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3157 Westover Drive, Danville, VA

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Loader • dozer • Water truck • Backhoe

J & J Truck Sales Chatham, VA 434-432-4180

Beau Arnn - 434-251-0749

equipment rentaL Rent Clean Machinery With Low Hours Weekly or Monthly Call For Entire Inventory Available

Colon My ten-year-old granddaughter asked me what a colon was. I explained that it was a part of the body that food goes through before being eliminated. Then she asked me what a semicolon was. I told her, "It's a colon the size of a truck, with eighteen wheels."

Directory Assistance "I'd like the telephone number of the Theater Guild." "One moment, please. I'm sorry, sir. I have no listing for a Theodore Guild." "No, no. It isn't a person. It's an organization. It's Theater Guild." "I told you, sir, I have no listing for a Theodore Guild." "Not Theodore! Theater! The word is theater! T-H-EA-T-E-R!" "That, sir, is not the way Theodore is spelled."



Selling all NEW items at Cost...

SAT. APRIL 18TH, 8am - 1 pm

7813 Spring Garden Rd., Blairs, VA - (434) 836-5672 • Canister Set • Pictures • Flower Arrangements • Hot/Cold Serving Pieces • Better Homes & Garden Crystal Vases • Fruit Plates / Rack • Ferns • Candles & more

ALSO • Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stone Jewelry - 40% OFF • Beautiful Children’s Hair Bows

Every Friday – Weather Permitting Doors Open 6 PM • Games Begin 7 PM

ONE $50000 Jackpot! (Depending on Attendance) $ 00

50/50 up to 500

560 Main St • Danville, VA Coin Toss Test A statistics major was completely out of it the day of his final exam. It was a true/false test, so he decided to flip a coin for the answers. The stats professor watched the student the entire two hours as he was flipping the coin ... writing the answer... flipping the coin ... writing the answer. At the end of the two hours, everyone else had left the final except for the one student. The professor walked up to the student's desk and interrupted him, saying, "Listen, I have seen that you did not study for this statistics test, and you didn't even open the exam. If you are just flipping a coin for your answers, what is taking you so long?" The student replied bitterly, as he was still flipping the coin, "Shhh! I am checking my answers!"


One Stop Tire & Auto Center Don’t Buy Until You SEE US FIRST! Best Prices On name Brand tires, Batteries & service

Call 434-792-5888

A man arrives at the gates of Heaven. St. Peter asks, "Religion?" "Methodist," the man says. St. Peter looks down his list, and says, "Go to Room 24, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8." Another man arrives at the gates of Heaven. "Religion?" "Baptist." "Go to Room 18, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8." A third man arrives at the gates. "Religion?" "Jewish." "Go to Room 11, but be very quiet as you pass Room 8." The man says, "I can understand there being different rooms for different religions, but why must we all be quiet when we pass Room 8?" "Well, the Catholics are in Room 8," St. Peter replies, "and they think they're the only ones here."

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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Lé Salon Welcomes

Joan Holley -Stowe

formerly of Unisex Barber Shop

When I was younger, I remember receiving the inevitable homework assignment to write an essay on "something I am thankful for." Then I'd spend a lot of time sitting in my room trying to figure out just what in the world that could possibly be, and I'd end up writing down everything I could think of from God to environmental consciousness. But after having children, my priorities have clearly changed: BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful to have been born the USA, the most powerful free democracy in the world. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for Velcro tennis shoes. As well as saving valuable time, now I can hear the sound of my son taking off his shoes -which gives me three extra seconds to activate the safety locks on the back seat windows right before he hurls them out of the car and onto the freeway.

Joan welcomes all of her previous & new customers to come see her. We Accept Walk-ins!

Hours: Tues.-Fri. 9:00am-5:00pm 1st Sat. of Month BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!

620-D Westover Dr., Danville, VA (Next to Pino's Pizza)

(434) 250-9490 (434) 793-3544

A Dutchman was explaining the red, white, and blue Netherlands flag to an American. "Our flag is symbolic of our taxes. We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bills, and blue after we pay them." The American nodded. "It's the same in the USA only we see stars, too!"

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for the Moosewood Vegetarian cookbook. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for the Butterball turkey hotline. BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for a warm, cozy home to share with my loved ones. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for the lock on the bathroom door.

Sierra’s Wood Furnaces 6133 Kentuck Road Ringgold, VA 24586 Bus: 434-822-7335 Cell: 434-334-8398 sierraswoodfurnaces@

Baseball Game A passerby stopped to watch a baseball game taking place at the local park. "Who's playing?" he asked another observer. "The Masons against the Knights of Columbus," he responded. "What's the score?" "I don't know. It's a secret."

Relax, we’ll do the housework. • Daily • Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Services


FREE ESTIMATES • LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Shannon Blachura (434) 548-9911

Located: 1428 Goodyear Blvd. • Danville, VA 24541

Last Request Emailed to me a friend (Thanks, Walter) Two men, sentenced to die in the electric chair on the same day, were led down to the room in which they would meet their maker. The priest had given them last rites, the formal speech had been given by the warden, and a final prayer had been said among the participants. The Warden, turning to the first man, solemnly asked, "Son, do you have a last request?"

4126 Mount Cross Road ~ Danville, VA 24540 (434) 797-3800 “Your Trailer Specialist” Sales - Rentals - Service

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for my wonderful family. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for my wonderful family.

We Also Buff, Strip & Wax Floors

Williams Transportation & Storage, Inc.

"Please," said the condemned man, "kill me first."

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for such material objects as custom furniture, a nice car, and trendy clothes. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful when the baby spits up and misses my good shoes.


Toll Free 866-849-1599 Local 434-791-2980

"Certainly," replied the warden. He turned to the other man and asked, "Well, what about you, son? What is your final request?"

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for the opportunity to obtain a college education and have a higher quality of life than my ancestors. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful to finish a complete thought without being interrupted.

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for the opportunity to vacation in exotic foreign countries so I could experience a different way of life in a new culture. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful to have time to make it all the way down the driveway to get the mail.

40’ & 20’ Storage Containers 45’x102” Wide Trailers 16’ x 8’ Mini Mods & Stuff Its Rollup Doors For Rent

To which the man replied, "Yes sir, I do. I love dance music. Could you please play The Macarena for me one last time?"

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for fresh, organic vegetables. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for microwaveable macaroni and cheese -- without which my children would be surviving on about three bites of cereal and their own spit.

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for all of the teachers who had taught, encouraged, and nurtured me throughout my formative years. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for all of the people at Weight Watchers who let me strip down to pantyhouse and a strategically placed scarf before getting on the scale each week.


Safe, Dry & Secure • Padlock Doors • Wood Floors Ground Level Access LOCAL TRUCKING

Taxes Are Patriotic!

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for the recycling program that will preserve our natural resources and prevent the overloading of landfills. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for swim diapers because every time my son wanders into water in plain disposables, he ends up wearing a blimp the size of, say, New Jersey, on his bottom.

BEFORE CHILDREN: I was thankful for holistic medicine and natural herbs. AFTER CHILDREN: I am thankful for pediatric cough syrup guaranteed to "cause drowsiness" in young children.

Mobile on DeManD Storage

Adam and Eve's Perfect Marriage Q: Do you know why Adam and Eve had the perfect marriage? A: He didn't have to listen to her talk about all the other men she COULD have married, and she didn't have to put up with his mother!

Double Ground Hardwood Mulch



A Cubic Yard

Delivery Available Call For Details – 797-3800

Are You All Right? Toward the end of our senior year in high school, we were required to take a CPR course. The classes used the well known mannequin victim, ResusciAnnie, to practice. Typical of most models, this Resusci-Annie was only a torso, to allow for storage in a carrying case. The class went off in groups to practice. As instructed, one of my classmates gently shook the doll and asked "Are you all right?" He then put his ear over the mannequin's mouth to listen for breathing. Suddenly he turned to the instructor and exclaimed, "She said she can't feel her legs!"

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Ruffin Vinyl Porch Railings

~ Custom Made ~ FREE Estimates Over The Phone! References Available Serving Danville & Surrounding Areas Call

FREE PUPPIES Border Collie mix, 4 mostly black. 2 black & white... Gretna area 434401-3678 Pygmy Goat free to a good home. For info call 434-548-9839 2 riding horses for sale, $400ea, call 434-822-0067, 434-250-4409

Nevada X Edge Pups UKC Registered American Pit Bull Terrier Puppies. 4 males, 2 females; 5 blue brindle, 1 champagne. Great bone structure, really big heads. Raised indoors. Spay/Neuter contract applies. See website for pictures. E-mail for application. index.htm 434549-3316

Hollywood Pets Upscale pet boarding, doggy daycare and grooming. Website http:// Call 434-792-PETS COUNTRY DOG BOARDING Boarding for SPOILED DOGS! No cold kennels. TV, Heat/ Air, Hiking trails LOTS of TLC. We also offer PET & FARM sitting 4 all size animals & livestock. 434-685-1673 Stud AKC Reg German Shepherd large boned, fee $200, 434-372-4280, 434210-0216


Riverside Hardware Inc.

Garden Seed And Onion Sets! Plus Fertlizer, Lime & Garden Tools To Help With Planting

Message 336-939-3631 Leave

Boxer Puppies Fawn w/ black mask. Some with White. Reg Health Guarantee. Shots & wormed $400 Call 276-650-5663 x ID 2778463

Animals & Accessories

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Riverside Hardware Inc.

Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:00 • Sat. 8:30-3:00

124 Trade St. • 792-2026 accepting donations for the fundraiser/rummage sale on April 18th for The DCC Justice Club and contact Melinda Reid-Averett at 434-728-1636.

Happy Birthday to Donna Marie on April 18th! Love your boyz Ryan TJ and Jacob!

scrapbooking party please held in Danville. Call for dates Michelle Bray 434334-4544

Happy Birthday to Donna Marie on April 18th! We love you! Love mama and daddy

She’s a shorty turning forty Everyone at URW wish Sherry Moore a Happy 40th Birthday

Barney Happy 3rd Anniversary on April 15. I love you baby, Brandi

Happy Birthday to my aunt Lisa Brooks on April 15th! Love your favorite nephew Ryan

Bill Hague (Dad) I know you are having wonderful birthdays in Heaven. I miss you and think of you daily. Yvonne

Happy Birthday to my beautiful loving wife Lisa Brooks! All my love from heaven! Love Mike

SPRING POKER RUN on Sat-April 25th. Come join the fun! Registration starts at 1pm at Riceville-Java Vol Fire Dept, Route 640 in Java. All proceeds benefit the fire department. For more information call Sarah or Steve 434-432-8623

clowning around with Sunshine and Mz Buttons - Let the Clowns Entertain your next Special Event! Silly games galore! Call 434-822-5075 or 434822-8064

Happy birthday to my sister Lisa Brooks on April 15th! Love Brooke

Congrats To Christian Bentacourt For Getting Student of the week. Love, Auntie Ro Ro & Uncle Sky

Happy Birthday to the best mommy Lisa Brooks on April 15th! Love Evan and Cara

Amy and David announce the birth of Jacob Quincy Lee Thompson on March 25th 2009!

Happy Birthday to our daughter Lisa Brooks on April 15th! We love you! Love mama and daddy!

Dixie Chick farms, Axton VA Southside’s Largest Selection, 6 Week old Pullets, ready for your Pen! $4.25 Up, Day old pullets $1.99 each & up. 4 week old Pullets $3.75. Call 434-7090429

akc reg black lab puppies champion bloodline, $300ea call 434-724-2161

7 MO. BLUE PIT ukc registered shots cropped ears 75edge 10gotti 10butthead 5ghangis kong $500 rapalotkennels 276-734-0531

Congrats to Danillie Turner for having a healthy baby boy, William Isaac Turner. On 3-27-09.

Happy Birthday to The best sister in the world, Amber Evans on April 20th. I love you-Morgan

Dixie Chick farms, Axton VA Choose from over 20 breeds. We will be at Chatham Southern States, April 17th & 18th. Gretna Southern States April 18th. Mobile Chicken Pens. Call for prices. Call 434-709-0429

Free 2 horses & 1 donkey, 1 Thoroughbred 4yrs old; 1 Mustang 8yrs old; Donkey 7yrs old, 434-432-2144

Congrats To Naomi B. Mack For Walking Alone For The First Time. We Love You, Mommy & Daddy

happy birthday to a special daughter on a special day Jamie Lynn Webb! Love, Momma and Jerry

AKC Registered Labradors 2 chocolate females ($300) and 2 black males ($250). Will be ready April 29. Both parents on site. 434-251-1134

Congrats To Natalie M. For being the best big sister possible. Love, Mommy & Daddy

Happy Birthday to Donna Marie on April 18th! Love Aunt TT and Aunt Brooke

rat terrier puppies UKC registered, first shots & wormed, $150, South Boston 434-251-0897

chihuahua puppies also male 1yr old at stud, all for sale, 434-836-5597 himalayan kittens blue point, litter trained, $100ea, call 276-632-5035 (Martinsville) Chihuahua Puppies Beverly Hills CKC Chihuahua puppies. 1st shots/ wormed. Long and Short haired Applehead, Teacup Dad 2 pounds Mama 3-1/2. $350 434-7926773 3 free kittens cute & cuddly, 7wks old, call 434-685-7602 Coon hounds Free dogs to anyone who will hunt them, call for details 434-2504549 (Reward) Lost Pet Cat $25. reward At Ringgold Post Office, on Easter. Male Tabby brwn & blk w/white chest and belly. Go’s by Harlow. 434-250-6590 3 Year old Beagle house broken, loves kids, Up to date on shots. $150. Call 434-836-1801 or 434-203-1585 2 pet cages call 336-623-3504

akc yellow labs males, 6wks old, 1st shots & wormed, parents on site, call for price 336-234-0361 AKC Large Breed german Shepherd Puppy, 1 female left. Black with a little Tan. Parents on site. Wormed & shots, ready to go on 4/20/09. Call 336-939-3451 if no answer leave message. ckc reg mini chihuahua puppies Papers included, 8wks old, all colors, $300ea, call 434-799-9394 Rottweiler Puppies $400ea, Wormed & Shots. 434-728-2286 blue ride purebred white/tan spots, red nosed female pitbull, coming into heat for 2nd time, $500 or want to breed w/red nosed male w/papers, call 434-4325696, 434-251-6211

Announcements 1st Annual Car Show hosted by Laurel Grove Volunteer Fire & Rescue Sat-April 25th, 8am-2pm at Dan River Middle School. Registration is 8am-11am, with trophies being given out at 2pm. Pre-registration is $15.00 and day of the show is $20.00, call Larry Strader at 434-251-6877 for further details. 1st homecoming at DCC Alumni comprised of Danville Community College, Virginia Polytechnic Institute-Danville, and Danville Technical Institute alumni, over 69,000 from classes beginning in 1936-present time period, on May 9, 2009, 4-6 p.m. There will be barbecue dinner for $5 per alumni and each family member attending, introduction of the Four Outstanding Alumni for 2009, and much more. Tickets may be purchased from the DCC Foundation Office, Wyatt Building, Room 215, South Main Street, Danville, VA 24541 or a check mailed to the office for tickets to be held. For more information or 434-797-8437 or 434-797-8499.


congratulate Mickey Cassidy and his sons, Barry, Bryan, for winning their 2nd Pure Stock Race at South Boston Saturday. I am so proud of you! Mom Congratulations to Freedom Jennings for winning Miss Congeniality! We are so proud of you! We loveyou! Love, Daddy, Sonja, Kristine, and Lizzy Congratulations TO: Bradley, Alyssa & Tara on your new baby brother Micah! Love him all you can. Pastor Sandy & Bill Congratulations TO: Floyd & Leslie Hatcher on the birth of your son Micah, God’s precious gift! Pastor Sandy & Bill DeAsia Noble, Mama is proud of you making the honor roll 2x. Love you mama DeAsia we are Proud of you. Love Chuck and Grandma god’s desert rose Gospel Singing Ministries Singing Southern Gospel, Country Gospel & Traditional Hymns of the Church for over 30 yrs. Available for concerts, revivals, camp meetings, church meetings, & gospel sings. Call Dwight 336939-9845, 434-251-1955 or Carolyn 434792-3102, 434-728-1670 Guitar Hero Contest Are you a hero and good enough to play EXPERT! We want to KNOW. Call us here at Mt Cross Fire & Rescue. 4812 Mt Cross Rd Danville VA 24540. Entries must be in by April 30th. There will be a $12.00 entry fee. Call 434334-8279 for more information. Contest starts May 30th at 10.00am. Happy 14th birthday TO: Amber Danielle Evans on April 20th. We love you very much. Mom, David and Morgan Happy 15th Birthday on 4-17-09 to my “Sissy” Taylor Jones. Love, David Happy 15th Birthday Taylor Kay Jones on 4-17-09. We Love You!!! Mom, Dad, and David Happy 27th Anniversary H. I love you. R happy 50th wedding anniversary To John & Geraldine Lewis with love, from the whole dang bunch! happy 50th wedding anniversary To Nan & Pa Lewis. Thank you for being such good grandparents! Love, Candace & Zachary

Happy birthday to our lil sister Donna Marie on April 18th! Love Mike and Aniya

happy birthday to Jamie Hines Webb on April 19th! From Grandmother June, Uncle Gary, Donna, and Nikki happy birthday to Keith Rice on April 19th! happy birthday to Margaret Carter on April 16th! Happy Birthday to My granddaughter Donna Marie on April 18th! I love you ! Love Granny Ella Happy Birthday to our Daddy, Brad Tucker!! We Love You! Love, Riley, Kaitlynne & Baby happy birthday to Pat Dalton on April 16th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Brittney Arnn on April 17th! Brittney is the BIG 18!!! Love ya. Aunt K HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: My uncle Rudy. April 10th! Love Jessica, Jaden and Jaylen and Upendra HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Our nana Linda Walker! love ur grandbabies Jaden and Jaylen HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: The strongest woman I know, my mommy Linda Walker on April 16th! i love u!! Jessica Happy Easter to my beautiful daughter Elsabeth Goad. We love you! Love, Mommy, Kevin, Kristine, and Freedom Happy easter to our Beauty Queen. We love you! Love, Daddy, Sonja, Lizzy, and Kristine In loving memory to our sweet HaleyBob who went to be in doggy heaven 1 year ago on April 30th we love and miss you so much CJ, Kayla, Rebecca, Leann Lynch Jacob Thompson you have brought so much joy to our lives! Love, Aunt Sonja, Elsabeth, Freedom & Uncle Kevin Kentuck Fire Department Car and Bike Show 5/9/2009. Registration $15.00 prior, $20.00 day of event. For info call 434429-1914. liquidation sale Danville Lumber Co, corner of Newton & Lynn. Architectural Woodworking Equipment. Call 304-2811508, 574-607-1166

Happy Birthday Hope Williams in Heaven. WE miss u!! Love always, Mama, sisters, nieces and nephews happy birthday to a special mom, you are one of a kind Jamie Webb! Love, Devon, Nvaeh, Lexia, and Grann HAPPY BIRTHDAY To our Papa Garry Lynskey on April 17th. Love, Brittany & Hunter Wyatt Happy Birthday Christy Adkins on April 18th!! Love Ya! Lesley, Riley, & Baby happy birthday Clara Logan on April 16th! happy birthday Dr. Cynthia Heist on April 16th! Happy Birthday to Donna Marie on April 18th! Love everyone at Katies!

To my Haleybob who left to Be in doggy heaven 1 year ago the 30th. I love and miss you so much, you were my best friend, love Kevin G westover church of god is putting together community cookbook and is looking for recipes, April 25th is the deadline. Drop off recipes at 823 Westover Dr or call for more info 276-358-0715

Antiques huge antique safe. works. $2500.00 smaller black safe $200.00 call 548-3104 or 434-791-1971 wagon wheel bands two steel bands for wooden wagon wheels. 40 1/2 inch diameter by 2 inch wide. $25.00 434-2280571 steel wagon wheels 4 wheels for farm wagon. two 33’ by 4’ wide. two 28 by 4. $100.00, OBO 434-228-0571 Antique Vanity Beautiful antique vanity w/facelift of abstract mosaic tiles & blue enamel paint. Excellent vintage condition. $180. 434-489-3660 antique diamond ring set $800, call 434-822-7826 dry sink & hutch also dining room table w/6 chairs, call 434-822-7826 antique singer sewing machine, $200, call 434-822-7826 15-20 antique radiators salvaged from remodel job, good shape, heavy cast iron, also crown molding and doors. Serious inquires ONLY! 434-471-1135 antique wheelchair bicycle spoke style wheels & wood frame, $50, 336-5623057 duncan phyfe couch antique, needs recovering, $75, call 434-792-7691, 434334-3941 black iron kettle from 1800s; all wood radio w/tubes from early 1920s, 434822-2124 Antique white iron bed full size, small rounds, very good condition, $250.00 434-822-7608

Apparel Jewelry & Clothes YOUR STUFF CONSIGNMENT Specializing in teen and young mens and womens clothing. 1081 Piney Forest Rd. 434-836-1450 Juniors jeans name brand sz 9-13 $3 a pair aeropostle collar shirts sz L-XL $2ea 434-334-9550 Mens Shorts, Sizes 30 & 32, 40 & 42 -$3.ea., Boys shorts sizes 12, 16, 18, -$3. ea. 434-799-4123

Premier Design HIGH FASHION JEWELRY. Every Woman needs a little Bling. If you are interested in receiving some free jewelry or even starting your own business give Kristina a call at 434-334-4009 maternity clothes size 8 + med shirts, pants. jeans, and capris, almost new condition. $150.00. Call 434-579-1259

lordy, lordy, Shorty just turned 40! x ID 2782661 LOST! White gold Princess cut engagement ring at Wendy’s on Piney Forest. Please call 434-334-6738! VERY SENTIMENTAL PIECE!! 434-724-4790 mary louis fitzgerald We love you and miss you. From Arvin, Emma, Avante and your new born grandson Amare Nanny & papa We love you so much, we thank God everyday for you! Happy Easter to Nanny & Papa Jennings

Prom/Bridesmaid Dress Purple. Size Large. Only worn once. $50.00, 434-4299649 or 434-791-4959 formal dress coral, size 6, bought at Davids Bridal worn once, spaghetti straps, excellent condition, $50, call 434-822-0639 ladies dress & jacket size 16W, light lime green, worn once; Jones of New York suit, size 12, call 434-334-2352 womens medium leather motorcycle coat/ jacket paid $300 asking $150 OBO 434-203-0778

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Berry Hill Mulch Yard Red • Brown • Black Double-ground Hardwood Topsoil • Fill Dirt • Straw

434-250-1254 Berry Hill Road Danville, VA

April Hours Wed.-Fri. 9am-5pm • Sat. 8am-1 pm

Call for additional pick-up or delivery times Citywide Delivery $35

Wedding Dress Size Small ’REBECCA’ White, spaghetti strap, never worn or altered, STILL HAS TAG ON IT! $60 OBO 434-728-6494 Prom Dresses size 6 worn once. Cobalt blue with beading. Black satin with beading. Black velvet with sparkles. 276-732-2498 never worn boys size large 14/16 black distressed leather jacket. this is a NICE jacket costs over $200.00 new. Christmas gift that didn’t fit will sell for $100.00 call 203-1791 or 434-791-1971 nine west handbag (tan) vera bradly / with wallet exc. condition, $100.00 for both or best offer 434-656-1300 Liz Clairborne Leather Pocketbook $10.00, Sak Pocketbook $10.00, Fossil Leather Pocketbook $15.00 434-836-4034 7 womens watches 4 are Swatches, 3 stainless Steel Fossils, $20ea, 434-4296423 must leave message ladies winter suits sizes 32w & 18w, different colors & styles, $50ea, call after 7pm 434-549-6859

Nice Girls dresses Call for sizes, after 4pm. 434-724-4427 2 semi-formal or bridesmaid dresses. Cherry red size 16 w/wrap, sleeveless, full length, only worn once, $50 OBO; Purple size 10, short sleeve, full length, $50 OBO, 434-334-6758 Two Prom Dresses 1 Black & White SZ 16, 1 Pink Size Sz 18. Call 434-685-3492 large bags of t shirts Large & XL for sale by the bag, call after 5pm 434-8225313 dan river cloth & bed skirts call 434-792-3513 watches 3 Mickey Mouse & other ladies, call 434-792-3513 diamond marquis solitaire w/ diamond & sapphire, baguette wrap, $500 OBO, call 434-792-1917 leather blazer size small petite, $150; 100% leather pants, never worn, size 4, $45, 434-792-1917

Vera Bradley Pocketbooks On the Go-Kensington $30.00 and Small Tic Tac Tote-Bermuda Pink $25.00 434-836-4034

Evening Gown Black satin evening gown small train. Size 18 to 20. Back of gown open. Asking $175.00 OBO. 434685-5340

Work/Play T-shirts Box Full, some like new, Adult sz. Lg & few Med. 20 plus shirts, $30.00, 276-650-2717

New with Tags- Men’s Jeans- Dickies F R, ATPV 18.3 calorie arc rating. Four pairs. Size 34/34. $30.00 each. 434-432-9492

Diamond ring Half a carrot. asking $400.00. OBO. 336-694-1101

2 prom dresses red, size 13/14; white size 10, call Mary 434-836-5261

Prom Dress Royal Blue floor length. Size 2 Excellent Condition. Asking $40. Call 434-250-4414

masonic temple ring 14ct, red setting, $200, 434-793-2999

3 diamond anniversary band ring, estimated $1300, asking $700, 1ct total, call 336-388-1038 2 necklaces beautiful; jade; 1 & 2 strands of real pearls, call 434-822-2124

Gently used men’s designer Clothes. Pants sizes 34 & 36 in waist and lenght. All shirts are size XL. Pants: $15 Shirts: $10. Ed Hardy Shirt $30 firm. AIR FORCE ONES shoes, size 10 1/2 BLACK. Call 336-272-1957

Discount Lawn Care 30 Years Experience

Every 5th cut will be 25% off Call after 4 pm 434-251-6451 434-251-6407

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The Market Weekly Specials Wash State 12/3 Bag Apples Mix or Match ...................................2/$3.00 USDA Chuck Roast Select ...........................................................$1.99 Lb. Boneless Chicken Breast .............................................................$1.89 Lb. 5 Lb. Chicken Wings Mild #8715 or Hot #8710..............................$15.95 Chili Ripe Onion Rings 2 Lb. Bag $2.89 ..................... Buy 1 Get 1 Free 2 Liter Coke Products.....................................................................$5/$5.00 Now Stocking Gluten Free Mixes and Products

Prom Dresses (1) Plum full length, (1) Red tea length, (1) Red full length. Call for price 434-250-0839

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 A.M.-6 P.M. Saturday 7:30 A.M.-3 P.M. 260 Ringgold Industrial Park-West

Vera Bradley Small Tic Tac Tote, color Bermuda Pink, $25.00 434-836-4034


yellow gold - reasonable wedding band and engagement rings, still in box, diamonds on both, 434-822-2124 HUGE LOT 5 HUGE bags girl junior clothes small- large lightly used ALL NAME BRANDS all $45/ $10 bag 434-822-7451 ladies clothes size 10-12, call 336388-5724 prom dress size small; teen dress size 4 from the Loft, call 336-388-5724 ladies denim suit never worn, Rasaella, size 8P, $12, 434-793-4817 pair of dickie coveralls brand new, $15, 434-250-8688

Frigidaire washer & dryer good condition $100.00 336-627-4287 White GE refrigerator $100 OBO, white Haier chest freezer 5cu.ft $60 OBO, Emerson microwave stainless/ black $75 OBO. 434-770-9719

vtech vflash game syst.&games great condition, w/3 games-spongebob, scooby, spidrman, $45 OBO, 540-4938105

Kenmore trash compactor good condition, $25, 434-685-5075

Lots of ladies jewelry call 434-7924715

Hotpoint 2 door refrigerator Cream colored textured steel, with top and bottom door, icemaker, two removable shelves inside, and extra large vegetable drawer. In very good condition for $100 FIRM. Call 434-429-2323. Must sell by 04/27/09.

