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“there are no hopeless kids, only kids without hope.”


Interview with Linda Roussel Executive Director “Kids on Track” “Kids On Track believes that “there are no hopeless kids, only kids without hope.” Linda, that statement sounds very inclusive of kids that may have personal struggles or family issues. Can you tell us more? Kids On Track is a faith based community organization with a passion to offer hope, direction and support to children, youth and parents. Our programs make a difference by providing mentorship, building resiliency, a place to belong, guidance and support…It is our hope that youth will be empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices and become positive, responsible, contributing citizens. and the history of KOT - you are the founder correct? Yes, I am the founder! I started Kids On Track with four other

community parents in 1992. We all recognized that there was a lack of activities and supportive mentoring clubs for kids in this community. We simply started asking community kids if they wanted to come out on Saturday afternoon and within 3 months we had 70 kids! Since then we have added programs and volunteers and finally staff.

You see a lot of the issues first hand…

The challenges of family breakup, poverty, and resettlement may seem insurmountable. What we do is provide programs that build trust and stability for children and youth. KOT provides an opportunity for all children to develop assets that in turn will help them cope successfully in the face of stress-related or During this time I continued adversarial situations. working as a community health nurse. I also gained a wealth of Children in our communities today experience during a one year need hope as never before. From a specialization working with new Christian faith based platform it is immigrants and refugees at the our mission to provide that hope Multicultural Health Co-op. I have for kids. We have been serving had extensive experience in families for over nineteen years. I supporting parents and as our believe this longevity has created mission states, I have a passion credibility not only with families, for helping children and youth but also other service providers become all they can be. such as schools, police and social

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workers. We are now seeing the kids we served come back as volunteers and parents! I think this quote says it all: “I've been with Kids On Track since I was 4 years old. The program has played a huge part in my life. As a kid attending the program I always felt welcome and accepted. As the child of an immigrant family this was huge. Kids On Track is a fun, safe place for all kids. For the past 2 summers I have been on summer staff. This was an awesome experience and helped me develop as a leader. I am graduating high school this year (2009) and plan to pursue post- secondary education. Kids On Track will always have a place in my heart. It helped me become the person that I am today.” Allisha-age 18 Look for more Kids On Track Next Issue.


Gardening Days Are Back Again!

Summer Events!



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Editor's Vent Last month I extolled the virtues of our summer months, I now feel it necessary to take them down a peg. Winter isn't all bad...there aren't any mosquito's buzzing around your head, or local inebriated individuals out in the backyard blasting Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at 4:00am, and the ruts, ice and windrows are generally pretty good at keeping the local speed racer from treating your street corner like a section of the Edmonton Indy. Anyway's, back on topic. It's been just over a year since I was given the opportunity to assume the editorship of the SPURR, not a stop I saw coming when I committed myself to volunteering some time with the Glenwood Community League two years ago, but it's an opportunity I've definitely appreciated on what's been an educational, and at times, strange road as a community volunteer. Over the past year the SPURR has said goodbye to long-time contributor Sheri Landry (It Makes Cents), and formed a new partnership with Grant MacEwan's student

above, thank you.


we can and it’s FREE.


Finally, a thank you in advance to those of you who are going to read and contribute to the SPURR and the communities we serve over the next year. We'll see you for our summer edition in July and be back again in September.

I can't believe that it is already June. Now that all of that snow is gone, time just seems to be rushing by. We were just thinking about planting gardens and flower beds and now it is time to worry about the weeds and mosquitoes. I would like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers for the many hours that they spend helping to organize events, plant flowers, shop, and help with everything that is asked of you. Thanks to all of you for making all of our special events so successful. You are all priceless. Thank you. Merci. Danke. June and July are usually very busy months for families so we have nothing planned for these two months. We are still having a Surprise Event in August, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the next edition of the SPURR.

Please send us your date sensitive event information, we would love to include what

driven, West Edmonton Local. We've said goodbye to a talented public servant in former Jasper Place Revitalization Coordinator Wendy Kinsman, and welcomed Steve Gauley into the role as the JPR's voice in the SPURR. The SPURR is an outlet for the community at large, and I'd like to thank the volunteers of the Glenwood, West JP, High Park, Mayfield, Canora, and BritanniaYoungstown Community Leagues for the time they take from their daily lives to advocate for their communities, host events, and represent their communities in the SPURR.

