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Did you ever wonder what was on the other side of Mt. Rushmore?


JOB - URINE TEST (Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!)

We Also Buff, Strip & Wax Floors

Joe, the average worker says; Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don’t have to pass a urine test. Shouldn’t one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their lazy butts, doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don’t. Hope you all will pass it along, though . . . Something has to change in this country -- and soon!!!!!


FREE ESTIMATES • LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED Shannon Blachura (434) 548-9911 Business Bytes- Big things planned for old white mill building on Memorial Drive……Coleman Marketplace to house new Subway… tattoo shop set to open at Riverside and Audubon Dr….department store eying old Value City spot… invitation/wedding supplies store to open on Main Street……. Hollywood Dogs off Old Piney Forest set to expand….First State Bank building at Piedmont and Mt Cross sold to American National…….Time to set up a business, commercial lease rates at all time low…look for new fast food restaurant on Riverside Dr soon….Danville Toyota’s new building coming along at Westover and Piedmont…. Send business news to

ELKS Every Friday – Weather Permitting Doors Open 6 PM • Games Begin 7 PM

ONE $50000 Jackpot! (Depending on Attendance) $ 00

50/50 up to 500

560 Main St • Danville, VA

A husband and wife are shopping in their local Wal-Mart. The husband picks up a case of Budweiser and puts it in their cart. 'What do you think you're doing?' asks the wife. 'They're on sale, only $10 for 24 cans,' he replies. 'Put them back, we can't afford them,' demands the wife, and so they carry on shopping. A few aisles further, the wife picks up a $20 jar of face cream and puts it in the basket. 'What do you think you're doing?' asks the husband. 'It's my face cream. It makes me look beautiful,' replies the wife. Her husband retorts: 'So does 24 cans of Budweiser and it's half the price.' On the PA system: 'Cleanup needed on aisle 25, we have a husband down'

“Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.” -Bill Cosby

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From a teacher in the Nashville, TN area. Who worries about “the cow” when it is all about the “Ice Cream? The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching third grade this year.

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OFFERING: • Bookkeeping Services • Federal, State Refunds

The presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest. I decided we would have an election for a class president. We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members.


40’ & 20’ Storage Containers 45’x102” Wide Trailers 16’ x 8’ Mini Mods & Stuff Its Rollup Doors For Rent

Safe, Dry & Secure • Padlock Doors • Wood Floors Ground Level Access LOCAL TRUCKING Toll Free 866-849-1599 Local 434-791-2980

Williams Transportation & Storage, Inc.

We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.

• RAL’s (Quick Refund) Call for Appointment and Directions

The class had done a great job in their selections. Both candidates were good kids. I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support. I had never seen Olivia’s mother.

Mobile on DeManD Storage

Penny McDaniel-Jones, Notary

(434) 822-2231 Fax: (434) 822-1256

The day arrived when they were to make their speeches Jamie went first.

Located: 1428 Goodyear Blvd. • Danville, VA 24541

DOG FOR SALE Whether you own a dog or not, you must appreciate the efforts of this owner to sell her dog. Read the sales pitch!!!

She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream.” She sat down.

Dog For Sale Free to good home. Excellent guard dog. Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat. Most of them knew him as 'Holy Shit.'

The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want ice cream.” She surely could say more. She did not have to. A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure. Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it? She didn’t know. The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream.


He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place. He ended by promising to do his very best. Everyone applauded. He sat down and Olivia came to the podium. Her speech was concise.

Deep in the back woods, of Letcher County Kentucky a hillbilly's wife went into labor in the middle of the night, and the doctor was called out to assist in the delivery. Since there was no electricity, the doctor handed the father-tobe a lantern and said, 'Here. You hold this high so I can see what I am doing!'

Jamie was forgotten. Olivia won by a landslide. I think this story is a microcosm of our county today... Alan

Lé Salon Welcomes

Joan Holley -Stowe

formerly of Unisex Barber Shop Joan welcomes all of her previous & new customers to come see her. We Accept Walk-ins! Hours: Tues.-Fri. 8:30am-5:30pm

620-D Westover Dr., Danville, VA (Next to Pino's Pizza)

(434) 250-9490 (434) 793-3544

Soon, a baby boy was brought into the world. 'Whoa there', said the doctor, 'Don't be in such a rush to put that lantern down I think there's another one coming.' Sure enough, within minutes he had delivered a baby girl. 'Hold that lantern up, don't set it down there's another one!' Said the doctor. Within a few minutes he had delivered a third baby 'No, don't be in a hurry to put down that lantern, it seems there's yet another one coming!' cried the doctor. The redneck scratched his head in bewilderment, and asked the doctor, . . . . .. 'You reckon it might be the light that's attractin' 'em?'

Mt. Cross Volunteer Fire and Rescue Stew and Bake Sale

Sierra’s Wood Furnaces 6133 Kentuck Road Ringgold, VA 24586 Bus: 434-822-7335 Cell: 434-334-8398 sierraswoodfurnaces@

The stew will be ready for pick-up at 9:00am from the station located at 4812 Mt. Cross Rd. There will also be baked goods for sale.


Cost: $4.50 a Quart

Yesterday, I was at PetsMart buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Angel the Wonder Dog. I was in the checkout line when the woman behind me asked if I had a dog. What did she think I had, an elephant? So, since I’m retired and have little to do, on impulse I told her, ‘No, I don’t have a dog. I am starting the Purina Diet again.’

If you have any questions call the station at 434-797-5535.


Please come out and support your community fire department!

She married and had 13 children. Her husband died. She married again and had 7 more children. Again, her husband died. But, she remarried and this time had 5 more children. She finally died after having 25 children. Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her. He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said, ‘Lord, they’re finally together.’ One mourner leaned over and quietly asked her friend, ‘Do you think he means her first, second or third husband? The friend replied, ‘I think he means her legs.’

“Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service” It’s Right, It’s Ready or It’s FREE 796 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, VA 24540 791-4311 Women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think - in a deeper voice. -Bill Cosby

25th Anniversary Of . . .

Kenneth W. Daniel Sr. Roofing 130 James Road, Danville, VA 24541

(434) 822-0075 • (434) 251-1789 Over 30 Years Experience Free Estimates, Licensed, Bonded & Insured (10% Off Thru 2009)

I added that I probably shouldn’t, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet, and that the way it works is to load your pockets with Purina nuggets. Then you simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well, and I was going to try it again. I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story. Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her, ‘No, I stepped off a curb to sniff an Irish Setter’s butt and a car hit us both.’ I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack, he was laughing so hard. PetsMart won’t let me shop there anymore. Better watch what you ask retired people. They have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say!

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Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper CKC Shih-tzu puppies 8 Weeks old, first shots & wormed, 1 male, 3 females, $350ea, Call 434-836-0296

happy birthday to my cuzn Hannah Kirks, wow your 13 that is cool! I love you. Love, Dylan

5pc antique bedroom suite mahogany, bed, dresser, mirror, chest, night stand, $850, serious inquiries only 434-429-7468

pitbull free to good home 4year old male pitbull to good home only. Red with white chest. good with kids 434-334-7308

Happy Birthday to Pamela Sue Gauldin “ PUNKIN “on February 11th. Love your cousin.

24 ruby red antique punch bowl cups, call 434-836-3297

Free Bassett Hound to a good home. Call for details. 434-548-8711

Happy Birthday to Pennie Johnston on February 14th. Love your sister.

Hay For Sale Square, baled, mixed grass hay. Suitable for horses. $4.00 per bale. 434-836-5842

happy birthday to Bobbi Leigh on February 6th! We love you very much and are very proud of you. Love, Momma, Daddy, Zander and Joe

Free to good home 2-5 year old cocker spaniels 1 male, 1 female must stay together and fenced in yard would be helpful. 434-836-7621

Happy BIrthday to Ella “Patsy” Shelton will celebrate her 78th birthday on February 5th!!!

Poddles CKC, black, 1 male, 1 female. 8 weeks old. $375. 434-799-3416 or 434489-1059 leave message

happy birthday to Jamie Lee Stump on Valentines Day! We love you, Mama and Paps

AKC German Shepherd 2 males, 2 females, red/ black and black/ tan. Strong bloodlines, high ball drive, all shots. $500 OBO. 434-5685588

happy birthday to Robin Boykin who is 50 on February 5th! From his wife Susan

great dane AKC Great Dane Puppies for Sale. 2 males, 2 females $450-495 Harlequin and Black 434-792-3811 new pet groomer Hollywood Pets is pleased to announce the return of one of Danville’s best pet groomers. Jamie Fox will be joining our team February 9th, for an appointment call 434-792-PETS. Dogs and cats! Walk in welcome. free kittens to good home call 434-429-7329 Puppies: FREE to good home 7 weeks old, from Owen Farm, Mother is Cooke, registered Australian Shepherd. father unknown. Mother on sight. Call 434685-4123 Lost: 2 rat terriers in Westover Hills and Blair Loop Rd area. 1 white w/black spots & black face named Peeze; 1 white w/black spots & brown face named Brownie. Beloved pets lost Fri-Jan 30th. 434-334-5135 red registered tn walking horse, white blaze on face, $800, 434-724-7496 spotted saddle bred 4yrs old $800, call 434-724-7496 chihuahua/rat terrier mix puppies, taking deposits (ready Feb 18th), call 434724-7496 miniature dachshund puppies 8wks old, vet checked, have had all shots & wormed, ready to go, $250, call 434-4762898

Animals & Accessories

Dog Houses Medium $35; Large $45. Call 434-713-0175

Hollywood Pets Upscale pet boarding, doggy daycare and grooming. Website http:// Call 434-792-PETS COUNTRY DOG BOARDING Boarding for SPOILED DOGS! No cold kennels. TV, Heat/ Air, Hiking trails LOTS of TLC. We also offer PET & FARM sitting 4 all size animals & livestock. 434-685-1673

CKC small miniature Poodles 6 months old, 1 cream male, 1 black female, call after 7pm 434-728-1168

Announcements Valentine Puppies Register Shih Tzu Puppies ready to love you. First shots given. Ready for your home now. $400.00, 434429-6361 x ID 2751387

Are you a THS class of 1988 Graduate, please email your information to Reunion is May 8-9,2009.

REWARD OFFERED for return or information leading to the return of a Siberian Huskey. By the name of HUSKEY. In the Pelham area or maybe in the Danville area. Phone 336-388-9459 or 434-489-2957

CONGRADULATIONS Kelly & Willie on the birth of Hannah Lynn on Jan 16.

MISSING: Light yellow Golden Retriever male with a red collar, name Jake. Please call 434-432-0855 or 434-713-8838. 434713-1995

Sweetheart Valentine’s CKC Chihuahua Puppies, 3 Litters. House Trained-Health Guaranted. Long-Short haired. 7 Teacup. Dad 2 Pounds Mother 4LBS. $350, 434-792-6773 x ID 2743776 akc reg Lab Puppies for sale Great with Children. Learn well! Chocolate, Black & Yellow Available. 1st shots & wormed. Call 434-724-2061 or 434-250-9981

SHIH-tzu Puppies, $400.00, dewormed,1st shots. CKC parents on site. 434791-2343 or 434-770-3766.

Congratulations Dwayne and Tabitha Hazelwood for the birth of your baby girl Heavenly Hazelwood. Born on January 25, 2009. Dad, I miss you so much, but know that you are in a better place. We love you, Sherry and Kevin

Doberman Puppies! CKC registered, 16 weeks old, female, black/tan, ears clipped, sweet with kids. $650. 434-432-8820

Happy 11th birthday on Febuary 10th to Madison Brooke Sexton!! We love you. Mama & Daddy

30 gallon aquarium on black stand. Includes; heater, light, filter, plants, & cleaning supplies, $200 firm, call 434-792-8108

Happy 16th Birthday Cam Hearn of Chatham, VA. Have a great Birthday! I LOVE YOU! Love, Mom!

Happy Valentines Day to the greatest husband and daughter EVER! I love you Joe and Riley! Love, Kelly hope you have a very Happy 13th Birthday Heather Scearce! Love your Family In loving memory of Allen Ferris Love and miss you so Daddy... God saw you getting tired, When a cure was not to be. So He wrapped his arms around you, and whispered, “Come to me”. You didn’t deserve what you went through, So He gave you rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best And when I saw you sleeping, So peaceful and free from pain I could not wish you back To suffer that again. LORDY, LORDY MY MOM IS 40!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE, WESTIE!!! - An online community for eBay users in the Piedmont Region. Join us today! Pittsylvania County residents over 60, not on Medicaid, needing medical transport should call PCCA, Inc. at 434432-9545 for more information.

stolen: 1986 ford 4wd truck in Vandola Rd area. If anyone knows any information please call Harold 434-8221084. If convicted reward of $1000. TWO RIGHT SHOES Black size 7 mens Gessner k-Swiss, if you have the 2 left shoes please call 434-250-8190 Upset about your lightbill? Ready for increases? Utility Commission meeting Wed-Feb 25th, 4PM, 4th, Floor Council Conference Room, Municipal Building, 427 Patton St. Voice your opinions! want to send a lil note to let Misty E. know that she is loved very much. Mike Anderson

Antiques ladderback rocker cherry ladder back rocker, excellent condition, $225.00, 434-791-2150 romance china diamond romance china 8 place settings, this is fine china, to much to list, excellent, $350.00, 434-791-2150 dry sink tell city dry sink, solid cherry, brass insert tray, awesome shape, $500.00, 434-791-2150 maple tea cart athens hard rock maple tea cart, serving tray, excellent condition, $375.00, 434-791-2150

Happy 1st Valentines Day to Miss Bella Renee Patterson! Love, Joe, Kelly & Riley

Antique Oak Full Bed, 5ft. tall headboard, footboard, w/rails $200 OBO; Antique Oak Dry Sink $150 OBO; Antique Childs Roll top Desk (Plymouth Rock) $75. 434-799-4123

would you like to learn how to ride or own a Bucking Bull? Call for details 434250-3298

Happy 5th Birthday to the BEST little boy in the world, Kyndrake Zaher on the 10th. We LOVE you around the world a million times. Love, Daddy and Chera

Heirloom Antique 1890’s Oushak rug. Light blue and saffron. 10 feet x10 feet 6 inches. Serious inquiries only 434-4324324

Blue pitbull pups 600 negotiable UKC Registered shots up to date rapalotkennels 2 males 1 female call 276734-0531

happy anniversary Dan. I am looking forward to many more years together. Thank you for being you. Angel

ESTATE TAG SALE Tag Sale Located in Chatham, Virginia February 5, 6 and 7th By Appoinment Only Call 434-432-9522 To View the Following: Henkel Harris Furniture Karistan Rugs Art Glass and Pottery Advertising Signs Bone China Fine China Lamps Antique Furniture in Oak, Walnut and Cherry Sofa’s and Chairs Toys and Other Collectibles Best Tag Sale of 2009! Do Not Miss This Sale Call 434-432-9522 for Appointment Thursday, Friday and Saturday

purebred mini dachshunds short hair, colors vary, adults & puppies, starting $150 & up, paper trained, average weight 5-8lbs. Call 434-793-0222 or 434-429-1504

1/2 Yorkie 1/2 Maltese

akc reg german shepherd pups males & females, vet checked, $300ea, call 434-372-4280, 434-210-0086

Malkies 1/2 Yorkie 1/2 Maltese. CKC reg. $500.00 434-724-4661

Free Female Welch Corgi Free unregistered young female corgi. Great Pet 276-732-5036

yorkie poo puppies 6 weeks old, black with tan markings, socialized, playful and beautiful! Wormed with first shots, $250 each 434-753-9368 evenings.

lost: tan/white chihuahua male, last seen on Whitmell School Rd, Country Village & Night Haven MHP. Reward: no questions asked. Call 434-685-3425, 434724-4955 Dog is diabetic and needs his medication.

betty talbott, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Love, Donald

happy birthday to Tammy Spence on February 4th! We love you a lot! Love your Family

4x5 round bales orchard & fescue mix, $25 a bale at farm, call 434-685-4752 Square Hay Bales For Sale. $2.00 each. Call 434-251-8894 Grooming table with grooming arms and hydraulic lift. Like new! 434-770-3716

happy birthday hannah finally a teenager but you will always be my little girl. Love, Momma happy birthday on February 7th to Hannah K. ! Love, Daddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MADISON BROOKE SEXTON on February 10th. The BIG 11. Happy Birthday to Madison Sexton on February 10th. Love Brandon, Demi, Dakota, Gage and Ridge. Happy Birthday to my aunt Pennie Johnston on February 14th. I LOVE YOU. Love your niece Madison

antique duncan phyfe couch needs recovering, $75, call 434-792-7691 vintage showcase glass & wood, $35, call 434-349-5600 VICTROLA Do not know if it works, because do not know how to work it. Has instruction manual and receipt. $75. 434-822-1342

Come File Your TaxeS NOW!!! Tax Services!

• Over 10 yrs. Experience • Electronic Filing • 24 Hour Refund • Direct Deposit • Cash On The Spot • All Other Tax Services • Payday Advances

We Cash Any Authorized Tax Check!

USA Check Cashers, Inc. Location 1: “Rock Centre” 2012 Riverside Drive • 434-799-5444 2nd Location: Brosville Station Rt. 58 West • 434-685-8285

antique cabinet roller ironer, it works, $200 OBO; antique cabinet style radio wire recorder, w/all accessories, not working, $100 OBO, call after 3pm 434-710-0515 antique singer sewing machine refurbished, $125 OBO, working condition; assorted end tables, $10ea, call after 3pm 434-710-0515 wooden silverware case $20, call 434-334-6913 wooden tray w/real butterfly wings, $20, call 434-334-6913 antique telephone wind up $500, call 434-429-0579 3.25 antique bed mahogany, w/mattress, $100, call 434-724-7353

Apparel Jewelry & Clothes YOUR STUFF CONSIGNMENT Specializing in teen and young mens and womens clothing. 1081 Piney Forest Rd. 434-836-1450 Handmade scarves Assorted handmade scarves for sale. Prices range from $15-$20. Many colors. 434-836-1858 ladies full length coat size 4 petite, $20, call 434-836-8351 SIZE 16 Wool pants, skirts, jackets, coats-all in excellent condition. Call 434822-6379. ladies size 8 hip length wool blend coat, navy, good condition, $25, call 434-7928193 Horsebackriding Items Like new Pants, Velvet Helmet, Boots and Chaps Older Child Sizes. Call 434-250-9773 woman winter coat Natalie green, never been worn, more info call Tracey 434-227-4893 Obama Presidential Seal Dogtag necklace. $25. 434-793-1243 Obama Family Photo DogTag Necklace. $25. 434-793-1243 ladies clothes jeans, suit, never worn, Rafaella, size 8 petite, $14, call 434-7934817 blond mink coat call 434-799-3184 diamond jaguar watch call 434-7993184 Jewelry Numerous pieces(emeralds & diamonds, and more) selling all in one lump sum only, call 434-792-4715 4PC Hot Diamonds Collection S/S includes necklace, earrings, bangle and ring size 5-1/2. Retails for over $150.00 asking $75.00. 434-251-7039 3pc jewelry sets In sterling silver, assorted sets to choose from. $25.00 per set. 434-251-7039 womens long winter coat $10; womens mid length leather coat, $30, call 434-724-4742 mans diamond 1ct cluster ring w/ brushed gold band, appraised $2100, asking $600, call 434-836-8169 the bra lady boutique has strapless bras from size 32A to Full Figure. Strapless sizes up to 50FF for all your proms and wedding needs. 1085 Piney Forest RD, Danville, 434-793-LADY Like New Aero Jeans 30/31W 32L. Several pairs $10ea. A&F & Hollister Shirts M&L $5ea. All $100. candynkisses2000@ or 434-489-7787 mans suit 44ft long, excellent condition, $20, call 434-548-2179 ladies black high heel boots size 9N, $10, call 434-836-6941 misses levis jeans size 12 regular, some worn a couple of times, call 336-3880655 Prom Dresses Excellent condition. Size 2. One Royal Blue, One Dark Purple, both floor length. Asking $55 each. Call 434-2504414 Junior Jeans 10 pair of jeans (Lei, Levis, Angels), Size 9. $25.00 for All. 434724-1374 ladies name brand suits Liz Claiborne & a lot of other name brands, 14-24, shoes & handbags, call 434-836-3297 costume jewelry 7 necklaces (one Premier) 22prs of earrings, 1 silver pink ice ring, $30 for all, 434-822-5682 woman’s certified diamond solitaire ring, 1.02K, Lifetime transferable warranty, excellent condition, paid at Kay’s $4900, will negotiate, call 540-382-8827 Pageant, Prom, Military Ball White beaded tulle and pink gown with beading pickup skirt both have corset style bodice perfect for pageant prom/ military ball $400 plus gowns will sell each for $150 size 4 to 6, 434-251-7793 evening dress size 8, call 434-4322022 LADIES GOLD DIAMOND RING 1/10 CARAT SIZE 5, SQUARE SETTING. WILL SELL FOR $90.00. CALL AFTER 5:30pm 434-432-2518 mens braves jacket size L, brand new; Ford Racing jacket, size L, call 434793-7202

aigner & liz claiborne pocket books, call 434-656-6006 mens cameo coveralls, jeans, & shirts, sizes L-XL, call 434-793-9935

Appliances Jenn Air Built in Oven Very good condition, call after 8pm 434-572-2735 Dryer Roper brand 1year old, $75, call 434-791-4057 Washer and Dryers Almost new GE Washer and Dryer set for $599 OBO. Please call 732-766-5222 kenmore dryer runs on regular 110 current, excellent condition, $65, call 434489-9712 space saver microwave oven under cabinet, white, $150; 19in color TV never used, $100, call 434-791-1126 washer/dryer both white, very good condition, $150 for both, call 434-822-1902 20 cu ft refrigerator/freezer works great, almond, $100, call after 5:30pm 434-836-5315 57in long deep freezer still in use, $40, call 434-797-2728 major chef gas range $60, call 434250-8688 ~SMALL REFRIGERATOR~ Used 1 month, great for campers or dorm rooms $50.00 call Carolyn at 434-432-4945 washer/dryer white, very good condition, $150 for both, call 434-822-1902 Kenmore Gas Range Like new, only a year old, asking $200 OBO, 336-260-7325 rheem electric water heater 50 gallon, brand new still in box, paid $500, asking $250 OBO, call Sam 434-203-9010 deep freezer 7ft long white, good shape, paid $700, asking $150 OBO, 434548-8411 washer & dryer good working condition, $150 OBO, 336-514-2776

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Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2009 Valentine Decorated Homemade Mints Cupcakes Heart Shaped Cakes $9.00 doz. 2 Layer $15.90 1 Layer $7.95 Assorted Valentine Variety Balloons Cookies

Balloon Bouquet $6.99 Each

Plush Animals $2.99 & up

We Deliver • Major Credit Cards


604 Piney Forest Road • (434) 799-0720 Washer and dryer paid $250 for it, want $100 for both. It works good and its a reasonable price. 434-548-3759 small refrigerator $40, call 434489-6360 frigidaire w/d set $350 for set, call 434-432-0630, 434-429-8500 Frigidaire Fridge, Black, Good Working Cond, $250 434-572-2279 new in box dishwasher, Kitchen-Aid, Black Exterior, Stainless Interior. $300. 434572-2279 Emerson Microwave Oven has full features 700W with turntable, like new $40.00 434-836-4034 Washer and dryer two washers and 1 dryer. good working condition. $150.00 for all. 434-489-3487 Kitched-Aid Mixer. White. Hardly used at all. Like new condition. Call 434-7241168 white ge refrigerator 30X65, used 1 year $125 Call 434-549-1732 or 434-7247870

mike’s performance audio “The Finest In Car Audio & Custom Installations” Import/ Truck Accessories & Wheels, and Mobile Video. Sony, JVC, Memphis, Pioneer, Rosen, Boston, etc. 114 Nelson Ave, Danville, 434-836-6972, email: custom box for 2008 F-150 ex-cab, comes with 2 10in JL W-3’s. mounts under rear seat, NICE. $200firm. 434-250-4905 Crate Tube Amp REDUCED Have a like new 18 watt all tube amp with two 12in speakers. $200. 434-822-8317 PS3 PSP 80GB PS3 Metal Gear Version. Backwards compatible. PSP 3000. Lotta games. Asking around $1000. Call for info 434-770-5419 JL Audio 2 10inch W6 subs in a new ported box. $300 OBO, 434-251-8559

mr coffee maker white, $10, call 434728-4225

CD Player Phillips Magnavox 3 Disc changer with AM/ FM radio and dual cassette player good condition. Make offer. 434-441-6673

Refrigerator About 3 years old. In excellent condition. $125.00 336-388-1521

alpine type r 12 two type R 12 in subs, $200, call ask for Matt 434-489-1518

GE washing machine and kenmore dryer both working $200 434-334-7093

Black 30 GB ipod and AM FM ipod transmitter, $120 OBO, very good condition, call 434-250-4692

sunbeam mixer w/dough hooks, call 434-793-7202 microwave $20, full bedspread $5. quilt $20, 434-656-6006

Jabra Bluetooth Speakerphone. Compatible with any bluetooth cell phone. Use with car stereo. $95 negotiable. 434251-3418

40in stove & refrigerator white, good condition, $75ea, call 434-489-6909

psp 1 w/6 games, steering wheel & gas pedal, 2 controllers, $30, serious inquiries only call Tammy & Jeff 434-822-7156

Audio & Video

nintendo 64 w/3 controllers, memory card, rumble pack, many games, $75 OBO, call Kevin 434-724-1218 Playstation 2 w/some games, $120, call for more info 434-250-3478

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Paying CA$H For Used CD’s Call 434-793-1728 For More Details

Waterloo Music 760 Westover Dr., Danville, VA

Esh Buildings, Inc.

