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3157 Westover Drive, Danville, VA

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

One Stop Tire & Auto Center

The Speaker A man is giving a speech at his lodge meeting. He gets a bit carried away and talks for two hours.


Goodyear Wrangler RWL Tires

374.95 (While They Last)

Set of 4 265-75/16 $



We Offer Drum & Rotor Service

Trained Staff To Serve You ASE Certified Mechanic State Inspection WE ARE Your One Stop Auto Center

802 South Main St. Danville, VA


CUSTOM WINDOW TINTING “Danville’s Original WinDOW TinTing shOp”

Finally, he realizes what he is doing and says; "I'm sorry I talked so long. I left my watch at home."


May 7, 1996-May 29, 2009


Paula Richardson

A policeman approaches her and says, "Ma'am, are you aware that I could cite you for indecent exposure?"

There was a big sign posted. "No bills larger than $20 will be accepted."

She says, "Why, officer?"

The woman in front of us, pointing to the sign, remarked, "Believe me, if I HAD a bill larger than $20, I wouldn't be eating here."

Beau Arnn - 434-251-0749

equipment rentaL Rent Clean Machinery With Low Hours Weekly or Monthly Call For Entire Inventory Available A little boy goes to his father and asks 'Daddy, how was I born?' The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe.. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:

"Because your breast is hanging out," he says.

Is there a doggie Heaven? If so our Dino’s there. It’s full of treats, toys that squeak, and chewy teddy bears - a place with no disease, no ticks, no fleas and caring people there because he’s such a sweet playful, good natured dog with beautiful silky hair. Dino loved water sprinklers, rides in the car, and the cool evening breezes, catching balls, howling at sirens, and big wide shady trees. There is a doggie Heaven, to answer the question from the start, because it’s right here in our memories and the opened gates in our hearts. You were the most handsome, perfect and adorable dog anyone could have. A beautiful blessing in our lives. You joined little Champ in Heaven, now play and have fun. We’ll cherish every memory we have of you. We love and miss you very much and will never forget you. Mommy (Mary), Daddy (Jerry) Math Dyslexia A worker returned from his visit to the doctor and a colleague asked him how he made out. "Not bad. The doctor told me that I have Math Dyslexia." The other fellow said, "Gee, that sounds bad." "Actually, the Doctor told me not to worry, because 17 out of 5 people have it."

Just Kids Program Tired of the same ol’ thing every year... summer after summer? Just Kids Summer of Champions is the place to be. It’s not just a summer program, it’s a program with purpose! Call today for a tour. 434-793-2404 (Junior Champions 2-5 years • Champions 6-12 years)

'You got Male!

Just Kids Child Development Center, Inc. 120 Shavers Johnson St. • Danville, VA 24540 434-793-2404, After a few shots...

Complete Design & Installation • Removal & Redesign Hardscape Specialist • Patios • Retaining Walls • Walkways We maintain what we install. Free estimates.

i will find you again i was there when you crossed over to the dying part of living. i held your hand and slowly watched you go. oh, i know you’re some place better than what i can imagine, but i can’t help the way i miss you so. if i have to knock on every mansion door, walk miles of golden streets, search among a million saints that rest at Jesus’ feet, i will run along the jasper walls, call your name upon the wind, i will find you again. i would never be so selfish as to pray you back from heaven so i have you longer here with me. So i’ll cherish every memory, ‘cause it helps me to remember that where you are is where i’m gonna be. Save a seat for me at the table beside you and tell everyone that i am on my way. i will find you again. until we meet again, ila

A blonde is walking down the street with her blouse open and her right breast hanging out.

A friend and I were standing in line at a fast-food restaurant, waiting to place our order.

Chatham, VA 434-432-4180

June 5, 1936 to february 19, 2009


Placing Your Order

J & J Truck Sales


A voice from the back of the room says, "There's a calendar behind you."

3401 Westover Drive

Loader • dozer • Water truck • Backhoe

In Memory Of

She looks down and says, "OH MY GOD, I left the baby on the bus again!"

Piedmont Regional Eye Center & Optical Shop 125 Executive Drive Ste. E Danville, VA 24541

434-799-5600 Office 434-799-1139 Optical Office Hours: 8:30 A.M.-5:00 P.M Monday-Thurs. Optical Hours: 8:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M Monday-Thurs. Friday 8:30 A.M.-2:00 P.M. Joseph E. O’Boyle M.D. Shauna Clay and Jessica Hancock, Opticians

Authorized OAKLEY® Dealer

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Our Favorite E-Mails

Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio “To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I’ve ever written.”

She said, 'Les' see now, there's the twins, Sally and Billy, they're thirty-two. And the twins, Seth & Beth, they're twenty-six. And the twins, Penny and Jenny, they're twenty-four . '

My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more: 1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

6. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 7. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone. 8. It’s OK to get angry with God. He can take it.

Sierra’s Wood Furnaces

11. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

6133 Kentuck Road Ringgold, VA 24586 Bus: 434-822-7335 Cell: 434-334-8398

12. It’s OK to let your children see you cry.


9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

19. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else. 20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer. 21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

Located: 1428 Goodyear Blvd. • Danville, VA 24541

Finance Company

Now Open Locally Owned & Operated

15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.

18. Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

Williams Transportation & Storage, Inc.

Danville’s Newest

14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

17. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

Loans Up To $3,000.00

Virginia Finance welcomes all customers to get a loan!!

Personal Loan, Vacation, Car Repairs, Medical Bills or to build up your credit we are here to lend you money.

Real Convenient, call 434-797-9900 Or stop by our office today @ 625 Piney Forest Road, Danville, VA 24540 We Are Located In The Big Yellow Building (The Forum)

22. Over prepare, then go with the flow. 23. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple. 24. The most important sex organ is the brain. 25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

Smile More!

26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘In five years, will this matter?’ 27. Always choose life. 28. Forgive everyone everything. 29. What other people think of you is none of your business.

Advertise in the Piedmont Shopper Call 434822-1800

30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time. 31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change. 32. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does. 33. Believe in miracles. 34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do. 35. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now. 36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young. 37. Your children get only one childhood. 38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved. 39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere. 40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s,we’d grab ours back. 41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need. 42. The best is yet to come. 43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. 44. Yield. 45. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

40’ & 20’ Storage Containers 45’x102” Wide Trailers 16’ x 8’ Mini Mods & Stuff Its Rollup Doors For Rent

Toll Free 866-849-1599 Local 434-791-2980

The woman answered, ' Heck no, there were hundreds of times we didn't get nothin.'

13. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.


Safe, Dry & Secure • Padlock Doors • Wood Floors Ground Level Access LOCAL TRUCKING

'Hold on!' said the census taker, 'Did you get twins EVERY time?'

4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch. 5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

Mobile on DeManD Storage

A census taker in a rural area went up to a farmhouse and knocked. When a woman came to the door, he asked her how many children she had and their ages.

Relax, we’ll do the housework. • Daily • Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Services


We Also Buff, Strip & Wax Floors


FREE ESTIMATES • LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Shannon Blachura (434) 548-9911

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Berry Hill Mulch Yard Red • Brown • Black Double-ground Hardwood Topsoil • Fill Dirt • Straw

434-250-1254 Berry Hill Road Danville, VA

June Hours Wed.-Fri. 9am-5pm • Sat. 8am-1 pm

Call for additional pick-up or delivery times Citywide Delivery $35

I am searching for the Phone Number and Address of Thomas Prevette in the Danville area who does K9 Training. I will pay $15 for your time to get me the correct contact information. 434-728-095 In Loving Memory of Bonnie Callahan July 17,1954 to June 5,1996. Mom we love you. Love your kids and grand kids.

Animals & Accessories Hollywood Pets Upscale pet boarding, doggy daycare and grooming. Website http:// Call 434-792-PETS COUNTRY DOG BOARDING Boarding for SPOILED DOGS! No cold kennels. TV, Heat/ Air, Hiking trails LOTS of TLC. We also offer PET & FARM sitting 4 all size animals & livestock. 434-685-1673

Pioneer 2 floor, 3 small surround surround sound stereo system, including $100 CD changer, asking $100 firm, call 434-203-4249 Pittsylvania County residents over 60, not on Medicaid, needing medical transport should call PCCA, Inc. at 434432-9545 for more information.

Guineas & Turkeys Baby Guineas $3; Baby Turkeys - $6 & up. Call: 434-7242438 Welsh corgi puppy 1 male pure bred. Ready for adoption $200.00 no papers. Call now 434-656-1213

Dixie Chick farms, Axton VA We carry over 20 breeds of Chickens. Over 3000 Chickens in Stock from day old to 12 weeks old. Mobile Chicken Tractors (Pens) 4’X8’, 5’X10’, 6’X12’, 8’X16’ Custom built for your needs. Can be used for Chickens, Guineas, Turkeys, Quial, Ducks, Geese, Dogs etc. Call for prices. 434-709-0429

WESTERN SADDLE 15in, very good condition, with reins and pad. $100.00, call 434-203-1271 or 336-694-6585

AKC Reg. LAB PUPPIES Yellow and Chocolate, male/female. 1st shots and dewormed. Parents on site. $250. Please call 434-251-0612

Free to a good home Miniature Schnauzer 1-1/2 years old 434-822-7034 or 434-251-1007 cocker-poo puppies registered, health guarantee, black or blond, 7wks old, $250, 276-650-5663 Male Jack Russell CKC with papers, black & white. Beautiful and healthy. Serious inquires only 434-572-8137

boxer needs a good home, 10mos old, $100.00, please call serious inquiries only 434-203-1519

2yr old male English bulldog white/sable champion bloodline, very loving, able to stud service, will negotiate price, call 434-334-9584

WESTHIGHLAND TERRIER PUPS 1st shots, dewormed and health ck. $400.00 Call 434-724-4214

Pomeranians & Chihuahua Male and female adult Pomeranians $200 each. A blue male Chihuahua $450. Call 434575-8486

REWARD!! Have you seen Bud?? He went missing 5/28 around 5pm at the North Main & 58 Intersection. If you see Bud please contact Keith at 434-548-8887 or 434-203-7177 x ID 2802046 Boer goat, 2 1/2 months old. $75. Ask for Kevin 434-656-4030 chicken coop/rabbit hutch great starter coop or perfect for rabbits. Free if you haul, call 434-685-1639


chickens laying hens, baby chicks, roosters, Cornish rot broiler chickens, cages, coups & portable chicken buildings for sale, call for prices 434-836-1769, 979-549-6332

AVON CUSTOMERS WANTED -If you would like to purchase Avon and do not have an Avon representative, or if you would like to SELL Avon, please call 434429-7989

horse hay - top quality Orchard grass, spring cutting, 4x4 rolls in net wrap, $25 per roll, delivery available, 434-9275285

Charity Bake Sale Come Support, Danville’s Great American Bake Sale 2009. Prizes and Giveaways, June 6th. 10:00am3:00pm. Sam’s Club Danville

American Pit Bull Terrier I have 4 American pit bull terriers. 8 weeks old. Big puppies. First shots and wormed. Both parents on site. $150.00. 434-432-8189


2012 Riverside Drive

missing boxer 10 mos old male, white w/brindle patch on side. Last seen 5/25 on Rocksprings Lane. Please call 434-3348960, 434-334-2838


free puppies to good home, call 434251-7965

JD’s World Boost Mobile “Taking Ova” Holiday Special Phone Sale thru June 12th i9 -$260 i776-$79.99 Purple $84.99 i833-$69.99 i335-$49.99 i290-$39.99 $50 A Month UNLIMITED Text • Web • Pictures Long Distance *Nights/Weekends* Day Minutes Walkie-Talkie All Unlimited Ask Your Company 2 Match & C What They Say JD Is “Taking Ova”

Congratulations Destynee for Graduating Pre-K on May 26th! We Are So Proud Of You! Love You Always, Mommy and Daddy

Puppies free to good home part German Shepherd/Lab, 6 weeks old, call 434-792-1510

CONGRATULATIONS KATIE FERRIS graduating TUNSTALL class of 2009, we love you, Joey, Bobbie & Kenny

20 1/2 black angus & 1/2 Simmental heifers & 2 bulls, all excellent genetics, call 434-685-7912. Also have horse round bale hay for sale.

congratulations Kendal Jones on your graduation. Love, Uncle Mickey, Debra & Mary


CKC Teacup Chihuahua Puppies 1 female and 3 males will be ready to pick up June-7-09. $350.00 FIRM. Serious inquires only. Leave message! 434-334-2785 found: yellow lab, off Hunting Hills Rd, call to identify 434-724-9047

found set of house keys & gold hook found in Providence area on Saturday evening, call 336-694-6167 happy 10th birthday to Necee Taylor on June 7th! From Auntie, Jeffrey and James happy 13th birthday to James Taylor! Love you always, Momma happy 1st birthday to baby Jason on June 7th! Love, Nana Happy 22nd Birthday Pickle! I Love You/Olive Juice! Mom. happy 2nd birthday to Hunter Ray Philips on June 7th! We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Bubba & Michael Anthony HAPPY 41ST BIRTHDAY TO GLEN PRICE THE #1 DRAGRACER AROUND TOWN, YOUR SUCH A JOY TO ME. FROM YOURS TRULY, TAMMY LYNN HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY Aidan Terry. Love Grandma & Danny. happy 90th birthday to Pricie Whitt, will blow out her celebration candles on June 6th! Love you, your Family happy anniversary to Curtis Vincent, my sweet husband of 8yrs! Love ya, Celesta Happy Birthday Kylin White! Whishing you a Happy 1ST Birthday on June 7th. This first year of having you with me has been the best gift anyone could have. Love Mommy & Granny Happy birthday Mary Lizabeth! 75 years together now, and I love you more than ever! Thanks for always being there! happy birthday to Jason Hines, June 9th. I Love You Very Much! Love, Lindy HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRYSTAL SEXTON on June 6th from your sister Pennie, love ya. happy birthday Kayla Alverson! From, Papa Mike, Debra & Mary happy birthday on June 4th to the best daddy in the world Cecil Chumley! From, Debbie & Buster

congratulations to James Taylor to making it big! Love always, Momma and Jeffrey

happy birthday to James Taylor! Love, Jeffrey

akc registered labs black & chocolate, $150, call 336-388-9672 Aquarium Filter Marineland Multistage Canister Filter 360 (100 gals) + media. Like new - $125.00. Marineland Magnum 350 Convertible Canister Filter (100 gals) + Micon Cartridge - $35.00 336-623-6848

congratulations to my little angel Kendall Jones on her graduation from kindergarten at Brosville Elementary! Love, Aunt Amy & Brandon

Free Cat Adult Calico declawed, fixed, sweet lapcat, needs good home 434-8361061

Congratulations to: Kayla Dalton on the birth of her daughter, Kailey Ann Blake, on May 13th 2009.

Congratulations Kenny Voigt graduating GWHS class of 2009, we’re so proud, love Mom and Joey. Woot Woot

congratulations to Lindy & Joy on the arrival of their new baby boy May 31, 2009! Love always, Tammy, Jeffrey & James

free kittens to good home I have 2 kittens. 6wks old. very sweet, good with children. 434-549-3515

Congratulations to randy jones On Friday May, 29th glad you finally got what you deserved. David, Robin, Nathan and Jaymie

Congratulations TO: Kimberly F. Jones on your upcoming graduation from RN nursing school. We love you and are so proud of you! Mama, Joel, Haley and Grand Daddy.

MY LITTLE PONY 36in 7 year old mare. Saddle kid broke, well mannered, loads, utd on shots. Great pony, $750, 434-251-9246, 434-685-2937

dog pen 30’ x 30’ dog pen, with gate, 5’ high. great deer proof garden too! must sell.. $450.00 434-575-7706

Home & Cell Phone Service

life saving cpr Offering classes, Instructor David Beach, R. N. Call for more information 434-799-0777 or 434-251-1024

Bucking Bulls/ Sell & Board We Sell, Board & Train Bucking Bulls. Call for Details 434-250-3298

Learn to Ride Bucking Bulls Would you like to learn to ride bucking bulls, School Starts June 6th. Call for details. 434-250-3298

Who Paged JD ?

Life Celebrations: weddings, renewing vows, child dedications, memorial services, homeblessings, homebound ministry and more. Call First Community Church 434-432-3360

Dixie Chick farms, Axton VA Guineas, Keets & Adults, Turkeys, Bourbon Reds, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze, Broadbrested White & Bronze. Quail, Chicks, Ducks, Geese, Rare Pheasants. We carry Kuhl feeders, waters and other kuhl products. We custom build Mobile Pens for all of the above. Call 434-709-0429

congratulations to my little angel Kendall Jones on her graduation from kindergarten at Brosville Elementary! Love, Meme

happy birthday to Jefferey Ferrell on June 3rd! From Tammy & James Happy BIrthday to Mary Ann Mead! From a Special Friend happy birthday to my sexy man Billy Compton. Love you always, your wife to be Tina happy birthday to Papa on June 4th! From his Granddaughters happy birthday! Jason Hines ; I love you alot & I hope you have a “G” Birthday. -Katelyn. Hope you had a happy birthday Granny! Miss you so much! Think of you EVERY day! Love you always!

way to go kelly Jones!!! Good job on May 29th we are so proud of you David and Robin

Antiques 1950’s Chest Antique Chest (4 drawers) light/medium color, brass pulls, excellent condition (5’5”tall, 3’4”wide 17”deep), $185. 434-251-0802 Antique Dish Cabinet 1940’s, 70”tall, 35”wide, 13”deep, excellent condition, needs paint $165 -434-251-0802 Railroad Station Push Cart $150.00. Call 919-306-7805 for more info. antique civil war couch walnut loveseat; also have carousal horses life size, (Nathalie, VA) 434-349-5600 2 living room sitting chairs light blue fabric, $75ea, call 434-251-9063 set of 1940 childrens Book of Knowledge Encyclopedias whole set, very rare, $25, 434-791-4459

please help If you bought a Blue Nintendo DS from ANY Goodwill store recently PLEASE call me ASAP! 434-792-2928.

Antique fishing rod and reels 2 antique steel rods with reels. rocking chair. oil lamp.other items 434-822-6292

Summer Adventure Camp 2009 Gardening, Sports, Fitness & Recreation, Movies, Technology Center, Game Room, First Tee Golf, Swimming, Arts, Health & Life Skills. June 15 - August 15. Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area. Located in Danville & Chatham. Club Members $30/ Non-Members $50. Contact Ms. Carmina at 434-792-6617 Ext 301 for more details.

Antique full size Baby Crib w/ springs. Maple. Excellent condition. To be used for dolls only, $150, leave message 336-694-6008 Antique china cabinet w/buffet table, will sell separate or both for $100, 434-2518681

Fairview United Methodist Church

792-3391 Ages: 2 years to 5 years

Pre-School Enrollment 2009-2010

Monday-Friday: 7:45 am-12:00 pm

Vintage Va License Plates 1956,1957,1959, 1963, 1964-1966,19681971. Most with Danville City strip. $150 each set, 434-822-7785 Antique singer sewing machine, made in late 1800, marble top, $75, 434728-3755 japanese & scandinavian antiques & collectables. By appointment only. 434728-3774 horse drawn mowing machine $200, good for decoration, call after 6pm 336-388-5985

Apparel Jewelry & Clothes YOUR STUFF CONSIGNMENT Specializing in teen and young mens and womens clothing. 1081 Piney Forest Rd. 434-836-1450 formal/prom dresses 3 long size 15/16, 1 long brown size 8, 2 short sizes 14 & 7 junior, black, 434-799-5892 skirts 5 short size 2/3 $4ea or $15 for all, different colors, some never worn, 434799-5892 nursing & dental uniforms size Small, $10 a set, 434-728-4225 ruritan shirts 2 denim size L; 1 short sleeve knit size L, red; 1 ladies short sleeve size L, pink, 434-822-0082 ladies size 24-26 clothes; girls dresses size 7-10; some boys & mens clothes too, 434-836-2310

2 bridesmaid/prom dresses, size 12 & 14, $50, 434-836-9755 wedding band white gold, size 8, diamonds in it, $250. Engagement ring, white gold, size 8, 1crt $400 call 434-429-5645

Jewelry Lovers Dream!!! Numerous pieces(emeralds & diamonds, and more) selling all in one lump sum only, call 434792-4715 Girls/ladies designer denim jeans & dress slacks, size 8P, 10P, gently worn. Priced to sell. 434-792-1583 Timberland t-shirts, Boots, high tops and mid high, fubu jeans and other brands call for price! 276-732-9645 Swimsuits size 22W-new pink tankini $20 and black onepiece (worn little) $10, 434-799-0569 juniors size 9 jeans only worn once or twice, excellent condition, and cute tops, 336-388-0678, 336-514-1963 Young Men’s Clothes Young Men’s Name Brand Clothes Like New Some with Tags M-XL & 30-32. 434-489-7787 pair snakeskin boots just like brand new, paid $186, asking $50, 434-250-8688

10% off all shoes PS Phenomenal Shoes LLC. Danville’s Newest Lady Shoe Store. Shoes starting @ $13.99 & up. Located @ 254 Jefferson Ave.

NEED POOL WATER? Call 434-822-8263 Prompt Delivery

Young mens and girls clothes boys sz16-18 mens sm, girls sz8-10 Brand names assorted prices Call after 4pm 434251-7113 small size mint green prom dress, call for price 434-822-1483


men’s jeans & casual dress pants in sizes 34x30 and 34x32 all at $5.00 each 434-836-5840

ge refrigerator off white, ice maker & light on outside of door, $250, works perfect, 434-822-1533

womens clothes capris, lots of tops, sizes large & medium; shoes, sizes 8 & 8 1/2, 434-836-3064

gas stove great working condition, $30, call 434-822-0819

mens designer dress shoes some brand new Davidedands, Giorgio, Stacy Adams, reasonable price $15-$45ea, sizes 8 1/2 - 10, call 434-710-0449

Appliances JennAir 30 inch slide in white electric range/grill. Still under warranty. Paid $2000+, will sell for $500. Call 276-6321212 NEW Whirlpool washer top load with extra options and warranty, $325, call after 8pm 434-685-7352 frigidaire STACK WASHER, LIKE NEW, $250, 434-203-7979 WASHER AND DRYER $100, CALL AFTER 7PM 434-203-7842 Kenmore Dryer Heavy duty, Almond,6 Fabric settings, 4 Heat settings, $100.00. Leave message if no answer. 434-8227785 Washer & Dryer Gently used Whirlpool W&D, $50 each. 540-457-0422 Portable Dishwasher Maytag white portable dishwasher with wood top. Only used one year, $200. 540-457-0422 Microwave Black/Stainless Steel Emerson Microwave. Like new, $25. 540-4570422 Refrigerator, electric stove, dryer, all in good condition, call 336-234-8518 electric stove 4 burner, $50, 434-8225919 frigidaire 30in electric range, white, good condition. $100. 434-334-9657 a washer and dyer 1 for $75.00 or both for $100.00 434-822-6442 deep freezer $75.00 space microwave need some work $25.00 434-822-6442 kenmore refrigerator White, freezer on top, clean, can see running $100. 336-939-3248 drop-in electric range call 434836-2310 GE Spectra Electric Range self cleaning, Black and white, very good condition manual included asking $200 OBO 434-250-4204 GE Nautilus Dishwasher Black, in great working condition asking $150 OBO 434-250-4204 smooth top cook stove used 1yr, w/ microwave, $300; 6 burner gas stove $50; dryer w/one element bad $50, 434-8361769 Hot Water Heater 30 Gallon Gas. Used but good condition. $95.00. See it at office beside Golden Corral. 434-793-9554 Water Heater GE, 30 gallon. $100, 434-738-6110 Kenmore refrigerator Freezer on top. Ice maker. Good shape. $75, 434-7993328 DISHWASHER $50. Won’t fit in my cabinets. Call 336-516-6909 for more info. gas stove $50, 434-822-0819 24” Self Cleaning Wall Oven Kenmore works great but the timer no longer functions. Black. $50 Call for details 434799-5380 2-Micowaves (Sharp & Emerson)-$20. ea., Coffee Makers, Toasters, Waffle Maker, Crock Pot, Hand Mixer-$5.ea. 434-7994123 large deep freezer $200, 336-5586311 Have a kitchen stove for sale, works good just needs a lilttle cleaning, $40.00 call 434-432-8892 Washer and Dryer Great condition, getting rid of them cause we got new ones. asking $150.00 434-728-5519 NEW FoodSaver Still in box, two speeds, hands/ crush free, space saving standup design, stainless steel, Reg $180, sell $130 434-334-6718 dishwasher $30 call after 5:30PM or leave a message 434-724-5095


Now DoiNg RevolviNg liNes of CReDit AND CAR title loANs

Brosville Payday Advance 11980 Martinsville Hwy. • Suite B

Located Across From Brosville Elementary School NEw HourS: M-F 8-12 • 1-5 685-3048

Bachelor Hall Farm & Nursery 224 Bachelor Hall Farm Rd.

Danville, VA 24541

Strawberries Until June 15 West Martinsville, VA

Call For Times & Directions! 434-685-7959

Hwy. 58 Be rry hil lR oa d

Becky's Kiddie Kollege

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 5

Hw y. 8 63 –

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Eden, NC

East Danville, VA

es 2 mil

Bac helo r St. Hall F Rd. a #10 rm Rd 55 .

Joey’s Farm

mike’s performance audio

cb cobra 29ltd classic w/microphone; Timex 3300 w/microphone & amp, 434-688-2348, 434-793-0377

GPX stereo system plays records, cds, cassettes, good condition, $50, 434836-6922

“The Finest In Car Audio & Custom Installations” Import/ Truck Accessories & Wheels, and Mobile Video. Sony, JVC, Memphis, Pioneer, Rosen, Boston, etc. 114 Nelson Ave, Danville, 434-836-6972, email:

61in big screen TV (2002) RCA home premier theater, excellent condition, surround sound, (not flat screen), cable ready, remote, 434-432-2444

Samsung r500 cell phone Ntelos service, no contract needed, excellent condition, 2mos old, $100 firm, 434-728-4052

Broken XBOX? I’ll repair it. If I can’t fix it, there will be NO CHARGE! Call Josh 434728-4926 19” TV & Entertainment center Almost 2 yrs old. $75 for both. 434-250-4905 3.2 Megapixel Digital Camera excellent condition with case and 128 MB card (holds 50-60 pictures). Great Starter Cam. $30.00, 434-203-6159 Wii w/6 games & more!! GREAT Condition!! 6games, 2 controllers, band set,& for details. $500 434-728-2515 Grand Theft Auto IV For Sale Gta iv for xbox 360 in great condition!! Played 3 times $45 OBO 434-728-2515 PLAYSTATION 2 FOR SALE CALL 276806-8938 LG GLIDDER SMARTPHONE comes with home charger and car charger, asking $150, call 434-203-8002 GPS TomTom GPS. Paid $149.00 in January. Will sell for $100.00. Nice with all the extras. Call Greg at 434-724-1122 ONKYO SURROUND SOUND STERIO System includes surround sound processor/tuner, 6 disc CD and dual cassette players. $500 or make offer. 434-793-9295 new NINTENDO DSI perfect condition, gta chinatown included, $240 firm but willing to trade for ipod touch, 434-685-7768 xbox 2 controllers built in memory card, $50.00 OBO, call 434-429-7766 f.m. business radio system 80ft tower, base station, 8 mobiles, 2 handheld, all for $500, 434-579-4247 krzr k1 gold cellphone requires sim card works with AT&T, Sprint, and TMobile. never used, asking $75, sale final. 434-471-0265 Alltel motorola hint comes with case & charger, only had 3mos, have box, book and all paperwork, $100, 434-8225737 leave message AUDIO Sirius JVC Satellite Radio Combo Pack Including large boom box with remote. $300 package, asking $150.00, 336-3889753

webtv looking for an msntv2 if you have one at reasonable price please call leave message 434-685-3788

Floor model TV Needs work, does not turn on. Good condition. Nice picture when works. Asking $50 OBO. Call 434-203-2556 leave message.

XBOX 360 Elite 120GB HD, 2contollers, GTA4, NFS Undercover&Carbon. All accessorries included. In great shape. $275. 276-340-4203

magnavox dvd/vcr recorder, can dub from DVD to VCR; Sony DVD/VCR recorder, will take $75 for both, 434-728-3122

SPRINT PHONE HTC Touch Diamond for $200. Negotibale. Call Lillie 804-519-2869 or Betty 434-797-1499 blackberry curve 8330 brand new asking $300.00 434-770-7721 Pioneer car stereo AM/ FM/ CD PLAYER. LIKE NEW $60, 336-514-2453 wii with 2 remotes, 2 nunchucks, sdcard, 2 classic controllers, 2guns, wii sports, redsteel game. extras. $425 OBO 434-7922575 US Cellular red krzr Motorola with home charger. $60 OBO 434-446-3555

TV/VCR Combination Small 13in TV with VCR good color picture. Asking $75 434-324-7185 Several guitar hero items. Games and movies for sale. Call for details. 434228-6758 Nintendo WII Comes with System, Wiimote, Nunchuck, and Wii Classic controller. Played once. Comes in box. Asking $215. 434-250-0008 Sherwood radio cassette player w/ speakers, $25, 434-793-5669 PS2 FOR SALE, $85.00, 276-806-8938

Speakers 2- 12in JL Audio speakers. $150.00. Call 434-724-1374

2 vcrs w/remotes, play great, $30ea; DVD/CD player, new in box, w/manual & remote, $30, 434-251-7138

Sony Xplod Subwoofer, box included with Sony Explod 1000w amp. $220. 434-251-6619 after 5 pm.

pioneer car stereo am/fm/cd player, like new, $60, 336-514-2453

AWESOME DIGITAL CAMERA! greatprice!! 2 memory cards! Great working condition! 3x zoom! Rechargeable batteries! Please call 434-770-9493 htc Diamond TOUCH phone New touch phone, Ntelos, $200 call 424-7280425 or 434-822-5776 Bikini Pinball & jukebox Bikini pinball machine and Rock-ola jukebox $1600.00 OBO for both will sell sep. 434-822-5794 sprint cell phones htc mogul, touchscreen/ slideout keypad, $135. motorola q/ full keyboard, $100. used sanyo 8400, $35 434-429-6415 mobile phone alltel blackberry curve, like new, with burgundy skin, $140. 434429-6415 600 VHS 1.00 each DAY 434-724-1549 After 6pm 434-724-2818 26in Sharp color TV w/remote, not flat screen, excellent picture, $55, 434-4324389 Alltel motorola smart phone excellent condition, $50, 434-441-2289 sound design console radio, 8 track, & turntable, $100, 434-770-8763

Sprint Instinct Touchscreen Five month old phone. No scratches on screen. $200 firm. 434-429-3257 32in rca tv w/remote, $100, call 434203-4249 Four 6.5 Alpine Type S Speaker $100 Call 434-251-0748 Leave Message 1 MA Audio 12in Sub & Box $200 Call 434-251-0748 Leave Message (2) Audiobahn 13. 5in subs in carpeted box $250, Audiobahn chrome A8002T amp $175, will take $350 OBO for all. 434-2518776 playstation 2 10 games, all for $130, 434-728-5006 Planet Audio Amp Vortex VX3004, 150 watts x 4 channels, excellent cond. $250 434-489-1215 Subwoofer Box Built by Mikes Audio, fits 2 twelves, Rhino lined, built for extended cab Ranger 43Lx17Hx14W $100 434-4891215 2- 19” color TV, Philips & Maganovox, w/ remotes-$50, ea., 3- 13” color Tv (Toshiba, Funai, Durabrand) w/remotes-$25.ea., all w/audio & video hook ups, cable ready on all 434-799-4123

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“We Finance” Cash Offers “Welcome” Ride Today! Bad Credit, No Credit, NO PROBLEM w/Approved Down Payment.