GE cooktop stainless 2 burners, with jennair style grill, downdraft fan, $100 OBO, 434-792-1658 NEW REFRIGERATOR still packaged, 26cu. ft. stainless steel, Kenmore Elite side by side. Sold for $2,800.00, asking $1,700.00, call 434-441-0346 dishwasher under the counter dishwasher black and almond $100 434-2508692 40 gal. natural gas water heater. Excellent condition $150.00 434-753-1306 kenmore rollaway dish washer $200.00 434-250-3856 Hot water heater New oil fired 30 gal hot water heater $100. Call 434-822-0668 after 6:00 pm FREEZER Chest type freezer. Old, runs good. $25.00. You move. Call after 6:00 pm. 434-822-0668 Microwaves Tappan Microwave(w/ knob), GE Turntable Microwave, & Montgomery Ward Microwave-best offer. 434728-1199

new whirlpool refrigerator $700, call 434-250-7600 Washer and Dryer Like new $300 for both. Please call 434-489-3680


mike’s performance audio “The Finest In Car Audio & Custom Installations” Import/ Truck Accessories & Wheels, and Mobile Video. Sony, JVC, Memphis, Pioneer, Rosen, Boston, etc. 114 Nelson Ave, Danville, 434-836-6972, email: TV STAND 3 shelf, smoked glass, cherry wood legs, swivel TV pedestal for up to 52in, $150, 434-793-0693 Two 12in Memphis subwoofers, a 1000 watt amplifier, speaker wire, and Memphis ported box. Asking $400, 336-583-8558 Digital TV Converter Box Magnavox, never used. $35. 434-836-0764

Kenmore Dryer for sale only $75 call 434-334-7145 or 434-835-1361

Playstation 3 80GB hard drive. Used!! w/2 games. $400 firm. 434-770-3847

small ice maker makes small med and large. Works good, Asking $100 434-3344099

42in Magnavox plasma tv $750, call 434-792-0255

white electric chef deep freezer chest style runs great must sell $100 or best offer 336-388-0162 1960 GE Tourquoise Refrigerator, works great-$50, Call 434-836-1735 KENMORE DRYER works, older model $25 call 4pm-9pm 434-203-0179 Washer/dryer Washer/ elect dryer. $300 for both 434-709-9128 portable dishwasher $75, call 434770-0507 Heavy duty 6 cycle washing machine, white color and in excellent condition. $100.00. 434-429-2323 flat top range w/oven, excellent condition, $75; dishwasher, excellent condition, $30, 434-822-0035 White Whirlpool Washer. Very good condition. $100 OBO. 276-957-8757 or 276-732-1573 refridgerator $100; stove $100, call 434-470-2826, 434-572-2826 hotpoint refrigerator 2 shelves, 2 vegetable drawers, freezer, great for holding extra holiday cooking, call between 9am-9pm 434-432-3161 5.0 cubic foot chest freezer. White, Kenmore. No dents or scratches. Works great. $80.00 firm Cash only 434251-7172 Washer and Dryer In great condition. $100.00. Call after 5 p.m. 434-836-3008 kenmore washer/dryer white, excellent condition, $150, 434-685-4306, 434334-7410 top & bottom refrigerator white, 2yrs old, $100, call 434-770-1534 washer white, 1yr old, moving do not need anymore, $100, call 434-770-1534

32 inch Sony reg. flat screen tv, less than 4 yrs old, $275.00 434-441-6079

Frigidaire washer/dryer one piece, 2 1/2yrs old, excellent condition, $450 negotiable, 434-797-1280, 434-728-2442

10ct gold 18in rope chain $500, 434-476-1771

NEW GE PROFILE FRIDGE French Doors, Bottom Freezer, Filtered water, Ice maker, Stainless finish. Only 6 months old. $1200. 434-797-2029

Alpine type r (2) 12inch Alpine Type R in box. something is wrong with them. $70 OBO must go 434-250-9020 alltel HTC touch 6800 Asking $150. call 434-203-3579 for details

18in gold herringbone chain paid $700, asking $500, 434-476-1771


rock n roll + country music, by famous artists, 45s-33 1/3s, call 434-8222124

Freezer (Chest) $75 Refridgerator $75, Call 434-228-0793

Refrigerator, electric stove, dryer, all in good condition, $200 for all 3, call 336234-8518

WOMEN Clothes Girls/ladies designer denim jeans & dress slacks, size 8P, 10P, gently worn. Priced to sell. 434-792-1583

Kicker Cvr 12s (2) 12 inch Kicker CVR subs in a carpeted Q-Logic Box. $150 OBO Call 434-250-9020 leave a message

ready mobile prepaid phone w/ charger, used only 3mos, excellent condition, $25, 434-656-6563 50in PLASMA FLAT SCREEN Magnavox 50 inch 720p Plasma TV. One year old. $700.00 FIRM. Serious Inquires Only 336234-8943 blackberry curve 8330 1 month old paid 500.00 asking $300.00 OBO 434-2030778 Nikon D90 w/ 18-105 VR lens and 70-300 VR lens, bag and memory card. Retails for $1900 asking $1500 434-324-7643 X-BOX Comes with 2 controllers, one is wireless. Will sell for $60 OBO. call anytime 434-728-6494 Brand New Moto Krzr Gold K1 phone. works with sim card boost, T-mobile & AT&T. $180.00 OBO, call 434-471-0265 pva camera smartphone brand new, Alltel, $200, call 434-549-6040, 434-2510576

32in LCD 1080p w/DVD brand new with warranty $450.00 call Keith anytime@ 434728-0796 Magnavox dvd excellent condition, factory remote, manual & box, slightly used, $85 firm, call 434-203-6322 2 12in p3 rockford fosgate subs, 1500 watt Rockford Fosgate amp, all wires, $150, 434-728-2382 Xm satellite radio roof mount antenna, $20, call 434-429-6423 Playstation w/2 controllers, 1 memory card, 8 games, $30, must leave 434-4296423 pair of 3way infinity 6x9 speakers, in separate carpeted speaker boxes, excellent condition, $50, 434-728-0160

XBOX 360 Game Saints Row 2 for XBox 360 $40 434-250-9137 GAMEBOY MICRO BRAND NEW IN BOX paid $100 at Christmas asking $60 comes with Gameboy game 434-822-7451 dvd 100 dvds $125,00 all in good shape in original cases. 434-685-3788 vhs 100 vhs all in original good shape all for $45.00 434-685-3788 dvd 50 dvds in original case in good shape. all for $65.00 434-685-3788 rca 25in model xl100 color console TV in wood cabinet on casters, w/ remote, $50 firm, call after 9pm 434-203-6322 Fisher Speakers 3Way stereo speakers system. 2 boxes, 36”Tall. $60 for the pair. 434-724-4716 2 New LG260 Camera phones W/ full qwert4 slide out keyboard. less than 4 months old. N-Telos service. Excellent condition $100 Call 434-728-405

floor model tv color, RCA, $50, call 336-694-5413

New Samgsung R500 Camera Phone Less than 4 months old. N-Telos service. Flip phone w/changable face plates, purple & red. excellent condition $100 firm. 434728-4052

80gb ps3 w rockband backwards compatible play ps2 & ps1 games, controller, all hookups original boxes, drums, guitar, mic, $350, 434-250-7574

Fuzz Buster radar Detector $45 Walkman Tape/Rec Player $20, Standard Type Tape Player records phone calls $25, Micro Recorder $25. Call 434-432-8303

Red Blackberry Pearl cellphone for sale. It’s service provider is Alltel. Only had the phone 3 months, good phone, call 434-222-1574

Cell phone US Cellular Like new $15, Call 434-470-3629

2000 watt landsar amp 2 channel, $200, call 336-340-2289 7in digital frame like new, multiple features, $45, used twice, call 434-792-1917 28in tv only 2yrs old, $39, call 434-8365863 Car Stero Dual XDMR7700 CD Player, flip down plate, XM ready, comes with remote. Asking $100 OBO. Please call 434228-3451.

Auto Parts & Accessories smith davis tire “For All Your Automotive Needs” Tires, Alignments, Oil changes, Brakes, Wheels, State Inspections, Mechanical work, Exhaust. Serving Danville & Surrounding areas for 30 years. 788 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, 434-793-9338 set of roll bars for fullsize short bed truck $40 434-728-1704

2 Older color tv’s works $15each. 2 10ga. fish tanks $5each as is must go! Leave message 10am-3pm 434-441-1925

Chevy SM420 4spd Transmission Granny gear first, perfect for pulling or offroading. $150 434-251-1857

sprint phones Used pda-touchscreen phones with slide-out keypad, $170. 434429-6415

1993 Ford Explorer Radiator $70, K&N Filter $30, A/C compressor $120. Call and leave message 434-792-0983

sprint phones brand new rumor, $90, brand new sanyo 8400 flip phone, $75. 434429-6415

1973-79 ford pass fender a -1 shape blue. factory. not aftermaket. $80.00 call 434-579-5083 or 434-822-6743

Rockford Fosgate amp Power T10001bd class D amplifier $475.00 276252-5068

Heavy duty rubber bed mat, fits 2000 Ford Ranger standard bed, $20, 434-7921658

SAMSUNG INSTINCT nice condition, only 3 month old, asking $250 call or txt 434429-7176

2002 Mustang Parts Stock! Air cleaner, throttle body, underdrive pulleys, rearend gears, head light assemblys, 434-770-3847

Sylvania 24in TV Front audio/ video input, 181 cable-ready channels, automatic channel setup. Remote control included. $100.00. Call after 6pm 434-797-4130

8hp Honda engine air compressor, runs good, $450 negotiable, call 434-489-4232

2 harley davidson headsets paid $199ea, asking $200 for pair, new in box, never used, 434-685-7602 cb equipment base station w/ extras, call 336-939-7224 Free antenna you come & get, 434489-8594 White DS for $100 in good condition. Must sell. Kimmie 434-441-2764

trailer hitch for truck or van $125 OBO 434-549-2656 1987 s10 2wd tbi 2.8 engine Can hear run, $350.00 434-203-9172 White Hard Top Tonneau Cover - Fits Chevrolet long bed - hydraulics & hardware included $500 OBO 434-489-1766

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AUTO VILLA 2005-2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 4 To Choose From, Loaded, Low Miles!

2002-2007 Chevrolet Malibus 6 To Choose From

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434-791-4000 2007 Chrysler 300

2003 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Crew

Black, Loaded!

Charcoal, 4x4 Loaded!

2004 BMW Mini Cooper

1997 Toyota Tacoma

“We Finance” Cash Offers “Welcome” Ride Today! Bad Credit, No Credit, NO PROBLEM w/Approved Down Payment.

2005 Chevy Silverado Truck Red, 5 Speed, Low Miles!

2001-2002 Lincoln LS

Many Colors, Low Miles!

Green, 4x4, AT, Must See!

Black, 5 Speed, Loaded, “Sweet”

5 To Choose From Must See!

2007 Hyundai Tiburon

1988 Chevrolet S10

2007 Pontiac G6

2003-2007 Ford Mustang GT

Blue, 5 Speed, Low Miles, Sweet!

Grey, 5 Speed, Very Nice!

Blue, AT, Loaded, Nice!

4 To Choose From, 5 Spd., Cruise, Sweet!

CHROME RAILS FOR SALE; Fits small pick-ups 434-572-8137

2000-2006 Honda Accord

10 In Stock To Choose From, Many Colors!

2007 Nissan Altima 2.5S

2008 Nissan Sentra

Silver, Sunroof, Leather, Nice!

White, 4 Door, AT, PW, Nice!

2002 Toyota Solara

Red, Very Low Miles!

Tax Checks Cashed With Purchase!

Car Fax Vehicle History Reports

928 Riverside Dr • Danville, VA 24540 Mopar 360 Short Block Dodge / Plymouth 1977 360 short block minius timing gear and cover. Motor ran well when pulled 12/28/08. Replaced with original 340. Clean, and stored indoors. $100.00 Cell: 434-489-6262 or 434-791-2656

set of 4 lug 15x7 wire wheels, asking $30.00, 434-822-0559

1998 bedliner for Chevrolet long bed, $75, 434-476-1771

rebuilt rear end from 1967 cornet asking $50.00 434-822-0559

leonard truck shell small long bed pickup, excellent shape, tinted windows, $175, 434-251-0788

NEED PARTS FOR 91 MAXIMA? Call anytime 434-822-5241 or 434-728-6494

Truck Cap White, 8-foot, full sized truck cap. Includes clamps. $40.00 OBO. 434349-5655

4 Truck Tires 31x10.50/15LT. Good Condition. $100.00. Call 434-250-0889.

15” x 8” Truck Ralleys with centers. $175.00 434-822-5999

1983 z28 camaro for parts or fix up, 434-822-6201

Custom 22in rims brand new, 1mo old, w/tires, 6 lugs, Cadillac Escalade for Tahoe Denali, $2000, 434-334-1055

350 Chevy Engine with corvette cam, alumin. intake & valve covers. Newly rebuilt. $1500.00 434-822-5999

Accel spark plug wires Accel super stock hi temp 8mm wires Black $25.00 OBO 434-250-1993

dodge pickup parts full size and Dakotas; hoods, doors, beds, fenders, many parts. Call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

JEEP 4.0 HO Long block 103k miles, was running when removed $300 434-2511857

22 inch Chrome Rims Very flashy. Came off Dodge Charger. Asking $1600.00 Call 434-476-4290

tractor supply toolbox for fullsize truck, like new, steel, diamond textured asking $200.00 OBO 434-822-4008

Chevy 5.3 BareBlocks LS1 style $125 434-251-1857

parts for 1996 chevy camaro motor, good trans, and more in perfect condition, leave message 276-372-9452

4 Goodyear tires like new. 205 70 R15 Mounted on Olds rims. $200 for the set. 434-753-1306

Chrysler 2.5 motor and trans in car, Can hear run or move it around $400 motor $250 trans before 5pm 434-4899981

Back window glass for 97-04 Ford F-150 factory tint brand new $150.00 call 434-797-3233

Power Window Regulator Fits 1991-2004 Ford Explorer, drivers side. Good cond. $25 (Chatham) 434-944-0533

cold air intake $150 afe cold air intake for 2004 jeep wrangler TJ good condition 434-250-7413

tonneau foldup aluminum for S10, short bed, excellent condition, call 434-8221203

set of 13x7 knock off wire wheels asking $30.00 434-822-0559

Access Torno Roll-up cover that fits 5 1/2ft. chevrolet truck short bed 4dr. 19992007, classic. $200.00 434-836-4034

set of rally rims fits Chevrolet Caprice, 7in x15, $180, 434-822-6201

bedliner for 1988-96 short bed Chevrolet truck, $50, like new, 434-822-5999

4 Door, White, ONLY 8,936 Miles. Certified Warranty!



Stock# P1084A

Truck Box Aluminum diamond pattern tool box for full-size pickup. $100 434-4417622 or 434-432-8763 leave message Chevy S-10 Parts Rear chrome bumper; passenger door, fender & chrome mirror; tailgate, bench seat; grill/ radiator support etc 434-250-8479 (4) mag hubcaps 16in fits Toyota Matrix or Corolla, call 434-203-3060

set of wheels fits mustang 5 lug, also fits Dodge Caravan, also 18in KMC, $400, black w/red outline, 434-770-1380

new big block Chevrolet rectangle port heads w/stainless steel valves, $1000 firm, 434-251-2540

5spd transmission clutch pressure plate and more out of 1988 Ford Ranger V6, 434-799-1539, 434-728-6997

Doug Felici

Ask For Doug & Tell Him You Saw This Ad & Receive A FREE Gift!

2007 Honda Civic LX

17inch ROH wheels in great condition, 2 tires half tread, fits chevy 5 lug. $400.00 434-728-1599

bullet hole aluminum polished rims that came off 2500 Chevrolet truck, excellent condition, $200, 434-251-2540

Honda Sales And Leasing Consultant


(4) 14in 5lug chrome wheels & tires for Ford, like new, 434-489-4147, 434-7990806

tailgate for 1980-96 for Ford Bronco full size, white, good shape, $150, 434-2031019

“HOME OF THE $5,000 TEST DRIVE” 4050 Riverside Drive, Danville, VA 24541

e Lifetimain tr Power ar ranty! ! dW Limite EW Hondas N ll A n O rs a e Y ited Unlim limited Un Miles!

(4) 16in 5lug Dodge Chrysler Jeep wheels, 434-489-4147, 434-799-0806

2004 dodge ram front chrome bumper, $200, call 336-597-3625

Steve Padgett’S danville Honda 434-793-7901 • 1-800-MYHONDA

Dodge Dana 60 Front & Dana 80 Rear out of 97, 3500 dually $1500 OBO 434-251-1857

full set New Tires Used once, white letter cooper cobra radial gt P225/70R15, Asking $325 OBO, call 434-432-0376 Truck Toolbox for full-size pickup. Two door aluminum with diamond pattern in good condition. Has lock and keys. $150, 434-441-7622

Bug shield for small pick-up. 434572-8137 Four P205/70R14 tires on rims, steel belted radial on mag wheels beauty rims, chevolet center piece 434-572-8137 4pc wheel cover set fits all cars, new still in box, custom look, rust proof, $14, 434-836-5261 mid size toolbox used 2wks, paid $300, like new, asking $150, 434-685-7602

(4) 16x8 Chrome wheels with Chevrolet centers fits 80s s10 and camaro, 4 3/4 lug w/ Goodyear eagle 205-55-16 $175 434-489-6526 2005/06 altima chrome grill $125 OBO 434-724-2038 or 434-334-7975 Factory Dodge 16inch 8 lug aluminum wheels w/ tires 285/75/16 $275 Call 434-799-3312 79 to 93 mustang parts for sale call and ask eddie for what you are looking for at 434-799-4702

bedliner for 1995 Nissan pickup, good condition, $25, call Kevin 434-724-1218

two 90s buick 3.8l engines ran great when pulled from cars asking $200 a peice call eddie at 434-799-4702

Camper shell red 2001, came off 1996 F150 6ft bed, good condition. Asking $275 OBO, 434-799-1115

18 in. enkei wheels will fit ranger, explorer, cherokee, small bolt f 150 $300.00 434-753-3301

rear end complete drum to drum, 8 lug, 3/4ton, 3.78 ratio, came out of 1976 Ford F250 pickup, good condition, $100 firm, 434-770-4838

Good running 305 also turbo 350 long tail, $250.00 each 434-753-3301

hood came off 1976 Ford fullsize pickup, good condition, $100 firm, 434-770-4838 set of tires 33x14x15 Super Swamper Boggers on 15x10 black wheels brand new, 5 (4 like new/1 brand new), $850, 434-3341204

ladder rack for small pickup square black iron with removable back for easy loading $50 434-251-4729 B&M stall converter for 350 trans, like new, $200, 276-340-1825 Bench seat for 1968-69 Camaro, like new, $500, 276-340-1825 1967 pickup body C30 model, $700 OBO, 434-548-9933

Ricky Carter

T/A Wayne’s Used Cars

10056 US Hwy 29 North - Blairs, VA


1968 Chevy Corvette Burgundy, 327-350, AT, PS, PB, Black Inerior, Extra Nice! $19,500

1972 Chevy Super Cheyenne truCk Green, 350, AT, PB, AC, Short Bed, Extra Nice! $14,500

1995 MerCedeS 380 Se Black, 125K Was $3,995 noW $2,995

1999 honda aCCord Green, 2 Dr., AT, Sunroof, Leather, Alloy Wheels, Loaded! $4,995

2001 vW Jetta tdI diesel Silver, AT, 140K, Fully Loaded! Was $6,995 noW $5,995

1986 Chevrolet CaMaro Z28 Blue, 383 Stroker Engine (Dino Tested 460 HP), Hurst Shifter, Shift Kit, Positive Traction Rear End, 10,000 Miles, asking $6,995

Michelin Truck tires- four size 235/75/R15 LTX M/ S with less than 250 miles. Like new, $325, 434-441-7622 Two 195/60/ R15 tires Used touring sle tires, Have good tread still on them. $25, 336-951-9349 set 17 inch chorme rims 5 lug uni, with tires 600 434-792-6518 or 434-2038328 17” RSL Elite wheels. Bronze uni. 5 lug, had on blue acura rsx-s like new. $300 434-334-6863 set of 4lug 17inch black and chrome ICW rims with new low profile tires $400.00 434-822-0559 ALUMINUM TOOL BOX FOR SALE: For small pick-up, fits S-10, Ford Ranger, ect. 434-572-8137

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1979 Ford Bronco 4X4 White, No motor $800 or best offer need to go or possible trades 336-388-0162 1979 International Scout 4X4 Removable hard-top, 2nd row seat, 454 engine w/ rebuilt carb, Automatic, 4X4, $600 OBO/ possible trade 276-252-7449 1979 bronco 400 4 barrel, AT, too many extra parts to list, $1000, call 434-2503454 1999 Dodge Durango Sport Utility Milage: 166,025 Excellent condition: Leather seats, good tires $3900.00 434-728-0876 1993 GMC Jimmy 4X4 4dr, AT, AC, good tires and current sticker. $1000.00 or OBO. 434-799-6109 1998 chrysler concorde Nice running 4dr sedan. Automatic, Leather, Sunroof and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1000dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1998 ford explorer 4x4 Super clean and nice running SUV. Automatic, Leather, Sunroof and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1998 chevrolet blazer Super nice 2dr SUV. Automatic, CD, 4x4 and a whole lot more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 biweekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR



2003 Ford Windstar SEL

2004 Jeep Liberty Limited

2007 Ford Focus SE ZX4




2004 Buick LeSabre

2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2005 Ford Escape XLT




2007 Saturn Ion 2

2006 Chevy Colorado LS

2007 Ford Taurus SE




2005 Ford Freestyle SE

2006 Dodge Stratus SXT

2006 Buick LaCrosse




Stk# 48593B

Stk# H90044A

Stk# N48600P

1998 jeep wrangler sahara black, great condition, AT, 6cyl, CD, a/c, 61k, extras, $9500 OBO, call 434-685-3261 1987 gmc jimmy 4x4 2dr, 2.8, v6, auto, new sony cd player, upgraded speakers, flowmaster muffler, primer gray, w/black interior, $700 OBO, 434-250-7574 1990 GEO Tracker, white 4x4 hard top, auotomatic, air 153k miles good cond. $1,595. 434-251-2513 1996 Ford Explorer 4x4 ac, pw, pl, am/ fm, leather green ext. & int., runs good. $2200 OBO 434-222-3423

Stk# N48656P

Stk# 90073A

Stk# 90063B

1995 Isuzu Rodeo 4x4 ac, pw, pl, cd, runners, blk ext. & grey int., good condition, 190k, asking $2000 OBO 434-222-3423

2006 Ford Expedition Limited, Stk# 90693A, $23,972, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer, Stk# 48666P, $14,722, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2008 Nissan Xterra, Stk# N48665P, $19,985, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

set of chrome 18in rims $250, call 4 Chrome wheels Fit Mercedes Benz 190E w/ new 205/40-16 Tires $600. 3 235/45-17 Tires 95% Tread. $150 434-2502920 cold air intake made by K&N, made for 4.3 V6 engine, 434-792-4715 1997 Buick park Avenue Ultra Fully loaded $4,995 Call 434-836-002 set of 22in Giovanni incubus rims, call 276-956-3349 truck cover brand new in the box, fit most 2000 & up short bed truck, paid $500, asking $200, 434-792-4715

Auto SUVs Suzuki Sidekick 4x4 1994, 4dr, 28+mpg, 5 speed,130k miles, power windows & doors, runs great. Asking $2200, 434-822-5577 03 HONDA PILOT EX V-6, Green Exterior, Tan Leather Interior, 4wd, 3rd Row Seat, 57k miles, $14,000. Extra Clean. 434-2501319 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004, Charcoal gray, V6, 4x4, tow package, Great condition. 80K. $7800. Call 434-822-1530 1998 cherokee jeep AT, air, excellent running condition, $4000, 434-549-1001 1995 isuzu rodeo 4wd, 5spd, V6, 4dr, pw, runs fine, manual, red, good tires, $900 OBO, 434-534-7553

2007 Nissan Murano, Stk# N48663P, $23,932, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 Hyundai Tuscon SE, Stk# H48661P, $17,913, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

2006 Mercedes Benz R350, Stk# N48659P, $27,793, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2007 Buick Rainier, Stk# 48646P, $23,879, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2008 Chevrolet Equinox, Stk#48647P, $17,672, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2008 Mercury Mountaineer, Stk# 90446A, $20,967, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1997 Ford Explorer XLT Full Power. A/C, ABS, P/S, Cruise, 4WD, Custom Wheels. New Sticker, sunroof, $3500 434792-6835

1993 ford explorer white, $800, only thing wrong needs battery & oil change, 434-688-2197

2001 Explorer Sport 4X4 black, pwr seats & windows, 135,000 miles $4000 434-548-5941

2002 Hyundai Santa Fe Black, AC, CC, ADL, Luggage rack. $5000. Call 434-4801383 and leave message

1999 jeep cherokee classic, rubicon lift new 31 inch tires extremely clean $3,500 434-250-7865 2004 Ford Escape Excellent condition, dark red and gray, 4wd, loaded, $6,650 OBO, call Keith 434-728-0796 1996 s10 blazer 4wd, good condition, call after 4:30pm 434-432-9122

2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport Yellow, Great Condition, 5spd, 6cyl, CD, AC, 98k miles, customized, extras, $9,450, 434489-5181

1994 wrangler red, hard top & doors, 4.0 motor, 5spd, a/c, tilt, $5200, 434-797-3845

Stk# 48622P

Stk# N48645P

Stk# N48684P

Stk# N81703A

Stk# N48621P

Stk# 48567P

Financing Available Even If You Have: • NO CREDIT • BAD CREDIT • BANKRUPTCY • REPO

1995 gmc jimmy HD, 4wd, AT, ps, pdl, pw, CD player. Good to fair condition, Kelly BLue Book value $1950, asking $1500 firm, 434-822-8351 2003 chevrolet tahoe z71 green, loaded! VADLR call 434791-4000 1992 chevrolet suv $1500, 434-8226559

Auto Trucks 1995 ext cab dodge 4x4 great condition 75,000 actual miles lots of new parts asking $4000 434-728-5519 1978 Chevy p/u, 350, at, ac, with 1976 Chevy p/u for parts asking $800 call 434334-6255 1978 ford F150 351/400 auto trans air cond.bucket seats need brakes work sell $750.00 call after 5:00pm 336-514-2831 1977 Chevy Pickup good for parts or restore, good 350 engine. $500.00, 434349-3355 1992 GMC sonoma 4X4 3in. body lift, black bullett hole rims, 12in. sub,186k miles. $2,750 OBO 434-799-0530

132 Union Street Bridge Road • Danville, VA *Photos for illustration purposes only.


1992 S-10 2.8l 5spd, $2,000.00 OBO, 434549-1898 1965 Mack B-67 Single Axel Tractor. Restorable. Needs Head Gasket. Have VA Title. Asking $750.00. Please call 434470-5635 s10 2.8 4wd motor & transmission, AT, $400, call 434-822-8057

1987 Toyota pickup 4x4, low miles on engine, new paint, new tires, tool box, asking $3800. Call 434-334-6255 Good Farm-Use Pick-up 1989 GMC Sierra 4X4 1500. Reliable. Strong engine. 137K miles. AT/PS/AC. Good solid workhorse. 434-432-2269

All prices plus title, taxes, license & $299 processing fee

1985 black chevrolet truck black interior, regular size bed, straight drive, 4wd, 1 owner, like new, 59k original miles, $8500, serious inquiries only 336-627-1241 1984 chevy wrecker truck 350 engine, 4spd, 2 8000lb winches, all lights work, $2400, 336-932-0759

Billy’s Buyin Wrecked, Running, or Dying! JUNK CARS

Gas Tanks • Batteries • Tires • NO PROBLEM! “Always Paying More $ For Junk Cars” –Billy “Paymore”

1692 Halifax Rd. • (434) 791-1071

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Bottling Group Will Be Conducting A Bowling Benefit On April 25th At Riverside Bowling Lanes

All Proceeds Will Be Donated To God’s Storehouse In An Effort To Help Support Their Mission Of Feeding The Hungry. For More Information On How To Get Involved, Contribute To This Cause Contact

Chris Barrington 434-792-4512 Ext. 1413 1992 gmc sierra sl 2500 good work truck, cd player, toolbox, 2wd, AT, good strong engine, low miles, $2300, call 434793-0024 1991 Toyota 4x4, standard cab, 22re 3in body lift, 33x1250x15 mickey’s, $3500 OBO, 434-203-0686 1984 dodge pickup 150 Royal SE Prospector, 360, 4 barrel, AT, good body, $1995 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 2000 ford f150 93k, $8000, call 276732-9452 1996 Chevy S-10, Ext. Cab Black, 4.3 V6, AT, Cowl Hood, Very nice, $5000 OBO. Please call 434-228-3451. Ford F250 Diesel Ext Cab 2wd, AT,360k, white, gooseneck hitch $3999 or may trade for car or small 4x4 pickup 336694-5921

1991 Dodge 150 shortbed Like new. New paint. Air, auto, cruise, electric windows and locks. $3500.00 276-252-8593 1989 Ford F-150 2WD, 300- 6 cyl., good engine & trans., Damaged, sell for salvage, remove ASAP. $900 OBO 434-228-0646 1983 gmc sierra 4X4 Good condition 109,000 miles need to sell asking $3500 434-579-4901 1984 4wd toyota pickup, I want to trade it for a 4 wheeler 300cc or bigger, call 276-806-5636

