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Mural Unveiled

Capital City Clean-Up’s community mural program supported the creation of a beautiful mural, designed by artist Kris Freissen and painted by the youth of St. Paul's Anglican Church. Located on 149th Street, one half block North of Stony Plain Road.

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SPURR • SEPTEMBER 2010 VOLUME 3 ISSUE 7 Editor: Jamie Post Gardening: Michele Hebert It Makes Cents: Sheri Landry Community Info: Wendy Kinsman Business Info: Diane Kereluk Advertising: Jim Wooley Publisher: Pie Communications Inc. 544, 12222 137 Avenue Ph: (780) 757-0993 Fax: (780) 401-3438 Edmonton, AB, T5L 4X5 What is SPURR The Stony Plain (road and area) Urban Revitalization Report is a community based newspaper whose mission it is to serve the west-end communities of BritanniaYoungstown, Canora, Glenwood, High Park, Mayfield, & West Jasper / Sherwood along with the Members of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association. SPURR is a joint initiative for Community & Business Interests of Edmonton’s westend lead by: City of Edmonton Community Services, Neighbourhood Revitalization Project and the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone. The opinions expressed in the articles appearing in The SPURR are those of the people named as the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of The SPURR, its editor, its publisher, the City of Edmonton or the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone. For More Information Please Contact: Wendy Kinsman, Jasper Place Revitalization Coordinator, Office of Great Neighbourhoods City of Edmonton Community Services Dept. 100835 - 120 St. N.W. P.O. Box 2359, Edmonton, AB, T5J 2R7 Ph: (780) 495-0321 Diane Kereluk, Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association 10043 151 Street. Edmonton, AB, T5P 4Z7 Ph: (780) 477-5169

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The 2010/11 school year is upon on us and for some children in the Edmonton Public School District attending Mayfield, Brightview, Britannia Youngstown, Meadowlark Christian, Glendale, Westlawn, Meadowlark, Sherwood, or other WestEdmonton schools in the EPSB West 1 area, it may be the final year they are able to attend their schools. The above schools within the SPURR's distribution area are part of the review process covering the Public School Board's Central, South Central, and West 1 sectors. The sector review process currently in use by the EPSB began following school closures in 2007, which included High Park Elementary. The public involvement process is on going ( The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues pulled out of the review process this May, citing that its resources would be “better spent looking for ways to help schools remain open and viable rather that try to determine the best ones to close”. Place a school in a community or take it away, the effect on the community and neighborhood planning is more than noticeable. More than just a local education centre, our schools offer green space, and a central location for community activities.

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, the Jasper Place Revitalization, and the Community Schools Coalition Edmonton are just some of the groups taking action in this endeavor. The EFCL is working on multiple fronts, both by addressing the issue of Family Friendly Neighborhood Redevelopment, and focusing on utilizing available school space as a benefit for the community. The Community Schools Coalition, founded by individuals who have been affected by past review processes, is a strong supporter of utilizing neighborhood schools as community hubs, while our own Jasper Place Revitalization and neighborhood community leagues will certainly be involved as strong voices on behalf of the communities they serve and represent. Editors Notes: Our email addresses have had some technical difficulties this past month. If you submitted a letter or article to this past month

and haven’t received a reply, please re-submit it. Letters to the Editor - The SPURR is now accepting Letters to the Editor. If there’s an issue, concern, or topic of interest you’d like to write about, submissions can be sent to Letters should be 300 words or less, and must be submitted with a full name, address, and daytime phone number. EFCL Family Friendly Neighborhood Redevelopment - The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues has put together a working group studying the issue of how to incorporate family friendly design elements and amenities into higher density residential developments. If you are interested in taking part and providing feedback, please join us for a workshop at 9:00 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 25 in Queen Alexandra Community League Hall, 10425 University Avenue. (RSVP to or call 780-437-2913), or join the conversation at

Whether as residents, Community League, or Revitalization volunteers, the question is, what can we do now, and going forward into the future? Long-term, these institutions can prove to be invaluable as vibrant community hubs, as anchors to neighborhood revitalization, as activity centres, and as the drawing card to lure families back to our established neighborhoods. Whether you are a parent, a volunteer, a member of a community group, or a concerned community resident, I urge you to get involved, and to help turn a process focused on deciding which schools are no longer necessary, into one which focuses on their possibilities and role within our communities.



KEEP STONY PLAIN ROAD AND AREA CLEAN….NO BUTTS ABOUT IT! For information on the H.U.M., please go to our website at Park(Ed) DIANE KERELUK

Being active is great for the environment!

(780) 477-5169

The City of Edmonton has expanded its 2009 Cigarette Litter Pilot to an ongoing program. Outdoor ashtrays are mounted on light standards, intersection and bus stop poles in the Stony Plain Road Business Area. Please make use of them. The City has arranged to empty and maintain these units on an ongoing basis. We ask that all business owners encourage their customers to use them and if you discover a unit that is broken, requires emptying because it is full or simply emitting smoke, please contact Capital City Office at (780) 944-5470. Please provide the ashtray number located in the upper left corner of the sign located immediately above the ashtray. In addition to the outdoor ashtray units, the City will also have Bylaw Enforcement out in the area on occasion to ticket those that choose to litter (both general and cigarette butt litter). A littering offence is subject to a $250 fine. The Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association also has been provided with free personal pocket ashtrays for distribution. For further information regarding this program visit: cigarette-litter.aspx

What’s good for the individual must be good for the world . . . right? If you are talking about eco-mobility, then absolutely! Eco-mobility is being mobile but without the use of cars or motorcycles. It includes cycling, walking, inline skating, scooters, snowshoes, skis, buses, and light rail just to name a few. It also includes any of the above with an electric drive (hopefully powered by renewables). It is brilliant because when people participate in the concept of ecomobility the benefits go beyond individual health and support environmental health as well! Humming Right Along…… The Holistic Urban Market is a new, fun, and exciting initiative now in the early planning stages. Its purpose is to bring together products, services, education, and enterprise that will enable each individual to achieve authentic renewal. The innovative, holistic model supports your personal journey to physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial wellness.