B & B Engine & Parts Remanufactured Engines & Cylinder Heads 2424 Hutson Road Dry Fork, VA 434-724-7175 or 1-800-237-4412 24549


great deal!

2007 Nissan Maxima

Black, Loaded, Low Miles!

2008 Dodge Caliber

Charcoal, AT, Low Miles, Oh So Sweet!

2004 BMW Mini Cooper

Black, 5 Speed, Loaded, “Sweet”

2003 Dodge 1500 High Top Van Green, Low Miles!

2.2in Verde Helix wheels with Nitro tires, like new, no brake dust inside wheel, only 100 miles on both, wheels & tires, $1400, must sell, 434-203-5812 camper shell & bedlid shell for short bed small pickup, white, excellent condition, $175 for camper, $125 for lid, or $250 for both, 434-548-2608 Motor and transmission out of 1986 Chevrolet S10. $500. 434-822-8269 or 434251-0088

2001-2002 Lincoln LS

2 To Choose From Must See!

2003-2008 Nissan Altimas

5 To Choose From All Options, Low Miles!

2007 Chrysler 300 Black, Loaded!

2005-2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 To Choose From, Loaded, Low Miles!

1958 & 59 chevy truck parts for sale, 434-728-2960 set of heads for 400 ford are like new put them on and go $75.00 434-8361040 black Nissan hood fits 1987-1994 pickup truck & Pathfinder, $30, call 434432-4389 set of aluminum wheels off Toyota 4wd pickup, $75, leave message 434-7937145 set of 35 1250 16 procomp extreme mud terrains on aluminum 16x10 6 lugs, fits Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, over 1/2 tread, $1000 OBO, 434-728-3769

2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Black, 4 DR., 4x4

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Green, Too Sweet!

2004 Infiniti i35 Silver, Too Sweet!

2003-2007 Ford Mustang GT

6 To Choose From, 5 Spd., Cruise, Sweet!

S10 EXTREME WHEELS & TIRES $400 434-822-6371

Rims 24x8 Bigg Wheels, 305/35R24 Kumho Tires $1900 came off a f-150 crew cab 434-797-3781 Chevy Malibu from 78-82 front clip.. selling for $50 434-324-7185 1975 K-5 Chevy Blazer needs motor and the transmission has no reverse $450 434-324-7185 1989 chevy body parts rh door $50; hood $50; l/r side fender $35 a piece, no answer leave message 434-334-6332 20in rims fit suv $250, call after 1pm 434-250-4515 17in rims fit suv $400, call after 1pm 434-250-4515 set of 24in x8 bigg wheels 305 35 R24 Kumho, $1900, 434-797-3781 Chevy S-10 Parts Passenger Door, window and mirror, Passenger Fender, Bench Seat, Chrome Fender Trim, Lower Spoiler $60 All 434-250-8479 Cooper Discoverer tires 4 Discoverer H/T Plus tires size 265/60R18 less than 6000 miles $250 OBO 434-489-1215 16x10 8 lug after market GM wheels and tires fits 98’ to 08’ call for price 434-4416504 Plymouth 440 motor and auto good motor all but carburetor there was running, $450 OBO, 434-489-9981

homemade car trailer 14ft, $750, 434-770-8763

80s ford automatic trans good mid 80s thunderbird was behind v6, automatic good, $150 OBO, 434-489-9981

2spd rear axle out of 1948 Ford truck, good condition, 434-792-1904

set of 4 18in chrome rims w/tires, 4 lugs, $500, 276-806-3086

set of 5 lug cobra r wheels 17x9, nice shape, 434-792-4715

c6 newly rebuilt Ford transmission, 434-836-0317 289 ford engine 390 Ford engine, 434836-0317

2006 Chevrolet HHR 2 To Choose From! AT, Fully Loaded, Summer Fun!

2000-2006 Honda Accord

10 In Stock To Choose From, Many Colors!

Car Fax Vehicle History Reports

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Daytona SLT Silver, 4x4, Spoiler, Loaded, Nice!

1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

Red, 5 Spd., Loaded, Fine Ride!

Offering Low Interest Rates!

928 Riverside Dr • Danville, VA 24540 Sony 400 Wyatts 60CD Player With Remote. call for details. 434-685-7707

2 nankang tires 235/45/17 half tread left, $40. Call Dustin 434-251-0393

7.1Kodak Digital Camera Bundle with lens cover, 2straps, bag, battery, adapter 4 dock, cords & software. $175.00 434-563-8526 IN AM.

Set of 4, 20in, 6-lug, chrome HALO rims, 434-251-6515 or 434-685-1415

playstation 2, 2 controllers, memory card, 2 games, case, $140, 434-441-1008

Ford Wheels Set of Ford Taurus 16in factory alloy wheels, 5 spoke, bright silver finish, good condition, $75 OBO, 434-7284770

Not Strong Enough

orbitron high technology DVD player, all the bells & whistles, less than 3mos old, $35 firm, 434-549-2272

ford truck wheels 15in Steel wheels off full size 1976 Ford pickup, 2wd. $50 OBO. 434-728-4770

When I reported to the college football team that had graciously committed to fund my education, they were not impressed with me. I did the agility drills all right, but it was decided I was not strong enough. It was this suspect pronouncement that led to one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, and there have been many. “Weak,” the coaches said, “really weak!’ nodding their unwise heads with serious and out-of-place looks of profound concern. “Leigg, you don’t have any muscle that didn’t just grow with your body.” So where, then, was I supposed to get this additional muscle? “You haven’t lifted a weight in your life.” Oh, so that’s where it was supposed to come from. Well, I had not lifted weights and why would I? Those weights had never bothered me. Three particular tests had exposed my lack of strength: throwing the softball, climbing this annoying rope in the gym, and doing chin-ups. What on earth had any of these to do with running the football which is what I did! Still coaches often seemed to circle about me looking me over. I began to feel like a show dog whose haunches were uneven or something. “Leigg, your strength scores are lower than Jake Smoot’s.” Jake Smoot was a walk-on, 5/7, weighed 140, and could be tackled by any of the coaches’ grandmothers. I was hard to tackle and ran the hundred in 10.6 seconds! Jake Smoot and the coaches could kiss my asbestos! But I wanted to play. So I set out to get stronger and that led to the great embarrassment mentioned before. The bathroom in the dorm on my floor had four urinals and then three stalls. The wall separating the last urinal from the first stall was just the right height for me to chin myself. So I would use the last urinal and then chin myself on that wall. It never occurred to me that anyone would be sitting in there. Until that one day when someone was. Picture him sitting there and my head rising slowly over the wall intruding into the sacred privacy of his privy. “What!” he shrieked in great alarm, “Are you pervert?” “No,” I rasped; “I’m getting stronger.” “No doubt, “the stranger snorted. “You will need to.”

rca 26in xl100 color console TV sits on floor, w/built in cabinet, remote, excellent condition, $50 firm, 434-549-2272

snap on toolbox $550 OBO, call 434334-8386

by Bernie Leigg

original playstation 7 games, 2 controllers, works good, $20, 434-724-9116

fenders after market right and left fenders for Ford 1980-86 F150, $75.00, 434836-1040

ps2 w/2 controllers, 1 memory card, 14 games, $130, 434-728-5006

trailer hitch off 2006 Lexus suv, good condition, 6 bolts, $50 OBO, 434-203-9010

ROCK BAND 360 $75 Adult owned includes wired guitar; drums; mic & game. works PERFECT 434-250-5761

lear fiberglass flat pickup bed cover off 2000 Ford Ranger king cab, $175, fit other models, 336-388-5753

high note phone sprint $150; Samsung Upstage $120, 434-429-7989

Dodge Van Bench Seats. Call for prices & more info. 434-793-1511

brand new xbox 360 2mos old, 4 games, $400 OBO, 434-836-6202

Dodge Van Bench Seats. Call 434793-1511 for prices & more info.

2 sony xplode 12s amplifier & wiring, $200, 434-836-6202

Take off Bumpers for Ford Super Duty and mid 90’s Chevrolet Pickups. Call 434793-1511 for more info

alpine cd player $100, 434-728-2825 Digital TV Converter Box Magnavox, needed for digital transition on June 12th, never used. $35. 434-836-0764 pair of infinity 3way 6x9 speakers, just the speakers only no grills or anything else, $25, 434-728-2897

Auto Parts & Accessories smith davis tire “For All Your Automotive Needs” Tires, Alignments, Oil changes, Brakes, Wheels, State Inspections, Mechanical work, Exhaust. Serving Danville & Surrounding areas for 30 years. 788 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, 434-793-9338

2 tires 265/65 17 ms 3.25 tread left, $35ea, 336-234-7380 Wanted: REASONABLY priced b16, b18, or b20 Vtec dohc complete motor that fits 91 LS integra transmission. leave message 434-792-2575 Set of 20 inch chrome rims and new tires A1 condition, $1000 OBO 434-203-1891 350 engine, 305 engine, 2-350 heads, all for $100, Call 434-334-6255 set of stock chrome wheels for a late 90’s model SS Camaro, $150. Call 434334-6255 Tow dolly to pull cars, asking $250.00. Call 434-836-4246

Buick 455 Seized up, needs to be rebuilt, asking $100, will trade for running 350 call anytime 434-250-6584

31-10.50-15 tires/wheels Continental tires excellent tread mounted on aluminum wheels fit Ford F150 / Bronco up to 1996, $365.00, 434-724-1844

65 EL CAMINO top bed chrome, call 434228-3759

8ft. camper shell great condition, silver, $225.00, 434-685-3081

2004 f150 wheels & tires 17in wheels, brand new Goodyear Wrangler tires, $350 firm, 434-429-0148

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Steve Padgett’S danville Honda “HOME OF THE $5,000 TEST DRIVE” 4050 Riverside Drive, Danville, VA 24541

434-793-7901 • 1-800-MYHONDA

e Lifetimain tr Power ar ranty! ! dW Limite EW Hondas N ll A n O rs a e Y ited Unlim limited Un Miles!

Doug Felici

Honda Sales And Leasing Consultant

Ask For Doug & Tell Him You Saw This Ad & Receive A FREE Gift!

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2003 Honda Accord

V6 Engine, 4 Dr., Auto., Loaded, Local Trade, One Owner!

10,488 Stock # 1387A


2 flowmasters $50, call 434-549-6902 Bed liner 98 Nissan Frontier 6 ft. bed liner $100 call after 6pm 434-836-0032 Truck tool box chrome diamond-plate chest style tool box, sits in bed, great condition $150 434-836-1061 1973-76 mopar a body cars & parts, call for needs mornings good 434-927-4131 dodge pickup parts full size & Dakotas, 2wd & 4wd, all kinds, very reasonable, 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 1996ñ99 dodge stratus parts hood, trunks, motors & so many more, all parts in very good shape, 434-203-5179 4 factory for 1973 ford f100 black rims $75 for all, 276-732-9986 leave message

1991 jeep Cherokee Laredo white, 4dr, 4wd, $1200, call Kirk 434-822-0216

steering collum complete with key for 1985 dodge ram 50 truck $50.00 434822-6274

2002 Chevy Trailblazer 4X4 6-Cyl, loaded,100500, $6700.00 434-548-1069

4-14 inch rims, 4 lug From a ford. Asking $25. 434-441-6576 or 434-724-5095 22” Rims and tires Excellent condition, black and chrome, 5 lug $750 434-470-0766 transmission for chev S10 4x4, Complete Automatic transmission, 30,000 miles, excellent condition $125, 434-4416576 or 434-724-5095

(2)10in bullet hole chrome rims, that fit 1973 Ford F100, $50, 276-732-9986 leave message

super swamper boggers 35x16.50x16 2 like new 2 half tread will sell for $450 OBO or trade mrhondacivicsi@ 336-613-2653

4 goodyear tires P185/65/R14, $40, 434-822-1483

1 4spd trans 65 model $250; (2) 3spd trans for Ford cars $100, 434-250-3454

Gray 2wd toyota bench seat comes with new upholstery to be put on it. fits 8395 trucks. $100.00 434-429-1968

set of 4 corvette rims 1998, $475, 434-799-0175

rims for sale 17 inch chrome w/ tires nice but missing two center pieces $175 434-728-0029

2008 Ford Escape XLT Stk# N48606P

or $255/mo

or $273/mo

2005 Chevrolet Silverado Ext Cab Stk# 48607P $15,705or $276/mo

2004 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 Stk# 48593B

2006 GMC Canyon Crewcab 4x4 Stk# 48619P $17,898 or $314/mo

2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS Stk# H48623P $12,029 or $211/mo

2006 Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 Stk# N48642P $11,987or$210/mo

2007 Saturn Ion Cpe Stk# N48645P

2007 Buick Ranier CXL Stk# 48646P

or $171/mo

or $350/mo

2008 Chevy Equinox LT Stk# 48647P

2008 Chevy Malibu LT Stk# 48654P

or $281/mo

or $228/mo


1994 mustang body for sale (no motor no tranny) $1200 OBO. call 434-334-6416

1984 jeep wagoneer parts For sale or scrap price $300.00 434-822-6274

2006 Chrysler 300 Touring Stk# N48604P

1995 gmc jimmy 4wd, ac, AM/ FM/CD, AT w/overdrive, Book value $1950, high mileage, runs & looks good, $1300 OBO, 434822-8351



1988 Toyota 4-Runner Good running motor and transmission, great interior, super clean, automatic, cloth interior and much more. Call 434-401-7910



buick 455 motor out of 1975 Buick Electra, high performance cam, already pulled down, $500 OBO, 434-334-4579 13in steering wheel 727, in box, beautiful mahogany, can see picture at price $131.95, asking $100, 434-878-3425

Auto SUVs



2006 Mercedes Benz R350 4Matic Stk# N48659P $24,953 or $438/mo

2001 chevrolet tahoe green, loaded! Nice. VADLR call 434-791-4000 1998 chrysler concorde Nice running 4dr sedan. Automatic, Leather, Sunroof and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1000dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1998 ford explorer 4x4 Super clean and nice running SUV. Automatic, Leather, Sunroof and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1998 chevrolet blazer Super nice 2dr SUV. Automatic, CD, 4x4 and a whole lot more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 biweekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1997 Ford Explorer XLT Fully Loaded, A/C, Cruise, 4WD, Sun Roof, Great shape. $2995. 434-792-6835

2006 Nissan Murano 2008 Hyundai Tucson SE Stk# H48661P SE Stk# N48664P

2008 Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 Stk# N48665P




2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS 4x4 Stk# 48666P

2008 Hyundai Sonata GLS Stk# H48670P

or $223/mo

or $242/mo

2008 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Stk# H81487A $20,955 or $368/mo

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Stk# N48681P $16,801 or $295/mo

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Stk# N48682P $11,991or$211/mo

or $315/mo


or $253/mo


or $315/mo

2004 GMC Yukon Denali 77k miles, like new, very clean, loaded, $20,000. Call 336234-9420 for more details. 1986 k5 blazer looks good, runs great, 35in tires, cool rims, k&n, flow master, much more, $2000 OBO, 434-203-8005 2004 expedition eddie bauer 4x4, 50k, loaded, garage kept, white, $16,995, 434-489-1665

2008 Lexus ES350 w/Nav Stk# N48675P

$31,925 or $560/mo

1995 Jeep Cherokee 2dr 4x4 150K on motor. 4in lift 31x10.50 BFG all terrains. 2 sets of wheels, $3000.00, 434-251-2946

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 214,000 miles, good condition, needs some work, leather, towing, value $2900, asking $2000, 434-203-1507 1998 Dodge durango V8 5.9 liter, 360, third row seating, good tires, 110,000 miles $3800 OBO 434-334-7970

2006 Dodge Stratus SXT Stk# N48684P


or $165/mo

2007 Toyota Camry 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis LS SE Stk# 90230A Stk# N48687P $15,978 $14,985 or $263/mo or $281/mo

2001 Ford Explorer Sport automatic, power windows and doors, 135,000 miles, good condition $3500. 434-5485941 1995 Jeep Wrangler blue, 4cyl, 5-speed, soft top, bikini top and cover included. $3,995 Please call 434-429-1581 1998 jeep wrangler 75k, good condition, $7750, red, soft top, 434-548-8206

132 Union Street Bridge Road • Danville, VA We will buy and remove junk vehicles 434-799-5384 203-1963 Toll Free 1-888-204-2129 (local)

Sale Ends June 13, 2009

*All Prices, Plus Tax, Title, Tags and $299.00 Processing Fee. Payments Are For 72 Months @7.99% With Approved Credit.

Page 8 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009 CRANE TIRE CO.






Includes 1 Lb. R134 Dye & Labor (Most Vehicles)

Must Present Coupon • Expires 6-14-09 PS

$10 OFF

Must Present Coupon • Expires 6-14-09 PS COUPON

$10 OFF


Must Present Coupon • Expires 6-14-09 PS

“We Want Your Tire & Automotive Business” EnvironmEntal & shop fEEs $3-$5 addEd to most invoicEs

2605 Riverside Drive • Danville, VA 24540 Office 434-792-3066 • Fax 434-792-3071

Open Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm • Sat. 7:30 am-12:00 noon Free Shuttle Service within city limits.

2001 chevrolet tracker Hard Top, Stk# N48594B, $8,991 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1998 ford explorer Silver/ blue, 137,000 miles, fully loaded, great shape and runs great. Asking $2700, 276-673-7608 x ID 2800530 1998 grand Cherokee classic AT, air, 4wd, 6cyl, total power, new motor, $3200, 434-549-1001 2003 chevolet tahoe 100k miles loaded with every option and new mich. Tires. Vehicle is in good condition $11,500. OBO. 434-489-6938 1996 s10 blazer 4wd, 4dr, good condition, call after 4:30pm 434-432-9122, 434251-9288 1989 S-10 Blazer all power excellent condition $2250 336-627-4287 1998 JEEP WRANGLER SE 4cyl, 5 speed, white with tan int., new tires & top, great cond. 119k $8200 OBO 434-836-6180 1988 suburban 4x4 4in lift w/36in super swampers, new hi performance parts, new inspection, slamming stereo, runs excellent! A steal at $3000, 276-806-3119 1979 bronco 4wd 400, 4 barrel, AT, $1000, too many extra parts to list, 434250-3454

2007 mercury mariner Convenience, Stk# N90707A, $14,995. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2008 acura rdx base Stk# N48742P, $28,595. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 mercury mountaineer base Stk# N48740P, $21,911. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2007 lincoln navigator Ultimate, Stk# H90400A, $35,993. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2002 mazda tribute Stk# N90981A, $7,731. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2006 ford escape xlt Stk# M90420A, $12,584. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2006 cadillac escalade esv Stk# 90687A, $24,956. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 chevrolet trailblazer ext LS, Stk# N48663A, $13,853. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

1973 dodge pickup call for price 434836-1997 2002 Dodge Dakota 6cyl, 5spd, manual transmission, midnight blue, 110k, great condition, $6500 OBO, 336-694-6277

Ricky Carter

T/A Wayne’s Used Cars

10056 US Hwy 29 North - Blairs, VA


b2300 mazda pickup 5spd, $6200, 434799-9633 1989 ford ranger 4x4, ext cab, AT, locking hubs, 2.9, cc, tilt, $2500 OBO, 434251-8372



Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper 1998 ford f150 ext cab, great work truck, good condition, runs great, $3000, 434836-6202

2006 nissan murano se Stk# N90570P, $19,821 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2004 bmw x5 3.0i Stk# 90406C, $21,940 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2003 gmc yukon xl sle 1500 Stk# 90693B, $14,114 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2007 chrysler aspen unlimited Stk# N48720P, $21,409 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 cadillac srx v6 Stk# 48715P, $17,921 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

Auto Trucks 1995 Chevy S10 Ext Cab Short Bed, Burgundy. VADLR call 434-791-4000 1997 chevrolet 1500 pickup super clean and runs great. Automatic, V6, Bed cover and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1978 int dump single axle, 345 motor, runs excellent, body works like new, $3495, must sell, call 434-548-3381

1990 toyota ext cab, V6, AT, needs transmission, 434-432-1324, 434-250-4686 1984 ford ranger xl 4cyl, 5spd, long bed, chrome rails, bedliner, seat & headliner redone, runs good, needs tires, 118k, $1600, 434-656-3700 2003 dodge Dakota 3.9 liter, ac, am/fm/ cassette, 5spd, 43k, $5000, 434-688-3148 leave message 1958 chevy pickup truck call 434728-2960 1988 chevrolet 454 rollback good condition, $7500, 434-251-2540 late 70s model ford 250 utility truck, needs minor repairs, $600, 434-251-2540

Auto Vans

1993 Nissan 4x4 V6 Extended Cab, White, Auto, Bed Liner, PS, PB, A/C, good condition. 195k miles, $2,900 434-7972029

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan Silver, All Options. VADLR call 434-791-4000

1998 s10 zr2 fl, pw, ext cab, motor needs work, $2000, call 336-514-1813

2002 dodge grand caravan Super clean 4dr minivan. Automatic, AC, power windows, CD, Rear AC, and more. INHOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

Chevy S-10 needs motor, been setup for a v8, has fiber glass hood w/4in cow induction. for $1,500 434-324-7185 1990 Chevy Silverodo SB 4X4 1 owner, reg cab, automatic, Ac, 350 motor, 200,000+miles, black, runs & looks good $3,200 NEGO 434-489-4232 1989 Freightliner, 300 CAT motor w/25 Ton Rogers Trailer. $10,000, call 336234-8445 1980 Ford 9000, new paint, new dump bed, $14,000.00, call 336-234-8445 1988 international dump truck single axle dump truck, with only 90,000 miles, in excellent condition. $4,800, call 276-632-5657

1988 chevrolet 4x4 s10 This truck runs and drives excellent. The 4x4 works great. 5spd manual trans and 2.8 V6. CD player, $1500, call 276-806-3520 or 276-650-8639 2005 chevy Silverado 1500 pickup, 8ft bed, w/cover, 72k, $8500, 434-822-5000

dump truck International, single axle, new front tires, good rear tires, clean & in good, running condition, 345 V8, call 434579-4247

1990 chevy Silverado short bed, black, 1 owner, looks good, runs good, 200k, $3200 negotiable, 434-489-4232

2001 freightliner fl70 24ft body new, $1400, good condition, 434-489-1225 1996 kenworth t2000 Detroit engine w/ deluxe cab, call 434-797-1261 2006 toyota Tacoma 4dr, $16,500, 434-250-6006 1988 mazda b2200 full extended cab, great body, great interior, needs engine, $1000 really rare truck, must sell, 434-2501020 1990 mazda b2200 runs good, needs motor work, $700 OBO, 434-709-7724 1993 Toyota ExtCab 4x4 V6, twin lines and runs good asking $3000 434-334-7383 2005 CHEVY TRUCK GMC1500 White, well-maintained. About 60,000 miles. Asking less than payoff- $11,000. Call for more info. Thanks. 336-327-0442 1978 Chevy P/U, has some rust, runs good, comes with 1976 Chevy pickup for parts. $800 for both. Call 434-334-6255 2003 Ford Lariet 4X4 off road package, New Reese hitch, 32,000 miles, red and silver, Leather interior, well kept. 434-822-7608 1988 Chevy tow truck car carrier style $3000; 1970 Cadillac, 472 big block, sitting on 20’s show quality, $7500, 434-579-2568 1994 dodge ram 1500 4wd, 318 engine, long bed, gooseneck bed, 156k, $5000 336-514-8631

2008 nissan frontier se Stk# 90406B, $18,975 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

1984 ford f-150 4x4 351W. Driven daily, 2nd owner, new bridgestone tires. Runs excellent. $1000.00 434-792-2207 after 6pm

1998 GMC Sonoma (S10) 4 cyl. 5 spd., a/c, GC, 118k $3295.00 now $2995.00 Extreme Autos, VADLR CALL 434-799-3211

1983 ford pickup 63k original miles, call for price 336-388-1820, 434-251-7520 1991 Chevy S-10 P/U AT. 4.3L Std. Cab $800. Call 434-836-0005 2004 f250 diesel ext cab, long bed, silver, FX4 pkg, $21,000, like new condition, 88k, 276-638-3161, 276-806-8052 1997 ford f350 4dr, crew cab, long bed, solid red, 7.3 power stroke diesel, AT, ps, good condition, $8000, 434-770-4838 1999 international conv. cab, twin screw tractor, 38in single bunk sleeper, 430 Detroit engine, 10spd, trans, ac. ps, cc, $9000, 434-770-4838 1983 toyota pickup needs fuel pump, $1500 + $35 to fix or best offer to buy, 434724-6522, 434-250-0284 1989 Toyota Truck EXt Cab 4x4 Darkblue 4in. Suspension brandnew tires, wheels, and radio exc.cond $5300 434251-5275 1978 chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 great work truck 4 speed with granny gear good on gas $1200.00 434-728-5519 2004 Chevrolet 5500 Duramax Diesel, 24 Passenger (2 Wheelchairs) BUS. 63,000 Miles, fully loaded, great condition, $35,000 One-owner. Call Chris Wright 434836-3272 Ext 1304 1988 isuzu pickup $1200.00 OBO or will consider trade Call 434-250-6709 85 GMC Sierra classic, PS, PW, PL, 350 ENGINE, $3000, 434-251-0513 1989 Silverado Ext Cab 4x4 New motor new trans white/ blue int $3200 call 434-441-0400 1972 Chevy Pick-up long bed. 84,000 actual miles, asking $2500. 434-836-5840

1970 PLymouth 340 DuSter Competition Orange, Black Interior, AT, PS, Air, Black Stripe! $12,500

2001 Chevy Camaro SS Black On Black, Chrome Wheels, T-Tops, 94K Miles! Call For Price!

1972 DoDge Dart Swinger Blue, Black Interior, 318, AT, PS, Air, $9,500

2002 Chevy traCker Lt Champagne, AT, 4x4, CD Player, Loaded! $7,995

2000 BuiCk Century CuStom Champagne, One Owner, Alloy Wheels, 60K Miles only $5,995

2000 vw PaSSat Black, 5 Speed, V6, Extra Clean, 40 Plus Miles Per Gal., $4,995

2004 chevrolet silverado 1500 Stk# 90459A, $18,966. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1994 chevy Silverado 3.25 ton pickup, loaded, high miles, good shape, new tires, $2995 OBO, 434-822-0683, 434-334-2454

1977 ford pickup xlt ranger completely original, perfect chrome, $4000, 434-797-4591

1997 freightliner fl70 24ft body, new, good condition, $9000, 434-489-1225

2006 toyota tacoma base Stk# 90583A, $21,626. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

1994 Ford Ranger very good condition AM/ FM/ Cass PS/ PB sliding rear window, 73K miles, one owner, asking $2000.00 OBO 434-432-2722

2000 Ford Ranger 2000 Ford Green Ranger with Black bedliner. Looks and run good. $2795. Call 336-388-0536

F250 Crew Cab Diesel 2005 Lariat short bed. Good Condition. 60K miles, $25,000, 434-724-9036

2008 chevrolet siverado 1500 LT, Stk# 48746P, $26,837. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

96 ford windstar green good running condition, AT, AC front and rear, Power wnd and dl, cruise 434-836-4838 1985 Dodge Van needs work and 1985 Ford needs battery and master cylinder both for $500.00. Call 434-797-5610 or 434-251-4196. 2006 mercury montery van 49k, loaded, $14,000.00, 434-822-6436 1971 VW bus 2.8 Chevy engine, conversion kit, Auto transmission, AC, GREAT project, MUST SELL, $1500, 434-728-3887 or after 6PM 434-799-0533 2000 Ford Windstar SE low mileage, all power, new tires & sticker, 434-792-1759 1998 plymouth grand voyager ac/ ps/ pb/ cd, alarm system, good sticker, good paint, runs great, $3000, 434-728-1892

1999 ford windstar very clean, excellent condition, rebuilt engine, 434-4298436 1987 Dodge van, 119,000 orig. miles, runs good $1200. call 434-799-0569

2007 dodge caravan sxt Stk# N48725P, $15,107 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2007 chrysler town & country Touring, Stk# N48724P, $16,959 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 chevrolet uplander ls 7 passenger, Stk# 48718P, $14,976 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

Auto Cars 1999 Mercedes Benz SLK 230 Roadster Hard Top Convertible, 93,000 miles. Excellent condition. $8995.00 OBO. 434685-7137 or 804-450-5160

2008 Chevy Cobalt Blue, Loaded, Good on Gas VADLR Call 434-791-4000 2003 Pontiac bonneville Loaded, bronze color, rear spoiler, 103,000 miles. $4675 OBO, 336-580-2324 or 336-5803285 2003 Pontiac bonneville Loaded, Taupe or bronze color, rear spoiler, 103,000 miles. $4675 OBO, 336-580-2324 or 336580-3285 1983 hurst olds cutlass 3 lightning shifter rods 95,000 miles one of 3,000 made looks and runs good 434-942-3532 04 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Sedan Burgundy, Heated Leather Seats, Sunroof, 92k Miles, Tinted Windows, XM-Radio, Warranty, $12,500. 434-250-1319

1994 lexus ls 400 Champagne, All Options! VADLR call 434-791-4000 1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Nice running sedan for a run around car. Great gas mileage. Automatic, Ac, and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. Only $500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

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never pay retail again! 1304 Piney Forest Rd • across from Arby's •

BECK & BELL PAVING Specializing In Driveways, Parking Lots, Subdivisions, and Asphalt Repairs

Contact ERIC BECK To Schedule A FREE Professional Estimate VA 1-434-251-5857 • NC 1-336-669-6146


2006 Dodge ram Crew Cab ....$15,890 List: $17,995, Automative, Loaded, 33K Miles

2007 toyota Camry le ..........$14,870

2006 Mitsubishi galant ............$7,630

List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, Loaded!