1994 chevy silverado ext cab 4x4 looks good & runs good 4 new tires 118k mi. $6000 434-203-7525 1986 toyota 4x4 5spd, $1200 OBO, call 434-688-2039 1989 Nissan 4x4 5spd, smokes a little, 162k, $1500 OBO, call 434-688-2039 1990 toyota four runner 4x4 motor work done, several new parts, blue on blue, cold air, $2400 consider all trades, 434-7911621, 434-250-9001 1992 Chevy Pickup Std. Cab, Short Bed, Green, 305 V8, 5 sp., A/C, 150k mi. on engine, $2100.00 434-656-8409 ford ranger low rider w/lots & lots of accessories, $4000, call 434-822-6201 1973 FORD F100 SHORTBED Automatic transmission, 390 engine. Good-shape body, runs good, new tires & battery $1300 FIRM 434-548-9573

2003 CHEVY DURAMAX 4X4 3500 Dually, Full Power, Allison, Banks exhaust, Edge w/juice programmer, Finance assistance, $16,900 434-728-1372 1997 chevrolet 1500 pickup super clean and runs great. Automatic, V6, Bed cover and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1200dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

1976 ford truck f100 302 V8, ranger, all chrome, 85k, short body, AT, excellent shape, $1600, 434-572-3271, 434-2221593 1979 International Scout 4x4 Removable hard top, 2nd row seat, 454 w/ rebuilt carb., 4X4, $600 OBO/ possible trade 276-252-7449 3/4 ton ford work truck 4x4 w/enclosed utility body, call 434-548-9444 1997 ford f350 4dr crew cab, long bed pickup, solid red, 7.3 power stroke diesel, AT, ps, good condition, $9000, call 434770-4838 1999 intl. conv. cab twin screw tractor, 38in single bunk sleeper, 430 Detroit engine, 10spd transmission, a/c, ps, cc, good condition, $10,000, 434-770-4838 2008 ford ranger xlt long bed, ext cab, like new condition, 20,000 miles, AT, a/c, CD, pdl, pw, loaded, bed mat, $18,500 OBO must see, 434-792-8868 or 434-3342824 1983 Chevy Silverado Clean Condition, low Mileage, New Flowmasters & Shocks. $2800 OBO. Call 434-728-0537 1949 Chevy 1/2 Ton PU Fully Restored $10,500 Firm. Serious Calls Only 434-6853445 1976 chevROLET SHORT BED 4wd V8, runs good, $800 OBO, 336-388-0994

1983 chevrolet pickup Scottsdale, 4wd, 350 engine, runs good, $1295, 434251-3810, 434-432-0686, 434-432-1725 1992 ford ranger 4cyl, AT, ps, pb, a/c, $2795 VA DLR 434-836-1376 1952 Dodge 4X4 Pickup 318, V8, 4speed, new carb/ clutch/ master cyl/ slave cyl/ fuel pump/ plugs & wires. Clear Title $1000 OBO. Needs to go. 434-334-4887 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 White, 4 cyl, 5 speed, AC, AM/ FM CD, alloy rims, good truck $4,500 434-203-0374 1985 ford ranger 4 cyl, 5 speed runs good will trade for 4 wheeler 434-709-1010

2005 Chevrolet Silverado, 2500HD Crew Cab, Stk# 90649A, $31,909, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2007 Chevrolet Silverado LT, 4door Crew Cab, Stk# 71705A, $31,936, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

2003 chevrolet z71 extra cab 4x4, only actual 18,000 miles, new bed liner and electric brakes, excellent condition, $18,000 firm, call 434-724-1425, 434-441-6691 1987 ford ranger long bed, black, 5spd, runs good, $700, 276-734-5706

2004 330ci convertible bmw silver, black interior, fully loaded, AT, 46k, $25,500, 434-250-1953 1994 sts Cadillac, 20in rims, gray with gray interior, $3,500, 434-724-2703, 434429-6916

2002 infinity i35 green, loaded! VADLR call 434-791-4000

1988 HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACK Runs but needs head gasket. $250.00, 434-203-0614

2004 Ford Ranger Edge Edition Red, Must See! VADLR call 434-791-4000

1994 ford thunderbird crack in windshield, runs good, but trans slips a little, pdl, pw, white, sunroof, $500, 434-822-8966

1986 nissan ext cab truck, 5spd, 4wd, $1000, call 276-956-3349

2003 ford taurus fully equipped, new tires, new battery, major tune up, new front brake pads, 434-822-0155

2002 ford f150 hover orange, 20in rims, $5000, 276-956-3349

2003 chevrolet cavalier $3800 OBO, call 434-685-1831

Auto Vans

1999 grand am gt ho 3400 V6, nice red paint, alloy wheels, tinted windows, sunroof, power everything, $1000 OBO, 434-534-7553

1996 chrysler Town & Country van, blue, sliding doors on both sides, new trans, as is $1200 OBO, needs fender & bumper, 434-792-1984, 434-203-8803 1996 dodge work van 318, AT, ladder rack, $800 OBO, call 434-549-2656 2004 honda odyssey 55k, 2yrs left on Honda certified warranty, leather heated front seats, rear air, new Michelin tires, call 434-792-7211, 434-334-6324

2000 chevy impala 22in rims, TV & more, $5000, call 434-549-2656 1997 chevrolet cavalier green, 4dr, AT, for parts, does not run, $500, call 434203-5106 chevrolet monte carlo needs minor work, $500, call 434-793-0024

1992 chevy g20 conversion van, $1000, 434-334-9063

1971 buick electra 225 w/455 engine, 61k original miles, 23in wheels, new paint job, $7500, 336-791-5008

1984 ford ranger xl 4cyl, 5spd, 117k, clean inside & out, needs a set of tires, $1750, 434-656-3700 434-656-3700

2001 ford e150 van new tires, new brakes, trailer hitch, $4500, call after 6pm 336-939-2285

1991 Nissan Maxima $800, Power everything, sunroof, AS IS, or will sell for parts call anytime. 434-728-6494

2006 nissan frontier crew cab 4dr, 49k, 2wd, burgundy, nice condition, V6, $11,500 OBO, 434-793-5622

2002 dodge grand caravan Super clean 4dr minivan. Automatic, AC, power windows, CD, Rear AC, and more. INHOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

2004 BMW 330Ci Convertible Silver w/Black Leather Interior, Sport & Premium Package, 46K, Loaded, New Tires, $24,000, 434-250-1953

2008 nissan frontier 4wd, ext cab, pickup, loaded, only 9k, $16,000, 434-5484160

2003 Dodge Quad Cab L/B 4.7 V8 Magnum, AC, Cruise, Power Windows/Doors. Class III Tow Hitch. 88,519 miles, CLEAN. $6,995, 434-250-4617 2000 f-350 srw supercab longbed Lariat 4x4 7.3 diesel, 90,000 on powertrain warranty, $9,800 OBO, 434-222-7851 1997 chevy z-71 4x4, new bfg a/t 32x11.5, ext cab, new transmission, $6000, 434-222-7851 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL, Dark Cherry, 3.5 Liter 6-Cyl Engine, 5SPD Automatic Trans, Excellent MPG (25 MPG HWY), 5 Star Front and Side Crash Test Ratings, Loaded, Towing Package, Huge in bed trunk with dual swing tailgate (trunk also serves as a cooler with drains!), Full-power, including power sliding rear window, Moon Roof, Leather with heated seats (Beige), AM/FM/ XM with In-Dash 6 Disk CD Player, 22,000 Miles with 100k extended Honda Warranty, Only Dealer Maintained/Serviced, New, $32,940, Offered at $24,499, Like New, Showroom Condition, 434-548-1125 1994 Chevy S10 rebuilt 4.3, 22inch wheels, runs very good, needs alot of body work. $2200 firm. Call Eddie. 336-344-5281 Ford f150 4wd, 93k, 5.4 motor, $8400, 276-732-9452 1995 Silverado Z71 130,000 miles, lift kit, 37in tires, cd player & subwoofer, call 434-250-1771 1986 ford f150 $1000 OBO call: 276806-9451 1991 Mazda B2200, Auto, PS, PB, STD. Cab, Air, bed cover, runs great, high miles, bed Asking $1450.00 OBO 434-203-8814 2003 Ford F150 Lariat 4X4 32000 mi. Red and Silver. New Hitch, $16,5000, OBO, Leave Message 434-822-7608 1986 dodge, short bed runs good, needs bed, a/t, a/c, p/s $650.00 434-7533301 2001 Dodge 2500 Quad-Cab SLT Laramie, 4X4, Cummins Diesel, Fully Loaded, Nice Truck, $9800 OBO. 434-724-4541 2000 Chevy 1500 Z71 Ext-Cab V-8, white, black int., pw, pdl, pm, a/ c, cd player, hitch, toolbox, pos trac rear end, new exhaust, tires, water pump & alternator, good work truck. $2950, 434-489-4962 1988 ford ranger ext cab, already been lowered, no motor, 5spd trans, body good condition, as is $475, 434-799-1539, 434-728-6997

1996 dodge caravan white, runs good, $1500 OBO, call 434-222-2144 1996 Ford Conversion Van 4 Captain chairs, rear seat converts to bed. Front & rear AC, PS, PB, PW, PDL 74,000 Miles. $4,500 434-685-4306

2006 Chrysler Town & Country, Stk# N48671P, $13,921, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 1991 FORD AERSOSTAR runs need some work $600 OBO call 336-694-6605 or 336514-8593

Auto Cars VA-Carolina Auto Auction 2331 Goodyear Blvd, Danville. Wholesale to everybody. 7pm Friday, call 434797-5165 2003 Pontiac bonneville Loaded, bronze color, rear spoiler, 102,000 miles. $4675 OBO, 336-580-2324 or 336-5803285 2003 Pontiac bonneville Loaded, Taupe or bronze color, rear spoiler, 102,000 miles. $4675 OBO, 336-580-2324 or 336580-3285 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier silver, auto, air, ps, pb, moon roof, cd. $2450.00, 434349-3355 1985 Buick Regal good for parts/ restore. V6 engine. $1000. 434-349-3355 Very clean Grand Prix GT Pontiac Grand Prix GT, auto trans. w/console, good condition, white w/black leather, good tires, power sunroof, V-6 3800 engine $5200.00 434-250-9288 1966 Ford Fairlane GTA, 390 motor, runs good. MUST SEE!!!!! 10,000 OBO. Ernest 434-251-7899 1992 Pontiac Bonneville full power, $1200; 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix, good old school project car, $300, 336-388-1567 1989 nissan maxima V6, 5spd, 138,000 actual miles, $1500, 434-793-0741

2009 White Accord sedan EX-L option + Wing spoiler & Trunk Tray. MSRP $27,722 asking $23,500. Call M-F 8am-5pm 434-792-9993, weekends 434-710-0052 1982 dodge mirada 93,000 actual miles, AT, 2nd owner, 318 AT, $2000 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 2002 Dodge Neon RT Nice condition, fully loaded, 125k mi, $4100, call for details leave message 434-548-5480 1997 Pontiac Grand Am Extremely clean, runs excellent, New tires. A/C, Power Doorlocks, CD, Spoiler, 5-speed, 30-35 MPG! 336-347-7029 1993 Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon, Impala SS Hood and Grill, 18” Wheels and Tires, V8, Like NEW, Garaged, $5,995, 434-793-1667 1999 Mercury Cougar Sharp Ride 74,500 miles, clean, pw, pdl, cc, at, cd, body kit, rims, nice car $6,000 434-432-1602 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage DE Coupe, 5spd, Blue, Great Gas Mileage 40 MPG, 80K. Great condition, $3,200. Call 434-2510307 2000 ford focus SE Red, very good condition. $2700.00 OBO 434-656-1300 02 Mazada Protege 4 door, AT, 2.0L, black, 124K miles. $3000 434-251-8559 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT White w/ Blk/ Gray int. Leather seats, automatic, AM/ FM, CD, 88k. 3.5L V6, $9000/ neg. 434-4322013 1968 Dodge Charger Running big block, automatic, complete, bucket seats console needs little work extra motor $6500.00 before 5pm 434-489-9981 1973 chevrolet caprice classic, 2dr, hardtop, original paint body, , very good condition, no motor or trans, $1500, between 4pm-8pm 434-656-6563 2002 mercury sable ls 24 valve dohc, 152k, alloy wheels, sunroof, leather int, new motor, $3995, 434-770-0356, 434250-2453 1983 toyota celica $900, call 276-6503144 1999 chrysler lhs fully loaded, $1800 OBO, call 336-589-9052 1983 hurst olds cutlass 3 lightning shifter rods 95,000 miles one of 3,000 made looks and runs good 434-942-3532

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Piedmont Shopper© • April 16, - April 22, 2009 • Page 9

never pay retail again! 1304 Piney Forest Rd • across from Arby's •


2007 nissan titan Se...............$12,870 List: $14,995, X-Cab, Automotive, Clean!

2007 Ford Freestyle Sel. ........$9,860 List: $15,995, Automatic, Seats Seven

2007 Chevrolet Uplander lS. ..$9,650 List: $11,995, Automatic, Power Sliding Doors

2006 Mazda tribute 4x4 .............$9,650 List: $11,995, Automatic, Lots of Extras!

2001 BMW 325 CI convertible, auto, one owner, car fax report, 171k miles, now $9895.00. Extreme Autos, VDLR, Call 434799-3211

1993 Oldsmobile Achieva Nice running sedan for a run around car. Great gas mileage. Automatic, Ac, and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. Only $500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix Very clean 4dr sport sedan. Automatic, V6, Spoiler and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1000dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

2007 Dodge Charger, Stk# N48658P, $16,777, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

2008 Nissan Altima, Stk# N48587A, $18,828, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

1994 cutlass ciera 4dr, V6, ps, pb, a/c, 83k actual miles, $2695, VA DLR 434836-1376

2006 Toyato Prius Hybrid Driver Air Bag Anti-Lock Brakes Air Conditioning Cruise Control Passenger Air Bag Rear Window Defroster Power Door Locks Power Mirrors Power Windows Power Steering Tilt Wheel 46,000k, $16,995 434-822-2434 x ID 2778798

2008 Chevrolet Impala, Stk# 48655P, $14,974, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

2000 Dodge Intrepid ES Excellent Condition, 109,000 miles, one owner. New $27000 will sell for $4500. 434-656-6373

1993 camaro 5spd, 6cyl, $3500 OBO or trade for 4 wheeler, 434-685-3761, 434250-0694

1992 Camaro 350, 2 new tires, Motor in good condition. Can hear run. Needs Transmission. Drove until 02/09. 799-2783 or 434-548-6337 VW BUG 1969 REAL NICE. NEW BRIGHT RED PAINT. NEW TIRES. ALPINE STEREO. GOOD ON GAS!! ASKING $3000.00 434-203-7164

2006 Infiniti M35, Stk# N48651P, $27,984, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2007 Saturn Ion, Stk# N48645P, $10,834, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 1999 OLDS Alero, New engine Leather seats, sunroof, new tires & brakes, minor body damage, $1200 OBO, Must sell 336580-2324

2008 Acura TL, Stk# N48672P, $29,889, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

2007 ford focus se zx4 excellent economical car auto, keyless entry, power windows/ doors/ cd mp3, full warranty, $9200, 434-792-4510

2008 Hyundai Sonata GLS, Stk# H48670P, $ 14,916, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

1994 Mitsubishi 3000 gt Bad motor, custom rims, $1000 OBO, 434-724-7984

2005 Honda Accord LX, Stk# H90194A, $13,923, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

List: $10,995, Automatic, CD

2004 Chevrolet Malibu............ $7,450

Sale Price reFlecTS caSh Sale. Financing available aT negoTiable liST PriceS. WiTh aPProved crediT.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT Red, 100K Miles, Body Perfect, Needs motor. $800.00 OBO 434-770-4216

1999 RED SATURN 5 speed electric sunroof, windows, doors, cruise, cd, spoiler, etc. $1950 434-713-8032

2006 Suzuki Forenza .............. $7,550

2007 Mazda 3 Sedan ............... $9,860

1/8 mile race car 72 vega, sbc 427, tube chassis, dana 60, runs 5.80. must sell. $13,500 OBO 336-388-1656

87 mustang convertible, original, perfect interior, 302, auto,130k. just wrecked on front end. $1,500 OBO 336-388-1656

List: $10,995, LS, V6, Automatic

2005 Saturn relay .....................$7,120

2008 Chevrolet Impala, Stk# 48655P, $15,857, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

2001 Volvo V70XC, AWD Turbo, Station Wagon, 155k miles, excellent shape, now $4995.00. Extreme Autos, VDLR, Call 434799-3211

2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx ...$8,175

List: $7,995, Automatic, CD, Great Gas Saver!

2008 Hyundi Azera Limited, Stk# H48662P, $21,948, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

1995 Dodge Intrepid ES Auto, 112,000 miles with leather interior, now asking $1595.00. Extreme Autos, VDLR, Call 434799-3211

List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras!

2007 pontiac grand prix ........ $9,870

2007 Kia Optima LX, Stk# H80802A, $12,953, VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www.

1983 Chevy caprice Classic White/ Blue Interior. 1 owner, Nice Car $3500 434685-4306

2007 Chrysler pt Cruiser ........$8,465

2005 Chevrolet Uplander ..........$7,950

2003 Mercedes Benz CLK, Stk# 48668P, $17,919. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

2004 Chrys. Sebring convert Touring Edition, car fax report, am/fm/cd, now $4995.00 tax special. Extreme Autos, VDLR, 434-799-3211

List: $11,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras!

List: $9,995, Automatic, Lot Of Extras!

List: $8,995, SXT, Stow-In Go Seats

1989 ford festiva runs great, 40 miles per gallon, $1000, call 434-572-7155

2006 Mitsubishi galant eS ......$8,475

2006 nissan altima 2.5 S ..... $11,540

2005 Dodge Caravan ...............$6,860

1992 honda civic 4dr sedan, $1000, small front end damage, call 434-429-6871

List: $19,995, Auto., Leather, 43K Miles

List: $11,995, Convertible, Low Miles!

2005 Dodge ram 1500.............$8,670

List: $8,995, Auto., Rear Ext. System, Seats 7

1986 Chevy Camaro, V6, good motor, trans needs work. $1100.00 OBO 434-7913682

2008 volvo 540 Sedan ...........$16,850

2006 Chrysler Sebring gtC ....$8,745

2007 Dodge Charger Se ........$11,860

List: $9,995, Rear Entertainment System

1996 Ford Taurus silver, great condition! $2600 434-724-2260

List: $10,995, 4 Dr. Minivan, Lots of Options!

List: $11,995, Automatic, Cloth Seats, Clean!

2007 Ford Freestar Minivan ....$8,960 List: $10,995, Automatic, Great Work Truck

1994 lexus es300 body is rough, motor runs and drives good, $1400 OBO, 434791-1621, 434-250-9001

2005 Chevrolet venture lS .....$6,750

2007 Ford 500 Sel...................$9,460

2007 toyota Camry le ..........$14,870

List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, Clean!

2004 hyundai xg350 Nice running 4dr luxury sedan. Automatic, Leather, Cass/CD, and much more. IN-HOUSE FINANCING regardless of credit history. $1500dn/$125 bi-weekly payments. Located on Piney Forest Rd across from Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

FinanCing From 5.75%

List: $10,995, Black, Alloys, Must See!

2004 Chrysler Pacifica Towing ...$8,970 List: $10,995, Automatic, Leather, CD

1993 honda civic green, chrome wheels, 2 10s system, $1500 OBO, 434-429-8798

Spring ClearanCe all CarS reduCed

2006 Chev impala lS ...............$9,620

2002 Chevy Malibu 68,945 miles, needs tune-up. Asking $3900.00. Call 434-203-8270.

1999 Ford Escort Sport Motor Front end collision, low miles good motor, entire car, 434-724-7984 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse good shape, 150K miles, 4cyl, 5spd, Leather, PS, PB, PDL, AC, $3295, 434-797-2595 1986 cadillac new white letter tires, new radio, needs a transmission, $300, (Martinsville) 276-632-5035

List: $16,995, Automatic, V6

List: $13,995, 3.5L V6, Automatic, Black

List: $13,995, Automatic., Air, PW & More List: $12,995, Automatic, V-6, Clean!

List: $11,995, Low Miles, 5 Spd., Great Gas Mileage

2006 Ford Fusion Se ...............$9,860 List: $11,995, Clean, Automatic, CD

1993 plymouth acclaim runs good, $500, call 434-489-6177 1999 pontiac grand am 104k, very clean, excellent condition, $3795 OBO, call 434-429-8436 1994 pontiac grand prix 147k, very nice car, $2000, 434-251-0902 1993 ford Taurus stationwagon needs back window, $600, call 434-7993184 rare 1992 chevy beretta indy needs engine work, does run, $500 OBO, 434-836-3685 1080 mercedes diesel, good transportation, $1600, call 434-7097724 mazda 626 $1150, call 336-340-2289 MUST SEE 2001 Camaro, V-6, low miles, T-Tops, $5895.00, 434-836-2595 1999 chevrolet malibu 4dr, V6, tan cloth seats, 153k, excellent condition, very clean, $2000, 434-770-3683 1989 chevrolet cavalier z24 2dr, $800 OBO, call after 3:30pm Jon 434-3344346 1979 Camaro Z28 350, 400 trans, chevy rally’s asking $3500 OBO. 434-709-1126 1996 850 Volvo, needs minor repairs. runs good, need to move, $800 OBO, 434709-1126 2006 Acura RSX-S 31k, 6spd, blue w/ black int., lowered, intake, exhaust, like new, call for more info. 434-334-6863 1991 buick century runs, new tires, good condition call $600 OBO 336-6946911or 336-514-8465 99 honda accord ex coupe Nice condition 162k, 5spd, v-tec, loaded, leather, asking $ 6000 OBO. Call or txt 434-4297176 2005 Saturn ion redline Supercharged, Black, 5 sp, sunroof, neon, racing seats. GREAT ON GAS. Price lowered to $11,500.00 276-647-3494 1999 Pontiac Grand Am Silver, Good Condition, Runs Great, 169,000 miles $2500 firm call 434-728-2420 1986 Monte Carlo SS T-tops, 305, automatic, black, runs great. $5,000. 434441-2581 1993 Ford mustang GT 5.0, 5spd, many new parts, and performance upgrades. $4,500 OBO. 434-728-3646

List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Low Miles!

2005 Chrysler Sebring............ $7,340 List: $8,995, Automatic, Leather, Sunroof

2005 Ford Focus ZX5 ............. $6,990 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier ......... $5,390

*Prices exclude Tax, Tags, & Processing Fee.

URW has a 94 Honda Accord EX, 195K miles for $500 obo. Keep up with other listings at 1989 Ford Escort rebuilt engine only 10,371 miles, was running until timing belt came off. Sold as is $200.00 434-799-1115 1987 cadillac coupe deville parts car does run, call 434-685-7602 1999 mazda protÈgÈ AT, $1995, good shape, cd player, good tires, 276-618-1469 2001 ford escort se $2800, AT, cold air, good heat, new tires, runs good, call 276-618-1469 BARGAIN Mitsubishi Lancer 2003, light grey, very good condition, very cheap $4,000 Call Paloma 434-334-9430 OFERTA!!!!! Mitsubishi Lancer, 2003, gris claro, bien cuidado, muy barato $4,000 Preguntar por Paloma 434-334-9430

1998 crown victoria ford white, all power, 76k miles, great on gas, $5800 or Trade for 1 Ton Truck. Call 434-797-3845 1995 sunfire pontiac runs great, a/c, heat, black, 77k, $800, 434-203-2466 $500! Police Impounds! Hondas/Toyotas/Chevys etc. More cars from $500! For Listings 1-800-625-9080 ext. 3062 1991 cadillac sedan Deville, garage kept, regular oil changes, excellent condition, loaded, $1895, 434-836-2780 1983 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 1972 pont. 400 bored.040 with all hi-performance parts. 3 transmissions and 2 set of wheels and tires. $5500.00. Look great, Runs great! 336-514-0522 1986 Toyota Camry 4 door, 4 cylinder, automatic, ac, runs, but needs work, $300 434-836-1224 1999 Chrysler 300M good condition, fully loaded. Asking $3,000 OBO. 434- 7283656 MUST SELL! 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2-V6, sunroof, cd changer, all power. Silver w/dark leather int. Asking $4,500 434-728-3656 1999 Chevy Cavaliar $900.00 or best offer. Runs good. 434-709-9712 04 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Sedan Burgundy Exterior, Gray Leather Interior, Sunroof, 92k miles, Certified 100k miles warranty, $13,000. 434-250-1319

1967 VW Beetle w/early model fenders & head lights. Runs, will make great car for resto. Asking $1,000 434-489-3312 2000 BMW 328i Leather, all power, heated seats, intergrated phone, moon roof, 113k miles, priced to sell $8995, call 434-7100052 1998 Pontiac Firebird, T top, exc cond,38,000 miles adult driven, lux pkg, v6 21 mpg, new tires, sticker mint cond blkw/ gray int. 434-251-9500 or 434-836-0417 1966 plymouth satellite AT, PS, PB. Rides & drives excellent. Under carriage and trans completely rebuilt. Needs paint and interior. Driven to car shows everywhere, Reduced to $6995, 434-799-1928, 434-489-8111 1994 300 zx 2+2, white, T-top, leather suede interior, 120k, $5650, 910-540-6848 2008 honda civic lx 2dr, fully loaded, excellent condition, atomic metallic blue, 160k, $15,900, 434-432-4389 1987 nissan se AT, king cab, cold a/c, new paint, flowmasters, like new BF tires, 157k, $2695, 434-432-4389 1993 honda civic 5spd, green, gray interior, 16in chrome wheels, lowered, CD player, $1000, 434-429-8798 1991 chevrolet corsica runs great, needs minor work, $1200, call 434-7286896 1975 ford ranchero $1500 OBO, 434-548-9933 1995 Pontiac grand prix V6, 4dr, good tires, transmission slips a little, $400, 336-388-0262 2004 cobra mustang fully loaded, K, silver, adult driven, 40k, immaculate condition, $2450, 434-792-4715

2003 nissan altima burgundy, loaded, low miles, VADLR Call 434-791-4000 2002 toyota camry le green, AT, spoiler, alloy rims, VADLR call 434-791-4000 2005 nissan century xe black, AT, pw, pb, loaded! VADLR call 434-791-4000

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Help Wanted • Auto Technician Fantastic opportunity to join a leader in the automotive service industry.

Great Pay • Great Benefits • Medical • Dental • 401k


*State Inspection License Required*

Call 434-793-8042 Fax Resume to 434-793-4356 Pre-employment drug screen required new cHild’s rocKinG cHAir & Park Bench. $40 each 434-836-2401 eVenflo exersAUcer Excellent condition $30 call 434-432-1433

stroller Baby Trend Double sit and stand stroller w/car seat. Green and Silver, paid $230, asking $100. 434-489-6360

Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center a premier facility in long term care and rehabilitation, is looking to enhance our current dedicated staff. If you are a licensed RN interested in working in long term care, we would like to talk to YOU! We are committed to our residents and staff. We offer competitive wages and benefits.

BABy Gym Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and lights Baby Gym, Like New, Regular $60, asking $20, 434-489-6360

We Are Currently Recruiting For The Following Positions:

BUmBo BABy sitter chair, Pink $10, regular $38, 434-489-6360

• RN (FT and PT) – 7 A.M.-7 P.M.

wHite BABy Bed with mattress $50; Fisher price cradle swing $30, 336-5973625

BABy PlAy Pen name brand, good condition, $15; baby large car seat $20, 434836-5261 2 BABy crAdles 1 brown large size $30; white smaller size baby bassinet $25, 434792-5739 BABy clotHes girl 0-24m summer/ winter & 2t winter/ summer & 3t winter. Boy NB & 0-3m winter. High chair, toys. 434-5492084 PinK sUmmer colleection Bouncer & Swing (only used once) for $50 each. Baby pool with shade $15, walker $10. Kimmie 434-441-2764 BAssinet w/storage, $20; high chair $20; stroller $20; baby bed, very nice $45, 434836-6730 Brown Jenny lynn BABy criB in very good condition also with mattress. $50 434251-4729 BABy Bed w/ mAttress evenflo baby bed, light wood finish good condition, $60.00 434-251-7526

BABy & cHildrens items Kids’ stUff consiGnment Baby equipment, toys, maternity & children’s clothing. 1083 Piney forest road 434-836-1450 dUcK Border 4 rolls of duck border great for nursery paid $15 each at babiesrus sell $5each 434-334-9550 Boys sHoes boys sz 1, black dress shoes worn once $4, boys nike sandals sz 2, $4 434-334-9550 reAl cHeAP BABy items items for sale for infant girls and boys, bouncers, baby food, swing, clothes, etc 434-836-1690

nAme BrAnd stroller bugaboo stroller pay $1200 asking $600, baby books asking 1$each, baby blanket1$each, 434836-1690 Boys cleAts hightop under armour cleats wore 1 season, paid $50, sell $15, EXCELLENT condition, size 3, 434-3349550 sPidermAn comforter Twin size comforter NEW, $20.00, 434-709-0457 scooBy doo toddler Bed set Includes comforter, sheets, pillowcase, wall border, and 3 pints of paint to match. $50, 434-709-0457 eddie BAUer BABy stroller $45, call 434-203-5106 medelA BreAst PUmP $200, pumping style advanced, call 434-792-1182

Boys sHoes black dress shoes worn once size1 blue and yellow nike sandals 434-334-9550 cArs moVie toddler Bed Matching bed set, toy rack, and toy box ALL CARS THEME. Will take $125 OBO 434-7286494 tinKerBell tHeme toddler Bed Matching Bed Set, Toy-Box and Toy shelf Asking $125 OBO 434-728-6494 5 sets HooKed on PHonics New $100 set. Must Sell so Will Sell for $225 all 5. call anytime 434-728-6494 little Boys sHoes and sandals size 3-5 $2 -$5. baby toys $1-$5 434-836-0284 BABy Girls clotHes 3-12 months call for details and prices 728-1362 enfAmil liPil 12 9 oz cans formula for $7 a can. 336-388-1424 Boy BABy clotHes 12 boxes newborn-2t all seasons like new. $1.00 each or all for $400 OBO in Ridgeway 276-956-5366 stride riGHt Boys sHoes size 6-1/2 dark brown suede excellent condition! $15.00 434-432-0898

You haven’t given up, have you? Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment, said in 1977, “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” A Western Union Telegraph Company internal memo in 1876 read, “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication.” When Gary Cooper turned down the lead role in Gone with the Wind, he said, “I'm just glad it'll be Clark Gable who's falling on his face and not Gary Cooper.” When in 1962 Decca Recording Co. rejected the Beatles, it was because “We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” “Given-up thinking” is everywhere, isn’t it? But don’t you give up. Conventional thinking isn’t always on target. God’s thinking is. The dreams you have in your heart are God’s gift to you. Follow those dreams. Never give up pursuing them no matter how much the newscasters say this is a tough economy. And as you pay your taxes, be glad you’ve not given up on your job, and have a salary to take taxes out of. Don’t give up as you listen to life and make a life, not just a living today.