Getting Started: Start slowly – whether you’re taking the bus or getting on a bike take some time to learn the routes, find out how long it will take you, and plan some extra time if you need to change or shower when you arrive.

Take baby steps: Choose something that you enjoy – if you dislike skating, inline skating may not be your best choice. But don’t let that stop you from trying. If an activiFor a first peek, the H.U.M. ty is new to you, like biking, try Sampler at Park(ed) will offer the borrowing a bike for a while Full Monty on the body’s largest before you go out and buy one. organ: the skin! (What were you thinking?!)

Share your ride: Buddy up – instead of carpooling why not bike, walk or take the bus with someone else? It gives you someone to talk to and you can figure out the route together. You may also be able to find someone who has already caught onto the eco-mobility concept to show you the way. Go halfway: Can you bike to an LRT station or the bus stop and either park your bike or take it with you. Most importantly - get started – even one day a week can get you on your way to becoming eco-mobile.

Park(ed) – Car free day Wednesday, Sept. 22 from 3:00 - 7:00 pm 151 Street - 100 to 102 Avenue Here’s your chance to be part of the eco-mobility movement. Wednesday, Sept. 22 is International Car Free Day. You are invited to join Active Edmonton, Stony Plain Business Association and Jasper Place Neighborhood Revitalization and participate in “Park(ed) – Car free day” from 3-7 pm Location: 151 street 100 to 102 avenue. Plenty of activities and interactive displays to check out including: Zumba, Try-It Bike Library, Face Painting, Yoga, and plenty more. Experience a sample of the H.U.M. and a peak sneak of what’s to come for Storefront Cinema Nights October 15th and 16th.

You be the Judge…Restaurant Review Keep your reviews coming in. For more information or list of qualifying restaurants visit: Congratulations to the following restaurants for the great reviews: Hoang Long Restaurant Vic’s Pizza Cheese Cake Tasty Tomato Joey’s Grill & Lounge Haps Restaurant Brado’s Pizza S P U R R SEPTEMBER 2010

Submit your reviews! If we choose to print your review, you will win a $25 gift towards your next dining experience within the qualifying business area and your review will get printed in the next edition of the SPURR. Reviews should be around 300 words and e-mailed in Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) to: Winning entries will be based on the quality of writing and may be edited for content and length.



WENDY KINSMAN (780) 495-0321

Sherwood. Those attending the consultations rated improving the physical environment (a clean and attractive community, green spaces and reasonable noise levels) as their main priority. A safe place to live was also a key concern. This was followed by wanting a greater sense of community, leisure and recreation programs and facilities, a vibrant place for community members to gather, a good place to conduct business and available social services. Neighbourhood volunteers and professionals formed three distinct goals to revitalize Jasper Place. The Jasper Place Revitalization Strategy, approved by City Council in January 2009, identifies those goals:

Revitalization, what is it all about? Neighbourhood Revitalizations improve a neighbourhood’s quality of life. This takes the focused efforts of neighbourhood residents, businesses and organizations. The City of Edmonton supports neighbourhood revitalizations as part of its Great Neighbourhoods Initiative. Through Great Neighbourhoods, City departments work together with residents, all orders of government and other organizations to improve the livability of Edmonton’s neighbourhoods and the lives of the people who live, work and visit them. That’s because neighbourhoods are central to shaping the future of our city. Neighborhoods also play a key role in advancing the City’s 10-year goal of improving Edmonton’s livability and transforming Edmonton's urban form. The Jasper Place Revitalization (JPR) Strategy This began in 2006 after consultation with residents and businesses in the communities of Canora, Britannia-Youngstown, Glenwood and West Jasper Place/


• Feeling Safe in Our Community Create a community where feeling safe is common. Where children can play freely, residents and visitors can walk and ride bikes safely and where drugs and crime are under control. The Jasper Place area will be known as a safe community in which to live, work and play. • Connecting Our Community Create a community where neighbours and business owners know each other and all work together to resolve issues and create opportunities. Residents and business owners take pride in their community and share this pride through street appeal, cleanliness and events. A community newspaper and other efforts help to market a positive image. • Building Our Community Jasper Place is the place to live and have a business. Store fronts are well kept, clean and bring pride to the area. Parkland, schools and pedestrian walkways have plenty of lighting. Sidewalks, roadways and signage are improved and safe for all users. Adult businesses are only a small component of area business. The Jasper Place Revitalization Steering Committee oversees the activities of 3 working groups (Building the Community, Feeling Safe in the Community and Connecting the Community) through planning, supporting,

advising and making recommendations for the goals and actions of each group. As the Jasper Place Revitalization Coordinator, I attend all JPR meetings and work closely with the Stony Plain Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) and other groups to

ensure effective coordination and implementation of the action plans. I also work with the Jasper Place Revitalization Integrated Service Team, made up of representatives from all City departments who work together to coordinate and implement the physical infrastructure plans. As we mark the second anniversary of the SPURR newsletter, we have many successes to celebrate including: • The Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (N.E.T) coordinating with community partners. • The June Community Clean-up Event provided residents with dumpsters to drop off their unwanted household items. • The Back Yard BBQ Event organized by the Stony Plain Road BRZ along with the Haven Social Club. Three local bands played lively music free for everyone to enjoy and a BBQ sold burgers, beer and smokies to raise funds for future park equipment in the Revitalization area. • The Transportation Department upgraded the ETS Jasper Bus Terminal. • The Building Our Community Working Group conducted a Pedestrian Friendly Survey with local citizens, asking their input to improve the walkability and physical infrastructure of the area.

prepared and has attached a 'crime prevention' survey in this month’s SPURR for you to complete. Feedback from the survey will be used to determine where to focus our efforts in 2011 and assist in improving feeling safe in our communities.

