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Annealing tanks Annealing after welding allows to reduce (or even to remove completely) the internal stress, allows also to improve and standardize the material structure and also to better mechanical properties. Annealing through releasing process is used to remove stresses resulted from welding and mechanical stresses resulted from the deformation of the elements. Annealing through tempering is used to eliminate the martensitic structure in the weld. Normalizing annealing is used to reconstruct and to standardize the structure. The joints after normalizing are characterised by the high yield while maintaining high strength.

- reducing of fuel consumption - reliability - technological process optimization

Application Description of the process 1. Placing an item on a trolley carriage. 2. The entrance of the truck tank to the furnace. 3. Placing an item by using boosters at the supports of the furnace. 4. The exit of the trolley out of the furnace. 5. Starting the heat-treatment.

- tank production plants - drum production plants - heat-treatment plants - welded structures plants - repair facilities

Technical parameters /One of the exemplary solutions/

Dimension of the chamber: L x H x W 20m x 5,5m x 5,5m Type of application: cistern tanks, drums Measurements of application: LxØ 16m x 3m Mass of application: 18,5 Mg The rate of heating and cooling: 80 K/h The rate of heating and cooling: 560 0C Holding time: 2 h The accuracy in the phase of withstanding +/-10 0C Maximum power output:: 1600 kW Fuel: GZ 50 or LPG Gas consumption per cycle: about 500 Nm3 (GZ 50) Archiving and visualization of the process

PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009 PN-EN 18001:2004 PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 Certyfikat Nr PL-JBS-188/1/2011

PI 5 Tanks and drums annealing furnace  

PTC PiecoSerwis

PI 5 Tanks and drums annealing furnace  

PTC PiecoSerwis