Piedmont $hopper “To Listen to Life with Dr. Joey Monday-Friday, go to and get your free subscription!”

BABy Bed liKe new Evenflo mattress & bedding $75, High chair, attaches to regular chair $15, Evenflo Stroller, like new $50, Call 434-836-0026 PlAyPen, sqUAre flAt tyPe Like new $15, Car seat, navy plush, for small baby $20, Car seat, for toddler $10 Call 434-8360026

We offer: • Health Insurance (FT Associates) • Life Insurance (FT Associates) • Dental Insurance ( FT and PT Associates) • 401K Plan • Nursing Scholarships • Credit Union Services

Experience in LTC a plus. Must hold a current license from the VA Board of Nursing or be eligible to work in the state of VA.

For Immediate Consideration, Please Apply At

Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center


2344 Riverside Drive Danville, VA 24540 434-766-6000 Fax: 434-792-7240 Email:

EOE/Drug Free/Smoke Free Workplace

A Medical Facilities Of America Healthcare Center 17ft GlAstron I/O, walk thru windshield, depth finder, new wheels and tires on trailer, like new asking $3200 call 434-334-6255

BABy Boys clotHes 0-12mo car seat w/matching stroller, play pen, call 276-9563349

1995 JAVeline BAss BoAt 115 Johnson, 2 fish finders, drive on trailer, trolling motor, 71lb thrust, $4500, call after 3pm 336-388-4283 or leave message


10ft Pontoon trolling motor, call 434334-9370

oUtBoArds By rUsty “OPEN FOR SEASON” RepairsParts & Service For Vintage & Modern Outboard Motors & Inboard Mercruisers. 40 Years Experience. Call Rusty @ 434822-7478 2000 lowe 18ft BAss BoAt Fully rigged aluminum bass boat with 90hp Johnson. Very good condition. $7000 firm. 434-822-8317

1981 16ft sKeeter BAss BoAt. 65hp johnson, trolling motor, and much more. everything works great. $1,700 call 276-806-3520 or 276650-8639 2 seAdoos 99&03 double trailer, aluminum toolbox, garage kept, low hours, 434250-5358 1993 17ft GlAsstreAm IO 4Cyl 140 HP. Brand new Interior. $4900 Call 434-6104342 or 336-939-3451 cUstom BUilt riVer BoAt I have a 16’ boat all welded 1/8 thick alum with a 70hp johnson $3,500.00 434-685-7991

16’ AlUmAcrAft riVerBoAt 8 rodholders fishfinder lifejackets two batteries 35 h.p evinrude ready to fish $1400 serious inquires only 434-203-5487 1996 lowe AlUminUm semi-V boat, 48HP Evinrude, trolling motor, 2 fish finders, trailer, all in very good condition, $4000, 434-432-0170, 434-432-0049 motor GUide 42 pound thrust, foot control trolling motor. LIke new. $199.00 434685-4122 1996 ProcrAft 150 Mercury, 19ft. LOADED!!! call JC 434-250-3622 2005 16ft cArolinA skiff, 40hp Johnson, ready to catfish 30ga, custom livewell, $4000, 434-222-7851 10ft JoHn BoAt And trAiler Has Minn Kota turbo 35 trolling motor 2 seats, storage compartment, carpeted $950 276252-5068 Jet sKi 3 seAter KAwAsAKi 1995 with trailer. Asking $2,200. OBO Good condition. 434-685-5340

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -


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The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Landscaping for the James A. Slade MMC Building located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 4:00 p.m. EST on Monday, May 4, 2009, at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. (Mailing Address: DRHA James A. Slade Building, 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541, ATTN: Carol Love) All bids received by the date and time specified above will be publicly opened and read at 4:05 p.m. EST the same day.

The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Construction of Building 667 at Cardinal Village Apartments located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 12:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 7, 2009, at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. (Mailing Address: DRHA James A. Slade Building, 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541, ATTN: Carol Love) All bids received by the date and time specified above will be publicly opened and read at 2:00 p.m. EST the same day.

The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Lawn Care for its administrative offices in the James A. Slade MMC Building and the surrounding grounds located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 4:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, May 5, 2009, at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. (Mailing Address: DRHA James A. Slade Building, 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541, ATTN: Carol Love) All bids received by the date and time specified above will be publicly opened and read at 4:05 p.m. EST the same day.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building located at 135 Jones Crossing beginning Monday, March 30, 2009 after 3 p.m. EST, for the non-refundable cost of $150, paid by company check. No applicant may receive more than one (1) set of the Contract Documents. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building located at 135 Jones Crossing beginning Thursday, April 9, 2009 after 3 p.m. EST, for the non-refundable cost of $50, paid by company check. No applicant may receive more than one (1) set of the Contract Documents. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10.

Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building located at 135 Jones Crossing beginning Thursday, April 9, 2009 after 3 p.m. EST, for the non-refundable cost of $50, paid by company check. No applicant may receive more than one (1) set of the Contract Documents. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10.

Each bidder will be required to furnish a bid guaranty in the form of a certified check or a bank draft payable to the DRHA, or a satisfactory bid bond with surety acceptable to DRHA in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the bid executed by the bidder.

A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA 24541 on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. which will include review of the Contract Documents and examination where work shall be performed.

A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA 24541 on Monday, April 20, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. which will include review of the Contract Documents and examination where work shall be performed.

A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA 24541, at 10:00 a.m., on April 13, 2009 which will include review of the Contract Documents and examination where work shall be performed.

DRHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time prior to award and for any reason it deems sufficient.

DRHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time prior to award and for any reason it deems sufficient.



DRHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time prior to award and for any reason it deems sufficient. The bidder shall place on the outside of the envelope (in addition to the mailing address above) containing his bid and in his bid over his signature the following notation: BID FOR “Construction of Building 667 at Cardinal Village Apartments Site” “Registered Virginia Contractor No. ____________________________ .” The attention of all bidders is directed to the bidders’ checklist, which indicates all documents the bidder shall provide with his bid package. Also, please note the provisions of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as incorporated as requirements in the General Conditions to the Contract, which will be awarded to the successful bidder.


Employment Help Wanted Auto Mechanic Needed Minimum 5 Years Experience. Apply in person At Old Dominion Repair. 220 River St, Danville 434-251-3875 Drivers: Dedicated Runs with Consistent Freight, Top Pay, Weekly Home-Time & More! Werner Enterprises 888-567-3107


The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Pest Control for five (5) developments (bid separately in same package) located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 4:00 p.m. EST on Friday, May 1, 2009, at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. (Mailing Address: DRHA James A. Slade Building, 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541, ATTN: Carol Love) All bids received by the date and time specified above will be publicly opened and read at 4:05 p.m. EST the same day. Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building located at 135 Jones Crossing beginning Thursday, April 9, 2009 after 3 p.m. EST, for the non-refundable cost of $50, paid by company check. No applicant may receive more than one (1) set of the Contract Documents. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10. A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA 24541 on Friday, April 17, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. which will include review of the Contract Documents and examination where work shall be performed. DRHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time prior to award and for any reason it deems sufficient.



The Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority (DRHA) will receive bids for Janitorial Services for five (5) developments (bid separately in same package) located in the city of Danville, Virginia, until 4:00 p.m. EST on Friday, May 8, 2009, at the DRHA James A. Slade Building, located at 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541. (Mailing Address: DRHA James A. Slade Building, 135 Jones Crossing, Danville, Virginia 24541, ATTN: Carol Love) All bids received by the date and time specified above will be publicly opened and read at 4:05 p.m. EST the same day. Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from DRHA’s James A. Slade Building located at 135 Jones Crossing beginning Thursday, April 9, 2009 after 3 p.m. EST, for the non-refundable cost of $50, paid by company check. No applicant may receive more than one (1) set of the Contract Documents. Carol Love may be contacted with questions at (434) 792-5544 ext. 10. A Pre-bid Conference will be convened at 651 Cardinal Place, Danville, VA 24541 on Friday, April 24, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. which will include review of the Contract Documents and examination where work shall be performed. DRHA reserves the right to cancel this Invitation for Bid at any time prior to award and for any reason it deems sufficient.


Family Salon & Photo Studio coming to the Coleman Marketplace. Experienced stylists & nail techs wanted. Call 434-710-0875 for information. looking for after school child care in Kentuck school district a couple of hours occasionally, will pay, call 434-3348049 Motorcycle Salesperson Accepting Applications for Motorcycle and ATV Salesperson. Fun and exciting job with good hours and pay. Call Mike for Appointment. 434799-8000 Needed: Babysitter for an infant in the Brosville, Cascade or Danville areas. Please call 434-770-0029 or 434-724-4330. P-T Accounting Technician PartTime Accounting Technician. Position requires strong knowledge of accounting principles, AR, AP, payroll, quarterly payroll returns, and collections. Good communication, organizational customer service, and computer skills a must. Working knowledge of Peachtree, Excel and Word. Minimum associate degree and three years experience. Prefer previous not-for-profit bookkeeping experience. Approximately 15-20 hours per week. No phone calls. Send resume and references with cover letter and salary requirements to: Accounting Technician Search, Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, P. O. Box 99, Blairs, Va 24527, or email lmoran@dpchamber. org. EOE

Service writer needed Thunder Road Harley Davidson. Experience required in either bike or auto. Drug screen required. Call 434-822-2453

Now Hiring

100 Customer Service Reps

Employment Positions Wanted * Ages 2 & UP * Daycare In Home daycare has openings. Beginning 1st week in May for 1st Shift & Summer break. 6am6pm. M-F. Occasional Saturdays. Daily & Weekly rates available. meal & Snack provided. Reasonable pricing. Please call in advance to reserve your child’s spot. 434-728-4052 caregiver experienced for years looking for 3rd shift work, call 434-7993184 i am looking for house cleaning jobs, call 434-441-6314 I have 2 child care openings 2nd & 3rd shift in Mt Hermon area, call 434-4291500 Tutoring/ Math/ homework K-8 certified teacher offering in your home, multiple students discounts. Summer too. $25hr. Call for information 434-770-9226

Located In Our State Of The Art Danville Facility

• Do you enjoy helping others? • Do you have basic computer skills? • Are you able to work flexible hours?

Submit Your Application TODAY! Apply Online at Click on CAREERS link Team members must pass drug screen and background checks and be eligible to work in the USA. Telvista is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

Scharlie Dillon Benefit Poker Run

SALES – SERVICE PARTS 9200 Martinsville Hwy. Danville, VA 24541

April 18, 2009 Tuck Farm

3621 Greenpond Rd. Chatham, VA 434-432-3349 Pig Pickin (For Donation) Serving 12:00-Until

We Stock Bikes – Honda – Suzuki – Yahama – Kawasaki Dirt Bikes – Scooters – ATV’s – Personal Watercraft 85 BIKES IN STOCK FOR SALE!


Tire Changes – Front & Rear $79.95! Single $39.95! Call For Service Specials! Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 A.M.-6 P.M Sat. 10 A.M.-2 P.M.

Parts (434) 685-5858

Bikes (434) 685-5758 or 251-4021

Po Mo Fos 52 deciBels Little Stuey Strangers Yard Doggs 52 deciBels K.E.G.

Inflatable Bouncer and Pony Rides

Saturday, April 25th Is Opening Day For The

Face Paint

Not Responsible For Accidents, Injury or Theft Exercise/Birds Balance on the Ball by Elisabeth Crawford $7.00 like new; Barron’s Cockatiel handbook $8.00 like new 434-429-1958 leave message

Farmer’s market

Dogs by Raymond Coppinger $5; Barrons Natural Healthcare for Birds$8; Barrons Guide to the Quaker Parrot $8 434429-1958 leave message Pilates on the Ball with unopened DVD $15; Reversing Diabetes $5 by Julian Whitaker, MD; Internet for Dummies $4; 434429-1958

Everything Is Grown Within 50 Miles Of Danville! Live ote Rem With M WBT o .t 8 A.M n o 12 No

12:00 2:00 4:00 &The 5:30 7:00 9:00

1975 statesman deluxe stamp album, excellent condition, asking $20, 434799-5866 One Greath Truth written by Jonathan Falwell, like new $5.00 Marriage Devotional Bible, like new $3.00 434-836-4034

FR TOMEE PLANATO sOuv T & EN cuP iR to Firstthe Peop500 le!

Building Supplies Danville Ready Mix, LLC, Call for all your concrete needs. FREE Estimates. 434-799-5818

L & B General Contractors Electrical and Plumbing Specialist. 24 hrs Service. Licensed and Bonded, call 434728-3968 fluorescent lights 8-8foot fluorescent lights $15 each also 2-4foot lights $15 each call 434-334-4878 2in conduit high density polyethylene, approx 2000 feet, $100; 1in conduit high density polyethylene, approx 500ft, serious inquiries only 434-685-3029

629 Craghead St. • Danville, VA 434-797-8961 •


HEAT SERVICE & A/C, Inc. 792-3750 Turn to the Experts.

Up To $1,200 Rebate On Carrier Infinity Installed System Offer Expires 6-30-2009

38 Slate roofing tiles, 10x20. 20 half pieces and some broke pieces. $40.00 for all. 434-334-8088 or 434-836-3045

15ft bass master boat Cox boat trailer, 85HP Chrysler engine outboard, $1200, call 434-793-2999 1988 galaxy 21 1/2ft completely rebuilt Mercruiser motor, 165HP, inboard/outboard, 1 live fish well, new tires on trailer, $4500, 434-835-0021 SM

Up To $150.00 Off Any System

boat motor outboard, 125HP Force, runs good, $1750, call 276-358-2430 10ft bottom Jon boat w/swivel seats, good condition, $350 firm, call 434-7241425 1993 17ft glasstream Red & white. I/O 4Cyl, 140 HP. Brand new Interior. $4900 Call 434-610-4342 or 336-939-3451

A farmer in the country has a watermelon patch and upon inspection he discovers that some of the local kids have been helping themselves to a feast.

1987 ebbtide b150 Dynatrack bass boat 15ft, top of the line, loaded, 60HP Evinrude w/tilt & trim, low hours, drive on trailer w/ new tires, all like new, $3400, call Rusty 434-822-7478

The farmer thinks of ways to discourage this profit eating situation. So he puts up a sign that reads "WARNING; ONE OF THESE WATERMELONS CONTAINS CYANIDE!

17-19ft EZ loader galvanized boat trailer, heavy duty winch, good tires & rollers, fits semi & deep v boats, $600, call Rusty 434-822-7478

The farmer returns a week later to discover that none of the watermelons have been eaten, but finds another sign that reads, "NOW THERE ARE TWO!"

Authentic Mexican Restaurant Offering The Best Mexican Food In Town

Thanks For Voting Us #1

Restaurante Mexicano

418 Westover Drive • 799-0506 • Fax 799-3006

Take Out Also Available

Mon.-Thurs., 11-10 Fri. 11-10:30, Sat. Noon-10 Sun. Noon-9, All ABC Permits

Mariachi Band

Monday, April 20, 2009 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

chain link fence Approx. 150 ft. All posts, top rails, and hardware. Double drive gate included. $200. 434-836-1513 solid wood fir door-$25. 1-3/4” x 36’x 80” 6 Panel. Call 434-836-1735 paving bricks 10x12 or larger patio $125, 434-799-5662 slate 12x12 patio, $125, call 434-7995662 3qtr inch pine paneling call for details 434-799-5662 4in x 10ft pvc 26 pcs, schedule 40, w/1 bell end. Never used, all for $250 OBO. 276-650-2717 12in steel ibeam 20ft long, $200, 434792-3144 GE TKM3F 1000 AMP CIRCUIT BREA General Electric TKM3F 1000 Amp Circuit Breaker with undervoltage release, used. $350.00 434-251-1976 74.5in X 82in new white atrium door, $75, 434-548-3345


extension ladder 32 foot aluiminum ladder fair condition. $50 434-251-4729

several little golden books from 1940s, call 434-836-8951

Business Equipment

Sports illustrated 2009 Sports Almanac. 2 avail! New! $10each 434-7703847

Welcome To...

8 sets of window shutters top grade 14” x 4’ $50.00 for all. 434-793-2787

Maytag Commercial Laundry (3) stack gas dryers and (4) washers, all are coin operated, $600 for all 434-724-1349

Carpet Repairs

Installation of Carpet • Vinyl Hardwood • Laminate Also, Restretching and Vinyl Repairs If you have carpet and no one to install

Call Rob 336-388-0998 or 434-251-1640

RETIRED ELECTRICIANS TOOLS American Van shelving units, partitions, & top ladder racks. Pipe benders and much more. $550.00, 434-770-3271

Business Opportunities you can earn residual income and Stay at home 434-770-1170 434-770-1170

Business Services Economy Tree Trimming Licensed & Proof of Insurance. Best service & best price ALWAYS! Call 434-724-4034 or 434-251-3565 Tony Ray Cook Lawncare Commercial & Residential complete lawn care. Tree work with bucket truck, stump grinding, backhoe service and bobcat work. Free Estimates! Call 434-489-2886 or 434-793-3665 R&D Tree Service, Inc Locally owned & operated for over 25 years. Tree Topping, Take Down, Cable Trees, Stump Grinding and Bucket truck available. Call 434-822-6010 CALL ME IF YOU NEED... Light Hauling, Demolition, Basement-Yard Cleaning, Digging; Odd Jobs- Free Est. Call James @ 434-792-6892

Byrds Nest, Inc. Tree Removal Service, bucket truck, storm damage clean-up and brush removal. Family owned & operated. Karle & Jonathan Byrd 434-724-4095 or 434-251-2098 FREE ESTIMATES! Dan River Window Company Save on Heating & Cooling expenses. Free Estimates! Call 434-792-0966

windows & doors installed. Thermostar Energy Efficient. Lifetime Warranty by Thermostar. Replacement Windows to fit any opening or basement. Open in side ease to clean. Save up to $450 year heating-cooling. Storm Doors. Workmanship Guaranteed. Free Estimates, Free Delivery. Call Neal 434-724-7856, 434-3342111

blakes mobile home service transport and setup for used or new singlewide, doublewide, and modulars, call 336-5043481 or 336-599-0936

danville decks Decks and Deck Repair, Screened-In Porches and Room Additions. Free Estimates. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and References, Don Nicholson 434-685-1746 majestic cleaners Quality cleaning at competitive prices. Located at 796 Piney Forest Rd Danville, 434-791-4311

Lewis Electric Company Ceiling Fan Installation $35. Lighting fixture installation $15. Switches, Receptacles $5 Ea. We install bathroom exhaust fans. FREE Estimates, 434-8366328 Home Update package LEWIS ELECTRIC COMPANY. Lighting fixtures installed $15. Receptacle w/cover replaced $5. Switch w/cover replaced $5. (Materials Included) 434-8366328 north star property services Commercial, Rental and Residential repairs of all types. Also Lawn Service, Aerating, Seeding, Clean Up, Affordable Prices. Call 434-228-3246 Miracle Home Improvements, Licensed & Insured, Specializing in Additions, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Enclosed Carports, Interior/ Exterior/ Garage Doors, Garages, Decks. FREE ESTIMATES! 434724-2173 Retired brick mason Looking to do repair work- mail boxes, columns, retaining walls, chimneys, fireplaces and any other small jobs, Call 434836-5257 or 434-429-4213

lle i v n a D awn P Serving Danville Since 1994!


Is Paying TOP Dollar for Guns!! Stop by or call today! 741 Piney Forest Road Danville, VA 799-5555

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“The Foundation You Can Build On”

CDL DRIVER TRAINING DARE TO COMPARE SAGE @ Piedmont Community College Offers the #1 Rated Training Program

• One-On-One Instruction For Over The Road Driving Sessions • On Site CDL 3rd Party Testing • Job Placement • Learn From Professional Drivers

Call Today For More Information


D. C. Home Improvements Homes, Mobile Homes, Business Repair & New Construction. Quality Work at Affordable Prices. No jobs to small. Call 434-334-5087 K&D Services Mowing, Mulching, Painting, Clean Gutters, Cut Scrubs & Bushes. Clean Houses. Minor Home Repairs. Hauling. 434-792-2170, 434-548-1754 John C. Stone Hauling We Haul: Rock, Dirt, Mulch, and Sand. Please give us a call for a Free Estimate. Call 434-2517520 or 336-388-1820

ALL-Dri Waterproofing “Wet Basements made Dri” Hydrostatic systems installed. Locally owned. Lifetime guarantee. Free estimates, call 434-334-6998

flooring installer Professional hardwood and laminate installation, all work guaranteed 1 year, also install carpet, can save you $ on installation and materials. 276-224-4488, 276-647-1673 smith well drilling Over 25 years Experience. Licensed in VA & NC. Wells & Pump Service. Free Estimates. Fully Insured. Call Day or Evening 434-792-6179 Burton’s Lawncare Mowing, weed eating, hedges, mulching and some tree work. Will clean gutters too. Reasonable Prices. Call 434-792-1920 or 434-2286708 lelands tile co Locally owned and operated for over 40yrs. Complete kitchen & bath renovations. Will do minor or major repairs. Free estimates. Call 434-724-1260; Fax 434-724-9909

A1 Transmission & Auto Repair Foreign, Domestic, Standard, Transfer Cases, and other Auto repair needs. 27 Years Experience. 10% with this ad, free diagnostics. Credit Cards Accepted 336-388-0488 under cut handyman services Painting, Yard Work, Landscaping, Grass Cutting, Attic Cleaning, Tree Trimming, Gutter Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Basement Cleaning. Small repairs around the house. If we don’t do the job - You’re paying to much. 434-836-5762

Old Fashioned Construction Tim White-Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Services include residential/commercial carpentry, decks, tile, flooring, painting and much more! 434334-4878

K&E Home Improvement Room Additions, Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding, Painting, Tub Repair, Interior Trim, Concrete, etc. 25 yrs experience, Free Estimates. 434-334-8762, 434-792-2082 A1 home improvements Repair Decks, Build Decks, Pressure Wash Decks, Stain Decks, Put Up Wood & Vinyl Fencing, Small Garden Tilling, 434-250-0448 Russell’s Lawncare Let us take care of the lawn for you! FREE Estimates! Call 1-800-240-6365 or 434-251-3418 & 434326-0314

timber wanted Specialize in harvesting small tracts of valuable timber 1-10 acres. 434713-9367 Tutoring/Math/Homework K-8 certified teacher, offering in your home, multiple students discounts. Summer too. $25hr. Call for information 434-770-9226 mitchells lawn & yard care Service - Mowing, mulching, leaf removal, trimming, yard cleaning. Great prices and great service too! Call 434-334-7101 we give free estimates. LOOKING FOR TRAINERS!!! Company starting new business in your area!! Seeking people interested in Trainers Position full or part time w/ benefits. Great opportunity if you like sales. We train!! No experience needed, some computer skills. Get paid daily!, weekly!!, and monthly!!! You decide how much you make. Ask me how?? Call Guy Morris, Today for an interview at 1-877-781-7526 subject line say: Trainer and this code DGM09 leave name and contact number

Collectibles nascar collectibles diecast cars and more call for details leave message, 434-724-2789 OR 434-713-1055 Dale Earnhardt Jr 2007 #8 30th Anniversary Elvis Car. Mfg by Winners Circle. Mint Condition. 1:24 Scale. $50, 434-3247643 mel steele print & signed & numbered, “JR and the Boys”, $120, leave message 434-822-0762 Nascar Diecast cars, in boxes,(Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. & Jr., more) Gold Cards, Nascar cards,& more. 434-799-4123 Collectible Porclain Dolls, some in boxes, some with markings on neck, $5.$10.ea. or make offer on all. 434-799-4123 ultra rare yu-gi-oh cards reasonable price, call 434-203-8349 Old Money Dollar Bill Series 1925 & other Silver Coins, Wheat Pennies. Call 434-822-2124 Nascar Winston Cup Programs Magazines dated back as far as 60’s, Books- Cards- Etc. First reasonable Offer! Call 434-836-0276

looking for lawns to mow, trim, any size. Free Estimates. Call 336-3880655

spongebob sqaurepants COLLECTION. Talking figures, games, Spongebob and Patrick dolls made by barbie an more. $150 OBO 434-335-4997


Sword, Renaissance style Rapier, (bone handle), $75. 434-575-2360

Wilson and Son’s Yard Care No Job too big or small! We do it all! 434-836-5651 or 434-251-3785

MICHEAL JORDAN CARDS Almost 400 cards.20 are worth $10.00 each. All in mint condition. Will take $150.00. 434-799-4349

Don’s Auto Recycling 799-6333

We buy salvage cars. We buy brass, copper, aluminum cans & more.

Providing Residental, Commercial, & Industrial Concrete Needs In Danville & Surrounding Areas 7x champ dale earnhardt coat size XL; Earnhardt cars, JR cars, Jeff Gordon cars, 434-822-7131

2 computer, moniter, keyboard, mouse, and one cpu, all for $20, Window 98, 434-836-1690

some sports patches of various baseball teams, price negotiable, call 434792-3513

ibm 17in computer monitor only, beige color, excellent condition, $35, 434822-0639

wooden cigar boxes 50-60yrs old, approx 5-8, $10, 434-334-6913

HP PSC 500 - $50 Hewlett Packard color Printer/ Scanner/ Copier if interested please email me at Tami. 517812-8865

sports card collection over 10,000 cards, $50, 434-334-6913 small stamp collection $10, 434334-6913 62 dollar bills in sequence call for price 434-822-7131

Commercial Rental Property

Compaq Computer With Cd and DVD burner. 80gb of memory. Desk Comes with it. $400.00, 336-514-2828 Compact desktop computer complete, Windows XP, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, tower, $400, call 336514-2828, 336-694-4916 printer/scanner/copier HP, brand new, $75, 336-514-2828, 336-694-4916

Please call for FREE estimates on your concrete projects.

434-799-5818 • FAX 434-799-5846 MAILING – P.O. BOX 10368 • DANVILLE, VA 24543 SHIPPING – 503 Wilkerson Rd., Danville, VA 24540

Your Child for ToT Enroll SpoT Pre-Kindergarten Now!

suite a main st Office Space for rent, call 434-822-2847

Ibm computer towers With windows xp pro sp3, dvd/ cd-burners, 256mem, 30gb harddrives. $50.00pc. Call 434-228-6433.

Find out more about Tot Spot and the A Beka Phonics Program. A great educational foundation for your child!


DELL complete system with windows xp pro sp3, dvd/ cd-burner. $ 434-228-6433.

