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Giants of Edmonton Mural

Fourth “ Giants o f Edmon ton” Mu ral locat ed at 11 801 - 48t h Street , Edmon ton.

Diane Kereluk is on the hunt for walls—huge walls, covering at least 37 sq. m (400 sq. ft.), particularily those that have been hit with graffiti vandalism. These are just the type of walls Capital City Clean Up (CCCU) needs for a Giants of Edmonton mural. Kereluk, the executive director of the Stony Plain Business Association, wants local businesses and property owners to consider their properties as possible sites for murals. Under the Giants Program CCCU finds and pays an artist to paint a mural that celebrates an important—make that ‘giant’—Edmonton person, place or thing. The giants that grace Edmonton buildings so far include former lieutenant governor Lois Hole, sports fan Joey

Insidethis issue

Moss, the Canadian Forces and Edmonton volunteers. “Statistically, we’ve found that vandals don’t usually tag over art and we’re really trying to discourage graffiti in the area,” says Sharon Chapman who heads the city’s CCCU Graffiti Management Program (GMP). “The Giants of Edmonton project is a partnership between CCCU and 630 CHED. Listeners make recommendations and vote on suitable topics for the murals. Then we work with the community to ensure that the mural is a good fit.” CCCU covers the cost of the mural and maintains them for three years.

date and I really think it would be a nice added feature to our area,” says Kereluk. “It’s a positive program because it recognizes the people, places and things that make Edmonton a great place to live”. Kereluk is hoping to find a suitable Stony Plain site for a mural. “We run an event called Storefront Cinema Nights and what would be nice is if we could find a ‘giant’ that could tie into the evening.” If you have a wall that you feel would work for a mural, please contact Capital City Clean Up at 780-442-5302 or Diane Kereluk, Stony Plain Business Association at 780-477-5169.

“I’ve seen the murals that have been done to

JPR UPDATE page 2 Jasper Place Revitalization

BRZ UPDATE page 3 DIRTY GARDENER page 4 Stony Plain Road Business Gardening in February Association Update from Rosa Veldkamp

SPOTLIGHT page 5 Spotlight on Sandy Lane Meats in Glenwood


UPDATE FROM JASPER PLACE REVITALIZATION Who can apply? Businesses, Not-for-Profits, Schools, Associations and Ad Hoc Community Groups. Culture: Adele Knowler Gardening: Michele Hebert It Makes Cents: Sheri Fuller

MARIAN BRUIN (780) 944-5417

Community Info: Marian Bruin

So start thinking today of projects that will foster a sense of community, increase safety, and create beautification and cleanliness in the neighbourhood!

Business Info: Diane Kereluk Advertising: Jim Wooley Publisher: Pie Communications Inc. 544, 12222 137 Avenue Ph: (780) 757-0993 Fax: (780) 401-3438 Edmonton, AB, T5L 4X5 What is SPURR The Stony Plain (road and area) Urban Revitalization Report is a community based newspaper whose mission it is to serve the west-end communities of BritanniaYoungstown, Canora, Glenwood, High Park, Mayfield, & West Jasper / Sherwood along with the Members of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association. SPURR is a joint initiative for Community & Business Interests of Edmonton’s westend lead by: City of Edmonton Community Services, Neighbourhood Revitalization Project and the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone. The opinions expressed in the articles appearing in The SPURR are those of the people named as the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of The SPURR, its editor, its publisher, the City of Edmonton or the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone. For More Information Please Contact: Marian Bruin, City of Edmonton Community Services Department P.O. Box 2359, Edmonton, AB, T5J 2R7 Ph: (780) 944-5417 Diane Kereluk, Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association 10043 151 Street. Edmonton, AB, T5P 4Z7 Ph: (780) 477-5169

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS Without our Advertisers you would not be reading this newspaper. Our Advertisers survive on your business. Please support our advertisers and when you call or visit them please make sure to say you saw them in the SPURR. Thank you.

Funds are available on a matching basis for projects that address a specific community need and that build and benefit the community.

Applications are available now! Volunteers Needed to Join a Working Group

Neighbourhood Revitalization Matching Grant Fund Projects must be based in and benefit the communities of Britannia/Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place.

Connecting Our Community This group is working on increasing information and awareness on programs and services in the area as well as working on getting to know your neighbours and businesses through community events and celebrations. Next Meeting - The Second Monday of each month at 7 pm at the United Way building 15132Stony Plain Road.

Building Our Community - This group would work on business, community, park clean ups and beautification. Improving the community and business area by addressing traffic safety concerns and physical changes to individual areas. We are also working on a new zoning plan for the Stony Plain Road area (149 street to 170 street, and 100 avenue to 102 avenue). Next Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday 6 p.m. at the Bent Arrow office 10117-150 st. Feeling Safe in Our Community - This group would work with Police, the business association and your neighbours to create safer streets, parks and neighbourhoods! Next Meeting - The second Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at 10030 - 167st. You can get involved with issues that concern you in your community. Do you have any suggestions or comments? Email Marian at

Are you interested in writing a guest editorial? Maybe you have a thorn in your side that you want to share or has something wonderful happened in the SPURR Community that you just must share! Drop us a line and lets chat about you guest starring as the Editor.

