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PI-8 MODERNIZATION OF THE HEATING FURNACE WITH THE ROTARY HEARTH In heating furnace systems which are equipped with burners with low velocity outflow of gas from the outlet fittings there are many adverse effects such as: low intensity of the circulation of gases in the furnace chamber, spreading uneven gas streams in the furnace area, low speed of the hot gas near the charge, local overheating of the furnace lining near the burner and the ingots, low life-cycle of arch opening burners, damage to the lining of walls, problems with in auto charge temperature.

Picture 1 Rotational burner in the wall furnace with a rotating hearth of 6,5 pitch diameter

Picture 2 Heating furnace system with a rotating hearth of 6,5 pitch diameter after modernization

Modernization of heating systems which were built several years ago (and equipped with rotational burners)is really necessary. Also requirements concerning: the conditions of safe operating gas-fired appliances, pollutants emissions to the atmosphere suggest the intensification of efforts in order to modernize old furnace constructions and control systems. Such modernizations can be done with not very high financial inputs and relatively short time when using new constructions of fast outflow of gas burners and a PLC controller of the furnace and charge heating technology. Such modernization for the two furnaces with a rotating hearth was performed by PTC PIECOSERWIS in 2005. Capital return time, taking only in consideration the reduction of gas costs – without charges for CO2 and NoX emissions that the industry awaits, was about 20 months.

PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009 PN-EN 18001:2004 PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 Certyfikat Nr PL-JBS-188/1/2011

PI 8 Modernization of the heating furnace with the rotary hearth  

PTC PiecoSerwis

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