Join Us for Open HOuse

For Rent Shop or Storage building, electric & water included, approx 1000 sq ft, on Westover Dr, $500mo/+dep, call 434-7245044

High Speed Internet Anywhere Finally, no more dialup or slow satellite... you now can get high speed, faster than DSL. Anywhere, Pelham, Chatham, Swansonville, Providence. Even works in the Boonies! Call today $65 startup/$39 per month. 434836-3355

Great Deal Nice HP printer, scanner, copier. Like new only needs ink $50. Flatbed scanner like new $20 434-791-3720

hp computer nice hp computer with monter keyboard mouse internet ready 20gig hard drive $100.00 call after 5 434822-5595 Will Fix Computers 25 Years Experience, Two in College, I will be glad to come to your home and fix. Thank-you Call for Dale. Phone 434-797-1830

Barbara Burke 30 plus years Camden Street

Tuesday, April 21st 9am-1pm & 6pm Visit – Camden street – Barbara Burke (30 plus years) Clarkson/North Main – Rhonda Whitt (19 years)

Unable To Attend, Call To Schedule An Appointment: 797-4586 or 797-5806

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Saving America’s Energy One-Home At A Time

Dana’s Garden Spot, LLC

100% Custom Made Replacement Windows, Siding, & Doors


Get Your Part Of The President’s Stimulus Package! e ntag Adva Take Of The 0% ent 3 Cur r Credit! Tax



Includes Standard Installation

• Any Size White Double Hung Window • 100% Virgin Vinyl • Double Insulated Glass • Lifetime Warranty •Top & Bottom Sashes Tilt In For Easy Cleaning

Call Now For Free In-Home Energy Saving Estimate


2 76 -656-1 200 4555--225580 80 886666--45 new dell pc still boxed, virus free, laserjet printer, HK speakers, turbo tax deluxe, Quicken, MS Works suite, $150, call between 9am-9pm 434-432-3161 computer internet ready, Gateway computer with mouse, keyboard, monitor, with cd burner, $100.00, 434-822-5595

Music Entertainment

D.J. Services And Rentals

Tents, Tables, Chairs, Port-A-Johns Delivery & Pickup Available!

Please Contact Bob at (434) 250-3982

computers & printers computers $20&$40, parts$2-$10. Printers 7, $4-$50. All as is, call more info leave message between 10am-3pm 434-441-1925 $100 Computer Comes with Microsoft office and Windows 2000 included. Internet ready. Works great. Call Jeff 434-728-1998 averatec lap top windows vista works good dvd burner has charger missing few keys stil types 15in screen $150.00 434728-1892 compaq computer windows xp with dvd drive monitor keyboard mouse works great $90.00 434-728-1892

Farm Equipment

Saturday, April 18, 2009 • 8 A.M.-Dark (Rain or Shine) • Hanging Baskets MEET THE PARTNERS • Perennials • Annuals Ashley, Angie & Mike – American Aquascape • Tropicals Bobby Parker – Small Engine Repair/Lawn Mowers • Trees • Shrubs • Mulch The Peters Family & Susan Cobb • Country Market Food Dana’s Garden Spot Items – Yoders Country Mkt. Open H Drawing For • Pond Display & Supplies ous • Flags Special e FREE Prizes! s! • Bulk Seed Vegetables & Flowers

Regular Hours M-F 9 A.M.-6 P.M., Sat. 8 A.M.-5 P.M. 5844 U.S. Hwy. 29 Danville (Formerly 84 Lumber Bldg.) • 434-836-9200

FARM & PET SITTING Experienced with animals & livestock, all sizes. Go out of town with no worries and let us feed, clean & care for your critters. Insured ñ 434-685-1673 Horse Quality Hay $25 a roll, delivery available, call 336-260-7606 HOrse Trailer 16 ft stock gooseneck. 3-4H slant/partition 2H straight LQ 1997 Cornpro steel. Very good condition, $4500, 434-724-3323 ford post hole digger 12in auger, $350, call before 8pm 434-656-8121 lay off bar for a 140 farmall $50, call before 8pm 434-656-8121 1pt 2 bottom plow 12in, good condition, call before 8pm 434-656-8121 circle m trailer 25 foot, 9.5k tandem axle goose neck trailer used very little. $3000.00 434-792-2103 479 New Holland hay condition field ready $1500.00 434-656-1977 wood 60 bush hog 2 1/2yrs old, paid $1400, asking $1000, call 434-476-1771 2 john deere f525 front deck 0 turn mowers, price negotiable, 434-432-4860 john deere 1470 12ft disc mower, call 434-432-4860 new Holland 664 auto, tie baler, call 434-432-4860 H&S dual wing hay rack call for price 434-432-4860 Brand new heavy duty logsplitter $1,000.00 434-836-1957 or 434-489-1565

2007 John Deere MX 6 Bush Hog with less than 20 hours, great condition, $1,750 OBO, call Kenneth 434-770-4606 government bailout special!! Tractor for sale, Runs good. Missing steering wheel and seat - perfect for someone that has lost their butt and doesn’t know which way to turn.

disc 3pt 20 disc $295, call 434-6562020 jitterbug for 140 farmall $250, call 434-251-4896 2 bottom 14in plow 3pt hitch, $275, call 434-251-4896 cedar post beautiful freshly cut cedar posts. 6 and 7 foot long. Please contact Mike at 434-572-8530

Small exercise trampoline Like new, Paid $50, Asking $25 OBO, Call 434792-8484 Leave message Nordictrack cross country Skier exercise machine. Good condition. $100.00 434-685-3058

ford harrow $200 275 gal water tank $60; 1000 gal water tank $300, 434-2227851

Sit up work bench. $25.00 434-5482561

Parts for International 715 combine, head, injector pump, starter, etc. Please call 336-514-0941 WA 2 row ripper bedder w/new disc blades, call 434-432-1435 John Deere Model 1219 Nine foot Hay conditioner $1500.00 Call 434-724-2088 between 7:00-9:00 PM john deere 4 row no till corn planter, $1500, 336-939-7191 david brown 880 front end loader, call between 8am-6pm 434-685-4520 4ft bush hog, 3pt 1 row cultivator, call 434-476-2025 7 1/2ft bush hog disc hay mower, 3pt hitch, $2200 OBO, 336-421-9383 dearborn sickle mower model 1415, runs good, good blade, $150, 336234-8238

4000 ford 50HP, ps, rear remotes, 1 owner, all original, 3700 hrs, very good condition, $5300 OBO, 434-822-5274

9N ford tractor 12 volt, $1795, 434656-2020

Rector Brand Elbow and Knee Pads for Skateboarding, Great Like New Condition, All Four for $15, Call 434-793-1667

Demarini Vexxum Bat 33/30. Just like new. $100 OBO. Call 434-250-0889

wheat straw square bales $2 per bale, call 434-822-6754, 434-251-4881

8N Ford Tractor 12 volt, engine rebuilt $2795, 434-656-2020

Fitness, Exercise, & Sport

8n ford tractor $2600, call 336-2607606

31 8in 1/2 round posts, 15 5in round treated posts for $369, call 434-476-1771

corn planter 3pt hitch w/fertilizer dist. $295; Farmall cub tractor w/cultivator $1795, 434-656-2020

National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency

477 New Holland 7ft hay bine Fair Condition, ready to use, $1200 OBO, 434822-7741

1948 9N ford tractor, 6ft scrapper blade, scoop, 2 bottom plows, harrow, draw bar, fork, old disc, 5ft bush hog and more, all sold together only, 434-822-6583

taylorway 670 offset disc excellent condition, like new, $7200, 434-251-2540

Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

55 New Holland Hay Rack Newly overhauled and in good condition, ready for the hay season, $1500, 434-822-7741

3pt spreader holds 500lbs, paid $490, asking $350 434-476-1771

club farmall tractor w/plow, mowing machine, cultivator, disc, $250, 434822-5861 ford bush hog 15ft fold up type, $3000, 434-822-5861 complete fertilizer distributor for Super 8 Farmall,100, 130, 140, fits any of them, $295, 434-656-2020 1956 601 ford tractor w/ live PTO, good tires, runs good, rear mount, row blade, 60in wood finishing mower, $4500, 434-432-5696, 434-251-6211 8n ford tractor real nice, $2650, call 336-260-7606 4430 john deere tractor w/cab w/ heat & air, low hours, 434-441-6302, 434250-1376

It's about time this happened to her....

The Bean With tape for tight abs!! $20.00 dollars call 434-799-5409 aerobics step $5 and a treadmill needs a belt but works great $40 434-836-0284 portable basketball goal adjustable good shape ready to use $75 OBO call before 5pm 434-489-9981 Bowflex power pro Good condition with 210 pounds of resistance and has the leg ext/leg curl equipment. $250 must sell, 434-797-1750 OLYMPIC WEIGHT SET: 285LBS steel weights, bench w/ leg & curl attachment, 5 bars, includes “tree” EXCELLENT CONDITION $350 434-548-9573 14 ft Trampoline good condition needs pad over springs. $25.00 call 434-2500139 new ab lounger 2 Ab lounger 2 $50. In great condition. Call 434-432-1433 Exercise Equipment. Thigh master-$25, excersise bike-$75, total gym$125, & more to choose from. All in great condition. 276-957-8757 or 276-732-1573 exercise bike $25, call 434-432-2195 ad doer heavy duty exerciser, like new condition, $35, 434-792-1917 Body Former Pilates Machine In great condition. Purchased for $249 asking $100.00. Please call 434-480-1383 and leave a message. Fuji Roubaix 2008 Road Bike 58cm, Carbon seat stays/ fork, Shimano Tiagra/105 derailleurs, Tiagra shifters, 18-speed, CXR6 wheels, White/ Blue. $700. 434-724-7704 Exercise Gazelle Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge machine, excellent condition, used very little. $40.00. 434-432-9492 exercise chair brand new, $60, call 434-836-5261 ab coaster as seen on TV, the fast track to great abs, cost $249, asking $150 firm, must sell 434-724-2728 Tony Little AB Lounge Extreme HSN for 142.00 Will take $75 comes with DVD and Paperwork. Used twice. 434-2030482

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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lifestyler cardio exercise machine, $50, 434-685-3627

2 marble top coffee tables $40, 434-728-1513

proform xp90 exercise machine, $200, 434-685-3627

Antique cabinet kitchen small, $100, 434-685-7115

lifestyle 4000 exercise bike, $175, 434770-6997

couch & 1 chair $100, call 276-6503144


Sewing Machine Cabinet-$15 Call 434-836-1735

Furniture & Accessories

sleeper love-seat $150.00, Dining table & 4 chairs $150.00, tall corner Entertainment Stand $50.00 (all in good condition) You haul 434-429-3189

Mattress Sale Twin $115 per set, Full $145 per set, Queen $179 per set. Lowe Furniture, corner of North Main & Franklin Turnpike. 434-836-6565 TV STAND smoked glass 3 shelf 57Lx20Wx24H with swivel pedestal for up to 52in TV $150 434-793-0693 Bistro Style Dining Room Table & 4 stools. 42” round with 18” leaf. In Excellent condition. call after 6pm 434-724-1686

2 pine end tables $25; corner what not stand, $8, call 434-836-2780 twin size mattress $10, call 434-8362780 swing w/frame $15; mailbox post $7, call 434-836-2780 Dresser Large solid Knotty pine with 8 drawers & mirrored top $100. 434-5752360 Tan & Blue Floral Couch $75; Black & Gold Rocking Chair $15; 4 Bookstands $5 each. Call 434-836-1735

4 Drawer Heavy Duty File Cabinet. Good Condition. $25, 434-324-7643

Entertainment Center by Sauder furniture $20.00; 19” color TV $20.00 Call 434-250-0139

Wooden TV Stand with 4 open adjustable shelves. 23x41x23. Still boxed. $50 ($75 at Big Lots) 434-836-0764

Mission style wood futon with extra thick mattress and cover. $100 OBO. 434334-9657

Queen Size Box Springs and Mattress. Fair Condition. Asking $100 OBO, call 434770-5321.

Bedroom set Dresser w/mirror, chest. $50.00 for both 434-709-9128

Entertainment Center Nice contemporary entertainment center, holds up to a 36” TV. Measurements 59x58x24 roughly. Multiple shelves. $75.00 434-685-6068

Couch 6ft cloth couch. Excellent condition. $150.00 434-709-9128 all wood bunkbed set w/dresser & mattress, $100, call 434-770-0507

Desk Wooden desk, still in good condition. $25, 434-770-3847

antique wardrobe w/mirror on one door, $75, 434-770-0507

TV stand Wooden TV stand/cabinet. w/ shelves and single cabinet for storage. Used in good condition. $75 firm, 434-7703847

full size brass bed w/rails, excellent condition, $125, call 434-203-1615

Bedroom Suite Full size bed (w/mattress, box spring, bedding), chest of drawers, nightstand, entertainment center, $500, 434-791-4959 loveseat sofa w/chair, $250, call 434792-0255 futon full size, wood, mission style, $150, call 434-792-1676 bed sofa & loveseat Good condition, $200 OBO, 434-685-793, 434-203-0173 green and cream colored couch $20 OBO rectangular wooden table sets 6 (no chairs) $30 OBO moving and must sell 434549-1234 Country print 90” couch, loveseat, and chair $250.00 firm Very nice like new 434- 793-2787 Beige Ashley sleeper sofa with detachable chaise lounge in excellent condition; $200 or best offer please 434-2519796 Jewelry Armoire Oak, 5 drawer, 2 door, lift top with mirror $50 434-548-5941 Twin size Loft bed with bookcase, desk and shelves attached. Good Condition. $200.00 434-822-5737 60s Mosaic Table Reclaimed hardwood table in ’hippy’ style. Includes various designs in mother-of-pearl, glass and ceramic tiles. $90. 434-489-3660 antique bed queen size bed / w mat. and box springs, exc. condition 434-656-1300 Talavera & cast iron table Talavera tiles set atop an antique sewing machine frame. Sealed with polycrylic. 32”x13”. $175. 434-489-3660 Nice Dining Room Table Glass top inserts w/leaf. No Chairs. $200 910-3225121 Mattresses Twin Bassett PillowTop mattress ($200.00), Bemco king mattress & box springs ($100.00) 434-728-1199 blue 3pc sectional couch w/bed, 2 recliners & extra lazyboy recliner, $700, call 434-489-5754

small kitchen table w/4 chairs, excellent condition, $125, call 434-203-1615 bedroom suite $125, call 336-6945413 BEDS twin ($40) and full ($70) complete set with frame, excellent cond. 434-713-8032 Couch and Two matching chairs Dark Blue w/small floral pattern. Good Cond. $150. OBO 434-836-1357 Downsizing sale! Solid Cherry dining table w/2 leaves, 6 chairs & buffet. $950. Many other items. 434-432-3432 Entertainment center Beautiful Solid Oak w/glass doors for stereo and rolling doors for TV plus a drawer and slide out shelves. Includes a Fisher stereo system $250, call 434-575-2360 Quenn Box Spring and Mattress made by Bassett. Good condition. Asking $125.00 Please call 434-724-1168 Beautiful Oak Gun Cabinet Pulaski Furniture Gun Cabinet... holds 10 guns, 2 doors with lock. 434-685-4122 Bedroom Furniture. Great condition. King size w/ mat & box, full size, dressers, etc. Make offer. 276-957-8757 or 276-7321573 couch and loveseat Brown microsuede loveseat and couch. 3 years old. $100 for both, call 434-549-1750 new corner shower base $40; sofa $40; kitchen table $40; twin/day bed frame only $25, call 434-470-2826, 434-572-2826 round oak table w/2 chairs, $125, call 434-432-2195 dinette set w/4 chairs, wood, $75 OBO, 434-724-9071 ROCKING CHAIR $40; QUEEN SIZE WATER BED MATTRESS $75; FULL SIZE BED FRAME $40, CALL AFTER 6PM 434724-1843 solid oak bedroom bed suite Bed, mattress & box springs, Dresser with mirror, Night stand, Chest Drawers, $500, 434489-9247

Overstuffed Sofa and Chair asking $175.00 for both. Sleeper love seat $40.00. Please call 434-480-1383 and leave a message

Sandra was out driving her car and while stopped at a red light, the car just died. It was a busy intersection, and the traffic behind her starting growing.

Old white cabinet w/glass doors, drawers, call 434-685-7115

The guy in the car directly behind her started honking his horn continuously as Sandra continued to try getting the car to start up again. Finally Sandra gets out of her car and approaches the guy in the car behind her.

King Size Mattress and boxsprings good condition. Asking $150.00 Call 434836-5633

"I can't seem to get my car started," Sandra said, smiling. "Would you be a sweetheart and go and see if you can get it started for me. I'll stay here in your car and lean on your horn for you."

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

ac k & C Wom . E D HOM S FOR SAL o. E!

148 Hickory • Deerwood Springs


1640+/- sq. ft., full basement with TREMCO waterproofing, greatroom with double ventless gas fireplace, 3 large bedrooms, 2 baths with tile floors in baths & foyers, master bath has tub & 48” shower, walk-in closets, upgraded kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, laundry on main level, large 2 door garage, concrete drive & walks, 12x16 deck with steps. Includes warranty! Builder priced to sell at $165,000.

Lawless Creek Road

3 bedroom, 2 bath vinyl siding home, features 2 car garage, full basement, concrete driveway, beautiful rock on front of porch, 12x16 deck.



~ All New Interiors ~ New Playground ~ Energy Star Appliances ~ State Of The Art Laundry Facilities ~ Brand New Community Clubhouse ~ Conveniently Located Off Of Lockett Drive



Or Visit Our Brand New Office At: 114 North Hills Court, Danville


two comPUter desKs $15 & $50, Huge entertainment cabinet $75. Call 434470-3629 dresser w/mirror chest of drawers, $150, 434-799-1335

For Sale or rent 1420 Myrtle Avenue • Living room • Kitchen • 4 bedrooms • 1 bathroom • Laundry room • Central gas heat • Gas fireplace Sale Price $49,500.00 100% Owner Financing

toP of tHe line lAzyBoy lift chair, 434-599-1454 5 foot lonG comPUter DESK, VERY NICE 5 SHELVES, $50.00. RED AND BLACK VELVET HIGH HEEL SHOE CHAIR EXC COND. $50.00 434-710-0185

cHinA cABinet $350.00 oBo. matching dining table with 6 chairs is also available for $250.00 oBo. call after 6p.m. 434-797-4130 x ID 2781158

7% interest with monthly payments at $410.00 per month

Rent Price is $500.00 per

sectionAl sofA. $650.00 oBo. call after 6p.m. 434-797-4130 x ID 2781162 foUr BArstools Four counter height wooden barstools with backs. Dark stained pine. $75.00. Call after 6pm 434-797-4130. GlAss toP dinette tABle With Four Chairs - $125 For more information call: 434-836-4674 or 434-250-6675. tAn sleePer sofA (no mattr.) $100, tv stand $50, coffee & end table $55, end table $20. After 9pm 434-549-2084 leAtHer BUrGAndy sectionAl reclines at each end. Paid $2500 at Sherwood House. Will sell for $750. Good condition. 434-799-0048 cHinA HUtcH Drawer & multi-pane glass doors. Good cond. $150 Call 799-4756 or for photo. two entertAinment centers Good shape, one with glass doors. $20 & $30. Call 434-799-4756 or email leebug21@ hotmail for photos.





wArdroBe/secretAry; Cedar lined wardrobe one side/drawers & secretary with fold out desk & lamp on other side. Crucifix & Virgin Mary carved in front doors. Dark Wood Finish. One of a kind. $395 FIRM 434-432-2741 doUBle dresser good condition, $40, call 434-836-6730 smAll desK $35; lingerie cabinet $50; microwave cabinet $40; book case $40; dinette set table 2 chairs $50, call after 5pm 434-799-2646 smAll wHite cABinet $25; sofa table $25, call after 5pm 434-799-2646 2 twin Beds mattress & box springs, excellent condition, $200, 434-685-4306, 434-334-7410 Act fAst Brand new matress set $450, heeadboard footboard and rails for $190, wood tv chest for $300 434-228-6933


for sAle Floral chair & ottoman $100 OBO. Rectangle kitchen table w/4 matching chairs $100 OBO. 434-250-8211 fUton silver with blue jean looking cushion. good condition $35 OBO call 434-7284575 coffee tABle, wood with glass sections, excellant condition, $35.00 434-251-9140

Dee Dunaway GRI, Associate Broker

434-251-4011 Buy a home or... Sell a home Call Dee today!



• Building lots for sale, Westover and Dry Fork. Owner/Agent. Call 434-251-4011 • For Rent - Mt. Hermon, 3 bedroom ranch. $550 Deposit, $550 Per Month. 1 Year Lease. Call 434-251-4011

KicKs GoBBlinG tHUnder tUrKey choke.655, fits a Benelli, shot 3 times, paid $65, asking $30, 276-650-8141

tAnninG Bed New Bulbs, bulbs only used maybe 3hrs. $450.00. Leave message 434822-7608

Rent Price is $500.00 per month 1428 Myrtle Avenue • Living room • Kitchen • 4 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Laundry room • Central gas heat • Wood fireplace Sale Price $49,500.00 100% Owner Financing


HeAltH & BeAUty

7% interest with monthly payments at $410.00 per month

Call 434-836-2404

Save Money With Earth Craft Design!

Call For Additional Information Today!



The BesT Address WiTh The BesT VAlue!

AdirondAcK cHAirs 2 adult & 1 child size, heavy oak wood, $150 for 3, 336-5142107 Pie sAfe $250, call 336-514-2107 PrimitiVe Pie sAfe painted green, $150, call 336-514-2107

250 GAllon oil tAnK w/stand, $20, call 434-685-3029 2 A/c Units one for $10, one for $25, call Johnny 434-836-3652 2 A/c Units 5000 BtU $75ea, call 434770-0507 window Air conditioner $50, call 336-694-5413 oil tAnK & stAnd Free. Pine Lake Rd. Call 434-685-7866 Air conditioner, 18,500 BTU, $50.00 434-793-9635 new 50 GAllon GAs wAter HeAter With extension, $75, 434-548-3345 firePlAce insert $275, call 276-3582430 ProPAne colemAn roUnd HeAter Shop or room heater. $25 Kerosene House heater with removable tank $25 Call 434432-8303

HolidAy items

Power wHeelcHAir NEW! Pronto M-51 with captain seat from the scooter store, never used! paid $4248 sell for $2000 276-732-9999

4ft. cHristmAs tree in A Gold Pot that can be used on a porch, gave $80 asking $25.00 434-836-4034

BrAnd new (medicAl) wAlKer only used for one week. Paid $145 will sell for $80.00 OBO. Call 434-728-0796

HoUseHold items

eBi Bone GrowtH stimUlAtor Only used once paid $4,200.00 sell for $800.00 OBO Helps to heal broken bones 434-7280796

sHeets (twin, fUll, qUeen) $2.each, Dishes, Irons, crock pot, cutlery-$5.ea. George Forman Grill-$15. & other items 434-799-4123

Gold stAr delUxe 2 spd dehumidifier, has air cleaning built in, less than1yr old, like nice, excellent condition, $75 firm, 434203-6322

AreA rUGs Two light brown 6x9, $35 each; one dark blue 9x12, $50. Never used. Prices cheaper than Ollie’s. 434-836-0764

BrAUn mens model contoUr electric razor, brand new still in box, retails $120, $45 firm, serious inquiries only 434203-6322 JAzzy 1105 Power cHAir for disabled, like new, $800, 434-836-7775 mini neBUlizer Attachments and carry bag $60.00 434-432-0898

exPert HAir BrAider I have over 20 Years Experience Braiding Women, Men and Children’s hair. Google or Call 336-272-1957 and make your appointment today. My rates are very reasonable! Precision extrA Blood GlUcose test strips, box of 50, 5 boxes $40, call 434791-2092

52in HUnter fAn white, $30, good condition, 434-836-9219 History for sAle Pink wall-mount sink and toilet circa 1940 for sale. Call 434-2283526 with offer. roUnd tABle And cHAirs $150.00 Call 434-548-2561 new Kenmore H2o softener neww/all hoses/ book.(from sears/orig. $500) $275 OBO 540-493-8105 mini VAc cordless $20 434-836-0284 2 sets of coUntry cUrtAins cream, one outlined in blue; 2 windows; other in mauve 2 sets, one for large window and 1 small windows, 434-836-1395 set of disHes By VictoriA Includes set of hurricane glass candles. Paid $90, asking $50 434-836-2401 GlAss VAse, 2 ft. tAll Was $40, asking $15. 434-836-2401

trUtrAcK Blood GlUcose test strips, box of 50, 6 boxes $50, call 434791-2092

dAVid HeAtH oil PAintinG C1976 Framed Oil Painting, Mountain Scape in Blues Greens, $75. Call 336-388-5707

flAt iron for HAir Conair, built in steamer, like new, paid $100, asking $50, 434-549-1001 434-549-1001

VAlsPAr PAint 2 gals. Nearly full. Exterior primer & Exterior color paint. Used to paint shutters and ext doors. 434-770-3847

seArs free stAndinG 2 speed humidifier, $50, call 434-797-2938

PinKie Boy And Girl set pictures, $20, call 434-432-2195

med Alert system Paid $300 asking $150 like new. 434-822-7241

Home decorAtiVe birdcage, $50, call 434-432-2195

Gold stAr HiGH tecH dehumidifier, takes humidity out of air, brand new condition, $75 firm, call after 9pm 434-203-6322

qUeen size & fUll size comforter palm & fern design; all items and reversible shams, bed ruffle decorative pillows, very nice, 434-251-4175, 434-836-8757

HeAtinG & A/c eqUiPment

12-4 Piece PlAce settinGs Sonoma by Oneida Fruit pattern Paid $300.00 asking $30.00 434-251-9140 or 434-685-3005

12 Pine trees in front yArd if anyone wants these trees, they can have them, you have to cut and haul away. 434-836-8245

5x8 AreA rUG excellent condition, green with fruit border. $40.00 434-251-9140 BlUe/wHite coUntry cUrtAins $75, call 434-334-8049

oAK oVAl KitcHen tABle w/extra leaves, only 3 chairs, $100, call 434-3348049 liVinG room cHinA BUffet w/glass doors & light, storage in bottom, 2 pcs, 7ft tall 5ft long, $200, 434-432-4389 twin Beds w/head&footboards, frame & mattress, $300 for both; small dresser w/ mirror, great condition, $25, 434-797-2447 3Pc entertAinment set walnut colored, $50, 434-797-2447 BooKcAse $25, tABles & lAmPs $75, Bar stools $15ea, Dining room table/6 chairs $50, living room set $250(3Piece), Bedroom set $250(4piece) 434-228-0793 1 coUcH w/all pillows & slip covers, $50 OBO, 434-797-2447 GUn cAse $75 TV Stand $20, Telephone $10. Call 434-228-0793

Would you pass somebody on the highway with a tag like this? I might try to pass her, but I sure wouldn't honk my horn.

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -


under contract!

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& Associates Realty

58 West Of Danville On Inman Road


Tunstall Schools You Do Not Want To Miss The Opportunity!


Call 434-685-3615 or 434-251-2357 beautiful Persian rug Heriz 13ftx9ft 9in, rose /blue, excellent condition, 434793-4817

Free Dirt/clay mix. All you want. You haul, you load. 180 Sandy Rd, Gretna 434-6562270

(2) 38x26 beautiful handpainted pictures, $10ea, 434-250-8688

murray riding lawn mower 38in cut, 17HP, $325, call 434-685-3998

6x2 runner rug $10, 434-250-8688

Tiller 5HP, Briggs & Stratton, $75, call 434-685-3998

duck kitchen collection 140pc+, $200, 434-432-0730 “Tons Of Tupperware” 50 Cent & Up, call 434-432-8303

Lawn & Garden garden tiller 5hp call 434-822-0397 murray riding lawn mower runs good, needs belt, $250, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 HUSQVARNA ZERO RADIUS MOWER Kohler engine. Three bagger. 48” cut. Runs great! Paid $3400, will sell for $2000. 434548-2561 Bluebird Core Aerator 18in width w/4hp Honda, adjustable depth, model H424. cost $2495 new, asking $900. call after 5:00pm 251-721-5112 GT275 John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor, koeler 17 horsepower hydra static drive, 48 inch deck, excellent condition, $2,000.00, 434-836-4034 push mower with bagger $65.00 call 434-713-1055 or 434-724-2789 Xtreme Lawn Care Call for est. Will clean your yard to be beautiful this year Call 434-728-6701 / 434-251-6383 Amish built all wood storage Buildings 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x24 $2995. FREE Delivery & Setup 20 miles, call 336-583-9375 toro wheel horse lawn mower, like new, 14hp 259 actual mowing hours on it, 42in cut, 3pcs of equipment, trailer hitch, $1500 firm, call 434-793-4967

yardpro riding lawn mower 16HP Vtwin, Briggs & Stratton engine, 44in cut, hydrostatic drive, $300, 336-562-3057 american yard product riding lawn mower, 16HP Briggs & Stratton engine, Vtwin engine, 42in cut, good condition, $250, 336-562-3057 Craftsman riding mower 22HP. 50in cut lawn mower with scrap blade & utility cart. $1600 OBO, 276-956-4189 CANOPY OUTDOOR SWING $75, CALL AFTER 6PM 434-724-1843 Natural green stone all sizes, great for ponds and flower beds, $75 pickup load, 434-222-7851 Lowe’s Riding Lawn Tractor- 18 HP B&S engine, 46” cut, good condition. $275 OBO 434-251-0260 Southern States Mower 17.5hp Briggs Engine, 42 inch cut. $350.00 call 434-251-3450 Snapper rider grass catcher Used: in good shape $150.00 434-5755590 CEMENT round table and 2 benches asking $150. Call 434-822-6379. Lowes commercial riding mower, 42in cut, runs good, $300, 434-250-8065, 434-799-1115 lowes 46in cut 18HP tractor, w/3 baggers, needs some work, $100, call 434797-2938 sears craftsman garage door opener/closer, power unit only needed, call 434724-2728

deep bucket wheel barrel $15, call 434-792-3010

yard machine 14HP, 42in cut, call for price 434-770-9162

Snapper Riding Mower Has new engine needs clutch $200 OBO 434-2501993

simplicity 50in cut, 18HP, call for price 434-770-9162

Free. 10 crepe myrtles. Dig up & MUST bring topsoil to fill holes. 432-3452. 3 to 8pm only. JOHN DEERE X320 Heavy duty, 48 inch mowing deck, only used 30 hours, new $4200, asking $3600, Must sell, Call 434251-7750

Office: 434-835-0305

Henderson Road Pelham

Complete Renovated. This shingle sided home is 1524 sq ft, 1-acre lot in Caswell county. Large living room, eat in kitchen, 3BR, 2BA, deck front and rear. Master bedroom features his/her walk-in closets and private full bath. This home is conveniently located off Park Springs Road in the Pelham community with easy access to both Highways 29 and 86 and is approximately 10-15 minutes from Danville. “Zero down finance available.”


