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Storefront Cinema Nights originated as an initiative to build something special. The goal was to create something new, exciting and unique for the area that would bring people together. We invite surrounding neighbourhoods, local businesses and entice all Edmontonians to come experience and appreciate who we are and what we have to offer. For the first time ever, in 2008, by bringing local artist’s films to storefront windows, we introduced a whole new concept for appreciating film in a totally unusual environment. Last year proved to be such a success that once again we are doing it, but expanding the venue


to include both Friday and Saturday with added hands on involvement for the movie goers. Friday Night is dedicated to the family, and the kids will have a chance at trying their hand at making their own Cameraless Film production, and see the product projected on the window. Butler Memorial Park will host a big screen cinema in addition to other fun things throughout the evening for the family enjoyment along with haystacks to sit on and fire pits to keep warm. Saturday night entails cutting-edge cinema produced by local artists, projected on storefront windows along Stony Plain Road between 151 and 154 Street with an added feature this year of contemporary dance and live hip hop music.


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For your comfort and safety the streets will be closed off to traffic and fire pits will be located in the center of the streets. Browse the many participating retail shops and enjoy a complementary warm beverage. Special entertainment this year and first time in Edmonton, make and throw your own “Throwies” plus the “Glow Video Series!” Afterwards, mingle with friends at local eateries and/or listen to live music at local pubs. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. For more information please sse the Program insert distributed with the SPURR, or visit



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SPURR • OCTOBER 2009 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 8 Ph: (780) 757-0993 | Editor: Paula E. Kirman Culture: Adele Knowler Gardening: Michele Hebert Community Info: Marian Bruin Business Info: Diane Kereluk Advertising: Jim Wooley Publisher: Pie Communications Inc. 544, 12222 137 Avenue Edmonton, AB, T5L 4X5 Ph: (780) 757-0993 Fax: (780) 401-3438 What is SPURR The Stony Plain (road and area) Urban Revitalization Report is a community based newspaper whose mission it is to serve the west-end communities of BritanniaYoungstown, Canora, Glenwood, High Park, Mayfield, & West Jasper / Sherwood along with the Members of the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association. SPURR is a joint initiative for Community & Business Interests of Edmonton’s westend lead by: City of Edmonton Community Services, Neighbourhood Revitalization Project and the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone.

The opinions expressed in the articles appearing in The SPURR are those of the people named as the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of The SPURR, its editor, its publisher, the City of Edmonton or the Stony Plain Road and Area Business Revitalization Zone.

For More Information Please Contact: Marian Bruin, City of Edmonton Community Services Department P.O. Box 2359, Edmonton, AB, T5J 2R7 Ph: (780) 944-5417 Diane Kereluk, Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association 10043 151 Street. Edmonton, AB, T5P 4Z7 Ph: (780) 477-5169

When visiting or calling one of our advertisers please make sure to tell them you saw them in the SPURR – thank you.

THE SPURR NEEDS YOU! If you have a story or a photo depicting how life is, was or should be in Edmonton’s west end we would love to hear from you. Please forward your stories to the publishers address

Proposed West LRT Route The proposed route for the West LRT is to run down 104th Avenue to Stony Plain Road to 156 street. From 156 street the LRT would go south to 87 Avenue then west to Lewis Estates.

above, thank you.

FREE EVENT CALENDAR The SPURR will begin publishing area events

This proposed route would reduce Stony Plain Road to one lane of traffic in each direction between 140 street and 156 street.

and activities in a monthly calendar in print and online. Please send us your date sensitive event information, we would love to include what we can and it’s FREE.


Low-Floor LRT Vehicles Most of the equipment on a low-floor LRT vehicle is located on the roof, which means passenger access can be provided at street level.

Low-floor LRT requires smaller stations and less infrastructure, making it easier to integrate stations within local surroundings. Low-floor LRT stations also provide better pedestrian connections and fewer barriers to accessibility because ramps and steps are not needed. Many European cities and North American cities are now adopting new, low-floor LRT technologies - even in wintry climates. November Statutory Public Hearing City Council will hold a statutory public hearing to provide Edmontonians with an opportunity to comS P U R R OCTOBER 2009

ment on recommended corridors for the Southeast LRT and West LRT projects. During the hearing, Council will consider a proposed amendment to Transportation System Bylaw 15101 to designate two proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT) routes as components of the City of Edmonton’s transportation system. Notice of Public Hearing Date: Monday November 9, 2009 Time: 1:30-9:30pm Location: Council Chamber 2nd Floor City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square S P U R R OCTOBER 2009

To speak at the November hearing, please register in advance. Provide your name, organization, address, phone number, email, and whether you are in favour or opposed to the bylaw. Online: Phone: 780-496-8178 In Person Office of the City Clerk 3nd Floor City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square LRT Projects General Inquiries Telephone: 780-496-4874 Email: 3

ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED Most people treat their bodies as if they were a rented car…something they are using to get around in, but nothing they care about understanding. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can be informed! You can be proactive! In truth, the hero and the healer is in you. Those of us who fail to take time to be healthy, will ultimately have to make the time to be sick. Honour the miracle and messages of your body. Health is your birthright and comes with responsibility. With due diligence and consistent focused attention, it is possible to turn your health around with new knowledge and right action. Proven wholistic healing methods of cellular cleansing and re-mineralization can help rejuvenate your body and your life. You CAN make dietary and lifestyle changes. Your body is a miraculous natural healing

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Look for our article in next issue with tips on how to protect yourself from H1N1 by strengthening your immune system.


