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About Us Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do Whether your goals are to improve self-confidence, fitness, self defense or to earn a black belt, Tiger World Class will take you there. Our school offers state-of-the-art facilities, highly trained instruction and an international perspective not found at other schools: a perfect balance of Asian and American cultures.

“To families considering enrolling in Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do, I would encourage them to go to the school, talk to the masters, and observe one of the classes. We have previously tried some other activities without a good outcome, but Master Shin worked hard to build a relationship with my son to help him learn about and develop skill in Tae Kwon Do. We looked at other Tae Kwon Do schools, but his instruction was the best fit for us.” -Lisa Bowman, whose son Daniel is one of Master Shin’s former students

Location World Class Tae Kwon Do in Ellicot City Located off of Marriottsville Road and Route 70 in prestigious Western Howard County is Turf Valley Town Square, the home of Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do. Our brand new 4,000 square ft. facility features large training areas with matted floors, providing a high-quality and safe environment for all of our students. Our school will open in the summer of 2013 and promises to be the premier school for studying martial arts in Ellicott City, Marriottsville, Columbia and surrounding areas.

“Do it! You won’t regret it. The instructors, atmosphere, and other students are all great! It will be a very positive experience for the entire family.” -Robin Funk (daughter Breanna) former student of Master Shin

Our Masters Kwang Yeol Shin, Head Master Master Shin is from Seoul, South Korea and is a graduate of Young-In University, the premier school for Korean athletes. He has taught Tae Kwon Do in the United States since 2005. Students will not only learn traditional Tae Kwon Do techniques but will become familiar with the language and culture of Korea, the birthplace of Tae Kwon Do.

Ilho Chong, Director of Operations Born in Korea, Master Chong came to the United States as a child. Since then he has studied, taught, and competed at the state and a national level in the United States for more than 25 years.

Our Mission Our Philosophy Tae Kwon Do has a rich and varied history. It began 2000 years ago as a form of military training, developed into an Olympic sport, and has become popular throughout the world as a unique form of fitness and self-improvement. Millions of students of all ages have benefited from practicing this fascinating Korean martial art. The system of Tae Kwon Do taught at our school is the result of many years of study and experience. Our staff continues to train and research so that our center will offer the most beneficial and effective instruction to our students. We are positive you will find Tae Kwon Do to be tremendously rewarding. It will provide you and your family with greater self-confidence, increased self-discipline, and improved physical health. Attaining these benefits requires time, effort, and dedication. At times it can be challenging. Our instructors are here to help you with your commitment to excellence, and offer our knowledge to assist you.

“Being together with your child as you go through the classes and test for belts give you both something to talk about and strive for. This is a great experience to share with your child.� -Banks Ramage (daughter Grace) , former students of Master Shin

Little Tigers Focus, friends and fun! Little Tigers Our Little Tiger program introduces preschoolers and kindergartners to Tae Kwon Do. During a 30-minute class, students gain motor skill development and a sense of confidence within our playful and positive environment. Between the fun and exercise, your child will also gain greater focus, which will carry over to home and school. Ages 4-5

“Your child will gain confidence and learn to be more respectful both at Tae Kwon Do and at home.� Sara Sharkey (son Parker) former students of Master Shin

Children’s Classes Confidence, respect and a lot of exercise! Our children’s program is focused on the core of martial arts—creating a foundation of discipline, focus, and energy that will build success for life. Students with a base in these martial arts principles will fare better socially and developmentally both at school and at home. And most importantly, they’ll learn this valuable set of skills while having fun and staying active. Ages 5-13

“It also felt like the students at the school become a real community and family. Everyone was supportive and encouraging to each other. I work from home full-time and spend the majority of my day alone. Master Shin’s Tae Kwon Do school started fulfilling an important need for me to have adult interaction during the day. It has become an important support system for me. I’ve developed friendships with the other parents and I attribute a lot of this to the way he welcomed students, introduced everyone to each other and encouraged the interaction during class.” Laura Podlasek, student of Master Shin

Adult Classes Adults gain a healthy body and piece of mind! Adult classes combine the best of several forms of physical training. Stretching and calisthenics improve flexibility and balance. Kicking drills and partner work increase endurance and timing and different forms and curriculum requirements will improve strength and muscle tone. Most adults also experience weight loss, more confidence and a great way to release stress. And, since no two classes are the same, you will experience a varied, high-energy workout that will motivate you to attend lessons regularly. Ages 14 and up

“I knew that I would benefit personally from improved health, but I didn’t realize how it would impact my professional life. Losing weight and having more energy makes me feel better about myself, and that has carried over into my teaching. I think I am more positive in the classroom, and that motivates my students to do their best. I also have more fun with them now!� -Ginger Walker, former student of Master Shin.