Absolutely perfect Move-in ready. This brick ranch home has 3042 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bath and sits on a beautiful 5-acre lot in Caswell County off Highway 29 with easy access to Highway 86. Main floor features include a living room, kitchen with attached great room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, large foyer, dual decks on rear of house, dual HVAC system and double car garage. Lower level includes bedroom with private bath, family room (with outside access) and lots of storage.

NEW LISTING IN BRIDGEWOOD – 4 BR’s, 3.5 baths, greatroom & family room, 2 fireplaces w/gas logs, hardwood floors, formal LR, DR, breakfast nook, large kitchen with granite counters, all appliances! Full basement. Executive Dream Home! $479,900


or 434-713-9332

Chartwell Properties, Inc. Miscellaneous commercial rotovac carpet cleaning machine, paid $3000, asking $1200, w/accessories, call 434-822-7434 super door stop alarm arm yourself against intruders. 120 ear piercing decibels. $20.00, call 434-429-2124, or 434-4320898 STORAGE UNIT SALE: Small household items, & fishing equipment. Everything must go. All prices reduced, or make offer on all. Call for appt. 799-4145 Mega Bounce House. Includes electric blower, 50 play balls, and carry bag. NIB $200.00 434-793-1243 Camouflage Fabric with Waterproof Backing - Approximately 100 yards, 60 inches wide - $100. Great for Hunters. 434-324-7643 Pitney Bowes small home office postage meter system, paid $350, asking $200, never used, call after 7pm 434-549-6859 Amish built all wood storage Buildings 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x24 $2995. FREE Delivery & Setup 20 miles, call 336-583-9375 6 Panel solid wood fir door 1 3/4in x 36in x 80in, $25; Sewing Machine Cabinet $15; 1960 GE Turquoise Refrigerator, works great, $50. Call 434-836-1735 flea market items, Home accessories of every description, glassware, vases, small household appliances, small what-not stands, slate-top contemporary server; wall prints, mirrors, jewelry boxes, miniature doll collections, dolls, Christmas outdoor lights & interior decorations, throw pillows, plant stands; dishes, knick-knacks of all categories. Priced to sell, individually, or whole lot. 434-792-1583

Amish Style Building 14ftx24ft Custom Built, Insulated, sheetrocked & painted walls w/carpet. Electrical wiring complete w/multiple outlets, light fixtures & ceiling fan. Previously used as Rec room/Office. $3400 OBO Serious inquiries only 434251-6007, Leave message. 434251-6007 x ID 2779179

craftsman self propelled lawn mower, 6.5HP, like new, call 434-797-2008

GT275 John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor, Koeler 17 Horsepower Hydra Static Drive, 48 inch deck, excellent condition $1,900.00 434-836-4034

snapper riding lawn mower 12HP, call 434-797-2008

Red japanese maple trees 1Ft to 3Ft, in pots $10 To $40 Call 434-822-2254

22in Briggs & Stratton Mower $35 Call 434-822-0397

Porch set (4 pieces) 2 Chairs (Glider & Chair), & 2 Tables. Call 434-228-0793

2 rear tine rotary tillers call 434685-7698, 434-709-9101

arrow garden elite $50, call 434822-8408

Craftsman riding lawn mower call 434-685-7698, 434-709-9101

2 snapper lawn mowers call for details 434-724-6225

Patio Bar Stools set of 4 slingback swivel bar stools, VERY NICE $55 each 434-713-8032

several push mowers excellent condition, call 434-685-7698, 434-709-9101

Yard pond with fountain. Fountain is rock simulated, 3 pieces. $100. Leave message 434-656-4030.

flower arrangements for cemetery, would be nice for Easter or Mothers Day, $12ea or 2 for $20, 434-797-9307

lawn mowers self propelled for sale, call 434-429-8436

609 Law Road, Pelham, NC

Visit Our Website E-mail Us At


push lawn mowers, riding mower Weed eaters, all in need of repair, call for details, call 434-836- 5921 Amish Barn 12X18 Esh building, wooden floor, windows, lofts, purchaser must move. $1700. call 434-728-0314


R&L Smith Dr. – 5 BR’s, 3 baths, walk-in closets, spa tub, Florida room, utility room, Thermopane windows. Fenced in swimming pool. $309,000

PINEY FOREST RD. – Great business office, high traffic area, extra large house and lot. Priced extremely low to sell fast. $299,900

SUBURBAN DR. – 3 Bedroom, 2 baths, spacious living room & dining room area. Lg. family room w/FP, hardoowood floors. $139,900

ROSEMARY LN – 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Updated kitchen, inground pool. Storage room wired for workshop. Deck w/platform for entertaining. $119,000

WHISPERING PINES RD. – 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, woodstove, sunporch. Brosville area. $109,500

SOUTHLAND DR. – 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. One level living, large kitchen/ DR, well maintained. $95,000

W. HIGHTOWER RD. – 3 bedrooms, in process of remodeling main level & finishing basement. Many new items in home. $92,000

SKYLARK DR. – 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. Priced under assessment. Small fenced in back. Split level. Convenient to shopping mall & stores. $79,900

MONTAGUE ST. – 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, fenced backyard. New roof in 2007. New electricity in 2006. $75,000

Cristalrov Crystal Glasses 18-Piece Set, Gold Rimmed crystal glasses in 3 sizes by Over Line Crystal. $36. Call 336-388-5707 bird feeder fits in window, 11inx22in wide, that raises up and down. 2 way glass in front adjustable slide in rear, make offer, call 434-250-6807 fleamarket items lots of items, sell all together, call 434-792-3513 fleamarket items lots of various items, call 434-685-7115 Birdhouses Spongebob, race car drivers, call 434-685-7115 Child’s seat attachment for adult bicycle. Asking $25.00 Call 434-836-5633 Old wash pot, 3 legs & straight sides. Approx. 10 gal. Great for cooking stew. In good condition. $100.00 336-234-8691 portable sewing machine many decor stitches $40; extra nice typewriter $25, call 434-836-6730 auto zone merchandise credit card, has $104, asking $80, 434-791-2385 Flea market items, Home accessories of every description, glassware, vases, small household appliances, small what-not stands, slate-top contemporary server; wall prints, mirrors, jewelry boxes, miniature doll collections, dolls, Christmas outdoor lights & interior decorations, throw pillows, plant stands; dishes, nick-nacks of all categories. Priced to sell, individually, or whole lot. 434792-1583. Danville memorial gardens space in Garden of Devotion near the cross, costs $2295, asking $1500, call 434-822-2530

Mobile Homes clayton homes in New extra large 3BR, drywall, save $1000s. beat any deal period! free 888-258-0268

blairs 2BA, all We will Call toll

Mobile Home Service- Mobile home repairs, moving and set-up. Call Bob Holland 434-791-2807, 276-732-6185

Lots for rent first three months FREE! Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

doublewide superstore Gorgeous New Doublewides. Homes for only $49,900. Includes delivery & Set-up. New Government financing now available! 1-888-258-0268 x ID 2738522 modular home discount center Lowest Modular Homes on the Market. Call 1-888-258-0268 Homes Set-up Ready to Move in Under $12,000 Call 434-836-4663 2001 redman sgl. wide home 80x14, 3BR, 2BA, fp, w&d, heat pump. Must be moved. $21,000.00, 434-685-3292


PINEY FOREST RD. – 3,500 sq. ft.. Entire lower level available. Sale or lease. Great Professional Business Opportunity. $418,000

AGENTS: Nikki Minter ........429-9092 Mike Jenkins ......489-1820 Herb Gillispie .....203-2873 Vernon Garrett ...728-3710 Lori Richardson ..250-4077 Jeremy Echols ...709-7137 Susan Emerson .728-2258 John Quinn.........724-1349 Ralph Stitt...........251-6256 Billy Meyer..........793-5845 Mary Jones .........770-4361

Dee Dunaway, 251-4011 /GRI/ Assoc. Broker J.D. Emerson, 432-9375 / 728-2286 Assoc. Broker Linda Baldwin / Broker 836-0228 camper+room addition, ready to move in, brick BBQ pit, gas grill, lawn furniture, boat, trolling motor & battery, setup on Elkhorn Lake, $2500 firm, 434-656-1025

2007 HARLEY SOFTAIL DEUCE Vivid Black with extras, 3500 miles, showroom condition. garage kept, $16,200.00, call for details 434-685-1753

1990 13’ X 66’ Mobile Home Ready to be moved. In fair solid condition--2BR 2BA with outside a/c unit. $3000/ OBO Call 336939-990

four wheeler red brand new 2008 110cc, great condition, with security system, asking $500, please call 434-251-6785

Mobile home Double Wide 1988 model, excellent condition, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,200 sq.ft. $15,000. 434-836-9113 Free mobile home. you move it you can have it 434-685-2266 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home 29,999 Call 434-836-4663 Save Thousands Late Models Mobile Homes must Go. Furniture Included. 434836-4663 4 Bedroom Mobile Home Ready to move In under $25,000 434-836-4663 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath mobile home Private area in Pelham, washer and dryer included, references required. $425rent $25dep. call 336-939-3451 if no answer leave message.

Motorcycles & Go Carts Etaz Scooters 50cc $999; 150cc $1399; 50cc ATV $350; 110cc ATV $899; pocket bikes street or dirt $299; 125cc dirtbike $799. All with warranty. Etaz Scooters 434-432-3332

2004 CRF 150F dirtbike great condition, one owner, $1400 OBO, 434-203-7376 or 434-836-6250 Polaris Sportsman 500 Frame comes with transmission, perfect for a custom project. $400 434-251-1857 Leather Biker Jackets Several sizes, New, Mens & Womens. All Under $100.00, 276-650-2717 2003 Anniversary hd sportster 883 hugger model. Black on Black, Solo Seat. **5250.00** 336-514-2162 or 336694-4266 1994 polaris sportsman 400 4x4 runs good but needs wheel bearing. $550 call 276-956-5669 or 276-732-1374 2008 110cc Mini-Street Bike 60mph, electric start, working lights and all that jazz, $800.00 OBO, 434-549-1898 2005 honda rc-51 rvt 1000 Black/Charcoal, full Jardine exst., power commander, K&N, 4500+/- miles, 336-269-1299 2001 Honda Rancher 4x4 ES Excellent condition, 1500 miles, Oxlite Boot Guards, Brand new tires, extras. $2800, 336-3882260 2003 harley davidson deuce 100th anniversary edition, lots of chrome, garage kept, had back surgery must sale, 434-7131055 or 434-724-2789

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Kingdom Life Bible College & Seminary A Fully Accredited Bible School

Earn Your Associates Degree In Bible Classes Begin April 21st at 6:30 P.M. Topic: OT 104 – Post-Exilic Period One Time Registration Fee Plus $10 Per Week Distant learning courses currently offered. On-campus classes and Continuing Eduction Credits available. Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs offered.

April 25th & 26th

To Register Call 434-334-2963 Looking To Set Up A Satellite Campus In Your Church

10 A.M~5 P.M.

Kingdom Life Bible College & Seminary establish 2003 110 Exchange St., Suite C • Danville, VA

2001 HArley dAVidson Electra Glide FLHT, twin cams, 1450cc, excellent condition, $9500 OBO, call 336-388-5753 1970 HArley dAVidson sPrint 350cc, needs restoring, $500, call 336-388-5753 07 KAwAsKi VUlcAn 900 has 900 miles. Belt drive, back rest, crashbar with pegs, new grips. Cover & helmets. $6000.00 434685-2955 2005 HondA crf50f Like New, kids dirt bike. Bought new, Low hours. $800.00 434250-0123 1996-98 wArrior $150 for parts, call 434-250-0659 2008 cHoPPer 08 Bandit from OLD 97. Buell Racing engine, 250 rear, purple. $21,000 invested $12,500 firm. 434-2514437 Must See

Esh Buildings, Inc.

918 NC Hwy. 62N • Blanch, NC 27212 • 1 Mile North of Yanceyville

2008 Gsxr 1000 miles 3100, white silver black, $8800, 434-251-8452 or 434-7244832

“Check Out Prices, You Owe It To Yourself.”


1983 HondA Gold winG 41,000 miles, Red, 2 helmets, radio, CB, battery charger, dust cover, Good Condition, 434-432-0018



Go-cArt 434-251-6332, excellent condition, adult 2 seater, new everything, son does not ride now, must sell, $745, have pics, 2 NEW helmets.

Rent To Own

yAmAHA 250 BeAr trAcKer 4 wheeler, runs excellent, new tires and brakes $1550 email 434-251-2827

E-mail us: • Visit us:

Affordable Health Coverage Family of 4

35 Yr Old Parents 2 Children

$155.59 month*

Single Female

28 Years Old

$ 46.73/month*

Single Male

30 Years Old

$ 36.38/month*

*Virginia Rates / Preferred Rate / Non-Tobacco


1995 HArley dAVidson sPrinGer Chrome everywhere. 10,000 miles, Original paint. Must See. $11,000 OBO. Over $22,500 invested. (Martinsville) 276-6294308 2001 HondA cBr 929rr perfect condition, fast, call 434-203-5106

**Virginia/North Carolina Rates

2001 HondA cBr 929rr 8k miles, black and yellow, new tires, slip on, tinted windscreen, $5000. 276-732-7652

625 Piney Forest Rd, Suite 305, Danville • 434-797-2505 • Toll Free 866-736-1441

4 stocK AtV tires 20-11-9. Half tread or better. $125 OBO. Call 434-250-0889.


2001 sUzUKi 4 wheeler, call 434-3349370

Leigg Let Loose by: Bernie Leigg

A Great Day Just after noon on Tuesday, January 20, our new president spoke. My biracial twins not quite a year old sat in laps and stared intently and quietly at this biracial man. Young as they are, they sat quietly and looked. We were lucky to have their mother home because it snowed just enough to close the Danville schools. It was a great day for family, for friends, a day even to look kindly toward enemies to see if the fist can open to embrace as Obama suggested. My wife and I saw so many vignettes on the TV screen seen for us through tears that, while joyful, were from something deeper, more solid, more lasting than joy. And we heard a man speak. He spoke the “ideals of our forefathers” that “still light the world.” He spoke of hard choices, strength in crisis, enduring spirit, courage, and hard work. He spoke of honesty, fair play, tolerance, humility, and not faltering. He spoke against greed, irresponsibility, petty grievances, worn out dogmas, and short cuts. He urged unity over discord, letting old hatreds pass, and choosing our better history. He reminded us of “the strength of our patchwork heritage” and how we are “greater than all our differences.” I hope one day, perhaps in school, as they read President Obama’s speech, my sons might remember, even young as they are, the day they sat with their parents and heard and saw this speech. I hope all of us will remember this great day and the words that were spoken.

2005 HondA crf 230f dirtbike, $2500, call 434-799-4775 2006 HondA crf 80f dirtbike, $1500, call 434-799-4775 1998 HArley dAVidson Dyna Convertible, garage kept, nearly new tires and battery. Good condition $8800 434-250-9679 or 434-685-1965 redfox GocArt 5HP motor ohv runs great with roll cage with big nobby tires will trade for 4 wheeler 434-728-1892 1983 HondA niGHtHAwK 650cc. Runs and looks good. $1100. 910-322-5121 125 sUzUKi dirt BiKe In good condition, $225.00 434-822-5999 2001 sUzUKi Gsx-r 600 15K, white/ blue, new front ire, rear tire in good shape, yoshi slip-on, frame sliders, $4750 434-770-4342 2007 cAn Am 4 wheeler winch, 28 inch itp tires, hmf pipe, power commander custom mapped $7,500 434-836-0284 yAmAHA BlAster In good shape $750, 434-579-2568 serious inquiries only. 95 HondA Vfr 750 Bike is in Great shape $3000, 434-822-8322 2002 PolAris mAGnUm 325 2X4 very nice bike $2600 434-579-2568 1997 wArrior runs need carb. work new back tires $1000 e-mail 2008 KAwAsAKi BrUte Force ATV Camouflage Fuel- injected, dual cylinder. 143 miles, excellent condition. $6000. Call after 6:00pm. 336-694-5669 eton 50 lil Girls 4 wHeeler electric start or kick start, AT, excellent shape, $450, call 434-688-2157 1 BlUe Helmet Used fair condition asking $25 paid $120 last year only been worn about 10 times 434-549-3703 2005 Hd softAil deUce... Only 6,000 miles. Over $30,000 invested, but will sacrifice for $18,000. **A MUST SEE*** Call 434-441-0400 1985 HondA reBel great starter bike. new battery & tires. 276-650-2665

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Perfect condition! Violin, w/bow (hairs excellent condition), includes cover and case, with certificate of authenticity. Asking $199, call Kendra 434-549-6811

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BlUe AcoUstic JoHnson GUitAr w/ stand & strap, $100, Call 434-429-6423

1984 HondA 700s Night Hawk rare, great shape, custom yellow paint, $2000, 434251-1195, 434-728-8295 2008 HondA GoldwinG dark burgundy, garage kept, navigation system, lots of extras, 434-685-3627 BeAUtifUl 1996 HondA sHAdow 1100 American Classic Edition, w/over $2000 worth of accessories, 6300 miles, $4000, call 434-429-7587 PAir of leAtHer motorcycle boots, size 11, $25 336-623-3504 2004 HArley dAVidson HeritAGe Softail. Dark blue metallic, Vance and Hines exhaust. Loaded with chrome. 14,000 miles. Must see to appreciate. $15,000.00. 434-822-1349

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norton motorcycle Helmet full face helmet w/visor, red w/blue graphics, paid $150, asking $60, 434-203-1176

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femAle PerformAnce Artist Needed for Medieval to Metal Music. Free Lessons for Right Candidate. Over 18, Talent, Drive Required. 434-203-6159

BeGinners welcome! Guitar, Piano, Voice, & Trombone Instructors at Riverland Music Store in Downtown Danville. 434-791-3121 PiAno serVice clark’s Piano tuning and repair. will do full restoration or minor repairs and tuning. 32 years-certified master technician 434-724-1444 wAsHBUrn x-37 7-strinG GUitAr midnight blue/ chrome, mint w/original box. Professional neck/bridge adjustment included. Amazing action! $250, 434-203-6159

tAKAmiKe ef341sc Less than yr old, barely used, original warranty, paid $1500, asking $1200, 434-429-7795 PeAVey q231f dual 31 band graphic equalizer, $190, 434-251-1434 rollin Jc 55 AmPlifier w/pedals, $175, call 434-251-1434 AreA BAnd looKinG for lead singer to perform; soul, beach, classic, rock-n-roll, country, ASAP call Ken 434-728-1951 wood clArinet make is a Normandy 4 very good shape $300.00 434-799-1115 sonGwriter needs mUsiciAn(s) Singer/songwriter. Country and Christian contemporary genres, looking for multifaceted musician/group, to write music. 434429-5999 PAiste Pst 5 20in rocK ride symbol, $70 firm, 434-429-6913

reAl estAte we Are PledGed to tHe letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

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Custom Granite Countertops & Beautiful Cabinetry

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Is the stuff at your house piling up? We have a storage unit that will suit your needs: • 5x10 • 10x10 • 10x20 • 15x30 • 30x30 and outside parking for boats and RV’s Two convenient locations: 3334 Hwy 29N & 3318 Hwy 29S

For Your Home Or Office

HI & DRI MINI STORAGE (434) 836-3785


land 5 acres Half wooded half open, great views, convenient, location, perked and ready to build. $30,000 434-713-9367

Call us at 434-792-3376 for FREE quotes!

perfect home in the country 2BR, 1BA, quiet neighborhood. This beautiful home includes; carport, storage area, deck, and appliances, Price Reduced to $78,000. Call 434-724-5044

Join Us At Los Tres Magyues For Family Night With NO Reservations!

Price Slashed $10,000!!!!! 3 bedroom 1-1/2 bath Brick Ranch with Finished Basement and Garage. Recently Renovated, inside and out.. Large Kitchen, Hardwood Floors, New Windows. Fenced backyard great for kids or pets. All appliances included! Reduced to $109,000 - $5000 down and $650 monthly to qualified buyer. Call 434-2232976

Locally Owned & Operated!

Tuesday April 21st • 5pm to 10pm Kids 12 & Under Eat Free One Free Kids Meal With Purchase Of Regular Adult Meal Dine In Only! The First 50 Families will receive a FREE canvas bag full of helpful information to take home. Family Night is sponsored by RASAP, Danville Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, and Danville Pittsylvania County Community Services. Start Talking Before They Start Drinking . . . Because the more often you have dinner with your kids the less likely they are to smoke, drink, or use drugs.

Restaurante Mexicano

2818 Riverside Drive 792-0601 Fax: 792-1943

Land For Sale Approx. 25 acres. Has 2 ponds, barns, stable, workshop. Mt. Cross area. Would make a great horse farm. Also available 3 BR, 2 bath, open floor plan home with florida room on additional 1 acre lot with buildings. Phone 434-792-5071 for showing. 434-685-7091 country store w/grill house included, +3.67 acres of land, located in Granville County. Serious inquiries only call 919-691-3139 land for sale one acre lot in Wildwood subdivision off Mt. Cross road. Twin Springs and Tunstall High School zones. $16,500.00 OBO, 434-251-9945

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Call this paper to place your ad in over 4 million homes. THE FOLLOWING ADS HAVE NOT BEEN SCREENED BY THE SOUTHEASTERN ADVERTISING PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (S A PA ); T h e r e f o r e , a ny discrepancies thereof shall not be the responsibility of the aforementioned association. Your publisher has agreed to participate in this program and run these ads as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association.

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Fraternal Order



Located 58 East of Danville - Old T-Bird

Now You CAN PLAY BiNgo Two NighTS A week

Bingo Sundays at 5:00 pm AND Thursdays at 7:00 pm $500 Jackpots Lucky Seven Progessive up to $5000

Facilities Available for Private Parties Call 434.251.0994 or 434.251.2072 or For more info. go to Yahoo! Click on groups to enter, then eagles 4420

Beautiful country home REDUCED from over $100,000 to $90,000 with wiggle room for QUICK sale by owner. 3/2 DW on one acre of landscaped gardens. All appliances included. Large shed with electric. MOVING THIS JUNE! 1621 Green Bay road, Chatham. 434-432-2115 - leave message.

House For Sale By Owner 10 Glen Oak Dr, 3BR, 2BA, Central Air, Gas Fireplace, 1 car garage, shed, corner lot, $64,900, 434-251-9542 x ID 2774155 community store & home for sale. Owner retiring from business after 45 yrs. Store w/all amenities to keep business operating the day after purchase. Also has eat-diner. Home is 2BR/1BA. Recently remodeled w/amenities. Call for details or leave message w/# 434-770-3012, asking $69,999. 38.5 acres in Java, Pittsylvania County. Restorable old house, 2 wells, 1 septic, spring, creek. Fronts state route 686 & 1084, $108,000, call after 6pm 434-6563871 4 farms in whitmell community For sale. Prime property, great timber and some open fields. Farms have a lot of road front property. 1 Farm has 114.58 Acres; 1 Farm has 84.89 Acres; 1 Farm has 95.07 Acres; 1 Farm has 54.50 Acres. For more information call 434-724-4465

Buck & Doe is for sale! Truly unlimited income potential awaits the new owner of Buck & Doe! 3BR/2BTH Double Wide, Fully Equipped Meat Processing Facility and 7.8 acres will be gone soon for the low price of $89,900! Be your own BOSS! Work 4 months out of the year! Scoop up this bargain before someone else does! Call and ask for Russ. 919-761-7258 6 unit apt duplex for sale refrigerators & stoves included, REDUCED for quick sale, call 434-250-6624 quiet & peaceful neighborhood offers a beautiful.75 acre lot with a very nice singlewide mobile home that has new flooring throughout and 24x24 2 bay renovated garage behind it. $55,000 OBO. Weekdays 7am-5pm 434-822-0035

new 148 hickory drive/deerwood 1640 +/- sq ft, full basement, with TREMCO waterproofing. Great room with double Ventless gas fireplace, 2 bath with tile floors in baths and in foyer. Master bath has tub and 48in shower. 3 large bedrooms. Walk-in closet. Upgrade kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, large 2 door garage, concrete drive and walks, 12x16 deck with steps. WARRANTY. Builder priced $165,000. Will pay closing cost. Call D Womack & Co. 434-822-1534, 434-250-7220, 434250-7212 Lawless Creek Rd 3BR, 2BA, vinyl, 2 car garage, full basement, 12x16 deck, concrete driveway, rock on front of porch. Will pay closing cost. Call D. Womack 434-822-1534, 434-250-7220, 434-250-7212 land for sale 1.5 acres for sale by owner, Walnut Creek Rd, call 434-7702730

Recreation paintball tipmann 98 custom paintball gun great shape w/ 9oz. tank and hopper $100 call 434-203-8792 or 434-822-6099 harvard fooze ball table nice!! like new $100 434-822-6099 air hockey harvard air hockey table great cond. $125 call 434-822-6099 2 hot tubs need work, $300, call Tony 434-250-4409, 434-822-0067 Pool Table for sale Blue cloth top includes balls and 5 sticks $250.00 call 434728-6791 3 man coleman canoe w/some accessories, aluminum frame, good condition, $275, 434-792-3010

Mowing • Bushog • Aeration • Seeding • Fertilization • Tree Work • Mulch Landscaping • Pressure Washing • Grounds Maintenance • Odd Jobs

Kevin Carter

(434) 251-4571

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Licensed Contractor

Jay Jennings

Giles Shed World, Inc.


4333 US Hwy. 29 • Blairs, VA 434-835-0035

Home Improvements

Windows ~ Doors ~ Siding ~ Additions Interior and Exterior Remodeling Repair ~ Service ~ Maintenance

“We Do It All!”

Free Estimates 140 Chestnut Level Lane Blairs, Virginia 24527

D’ Funny Bizness Presents

A Tribute To Motherhood (It’s the perfect Mother’s Day Gift)

A Tribute to Motherhood is a variety show that celebrates love, respect and gratitude for one of the most influential persons in our lives. The music, songs and anecdotes will make you laugh, cry and appreciate the blessings of motherhood. It’s a fun thing for your family to do together. Ticket price includes complimentary hors d’oveuvres, beverages and a free carnation for the ladies. When: Friday, May 8th - 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 9th - 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 10th - 3:00 p.m.