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More than just new homes! 4




Last November I heard about a new event going on along Stony Plain Road. According to the advertisement, a portion of Stony Plain Road was going to be shut down, with films being projected on several of the businesses along the way.

The event was the first Storefront Cinema Night and I decided to go, not knowing what to expect. What I experienced was a tremendous outpouring of art and community. This was probably the first major event I had ever been to in this part of the city – namely because most of the other festivals and major events take place either downtown or the south side. However, on that chilly November evening, it was Stony Plain Road’s turn to shine.

People from all over the city attended, making Storefront Cinema Night a great way to promote the west end community to the rest of Edmonton. Unless you live nearby, most people really don’t know everything that Stony Plain Road has to offer. Storefront Cinema Night was such a huge success that we’re doing it again, this time for two nights – and, in October, when things will hopefully be slightly warmer. I really encourage all of you to

come down and enjoy the event. If you have never been to a block party before, you will find it fun and exciting. There is something exhilarating about being able to walk down the middle of a road usually full of cars. In addition, there will be great films and lots of other cool things going on. What are you doing on the evenings of October 16 and 17? We here at the SPURR will be at Storefront Cinema Night, and we hope to see you there!



Projects must be based in and benefit the communities of Britannia/Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place.

(780) 944-5417

Funds are available on a matching basis for projects that address a specific community need and that build and benefit the community. Applications are available now! Dog Walking Group Are you interested in starting a dog walking group? You could meet your neighbours and have company during your evening walks. Call Marian at (780) 944-5417.

Dogapalooza; A Great Family Event! Thanks to Jill at Tailz and all the volunteers for helping out to make the first Dogapalooza a successful event! We had 7001000 people and dogs come to the event. These events are an important part of revitalizing the area and promoting the good businesses along Stony Plain Road. Matching Grants You can apply for a Neighbourhood Revitalization Matching Grant Fund to help pay for your community event.


Working Groups We need volunteers help with the revitalization working groups: Connecting Our Community: This group is working on increasing information and awareness on programs and services in the area as well as working on getting to know your neighbours and businesses through community events and celebrations. Next Meeting: October 5 at 7 p.m. at the United Way building 15132 Stony Plain Road. Building Our Community: This group would work on business, community and park

clean ups and beautification as well as improving the community and business area by addressing traffic safety concerns and physical changes to the area. Next Meeting: The third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Bent Arrow office, 10117-150 street. Feeling Safe in Our Community: This group would work with police, the business association, and your neighbours to create safer streets, parks, and neighbourhoods! Next Meeting: The second Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m. at 10030- 167 street. You can get involved with issues that concern you in your community. Do you have any suggestions or comments? Call Marian at (780) 944-5417. Community engagement expert Jim Diers is coming to Edmonton in November! What does it take to get residents, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and city government to work together to make their communities great? How has the City of Seattle been practising neighbourhood engagement since 1988?

Edmontonians on November 17, 18, and 19, 2009. This is your chance to hear from someone who has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to participatory democracy. Jim's goal: to bring grassroots community organizations, non-governmental organizations, and city government together to increase people's involvement with their communities and with decisions that affect their lives. Here is Jim's presentation schedule: EAST Community Meeting: November 17, 2009, at the Santa Maria Goretti Centre, from 5 to 9 p.m. WEST Community Meeting: November 18, 2009, at the Mayfield Inn and Suites (16615 109 Ave.), Palisades Ballroom, from 5 to 9 p.m. SOUTH Community Meeting: November 19, 2009, at the Palace Banquet Hall (3223 Parsons Road), from 5 to 9 p.m. Seating is limited, so please contact Kimi at (780) 442-4974 to register for the community meeting closest to your neighbourhood.

The City of Edmonton's Office of Great Neighbourhoods has invited community engagement expert Jim Diers to meet with



DIANE KERELUK (780) 477-5169

The SPR and Area Business Association’s Board of Directors met with the Director of Strategic Planning Transportation, Adam Laughlin, to learn more about the decision for selecting Stony Plain Road (SPR) as the High Speed Transit route between 156 Street and 142 Street. During the presentation it was confirmed the City has not considered 100 Avenue. The Board is asking the City to reconsider 100 Avenue. The principle reasons for supporting 100 Avenue instead of Stony Plain Road have been consistent from the first review of High Speed Transit back in 2005. We are concerned there is significant risk to local business along the targeted route for viability if High Speed Transit (including low profile LRT and Premium Bus Service) is placed on SPR. We feel these risks can be largely averted by using 100 Avenue, while still meeting the objectives of the City.

CONCERNS: LOSS OF LOCAL BUS SERVICES: The proposed LRT will replace the existing local bus service along SPR. There are currently four eastbound local bus stops and two westbound local bus stops along this stretch. There will instead be two LRT stops (156 Street, 149 Street).