918 NC Hwy. 62N • Blanch, NC 27212 • 1 Mile North of Yanceyville

“Check Out Prices, You Owe It To Yourself.”




Rent To Own

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56in JVC TV 1 year old. 1080HD DILA comes with stand, moving must sell, only asking $800, 434-250-5761

Alpine Cd Player. Works like new all acc. 2 go with it. $100 neg. call 434-4294517 anytime before 10pm.

1990 Mazda b2200 CLEAN, cold air, tnt wdws, chm rims. NEEDS MOTOR, Asking $850 obo. 276-806-2087

Aluminum Pro Comp Heads Fully assembled for 429-460, Brand new in box. $1300 OBO. Call 434-489-1485 after 5pm.

emerson color tv console w/new VCR, $60, call 434-250-8688

pantec alltel cell phone PN218, flip phone, camera, Internet capable, silver, 1yr old, very good condition, regular charger & vehicle charger, paid $150, $80 firm, 336-234-9699


1979 trans am motor was running when taken out, $350 serious inquiries only 919-702-0295, 434-836-4072 leave message

TV-27 inch. Excellent condition. $50 OBO! 815-289-2941 or 434-773-399 SUBWOOFER Two Memphis 10” subs, along with a box that holds both, perfect condition $180, call 434-251-9715 or 434836-1852

Magnavox Digital Converter Box Never used $35. Call 434-836-0764 Sony Model SLV-D380P VCR Recorder & DVD Player New, still in box. Paid $99.95, asking $70.00, OBO. Call 434-836-267

CD Player/Radio Undercabinet clock, AM/ FM Radio & CD Player with cooking timer & remote. Like new $25 434-7913235

small black tv stand on wheels with 2 shelves, $10, 434-836-0284

htc 6800 mogul alltel paid over 400 for phone went with different carrier $125 obo 434-770-6376

HOTEL FOR DOGS Nintendo DS game. Like new in case. $20. Call before 9pm 434-724-3029

10- Playstation 2 games, all in good condition. Adult owned. $5.00 each Call for details 434-724-7853

TV STAND 3 shelf, smoked glass, cherry wood legs, swivel TV pedestal for up to 52in, $225, 434-793-0693

peavey q 231f dual 31 band graphic equalizer, $190, call 434-251-1434

Speakers: 2 -12IN. JL Audio speakers. Good Condition. $300.00. Call 434-7241374

roland jc 55 amp w/pedals, $175, call 434-251-1434 (2) 16 x 39 1/2 x 24 speaker boxes, 14in speaker housing; (2) 16 x 39 1/2 x 16, 9in speaker housing, all for $100, call 434-6853729 google g1 cell phone like brand new, $390 comes with everything; pink used LG Muziq Sprint cell phone, $50, like new, just charger, 434-228-1720 2 magnavox digital to analog converter, brand new never been opened, in box, $35 firm, call 434-203-6322 (2) tvs 13in $15; 27in RCA console w/remote, $45, call 434-797-2221 converter box for digital TV, $25, call 434-250-1506 NIKON N65-35mm camera like new in box, full auto function. $150. firm 434-7243029 PHONE surveillance DEVICE works like caller ID in reverse! tracks every call from home, bus., etc. stores 1000# $75. 434-724-3029 jl audio 1000/1 car amp paid 1000 will sell for $500. 1000 watts rms. Call 336-6132653 leave message 12 inch kicker solobaric l7in Custom vented box 700 paid for all sell for $475. Call 336-613-2653 beats hard modded xbox 360 lots of extras call for more info plays burnt games $500 call 336613-2653 RCA 27 inch TV In good condition $75 434-822-0656 SPEAKERS INFINITY 6-1/2 “ two way marine loudspeakers new in box $80. 434793-0693 sony dvd/vcr player slv-d360p complete w/ remote in original box, $70 OBO 434-441-6221 Orion tv w/ remote 12” $30 OBO, 434-441-6221, consignment1@comcast. net amplified bazooka bass tube 8in 100w amp, built in, great condition, $75, 434-429-7612 Car Audio Sony XR6700 AM/FM Cassette Stereo w/DETACHABLE FACE(w/ case), $40 OBO, 434-251-1475 Car Audio JENSEN 6x9 speakers w/2way swivel tweeter 150 watts. $40 OBO, 434-251-1475 Tmobile BlackBerry pearl Like new Tmobile BlackBerry Pearl Dark Blue, Camera, keyboard, unlocked, no scratches. GREAT CONDITION!! $150.00, 434-2281486 27in rca floor model TV $250, call 434-836-4024, 434-451-5260 X-Box Game system 3 controllers, 12 games. Good Condition. $85.00. Call 434724-1374 52” Philips LCD Flat Panel TV, Never Used, HD Compatible, 10,000:1 Contrast, 16:9 Aspect Ratio $1800. OBO 434-5722279 13” Portable Color Orion TV, with Remote, Works Great. $40.00 434-5722279 gamecube siver, a controller plus a wireless controller, two memory cards and one game asking $85 for it call 434-334-7642 alltel prepaid lg paid $25 has $20 unused prepaid card will take $30 for min and phone 434-549-2564 Two 15’’rockfordP2 in a box two new P2 15’’s in a box $300 - alpine v12 amp $150 276-340-5078 Winnie The Pooh 13” T. V. 13’’ T. V. $45. matching dvd player $10 or both for $50 Call 434-228-1366 or 434-797-2816

NINTENDO DS brand new, comes with 3 games. call and leave a message 434-3348976

(2) 6lug chevrolet rims w/31x10 50 R15, good for spares, $10 for both, call 434724-2710 car or truck dolly $375, call 434476-6455, 434-222-2638 set of 15in tires 50s & mag 6lug rims, $75, call 434-724-1425 Dunlop Mud Rovers (4) 32x11.5 x 15 Dunlop Mud Rovers on 15x8 Black Wheels. Good Tread. $300.00, 434-822-6348 33x12.5x15 trailboss tires -$100/ call 434-250-0659 4pr of small block chevy heads complete w/rocker arms, $100 per pair; (8) 327 Pistons standard size, $50, call 434728-1673 1pr of big block 460 heads intake, valve covers, water pump, oil pan, fuel pump & pistons, $300 OBO, call 434-7281673

wii game The force UNLEASHED. Only played 1 time, not age appropriate, $35.00, new. 434-203-1362

(4) 1989 ford mustang aluminum wheels, w/tires, $100; (2) Ford rear ends, 8.8 & 7.5 complete, $100ea, call 434-7281673

car stereo components 2-12in JLw3 subs in custom box, Alpine v-12 amp 1500 watts almost new, $800 OBO 434251-7264

car hood for 2008 toyota 4 runner, fits 2006-07 models, retails $500, asking $100 OBO, call Sam 434-203-9010

13 INCH TV WITH REMOTE $25.00 OBO, call 434-432-2518

hardbed cover for 8ft truck bed, good condition, $75 OBO, call Sherman 434-792-5739, 434-793-8331

sony 46in lcd digital hd projection TV, 2yrs old, perfect condition, paid $1350, asking $550, 434-685-5811

(4) goodyear wrangler tires size 31/1050/15LT, $50 OBO, good tread, call 434-432-2822

Auto Parts & Accessories Factory wheels for 1987 Toyota Supra, 5 lug, $150 OBO. Call 434-656-1421 Super Deal! Don’t miss out. 24” rims and tires $1750. 276-806-2087 smith davis tire “For All Your Automotive Needs” Tires, Alignments, Oil changes, Brakes, Wheels, State Inspections, Mechanical work, Exhaust. Serving Danville & Surrounding areas for 30 years. 788 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, 434-793-9338 fiberglass shell came off 2008 F-150, red, 6.5in bed. $1400 new, 5 months old $750 firm; also rubber mat $30. 434250-4905 chome steps, grill, mirror cov came off 2008 F-150 ex-cab. Over $600 new, 5 months old $300 all, 434-250-4905 350 engine tore down, everything there! $100 434-836-9705 Reese Hitch that will fit 1991 S10 pickup of small pickup, $75.00, call 434-791-4057 Brand new Shinko 003 stealth radial rear tire 180/55zr17. Never seen pavement, $100, 434-251-8559

19in Wheels and TIres came off 20002004 Mustang; fits most 5 lug RWD; good tires. $650, 434-250-5761 set of rims 17in Pacer chrome rims, 5 lug universal, really sharp, $350, call 434685-7949 350 4 bolt main engine 2 miles on it, steel crank, 750 Holley high performane cam, $900, 685-4334 15x10 American Racing tail-gunner wheels, steel chrome 6 lug $100 call 434251-5199 17 x 8 MHT 7 spoke wheels, painted black, call 434-251-5199 18” Chrome Wheels FWD, 5-lug pattern with Goodyear Eagles, only 3k miles on them. $525 call 434-250-1751 (4) 16x8 Chrome wheels with Chevrolet centers, 4 3/4 bolt pattern 5 lug w/ Goodyear eagle 205-55-16 $175 Chrome valve covers for 305 $35 OBO 434-489-6526

Camper Shell White off of a 6 Ft. Gmc Truck Brackets Included $80 call Jeff 434251-5275 22” Chrome Wheels 6 Lug liquid metal wheels with 305/40 cooper tires with plenty of tread, Excellent condition. $950 firm 276358-0249 20” Chrome wheels Polo 5 lug FWD wheels with nitto 555 tires like new less than 5k. $900 Firm 276-358-0249 nice 18in chrome wheels 5 lug unv. fit impala buick & ect. $450 OBO call after 9pm week day 434-228-1813 Set of 4 Chevrolet Lumina 15” wheel covers to fit 1996 - 2000 models in exc. condition. $35 434-454-4444 Factory radio / cassette player for 1992 Honda Accord LX in exc. condition. $25 434-454-4444 (5) 1985 14in ford ranger wheels, $50 for all, call 434-685-3704

(4) 17in 5lug mustang 5 spoke wheels, mounted w/90% tires, $250, 336-388-2744

truck rear end 12 bolt, 5 lug, w/ springs, heavy duty, good condition, $150 OBO, call 434-836-4555

1989 cutlass ciera motor & transmission 3.3, $800 negotiable, call 434-7921591

Hypertech Power Programmer to fit 1998 Chevrolet K1500, Paid $350, will take $150 OBO, 434-579-4901

7 1/2ft western snow blade excellent condition, fits large pickup or 1 ton truck, $1800 OBO, call after 6pm 276-6501056

Oil Sale Quaker State Full Synthetic $4.17 per quart, 16 quarts of 5w-30 & 16 quarts of 10w-30 left. 434-770-9862

1986 ford bronco transmission transfer case, 5spd, good condition, $180 OBO, call after 3pm 434-724-4951

Oil Sale Quaker State Universal HDX for diesel engines $2.07 per quart, 18 quarts of 15w-40 left. 434-770-9862

chrome bedrails round off 2002 Chevrolet Silverado short bed, $75 OBO, leave message 434-728-3769

Oil Sale Quaker State Motor Oil $2.07 per quart, 30 of 5w-30, 7 of 10w-30, 21 of 10w-40 left. 434-770-9862

(2) tires 215/85 R16 General, practically brand new, $15ea, call 434-724-7353

Transmission good auto transmission out of 1988 300zx, $350. 336-986-3318 parts for a 300zx I have parts for 1985--1988, call 336-986-3318 Tires two 31x10.5x15 both have over 75% are not the same tire but same size. 336-986-3318

2002 kaufman 2 car trailer $2300 or will trade, call 434-429-0309

1987 Ford Ranger Parts only no title, 4cyl motor, blown head gasket, body is in good condition, 434-203-0570

Procomp 1023 Wheels (4) Xtreme Alloy 1023 Fits 6x5.5 Chevy and Toyota 16x8, paid $900, asking $500, 6 months old, 434203-0040

set of chrome running rails for 2000 ext cab Chevrolet pickup, $150, 434724-1547

Access Torno Roll-up Cover that fits 5 1/2ft. chevrolet truck short bed 1999-2007 classic, like new, $200.00, 434-836-4034

4 Michelin LTX A/s tires 265/70-R17, good condition more than half tread wear. $100 OBO. 336-514-0245

4.3 V6 chevrolet motor $300 OBO, call 434-792-6462

toolbox for long bed truck $60, call 434-429-0579

(2) 1988 caprice classic chrome bumpers, good shape, $75ea, front & back, call 434-822-5844

1998 pontiac transport van for parts only; alternator & starter brand new, tires, some used & new parts, call 434-7244570

20in tires Cruiser alloy wheels, $1500, call 336-597-9830

bench seat for 1967-69 Camaro, excellent condition, $700, call 276-340-1825

Westin Chrome Bull Bar, like brand new, $200.00, 434-836-4034

FOR SALE {2} used Dunlop Radials sz 245/75/16, asking $35. 434-836-0005

dodge pickup parts full size and Dakotas; hoods, doors, beds, fenders, many parts. Call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

huskey liners fit toyota tundra, tan, new frnt&rear. $50.00 434-836-7687 350 chevy blocks 400 block steel 350 crank new eagle h-beam 6 inch rods bearings nitrous cam holley dominator 434-2037141 1993 mustang trunk style power windows no motor no trans $500 call 434203-7141 Falken Tires 4 Brand New 305/40R22 Ziex S/ T Z04’s $908, can mount & balance for a fee. 434-770-9862 89 ford 351 windsor runs good c6 tranny works good $250.00 each 434-753-3301 90 chev 305 runs good, turbo 400 shifted good $250.00 each 434-753-3301 set of bf goodrich tires 10 31 R15 LT, $40 call 434-203-5179 set of tires 205/70 15, $40, call 434203-5179 set of rims for 1985 corvette good shape, 2 have tires, 245/50 R16, $300 for all, 434-203-2706 big block Chevrolet and small block Chevrolet cylinder heads, pistons, and other parts too numerous to list, call 540382-8827 Looking for a Radiator For a 1994 Subaru Loyale, 5Speed, 4x4 4 door. 434324-7115 2 inch lowering spindles for 19982003 S10, $150 OBO, call 434-724-6522 extreme body kit for 1998-2003 single cab S10, $450 OBO, call 434-724-6522

51 Ford Motor, Trans, Rear end 84 Camaro Fenders, doors, hood, deck lid and Quarters. 540-576-1363 chevrolet 327 completely rebuilt, w/forged internals, complete from valve covers to oil pan, 434-728-1673 1989 ford mustang fox body, all glass, windshield, back window & 2drs, $150, 434728-1673 Turbo 350 transmission call 434793-9935

Auto SUVs 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Red with Black Interior, Alpine Stereo with Remote, Nerf Bars, Excellent Condition, $3995 OBO, 434-907-1421 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 AT, AC, PS, PB, $1995 OBO, 434-250-8845

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Nonni’s Italian Eatery Pizza • Pasta • Subs

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Any Two 8” Subs

Lg. 16” Cheese Pizza

Wheat or White Bread Available


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Call 791-3757


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Extra Topping $1.45 • Take Out & Coupon Only • Expires 12/31/09

Call 791-3757

Two Large 16” Pizzas

w/One Topping, Plus Cheese • Extra Topping $1.45


1994 chevrolet blazer s10/4x4 body interior tires in good condition, needs engine work, $900 OBO, 434-728-4942 2 jeeps 1948 & 1949, call 434-791-4626 1992 jeep cherokee lifted 4x4 6in rough country lift.33in wranglers ect., runs great, must see, $2800 OBO, 434-7284150

1999 Toyota 4runner SR5 4x4 leather, auto trans, sunroof, cd, pwr everything, tow pkg, new tires & brakes, serv records avail, 146k miles, $7400. 336514-2506. 2002 Chevy Trailblazer $6999.00, 6CYL, fully loaded, very good condition, call Tony 434-688-1220 1999 jeep wrangler sport 4x4, 27k miles, auto, white, soft top, clean, many extras, $11,500 OBO, call between 6pm-9pm 434-822-7848 2005 ford expedition xlt fully loaded, DVD player, 24in rims + stock rims & tires, 6 cd player, 4wd, 434-203-9112 1999 gmc yukon Nice car. 146,500M, leather interior, new tires w/ receipt. one owner, never wrecked. $5500.00. Very dependable. 336-791-3027 Blazer 2 door 4x4 1994 Blazer full size Tahoe, very well maintained, new tires, new battery, new brakes new stereo, $3500.00, 276-340-6789 2002 Toyota 4runner 4x4 Excellent Condition. Very Clean. Automatic Trans. Tow Pkg. Sun Roof. Roof Rack. CD/Cassette/AM/FM Radio. Air. Burgundy Paint. A must see. Please leave message on machine if no answer. $12,500. Call 434753-3840

Save Money on . . .

Save Money on . . .

w/Two Toppings, Plus Cheese

Two Medium 14” Pizzas

Lg. 16” Pizza ~ and ~

10 Buffalo Wings


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w/Two French Fries or Pasta Sald

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Expires 12/31/09

2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer, Stk# M48571P, Was $12,999 Now $10,400. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www. 2005 Mazda Tribute, Stk# M90144B, Was $15,995 Now $12,348. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2006 Chevrolet HHR, Stk# 81692B, Was $15,990 Now $10,550. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer LS, Stk# 80708A, Was $15,990 Now $9,912. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-2033982, visit us online at www. 2007 Ford Edge SEL, Stk# 90063A, Was $23,990 Now $21,954. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 GMC Envoy SLE, Stk# 48487P, Was $16,995 Now $12,846. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli

in a Creamy Pesto Sauce. It’s Delicious!

Call 791-3757 1994 S10 only 80,000 miles

2008 Chevrolet HHR, Stk# 48484P, Was $16,990 Now $11,857. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

it is a long bed base model. runs and drives like new only $1,600 276-806-3520 or 276-650-8639

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe LS, Stk# 48561P, Was $35,995 Now $34,862. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1984 long bed s10 pickup AT, 6cyl, runs good, transmission ok, high gear is gone, $650 or willing to buy a transmission 2.8 V6, 434-548-4891

1997 White S10 Chev. Blazer LS, 122K miles, 4Dr, 4WD, power windows & doors, privacy glass, $2995. call 434792-9993 (M-F,8am-5pm), 434-710-0052 (nights&weekends) 1985 dodge suv 2wd, auto, v8, loaded, new paint 93k looks runs drives excellent $2300 OBO consider trades 336-388-5816 Red Jeep Cherokee Country 4.0 Liter, V6 High output, 4X4, New tires, brakes, AC, Tilt, Cruise, CD player, Fully Loaded, Runs great, reduced to $3,200 Call 434549-1732 or 434-724-7870 1995 right-hand dr gmc jimmy Great for mail or paper carriers. 4wd v6 auto. Power windows, 4 door $3300.00 336-5145373 1999 Lincoln Navigator fully loaded, lather interior, black, DVD player, TV, $10,500, call 434-685-3404, 276-340-1825 2001 chevrolet blazer Super clean 2dr SUV. Great gas mileage in this one. Automatic, Power Windows and much more. EASY FINANCING! $1000dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1995 s10 blazer 170,000 miles, loaded, 4wd, call 434-685-2169

Auto Trucks 1998 Ford F-250 3-door, 5.4 gas, PS, PB, A/C, tow package, great condition. 127k miles, $4,800 OBO, 434-797-2029 1964 F600 Ford Rollback $3,000 or trade for 4 wheeler or zero turn lawn mower. Needs work. 434-203-0570 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty Pick-up 4x4. Long bed, ext cab. Asking $11,500, 434685-7268 1997 Custom chevy s10 truck 4cyl, 5 speed, AC, call for Details! $3000. *FIRM* 434-836-6328 1989 Chevy 1 Ton Dually Pickup. Less than 10,000 miles on 454 engine, $3,000 OBO; 1994 Chevy 1 Ton Ext Cab Dually Pickup, new paint, Less than 20,000 miles on 454 engine, $6,000 OBO; 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4x4, Lift Kit, Good Condition, $2,500 OBO. Call 434-470-7564 1986 toyota 4x4 pickup $1800 OBO, call 434-688-2039 1996 s10 ext cab 4wd, all power, cc, excellent condition, $3000 transmission, $4200, call 336-347-7163 Street Rod 1956 Studebaker Pickup Truck, street rod. Tune port 350 automatic, 355 posi-trac rear, excellent running condition. New tires and rally wheels. Asking $8,000 but will take a reasonable offer. Call 434-470-7564 1972 ford f100 long bed, 360, ps, everything works, $1100, call 434-334-5432 toyota pickup lifted on 33’s, only 157K miles, tires 3wks old, 5spd 22re, fresh paint super clean truck. $4700, 434-250-5761 89 Ford F-350 Dually 4 Door diesel with Goose neck hitch runs good, looks good 434-432-0151

1996 ford ranger 4 cylinder, runs great, good on gas, for more info call 434572-8530

1996 ford ranger low rider pickup, too many special features to list, $6000 OBO, call 434-822-6201 1991 s10 chevrolet pickup 4.5, 6cyl, excellent shape, $2295 firm, leave message 434-685-5495 1985 ford f150 pickup 3spd in floor, inline 6 engine, $1200, call 434-251-2885 2003 chevrolet z71 extra cab 4x4, only actual 18,000 miles, new bed liner and electric brakes, excellent condition, $17,500 firm, call 434-724-1425 1995 toyota t100 2wd, 6cyl, good on gas, runs great, looks good, a/c, $2800, call 434-791-2053, 434-251-8974 1995 Silverado Z71 130,000 miles, lift kit, 37in tires, cd player & subwoofer, call 434-250-1771 1997 nissan 4wd, 74,000 miles, a/c, toolbox, excellent condition, call 434-822-0887 1998 toyota tacoma 1 owner, 83,000 miles, 5spd, 4cyl, bedliner, standard bed, a/c, $6200, call 434-822-1026

280 Roy Ford Road, Blairs, VA 24527 Shop (434) 836-5687 Cell (434) 250-2464


Medium Duty • Heavy Duty Specializing In Diesels! Fleet Service Specials Available!

Jonathan Mayberry Owner & Operator

24 Hour Road Service • Reasonable Rates

The Lovelace Touch Mobile Day Spa 336-791-5699

Audrey Lovelace

License #’s 1202019420 VA Cosmetology License #1201103600

Gift Certificates Available For Your Valentine Facials • Pedicures • Manicures • Body Wraps SPA PARTIES IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ, Stk# 48565P, Was $35,999 Now $34,648. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1986 gmc c70 new engine & tires, 18ft reefer box, extra good condition, $3500, call 434-685-4752

2007 GMC Sierra 1500, Stk# 48576P, Was $14,999 Now $11,998. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1966 ford pickup no motor or transmission, complete body, good for parts or restoration job, short bed, $200, 434-250-1387

2006 Ford Ranger, Stk# N48575P, Was $13,999 Now $13,467. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 1983 GMC Sierra 4X4, only 109,000 miles, good condition, $5000, 434-5794901 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, pw, pl, air, cruise, new tires, bed liner, 4.7 liter, 55,000 miles. 276-734-4060 1999 Ford Dually $11,500 obo Too Many Extras to List, 434-836-6216 1991 s-10 2wd, 4.3, white, lowered 1in, 98,000 miles, new tires, radiator, lowering kit, call for details $3000 OBO 336-3881205

1995 Ford Bronco 4X4 5.8, AC, AT. Good Condition, $3500 Firm. Call 434-822-0701 1994 chevrolet full size ext cab, Z71, 4wd, 350 crate motor, AT, brand new set of tires, lots of new work, $4000 OBO, 434-250-5154 1987 toyota pickup ext cab 4wd, 7in lift, 35x14x50 tires, 15x12 black wheels, ARB bumper, winch, 4cyl & 5spd both rebuilt, $4200 OBO, 434-250-5154 1998 ford f150 low mileage, excellent condition, $2900 firm, call 434-483-4945 2001 Dodge 2500 2wd 43000 actual miles! Cab/half. Diesel, White, Auto, 5thwh Reese Hitch, New CD/radio. Great shape. $14,500.00, 434-251-5009

2002 Ford F150 Lariat, Stk# 48505A, Was $14,995 Now $ 12,806. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2003 Ford Ranger XL, Stk# H48468P, Was $10,995 Now $7,403. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche, Stk# 48459P, Was $23,995 Now $18,385. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888203-3982, visit us online at www.