2001 JETTA TDI Rare, Black/Beige interior, 148K, all options, 42 mpg, $6,800, call after 8pm 434-685-7352

1972 Chevy Nova, street car, very nice car. $6,500, 434-579-2568

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL Leather, spoiler, sunroof, woodgrain interior, 57,000 miles. If interested call 336-562-8475 (home) or 336-214-5355 (cell) 1998 Subaru Outback Good condition, 155,000 miles. Located in Boone, NC - can easily transport to Danville area. $4400. 434-724-4382 2005 VW Jetta. 52,000 miles. Blue with gray interior. One owner. Heated seats, sunroof, 6 cd changer. Great condition. Excellent gas mileage. $11,000 (neg). 434470-5362

VA-Carolina Auto Auction 2331 Goodyear Blvd, Danville. Wholesale to everybody. 7pm Friday, call 434797-5165

1956 dodge custom royal runs great, needs paint, must see, price negotiable, 434-822-6892 2001 ford escort se 96k, $2800, good running condition, call 276-618-1469

2006 Mazda tribute 4x4 .............$9,650

2007 Dodge Charger Se ........$11,860

2004 Chevrolet Malibu............ $7,450

2006 nissan altima 2.5 S ..... $11,540

2005 Chrysler Sebring............ $7,340

2007 Chrysler 300 ..................$11,490

2005 Ford Focus ZX5 ............. $6,990

2005 Dodge ram 1500.............$8,670

2007 Mercury Montego......... $10,450

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee ....$8,230

2006 Kia amanti .................... $10,340

*Prices exclude Tax, Tags, & Processing Fee.

2007 Mazda 3 Sedan ............... $9,860

List: $11,995, Automatic, Lots of Extras!

2004 Chrysler Pacifica Towing ...$8,970 List: $10,995, Automatic, Leather, CD

2007 Ford Freestar Minivan ....$8,960 List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, Clean!

List: $10,995, Automatic, Great Work Truck

List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, 4x4

1995 eagle talon At, pw, new brakes, runs great, needs a hood. $1500.00 OBO call 434-728-3841

1996 Olds Ciera 4DR, Automatic, Air, All Power, Only 71K Miles. NICE! $2995 VADLR 434822-2802

1987 Ford tempo. Automatic, Cruise Control, and AC. Good Running car. $750.00 Contact Red @ 434-473-1798

2000 Ford Mustang, 122k miles, auto, fully loaded, new tires,1000 down & assume loan 434-203-5552

VOLVO TURBO 2001 Navy blue, 2001 wagon V70, clean, 99,000 miles, ask $6,500, 434770-2488 chevy lumina 4 door, v6, automatic, a/c, runs great, $800.00 OBO, call EJ 276-9562925 2005 Acura TL Low miles, fully loaded, new tires, call for more details & price 434441-0610 1995 Toyota Camry Coupe LE, V6 coupe, 120,800 miles, green, very nice car, $4,200 firm, 336-562-5061 2001 monte carlo sl dark blue, extra loaded, excellent condition, 83k, 434-4298436 1997 hyundai runs great, good work car, completely reliable, $700 OBO, 434-6851639 1991 Beretta $800. Good around town car. 5 speed. Cash only. 336-272-1957 2002 chrysler Sebring Conv. Limited. Fully equipped including leather, chrome wheels and ONLY 31k miles!! Call 434-793-1511 VaDlr 1993 Lexus GS300 New tires; New brakes; New struts; leather interior; clean; $2800 OBO. 434-792-4431 HYUNDAI SONATA 1997 Hyundai sonata must sale. Transmission is slipping and needs a radaitor. asking $800 OBO. for parts...434-476-7371 1996 Chrysler Sebring, new paint job, less than 68,000 miles $4,000 OBO 434-203-1891

List: $9,995, Rear Entertainment System

2002 dodge intrepid se 140k, Newer motor, Runs good, Transmission acts up but drivable needs tires, asking $1400 434250-6584 2001 Mercury sable auto, V6 great condition call 434-797-4800 ask for sherry between 8am-5pm. 2008 honda civic lx 2dr, AT, 6900 miles, excellent condition, adult driven, like new, $14,800, 434-432-4389

1999 VW New Style Jetta, Silver with black interior, good condition, well maintained 4 cyl, auto, 114,000 miles, $4,500 434489-1130 2002 Lincoln continental fully loaded, 434-489-4147

1994 Volvo 960 Station wagon 7 passenger, well maintain, 180k miles, white, only $1995.00 Extreme Autos, call 434-799-3211

List: $12,995, Automatic., Leather, CD

List: $12,995, Leather, Sunroof, Loaded!

List: $11,995, Low Miles, 5 Spd., Great Gas Mileage

List: $11,995, Clean, Automatic, CD

1999 Honda accord 18in Chrome wheels/ new tires, pw, pl, auto, 4cyl, new paint, 102k miles, great condition, $6800.00, 434-250-7273

240sx hatchback 2dr in running condition, engine & transmission in good condiiton, needs minor cosmetic work, $600, 434-489-7841

2005 Toyota Camry LE White, 4 door, 60,600 miles, excellent condition. GREAT GAS MILEAGE, $11,000, 434-203-4995

2dr 1953 Chevy sedan, original, 6cyl motor, $3500 OBO, 434-822-6892

1991 Honda Civic DX Hatchback 227K, 2 owner, 5spd, A/ C, great on gas. adult driven, always serviced, $2000 FIRM, 434-429-9711

2002 Dodge Intrepid. One owner and in excellent condition. 76000 miles. $3995.00. 434-432-9502 1969 ford fairlane 354 stroker built motor, great condition, must see, $6000.00 OBO, 434-770-7721 1999 oldsmobile ls supercharged V6 runs good looks good, asking $1500 OBO 434-797-1129

1996 honda prelude Automatic, black on black, new paint, sunroof, power windows/doors, 176k, great condition & runs, like new. Asking $4500, 276-673-7608 x ID 2800539 2001 buick lesabre limited 3800 engine, 1 owner, white, w/leather, 120k, new tires, $4900 OBO, 434-728-3755 1987 chrysler 5th ave mint condition, all power, 69k original miles, dark blue leather interior, taking best offer, 434-7912259 1988 buick skylark burgundy, runs great, $500, 434-728-6029 1994 mazda 929 plum colored, 4dr, $500, 434-799-2643, 434-228-1872

1997 mazda miata 5spd, a/c, only 62k actual miles, clean, $5800, VADLR 434429-9737

1965 ford fastback galaxy 500, hardtop completely restored, 434-836-0317 2007 Mazda 3 I Touring 35MPG 5-Speed New Tires 41,000 Miles AM/FM/CD Cruise $12,500 336-234-9557 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34 Excellent body, interior good car. Needs head gasket. $800 or best offer 434-799-0569

List: $8,995, Factory Warranty, 30 MPG

List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Low Miles!

List: $8,995, Automatic, Leather, Sunroof List: $9,995, Automatic, Lot Of Extras!

Sale Price reFlecTS caSh Sale. Financing available.

1998 mercury Grande marquis PS, A/C, PW, leather interior, 4.6l V8, Good Condition. 434-822-8248

2007 Dodge Charger Good Condition, Silver Must Sell $12,000. Call 434-470-0766

1987 white ford thunderbird V6, good body, new tires, good transmission, needs motor, $300, 336-388-9258

2004 Chrysler Sebring convt Touring Edition, car fax, looks great, 121k miles, only $4595.00. Extreme Autos, VDLR, Call 434-799-3211

List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, 54K Miles

350Z Nissan 2004; one owner; 10,000 miles; garage kept; 6 speed manual; silver;$16,900; after 7pm 434-791-2834

1990 PLYMOuTH 4-DOOR, 87,000 MILES, GOOD TIRES, $500.00. CALL AFTER 6PM 434-724-7552

11995 Dodge Intrepid ES auto, 112k miles, leather interior, $1495.00 VADLR Extreme Autos call 434-799-3211

List: $13,995, Automatic., Air, PW & More

HONDA DEL SOL SI, V-TEC, 1995 Auto transmission, AC, Top removes, excellent condion, rims, kuhmos, extras, 159000 mi, $5200 434-836-5810

1999 Cadillac Deville Pearl White, 4dr, 108k, Power everything, Moon Roof, Alum Alloy Wheels. Asking $3000 OBO, 434-632-6571

2001 BMW 325CI convertible convertible auto, one owner, car fax, 171k miles now asking $8995.00. Extreme Autos 434799-3211

List: $13,995, 3.5L V6, Automatic, Black

1999 VW Beetle-red 5spd, AC, EW, 136k miles, great shape, $4695.00 Extreme Autos, VDLR, Call 434-799-3211

2000 VW Jetta VR6, white, tan leather, sun roof, At, 3500 OBO, 434-203-7320 or at 434-724-2776

1969 Pontiac firebird 455 AT, $4500, VADLR 434-429-9737

List: $13,995, Leather, CD, Loaded, V6

2005 Dodge Caravan ...............$6,860 2006 Ford Fusion Se ...............$9,860

1995 Mitsubishi eclipse AT, $2500 firm, 84k, 434-489-2834, 434-548-1499

2007 LT cobalt White, 2 door, power windows and doors automatic $14,500 one owner 19,768 miles 434-420-1433

List: $9,995, Automatic, Sunroof, Clean!

2007 Saturn aura Xr .............$11,970

List: $12,995, 4x4, X-Cab, 5 Spd., V6

1981 z28 camaro t-tops good condition, needs paint, new rally wheels & tires & headers, 434-836-1819, 434-728-6555

2004 Saturn Ion, Sedan, silver, 30 MPG, 67M miles, great condition, $7300 OBO, 434-489-1099 x ID 2798787

List: $10,995, LS, V6, Automatic

2005 Chev Colorodo Z-85 ........$10,460

1991 Chevrolet RS Camaro 5.0 V8 New paint, Int. needs work. Must Sell! $2900 call 434-441-0386

2001 kia rio 116k, runs great, new tires, $1995, call 434-793-8452

List: $16,995, Automatic, V6

2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx ...$8,175

2007 Suzuki Forenza ...............$7,280

2004 hyundai xg350 Nice running 4dr luxury sedan. Automatic, Leather, Cass/ CD, and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

1998 Chevy Monte Carlo automatic, AC, CD, great condition, excellent interior. $3400 OBO, 434-724-6534

List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras!

2007 Ford 500 Sel aWD .........$8,360

2006 Saturn vue aWD .............$10,670

List: $8,995, SXT, Stow-In Go Seats

1996 chevy corvette In excellent condition, with new engine, 3yr/100k warranty, new Michelin tires, asking $10,995, 434-799-2503

2007 Chrysler pt Cruiser ........$8,465

List: $12,995, Automatic, Clean!

1996 Mustang GT Convertible Needs TLC, green w/ tan leather, 135K, auto, 2 owner, $2500 FIRM 434-429-9711

1992 Plymouth Acclaim Front end damage, Good for Repair or Parts, Runs great, White, $450.00, 434-250-1859

List: $10,995, Automatic, CD, Alloys

List: $9,995, Leather, CD, Clean!

2005 Chevrolet Uplander ..........$7,950

1993 Mercury Topaz wrecked front bumper and driver side. Runs good, for parts or fix and drive. $500. Call 434-3346255

Summer ClearanCe all CarS reduCed

2006 pontiac grand prix .........$8,940

FinanCing From 5.75%

gas saver 2000 ford focus four door sedan runs good needs minor work call for details 434-549-3131

2007 Pontiac Solstice 5,200 miles, manual transmission, silver/ charcoal gray interior, leather seats, loaded, excellent condition, garage kept. 434-250-3421

List: $10,995, Black, Alloys, Must See!

2007 Jeep liberty Sport ..........$10,870

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Very clean 4dr sport sedan. Automatic, V6, Spoiler and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1000dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

CONVERTIBLE, FUN HONDA 1995 Del Sol V-tec SI, auto transmission, AC, power everything, 159,000, $5400, 434-836-5810

2006 Chev impala lS ...............$9,620

1986 mazda b2000 good running gear, A-1 trans for parts, $400, wrecked front end, call after 6pm 434-476-7999

2004 Chevy Classic 1 Owner, 36K Miles!



S & B Motor Co. Since 1945

2331 Riverside Drive, Danville VA


1984 mercedes benz turbo diesel, runs great, $1200, 434-709-7724

Make Plans For Our 6th Annual Kingdom Life Prison Scholarship Biker Run Saturday, June 12 & 13, 2009 MAT. 25: 35-39 “When I Was In Prision You Visited Me.”

Kingdom Life Fellowship Church 110 Exchange St., Danville, VA Behind Woodsons Marathon On Riverside Dr.

Friday Night 7:00 P.M. Biker Praise & Worship Special Singing Speaker – Pat Correlli

John 3:16

Piedmont Chapter Biker Ministry

MAT. 25: 35-39 “When I Was In Prision You Visited Me.”

Saturday Biker Ride To Mebane, NC Indian Pow Wow Ceremony

Saturday Registration Will Begin At 10:00 A.M. Leave 11:00 A.M. • Return 2:00 P.M. $15.00 Driver $5.00 Second Rider 50/50 Drawing • Give Aways • Door Prizes

All Proceeds Will Go To The Kingdom Life Fellowship Association/Prison Ministry Scholarship Program Serving In 19 States And 90 State Prisons

Kingdom Life Bible College & Seminary A Fully Accredited Bible School

Earn Your Associates Degree In Bible Classes Begin June 23rd at 6:30 P.M. Topic: OT Literature 105 – Post-Exilic Period One Time Registration Fee Plus $10 Per Week

1986 monte carlo ss 383 stroker, afr, edlebrock, new tires & interior, ralleys, best of everything must go $4200 OBO. 434335-4144

Distant learning courses currently offered. On-campus classes and Continuing Eduction Credits available. Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs offered.

1990 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 engine, trans & axles, 82,000 orig. miles call 434-7990569

To Register Call 434-334-2963 Building Leaders For God’s Kingdom

1992 Mitsubishi Galant Needs engine, all new belts and above average tires $500 OBO Call 434-429-1219

Kingdom Life Bible College & Seminary Establish 2003 110 Exchange St., Suite C • Danville, VA

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Look no further. I offer a variety of flexible and affordable health insurance options to meet your needs. Call me today for more information.


Terry Blakely CLU chFC, Agent 2944 Franklin Turnpike Danville, VA 24540 Bus: 434-836-8380




2004 pontiac grand prix gt V6, 90k, AT, $7995, 434-709-7724 2001 Chevy Camaro Navy Blue, T-Tops 79,000mi Excellent Condition, V6, automatic $5895.00 434-836-2595 1996 honda civic ex coupe 2dr, custom, very fast, H22A 5spd, $5500 OBO, 434-250-0284, 434-724-6522 1973 plymouth duster 225, 904, HB worn, black, halo roof, 40k, lots of paperwork, super straight body, no rust or damage ever, needs detailing to be show car, $5000, 434-927-4131 1996 honda civic green, w/built H22 5spd, $5000, 434-724-6522, 434-250-0284 1993 buick century 4dr, AT, 1 owner, 78k original miles, $1995, 276-618-1469 1976 Ford Gran Torino 95% Restored 351 Cleveland 15 miles on motor and trans $2,300 434-251-2873 1993 Escort engine problems, best offer, call after 6pm. 434-836-3524 or 434-2038780 1991 Cadillac Seville. New tires & battery. Cold air, sunroof. A must see! $2,650. 434-334-9948. 2002 chevy monte carlo white, w/ gray interior, V6, pw, pdl, cd, 90k, $5295, 434-250-4530 1977 Chevy Nova 305 Automatic, AC Asking $3,000 or will consider trade on motorcycle Call 434-250-6709 1987 Chevy camaro V6 Automatic $900.00 OBO or will consider trade Call 434-250-6709 1976 ford mercury cougar XR7 302 Automatic, Magnum 500 $4000.00 or will consider trade on motorcycle Call 434250-6709 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Sedan 4-DR. Runs good. Looks good. $2200. 434799-9039 2007 BMW Z4 Dk. Green, leather tan interior, convertible, 8000 miles, excellent condition; $31,000. 336-388-4064 2001 Toyoat Corolla Champagne, AT, Loaded, Low miles $9500 434-728-2258 1989 camaro runs good, needs a fan that is all and a little tlc, very good car, asking $800 OBO, after 7pm 434-728-2369, 276806-9451 1994 Chevy impala ss interior badly burned, outside in good shape, LT1 motor good shape, $1200, 434-334-4579 1994 saturn 4dr sedan, gray, $950, 434836-1639, 434-489-4574 1997 nissan sentra runs good, needs transmission, good parts car, $350 OBO, CJ 434-203-8909 Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency

1995 mercury sable 4dr, very dependable, looks & runs good, $2295 OBO, 434836-4968 1993 xr7 mercury cougar real good running condition, 434-728-5092 1999 ford escort zx2 mint condition, must see, sunroof, pw, ac, 18in rims, factory rims, AT, $3000 OBO, 336-388-5639 1985 cavalier coupe 2dr, $600, 434250-4857 1999 Chrysler Sebring convertible, $6000, call Chris 276-650-1849 2002 kia rio 4dr, 79k, AT, air, $3000 OBO, 434-250-2639 1995 chrysler lebaron gtx V6, convertible, 80k, new tires, new brakes, new inspection, runs great, $3500, Can be seen at Steve Padgett Honda. Call 434251-9374

2007 toyota avalon, Stk# N48745P, $23.898. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2004 nissan maxima 3.5 se Stk# N90487P, $14,931. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company • Bloomington, IL •® P064006


2007 infiniti g35 sport Stk# N48744P, $25,974. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

1999 mazda millenia loaded, good shape, new water pump & timing belt, $2895 OBO, 434-822-0683, 434-334-2454

2009 cadillac cts base isa Stk# 48741P, $31,782. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

KIDS’ STUFF CONSIGNMENT Baby equipment, toys, maternity & children’s clothing. 1083 Piney Forest Road 434-836-1450

2006 cadillac cts base 3.6l Stk# 48743P, $19,469. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

Eddie Baurer Stroller Combo Baby stroller with carseat only used a few times in great condition. $250.00 OBO 336694-3250

2008 pontiac grand prix base Stk# 48738P, $12,967. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2008 pontiac grand prix base Stk# 48739P, $12,945. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 1997 mazda miata Stk# H48735P, $5,992. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 chevrolet impala lt Stk# 48731P, $14,966. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2008 chevrolet impala lt Stk# 48732P, $14,936. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2005 Cadillac CTS base 2.8l Stk# 48733P, $16,950 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2006 nissan maxima 3.5 se Stk# N48730P, $19,905 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2006 chevrolet cobalt ss Stk# 48726P, $12,940 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2002 volkswagen beetle glx 1.8T, Stk# N90980A, $7,985 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

Baby & Childrens Items

Similac Advance 12.9 oz cans. blue top. have 9 cans, will sell for $6 a can. 434685-7041

13 Cans Enfamil Lipil Powder. $70 or $7/can. Baby boy clothes perfect for summer baby great condition. 434-429-0903 little girl dora toddler bed $35; complete Dora bed in a bag, fitted sheet, comforter, pillow case, $15, 434-548-4339 huggies pampers $90, call 434-7912705 baby car seat w/base, very good condition, 434-432-2444 stroller has everything, god condition, 434-432-2444 Baby bed with bed set, infant car seat, bouncer seat, and new bath tub; all for $50.00 434-685-7991 Lots of baby Boy clothing and other items call for sizes and price. Will sell together or sepertely 434-228-1363 Enfamil Next Step Lipil 12 oz.. can, 9-12 months, $5. Call 434-250-9500 Earth’s Best baby food, 6 months & up, 35 jars, $10. Call 434-250-9500 Toddler Beds 4 sale Like new Dora and Diego toddler beds w/mattresses. $50 each or $85 for both 434-770-2461 Complete scoobydoo Bed-in-bag toddler set. Comforter, fitted & flat sheets, pillowcase, 4-rolls border, 3 quarts paint to match. $50.00, 434-709-0457 Stroller & seats Stroller, car & booster seat, vibrating bouncer, jungle mobile, girl clothes 0-24mths. Call after 9am no later than 6pm 276-618-1669 big bag of boy clothes, 12 months & bag of toys, nice, name brand, $50 for both, call 434-203-1519 very nice toddler bed turns to day bed and full size bed, $150 OBO, call 434203-1519 baby bed excellent condition, light oak, real pretty, mattress/box spring, 434-4322444, 434-770-3381 large quantity childs clothes toys etc. 434-836-2611 Jenny Lind crib with comforter set no mattress $100 336-627-1594 Play house, Little tikes playhouse with removable refridgerator. Tan with green top. $75 434-685-7041 colecraft stroller full size, $50, 434-836-9755 Baby & children items clothes, high chair, stroller and more, call for details & price 434-728-4052 Enfamil Gentlease (8) 12 ounces cans, unopened. Exp: Nov 2010. All for $70, or $10/ per can. Call 434-728-4636 Playard that can be used as a bassinet, changing table, and playpen purchased from Target Call 434-797-2816

2007 pontiac g6 gt Stk# 90675A, $16,752 VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

Girls Christening Outfit, 0-3 months, mint condition, comes with bonnet Paid $60, will sell for $20. Call 434-7972816

2003 Toyota Camry SE, Loaded, 6 Disc CD, 1 owner, non-smoker, $8500.00, 434251-8578, 336-388-2568

0-6 mo. boy clothes Over 100 pcs. Lots of name brand, in great condition, no stains or fade. $45 434-549-3515

new crib toddler bed mattress call for price 434-836-6941

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Become a Foster Family!


The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Roof Replacement and Roof Repair at Cedar Terrace and at Cardinal Village (two separate contracts), located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 4:00 p.m. EST on Monday, June 15, 2009, and be publicly opened and read at 4:05 p.m. EST the same day at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. Contracts will be awarded following the June Board of Commissioners Meeting. Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building beginning Monday, May 18, 2009 for the non-refundable fee of $50 made by company check, or at free of charge. No applicant may receive more than (1) set of the Contract Documents. A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 9:00 a.m., on Monday, June 1, 2009. Attendance at the Pre-Bid Conference is not mandatory, although highly recommended. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10.

Recruiting Throughout Virginia

Alliance Offers: • A Competitive Stipend • Support Groups for Parents • Free Training & Skill Development • Access to 24 Hour Professional Support Therapeutic Foster Care • 434-836-7909

May 14, 2009


Employment Help Wanted Drivers: Dedicated Runs with Consistent Freight, Top Pay, Weekly Home-Time & More! Werner Enterprises 888-567-3107 Kenneth Daniel Roofing Experienced Roofers & Helpers Needed! Valid Drivers Lic Perferred. 434-822-0075 or 434-251-1789 ROLLBACK DRIVER NEEDED EXPERIENCED ROLLBACK DRIVER NEEDED, APPLY IN PERSON AT 146 CAROLYN COURT, DANVILLE VA Route sales New start up Ice cream Company is looking for two go getters, Must have Clean Driver Record and know the city. Salary commission only. call between 9.00 am an 10.30 am Monday and Tuesday to set interview. ask for Bob 434-793-4840 Tune & Toler is Hiring labors Experienced in fencing, Garage Door & General Construction a Plus. Apply in person 10432 US Hwy 29 Blairs, Va 24527

Employment Positions Wanted a loving mother has openings in her home daycare. Ages 0-13 years. All shifts. Work with Social Services and accept DSS vouchers. Operates 24 hours 7 days a week. Great rates and great location. Call 434-548-1493 or 434-835-3230 serious inquiries only High School Senior In need of summer work. Will do lawn, garden, farm work, clean cars or more. Call 434-251-3202 would like to sit with elderly Will do light housework. Cook meals, take to appointments. Call Sheila 434-432-8202, 434-728-5306

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 11


We are looking for motivated people who would like to pursue a career in sales. We have several openings between our three stores. We have a training program which will help them learn the sales process. We offer excellent benefits and a great work environment. Now is the time to get on the ground floor of vehicle sales with all the changes in the car industry. The demand for vehicles will increase significantly in the near future. We have been in business for 24 years and always put the customer and employees first. Apply In Person At Woodall Chevrolet Riverside Drive

Page 12 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009

Summer Camp

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Abundant Life Child Care Center 6 Weeks Old To 12 Years

for ages 4–12 years old

June 8th thru Aug. 21st 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Weekly Rate: $105 Activity Fee Included

Daily Educational & Recreational Activities: Movies, Swimming, Skating, Tennis, Bowling, Computer Lab and Much More!!! New 14,000 Sq. Ft. Gym

• Active Learning Environment • ABeka, Curriculum and Christian Living • Safe and Clean Facility • State of the Art Playground • Trained CPR & 1st Aid and Caring Staff • New 14,000 sq. ft. Gymnasium • Pre-K-2 • Pre-K-3 • Pre-K-4

Educational Programs Before And After School Register Now For Summer Camp • “Schools Out” Care

“A Place to Learn, Love and Grow” 955 Mt. Cross Rd. – 1 Mile Past Walmart


A b u nd a nt L i f e • 4 3 4 . 79 9 . 8213

We Fill Swimming Pools


Baby Bed 5 in 1 natural color converter baby bed with mattress great condition.. $75.00 336-971-5536


HEAT SERVICE & A/C, Inc. 792-3750 Turn to the Experts.

Up To $1,200 Rebate On Carrier Infinity Installed System Offer Expires 6-30-2009

Child’s Bike Seat - $20 - Bell Cocoon, like new 434-836-1882 Changing Table Has 1 drawer, 2 shelves and side cabinet good condition $100 434-228-3005


Up To $150.00 Off Any System


Accelerated Weight Loss Program!

Lose 10-20 Lbs. With No Weekly Weigh-Ins/No Membership Fees



(Expires 6/11/09)

Lots of boy clothes shirts, jeans, shorts, size 10/12, $1-$2ea, 434-203-7721



Accelerated Weight Loss Program $ *

Graco Converter Bed Yellow green bed with attachments with carry case... Great condition. $40.00 Can e mail pics 336-971-5536

Body Wraps $ *



(Expires 6/11/09)

CALL 336-635-5703 TODAY!

234 E. Meadow Rd., Eden, NC 27288 (Next To Eden Jewelry)

*Restrictions Apply

outboards by rusty “OPEN FOR SEASON” RepairsParts & Service For Vintage & Modern Outboard Motors & Inboard Mercruisers. 40 Years Experience. Call Rusty @ 434822-7478 Jet Ski 1993 Yahama Jet Ski with trailer. Call 919-306-7805. Jet Ski 1996 Sea-Doo Jet Ski, water ready, $2200.00 with trailer. Call 919-306-7805 2 jet skis on double trailer, $1995 OBO, call 434-822-0267 1989 bass master bass boat 175HP Evinrude, new trolling motor, new tires on trailer, $3000, call 434-203-0366 17ft Glastron, I/O, walk-thru windshield, new wheels, tires, and electronic ignition. Great condition. $3200. Call 434334-6255 1987 glassport 19ft, 7in Cuddy Cabin, Fish finder, recent gelcoat, 140hp-IO, SS Prop, Trailer, $4,000, 434-685-3150 24ft pontoon boat w/trailer, $2500 firm, 434-489-2834, 434-548-1499 14ft aluminum boat Includes trailer, swivel seats, jackets, fish finder, trolling motor. $500.00 OBO. call 434-792-2207 after 6 pm 1998 16ft aluminum Kraft, side console boats, 40HP Evinrude, eagle depth finders, live well, 2 marine batteries, 30lb thrust motor, other extras included, $2850, 276252-8649 2 seadoos on dbl trailer with alu. toolbox both 3 seaters. adult owned always garaged $7500. OBO 434-250-5358

VA PAVING Driveways • Parking Lots • Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

Yamaha Waverunner 1993, 9 ft. JetSki, Shorelander Trailer, & Cover. $1800. Red & White. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785 1991 Sylvan Barritz 188 Sport 18’ Bowrider, great looking boat, possible cracked block, call for more details $2000 OBO 434-656-3360 boats/trolling motor 12 foot fiberglass pond boat, with trolling motor. $200. 434-685-3022 1985 Crestline 20 Ton Tag-A-Long Trailer, $6000, call 336-234-8445 1976 striker bass boat 115HP, $1700 or will trade for 4 wheeler, 434-251-7495 2006 20ft trailcruiser camper trailer, sleeps 4-5, never used, $8900, 434388-2251 Reduced $500 1988 Galaxy 21 1/2 ft, complete rebuilt Mercruiser motor 155hp I/O, 1 live well, new tires on trailer, $4000, 434-835-0021 1994 Kawasaki 750 custom motor, paint, new parts, very fast, lots of fun, test drive, $2000 trade hot tub, 434-489-9981 pedestal for boat seat $35, 434685-3029 12ft inflatable avon boat owned by Danville Life Saving Crew, hand pump included & carrying case, $500, 434-2519251 2005 seedoo 3 seater, fuel injected, 2 stroke, 110hp, w/new trailer, $4500, 434203-1111 Perception Kayak 10’ Perception Corsica for sale. Red. Used but not used up. Includes paddle. $200. 434-941-7750 Perception Kayak 10” Perception Corsica kayak. used but not used up. Red. Includes paddle. $200. 434-941-7750 UNLIMITED BOAT REPAIR Fiberglass, Aluminum, Engine Work, Interior, Electronics & Trailers. 58 East between Danville & South Boston. Call 434-572-7667. If no answer please leave a message Jet Ski (2) Jet Ski storage dollies. Designed for indoor storage. $150.00 each 434-250-8612 16ft pleasure boat 55 hp motor New tires, starter and water pump. $800 OBO 434-432-4246 1991 bayliner 17 1/2ft boat, I/O motor, 2.3 cyl motor, needs some work, w/ trailer, $1200 OBO, 434-709-7724 whitewater wave sport z $300, 434-476-1771 dagger freefall kayak $200, 434476-1771 2005 Triton Flat Bottom Aluminum Boat, W/90 HP 2005 Mercury outboard. ready to fish $10,500 Call 434-822-6410 or 434-203-0476 1 man kayak in excellent condition, new $500, yours for $225, 434-792-3010 1972 pontoon body solid floor, railings & sides, no seats, no motor, $550, 540-5762752

Specializing in Quality Workmanship Free Estimates

52 Danielle Steel books, children books, christian based books! Call for prices! 434-709-5048

Serving Danville & Surrounding Areas

( 434 ) 724-6000

These greens are so fast I have to hold my putter over the ball and hit it with the shadow. ~ Sam Snead A hungry dog hunts best.. ~ Lee Trevino You can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen. ~ Lee Trevino I was three over. One over a house, one over a patio, and one over a swimming pool. ~ George Brett Actually, the only time I ever took out a one-iron was to kill a tarantula. And I took a 7 to do that. ~ Jim Murray The only sure rule in golf is - he who has the fastest cart never has to play the bad lie. ~ Mickey Mantle Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them. ~ Kevin Costner I don't fear death, but I sure don't like those three-footers for par. ~ Chi Chi Rodriguez After all these years, it's still embarrassing for me to play on the American golf tour. Like the time I asked my caddie for a sand wedge and he came back ten minutes later with a ham on rye. ~ Chi Chi Rodriguez The ball retriever is not long enough to get my putter out of the tree. ~ Brian Weis Swing hard in case you hit it. ~ Dan Marino My favorite shots are the practice swing and the conceded putt. The rest can never be mastered. ~ Lord Robertson Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep the clubs and the fresh air. ~ Jack Benny There is no similarity between golf and putting; they are two different games, one played in the air, and the other on the ground. ~ Ben Hogan Professional golf is the only sport where, if you win 20% of the time, you're the best ~ Jack Nicklaus The uglier a man's legs are, the better he plays golf. It's almost a law. ~ H G Wells I never pray on a golf course. Actually, the Lord answers my prayers everywhere except on the course. ~ Billy Graham If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play at it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf. ~ Bob Hope

Books large assortment of books romance, mystery, science fiction, large assortment of Readers Digest books, 25 cents & 50 cents each, 434-793-6758

Over 12 Years Experience

Little Known Golf Quotes

Twilight Series Have all 4 twilight books Stephanie Myer. Great condition. Will sell all for $25.00 Excellent books! 434334-2785 Romance & Mystery/Suspense Hundreds of Historical Romance and Mystery Suspense by Steel, Clark, Patterson, etc. $.25-$1 each. 434-489-7787 paperback goosebump books good condition, $2ea, call 434-724-1218

While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake. ~ Henny Youngman If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball. ~ Jack Lemmon You can make a lot of money in this game. Just ask my exwives. Both of them are so rich that neither of their husbands work. ~ Lee Trevino I'm not saying my golf game went bad, but if I grew tomatoes, they'd come up sliced. ~ Lee Trevino

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Sam & Bear

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 13

Want You To Beat The Heat! Shop Early For Best Selections!