The City may consider a third LRT stop if it can be accommodated. It should also be noted that residents living west of 156 Street or east of 149 Street will have to transfer from their local bus service to the LRT in order to access SPR. If 100 Avenue is used, the current local bus service on SPR need not be interrupted. SAFETY: There are five vehicle crossings between 156 Street and 149 Street along SPR. There are no vehicle crossings on 100 Avenue. Traffic intersections are the primary site of traffic collisions in Edmonton without the added complication of high-speed transit. BUSINESS ACCESSIBILITY: SPR will, at best, be left with two traffic lanes (one eastbound and one westbound) in addition to the LRT east and westbound lines. The LRT requires between 9.5 and 6.5 meters of roadway (14 meters at stations). We are concerned there is not sufficient street width to accommodate left turning lanes, causing significant traffic tie ups. This will significantly restrict the accessibility of businesses on both sides of the roadway. If SPR is left with only one westbound traffic lane (as stated as a possible consequence of putting the LRT on SPR) then SPR businesses will have no direct access to East bound traffic. It should be noted that during peak commute hours, the trains may have a five minute interval frequency - making left hand turns near impossible, with or without left turning lanes. LOSS OF PARKING: All street parking between 156 and 149 Street will be lost. The City could look at purchasing a small parking

lot to offset that lost parking, but that recommendation does not form part of the formal presentation to City Council. FEASIBILITY/CONSTRUCTABILITY: Of the “western” routes considered by Transportation, SPR is the only one that presents significant feasibility/constructability challenges as per the chart presented. We feel these issues are solved by using 100 Avenue because it is wider and has significant “setbacks” that allow the City the flexibility to construct the LRT lines without creating cross traffic congestion or compromising safety and aesthetic features that may not be possible with an SPR alignment such as wider platforms, further setbacks from walkways, shelters, etc. So, does the SPR route offer significant advantages over the 100 Avenue route for SPR businesses? We do not see that it does. Does the 100 Avenue route compromise the City's long term goals? We do not see that it does. Both support the City's long-term vision to increase the residential density north of 100 Avenue. Both support the City's long-term vision to create seamless commuter transit service between Lewis Estates and downtown. Both connect to the Jasper Place bus transit centre and both can stop at SPR and 149 Street. THIS IS URGENT: In July 2009 the City installed an eastbound, morning peak “bus Only” lane

along the proposed LRT route on Stony Plain Road in direct contradiction of the 2007 Transportation report that recommended high speed bus transit (then called Bus Rapid Transit - BRT) not be placed on Stony Plain Road. The BRZ, residents, consultants, and transportation department instead recommended BRT be place on 100 Avenue. The BRT service may have a new name, Premium Bus Service, but it services the same basic goals as the rejected BRT plan: fewer stops, higher average speeds and possible precursor to future LRT route. We are concerned the City plans a westbound, evening peak “bus only” lane along SPR in the near future and that hours of operation will continue to expand.

BUSINESS MEMBERS, PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS: Send an email to: or call (780) 477-5169 or attend the: Stony Plain Road and Area Business Association Annual General Meeting Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. Howard and McBride 16310 Stony Plain Road R.S.V.P: or call (780) 477-5169 10043 151 Street Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, AB T5P 4Z7 (780) 477-5169 Building Something Special

You be the Judge…Restaurant Review The following restaurants qualify for this contest: Enjoy an evening out with your friends, family and/or loved ones and tell us about your experience. Each month we will choose a review to publish. If we choose your review you will win a $50 gift certificate towards your next dinning experience and we will print your review in the next edition of SPURR! Reviews should be around 300 words and e-mailed in Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) to:


A & W • 220 Mayfield Common Albert’s Family Restaurant • 15540 Stony Plain Road Aramark Canada Ltd. • 10045 - 156 St. Astros Restaurant Ltd • 10038 - 167 St. Badass Jack’s Subs & Wraps • 10005 170 St. Ban Thai • 15726 - 100 Ave Boston Pizza • 180 Mayfield Common Brado’s Pizza • 15648 Stony Plain Road Bucas & Pastas • 16516 - 100 Ave Burger Baron • 10056 - 156 St. Castle Pita Bakery • 10048 - 158 St. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza • 16203 Stony Plain Road Chili’s Texas Grill • 17020 - 100 Avenue Chin Kee Restaurant • 15545 Stony Plain Road Chinese Dumpling House • 15525 Stony Plain Road Continental Inn • 16625 Stony Plain Road Dairy Queen • 10018 - 156 St. Dan Shing Restaurant • 15912 Stony Plain Road Doc’s Restaurant & Lounge • 15203 Stony Plain Road Earl’s Restaurants Ltd • 9961 - 170 St. Felicitea • 15047 Stony Plain Road Hap’s Hungry House • 16060 Stony Plain Road Hollywood Pizza & Donair • 10012 156 St.

Il Forno Ltd. • 14981 Stony Plain Road Jasper Place Restaurant • 15326 Stony Plain Road Joey’s Grill & Lounge • 130 Mayfield Common L.A. Deli Sub & Salad • 15043 Stony Plain Road La Shish • 224 Mayfield Common Little Caesars Pizza • 15045 Stony Plain Road McDonalds • 16725 Stony Plain Road Miso Japanese Cuisine • 14917 Stony Plain Road Moon Palace Restaurant • 15401 Stony Plain Road Mr Donair • 16209 Stony Plain Road Oodle Noodle Box • 10009 170 St. OPA Souvlaki • 17008 100 Ave Parin Taco Time • 228 Mayfield Common Pho Binh Vietnamese Restaurant • 15055 Stony Plain Road Pita Pit • 10015 - 170 Street Pizza 73 • 14728 Stony Plain Road Q-Club • 15121 Stony Plain Road Queen Donair Subs & Burgers • 10068 - 156 St. Red Lobster # 8166 • 10111 - 171 St. Rendezvous Pub 49 • 10108 - 149 St. Ricky’s All Day Grill • 9917 170 St. Roman’s Family Restaurant • 15815 Stony Plain Road Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant • 16520 - 100 Ave

Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant Corporation • 15061 Stony Plain Road Sankyu Modern Japanese Cuisine Ltd. • 15041 Stony Plain Road Second Cup • 222 Mayfield Common Singapore Baba Restaurant Ltd. • 10121 - 151 St. Sit & Chat • 10049 - 156 St Smokey Joe’s Hickory Smoke House (2002) Inc. • 15135 Stony Plain Road Starbucks Coffee Company • #4286 14957 Stony Plain Road Subway • 15053 Stony Plain Road Subway Sandwiches & Salads/Subway • # 3894 10066 - 163 St. Taco Bell • 10041 - 171 St. Tasty Tomato Italian Eatery Inc • 14233 Stony Plain Road Tb’s Pub • 16212 Stony Plain Road The Cheesecake Cafe • 17011 - 100 Ave The Olive Garden • # 4342 10121 - 171 St. Tim Horton Donuts • 10070 - 163 St. Tim Horton Donuts • 10221 - 170 St. Tokyo Express • 9951 170 Street Tropica • 14921 Stony Plain Road




Again this month I’ve combined my two columns into one as I’ve been extremely busy in my front yard, as can be seen by the photos. My better half, Rod, and I started the project in March, and will have finally finished it at the time of this paper’s publication. My house is a post-war 1950s bungalow complete with stucco studded with brown beer-bottle glass bits, which we spray painted a deep Tuscany-coloured gold. The white vinyl siding was replaced with faux stone on the front of the house, and bark brown cement board on the rest of the house. The front picture window was replaced with a new triple pane unit that can be opened on one side for ventilation. The old, very dated, wooden front door was replaced with a steel insulated door with a frosted glass insert in a lily pattern. We covered over the original front cement steps, which are attached to the foundation of the house and are cracked and disintegrating, with a cedar deck by which we sit and have coffee. The new cedar stairs on steel risers are much wider than the old stairs, and make a bold statement to the front of the house. As the front of the house is north facing, it is so nice to sit on the deck in the evenings in the shade, especially during the summer. The railings around the deck are louvered, so can be opened or closed as we like. I think they are pretty cool.

The crowning glory of the project, however, is the landscaping we have done. I have a recirculating, running stream that starts in front of one side of the house, runs underneath the stairs, and meanders down the other side of the house. We had the sod removed

pleased with the results. Every plant in my front and side yards is a perennial, and almost totally care-free, except for fall clean-up. No weeds should peek through the mulch, and watering should be minimal as the mulch will help conserve the moisture in the

positive, which is encouraging, and helped us to keep going even on days when we were bonetired. This year’s project is done, and next summer Rod and I intend to spend a lot of it golfing which we didn’t find time to do this year. My heartfelt thanks goes to Rod as he did most of the work himself, with help from my nephew, Chris, and advice from my Dad. Our neighbour, Pat, lent a hand also which was most appreciated. Until next gardening!

and the yard brought down about 20 inches to level with the front city sidewalk, eliminating a hump in the middle of the yard that made the walk treacherously ice in winter. A new level, cobblestone wide walk was created from the new stairs to the city sidewalk and flanked with 10 perennial blue grasses that will come back each Spring. A weeping caragana ornamental tree (that I got on sale for $20 in mid September) was planted near the base of the stream, as well as a Honeybells Hosta that I had transplanted. The remaining area in the front that had been sod is now mulch – about three cubic yards of cedar mulch, and it looks fantastic. No more mowing the front yard, except for one strip of lawn that flanks my neighbour’s driveway, as can be seen by the photos. The whole project took six months from start to finish, and I am so



ground. I have two water barrels that will help with the watering of the perennials, and will help to fill the stream. I hope my project may inspire you to try a project in your yard and house. We have met so many new neighbours that would come by every so often, and some of them every day, to see the progress on our house and yard. All of the comments have been

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Name: ______________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ P/C:___________________________ Please send your cheque or money order payable to: Pie Communications Inc. 544, 12222-137th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4X5



GENERAL COMMUNITY NEWS JASPER PLACE LIBRARY The Jasper Place Library has many programs for you and your family this month! Join us for the following FREE programs: Rhymes That Bind: Thursday evenings at 6:30. Drop in program. Ages 0-3 years. Fun for Ones: Thursday mornings at 10:30, beginning October 8. Registration required. Ages 1223 months.

BRITANNIA-YOUNGSTOWN Contact: 15927 - 105 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0T8 Phone: 780-483-8983 Watch your speed! School is back in session after a great summer vacation. Please take care of all of our children and slow down near two schools in our area: Britannia Junior High on 104 Avenue and Youngstown Elementary on 163 Street. The kids, teachers and all of their parents say "Thank you!" Indoor Soccer Indoor Soccer registrations are now all in. Have a lot of fun and good luck! 50 Years Young No one should turn 50 without a party, so that's what we did. We ended the summer with a BBQ and picnic to celebrate our 50th anniversary as a community. There was a good turnout from all age ranges. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make it a great time for everyone.

Read Reality Book Club. Non-fiction book club for adults. Wednesday evenings at 7:00, Registration required. Lamplighters - Light the Way for Seniors in Need. Monday, October 19 at 7 p.m. Registration required.

