every visit to our parks to be a positive experience and believe new playground equipment will enhance the adventures of our community’s kids.” The installation project is expected to take four to five weeks. During construction, the climbing bolder, smaller play unit and shade structure will be open to the public. The new play unit will include­­­­accessible entrances allowing children with mobility challenges to access the structure. The colors and basic design elements were part of a public process where elementary school children from Forest Hills gave staff advice on what they liked in a playground. ClassCandy Sponsors for the 2015-2016 School Year


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