THE SPURR NEEDS YOU! If you have a story or a photo depicting how life is, was or should be in Edmonton’s west end we would love to hear from you. Please forward your stories to the publishers address above, thank you.

FREE EVENT CALENDAR The SPURR publishes area events and activities in a monthly calendar in print and online. Please send us your date sensitive event information, we would love to include what we can and it’s FREE.



STONY PLAIN ROAD AND AREA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION streets clean, place litter in the waste receptacles and butts in the ashtrays.

DIANE KERELUK (780) 477-5169

Façade Program Date: January – May 01 Locations: Businesses This program is for commercial storefronts located within Business Revitalization Zones (BRZ) and is supported by The City of Edmonton. It encourages commercial building owners to invest in façade renovations and storefront upgrades by providing grants to cover a portion of renovation costs. The grants provide an incentive to completing building upgrades that create a more interesting, appealing environment on the street, attracting people and business to the area. Edmonton City Council approved the program for use in all Business Revitalization Zones (BRZ) in the city. Commercial buildings that are built right up to the sidewalk and located in a BRZ are eligible for program funding. The program can provide a reimbursement of up to 50% of the cost of eligible renovations, up to a maximum of $30,000 per building. Corner buildings with two street-facing facades could be eligible for up to $60,000 in matching grants.

Farmers Market Date: Year Round Location: TBA We hope to set up an indoor/ outdoor Farmers/Art Market year round. We are currently in the planning stages and need to develop a steering committee for this project. If you or anyone you know would like to be on the steering committee please call (780) 477-5169 or email: Flower Planters Date: May to October Location: 149 Street to 156 Street Stony Plain Road Attention all gardeners and green thumbs. We need your help. Once again this year we will be placing planters along Stony Plain Road. If you are interested in getting involved please email: Back Yard BBQ & Garden Date: Saturday, June 26 Locations: TBA


Last year it was United in the

Park, this year we are taking it a step further. We want to promote awareness to the surrounding communities and businesses with regards to what is happening on the Road and how we can work together. Local talented musicians will be playing for your entertainment and various displays will be set up. This will be a great time to get involved and an opportunity to kick back and enjoy the music. Business/Community Mixer Date: April Location: TBA This is an opportunity for businesses to mix with community members and share their thoughts. It is intended as a social gathering so that businesses have an opportunity to display their services and products or maybe just mingle. Complimentary refreshments and food will be provided. Dogapolooza Date: Saturday, September 11 Location: 165 Street and Stony Plain Road Dogapalooza is a family-friendly canine event. It brings together local businesses, veterinarians, pet food companies, rescue groups, pet therapy and rehabilitation societies

for a fun and educational time. With free admission and plenty of events and attractions for man, his best friend and the rest of the family. Dogapalooza has something for everyone! Animal lovers are truly unique, so come out and celebrate with the furry-ones that make our hearts pitter-patter. Storefront Cinema Nights Date: Friday October 15 and Saturday October 16 Location: 149 Street to 156 Street Stony Plain Road Storefront Cinema Nights originated as an initiative to bring something new, exciting and unique to the area. The goal was to bring together surrounding neighborhoods, local businesses and entice all Edmontonians to come experience and appreciate who we are and what we have to offer. For the first time ever, in 2008, by bringing local artist’s films to storefront windows we introduced a whole new concept for appreciating film in a totally unusual environment. Mark your calendars this year we are holding the event October 15th and 16th. www.storefrontcinemanights.c om

Calendar at a glance... Date



For more information: Jeff McLaren: (780) 496-6244 Email:

January – May 01

Applications for Façade Improvement


Pole mounted Ashtrays installed

April TBA

Business/Community Mixer

May – December

Farmers Market

Pole Mounted Ashtrays Date: March Location: 50 Poles along Stony Plain Road

May – October

Flower Planters


Spring Clean up Big Bin Event - Litter Pickup

June 26

Back Yard BBQ & Beer Garden


Street Clean up – Litter Pickup

September 11



Unveiling of Capital City Mural


Fall Clean up Big Bin Event

October 15/16

Storefront Cinema Nights

Many smokers cite the lack of public ashtrays in front of many office buildings, public facilities and in green spaces as the reason they toss their cigarette butts on the ground. A 2007 litter audit also showed that 35.7% of small litter items were cigarette butts in Edmonton. Pole-mounted ashtrays have been assigned and will be placed at key locations this spring. Please keep our