Read to Me! Let the library help you share your favourite child’s book with your favourite child. Saturday, October 24 at 2 p.m. Registration required.

Teen Advisory Group: Share your ideas for teen programs, books, movies and music. Once a month, begin-

Halloween Howls: Saturday October 31 at 2 p.m. Registration required. Ages 4-8 years.

CANORA Contact: 10425 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4P1 Phone: 780-489-6007 We would like to thank everyone who came out to support the membership drive and the BBQ. We would like to thank the people who volunteered their time to make the event a success. MEMBERS: Its never to late, That Canora Community league is always looking to welcome new members. Regular membership Price is $30.00 If you would like to become a member please contact Erin 780-920-2092. Bingo: Canora Community League is looking for Volunteers within our league to work bingos, if you have some free time and would like to help us out please call Virginia 780-478-0979. Rentals: The hall is still open for many dates during the year! If you are looking to have a BBQ or Wedding call Ellen Abbott at the hall 780-455-7659. Keeping Clean: Clean up the Neighbourhood, Lets keep our neighbourhood clean, if you see garbage lets pick it up! Lets help out each other. If you have graffiti on your house or garage and want some information on how to remove it! Call Paul 780-999-4529. Fall is coming!!! Help the Neighbours: If you notice that one of your Neighbours needs help cleaning their yards. Let’s help… This will help keep the neighbourhood clean, and a clean neighbourhood deters people to litter… LET’S ALL WORK TOGETHER! News from the Board: We have hired someone to maintain the grass. We have hired someone to fix the fence. We motioned to repaint our exterior walls of the hall with anti-graffiti paint. IDEAS The Canora Board is looking for ideas for events in the hall, and also looking to see how much support there would be for activity events from our members. Some ideas are: Yoga in the morning one day a week Yoga in the evening one day a week


ning Friday, October 23 at 4 p.m. Drop in program. Ages 12-17 years.

Some type of youth group Family craft night Family movie night Walking group Please email us your ideas to Upcoming events… Board meeting at Canora, October 13, 2009

GLENWOOD Contact: 16430 - 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5P 0E8 Phone: 780-489-7571 What’s New This Month in Glenwood? There has been a lot going on the past month or so at the hall! We hosted our 70th Birthday Celebration. Special thanks to Shannon Nichols and the rest of the executive who helped to make this event the biggest success in Glenwood’s history! Mayor Stephen Mandel, MLA Dr. Raj Sherman, MP Laurie Hawn, and Councillor Karen Leibovici were in attendance. We saw over 500 people from in and around our neighbourhood, served over 400 hot dogs and hamburgers, ran out of the delicious Taber corn, potato chips, and pop, devoured four GIGANTIC cakes and all in all had a great time! The fireworks were spectacular, and we are hoping to make an annual event similar to this one – watch for it! SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING DONORS OF THE GREAT DOOR PRIZES: The Second Cup - Mayfield West End Tire Village Auto Congdon's Aids to Daily Living Tasty Pizza and Donair Ricky's Restaurant and Grill IDA Pharmacy Pa Peterson's Ice Cream Shop Sandy Lane Meats Close to my Heart Consultant - Katherine Ewchuk We installed a brand new stainless steel kitchen (many thanks to the woefully small number of dedicated volunteers who came out for the emptying and demolition of the old okitchen, as well as those who did the painting of the kitchen in the small window of time between demo and installation!)


COMMUNITY NEWS The aging hall got a beautiful new face lift (aka paint job) and some much needed repairs on the exterior. Clayton and Donna Johnson did a spectacular job finishing up the player boxes and the boardwalk for our still-new skating rink (make sure you come and use it this winter – there have been many hours of volunteer time put into it by several families.) STILL TIME TO GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP! Contact Michele at 780-439-3169 September marked the beginning of Membership time. There are many good reasons to get a membership, starting with… ours is one of the cheapest ones around! Still (after 20 years) $25.00 per household (Free for seniors 60 and over). Communities with high membership numbers are considered to be more relevant when the city looks at making changes and approving/rejecting requests for changes to land use etc. (Recent issues being the West LRT route, changing some areas from single family homes to apartment buildings, derelict housing). FREE family swim at Jasper Place Pool Sundays from 4-6 p.m. - September to June. FREE skating at any community skating rink (with skate tags included with membership). A DISCOUNT of 15-20% off multi-passes and annual passes at City Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres. Ability to register for any adult or children’s activity (programs, sports, classes) at Glenwood or at any other community league. CHEAPER hall rental prices for Glenwood members in good standing. City PERKS like cheap Community League Eskimo Football Game tickets for the game on October 9. SAVE $24 !!!!! Information emailed to you about issues affecting our community – like the new field house going up at St. Francis Xavier School, and the possible LRT line cutting through the middle of our neighbourhood. (if you are interested.) Contact Michele at 780-439-3169 or email to get your membership card. HOCKEY NIGHT IN GLENWOOD IS BACK THIS YEAR! The Oilers will be back on the big screen at Glenwood Hall with FREE Pay Per View games playing at the hall. Doors open 30 minutes before each game. Cash bar is available, along with FREE popcorn. Children are welcome. Watch the SPURR or check our website at for any pre-season dates that may be shown. Next Scrapbooking Day Out – October 17th Join Katherine at Glenwood hall for a day of card making or scrapbooking without interruption. Come by yourself or bring a friend and enjoy a great meal, snacks and drinks. For