Where: Mt. Hermon Courtyard 2725 Franklin Turnpike Danville, VA 24540 (Tickets - (434) 836-5009)

Tickets: $23 - ($20 for seniors 62 and older; $15 for children under 12) Call (434) 432-2124 for additional show information

Reasonable Rates Mobile (434) 251-4232 Fax (434) 836-0771

Mobile Homes for rent possible owner finance. Rollings Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 Mobile homes for rent in Brosville & Danville area. Washer, Dryer and A/ C included. Rent either weekly or monthly, utilities included by week. Call 434-685-3463, 434-7996128, 434-334-2250, 434-793-9027 or 434-822-8000 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290. 1 bedroom house for rent 698 East Stokes St, Danville. Recently remodeled, new carpet & paint, reasonably priced. $275 Month + Deposit. Call 434-724-6696, 434-441-6107 2br 1ba mobile home for rent major appliances, utilities & lawn maintenance included, nice Blairs neighborhood, $150wk/$200dep, call 434-728-4301 FOR RENT $375mo/+dep. 2BR APT, 611 Reid St. Danville. Call 434-203-7979 $175 off 1st month New management, costs only $325 to move in. 1 bed/1 bath, up dated with new carpet, clean, nice neighbors. $25 application fee for background check $325mo, $150 deposit. 1st & 2nd floor apts available. “The Oasis” Call 866469-9454 2br house, apartment and Mobile Home, appliances and water furnished. 58 East and Kentuck Rd area, call 434-7932422

Bonanza 16lb bowling ball w/case, size 12 shoes, $30, 434-251-1434

18x48 above ground pool w/sand filter & pump, $650, 434-432-0730

8 Ft. Pool Table Black and Chrome Brunswick Pool Table and accessories. LIKE NEW 434-685-4122

Fishing lures like new, deep runners and shallow runners $2.00 ea, Will catch anything that swims! Call 434-836-5217

fishing equipment tackle boxes w/bait, fishing rods, ice chest, good price, call after 5pm 434-822-5313

Girls 20in pink bicycle like new, $30, 434-685-5075

schwinn 12in girl stingray bike, heavy duty training wheels, paid $100, asking $35, call 434-792-7691

Recreational Vehicles

various hunting supplies call for details & prices 336-939-7224 next mountain bike 18spd blue, real good condition, very little used, $40, call Kevin 434-724-1218 Titleist 3 wood 904 15 degrees steel shaft, like new asking $55.00 call 434-2501751

7ft pool table bought new 2yrs ago. Used very little. Heavy duty vinyl cover. 2 Graphite cues, complete setup, $300 firm, 434-822-8351 pm7 paintball gun ultralite frame, tadao board, dye stickeys new bolt fast shooting gun $500 looks like a dm9 336616-2653 paintball stuff 68/4500 carbon tank $150 and 2 hoppers empire b with rip drive and halo $80 a piece 336-613-2653 Pool Table Regulation size, W/ accessories and cover. Very good condition. $500. Call 434-728-0314

1988 FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 33ft Camper, fully contained, 460 Ford, sleeps 7, wash/dryer, generator, excellent condition, $10,500 OBO, must sell! 336-580-2324 2002 GOLF-CART ClubCar, electric, exec condition, asking $2095. OBO, call 434792-0635 or 336-580-2324 1976 taurus camper awning on it, propane tanks, sway equipment, gas stove/refrigerator, a/c, sleeps 6, excellent condition, $2800, 434-489-2932 1999 Prowler Ultra lite 25ft. Unit only weighs 3600lbs. Very clean. Sleeps 3 adults and 1 child. A/C, Heat, Gas stove, microwave, fridge runs on electric or propane. Full bath with shower. Asking $4500.00, 434-724-7019 1987 Jayco pop up sleeps six, a/c, stove/ oven, minor repairs on lift system, canvas good condition, $600.00, 336-694-1924 1976 Holiday Rambler 24 ft. Pull behind camper. Ready to go and is in excellent condition. $3,000. 434-548-6665

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(434) 822-1997 or (434) 489-9435

2006 camper 29ft Frontier travel trailer, queen BR, bath w/tub, smooth side, slide out L/R, CD stereo, cable ready, 434-8227330 Must Sell Asap! Smith Mt lake 29ft, Trailer, 12X24 Screened porch. Leased Lot, (Lumpkins). Asking $2500 434-203-0081 Leave message. 1992 Class C Motor Home 29FT Clean, Well maintained, sleeps six, lots of storage, non smoker, no pets. 46K miles. Generator & many extra’s. Call 434-6857517 1988 FLEETWOOD BOUNDER 33ft Camper, fully contained, 460 Ford, wash/dryer, generator, excellent condition, $10,500 OBO, must sell! 336-580-2324 1995 DAMON INTRUDER 35ft motorhome $16,500. Generator, hydraulic levelers, 2 new tvs, new 17ft awning, queen island bed. Call 434-489-1999 or 434-724-9014 Elkhorn Lake, Camper, Large Attached Living Room, Screened Porch, Storage Building, Electric Water Heater, Partially Furnished, Quiet Location, $5000, 434432-1866 4-wheeler tires 25x8-12 & 25x11-12 2 of each size fair tread $50.00 for all 4. Call 434-836-5633 small mobile home on rented lot at Arrowhead#3 in Penhook. Lakeview of sunset from porch. Private location. 2BR, 1BA Remolded and furnished. Boat launch access, 434-724-4034 2001 coachman catalina light camper, sway bar, very nice, has everything, sleeps 6, a/c, $8000 firm, call 434724-1425 1996 Mallard Travel Trailer 31ft, Self Contained Central A/C & Heat, Microwave, Awning. Weighs Less than 5000lbs. VGC, $5000, 434-685-3908

Rental Property

1, 2, 3BR apartments & houses in Danville; 3BR house on Cedarbrook Dr; 2BR house on Harris Pl; 2BR Townhouse in Ringgold, call 434-791-2521

brand new apartment homes Savings, Style, & Convenience. Prices Starting at $370/ Month. Call Today: 434-799-6202 x ID 2776387 2br house for rent 225 Taylor St, off W Main St, call 434-792-8214 3br, 2ba Southside, 91 Bishop Ave, call 434-822-2847 300 Girard Street, Apartment C, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Stove, Refrigerator, $300/month, No Deposit, Water Included. 434-728-1199 Unfurnished apt for rent 610 Hughes St, refrigerator/stove, 1BR, utilities included $350mo+deposit, call 434-2506624 2br brick apartment for rent located in Ruffin, NC. Water, sewage, & grass cutting furnished, 1 level, big bedrooms, hardfloors, $335mo/+dep, call 434-2517180, 434-797-2783 Large 2 BR Ap With stove, fridge, AC, WD hookup and most utilities furnished. Call 424-251-2453 or 434-836-3223 Trailers for rent Upper end of Westover in good area near bypass, starting at $300.00 a month plus deposit. call 434-822-0279. TWO APARTMENTS FOR RENT 627 Monroe St, 1 Bedroom, 627A Monroe St, 2 Bedroom. Both Apartments have Stove & Refrigerator. Call Daytime 434-799-7909 Night 434-799-6993. 2br 1ba home w/appliances, bonus room, w/d hookup, central heat, window units for air, 105 Grand Ave, Schoolfield area, $425mo, call between 6pm-9pm 434822-2950

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virginia Mennonite built Sheds

• vinyl & Painted Wood • Over 20 Models on Display • Many Styles or custom Order to Match Your Home HOUSE FOR RENT: 128 Gordon Ave., 2 bedrooms, kitchen appliances, w/ d hookup, no pets, $340.00/ mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583

For Lease 4BR 2.5BA approx. 2800 sq ft. 2609 Westover Drive. Central Heat/AC, with work shop & hobby room. Newly remodeled. 336-552-5480, 1st/ deposit. $750.00mo. Require credit check. x ID 2779037 HOUSE FOR RENT: 128 Gordon Ave., 2 bedrooms, kitchen appliances, w/d hookup, no pets, $340.00/mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583 APT. FOR RENT: 126 Banner St., 2 bedrooms, living room, bath, kitchen w/appliances, water/sewer/trash pick-up included, no pets, $350.00/mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583

HOUSE FOR RENT 143 Ross Street-2-3 bedrooms, LR, bath, refinished hardwood floors, new kitchen floor tile, washer & dryer hook-up. $425.00 per month with new refrigerator & stove or $400.00 without. 434-822-5726 2br 2ba mobile home w/ double car carport, $475mo for rent or sale for $45,000, in Halifax County, 434-793-1148, 434-250-2189 2br fairfield ave call 434-250-5555 2BR apartments located on Arnett Blvd, 2nd month 1/2 price with approved application. Please call 434-797-4007 2BR apartments located on Hwy 58 West, $400.00mo, please call 434-7974007 rent me 3BR 1BA brick duplex for rent on Sedgefield(west side), includes appliances, w/d hookups, $425mo/+deposit, 434-8365100 west end westover drive nice 2BR apt, water included, $425mo/+dep, call 434724-5044, Owner/ Agent 2136 Spencer St 2BR, 1BA. Recently remodeled, new carpet, vinyl & paint. Central HVAC. $500 Month + $500 Deposit. No pets. 434-724-7704 142 North Ave $395mo, credit check required, call 434-836-0529, 434-489-1182 1152 franklin turnpike in Turnpike Apartments, $450mo, credit check required, call 434-836-0529, 434-489-1182 4br, 1ba 9 room house, central heat/air, W/ D hookup, $650mo, basement, Section 8 Approved, Kentuck area, call 434-7927937

nice trailers for rent in county, call 434-792-6553

Tools & Accessories heavy duty metal shelving & shop tables, assorted sizes of table, metal storage drawers, call for pricing 434-724-6016 Delta Shopmaster 10” Tablesaw / with stand,4700rpm-$60 OBO, NEW ProTouch with Air Control HVLP Spray Gun, cost $350., Sell-$100. 434-799-4123 brand new still in box never opened bosch worm drive circular saw $165.00 leave message 434-728-0304 Craftsman tool box 5 drawer bottom 7 on top $100.00 434-250-3856 Craftsman Air Compressor like new condition 5hp 25 gallon tank on wheels $175 OBO 434-429-6797 craftsman shaper 1hp floor model, some bits, $200, 434-822-7585 Bostitch Bundle Brand new, never used 6 gal. Pancake compressor, Stapler, brad nailer, finishing nailer. $200.00 434250-1751 high speed buffer advance 20+, for floors, $175, 434-548-6714 Air comp. older Industrial Air Machine 220 Volt $200.00 434-250-4549 Two Electric paint Sprayers $30ea, Electric Sander $15, 50LB Old Bench Vise $20, Call 434-432-8303 3HP shopvac like new, $25, 434-8228408 28ft aluminum extension ladder, $150, 434-822-8408

Toys NEW in Box Derrick Jeter Baseball and Batting Machine, $10, Call 434-793-1667. Little tykes kitchen set. Great Condition! $40.00 434-822-5737 red hummer power wheel with charger and new battery runs good $100.00 434-728-1892 Lots of Barbie dolls 3 for $5, call 434-685-7115 Barbies & accessories call for details & prices 434-685-7115 kids pool table 3ft tall, 3ft wide, 4ft long, many accessories, $20, call Kevin 434-724-1218

908 Springfield Rd Duplex-3BR/2.5 baths. All Appliances. Central Heat & Air. Open House-Sat 2-4PM. $650mo+Sec & Ref. 434-724-6666

PRINCESS CHAIR SET Chair, two pillows and rug all in very good condition. $20.00 434-251-7526

325 Haynesworth Dr Just off West Main. Brick, 3BR/1Bath, Central Heat/ Air. Very Nice Neighborhood. $595mo + Sec & Ref. 434-724-6666

Travel & Vacation

House for rent 2BR 1BA, central air/ heat, 769 Halifax St, $350mo/+dep, ask for Eddie 434-251-1580

2BD, 2BA Condo on Shore Drive, Dining Shopping, Fishing & Golf within 2mi or less. Great Ocean View. Walk to Ocean Annies! Call 434-792-7710

1BR apartment in Danville, $325mo, FREE heat, electric, & water. Call 1-610-800-3414 2br 1ba house for rent stove/refrigerator, central heat/air, in Schoolfield, $400mo/+dep, no pets, 336-939-9436, 434728-2819 APT. FOR RENT: 126 Banner St., 2 bedrooms, living room, bath, kitchen w/appliances, water/sewer/trash pick-up included, no pets, $350.00/mo. Deposit & references required. 434-792-1583

myrtle beach

MYRTLE BEACH CONDO $500 per wk. 1 Bedroom Condo, Sleeps 4. Day: 434-836-1722 or Evenings: 434-250-9853

Utility Trailers

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Riverside Shopping Centre Beside Subway

792-9567 Wash • Dry Fold • Alterations Smoke & Water Damaged Clothes

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Piedmont Shopper© • April 16, - April 22, 2009 • Page 21

MerleFest 2009 Announces Line Up WILKESBORO, N.C.--MerleFest 2009, presented by Lowe's and slated for April 23-26, is proud to announce the line up for the event's 22nd year. The following artists will join host Doc Watson on the campus of Wilkes Community College for a celebration of what Doc calls "traditional-plus" music--traditional, roots-oriented sounds of the Appalachian region, complemented by spontaneous jam sessions and musical collaborations not seen anywhere else:                    The InterACTive Theater of Jef          Doc Watson                                     Phil Jamison Richard Watson   The Kruger Brothers                        Susana and Timmy Abell                   Jim Lauderdale                                The Alberti Flea Circus                       Jack Lawrence                              Darin and Brooke Aldridge Band     Mark Lippard                                   Angel Band                                     Jeff Little                                        Banknotes The Local Boys Buffalo Barfield                                 The Lovell Sisters                               Bearfoot                                           Doug MacLeod                                 BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet       Andy May                                      Rory Block                                       Del McCoury Band                            Blue Highway                                    Tift Merritt                                    Roy Book Binder                                Mountain Heart                                Laura Boosinger                              Nashville Bluegrass Band             Bob Bovee and Gail Heil               The Neighbors                                    Broken Wire                                     New North Carolina Ramblers           David Bromberg                               Ollabelle                                      Sam Bush                                       Out on the Ocean                                Cadillac Sky                                    Polecat Creek                                     The Carolina Chocolate Drops             Missy Raines and the New Hip               The Circuit Riders                         Tony Rice                                        Clack Mountain String Band                The Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band           T. Michael Coleman                            Patrick Sauber The John Cowan Band                       Martha Scanlan                                 Dailey & Vincent                          Scythian                                           The Dixie Beeliners                           Anne and Pete Sibley                          Donna The Buffalo                           Smokey Valley Band Pat Donohue                                    Joe Smothers Robert Dotson Spring Creek Bluegrass Band                The Duhks                                         The SteelDrivers                              The Farewell Drifters                          Rodney Sutton Loretta Freeman and Lynsey Patrick Sweany                              Full Throttle Bluegrass Band               Tut Taylor                                        Rayna and Dan Gellert                      Joe Thompson                                     Josh Goforth                                    Tom, Brad and Alice                         The Grascals                                    Happy Traum                                     The Gravy Boys                                Mac and Jenny Traynham                    Great Big Sea                                  Travis Tritt and Jerry Douglas The Greencards                             The Waybacks                                        Mitch Greenhill                               WCC Child Development Singers George Hamilton IV                          Pete and Joan Wernick                       Emmylou Harris                                 Wilkes Acoustic Folk Society Wayne Henderson                  Tony Williamson                                Violet Hensley       The Zephyr Lightning Bolts Willette Hinton and Family Jimmy “Duck” Holmes David Holt                                     Sierra Hull and Highway 111             “MerleFest is known for surprises and special moments,” comments Festival Director Ted Hagaman.  “We still have a couple of things in the works, so we encourage MerleFest fans to keep checking our website ( for updates to our talent line up.”   In addition to providing the full line-up, the festival’s website,, is a complete source of information on all aspects of the event.  Festival fans are encouraged to visit the website and sign up for the MerleFest e-newsletter to keep up with the latest developments.  They can also sign up to volunteer by visiting the site.   The MerleFest box office will open for 2009 ticket sales on Tuesday, November 11, at 2:00 p.m. EST. Ticket purchases can be made on the web at or by calling 1-800-343-7857.  With over 90 acts performing on 15 stages during the course of the event, MerleFest is an entertainment value, with 2009 ticket prices remaining the same as for 2008.   MerleFest, celebrating its 22nd year in 2009, is a four-day event that honors the memory of instrumental virtuoso Eddy Merle Watson and the contributions of Doc and the entire Watson Family to the musical traditions of the region and nation. Held on the campus of Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, MerleFest began in 1988 as a fundraiser for the college and remains the largest fundraiser for the institution.

a Live

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(434) 791-4921

Trailer Axles 2 3500lb trailer axles, electric brakes, 4 good tires, 1 new spare, spare brake assembly. $400.00 434-8360306. 5x18 heavy steel trailer single axle, no title, $450, 434-476-1771 trailer w/tandem axles, electric brakes, new tires, steel body, call 434-5489444 26x8ft gooseneck trailer 1yr old, $4750, 336-260-7606 bumper pull trailer 24ft long, $2650, 336-260-7606 Haulmark enclosed trailer Call 434-685-2266 gooseneck 8x25 farm trailer, like new, $4650, 336-260-7606 24ft tag long trailer 8x24, $3250, 336260-7606 2009 lifetime utility trailer steel construction, front & rear tailgates, foldup design, same as new, 5 1/2ft by 7 1/2ft bed, $600, call Rusty 434-822-7478 4 1/2x8 tilt utility trailer, $300 OBO, 434251-1137

Wanted to Buy

LINDA RONSTADT TO PERFORM AT MERLEFEST 2009 Appearance to Feature Traditional Mariachi Songs, Performed with Grammy®-Winning Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano WILKESBORO, N.C.--(February 4, 2009)--Music icon Linda Ronstadt will make her first appearance at MerleFest on the Watson Stage on Sunday, April 26, closing the four-day festival on a high note with a performance consisting entirely of traditional mariachi songs sung in Spanish. Joining her will be the Grammy®-winning Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano.   Ronstadt has staged this production periodically over the last 20 years, reflecting her love of the traditional folk music she learned while growing up in her Mexican American family in Tucson.  The colorful musical production includes stagings of the stories told in song on her Grammy®winning Canciones de Mi Padre (1987) and Mas Canciones (1991), complete with the violins, trumpets, vihuela and guitar on of mariachi music.   "We are delighted to welcome Linda Ronstadt and the Mariachi Los Camperos to MerleFest this year," said Festival Director Ted Hagaman.  "MerleFest has always honored traditional folk music from a variety of cultures, including Celtic and Cajun music, and we know that this performance of traditional Mexican American folk music will delight our audience and enrich the MerleFest experience."   Linda Ronstadt has established one of the most impressive careers in the history of contemporary music.  Arguably the most versatile vocalist of the modern era, she has broadened the latitudes of the pop singer, expanding the vocalist's canvas to include country, rock and roll, big band, jazz, opera, Broadway standards, Mexican and Afro-Cuban influences, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the ultimate song.  With worldwide album sales of over 50 million, at least 31 gold and platinum records, and 11 Grammy Awards to her credit, Linda is the consummate American artist.    Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano is a 10-piece band that has shared Mexican mariachi music with North American audiences for almost 50 years.  Led by Mexican born "Nati" Cano, the group has collaborated with Ronstadt on Canciones de Mi Padre and Mas Canciones, promoting those releases and introducing new audiences to mariachi music with performances on The Tonight Show and The Grammy Awards.  They have recorded ten albums, most recently Amor, Dolor y Lágrimas, released in 2008 by Smithsonian Folkways.

Featuring & SiLent auction

Wanted! 87 or 88 t-bird turbo-coupe for parts. running or not. 434-228-0571

Want to buy Junk Vehicles, will pay $120 & UP. FREE TOWING. Call 434-251-3810 or 434-432-0686 leave message revolver wanted pre-owned, not looking for a show peace, WILL BUY WORKING AND BROKEN Nintendo systems, games, and systems at reasonable prices! Old and New! 434-2511976 need cash I will buy your broken computers, 434-728-1892 cheap gocart needed for sons birthday need gocart frame doesn’t matter if it has a motor, 434-728-1892 Wanted - bee swarms all stray or unwanted, call 434-822-0619 Want to buy Used 22 rifles. 434-6853058 Want to buy 2 twin size mattress for bunk beds need to be a regular mattress not open bottom. 434-250-8403 wanted: trailer for a 24ft.pontoon boat. 434-685-2722 small engines Donations of any small engine towards Chatham High small engine repair class. Ask for Ag department. 434432-8305. LOOKING FOR A 50 or 75 Gallon, diesel or gas fuel tank to fit on the back of a pickup, With electric pump, Call 434-724-2079.

Page 22 • Piedmont Shopper© • April 16, 2009 - April 22, 2009

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

The Piedmont $hoplifters

Twin Mattress

and other notorious misbehavers in our town, as reported by the...




k. np kli nT


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Danville, VA

Fra n


North Main Lowe Furniture

Pittsylvania County Report 04/08/09 Fuller,Amanda 3913 Strawberry Rd;Chatham Someone broke into residence and stole a 25" TV,Jewelry and X-BOX. 04/09/09 Smith,William 1578 Fall Creek Rd; Ringgold 2 B/M and 1 B/F kicked in his back door to his kitchen. The subjects left on a 4/d Pontiac possibly a Grand Prix. One of the b/m had a ace bandage on his wrist possibly early to mid 30's. B/F early to mid 20's. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING THESE CRIMES PLEASE CONTACT CRIMESTOPPERS AT I-800-0044

wAnted: 5spd transmission for 2001 Ford Escort LX, in excellent condition, at reasonable price, 540-576-4431 wAnted: fiberglass camper shell for 2000 S10 pickup, 276-340-4966 wAnt to BUy kitten: Maine Coon Cat Breed Only. 434-685-3912 wAnted: 1/2 to 1 acre of land Ringgold or Kentuck area for around 8,500 to 9,000, call after 4:00pm 434-724-1275 looKinG for ntelos cell PHone At reasonable price, call 434-728-3769 looKinG for Graco safe seat base in tan color, call 434-432-8721, 434-724-6259 looKinG for chest of drawers w/4-5 drawers, good condition, low price, 434334-2352 wAnted: Dodge pickup 1991-98, 4cyl V6 or V8, running or not, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 looKinG for outside TV antenna, will remove, call 434-441-1865 cHicKen cAGes needed. Will pay reasonable prices. Call Jennifer 336-613-1448 wAnted! older Jet sKi any make with good engine. Will pay up to $500.00 434203-9021

wAnted fiberglass camper shell, fits a long bed S10 truck, call 276-340-4966 wAnted Avon vita moist cream, 434-7923631 wAnted adult walker, 434-724-4975 looKinG for chain link fence for dog, at reasonable price, 434-724-3163 wAnted Coors light neon light, call 434724-3163 wrestlinG looking for free or cheap wrestling action figures and wrestling dvd’s for a young wrestling fan. 434-335-4997 BABy Bed Want to buy a natural or dark finish baby bed. Also looking for an infant car seat. 336-388-9919 looKinG for BABy Girl items; highchair, bassinet, baby crib, swing, etc, cheap or reasonable prices, call after 4pm 434836-2983 looKinG for male Shih Tzu for stud, must be small & registered, call 434-7939935 looKinG to BUy 1990-2000 Chevrolet 1500, 4wd, with bad 350 engine, call 336388-5673 wAnted: junk cub tractor for parts, call 434-251-4896

HeAdBoArd Twin size.prefer white metal. 434-656-2270

wAnted: 60 oliver row crop for parts, call 434-251-4896

looKinG for BAmBoo poles will cut 434-822-6769

yoUr JUnK anything you may have sitting around in the way. just give me a call if its free 434-572-8530

femAle looKinG for room to rent with another female, call 434-548-3106 wAll moUnt BlUe flAme ProPAne Heater and a Propane Tank. Call 434-7990035

wAnted Need Parts 98-01 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2wd 4.0L need complete rear end, reasonable price. Call 336-514-8960 or 336-388-0333

looKinG for GrAss cAtcHer for John Deere riding lawn mower, in good condition, call 434-822-1203

need A HAy cUtter 15 Mile radius from Ringgold, cut 4x5 $15 per roll left in field, 434-822-7741

wAnted 1991-99 Dodge Dakota pickup or parts running or not, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

Used foUr wHeeler looking for a used four wheeler under $2000, size 250 and up, 434-251-2827

wAnted 1994-2000 Dodge pickup, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

looKinG to BUy kitchen cabinets, need just the upper cabinets, 434-793-1738

wAnted: Roadrunner, Dodge Charger, Duster or Challenger, call 434-476-6597

need someone to Plow a garden, call 336-388-2090

looKinG for sUzUKi 160 qUAd Racer, at reasonable price, call 434-203-8349

looKinG to By a sewing machine in good working condition, call 434-770-4006

interested in free doG any age good riding buddy house trained surprise for husband please call 434-792-1410

looKinG to BUy some pool accessories, pool score keeper, pool cues, pool rack, nice condition and reasonable priced, 434-793-5062

looKinG for Good VeHicle can pay $500 or less / expectant mother in serious need / please call 434-792-1410 wAnted Diamond ring, call 434-793-1715 wAnted: tires or super swamper tires, new or used, 44-49 fit a 16.5in rim, 434203-7438 cHristiAn senior woUld like to share rent with another Christian senior, call Jason 434-836-8951 need A rePAir mAnUAl for 50HP Force outboard engine, call after 5pm 434-8220179

old coins wAnted Silver and wheat pennies wanted to buy in bulk, call after 5pm 434-770-9867 sKi tow Pylon Wanted to buy- Ski Tow Pylon for Sweetwater pontoon boat. New or used. 434-432-9492 wAntinG to BUy dog kennel in like new condition at reasonable price. 434-3342785 wAnted - cArPorts Looking for used carport or storage building in good condition for use on farm. 276-647-7162

wAnted: PAddle BoAt Reasonably priced and good condition. 434-724-3694

steP2 or rAdio flyer wAGon Looking for wagon for baby, reasonably priced, 434-334-9550

Bicycle PArts Looking for free bicycles or parts, any make, model, year or size. Even broken bicycles. Thank you 434-7099341

wAnt to BUy Glock 23; Browning BDA Nickel.380; S&W 617-10 shot 6”; Stainless Mini-14; S&W 629 Classic 5”; Seecamp.380, 434-489-2073

wAnt to BUy or rent-to-own 3BR house/ mobile home in Danville area, county preferred. 434-728-6675

i Am looKinG for A sKilled Handyman who knows how to build kitchen cabinets & islands at a reasonable price. Call 336-694-6561

looKinG for A foot controlled troller. Motor at fair price, call Daniel 434-792-2066 wAnted: 44 mAG Pistol Or rifle for deer hunting in good to excellent condition. Scott 434-432-2166 PAyinG $20 for 6ft stePlAdder Aluminum or fiberglass decent shape. Also need van top rack around $40 call anytime 434-228-3599 1990 HondA & 1997 cAmry I’m looking to buy a 1997 Toyota Camry motor and 1990 Honda motor, 276-806-8938


looKinG for 1pt hitch single plow, 434822-6672 qUeen size wAterBed frAme Looking for Queen size water bed frame 434250-0839 fUll size Bed and bedroom suite. 434836-1212 after 5:00pm on weekdays. tiller Looking to buy a tiller thats in good running condition call Jimmy 434-792-6029



4/14/2009 4/14/2009 4/14/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/13/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/12/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/11/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/10/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/9/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/8/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009 4/7/2009


Age 32 50 50 43 27 34 21 54 22 23 47 47 19 20 58 58 44 30 23 47 46 40 36 36 19 50 48 24 33 33 34 25 25 30 31 30 31 30 30 34 37 28 24 50 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 45 63 51 37 64 32 34 25 43 22 27 32 32 32 32 32 21 27 27 22 21 31 31 36 37 37 19 26 26 31 47 27 47 39 36 51 55 55 32 40 40 40 19 46 34 23 18 39 39 22 18 75 33 26 26 35 35 26 26 47 18 21 19 18 30 30






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Praise the Lard & Pass the Biscuits EASIEST EVER BEEF-TIPS AND RICE 2 lbs beef stew meat 2 cans french onion soup 2 cans cream of mushroom soup Preheat oven to 275 degress. In an ovenproof casserole dish, add all ingredients and stir. Salt and pepper well. Bake uncovered for 4 hours. Pour over 2 packages quick rice (microwavable) or noodles and serve. Excellent! Great for CrockPot, too.

COCONUT PIE (Forms It’s Own Crust) 4 large eggs 1 3/4 cups sugar 1/2 self-rising flour 2 cups of sweet milk 1/2 stick butter, melted 7 ounces coconut 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Using a brand new table donated to the Senior Citzen Center by the Brunswick Co., Jim Dunaway breaks as his opponent James Shelton looks on. This 1990 photo is courtesy of Dee Dunaway. wanted: black curio w/gold trim, call 434429-7587

Looking For Picnic Table or other outside toys for toddler must be hard plastic (little tykes) reasonable price. 434-7243509

wanted: Old HiFi stereo equipment, Receivers, Reel-to-Reel, Tape Decks, Ham radios, and CB Radios and Equipment. Working or not, 434-429-7587

Looking for shower chair with back, 434-793-6925

wanted: Radio and Stereo equipment with Vacuum Tubes, Testers, Parts, Manuals, and anything associated with these items. Working or not, 434-429-7587

wanted cattle fence & gates, goat wire, hog wire fence, call 336-349-4102 wanted 3pt rear tine tiller, call 336-3494102 In need of a car looking for dependable car for my daughter to go to work, church, school. 434-797-2343 Little Tike cozy coupe police car edition or original (pedal car not dollhouse size) for reasonable price. 434-489-8961 tires Want to by set of 255/60/15/ or 225/70/15, ask for Thomas 434-836-1887

Mix all ingredients. Grease 2 pie pans and pour ingredients equally into them.


Bake at 350°F for 30-40 minutes or until brown. Middle will firm after it is cooked.