While most people reading this may not live in Canora, the dedication of the volunteers of Canora's Park Watch deserve recognition. I'd like to thank Michele Hebert (The Dirty Gardener) for continuing to be a staple of the SPURR, Diane Kereluk (representing the Stony Plain BRZ) to whom the SPURR owes its creation and who continues to be one of our strongest contributors, as well, I'd like to acknowledge our local constables from the Edmonton Police Service who have authored “The Beat”.


end we would love to hear from you. Please forward your stories to the publishers address


We will be holding another "Meet the Police" night on September 20

at the Canora Community Hall, 10425 - 152 St., at 7:00PM. Come out and meet our local police and find out what is happening in our community. The police will go over the latest statistics and tips on crime prevention. There will be a question and answer period. Coffee and goodies will be provided. See you there. We are still looking for bright ideas for October. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know at canoraparkswatch@yahoo.ca.

PARK WATCH is about creating community through people, parks and programs. Come out and be a part of this great program. Our next CANORA PARK WATCH meeting will be on June 21 at 7:00PM at St. Anne Park 153 St and 102 Ave. In the case of rain it will be moved to the Canora Community Hall. Everyone is invited to come out and join us. New people are always welcome and necessary in planning events to keep our parks well used and safe.

S P U R R JUNE 2011



Community Clean Up June 11, 2011 Cleanliness has been identified as a concern in the community. The City of Edmonton Jasper Place Revitalization in partnership with the Stony Plain Road Business Revitalization Zone and the following community leagues: Canora, Glenwood, West Jasper/Sherwood and Britannia Youngstown are organizing a community clean up event on June 11, 2011. This event is also being supported by other community partners and volunteers including Edmonton. Over 100 youth will be volunteering on foot picking

up garbage within the four neighbourhoods and along Stony Plain Road

Community Clean Up Details Saturday June 11, 2011 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

As shown on the map, garbage bins will be strategically placed throughout the four neighbourhoods between 149th and 170th Streets. The placement of the garbage bins is intended to encourage as many community residents to participate in the clean up event as possible.

• Large item drop off available for residents and businesses of Canora, Glenwood, West Jasper/ Sherwood and Britannia Youngstown. • There is a 5 item per load limit. • No renovation, construction or household garbage will be accepted. • No household hazardous materials, such as paint, cleaners,

batteries or oil will be accepted. These items should be taken to an Eco-Station. Call 311 for the locations of Eco-Stations throughout Edmonton. • Residents are reminded to secure their load properly by tying items to their vehicles and covering loose material with a trap. Under Bylaw 5590 unsecured loads are subject to a $250 fine. For additional information, or if you would like to volunteer contact Steve Gauley at 944-5417, or email steve.gauley@edmonton.ca.



By this time of the gardening season in Edmonton, you should have your annuals in the garden, and your hanging baskets and pots all done up and ready to perform their magic throughout the summer. But, how do you keep those gorgeous plants at their best? It is predicted that we are in for a long,

hot summer in Edmonton. Keeping your plants well hydrated is the first priority. Water all baskets and pots at least once a day, more if it is really hot and dry, and water early in the mornings and in the early evenings when evaporation is less likely to occur. Thoroughly soak each pot/basket to the point of water dripping out the bottom. On a weekly basis, add a plant food additive to your watering can or attach an automatic feeding/watering attachment to your garden hose. If you had potted up your plants with a soil mixture that had added waterretentive polymers, you may need to only water once a day.

For lawns, water once a week using a frisbee turned upside down on the lawn. Once the frisbee is full to the top with water, turn off the hose. Lawns like a deep thorough watering only once a week. Any more than that, and you are wasting your money and time as grass has a fairly shallow root system. To keep the blooms on your annuals looking great, walk about your garden about once a day and pick off the dead blooms. Petunias tend to get "leggy" after a few weeks, and can be pinched right back to about 8 inches from the root. They will

spring right back with abundant blooms again in a week or two. Keep an eye out for pests, using an insecticidal soap to get rid of those nasty bugs. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep your plants at their best. Take the time to just sit and enjoy your garden. Make yourself a pot of tea, grab a good book or magazine, and just relax, watch the butterflies and dragonflies, listen to the birds. You put so much time, effort and money into your garden; now is the time to enjoy it.

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There are over 50 restaurants to choose from, search “Fast Food” or “Restaurants”.

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S P U R R JUNE 2011


OLDER BOLDER BETTER “Come Experience It!”

Westend Seniors Activity Centre, located at 9629 – 176 Street, invites you to join us on Wednesday, June 8th, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, for our 15th Annual Older, Bolder, Better ™ event that just keeps getting BIGGER & BETTER! The day will feature an information trade show, plus a variety of free activities for seniors including a flea market, a bake and book sale, program demonstrations & silent auction! New This Year! In celebration of seniors & the arts, we have partnered with the Creative Age Festival ™ to host an Arts Café variety show, which will showcase the wonderful contributions seniors make to the arts. Join special dignitaries during our opening ceremony, network with other organizations and engage seniors.