more information contact Katherine at or visit her website for more information at Okay – so what IS Euchre? Euchre is a “trick-taking” card game played in groups of four with partners. Beginners are welcome because the more players, the better! Join us for Euchre EVERY Tuesday night at the Glenwood Community Hall (and I mean EVERY – these guys show up to play during rain, snow, renovations – you name it!). Registration is at 6:30 p.m., games begin at 7 p.m. Anyone (even if you didn’t know what it was until today!) can come to play. GLENWOOD GRIZZLIES ADULT RECREATIONAL HOCKEY TEAM LOOKING FOR PLAYERS The Glenwood Grizzlies are looking for Glenwood residents to play on their men’s rec hockey team. Games are Fridays from 8:459:45pm at Crestwood arena and the cost is $250 for the season. Players must live in Glenwood and will need a membership to play – contact Gary Racich for more information at 780-489-6236 and Michele Bugera at 780-4393169 to get your membership.

Sunday-Thursday rentals: Members $75*, Non-Members $150 Call the Facility Director, Charlotte at 780-444-0411 * Must be a member in good standing.

Glenwood Classifieds DRUM LESSONS: Experienced drummer (40 years experience) offering drum lessons within Glenwood community. Glenwood members receive a discount off their first lesson – just show your membership card! Visit for a sample of his skills. Contact Ray at 780-405-1374 for more information, or email at

HIGH PARK Contact: 11032 - 154 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 2K1 Phone: 780-484-4646 Yoga begins again in September call Kim for more information @ 780-444-6716

Family and Kids’ Stuff… Are you interested in an organized Dog Walk? Some of our neighbouring communities have organized a regular weekly or twice-weekly dog walk through their neighbourhoods. There is a regular time and meeting place, and anyone interested can show up with their dog(s) and walk as a group through the neighbourhood. It is a great way to meet new people, reduce crime in the neighbourhood, and get out with your favourite pet for some exercise! Contact or call 780-439-3169 if you are interested.

Are you interested in your community? Meeting new people and making a difference? Join our Board of Directors If you are interested, please contact Janice Gargas at 780-489-4753

Community Swim at Jasper Place Pool TIME CHANGE THIS FALL!! Our FREE community swim time at Jasper Place Pool has changed a little bit this year. It will now be from 4-6 p.m. on Sundays. You will need your membership card (or number) to get in with the members of your household. This is a great way to meet other league members, and both families and adults are welcome to use the pool at this time. **Please note that the Jasper Place Pool will be closed for maintenance from November to January 2010.**

Adult Drop-In Please join us when we reconvene in September. Drop in, have a cup of coffee and a visit! Wednesdays – 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. High Park Community Hall, For information, call Joan at 780-489-5419.

Other Glenwood Information: Have your say and find out about… Community development, League spending and changes, programs offered, what’s new in Glenwood? Community League meetings are open to everyone and are generally held at the hall at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month. Are you hosting a birthday party? Baby or bridal shower? Family Reunion? Family Christmas Party? Consider renting the Glenwood Community Hall.

High Park Community Hall seats 200 people. Please call Nora to book your special event @ 780-486-1867 before 8 p.m.

Did you know that you can use your community Credits for use OUTSIDE of the community! Registering your child for tae kwon do, skating, gymnastics, etc? Contact Janice Gargas prior to registering 780-489-4753!

WEST JASPER / SHERWOOD Contact: 9620 - 152 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 4N9 Phone: 780-483-2815 Turkey Bingo October 4, 2009 at the hall, 40 regular games, 2 earlybirds, 2 bonanzas, 1 odd even games children 8 and over when accompanied by an adult are welcome to play each full card winner receives a turkey no experience necessary bring your friends and neighbors for a fun afternoon doors open 11:30 a.m. Bonanza pre call starts at noon early birds to follow. Regular games start at 1:00 p.m.

Friday/Saturday rentals: Members $150*, Non-Members $400


COMMUNITY NEWS Swimming Saturday night 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Jasper Place pool 9200-163street please bring membership card (they will not let you in without it). Seniors Programs Whist Sunday nights 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.Wednesday afternoon 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. Carpet bowling Monday afternoons 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. Crib tournaments Every second and fourth Wednesday evening 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00 per person; prizes awarded as per attendance. Annual general meeting Thursday, Oct. 8 7:00 p.m. at the hall. Memberships will be available. Please plan to attend.


Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Please just call Tara ahead of time to confirm the date and time. Getting involved with your community league is an excellent way to meet your neighbours and have your impact on the City of Edmonton. You don’t have to commit to being an executive board member. You can volunteer with some of the events or just come to learn about some of the issues that are currently affecting our community. There are many ways to positively influence what happens in our city and the community league is a great source to find committees and other initiative that might spark your interest. Contact Information Community League President: Tara Middleton 780-486-6152 or e-mail Hall Rentals For resident members only. Leave a message at the hall and a Board member will call you back. 780-483-4675 . Community Memberships Get your membership now! Singles - $15.00 Families - $25.00 Seniors - $10.00 Call Elaine at 780-481-8108

Contact: 10941 - 161 Street Edmonton, AB T5P 1G2 Phone: 780-483-4675 Name that Tune!! Come for a night out, November 7. Contact any member for tickets or information. Next Executive Meeting is Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 7:00 p.m..