Family Classes Families grow closer! Have fun with the entire family in one convenient location! Our 50-minute Family Classes provide the perfect opportunity to get fit, share goals, meet other friendly people and most importantly, spend time together. Our flexible classes also allow you to train based on your schedule. We also offer special opportunities designed to enhance your martial arts experience and strengthen friendships with other families.

These events include: • Tournaments • Belt Testing • Walking in the Holiday Parade • Fund Raisers for local Charities • Summer Camps • Halloween Party • Movie Night


“My sons were introduced to Tae Kwon Do when Master Shin came to their school to teach after school. They loved it and begged to take classes. Although I could see their confidence grow and see how much fun they were having, I never considered becoming a student until Master Shin encouraged me to try a class. Although martial arts was outside of my comfort zone, I tried it. We started attending the family classes. I’m so glad I did. I work and they are busy students. I cherish all those hours on the mat because we get to train, learn, exercise and have a lot of fun as a family. That was three years ago. Today, my sons are both black belts, working on their second degree and I will test for my black belt in April. Thank you, Master Shin!”Nicole, Lane and Andon Stowe, former students of Master Shin

After School Care After School Care with TIger World Class Tae Kwon Do The Tiger World Class After School Program offers the best in after school care. As an alternative to daycare, we offer a structured and disciplined environment. With Tae Kwon Do classes five days a week, kids learn valuable life skills in a caring professional environment, all while having a great time. Some key components of After School Tae Kwon Do include: ·

FREE pick-up from your child’s school


Exciting Games & Activities


Study and Homework time


Tae Kwon Do classes




A full day program for teacher work days, spring & winter break at no extra cost

Our children’s after school program is both affordable and flexible. For more information, please call 443.377.0050.

“After school care has been such a livesaver for our family. When I pick the kids up, their homework is complete, they have taken their Tae Kwon Do classes plus they had a great time.” Shannon Speas, mother of Alexa and Sam Speas, former students of Master Shin

2014 Summer Camp Next summer, Tiger World Class Kwon Do will offer a fun, safe, and educational summer camp for children ages 5-12. Each week includes field trips, games, activities, special themes, Tae Kwon Do, sports and more! All Day Long! All Summer! Camp lasts all day long. You may register for as many weeks as you like - One week, several weeks, or all summer! The choice is yours.


“Our daughter attended the summer program with Master Shin while he was an instructor in North Carolina. It was a great value for our family. The children had a great time and there were plenty of activities. There was none of the boredom we had experienced in the past! Her favorite part, however, was getting to spend the day with Master Shin and his staff. He is so fun and encouraging with just the right amount of discipline. How lucky Ellicott City is to have him!� Alisha Phelps, mother of Michaela, a former student of Master Shin.

Birthday Parties with a Kick! Celebrate your child’s next birthday with us, home of Ellicott City’s easiest, most energetic parties! Your all-inclusive party package includes: • 1.5 hours of supervised fun and excitement • Your child will cut the cake with a real sword • Unlimited friends and family • Cake, decorations, and invitations • Non-stop games, activities and, of course, plenty of exciting Tae Kwon Do! • Gift certificates for 2 weeks of classes for every party-goer • All the set-up and ALL THE CLEAN UP

“Easiest, most fun birthday our kids have ever had. Master Shin’s staff had everything set up and ready for us. ” Shannon Speas, mother of Alexa and Sam Speas, former students of Master Shin

Getting Started is Easy! Free trial with no obligation We offer a trial program which gives new students the opportunity to try Tae Kwon Do, without obligation. During the trial period new students will participate in a class with people of similar ability. The trial classes also allow parents and/or students to talk with our instructors about the many benefits Tae Kwon Do offers. This Beginner Special Program includes: • 2 weeks of private and group classes with our experienced instructors • Free Uniform • The opportunity to observe classes and speak with our professional instructors • Personal tour of our new, state-or-the-art facility • A review of our flexible, class schedule

“I started Tae Kwon Do only because by daughter wanted to try it and she was too shy to go to classes alone. I thought I would stop after she became adjusted to the classes. That was almost five years ago. Today we continue to have fun, get exercise and enjoy classes with our Tae Kwon Do family.” Mariedith Appanaitis, former student of Master Shin

Do it now! Contact us today! Tiger World Class Tae Kwon Do 11105 Resort Rd, Suite 104 Ellicott City MD, 21042 443.377.0050 Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter!


“I spent years denying the health benefits of exercising. I felt self-conscious while I was exercising. Everyone always told me that you have to “make” the time to exercise but I always came up with excuses. It changed when I started taking Tae Kwon Do! Master Shin always made me feel comfortable and pushed me to try harder and not give up. He never made me feel like I wasn’t capable of doing the same things as the other students. Most of all, he made it FUN! He always greeted us with a smile when we came to class and always held us accountable for the commitment we made. Now, for the first time in my life, I enjoy exercising. Even on days when I don’t feel like going to class I found myself going and I always feel better and more energized.” Laura Podlasek, former student of Master Shin

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