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Durham Air Condition Repair

Piedmont Metro is North Carolina’s  premier air conditioning installation, service, repair and replacement company.

We specialize in the replacement of your existing AC equipment with the highest efficiency units saving you money month after month for many years to come.

Consumer reports rates Rheem at the top of the list for quality air conditioning units, and we are glad to replace your existing unit with an energy efficient Rheem air conditioning unit today.

Residential & Commercial

AC Sales & Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Install

AC Replacement Parts

Condensing Coil Maintenance

Evaporator Coil Maintenance

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

We Promote High Efficiency AC Units

Energy Star Tax Credit

Maintenance Contracts


Contact Us Piedmont Metro 101 Woodwinds Industrial Court #101 Cary, NC 27511 (919) 467-2200

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Durham air condition repair  

Piedmont Metro understands the importance of ensuring that your HVAC system is on top of its performance the whole year round. This is the r...