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2 • ClassCandy ® • February 2016

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February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 3

Signs A Tutor Might Be Necessary

The 10th Anniversary Danville Public Schools’ All City Chorus will be held at George Washington High School on February 20th, 2016! Come Join Us For This Annual Tradition! Character Word Of The Month For Pittsylvania County Schools Is:

Self - Control

School is not always easy, and some students struggle as they transition from grade to grade. As students get older, some who may have experienced smooth sailing as youngsters may find they need some extra help grasping the material as coursework becomes more complicated. Those who need some extra clarification and reinforcement may first turn to their parents. But parents may not be familiar with certain subjects or capable of explaining certain concepts in terms kids can understand. In such situations, tutors can prove to be valuable resources to get kids back on the right academic track. One-on-one attention from a tutor can benefit all types of learners. Students who discover newfound success under the guidance of a tutor may have more self-confidence in the classroom. Parents wondering if a tutor can help their children may want to consider the following indicators that students may need tutors. • Consistently falling grades: Tutors may be necessary for students whose grades are gradually on the decline. First speak with your child’s teachers, who may recommend tutors that specialize in certain subjects. • Confusion in and out of the classroom: Some kids struggle to grasp certain concepts, and such confusion can sometimes be remedied with the kind of intense study available in tutoring sessions.



• Low confidence: Some kids’ confidence wanes when their grades suffer. Kids whose grades have been on the decline may feel a sense of defeat even before they take a test or work on an assignment. Tutors can help restore confidence by creating small victories that slowly build up to larger successes. • Indifference to coursework: No student will be captivated by every subject he or she studies, but there should be some subjects that students find engaging. Students battling indifference toward their coursework may benefit from a dynamic tutor who can present subject matter in new ways and revive students’ interest. Students who are struggling in the classroom may need some extra help outside the classroom, and many tutors are adept at reviving interest in subjects kids are studying at school. Some teachers may recommend certain tutors, while others may do some tutoring work themselves.

4 • ClassCandy ® • February 2016

Author Visits Gibson Elementary Make- It Take- It At G.L.H. Johnson Elementary Winter Make It Take It On Thursday, January 22, 2015, the Title I Team at G.L.H. Johnson Elementary School hosted a Make-It Take-It program for parents and students in grades K-2. The focus of the program was, “Tips for Supporting Your Child in Reading Comprehension.” A handout was provided to parents which explained how to help children further develop comprehension skills using a before reading, during reading, and after reading approach. Parents were also shown the website, where they can log in and read books with their children free of charge. Parents and students then worked together to create bookmarks. Everyone appeared to enjoy the activities.

Gibson Elementary enjoyed a visit from acclaimed author and storyteller, Kimberly P. Johnson, who inspired and motivated students using demonstrative techniques that had students on their feet and bursting with enthusiasm. During the day, all fifth graders enjoyed the journey of learning the art of writing using the writing process. Mrs. Johnson involved the students through storytelling, games, and graphic organizers. During the Take a Slice out of Literacy Night, Mrs. Johnson encouraged parents to become Everyday Coaches. She inspired and motivated parents to build a strong foundation by establishing a communication link between school and home. Teresa Tucker, fifth grade teacher, shares a story from the National Program Mother Reads.

Park Avenue Runners Taking STRIDEs To Help Others The Park Avenue boy’s running team, known as STRIDE, has recently completed community service projects that involve helping those in and around their community. This project included such activities as picking up litter around the school, collecting donations for the Danville Area Humane Society, and partnering with and reading to kindergarten students. The “Buddy Reading” project was extremely popular and successful, and will continue on as a volunteer activity.

February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 5

During the earlier part of January, The Virginia Board Of Education honored 55 schools for their academic achievements. Based on student performance from the Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessments for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. 46 Schools throughout Virginia were recognized as Title I Distinguished Schools for meeting ALL state and federal accountability requirements for two consecutive years as well as achieving SOL pass rates at the 60th percentile or higher. Danville, VA’s Forest Hills Elementary School was one of those schools! Congratulations Bears!