1996 Chevy Cheyenne 2500 Ext Cab, Cold Air, AT, PB, PS, High mileage, good condition $2400 OBO. Call 336-388-2506

1999 dodge durango needs minor work, $1500 OBO, 434-688-1709 1998 ford f150 long bed, bedliner, AT, air, excellent condition, $3000, call 434793-4117, 434-334-6816 2001 chevrolet silverado 4wd, ext cab, 85,000 miles, brand new BF Goodrich tires, $9000 OBO, call 434-724-7324, 434251-2017 1968 chevrolet short bed, 6cyl, 68,000 miles, call 434-799-4217 1984 dodge pickup 150 Royal SE Prospector, 360, 4 barrel, AT, good body, $3500 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638 project truck 1993 Chevrolet S10, manual, asking $1,200, has 132,000 miles, call 434-334-4498 1968 gmc short bed, V8, AT, $1800 OBO, call 434-251-1137 1994 toyota pickup extended cab, Auto, 4cyl, $1650, call 434-728-0736 1989 Toyota Pickup V6 5 speed Dark Blue Ext. Cab 7in. of lift 33x14.00 Boggers 105,000 Miles $6000 Firm 434-251-5275

1999 Ford F250 7.3 diesel 2wd extended cab 350k. gooseneck-ball, good tires. kbb Trade-in value is $5500. Good work truck. $4900. 336-694-5921 1972 Dodge Pickup 318 V8, PS, AC, AT, runs good, fair condition, needs a tune up. $800 OBO. Needs to go! 434-334-4887

1990 Ford Ranger $700 OBO. Call 434-822-5516

1990 Dodge Dakota long Bed 86K actual miles, Newly rebuilt transmission. Runs Great. $1750 OBO. Call 434-7244578 or 434-250-8490

Beautiful 1950 Ford Pickup red, completely restored, all original except 305 Chevy engine, automatic, late model rear end, $15,000. Call 434-685-7355 x ID 2751958 1985 toyota 4 runner 4wd, front straight axle, 22R motor, $2000, call 434836-1126, 434-728-5169 1995 nissan pickup needs windshield, bumper, grill, battery, & radiator, $800 firm, $100 extra for 4 Nissan wheels, call Kevin 434-724-1218 1983 Ford truck 4X4, 40in Groundhawgs, good motor, transmission, only needs front end, also parts truck, $500, 434-222-8025 2000 ford e350 14ft box truck low miles, lift gate, excellent condition, $9499, call 434-250-3298 1994 toyota 4x4 reg cab, 119,000 miles, green w/gray interior, 5spd, 22RE 4cyl, good condition, $4500, 434-548-6123 2008 Nissan Titan SE 4x4 king cab, 5.6L V8, towing package, a/t, loaded, 15,400 miles, bed extender, $23,000; 434770-2580; 434-432-4389 1988 Chevy 4wd auto 5.7lit. asking $2700 call for details alot of new updates. Leave message if no answer. 434-836-4246 91 toyota 2wd 5 speed new tires runs great needs body work and muffler $2000 OBO, call after 5pm 434-489-3485 1993 Ford F-150 New paint, new bedliner, V8, auto, air,120,000 miles. Excellent truck. $3,000 OBO 276-629-4308 1979 chevrolet silverado fully loaded, long bed, excellent condition, call 434-234-8518 1998 chevrolet 2500 pickup 350, cold air, automatic, high mileage, good condition, $2400 OBO, Call 336-388-2506

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day - We will buy and remove junk vehicles 434-799-5384 203-1963 2002 Dakota Pick-Up 4x4 Quad Cab 4-Speed automatic-trans. Garage kept, Low miles. Price new $28,555. Call for sell price. 434-572-8137 2003 Ford F150 Lariat 4X4 30,000 mi. Red and Silver. New Hitch, $18,500, OBO, Leave Message 434-822-8156 1973 dodge pickup 318 engine, $2000 price negotiable, call 434-792-1591

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Countryside serviCe Center, inC. 2580 Countryside Drive, Ringgold, Virginia


get in line for the 2009 winter speCial • 10% Off All Parts And Labor On Automotive & Agricultural Repairs. • 15% Off On RV Repairs. Limited Time Offer. Full Payment Due At Time Of Service. Repairs Must Be Scheduled by February 27th, 2009.

1984 dodge flatbed truck white, 36,800 miles, $3000 negotiable, call 434792-1591 2001 dodge ram 1500 V6 Magnum, new brakes & tune up, looks & runs great, wholesale price $3700, 540-576-4431 2002 toyota tacoma 4x4, ext cab, 5spd, silver, AM/FM/Cassette/CA, ac, ps, pb, pw, pdl, pm, spray on bedliner, 67,009 miles, $11,000, 336-580-1007, 434-7912280

2004 ford explorer sport trac gold, loaded, VADLR call 434-791-4000 2004 Ford Ranger Edge Edition Red, Must See! VADLR call 434-791-4000 2004 ford ranger pewter, extra cab, AT, very nice, VADLR call 434-791-4000

Auto Vans 1995 chevy cargo van Good condition, white,160,000 miles, w/ladder rack & shelves, $3500, call 434-251-1050 1992 ford commercial van AT, $1200, call 434-251-2885 1996 windstar van very clean, tick in the motor, $1500 or will trade for truck or tractor. 434-822-7614 1994 dodge grand caravan good condition, good engine & transmission, call 336-694-1792 1998 pontiac transport low mileage, new parts, needs engine work, for parts or all for $350, 434-724-4570 Dodge B250 Van 1980, 148k miles, new inspection, new tires 318 V8, AT, reliable, $700 434-432-2706 Nice 2000 Ford Windstar SEL minivan, w/factory entertainment system, dual power sliding doors, loaded, front/rear heat/ air, $3995. Call 434-724-5036 1997 chevy aventure van ex. condition.dark green $2000 call pam at 276-6320844 must sell 2001 Ford Windstar Very nice runing 4dr minivan. Automatic, AC, Power Windows and much more. EASY FINANCING! $1000dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 1997 Pontiac Montana Very nice running 4dr minivan. Automatic, Power Windows, Ac, and much more. EASY FINANCING! $800dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

Auto Cars VA-Carolina Auto Auction 2331 Goodyear Blvd, Danville. Wholesale to everybody. 7pm Friday, call 434797-5165

We also offer state inspections. 1994 thunderbird $500 obo white, v8, automatic.good condition. w/sunroof, call 434-432-0376

2001 Mercedes-Benz C320 Black 4dr Sedan. 83,000 miles, Navigation. $13,500. 434-441-6211

1986 Crown Victoria All power locks and windows. Great on gas. As is $500, 434-738-2353 or 434-251-3418

1986 Ford Mustang Hatchback Body has all Gt ground effect kit, set of long tube headers and a extra hatch $600 Call 434-203-2018

1956 Chevy Nomad, excellent condition, ready to ride, $20,000 OBO; 1940 Chevy Coupe, Restoration in progress, All parts to complete project included, $20,000 OBO; 1986 IROC Camaro, Good condition, $3,000 OBO; 1993 Z28 Camaro, Excellent condition, $5,000 OBO. 434-470-7564 93 mazda 626 5 spd good car $1300 OBO, Giovanni rims, clean car, many extras, needs pump, 276-340-5078 1995 ford escort lx been wrecked in front end, parts car only, $500, call after 3pm 434-476-6747 1996 chrysler 2dr $1000, call 434791-4249 1989 honda civic xl 4dr, 5spd, $1000, call 434-250-0563 1990 cadillac fleetwood 4dr, small v8, 130k, loaded, 16-20mpg city, 24-30mpg hwy, $2195 OBO, call 434-724-6276 1974 toyota corona mkii station wagon, 78,000 miles, AT, a/c, ps, pb, 4m in line 6 engine, $1995 OBO, 434-724-6276

2003 Cadillac CTS fully loaded, excellent condition, 67,000 miles, leather, sunroof, only asking $11,500, 336-939-5016 CLASSY MOM Immaculate black 2004 Nissan Murano SLAWD 36k with leather, sunroof, Touring Pkg. Service records available. $18,995, 434-441-0955 1992 nissan maxima 90,000 miles, excellent condition, loaded and great on gas, $2300, call 434-728-5519 2008 HONDA CIVIC 2-DR COUPE, 4 cyl., a/ t, pw, pdl, cruise, tilt, 6800 miles, atomic blue metallic, $16,400; 434-432-4389 2006 Chevy HHR Grey Sport Utility 40,000 Miles Asking $11,500 good condition 434836-6924 1993 mercury topaz 4cyl, 5spd, needs motor, $250 OBO, call 434-432-0027, 434432-0154 1999 Honda Accord 4cyl, auto, new paint, 18in chrome wheels, 103k miles, like new interior, $8350, 434-250-7273 1991 ford taurus 4dr, AT, $500; 1990 Lincoln Town car, 4dr, AT, $1000, call 434251-2885

2005 Nissan Altima, Stk# N81421A, Was $11,990 Now $9,940. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2004 Ford F150, Stk# M48574P, Was $16,999 Now $11,899. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2003 Nissan 350Z, Stk# 80401A, Was $17,995 Now $16,996. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2005 Nissan 350Z, Stk# N48401A, Was $19,990 Now $17,691. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2004 Pontiac GTO, Stk# M48568P, Was $18,499, Now $15,129. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2007 Nissan 350Z, Stk# N48466P, Was $32,995, Now $26,500. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at 2002 Ford Windstar SEL, Stk# 90240A, Was $10,990 Now $6,879. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

1948 Plymouth Coupe Spec Delux 318 motor, 904 trans., painted in 2005. New tires. Selling due to family illness. 276-7325784

Ricky Carter

T/A Wayne’s Used Cars

10056 US Hwy 29 North - Blairs, VA


2001 Dodge Intrepid, pl, ps, pw, cruise, great shape.93k miles. $3,500, great tax money investment. 276-734-4060 1998 Chevrolet Lumina Great Motor/ Trans, Missing Driver Door. Minor wreck (door was cut off) Still Runs Good. $650 OBO, 434-685-6093 Red 2000 Pontiac Grand Am Front&Rear End Damaged, Good Motor/ Trans. Runs. Has Brand New Fuel Pump. $500 OBO, 434-724-4990

1991 ToyoTa TRuck Red, 2 Wheel Drive, AT, AC, PS, PB, Tilt, Cruise, 138K! only $2,995

2001 chevy s10 TRuck White, 4 Cylinder, 5 Spd., AC, Sharp! only $3,995

2000 Buick Regal gRand spoRT Green, 125K, Leather, Michelin Tires $4,995

2005 chRysleR pT cRuiseR Gold, Touring Addition, Low Miles! $8,995

2000 volvo s70 Blue, 4 Dr. Sedan, Sunroof, Fully Loaded! $5,995

2003 vW JeTTa gls sTaTion Wagon Blue, Extra Clean! $6,995

1995 Honda Accord 4dr. automatic with power windows, power door locks, cruise control, am/fm radio, sunroof. Good condition. Asking $3500, 434-251-6416 sandrail/dune buggy 68 VW motor, new tires, racing seat, tach, dellorto carburetor. Easily made street legal. FAST!! REDUCED $3700.00, 434-432-8820 Cadillac cts Fully loaded, heated seats, sunroof, 6disc changer, 48k miles, w/100k warranty, like new, $19,500.00, 434-250-7273 1997 gt mustang new red paint, low miles, $5000 firm, call 434-251-2632 1978 buick skylark stock 5 engine w/ chrome on it, $1500 OBO, call 434-7913557 1991 Geo Prism Same as Toyota Corolla. New Front axles, New tires, auto, cold a/c, 199k. 35+ MPG!! $1,575. 336-514-0392 1996 Honda Civic EX Auto, A/C, CC, Spoiler, Black, Excellent Condition. 35+MPG, $3,950, 336-514-0392 crown vic. 1995 Crown Victoria LX, 166k, Asking $2800 OBO, 276-252-5068 1994 civic dx AT, 250K miles. Runs, heavy damage to frame. Best for parts/project car. Leave message 434-489-5688 1997 Eclipse very nice inside/out air intake, power chip 145K 5speed, Great 1st car, runs great, $2250, call 434-203-8005 1991 Geo Metro Convertible Runs great! 5 Speed. Great gas mileage. Over 60 MPG on trip. $2,100, 336-514-0392


Relaxers w/Wrap or Set ........................ $35.00 Doobies .............................................$20.00 Rollers Sets ......................................$20.00 Shampoo & Curl .............................$20.00 Kashanna Robertson Owner/Stylist

1995 eagle talon 5spd, custom wheels, $1900, call 434-251-2885

2001 PT Crusier 5 speed, 4cyl, am/ fm, CD, new tires, rims, great gas mileage, exc. Condition $4,500 OBO 276-629-4308

136 Franklin Turnpike, Suite 9 • Danville, VA 24540

1998 mitsubishi mirage 4dr, AT, 4cyl, a/c, 142,000 miles, $2000, call 434-2218694, 434-432-9630

2002 Chevy Impala Silver w/grey leather. Low mileage. Runs great. $6500 Call 434203-3387


1998 Honda Civic Body in fair condition. Excellent running condition. 434-203-3387. $2900 Good to work car.

1996 Oldsmobile Achieva auto, a/c, 2 dr, looks good, runs good, great on gas $1500 OBO 434-728-3132

1961 Ford Falcon 2 dr wagon. $500. Needs some work. Good project, car some surface rust. Not running. 434-203-0570

1997 Ford Taurus GL 4 dr, V6, auto, a/c, runs good, looks good, lost job MUST sell $1800 434-728-3132

1990 Miata Red w/new roof, PS, PB, A/C, great condition. $2,800 OBO, 434-7972029

1995 saturn sl2 call 434-799-3184 1989 buick park ave loaded, 102,000 miles, garage kept, $2550, call 434-8361838, 434-251-0185 Torch red and hot 2008 GT Mustang, 2800 miles, garage kept, 3yr 36,000 miles warranty, everything your heart desires in this car, asking $21,000, 434-792-4715 1991 chevrolet caprice ex-cop car, good shape, call after 5pm 434-724-1549, 434-724-2818 1999 chrysler 300m excellent condition, fully loaded, 60,000 miles, $8500, call 276-340-1825

1993 Ford Thunderbird Special Edition $2995 Firm, Extra Clean. 434-822-0701

(Right Across From North Main Baptist Church


never pay retail again! 1304 Piney Forest Rd • across from Arby's •

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass 111,000 Actucal Miles, 260 V-8 Engine All Original, $1,500 OBO 434-250-7560 or 434-7281792

BMW 1992 325 is low mileage, excellent condition. Asking $3,000. 434-836-9705

1993 toyota camry needs work to run, $1000.00, serious only 276-806-8938

1989 cadillac needs work, $600 OBO, call 434-432-3416

2006 Pontiac Vibe, Stk# 48464P, Was $16,995 Now $11,747. VaDlr, We Finance! Toll Free 1-888-203-3982, visit us online at

2007 Dodge ram 1500 Crew Cab ..$14,280 List: $17,995, 4x4, Automatic, SLT Pkg.

2007 Dodge Calibur r/t aWD..$11,560 List: $14,995, Automatic, Lots Of Options

2007 isuzu ascender 4x4.........$10,980 List: $14,995, 19K Miles, Factory Warranty

835-0482 Winter ClearanCe all Cars reduCed

2005 Ford escape 4x4...............$9,470

FinanCing From 5.75%

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe ..........$8,465

2004 Ford Freestar SeS ..........$6,970

2005 Jeep liberty 4x4 ...............$8,450

2005 Chevrolet venture lS .....$6,750

2005 Saturn relay....................$7,990

2004 Kia Sedona lX ................$4,880

2007 Ford Freestyle Sel. ......$11,640

2006 nissan altima 2.5 S ..... $11,540

2004 Ford explorer 4x4 .............$9,670 List: $11,995, Leather, Sunroof, 3rd Row Seat List: $13,995, XLT, 52k Miles

List: $10,995, Automatic, Leather, Clean

List: $11,995, Automatic, 4x4, Lots of Extras List: $12,995, 4 Dr. Minivan, Leather, Loaded! List: $15,995, Automatic, Seats Seven

List: $9,995, Automatic, 4 Dr. Minivan

List: $10,995, 4 Dr. Minivan, Lots of Options List: $7,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras

List: $13,995, Automatic., Air, PW & More

2002 mazda 626, 4cyl, 66,000 miles, good condition, $5900, call 434-685-7237

2006 Chrysler Pacifica AWD. ..$11,240

2000 hyundai elantra 131,000 miles, minor body damage, needs engine work, $800.00 OBO, 434-251-7075 Ben

2005 Chrysler town & Country ...$9,440

2007 pontiac grand prix ........ $9,870

2007 Ford Freestar Minivan ....$8,960

2004 Jaguar X-type 3.0 aWD ... $9,840

List: $14,995, Leather, Entert. System, Loaded!

List: $11,995, Automatic, CD, Lots of Extras! List: $12,995, Automatic, CD, Clean

2004 Saab 9-3 arc ................. $10,740 List: $14,995, Convertible, Beautiful

List: $12,995, Automatic, V-6, Clean

List: $13,995, Automatic., Leather, CD

2006 Chrysler Sebring gtC ....$8,745 List: $11,995, Convertible, Low Miles

2006 Mitsubishi galant eS ......$8,475 List: $11,995, Automatic, CD, Lots Of Extras

2006 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx ...$8,175 List: $10,995, LS, V6, Automatic

2005 Chevrolet impala............ $7,860 List: $9,995, Automatic, CD

2004 Chevrolet Malibu............ $7,450 List: $9,995, Automatic, CD, Low Miles

2005 Ford Focus ZX5 ............. $6,990 List: $9,995, Automatic, Lot Of Extras

2004 Suzuki Forenza .............. $6,875 List: $8,995, 29k Miles, Factory Warranty

2004 Chevrolet Classic .......... $5,970 List: $7,995, Great Gas Mileage!

2005 Ford taurus Sel ............ $5,680 List: $8,995, Leather, Clean

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier ......... $5,390 List: $7,995, Automatic, CD, Great Gas Saver

*Prices exclude Tax, Tags, & Processing Fee.

Sale Price reFlecTS caSh Sale. Financing available aT negoTiable liST PriceS. WiTh aPProved crediT.

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2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2008 Nissan Sentra

Champagne, Nice, Very Low Miles!

White, 4 Door, AT, PW, Nice!

Piedmont Shopper - Your Favorite Weekly Community Paper

2007 Ford Mustang GT, Burgandy, 5 Speed, Very Low Miles, Too Sweet!

“We Finance” Cash Offers “Welcome” Ride Today! Bad Credit, No Credit, NO PROBLEM w/Approved Down Payment.

B & B Engine & Parts Remanufactured Engines & Cylinder Heads 2424 Hutson Road Dry Fork, VA 434-724-7175 or 1-800-237-4412 24549


2000-2002 Honda Accord

15 In Stock To Choose From, Many Colors!

2000 mustang gt burgundy, AT, Hemi intake, V6, Cobra engine, black leather interior, 114,000 miles, $5000, 434-250-3492

2006 acura tsx Ex condition, navigation, am/ fm/cd, leather power everything. 36,000 miles. Price $19,000 434-251-1142

1994 mitsubishi diamante 2 owners, pw, pdl, cc, sunroof, 6 CD changer, good condition, $2000, call 276-632-8817, 919971-0525

1994 toyota camry le 2dr, AT, fully loaded, excellent running condition, good paint, excellent interior, $3450, call 434728-0160

1977 Chevy Elcamino 350 4Barrel, Blue, runs good, Rallys, new tires, new muffler, $1800 OBO. Call Lenwood 434549-1681

1986 mercedes benz 300e gas fuel, nice, low miles, $2000, call 336-388-2744

1967 rally sport camaro can test drive, lots of new parts, $9000 negotiable, call 540-382-8827 1996 ford mustang gt $6500 OBO, call 434-724-6522

2008 Honda Accord EX

2002 Toyota Solara

Grey, V-6, Fully Loaded, Low Miles!

Red, Very Low Miles!

2008 Chevy Cobalt Black, AT, Fully Loaded!

2008 Pontiac Grand Prix

Blue, 4 Door, AT, Loaded, Low Miles!

MUST SELL! 2007 Ford Mustang. Black, V6, Auto, Tan leather interior. 20k miles. Like new, garage kept. $14,500 OBO. 434709-0816

1968 el camino 327 engine, AT, $5995, call 336-388-2744 1992 honda civic 4dr, needs motor, $1000 price negotiable, call 434-792-1591 1998 dodge stratus 2.4 engine, motor runs good, part out whole car or sell, call Shawn 434-250-6243 1992 oldsmobile regency 98 4dr, sedan, good running condition, $1100, 434770-6594

1982 dodge mirada 93,000 actual miles, 2nd owner, 318 AT, $2500 OBO, call 434-476-6455, 434-222-2638

1999 Chrysler 300M fully loaded, leather interior, 66,000 miles, $8500, call 434-685-3404, 276-340-1825

1965 mustang good V8, automatic transmission, new brakes, new parts for restoration in progress. $4500. 336-749-5922

1992 coupe mustang race car 2400lbs, runs 638 to 8th of mile, $9800 OBO, 434-685-3404, 276-340-1825

1979 Corvette Complete car w/close to $8000 in new parts. 48,000 true miles. (Dash, bumpers, etc.) All for $5000.00, 434791-4404

1993 ford taurus stationwagon good car, call 434-799-3184

1994 honda accord ex AT, sunroof, transmission slips, $1500, call 276-3407991

2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 S Black, AT, Low Miles!

2003-2006 Honda Accord, 10 In Stock To Choose From, Many Colors!

2002-2007 Chevrolet Malibus 6 To Choose From

Many Colors, Low Miles!

2003 Infiniti G35 Champagne, Fully Loaded, Low Miles, Very Nice!

low miles like new 1995 Silver Chrysler Lebaron GTX Convertible 2DR Coupe, automatic 6cyl., 28 MPG, w/only 75,000 miles, garage kept, like new, $3999, ask for Doug 434-251-9374 1995 pontiac Firebird V6, Auto, t-top, runs great, $2100, 434-728-0736 2001 Volvo Turbo Wagon V70, fully loaded, sun roof, leather, all options $6800 OBO. 434-568-5588 respromo94@yahoo. com

2007 Dodge Caliber SXT

2005 Ford Escape

Red, AT, CD, 4 Dr., Low Miles, Very Clean!

Silver, AT, Loaded!

Car Fax Vehicle History Reports

2004 Cadillac Escalade

Champagne, AT, Fully Loaded, Very Nice!

2003 Mazda Tribute Silver, AT, Very Nice!

Tax Checks Cashed With Purchase!

928 Riverside Dr • Danville, VA 24540

2000 SS Camaro Long tube headers Prostar wheels Silver, Convertible, 6 speed, leather interior, Good condition. $10,500.00 434-222-7144 1985 toyota celica gt good body, not running may need head gasket. asking $400.00 OBO. Chris 276-957-1751 1995 Pontiac Grand AM, 120,000 miles, excellent condition, runs great! $1200 OBO 434-770-9629 1993 Mazda Protiege 160,000 miles, runs good, needs battery & right signal cover. Teal. $500. neg. 434-251-0648 after 5.

Susie’s Auto Center

NO Processing Fee Warranties NO Highway 58 East View our inventory Available Lot Fee Across From the Danville City Farm on NO Hidden Cost GOOD, CLEAN UsED VEHiCLEs At REAsONAbLE PRiCEs


2003 Suzuki Aerio SX, Blue, Auto., PS, PB, PDL, Cruise, Air, V-6, #3461 .................... $5,495

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe, Gray, PS,Tilt, PS, Auto., Air, 4 Wheel Drive, 93K, #3455 .............. $9,995

2006 Chevrolet Colorado, PW, PDL, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM Stereo, #3463 ............. $10,495

2002 Chevrolet S10 LS, Green, PS, PW, PS, PB, Tilt, V-6, #3465 .................................. $4,495

2005 Chrysler 300, Green, Auto., PS, PB, PDL, PW, Air, Cruise, V-6, #3469 .................... $9,995

1999 Suzuki G Vitara, Burgundy, PS, PB, PW, Air, Tilt, V6, 86K, #3470 ......................... $4,495

2006 Nissan Sentra, Champagne, PS, PB, Air, Auto., Cruise, 70K, #3471 ......................... $6,995

2005 Ford Focus ZX4, Green, PS, Air, PB, Auto., AM/FM Stereo, 74K, #3472 ......................$6,995

2000 Ford Mustang GT, Burgundy, PS, PW, PB, PDL, 5 Speed, #3474 ..................... $5,995

2004 Chevrolet Suburban, Pewter, Air, PS, Tilt, PW, PDL, AM/FM Stereo, #3476 ............... $10,995

1999 Mitsubishi Diamanti, Green, PS, PW, PDL, PB, PS, Air, Auto., #3477 ............... $4,495

2006 Mitsubishi Galant, Silver, PS, PW, PDL, PB, PS, Air, V-6, 87K, #3478 ................... $8,995

2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Gray, PS, PW, PDL, PB, PS, Air, Auto., #3479 .............. $6,495

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer, Silver, PS, PW, PDL, PB, PS, Air, #3481 ................................. $5,995

2002 Dodge Neon, Blue, PS, PB, Tilt, Auto., Cruis, 88K, #3482 .................................. $4,487

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Employment Help Wanted babysitting Looking for experienced person in Edgewood/West main area to babysit 9 month old boy. Contact Heather or 434-728-0395 Drivers: Dedicated Runs with Consistent Freight, Top Pay, Weekly Home-Time & More! Werner Enterprises 800-346-2818 x143 NEED $$Extra$$ MONEY Call Debbie at 434-791-2628 or 434-251-1028. Need people who are people friendly and making new friends. Showing Avon products. Piano Player & Choir Director Looking for Piano player & Choir director for Sunday Service’s,10am to 12Noon. One week day practice and some Special Events. Church is in Callands area and pay is negotiable. Call 434-724-4578 Survey Takers Needed: Make $5-$25 per survey. http://www. GetPaidToThink. com

Workers Needed To Assemble Kids I. D. Cards !Now hiring employees to assemble kids id cards. Immediate hiring! Lots of work! No experience necessary!$175 sign on bonus 1-877-562-9955 Yes, Avon can make life better up to 50%. Call 434-822-5622 and 434-8228900

Employment Positions Wanted caregiver looking to sit with elderly, nights Monday-Thursday, call 434799-3184 LPN- Available for private sitting with elderly. Weekends- evening or nights. References and history. 434-793-0214 Private sitter to sit with elderly people in their homes. Please call Connie 434-334-7990 work wanted I can do odd jobs around your house reasonable rate weekends only 434-822-6620

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Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center a premier facility in long term care and rehabilitation, is looking to enhance our current dedicated staff. If you are a licensed RN interested in working in long term care, we would like to talk to YOU! We are committed to our residents and staff. We offer competitive wages and benefits.

We Are Currently Recruiting For The Following Positions: • RN Supervisors – (FT and PT) Experience in LTC a plus. Must hold a current license from the VA Board of Nursing or be eligible to work in the state of VA.

• Housekeeping Associate – (Casual) Must be able to work a flexible 20 hour a week schedule. Housekeeping experience preferred.