S P U R R FEBRUARY 2010 velopment/facade-and-storefront-improvem.aspx




Welcome to the second decade of this century. It is a good time to re-evaluate what is truly important in our lives, and how we can make things better for our selves, our families and our community. The past couple of years have been hard on many people, financially and emotionally. Sometimes, all a person needs is to know that somebody cares about them. One way to achieve this is by “Growing a Row” – planting an extra row of vegetables for the Food Bank. It is only a few extra seeds or seed potatoes, but a little extra effort can make a big difference in the constantly depleted stocks at the Food Bank. When you are ordering by mail (from T&T Seeds, for example) or going out to buy your

seeds and plant stock from, for example, Apache Seeds at 10136 – 149 Street in the next few weeks, please consider planting a little extra this year. Potatoes, carrots, beets, beans, peas, etc. – all are welcome by the Food Bank for their clients. The family or single person who receives the veggies may not know who they came from, but they will know that someone cares about them by taking the little extra time and effort to grow those veggies for them. The Dirty Gardner loves to read all the emails and comments from our readers. Rosa Veldkamp is a loyal reader, active community member and fellow gardener. Rosa sent in a great story and we’ve included it here for you we hope you enjoy it too and if you’ve got a story, photo or just a garden tip please send it in to See you in March!

T H I R D E C O S TAT I O N N O W O P E N A new Eco Station in the City’s south west is making it easier for residents to dispose of their waste in an environmentally responsible way. The Ambleside Eco Station, located at 14710 Ellerslie Road, is a new drop off point for household hazardous waste (HHW), electronics and items too large for regular collection. Edmonton’s two other Eco Stations are running at full capacity. In the last five years, traffic at Eco Stations has increased an average 16 per cent each year. This third Eco Station will relieve pressure on existing facilities and meet future demand as the City grows. Edmontonians know it’s important to bring household hazardous waste to an Eco Station rather than putting it out with regular garbage. Waste from Edmonton houses, apartments and condos goes to a composting facility where organic material like food waste, grass and leaves is composted while non-compostables like plastic and textiles are filtered out. Keeping HHW out of the garbage maintains the high quality of compost produced. As a 4

bonus, most material brought to an Eco Station is recycled. Paint, motor oil, car batteries, computers and electronics are just a few examples. In 2009 for instance, Eco Stations recycled 170,456 fluorescent light tubes (which contain toxic mercury). Laid end to end, they would span 208 kilometres, or the approximate distance from Edmonton to Edson. Eco Stations Hours Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Locations: Strathcona: 5150-99 Street Enter on 99 Street only Coronation: 11440-143 Street Ambleside: 14710 Ellerslie Road SW (now open) For more information on what you can take to an Eco Station visit or call 311.

Gardening in February by Rosa Veldkamp Right around this time of year I start itching to garden. (Well, truthfully, the itch starts in January already!) You might wonder just what kind of gardening can be done when the ground is frozen solid and covered with the white stuff. This is the time of year to dream . . . and to start seeds. I began to grow plants from seed many years ago with little success. Every spring I would look at what I had managed to grow under my florescent light and think “Wow, what a lot of work for plants that don’t look much like the ones I can buy at a garden center”. My poor little plant babies would be tall and floppy or just teeny tiny. I would get so discouraged that I’d throw out all my plant pots and vow never to start plants from seed again! The following winter, I would start thinking that maybe I’d just try one more time . . . maybe this year I would do better. After a few years and a bit of research, my plant babies began looking pretty good and I started branching out a bit from my tried and true annual varieties and tried a few perennials with fairly good success. I was hooked! Starting plants from seed doesn’t cost too much money and it is so exciting to see those tiny green shoots popping up through the soil while outside the snow is falling or a cold wind is blowing. The promise of spring is right there in front of you! Another big bonus is the amount of money you can save as well as the ability to plant a little more generously. After all, 12 petunias don’t take up that much more room than six would. Every year around this time I get

together with my gardening friends for a seed party. Everyone brings something tasty to eat, seeds they would like to share and books or magazines with new gardening ideas. Some friends don’t start seeds but come to visit and get new gardening ideas. We chat about the perennials we are thinking of dividing that spring and see if anyone is interested in planting them in their gardens. I love to go through my garden and enjoy Nicole’s irises, Andrea’s coral bells or Evelyn’s French tarragon. This year we wanted to open our doors to everyone in the Jasper Place area (Not my literal doors . . . I don’t think everyone would fit into my little house!) We will be holding a gardening party in the Britannia Youngstown community hall. We hope to share seeds, ideas and perhaps start some discussion about what we might like to see when it comes to gardens in our neighbourhoods. Community gardens, food plants like cherry bushes or strawberry plants among our park plantings, or maybe fruit trees planted in our school yards. We hope to see anyone who’s interested in gardening whether you are interested in seed starting or just gardening in general. For full details, check the community news listings under BrittaniaYoungstown on page 8 of this issue. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to give me a call. Rosa 780-471-5301 See you there!