For more information, phone 780.483.1209 or email weseniors@westendseniors.com

would like to invite you to drop in to view our newest affordable housing project.

STONY PLAIN MANOR 10105 – 159 STREET Edmonton, Alberta We are pleased to present this new affordable housing project which will help enrich the community of Britannia/Youngstown

JUNE 7th, 2011, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm http://www.crhc.ab.ca/project-development/projects-under-development.aspx

Phone: 780-420-6161 Fax: 780-426-6854

S P U R R JUNE 2011


COMMUNITY NEWS BRITANNIA-YOUNGSTOWN 15927 - 105 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0T8 Phone: 780-483-8983 New Website! www.bycl.ca Families Get Active Club Thursday, June 16 and 23 - 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Come out and get active! The activities will differ over time, so watch for things you like to do or try something new. Walk, bike, play tennis – the activities will depend on what you want to do. In June, we’ll kick it off with games like dodgeball, tag, soccer and have a small scavenger hunt. Call Kim at 780-481-9621. Gardening Club Next meeting: Thursday, June 2 at 7:00 pm Where: Community Hall Cost: Free! To hear about upcoming events, send an email to Miep Raedschelders at gardens@bycl.ca. Beautiful Yards If you know of a gardener in our neighbourhood who deserves some recognition for their front yard, please send the address to gardens@bycl.ca. We’ll vote on them at a later Gardening Club meeting and choose a winning yard. Big Bin Event Need to get rid of some spring “junk” from your yard or just spring cleaning your house and garage? Take advantage of the Big Bin Event for free disposal in our own neighbourhood. Watch for signs for the Britannia Youngstown location on June 11. Broadway Bound Are you looking for activities for your children this summer? Two full weeks will introduce you to the lifestyle of musical theatre. Learn the triple threat song, drama and dance from our experienced leaders. This unique experience will finish with a musical performance for friends and family. A field trip event is also included. When: July 18 – 29 Who: Kids aged 8 – 13 years Where: Britannia Youngstown Community Hall Registration begins on May 3. To register call 311 or online at http://eReg.edmonton.ca Monthly Community Potluck Dinner When: June 23, 6:00 p.m. Where: Britannia Youngstown Community Hall Fusion is building a team of people who are willing to be part of a monthly community potluck dinner. The goal is for the community to get together to visit, get to know one another, and celebrate what has been happening between us and around us. Who is invited? Anyone who has contributed to building hope in Britannia Youngstown, who would like to see a stronger sense of community here, or who has the potential to become involved in the community. Senior’s Circle The Senior’s Circle will start meeting again on June 1 at 10:00 a.m. For more information email Jane at seniors@bycl.ca. 6

Parents and Tots We meet weekly on Thursdays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM at the Britannia Youngstown Community Hall (15927 - 105 Avenue) for a Parent & Tot Playtime. Newborn up to school age are all welcome. If you have any questions please email Simone at playgroup@bycl.ca or call 780-628-5630. New Executive Board Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting. We’ve got an exciting group and a bunch of ideas for the upcoming year. Summer benefit of membership Once again, this summer league members will be able to access the city-run outdoor pools for free. This includes our own local Fred Broadstock Pool, Mon-Thurs from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. It also includes the other pools, so consider joining with your family and enjoying the sun at the swimming pool.

CANORA 10425 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4P1 Phone: 780-489-6007

Want to work a BINGO? Next dates are: CEASARS IN WEST EDMONTON MALL May 17 5-10 June 11 5-12 July 31 11-4 August 25 5-10 July 6 5-10 CASTLE DOWNS 12222 137 AVE May 30 5-12 June 28 5-12 July 27 5-12 Call Virginia 780-478-0979 to volunteer. SPRING CLEAN UP IN THE HALL!! June 12, 2011, 1-4 pm Please come out and help us clean up the hall. We want to hear from you as your community league board of directors, we want to know what the community would like to see happen in the hall and even outside weather permitting. Have an idea of an event we can try and bring to you? Contact us and tell us your ideas at canora11@telusplanet.net or leave a message at the hall 780-489-6007.