We offer: • Health Insurance (FT Associates) • Life Insurance (FT Associates) • Dental Insurance ( FT and PT Associates) • 401K Plan • Nursing Scholarships • Credit Union Services

The right Choice! Telvista isn’t just the RIGHT choice, it’s the ONLY choice when finding a great job! Because we care about our team members, we offer benefits like . . . Tuition Reimbursement: Up to $3,000 each year for college degree programs and certifications! ■ A Fun, Relaxed Work Environment: Wear your jeans to work! ■ Paid Time Off (PTO): Accrue up to 152 hours annually! ■ Pre-Tax Medical, Dental and Vision, Paid Holidays, 401K Plan Plus Match, Flexible Spending Accounts, Microsoft Employee Discount and More! ■

now hiring

Customer Service Representatives Apply online Today! Visit Click on CArEErS link

For Immediate Consideration, Please Apply At

Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center


2344 Riverside Drive Danville, VA 24540 434-766-6000 Fax: 434-792-7240 Email:

EOE/Drug Free/Smoke Free Workplace

Must meet eligibility requirements. Team members must pass drug screen and background checks and be eligible to work in the USA. Telvista is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Call 434ATTENTION SENIORS 822-1800 to Medicare Drug Plan Costs Gone Up? Advantage Plan Costs Gone Up Or Cancelled? advertise Medicare Want to switch to a Medicare Supplement Plan? in the WE OFFER OVER 35 DIFFERENT PLANS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE . . . Piedmont SOME WITH DENTAL AND VISION BENEFITS. Shopper ADVANCE SENIOR SOLUTIONS

625 Piney Forest Rd, Suite 305, Danville • Call For An Appointment 434-797-2505


Service Attendant

Must have experience changing oil, tires, and operating a cash register.


Full time employment. Must have a state inspection license. For Service Attendant & Auto Mechanic Positions Please Apply In Person at

NorthmoNt ExxoN 2515 North Main Street • Danville, VA Previous Applicants Need Not Apply!

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“The Foundation You Can Build On”

Providing Residental, Commercial, & Industrial Concrete Needs In Danville & Surrounding Areas Please call for FREE estimates on your concrete projects.

434-799-5818 • FAX 434-799-5846 MAILING – P.O. BOX 10368 • DANVILLE, VA 24543 SHIPPING – 503 Wilkerson Rd., Danville, VA 24540

1982 buick electra estate Wagon, running condition, needs body work, $350, call 434-793-1715 1998 crown victoria ford white, all power, 75,000 miles, great on gas, $5800, 434-797-3845 1962 Volkswagen Beetle Complete Restoration In 04. $4800 Call 434-8363887 or 434-251-1592

Shout out and a big reminder to Juicy Judy Bryant‘s husband... If you forget Valentine’s Day this year you’re dead meat!

2000 Lincoln Town Car Super clean Spinaker Edition. Automatic, Leather, Alloys, with lots of other options. EASY FINANCING! $1200dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis Super clean and lots of extras in this 4dr luxury sedan. EASY FINANCING! $1200dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

Specializing In

Commercial & Residential Builders Engineered Wood Designer On Site Just off Riverside Drive behind Texas Steakhouse 100 Commerce Street • phone: 434.793.2122 fax: 434.793.4615 • toll free: 800.504.7044

5th-7th!!! 2002 Oldsmobile Alero Very clean and nice running 4dr sedan. Automatic, AC, Power Windows and more. EASY FINANCING! $1200dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR 2001 Mitsubishi diamante Very clean and nice running 4dr sedan. Automatic, AC, Power Windows, Cd, and much more. EASY FINANCING! $1200dn/$125 Bi-Weekly Regardless of credit history. Everyone Rides at National Auto Sales. See our Ad for lower mileage, like new vehicles. Located onPiney Forest Rd Across frrom Arby’s. Call 835-0482 for more info. VADLR

2002 toyota camry le green, AT, spoiler, alloy rims, VADLR call 434-791-4000

5th, 7th.

Thursday, February 5th 9am-7pm Friday, February 6th 9am-7pm Saturday, February 7th 9am-5pm

Sale Ends 2/7/09

2005 dodge neon burgundy, AT, very low miles, VADLR call 434-791-4000 1964 chevrolet impala super Sport, white, black interior, 327, AT in floor, bucket seats, needs to be restored, 434-685-2169 1964 impala super sport blue, blue interior, no motor or transmission or center section, bucket seats, needs to be restored, 434-685-2169 1972 camaro white, black interior, basket case, no motor or transmission, call 434685-2169 1989 honda civic low mileage, needs motor, $350, call 434-793-9935

Baby & Childrens Items

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Come See Tee Tee & Stephanie

at Styles For You

2603 N. Main Street, Suite C • Danville, VA 24540

Now Offering Specials On All Salon Services Please Call For More Details! Tee-Tee • Cell: 489.3050 Stephanie • Cell: 429-4685



She gives never-failing advice on all affairs of life such as love, marriage, business and health. If worried or in doubt, consult this gifted reader today!



CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 462 Piney Forest Rd. Danville, VA

(434) 791-4921

KIDS’ STUFF CONSIGNMENT Baby equipment, toys, maternity & children’s clothing. 1083 Piney Forest Road 434-836-1450 Similac Advance Formula 12 unopened 12oz cans for $80. Over $150 value for half the price. 434-728-4365 2 canister enfamil lipil w/iron powder infant formula, $20 for both, call 43799-3036

fisher price rainforest swing 5 speed,7 musical, non moving mobile, soft toys used once very good condition 434 799 4011 PowerWheels Yamaha Raptor and PowerWheels Kawasaki Ninja 4 wheelers, both less than 1 yr. old, great condition. $80.00 each 434-724-7853 Cherry wood Toddler bed (no mattress) good condition, less than 1 yr. old $30.00 434-724-7853 baby items cheap baby bouncer, diaper genie, baby bath tub, baby food formula, and more, call 434-836-1690 kids clothes and toys large variety of little girls clothes and misc toys, call 434709-1593, 434-836-2611 several little boys outfits 0-3mos, very nice condition, $3-$5 per outfit, 434-724-7778 Girls Clothes, Nice Brands Ralph Lauren, Lilly, Kelly’sKids, Abercrombie, etc. Dressy, Casual, Ski Bibs/Jacket. Size 7-16. Call 434-250-9773 box of girls baby clothes little shoes, size 4 and sandles and little outfits new, more info call Tracey 434-227-4893 2 umbrella strollers $10 each. Like new. Triple stroller. $100. New stroller. $45. Call 434-432-8080. Infant girl’s casual and dress clothing. 12m-24m. Call for more info. 434-432-8080 dora toddler bed set like new, call 434-728-0441

baby girls infant dress various sizes, $4ea, call 434-799-3036

PlayPen Multi-level playpen, in excellent condition $35.00 434-251-7039

babys playmat w/accessories, $10, call 434-799-3036

the bra lady boutique has Full Figure and Nursing Bras up to 48H. 1085 Piney Forest RD, Danville, 434-793-LADY

20 inch bike with gears boys 18 speed bike, good condition, asking $50, 434-685-3607 2 strollers in good condition 1 large,1 medium in size $20.00ea, 434-2515998 v-smile game system this game system is in excellent condition, 4 games included. It has the box it came in. $40.00, 434-685-3607

John Deere Decor (Sheet Set/ Lamp/ Clock/ Wall Pics/ Signs/ Switch Cover/ Fan Pulls/ etc) $75 Pics Avail. or 434-489-7787 Baby girl summer clothes Sizes 12 months-2T. Most name brands for good prices. Call 434-250-2665

17ft coleman canoe like new, $350, call 276-732-4451 1990 24ft Aqua Patio Pontoon Boat, 40hp Hardtop, low hours. 2nd Owner. Front fishing seats on front patio, no trailer, runs great. On Kerr lake or can be delivered to other lake. $3400 or take Guns or Honda or Toyota car or C1500 truck on trade 434251-8296

14ft flat bottom jon boat 9.9 Evinrude, seats, trailer, anchors, $900, call 434-250-1731 2001 yamaha wave runner 1200 XLT, 3 seater w/reverse, low hours, $4500, call 434-250-1731 1987 Sunbird 17Ft Extra Nice inside & out. 120HP Mercruiser. Runs Great. EZ load trailer, new paint, wheels, hubs & lights $3495 OBO. Call 434-836-3315 or 434250-2570

Books 3 best sellers 2 hardback, 1 paperback; 2 mysteries, 1 romance, $10 for all, 434-793-4817 God’s Little Devotional Book for couples, $5.00; Marriage Devotional Bible, $5.00; 90 Minutes In Heaven, $5.00, 434836-4034 The Parent Adventure, $5.00; Life Strategies by Phillip McGraw, $5.00; One Greath Truth by Jonathan Falwell, $5.00, 434-836-4034 Multiple Blessings Surviving to Thriving with Twins & Sextuplets by Jon & Kate Gosselin, $5.00, 434-836-4034 Twilight Book 1 spanish Book 1 of the Twilight series completely in Spanish brand new $10, call 434-250-9600 leave message Vintage Comic Books 4 Sale! 30 comics from the 1980’s. Marvel and DC. $450 for everything. Call for details. 434334-9078 hardback books Jane Patterson & Anne Rice, best offer, call after 3pm 434710-0515

Building Supplies

Infant swing Fisher Price Rainforest Swing. 5 speeds, 7 songs, toy mobile. ASKING: $30.00 OBO. Call Stephanie 434-7097976

Danville Ready Mix, LLC, Call for all your concrete needs. FREE Estimates. 434-799-5818

18 cans of nestle good start Supreme Infant formula, w/iron, $75, call 434-724-7829

Similac Advance 12.9 oz cans. blue top. have 9 cans, will sell for $6 a can. 434685-7041

Two Graco Car Seats Had twin girls. $65 each. Just like new. Call after 6pm 434476-7085

Stride Rite Girl’s Tennis Shoes size 11-1/2XW $4.00 434-836-4034

Business Opportunities

Baby boy clothes name brand 6-12 mnths. $40.00 Rocawear diaper bag used 4 times pd $80 will sell for $40 434-203-1519

little girls shoes size 11, boots size 13, call 434-836-3297

rainforest bed set for crib extra sheet and small blanket and lamp $180.00 will sell all for $70.00 434-203-1519

2 bags girls size 5/6 clothes excellent condition, long & short sleeve shirts, shorts & shoes, $25 for all, 434-251-1201

baby boy clothes 6-12 mths name brand $40 Rocawear nice diaper bag $40 434-203-1519

Precious Moments Baby Comforter and matching sheet, like new $8.00 434836-4034 New condition. Unisex. Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing $25, FisherPrice Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer $20, Bumbo seat w/tray $15 434-724-1675 Beautiful Unisex Ivory First Years 5-in-1 Sleep System Bassinet, Bedside Sleeper, Play Set, Changing Table $60 434724-1675


Wallpaper & Painting Services Wallpaper Design Custom Sewing Painting

(434) 685-3613 Joanie Forth, Owner

Baby girl clothes 2 bxs 0-12, 218 pcs including bibs, hats, socks, shoes, onesies, sleepers, dresses and more $100.00 434251-7039 Crib bedding set with mobile. Pink/ green by Lambs and Ivy. Sold for $150.00. Asking $45.00. 434-724-3029

Boats Coleman Crawdad jonboat 12ft, good condition, swivel seats, $400.00; Motorguide trolling motor 44lb thrust, $200.00, 434-907-1421 2000 Lowe 18ft Bass Boat Fully rigged aluminum bass boat with 90 hp Johnson. Very good condition. $7200 OBO. 434-822-8317 g3 fishing boat 40HP Yamaha motor, 18 1/2ft long, used very little, like brand new, $3500, 434-656-1159 14’ John Boat with Trailer T/ M 5HP Engine many extras $1200 OBO 336-5982659 or 336-599-4020

ALL MUSIC TYPES INCLUDING: • Country • Dance • Top 40 • Hip-Hop • Oldies/Beach LIVE SOUND PRODUCTION FOR: • Bands • Concerts • Special Events • All Venue Sizes • Indoor/Outdoor Venues

1994 DYNA-TRAK 18ft Bass Boat 120 HP Evinrude 2 stroke with stainless prop. $4500 336-562-5049

Boys Winter Clothes 4T & 5T, jeans, long sleeve shirts, coats & jackets, all nice, large box of each. $35ea box or by the piece, 434-799-4123

boys & girls clothes size 24mos, 3T, some 6/8, call 434-836-3297

• Private Parties • Birthday Parties • Wedding & Receptions • Christmas Parties • Corporate Events

1986 16ft bayliner boat great condition, $1000, call 434-822-6485, 434-7283862

45inx45inx7/8in sheeting board 16 sheets, $50, call 434-429-0579

Stroller Chicco Capri (Blue), gd. cond., 3 yrs old, $20. 434-944-0533


1991 21ft Bayliner V8 i/o tandem axle galvanized trailer excellent condition. Need to sale make offer. 276-734-5858

small baby car seat $5, call 434836-6941

Car Seat Evenflo (Comfort Touch) 4 yrs old, gd. cond. $20 434-944-0533


Jon Boat 12ft. V-Hull jon boat. Great for ponds. $180. Call 434-203-1720

Red Oak Harwood Flooring, Almost 2 Full Bundles, $50. each or $80. Both 434-572-2279

Serengetti Travel System purchased from Target, includes car seat, base, and stroller $75 Call 434-228-1366 or 434-797-2816

Sound Solutions Inc.

14’John Boat with Trailer T/ M 5HP engine many extras $1200 OBO 336-5982659 OR 336-599-4020

double stroller and white baby bed, excellent condition, $100, call 434-4321911

baby formula 18 cans of Nestle good start supreme powder, $75.00 or 6 cans $25.00, 434-724-7829

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Heat Press Includes lots of designs, shirts & coats. $2500 Call 434-822-5506 or 434-250-1320

Business Services Economy Tree Trimming Licensed & Proof of Insurance. Best service & best price ALWAYS! Call 434-724-4034 or 434-251-3565 Tony Ray Cook Lawncare Commercial & Residential complete lawn care. Tree work with bucket truck, stump grinding, backhoe service and bobcat work. Free Estimates! Call 434-489-2886 or 434-793-3665 R&D Tree Service Locally owned & operated for over 20 years. Tree Topping, Take Down, Chipper Service and Stump Grinding. Call 434822-6010



CALL ME IF YOU NEED... Light Hauling, Demolition, Basement-Yard Cleaning, Digging; Odd Jobs- Free Est. Call James @ 434-792-6892

Bill’s Handyman Service Affordable & Dependable. Home, Mobile Home & Business Repairs. Call 434429-3697 Bonded Pressure Washing Make your home look like new again! Get your siding, deck, driveway and sidewalks cleaned! Call Jared 434-251-7375 for your FREE ESTIMATE. Byrds Nest, Inc. Tree Removal Service, bucket truck, storm damage clean-up and brush removal. Family owned & operated. Karle & Jonathan Byrd 434-724-4095 or 434-251-2098 FREE ESTIMATES! Dan River Window Company Save on Heating & Cooling expenses. Free Estimates! Call 434-792-0966 Toni & Kellam’s lawn service Will do yard work at reasonable rates, can mow, trim, install much anything you need done in your yard. Also power washing houses. 434-822-5303 or 336-508-8148 midsize dump truck service Hauling Rocks, Gravel, Mulch, and Dirt. Call 434836-0297 or cell 434-251-4584

windows & doors installed. Vinyl Replacement and Complete Vinyl Windows. Carpentry - I Measure up Windows & Doors. Free Delivery, Free Estimates. Workmanship Guaranteed. Call Neal 434-7247856 or 434-334-2111 blakes mobile home service transport and setup for used or new singlewide, doublewide, and modulars, call 336-5043481 or 336-599-0936

danville decks Decks and Deck Repair, Screened-In Porches and Room Additions. Free Estimates. Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and References, Don Nicholson 434-685-1746

Licensed Contractor

Jay Jennings Home Improvements

Windows ~ Doors ~ Siding ~ Additions Interior and Exterior Remodeling Repair ~ Service ~ Maintenance

“We Do It All!”

Free Estimates 140 Chestnut Level Lane Blairs, Virginia 24527

Lewis Electric Company Service Calls (ONLY $35.). For Quality, Dependable & Affordable ELECTRIC Service, call Rob 434-836-6328 HOME UPDATE PACKAGE LEWIS ELECTRIC CO. 434836-6328 Lighting Fixture installation $15. Receptacle w/ cover replaced $5. Switch w/ cover replaced $5. (Materials Included)

Best Care

Companion Services, LLC “Keep Your Loved Ones At Home” Reasonable Rates • Quality Care We Provide Sitters And Companions To Care For The Elderly & Sick We Specialize In Providing Qualified Sitters And Companions To Care For Individuals With ALZHEIMERS.

Reasonable Rates Mobile (434) 251-4232 Fax (434) 836-0771

Miracle Home Improvements, Licensed & Insured, Specializing in Additions, Bathrooms, Finished Basements, Enclosed Carports, Interior/ Exterior/ Garage Doors, Garages, Decks. FREE ESTIMATES! 434724-2173 Medicare/Medicaid It’s not to late to save on your medicare insurance with medicare advantage, Dental coverage available with some plans call Eddie Cochran 434-793-5000

John C. Stone Hauling We Haul: Rock, Dirt, Mulch, and Sand. Please give us a call for a Free Estimate. Call 434-2517520 or 336-388-1820

north star property services Landlord Services. Evictions - Turnovers - Repairs Remodels - Cleanouts - Service Calls - Emergency Service. Call 434-228-3246 carpet cleaning Rodney Steamer - All Type of Floor Repairs and Installation. Work Guaranteed. Senior Discounts. Call 434-489-2932 Cool Wheels Motorsports All Sizes, Affordable, ATV’S, Scooters & Dirt Bikes, Helmets, Gloves and Accessories. Can order parts overnight. Call 434-4290424 or 434-429-0436

majestic cleaners Quality cleaning at competitive prices. Located at 796 Piney Forest Rd Danville, 434-791-4311 hertzler contracting New construction, additions, new and re-roofing, garages, decks, farm building, and storage sheds. Licensed and insured. Call Jeff 276340-9346, Jesse 434-390-8200



$10 oFF

alignMenT Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-12-09 PS COUPON

$10 oFF

any BRaKe JoB

Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-12-09 PS




oil change Up To 5 qTs.

10w30 penzoil only

$2 oFF all oTheR oil changes Must Present Coupon • Expires 2-12-09 PS

“We Want Your Tire & Automotive Business” EnvironmEntal & shop fEEs $3-$5 addEd to most invoicEs


1332-C Piney Forest Road, Danville, Virginia 24540 Phone: (434) 836-6765

2605 Riverside Drive • Danville, VA 24540 Office 434-792-3066 • Fax 434-792-3071

Open Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30 pm • Sat. 7:30 am-12:00 noon Free Shuttle Service within city limits.

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For Sale or rent 1420 Myrtle Avenue • Living room • Kitchen • 4 bedrooms • 1 bathroom • Laundry room • Central gas heat • Gas fireplace Sale Price $49,500.00 100% Owner Financing 7% interest with monthly payments at $410.00 per month

Rent Price is $500.00 per month 1428 Myrtle Avenue • Living room • Kitchen • 4 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Laundry room • Central gas heat • Wood fireplace Sale Price $49,500.00 100% Owner Financing 7% interest with monthly payments at $410.00 per month

Call 434-836-2404

Rent Price is $500.00 per

WHATEVER YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS ARE...CALL US! • Oxygen • CPAP • Power Chairs • Lift Chairs • Wheelchairs • Uniforms • And More!

ROB’S FLOORING & CARPET REPAIR Custom Installation & Repairs • Laminate Floor • Vinyl • Carpet • Tile • Hardwood Floor

Excellent References Available Call Rob 336-388-0998 or 434-251-1640


South Danville: Remodeled, refurbished, redone, renewed home on almost 3.5 acres of land. House has two, possibly three bedrooms with NEW furnace, NEW carpet, NEW paint, NEW range, NEW hot water and more. Adjoins church property and is priced to sell at $49,900. 812 Holland Road. North Danville: Very attractive two and possibly three bedroom home with basement and storage building out back. Priced at certified appraisal price of only $45,000. Westover: Beauty shop on corner lot WITH an antique shop, WITH antiques and WITH a workshop building behind main building. Owner retiring and ready for new owner to become commander and chief. All for $145,000!

Sharing Peanuts!!! A tour bus driver is driving with a bus load of seniors down a highway when he is tapped on his shoulder by a little old lady. She offers him a handful of peanuts, which he gratefully munches up. After about 15 minutes, she taps him on his shoulder again and she hands him another handful of peanuts. She repeats this gesture about five more times. When she is about to hand him another batch again he asks the little old lady, 'Why don't you eat the peanuts yourself? We can't chew them because we've no teeth,' she replied. The puzzled driver asks, 'Why do you buy them, then?' The old lady replied, 'We just love the chocolate around them.' It pays to be careful around old people!

Kathy please come back! Lesley is driving me crazy!

Piedmont Shopper Real Estate Network We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia's and HUD's equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia's fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia's Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

There’s No Place Like...

3356 Riverside Drive Danville • Virginia


(434) 797-1329

Monday-Friday: 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. • Saturday 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

Don’s Auto Recycling 799-6333

We buy salvage cars. We buy brass, copper, aluminum cans & more.

Please send us your photos and short stories

Henderson Road – Pelham

Complete Renovated. This shingle sided home is 1524 sq ft, 1-acre lot in Caswell county. Large living room, eat in kitchen, 3BR, 2BA, deck front and rear. Master bedroom features his/her walk-in closets and private full bath. This home is conveniently located off Park Springs Road in the Pelham community with easy access to both Highways 29 and 86 and is approximately 10-15 minutes from Danville. Zero down finance available. Chartwell Properties, Inc - http:// or 434-713-9332.


418 Oak Forest Circle

Crayons Little Johnny had been bringing his drawings home from kindergarten every day since he started a month ago. Each day his mother admired the pictures and hung them on the refrigerator. One thing started bothering her: Little Johnny used only black and browns for his drawings. Fearing a problem and not wanting it to get worse, she decided to take him to a child psychologist. The psychologist delicately went to work. He gave Little Johnny a battery of psychological tests. He chatted with Little Johnny. Everything seemed perfectly normal. Every day for two weeks, the tests continued. Yet every day, Little Johnny continued to bring home drawings in only blacks and browns.

Beautifully remodeled sprawling brick ranch home, close in county location, 1.7 acre lot. 4BR, 3 1/2BA, includes a separate In-Law suite. Price reduced drastically to $219,000. Seller will pay closing up to 4% with full price offer. Or Will owner finance with 5% down for up to 3 years. Call Interior Designer, Rose Shields at 434-728-0204 for a viewing. Furnishings sold separately.

Call 434-822-1800 to advertise your home or property in the Piedmont Shopper

111 Madison Avenue

Extraordinary new home by Alderson Construction. This Chesapeake Pearl brick home offers 9 ft ceilings, beautiful hardwood oak floors, granite counter tops, and Venetian bronze fixtures. Master BR with trey ceiling, large walk in closet, 1st floor laundry, full basement w/ extra bath rough-in. Beautiful, professional landscaping w/ Hunter underground watering system.


Please call Ramsey Yeatts of Aaron Johnson Auction & Realty for more information at 434-250-5689


Frustrated at not being able to get to the root of the problem and fearful that something was terribly wrong, the child psychologist decided to give Little Johnny some paper and a box of crayons and observe what happened. Little Johnny opened the box of crayons and said, "Oh, boy! A new box of crayons! At school we only have old boxes. The only ones left in mine are black and brown!"


Lawless Creek Rd.

3BR, 2BA, vinyl, 2 car garage, full basement, 12x16 deck, concrete driveway, rock on front of porch. Call D. Womack 434-822-1534 434-250-7220 434-250-7212 Will Pay Closing Cost

NEW 148 Hickory Drive/Deerwood

1640 +/- sq ft, full basement, with TREMCO waterproofing. Great room with double Ventless gas fireplace, 2 bath with tile floors in baths and in foyer. Master bath has tub and 48 in. shower. 3 large bedrooms. Walk-in closet. Upgrade kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, large 2 door garage, concrete drive and walks, 12x16 deck with steps. WARRANTY.

Call D. Womack & Co. 434-822-1534 434-250-7220 • 434-250-7212

Will Pay Closing Cost

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day - BALDWIN & ASSOCIATES REALTY


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Investment Properties

Print, Copy, Fax, Internet Access, Sweepstakes & Games




Saturday, Feb. 21st – 10:00 A.M.-11:00 P.M. 3352 Riverside Dr., Danville, VA Riverside Shopping Center


DOOR PRIZES • Network Time A Prize Drawn Every Hour 11 A.M.-9 P.M.


Dee Dunaway GRI, Associate Broker



Buy a home or... Sell a home Call Dee today!



Business Quotes: I like work; It fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. [Jerome K. Jerome] Men who do things without being told draw the most wages. [Edwin H. Stuart]

Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues: always insist on it in your subordinates. [Don Marquis]



208 Belaire Drive, Danville, VA

Leadership: The art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. [Dwight D. Eisenhower]

Newly renovated 3 bed 1.5 bath brick home, with finished basement plus garage. An included home warranty eliminates the worry of having unexpected repairs in the future! This home is ready to move in with all appliances included.

Asking $119,000

To lead the people, walk behind them. [Lao-Tzu]

Only $2,700 Down And $800 A Month For Qualified Buyers!