SPOTLIGHT ON GLENWOOD BUSINESSES available from Sandy Lane Quality Meats at Thanksgiving and Christmas time – best to preorder as they go fast! Also available is honey from a local bee keeper and of course, home grown Alberta beef! Stop in and grab something fresh to make for supper tonight. Or come by at lunch time some of his much sought after beef jerky, some pepperoni, a sausage roll, an individual pie or take away a sandwich with your choice of meats and cheese.

Sandy Lane Quality Meats 15616-95 Ave (A few doors down from the Petro Canada Gas Station) 780 481-3972

We in Glenwood have been fortunate to have Sandy Lane Quality Meats as one of our community event supporters throughout the past 14 years. This shop is one of the reasons that Glenwood is such a great neighbourhood to live, work, play and shop in! Next time you visit Jacques at Sandy Lane Meats make sure to tell him you saw him in the SPURR.

Outdoor Soccer Central Registration

Owner: Jacques Sabourin 14 years in Glenwood, 19 years in business Open Monday to Friday 9:306pm, Saturday 9:30-5:30pm Sandy Lane Quality Meats specializes in fresh, smoked and marinated meats, seafood, and the most popular items – delicious BEEF and TURKEY JERKY!

in-store and smoked meats are all smoked on location. You will also find desserts, cheeses and some home made frozen entrées like meat pies, lasagna and seafood pasta. Custom smoking is also available for hunters.

At this amazing little shop, all products are made from scratch

A supporter of local products, fresh, local grown turkeys are

EWZSA Community and Club Program Feb 13 & 14th from 12:00 to 3:00 pm Soccer Centre 17415 - 106A Ave Late registration dates posted on EWZSA office 780-451-6453 ext 0


West Zone Club Soccer: Try out schedules on web Raiders: Girls: 780-451-6453 ext 4 Warriors: Boys: 780-461-2849

Showhomes for sale! Madeline Sarafinchan, FRI (780) 913-6595

Sherwood Park $564,900

Leduc $319,900

Jayman MasterBUILT is now offering you the opportunity to buy one of our outstanding Show Homes, and lock in today’s phenomenal pricing! We will lease the home back from you until the show home parade closes. We currently have opportunities in Leduc, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and in several Edmonton locations as well! Call me today to get more details!

West End, EDM $798,400

Ft. Saskatchewan $349,900

Ft. Saskatchewan $494,900

Leduc $469,700

OR, purchase one of these two exciting, fully furnished show homes in Lake Summerside and move in NOW! Call me TODAY for all the information and make your dreams happen!

West Edmonton $694,700

Sherwood Park $549,900

6070 Stanton Drive $408,700

6072 Stanton Drive $399,900

Making your dreams happen! S P U R R FEBRUARY 2010


You be the Judge…Restaurant Review Tasty Tomato 14233 – Stony Plain Road Review submitted by Bob Olynyk Tasty Tomato is my favorite Italian restaurant. The staff is friendly, and the service is excellent. As there are no reservations on the weekends and only for large groups during the week the ideal time is to get there before 5:30PM or after 7:15PM to get a table without a short wait. I have waited and during the wait have been served a complimentary glass of wine well standing in line. The premises have been totally

renovated to give diners a warm and homey feeling while enjoying their meal. We usually go with another couple and always order Bruschetta for an appetizer, which is a meal in itself, and totally like nothing you have ever eaten. It is a baked pizza crust with just the right mixture of tomatoes, onions, garlic and oil. This along with a liter of the house red wine just gets you going. With all of the pasta being homemade it is hard to make a decision on which to order. My wife usually orders the Cannelloni with the sauce half red and half white; she receives two huge tubes smothered in sauce, which are made to perfection. I myself usually have the Veal

Parmesan which is served with an unforgettable tomato sauce and the pasta of the day accompanied by a side Caesar salad. The Caesar dressing is very tasty as well, the Romaine lettuce is always crisp and fresh. Usually by the end of the main course there is no room for desert, although the Italian Pear shaped ice cream smothered in Chocolate and hazelnuts is one of my favorites. The prices are very reasonable; the extensive menu makes it very difficult to decide what to order. The spaghetti and miniature meatballs are a treat and would be a great hit with children who dine with you. I have tried several different items and have never had a bad meal. They also have daily specials that your serv-

er will inform you about. Next time you are at Tasty Tomato make sure to tell them you saw them in the SPURR. Please visit us online at and search for “restaurant”, where you will find more restaurant reviews, a list of over 60 restaurants in the area and details on how you can win a $50 gift card through “BRZ Restaurant Review” contest.