Teach them now and prepare for their future!

Learning good savings habits is the first step in financial accountability. Make regular deposits (no matter how small) and set short-term savings goals. Find out more at:



6 • ClassCandy ® • February 2016

Trysten DeShazor, left and above, Kindergartner in Mrs. Abbott’s class at Gretna Elementary School took full advantage of his recent Snow Days. Who can resist a great opportunity to throw a snow ball at family and friends!?!

Hannah Leader, 1st Grader in Mrs. Deboe’s class at Southside Elementary School knows there’s No Business Like Snow Business.

Kyle Scearce, 3rd Grader in Mrs. Brooks’ class at Twin Springs Elementary School did not complain one bit about his Snow Days. He took the time to grow another year older on January 22nd, instead! Happy 9th Birthday Kyle!

Double the Trouble, Double the Snow Man Size! Mitchell and Donald Freeman built a snowman bigger than they are! (With help from Dad, of course). They are in Mrs. Kueng’s Pre K class at Stony Mill.

(Left above) Britton Craddock, Kindergartner in Mrs. Terry’s class makes Snow Angels as big brother, Bronson Craddock, (right above) in Ms. Cassady’s class, prepares to take to the slopes on his sled!

What kind of Valentine’s Day gifts do squirrels give? Holden Caldwell, Pre K Student in Mrs. Karen Stowe’s class at Twin Springs shows little brother, Gavin the ropes of the slopes.


- Forget- MeNuts!

100 Days

GONE! Sisters, Lorelai Rosenoff (top left), 4th Grader in Mrs. Maxey’s class, Taelyn Rosenoff (top right), 4th Grader in Mrs. Teague’s class and Cadence Rosenoff (bottom), 2nd Grader in Mrs. Tate’s class all show off their 100th Day at Kentuck Elementary School Fashions!

February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 7

During the earlier part of January, The Virginia Board Of Education honored 55 schools for their academic achievements. Based on student performance from the Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessments for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years. 46 Schools throughout Virginia were recognized as Title I Distinguished Schools for meeting ALL state and federal accountability requirements for two consecutive years as well as achieving SOL pass rates at the 60th percentile or higher. Pittsylvania County’s Chatham Elementary and Union Hall Elementary were on this list! Congratulations Lil’ Cavs and Hornets!!!

Follow Coby Morris (left), 3rd Grader in Ms. Stowe’s class at Kentuck Elementary School takes a moment to make “Googly Eyes” at the 100 Days Gone!

Coby Morris (left), 3rd Grader in Ms. Stowe’s class at Kentuck Elementary School takes a moment to make “Googly Eyes” at the 100 Days Gone!


NOW OPEN! On Groundhog Day (February 2nd, 2016), everyone waited for the famous marmot, Punxsutawney Phil, to climb out of his dwelling and take a moment to find his shadow. Well, he didn’t find it! So, Spring is on it’s way!!!

It’s no shock that Grayson Oakes (right), 1st Grader in Mrs. Phelps’ class at Twin Springs Elementary School is happy to see 100 Days of School fly by!

ClassCandy On

8 • ClassCandy ® • February 2016

Some preschoolers participated in Spirit week.

Learning The ABCs Westover Style Preschool celebrated lettering about the letter Pp with PAJAMA DAY! K2 and K3 classes made yummy pancakes and k4 make POPcorn in their pajamas! Zachary dressed up like a crayon on object day.

Gabby and Haden dressed up on character day!

Mrs. Beach and Mrs. Perez’s class has been learning about the letter Yy!

They did a Yucky and Yummy taste test of different Yellow foods!

February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 9

Winter Music Concert At Carlisle Danville campus students attended a winter music concert hosted by Mr. David Erhlich and the music team from Virginia Tech. Students had an opportunity to play both violin and cello.

Ms. Swanson’s Hibernation Station! Such an AWESOME idea!