“The Foundation You Can Build On”

Providing Residental, Commercial, & Industrial Concrete Needs In Danville & Surrounding Areas Please call for FREE estimates on your concrete projects.

5,000 to 29,000 BTU

434-799-5818 • FAX 434-799-5846

Installation Available

MAILING – P.O. BOX 10368 • DANVILLE, VA 24543 SHIPPING – 503 Wilkerson Rd., Danville, VA 24540

“We Service What We Sell” DANVILLE APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE 508 Memorial Dr. 799-0797 At Union St. Bridge in Danville Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-5:30 pm • Saturday 9 am-2 pm

Building Supplies Danville Ready Mix, LLC, Call for all your concrete needs. FREE Estimates. 434-799-5818

L & B General Contractors Electrical and Plumbing Specialist. 24 hrs Service. Licensed and Bonded, call 434728-3968 Over 500 94” 2x4 $450 take all 434-5483345 porch Columns Four 5in by 8ft white vinyl porch columns. New in plastic wrap. Sculpted middle. Asking $175.00, 434-6568061 “LOOK” Prefab handrails for deck total 55 ft. most are 4&5 foot sections. Call for more info. $200 OBO 434-429-0589 house window 36x54 complete with outside molding and tripple tract storm window, $60, 434-792-3942 5 Counter tops 12ft long $50 (Firm) for all. 336-388-2203 Boxes of plumbing and electrical supplies, most new, some used. Two matching white bathroom vanity basins. Make an offer. 434-792-1583 good four room frame house to be torn down for good. Usable lumber, call 434-792-3708, 434-489-3707 Large metal awning 10X10 Great for dog pen etc. Asking $25.00 Call 434-8369705 5 Anderson Windows New E-Glass, thermo, tilt, white. R/O 38”X67” Call 434432-0960

36in Exterior Door: Brand New! Prefinished fiberglass LH door unit; w/ single, small vertical glass in the center; Gorgeous! Forest Green. Sells for $800.00, asking $300.00, 434-724-2173 Int/Ext (double) vinyl doors, frame and threshold, w/ panes 80 x 72, 2 sets (white), like new condition $300 each or $500 for both. 336-209-3050 set of glass sliding doors call for price 434-489-9850 1920s solid historic brick came out of Dry Fork Milling Co. Over 70 pallets, 500 per pallet. Very good condition, 434-7281661 available over 40 hard pine timbers, different sizes, 7ft up to 24ft, dating back to 1920s, 434-728-1661

We have a new LOOK and neW hOurs

Economy Tree Trimming Licensed & Proof of Insurance. Best service & best price ALWAYS! Call 434-724-4034 or 434-251-3565 Tony Ray Cook Lawncare Commercial & Residential complete lawn care. Tree work with bucket truck, stump grinding, backhoe service and bobcat work. Free Estimates! Call 434-489-2886 or 434-793-3665 R&D Tree Service, Inc Locally owned & operated for over 25 years. Tree Topping, Take Down, Cable Trees, Stump Grinding and Bucket truck available. Call 434-822-6010

same friendly atmosphere with new friendly faces Breakfast All Day Daily Lunch specials eat In / Carry Out



1817 riverside Drive Danville, Virginia

Mon., Tues., sat., 6 am - 3:30 pm Wed., Thurs., Fri., 6 am - 7:30 pm

CALL ME IF YOU NEED... Light Hauling, Demolition, Basement-Yard Cleaning, Digging; Odd Jobs- Free Est. Call James @ 434-792-6892

Byrds Nest, Inc. Tree Removal Service, bucket truck, storm damage clean-up and brush removal. Family owned & operated. Karle & Jonathan Byrd 434-724-4095 or 434-251-2098 FREE ESTIMATES! Dan River Window Company Save on Heating & Cooling expenses. Free Estimates! Call 434-792-0966

windows & doors installed. Storm Doors, Hang Doors and Vinyl Replacement Windows. Workmanship Guaranteed. Free Estimates, Free Delivery. Call Neal 434-7247856, 434-334-2111 danville decks Decks and Deck Repair, Screened-In Porches and Room Additions. Free Estimates. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and References, Don Nicholson 434-685-1746

Exterior Entry Door Unfinished wood, still in box, similar to picture. Retail $733; asking $350. If after 5PM, please leave msg. 434-836-5321 x ID 2801848

Heartline Restaurant

majestic cleaners Quality cleaning at competitive prices. Located at 796 Piney Forest Rd Danville, 434-791-4311 wyatt’s painting “No Job Too Small or Tall” Interior/Exterior. Pressure Washing. Popcorn Ceilings. Clean/Seal Decks & Driveways. Free Local Estimates. Lowest prices in town! Licensed. References available. Call 434-441-3651 Anthony Wyatt - Owner

Lewis Electric Company Ceiling Fan Installation $35. Service call specialist $35. For all your Electric needs call. Free estimates 434-836-6328 north star property services Commercial, Rental and Residential repairs of all types. Also Lawn Service, Aerating, Seeding, Clean Up, Affordable Prices. Call 434-228-3246

Miracle Home Improvements, Licensed & Insured, Specializing in Additions, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Enclosed Carports, Interior/ Exterior/ Garage Doors, Garages, Decks. FREE ESTIMATES! 434724-2173 D. C. Home Improvements Homes, Mobile Homes, Business Repair & New Construction. Quality Work at Affordable Prices. No jobs to small. Free Estimates. Call 434-334-5087 John C. Stone Hauling We Haul: Rock, Dirt, Mulch, and Sand. Please give us a call for a Free Estimate. Call 434-2517520 or 336-388-1820

Refinishing Hardwood Floors INSTALL HARDWOOD FLOORS. REMODELING BATHROOMS & KITCHENS. CALL 434-250-3298 Burton’s Lawncare Mowing, weed eating, hedges, mulching and some tree work. Will clean gutters too. Reasonable Prices. Call 434-792-1920 or 434-2286708

masonry work Brick - Block - Rock. New House Work. New Garage Build. Repair or takeup & redo old work of All Types. Call 434-822-6881

timber wanted Specialize in harvesting small tracts of valuable timber 1-10 acres. 434713-9367 Toni & Teresa’s lawn service Will do yard work at reasonable rates, can mow, trim, install much anything you need done in your yard. Also power washing houses. 434-822-5303 or 336-508-8148 Piedmont Lawncare Residential Or Commercial Licensed and Insured 434334-2006. E-mail piedmontlawnservice@

Business Services

Don’s Auto Recycling 799-6333

We buy salvage cars. We buy brass, copper, aluminum cans & more.

Supreme Steam Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Rotovac Injection/ Extraction. The Ultimate Cleaning Machine. 4 Rooms for $89, Includes moving small furniture & light Spot Treatment. Scotch Guard Protection. 24 Hour Water/ Fire Damage Service. Pet Treatment & Auto Cleaning. 434-489-2888 Cheapest Rates available On pressure washing, vinyl siding, driveways, decks etc. Experienced in staining & painting. Detail Automobiles & clean gutters. Professional grade landscaping & grass cutting. Best quality & rate on installing laminate flooring. call 434-334-1204 J&K construction home Improvement Specialists; Decks, Remodels, Custom flooring. Call 434-728-1808 clay’s home improvement Quality Work at Low Rates. Roofing, Siding, Painting, Remodeling. Licensed Bonded Insured. All work guaranteed. Call Billy 434728-6148 AFFORDABLE LIFE & BURIAL INSURANCE. Call 434-799-1395

DISCOUNT LAWNCARE Every 5th cut gets 25% discount. Call after 4pm 434-251-6407, 434251-6451 dietz flooring Flooring Installation and Repairs. FREE ESTIMATES. Quality work at low rates, 14 years experience. Call us today 434-710-0565

will clean out attics and basements for free, if allowed to keep the proceeds. Also clean out foreclosed homes, call 434797-3443 Pressure Washing, Seal or stain decks, basic home maintenence, tilling & garden maintenence. Derrick & Chris 434770-2612


Lovely Lady Lingerie

2363 South Boston Hwy, Suite 2 (Directly across from Ringgold Flea Market) Adult Novelties • Lingerie • Cards • Gag-Gifts • Lotions


Tuesday thru Friday 11-6 Sat. 10-5

SPICE UP YOUR LOVE LIFE with herbal pills, creams,

gels and drinks from Lovely Lady Lingerie. Everything you need to put the zing back in your relationship. Exotic lingerie, games, Lingerie from body paints, edible warming lotions and battery operated toys, Shirley of Hollywood bachelor & bachelorette party supplies.

dodson concrete services We do driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors and slabs. We also do stamp decorative concrete. In business for over 15 years. For a free estimate call 276-806-3520 or 276650-8639

25 Foreign Coins, with different dates and countries. Asking $12 for all. 434-7972695

jerry gentry’s drywall No Job Too Small. Hang and Finish, Drywall Repair, and Textured Ceilings. Call 434-728-4602

200 Baseball Cards, includes a Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., and a Wade Boggs. Asking $12 for all.434-797-2695

Jack of all Trades Clean Houses, Shampoo Rugs, Perform All Lawn Maintenance & Basic Painting. I have most tools. Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Call Kenny @ 434-251-3646 Old Fashioned Construction Tim White-Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Services include residential/commercial carpentry, decks, tile, flooring, painting and much more! 434334-4878

Collectibles 10,000 Sports Cards Basketball, Football, Wrestling, Nascar & Hockey. Six Notebooks of Complete Sets. 24 Case of Cards - Packs of 10. $150 OBO for all. 434724-7290 Hugh Coca-Cola collection a little bit of everything call for items and prices start at $1.00 - $600.00, 434-822-5794 Ashton Drake galleries Collectible vinyl dolls paid $50-60 each, sell $15-20 each, 434-334-9550 doll cradle sturdy wooden doll cradle excellent condition $15 434-334-9550 2 boxes of Nascar collectibles $100 and 2-3 hundred baseball cards $100. Call 434334-6255 MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS LIKE NEW, SOME NEVER OUT OF BOX. CALL 434-836-3880 BARBIE DOLLS ALL IN BOX. LIKE NEW. 434-836-3880 ty beanies, Attic Treasures, Buddies and more, call 434-836-3880

100 Wheat Pennies, and 2 buffalo nickels. Asking $12 for all. 434-797-2695

Old 33 Records Tennesee Ernie Ford: (3) Hymns, Hank Williams: A Time to Sing/ Beyond the Sunset/ Life Story 336-3882210 Over 6000 Comic Books A Newly Acquired Collection with lots of the Main Titles: Spiderman, X-Men, Batman, ETC. Lots of Hot Wheels & Action figures: Star Wars Spawn, ETC. Will be at the EDEN Flea Market on HWY14 Fri, Sat & Sun June 5th-7th 434-822-2802 Lots Of Hallmark Ornaments Give me a call, I might have what you are looking for. 434-563-8526. N the AM old timey pocket knife 2 blades, still in box, $20, call Kevin 434-724-1218

Commercial Rental Property For Rent Shop or Storage building, approx 1000 sq ft, on Westover Dr, $350mo/+dep, call 434-724-5044, 434-251-5610

Computers High Speed Internet Anywhere Finally, no more dialup or slow satellite... you now can get high speed, faster than DSL. Anywhere, Pelham, Chatham, Swansonville, Providence. Even works in the Boonies! Call today $65 startup/$39 per month. 434836-3355 2003 Dell Desktop computer w/ computer desk, excellent condition...asking $600 OBO. 336-421-3047 nice p4 computers with windows xp dvd/ cd burners call 434-228-6433.

Page 14 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009 new holland 474 haybine Like new condition, 7ft. Must sell, asking $4495, must sell! Call 434-548-3381 knight feeder mixer trailer 3300 reel auggie, one owner, scales, hydraulic chute and door, $12,500, must sell, call 434-548-3381

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Everybody Needs A Pout House! Pout Houses proudly presents...

Disc, grain drill, forks, round bails, cattle gate, feeders, augers. To much to list, call for prices 434-548-3381

Why Rent-to-Own? Do you need this storage? • Delivered to your location • Your choice of style • Adds to property value

Plow & blade Plow 3 point hitch $200, 7 foot road blade $300 434-685-3444 200 gallon diesel tank with pump, $200.00 OBO, 336-234-9420 Case 530 Tractor Front end loader, Large bucket, Gas Engine 40hp, PTO 3pt hitch, but missing the arms. 276-358-0046 745 hesston round baler 4x5bales, 2 years old, like brand new, $12,500. 434792-2103 ditch witch w/trailer and other ditch witches for parts, 434-685-3029 1 pt hitch rotary cutter 5ft. Howse cutter. Used very little. $350.00. 434-7241405 3130 kabota tractor 4x4 with front end loader. also has box blade, bush hog and jitter 434-724-4445. good quality horse or cow hay $2 in the field and can be delivered call 4 price. or dates we will be cutting 434-228-1363 robert 434-203-8927 CAT 951B track loader, ready to work, cab good heater 80% undercarrage need to sell $11,000 OBO 434-334-4034 3 point hook up carry all h-d, like new, $225.00, 434-685-3081 Post hole digger new, 3pt, $410, 434797-1775 140 farmall & equipment, $1500, 434822-8807 45hp john deere tractor & equipment, must sell, 434-822-6949 1960 Massey Ferguson 35 Tractor. New engine and clutches and equipment. $6500. 434-822-8269 or 434-251-0088 2005 new holland 30hp front end loader, 4wd, excellent condition, $10,000, 434-250-4392

Carpet Repairs

Installation of Carpet • Vinyl Hardwood • Laminate Also, Restretching and Vinyl Repairs If you have carpet and no one to install

Call Rob 336-388-0998 or 434-251-1640

Computer repair and service Having computer problems, running too slow, or need help setting up computer and/ or wireless networking and printer? Give me a call I can service, repair it, or set things up. Call me at 434-251-2034 computer never been used, $800, 434792-7712 leave message gateway computer windows xp with montior keyboard mouse internett ready $85.00 434-728-1892 asus Gaming Motherboard, A8N32-SLI Deluxe, never used, still in box, $200 Call after 6pm 434-836-0032 Laptop Compaq Presario 2200 $300 434822-8217

FARM & PET SITTING Experienced with animals & livestock, all sizes. Go out of town with no worries and let us feed, clean & care for your critters. Insured ñ 434-685-1673 Horse Quality Hay $25 a roll, delivery available, call 336-260-7606

We Install All Types of AGRICULTURAL Fencing and Barn Building, No Job Too Small or Too Big. 434-250-3298

1800 mitsubishi farm tractor new tires, $2000, 276-650-2665 hay square bales horse quality, $4 a bale, 434-797-2350, 434-251-5543 excellent 4x5 round bales of hay under shelter, $25 a roll, delivery available call for pricing, 434-822-7741, 434-251-878 international dump truck diesel, w/air brakes, runs and dumps great, $4800, 434-250-6872

Fitness, Exercise, & Sport



Includes Moving Small Furniture & Light Spot Treament, Other Services Available, Call For Details.

ROTOVAC Injection/Extraction The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

Call Rodney Haselden


24 Hr. Service For Water Removal

Wrought Iron Headboard This Queen-sized wrought iron headboard was purchased at Pier One. $75. Like New. 434822-0788

China cabinet Oak Kitchen China Cabinet, $250.00; Also Large Entertainment Center, solid cherry made by Lexington, $300.00, 434-724-2868

quilt rack sturdy wooden quilt rack very good condition $15 434-334-9550

antique golden oak wardrobe excellent condition. $1,500.00, 434-6853081

Dining Room Table New 6 chair Bassett Furniture table, $375. 434-429-0148

light colored wood tv stand w/2 built in drawers glass front, $20, 434-7249116

massey ferguson deluxe mid 60s tractor, engine has been rebuilt, ps, live pto, high & low range, 3pt hitch system, $3400 negotiable, 336-280-8250

punching bag 80lbs patched up, $10, call 434-548-2608

2510 john deere tractor this tractor is in excellent condition, with new paint and seat. $4,500, call 276-632-5657

20” Tag-A-Long Child Bike Attaches to adult bike at seat, for child up to 80 lbs., used twice, $80, 434-334-6718

caterpillar 916b 4x4 backhoe this backhoe is in excellent condition, with low hours. $17,000, call 276-632-5657

proform air walker xt from Sears, manual, all metal, $50, 434-793-7870

931 cat bucket dozer and have 7ft row blade, call 434-685-7912 8N Ford Tractor 50’s Model 8N Ford Tractor, $2000 Firm, 434-724-4409

3210 bush hog 10ft cut very good condition, new blades, $3500, 434-4410356

Farm Equipment

245 massey ferguson 1979 model, real good shape, $4800; also have a backhoe, 434-836-1997

Supreme Steam

Treadmill Accu Smart Lifestyler 8.0, 1.5 HP Motor, 0-8 MPH, Measures time, speed, calories, pulse, distance. $200. Leave message. 434-822-7785

custom built computer windows xp with surround sound mouse monitor keyboard & printer dvd / cd burner internett ready $90.00 434-728-1892

Lexmark printer works great. It supports windows XP or lower. Asking $40 OBO. Call 434-203-2556 leave message.

New Holland 848 Round Baler $3000, New Holland Hay Rake w/Front Wheels $2000, Marangon Disc Hay Cutter $2000 Call 434-822-6410 or 434-203-0476

1977 140 Farmall Tractor All Cultivators, 2Bottom Plows, disk, scrap blade & jitterbug $3500 336-388-5096 or 434-5142554

6510 ditch witch 4010 ditch witch, w/ trailer plus other equipment, 434-685-3029

ibm computer keyboard, monitor, $250; Panasonic phone & fax machine, $70, 434791-1126

2 Bale Spears Hook on loader Bucket $75. 3Pt Wood-limb chipper $750. 434432-0960

5720 US HWY 29 Blairs, VA 24527 434-836-2220

older model banquet table $10, 434-548-2608

mac ibook blue & white, runs good, $150 firm, 434-724-9116

DELL P4HT 80GB 512RAM Nice Dell Dimension 3000, 15”LCD, XP, New lightscribe DVD burner, P4 w/ HT. Ready to use! $250 OBO 434-429-8992

13560 US HWY 29 Chatham, VA 24531 434-432-8771

WORKBENCH for sale drawers, two cabinets, also front reception counter, call 434228-3759

dell keyboard and mouse Both corded. Optical mouse. Work perfect. Keyboard has multimedia controls and wrist rest. $20. 434-251-0393

apple macintosh PowerMac G5 1.6 ghrz. 1.5 GB DDR RAM,. OS CD included. $700 w/Samsung LCD, $625 w/o. 434-2512537

2 Locations to Serve You

GOLF CLUBS Callaway Fusion Irons 3-PW, graphite shaft. LIKE NEW. $500 or make offer. Leave message 434-793-9295

Desktop Dell Dimension 2350, HP AIO printer w/ink, web cam, external floppy drive $600 434-822-8217

3 Computers with all parts. All work but slow. $100 for all. 434-724-1374

Pout Houses

6Ft Boxed Blade 3Pt Hitch, good condition, $400, 5ft bush hog 3pt hitch good condition $350 336-388-2506

dell printer/copy/scanner w/color, nice, hardly used, keyboard and mouse too. $50.00 OBO, call 434-429-7766

Apple IMAC IMac 17in lcd G4, New DVDRW & HD, OSX Leopard 1Gig CPU, $300, 276-806-0627

Rent to Own! No Credit Checks! Payments starting as low as $200 down $60/month!

5ft bush hog good condition, $325 firm, 434-793-0107

Wanted: Drive shaft for Woods 5 foot finish mower. Square connection, 3 point hitch. Must be reasonable. 434-799-2223 9 N Tractor 1947 Ford Tractor as is, with 7 attachments. $3000 or best offer 434-7247109 Hay Ring, Cattle used 1 year, $100. 434-724-7109 10 Tobacco Curing Boxes For 126 Rack Powell Maximizer Barn. Excellent Condition $3000 Includes lift bar and loading rails. Call 434-250-8430 1988 J22 Ditch Witch 4WD Riding model, Six position blade, new cutting teeth, New Battery, Excellent condition, 2 Cylinder gas Model. $3500 434-822-2509 8n ford tractor been restored, $2650, 336-260-7606

Bowflex Treadmill Stairstepper Barely Used. $1,000. 434-822-8269.

Weider Pro 9940 weight Machine Great price! Nautilus type machine w/variable weights. Great overall body workout. $35.00. Call 434-489-6292 professional weight bench w/leg lift and steel weights $100.00. Old weight bench with weights free. Call 434-2517457 Total gym xl used 4 times. $1,000.00 includes all info, 434-572-3847 Total Gym Achiever Like new used only twice. Paid $200 only asking $125. 336-694-1399 Elliptical Machine Large “like new” with very little use. Paid $450 asking $250 firm. Will include floor mat! 336-694-1399

Nutrisystem Meals Approx. $400 worth of all types of meals, desserts and snacks. Asking $200. 336-234-8462 Bowflex Great condition. Exercise guide included. $200 Call 434-770-4493. New Elliptical Trainer Excellent condition. Complete with owners manual. $500 OBO. 434-799-3582 OLYMPIC WEIGHT SET: 285LBS steel weights, bench w/leg & curl attachment, 5 bars, includes “tree” EXCELLENT CONDITION $250 434-548-9573

16ft stock trailer price negotiable, 336-260-7606

exercise equipment ab force $10, push up handles $5, stepper $15 Call 434251-3202

20ft farm equipment trailer $2450, 336-260-7606

treadmill $150; queen size metal head board, $100, 434-791-1126

ford 801 tractor live power take off, 2 new rear tires, $4000, 336-567-0851 3pt hitch spreader $350, call 434476-1771 ford jubilee tractor w/bush hog, $3000, call 434-250-5989

Furniture & Accessories Mattress Sale Twin $115 per set, Full $145 per set, Queen $179 per set. Lowe Furniture, corner of North Main & Franklin Turnpike. 434-836-6565 TV STAND 3 shelf, smoked glass, cherry wood legs, swivel TV pedestal for up to 52in, $150, 434-793-0693 TROPHY CASE AND HUTCH 8ftx7ft oak. Credenza and matching hutch w/shelves. Appraised at $2,500. Sale for $500, 434797-2029 King size bed frame head & footboard, side rails and support rails, $200 434-6857041

brown chair w/ottoman, brown leather look, like new, $50, 434-572-6558 handmade twin bed select comfort mattress, new, 434-572-6558

2 ROCKING CHAIRS w/cane bottoms. Great condition! Asking $85.00 for both OBO. Please leave message 434-7975409

sofa bed good condition, $75, call 434685-3495

night bedside table dark mahogany, $5, 434-724-7353

Small Computer desk Oak in color, less than a year old. $25.00 firm, 336-5625061

2 living room lamps $5ea, call 434724-7353

twin mattress and box springs, 2 sets, $50ea OBO, call 434-753-3023

kingsdown mattress & box springs, full size, very clean, excellent condition, $150, 434-203-1615

solid oak bed & dresser set fit queen size, full mirror, w/recessed lighting, 2 bulbs, 2 power outlets on each side, storage drawers & shelves, excellent condition, paid $5000, $700 OBO, 434-203-9010

table & chairs oak top, good condition, $125, 434-203-1615

white leather sofa, loveseat, chair & ottoman, must sell, excellent condition, $800, 434-334-9584

New Child’s Rocking Chair $35 434836-2401

entertainment center Medium size, fair shape, $5, 434-793-1148 computer table medium to large size, fair shape, $10, 434-793-1148 entertainment center Purchased from Lowes, holds up to a 36” TV, multiple shelves and contemporary look. $75.00 434-685-6068

Glass Top Table and 4 Chairs Beautiful Glass Top Table with four legs (removable glass top) and four perfectly tailored upholstered parsons chairs in yellow with minature green frog print. Great for breakfast room or eat in kitchen area. $650.00 Please call if interested or with any questions. Thanks! 434-470-2768 Small Desk 3 drawer small desk painted white for a little girl but now she is grown. $25.00 434-432-4620 LoveSofa, off white w/ beige stripes-$150., Wingback chair, off white w/ green, gold, burgandy print strips-$75., Triple Wall mirror silver/ gold accent-$75., Coffee Table, round glass top w/ white & silver base-$50. all nice 434-799-4123 Oak China Buffet & Hutch (American Drew Co.) 6FT.wide, 7FT. tall, Hutch has 4 glass doors, 3 lights, buffet has 3 drawers, 4 doors, real nice-$500., Oak Crendenza, 42”w,-$50. Oak Coffee Table w/ smoke glass top-$50., nice 434-799-4123 Dining Chairs (2) Lt. Brown, (2) Dark Brown, wood, $10 each. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785 Upholstered Chair comfortable, clean, small blue and off white check plaid. $25 434-792-2395 Directors Chair Excellent condition, has cow design on back and cow spots on the seat. Folds for easy storage. 434-7922395 corner tv stand holds large TV, will fit flat on wall or in a corner, light color wood, $20.00, 434-334-5302

New Children’s Jungle Animal Park Bench $40 434-836-2401

Large Gold Frame Wall Mirror $50 434-836-2401 ladderback chairs 6-old high ladderback dining room chairs. needs bottoms. $75.00 OBO, call 434-250-4035, 434-6857386 2 dining room tables w/4 chairs; 1 wooden & buffet cabinet; 1 black wrought iron, 434-836-2310 coffee table $25; rotisserie cooker $25, 434-770-8763 patio set 4 chairs, only 2 cushions, $50; some bryers collectible horses $10ea, 434836-9755 old coffee table wood heavy, has drawer, $30; chair, off white, w/stripes, $10, 434-836-2156 Primitive antique Pie-safe. Original green buttermilk paint. Small. Tin in front only. Some repair needed. $125, leave message 336-694-6008 very good condition solid wood executive desk, must see, 434-797-9961 commercial office chairs, new conference table in the box 4’x10’, other office items, gene @434-822-6600 recliner Great condition, Tan Recliner, $75.00, 434-251-7327 Leather-like Futon Sofa Chocolate Brown, Excellent condition, 2mos old, folds out to sleep on, built in cupholder, $175 OBO, call 434-250-1744 Water Bed King, Softside, Serta Sensa with dual mattresses and heaters. $250. 434-738-6110 LANE CEDAR CHEST FOR SALE WITH NEEDLE POINT CUSHION ON TOP. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. CALL 434-2514011 2 BAR STOOLS, 37IN TALL, WOVEN SEATS, IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. PAID $75.00 EACH, WILL SELL FOR $50.00 FOR BOTH. CALL 434-251-4011 3 BAR STOOLS, SOFT GREEN IN COLOR, GOOD CONDITION, SEATS ARE WASHABLE MAKING THEM GREAT IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN. $80.00 FOR ALL. 434-836-9003 Solid wood twin bed w/built in drawers, $125 OBO, 434-203-7721

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A Health Plan and Financial Strategy All In One. Anthem’s Lumenos® Health Savings Account Plan Helps You Get The Most Health Out Of Your Health Plan. • Preventive Care • Traditional Health Coverage • Optional Coverage Available • Access To Personalized Services • A Health Savings Account To Better Manage and Control Your Health Care Dollars • Online Tools To Help To Maintain And Improve Your Health


610 N. Ridge St. Danville, VA 24541


In Virginia, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®Anthem is a registered trademark. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® LUMENOS is a registered trademark. Our service area is Virginia, excluding the city of Fairfax, the town of Vienna, and the area east of State Route 123. This policy has exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, call or write your insurance agent or the company, whichever is applicable.

queen size waterbed mattress, $50, 434792-4540 glass top kitchen table w/4 chairs, excellent condition, $200; entertainment center w/8 shelves, holds up to 32in TV, $100, 336-388-0678, 336-514-1963

Queen Size Mattress Queen size mattress including box springs and bed frame $100 Call 434-770-4439. Couch for sale Beige, brown, blue pinstripes. Can email picture. $15. 434724-1440

wing back recliner $50.00; recliner $50.00; formal antique couch $300.00; antique chair $40.00. Call 434-251-7457

Couch for Sale Full size green couch in excellent condition. $199. Please call if interested before 8pm. 434-822-8279

dark green loveseat & chair, black leather chair; bedroom suite - chest of drawers dresser; small round kitchen table, call for prices 434-793-1715

4 Bar Stools 4 light oak swivel bar stools. Good condition. $200 sold as a set. Call before 8pm. 434-822-8279

new loveseat excellent condition, beige w/ floral designs, $300 OBO, 434-792-7712 leave message 2 lazyboy rocker recliners one for $45; one for $35, 434-792-7712 leave message solid pine dresser excellent condition, $300 OBO, 434-792-7712 leave message beige sofa & loveseat w/floral designs, $475, 434-728-0122

Glider Rocker for Sale Light oak glider rocker for sale. Good condition. Asking $50 or best offer. 434-822-8279 dining table With 8 chairs, has 2 extra leafs, padded mat for table top, $175 call after 6pm 434-836-0032 media stand 4’ tall glass door stand, 5 shelves perfect for DVR, CD’S, DVD’S $30 434-836-1061 Glider Rocker w/Ottoman, cherry/ cream, $50 434-822-8217

2 1/2 yrs old recliner $125, 434-7280122

Very nice twin bed Solid wood, very nice captains bed with drawers. Asking $100, contact 434-203-7721

Lane Cedar Chest In good condition, has some spots on bottom left.. Asking $250. Email me at 336-562-5579

Oval dining table with four Parsons chairs for sale. $350.00 OBO. Large sectional sofa, tan microfiber. $700 OBB. 434-799-3582

large sturdy wood rack $50, 434822-2511

Oak Double Bed, head & footboard, rails, mattress, boxsprings-$300., Oak Dresser (Carolina Furniture) w/ mirror-$75. Pine Double Bed, head & footboard, rails, mattress, boxsprings-$250. Black Metal Futon Sofa/ bed w/ mattress-$75. all nice 434-799-4123

4pc Bedroom set paid over $1800, will take $800, 434-797-2816 twin size waterbed w/headboard mirror, $150 OBO, 434-203-3432 boston rocker $35, 434-793-0107

Ethan Allen Dinning Set table sits 6 with 2 extentions. Large china cabinet with glass doors. Good condition. $300.00 336514-5432 Bassett Sofa & End Tables Beautiful tables in maple wormwood. Two end tables and one sofa table. Very good condition $100.00 336-514-5432 Bassett Table & Side Board “Farm Style” Table that sits eight. Side board and 8 ladder back chairs. Beautiful Set, only 1 yr old. Will let go for $600.00. 336-514-5432 TV Armoir Nice pine TV armoir with plenty of storage. Great condition. $200 OBO. 434-799-3582

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 15 Chocolate Sofa and Loveseat, brand new. Table set, oak with glass tops, two end, coffee and sofa table. $500.00 for all. 434-770-4576

Stokesland United Methodist Church

Pub table with two chairs. $175.00, 434-770-4576

Now Accepting Applications

Large country dining room set, wood with white legs, matching six chairs brand new, $250.00. 434-770-4576


Starts June 8th thru August 1, 2009 Ages 5-12 • Hours: 8-5 Monday-Friday

Antique Oak Full Sized Bed and Oak Lowboy Dresser with original finish, both in good condition. Call 434-793-6821 2 oval mirrors in oak wood $20ea; queen size sheets & glassware; picture; window lace curtains & lace valances, 434836-3064 mahogany solid dining room suite, china cabinet, buffet, 4 chairs, $650, 434489-9247 craftmatic bed w/dresser & night stand, $425, 434-489-9247 large lighted curio cabinet glass shelves and doors $100; makeup table w/ mirror & padded tool $50, 434-791-1504

Offering weekly themed camps; arts and crafts, bible school, scrapbooking, sports, water activities, and more!