• Capital City Clean-Up’s community mural program supported the creation of a beautiful mural, designed by artist Kris Freissen and painted by the youth of St. Paul's Anglican Church, on Stony Plain Road. The day was organized by Tisha Raj and supported by owner of Apache Seeds, Jerry Close. Please drive by Apache Seeds on 149th Street and 1/2 block North of Stony Plain Road to enjoy the vibrant art that has beautified the area. Whats upcoming? Dogapalooza is hosting its second annual event for all dog lovers. Activities include an agility course, fashion show and presentation by a dog psychologist on Saturday, September 11th, in the sports fields at Westlawn Jr. High School, 95th Avenue and 167th Street. ParkEd - an ecomobility, fun, family event on Stony Plain Road between 151st Street and 153rd Street, September 22, 2010; A new event to the Jasper Place Revitalization area. Store Front Cinemas - the Stony Plain Road BRZ and many incredible volunteers are planning the 'Store Front Cinemas’ on Stony Plain Road October 15th and 16th, 2010.

• The Feeling Safe in Our Community Working Group




advertise events like garage sales, open houses, or to identify election candidates.


The most common way to advertise a business, service or event is to strategically place a sign in the community. Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are found at many different locations around your neighbourhood. Signs that are usually placed on a moveable trailer, with interchangeable letters are categorized as “temporary� signs. These signs require a 90 day development permit that specifies the location the sign is permitted to be placed.

The placement of free-standing signs is regulated by the City of Edmonton Traffic Bylaw #5590, Schedule XI. Some of the more common conditions that allow the placement of free-standing signs on City of Edmonton property include: Signs no larger that 0.6m width by 1.0m height Signs not on roadways, centre medians, traffic islands, or traffic circles Signs that do not interfere with the safe and orderly movement of pedestrians or vehicles

Important Dates to Remember September 1 – First day of instruction for Edmonton Public and Catholic Schools September 3, 4 & 8 – Movies on the Square pre-movie starts at 7:30pm with movie at 9pm; Sir Winston Churchill Square. FREE, bring your own chair. September 6 - Labour Day September 8 & 30 - Combined GAIN and Use of Proceeds Workshop; FREE; call (780) 447-7499 to find out how to register.

Responsible placement of signs helps to keep our communities tidy. Negligent placement of signs may result in $250.00 penalty fine.

September 12 - National Grandparents Day September 17 to 19 – Alberta Arts Days: communities throughout

Most commonly used, stand alone signs are known as “free-standing� signs. These signs are mounted on a rigid frame and are commonly used to

Know the sign regulations outlined in the bylaw.

the province will be celebrating local arts and culture during this three-

For more information, call 311 or visit

September 18 – Sports Day in Canada: a national celebration of sport,

day festival.

from grassroots to high-performance levels, in communities across the country. It's an opportunity for all Canadians to celebrate the power of sport to build community, fortify our national spirit, and facilitate healthy, active living. September 18 – Community League Day: In the spirit of the living local campaign, the EFCL is promoting September 18th as Edmonton's "Community League Day". For details and location visit the Community League Day Google Map September 26 - Free Admission Day for the City of Edmonton. Throughout the day various City attractions, leisure, sport and fitness facilities








Visit for a full list of activities and participating facilities. October 1 - NPDP applications due










S I N G , DA N C E , AC T

Located in the heart of the Stony Plain Rd business district, the Edmonton Children’s Dance Theatre is busy preparing for another busy season. This performing arts school offers classes in mom and me, pre-school, tap, ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, drama, tumbling, and rhythmic gymnastics. Don’t let the name fool you; adult classes are offered as well. The dance theatre takes pride in offering all students the opportunity to participate in show work, competitions and festivals, auditions, conventions, workshops, and attend performances by local and traveling performing arts groups. In the past, students have had the opportunity to travel to events in Alberta, B.C, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. They have participated in numerous performances for Elder-care Edmonton, Disney Canada, local communi-

ty organizations, and for the first time last October were part of the world record breaking ‘Thrill the World” dance event. Held at West Edmonton Mall, dancers joined thousands of other dancers from around the world to simultaneously perform the original choreography from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

Classes for the 2010-11 season commence September 7th. For further information and registration call 780-443-0226 or check out our web site at

#201 15505 Stony Plain Road



On June 21st, over $6000.00 in Scholarships and awards were presented to our deserving students. Congratulations to all our dancers, singers and actors.

Class of the Year Production Class – “Believe”

Student of the Year Kaylee Dang • Miranda Hack

Most Promising Abby Bray • Makenna Walker • Emily Arcand • Rachel Osmon • Heather Bit Chloe McGuckin • Nicole Thorsley • Lexi Pineda • Greyce Thibault-McLean

Most Improved Rosheen Clyne • Faith Parker • Amanda Kennedy • Amanda Dubois • Chloe Mandanas Alecia Hack • Aleesha Arcand • Christy Steinke • Cassia Thayer-McNiven

Achievement Scholarship Brienne Gagnon • Lalainie Oliver • Aysia Pascall • Kaylee Dang • Chloe McGuckin