Call 434-223-2976

Interesting This lady has changed her habit of how she lists her names on her mobile phone after her handbag was stolen. Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, wallet... etc...was stolen. 20 minutes later when she called her hubby, from a pay phone telling him what had happened, hubby says 'I received your text asking about our Pin number and I replied a little while ago.' When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the money was already withdrawn. The thief had actually used the stolen cell phone to text 'hubby' in the contact list and got hold of the pin number. Within 20 minutes he had withdrawn all the money from their bank account. Moral of the lesson: Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad , Mom, etc..... And very importantly, when sensitive info is being asked through texts, CONFIRM by calling back!! Also, when you're being text by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm that the message came from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places to meet 'family and friends' who text you. Along with that if you have an entry called 'Home' with your actual home phone number it's not too hard to do a reverse lookup on the number to find the address. now the robber has your home number, keys, AND address. PLEASE PASS THIS ON!


Come See A New Style Of Living In Danville Sunday, February 8th • 2 P.M.-5 P.M.


308 Craghead Street Danville, VA

4823 Riverside Drive • Danville, VA 24541

434-250-0838 • 434-822-0606

Office: 434-835-0305

Visit Our Website E-mail Us At

The right to be heard does not include the right to be taken seriously. [Hubert H. Humphrey]

$7500 Tax Credit & Low Down Payment FHA Loans To Qualified Buyers!

Cute 3 bedroom/2 bath home with full unfinished basement. Master bedroom is separated from other bedrooms. Upgraded features like ceramic tile and custom cabinets. Large, wooded lot in quiet Ringgold neighborhood.

& Associates Realty

Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps. [William Lloyd George]

Uncle Sam Wants You To Buy A Home!



Dana’s Garden Spot We Have Bulk and Packaged Seed Better Boy • Marglobe • Turnip • Cabbage Corn-Silver Queen and Others Lettuce • Squash • Peas and Lots More!

Come In And Schedule Your Spring Mulching And Landscaping!

NEW LOCATION 5844 US Hwy. 29

(Formerly 84 Lumber Bldg.)

Blairs, VA 24527 Hours: M-F • 9am-6pm Sat. • 8am-5pm Closed Sunday

(434) 836-9200


SOUTHLAND DR – Lovely Brick Ranch, One level living. Large kitchen, formal dining room, spacious living room w/fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Well maintained. Priced to sell. $95,000 New Listing

CATHY DR. - 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths. $131,000

City Properties

FAIRFIELD AVE - Two Bedrooms. $39,500 HARRIS PLACE - 4 Bedrooms. REDUCED! $50,700 1008 LOCKETT DR. - Split level home w/formal living room & dining room. $99,900 310 CLARKSON DR. - 3-4 BR, HW floors, den w/fireplace, in-ground pool. $110,000 GREEN ST. - 3 BR, 1.5 BA. $95,000 MONTAGUE ST. - 4 BR, 2 BA. REDUCED TO $75,000 STANLEY DR. - Brick ranch, 3 BR, 1.5 BA. $105,000 GLENDALE DR. - 3 BR, Dollhouse. $56,500 SCHOOLFIELD - 2 BR. $54,900 AMERICAN LEGION BLVD. - 2 Bedrooms. $59,000 LEEMONT CT. - 2 Bedrooms, large living room. $69,200 WOODBERRY HILLS - ARBOR PL. - 3 BR, 3 full baths. $148,500 115 OAK CREEK DRIVE - Two story, 10 rooms, 5 BR, 3.5 BA. $179,900 SWAIN DR. - 4 BR, 2.5 baths. REDUCED! $80,500 SOUTHLAND DR. - 3 BR, 1.5 baths. $95,000 SKYLARK DR. - Sandy Shores, split level, 4 BR, 2 full baths. $98,900 AREY CT. - 3 BR, 2 baths, 1st floor laundry. $192,000 179 MARTINDALE - Brick rancher, 4 BR 1.5 baths, HW floors, $87,500 ROSEMARY LANE - 4 BRs, 2 full baths. $119,000

County Properties

FRANKLIN TPK. - 3 BR, 2 BA, full bsmt, dbl carport. $143,500 JEANETTE DR. - 3 BRs, 2 baths, updates. $133,900 WOODHAVEN DR. - 3 BR, full basement. $117,500 CEDAR HILL RD. - 4 BR, 2 BA. $2.5 Million RT. 29 N . - 46.5 ac. +/-, long road frontage. $850,000 – Commercial potential 109 FOREST CT. - 3 BR, Hw. floors, new berber carpet and pool. $189,900 IRISH ROAD - 3 BR, 2 baths. Reduced $85,500 W. HIGHTOWER RD. - 3 BRs, many extras. $92,000 IRISH RD. - 3 BRs, 2 full baths. Situated on 4.27 acres. $105,000 (MLS 40545) RANDOLPH DR. - Beautiful modular on 10+ acres, 3 BR 2 baths. $149,500 807 KRISTEN LN. - 3 BR 2.5 baths. $214,900 1350 RANDOLPH DRIVE - 3 BR 2.5 baths, 10 acres. $214,900 1465 RANDOLPH DRIVE, KEELING, VA – 3BR, 2 baths, 10+ acres. $149,500 WHISPERING PINES RD. -Beautiful home w/3 BR, LR w/hardwood floors. $109,500

Commercial Property – High Traffic PINEY FOREST RD. – $299,900 PINEY FOREST RD. – $418,000

North Carolina

HORSE FARM – Taylorsville Road – $9,500,000.00 WALTERS MILL ROAD - 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths. REDUCED! $119,500

Call For Our List Of Investments, Foreclosures & Land! Available In City & County – $5,000-$200,000

AGENTS: Jeremy Echols .....709-7137 Nikki Minter ..........429-9092 Herb Gillispie .......203-2873 Lori Richardson ....250-4077 Susan Emerson ...728-2258 Ralph Stitt ............251-6256 Mike Jenkins ........489-1820 Vernon Garrett .....728-3710 John Quinn ..........724-1349 Billy Meyer ...........793-5845 Mary Jones ..........770-4361

Dee Dunaway, 251-4011 /GRI/ Assoc. Broker J.D. Emerson, 432-9375 / 728-2286 Assoc. Broker Linda Baldwin / Broker 836-0228

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Membership Special

David Gluhareff, CFT - ISSA (434) 728-0952

Join Now...

1 Year for

What to look for in a gym?



No More Excuses for Childhood Obesity! As a Personal Trainer I get to hear excuse after excuse about why someone says they cannot lose weight. Many times we are all confronted with junk food and high fat foods which are very enticing. It is up to our own Free-Will whether or not we want to give in to these foods and gain weight or stand our ground and lose weight. It is up to our own Free-Will whether or not we want to be active and play some sort of sport, exercise regularly, or find an outside and active hobby. When we stop moving we gain weight. If we are not getting enough rest and sleep, then we usually have lower immune systems and gain weight and feel irritable and stressed. If we feel this way, then how do you think our kids feel when all they do is eat Junk, watch TV, play Video Games, and stay up too late and get-up real early for school. We hurt our kids just like we hurt ourselves and there are no excuses for this.

Cash or Check

and this will be your guaranteed locked in rate every year!

A lady asked me the other day what she should do with one of her sons who is gaining lots of weight. She followed this up with all he eats is junk and he does not like to play too much or get a lot of exercise. Contrast this kid to one of the one’s I am working with presently who is working out with me twice weekly, he’s also playing basketball in a youth league, and has cleaned-up most of his junky eating habits. He is losing some body fat and toning-up. I think you see where I am going with this? If a family exercises regularly, eats healthy, and gets plenty of rest, then they will have less Obesity, less Illnesses, less Stresses, less Behavioral Problems, and more healthy and good times together. I had a lady talk to me a while back about her son. She said she has him on Ritalin because he cannot focus in the morning during school. After I spoke with the kid about his activity level, nutritional habits, and sleep amounts I found that he stays-up too late at night, wakes-up too tired in the mornings and usually has a Pop Tart and Soda right before going into school. I would not be able to focus well either if I was covering-up my tiredness with a high-sugar and high-caffeine soda and high-sugar breakfast snacks. When the kid would come off of the sugar and caffeine HIGH he was worn-out sitting in class. A large Church group I am working with right now is the Fit-Club organized within True Holiness Church in Danville, VA. I have been training their Pastor for a little while now and he has lost around 50 Pounds! Charles Walker is still leading by example! He is helping to get anyone interested in losing weight access to the right tools. I go there twice weekly to train nearly 40 people. The group also walks together at the River Walk Trail, plays Volleyball and Basketball together and many other healthy activities. I am so proud of this group because they are not using the same old excuses that so many of us use like – “I am too tired after working all day, I cannot afford Personal Training, It’s too hard, It’s too much work, I don’t want to miss my favorite TV show, No matter what I do I can’t lose weight”, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! This Church is taking care of its members and working together to provide the right solutions to Unhealthy Living. This is about taking care of the BODY we were given and this Church is becoming the fitness leader in their community! Everyone who attends is getting not only themselves healthier, but having a positive influence on everyone in their families (Their Kids) and social environment! Our kids respond to laziness, bad foods, and lack of sleep just like we do. When we gain weight, have Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Weak Bones, High Stress, and Fatigue, then our kids will have the same if they follow in our footsteps.

121 Piney Forest Road • 434-799-0875 Behind Ollie’s in Kings Plaza Locally owned and family operated by Mike & Tammy Wiles

AMERICA’S FASTEST REFUNDS® Liberty. Fast, Accurate and Friendly Service.


617A Piney Forest Rd. Hours: M-F 7 A.M.-9 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M.-5 P.M. Sun. 1 P.M.-5 P.M.

2420 Riverside Drive Hours: M-F 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M.-5 P.M. Sun. 1 P.M.-5 P.M.


26 OFF


My Cheat Snack: Now remember every week I try to eat healthy and stick to my healthy eating plan so on the weekend I can cheat a little. Well I went back to my old stomping grounds, Cold Stone Ice Cream, and they have a new flavor - Candy Cane ice cream. Since it was one of my cheat meals this past weekend I did want to use it wisely and wow it hit the spot. One of my clients had mentioned over the holidays that she made homemade peppermint ice cream and ever since I have been thinking about it. I believe this Candy Cane ice cream was similar to a peppermint ice cream. I had the smallest cup!



Valid at particpating locations. For new customers only. Not valid with other offers. One coupon per return. Valid 02/05/09-02/11/09. AdLib 1/1/09-4/10/09

My Healthy Snack Option: My son Dylan and I went to Sam’s on Sunday afternoon and bought a few groceries. One that I was out of was Kashi “Go Lean Crunch” cereal. I usually get a sweet tooth craving some afternoons so instead of something real bad I get a handful or two of this cereal for a snack. The reason I chose this was by accident, Yenni had bought this for herself and Dylan as a breakfast cereal, and when I tried it one day, as I was searching everywhere in the house for something sweet, I really liked it. It has a crunchy texture and lightly sweet taste and is full of good complex carbohydrates (whole grains), fiber, and some protein. This Kashi cereal is both a great middle of the day snack and sweet tooth fighter for me. Have a great weekend!

A personal trainer for 12 years, David Gluhareff credits his career as a fitness professional to his own personal weight-loss story. The process of losing 100 pounds, which he began at age 16, is what inspired him to start training others utilizing proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, rest and recover, and stress management.

Give Her What She Wants This Valentine’s Day . . . To Lose Weight & Feel Great! nt Paymen s n Pla le! Availab

Limited Time Special Offer! Personal Fitness Training


Weight Loss Programs

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Body Wraps $


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Call 799-2041 Today! You Have Nothing To Lose But Weight! 364 Lowes Drive, Danville, VA (Across From Wal-Mart)

A letter to my bank.

Are You Looking To Lose Inches and Tone Up?

Dear Sirs, In view of what seems to be happening internationally with banks at the moment, I was wondering if you could advise me. If one of my checks is returned marked "Insufficient Funds," how do I know whether that refers to me or to you?


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99 for a Month!

$ (434) 728-0952 *For New Clients Only! *Gift Certificates Available!

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620 C Westover Drive Hours: M-F 10 A.M.-8 P.M. Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.



Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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6ft. finishing mower new belt and bearings. $500.00 obo 434-250-3856

Make Your Heart Feel Good . . . And Put Cash In Your Pocket!

Farmall 140 Runs great. New paint job, new battery Comes with cultivators. $3300.00 obo 434-250-0889 MIXER/FEEDER WAGON, excellent condition, call 434-432-1511

CDL DRIVER TRAINING DARE TO COMPARE SAGE @ Piedmont Community College Offers the #1 Rated Training Program

• One-On-One Instruction For Over The Road Driving Sessions • On Site CDL 3rd Party Testing • Job Placement • Learn From Professional Drivers

Call Today For More Information


Sprigs & Twigs Landscaping Commercial and Residential irrigation and lawn care. Mowing, mulching, etc. We repair all brands of irrigation. 20 yrs experience. Call Tim 434-548-1244 handyman Carpentry, painting, siding, sheetrock repair. Anything that needs doing!! Free estimates & References. Call 434-709-7545, 434-429-4687

floor sanding & tile work Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling and much more. Free Estimates. Guaranteed work. Many references. 434250-3298 precision home improvement (formerly - The Honeydo Man)for all your home improvement and bathroom remodeling needs done precisely right! Call 434822-2285, 434-251-1563 Cutting back on workforce? But still need some help? Stay-at-home mom looking for clerical work to perform from home. Very proficient in typing and grammar, creative in graphic design, and great with all publications (letters, brochures, programs, bulletins, etc). Can email, fax or hand-deliver completed work to you quickly and efficiently without the hassle of an extra person on payroll. I have a BA in Accounting from Radford University. Call 434-251-2612, or email at

Steel Buildings 30X50, 40X75, 100X150. Deliver, Erect, Turnkey. Alderson Construction, Inc. Call 434-432-1905 ANN’S ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICES. TAX PREPARATION & E-FILE. CONTACT ANN @ 434-799-1470 or 434-441-6198

Old Fashioned Construction Tim White-Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Services include residential/commercial carpentry, decks, tile, flooring, painting and much more! 434334-4878 l & B General Contractors Electrical and Plumbing Specialist. 24 hrs Service. Licensed and Bonded, call 434728-3968

Commercial Real Estate For Rent Shop or Storage building, electric & water included, approx 100 sq ft, on Westover Dr, $550mo/+dep, call 434-7245044

Computers High Speed Internet Anywhere Finally, no more dialup or slow satellite... you now can get high speed, faster than DSL. Anywhere, Pelham, Chatham, Swansonville, Providence. Even works in the Boonies! Call today $65 startup/$39 per month. 434836-2667 Computer Tune Up. $25 includes; Virus scan, Cleanup registry and files, malware cleanup and free software. Your IT Pro. 434-710-4905 nice computer custom built computer with XP internet ready has see through side, lights up. mouse, keyboard, monitor, $100.00, 434-799-1326 your it pro Computer repair, home networking, wireless connections, Call Your IT Pro. Will work evenings & Saturdays. 434334-4908 ibm computer w/keyboard & monitor $250; Panasonic phone & fax machine $70, call 434-791-1126 dell dimension e310 desktop. fairly new, black. $300. 434-250-9322 early 90s apple computer sell for parts, $10, call 434-334-6913 xp computers computers with xp comes with keyboard, montor. mouse they all are internet ready $75.00 each call after 5pm 434-799-1326 IBM computer Windows 2000, XP professional. Includes 2 speakers and keyboard. $100 or OBO. 434-432-8080

5x5 HAY BALES $25.00 KEPT UNDER SHELTER. CALL 434793-7897 OR 434-548-3388.

977 caterpiller loader All repairs just finished. ready to work. $16,500. 434792-2103

john deere 1530 diesel tractor w/bush hog, row blade, & plow, $7000, call 434-822-8323 ford 1510 tractor 2wd, w/ag tires, price negotiable, call 434-799-3221 140 international tractor w/cultivator, fertilizer distributor, $4350, call 336260-7606

Fax Machine Panasonic Fax and Copier machine. Excellent condition. $15 (Needs ink film; purchasable at any office store) 336-939-7443

pepsi & coca cola collectibles call 434-489-9489

D-Link Brand Computer Router, LIKE NEW, $10. Call 434-793-1667

san franciso 127 jerry rice NFL career touchdown record; Wilson football sign by Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice’s Pro statistic regular season 1985-1993, call 336-6946577

Nice internet ready laptop. Has dvd burner, xp and wireless. $275.00. 434792-0427

stuffed snowman collection $10, call 434-724-4742

Farm Equipment

barbies beautiful collection, collectors delight, also beds 1 w/ canopy, all covers & accessories, call 434-250-1378

FARM & PET SITTING Experienced with animals & livestock, all sizes. Go out of town with no worries and let us feed, clean & care for your critters. Insured ñ 434-685-1673

(2) nascar stock car racing sets, 45+ ft of track, paid $130ea, asking $50ea, new still in box, 434-791-3083

John Deere tractor Model 870 With front end loader. Only 860 Hours Asking $11,500, 434-685-7268 1991 kubota tractor diesel 3pt hitch, hydraulic lift, 2spd PTO, 2spd hydrostatic transmission, $5675, 434-724-6276

Offer to NEW donors only, expires 02/12/09.

new 2009 16ft stock trailer $3895, call 336-260-7606


791-0326 202 Boatwright Ave • Danville VA

9N Ford Tractor Has 8N Ford Motor, 12 Volt System, Runs good. $1795 Call 434-656-2020 8N Ford Tractor 12 Volt system, Late model, Side distributor. Good tires, Runs good $2495 Call 434-656-2020

Hours: Mon & Fri 8-4 • Tues - Thurs 9-6 • Sat 8-4

fast Hitch Corn Planter $195, Good shape. Call 434-251-4896 8N Ford Tractor Completely rebuilt engine, 12 volt system, Good tires $2695 Call 434-656-2020 Heavy Built Constructed Disc Sealed bearings, good shape $450 Call 434-656-2020 3PT Disc 20 Disc $295 Call 434-6562020 Antique Corn Sheller Hand turn, has fly wheel, Rare. $250 Call 434-656-2020 hudson trailer 9 ton triple axle, 8x16 floor with ramps, 2 5/16 ball hitch, $1500, call 434-822-5858 ford cl45 skid loader new tires, water pump and fan needs little work $3000 OBO. call after 5pm 434-489-3485 bucket for ford tractor called a push pull bucket, 3pt hitch, good condition, $250, call 336-562-3057 john deere mt tractors 1 restored, $5500 for both, call 434-685-4752 3pt hookup box blade excellent condition, $325, call 336-349-7368 3pt hookup 5ft dirt scoop $300, call 336-349-7368 new holland tc25 diesel tractor, 67 actual hours, ps, 4wd, land pride tiller & lifting plow, $7500, 434-793-4763

1999 F250 Diesel 3 horse trailer combo $7900; Truck 350k, 2wd, ext cab. 1996 steel gooseneck trailer. Great deal, kbb is $6500, asking $5000, 336-694-5921

BILL ELLIOTT JACKET #9 Coors, Snap On Jacket, NEVER WORN Size Med., $45.00, 434-685-1753

(2nd visit must be within 7 days of 1st visit)

new never been used 16ft landscaping trailer, $1950, call 336-260-7606

Computer Desk Excellent Shape, Faux Wood, $25.00, 434-836-6216

2005 dell computer $200.00 OBO, please call 434-203-2044

Bring in this coupon and receive an EXTRA $15 on your first visit AND Receive an EXTRA $5 on your 2nd visit

1950-1952 9n ford tractor 6 volt, call 336-324-3016

1983 20hp compact ford 3cyl diesel tractor, w/965 hours on it, very good condition, price negotiable, 434-799-3221

Computer Monitor and Modem Gateway 2000 Vivitron Computer Monitor and Motororola S84200 Surfboard Cable Modem. $45 monitor, $15 modem, 434728-1578

Earn Up To $200 Per Month By Donating Life-Saving Plasma!

1996 Circle M Supreme steel 3 Horse/ slant gooseneck with rear tack, small dressing room, hay rack, electric brakes, and escape door. 3200LB. $3900 336-694-5921

2001 sony computer $150.00, great condition. Windows XP, and great speakers. 434-203-0668

nascar collectibles diecast cars and more call for details leave message 434-724-278

porcelain angels, Denim Days, candles and many other pieces too numerous to list. Leave message 434-822-5828

Brand new heavy duty Log splitter $1,000. 434-836-1957 or 434-489-1565

New Holland tractor 4-wheel dr. frontend loader, 190hrs $10,900 call 2504392 or 434-724-2659

ibm computer w/accessories, call Paul after 4:30pm 434-432-9122

22ct gold stock car racing cards, 50 in the original book, mint condition, $80 for entire book, call 336-562-5056

cow hay $20 a roll; Horse hay $30 a roll, delivery available, call 336-260-7606

Computer desk Good condition. $25. Call 432-8080


Big Box of 80’s and 90’s Car Magazines, (HOT ROD, Car Craft, Super Chevy, Popular Hot Rodding, Etc.), $50. 434-7931667

hay for sale 4ft round bales, horse quality, stored under shed or tarp asking $35 a roll, call 434-432-0225

Coleman Marketplace 145 Holt Garrison Pkwy • Suite 340 Danville, VA 24540


TOBACCO EQUIPMENT Powell Rack Barns in good shape and tobacco baler with scales. 434-441-0254 JOHN DEERE 7200 Tractor in great shape. 4x4 with deluxe cab and air ride seat. 6500 hours. $30,000 434-441-0254 Fencing Supplies New Barb wire 151/2 gauge 1320 foot rolls. $30.00 a roll. Used Metal T-posts $2.50 each. 434-4410254

Hay Bales For Sale Fescue & Orchard Grass $3.50 & $4.00 a bale 434-685-3922 or 336-552-2855

Hay for Sale Square or Round Bales. Call 434-685-1475 or 336-362-2443

round pen for horses 13 panel w/ door, $200, call 434-203-7438

CORN FOR SALE Whole corn, ground corn, and a ground corn, wheat, and oat mix available. All priced at $12.00 for an 80 lb. bag. Call 434-432-0018 HAY FOR SALE Tight square bales of good quality fescue hay. $3.50 a bale. Call 434432-0018

Remember Your Valentine!

Lovely Lady Lingerie 2363 South Boston Hwy, Suite 2 Adult Novelties • Lingerie • Cards • Gag-Gifts • Lotions


Tuesday thru Friday 11-6 Sat. 10-4 Lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood

SPICE UP YOUR LOVE LIFE with herbal pills, creams, gels and drinks from Lovely Lady Lingerie. Everything you need to put the zing back in your relationship. Exotic lingerie, games, body paints, edible warming lotions and battery operated toys, bachelor & bachelorette party supplies.