CONTACT: Sharon Towler @ 228-0451 Kitty Adkins @ 713-0427

nice wingback chair beige floral $25; wooden ladder rocker, beige cushions, $35, 434-791-1504

Wooden TV Stand with 4 open adjustable shelves. 23x41x23. Still boxed. $150 ($175 at Big Lots) 434-836-0764

204 cal. barrel to fit t/c encore. Have realtree forend and scope. Shot only 10 rounds threw it. 434-713-1139

vaughan bassett cherry queen bedroom suite, Louie Philippe design, sleigh bed, 8pcs, 434-250-5573

2 wrought iron porch gliders $100ea; 50in bog screen TV $900; white wicker trunk $100, 434-791-1126

6 dining room chairs; 4 oak ladder back chairs 2 chest of drawers & much more, 434-728-4637


kitchen set $50; living room set for $50; lamps for 2 for $20; 2 end tables $25; mirror $10, 434-549-1526

.223 AMMO Brand New Wolf Military FMJ.223 55GR Ammo-500 Rounds, $250.00 Firm. 336-388-9753

FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE Join in the fight to protect our American Freedoms. Join the NRA or renew your membership today. Call 434-489-4403 and receive $10 off a regular one year membership

oak round table antique claw feet, no chairs, $100, 434-489-7841 Like New Child’s Bunk Beds, Black Metal with Futon bed on Bottom $300.00 434-836-2595 spongebob toddler bed $30, 276732-9986 leave message solid pine dresser w/mirror, excellent condition, $300 OBO, 434-792-7712 2 rocking recliners 1 lazy boy $45; another for $35 OBO, 434-792-7712 new loveseat never sat on, beige, w/ floral designs, $300 OBO, 434-792-7712 Sofa & Chair Yellow & Tan, Possible Antique $60.00; Queen Ann Wing/Arm Chair, Yellow Velvet $50.00, leave message 434836-0316, 434-835-3160 2pc Wicker Indoor/Outdoor set; 3 matching pillows Tan/Brown/Black, Paid $1200.00 Never Used, $375.00, leave message 434-836-0316, 434-835-3160


MON. - FRI. 12 PM - 3 PM $10 PER PERSON • $5 SENIORS (55& UP) All DAy WeDnesDAy .99 cent gAmes!

$2.00 Tuesdays • $2.00 Lanes All Day Sunday • All You Can Bowl 7 P.M.-11 P.M. $12 Per Person, Includes Shoes Cosmic Bowling Starts at 8 P.M.

$10 OFF Deluxe Birthday Party when you book before 8/31/09 must Present couPon


Present this coupon for one free game of bowling when you buy one game. Good anytime except Fri. & Sat. after 5 pm. Cannot be combined with any other coupon. Expires 8.31.09 must Present couPon

Visit For More Specials

Riverside Lanes

3215 Riverside Drive • Danville, VA 434-791-2695

Page 16 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009 BALDWIN & ASSOCIATES REALTY


Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper DANVILLE, VA


PortABle mAssAGe tABle brand new earthlite portable massage table. $300 Call 434-429-5645 sAlon dryer cHAir Brown hood dryer and chair. Good condition. Call 434-4896292, $100 wAter filtrAtion system automatic flushing, excellent for hard water or water with high levels of iron, $800 OBO, 276650-8483 leave message

BAtH mAster lift chair used very little excellent condition $600.00 336-627-7007

neBUlizer w/case, pediatric mask & LCPLUS nebulizer, PRONEB Turbo compressor - $25 (434-334-6718) E-mail Us At

NEW LISTING IN BRIDGEWOOD 4 BR’s, 3.5 baths, greatroom & family room, 2 fireplaces w/gas logs, hardwood floors, formal LR, DR, breakfast nook, large kitchen with granite counters, all appliances! Full basement. Executive Dream Home! $479,900

MOWBRAY ARCH – Beautiful brick home, 4 BR’S 3 baths, formal LR, DR, FR w/FP & gas logs, full basement, kitchen w/all new appliances, paint, hardwood floors, deck, double garage. $239,900

wood HeAter Has thermostat and electric blower. Very Good condition. $200. Leave message if no answer. 434-8227785

Buy a home or... Sell a home Call Dee today!


• Building lots for sale, Westover and Dry Fork. Owner/Agent. Call 434-251-4011 • For Rent - Mt. Hermon, 3 bedroom ranch. $550 Deposit, $550 Per Month. 1 Year Lease. Call 434-251-4011

2 AntiqUe firePlAce mantels, $100.00 each, 434-685-3081 decorAtiVe firePlAce screen “Tiffany” style (stain glass), Purple Grape pattern, 3 panels, 35” H x 40”W, Excellent Condition, $100, 434-334-6718

mickey moUse stylinG cHAir Never used! Priced to sell! Paid $260, asking $150. Please leave message 434-797-5409

lift recliner works great $75, bath chair $5 more info 434-429-0004 or 434563-3486

med Alert system Paid $300 asking $150 like new. 434-822-7241

Bedside commode brand new, white, $15; fold up walker $15, 434-724-7353

VArioUs knee strAPs & knee bands, $2 & up, 434-548-2608

new sit And stAnd lift never used retail $2000, call for details 434-563-3486

electric HosPitAl Bed excellent shape, $200; brand new motorized wheelchair, w/battery, used few times, excellent condition, $1500 negotiable, 434-836-6922

PARADISE FOR SALE In a world of anxiety and stress, wouldn’t it be nice to escape it to enjoy peace, quiet, birds, wildlife without sirens, traffic, mowers, motorcycles, and/or mayhem?!!?

Air conditioner window Unit Has 10,000 btu. Only used for 2 months. Bought it brand new. Asking $210. Call 434-2032556 leave message.

wHirlPool 22,000 BtU regular voltage, high efficiency, window ac, very good condition, blows ice cold, $125 firm, 434-5492272

AirkinG fine quality, good condition, room dehumidifier, $40 firm, 434-549-2272

VArioUs HoUseHold items Mail box, coffee grinder, corded telephone, boombox, candle holders, flower vases. All $2-5 each. 434-793-2536 wAter softener paid $500, asking $250, must sell, 434-334-9584 1 BeAUtifUl HAndmAde qUilt $20; shawls handmade $12, call between 8am8pm 434-250-8688

Nestled within the rolling hills of Piedmont Virginia near South Boston, you have a unique purchasing opportunity to buy a piece of paradise where you can awaken to birds singing, wildlife playing, 5 streams and creeks flowing, or fish swimming in one of your 2 ponds. A total of 129.4 acres that is away from the stresses of city life yet close enough to access shopping, movies, major airports or other needs. You can live in a charming, 5 year old home that has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with both a great room and deck that offers spectacular views. Moving in and surrounded by woodland, you will find a joy in living that is unsurpassed. The property consists of two parcels and is located in western Halifax County. All of this is being offered for $450,000. If you seek fast living and a hectic lifestyle, this is NOT for you. If you want to FINALLY learn what life is really all about, then check this out! For more information: Southwood Realty & Auction Co. Richard Bailey, Broker 1-800-797-0931 or 1-434-250-4537

CATHY DR. – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living room & dining room, family room, hardwood floors and much more. $131,000

STANLEY DR. – 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath. Spacious family room. Roof 2 years old. Fireplace in basement. $105,000

wHirlPool lArGe cAPAcity dehumidifier, takes out humidity in air, excellent condition, sturdy construction, $45 firm, 434-549-2272

HoUseHold items


OAK CREEK DR. – 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, formal living room & dining room. Two story gem w/southern charm. Reduced to $132,900

ROSEMARY LN – 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Updated kitchen, inground pool. Storage room wired for workshop. Deck w/platform for entertaining. $119,000

8000 BtU & 12,000 BtU Whirlpool Window A/C Units $100 Each Firm. Excellent Condition. 434-797-1200

lArGe Ac remote control, only used one summer, runs off 220, call for size & price 434-836-1284

Why not OWN such a place?

SUBURBAN DR. – 3 Bedroom, 2 baths, spacious living room & dining room area. Lg. family room w/FP, hardoowood floors. $139,900

nice oil tAnk stAnd $20, 434-6853029

PortABle kerosene HeAter Still in box. $80 Call 336-694-5089







$1 to

sAmsUnG Ac window Unit. 10.5 btu. $20. Call 434-429-5645

Air conditioninG new small window unit, only used for 1 summer!! $100, 434251-4762

HeAltH & BeAUty

WILSON RD. – FOX HOLOW – Brick 2 story home, 1.24 acres, formal LR & DR, 3 BR’s, 2.5 baths, basement, 2 fireplaces. Must see well kept home! $203,000

d Re

20,000 BtU kenmore Ac 220V Window unit, Good condition. $200, 336-202-9647


R&L SMITH RD. – Cedar home w/ wrap porch, greatroom w/FP, 4 BR’s, 6.55 acres, fenced in-ground pool, stable for horses. $399,900

electric HosPitAl Bed Tan, 1 owner/ never used, $225.00 Negotiable, leave message 434-836-0316, 434-835-3160

free firewood storm downed large pine, easy access, free to remove, 434792-9121


Office: 434-835-0305

Visit Our Website – Available 24-7 To See All Our Listing.

mVP HoVer roUnd brand new, used once, $600, 434-822-8673

HeAtinG & A/c eqUiPment Dee Dunaway GRI, Associate Broker

& Associates Realty

smAll ProPAne HeAter uses 1lb small propane tank, $18, call 434-792-3942

mAnUAl HosPitAl Bed, excellent condition, $50.00. 434-432-8892



microwAVes, smootH toP drop in ceramic stove top, toasters, toys, childrens supplies, and much more, 434-724-4586 disney Princess comforter (queen), shams, drapes & valences, clock and wall clings. $25. 434-836-8140 BAr Accessories 8-bottle wine cooler,4-bottle liquor dispenser. $75 for both. 434-250-4035, 434-685-7386 HoUseHold items womens clothes size large, and misc. household items 434-8362611 solid wood BircH kitcHen cabinets, great for garage or storage building. Accepting the very best offer, 336-694-6561 kenmore sewinG mAcHine Multiple Decorative Stitches. Can be seen at office beside Golden Corral. $125.00 OBO, 434793-9554 corninG wAre CASSEROLE DISHES WITH GLASS TOPS & STORAGE TOPS. INCLUDES HANDLE. IN GOOD CONDITION. CALL 434-251-4011 crystAl fostoriA DESSERT PLATES AND SOME SERVING PIECES. PRICES TO SELL. 434-836-9003 lArGe electric cooker. GREAT FOR COOKING TURKEYS, HAMS SOUPS, ETC. $20.00, 434-836-9003 kenmore sewinG mAcHine model 1357, zig zag, green wooden desk style cabinet, has attachments, $50, 434-7935669 APPle decore brand new,4 wood counter hight great condition more info call 4290004. 434-563-3486

SOUTHLAND DR. – 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. One level living, large kitchen/ DR, well maintained. $95,000



W. HIGHTOWER RD. – 3 bedrooms, in process of remodeling main level & finishing basement. Many new items in home. $92,000




NORTHMONT – 3 BR doll house, eat-in kitchen, spacious living room, basement w/ FR, deck, professional landscaping. $84,900

AGENTS: Lori Richardson ..250-4077 Susan Emerson .728-2258 Vernon Garrett ...728-3710 Ralph Stitt...........251-6256 Jeremy Echols ...709-7137 Mike Jenkins ......489-1820 Nikki Minter ........429-9092 John Quinn.........724-1349 Herb Gillispie .....203-2873 Billy Meyer..........793-5845 Mary Jones .........770-4361

Dee Dunaway, 251-4011 /GRI/ Assoc. Broker J.D. Emerson, 432-9375 / 728-2286 Assoc. Broker Linda Baldwin / Broker 836-0228

AmAnA 22’ freezer, two wardrobes, 78” large lighted china cabinet, rock maple table and 6 chairs 434-836-2153

lAwn mowers Reduced prices - riding lawn mowers, push mowers & self propelled for sale, call 434-429-8436

BeAUtifUl coUntry cUrtAins length 45in, great condition, $20 a pair OBO, 434822-1483

AGrifAB 32in AerAtor/seeder Agrifab 32in Tow Spiker/Seeder. Bought 3 years ago, used lightly. $75. 434-822-0788

leAtHer-like fUton sofA Chocolate Brown, Excellent condition, 2mos old, folds out to sleep on, built in cupholder, $175 OBO, 434-250-1744

lAwnmower Craftsman 12.5HP riding lawnmower 4000 series. Needs new front tires. $75.00, 434-822-1288

3 wHite solid closet doors $15.00, leave message 434-836-0316, 434-8353160 4 AreA rUGs, 5in X 7in two solid blue, two green and brown, $30.00 each, 434770-4576 6ft (72in x 80in) 15-Lite Insul. Steel Ext. Fr. Door Unit; LH; Brand New; Sells for over $400.00, asking $200.00, 434-724-2173 2Pr of PriscillA cUrtAins ivory colored, $6, call 434-793-0275 fUll size Bed sPreAd $5, call 434793-0275 2Pr wHite cUrtAins w/ roses on them, each panel is 47in wide, 84in long, $7; 1pr of picture window drapes, beige, $7; kitchen curtains 36in long & others $7, 434-7930275 2 Gold lArGe trAVerse BArs for draperies, $25; 2 brass traverse bars for draperies, $15, 434-792-4055

flower BUlB iris lilies, 12 for $1, you dig, call 434-793-6758 front tine tiller MTD tiller, like new. 6hp Briggs motor. $125.00, 434-656-8061 free iris you dig, 336-388-2493 PlAnts in yArd for sAle: fever few, yarrow, cactus (2 kinds), rose of Sharon, forsythia, iris, ice, and more, 434-822-5861 HedGe trimmer Gas powered 22” hedge trimmer by Weedeater. Model #GHT22. Have not used in 3 years. Will not start. $50.00 434-432-4620 Bird BAtH foUntAin 3 tier, Black metal and wrought iron. $75. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785 PoUlAn ridinG mower 16.5HP, 42” cut, electric start, excellent condition, ready to mow. $400 336-951-9349 3 snAke PlAnts for sale, call 434-7972521

liGHt yellow oVAl rUG trimmed in blue, 48x20, $10, 434-792-4055

Brick PAVers 182 4x8 Old Towne Brick Pavers, $75, 434-441-6169

AreA rUGs Two light brown 6x9, $35 each; one dark blue 9x12, $50. Never used. Prices cheaper than Ollie’s $70. 434-8360764

snAPPer mower 30hp, 30in cut, good shape, new clutch, new battery& blade, $850, 434-324-4592

lAwn & GArden

crAftsmAn 6 1/2hp push mower, almost new, call 434-836-7775

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Tree Lake & Sugartree Manor On Inman Road 58 West Of Danville


Tree Lake Lots Start at $12,900 Sugartree Manor Lots Start at $22,900


174 Tree Lake Dr. $175,900

Was $189,900

Call Sherry 434-685-3615 or 434-251-2357 snapper riding lawn mower w/ grass catcher; 2 Craftsman 42in cut grass catcher, 434-797-2008

Patio Table w/6 chairs and cushions $100 434-228-3005

husqvarna riding mower 42 inch cut, 35 hrs use $1,000 434-489-8363

murray riding lawn mower runs & cuts grass good, needs belt, $250 OBO, 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

Swisher Trailmower 60in Cut B&S 14.5 I/C motor. New Condition $1200 434822-8956

1982 snapper riding lawn mower has attachments, needs maintenance, $75 OBO, leave message 434-836-3609

swisher pull behind trail mower, $1200 OBO, leave message 434-793-7145

2 murray 12hp, 38in cut, needs a little work, $150 for both, 434-770-9162

Patio Table 4ft glass top with 3 chairs and cushions, $75.00 434-797-3197

tomato plants for sale better boy, big boy, big D, german johnson, marglobe, other varieties, 48 in tray, $10 a tray, 336388-2399

22in push mower Poulan/Weedeater brand, good condition, 4.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, $90, 434-203-4258 toro self propelled mower good condition, $75, 434-770-8763 4ft outdoor swing & picnic table 6ft, 434-489-4147 22in push lawn mower like new, call 434-489-4147 Purple Iris already dugged up, ready for planting! 336-694-6561 Two hand built Adirondack chairs, large. Treated wood. Painted white. $150, leave message 336-694-6008


Cast Iron Stew Pot 10-15 Gal., w/ stand and cover. $150. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785 hot/cold pak & storage band, $5, 434548-2608

Each Office Independently Owned And Operated NEW LISTING

Burial Plots (Prime Location) 2 PLOTS AT DANVILLE MEMORIAL GARDENS. LOCATED AT REST SECTION C. $2500 FOR BOTH. CALL 434-822-1156 camo smallñxl other military misc items all for $400; store racks for clothes and shelves, 434-836-1769 Flea market items, home accessories of every description, glassware, vases, small household appliances, small whatnot stands, slate-top contemporary server; wall prints, mirrors, jewelry boxes, slate-top contemporary server; wall prints, mirrors, jewelry boxes, miniature doll collections, Christmas outdoor lights & interior decorations, throw pillows, plant stands; dishes, knick-knacks of all categories. Priced to sell, individually, or entire lot. 434-792-1583 Burial Plots Danville Memorial Gardens. 4 Graves, 2 Vaults, Garden of Devotion Section. $5500. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785 mop sink sits on the floor, $20, 434-2031176

Tomato cages, 5ft. tall, with square holes, guaranteed for 10 yrs. $12.50 each, 434-822-4210

4 adult burial plots in Highland Burial Park. Great location in lower center of park. You can drive right up to it. Asking $5500, call leave message 434-685-4228

husky 60in, 0 turn commercial mower, 27HP, 434-836-1997

lots of fleamarket items call for prices 434-836-6941

murray riding lawn mower needs a solenoid, $275, 434-791-4459

scrape metal call for details call 336-558-6311

kemp 4hp wood chipper good condition, $150, 434-799-9361

Burial Plot Space in Garden of Devotion Section 4. Near the Cross. Starting price 2100 or 1500 will negotiate. 434-8225214

mtd riding lawn mower Briggs & Straton engine, 42in cut, good condition, $275, 336-562-3057

Power Edger Craftsman, 3.5 HP. $75, 434-738-6110


riding snapper mower with bagger, good condition, $450 OBO, call 434-7246215

Incense and holders 25,000 estimated incense sticks & about 10 holders. $450.00 OBO, 434-822-5794

17hp 42” cut Craftsman Mower used 3 years old $550.00 OBO 434-441-6504

two hemmers/thread call for details & price 434-228-3759

craftsman 22hp garden tractor, good condition, $800 OBO, 276-650-8483 leave message

artists table $50, 434-685-3495

Riding mower 24hp, 42 inch cut Poulan. Used 3 seasons. Briggs and Straton engine. New Blades, very good cond. $500 firm. 434-728-0909

Danville, VA 24540

See Many More Of Our Listings At: NEW LISTING


+/- 42 Acres – Long road frontage, plenty of pines & hardwood. Excellent Investment. $1,900/acre. Owner needs to do 1031 exchange. Owner/Agent. JUST MAKE AN OFFER!

+/- 48 Acres – Plenty of pines ready to harvest, hardwoods, long road frontage and 2 creeks. $1,800/acre. Owner needs to do 1031 exchange. Owner/Agent. JUST MAKE AN OFFER!



REDUCED! This 133+ acre farm has been reduced $234,000 below appraised value. Call us for new price. EXTREMELY URGENT! JUST MAKE AN OFFER!

REDUCED PROPERTY. Extremely Urgent! Make an offer! This 4 bedroom and 4.5 bath home is located in the 58 West area.

big utility building needs some work, $600, 336-347-7456


Offering Owner Financing On Lots & Tracts

2135 South Boston Road

5 new anderson d/h windows $100ea, new $200+, approx 38inx67in r/o. 2 bale forks to fit loader buckets, $100. 3pt chipper, paid $2000, asking $750, 434-4320960

climbing harness & rope $40, 434836-7641

by Owner/Developer

1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. 3 Homes Ready To Move Into!

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drafters table $50, 434-685-3495

1000 yards of different cotton print cloth, $1 a yard, 276-956-3825

Mobile Homes clayton homes in New extra large 3BR, drywall, save $1000s. beat any deal period! free 888-258-0268

blairs 2BA, all We will Call toll

Mobile Home Service- Mobile home repairs, moving and set-up. Call Bob Holland 434791-2807, 276-732-6185 Lots for rent first three months FREE! Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

doublewide superstore Gorgeous New Doublewides. Homes for only $49,900. Includes delivery & Set-up. New Government financing now available! 1-888-258-0268 x ID 2738522 modular home discount center Lowest Modular Homes on the Market. Call 1-888-258-0268 Homes Set-up Ready to Move in Under $12,000 Call 434-836-4663 2001 redman sgl. wide home 80x14, 3BR, 2BA, fp, w&d, heat pump. Must be moved. $21,000.00, 434-685-3292 1987 14x70 2br 2ba w/office, completely remodeled, can be left on lot. No children because of farm ponds. $9800, 434-4321431 1998 3br 1ba carpeted, all appliances, 1 owner, reduced, in Blairs, on Rolling Hills MHP rented lot, 434-836-5769 1976 Singlewide Mobile Home 3 Bedroom 2 Bath, All appliances $4500. Longview Ave, Off of Westover 434-8366004 or 434-429-0685 1997 Clayton 14X80 3BR 2BA Central Heat/Air, All appliances, Front/Back Porches. Located in Rollin Hills MHP, owner will do part financing. Call 434-836-4072, 434728-1661

LAWLESS CREEK RD. – Great investment property in Blairs which includes a home and doublewide home on 15+ acres. $79,900 NEW LISTING

RINGGOLD – Affordable living in the county. 3 BR and 2 bath doublewide.

Karen Hilton 434.250.4725

Jeff Davis 434.548.6039

Donna Gibson 434.728.0605


Lynn Street Lofts

Motorcycles & Go Carts

in Historic Danville, Virginia

Etaz Scooters 50cc $999; 150cc $1399; 50cc ATV $350; 110cc ATV $899; pocket bikes street or dirt $299; 125cc dirtbike $799. All with warranty. Etaz Scooters 434-432-3332

Now Accepting Applications

For more information Please call Shannon at: (434) 799‐5898 or e‐mail: Hours: Mon.‐Fri. 11‐4

2007 yamaha roadstar blue/ silver, all extras, only 2700 miles, garage kept $9,995, call 434-250-4035, 434-685-7386

NOW OPEN Parts & Service for Your Atvs. Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki. Repairs by appointment only at Old 97 Choppers, 1010 S. Boston Rd, Danville, 434-7923132 for sale New Custom Built VTwin Choppers by Danvilles First Licensed Motorcycle Manufacturer, Old 97 Choppers, 1010 S. Boston Rd, Danville, 434-7923132 Yoshimura carbon oval muffler fits many sport bikes, like new, cost $500, sell $300, call 434-799-4268 2007 yamaha raptor 80 very good condition, less than 20hrs, will trade for older 200 or bigger. $1300, 434-250-4905 1988 custom harley davidson Black with black rims chrome spokes 16in apes, clean must see, call Brandon 434-770-2111

Income Restrictions Apply Motorcycle trailer for sale. Bikelug collapsible trailer that you can take apart when you don’t have room to store it. Will hold up to a 1000 pounds. Can be tilted for loading. Asking $800.00. Call 434237-2070 1997 harley davidson roadking White in color, Windshield. Sissy Bar, Whitewalls, and in Excellent Condition. 34,000 Miles, $8,995. Call 434-251-0994 2004 gsxr 1000 low miles, yosh pipe, nice bike, hate to sell but having baby, $6700 OBO, 434-251-3483 NEW Suzuki Yoshimura, Ignition kit, CDI, 2005-2006, 700cc, $200; Yamaha Blaster, very good shape $800, serious inquiries only 434-579-2568 1995 Honda VFR 750, bike is in Great shape, $3000; 2004 Yamaha yfz450, Excellent condition, fatboy 4 pipe, nerfs, aftermarket handle handlebars. $3700, 434-579-2568 go-cart 2 seater, 5hp, runs good, $200.00, 434-685-3081

Yamaha 2000 VStar 650 Classic, Shield, bags, Cobra pipes, custom paint + extras, 6546 miles, $2600. Call 276-632-1212

2007 Kawasaki zx10 8,000mi, perfect condition, $8,000 firm, 434-429-0148

tall size racetrack leathers boot size 13, large designer helmet, reasonable price, 434-753-3023 1999 Harley Davidson Super Glide Twin cam, Memphis windshield, Screaming Eagle 2-1/4 in pipes, Kuryakyn everywhere.14K miles, $9000 OBO. 276629-4308

harley pipes stock exhaust off 2002 Sportster, $100, 434-548-8206 1994 harley davidson Heritage Softtail, extra clean, $8000, 434-724-4342 2002 Harley Davidson Softail Deuce, 1 owner,3K miles. All original. $10,500.00 OBO 276-629-4308 clutch kit 2000-2005 Honda Rancher 350, retails $69, make offer, 434-728-3769 (4) 4 wheeler wheels & tires; 2 AT 24x9x12; 2 AT 24x9x11, $175, 434-7921189 03 Yamaha yz250 newly rebuilt new chain and sprokets very fast $1500 OBO 434-251-7350 2001 Honda sport bike cbrr929 only 6k, garage kept, hardly ridden, $5500, extras come with it, 434-792-4715 1982 Red 80cc honda Dirt bike runs very well, 4 stroke, asking $400 call and lave a message 434-836-2686 1998 Harley Dyna Convertable Removable Saddlebags and windshield. Screaming Eagle pipes. Nearly new tires and battery. Garaged $8500 434-251-9679 434-685-1965

2007 GSXR 600 MUST SEE.... MUST SELL! 1950 miles, one owner bike. $6900 Don’t miss it! 434-250-0262

2004 kawasaki kx125 Great bike, very fast, Renthal handlebars, V-force reeds, MUST SELL! 434-685-7999 or 434-2036692

1976 250cc Suzuki call for price 434836-6986

2007 Honda Shadow, 50 MPG, 700 miles, blue, great condition, $5800 OBO, 434-489-1099 x ID 2798789 (2) RACING CARTS (1) fullsize (1) kid cart, set up for oval track, complete w/extras, need to sell, 434-724-4447 HONDA 300 FOURTRAX 4WHEELER excellent condition, has been kept inside. $1800.00 call 434-203-1271 or 336-6946585

2004 Yahama V-Star 650 classic burg/ black Cobra exhaust, passing lamps, saddle bags, lots of chrome Excellent condition $4295 Call 434-489-8841 1980 Honda CX 500 Runs and rides, needs minor work, $900, Helmet and manual. 434-250-2716 2008 Honda CBR600RR $7,500.00 5500miles. New rear tire, leovince exhaust, power commander, BMC race filter, red/ black color. Excellent condition. 434-2037952 2008 Honda CRF250R $4,400.00 New top end, yoshimura full exhaust, cams, CP piston, many extras. 434-688-1019

2007 suzuki gsxr 750 $7600, 434-7096408 2003 harley davidson Super Glide twin cam, 1450cc, less than 6k miles, kbb $10,600, asking $8000, 336-388-5753 Yz 426fmx Race Bike Over $1000 in upgrades/accessories. WAY TO MUCH TO LIST! Call 1-434-724-5044 or 1-336-6944811 WANT TO TRADE!!! 2007 yamaha 80s for kids, 4 wheelers, $1250ea, like new, 434-251-5452

Just can’t handle doing the laundry anymore? Call us for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

1981 suzuki gs650l new tires, carburetor rebuilt, shaft drive, asking $1200, 434251-7473 leave message 2004 CRF80F Honda Motocycle. Excellent cond. Used very little. $1600.00 call 434-251-1804 trade jetski for motorcycle email for info 276-8068477 rat bike 97 suzuki gsxr srad new motor/ transmission tons of other new parts to many to list. $2800.00 434-549-3131

Riverside Shopping Centre Beside Subway

792-9567 Wash • Dry Fold • Alterations Smoke & Water Damaged Clothes

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The Market Weekly Specials Eggs........................................................ Large or Extra Large 99₵ Dozen Vidalia Onions ................................................................................... 59₵ Lb. All Washington State Apples .......................................................... 79₵ Lb. Cube Steak ..............................................................Family Pack $2.69 Lb. Ground Beef ............................................................Family Pack $1.69 Lb. All School Pizza.................................. $10.00 Case Off (While Supply Last) NOW STOCKING GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 A.M.-6 P.M. Saturday 7:30 A.M.-3 P.M. 260 Ringgold Industrial Park-West


Are You Prepared For This? Self and home defense products are not an option . . . they are a necessity in todays world!