Achievement Medals Kayla French • Abby Bray • Samantha Bodnar • Madison Hadfield • Layla Schultenkamper Siobhan Clyne • Meara Clyne • Madison Faltreschi • Emma MacLachlan • Rylan Kulak Melissa Labbe • Anna-may • Patenaude • Jalisa Toon • Emily Carrette • Mayson Miller Greyce Thibault-McLean • Kyla McComeau • Ella Frost • Katrine Frost • Mckayla Bailie Sarica Osman • Alyssa Bachez • Chloe Rossi • Lisa St. George • Leala Goss • Rosheen Clyne Lauren Bryman • Harrah Tamon • Cassia Thayer-McNiven • Brienne Gagnon • Aysha Maas Chloe Mandanas • Taliyah Thomas-Crane • Kelsey Nice • Emily Arcand • Shelby Panchyshyn Makenna Kent • Jaida Lassi • Jetzia Lassi • James Bolla • Jesse Bolla • Ty Williams Cassidy Thibault • Marina Guinchitskaia • Dheija Ford • Julie Cloutier • Peyton Northcott D’Andrai Dawson • Ayla Niksic • Alisa Niksic • Azira Patton • Lauren Blake • Erica Blake Felicity Bit • Jessa Kent • America Abaunza • Keira McLeod • Annike Olsen • Faith Parker Asheligh Bit • HeatherBit • Sienna Cashion-Dextrase • Aimee Bachez • Sophia Penner • Adele Milne Jendel Mandanas • Amanda Dubois • Sarina Bit • Kassandra Nagle • Taylor de la Salle Christy Steinke • Nicole Thorsley • Chloe McGuckin • Lalainie Oliver • Hannah Spence Leah Rioux • Mary Steinke • Csenge Kozma • Aleesha Arcand • Makenna Walker • Alecia Hack Kaylee Dang • Miranda Hack • Jessica Soman • Lexi Pineda • Sky Demas



THE BEAT Ave. Cst. LEACHMAN and Cst. BURROWS have joined the team to offer greater coverage and service to the community. Cst. LEACHMAN and Cst. BURROWS previously worked in West Division general patrol prior to joining the foot patrol. We are both excited to get to know the businesses and members within the community to build a working relationship.

The Stony Plain Road Neighborhood Foot Patrol has expanded to four full time Constables. Previously, Cst. Trevor SHELRUD and Cst. Ryan BRADY were assigned to police the specific geographical area consisting of 170 Street to 149 Street and 100 Ave to 104

The Neighborhood Foot Patrol focuses on proactive policing to prevent problems from arising and takes a community based policing approach, by involving community stake holders, to resolve ongoing problems in the community. We conduct frequent foot and mountain bike patrols through the area,

which allows us to easily interact with members of the community. Feel free to stop us during our patrols and express your concerns in the neighborhood. Your information is valuable to us and is a key component in policing the community successfully.

We plan on presenting future articles that will provide you with information and tips on preventing crime in your neighborhood and dealing with common complaints that we see within the community. Look for that and future articles in an upcoming SPURR.

Please join

City West Childcare

& Community Support Society in celebrating our

40th Anniversary September 18, 2010 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Events will include: Pancake Breakfast Penny Carnival Petting Zoo Jump House Clowns

Sponsored in part by:

Face Painting

Floor, CN Tower 10004 104 Avenue P.O. Box 2359

Sidewalk Art

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2R7 Ph: 780 944 5504 Fax: 780 577-3525 14th

City West Childcare & Community Support Society -

9915 148 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 3G1 Phone: 78ÂŹÂŹÂŹ)D[



“DO YOU FEEL SAFE?� We want to know how safe you feel in your community, please help us by reading and completing the JPR “Feeling Safe in our Community� survey inserted in this issue of the SPURR. You can also complete this survey online by visiting “� thank you S P U R R SEPTEMBER 2010


SPURR COMMUNITY NEWS BRITANNIA-YOUNGSTOWN Contact: 15927 - 105 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0T8 Phone: 780-483-8983 Memberships Now’s the time to renew your membership! What do you get? • • •

• •

Free outdoor swimming through the summer Free indoor swimming in the winter Organized soccer leagues, indoor and out – keep your kids (and yourselves) active while making friends and having fun Chance to mingle and meet your neighbours in lots of social settings Mom’s & Tots group – get involved with others in a fun, safe setting, making friends with others in the same stage of life Gardening Club – learn about new techniques, tools and plants and meeting with others who share your passion Access to programs offered by other leagues around the city

Even more important are the intangible benefits, such as living in community with others, networking, building friendships, looking out for each other and making our neighbourhood better places to live in. Call Laura at 780-484-7773 for your membership or leave a clear message at the hall at 780-483-8983. Gardening Club We’d love to connect with all like-minded gardeners out there. Come and join us for free informational sessions about all things gardening. Next meeting: When: Thursday, September 2 at 7:00 pm (first Thursday of each month) Where: Community Hall What: Lawn care and all the other topics we tend to bring up with each other! Cost: Free! Perennial Exchange: When: September 11, 10:00 am – noon It’s a great time to divide your perennials and find someone to share your favourites with. Come even if you have nothing to give away – there’s bound to be something here you can take home! To keep in touch and hear about upcoming events, send an email to Miep Raedschelders at and we’ll add you to our communications. Soccer Registration Indoor Soccer Registrations start in the 2nd


week in September or call Debbie to register at 780-486-3561. Parents and Tots Parenting is always easier when done in community (“it takes a village…”). Starting in September, there will be a parents & tots group again at our hall. When: Thursdays, 9:30 - 11:00 am Contact Miep Raedshelders at (780-758-3412) or Simone Atkinson at (780-628-5630) to keep in touch. Hall Bookings For hall bookings, general inquiries, requests for programs or to join our league, please call the Britannia Youngstown Community Hall at 780-483-8983 or email We’d love to hear from you. Please speak clearly when leaving a message, and leave both your name and a telephone number so that your call can be returned.

CANORA Contact: 10425 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4P1 Phone: 780-489-6007

CANORA LEAGUE DAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 10425 152 Street 1 - 4 PM Purchase a new membership or renew your current membership. Then stroll around and see what the League has to offer you. With your membership card, stop for a coffee and enjoy hot homemade apple pie with ice cream or whip cream. Visit with other community league members, view pictures from the past and reminisce about the great times in Canora. And perhaps make a commitment to volunteer your time to keep Canora a great community. Come and see the Peruvian Dancers at 2 PM.