The SPURR has the following positions open: Editor: In short the candidate for this job will have editing experience and a desire to be a part of the SPURR community. Basic computer skills a must along with a good understanding of Microsoft Word and Email, other software experience a plus. Join the SPURR and get involved in the communities it represents. Sales Associate: Are you a people person? Do you want to work from home, make your own schedule, and get rewarded in proportion to your efforts? Then you might be the person we are looking for. The SPURR is looking for an energetic individual who can knock on doors and chat with clients regarding their advertising needs. This is a commission based position, so ad sales experience would be a plus, but since you get paid in proportion to your efforts all you need is a good work ethic and be willing to take direction. Interested? Please forward your resume to or fax your resume to 780-401-3436.

Free Car Clubs! Sponsored by:

As a safety initiative to reduce car thefts, the Jasper Place Revitalization in collaboration with AMA and the EPS are handing out free car clubs to area residents.

The clubs will be available from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Community Services Jasper Place office 10030 - 167 Street. Residents of Britannia-Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place are eligible and must show a valid driver's licence and car registration to receive their free car clubs. One club per vehicle.



2010 Registration Notice Check us out at

Dear Parents and Players:

Baseball season is fast approaching. To ensure that you “Play Ball” this year, please note the following registration information:

Registration Dates, Times, and Locations SJPMBA has five dates and times available for West Edmonton baseball players to register: 1.Saturday, February 27, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Lessard Community Hall (17404-57 Avenue) 2.Friday, March 05, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Willowby Community Hall (6315-184 Street) 3.Saturday, March 06, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Willowby Community Hall (6315-184 Street) 4.Friday, March 12, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at Crestwood Community Hall (14325-96 Avenue) 5.Saturday, March 13, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at Crestwood Community Hall (14325-96 Avenue)

Registration Fees Birthday between Jan 01/05 – Dec 31/06 Jan 01/03 – Dec 31/04 Jan 01/01 – Dec 31/02 Jan 01/99 – Dec 31/00 Jan 01/97 – Dec 31/98 Jan 01/95 – Dec 31/96 Jan 01/92 – Dec 31/94

Player Age 4–5 6–7 8–9 10 – 11 12 – 13 14 – 15 16 – 18

Division Kids 1st Ball Jr. Rookie Sr. Rookie Mosquito Peewee Bantam Midget

Registration Fees $ 75.00 $ 125.00 $ 150.00 $ 200.00 $ 215.00 $ 220.00 $ 225.00

For additional information with regards to SJPMBA, the executive members, or other general matters, please visit our web site at or call Dan Rude at 780-481-0689.

Please note that there will be a $25.00 late fee for any past registrant that registers after March 13th.

Honourable Heather Klimchuk MLA, Edmonton-Glenora Minister of Service Alberta

As we welcome the New Year and prepare for another busy session of the Alberta Legislature, I am encouraged by all our government has accomplished for Albertans in 2009. From our plan for Alberta's economic recovery to electricity transmission to blazing a trail towards more environmentally friendly resource extraction, we have taken extraordinary steps to help ensure that our province remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. Highlights from the past year include The Way Forward, our comprehensive four-point plan designed to bring Alberta back into the black and the passing of Bill 50 - The Electric Statutes Amendment Act, 2009. This year, we also introduced the amalgamation of Alberta's regional health authorities into the new Alberta Health Services, created a new provincial pharmaceutical plan that will see Albertans save considerably on generic prescription drugs, and committed to funding a number of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in order to decrease Alberta's carbon emissions. As a government, we will remain focused on our objectives and on leading our province toward renewed prosperity.

The Way Forward This bold plan will see Alberta back in a budget surplus position and saving for the future within three years. It will do this by limiting government spending, using our cash reserves in the Sustainability Fund to cover a portion of our revenue shortfalls, continuing to invest in public infrastructure in order to prepare Alberta for when growth returns, and continuing to promote our industries abroad to ensure that Alberta remains competitive and attracts investment. Our focus during this period of recovery will be on helping seniors and low-income Albertans, and supporting the programs and services that Albertans need most, such as health care, education and seniors' benefits. This will all be done while keeping taxes low. Our government recognizes that we cannot tax ourselves out of this recession, and as such, remains committed to ensuring that Alberta has the most competitive tax rates in the country.

Lowering prescription drug costs for Albertans 2009 also saw the introduction of an enhanced provincial drug plan that will see the reduction of prescription drug costs for all Albertans. Under the new provincial strategy, all new generic prescription drug prices were immediately reduced to 45 per cent of the brand-name price, and starting in April 2010, the price for existing generic drugs will also be reduced. This new plan will save Albertans, employers and government a considerable amount of money, improve prescription drug use and help our province provide better care to Albertans and improve their overall health. To learn more about AHS, the Alberta Pharmaceutical Strategy or Vision 2020, please visit

Carbon Capture and Storage This year, the Government of Alberta also announced a $2 billion investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. This investment shows our commitment to clean energy production and will maintain Alberta's economic and competitive advantage. The expertise and knowledge that will be generated from the projects supported by this investment will make Alberta a leader in CCS technology, providing skills that can be shared around the globe as we search for ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. CCS technology can also be used for enhanced oil recovery and helps increase the production from existing reserves. That means that the hard to reach oil from conventional reserves can be accessed. This increased production will translate into greater royalty revenues being collected by the province; revenues that will help ensure the delivery of programs and services in Alberta. For more information on Alberta's investment in CCS technology, please visit

Edmonton-Glenora Constituency Office 10649 –124 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1S5 780-455-7979 Edmonton.Glenora@assembly



GENERAL COMMUNITY NEWS Jasper Place Library The Jasper Place Library has many programs for you and your family this month! Join us for the following FREE programs: Baby Laptime: Wednesday February 3rd at 10:15. Ages 3-12 months. Registration required.