17% OC Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, Alarms, Wireless Security, CCTV Camera’s, Diversion Safes And Much More!

Call Susan About Our FREE Informative Workshops! 336-388-9349 Visit for more information

1995 Harley Davidson Springer Chrome everywhere. 10,000 miles, Original paint. Must See. $10,500.00 OBO, Over $22,500 invested. Martinsville. 276-6294308 2004 harley davidson Roadking Classic, black, new tires, great shape, lots of chrome, $14,750, 434-250-7050 2006 honda kc70cc dirtbike good shape, $450, 434-724-4296

Come To Your “One Home Decorating Ce

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper•Paint and P

Come To Your “One Stop” Home Decorating Center

M-F 7:30-5:30 • Sat 8-2

2003 harley davidson deuce showroom condition, must see, asking $11,000 434-713-1055 or 434-724-2789 2001 Harley Davidson Electric Glide FLHT, twin cam, 1400cc, good condition, $9500, 336-388-5753 1979 suzuki gs 750 new tires & battery, lots of chrome, $1500, 336-635-2074 leave message


Pair of fox off road atv boots size 10M, brand new, black, $100, 434685-3920 2005 honda goldwing silver, loaded, low miles, 434-203-1111 2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750 Black Mustang Seat Saddlebags 3300 Miles $4500 336-234-9557 v-max for sale 1993 Yamaha V-Max, runs good, blue, Kerker exhaust, $3,500, call 434-941-9982 ATV Tires/Wheels: I’m selling a set of USED 27x9x14 and 27x11x14 ITP Mudlight XTR tires on 14 inch ITP SS112 Machined wheels. Fits Yamaha/ Suzuki/ Kawasaki. $500 434-770-0061 2003 400EX fourwheeler Good condition, runs really good, has jet kit, DG exhaust system, fly handle bars. $1995 call 434-250-5014 2004 Yamaha Raptor 80 4 Wheeler, very good condition $1200 434-334-7476

Beginners Welcome! Guitar, Piano, Voice, & Trombone Instructors at Riverland Music Store in Downtown Danville. 434-791-3121 PIANO SERVICE Clark’s Piano Tuning and Repair. Will do full restoration or minor repairs and tuning. 32 years-Certified Master Technician 434-724-1444 Washburn X-37 7-String Guitar midnight blue/ chrome, mint w/original box. Professional neck/bridge adjustment included. Amazing action! $250, 434-203-6159

free upright piano you move, call leave message 434-251-7473 need a keyboard player for Southern Storm band call 434-791-4459 Ibanez Guitar Gig Bag, Electric Tuner, Brand New call for price 276-647-5066 ORGAN Thomas Learn to Play Organ with lighted keyboard; rhythms and books. $450 434-822-1704 Banjo & case. weather king head, clear face. Like New. $300. Leave message if no answer. 434-822-7785

crf 80 purchased new 2005. Looks like brand new! Used very little. Not driven in 2 years. Save big 434-792-2307

2 amplifiers runs off d-cell flashlight batteries, has mic & guitar plugs, $50, 434791-4459

2000 Honda Sabre 1100 Custom fenders and paint lots of chrome 7800 miles excellent condition $5300 434-334-7308

rogue acoustic electric with 25 watt Kustom electric amp. $200. call 434334-8326 or 434-822-7147

Suzuki 90 4 wheeler less than 50hrs, needs some work, $200, 434-907-3338

Large lowrey professional roll top organ, with bench, good for church, 5yrs old, has all options & accessories included, $9000 OBO, 434-836-0812

2003 harley davidson 883 Sportster, great condition, many extras & upgrades, chrome, saddle bags, garage kept, blue, 434-793-0871 2004 Polaris 90 Sportsman excellent condition $1150 336-627-4287 2000 Honda Recon 250 Adult owned new tires excellent condition $1800 336627-4287 Harley Wheel Stock 40 spoke wheel & tire from 2005 Electraglide Standard Excellent condition Complete Rotors and Bearings $200 OBO Call 434-251-5767 grizzly lift kit 2005 Grizzly 660 lift kit 2” $30 Call 434-251-5767 light bar 2005 Harley Electraglide Front Lightbar Complete $100 Call 434-251-5767 Harley Davidson 2003 anniversity black/ silver over 25 options and chrome additions Vance/ hines, kuryakyn &. H-D Excellent condition 434-724-7489 1978 honda twin star new battery & tire, $850, 434-797-2221 2007 lance 150cc scooter $1200, 434-797-2221 2007 suzuki king quad 700! automatic, push button 4x4 with diff lock, 26 mud lites. $ 5500, 434-203-0237 2005 Softail Deuce 2005 Softail Deuce 6,000 mi. chrome everything over $30,000 invested sacrifice for $15,500 call 434-4410400

1.5 Acres for sale 1 Acre cleared, 1/2 Acre Wooded, Perked!, Walnut Creek Rd, $17,000 OBO. Call 434-7702730 Price Reduced for Quick Sell! Zone Restriction for Doublewides. Modulars OK! 627 brook dr 1200sq ft brick house, central air, 3BR, 1 1/2BA, new appliances, new kitchen cabinets, fenced backyard,.75 of an acre, big shed and patio, gas fireplace, alarm system, $80,000, call 434-836-2455

ibanez seven string guitar Black with some green hardware. Good shape. New strings. $250 434-334-9534 Nice Piano Antique Piano in playing condition, nice for learning $100.00 OBO. 434-793-1554 Guitar Effects Boss DS-1 Distortion, Jimi Hendrix Wah, Digitech Digital Delay, $50 each, Boss Tuner, Digital Reverb, $70 each 434-836-6599 like new electric guitar guitar comes with amp, pick, books for learners great for beginners $100 434-251-6029

ludwig jon bonham drums like new, 434-432-3416 1965 epiphone coronet electric guitar, 1997 reissue, mint condition, $350, 434-927-4131 BASS AMP Carvin R1000 Bass rig. 1,000W head and 8 x 10” cabinet. $700.00. Call Billy 434-822-1430 piano 38in high x 72in wide, 434-7284637 beautiful wurlitzer spinet piano, plus bench, good price, 434-793-3636

Real Estate

2 Bedroom Condo $136,900 Sutherlin Place. Call 434-489-1567 or 434-791-2009 After 6pm. 421 FREEZE RD SWAIN ACRES: VERY NICE! Many updates in this pretty 3 br, 1-Ω bath home: New roof, siding, hard tile, carpet, countertops, stove, dishwasher, hot water tank and much more! $119,900, Call Mary Driskill at Butler and Haley, Realtors today! 434-709-9648 152 BENEFIELD ST -LOVELY CAPE COD This nicely kept home has beautiful hardwood floors, thermopane windows, a screened-in-porch and full basement. Spacious, it features 3 bedrooms, a possible 4th upstairs, and 1 Ω baths. $75,000 Call Mary Driskill at Butler and Haley, Realtors today! 434-709-9648 Two Mobile Homes FOR Sale: private, adjoining lots. Yearly Rental Income $7,500. Located on Halifax Rd. $30,000 for both. Call: 434-489-6903

Recreation Raleigh Bikes 1 Mens, 1 Womens, Like New, Multi-Speed, Coaster Brake, both for $285. 434-799-4331

blue ridge spa hot tub seats 7, good condition, $700, 434-334-9584

Popular location, Tunstall schools, oak hardwood floors and cabinets, screened porch, maintenance free deck, gas log fireplace, full walk-out basement, Jacuzzi tub, app 3100 sq ft, great closets, 3 to 5BR’s, 3BR’s on 1st floor, 3 full BA’s $296,600, 806 Mangrums Road, 434-770-9819 x ID 2797707

Inflatable Pool Lounge with pump, High back, heavy guage, 65 in. diameter. New. Have 2. $45. each. Leave message. 434-822-7785

$99 Down - 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Ranch Style Home On Your Property Only $94,972. Call Now 434-836-2286

Used cart bag with (13) club dividers and putter well. In good condition, $25.00, 434-836-1212

Own Your New Home Today!! $99 Down. Call Now 434836-2286

club car golf cart excellent condition, $1500, 434-250-4392

home for sale by owner Westridge Farms, 721 Westridge Dr, call 434-2515452

Bushnell telescope. New, paid $175.00. Sell for $100.00. 276-340-6266

secluded 2br house on 2 acres of land, 2 1/2BA. 3 rooms in basement. 1yr old major kitchen appliances include. Window treatments included. Heat Pump. New deck, roof, & front porch. 2 out buildings w/ electricity. Seen by appointment only 434250-7234, 336-694-5231

Fairfield Park 1 story ranch w/3 bedrooms, 2 baths in Tunstall school district. Finished basement and outbuilding, nice lot $139,900 call 434-548-3780 or 434-836-4069

miller custom les paul guitar Gold hardware on ebony body $200.00 434-724-2587 digitech guitar effects rpx-400 artist presets built in expression pedal endless effects combination’s $150.00 OBO 434724-2587

236 withers rd 3BR, 1BA, $44,900, owner financing available, 434-822-2847 or 434-728-1154

15ft round swimming pool 3 1/2ft deep, 100lb capacity sand filter w/ all hoses, skimmer basket, vacuum system extra hoses, good condition, all instructions included, $400 OBO, 434-250-8171 leave message

band needs a drummer, 434-791-4286

antique accordian dates back to 1932, call 434-549-3352

2004 trx Honda 300 race ready, great condition, 434-728-2237

We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

Female Performance Artist Needed for Medieval to Metal Music. Free Professional Training. Over 18, Talent, Drive Required. 434-203-6159

2006 Suzuki RMZ 450 M/X Bike Riding Gear Included, Great Condition $3000.00 434-799-1922

1999 yamaha warrior 350 new tires, new battery, needs carburetor work, $400 OBO, 434-770-9162

- &

full face motorcycle helmet red w/blue graphics, visor, cost new $150, asking $60, 434-203-1176

what a deal- 1992 honda cr 500 New back tire, new clutch & new plastic. Only $1000 Call 276-732-7614


532 Monroe Street Danville, VA 24541 (434) 792-8521

beautiful 1996 honda shadow 1100 American Classic Edition, w/ over $2000 worth of accessories, 6300 miles, $4000, call 434-429-7587

2006 harley davidson Heritage Softail, garage kept, 9700 miles, black pearl/ black cherry, many extras, excellent condition, $14,700, 434-836-6879, 434-489-3394


We help make a house “YOur” home.

1983 honda motorcycle 550-4, runs great, $650, 434-548-4866

2004 Honda Recon 4Wheeler. Good Condition, Garage kept. Winch, ITP Mudlite Tires and the original tires. 434-685-7556 or 434-251-6166

•Wallpaper •Carpeting •Vinyl & Har •Window Tre • Ceramic Til • Much Mor

• Paint and Paint Supplies • Wallpaper • Carpeting • Vinyl & Hardwood Flooring • Ceramic Tile • Window Treatments • Rugs • Carpet

swiming pool solar panel 2 20ft. panels with 7 year warranty, $125 firm for both, call 434-836-1191 Nike Sasquatch Driver, 10.5 degree loft, Aldia 75-R shaft in excellent condition. $100.00, 434-836-1212 Nike CPR iron set, 3 & 4 hybrid, 5-PW. In good condition, $150.00.

2 sets of left handed golf clubs, $50ea, 434-250-1548

fuji absolute bike very good condition, 24spd, gear for road riding, $275, 434548-8206 Two compound bows both 4-100 two deer mounts 12 & 8 fishing rods. 434-2030864 leave message 7ft pool table new Includes 2 cues, balls and rack. $200.00 OBO call 434-2038927 Mens mountain bike 18spd, black, $60, 434-251-4762 7ft slate top pool table $150, 434792-4540 16ft x 42in round pool w/ladder. $50.00; air hockey table w/2 stools $50.00. Call 434-251-7457 18 Speed Men Mountain bike paid over $130, asking $45 OBO, 434-797-2816

3 or 4 bedroom kitchen, dining room, basement, 2 new baths, 3.51 acres, barn, other buildings, attic space, Ringgold area, 434-822-6944, 434-251-2632 x ID 2799604 3br brick ranch w/pool in Deerwood Springs, 1 acre fenced lot w/ professional landscaping, 3BR/2BA, hardwood floors, open floor plan, 2 car carport/ shop, storage building,40ft inground pool, screen porch w/ tile floor, hot tub, big grilling patio, includes all appliances, washer/ dryer, patio furniture and lawnmower A MUST SEE! $140,000.00, 434-250-7273

pool table 7ft drop pocket slate core top, 2yrs old, comes with everything including heavy duty vinyl cover, $200, 434-8228351 2003 Club Car golf cart excellent condition. $1900.00 434-822-1484 Street Heat basketball goal, fair condition, $30. 434-251-8776 Golf Clubs- Tour Model V Steel shafts -3 thru 9, PW, SW. Great shape need new grips. $60.00 336-388-2210 Kneeboard Hydro Kneeboard never used. Still new in cover. Paid $129 Sell $50. 434-489-6203 Two steel volleyball Poles Great for outdoor activities! $20.00. Call 434-8369705

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Davis & Davis Floor Coverings Serving Danville Since 1974 SIZE 12’x20’ 06” 15’x19’ 12’x13’ 10” 12’x27’ 12’x18’ 12’x8’

END OF ROLL SALE TYPE Hi-Low Berber Light Comm./26 Oz. Light Comm./26 Oz. Solid Saxony Solid Saxony

COLOR Beige Light Color Beige Dark Grey Beige Burgandy

PRICE $327.00 307.00 118.00 235.00 227.00 75.00

REMNANTS 12’X8’ 10’ 04”x8’ 03” 9’ 04”x8’ 02” 11’ 06”x7’ 05”

Commercial Hi-Low Berber Hi-Low

Beige Beige Dark Green/Brown Peach

$50.00 35.00 45.00 35.00

2085 Franklin Turnpike Danville, VA 24540 HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9:00 A.M.-5:30 P.M.

12” Games Motorcross Bike with training wheels. Exc. cond. $30 firm. 434724-3662 Browning Mag Reflex & Darton Lightning 500 LH Bow W/ACC. 150 Each. 434-822-7304 or 434-251-1007 Callaway hyper x driver 9 degree, LIKE NEW with Regular flex shaft and headcover. $80.00 434-836-6180 Ozark Trail Camping Tent Two Room Cabin Tent 9X13. Sleeps Six. 6X6 Center height. UV-Tex5 Fabric. Reflects Heat. Asking $120 Call 434-549-6374 SET OF ADAMS IDEA GOLF IRONS 3-PW, Graphite Shafts R-Flex. New $200 Call 434-836-2859 Set of Youth size golf clubs 2 metalwoods, 4 irons, putter, bag. Age 11-12 $40 call 434-836-2859 Blue Ridge Hot Tub Seats 4, Cedar bottom with marble gray inside $500. 434770-1933

Recreational Vehicles


RV 1972 Winneabago 42ft long sleeps 6-8 stove, refrig, fullbath, new airconditioner, heater. Runs great!!! $2,500 OBO. 434793-5623 leave message. Camping Trailer 1970 Prowler, sleeps 5 or 6. Needs work. Needs refrig. $800. Leave message if no answer. 434-8227785 Yamaha Waverunner JetSki 1993 Shorelander trailer & cover included. Very Good Condition. $1800. 434-822-7785 Camper at elhorn lake for sale Lot 160. Camper with large room with tile floor and large deck added. Furniture included. Shaded lot. Direct TV and telephone ready. $5000 and ready to use! 336388-5671 Reduced for quick sale 2003 27ft Coachman Cascade, queen bed, sleeps 6, w/slide out, very clean, must see, $9000, 434-836-8757, 434-251-4175

645 holbrook brick ranch 3BR,1BA, remodeled, nice yard, Section 8 welcome, $600mo/+dep, call 434-251-9544 APT. FOR RENT: 126 Banner St., 2 bedrooms, living room, bath, kitchen w/appliances, w/d hookup, water/sewer/trash pickup included, no pets, $350.00/mo.-$375.00/ mo. Deposit & references required. 434792-1583 moble homes for rent Westover Dr. near bypass.starting @$300.00 plus one month deposit. good neighborhood. 10% senior citizens discount Gene @434-8226600 House for rent 3BR, 1 1/2BA, has washer/dryer, refrigerator/stove, central air heat, $500mo, 434-334-8973

Mobile Homes for rent possible owner finance. Rollings Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 Mobile homes for rent in Brosville & Danville area. Washer, Dryer and A/ C included. Rent either weekly or monthly, utilities included by week. Call 434-685-3463, 434-7996128, 434-334-2250, 434-793-9027 or 434-822-8000

Rental Property

1996 Coachman Catilina 30ft. Set up at Elkhorn lake. Comes with car port deck, 1992 Golf cart, $12,500.00 Call 434-2519531 1976 dodge holiday 48k original miles, motorhome asking $3,200.00 OBO has 318 motor, 11mpg, roof never leak, 22ft long 434-770-4110

hylton Ave 2BR, Remolded home, large kitchen, w/new cabinets, deck, storage shed, level rear yard, gas heat, central A/C. Call 434-228-3246 2 & 3BR homes in Westover & Averett area, central air/ heat, w/ d hookups, appliances, $425-$695mo, call between 6pm9pm 434-822-2950 Mobile Home for Rent near Televista, deposit required, no pets. 434-822-6025

double wide for rent 3BR, 2BA, in Pelham, NC. NO pets, private lot, $500mo/+dep. Serious inquiries only! Call 434-822-2509 2br brick apartment for rent located in Ruffin, NC. Water, sewage, & grass cutting furnished, 1 level, big bedrooms, hardfloors, $335mo/+dep, call 434-2517180, 434-797-2783 2 BR, 1 bath home for rent, Now taking applications for a 2 BR, 1 BA, Remodeled Home located 74 Glen Oak Drive Danville, Central AC & Heat, Includes all new appliances, $480/ mo plus $500 deposit, 434-835-1364 or 434-250-2311

Are you being recycled? A friend of mine started a business that recycled wood. That is, he would buy old barns, beams and rafters out of old textile mills, and old wood out of other buildings, and craft it into lots of wonderful, one-of-a-kind products. For instance, wood flooring and paneling, and he even made furniture out of this old wood. Now you and I drive right by some of these places where he got his wood. Old barns out in the country, barns that are falling down. Dilapidated factories that companies abandoned long ago. Basically, facilities that look useless. Sure, they were handsome in their day, but now they’re just old. But my friend sees beauty in these old buildings. He sees woods that aren’t grown anymore that have distinctive characteristics; wood that’s turned silver-gray as it aged. We’re a lot like that, you and I. Only it’s on the inside that the beauty grows with us. Sure we turn silver gray and lean a little, but it’s inside—in our spirits—where the true beauty recycles. As you listen to life today for what God has to say, look inside and let God recycle you.

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Convenient to Averett-drmc Nice 1 or 2 BR apartment, water included, $400mo/+dep, call 434-724-5044, 434-2515610

2BD Apt recently renovated N Main/Clairborne area, $375mo, one half month rent free, call for details 434-7283533 Lakeside Mobile Home Park mobile home for rent, furnished, 2BR, rent starting at $400mo. Call 434-836-9314 private large 2 bedroom with sunroom shop, includes appl. central heat and air 140 american legion blvd. only $500 434836-1191 FOR RENT 2 BR APT. SOUTH DANVILLE, $375mo/+DEP. $375 FIRM. KITTY ALDERSON, BROKER 434-753-9372 1 bedroom Garage apartment in Historic District. Laundry facilities, water, and off street parking provided. Deposit and References required. $350mo. 434-7914040

Behind The Wheel “Take it With a Friend Discount”

Get $20 OFF Each Call Kathy Wallace at 434-728-0314 to Register By Phone and Schedule Classes • Adult Lesson • Teen Drivers Ed Classroom • Learner’s Permit Re-Exam Classes Available (Bring coupon or say you saw the ad in the Piedmont Shopper)

Esh Buildings, Inc.

918 NC Hwy. 62N • Blanch, NC 27212 • 1 Mile North of Yanceyville

“Check Out Prices, You Owe It To Yourself.”




Rent To Own

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2BR, 2BA mobile home on a private lot in Ringgold area, taking applications. Call 434-822-7234 nice mobile home for rent in county, call 434-792-6553 2br mobile home on Holland Rd, $100 deposit, $375mo, call Matt 434-203-1385

3 Bedroom 1 Bath Duplex On Sedgefield Lane. $425mo+Deposit. Ask about move in special. 434-836-5100

Leeland Hotel No Utility Bills, all included in the room rent. Reasonable daily, weekly and monthly rates. Clean rooms, desk clerk 24/7, maid service MondayFriday. Restaurant beside hotel. Call 434-792-0411 Downtown Danville x ID 2772859

Danville Driving School


23ft bumper pull camper trailer, 1972 model, has window ac, gas, electric, $700, 434-792-3010

21FT COACHMAN TRAVEL TRAILOR $2800 OBO, total electric, sleeps 6. 434685-1795

18ft gulfstream kingsport Lite TT, call 434-432-3636

3BR $440 MONTH Central AC 900 Dry Fork Rd Sec Dep Req 797-3459

2006 gulf stream travel trailer 21ft, sleeps 4, queen bed, microwave, stove, kitchen bath, $9000, 434-685-4767, day 434-250-2432

2006 5th Wheel Forest River Wildcat Camper. New $35,000 Asking $23,900. 2sides, sleeps 6, lots of extras. With $4000 Worth of Camping Accessories. 434-7990720

2001 coachman catalina light camper, sway bar, very nice, has everything, sleeps 6, a/c, $8000 OBO, call 434724-1425

2br 1ba mobile home for rent major appliances, utilities & lawn maintenance included, nice Blairs neighborhood, $150wk/$200dep, call 434-728-4301

House for rent 3565 Old US 29, Pelham NC. 100 years old, but updated, central heat and air, fully insulated ceiling and walls, 2 or 3BR, 1BA. Newly remodeled kitchen, bath. $700/ mo. 2 mos. Security deposit req’d. 1 yr lease, renewable. NOTE: House sits on 76.5 acre tract, lots of deer, turkey, small game, 25 acres cleared, several ponds. Several old barns on tract. Will rent farm along with house for additional $300 per month. Might be suitable for several families to share total cost and hunt and till land. Minimum one-year lease. Or, will sell entire tract, including the house, for $375,000. Call Tom Scism, 336-388-9794, or cell 217-259-3366

Rent Free apartment Rent free apartment for a single person or couple (responsible for utilities) to provide occasional assistance in a mental health crisis. Experience in human services preferred. Contact Stanley at 434-770-8891.

Countryside RV Service Pop-up, Travel Trailer, 5Th Wheel & Motor Coach, Certified Refrigeration & AC repair. Complete service facility. Call 434-822-6994

cover 25ft camper cover, only used it about a month, there is little holes at bottom, $50.00, 434-836-1040

We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 19

For rent 3BR 2BA doublewide home in Mt Hermon area, 2 miles from intersection of Piney Forest & 41, all appliances, some furniture. 1 & last months rent ($500mo) upon moving in +security deposit, available immediately, 434-489-8884

Start Your Summer Cleaning Early!

RAINBOW® E SERIESTM CLEANING SYSTEM • 8 Year Limited Warranty • 37 Years Sales & Serving In Halifax And Pittsy. County • Refurbished Units Available


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H&F Sales & Service

4021-A Halifax Rd., South Boston (434) 572-3055 • 1-800-433-1526 •

Page 20 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009 Houses For Rent Nice 2 & 3 Bedroom Houses, All with Central Heat & Air. Call 336-388-2636

older type 220 stick welder. works good $40.00 434-429-1968

1437A Claiborne St. 3BR; 2BA; Cent. AIR; Hardwood Floors; W/ D Hookup; Ref & Stv; 2 Floors; $475mo/+$475 dep; $25 App; Section 8 “OK”; 434-724-2173


HOUSE FOR RENT: 330 Juless St., 2 bedrooms, kitchen appliances, w/d hookup, no pets, $350.00/mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583 APT. FOR RENT: 126 Banner St., 2BR, living room, bath, kitchen w/appliances, w/d hookup, water/sewer/trash pick-up included, no pets, $350.00/mo.-$375.00/mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583 1br, 1ba living room, kitchen, appliances furnished, hardwood floors, 81 Baltimore Ave, $400mo, a/c, 434-792-6737 need a roommate to share a 3BR brick home, 2 miles out 41, 434-203-5232 Taking applications for country living mobile home, 2BR, central air/ heat, lawn mowed, wheelchair accessible, ideal for Senior Citizens, call 336-694-4498 leave message 1 or 2br apt stove/refrigerator, ac, w/d hookup, most utilities furnished, 434-2512453 day or 434-836-3223 2br 2ba mobile home for rent in Tunstall area, w/d hookup, all electric, $400mo, $100wk, 434-685-1863, 434-4895754 1br 1ba house $350mo, handicap accessible does have ramp, available 6/8/09, 434-836-6635 west end westover drive nice 2BR apt, water included, $400mo/+dep, call 434724-5044, 434-251-5610, Owner/ Agent

Tools & Accessories Woodtek 6in Professional Jointer, 1HP 110 motor, excellent condition, new $550, sell $400, call 434-799-4268 10in table saw $60, call 434-685-3495 vinyl siding metal break good condition. $400.00, 434-822-6436 12 volt cordless drill $100, w/battery charger, 434-250-8688 portable Coleman powermate generator, 4000watts, 8hp Briggs & Stratton, $250 OBO, 434-441-7881 shopsmith planer $350, call 434-8226583 shopsmith w/accessories $500, call 434-685-3495 electric parts make offer call 434-822-2511

Girls 16Inch Bike Purple with flowers. Great condition. $30, 434-797-2029 Boy Toys zittel skateboard bag, new $10, air kicks antigravity boots, $5, remote controlled boxing robots, $8. 434-799-1126 Step 2 Neat & Tidy Cottage Good condition - $75 - 434-836-1882 Kids playhouses 2 nice kids playhouses. $50 each or $85 for both. Must see! 434-770-2461 large play house designed for little girl age 2-5. Can be used indoors or out. In excellent condition. Asking $60 firm. Call between 9am-8pm only 336-234-0094 Yamaha 4-wheeler & Peg-Perego John Deere Tractor. Both 12volt, batteries/ chargers included. Some fading, otherwise good condition. Call 434-836-2191.

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Atlantic Beach NC efficiency condo, sleeps 2-4, $575 week / $90 a night / $220 a weekend, pool, 434-792-7142 Daytona beach, FL oceanfront Condo, Silver Beach Club, sleeps 4, 1 1/2ba, 4th floor, balcony overlooks ocean, $650 a week, 434-836-1189

MYRTLE BEACH CONDO $500 per wk. 1 Bedroom Condo, Sleeps 4. Day: 434-836-1722 or Evenings: 434-250-9853

UNIQUE ADOPTIONS, LET US HELP! Personalized Adoption Plans. Financial Assistance, Housing, Relocation and More. Giving the Gift of Life? You /deserve the Best. CALL US FIRST! 1-888-637-8200. 24HR HOTLINE.


looking to buy 175/70 13 tires, call 434-432-1416

kids pool table many accessories, $20, call Kevin 434-724-1218

Utility Trailers

two bicycles 1 18speed mountain bike black $50; 1 nice high dollar chrome stunt bike $130, 434-251-4762

wanted: used farm machinery, at reasonable price, 434-836-9192, 434-489-1062

18ft equipment trailer dovetail ramps, good condition, 336-234-8518


Little Tykes kitchen w/dishes $20 and keyboard, $5. 434-799-0569

18ft ENCLOSED TRAILER oak cab, 110v, electric brakes, aluminum wheels, very nice, $4000 OBO, 434-724-4447

Looking for a 5 ft woods Finish mower Or some thing similar 3 pt hitch call 434228-3411 or 434-685-7268

8x20 enclosed car trailer $4500, 434-836-1769

Wanted LOOKING for youth catchers equipment must be in good shape 336234-9420

Lil Tykes Toy Box Pink and White. Great Condition. $15, 434-685-7556 Large collection gi joe 12in figures, over 100pcs, call for price serious inquiries only 434-685-3920 Foosball table for sale 2X4 feet, wood grain on exterior, good condition, (balls missing) $15. 434-724-1440 inside putt putt set w/many accessories, $15, call Kevin 434-724-1218 game table w/3 games, $30, 434-7249116 Razor PocketMod Scooter Mint green, good condition, seat storage. $150 firm Call 434-251-7113 after 4pm Mongoose motocross bike Electric, chain needs fixing $125 Call after 4pm 434251-7113 Dora Doll House with lots of accessories in great condition.. can email pics.. $50.00 336-971-5536 My first leap pad pink with 7 games/ books good condition.. $40.00 336-9715536

Travel & Vacation

6 1/2 x 16 utility trailer great condition, black, good tires, $1200 OBO, 276650-8483 leave message 1998 American 6X12 Enclosed Trailer. Barn Doors, New Tires, White $1500.00 434-548-5369 or 434-799-1922 5x18 heavy steel trailer single axle, no title, $450, 434-476-1771 2005 Appalacian Gooseneck Trailer, 8X24, with ramps, double axle, tire size T235/85/R16, Rated EW 3900, GW 14,000 $4500 Call 434-822-6410 or 434-203-0476

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TRUCK DRIVERS Wanted- Best Pay and Home Time! Apply Online Today over 750 Companies! One Application, Hundreds of Offers!

Wanting old car Running or Not, to use in demolition derby danville fair, Will pay around Junk price 434-250-6584 I am willing to take over payments on a Honda CBR 1000cc or a Suzuki 1000, must be trustworthy. 434-836-0005

Looking for a wooden swing set in good condition, reasonably priced, Call 434-728-1819 wanted land to lease to take children hunting, fishing and camping. 836-1266

Tandem 4 ton Reid’s trailer 6 X 12, electric, steal throughout, great condition. $1650.00, 336-209-3050

looking for a reasonable priced tractor and or bush hog, 434-432-1416

Wanted to Buy

looking for qualified voice teacher, someone who has a Bachelors Arts Degree and will teach me in Danville area, call Kersha 434-713-8845

Want to buy Junk Vehicles, will pay $120 & UP. FREE TOWING. Call 434-251-3810 or 434-432-0686 leave message

looking for a 2000-2001 Dodge Neon in good condition, w/low mileage, no work and road worthy, clean title & paperwork, reasonable price, call Kersha 434-7138845

Windows ~ Doors ~ Siding ~ Additions Interior and Exterior Remodeling Repair ~ Service ~ Maintenance

“We Do It All!”