This is our annual membership drive. Last year we were able welcome about one hundred new members and their families, and this year we hope to have the same people renew their memberships and to have even more Glenwood residents join our community league! Still not sure why you’d want to join? One free ticket towards a meal for each person in your household on Sept. 11th! ALL NEW MEMBERS WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN AN ANNUAL FAMILY PASS TO THE TELUS WORLD OF SCIENCE! Free skating for each person in your household (good for any outdoor community skating rink all winter long!) Free swimming for your household Sundays from 3-5pm at Jasper Place Swimming Pool (September to June). Save 10% off admissions at the Telus World of Science every day. Save 15-20% off mutipasses (or annual passes) at City of Edmonton Pools and Leisure Centers. Free swimming select times at the City’s outdoor pools in the summer A larger community league base means a stronger voice for our community (LRT concerns, building concerns, traffic concerns, etc.) Significantly cheaper hall rental rates for members in good standing. Special rates and prices for specific Oilers, Capitals, Oil Kings games throughout the season. Register for community sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball etc. Cost is only $25 per household, FREE for residents over 60 years of age. Not sure if you live in Glenwood? The Glenwood boundaries are from 156 Street west to 170 street, and from 95 Avenue north to Stony Plain Road.

PARTY IN THE PARK GLENWOOD Contact: 16430 - 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0E8 Phone: 780-489-7571


SEPTEMBER 11th, 2010 September 11th from 5:30 to 8:30pm join us at the Glenwood Hall (16430 97 Ave) for food, music, kids’ games, teen activities, bouncy things, a beer garden and, of course at dusk, FIREWORKS!! The cost will be $1 each item. We will offer your choice of a burger or hotdog, pop or juice, or delicious corn on the cob or chips.


COMMUNITY NEWS Members will receive one ticket TOWARDS their meal for each person on their membership card. New memberships will be available at the door. WE NEED YOU!!!!! Volunteers are needed to help with supervising the bouncy things, set up, clean up, handing out food items, and a few other odd jobs. Please contact Michele at 780 439-3169 if you can help. Scrapbooking Day and Mystery Hostess Open House Saturday, September 25th, 10 am- 6 pm Glenwood Community Hall, 16430-97 Ave

HIGH PARK Contact: 11032 - 154 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 2K1 Phone: 780-484-4646 Pre school registration is Sept 2, 6pm to 8pm High Park membership drive and BBQ Sept 18, 12pmto 4pm Big Bin Event - Sept 18 and 19, 12pm to 4pm

Hall Rentals The Mayfield hall is now available for rental. You must be a member of the Mayfield community to rent the hall please call the Hall at 780 483-4675 and leave a message for Lee. Community Memberships A community membership drive will be held in September if you would like to volunteer or purchase a membership call Elaine at 780481-8108. Families - $25.00 Singles - $15.00 Seniors - $10.00 Pilates Call Bonnie for more info 780-489-3254 Will resume in September

MAYFIELD At the Scrapbooking Day you will be provided with: Your own 6 foot table- plenty of work space! Lunch, snacks and beverages , access to my stamps & ink pads & new Tassimo machine! Please Bring: Materials for your scrapbooking or card making projects. Any special snacks you desire. Please note: I will be providing some snacks in addition to lunch, so bringing a snack is optional. Registration for the Scrapbooking Day is $20. Please let me know if you have any dietary concerns or allergies. :-) Mystery Hostess Open House: For more information, contact Katherine by phone or email. Email: or phone at (780) 489-5955 TUESDAY NIGHT EUCHRE Euchre is a ‘trick-taking’ card game played in groups of 4 with partners. Beginners are welcome because the more players, the better! Join us for Euchre EVERY Tuesday night at the Glenwood Community Hall. Registration is at 6:30pm, games begin at 7pm. HALL RENTAL Seats 100 people in theater style seating, 80 seated at tables. Our beautiful new kitchen boasts a rinse sink, huge cooler/fridge, double oven, stove and griddle top and a super quick dishwasher. There is tons of prep space and it’s all stainless steel – so it’s quicker to clean up! We offer FREE WiFi in our community hall! That means that if you are in the hall, you will be able to use your Blackberry, Ipod, cellphone or laptop to log on to the internet! Functions at the hall will also have access to the FREE internet connection. We have joined the Free WiFi Project. Visit the website for more details. Friday/Saturday rentals: Members $150*, Non-Members $400 Sunday-Thursday rentals: Members $75*, Non-Members $150 Call the Facility Director, Charlotte at 444-0411 * Must be a member in good standing.


Contact: 10941 - 161 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 1G2 Phone: 780-483-4675 Welcome back, the board all hope you had a wonderful summer. There are still some vacant positions, if you would like to volunteer call the hall and leave a message for Kristy our Community President; it’s not too late to get involved! The community league is looking for some volunteers to join a committee for either the development of the new park or the upgrading of the skating rink. If you are interested please leave a message on the answering machine at the Hall. The membership BBQ will be held on September 18th please stop by and meet the executive and get your membership renewed.

Yoga Call Fran for more info 780-484-1476 Will resume in October Seniors Carpet Bowling Tuesdays and Thursdays For more information call Doreen @ 780-486-1833 or Marlene @ 780-484-5728 If you or someone you know would like to start up a Seniors program please call the hall and leave a message for Kristy. Moms and Tots We will be starting up again September 15th. Dads, newborns, grandparents, and caregivers all welcome. No cost Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:00 at Mayfield Hall For information contact Deidre @ 780-486-1477

WEST JASPER / SHERWOOD Next Meeting is Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Contact Information Community League President: Kristy Bergstrom 780 450-2347 or e-mail The Mayfield community League is also on Face book now look us up at Mayfield Community ~ Edmonton Drop in Slow Pitch If you are interested in bringing the family out for some activity on Friday nights, instead of sitting on the couch, come play Slow pitch, starts at 7:00pm players must be 16 or over but there is a park for the younger members of the family to play on. Call Lisa at 780 4862898 if you have any questions. Bingo Mayfield is always looking for volunteers to work. The credit you receive can be used towards Mayfield Community classes and even children's programs outside our community. Please call Grace at 780-486-4801 if you are interested. The next bingo dates are: September 1st, October 7th, November 13th at the Castle Downs Bingo hall.