Ages 0-5 years. Registration required. Reading Buddies: Saturday mornings at 10:30. Session cancelled on Feb. 13. Ages 610 years. Registration required. Very Valentines: Thursday February 11th at 3pm. Ages 7+. Registration required.

February’s session: Raising Competent Teenagers. Tuesday February 9th at 6:30 pm. Registration Required. Wii Bowling for Older Adults: Friday, February 19th at 2pm. Ages 55+. Registration required.

Fun For Ones: Thursday mornings at 10:15. Ages 12-23 months. Registration required.

Family Day Fun: Monday February 15th at 2pm. All ages. Drop in.

Please call the library at 780.496.1810 for program details and to register. We are located at 9010 156 Street (just north of the Meadowlark Mall).

Time For Twos: Tuesday February 23rd at 10:15. Ages 24-35 months. Registration required.

Teen Gaming: Join us for Guitar Hero and other Wii games! Saturday, February 20th at 2pm. Ages 13-17 years. Drop in.

Visit us online at

Rhymes That Bind: Thursday evenings at 6:30. Ages 0-3 years. Drop in.

Triple P Positive Parenting: A one hour seminar series to enhance the knowledge, skills, and resourcefulness of parents.

Don’t have a library card yet? Drop in and sign up! If you are under 18 we need to have the signature of your parent or guarantor.

Unpack N’ Play: Friday mornings at 10:100.

BRITANNIA-YOUNGSTOWN Contact: 15927 - 105 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0T8 Phone: 780-483-8983 Board Development The Britannia Youngstown Community League board executives have just spent an entire weekend in a Board Development Program. We worked together with volunteers from the Alberta Culture and Community Spirit department and had a very productive and fun time. How does this affect you? We’re revitalized and have gotten energy from the weekend that will translate into our working together to form a stronger community. Our hope is that we can work with you to provide the services and programs that you need to feel a connection with your neighbours. Come and join us! Let us know what you’d like to see happening here and work with us. We can't do much alone, but working together we can really do a lot! That's one of the great things about community. Gardening and Seed Party When: Monday, February 22, 7:00 Where: Britannia/Youngstown Community Hall, 15927 105 Avenue Why: Oh, so many reasons to do this in February. I know it seems like Spring is a LOOoong time away, but: • Many gardeners start dreaming about green things again as soon as the snow covers our existing green spaces. I know I do! • If you seed plants under lights, you’re probably thinking about buying seeds now. • It's a good chance to meet other friendly gardeners in our neighbourhood, swap seeds or


just get tips on what does well here. • Maybe you want to move into perennials instead of the common Edmonton annuals. Or maybe you can’t afford the perennials you’d like and want to try starting them from seed. Maybe someone has your dream plant and needs to separate it in the spring – you want to meet THAT person! Maybe you know all about vegetable gardening and are willing to share that knowledge. I want to meet you! • We can chat together about the possibility of other gardening events we want to see in our neighbourhood. I suffer from gardening withdrawal in February. Can you tell? Let’s talk about green things together. We’ll provide the coffee and tea. Please bring along something edible to share with friends, seeds or catalogues if you have them and we’ll start dreaming about spring. Call Evelyn at 780-930-2195 or email her at

CANORA Contact: 10425 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4P1 Phone: 780-489-6007

GLENWOOD Contact: 16430 - 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0E8 Phone: 780-489-7571, What is there to do in Glenwood these days? Skating every day: Mon. to Fri. 5-9pm, Sat. 12-9pm, and Sun.12-6pm

Community Swim every Sunday from 4-6pm (The pool is now open.) Oilers Pay Per View February 14th at 5pm (Doors open at 4:30pm) Potluck and Games Night Saturday February 20th & again March 20th Glenwood Community League is EVERYWHERE! Visit us:, Twitter at or Facebook Group – Glenwood Community League (become a “fan”) All these will keep you up to date on Glenwood activities, news and coming events. BIG NEWS!! Glenwood has some exciting news! We are about to become the first community league in the city of Edmonton to offer FREE WiFi in our neighbourhood! That means that if you are in the hall, at the rink, and even possibly the park or parking lot, you will be able to use your Blackberry, Ipod, cellphone or laptop to log on to the internet! Functions at the hall will also have access to the FREE internet connection. We are joining the Free WiFi Project. Visit for more information on the project or our website at for details as we know them. NEED SOME FUN AND INEXPENSIVE ENTERTAINMENT? Call to register for our potluck and games night at the hall before Feb. 20th Our next adult, family and senior potluck dinner and games night will be on Saturday, February 20th. Everyone will bring a dish to share and we will enjoy a potluck dinner starting at 5pm and will have a variety of games for all ages (all children are welcome to come and play kids’ games.) Pre-register with Michele at 780 4393169 and then join us at the community hall 16430 97 Ave. February 20th, and March 20th!