Spring 2016 Registration T-Ball • Instructional Minor & Major Baseball • Girl’s Softball

will be held each Saturday beginning Jan. 23rd thru March 5th at Harris Field on Davis Road in Chatham, Va from 10am -12noon Online registration available at and at The Trophy & Sign Center, 199 Sandy Court Danville, Va from 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday All leagues open to children in Pittsylvania County, Danville City & Surrounding Areas T-Ball • Instructional • Minor & Major Baseball open to children ages 4-12

Registration fee of $50 per child required for all leagues and must be paid at time of registration. Copy of birth certificate or school record showing child’s date of birth must be submitted at time of registration, except for children who played in the 2015 Chatham Youth League or PCGSL

What did one piece of candy say to the other? Answer:

- We are mint for each other!

Girls Softball open to ages 6-16 8U, 10U, 13U and 16U

For More Information call Ronnie Fowler at


There are NO gate fees associated with any games for CYL or PCGSL ***Chatham Youth League is not affiliated in any way with Pittsylvania Co. Parks & Rec***

10 • ClassCandy ® • February 2016

Planting Seeds Of Hope & Kindness at Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart School Established 1953

Sacred Heart School students have contributed to the community life of Danville through volunteer service for 16 years through the school’s “Mustard Seed” program. Each fall every grade level (PK28th) chooses a community agency which it sponsors throughout the school year. Service projects performed by the students give them opportunities to plant seeds of hope and kindness in the hearts of the recipients in anticipation of affecting individuals and the community in a positive way. The students learn humility and generosity through service. In addition to the class effort, fourth and fifth grade students are required to perform an hour of community service on their own time quarterly. Students in grades six through eighth perform two hours of service each quarter. Featured is the kindergarten class shown with their “Mustard Seed” project, the Danville Station #3 Firefighters. Firefighters at this station protect the school in the event of fire or other emergency. The students provided a Thanksgiving meal for those firefighters on duty Thanksgiving day. Recently, they collected money and purchased 150 home fire alarms to be distributed by the firefighters.

Suggestions: Art, Cart, Mart, Smart

February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 11

Kids & Parents! Stop Dieting And Just Eat Healthy! by Dave Gluhareff As a nation and as a world we have to stop making eating healthy so complicated. We tend to look for quick fixes and magic weight loss ideas or the newest fads instead of focusing on simply eating good foods. Eating nutritious foods re-energizes our bodies and minds and keeps us strong. When we eat junk we feel like junk. Junky foods make us more tired and fatigued not allowing our minds and bodies to perform their best. We have to stop focusing on “diets” and instead focus on making healthy meal and snack choices that fill us with nourishment to help us feel, move, and look better. Most importantly we have to make sure we are exercising regularly and staying active, then eating healthy foods throughout each day, which then leads us to rest and sleep well each night. Exercising, eating healthy, and plenty of rest helps our brains, skin, cardiovascular systems, bones, muscles, all of our bodies to function to the best of their abilities. When we choose un-healthy foods we slow down our thinking, we weaken our bones, our muscles lose strength, our heart and lungs become unhealthy and this leads to having higher chances of sickness and illness. When we feed our bodies healthy foods we are happier and healthier and become more productive at work and school. Eating healthy also keeps our attitudes more positive and we just feel good! So how do we eat healthy meals and snacks? To eat healthy we must begin with choosing lean proteins (chicken, fish, lean beef, lean pork, nuts, beans, low fat dairy, etc), complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc), fresh fruits, vegetables, and low calorie or zero calorie beverages like water or unsweetened teas. We can eat 3 meals and 3 snacks daily spaced apart every 2-3 hours and try to eat only until satisfied not stuffed or full. Breakfast should be - lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and water Mid morning snack should be - lean protein, fruit, and water Lunch should be - lean protein, complex carbohydrate, and water Late afternoon snack should be - lean protein, fruit, and water Dinner should be - lean protein, veggie, and water After dinner snack (if hungry and not in bed already) should be - lean protein, veggie, and water Do not complicate healthy eating by trying some silly diets! We have to simply make the right food choices to eat healthy! Do that and your body and mind will thank you!

Keep Your Heart Happy And Healthy!

February 2016 • ClassCandy ® • 12

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