Contact: 9620 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4N9 Phone: 780-483-2815 MEMBERSHIP: Membership drive at the hall Tuesday September 7th 2010 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Fees are $25.00 Family, $15.00 Single (18 and over) $5.00 Individual Senior Membership with the community allows children to participate in Hockey & Soccer. Family swim at Jasper Place Pool every Saturday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 Turkey Bingo Thanksgiving Turkey Bingo will be held at the community hall Sunday Oct 3rd, 2010 40 regular games, 8 chances to win a turkey, 2 earlybirds, 2 bonanzas & 1 odd/even game. Children eight years & over are welcome to participate in the regular games. Doors open 11:00am. Bonanza precall at 12 noon, early birds to follow. Regular games start at 1:00pm.


SPURR COMMUNITY NEWS walking past this shop. To help in our revitalization, should the LRT station be moved so the porn shop will be purchased? 44 – Yes 9 – No 3 – No Response

LRT Transportation Meeting Ballot Results June 1, 2010 57 Participants – 56 Ballots Returned. Questions Asked: Do you want another LRT station on 156th Street between 95th Avenue and Stony Plain Road? 16 – Yes 40 – No Where do you want the 156th Street SPR LRT station? 19 – Corner of 100th Avenue 35 – Angled Corner to SPR 2 – No Response Where do you want the alignment on Stony Plain Road? 19 – Center of the Road 34 – Northside 3 – No Response or Spoiled (Checked Both) The Stony Plain Road liquor store at 150th Street will be purchased for the LRT station. This station will be next to the porn shop which has very explicit displays. Residents have stated that they feel uncomfortable

Glenwood Bingo

First Day of

Sept 1, 2010



Sept 1, 2010

Bingo Hall

Would you be in favor of the permit system if parasitic parking becomes a problem in our residential area? 46 – Yes 10 – No Neighborhood Renewal Hallelujah! After nearly half a century (since 1963), our neighborhood will be getting new roads, sidewalks and lights!

Approximately 1 – 1 1/2 meters back from the public sidewalk will be replaced of your grass, sidewalk and driveway. Property owners can elect to pay over a 20 year time period. If you sell your property, the new owners continue paying until the 20 years expire. Transportation will send the property owners a letter in January of the year they are going to do the work. This letter will explain what their individual cost is. They will also announce a date for a public meeting where we can ask more detailed questions.

The renewal does not include arterial roads nor alleyways. Alleyways will be done at a later date.

Also, new within the last year, we can upgrade our lamp posts. We can change to a more decorative post (see Crestwood), or for a more reasonable upgrade, change the lamp post color. For example, it would cost approximately 5% more for a black lamp post. To initiate this, we will require 51% of the property owners to agree.

Sidewalks are a 50 – 50 cost share with the city. Property owners on corner lots will pay 50% for the shortest side and half of 15% for the long side

This will be a very positive project for our community since it will increase our property values, and make our community a more desirable place to live.

These are the facts: It is a two year project scheduled for 2012-2013, however, it may be as early as 2011-2012.

eventCALENDAR Members Meeting

Members Meeting


Membership Drive

Sept 2, 2010

Sept 2, 2010


Sept 7, 2010

7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Sept 2, 2010

7:00 - 8:3- pm

Public and Catholic

Britannia Youngstown


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

West Jasper /


Community Hall

Community Hall

High Park

Sherwood Hall

Community Hall






High Park

September 11, 2010


Fireworks and

Grandparents Day

Arts Days

Big Bin Event

165 Street and

Sept 11, 2010

Membership Drive

Sept 12, 2010

Sept 17 - 19, 2010

Sept 18 - 19 2010

Stony Plain Road

10:00 am - noon

Sept 11, 2010

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Britannia /

5:30 - 8:30 pm

High Park Community Hall

Youngstown Hall

High Park

Membership BBQ

Scrapbooking Day

Membership Drive

and Big Bin Event

& Mystery Hostess

and BBQ

September 18


Sept 18, 2010

High Park

Sept 25, 2010

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Community Hall

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Thanksgiving October 11, 2010

Storefront Cinema Nights October 15 and October 16, 2010 149 Street to 156 Street Stony Plain Road

Turkey Bingo

Glenwood Bingo

Oct 3, 2010

Oct 7, 2010

West Jasper /


Sherwood Hall

Bingo Hall

Don’t Forget to get your events in so we can place them in our Free event Calendar

Glenwood Hall

Park(ed) – Car free day Sept. 22 3:00 – 7:00 pm 151 Street – 100 to 102 Avenue


Remembrance Day

Glenwood Bingo

October 31, 2010

November 11, 2010

Nov 13, 2010 Castledowns Bingo Hall

Please send us your date sensitive Community Sponsored or Free event information, we would love to include what we can and it’s FREE.




Rotary Run For Life Sunday, September 12, 2010 Join the Rotary Clubs of Stony Plain & Spruce Grove, with our annual fundraiser for our Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program, the Rotary Run For Life! Featuring a half-marathon, 10km run or 5km run/walk! A delicious full breakfast and fun for all! CSPP brings awareness about suicide and education about its prevention to the Parkland Community. For more information and registration please visit us online at

Opportunity The SPURR has the following position open: Sales Associate: Are you a people person? Do you want to work from home, make your own schedule, and get rewarded in proportion to your efforts? Then you might be the person we are looking for. The SPURR is looking for an energetic individual who can knock on doors and chat with clients regarding their advertising needs. This is a commission based position, so ad sales experience would be a plus, but since you get paid in proportion to your efforts all you need is a good work ethic and be willing to take direction. Interested? Please forward your resume to or fax your resume to 780-401-3436.