COMMUNITY NEWS Skating Rink is NOW OPEN! Weather permitting, the Glenwood skating rink will be open Monday through Friday 59pm, Saturdays 12-9pm, and Sundays from 12-6pm. Make sure you have your skate tags (available FREE with membership), or you can purchase a “Skating Only” membership for $10 (available at the rink shack). Admission is $2 without a membership. Snack bar is available during skate times.

bers are considered to be more relevant when the city looks at making changes and approving/rejecting requests for changes to land use etc. (Recent issues being the West LRT route, changing some areas from single family homes to apartment buildings, derelict housing)

FREE PAY PER VIEW HOCKEY NIGHTS IN GLENWOOD! The Oilers are back on the big screen at Glenwood Hall with FREE Pay Per View games playing at the hall. Doors open 30 minutes before each game. Cash bar is available, along with FREE popcorn. Children are welcome. Watch the SPURR or check our website at for any changes to the schedule or join us for the following dates:

FREE skating at any community skating rink (with skate tags included with membership)

Sunday February 14th vs. Anaheim - 5pm Friday March 4th vs. Minnesota - 7pm Tuesday March 23rd vs. Canucks - 7pm Scrapbooking Day Out- Next one in March! Join Katherine at Glenwood hall for a day of card making or scrapbooking without interruption. Come by yourself or bring a friend and enjoy a great meal, snacks and drinks. For more information contact Katherine at or visit her website for more information at Tuesday Night Euchre Euchre is a ‘trick-taking’ card game played in groups of 4 with partners. Beginners are welcome because the more players, the better! Join us for Euchre EVERY Tuesday night at the Glenwood Community Hall (and I mean EVERY – these guys show up to play during rain, snow, renovations – you name it!). Registration is at 6:30pm, games begin at 7pm. Anyone (even if you didn’t know what it was until today!) can come to play. Other Glenwood Information: MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR LONG Contact Michele at 780 439-3169 There are many good reasons to get a membership, starting with… ours is one of the cheapest ones around! Still (after 20 years) $25.00 per household (Free for seniors 60 and over). Communities with high membership num-


FREE family swim at Jasper Place Pool Sundays from 4-6pm – February

A DISCOUNT of 15-20% off multi-passes and annual passes at City Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres

about 3/16 of an inch wide and made of yellow gold, with a thin band of white gold on top. Contact or call Michele at 780 439-3169 with information. DRUM LESSONS: Experienced drummer (40 years experience) offering drum lessons within Glenwood community. Glenwood members receive a discount off their first lesson – just show your membership card! Visit for a sample of his skills. Contact Ray at 780 405-1374 for more information, or email at

HIGH PARK Ability to register for any adult or children’s activity (programs, sports, classes) at Glenwood or at any other community league CHEAPER hall rental prices for Glenwood members in good standing City PERKS Information emailed to you about issues affecting our community Contact Michele at 780 439-3169 or email to to get your membership card. Hall Rental Seats 100 people in theater style seating, 80 seated at tables. Our beautiful new kitchen boasts a rinse sink, huge cooler/fridge, double oven, stove and griddle top and a super quick dishwasher. There is tons of prep space and it’s all stainless steel – so it’s quicker to clean up! Friday/Saturday rentals: Members $150*, Non-Members $400 Sunday-Thursday rentals: Members $75*, Non-Members $150 Call the Facility Director, Charlotte at 4440411 * Must be a member in good standing. Have your say and find out about… Community development, League spending and changes, Programs offered, What’s new in Glenwood? Community League meetings are open to everyone and are generally held at the hall at 7 pm on the first Thursday of every month. Glenwood Classifieds MISSING RING: Lost on Hallowe’en into a trick or treater’s bag, one wedding band

Contact: 11032 - 154 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 2K1 Phone: 780-484-4646

MAYFIELD Contact: 10941 - 161 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 1G2 Phone: 780-483-4675 Is your New Year’s Resolution to get more involved with your community? Come out to one of our meetings or contact our Board to find out how you can make a positive impact in your city! Next Executive Meeting is Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. The Annual General Meeting is Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

JASPER / SHERWOOD Contact: 9620 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4N9 Phone: 780-483-2815

Make sure your Community League information is included in the SPURR. Call your community league today! 9


Mayfield Executive

Oilers Pay Per View

Valentines Day

Canora Park Watch

Potluck and Games

Gardening and


February 14th. 2010

February 14, 2010

February 16, 2010


Seed Party

February 4, 2010

5 p.m.