HIGH PARK 11032 - 154 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 2K1 Phone: 780-484-4646 highparkcommunity.com

GLENWOOD Important Phone Numbers Rink: 780-489-6070 Hall: 780-489-6007 Hall Rentals Inquiries: 780-952-7006 Email: canora11@telusplanet.net Follow us on Facebook too Country Swing Evening Featuring Calvin Vollrath, Alfie Myhre, Pete Hicks, Richard Chernisky, Ron ( Oz) Danyluk, Les Vincent, Ray St. Germain, Darryl Campbell DATES April 1, 2011 AGAIN June 25,2011 WHERE 10425 152 Street TIME 8pm - 12 am WITH A $2 DINNER TICKETS: - MYHRE'S MUSIC 8735 118th Avenue - LAZARO'S MUSIC 15115 Stony Plain Road - METIS CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES 10437 123 Street FREE CARNIVAL June 18, 2011. Family fun at Canora Hall More information to come. Community League Executive 2011 - 2012 PRESIDENT - Tony Lovell 780-478-0979 1ST VICE -Ray St.Germain 780-481-6860 2NDVICE-Christine Lovell 780-940-5620 TREASURER -Val Bolichowski 780-406-6960 SECRETARY -Shandi Hyggen 780-486-6179 BUILDING -Paul Birch 780-999-4229 MEMBERSHIPS-Erin Robinson 780-920-2092 PROGRAMS-Christine Lovell 780-940-5620 EVENTS FLOWERS - Stella Benko 780-489-6483 NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Cathy Gronmeyer 780-489-4570 PUBLICITY Shandi Hyggen & Susan McCuaig 780-486-6179 There is still a vacancy on the board, please contact Tony to get more information.

16430 - 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0E8 Phone: 780-489-7571 www.glenwoodcommunityleague.com DO YOU HAVE A BIG ITEM YOU NEED TO GET RID OF? Glenwood is participating in the Stony Plain Road Community Clean Up on Saturday JUNE 11th from 10am -4pm. There will be a big bin set up at 9821 - 161 Street for you to dispose of your non-hazardous big bin items. It will be emptied throughout the day, so bring your old furniture, piles of junk and anything else littering your yard or alley! It's FREE!! GLENWOOD SUMMER CAMPS These daycamps are run out of the Glenwood Community League. Register by calling 311 and giving them the program code. They fill up fast, so register early. Mission Control - Ages 6-10 July 4 - 8 9am 4pm (Code 392535) (Early drop off and late pick up available.) Toe Tappin' Tots - Ages 3-5 July 11-15 9am 11:30am (Code 392112) Hip Hop Dance - Ages 9-12 July 11-15 1:30 4pm (Code 392196) **NEW** Youth Drop-in Site at Glenwood Ages 11-17 years - www.edmonton.ca/youth Come out and join us for a summer full of fun for youth between the ages of 11 and 17 years old. Activities change from week to week based on what YOU want to do. Our radical leaders are ready, willing, and able to provide a variety of activities from sports, games, henna tattoos, youth art, or hanging out in summer weather! Glenwood Community League Rink Shack Monday to Thurs 12:30 - 8pm Friday 3:30-8pm July 3rd August 23rd S P U R R JUNE 2011

COMMUNITY NEWS SUMMER PLAYGROUND Ages 6-12 years Glenwood Playground - 16430 97 Ave Monday - Thursday 10 - 5:30pm Friday - 1:30 - 5:30pm FREE SWIMMING AT THE OUTDOOR POOLS! You must show your membership! You can enjoy an evening swim at the west end Fred Broadstock pool from 5-7pm Sunday through Thursday. All other City of Edmonton outdoor pools also have free community swim times. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for PARTY IN THE PARK September 10th, 2011 We are in need of approximately 30 volunteers to help at various times throughout the day on Saturday, September 10th for our annual Party in the Park. Shifts are available morning, afternoon or evening for everything from shucking corn and cooking to set up and take down. Please contact Shelley at 780 481 7208 or email glenwoodcommunity@hotmail.com to help out.

Membership BBQ Will be on September 17th at 5:00pm - Cost is $5.00 per family Bingo Please call Grace at 780-486-4801 The next bingo dates are: June 25, and July 30th at the Castle Downs Bingo hall. Rock Star Camp Mayfield is hosting Rock Star Camp again this year, contact the city of Edmonton to register your child, they had a blast last year and I am sure they will have more fun this year. The camp runs from Aug 8th to 12th for 9-12 year olds.

Mayfield Crafts Every 3rd Saturday of the Month, the hall will be open from 10:00am to 4:00pm for anyone interested. Call Deidre at (780) 486-1477.

you are interested please come to a board meeting or phone the hall (780)483-4675.