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The Piedmont $hoplifters

Just can’t handle doing the laundry anymore? Call us for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

Riverside Shopping Centre Beside Subway

792-9567 Wash • Dry Fold • Alterations Smoke & Water Damaged Clothes

fitness, exercise, & sPort

4 solid cHerry tHomAsVille dining room chairs $300; breakfast table w/4 chairs $75; tall wicker fern stand 40in, $75, call 434-791-1126

stAtionAry exercise BiKe $50, call 434-791-1126

2 wooden BAr stools $40 firm, call 434-836-8351

leG mAster new used twice, paid $115, asking $85, call 434-432-2722

sofA & 2 cHAirs celery green, coffee table, 2 end tables, $350, call 434-724-5044, 434-251-5610

tHiGH mAster Used but excellent condition. In original box $20 434-791-3235 BAsKetBAll GoAl Brand name baskeball goal in good condition. Call 434-7920211 for price. Will take best offer eVerfit exercise BiKe Heavy Duty w/ large seat & readout of mileage/ etc. $15.00 - Paid $85.00 Used. Excellent Condition. 434-724-2065 Ge treAdmill Small 6 HP/ Readout of miles/ calories. Works great. $25.00. 434724-2065 “fitness qUest” AB LOUNGER, cost $150.00, will take $100.00 OBO, 434-7939635 mini trAmPoline witH removable stability bar. Excellent condition. $40. 434836-0783 AB loUnGe 2 in good Condition. Comes with workout video in CD format. $50. Call 434-685-7120. Gym set $125. Call 434-250-7600 nice weiGHt BencH w/weights, $75, call 434-792-7691 weider olymPic weiGHt BencH w/ chrome olympic bar, 280lbs. of weights, 3 dumbells, extra bar, Gold’s Gym “tree” all for $400 OBO 434-548-9573 Proform xP550 treAdmill w/incline, $400, call 434-489-6360 dUmBBell set Weider, cast iron, includes: 4-10lb plates, 6-5lb plates, 4-3lb plates, 2 dumbbell bars, & 4 collars, $35 434-228-3340 VitA mAster 500 treAdmill electric, $75, serious inquiries only 434-429-7468 treAdmill Pro for xl crosswAlK used, very good condition, power incline, folds up when not in use, $50, 434-7921676 dUmBell sets for sAle 70 lbs $60, 60lbs $55, 55lbs $50, and 50lbs $45, excellent cond. 434-836-8930 nordic trAcK Pro exercise equipment, $50 OBO, call 434-251-3541 BAlAnce BeAm weiGHt scAles $65, call 434-793-9935

fUrnitUre & Accessories mAttress sAle Twin $115 per set, Full $145 per set, Queen $179 per set. Lowe Furniture, corner of North Main & Franklin Turnpike. 434-836-6565 GlAss toP tABle - beautiful, large (40inx72in), formal dining table with six highback, upholstered chairs. Excellent condition. $250.00. 434-724-4382 liGHted cHinA HUtcH w/ matching end pieces. Good condition. $400. 336-6946242 HUnter Green lAzy boy recliner, will take $40 OBO! 434-548-3452 PAtio fUrnitUre Brand New Set (6 Chairs and Table). Still in Box and Plastic for $299 OBO, 732-766-5222 wicKer fUrnitUre For Deck (Almost New), Sofa, two Chairs, Coffee Table for $299 OBO, 732-766-5222 mAttress And Box sPrinG Set purchased recently. Asking $699 OBO, 732766-5222

Call 434822-1800 to advertise in the Piedmont Shopper

entertAiment center (3) Piece Big Screen Wall Unit, Light Pine color, in excellent condition w/3 drop in lights, asking $300, 336-587-4185 BUrGUndy leAtHer Rocker Recliner. Asking $150. Excellent condition. Call after 6pm 434-476-7085 comPUter desK witH mAtcHinG file cabinets $100, Kitchen table with 4 chairs light wood finish $75, Two black metal bar stools $40. Call 434-250-7600. oAK coffee tABle And two end Tables $75, End table with attached lamp $30, Butcher block cart with wheels $50, Small table refrigerator $40. Call 434-250-7600 5Pc wHite wicKer set w/cushions, $35, call 434-797-2728 dininG set Black, 1.5 years old. good condition. $100 OBO! call 815-289-2941 or 434-773-3994 fUton Black with Grey cover. Extra padded mattress. $200 OBO! call 815-2892941 or 434-773-3994 desK- only 1.5 years old. Light Oak. $75 OBO! Call 815-289-2941 or 434-773-3994 BooK sHelf - tV&niGHt stAnds All black and a matching set. $100 OBO. Call 815-289-2941 or 434-773-3994 coffee tABle And side tABle All black with glass Top. Very nice set. $50 OBO. Call 815-289-2941 or 434-773-3994 sofA, Brown w/ tAn, BUrGUndy, and teal blue, by Lazy-Boy, 7-months old, like new, non-smoker, no pets, $225; 434432-4389 twin mAttress set good shape, $75 OBO; Single twin mattress, $50 OBO, 434738-2347 liVinG room sUit Sofa & Matching chairs, 5 yrs. old, gd. cond. $100 for all or will seperate. 434-944-0533 corner entertAinment center holds 32” tv lots of storage asking $40 call 429-7612 KitcHen tABle $20; 8pc bedroom suite, $400, call 434-836-1690 mAroon lAzyBoy recliner good condition, paid $200, asking $50, call 434724-9116 lAdderBAcK cHAirs 6-old high ladderback dining room chairs. $100 OBO, call 434-250-4035, 434-685-7386 KitcHen tABle $40; swing set, $20, call 434-489-5599 cAliforniA KinG size mAttress waterbed, pillowtop, $50, call 434-250-5979 lArGe cHerry coffee Table has drawer & bottom shelf $65 OBO; Stereo Cabinet solid Oak 6ft6in T, lighted $100 OBO; Black TV stand $15. 434-799-4123 tHree 4-drAwer used file cabinets for sale. $20.00 each or $50 for all three. 434489-9314 sleePer sofA regular size, $80, call 434-797-2221 Bentwood rocKer antique rocker, Boston rocker, all solid wood, $45ea, call 434-822-7614 (2) solid oAK swiVel BAr stools, like new, $45ea, call 434-822-7614 PictUres 2 XL (39inX24in) celery green framed dining room floral still life pictures, $25 for both; Oak utility kitchen cabinet (36inX12in) w/2 shelves inside and 1 drawer, good condition, $15. 434-429-2323 coffee tABle w/matching end table, pine wood veneer, good condition, $15 for both; Hardcover books by various authors, excellent condition, $1ea, 434-429-2323 BrAnd new Brown sofa & love seat, paid $3,500, asking $1,500 OBO, 276-6502933 tV stAnd smoked glass 3 shelf 57L x20W x24H with swivel pedistal for up to 52 “ tv $225 434-793-0693 loVeseAt cream w/flowers, call 434-7280441 rocKer/recliner like new condition, green, $125, call 434-792-0926

and other notorious misbehavers in our town, as reported by the... City of Danville POLICE DEPARTMENT Pittsylvania County SHERIFF DEPARTMENT

Arrest date 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/2/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 2/1/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/31/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/30/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009 1/29/2009


wooden dVd cAse $25; small DVD rack, $10, call 434-728-4225 oAK roUnd tABle drop leaf, pedestal type, w/4 Winslow chairs, $300, call 434432-2195 96in sofA soUtHwestern looK bold blue stripe w/diamond pattern in middle of stripes, beige background, very good condition, $100, call 434-792-0284 GlAss toP wroUGHt iron tABle back, w/4 chairs, excellent condition, bought 2yrs ago, paid $270, asking $150 firm, 434-203-2464 comPUter desK Amoire light finish, $50, 434-251-8296 minoltA coPier Minolta 1085 with auto feed, adjustable drawer for letter or legal, storage stand with extra toner. $600.00, 434-792-4070 HUGe cABinet beautiful black 3 shelf cabinet to display your loved items in, very large with under storage, only $150.00, 434-203-0668 sleePer sofA Sleeper Sofa Earth Tone Colors. 75.00 OBO, 434-836-6216 BUnK Bed for w/trundle bottom full and top is single w/nightstand including mattresses for sale offers accepted, 434-7705744 coffee And end tABles $10ea, call 434-548-2179 BUrGUndy settee w/very unusal back, call 336-562-5056



Age 21 21 44 50 34 JEAN 50 34 34 JEAN 50 DANIEL 28 DIANE 33 LEE 19 RAMON 19 SCOTT 20 DENNIS 38 MOREL 28 MOREL 28 MOREL 28 A. 24 RENEE 33 PAIGE 23 PAIGE 23 39 ANN 52 ISAIAH 33 LAMARR 18 LEE 27 VIDAL 35 D. 21 DESHAW 29 MONIA 40 FRANCIS 46 MICHAEL 50 RANDALL 31 LYNN 35 ANN 32 LAMONT 33 LAMONT 33 M. 36 M. 36 LAMAR 38 TYRONE 23 A. 41 JEROME 46 KEITH 28 MICHEAL 45 33 RAY 39 44 LARON 21 NYFEAST 29 BRYAN 29 A. 36 REID 24 ANGELA 50 RASHAD 22 RASHAD 22 RASHAD 22 LEE 25 N. 50 N. 50 N. 50 T. 37 T. 37 T. 37 TYRONE 37 THOMAS 21 JABORAH 30 JABORAH 30 DESIREE 20 DANTE 29 ALVIN 40












BooKcAse $25 & two microwave cabinets $20ea, table lamp $10, 2 dvd stands $5ea, dvd stand $10 434-724-3589

twin Beds $125ea; bedroom set $550; bedroom set $250; baby bed $50; wicker set $200; new den set $200, 434-724-2161

qUeen cArVed 7ft. Poster Bed (Cherry) headboard, footboard, rails, $225 OBO; Sofa, Loveseat,(burgundy, green, w/cream stripe) $375 OBO, all nice, 434-799-4123

PAtio fUrnitUre $150; living room set $150; nice den set $100; office desk $50; 2 end tables & coffee table $100, 434-7242161

eVerytHinG mUst Go! Bed, TV, couch, stereo, mirror, guitar, lamps, desks and much more! call for details and prices 434334-9078

sectionAl sofA $850 oBo 3 piece reclining sectional, Tan micro Fiber & Brown Leather. Must go by Feb 8th, 434-4290788

(2) BrAnd new comPUter cHAirs $25ea; have other types of sitting chairs, call for prices 434-429-7468

nice queen size bed. Cherry wood with mattress and box springs. $300.00 434251-5222

2 Home interior PictUres Light green trim w/fruit, real nice, $15 for both, 434-251-1201

oVAl dr tABle w/leaf and 5 chairs, $125. Matching lighted china cabinet, $100. Call 434-251-2237

BroyHill Brown leAtHer sofA like new, great condition, $1300, call 434-8228250, 434-728-2949

cAmel BAcK loVeseAt, nice piece, needs recovering, $50. Call 434-251-2237.

Bistro tABle & cHAirs Wrought Iron w/glass top bistro table with two chairs. Black. Two sets available. $100.00 each. 434-770-3716 GlAss door cHinA cABinet w/3 shelves, dark pine, 2 drawers, 2 bottom doors, $65 OBO, call after 3pm 434-7100515 dininG room BUffet & sideBoArd gold color, $25, call 434-792-6462 wAterBed set okay condition bed, dresser, two mirrors and two bedside tables. $300.00. 276-340-8287

niGHt stAnd dark mahogany, $20, call 434-724-7353 liVinGroom set By HillcrAft Couch, loveseat & chair w/coffee table & 3 end tables. Very Nice and clean. Over $3000 Invested, will sell for $600. Call 434548-3448 dinette tABle Round, 48in DIA, Glass top and 4 Chairs - $150.00! For more information please call 434-836-4674 or 434250-6675. coUcH & cHAir $60, call 434-656-6006

GUns rUGer P345 45 AUto new condition, box and papers, have ammo, $450, call 434250-1731

HeAltH & BeAUty Holmes Air PUrifier $20, call 434836-8351 lift cHAir $150 OBO, call 434-792-2011 3 emPty AlUminUm oxyGen tAnKs Size “E” $12 a piece, or $30 for all 3, call 434-548-9573 Honeywell Air PUrifier like new, $40, call 434-656-3630 wHirlPool 2-GAllon dehumidifer $25; Like new Oriental type rug (10x8), light tan, black, deep red, clean, excellent condition, $45. Call 434-429-2323 try nUtrisystem want to try nutrisystem before making the commitment, 7 days, 3 meals plus snacks $50.00 434-251-7039 HUmUlin insUlin 70/30 Pen 5 units in box, $60, call 434-793-5742 sHoPrider Power wHeelcHAir Jetstream L888WAL, $2000 OBO, call 434709-7545 wAlKer AlUminUm call 434-709-7545 AlUminUm PortABle commode call 434-709-7545

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -


Twin Mattress $89 Danville, VA

Fra n

kli nT




Cherokee, NC • February 14th $50 Per Person • $15 Coin Return Departing from Danville at 6am & from Martinsville at 6:45am To Schedule A Spot or For More Info Call Mickey at 434-728-1667 or 434-792-1316


Sofa Sale

North Main

See Us and Save More!

Lowe Furniture


small appliances-clothes miscladies and little girls clothes, and small household appliances and more. call for more info. 434-836-2611

We rent beautiful linen tablecloths for all of your special occasions

calphalon pot hanger 11 hooks, $50, call 434-797-2728 apple accessories more info call Cindy 434-227-4893 6 place settings of china, pattern spring garden, $50, call 434-822-6379. China dish set. 52 pieces. Royal Swirl. Can be seen on internet. Beautiful. Excellent condition. $250 434-791-3437 Anniversary Clock. Pretty and in excellent condition. $20 791-3437

woodheater made for mobile home, very nice, has blower, call 336-388-0763 Heil Propane Gas Furnace $400.00 OBO. Has manual. Used two Seasons. Excellent Condition, 434-575-5598 275 gallon oil drum $40, call 434724-4342 propane gas furnace used 2 seasons, w/user manual & installation instructions, $400 OBO, call 434-575-5598 built in gas logs fireplace enclosure, new condition, $130, call 434-7928517 stay warm Call Mike for red oak, white oak or hickory wood. Wood for $60/a load on long bed pickup, call 434-799-4236

wheel chair call 434-709-7545 motorized power chair Pronto N5, sure stop, 4mos old, excellent condition, $1150, 434-728-3602

50,000 btu propane gas heater excellent condition, call 434-234-8518

lift chair brown tweed, used 3mos, $350, call 434-724-5044, 434-251-5610

Dry Pine, Poplar, Oak Mixed Wood. Longbed Truck Load $65.00. Clean basements, attics, carports, take off miscellaneous items. 434-822-0397

roller walker w/basket & seat, used once, brand new, $100, call 434-685-7445

Holiday Items

Heating & A/C Equipment

3-1/2ft. Christmas Tree in a pot. Great for indoors or outside beside a door, like new $30.00 434-836-4034

275 gallon oil drum $40, call 434724-4342

beautiful 9ft christmas tree only used once, paid $500.00, asking $100 OBO, call 276-806-9451

firewood for sale All hardwood, 8ft bed stacked wood, $75 load, delivered, call Karl 434-822-0828 wood stove with blower. Great for use in shop or can be cleaned up for home use. $250, 434-334-7538

Twin Comforter Set, {Hawaiian blue & lime} Set includes bedskirt, sheets, 2pr. cafe curtains, and matching throw, $40.00, 434-793-9635 6-8pc ceramic stoneware place setting of dishes, $10; answering machine $5, call 434-334-6913 assorted “rooster” kitchen items, canister set, cookie jar, picture, etc. call 434-251-9140 30in vanity black, still in box, complete system; cabinet, sink & faucets, $125, 434724-1547 Lifesize Old Man and Woman Bench Included, $100.00, 434-836-6216 Marmalade Lamp, like new $15.00 Marmalade Cloth Napkins with rings, set of 6, never used $5.00 434-836-4034 Brass Lamp, like new, ideal for small table $5.00 434-836-4034 New Area Rugs- Two 6X9 Brown shade $35ea, One 9X12 Dark Blue $50. Call 434-836-0764

Pugh Enterprises’ Business Services

utility cart 10cu.ft. 650lb weight capacity pull behind lawn mower cart, like new condition, asking $90 OBO, call 434429-7612

“Proud to give the personal attention your business deserves.”

reel push mower antique, in great shape, blades sharp, wood roller cast iron wheels, $150.00, 434-791-2150

Professional, personable services at the LOWEST RATES. Serving businesses and individuals in your area, FULL-time, since 1999.

poland chain saw $50, call 434-7244342


assorted parts for snapper Riding mowers including motors, decks, wheels, etc and one complete mower, 434724-6276

(Specializing in Payroll & Accounts Payable)

• Software Set-up & Training • Income Tax Preparation • Notary Public • And more!

Toro riding lawn mower 11hp Briggs, 38in cut. Runs and cuts fine, $250, 434836-0930 or 434-251-0307

Call for your free consultation.

craftsman lawn mower Briggs & Stratton engine, mulching attachment, only 2yrs old, very good condition, $120, 434792-8193 sears riding lawn mower runs good, cuts good, 11HP Briggs & Stratton engine, 26in cut, 1yr old, $400 cash, 434799-4236

(434) 822-1997 or (434) 489-9435

Is the stuff at your house piling up?

Patio Heater 7 ft. tall, uses propane. $85.00 434-710-0875 John Deere Lawn & Garden Tractor with 48 inch deck, Koeler 17 Horsepower Hydra Stratic Drive $3,500.00 434-836-4034 all wood storage buildings 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x16 $1995; 12x24 $2995. FREE Loft, Shelf. FREE Delivery 20 miles, call 336-583-9375 leaf blower small eletrical, weedeater brand $20.00 434-836-7687

We have a storage unit that will suit your needs: • 5x10 • 10x10 • 10x20 • 15x30 • 30x30 and outside parking for boats and RV’s Two convenient locations: 3334 Hwy 29N & 3318 Hwy 29S

HI & DRI MINI STORAGE (434) 836-3785

Storm Door Full View glass White Cost $175 used less than 6 months $75. Call after 6pm 434-836-1452 inside house sale figurines, dishes and more, call after 3pm 434-710-0515 dolphin bathroom accessories set, $25, call 434-728-4225

New Christmas Wreath made by Gingerbread House $40.00 Snowman Family Sits on a mirror, new $6.00 434-836-4034

home interior birdcage & stand for decoration, has flowers and other items, $100, call 434-791-3285

Household Items

full size comforter set w/shams; full quilt set w/shams, call 434-793-7202

Natural Gas Heaters (2) Natural Gas Heaters, like new, retail for $300, asking $100 each OBO, 336-260-7325

push mowers from $40.00 to $65.00, all runs good, call 434-724-2789 or 434-7131055

Chaise Lounge Cream, Beige & Brown $275. 1 year old, well kept. Call 434-7923840

wood for sale 434-334-9284

hand walker new, $65, call 434-4322022

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Lawn & Garden

Gas Furnace 75,000 BTU for Mobile Home. Call Tony 434-688-1220



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Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church “Sunday Worship” Sunday School............................................ 9:30 A.M. Worship Service.........................11:00 A.M.

Every 5th Sunday – Hymn Sing • 6:00 P.M.

Come Join Us! Pastor – Sandy Wright 8060 US Hwy. 29N 1/4 Mile On Right Past Spring Garden Rd.

Blairs, VA 24527

snapper riding lawn mower electric start, w/bagger, $200, call 336-562-3057

6ft. long cedar post just cut, call for details 434-572-8530

2008 Zero Turn Jazee One Low hours $2700 with Bagger $3700. Call 434-7938327

Church Pews Church Pews: (10) 12ft pews, (2) 20ft choir pews, (2) 4ft pews. Oak wood with padded red upholstery, $50ea or $750 for all OBO, call 434-770-2139 or 434-489-6592

stihl weedeater fs45-46 brand new, $169.95, call 434-728-3329 Poland riding lawn mower brand new, new engine, 14.5HP, $1200, call 434728-3329 snapper riding lawn mower w/bagger, 14HP Koger engine, 36in cut, $800; 12ft fold up picnic table $100; washer & dryer $250 for both, 434-724-2161 Push Mower For Sale: Bolens 22 cutting deck. Briggs & Stratton 500, 158cc. New $140.00, Sell for $90.00 434-5728137

Miscellaneous I can turn your gold into cash Want to turn your gold&silver jewelry or coins into cash overnite call me @ 434-6881355 local #. I pay more, I guarantee, I can also make house calls. New Bay Window (98”x66”) White vinyl outside with oak stain woodgrain laminate interior. Energy Star Rated. Below contractor’s cost $1000.00 434-324-4988 2 spaces in memorial gardens in Garden of Apostles, Mark section. Regular price $2195 ea, asking $1750 per space or 2 spaces for $3000, 434-797-3347 2 sewing machines $50ea, call 434250-8688

north carolina pillow w/arm rests very comfy, more info call Tracey 434-2274893 salter scale brass & iron w/brass weights, Made in England, $50, call 434836-8169 flea market items; home accessories of every description, glassware, vases, brass pieces, small household appliances, would like to sell the lot, call for details. Also, small furniture items, what-not stands, wall prints, etc. will sell separately, 434-7921583 all wood storage buildings 1st Quality, Recession Specials; 12x16 $1995; 12x24 $2995. FREE Loft, Shelf. FREE Delivery 20 miles, call 336-583-9375

Need experienced person to install high tensile wire fence approximately 1500ft. length. Must know what you are doing. 434-791-3198 MW WINDOW SASHES: Low-E w/ Argongas. Different sizes. Will trade sashes to someone could build or trade for outsidebuilding. 434-572-8137 Woodworkers Approximately 60 Factory Second table legs, maple-oak-walnut. Queen, straight, & designs. $100. Call 434793-9820. Not sold separately Store MANNEQUIN Small Child, $75.00. For more information please call 434-8364674 or 434-250-6675. Assorted Size Lumber Reasonably priced 336-388-2415.

Mobile Homes clayton homes in New extra large 3BR, drywall, save $1000s. beat any deal period! free 888-258-0268

blairs 2BA, all We will Call toll

2001 redman mobile home 80x14, 3BR, 2BA, glamour bath, fp, washer & dryer, heat pump. Must be moved. Brosville area, $24,000.00, 434-685-3292 Mobile Home Service- Mobile home repairs, moving and set-up. Call Bob Holland 434-791-2807, 276-732-6185

Lots for rent first three months FREE! Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 We are pledged to the letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

5 gallon red gas can $5, call 434836-6941

house vents $10ea; nice 36in steel door $100; bamboo bird cage $25; stove top like new $200; federal pacific breakers and box, call 434-724-2161

Etaz Scooters 50cc $999; 150cc $1399; 50cc ATV $350; 110cc ATV $899; pocket bikes street or dirt $299; 125cc dirtbike $799. All w/ warranty. Etaz Scooters 434-432-3332 2007 Suzuki GSXR600, blue and black, immaculate, m4 exhaust, 520 kit, new 2ct tire, $6,700. 434-470-1123 07 HARLEY SOFTAIL DEUCE Vivid Black with extras, 3500 miles, showroom condition. garage kept, $16,500.00, call for details 434-685-1753 2003 Harley Davidson VRod 100th Anniversary Edition. Extra Chrome. Very low miles, garaged, Black/Silver, $12,000, 434-822-1074 Brand new Shinko 003 stealth radial rear tire 180/55zr17. Never seen pavement, $100, 434-251-8559 2008 Suzuki GSXR 750, immaculate, blue and white, M4 exhaust, $8,600, 434470-1123 2007 mini chopper 125cc goes up to 5055 mph, 6ft tall and under can ride under, good condition, $850.00, 434-836-8119 2001 honda recon very good condition, $1200, call 434-432-2722 4 wheeler kawasaki bayou needs some work, $800, call 434-432-2722 go cart needs brake adjustment, $300, call 434-432-2722 4 ATV Dunlop tires. Two 25x8-12, Two 25x10-12 Dunlop Kt135 A/T tires, real good conditon. $200 OBO, 336-514-0245 2005 honda rancher 2wd, great condition, 240 hours. $3300 OBO. 434-2509322 2003 honda rubicon 500 4x4, ES shift, auto drive, excellent condition, owned by handicap person, $3800, 434-685-7949 2005 honda recon 4x2, 350, 60-65hrs used, $1500, call 434-685-7302 2005 Suzuki RM 85l PR2 105 racing engine, fat bars, V Force reeds, FMF exhaust. $1600.00 or will trade 434-250-0889 Flyrite Choppers frame Hardtail bobber style. Fits knuckle, pan, shovel, & Evo. No MSO. $400 OBO located Danville 757-362-7200 FRC springer front end Chrome. stock length. manufactered by Flyrite choppers. Located in Danville $200 OBO 757362-7200

pecan shellers regular $10; for Charlies Super pecan shellers $15, safe for children to use, 336-234-8821 15 gallon vinyl drums good for many used, can be cut & made into animal trough, 2 for $5, handles & lids included, 434-7923010

2003 harley davidson Softtail Deuce 100th Anniversary Edition, 1450cc extra chrome, garage kept, $14000 call 434-7131055 or 434-724-2789

doublewide superstore Gorgeous New Doublewides. Homes for only $49.900. Includes delivery & Set-up. New Government financing now available! 1-888-258-0268 x ID 2738522

2003 Suzuki Jr 50 dirt bike, Great for kids, $700, Call 434-548-2591 2007 yamaha roadstar blue/silver, all extras, only 2600 miles. helmets and star jackets included, $10,995, call 434-2504035, 434-685-7386 1995 Yamaha Blaster in good condition, has no spark, does not run, $350, 434579-2568 serious inquiries only

modular home discount center Lowest Modular Homes on the Market. Call 1-888-258-0268

1995 Honda VFR 750 bike is in Great shape, $3000, 434-822-8322

2BR, 2Bath Mobile Home for rent in the county on private lot. Honest tenants wanted please, leave message 434-250-0707

2004 Yamaha yfz 450, Excellent condition, fatboy 4 pipe nerfs, after market handle handlebars. 434-579-2568

1992 oakwood doublewide 28x44, has to be moved, $15,000 OBO, call 434250-1855

2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Motorcycle. Blue, white and orange w/orange powder coated wheels. Many modifications, FAST, and very clean. Need to see to appreciate! Call for info 434-489-9314

1981 Mobile Home for sale Located in Rock Springs Rd, Ringgold. As is best offer. Call 434-836-8925 1981 oakwood mobile home 2BR, 1BA, call 434-836-0869 1996 fleetwood mobile home 14x50, 2 br, 1 ba all major appliances included. $11,000 OBO, call 434-334-4095 or 434-334-4089 mobile home lot for rent Dry Fork area, $175mo, call 434-770-3716

2002 Polaris Magnum 325 2X4, very nice bike, $2600, 434-579-2568

2006 Toyota Tundra XSP Rare 2WD model. Leather, Woodgrain, Factory 20in rims. 59,000 miles. 38K new, asking $16,000. 434-489-9314 2007 suzuki gsxr1000 chrome windscreen, HiD headlights, 2 helmets & jackets, call 434-250-1771 honda 350 rancher electric shift, $3000, call 434-753-1056 2007 yamaha blaster 6spd, 2 stroke, very fast, like brand new, $2300 OBO, call 434-229-9989 2005 Victory Vegas 1508 cc 5spd, clean, many extras,45 mpg!! $16,000 invested, sell for $8995.00, Possible Warranty 336-388-2095 or 434-489-6653

1988 14 x 65 with gas logs and new storage bldg. 2BR, 2BA. Covered front porch & rear deck, very nice MHP. Call 434-250-5252. x ID 2754007 1997 Redman 76x14 singlewide; 2BR; 2BA; new carpet throughout; new tile kitchen floor; stove/refrigerator; newly built 8x10 front porch and 12x16 back porch included if they can be moved; $13,500.00; call 434770-0029

Motorcycles & Go Carts brand new 2008 110cc camo with security system, great condition, asking $675 please call 434-251-6785 2004 Yamaha YZ85 Dirt bike. Good condition, $1,000. 434-822-1074 2004 Yamaha YFZ450 Race Ready, with extras. $3,000. 434-822-1074

2000 polaris magnum 500 4x4 Good condition $2,400 434-548-1004 4 wheeler for 6-8year old 1yr old. Very good condition. $275.00 Call 434-250-4392 or 434-724-2659 honda vtx 1800 black, very low mileage, like new, lots of extras, $9000, call for details 434-792-7691 1999 r6 yamaha blue, fully chromed, extended 10in, new tires, several new parts, $4000, call Anthony 276-340-1534 clutch kit for honda rancher 350, fits 2000-2005 models, retails $70, make offer, call leave message 434-7283769 (4) 26in high lifter outlaw ATV tires, w/aluminum wheels, will fit any Honda or Yamaha, like new condition, $400 OBO, 276-632-5587 125 gongue pit dirt bike, needs motor work, please call for more information 336514-3689 leather harley davidson jacket, authentic, flames on sides, eagle on back w/ flames and “Ride Free”, sizes XL, $100, call 434-836-3018