Happy Valentines

Information Meeting

February 20th, 2010

February 22, 2010

7:00 p.m.

Glenwood Hall

Day from the SPURR

Glenwood Hall

7:00 p.m. Britannia/Youngstown Community Hall

Oilers Pay Per View

Potluck and Games

St. Patricks Day

Oilers Pay Per View

Canora Park Watch

Mayfield Annual

March 4th, 2010


March 17, 2010

March 23rd at 5pm

April 3, 2010

General Meeting

5 p.m.

March 20th, 2010

Happy St. Patricks

Easter Egg Hunt

April 8, 2010

vs Minnesota

Glenwood Hall


Glenwood Hall

vs. Canucks - 7pm Glenwood Hall

7:00 p.m.

from the SPURR

Farmers Market

Canora Park Watch

Back Yard BBQ &


May - December

May 30, 2010

Beer Garden

September 11, 2010

Location: TBA

Third Annual Mini

June 26, 2010

165 Street and


Location: TBA

Stony Plain Road

Storefront Cinema Nights October 15 and October 16, 2010 149 Street to 156 Street Stony Plain Road

Canora Park Watch August 2010 Jumping Thing Event St. Anne Park

Please send us your date sensitive event information, we would love to include what we can and it’s FREE.



BUY • SELL • TRADE Place your business card in the SPURR and reach out to the community. Email: Deadline for next issue is: February 19, 2010

CLASSIFIEDS Meadowlark Park Child Care currently has openings for children between three and four years of age. We are accredited; we offer Seeds of Empathy and Preschool Outreach Program. Please contact Leah at 780 489 3131. We have relocated to the newly renovated space in Annunciation School at 9325 165 Street. _______________________________________

Got Something to Sell? Place your text only classified ads here in your local community newspaper and reach 15,000 people in Edmonton’s West End. At $0.10 per character this Ad you are reading costs less than $20.00.

West End Seniors Activity Centre: Seeking Program Assistant To assist in program and volunteer coordination 3 days a week at a busy seniors centre. Applicant must possess excellent organizational and communication skills, be friendly and energetic and flexible in nature. Experience in working with seniors an asset. Semi-retired and homemakers welcome. If you are interested in applying for this position, please do so by faxing resume to: (780)-484-7738 or e-mail to: _______________________________________ ____________________________________ Beaux Esprits (French Immersion) Playschool Registration for 2010-2011 school year Wednesday, February 10, 7 pm. Ph. 780-484-4926, b e p l a y s c h o o l @ t e l u s . n e t , _______________________________________


You would definetely be surprised who reads the classifieds as we have caught you reading our ready made ad, give us a call and see how economical these classified ads really are 780-757-0993 or email ____________________________________

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me:

Karen Leibovici Councillor, Ward 1 2nd Floor, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq., Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7 Phone: 496-8120 Fax: 496-8113 Email:

Mary MacDonald FederaL Liberal C an didate for Edmon ton C en tre



C A N O R A PA R K WAT C H Canora Park Watch is a volunteer citizen based initiative in conjunction with the City of Edmonton Police Department and Community Services to develop positive activities in our parks. We have been working for two and a half years planning events in St Anne Park at 153 Street and 102 Avenue, and the Canora Greenspace on the west side of 149 Street from 102 Avenue to 107 Avenue. Please come out and join us in using these parks for family fun.

IMPORTANT DATES 2010 February 16 We will be holding an information meeting at the Canora Community Hall, 10425 152 St, with the City of Edmonton Police at 7:00PM. Everyone is invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. Come out and find out what is happening in our neighbourhood.

ICE SCULPTURES NOT J U S T F O R F E S T I VA L S There is talent lurking in Britannia-Youngstown Take a look at what one artistic resident has made with a yard full of ice & snow! Ice Sculpture and photo by Darryl Learie

April 3 We will be holding an Easter Egg hunt again this year in April. Keep an eye on this space for further details. May 30 We will be the having our Third Annual Mini Carnival. Come out and help us make this the Biggest and Best carnival. There will be a barbeque and fun and games for children of all ages. June We will be having a bike safety clinic. We will advise date and place later. July We are planning a Picnic In the Park event. Stay tuned for more details. August will be the time for the third Jumping Thing event for the children. This will be held at St Anne Park. The date for this is not yet finalized but we are working on it. If you need any further information or would like to volunteer for any of the above events. please e-mail us at



Sing e c n a D Act

Edmonton CHILDREN’S DANCE THEATRE Pre-school - Adult classes Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Drama, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Tumbling

780-443-0226 780-443-0226 #201 15505 Stony Plain Road