Drop in Slow pitch Every Friday night at the Mayfield ball diamond starting at 7:30pm.

9620 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4N9 Phone: 780-483-2815

Volunteers are needed For the father's day slow pitch tournament, many jobs available for short term volunteers, call the Mayfield hall (790) 483-4675.

Community Services

A soccer coordinator is still required for the Mayfield area. If



Ebenezer United Church 16302 106 Avenue. Edmonton T5P 0W9 Phone 780-489-5803 Church Service, Sunday at 11 a.m. List your Non-profit group for $99 per year (*some conditions apply).

Special event listings FREE for non-profits, otherwise classified rates and some conditions apply.


To place your business card or your classified ads please email us at ads@thespurr.ca

Power Speakers Toastmasters Club #3650 Meets Every Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00pm Grant MacEwan University Room 437 - 10045 – 156st Contact Norma at 780-432-4854 www.powerspeakers.ca

INTERESTED IN A WINTER JOB IN 2011? We will be looking for a rink attendant interested in putting in the rink and taking care of it as well as doing snow removal at the hall for NEXT winter (this is a paid position). If you think you might be interested, contact Michele at 780 439-3169.

FREE Family Fun Picnic June 11th, 2:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. Brittania Community Hall All community families welcome!Rain or shine! Join us for BBQ, treats, water games, parachute games, races, face painting, and a giant tug of war!

Armstrongs’ Counselling Services Murray Armstrong M.S.W., R.S.W. Donna Armstrong B.Ed. 10027 166 Street, Edmonton, AB T5P 4Y1 Email: dmarm@telus.net Phone: 780-444-4399 Websites: http://ArmstrongsCounselling.com


TUESDAY NIGHT EUCHRE Join us for Euchre EVERY Tuesday night at the Glenwood Community Hall. Registration is at 6:30pm, games begin at 7pm. NEED A MEMBERSHIP FOR HOCKEY REGISTRATION? Contact Michele for more information at 780 439-3169.

MAYFIELD 10941 - 161 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 1G2 Phone: 780-483-4675 www.mayfieldcommunityleague.com The pancake breakfast went very well this year, thank you to all the Mayfield residence that were able to make it out. Thank you as well to all the volunteers who helped cook and clean, without you our events would never be as good. The Mayfield board would like to wish everyone a great summer and can't wait to see you all again at the September BBQ on the 17th at 5:00pm. The board will meet the first Thursday of June (2nd) then we are taking a break until September 8th.

S P U R R JUNE 2011

VAN DOESBURG LAW JASON VAN DOESBURG Barrister & Solicitor 10060 - 164 Street EDMONTON, ALBERTA T5P 4Y3

Real Estate

PH: (780) 451-2661 FAX: (780) 452-1051 jason@vandoesburglaw.com

Wills & Estates

Personal Injury





T: 780.496.8122 F: 780.496.8113 linda.sloan@edmonton.ca

2nd Floor, City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square Edmonton T5J 2R7

Cat Sitting by

The Cat Lady Call Joan at 451-3384 Let your cat(s) enjoy your holiday in the comfort of their own home.




Call us to discuss building your dream home.

Allard | Callaghan SW 780.430.0037 Montalet | Beaumont 780.929.2598 Infill Lots - Call us today to 780.450.9898 find out about building in mature neighborhoods

780.450.9898 www.calibermasterbuilder.ca Jasper Place Child and Family Resource Centre REGISTARTION FOR KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM Jasper Place Child and Family Resource Centre is now taking registrations for Kindergarten Program for 2011-2012 school year. Our Kindergarten program is approved by Alberta Education and taught by a certified teacher. Why Jasper Place Kindergarten? • We offer a full day program from 7:15am – 5:45p.m.: Kindergarten program from 8:45am-11:45am Child care before and after Kindergarten • We have excellent staff- child ratios: 18-20 children with 2 Kindergarten teachers, 1 Early Childhood Educator and 1 Language Specialist • We provide hot lunches and two snacks Cooked daily by a cook Following Canada Food Guide What is our program all about? Our program is based on Alberta Education curriculum – ensuring that development of the whole chi l di s promoted- intellectual, physical, social, emotional and creative. Children have opportunities to be engaged in a whole range of activities and experiences that build on and extend their interests and curiosity. Parents are welcomed to be involved in their child’s education. Kindergarten program (8:45am – 11:45am) is free. Fees are charged for hours before and after the Kindergarten program.

For a tour please call 780-489-2243. 16811-88 Avenue, Edmonton AB, T5R 5Y6 780-489-2243


S P U R R JUNE 2011