Community Services Ebenezer United Church 16302 106 Avenue Edmonton T5P 0W9 Phone 780-489-5803 Church Service, Sunday at 11 a.m.

List your Non-profit group for $99 per year (*some conditions apply). Special event listings FREE for non-profits, otherwise classified rates and some conditions apply.

JOINT VENTURE OPPORTUNITY The publishers of the SPURR are expanding operations with two brand new newsletters, one in North Edmonton and one in East Edmonton. We will be looking for salespeople, writers, editors and even co-publishers interested in a Joint Venture opportunity. If you would like to be involved in the growth and expansion of two new papers just like the SPURR please send us your name and interest level via email to or by fax to 780-401-3438, thank you.


Place your business card in the SPURR and reach out to the community. Email: Next Deadline for Submission is September 22, 2010 CLASSIFIEDS For Sale


Got Something to Sell? Place your text only classified ads here in your local community newspaper and reach 15,000 people in Edmonton’s West End. At $0.10 per character this Ad you are reading costs less than $20.00.

Services TEAKE Bookkeeping Services Offering Full-cycle bookkeeping to financial statements, payroll, GST, start-up, job costing and more. Contact Teresa at 780.222.8334. ____________________________ Piano Music Lessons for Beginners Piano music theory and practicals for beginners to RCM exams. 45-minute lesson for $20. West End (97 Ave & 156 St) Phone 780-293-1312.


Provides Bartending Services for ALL Occasions 780-232-5978

Mary MacDonald Fe d e ra l Li b e ra l C a nd i d a t e f o r E d m o nt o n C e nt r e

Cat Sitting by

The Cat Lady Call Joan at 451-3384


Let your cat(s) enjoy your holiday in the comfort of their own home.


V I N TA G E O U T D O O R P O O L S . . .


Edmontons love affair with water has been nurtured since its formative years. Even though the hot season lasts barely four months -or perhaps because of it! -Edmontonians adore their outdoor pools. The hottest day in 20 years welcomed the opening of Edmontons South Side municipal swimming pool on August 2nd, 1922. It is delightfully situated at what is generally recognized as the citys most beautiful park, the Edmonton Bulletin said of the new facility in what was then Riverside Park and what is now called Queen Elizabeth Park. The article continued: The bath looked very inviting for the deep green of the water gave back the reflections of the surrounding

trees, and conjured up images of sweet water nympths disporting in forest recesses. It was the start of a love affair with Queen Elizabeth Pool that has endured for 80 years.

facility was re-opened to the public with water to be regularly sterilized.

The opening of the pool helped ease the bad feelings from a 1917 spill which polluted the original Mill Creek swimming pool with sewage. An 18-inch pipe from the nearby Gainers packing plant discharged the sewage into Mill Creek, which in those days was the water source for the bathing pool.

The South Side Pool in Riverside Park proved to be such a hit that the City moved quickly to build more outdoor pools. In 1924, the West End and Borden Park pools opened. The last shreds of the season of winter are to be formally banished from Edmonton with the opening of the citys beach to bathers, an article in the May 2nd edition of the Edmonton Journal reported.

The citys health officer, a gentleman named Dr. Whitelaw, wondered about the wisdom of having a public bathing pool in Mill Creek, even though no household sewage was discharged into the water. The sewage maintenance department was authorized to spend up to $10 in this direction and eight days later, the bathing

Getting things into shape for opening this week called for considerable rush on the part of the city staff looking after the bathing places, due partly to the sudden break of warm weather but more particularly to the fact that a new gas heating system was installed with consequent alterations of equipment, the article said of the

West End facility. Gas is now used for heating the water and gas heaters have been installed in the dressing rooms and in the rooms allocated to caretakers. At Borden Park, the new East End Pool boasted a state-of-the-art swimming tank with clean and comfortable dressing rooms and lifeguards on deck at all times. The

You are invited! Get Up, Get Out, and Get Active for the environment and you! Get Park(ed)! Leave the car at home for the day, but not your active lifestyle! Find ways to get around by taking the bus, walking, cycling, or even trying a scooter! On Wed. Sept. 22 from 3 - 7pm celebrate International Car Free Day Join us on 151 Street between 100 Ave - 102 Ave for Edmonton’s Park(ed) - Car Free Day event! Lots of fun free family activities and interactive displays! Event activity schedule will be posted on and

car free day 12


B O R D E N PA R K , M I L L C R E E K , O L I V E R , Q U E E N E L I Z A B E T H P O O L S immediate surroundings of the pool are ideal, reported a September 20th, 1924 newspaper story. They please the eye and soothe the mind. The red and gray of the main building; the red roofs; all canopied over by the blue sky, and encircling an inviting-looking sheet of water, form a picture not easily forgotten. At the time, the pool was one of the first places to offer mixed bathing by men and women, which sparked considerable controversy. The three early pools cost the City about $25,000 each to build and, as thousands of citizens flocked to them through the hot summers, revenues easily covered operating expenses. All three facilities boasted constant circulation of water, with sophisticated filtering and heating systems for their day. Pumps draw away water at the deep end through several outlets and this water is pumped into the combination pumping, heating and filtering plant before being again discharged into

the pool, the Journal explained. City authorities tested the pools for bacterial contamination daily. In the mid 1920s, admission was 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for youngsters. Through the 1920s, the Dirty 30s and the war torn and oil discovery years of the 1940s, Edmontons outdoor pools were places for a world weary populace to relax and unwind. Between 1939 and 1950, attendance at the three pools jumped 35 per cent. During one hot summer in the late 1940s, when the citys population was about 115,000, there were more than 100,000 visits to the West End Pool in less than four months of summer operation. That popularity helped convince taxpayers to vote yes to construct a new one in a money vote in the 1950 civic election. But it wasnt to be for three more years, when work began on a new Mill Creek Swimming Pool. The pool opened for its first season in 1954.