Pilates Starts Monday September 21, 2009 Held at the Mayfield Community League Hall from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. $100 for 10 sessions. Call Bonnie 489-3254 for more info.

BUSINESS Place your business card in the SPURR and reach out to the community. Email

CLASSIFIEDS Meadowlark Park Child Care currently has openings for children between three and four years of age. We are accredited, we offer Seeds of Empathy and Preschool Outreach Program. Please contact Leah at 780 489 3131. We are currently in the West Meadowlark Community League and we will be relocating back to Annunciation School at 9325 165 Street in November! ____________________________ Beaux Esprits (French Immersion) Playschool, located in Holy Cross AcadĂŠmie Internationale, 15120-104 Avenue, has openings for 3 and 4 year olds. Am and pm classes. Please call Lindsay @ 780436-7926, Ashley @ 780-4892530, the school @ 780-4844926 or visit


Tuesday evening Yoga Fall program starts Tuesday Oct 6/09 and runs for 10 weeks- last class Dec08/09 Time : 6:30 - 7:45 p.m. Place: Mayfield Community League, 10941- 161 street. Cost: $100 for 10 weeks or $12 per class for drop ins. All ages and levels are welcome. Yoga mat, blanket and loose or stretchy clothing required. To register, please call: Fran Wildman at 780-484-1476 or Carpet Bowling Seniors carpet bowling started September 8 No carpet bowling on September 24 . Tuesdays and Thursdays, for more information call Doreen @ 780-486-1833 or Marlene @ 780-484-5728 Moms and Tots Dads, newborns, grandparents, and caregivers all welcome. No cost, Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Starting September 16th. At Mayfield Hall For information contact Tara @ 780-486-6152. Bingo Mayfield is always looking for volunteers to work. The credit you receive can be used towards Mayfield Community classes and even children's programs outside our community. Our next bingos are October 10 and November 8. Please call Tara if you are interested. It’s not Christmas yet, but SAVE THE DATE The annual Mayfield Community League’s Children’s Christmas Party will be on Sunday, December 6 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Got Something to Sell? Place your text only classified ads right here in your local community newspaper and reach 15,000 people in Edmonton’s West End. At $0.10 per character this Ad you are reading costs less than $20.00

The Clock Doctor

“The Doctor will get your ticker going again�

• House calls available for that “stubborn old grandfatherâ€? • Clock cleaning and repair • Clock case repair and restoration

Bring in this ad and get $20 off one clock cleaning service. Phone: 780-996-3279 Location: 16711-98 Avenue Hours: Tuesday - Saturday | 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.


5($' ,1 ('021721 :((. 2&72%(5  , ,19,7( <28 $// 72 %(&20( ,192/9(' $1' 5($' ,1 285 &20081,7< 72 352027( /,7(5$&<



DID YOU KNOW? Property Owners and Parking Vehicles

nuisance and in violation of the community standards bylaw.

City bylaw officers are responsible for enforcing bylaws relating to parking on both public and private property.

Abandoned vehicles are those parked for 72 consecutive hours without moving on a public roadway.

Bylaws are in place to regulate the number and condition of vehicles parked on private property.

Bylaw 5590 governs the dimensions and weight of vehicles that can be parked in a residential area. No vehicles longer than 12.5 m (41 feet) can be parked on a residential street. No vehicles weighing more than 4,500 kg can be parked on a residential street, except for the purpose of loading or unloading.

In general, bylaw officers permit one vehicle to be stored on a lot provided it is parked on a driveway connected to the back lane of properties with a back lane. Derelict vehicles are not allowed to be parked on private property. Derelict vehicles include vehicles that have not been moved for some time whether they are drivable or not, or any vehicle with broken or missing parts (including broken lights or windows), peeling paint, etc. whether they have any apparent value or not. A vehicle does not have to be derelict to be considered a


Complaints regarding vehicles parked on private property are made through calling 311. Complaints regarding vehicles parked on public property (i.e. roadways) must be made through the non-emergency Edmonton Police Service phone number (780) 423-4567.


When it comes to tackling crime in Canada, the Conservative government has been clear: we stand for the safety and security of law-abiding Edmontonians. In the last session of Parliament, our government moved forward on a number of new laws to keep Canadian families safer and more secure. Earlier this year, news reports of gang violence in places like Vancouver, Toronto, and right here in Edmonton became alarmingly regular. To crack down on increasing gang violence, we introduced new legislation to fight gangs and organized crime. This includes making gang-related murders first-degree offences so that those found guilty would face 25 years before being eligible for parole. We are also introducing mandatory jail time for criminals who recklessly endanger innocent people through drive-by shootings. When it comes to fighting drug crime, part of the Conservative governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s National Drug Strategy is to make sure that kids

understand the dangers of illegal drugs. Now, we are combining education of our children with real jail time for dealers who sell to kids or stalk places where children are likely to be found, such as schoolyards and playgrounds. Criminals who commit serious crimes should have to do serious time. Following through on our 2008 election promise, we are making changes to the way criminals serve their sentences. Criminals convicted of first and second-degree murder will face a tougher ride when they try to get parole after serving only a portion of their sentence. We are also cracking down on criminals who are permitted to serve their sentences from the comfort of their living rooms, especially for serious crime like human trafficking and arson. Since taking office we have made great strides towards improving our ability to prevent crime, apprehend criminals and prosecute them accordingly. But there is more to do. The Conservative government will continue to stand up for law-abiding Edmontonians, safer streets, and justice for all Canadians.




