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The art of aiming high

Giovino is a blend of grit, focus, passion, and talent By David Harrell


ayden Giovino ‘21 was still in high school in rural Rabun County, Georgia, when he locked in on his aspiration to become an art curator.

Now, it is understandable if a person that young, from a place that small, sets a goal that big (and out-of-thebox), it might trigger a “Where did that come from?” reaction. On the other hand, consider this. He was already discovering art, analyzing art, and writing about art for the well-known Foxfire, an organization dedicated to preserving the traditions of Southern Appalachia. And, all the while, making his own art (he draws, paints, and has an affinity for collage). Taking that into account, his is an assured, crystalclear vision. When he arrived at Piedmont a year ago as a freshman (double majoring in art and religion/ philosophy with a minor in business), Hayden did not encounter skepticism about his goal,


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