1986 SUZUKI LT250EF 4-wheeler, $900, 336-388-0000 or 434-251-5646. 2006 Yamaha TTR 50 electric start $800; 2000 KTM LC-4 640 Dual Sport Street Legal $2600, 434-251-3898 1977 Shovelhead Chopper 500 miles on rebuilt motor, runs great, clean. $7000.00. 434-432-8820 2007 Yamaha R6S This is 2007 R6s great condition. 4,000 miles Color: Everything is Dark red and black. Brand new carbon fiber Yosimuraha exhaust, brand new Michelin Tire(less than 100 miles of use), Neon lights kit, fender eliminator and tank graphic. asking $6,500, 434-441-7011 2002 yamaha ttr90 good condition, $650 OBO, call 434-251-1074 2000 red katana suzuki 3000 call 434728-2722 2008 harley davidson 1200xl, garage kept, 300 miles, pick up payments, 434251-5049 2007 pink scooter 60mph, 80mpg, 600miles, key/remote/kick start, asking $900.00, 434-251-5049 (4) Yamaha Grizzly stocked tires, 25x8x12, back tires 25x10x12, $100, call 434-548-6123

1995 Harley Davidson Springer Chrome everywhere. 10,000 miles, Orginal paint. Must See. $11,000.00 OBO, Over $22,500 invested. Martinsville. 276-6294308 2004 Drz 110 Fast Auto clutch upgraded call to see/ more info $900 neg. 336-6944811 2005 Honda Foreman 500 ITP Crome rims & mud lites 26”, Snorkly pipe, URD torc exhaust, button 4WD, wench, 525cc. Runs great. Reduced $4200 434-549-1732 or 434-724-7870 Don’t let it slip away 1998 Suzuki GXSR 600 Black and Silver, polished frame, racing carburetors, and plenty of extras 16,000 mi. Firm $3000 434-251-5283 engine for moped $300, call 434-7283329 2001 harley davidson Superglide, black on black, will take pay off $9500, call C. H. 434-797-4931 2004 Suzuki RM 65 $1,200.00 OBO, CALL 434-548-7700 kolpin atv carrying case for a 4 wheeler, black in color, $35, 434-836-0284 1987 honda super magna very good condition, call 434-836-0919

2007 Suzuki King Quad 450 Black, immaculate condition, garage kept, adult ridden. Must sell! Asking $4500. 336-9399583

1993 gsxr 750 18k miles, stretched, lowered, polished frame & swing arm, chrome wheels, many extras, Excellent condition. $3400 276-358-0249

atv tires come off honda foreman,25x8x12&25x10x12, about half tread left. $100.00 434-836-7687

26x12 itp mudd lite tires on Honda Foreman wheels, 98% tread, $325, 276340-7991

black half helmet new made by vega. $25.00 434-836-7687

1995 harley davidson fatboy garage kept, low miles, lowered, lots of chrome, very nice, $8500 OBO, call 434203-2600

07 honda shadow parts new stock parts, headlight signal, pipes&more.make offer 434-836-7687 four wheeler brand new 2008 110cc, great condition, red with security system asking $900, please call 434-251-6785

go cart just got Christmas, $350, call 434-432-0592

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

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recreAtion Arrows (6) V-Maxx 2400 carbon arrows by Game tracker. Uncut, ultra thin for deep penetration $25 OBO. Call 434-738-2347 Arrow rest Whisker biscuit for carbon arrows. Brand new in package, $25 OBO, 434-738-2347

In Our Hometown

Girls Bicycle, Disney Princess Brand, Pink in Color, LIKE BRAND NEW, with training wheels, $20, Call 434-793-1667 Golf PUtter ping-putter, still in box, never used, $60. OBO. 434- 250-4035, 434-685-7386 AeroBed Queen with pump and storage bag. New in box. Never Used. Suggested Retail $180. Will sell for $60. 434-489-3035 ABU GArciA fisHinG reel 5600 barely used, $50, call Kevin 434-724-1218 BonAnzA 16lB BowlinG BAll w/case & size 12 shoes, $30, call 434-251-1434 BeGinner Golf clUB set for teen or adult. RAM brand clubs and like new RAM matching bag w/accessories. $75.00. 434489-9314 sAUnier-wilHelm 5ftx9ft pool table, 1in slate, heavy duty, excellent condition, excellent buy, $1250, you move, 434-797-2210 Golf Black Ping I3 staff golf bag. Excellent condition. $95.00 434-489-6653 APA Pool tABle 8 ft APA slate pool table with accessories. Rarely used. Can e-mail pics. 276-340-8287 (2) scHwinn 12in Girl stinGrAy bikes, heavy duty training wheels, paid $100ea, asking $35ea, call 434-792-7691

I am not to sure about the details of this photograhph. It was taken in 1955 somewhere downtown. Call if you recognize anyone! Photo courtesy of the John Tate Collection and the Danville Historical Society. 2007 HondA foremAn electric shift, 4wd, camouflage, worn winch, many accessories, less than 135 miles, still under warranty, 276-692-7297, 276-930-2218

mUsicAl BeGinners welcome! Guitar, Piano, Voice, & Trombone Instructors at Riverland Music Store in Downtown Danville. 434791-3121

PiAno serVice clark’s Piano tuning and repair. will do full restoration or minor repairs and tuning. 32 years-certified master technician 434-724-1444 AntiqUe PUmP orGAn oak pump organ, low profile church type, bellows have been recovered, plays good, $100.00 OBO, 434724-1444

reAl estAte we Are PledGed to tHe letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

PeArl drUm set Fair condition, $150 OBO, call 434-429-5764 PeAVey VAlVeKinG HAlf Stack. 100 Watt Tube Head, 4x12 cab. Like New. Includes footswitch. $650.00, 336-234-7071

wAsHBUrn x-37 7-strinG GUitAr midnight blue/chrome, mint w/original box. Professional neck/bridge adjustment included. Amazing action! $300, 434-203-6159 BrAnd new Axl FLYING V guitar w/ EMG pick-ups also Crate practice amp, asking $250 OBO. 276-650-2933 yAmAHA mG24/14fx mixer. New Condition. 2 built-in effects channels. $600, 434251-8960 AUdio tecHnicA micro HeAd worn Microphone. Beige Color. Shure Connector. New in Box $219, 434-251-8960 set of old style PeAVey sP2 w/15in speaker & horn, $150; set of Peavey SP1 speakers, $400, 336-558-7329 mArtin d-16 rGt costUm like new d-16 rgt custom with deluxe hardshell case, $1450.00 firm, call for details 434-2510282 PeAVey VAlVeKinG 112 guitar combo amplifier, $295, call 336-213-0227 ePiPHone les PAUl stAndArd Plaintop Honeyburst w/Case $275, Fender Standard Precision bass, red w/rosewood fretboard & duncan pick-ups, w/case $200. Call 434-822-2752 VersAtile femAle VocAlist needed for Medieval to Metal Music. Instrumental/ Lyrical Talent Desired. Over 18, Talented, Enigmatic Required. 434-203-6159 AccomPlisHed mUsiciAns needed Jazz, Gospel, Band. For Brass, Guitarist, Keyboard. Call 434-432-3416 lessons: GUitAr, BAnJo & Mandolin Lessons. 18 Years Experience. Call Mark Hudson 434-203-0366 yAmAHA console PiAno Excellent Condition, $400. Call 434-251-1592

BeAUtifUl coUntry Home

2 Bedroom rAncH fUll basement, familyroom, & livingroom, lots of closets & storage, central heat & air, nice yard & neighborhood on cal-de-sac, ready to move into 1645 leemont ct, n. danville. $38,000.00 434-7701563 x ID 2742523

for sale by owner. 3/2 DW on one acre of lanscapped gardens. Large shed with electric. Come for a visit and a cup of tea! We can discuss price. 1621 Green Bay road, Chatham. 434-432-2115 - leave message.

290 lonGHooK roAd, eden, nc. well-maintained 3 Br, 1 BA, 1008 sq. ft., vinyl siding, storage building in back, covered carport. Asking $62,900. current appraisal value $69,000. call 336388-4064 x ID 2747014 Henderson roAd - PelHAm zero finAncinG. complete renovated. this shingle sided home is 1524 sq ft, 1-acre lot in caswell county. large living room, eat in kitchen, 3Br, 2BA, deck front and rear. master bedroom features his/ her walk-in closets and private full bath. this home is conveniently located off Park springs road in the Pelham community with easy access to both Highways 29 and 86 and is approximately 10-15 minutes from danville. $86,900, zero down finance available. chartwell Properties, inc - http:// or 434-713-9332

new 148 HicKory driVe/deerwood 1640 +/- sq ft, full basement, with tremco waterproofing. Great room with double Ventless gas fireplace, 2 bath with tile floors in baths and in foyer. master bath has tub and 48in shower. 3 large bedrooms. walk-in closet. Upgrade kitchen appliances with oak cabinets, large 2 door garage, concrete drive and walks, 12x16 deck with steps. wArrAnty. Builder priced $165,000. will pay closing cost. call d womack & co. 434-822-1534, 434-250-7220, 434250-7212 418 oAK forest circle Beautifully remodeled sprawling brick ranch home, close in county location, 1.7 acre lot. 4Br, 3 1/2BA, includes a separate in-law suite. Price reduced drastically to $219,000. seller will pay closing up to 4% with full price offer. or will owner finance with 5% down for up to 3 years. call interior designer, rose shields at 434-7280204 for a viewing. furnishings sold separately.

fUllerton “P” BAss guitar with carry case and amp. Starburst color. Good condition. $100.00 OBO. 434-728-4200 JoHnson 4 strinG electric BAss w/ Unibox amp & head, seperate speaker cabinet, w/12in woofer, like new, hardshell case, professionally set up, $350, 434-8367641

Axton 4Br, 1 1/2BA, hardwood & tile floors, full basement, new paint inside, attached carport, 2.5 acres, call 434-6852646 Perfect Home in tHe coUntry 2BR, 1BA, quiet neighborhood. This beautiful home includes; carport, storage area, deck, and appliances, $82,000. Call 434-7245044

PeAVey tUBe tyPe GUitAr AmP Two 12 in speakers,120 watts, casters and handles, powerful pro or stage work, will deal, 434-724-1444 GiBson solid Body electric guitar, bought in 1965, cherry red, original vibrato unit, vgc, collectors item, hard shell case, consider trade for Gibson flat top of equal value, 434-836-1858

111 mAdison AVe extraordinary new home by Alderson construction. this chesapeake Pearl brick home offers 9 ft ceilings, beautiful hardwood oak floors, granite counter tops, and Venetian bronze fixtures. master Br with trey ceiling, large walk in closet, 1st floor laundry, full basement w/extra bath rough-in. Beautiful, professional landscaping w/Hunter underground watering system. $299,000. Please call ramsey yeatts of Aaron Johnson Auction & realty with any questions. 434-250-5689

new 3 or 4 Bedroom, zero down with land or family land. Call for pre-approval, 336-2287844 $7500 tAx credit for 1st time home buyers! Call before it expires 336-228-7844

631 ferry rd 2/3BR, 1BA. Remodeled throughout. Central Heat, Refrig/Stove/ Washer-Dryer hookup. Section 8 welcome. $495mo/-$495sec dep, 434-724-6666

HoUse for sAle By owner 3BR, 1 1/2BA and more. Inground pool, storage building, fenced in. In Greensboro, NC, $75,000, call 336-378-0607 modUlAr Homes 100% Financing on 3 br, 2ba Ranch will help with finding land. This home qualifies buyer for $7500 cash back. Ask for Norman Hall 434-836-2327

Under constrUction lawless creek rd - 3Br, 2BA, vinyl, 2 car garage, full basement, 12x16 deck, concrete driveway, rock on front of porch. will pay closing cost. call d. womack 434-822-1534, 434-2507220, 434-250-7212

JAcUzzi tUB Excellent Condition. black two person $500 OBO 434-836-0533 24in diAmondBAcK oUtlooK girls bicycle, like new, retails $350, asking $100 firm, call 434-792-8108 moUntAin BiKe 18sPd blue, real good condition, very little used, $50, call Kevin 434-724-1218 8ft slAte toP Pool tABle great shape, w/accessories, wall pool stick rack, $600 OBO, call 434-724-7066 2 Bicycles 1 boys, 1 girls, call 434-7934117, 434-334-6816 seArs worKoUt mAcHine $100, call 434-548-4166 Golden eAGle Bow fully outfitted Needs new string has come off Arrows and broadheads included $110 434-251-5275 8 foot Pool tABle slate top with simona cloth and ball return, call Marty 336388-1584 7 foot Pool tABle with red felt top, rack and billiard balls. Excellent condition You move. $250 434-822-8969 trAmPoline $50, call 434-203-7438 tAilor mAde driVers for sAle 200 10.5 degree, regular flex, $40; Adams 818XE, 9 degree, regular flex, $25; Calloway Clone, 300cc 12 degrees, stiff flex, $35 OBO, 434-228-1056

recreAtionAl VeHicles 2001 Prowler lite cAmPer 22ft, sleeps 4, full bath, lots of storage, great condition. Asking $6500, call 434-334-7538 2003 dUrAmAx cHeVy w/2007 38ft Sierra camper, 3 slide outs, fully equipped, both for $55,500, call 276-632-9975, 276634-7388 GreAt deAl ! 1976 Prowler Camper, 23ft, Bumper Tow, Full Bathroom, A/C, Heat, Kitchen Appliances (gas operated), Everything works, No leaks, New gas tanks, good tires, $1,000. Call 434-470-7564 1989 fleetwood wilderness 31ft camper, sleeps 9, w/kitchen & bath in good shape, $4000 firm, call 434-334-9409 1992 PAce Arrow Motorhome Fully loaded, 2 AC’s, Onan Generator, QueenBR, LR, Flat Screen TV, Kitchen, & Bath. $9100 434-836-3535 2001 coAcHmAn cAtAlinA liGHt camper, sway bar, very nice, has everything, sleeps 6, a/c, $7750 firm, call 434724-1425

2Br, 1BAtH APArtments for rent $475-$500/month, No Pets, Mt Cross Road (county) Call 434-685-1059 for more details

2003 25ft colemAn cArAVAn travel trailer. Refrigerator/freezer. Stove/microwave. AC/heat. Large bathroom/tub/shower. Sleeps 6. $12,000, 434-799-1061

moBile Homes for rent possible owner finance. rollings Hills mobile Home Park 434-836-4593 moBile Homes for rent in Brosville & danville area. washer, dryer and A/ c included. rent either weekly or monthly, utilities included by week. call 434-685-3463, 434-7996128, 434-334-2250, 434-793-9027 or 434-822-8000

1999 Prowler 26ft $4500. MUST GO! 434-656-3906 1999 Keystone sPrinter travel trailer 26’ long $3500 434-724-3589 elKHorn lAKe, Camper, 10x20 Living Room, Screened Porch, Residential Bathroom, Electric Water Heater, Storage Building, Partially Furnished. $5000, 434432-1866 1986 HolidAy rAmBler Class A 33 FT motor home. Excellent Condition. All new tires, many extra’s. $10,000. Must be seen. Call 434-724-2451 1998 29ft Prowler Sleeps eight used 30 times, great condition, kept in garage, ASKING $6950. CALL 434-489-1803 1985 PoP-UP cAmPer in fair condition, $800, call 434-251-5536 1976 tAUrUs cAmPer Excellent condition. Heat & air, fully contained, sleeps 6. Roll out awning. Needs new tires. $2000 434-822-8969

rentAl ProPerty

we Are PledGed to tHe letter and spirit of Virginia’s and HUD’s equal opportunity housing policies. Virginia’s fair housing law makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, elderliness, familial status or handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept advertising for real estate that violates the fair housing law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. For more information about Virginia’s Fair Housing Law or to file a fair housing complaint call the Virginia Fair Housing Office at (804) 367-8530. Toll free call (888) 551-3247. For the hearing impaired call (804) 527-4290.

1435 & 1437 clAiBorne street (NORTH OF CEMETERY) (3) 2-STORY APARTMENTS AVAILABLE 3 BDRMS; 2 BATHS; STOVE & REF.; W&D HOOKUP; CTRL HVAC; OFFSTREET PARKING; NICE... $490 MO; $490 DEP; $25 APPL. FEE; BKGRND CK; REF’S; “SECT 8” OK, Call 434-7242173 1Br efficiency;stAnd Alone APt Non-smoking, furnished/unfurnished, w/w carpet, central H/AC, W/D hookup. Available next month, call 434-203-1360 nice moBile Home for rent 2BR, 2BA. Central Air & Heat in Dry Fork area, Stove & Refrigerator Included. Washer & Dryer hookup. Call 276-666-9741 $100 off moVe in sPeciAl 1 bed/1 bath apt. Freshly painted, clean, quiet, safe, nice neighbors. $325/mth + $150 deposit. 324 Cleveland St. Call 866-469-9454 1-Br APArtments, Move-in Specials, 1236 W. Main, Fitzgerald Apartments, leave msg: 336-498-8085

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2BD 2BA Mobile Home for Rent Country living, Private Lot, 1 Acre, Renter Maintains Lot. Includes washer, dryer, air, stove, refrigerator & hard wood floors. 400mo+400dep. Call 434-822-6625

Praise the Lard & Pass the Biscuits

1997 Clayton 14’X80’ 3BD 2BA Central Heat/Air, All appliances, Front/Back Porches. FOR SALE OR RENT. Call 434728-1661

Tools & Accessories

16ft flat trailer double axle, w/ brakes & lights, usable condition, $750, call 336-388-5985

craftsman 10in compound miter Saw, with Laser trac feature. Brand new still in the box. $220, 336-514-0245 plumbers vice old, 3 legged, screw down, $50, call 434-251-7180 Generator Coleman Powermate Maxa 5000 ER (extended run) Electric Single phase 120/240 volt, never used, $400. 434251-0802 230 amp stick welder $65.00. 434-2503856 6” Delta bench grinder Never used with bench lamp. $20 located in Danville 757-362-7200 paint sprayer nova 390 manufactured by Graco, $600, call 336-514-8807 poland chainsaw $50, call 434-7244342 large heavy duty work table toolboxes, tool chest, call 434-822-7914 Wagner Power Painter factory reconditioned 2-speed airless sprayer 110 watts - $30.00 OBO 336-388-3534 WERNER LADDER JACKS used very little and in good shape. I have 3 of them $25.00ea 434-836-8958 mac tool cart racing series w/ tools, brand new, paid $800, asking $500, 250-1387 Carpet Spreader. $100.00 336-3881521 button kap stapler gun have 2 air button kap guns, like new in case. $150 OBO 434-251-7264 Welder Millermatic 200 CV-DC Welding PS, Wire Feeder $1200 Works Good 434-685-1475 or 336-362-2443 snap on 678 toolbox 11 drawer, full of mechanics tools, $10,000 invested, hardwood top, $7000, 434-222-8274

FOR RENT 2/3 BR,1BA Apartments, 611 Reid St, $375mo/+dep. Danville, VA. Call KITTY ALDERSON RE. 1-866-511-8615 HOUSE FOR RENT 2BR, 1BA, HVAC,164 WOOD AVE, $435mo, 434-836-4754 west end westover drive nice 2BR apt, water included, $425mo/+dep, call 434724-5044, Owner/Agent 2BR, 1BA Apartments for Rent $475-$500/ month, No Pets, Mt Cross Road (county). Call 434-685-1059 for more details danville near hospital Taking applications for large 5 room apartment. Stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer included. Heat and hot water furnished, $500mo/+dep, references required, 434-251-6826 mobile home for rent Pelham 2BR, 1BA mobile home, in private area, central heat/ air. Great for single or couple w/1 child. Appliances included, W/ D hookup, Sat TV, utilities available, no pets, $375mo/+$375 dep, 336-939-3451 If no answer, leave message. HOUSE FOR RENT: 720 Chatham Ave., 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen appliances, w/d area & hookup, $425.00/mo, call 434-7921583 APT. FOR RENT: 126 Banner St., 2 bedrooms, kitchen appliances, w/d hookup, $375.00/mo, call 434-792-1583 MOBILE HOME FOR RENT: 580 Tuckaway Lake Road, off Elizabeth St., 2 bedrooms, w/appliances, w/d hookup, $250.00/mo, call 434-792-1583 3BR, 1BA, heatpump, w/d hookup, must qualify. $450 deposit, $450mo. Call: 434822-8093 to apply. Leave message.

2br, 1ba, house for rent LR, DR, W/D hookup, new paint & vinyl, quiet street, $435mo, 165 Garden Grove St, 434-7281870 Stephens Real Estate Sales, Property Management & Rentals. 434-797-4663. Ask about rent specials! We do accept Section 8 on certain properties. Quarry St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Moanna Pl 4/5BR,2BA $550mo; Bonner St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Mabin St 2BR,1BA $425mo; Richmond Blvd 2BR/1BA apartment, $400mo. 2 BDRM House for Rent Southside. Near Schools, DCC, Shopping Cntr. 5 Min from Hospital. Wash & Dryer Hookups. $350 month. Sec 8 welcome. 434-793-1595 or 434-770-1938. 159 Davenport St 3BR, $550mo. Call 434-728-2258 4BR House, 2-1/2 Bath Central Heat/Air, Danville, $550mo, Call 434-728-0736 Large 2 BR Apt. with stove fridge AC, WD hookup and most utilities furnished $425/ mo. Call 434-251-2453-day or 434836-3223 154 AVALON DR. (WESTOVER AREA) 3BR, 1Bath, Central air, thermopane windows, fenced-in backyard, outbuidings $600/ month or FOR SALE $82,000 call 434-548-9573 Two bedroom house in quiet area for rent $350.00 a month 434-251-5934 1 bedroom apt. for rent $300 month plus deposit $150 appliances included. 434-793-9007

Houses for rent - 3 Bedroom homes located in nice neighborhoods. Call 434-7932792 for more information. 2BR 1BA Mobile Home Stove, Refrigerator, W/D Hook up, Central Heat, 1/2 mile from Walmart. $300 Rent $300 Deposit. Call 336-388-4778 or 434-251-0614 house for rent 266 Harrison St, $400mo, call 434-770-3716

2007 Utility Trailer 7X10 with wood floor $1200 Call 434-250-6459 or 336-3885654 after 3pm.

Wanted to Buy Want to buy Junk Vehicles, will pay $120 & UP. FREE TOWING. Call 434-251-3810 or 434-432-0686 leave message Looking for cheap memory card or games for sega dreamcast, leave email at or call 434-7914057 Electric Golf Cart Wanted. Please email me with year, make, model and price. 704-528-8300 Looking for a 3in body lift for a 2001 Silverado EXT Cab 4x4, please call 434728-2203 looking for a free small house dog or puppy, mixed ok, want female, call 434-8228934, 434-228-6394 Looking for baby furniture: crib, dresser, changing table, etc. Nothing outdated or damaged. Serious calls only! 434792-4431 1973 FORD BRONCO Wanted for parts, any condition, 276-650-8576 looking for 1996-99 plymouth Voyager, 3.0 engine, can be running or not, willing to pay $200, call 434-709-9786 Farmall Cub in good working condition for small garden. 434-724-1932 leave message WANT TO BUY two 5 lug 14in trailer tires & wheels, call 434-797-3504 Wanted: Any KISS items, such as: albums, shot glasses, posters, etc. contact Christy at 434-489-4262 Wanted: I’m looking for a SUV, in the price range of $1500-$2000. Please contact Christy at 434-489-4262 wanted anything that you may have thats no good to you anymore call me to pick it up 434-572-8530 Wanted. Dash for 1972 VW Superbeetle 434-822-7334


~FABRIC~ Looking for large rolls call Carolyn at 434-432-4945

Air Hockey game, very good condition. $40, 434-738-2347

WANT TO BUY Car carrier trailer with working brakes pay cash or trade vehicle for it contact 434736-0727

foosball game very good condition. $40, 434-738-2347

Lovely 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 3rd floor end unit with stainless steel appliances, granite and marble counters, fireplace, hardwood floors and much more. Very secure bldg. Available March 1st. $1200 per month. 336234-8462 Lakeside Mobile Home Park mobile home for rent, furnished, 2BR & up to $100/mo. paid in utilities. Call 434-836-9314

2005 6X12 V-Nose Enclosed Trailer, with ramp door, $1,800.00 OBO, call 434-5487700 Heavy Duty 22 foot trailer tilt bed, flip down military hitch, dual wheels. Hauls tractors, backhoes, small loaders. $1500. 434-822-8969

All new Bostitch Rn-46 and F28WW nail gun $200 each; Air compressor 26 gal with air tools $250, excellent condition, 434334-4023

820 buford st in city, 3-4BR $425mo/+$215dep, Section 8 approval, total electric, call 434-822-5636

leonard enclosed trailer 3yrs old, $1500, call 434-793-4117, 434-334-6816

1BR 1BA For Rent Washer/dryer hook up. Section 8 welcome. $350 Mo. Call 434793-3665 or 434-489-2886

Woodtek 6in Professional Jointer, 1HP 110 motor, excellent condition, new $550, sell $400, call 434-799-4268

Burton Condo For Rent

hudson trailer 9 ton triple axle, 8x16 floor with ramps, 2 5/16 ball hitch, $1500, call 434-822-5858

medium height talking tigger, asking $35.00, please ask to speak to Kathy 434836-8119 PowerWheels Yamaha Raptor and PowerWheels Kawasaki Ninja 4 Wheelers, both less than 1 yr. old, great condition. $80.00 each 434-724-7853

want to buy 1992 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe, call 434-822-6833 wanted: side tool boxes for Ford pickup, call 434-822-6833 wanted: electric mixer w/mixing bowls, call 434-792-5298

3 in 1 game table air hockey, foosball, & basketball, $50, call 434-724-9116

wanted: old mannequin store style stand ups, wig heads, sewing mannequins, call 434-432-0225

radio flyer rocking horse excellent condition, like new, $45, call 434-8220887

wanted: any kind of cat toys and cat furniture, call 336-791-3374

Giant Belkie Bear, 3 ft. tall & plays music. $95 434-836-2401 Blue M&M character, 5 ft. tall, holds candy. $100 434-836-2401 2 barbie jeeps 1yr old, paid $350ea, asking $150ea, call 434-792-7691 Girls size 5 roller skates White & pink. Chicago brand. $10, 434-822-7366 kids pool table 3ft tall, 3ft wide, 4ft long, many accessories, $20, call Kevin 434-724-1218 Four wheel drive radio control buggy two speed 3.3 nitro engine with extra parts and carrying case. $100 434-791-3437 huge lot of ninja turtles, humans, villains and 3 vehicles.1 Remote control vehicle, all accessories, like new. $50.00, 434-203-1362 power rangers huge lot of power rangers, like new, hardback book incl., $30.00, 434-203-1362 Magic the Gathering 10-60 card decks, 9 plastic cases, Starter Set w/2 sealed decks, 3 CDs, instructions, more. $100 434-203-6159

Travel & Vacation Timeshare Rental Resort Florida Bonnet Creek, 15 Min from attractions, 2br, sleeps 8, full kitchen, w/d. 3/21/09 03/28/09 Call 434-792-0388

Utility Trailers New Heavy Duty Trailer 6x10 tilt bed, drop tailgate $800.00 434-836-1957 or 434489-1565

need a full size or queen size bed frame, call 336-791-3374 want to buy 24 or 28 foot aluminum extension ladder, call 434-799-0035 Bunk Beds Want to buy set of Bunk Beds and 2 dressers in excellent condition. 434799-6871 looking for a handy man that works cheap to help me fix some things around the house, call 1-276-806-9451 wanted: 36in exterior door, in good condition reasonable price, consider wood, prefer metal, 434-770-4980 wanted: small or compact pistol, also Ruger 1022 any condition, will consider anything, 434-250-8785 wanted: railings for a half bed, call 434836-2780 wanted: used kayak, call 434-432-2239 Wanted 4-H Boer goats. Need 2 does 6-8 mos old, % or full, reasonable, for 2 daughters to show. 434-575-5479 want old computers want free old computer for parts will pickup call after 5pm 434-799-1326 Changing Table Wanted Call 434710-0875 Camper Want to buy used awning & all hardware in good condition 15ft-18ft long. Cell 434-429-3288 Home 434-724-4039 want to buy 6spd trans axle for Craftsman riding lawn mower, in good shape, call 434-685-3119 wanted: buck wood heater, call 434-7926773 Swing set looking for a swing set in good condition, reasonable price please 434251-7039

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

Piedmont Shopper© •February 05, 2009 • Page 21

Chatham High School Booster Club sponsored a “womanless beauty contest” last Sat. - here are the results Dr. Paul Grekos, our most famous local dentist won the padget and rumor has it he didn’t even use makeup! Other contestants included:

Aphrodite “Greek Goddess Of Love and Beauty”- Dr. Paul Grekos=Winner Anita Mann-Chad Anderson=2nd RUNNER UP Shortastic Dalton- Malon Dalton=1st RUNNER UP Delicious Mayo- Barry Mayo Fanny O’Rear- Jeremiah Sonam Barbie Dahl- Tony Roark Cherlyn Sarkisian- Robert Adams

The Dan River Foundation recently transferred its assets to the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region. Shown here (left to right): Dan River representatives Calvin Barnhardt and Rodney Reynolds and Community Foundation representatives Eddie Herndon, Debra Dodson and Sammy Saunders.