Ladies wedding gown, white, size 10P, paid $250, asking $75, call 434-3342352 wedding gown size 12, w/beads, cream colored, must see, $65, call 434-793-9935

Looking for a Big Silver Western Belt Buckle. Call 434-489-9850

Boys Ringbearer outfit 3pc white, 3T short outfit with matching, white shoes size 7, worn once in wedding, $25.00, 336388-1039

Need a large chainsaw to cut down big wood. Prefer 18in or larger. Stihl or Husquvarna call 434-470-3629

boy size 2 tuxedo jacket, vest, pants, bow tie, worn once, paid $80, asking $40, 434-489-6177

Want to buy a deep freezer Call 434-470-3629

must see Size 16 wedding gown and veil. $200.00 OBO 434-251-6680

Mary’s Diner Family Atmosphere Cafeteria

Homecooked Meals: Lunch & Dinner 11 am - 9pm 7 Days a Week Tour Groups & Buses Welcome Catering Service • Call In Orders Pickup Window • 4 Private Banquet Rooms

NOW Selling Home Made Chicken Salad & Pimento Cheese 836-0132


tires would like to by set of 225/70/15 or 266/60/15 434-836-1887

Fax: 836-2797 • 1201 Piney Forest Road

Established 1951 by Mary Williams, still owned & operated by the family.

Want to Buy Complete Door Unit with screen door for Mobile home or Doublewide home, Reasonably Priced, 434-251-8296

bumbo looking for bumbo seats having twins boy and girl need two seats reasonably priced. call 863-5934

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wanted: Old WW1 or WW2 Military Bolt action and semi auto guns from USA, Germany, and most Foreign countries, Reasonably Priced, 434-251-8296

wanted chest freezer, large 23.1cu ft, approx 62in long, ASAP, in good condition, at reasonable price (in Blanche), 336-2349699

Want To Buy 38, 357 or 44 mag sub nose revolver, reasonably priced, 434-251-8296

would like to buy 355, 357, 9mm ammunition, call 336-388-5753 wanted Glock 45, call 336-388-5753



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Danville’s CommunicationTransportation Lifeline By T C Crumpton (Contributor to the Piedmont Shopper)

There are two vital steps before reaching the hospital in a critical emergency, communication and transportation. The sooner you dial 911, the better your chances of survival. All 9-1-1 Telecommunicators are Nationally Certified, and specifically trained in interrogation techniques and pre-arrival instructions, including airway and hemorrhage control techniques, CPR, Heimlich and childbirth from the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch (NAEMD). Danville Emergency Services dispatches based on the Nationally Accredited “Priority Dispatch System”. Based on answers to a series of pertinent questions and nature of emergency, 1-3 of three units are immediately dispatched to the scene. The Danville Life Saving Crew is the primary contact for all emergency calls. Danville Life Saving Crew members volunteer time away from the lives and families to serve their community. To ensure rapid response, in 1995, Regional One EMS was contracted by the Danville Life Saving Crew to provide back up emergency response to calls within the City of Danville. Along with the Life Saving Crew, all Regional One EMT personnel participate in monthly medical training exercises. To ensure the best quality care, a paramedic is on board each transport vehicle. Regional One is the primary responder for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, doctor’s offices, and acute care facilities. If the Danville Life Saving Crew does not respond to a call within 4 minutes, Regional One is automatically dispatched regardless of the nature of emergency. The third emergency contact is First Responders, consisting primarily of volunteer and paid firefighters. First Responders in close proximity to a call may be dispatched to the scene along with The Life Saving Crew or Regional One. Two main factors involved in determining which service to dispatch are the type of emergency and the responder’s proximity to the scene. The goal is to get the appropriate service to the scene swiftly and prepared. Though it is difficult in a situation of panic, you greatly aid the emergency service telecommunicator by answering his or her questions as accurately and quickly as possible. While the Life Saving Crew is supported by donations from the community, Regional One is a paid service. Donated and paid monies go toward life support equipment and transport vehicles. Both the Danville Life Saving Crew and Regional One share a common goal, the patient’s well-being. Regional One does not ask for payment up front and handles all insurance claims. They also work with clients to create reasonable payment plans. Regional One charges based on the Medicare Fee Schedule. The Basic Life Support charge is $325, while Advance Life Support cost is higher. Staff, equipment, medication, and other services rendered also contribute to the cost.

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$15,916 Raised During the Month of March for the The House of Hope Homeless Shelter We had a luncheon at Danville's Outback Steakhouse and raised $2946. We had an event on March 17 at Outback and also continued selling raffle tickets for the little playhouse, bringing this amount to $12,970. This brought the final total to $15,916 ! Thank you all for supporting us at all of these events! A special thanks goes out to Mr. Jimmy Russell at Danville’s Outback Steakhouse for allowing us to have these events at Outback. A thank you also goes out to WAKG & WBTM for all of their promotions and support during these events. Also, thank you to The Goodyear SOAR Club for collecting and counting all of the monies at the March 17th event. Randy Johnson and GOD’S Pit Crew, thank you for building and donating the little playhouse won by The Bryan Travis family and for Nick’s Towing for moving the playhouse to the Travis home. All of the businesses that contributed to make this a success were mentioned and thanked in the March House of Hope newsletter with the exception of Tropical Rayz Tanning Salons. They jumped in at the last minute and sold tickets ($800) for us for playhouse! Lastly, thank you so very much to Larry Payne of Payne Photography for coming to our rescue at the last minute and donating his time to take this group picture for us! May God richly bless you all! We did it! To see all of the pictures at these events, go to - Alice W. Woodson-Editor & Event Organizer The address for anyone wanting to send a contribution is: The House of Hope P.O.Box 1197 Danville, VA 24543 Contact: Stephen Anderson- Director @ 434-549-1459

Great carshow at Mama Possums Saturday night with a big variety....see ya there next month.... RTD

Due to a sharp decline in donations over the past three years, Virginia Life Saving Crews including Fieldale-Collinsville, Ridgeway District, and Bassett have began billing those they transport through a “Revenue Recovery System”. While they remain staffed by volunteers, expenses such as vehicles, equipment, and training must be paid. The cost of each ambulance is $125,000-$140,000 without vital life-saving equipment, and not including the $3,000 yearly insurance per vehicle. Fortunately, through continuous generous donations from the community, the Danville Life Saving Crew is able to provide transport services free of charge. Life Saving Tip According to Regional One Executive Director, Tim Duffer, there is an extremely high cardiac ailment in the Danville area. The Danville Life Saving Crew and Regional One urge you to call 911 at the first sign of cardiac trouble. The first 120 minutes of a heart attack are critical to preventing excessive damage to the heart. After two hours, chances of survival decrease significantly. For more Information or to make a donation to the Danville Life Saving Crew, visit,, and www., or by contacting City of Danville EMS, Danville Life Saving Crew, and Regional One EMS.

Attention All Piedmont ShoPPer reAderS...

let’s show our support for the danville life Saving Crew! Use this form to send a tax deductible contribution to the Danville Life Saving Crew. Also, there is a downloadable donation form on the crew website at You may send contributions to: Danville Life Saving and First Aid Crew, Inc. • 202 Christopher Lane • Danville, VA 24541

Yes, I Would Like to Support the Danville Life Saving Crew Name:_____________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City: _______________________ST___________ Zip______________ Amount Enclosed: $_______________ For more information or if you have a question about supporting the crew, please contact us at (434)792-CREW or by using the online contact format On the form choose “Support the Danville Life Saving Crew”.

Mother’s Name: Samantha Cobb Father’s Name: Bernie Cobb Baby’s Name: Alyssa Riley Cobb Date of Birth: 3/18/2009 Paternal Grandparents: David & Shirley Terrell Maternal Grandparents: Linda Robertson & David Hixson Mother’s Name: Ashley Duenos-Henry Father’s Name: Clifton Henry Baby’s Name: Landon Thomas Henry Date of Birth: 3/10/2009 Paternal Grandparents: Vera & Cecil Chumley and Priscilla & Tom Palmer Maternal Grandparents: Terrena & Jesse Ketchum Mother’s Name: Buffy Merricks Father’s Name: David Merricks Baby’s Name: Calvin Avery Merricks Date of Birth: 4/02/2009 Paternal Grandparents: Vivian & Roger Wood and Bucky & Susan Merricks Maternal Grandparents: Danny & Anne Knight

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On Saturday April 11th Dan Daniel Park was over taken by off duty police officers, family, friends and spectators to see the 3rd annual charity softball game between Danville Police Dept and Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office. This years sponsor was the Chatham Volunteer Fire Dept. They brought their big ladder truck to have on display for the kids to see. It was a must see. The children loved it.

Scenes from the Relay For Life Bachelor and Bachelorete Auction this past Saturday night at the Stratford Conference Center.

The county won the 1st game.After 5 inning of play in the 2nd game they went to a 6th inning. Danville had a burst of energy and started scoring runs. So the 2nd game Danville really came out on top. The 3rd and final game was a nail biter at times, but Danville Police Dept pulled it off this year to bring home the trophy. It will remain with the dept for several months till the next event is held. Chief Broadfoot was very excited when his team won. The joy in his face and excitement was like a child waking up Christmas morning. The Danville Team this year was playing for The Boys and Girls Club of Danville for their Badges for Baseball Program and the County was playing for their DARE Program. Also during the intermission after the 1st game the Danville FOP held an Easter egg hunt for the children in attendance. It was a wonderful day held by all.

MORRIS TAKES SECOND SBS WIN SOUTH BOSTON, VA……Defending NASCAR national champion Philip Morris of Ruckersville, VA claimed his second win of the season here Saturday night at South Boston Speedway. Morris held off Justin Johnson of Durham, N.C in a two-lap green flag sprint to the finish to win the NASCAR Whelen All-American Easter Bunny 150 Late Model Stock Car Division race. His margin of victory was 1.168 seconds. The win was the second for Morris in as many starts at South Boston Speedway this season and his third triumph for the season. Eddie Johnson of Midlothian, Va. finished third with Lee Pulliam of Semora, N.C. and Josh Oakley of Rougemont, N.C. rounding out the top five finishers. Jonathan Bailey of Keysville, Va., Dane Rudolph of Wamberal, Australia, Jonathan Cash of Oxford, N.C. Kenny Forbes of Bullock, N.C. and Dustin Storm of Huntingtown, Md. rounded out the top ten finishers. Peregoy, Snow Split Wins In Limited Sportsman Twinbill Two new winners emerged in the Limited Sportsman Division as Tommy Peregoy of Red Oak, Va. and Justin Snow of Danville, Va. took wins in the pair of 50-lap Limited Sportsman Division races. Peregoy won the first 50-lap race, first fending off challenges from 16-yearold Jeb Burton of Halifax, Va. before having to fight off Brian Pembelton of Amelia, Va. and Danny Willis Jr. of Cluster Springs, Va. over the last four laps to seal the win. At the end, Peregoy edged Pembelton by .133 second with Willis, Burton and Brian Cole of Roxboro, N.C. rounding out the top five finishers. Cassidy Takes Pure Stock Win Mickey Cassidy of Danville, Va. took the lead from Jack Milam of Ringgold, Va. with three laps to go and won the 30-lap Pure Stock Division race. Chris Crosby of Raleigh, N.C., Courtney Crosby of Scottsburg, Va., Bruce Mayo of Halifax, Va. and Milam rounded out the top five finishers. Blair Wins Legendary Ford Flatheads Race Bill Blair led the entire race and won the 15-lap race for the competitors in the Legendary Ford Flatheads Racing Association. Harry Hale finished second with Carlton Pugh and Tom Corn completing the field. Next Race At South Boston Speedway The next race at South Boston Speedway will be the USG Night 150 on Saturday night, April 25. Four action-packed races are on tap with a 150-lap race for the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car Division headlining the program. For additional information about the USG Night 150 or any events at the speedway, please visit the speedway’s website at www. or telephone the speedway at 434-572-4947 or 1-877-440-1540.

Business Bytes McGee Furniture on Piney Forest is NOT closing, just the owner retiring….. Burger King on Riverside demolished to make way for new store….. Look for a new shoe store coming soon to the downtown area……. Tiger Barbecue open on Piney Forest in The Forum, Neal Spivey (Clemson fan) cooking!..... Pier 1 will breathe its last on April 19….. Watch for things happening at Danville Plaza soon….. Ballou Park Shopping Center rebuilding burned out area….. New Social Security building coming along at Market Square Shopping Center…..Golden Corral to open April 28 if all goes well, it’s a sight to see inside!..... Security Zone (next to Golden Corral) won’t be far behind with their new office, rental space available also…..Old Rex building soon to have new store in it….. Sweet Tooth open at S.Main and Kemper, cinnamon rolls hmmmmmmm….. Send any business news to

Photos Courtesy of Turn 1 Photography •

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Granny Trapped In Closet Breaks Hole Through Wall To Escape DENTON, N.C. -- A Davidson County woman, trapped in a closet for more than 20 hours, smashed a hole through a wall in desperation to finally escape. Susan Mitchell, of Denton, said she was scared when television stations in the area began broadcasting tornado watches and warnings during Tuesday's severe storms. Mitchell said she grabbed her cats and took cover in a closet. "I fell asleep and I woke up and I wanted to get out and I couldn't get out," she said.

Appointments & Walk-in Donations Welcome

Your Plasma (Blood) Donation Saves Lives... ...And improves the lives of thousands of people.

Plasma derived therapies are used to treat or prevent serious disorders and diseases such as: • Hemophilia • Immune system deficiencies • Tetanus • Hepatitis B and in addition, hospitals and emergency rooms all over the world use plasma-derived albumin in the treatment of traumatic injuries such as shock and severe burns. IT's safe, IT's quIck and IT makes you a lIfe-savIng Hero!


Biomat usA Plasma Center

202 Boatwright Avenue Danville, Virginia 24541 434-791-0326


Bring in this coupon and receive an EXTRA $15 on your first visit AND Receive an EXTRA $5 on your second visit. (Second visit must be within 7 days of first visit) • (Offer to new donors only)

Apparently, in her rush for safety she forgot the closet door locked from the outside. Mitchell said she tried to break down the door, but it was too strong. Then she slipped a note under the door that read "Help, I'm trapped in the closet since Tuesday night. 12 a.m.", hoping someone searching for her might find it. Mitchell said she began to grow frantic after 20 hours passed with no food, water, or medicine for her diabetes. "I was just like 'oh please God let me out. I can't stand to be in here any longer,'" she said. That's when, in desperation, Mitchell, who works out at a gym three days a week, said she decided to smash a hole through the wall. The force of her swings made a hole a little more than a foot wide. "I threw another blanket out there on the floor and pillow and squeezed through," she said smiling. "Not bad for a grandma." Mitchell was not injured during the ordeal but did offer advice to anyone who might find themselves in her predicament. "So I say to everybody 'keep a hammer in your closet, tie your cell phone around your neck, and be in shape,'" she said.

Church Group Fitness Some of you already know this, but I have been working with a local church here in Danville Virginia as their Personal Trainer. Their Fit-Club has grown from around 20 people to nearly 50 and we all have a great time each week with two Fitness Sessions plus Nutrition and Meal Planning Check-in. I have so much fun with the group and really am so proud of what they all have accomplished since the beginning of the year! Below I have attached some information about Church Group Fitness and what it’s all about. Please take a minute and look it over to see if your church could benefit. If so please give me a call and we can discuss in more detail. Here are the benefits I have seen with this Church Group Fitness program so far:

WHATEVER YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS ARE...CALL US! Oxygen • CPAP • Power Chairs Lift Chairs • Wheelchairs • Uniforms • And More!


There’s No Place Like...



Those interested in losing Inches are losing Inches! Church members have become even closer working together on their fitness. Each person has become stronger and more flexible. Balance and Coordination have greatly improved in the whole group. The fitness sessions have been healthier than everyone just sitting at home with the TV. Many have reported better Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Sugar readings. Higher Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem among all participants. Word has spread in the community so much that even non-members have asked to join!

How Church Group Fitness works: 1) A primary contact person should call Dave Gluhareff at (434) 728-0952 and schedule a time to have Dave come speak to the people in your church who are interested in getting in shape. Dave will review fitness options (What, When, Where, How Much) with the primary contact person. 2) Next Dave will come to speak to your church group and you will learn how Dave lost over 100 pounds and how he helps people each day in his Professional Personal Training and Fitness business.

(434) 797-1329 3356 Riverside Drive, Danville • Virginia Monday-Friday: 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. • Saturday 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

3) If the group likes what they hear and are ready to start then Dave will set-up a schedule with the primary contact person to begin getting the group into shape. Workouts for Women, Men, Co-Ed, or Senior Citizens (Strength and Conditioning groups) *I would love the opportunity to come and work with your Church on Fitness and Wellness!

Dave Gluhareff CFT, MFS - ISSA

(434) 728-0952 /

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Spring Sale

David Gluhareff, CFT - ISSA (434) 728-0952

Weight Loss Does Not All Happen In The Gym! Most people think weight loss has to happen in the gym. Well the gym is a great place to do this if you are easily distracted at home. Many times when I personally train people at their home the phone is ringing and they feel the need to answer. Other times their pets are needing attention or their kids or spouses, etc. I lost 100 pounds before I ever stepped into a gym, but if I had it to do over again I would prefer being in the gym with a Personal Trainer. This is not a sales pitch for me, I just really wish I had someone take me by the hand and teach me the safest, fastest, and right way to lose my weight. The gym is great because you are with others who motivate you simply because they are doing what you are doing and that is trying to better their bodies, usually by losing weight. Most weight loss happens when you are away from the gym. It happens when you turn down junk food. It happens when you avoid over-eating late at night. Weight loss happens when you eat little meals and snacks all day with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. Weight loss happens when you get your spouse or friend to go for a walk with you after dinner. Weight loss happens when you and a co-worker walk for 20 minutes of your hour long lunch break instead of sitting in front of food. Weight loss happens when you choose lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs instead of high-fat processed foods. Getting 8 hours of sleep at night and keeping your stress low by talking with someone about your problems is when weight loss happens. You see most of your everyday life is where weight loss happens! Our 3 year old son Dylan was born at a good size of 9 pounds, 5 oz and was a little chubby with all of the formula, milk, baby food, and sleep. Well once he began crawling, then walking he began slimming down. As his activity level increased he began to lose weight in the form of body fat. He was not in the gym yet, he simply became more active. Dylan is very tall for his age and really loves sports. He always wants to be outside throwing, hitting, shooting, or kicking ball. This is great from a fitness standpoint because he is staying active and Yenni and I help to make sure he does not eat too much junk food. We all eat pretty much the same dinners of lean meat or fish with vegetables and save a few nights on the weekends for our cheat meals. This past Saturday Dylan and I both wanted pizza so I had dialed the number to Pino’s Pizza into my phone before we went to Sam’s Club to buy some last minute groceries for Easter dinner we had at our house. As we were nearing the checkout line who did Dylan and I see but Sam the owner of Pino’s Pizza. Well it sure seemed to be a sign that we should get pizza from Pino’s and after buying some groceries Dylan and I had some great Father and Son time together eating a medium pizza, plus I had a salad. The meal hit the spot and was just delicious. Dylan had a blast because of the hospitality Sam and his staff at Pino’s showed us. It was a warm and great dining experience. Now I know there are healthier items on the menu, but for

Dylan and I it was one of our cheat nights and our cravings and mission was for a good pizza and a great pizza we got!

109 south hunter st - Fri Only Yard Sale, April 17th, 8am-until, glassware, childrens clothes and so much more 128 PENDLETON ROAD Estate Sale; quality office/home furniture; storage cabinets; shelving; framed art; home decor; etc. 8am-3pm Sat-April 18

302 deerwood dr Yard Sale, Sat-April 18th, 7am-until, in Blairs, something for all household items and much more 305 cedar crest lane Multi-family Yard Sale/Estate Sale, Sat-April 18th, 8am3pm, no early birds, off Hunting Hills Rd 5225 kentuck rd Yard Sale, Sat-April 18th, 8am-1pm, prom dresses, baby clothes, household items and more

We offer Registered Nurses, Personal Care Aides and Sitters for your home recovery convenience. Statistics prove you recover quicker and safer in your home, so let Angel Wings Home Care put you back on your feet faster and with peace of mind. Most importantly, we are Christian based and will be happy to pray for you and your loved ones with each nursing visit. Another advantage with Angel Wings is we don’t use an answering service; if you call us after hours your call will be answered by one of our professional staff members, so your problem can be dealt with quickly and professionally.

2276 Franklin Turnpike, Suite 106 Danville, Virginia 24540 Phone (434) 836-8711 Fax (434) 836-8713

The NANI network reaches 1 of every 4 homes throughout the U.S. Reaching more than 30 million households each week. Week of April 16, 2009

Have a great weekend! -Dave

560 Cherrystone Rd. Chatham Estate/ Tag Sale. 4/18/09 8:00 am. Antiques, appliances, furniture, art, pottery, glassware, garden items, collectibles, lots of designer clothing, shoes and handbags. No early birds please. 6924 kentuck rd Yard Sale, Sat-April 18th, 7am-10am, baby items, baby clothes and more, jogging stroller 70 baltimore ave Yard Sale, Sat-April 18th, 7am-until, household items and more


3 Family Yard sale Corner of Hurt & Franklin Turnpike at Tabernacle Church, Sat 18th, 8-Til, Rain Cancels.

Angel Wings Home Care

I know what it is like to be Obese. It was a sad, lonely, and uncomfortable time of my life, but once I lost the 100 pounds my life changed and I became a better person. I then became a Certified Personal Trainer and started helping other people to get on track with a healthier lifestyle and improved self confidence. Start living a healthier life now!

137 stokesland ave Yard Sale, SatApril 18th, 8am-1pm, lots of different items

2 family Yard sale Saturday April 18, 2009, 8am to 1pm, 154 Searcy St Danville VA, Baby items, household items, etc.

Offer Expires 05/30/2009

Do not hesitate any longer! Get off the couch and lazy chair and stay active all week in some form or another. Take walks with friends, family, or dogs, walk at a zoo or museum, ride bikes, hike in the woods, go swimming, take a jog, run and be silly with your kids, kick a soccer ball with your son or daughter, just be active and that is where you will really lose weight. Sure I always recommend exercising (Resistance Training) in the gym for at least three – ½ hour workouts each week, but only because the distractions are not there like they are at home. At-home fitness equipment usually becomes clothes hangers and is rarely used frequently. But once you get out of the gym remember to eat right and stay active most of your week and you will be successful in losing weight!

7247 strawberry rd Fri-Sun Yard Sale, April 17-19, reasonable prices and various items

2 family Yard sale 184 Parkway Dr, Sat April 18th. 7:30-12:30. Furniture, leaf blower, computer & more

20% OFF

Fashion Accessories

& Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

I had tears in my eyes last night during an emotional Biggest Loser makeover experience when the Father and Son team walked down the steps to see their family. Their family waiting was the Wife/Mom and another Son/Brother. The heavy Brother of the family really could not believe the amount of weight his Dad and Brother had lost and the Mom is already in good shape. The Overweight Brother began crying and said he was the only big one in the family now. What a powerful moment, especially for me since I grewup the Chubby, then Obese little Brother of a good looking, athletic Big Brother whom I was always jealous of. I remembered the feelings I use to have, very similar to those of the sad Brother last night on the Biggest Loser show. What I know will happen is that the Father and Son team will help their Son/Brother once they get home to lose weight and feel better about himself and improve his self confidence. The Father and Son team have the tools now to help others!

132 lovelace rd Yard Sale, Sat-April 18th, 8am-1pm, in Pelham, NC, lots of various items

154 Searcy St 2 Family Yard Sale, SatApril 18th, 8am-1pm, Danville. Baby items, household items, etc.

Bring This Coupon In For

Open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What I hope Dylan learns is that you can save the higher calorie foods for only a few nights per week and eat light and low calorie the other nights. If Dylan and the rest of us do this we will see a smaller waist line. If you eat light most of the week and in moderation you can enjoy some cheat meals a few times at events such as a Cook Out, Barbecue, Wedding, Birthday Party, or other fun time.

A personal trainer for 12 years, David Gluhareff credits his career as a fitness professional to his own personal weight-loss story. The process of losing 100 pounds, which he began at age 16, is what inspired him to start training others utilizing proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, rest and recover, and stress management.

Yard Sales

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Moving Sale Misc old horse tack Saddles bridles etc 434-250-4549 Multi-Family Yard Sale 112 Barrett Street, April 18; 7am-12pm; Baby items, men and women’s clothing; plus size dresses; household items Rummage Sale April 18, 2009 At The Christ Episcopal Church on Franklin Turnpike and Ridgecrest from 8am-1:00 pm. We would like you all to come out and support The DCC Justice Club with this FUNDRAISER Spring Fling Indoor/Outdoor Sale at the Pinwheel, 10 miles east of South Boston on Hwy 58, Saturday, 04/11/09 8-until. Novelty items, household furnishings, antiques, crafts and more. Yard Sale 311 Oakwood Circle, Grove Park, Various Household Items, Clothing and more. 7AM-12PM

Yard Sale 4/18/09 199 Orchard Dr. Across from Nordan. 7am-until. Girls clothes infant, toddler, toys, Womens clothes, shoes & misc items. 434-250-6287 YARD SALE 712 Livestock Road; Saturday 4/18; 8:00am until. Plus size clothes, household goods, home decor, plus alot more. YARD SALE at S&B Motor Co. on Riverside Drive, Saturday, April 18, 8am! Children’s equipment, adult clothes, and more! yard sale local church will have a yard sale on Sat. April 18, from 7:30 am until ? on 58 east above city farm. Variety of items. YARD SALE - SAT 4/18 7:00 AM - 219 Clarkson St - Home Decor, Household Items, Small Furniture and More Yard Sale - Fri only at corner of Martinsville Hwy & Westfork Rd, 58W from Danville 12 miles, glassware $1ea, used furniture cheap and more, April 17th Yard Sale - Sat - April 18th Green Acres subdivision 58E, 7am-2pm. Lots of Childrens Items. Girls sizes 6x-teen. Boys 2T. Baby items strollers, carseats, playpens, nursery. Cell phones, pictures, candles, comforter. All priced to sell. Yard Sale Fri & Sat 322 Meadowood Lane. Take Piney Forest, left on Franklin Trpke, Right on Slaughter, left on Meadowood. Lots of bargins! 434-836-6137 Yard Sale Saturday, April 18th 7-until, NO EARLYBIRDS! U. S. Highway 29 near computer barn. Large variety of clothing, household and childrens items.

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COMMUNITY Events CAFETERIA STYLE SUPPER APRIL 18, 2009. 5:00 - 7:00 P. M. STATE LINE BAPTIST CHURCH 651 HOLLAND ROAD (corner of Elizabeth and Holland) ADULTS $6.00, CHILDREN $3.00 Includes: YOUR CHOICE FRIED CHICKEN or GRILLED CHICKEN or MEAT LOAF, YOUR CHOICE OF VEGETABLES, ROLLS, DESSERT AND DRINK Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver’s 29th Annual Denton Bluegrass Festival, Denton, NC. May 7, 8, & 9, 2009. Featuring Dailey & Vincent, Grascals, Balsam Range, Dale Ann Bradley, Barry Scott & Second Wind, Paul Williams & Victory Trio, IIIrd Tyme Out, Lonesome River Band and many more. More information visit or call 336-859-2755 [Click to view] HOMECOMING at Pleasant View Baptist Church, 1166 Halifax Rd, Danville, Sun-Apr 19th, regular morning services, lunch at 12:30pm. Afternoon Gospel Singing 2pm, guest singer Bro. Darrell Agee and other singers. PLEASANT VIEW BAPTIST CHURCH 1166 Halifax Road will hold Sunday March 29 Lunch 1PM Singing 2PM Featured Singer Tommy Calloway

REVIVAL SERVICES Westover Hills Pentecostal Holiness Church revival Sunday April 19th. 336-388-9900 Rummage Sale April 18, 2009 At The Christ Episcopal Church on Franklin Turnpike and Ridgecrest from 8am-1:00 pm. We would like you all to come out and support The DCC Justice Club with this FUNDRAISER SPAGHETTI DINNER at The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 325 at Post 325, Fri-April 17th, 5:30pm8pm. Meal includes; spaghetti, salad, bread, drink and homemade desserts for $6ea. Children under 12 $4ea. Proceed go to veterans programming. Help veterans and have a delicious meal!

(Next To Eden Jewelry)

*Restrictions Apply

SPAGHETTI SUPPER sponsored by Emmanuel Pentecostal Holiness Church Youth Department, Dry Fork Rd (Rt. 718), Sat-April 18th, starting at 5p.m at the church fellowship hall. There is no charge for the meal but donations will be accepted. Spring Into Action Playday will be held on April 18, 1pm-3pm, at any of these Danville City Parks, Recreation, and Tourism’s Parks locations; Grove Park Playground, Taylor Playground, and Doyle Thomas Park for an exciting spring craft, games, and sports at these locations. Please contact your local community centers or call Erin Moore at 434-799-5199 for more information. The American Legion Post 1097 Located 17 Fairfield Ave, will have a Spaghetti Supper Friday April 17, 5:30 -8 pm. Meal includes salad, garlic bread, tea & dessert. Price $7.00 a plate. Proceeds go to support local veterans & local charities. TRIUMPHANT LIVING Sat-May 2nd, 9AM-1PM, at Danville City Library, Conference Room, Downtown, Patton Street, Upper Level, $20 per person (cash/ check only) Includes teaching materials and continental breakfast. Seating is limited, call Cross Roads today at 434-791-2767 to register! You must register in advance and payment can be made at the door

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