The West End Pool was enlarged in 1952, with new bleachers and a new filter system that could clean the water with up to 700 bathers in the pool. In its earlier days, regardless of the filter system, the pool would sometimes be filled with as many as 900 children. Dave Sissons, supervisor of the Oliver Pool from 1945 to 1970, was quoted in a 1984 Journal article as saying that, if it was a hot Saturday, the filter system would be overwhelmed. You wouldnt be able to see to the bottom of the pool til the next Thursday, the water would be so cloudy. The West End Pool was renamed the Oliver Pool in 1975. The original dressing rooms at Borden Park Pool were ripped down in 1954 and rebuilt. Over their many years of operation, Edmontons outdoor pools have faced countless challenges and calamities, such as a 1990 flood of Mill Creek that damaged equipment in the mechanical room

and repeated threats to close down Queen Elizabeth. But they soldier on, inspiring beter health and promoting swimming and lifesaving skills for young and old alike. As a 1924 article so succinctly observed: The pools have given many a new lease of life and provide a cheap source of physical activity particularly acceptable to one who has to live in a prairie city. Want to visit Edmontons vintage outdoor pools? Borden Park Pool 11200 74 Street Mill Creek Pool 8200 95 A Street Oliver Pool 10315 119 Street Queen Elizabeth Pool 8900 106 Street Information for this article compiled with the assistance of the staff at the City of Edmonton Archives. Reprinted with Permission. © Lawrence Herzog This article originally appeared in Edmonton’s Real Estate Weekly.

“G ia nt” Coming to Wes t End Capital City Clean Up and 630 CHED are bringing Edmonton’s next Giant’s mural to 100 Avenue. Giants recognizing the people, places and things that make Edmonton great, while showing positive ways to prevent graffiti. The subject and location are still a surprise, so watch for the mural and unveiling events to be announced later this month. For more information, call 780-442-5302.

A note from your MP Our government is letting hardworking Edmontonians keep more of what they earn, to spend on their own priorities. We are helping Edmontonian workers get the skills they need to thrive in the global economy. We are building the modern infrastructure on which the jobs of the future will depend.

780-442-1888 S P U R R SEPTEMBER 2010




up o S n o i n O F rench ions. large sized on


• It is now September, and what to do with those onions? Toward the end of Summer, when about half the tops have fallen over and bulbs are forming a papery skin, gently knock over the tops by hand or with a hoe, bending but not breaking them. Pull out any that have flower stalks and eat them first, as they do not store well. Leave the rest in the ground, without watering, until the tops begin to wither. Then dig them up, gently brushing off any dirt (don’t wash). It is essential to cure the onions for successful storage. Spread them out to dry for a couple of weeks in a warm, dry area, out of rain and sun. Once cured, braid the tops or cut them off, leaving a

m to Dutch t 5 to 8 mediu sp. butter in a good-sized u o ab e ic sl ly e. Tb Thin olive oil and 2 pinch of fresh or dried thym . sp b T 2 in Saute ing a r). stock pot, add good food deserves butte ensure oven or small d an n ccasio ally to o fast, o to g n s ri rn ir u st b , e at in (Margar to low he over medium r Cook covered t scorch. en brown, afte ld o g ch o ri n a o d to the onions nac. caramelized Sherry or Cog cooked off. ns are nicely io ry n d o f o e . th sp b ce T n O has ut 2 utes, add abo constantly until the sherry about 40 min Bring to a ir ). st d ck u high an ble or d to ta e at g e h ve e f, e as e e Incr of stock (b 0 minutes. out four cups covered for 2 ly al per, ti ar p r e m • Stir in ab d sim und black pep ro an g at d e h an .) ce p u ts d boil, re ste (about 1/2 about with salt to ta n o as e S p at this point, u so e • th . p to ts about 1/2 rshire sauce tle Worcheste r good sized servings). lit a d ad so al I s (fou • s about 8 cup e leftovers 1-2 tsp. Serve day, if there ar xt e n e th r e ett iately. Even b Serve immed !! y! jo use). En (not in my ho

one inch stub. Store at low humidity as close to but not below freezing as possible. Place in mesh bags or on wire mesh shelves to allow for good air circulation. Check regularly and remove any that are sprouting or rotting. My family’s favourite use for onions is in French Onion

Soup. I don’t put the French bread into the bowls, but rather make cheese bread on the side. Good for dunking into the soup, without the soggy bread mess on the bottom of the bowl. My son, Jaraad, the student at Uvic in Victoria, makes his onion soup with duck stock (when did that kid learn how to cook?).

Happy Gardening (and Cooking), Michele.

planned giving Providing safe, affordable accommodation & supportive services to senior citizens for over 50 years.

Your planned gift can make a huge difference in the lives of people in your community.

about how your gift can make a difference, 780-447-9207.

Honourable Heather Klimchuk MLA, Edmonton-Glenora Minister of Service Alberta

You are invited to attend our 3rd Annual Constituency BBQ at Inglewood Community Hall at 12515-116 Avenue on September 17, 2010 from 4pm-7pm.

Constituency Office: 10649-124 Street Edmonton, AB T5N 1S5 Phone: 780-455-7979



Sing e c n a D Act

Edmonton CHILDREN’S DANCE THEATRE Pre-school - Adult classes Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Drama, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tumbling

Register now for Fall and Winter classes.

780-443-0226 780-443-0226 #201 15505 Stony Plain Road


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Insertiondates 2010

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