The Dan River Foundation announced today the transfer of nearly $3 million in assets to The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region. A new Dan River Inc. Endowment Fund will continue the charitable work of the company which was based in Danville for over 100 years. “We are pleased to be able to partner with The Community Foundation to permanently earmark these funds to support charitable work in the Dan River Region,” said Rodney Reynolds, chairman of the Fund’s advisory committee. “During its 126 year history, Dan River Inc. was a responsible and generous corporate citizen, providing support to charitable organizations throughout the Dan River Region and sponsoring scholarships for many children of Dan River employees. The Dan River Inc. Endowment Fund will make certain that this support continues. It will assure that the good name of Dan River Inc. is preserved and will honor the thousands of employees of Dan River throughout the years whose dedication allowed the Company to become a global leader in the home fashions and apparel fabrics industries.” The Fund will support area charitable organizations including, but not limited to: - Danville/Pittsylvania County United Way - visual and performing arts, - support for public and private educational organizations, particularly those involved in training and retraining the Region’s workforce, and in literacy and tutorial programs - support for organizations involved in providing basic medical care and economic sustenance for individuals and families, and - support for organizations that provide economic development and infrastructure for job creation. “We are excited to accept these funds on behalf of all the former employees of Dan River Inc.,” said Eddie Herndon, president of The Community Foundation. “What an honor it will be to continue the company’s legacy of giving.” The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region is a public charity with total assets exceeding $18 million. Over 650 community foundations exist in the United States, with 23 in Virginia. Other people who wish to continue the Dan River Inc. legacy can also contribute to the Fund. Donations may also be made in honor or in memory of former employees or others. Checks should be made to The Community Foundation, c/o the Dan River Inc. Endowment Fund, P.O. Box 1039, Danville, VA 24543. For more information on the new fund or The Community Foundation, contact the Foundation office at 434-7930884 or visit its web site wanted a gas wood buster, reasonable price, call 434-836-5975 wanted: baluster for 48in light fixture, call 434-792-1203

Baby’s Name: Tessie Danna Marie Hazelwood Birthdate: January 12, 2009 Parents: Mike & Jamie Hazelwood Maternal Grandparents: Bary & Barbara Easom Baby’s Name: Heavenly Sky Wimbush Birthdate: January 15, 2009 Parents: Milton & Amy Wimbush Maternal Grandparents: Ruth White Paternal Grandparents: Robert & Carrie Bell Wimbush Baby’s Name: Shyanne McKinzie Crumpton Birthdate: January 24, 2009 Parents: Kimberly R. Adams & Larry W. Crumpton Paternal Grandparents: Wanda & Sam Crumpton

Looking for a Mantel Piece To go over fireplace. 434-799-0035 want to buy Complete back door unit with screen door for mobile home or doublewide. Reasonably Priced. Leave Message 434-251-8296 Want to buy Eagle depth/Fish finder for boat. Reasonably Priced. 434-724-2428 Want to buy Pioneer SX 1010 stereo receiver. This model only. 434-724-2428 DOVES, INC is in need of a freezer. Please contact Sandy Wingate at 434-799-3683 if you have one to donate. Church is looking for carpet, drum seat, symbols, and high hat stand. Please call Sandy at 434-792-2144 WANTED: Need 17.5 ft. Bass Boat Trailer. Call 434-713-8838. In the County: seriously I am looking for a home to rent or rent to own, 434548-2271 Need Mannequins For Project Full or upper body, head & shoulders, does not matter. Cheap. candynkisses2000@yahoo. com or 434-489-7787

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looking for a house to rent must be 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms and a basement. $300-$400. 434-401-6030

wanted: 1-2yr old laying hens, can be Rhode Island Red, Red Sex Link or Leghorn chickens, call 336-234-9699

Bike Wanted Adult Male Aluminum Bike. Please-Good Condition 434-822-7195

Couple looking for a place in country, if have one please call 434-203-3359

Need Single Mother of 2 in need of cheap baby items 9m old boy and 22m old girl, lost everything 434-728-0395

WANTED: laptop I need a newer laptop in good condition at a reasonable price for school. Call Stephanie 434-709-7976

wanted: fender guitar & 24in bar stool, call 434-822-5682

wanted: 2 new hand sewn bed quilts, call 434-793-2174 wanted honda recon rim front rim only 434-836-7687 Wanted Paver Stones Used or left over, any size or color. Reasonable Price Call Dan leave message 336-388-5534

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wanted: bathtub transfer chair, in good shape, call 434-836-2343

1992-97 Jimmy/Blazer that runs & looks good, needs no work, 148K miles or lower, $2000 or less, 434-203-8005


FOLLOWING ADS HAVE NOT BEEN SCREENED BY THE NATIONAL ADVERTISING NETWORK, INC.; Therefore, any discrepancies thereof shall not be the responsibility of the aforementioned association. Your publisher has agreed to participate in this program and run these ads at no charge as a service to the National Advertising Network, Inc.

want to buy an Alpine Billy goat, healthy goat stock for goat herd, call 336-234-9699 wanted hay 5x5 fescue & orchard grass, will pay, $10 a roll, call 434-388-2251 wanted: used fence & gates, other supplies, call 336-349-4102 wanted: 3pt hook up rear roto tiller, call 336-349-4102 wanted gas tank for 1987 Honda Rebel, w/no holes, call 434-250-2993

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wanted: old VA vehicle license plates issued before 1970, car and motorcycle. Also Danville city tags, 434-685-3704

will buy your broken computers will buy non working computers I will pick up, 434-728-1892

looking to buy a tall poster bedroom suite, dark wood, reasonable price, call 434-432-1416

would like to buy used bagger system for Snapper mower, 30in cut, in good condition, call 434-792-3010

will buy broken riding mowers must have motors on mower 434-728-1892

looking to buy 175 70 13 tire, good tread, reasonable price, call 434-432-1416

i am looking for a blue heeler dog preferably a puppy, 434-724-7985

looking to buy a hood for 1983 S10 pickup, call 434-250-7743

wanted: rear chrome bumper for 1991 Toyota 4x4, call 434-429-7587

Dog lot wanted 10X10X6 or larger in good condition. Call 434-770-9352

wanted: black curio w/gold trim, call 434429-7587

WTB: 2004-2006 Chevy or GMC 2500 crew cab 4x4 truck, diesel or gas, prefer white, black, or silver 434-575-2687

looking to buy set of aluminum wheels for small Chevrolet truck or car, reasonable price or cheap, 434-250-7743

Looking to buy Need to purchase two electric blankets; Must be cheap and in great, like new condition. Twin or full size. 434-432-2741

wanted complete front end, mint condition, for 1970 Mercury Cyclone spoiler car, 434-797-4591 wanted: Old HiFi stereo equipment, Receivers, Reel-to-Reel, Tape Decks, Ham radios, and CB Radios and Equipment. Working or not, 434-429-7587

Help Wanted Government Jobs - $12-$48/hr Paid Training, full benefits. Call for information on current hiring positions in Homeland Security, Wildlife, Clerical and professional. 1-800-320-9353 x 2100 Help Wanted **AWESOME CAREER** Government Postal Jobs! $17.80 to $59.00 hour Entry Level. No Experience Required / NOW HIRING! Green Card O.K. Call 1-800-913-4384 ext 53

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wanted: Radio and Stereo equipment with Vacuum Tubes, Testers, Parts, Manuals, and anything associated with these items. Working or not, 434-429-7587

Wanted: flat top, wooden trunk, good condition, 434-724-4097

$4,000, Low taxes, beautiful weather, seller financing w/ easy terms, county approved, call 706-364-4200 for details Miscellaneous **ALL Satellite Systems are not the same. Programming starting under $20 per month, HDTV programming under $10 per month and FREE HD and DVR systems for new callers. CALL NOW 1-800-799-4935 Financial IRS Tax Problems? FREE Consultation if you owe 10k+ Settle for Less ñ Eliminate Penalties, Interest Charges & Tax Liens 1-800-383-5270 Land For Sale Arizona Land, BIG LOTS $0 down $0 interest. Best Land, Best Terms Nationwide GUARANTEED or Your Money Back. Starting at $129/mth. Call Pre- Recorded Message 1-800-631-8164 Help Wanted ***FEDERAL POSTAL POSITIONS***Now Hiring + Federal Benefits! $14 - $59 hour. Paid Training. No Experience. Green Card OK 1-866-477-4952 ext 81 Help Wanted POST OFFICE HIRING Nationally! Avg. Pay $20/hr or $57K/ yr incl Fed ben, OT optional fee-based test prep materials, not affiliated with the US Postal Service. 1-866-574-4781

wanted: rocker recliner, in good condition, burgundy, call 434-836-6531

Want to buy a nice turntable / receiver combo. 434-454-4444

wanted: diamond ring, call 434-7931715

wanted: (2) BF Goodrich radial TA white letter tires w/at least half tread, size P225/70 15, reasonable price, 434-728-0160

would like to buy 1pt plow for Farmall Cubcadet tractor, leave message 434-7920684

Looking for a battery operated Riding Toy for 1-2year old. Baby Girl clothes for 18mo-2yrs. 434-324-7115

Weddings wedding dress Mary’s bridal gown, size 20, very very nice, with a long train, call 434 441-0749 or 336-388-2933 little girls size 3, miniature bridesmaid dress, worn once, paid $65, asking $30 OBO, 434-724-7778

Yard Sales 1348 piney forest rd Yard Sale, SatFeb 7th, all sizes womens & childrens clothes, shoes, handbags, leather sofa & more 3 Family Yardsale Sat Feb 7. Lots of everything. 106 Hayes Ct off Westover. 8am -1pm. Rain Cancels!

Ads updated @10•2•4 every day -

336 BELL DRIVE SAT 9AM-Until 12 Gal Parts Washer, $100, Magic Curl Barbie $3. Ladies, Junior Jeans. Jean skirts, blouses, toys, school items, miscellaneous (Rain Cancels) YARDSALE @ 349 Iris Lane Feb 7th, 7am-11am, no early birds.

Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2009 Valentine Decorated Homemade Mints Cupcakes Heart Shaped Cakes $9.00 doz. 2 Layer $15.90 1 Layer $7.95 Assorted Valentine Variety Balloons Cookies

Balloon Bouquet $6.99 Each

Plush Animals $2.99 & up

We Deliver • Major Credit Cards


604 Piney Forest Road • (434) 799-0720 OUR GRANDPA The IRS decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the IRS office. The IRS auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his attorney. The auditor said, ‘Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, which you explain by saying that you win money gambling. I’m not sure the IRS finds that believable.’ I’m a great gambler, and I can prove it,’ says Grandpa. ‘How about a demonstration?’ The auditor thinks for a moment and said, ‘Okay. Go ahead.’ Grandpa says, ‘I’ll bet you a thousand dollars that I can bite my own eye.’ The auditor thinks a moment and says, ‘It’s a bet.’ Grandpa removes his glass eye and bites it. The auditor’s jaw drops. Grandpa says, ‘Now, I’ll bet you two thousand dollars that I can bite my other eye.’ Now the auditor can tell Grandpa isn’t blind, so he takes the bet. Grandpa removes his dentures and bites his good eye. The stunned auditor now realizes he has wagered and lost three grand, with Grandpa’s attorney as a witness. He starts to get nervous. ‘Want to go double or nothing?’ Grandpa asks ‘I’ll bet you six thousand dollars that I can stand on one side of your desk, and pee into that wastebasket on the other side, and never get a drop anywhere in between.’ The auditor, twice burned, is cautious now, but he looks carefully and decides there’s no way this old guy could possibly manage that stunt, so he agrees again. Grandpa stands beside the desk and unzips his pants, but although he strains mightily, he can’t make the stream reach the wastebasket on the other side, so he pretty much urinates all over the auditor’s desk. The auditor leaps with joy, realizing that he has just turned a major loss into a huge win. But Grandpa’s attorney moans and puts his head in his hands. ‘Are you okay?’ the auditor asks. ‘Not really,’ says the attorney. ‘This morning, when Grandpa told me he’d been summoned for an audit, he bet me twentyfive thousand dollars that he could come in here and pee all over your desk and that you’d be happy about it.’

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ooL afe

HOURS Mon-Thurs: 6am - 8pm Friday: 6am - 4am Saturday: 7am - 4am Sunday: 7am - 4pm

Owned and Operated by Trisha Tahseen Formerly of the Original New Family Restaurant Plate Lunches • Sandwiches • Daily Specials Breakfast Served Anytime • Dine In or Take Out COUPON

Grand Opening Special $2.99 Breakfast 2 Eggs, Bacon, Sausage OR Baked Ham, Choice of 1 Side, Toast or Biscuit Expires 2-28-09

2722 West Main St. • Danville, VA 434-793-1919

INVEST IN YOUR HOME! SAVE ON UTILITIES! Replacement WindoWs insulation heating and cooling systems noW installing all eneRgy staR pRoducts

Licensed Bonded Insured Must Be Energy Star To Qualify For 2009 Tax Credit

Danville Insulating & Window Co., Inc. And Sizemore’s Heating & Air call today For a package deal!

434-836-1044 • 434-432-0006 locally owned & operated / owners gary & allison durham Serving Danville & Surrounding Area Since 1948

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COMMUNITY Events 175th anniversary celebration at First Baptist Church of Danville. Sun-Feb 8th, our Guest speaker Ben Newell. He is a Global Mission Field Worker with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He is also a native of Danville. Sunday morning worship services begin at 10:30AM. 59th Church Anniversary at Pleasant Chapel Baptist Church at 3:00pm on Sun-Feb 8th. Our guest for the evening will be Rev. Ferrell and the Greater Triumph Baptist Church of Chatham, VA. AGING, MIND, BODY PROGRAMS and More offered at Ballou Recreation Center, Tue-Feb 10th. Presented by Cindy Jones, Services Director, Ballou Center Alzheimer’s Association, 1225 West Main Street, Danville. 12:00-1:00pm. Bring your lunch and a drink. Free, registration is requested Melanie Vaughan 434-792-3700 ext. 3 AMAZING BUTTERFLIES All ages. Shrink to the size of a butterfly as you learn the surprising challenges butterflies face every day. Explore the relationships between caterpillars, butterflies and their natural surroundings. Exhibit open through May 25. Danville Science Center: Tuesday through Saturday 9:30am–5pm. Sunday 1–5 p.m. Members free. Non-members: $6/ adult, $5/ youth or senior. Information: 434-791-5160 Annual Campmeeting Central Blvd. Church of God, Thur-Feb. 12th at 7PM and Fri-Feb 13th at 9AM, 12 PM, and 7 PM. book fair at O. T. Bonner Middle School, Fri-Feb 6th - Thur-Feb 19th, 7:15am-2:30pm in the Library. 300 Apollo Avenue, Danville. For more information call Laura at 434-7996446 BRUNSWICK STEW & BAKE SALE Laurel Grove Volunteer Fire & Rescue on SatFebruary 7th at the Advance Auto on 58 East across from Piggly Wiggly. $4.50 per quart and will be ready at 11am. Also be delicious home-made bake goods for sale. To pre-order call Sharon at 434-250-6809 or e-mail the fire station at BRUNSWICK STEW The Sons of the American Legion Post 1097, Post Home, 17 Fairfield Ave. (behind Hylton Hall) on Sat-Feb 7th. Stew will be ready for pick up at 11:00am, $4.50 per quart. Proceeds will go to support veterans and the community. To preorder 434-793-7531 Brunswick Stew to support Angel Search & Rescue Inc on Sat-Feb 7th, at Oak Grove Christian Church, 20581 US Hwy 29. Ready at 11am, $4.50 quart, please pickup by 1pm. To place your order call 434-822-5960, 434-432-8169 COUNTRY BREAKFAST & Bake Sale at Swansonville Pentecostal Holiness Church, Dry Fork, VA on Sat-Feb 7th, 7am-11am. Fund raiser for Bobbie J Cunts, a cancer patient. Minimum donation $5. Also baked goods will be available for sale. CREDIT RESTORATION FAITH & DELIVERANCE IS CONDUCTING PRESENTATION ON CREDIT RESTORATION. GET THE GOOD CREDIT RATING THAT YOU DESERVE. IT’S NOT A JUST A DREAM IT’S REALITY. CONTACT ANN@ 434-7991470 OR 434-441-6198. Giving away free clothes to the needy at Jesus Team Ministries, 220 Poplar St., Danville, Sat-Feb.7th, 3p.m.-4:30p.m. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. hot dog supper & gospel Singing, Sat-Feb 7th at Blairs Chapel, at Hatcher Center 29N. Supper 5pm-6pm, singing 6pm-7pm

You are on the bus when you suddenly realize ... you need to pass gas. The music is really loud, so you time your poots with the beat. After a couple of songs, you start to feel better as you approach your stop. As you are leaving the bus, people are really staring you down, and that's when you remember: you've been listening to your ipod.

Korean Happy Warriors Meeting Attention Korean Veterans in Danville & surrounding area. Don’t miss our Feb 14, 8AM, Saturday morning breakfast meeting at MARY’S DINER, 1201 PINEY FOREST RD., Danville, VA. Guest speaker, David Fuquay MID WINTER CHURCH YARD SALE in basement, 618 Clairborne St, Danville, Sat-Feb 7th, 7:30am, clothes for everyone, odds & ends, dinette set w/4 chairs, baby stroller, and much more. Snow Cancels Musical Comedy Galileo Magnet High School, Fri-Sat, Feb 13-14. Theatre Guild presents musical comedy Androcles and the Lion at the North Theatre. Call for more information 434-773-8186 pancake breakfast The Danville Elks Lodge #227 will be on Sat-Feb 7th, 7:00am11:00am at the Elks Lodge, 560 Main Street. Proceeds from this breakfast will go to the GWHS Baseball team. Menu includes; hot pancakes, savory sausage, juice, and coffee. $5.00 for all you care to eat. You may purchase tickets from any member of the Elks Lodge or GWHS Baseball team or you may pay at the door. Senior Tennis Doubles Baby boomers and beyond, come play tennis with us at the Ballou Park Tennis Courts, Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays from 1:30-4:30 p.m. No Charge. Call 434-799-5216 for info. Short Stack for a Tall Cause Applebee’s of Danville is sponsoring a Pancake Fundraiser breakfast to support the Luncheon Pilot Club of Danville, Sat-Feb 7th, from 8am-10am. Tickets $5ea. Information or tickets call G. Butts 434-793-9898 or F. Lewis 434-7924950 SIGN-UPS FOR Brosville & Stony Mill District T-Ball & Pinto Ball. Ages 5-8, $25 registration fee (due at signing). Sign-up will be held at the Brosville Elementary Concession Stand from 6pm-7pm on the following dates; Mon-Feb 9th; Tues-Feb 10th; Mon-Feb 16th; Tues-Feb 17th. Team Sponsorship & Coaches needed Southside Va PH Support Group Attention All Pulmonary Hypertension Patients and Family members Southside Va Ph Support Group invite’s you to our first meeting on March 28th 2009 @Kentuck Vol. Fire Dept. From 12:00 to 2:00pm Come let us share our own experience living with Pulmonary Hypertension. Pleae contact Sheree Rickman @434-251-5396 or Medeta Belke @276-673-1403 for more information. Guest Speaker will be Leigh Colbert Community Advocate Manager for Actelion. Spaghetti Dinner at Riverbend Vol. Fire Dept, 1535 Ferry Rd, Sat-Feb 7th, 5-7:30PM. Dinner includes: Spaghetti, toast, salad, desert, and drink. $6.00ea. STEW & BAKE SALE Fellowship Baptist Church, Sat-Feb 7th, at The Advanced Auto Parts on Piney Forest Rd. Stew is $4.50qt and ready at 11am. To pre-order call Lawrence Morris 434-822-8259. Stew must be picked up by 1pm. Stew at American Legion Will hold a stew at American Legion Post 325 on Saturday, Feb.7th. Stew will be ready at noon and cost is $4. Proceeds go toward the establishment of a nurses’ scholarship fund. STEW at Pelham Fire Dept on Sat-Feb 7th. Stew will be ready for pickup between 9am-1pm, $4qt. To pre-order call 434-250-3734 or 336-388-5671. Thank you for your support this year. WINTER REVIVAL FAITH CHURCH MINISTRIES, 715 HOLLAND RD. GUEST SPEAKER. CHUCK TOMLINSON FRIDAY FEB 6TH 7PM, SAT FEB 7TH 6PM. SUNDAY FEB 8TH 10AM & 11AM. You Don’t Want to Miss… Wealthy Place Prophetic Summit 2009 The Year of…“The Never Before Blessings!” (1Corinthians 2:9) Come and Receive a Word from the Lord from Bishop William Bennett, Pastor of Upper Room Full Gospel Ministry Brooklyn, New York, February 5th-8th, Thurs-Fri, 7:30pm, Saturday 12:00 noon, Sunday 11:15am & 5:00pm. At Crystal Cathedral Word Empowerment Center, 901 Greenwood Ave. (Druid Hills Community), Danville, Va

Having Trouble With Your Balance?

Let us develop a comprehensive, individualized workout plan just for you. We assess your situation & help you set safe and attainable goals

Personal Care – Professional Results

2811 Riverside Drive – Danville, VA 24540

434-799-6100 Need a GED® so you can get a job?

Call Adult & Career Education Center today at 799-6471 to get started! Phone 434.791.7337 Cell 434.251.9779

• Granite • Limestone • Marble • Slate • Onyx Fabrication and installation To view stone slabs, call ahead and make an appointment. This will allow us to provide you with the necessary time and attention you deserve!

Locally Owned & Operated in Danville, Virginia

Country Girls Cookin Serving Breakfast M-F Until 11 A.M. Sat. Until 2 P.M.

With A $3.00 Purchase One Soft Drink or Tea FREE • Dine In • Carry Out • Delivery Hours: M-F 7 A.M.-5:30 P.M. • Sat. 7 A.M.-2 P.M. 621 Main St., Danville, VA • 434-791-FOOD (3663) Norman Mattoon Thomas (November 20, 1884 - December 19, 1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and sixtime presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. The Socialist Party candidate for President of the US, Norman Thomas, said this in a 1944 speech: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.

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