Free Estimates 140 Chestnut Level Lane Blairs, Virginia 24527

Reasonable Rates Mobile (434) 251-4232 Fax (434) 836-0771

Is the stuff at your house piling up? We have a storage unit that will suit your needs: • 5x10 • 10x10 • 10x20 • 15x30 • 30x30 and outside parking for boats and RV’s Two convenient locations: 3334 Hwy 29N & 3318 Hwy 29S

HI & DRI MINI STORAGE (434) 836-3785

R.C. Tate Woodworks Since 1938

2876 Westover Drive • Danville, VA 24541

Jon A. Bell Owner

We now can supply custom mouldings and trim as required in any quantity or wood species from our moulder on site. We also manufacture custom cabinets and millwork.

Call (434) 822-0035

Outdoor Swing Set for 2 boys. Good Condition w/ reasonable price. Metal or wooden. Can pick up. 434-334-8232 Antenna Looking for 2 roof top antennas. will remove for free. Will pay for good condition 434-222-2644 need 4 wheeler or 3 wheeler dosen’t matter if runs. I will get it fixed 434728-1892 CABLE TV for $9.99 per month for 100 all digital channels plus 50 HD channels. First 100 new customers receive free HBO. Call now 1-800-200-0070. Ask for promo code 3474.

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Home Improvements

Looking for land to lease for hunting. Call 434-724-4204

want used car in good condition 1998 or newer, under 100k miles, working well, good on gas, call Mary of Cheryl willing to pay in cash 336-234-9699

GET A NEW COMPUTER! Brand Name Laptops & Desktops. BAD or NO Credit No Problem. Smallest weekly payments avail. Call 1-800-805-0019.

Jay Jennings


looking to buy cheap tires size 245 45 r18 to go on a 1997 Diamante, ask for Sky 434-835-3093

Homemade Luggage Travel Trailer, 4 ft long, 3 ft wide, 22 inches deep, lights, lock, $300 434-724-4947

$$$ ACCESS LAWSUIT CASH NOW!! As seen on TV. Injury Lawsuit Dragging? Need $500$500,000++ within 48 hours? Low rates. APPLY NOW BY PHONE! 1-800-568-8321 www. (Void in NC & AL)

Licensed Contractor

looking to buy full view storm door, call 434-432-1416

3 basketball goals w/backboards, $10ea; portable basketball goal, $10, 434770-8763

NEW COMPUTER - Bad credit? No credit? No Problem! Guaranteed approval. No credit check. Name brands. Checking account required. 1-800-688-0413. www. PREGNANT? CONSIDERING Free bonus ADOPTION? We can help you! with paid purchase. (Not valid Housing, financial and medical in WV or TN) assistance available. You can choose your adoptive family and A NEW COMPUTER NOW! be involved in your adoption Brand Name. BAD or NO Creditplans. Call 24/7. Forever Blessed No Problem smallest weekly payments avail. Call Now 1-800Adoptions. 1-800-568-4594 804-9639. Beware of loan fraud. Please check with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Agency before sending any money to any loan company.

we pay cash For Good Used Motorcycles at Old 97 Choppers MFG Inc, call 434-792-3132 looking to buy a tall poster bedroom suite, dark wood, reasonable price, call 434-432-1416

Call this paper to place your ad in over 4 million homes.

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? Call Us First! Living Expenses, Housing, Medical and continued support afterwards. Choose Adoptive Family of Your Choice. Call 24/7. ADOPT CONNECT 1-866-743-9212.

Wanted - bee swarms all stray or unwanted, call 434-822-0619

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront June 26th - July 3rd. One and Two bedroom units with kitchens. One block from Family Kingdom. Go to http:// users/ kefinney/ beach/ beach.html or call after 5pm: 434-685-2885

Regional Classified Ads


need cash I will buy your broken computers, 434-728-1892

2 bedroom,2 baths, plus sleeper sofa, screened lanai on intracoastal waterway, pools, jacuzzi, fishing/ boat dock. Call 434-251-8888

Rubbermaid Truck Tool Box great condiction only $45.00. Ladies 26” Cruiser bike ready to ride. Call 434-836-4777

THE FOLLOWING ADS HAVE NOT BEEN SCREENED BY THE SOUTHEASTERN ADVERTISING PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION ( S A PA ) ; T h e r e f o r e , a n y discrepancies thereof shall not be the responsibility of the aforementioned association. Your publisher has agreed to participate in this program and run these ads as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association.

WILL BUY WORKING AND BROKEN Nintendo systems, games, and systems at reasonable prices! Old and New! 434-2511976

***FREE Foreclosure Listings*** Over 4 0 0,0 0 0 proper ties n a t i o n w i d e . LO W D o w n Payment. Call NOW! 1-800-4773506. TIMESHARE RESALES! Make Offers directly to owners! Save thousands! 5 star resorts at deep discounts. w w w. ParadiseEscapes.NET.

VACATION/TRAVEL NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS Discounted rates available,including Pet friendly units! Don’t forget your summer rental. Call now to reserve your vacation! Foscoe Rentals 1-800723-7341 www.foscoerentals. com ESCAPE TO THE COOL GEORGIA MOUNTAINS Cavander Creek Cabins Dahlonega Wine tours, Horsebackriding, Hot Tub Cabins. 10% Discount with this ad. 1-866-373-6307. Virtual tour.

WANTED TO BUY WANTED: OLD JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES Kawasaki Z1-900 (KZ900) 1972-1976, KZ1000 (19761980), KZ1000R (1982,1983), Z1R, S1-250. S2-350, S3-400, H1-500, H2-750, HONDA CB750 (19691975) SUZUKI GS400, GT380, CASH PAID, FREE NATIONWIDE PICKUP. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310721-0726.

looking for a gocart For son dosen’t matter if it runs will get it fixed 434728-1892 Looking for 2 trolling motor batteries must take and hold good charge call 434429-0589 Wanted a bathroom over sink medicine cabinet with mirror, reasonably priced, 434334-5302 want to buy porch swing or yard swing, reasonably priced, 434-334-5302 want to buy a twin size bedroom suit for a girl, reasonably priced, 434-334-5302 wanted We have twin boys, bought last child’s recliner the store had, need another one. Also want 2T boys like new clothes. 434-799-2674 want to buy engine V6, 3.4 liter, 2000 model for GT Grand Am, 434-429-8436 need donations for yard sale for the Mt Cross Fire & Rescue upcoming yard sale, 434-797-4187 wanted one touch ultra test strips, 434793-5742 want to buy cracker barrel front porch rocking chair, not painted, 434-572-9377 looking for R&B or Rock band that needs a lead or backup singer, call Kersha 434-713-8845 or email nubian_queenknb@ Wanted: Hood and/or grill for 1996 Honda Accord LX. Preferably no dents. Color: Dark metallic green if possible. 434836-2186

Affordable Health Coverage Family of 4

35 Yr Old Parents 2 Children

$155.59 month*

Single Female

28 Years Old

$ 46.73/month*

Single Male

30 Years Old

$ 36.38/month*

*Virginia Rates / Preferred Rate / Non-Tobacco


**Virginia/North Carolina Rates

ADVANCE SENIOR SOLUTIONS 625 Piney Forest Rd, Suite 305, Danville • 434-797-2505 • Toll Free 866-736-1441

want to buy camping trailer, any size, will pay $1000, 443-350-1283 Looking for a dog house. Preferably big. 434-228-3134 looking to rent a nice 3BR home. Willing to pay up to $700/mo. Must be pet friendly (4-5lbs). Call 434-228-0551 WANTED - Free Plastic Barrel I need 2-55 gallon plastic barrels for a Scout project. Call 434-793-0242 Non-working Chest Freezer Looking for a large non working chest freezer. Needed for feed storage. 276-650-8212 s10 looking to buy ext cab automatic 4x4 s10 in good condition reasonably priced 434-548-5941





276-340-9346 or 276-224-5711

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 21

132 woodside rd Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, in Green Acres, 7am-until, lots of various items

Tires Wanted: Want to buy good condition used/ new BF Goodrich 31 x 10.50-R15 All Terrian or Mud Terrian 434-572-8137

would like to buy a ladder rack for pickup, one side, good condition, reasonable price, 434-822-1203

1347 pumpkin creek ln Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7am-12noon, too many items to list.

Tires Wanted: BF Goodrich used in good condition or new. 31 x 10.50 R15 All Terrian or mud Terrian 434-572-8137

looking for a leap frog tag books and pen that goes with it, 434-836-4968

145 Hamlin Avenue Sat.-June 6th. (off N. Main St) 8am-until? Misc. Items 434793-8399

97 Ford Escort - Need engine for 97 Ford Escort, 2.0, 4 cylinder. Reasonable. 434-836-0015 wanted: old drink bottles, old drink crates, milk bottles, 434-728-2960 Looking for a Small Pontoon Boat With Canvas Cover (Roof) & Tailor. 336388-2203. want to buy automatic portable dishwasher, reasonable price, good condition, 434-432-0881 wanted: jr size clothing, pants size 5-9, shirt extra small-large, 434-728-4052 looking for a wood or metal Futon/ Bunkbed bed for a boy’s bedroom. Must be decent and reasonable priced. 336-6946561 Looking for someone to grind up an old decaying oak stump. Most not charge over $60. 336-694-6561 Looking for free fire wood - hardwood to cut, No pine please, 434-724-2428 Looking for free fill dirt for backstop If you need a place to dump fill dirt on Mt Cross Rd for free, call 434-724-2428 wanted Chimney blocks, call 434-7926773 wanted: a used outdoor woodheater to heat house, must be reasonable, 434-7926773 computers will buy your computers workin or not need computers for parts 434822-5595 Want To Buy a 1995-1999 Buick Park Avenue-Buick Lesabre or Pontiac Bonneville. Must be in good condition and reasonably priced. Leave message 434-251-8296 Want to buy Aluminum windows awnings, leave message 434-251-8296

want to buy a 4 drawer dark dresser, 434-799-0547 wanted: Old HiFi stereo equipment, Receivers, Reel-to-Reel, Tape Decks, Ham radios, and CB Radios and Equipment. Working or not, 434-429-7587 wanted: black curio w/gold trim, call 434429-7587 wanted: Radio and Stereo equipment with Vacuum Tubes, Testers, Parts, Manuals, and anything associated with these items. Working or not, 434-429-7587 looking to buy set of country curtains valances, beige or off white, fuller the better, 434-799-3558 looking for fixer up lawn mower for $200 or less, 434-251-6888 wanted VA vehicle & motorcycle license plates issued before 1956, also Danville city tags, 434-685-3704 desperately in need of diabetic supplies; lantus & novolog, 434-770-0582, 434594-3511 looking for flatscreen TV, call 434489-9850

1509 Kemper Rd. Ext. Yard Sale, SatJune 6th, at Danville, 7am-1:00pm. Cd’s, dvd’s, vhs, pocketbooks, clothes, toys, household items, books and a lot of other items

154 MarshallTerrace Sat-June 6th, 7am- 2pm Huge sale some antiques, designer clothes, 25 years of stuff 170 mimosa st Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 8am-12noon, clothing, little furniture, household items, books and more 175 Talbott Drive Sat. 6/6/09 7am12pm. 188 Hamlin Ave Sat-June 6th 8amNoon, Rain Cancells 1880 franklin turnpike Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7:30am-until, items 25 cents & up lots of many items 1942 n fairview rd in chatham Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 8am-until, lots of everything, mail tables, file cabinets & more, pocket books too.

need wall brackets to hang 52in flatscreen TV, 434-489-9850

2 Family Yard sale Fri-June 5th, 7am11am. 7664 Mt. Cross Rd. 8 miles past Wal-Mart

want to buy 4 white letter tires size P225/70 15 or P235/70 15, at least half tread no less, 434-728-2897

23 Ashlawn Dr. Schoolfield Area, Housewares, Nice Stuff Cheap. Dont leave empty handed! June 4,5,6 8AM Daily

want to buy handheld programmable police scanner, reasonable priced, 434728-2897

237 April Lane. Sat-June 6, Bedding, household, small TV, kids books, clothes, toys. Riding mower (not running), 1999 Intrepid.


24 ashlawn dr - fri&sat Yard Sale, June 5-6, 8am-until, lots of variety of items

wedding dress Mary’s bridal gown, size 20, very very nice, with a long train, call 434 441-0749 or 336-388-2933

2509 Ridge Road - Sun YARD/MOVING SALE SUN-JUNE 7, 1:00pm-6:00pm. Lots of furniture and household things. Directions: 41 North, Take right on Ripley, Right onto Ridge, all the way to the end at the culdesac.

Crossroad Fleamarket 58E/62Hwy EARN X-TRA $$ - Sell your unused Items or Produce. Sat/Sun 7:00-3:00. June/ July Special - Indoor 12X12 Vendor Spaces - Buy 3 Weekends get 4th. Call 434-251-5021 Fri & Sat 8am-3pm 322 Meadowood Lane, Danville, Lots of stuff, Lots of Bargains. Something for Everyone. Come see us. 434-836-6137

furniture & yard sale On 29 South at High N Dry Storage, 8am-2pm, Troy built Huffy tiller and much more 434-250-1238 HUGE LOT YARD SALE ITEMS Huge lot of yard sale items. Home Deco, lamps, clothing, etc. $100 for all. 434-489-7787 HUGE Yard sale sat. june 6th 8AM2PM Movies, Women’s Plus Sized Clothing, Toys & Much More! Cheap Prices! 29 Chatham/ Tightsqueeze near Hardees. Rain cancels. Huge yardsale this saturday!!! 264 April Lane. (Fairfield Park) Everything must go! Selling it ALL including the kitchen sink!!!! 434-548-9573 Indoor Moving sale Furniture, Hosehold Items, Home Decor & More. Sat-June 6th, 7am-Noon. 200 Bailey Place (Swain Acres) Rain or Shine. LARGE ESTATE/ YARD SALE Furniture new and antique, antiques, costume jewerly and much much more..can be seen by 434-685-1795 Large Yard sale 1-3/10 mile past Wal-Mart, 1444 MT Cross Rd on right. 8amnoon Rain Cancels MOVING SALE Household items, kitchen appliances, lots of ladies clothing, bicycle, golf clubs. Everything goes! Flee market buyers welcome! 434-489-8333 Moving Sale! 5/30 - 2903 Shady Grove Road/ Providence, NC: Lots of CDs, books, teenage female clothes, kitchenware. GREAT DEALS. 434-251-4554

wanted 1997 Blazer, 4.3 vortech engine, 434-203-9172

white wedding gown size 12, strapless beaded bodice, beads on train, $350, 434-836-9755

Junk Car Want a cheep junk car for the demo derby at low price. 434-728-4926

Wedding dress ivory with champagne trim, strapless, size 8, $100, 434-203-7721

3 family Yard Sale 225 Deerwood Dr, Blairs, June 6th lots of baby items boy and girl and household items

Mt Cross Rd Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 1 3/10 mile past Walmart on right, 8am12noon, rain cancels

Indianapolis Colts Want to buy Colts jerseys and other team merchandise. 434728-4926

flower girls dress beautiful, size 10, ivory, paid $100, asking $50, never used, 434-822-1483

331 perry ave Yard Sale, Fri-June 5th, 8am-2pm, lots of miscellaneous

looking for a large enough building for religious worship purposes, 434-728-4257, 434-251-5051

Wedding dress size 8, ivory w/champagne trim, paid $650, asking $100, 434203-7721

3448 Wendell scott dr Neighborhood Watch Yard 8am-3pm/Bake Sale 10am3pm, cakes & pies, fish hot dogs. So many items to choose from.

Multi family yard sale Sat 6/6 at 15225 Franklin Turnpike, 7am-til, Household items, toys, kids clothes, plus size and more

wanted: fireplace tool set, good condition, leave message at 434-797-2181

wedding dress ivory, size 14, ties around neck, long train w/rose petals on it, sequins, paid $900, asking $300, 434251-8972

381 iris Lane Saturday-June 6th. 8am2pm. Baby clothes, household items, much more. Rain date- June 13th. 434-836-2191.

wanted: Goldtone locket with or without chain, leave message 434-797-2181 Looking for someone to wash & iron country curtains & do light housework, must have references, prefer non-drinker & drug free, 434-822-0821 Wanted Large dog house in good condition at a reasonable price. 434-334-2785 Wanted: Drive shaft for Woods 5 foot finish mower. Square connection, 3 point hitch. Must be reasonable. 434-799-2223 Wanted Bush Hog Need a 4’or 5’ Bush Hog in good condition and reasonable priced @$300 434-203-2811 Looking to buy dark oak or maple or mahogany or cherry mahogany dining room table, seats 8, w/ matching hutch, reasonable, locally, 336-388-9157 looking for stud Westhighland white terrier for our female, 434-334-8966, 434250-2772 looking to buy 1981-2000 2wd &4wd Dodge Durangos & Dakotas, full size or regular, running or not for reasonable price for parts, 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

Yard Sales

4220 irish rd Yard Sale, in Chatham, 2 refrigerators, 1 a/c window units, household items, clothes, & toys and more.


4304 Snakepath road Saturday, lots of stuff, some new stuff. 434-432-8892

107 Woodhaven Dr. TOYS & CLOTHES and other miscellaneous items, great $1 & $2 deals! (off Mt. Cross Rd., 4 miles from WalMart)

437 locust lane Yard Sale, 9am-until, variety of womens clothes & shoes, porcelain dolls, and much more.

108 summit rd Yard/Moving Sale, SatJune 6th, 7am-10am, still have a few items left 111 parrish rd Estate Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7am-1pm, glassware, furniture, TV & more 112 westview place Yard Sale, SatJune 6th, 8am-until, off 41, toddler girl, big mens, womens clothes, household & more 11437 franklin trpke Multi-Family Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7am-until, many items, household, furniture and much more

436 gilbert dr Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, furniture, everything inside house & outside, 7am-until.

4690 s boston hwy 58e - Fri Huge 5 Family Yard Sale, Fri-June 5, 8am-until, too much to list. 486 jeanette dr - fri Yard Sale, FriJune 5th, lots of items 500 Jacob Place Fairfield Park Sat-June 6.. Starts @ 8, RAIN/SHINE. Clothes, Furniture, Toys, Etc. 5509 dry fork rd Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7am-2pm, 4 wheeler, antiques, household items, farm equipment and more. 434724-7353

wanted Nissan ZX 300, in great shape, AT & ac, 2000 model or antique ZX been fully restored, 434-799-5415

1147 jamerson rd north Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 7am-until, to benefit Mt Cross Fire & Rescue Squad

583 russell loop rd - fri-sun Yard Sale, June 5-7, antiques, shop tools, old car & truck parts, old license plates and more, in Prospect Hill, NC

wanted 22 caliber pistol at reasonable price, 434-799-5415

115 ash st Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 6amuntil, behind Biscuitville on Piney Forest Rd, too many items to list.

608 linden dr Multi-Family Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, across from hospital, 8am12noon, appliances & more

125 Satellite Dr Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, on 700, 4 miles from turn off of 29, on right, household items and so many other items

634 brook dr - thurs-sat Yard Sale, June 4-6, comforters, blinds, pictures, and a lot of other items

looking for a trailer 5x8, 5x9, 5x10, call Ricky 646-281-9053 looking to buy 2008 Kawasaki KX 250F racing dirtbike, must be in good condition, 434-797-4591 wanted to buy dehumidifier, call 434334-6374 Want Chain Link Fence & Gate Want to buy 4’ high chain link fence and gate. (Danville, Va) 434-836-5383 Fence & Gate Want to buy 4’ chain link fence and or a gate. 434-836-5383 Tent Want to buy a tent with straight walls. 434-836-5383 Want to buy Boys Size 7, White Suit or Tuxedo. 434-429-0408 want to buy a large frame for trampoline, 434-822-7997 want to buy 8ft or larger step ladder or orchard ladder, 434-792-3010 Wanted fill dirt for yard Call 434836-1887 urgent looking for a house or trailer rent to own only, asap please call 276-8069451 Wanted to buy Truck parts for 1988 Toyota pick-up. 434-822-4210

Multi Family Yard Sale 648 Ferry Rd, Sat-Jun 6th, 8am-1pm. Something for Everyone. New & used items. Great prices. Rain Cancels. mutli family yard sale fri&sat at Emmanuel Church of the Brethren, 1530 Westover Dr, Friday 2pm-7pm; Saturday 8am-until, June 5&6, lots of various items to choose from. Three Family Yard Sale 415 Lansbury Drive, Fri & Sat, June 5th & 6th, 7am-till, A Little bit of everything. Jewelry to trailer tires. Westover Lane Sat-June 6th. 7amuntil? Westover Lane off Westover Dr. Vacuum, toys, clothes, many other items. Yard Sale Sat. June 6th 7:00 - until. Items from A to Z. Check us out! 1650 Shady Grove Rd. Yard Sale Sat-June 6th, 7am-until, 2555 Old US 29 Pelham, NC. Too many things to list. yard sale Sat-June 6th, at Lively Stone Baptist Church, 2347 Chandlers Mill Rd, Pelham NC. Assortment of items, household and tools, much more. Proceeds to fill our Food Pantry. yard sale to benefit Youth Group for their mission trips. Sat-June 6, 7am-until, at Calvary Baptist Church, 416 Edgewood Dr, so many items too many to list. Yard Sale/Fish Fry Friday, June 5, Saturday June 6, 188 Fairview Lane, Chatham, VA Fish sandwich and soda $3.50 yard sell items $75.00 glassware, bedframes/ headbroad, toys, walker, many more items 434-548-1069 Your Stuff & Kids Stuff parking lot charity sale. Saturday, 8am to 11am. Everything $1. Proceeds for Homeless Shelter.

Nonni’s BEAT THE RECESSION at Nonni’s Italian Eatery Pizza • Pasta • Subs

Take Out Only – Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

Lg. 16” Cheese Pizza


Only $

Extra Topping $1.55 – No Limit – No Coupon

Call 791-3757

(Across From Walmart)

Buy One Lunch Entree and Two Drinks

Get The Second Entree For Only .99 Cents Expires 6-15-09

Limit One Coupon Per Table


Buy One Entree

Get The Second Entree 1/2 Price Expires 6-15-09

Limit One Coupon Per Table

Come see our new crazy, loud, live

MARIACHI BAND Monday, June 8th, 6:30 -9:30 pm

Restaurante Mexicano

2818 Riverside Drive 792-0601 Fax: 792-1943 Mon-Thurs 11 am-10 pm Fri. 11 am-10:30 pm Sat 12 noon-10:30 pm Sun 12 noon-9 pm ABC PERMITS • EAT IN OR TAKE OUT • CATERING

Need A New Mattress?

Twin Mattress



Lowe Furniture

See Us and Save More!


Danville, VA


want to buy a set of bunk beds, for reasonable price, good condition, 434-8364010

Big 2-family Yard sale Fri. & Sat. 7am.-til. Many housewares and children’s clothes. 3135 Whitmell Sch. Rd.


In Need Of Vehicle 19 year old, starting work, , very cheap, running or fixable thank you 434-250-6584

671 mt cross rd Yard Sale, Sat-June 6th, 8am-until, lots of stuff


1272 chalk level rd - fri&sat 2 Families Yard Sale, June 5th 12 noon-7; June 6th 7am-1pm. Lots of good stuff


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Page 22 • Piedmont Shopper© • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009 05-29-09; DANVILLE POLICE AND THE MEDICAL EXAMINER HAVE DETERMINED THE CAUSE OF DEATH IN YESTERDAY'S SHOOTING INCIDENT Yesterday morning at approximately 2:47 am, Danville Police responded to a shooting call in the 3400 block of Westover Drive. Officers located a white male inside a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. The man was transported to the Danville Regional Medical Center and later pronounced dead. The man who died was identified as Lucas Wray Pikey age 21 of Danville. The Danville Police Department along with the Medical Examiner's Office have determined that the gunshot wound suffered by Mr. Pikey was a self inflicted gun shot wound. The shooting has been officially ruled a suicide. 05-31-09; DANVILLE POLICE MAKE ARREST IN CONVENIENCE STORE BURGLARY At 2:07 AM Danville Police responded to an alarm at the Quick-N-Plenty convenience store 563 Memorial Drive. Officers found that the front glass had been broken out. The storeowner advised that a large amount of cigarettes were missing. The in-store video showed a white male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt enters the store and take the items. The K-9 officer arrived and conducted a search. Officers found Nicholas Scott Hooker age 18 of Danville hiding under some brush in the rear of a house in the 600 block of Ridge Street. Hooker has been charged with Break and Enter and Petit Larceny. Danville Police are continuing the investigation. 06-01-09; POLICE MAKE ARRESTS IN HOME INVASION CASE On 5/31/09 at approximately 2:00 AM Danville Police received a call from the 500 block of Cedarbrook Drive that three white males had kicked open the front door and entered. Once inside the house, the males assaulted the victim with handheld weapons. The victim was transported to Danville Regional Medical Center and later transferred to Roanoke for head trauma. All three suspects have been identified and charges are pending. The Danville Police Department is continuing the investigation. UPDATE: This morning, Danville Police arrested two men and have active warrants for the third suspect in this case. Police have charged Ronnie Wayne Pruitt age 26 and Timothy Gordon Wilson age 27 both of Pelham with aggravated malicioius wounding and burglary. 06-01-09 DANVILLE POLICE INVESTIGATE PHARMACY BURGLARY Just before midnight on Friday night, a Danville Police Officer heard an audible alarm on Watson Street. The officer responded to the area and found the front door glass knocked out of Professional Pharmacy located at 130 Watson Street. Other officers responded to the area and observed a male subject running away on the street beside the business. Officers set up a perimeter and utilized the K-9 to track the subject. While following the track, the K-9 located the subject hiding in the overgrown brush behind a house, started barking, and began biting the subject in the hands and one leg. When the subject obeyed the officer’s commands to show his hands, the K-9 was called back and the subject was taken into custody for suspicion of involvement in the burglary at Professional Pharmacy. The investigation determined that this subject was not the one who officers later observed on the security video breaking into the business. The subject was immediately released from custody and taken to the hospital for treatment of his wounds. Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to contact Danville Crimestoppers at (434) 793-0000, or via our crime tips line on your computer at crimetips@ci.danville. Information given will remain confidential. Citizens who contact Crimestoppers by telephone are eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.00. Pittsylvania County Report 05/27/09 Scarce,Jeff 7412 Mount Cross Rd;Danville A motorcycle taken. 2005 Honda CRF230F,Red and White has skateboard stickers on both sides. 05/28/09 Wray, JoAnn Theft of a golf cart.

4780 Cascade Rd;Cascade

05/29/09 Blairs Expressway Mart 5912 U S Hwy No29; Blairs Broken door glass, cigarettes taken. 05/30/09 Goble,Daniel 2366 South Boston Hwy;Ringgold Caller advised that his wallet was stolen today at Ringgold Flea Market. 05/31/09 Bostic,Randall 211 Forestroad Dr; Danville Caller advised that he had a hand gun that stolen, a colt 45, stainless steel. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ON THESE, PLEASE CONTACT THE PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-800-791-0044. DEATH INVESTIGATION On June 2, 2009 at approximately 2:15 PM Pittsylvania County Communications center received a call of a shooting at G&S Market in Hurt. The caller further stated both individuals were believed to be dead. Responding Sheriff’s Deputies, Hurt Town Police and the Virginia State Police arrived and located the dead bodies of a male and female in the area behind G & S Market. Crime Scene Investigators collected evidence throughout the afternoon while Investigators and officers interviewed potential witnesses. Late in the day, positive identification was made of the deceased by Investigators through family members. The bodies have been identified as 46 year old, white male, David King Pippin, whose last known address was Lynch Mill Road Altavista, Virginia and 36 year old white female, Norma Farmer Henley last known address Jasper Woods Road in Hurt, Virginia. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing its death investigation and the circumstances around this occurrence. Both bodies will be examined by the Medical Examiner’s Office in Roanoke tomorrow where a cause of death will be determined.

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

The Piedmont $hoplifters and other notorious misbehavers in our town, as reported by the... City of Danville POLICE DEPARTMENT Pittsylvania County SHERIFF DEPARTMENT

Date 6/2/2009 6/2/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 6/1/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/31/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/30/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/29/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/28/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/27/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009 5/26/2009





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The Piedmont Shopper’s Favorite Recipes


In Our Hometown

Wallpaper & Painting Services Wallpaper Design Custom Sewing Painting

(434) 685-3613 Joanie Forth, Owner

Praise the Lard & Pass the Biscuits PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE POUND CAKE 3 sticks butter 8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese 3 c. sugar 3 c. cake flour 6 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla Mix butter, cheese and sugar together in a large mixing bowl. Beat with a fork until smooth. Then beat at medium speed with mixer until fluffy. Gradually add flour and eggs alternately, mixing well after each. Add vanilla. Pour into bundt or tube pan sprayed with Baker's Joy. Place in a cold oven at 325 degrees for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes on bottom rack. Test with toothpick.

RED POTATOES CASSEROLE 1/2 c. butter, melted 1/2 pkg. onion soup mix 1 tsp. salt 1/2 c. water 6 - 8 red potatoes

This picture of William (Bill) Tilley was taken in 1944 in Pearl Harbor. He said he was not there for the Japanese bombing. Photo courtesy of Bill Tilley

Bad Singing

Pugh Enterprises’ Business Services

Miranda likes to sing, and whenever she begins, her husband heads outside.

“Proud to give the personal attention your business deserves.”

Hurt and a little dejected, she asked him, "Don't you like my singing?"

Professional, personable services at the LOWEST RATES. Serving businesses and individuals in your area, FULL-time, since 1999.

"Of course, Dear," he replied. "I just want to make sure the neighbors know I'm not beating you."


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Combine butter, soup mix and salt. Pour water into casserole, scrub potatoes and cut into 1/4 inch slices. DON’T peel. Alternately layer of potatoes and butter mixture. Cover and bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees.


She gives never-failing advice on all affairs of life such as love, marriage, business and health. If worried or in doubt, consult this gifted reader today!

CUBE STEAK “FRENCH DIP” SANDWICHES 4 cube steaks 1 pkg. dry onion soup mix 1 loaf French bread



CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 462 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, VA

(434) 791-4921

Season cube steaks to taste and brown in a Pam sprayed skillet. Add 2 cups of water and package of onion soup mix. Simmer at least one hour until meat is tender. A few minutes before serving I like to add some freshly sliced onion and heat until it is tender. Cut bread into 4 servings. Slice and add meat and onions to make a sandwich. Put gravy into a small bowl at the side of each serving and “dip” and enjoy.

We rent beautiful linen tablecloths for all of your special occasions

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Jacksonville Theological Seminary And Revelation Message Bible College Now Accepting Applications For The 2009-2010 School Year For More Information Contact:

While shopping for vacation clothes, my husband and I passed a display of bathing suits. It had been at least ten years and twenty pounds since I had even considered buying a bathing suit, so sought my husband's advice. 'What do you think?' I asked. 'Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?' 'Better get a bikini,' he replied. 'You'd never get it all in one.'



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THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION AWARDS OVER $163,000 IN SCHOLARSHIPS TO 65 AREA STUDENTS The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region has awarded over $163,000 in scholarships to 65 area students. Presentations were recently made from 25 different scholarship funds within The Community Foundation at a scholarship reception held May 31, 2009 at Danville Education, Arts and Cultural Center. The Bennett-Bushnell-Jones-Kaufman Scholarship was established from four individual scholarships to benefit outstanding nursing students at Danville Regional Medical Center School of Health Professions. Students will be announced on June 5. The James W. Bryant and James T. Collie Scholarship was established with The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region in 2005 by a retired school teacher. Three scholarships of $1,000 each were presented to Tunstall High School seniors Yizhen Liu (University of Virginia) and Lesley Stowe (University of Virginia) and Ceseley Haynes (currently attending Virginia Tech). The Bernard C. Calvert Scholarship was established in 2004 by the Brosville Council #51 of the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. The Calvert scholarship was awarded to Sarah Terrell (Virginia Tech) in the amount of $1,575. The Dan River Inc Scholarship was transferred to The Community Foundation in 2008 to continue the charitable work of the company based in Danville for over 100 years. Three scholarships were awarded to previous recipients of Dan River Foundation scholarships, each receiving $2,000 - David Copal (Southside Community College), Nicholas DeMasi (James Madison University) and Kacee Little (Piedmont Community College). The Danville Academic Boosters Club Scholarship was awarded to the top five scholastic students in Danville Public Schools – Colleen Coyne (Galileo), Rachel Kilgore (GWHS), Robert Wiseman (GWHS), David Lemery (Galileo) and Parker Hodges (GWHS). The John Watson Daniel Scholarship was established by the JWD Retirement Club in 1997. One scholarship of $575 was awarded to Elizabeth Gee to attend Mary Baldwin College. The Danville Regional Medical Center Auxiliary/Volunteers Scholarship was established in 2008 for Danville Regional Medical Center employees and volunteers and their immediate families, who are studying in a medical field. Six scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to David Ellington, Jr. (Shenandoah University), Westover Christian Academy senior Rebecca Hand (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Dan River High School senior Mackenzie Shelton (Virginia Tech), George Washington High School seniors Rebecca Stevens (James Madison University), Thaingoc Tran (University of Virginia) and Cara Weatherford (currently attending Virginia Tech) One student received the John R. and Betty B. Eggleston Scholarship, established in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Eggleston in 2002. Alexandria Gwynn, a Bartlett Yancey High School senior, received $775 to attend Wake Forest University. The Margaret Spruce Floyd Scholarship was established in memory of Mrs. Floyd and transferred to The Community Foundation in 2004. Two Margaret Spruce Floyd scholarships were awarded this year to Chatham High School seniors - Lyndsey Moser received $775 to attend Longwood University and Marissa Thompson received $1,000 to attend Washington and Lee University. Five Danville area Gignac Scholars will continue their studies at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago with annual support totaling $108,000. The Gignac Scholars are Patrick Bray, Corey Hawker, Sayiddah McCree, Andrew Mey and Andrew Rust. The John B. Grubb scholarship was established in 2007 in memory of Mr. Grubb to benefit Danville and Pittsylvania County Public School graduates. David Lemery, a Galileo Magnet High School senior, received $425 to attend Illinois Institute of Technology. The Ray M. Harris Scholarship was created in memory of Mr. Harris and transferred to The Community Foundation in 2004. . Three Ray M. Harris scholarships were presented this year. Rachel Brinkley (currently attending University of Virginia) received $1,450, Dan River High School senior Jessie Cutts (Roanoke College) and David Divine (Shenandoah University) were awarded $1,000. The Stuart Harris Drama Scholarship recognizes outstanding drama students in the Danville Public Schools. Galileo Magnet High School seniors Taylor Gauldin (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Darius Montage (DePaul University) both received $525. The John L. Hurt, Jr. Scholarship supports students from Gretna High School, with a preference for students who have attended the John L. Hurt, Jr. Elementary School. Nicholas Hagood received $1,000 to continue studying at Radford University and Mark Marstin received $875 to attend Liberty University. The Main Street United Methodist Church Scholarship was established in 2007 with the closing of Main Street United Methodist Church and is for local seminary students, with a preference for United Methodist applicants. Martin Park Hunter was awarded $2,450 to continue his education at Duke Divinity School. Four scholarships totaling $4,750 were awarded from the Onnie H & Bertie W. Milloway Scholarship to assist area students who attend Averett University. Scholarships were presented to current Averett students Benjamin Boatwright, Dustin Echols, Pattie Keatts and Brittany Shepherd-Walker. The Patrick H. Musick Scholarship was established recently for needy, talented students attending Averett University, with a preference shown to students who have a tennis-playing background. This year’s scholarship of $600 was awarded to Pattie Keatts.

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper MOFFITT WINS NCWS RACE; PULLIAM SCORES IN LATE MODEL EVENT SOUTH BOSTON, VA…….Brett Moffitt took the lead from Ryan Truex on the 84th lap and held off fellow rookie Ryan Gifford of Lexington, N.C. over the final 15 laps to win the NASCAR Camping World East Series 150 here Saturday night at South Boston Speedway. Moffitt, who entered the race in second place in the Sunoco Rookie of the Year standings, earned $7,825 for the win. He became the fourth different winner in as many races this season and the third different winner at South Boston Speedway. Gifford, a development driver for Richard Childress Racing, finished second, 3.691 seconds behind Moffitt. Truex, driving a Toyota, led twice for a total of 69 laps and finished third after Gifford sped past him with 15 laps to go. Jody Lavender of Mooresville, N.C., the series points leader, finished fourth and retained the series points lead. Max Gresham of Griffin, Ga., making his NCWS debut, finished fifth. The race was a competitive one with three lead changes between Truex and Moffitt. Moffitt led a total of 81 laps while Truex, the pole winner, led 69 laps. Moffitt averaged 63.830 mph in the race that was slowed by five caution periods that consumed 26 laps. Lavender emerged from the race with a 26-point lead over Moffitt. Pulliam Scores First Career LMSC Win Lee Pulliam of Semora, N.C. moved to the NASCAR Whelen AllAmerican Series Late Model Stock Car Division this season looking for big things after having won last year’s South Boston Speedway Limited Sportsman Division championship. Things couldn’t get any bigger for Pulliam than they did Saturday night when he scored his first career NASCAR Late Model Stock Car Division win in the 150-lap race that served as the co-feature event with the NASCAR Camping World East Series race. In a race that had numerous twists and turns, Pulliam inherited the lead on lap 127 when race leaders Nick Smith of Hampton, Va. and Jonathan Cash of Oxford, N.C. tangled while battling for the lead. From there, he fended off veteran Eddie Johnson of Midlothian, Va. and Kenny Forbes of Bullock, N.C. over the final 21-lap green-flag run to score his first career NASCAR late Model Stock Car Division win. With the win, Pulliam became the seventh different winner in nine NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car Division races here this season. His margin of victory over Johnson was 1.670 second. David Quackenbush of Lorton, Va. finished fourth and Cash rallied after the mishap with Smith on lap 126 to finish fifth. Jonathan Bailey of Keysville, Va., Michael Hardin of Pomfret, Md., and Bruce Anderson of South Boston, Va., rounded out the top eight finishers, all of whom finished on the lead lap. Ronald Hill of Rougemont, N.C. and Smith rounded out the top ten finishers. It was a tough night for the top two drivers in the track’s Late Model Stock Car Division points standings. Both points leader Justin Johnson of Durham, N.C. and Deac McCaskill of Raleigh, N.C. were sidelined early with engine problems. McCaskill, one of the race’s three leaders, led the first 95 laps of the race. Next Race At South Boston Speedway The next race at South Boston Speedway will be the NASCAR Whelen All-American Night on Saturday night, June 13. Twin 75-lap races for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car Division will headline the five-race program that will also include races for the Limited Sportsman Division, the Budweiser Pure Stock Division and the Southern Vintage Modified Division. Registration begins and pit gates will open at 12 p.m. Practice will run from 2:15 p.m. until 3:45 p.m. Grandstand gates will open at 5 p.m. and qualifying time trials will start at 5:15 p.m. The first race will get the green flag at 7 p.m. Adult admission is $10 with youths ages 7-12 being admitted for $5 when accompanied by a paying adult. Kids ages six and under will be admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult. For additional information please visit the speedway’s website at or telephone the speedway at 434-572-4947 or 1-877-440-1540. Photos Courtesy of Turn 1 Photography •


On Sat. Piedmont Shopper finished there season in a game that is best described as "The Championship Game" where Piedmont Shoppers entered the play offs ranked seventh and Allied Home Mortgage was ranked first, Allied also entered the play offs unbeaten and untied for the season. Piedmont Shopper was not intimidated they went out to play and they wanted to win, they kept Allied Home Mortgage in check for the entire game, as we neared the end of the regulation with the score 0-0, both teams tried desperately to score with good drives and shoots by both teams. As regulation ended and the score still 0-0 into over time the game went. At the end of the 2 overtime periods the score was still tied 0-0 and it went into another shoot out. finale score was 2-0 and Piedmont Shoppers ride came to an end losing in a shoot out to Allied Home Mortgage in an awesome performance by both teams in a champion ship game.

Four area students received scholarships from the Irene L. Pritchett Scholarship, created years ago to benefit area black students. The Pritchett scholarship was transferred to The Community Foundation in 2001. Gretna seniors Tierrah Austin (Old Dominion University) received $500 and Jessica Stone (Randolph Macon College) received $1,100. Galileo senior Kiristen Stephens-Evans (University of Virginia) received $500 and George Washington High School senior Tonyette White was awarded $1,000, to continue her education at the University of Virginia. The Alger Pugh Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Alger Pugh, GW High School football coach, after his death in 1984. Two students were awarded $1,000 scholarships – Lindsey Kreger to attend James Madison University and Robert Wiseman to attend Washington and Lee University. Christopher Ryan Dodson received $1,100 to attend The College of William and Mary. Three scholarships of $750 were given from the Riddle-Francis Scholarship, which was created in 2005 by a retired teacher to benefit Pittsylvania County students, with a preference for Tunstall and Dan River students. Scholarships were awarded to Gretna senior Michelle Adams (University of Virginia), Chatham High School senior Desiree’ Berrios (Longwood University), and to Tunstall senior Jme Myers (Averett University).

Enjoying the walking trail on a beautiful Sunday.

The Percy and Velna Scearce Scholarship was created in 2001 to benefit area students. Tia Miller received $625 to continue graduate studies at Liberty University and Bartlett Yancey High School senior, Sandra Whitehurst, received a $625 scholarship to continue her education at Johnson and Wales University. The Spiros Skenderis Memorial Scholarship, was created by the Danville Bar Association in memory of Judge Spiros Skenderis. A $700 scholarship was awarded to Darius Montague who is graduating from Galileo Magnet High School and plans to attend DePaul University and Holly Welch who is a Gretna High School senior and plans to attend Valencia Community College. The Eileen and Joseph Stendig Scholarship was created in 2005 to benefit area students. Galileo Magnet High School senior Cynthia Carrillo (Clark Atlanta University) and George Washington High School senior Hunter Cassidy (University of Virginia) both received $1,000 scholarships. Two scholarships were awarded from the Louise P. Surles Scholarship. The Surles Scholarship supports area students who attend the University of Virginia. Gretna High School senior Michelle Adams was awarded $1,275 and Tunstall High School senior Lesley Stowe received $1,250. The Andy Warren Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of GW High School assistant football coach and is given to deserving GW athletes. Daniel Burs (Old Dominion University) received $1,000 and Rachel Kilgore (Virginia Commonwealth University) was awarded $1,475.

Little Brian on the tractor, Sierra and Kayla.

Jackson Carter son of David Carter, grandson of Wes Carter.

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Piedmont Shopper© • June 4 - June 10, 2009 • Page 25

Congratulations Perfect Body Fitness Center For Being Named “Gym of the Month” at!

[ Q ] Who are your most notable present and past members? The Black Family - 3 generations of working out! - Frank and Carol Black (started in the 70's/80's), their son and daughter-in-law David and Karen Black (started in the 90's), and Frank and Carol's grandson Zack Lewis (starting at age 15, now 18). [ Q ] What was the hardest part about operating your gym? Never quitting! [ Q ] What makes you competitive over the large gym chains? Honest service, not greedy, and being fit or leading by example. We are proud to announce a new gym of the month award where we will be awarding the best of the best! Tammy Wiles started Perfect Body Fitness Center in a small storefront in 1990, offering aerobic classes for ladies only. After the second year in business Perfect Body decided to go co-ed and incorporated state of the art fitness equipment. The center has rapidly grown to become the most successful full service fitness facility in the Danville area.

[ Q ] How have you been able to remain so successful and how do you hope to remain so? Exceptional equipment, upgrades, and expansions at an affordable price with no crazy price increases. I have tried to use a personal touch with each member by always listening to all members' suggestions as well as complaints. The two main forms of advertising for the fitness center are word of mouth and the Piedmont Shopper.

They now offer Nautilus, Hammer Strength machines, Body Masters and Cybex equipment, and tons of free weights. 40 stations of cardio equipment (Stairmaster, Nautilus, Schwinn) - treadmills, elliptical, step mills, rowers, bikes and plan to add more equipment in the near future. Since the completion of their original building at their current location at Kings Plaza Shopping Center, they have made three additional expansions, a large cardio area and a 6,000 square foot Aerobic Studio offering step classes, kickboxing, core, and spin classes. Now Perfect Body Fitness Center of Danville, Virginia has a beautiful multi-purpose court used for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, roller skating, plus an indoor rubber walking track, separate racquetball court, and 2 more bathroom facilities. Name Of Gym: Perfect Body Fitness Center Name Of Owner: Tammy L. Wiles Address: 121 Piney Forest Road Danville, VA 24540 Square Feet: 31,000 sq ft. Website Address: Hours Of Operation: Monday - Thursday: 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday: 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM [ Q ] How did the gym start and why did you decide to begin (or work within) the gym business. I was tired of Franchise Clubs coming and going and not caring for my community. [ Q ] Can you give us a description on what went into opening your awesome establishment? Long hours and the determination to succeed. [ Q ] What makes your gym different? Honesty - Treat people right and never mislead them!

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 325 recently hosted a cookout at Post 325 for girls they selected to go to Girls State. Girls State is a nonpartisan program that teaches young women responsible citizenship and love for God and Country. Begun in 1937, Girls State representatives are chosen from rising seniors in local high schools. Shown left to right: Crystal Matterly, Marissa Talbott, Lauren Nichols, Catherine Haley, Leah Daniel, Holly Johnston, Moriah Davis and Hope Winfield.

[ Q ] What sort of people do you attract into your gym? All fitness levels and ages. [ Q ] What inspires people to train at your facility? Comfortable atmosphere. [ Q ] Do you have any top trainers and why are they so good? All the trainers are great and care for their clients, and many of you know top expert fitness trainer and regular contributor David Gluhareff (MFS, CFT-ISSA) who has been a writer for publications such as Musclemag International, Physique Magazine,, and for over a decade. [ Q ] What special services do you provide? All Aerobics and Cycling classes (18 classes weekly) are free to all members and the classes are probably the toughest, most creative, and provide more results than just about any other classes in the world! The classes are led by Tammy Wiles, Amanda Wiles, Mike Wiles, Angela Blankenship, Teresa Cannon, Misty Haller, Vickie Pritchett, Cindy Gravely, Tonya Moon, and Glenn Barber. All Aerobics And Cycling Classes Are Free To All Members. All Aerobics And Cycling Classes Are Free To All Members. Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge. All Aerobics And Cycling Classes Are Free To All Members. AEROBICS & CYCLING CLASSES SCHEDULE Aerobics: * Monday - Friday: 5:30 AM * Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM * Monday - Tuesday, Thursday-Friday: 5:45 PM * Wednesday: 5:30 PM * Saturday: 10:00 AM Cycling: Call for schedule: (434) 799-0875

American Legion Post 325 recently hosted their 2009 baseball team for an orientation with parents and players. It was also an opportunity to try on uniforms and get ready for the season. Post 325 has sponsored a baseball team for 27 years and hundreds of area youths have participated with some earning collegiate baseball scholarships due to this program. Coach John Bailey has coached Post 325 baseball since 1996 having many successful years with his teams. Players chosen for this years team are: Front row, Bret Hylton, Kaleb Long, Jacob Yates, James Feldmann, Gavin Hylton and Kyle Long. Second row, Drew Kirks, Corey Smith, Travis Coates, Hunter Hedrick and Tyler Younger. Third row: Wayne Cook, assistant coach, Chase Raiford, Aron Van Allen, Mark Nales, Josh Hackworth and John Bailey, Coach. Not shown, Ryan Farmer and Cory Owen.

Page 26 • Piedmont ShopperŠ • June 4, 2009 - June 10, 2009

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

David Gluhareff, CFT - ISSA

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Eat Carbohydrates to Lose Weight! We should eat carbohydrates if we want to lose weight. Why? Well because carbohydrates help us to have better energy to move and think more clearly. We have more mental focus with the right carbohydrates and also a sustained physical energy when eating the right carbohydrates.

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Too many of us are afraid of carbohydrates because of believing in marketing hype by high-protein-diet companies! This is ridiculous! Carbs are not the enemy and if we eliminate them from our daily diets we become tired, sluggish, grumpy, irritable, and lethargic zombies! Unless you are a Diabetic with a tendency of having high-sugar levels, then you should not try the low carb approach. Even most Diabetics need some form of carbs in their diets so they do not get their blood sugar too low. Please check with your Doctor if you are a Diabetic before adding or taking away any carbohydrates from your daily diet. If you are Diabetic you normally base your diet on your blood-sugar levels, so a constant and regular monitoring of blood levels is needed to find which carbs and how often are appropriate and safe for you. I believe every meal and snack of each day should consist of a Lean Protein, Carbohydrate, and Water. I will give you some sample lists from my newest book, “The Healthiest Weight Loss Solution – Personal Training Manual�, of healthy proteins and carbohydrates and when and how to eat them. Some Proteins to choose from are: (Proteins):

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Low Fat or Skim Milk, Low Sugar Yogurt Low Calorie Cheese – Sliced and Stick (No-Trans Fat) Butter – Tub, Stick, or Squeezed Eggs Tuna Steaks Canned Tuna Unsalted Peanuts Natural Peanut Butter Natural Almond Butter Beans - (Navy, Kidney, Red, Black, White, Great Northern, etc.) Cottage Cheese Chicken Breasts Canned Chicken Whey, Casein, and Soy Protein Shakes (low-carb / lowsugar) Fresh Halibut Fresh Flounder Tilapia Unsalted Almonds Unsalted Walnuts I believe every meal should contain carbs with that lean protein and water. Breakfast and Lunch should contain a Complex Carb for long lasting fuel to power you through your next 2-3 hours of busy times of the day. Mid-Morning and Late-Afternoon Snacks should contain a fruit to help keep blood sugar up at the times of day when you need a natural sugar pick-me-up instead of caffeine. Dinner and Late evening we are usually getting ready to chill-out and settle down before going to rest. With this in mind we should have some veggies with our protein to just keep blood sugar from spiking too high before bed. High sugar spikes would lead to higher Fat gains. We are going to be sleeping so we will not be requiring a lot of energy from carbs. Some Carbohydrates to choose from are: (Complex Carbohydrates): Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Whole Grain Breads and Bagels, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta, Veggie Pasta, Sweet Potatoes, Red Potatoes, White Potatoes, Yams, Whole Grain or Long Grain Rice (Fruits): Apples, Pears, Bananas, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Oranges, Plums, Peaches, Grapes, Mangos, Grapefruit (Not with Lipitor), Kiwi, Papaya (Vegetables): Fresh, Canned, or Frozen Green Beans, Fresh Cucumbers, Fresh, Canned, or Frozen Spinach, Salad in a Bag, Fresh Lettuce – Iceberg and Romaine, Fresh or Frozen Cauliflower, Fresh or Frozen Broccoli, Fresh, Canned, or Frozen Collard Greens, Fresh, Canned, or Frozen Turnip Greens, Canned or Fresh Asparagus, Onions, Mushrooms, Green, Yellow, Red, or Orange, Peppers, Tomatoes

Skip-A-Day Diet Plan Mr. Lee was terribly overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet. "I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you'll have lost at least 5 pounds." When Mr Lee returned, he shocked the doctor by losing nearly 20 pounds. "Why, that's amazing!" the doctor said, "Did you follow my instructions?" Mr Lee nodded. "I'll tell you though, I thought I was going to drop dead that 3rd day." "From hunger, you mean?" "No, from skipping."

What Carbs should we eat for Breakfast and Lunch? (Breakfast Ideas– Protein/Carb): A Whole Egg with oatmeal and Small Glass of Skim Milk Cream of Wheat with Glass of Skim Milk Turkey Bacon with Egg and Whole Grain Toast 2 Slices of Whole Grain Bread with a Whole Egg and some Egg Whites Slice of whole grain bread w/ teaspoon of peanut butter and Medium Glass of Low Fat or Skim Milk Cream of Wheat hot cereal a glass of Low-Fat of Skim Milk Healthy higher fiber cold cereal with low fat or Skim milk Plain Oatmeal with a whole egg and some egg whites Whole Wheat Wrap with Peanut Butter and Small Glass of Milk (Lunch Ideas– Protein/Carb): Turkey Breast with Brown Rice Whole Wheat wrap with Turkey and Low-Fat Cheese Grilled Chicken on Bed of Salad Greens with Whole

Grain Crackers Sweet Potato with Broiled Turkey Burgers Whole Wheat Pasta with Boiled Shrimp Grilled Tilapia with a Small Serving of Whole Wheat Pasta Grilled Tuna Steak with a Medium Sweet Potato 1 Peanut Butter sandwich on whole grain bread 1 turkey sandwich (lots of turkey) with low fat cheese on whole grain bread 1 chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat/grain w/mustard and w/out mayo Turkey sandwich (Whole wheat or whole grain bread) Mozzarella and tomato sandwich (Whole wheat or grain) Grilled chicken salad w/wheat crackers Grilled turkey sandwich on whole wheat or grain Grilled chicken sandwich on whole wheat or grain Peanut butter on whole grain or wheat crackers Peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat or grain bread Apple slices with peanut butter and Whole Wheat Crackers Yogurt with strawberries or blueberries and Whole Grain Sugar Free Granola Cottage cheese with fresh peach or pineapple or cantaloupe w/Sugar Free Granola Toasted Low-Fat Cheese sandwich with whole grain or wheat Grilled white meat with small amount of veggie or whole-wheat pasta and vegetables Make your own homemade chicken salad and have with whole wheat/grain crackers or bread What Carbs should we eat for Mid-Morning and Late-Afternoon Snacks? (Mid-Morning Snack Ideas and Late Afternoon Snack Ideas – Protein/Carb): Low Sugar Strawberry Yogurt used for dipping Banana Low-Fat Cottage Cheese with Blueberries Can of Tuna with Watermelon Mango with Low-Fat Cheese Sticks Peaches with Low-Sugar Yogurt High Fiber Whole Grain Cereal crushed w/low sugar apple sauce + Walnuts 1 Cup of Low Sugar Yogurt with Strawberries A Couple of Low Fat Cheese Sticks and a Mango Half a handful of unsalted almonds and a half handful of blueberries Low Fat Cottage Cheese with pineapple 1 cup of lower sugar yogurt with a peach Half a handful of unsalted almonds and small apple 1 cup of lower sugar yogurt with a banana Half a handful of unsalted almonds and small pear Almonds with Pear Apple Slices with Peanut Butter Walnuts with an Orange Half a handful of Unsalted Pecans and a half handful of Cherries Half a handful of unsalted Walnuts and an orange What Carbs should we eat for Dinner and LateNight Snack? (Dinner Ideas – Protein/Carb): Grilled Tuna with Asparagus Baked Chicken Breast with Broccoli Broiled Salmon with Green Salad Baked Tilapia with Cold Spinach Salad Grilled Chicken Breast with Sliced Cucumbers Grilled Turkey Breast with Cooked Spinach with Dash of Vinegar Chicken and Shrimp Stir Fry with Vegetable Medley Grilled Turkey Burgers with Grilled Veggie Kabobs Grilled Halibut with Cooked Zucchini and Yellow Squash Salmon baked or grilled and a Spinach Salad Lean grilled pork chops w/ green beans Grilled chicken breast and asparagus Tofu with Veggies Pecans on Green Salad with Oil and Vinegar Dressing Walnuts on Green Salad Baked or grilled Turkey breast and broccoli Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, Onion, Pepper, and Cherry Tomato Kabobs (Late-Night Snack Ideas - If you are Hungry – Protein/Carb): Small Handful of Walnuts on Small Salad A Low-Fat Cheese Stick with a Few Celery Sticks Celery Sticks w/ small Amount of Natural Peanut Butter Plain Low Fat Yogurt used as Dip for Veggie Sticks Small serving of Canned Chicken with a Sliced Cucumber A Small Can of Tuna with some Raw Veggies A Low Fat Cheese Stick with some Cucumber Slices Celery Sticks with a small spread of Peanut Butter Celery Sticks with Plain low-sugar yogurt for dipping Go to and click on the BLOG, then click on Nutrition, to get your free 30Day Meal Plan! Please browse around the BLOG for lots of FREE Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss articles! Good luck with your meal and snack plans and please contact me at with and questions or comments! Have a great weekend! -Dave

A personal trainer for 12 years, David Gluhareff credits his career as a fitness professional to his own personal weight-loss story. The process of losing 100 pounds, which he began at age 16, is what inspired him to start training others utilizing proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, rest and recover, and stress management.

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COMMUNITY Events "End of School Extreme" 2nd annual on Fri-June 5th, two "shows;" one for middle school students (completed 6th-8th grade) from 6:00pm-8:00pm, and one for high school students (completed 9th-12th grade) from 9:00pm-11:00pm. at North Main Baptist Church. This event is FREE!

LIZA & COLE ABERCROMBIE • Liza received her Bachelor of Science degree in wellness management from Black Hills State University in 1999 • Accredited as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Pilates Instructor • Cole is currently enrolled in preschool at Carlisle

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BENEFIT FOR THE HOUSE OF HOPE - concerts by The Church Sisters and Roger and Anita Newton on Sat-June 6 from 6-8PM at Unity Presbyterian Church, 835 Franklin Turnpike Cafeteria style supper Fundraiser - Sat-June 6th 5pm-7pm, Adult $6; Child $3. At State Line Baptist Church, 651 Holland Rd. Money raised is for the Youth Summer Mission Trip. Car Wash, Bake/Yard Sale Sat-June 6, (Rain Date: Sat-June 27), 8a.m.–1p.m., Poogie’s Buffet & Grill, Hwy 58 E at Proceeds will go to Diamond Fever Softball’s Building Fund and individual player’s fees COMMUNITY SERVICES AWARENESS by Danville Area Council of Community Services - This is an opportunity to visit with over 30 community agencies and learn about the services they can offer you, your family, or community group. Thur-June 11, 2pm-7pm at Stratford Conference Center, Old Piney Forest Rd Faith in God Temple of Praise Founder’s Day Service, June 7th, 3:30PM. Guest Speaker: Bishop Major Hairston Faith in God Temple of Praise YOUTH REVIVAL, June 10th12th, 7:30PM nightly. Various speakers each night. FUNDRAISER FOR Sandy River Community Park, Sat-June 6th, 10am-until, hot dogs, fish, desserts. Corner of Whispering Pines & Martin Dr, Axton. 434-685-7328, 434685-7145, 434-685-7939, 434-250-5940, donations are appreciated FUNDRAISER for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Sat-June 6th, 7pm, at American Legion Post 1097, Fairfield Ave, $5 admission, all proceeds going to St. Jude Childrens Hospital. Fundraiser Sponsored by: Rivercity Southern Cruisers Riding Club GYM Providence Gym open for youth, basketball, etc, Sundays at 6pm. Hosted by Covenant Reformed Baptist Church. See 336-514-0736 Healthy Way to Manage Weight seminar at YWCA, on TuesJune 9, beginning at 12noon-1:30 p.m. The public is invited. Milton Vol Fire Dept 2nd Annual Mr. Whisker’s Catfish Tournament, Saturday, June 6th, starting at 4pm at the Milton Boat Ramp. First place prize $500. Registration Saturday from 2:30-4:00pm or contact miltonvolfiredept@hotmail. com SPIRITUAL LIFE MUSICAL PROGRAM Unity Presbyterian Church, 835 Franklin Turnpike, Will have a Spiritual Life Program. Sat-June 6th. From 6pm-8pm. Roger & Anita Newton and the Church Sisters will Perform. The Offering will be for the House of Hope Homeless Shelter. Everyone Is Welcome! The Childrens Music Ministry Will be Presenting The Spring/ Summer Musical "Hans Bronson’s Gold Medal Mission" Sunday, June 7th, 5pm. At The Third Avenue Church. THE HARRIS FAMILY will be in concert at Rivermont Baptist Church, 122 Sunset Place on Sun-June 7th at 6PM. THIRD ANNUAL ALZHEIMER’S YARD & BAKE SALE. To Benefit those suffering form Alzheimers disease at Mount Cross Side porch at Abingdon Place on June 6th, from 7am-noon. Live music, Hot dog lunch. Blood Mobile will be there. We need our Church Members to bring us gently used items now and so that the sale will have plenty of merchandise to chose from. Bring Baked goods by June 5th at 3pm to sell. For more info contact Cynithia Stinson Jones at 434-799-1930 Tunstall High Class of 1999 10 Year Reunion will be October 24th. Looking for addresses. Email to kpruitt5678@

Mother’s Name: Claire Perry Father’s Name: Xolon Perry Baby’s Name: Eli Dillon Perry Date of Birth: 4/18/2009 Paternal Grandparents: Donald & Jean Perry Maternal Grandparents: Ronnie & Betty Dillon

Mother’s Name: Vickie Aleece Harden Baby’s Name: Hayley Grace Rivero Date of Birth: 5/07/2009 Maternal Grandparents: Lavonda Rivero

Mother’s Name: Amanda K. Burks Father’s Name: Michael P. Bevins Baby’s Name: Peyton Michelle Bivens Date of Birth: 5/18/2009 Paternal Grandparents: Loyd & Tracy Bevins Maternal Grandparents: Susand & the late Ronnie Gibbs Michael Bledsoe

Mother’s Name: Sonya Soyars Father’s Name: Matthew Soyars Baby’s Name: Colin Wesley Soyars Date of Birth: 5/20/2009 Paternal Grandparents: Landon & Lois Soyars Maternal Grandparents: David & Tammy Francis

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