Halloween is such a fun time for kids. They have the night to dress up and pretend to be anything or anyone they want. They go door to door to see the decorations, scare their friends, family, and neighbours and to gather the ultimate collection of the finest Halloween candy this side of the Rockies. But as fun as it is for kids, Halloween can be equally as daunting for parents and residents. With any holiday come the costs associated with it. The decorations, the candy, and the extras can really add up. Those costs can be enough to make even the scariest ghost, goblin, or witch scream and head for cover. I have a few suggestions and tips to help your wallet make it through Halloween while still being able to give the kids of today the same great thrills and chills you experienced as a child. 1) Buy candy last minute. Save your wallet and your waistline the hassle. Keep an eye on your weekly flyers for sales or go within the last couple of days to benefit from your local store trying to clear their stock to make way for the next holiday. Most people

won't buy candy after Oct. 31 because they have eaten enough, so the sales usually start a couple of days before the big day. Also, buying closer to the day almost guarantees that you won't snack on the candy early and need to replace it (again and again). 2) Buy next year’s decorations right after Halloween. After Halloween, like all holidays, everyone goes through a type of withdrawal. The holiday was fun, but they've had enough and want to focus on the next holiday. These are good times to buy decorations for your house and yard for next year. Retailers put these items on sale to make way for other seasonal items. It's a good time to check out what's left over and pick up a couple of decorations here and there to start or add to your collection. 3) Buy next year's costume this year. Like decorations, many costumes go on sale after the Oct. 31. If you have young kids, it's a good idea to shop around within the week after Halloween for next year's costume. I have seen them as low as 90 percent off. If you aren't sure of the size, buy them slightly larger to be safe and use the extra space for extra layers of clothes. 4) Recycle. You can also build some of your Halloween decorations. If you have some old plywood, it can be cut into stakes, a small rickety fence, gravestones or even a coffin (which is something my husband is considering building). You can use old paint to paint your gravestones. Also, if you have old sheets during the

year, don't throw them out. Lighter coloured sheets can be hung over bushes or from trees to resemble ghosts. If you plant flowers in containers during the summer, you can put the container dirt in a pile near the house or in a flower bed to make it look like a freshly buried grave, and you can add a homemade gravestone to top it off. 5) Roast those seeds. Lastly, if you carve pumpkins then save those seeds for a special treat while handing out candy on Halloween night. To make roasted pumpkin seeds, rinse off the excess pulp, spread them on a towel, and let them dry overnight. The next day, toss the seeds in a bowl with a small amount of melted butter (enough to just cover the seeds). Spread the seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt or another seasoning of your choice.

w h i l e stirring occasionally until they turn a golden brown, then cool them down. They store well in an airtight container at room temperature for up to three months or you can refrigerate them for up to one year. Our family loves Halloween and these are our suggestions for enjoying the big night — even on a tight budget! Sheri Fuller is a Glenwood resident and is the owner and author of

Preheat your oven to 300° F. Bake the seeds for 30 to 40 minutes








Make sure you are a part of the LED THROWIE EVENT ON SATURDAY NIGHT for more information visit our website and...

Find us on...

Search “LED Throwies”

Make sure to check out

SPURR Online @




TIPS FOR A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN Having a safe and happy Halloween is important both for us adults and for the enjoyment of the kids. Costume Be sure to help make or pick out whatever costume your child is wearing. Make sure it is fireproof and the eye holes for any mask offer good peripheral vision. Make sure that any props they are carrying will not pose a risk of injury when fallen upon. Jack-o-Lanterns Instead of using candles, stop by the dollar store and pick up a couple of glow sticks to place in the carved pumpkin. This prevents

any risk of fire to costumes and foliage as well. Halloween Dinner Make a special spooky dinner for them prior to heading out to trick or treat. This fills them up to and prevents snacking while on the road. This gives you an opportunity to check over the loot at home before they snack. Trick-or-Treat Route If your kids are old enough to go it alone, you should set a route that they will take and a time for them to check in halfway through their evening. A final time to be home should also be set prior to starting the evening.

Younger Trick-or-treaters Adults should accompany younger children, but they should still be aware of watching for cars and of being careful when crossing the street.

Loot Bag Over the years loot bags have changed and become easier to handle. Should the cost of the fancy version above the budget, the best and most reliable is the pillowcase. Especially the Kingsize!

Travel in a Group It is always a lot more safe and fun to travel with a bunch of other children and parents. Safety is important, but it can be made fun as well.

Let’s make Halloween a safe and happy time for kids and continue the tradition. Have a Happy Halloween.

Flashlight Always carry a flashlight or a glow stick to light the way. Costumes with reflective strips are excellent when out after darkness falls.

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TO BOOK AN AD Please fax completed form to 780-401-3438, or email to Please circle insertion date, size and frequency above. COMPANY:___________________________________________________________________________________ PH:_________________________________________FAX:_____________________________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________________________ CONTACT:_______________________PH:_______________________EMAIL:___________________________ DATE:_____________________________SIGNATURE:______________________________________________ SPURR is distributed to nearly 14,000 households and over 1000 businesses in the west end of Edmonton, specifically between 92nd to 111th Avenue and 140th to 170th Street.This area encompasses the Community Leagues of Britannia Youngstown, Canora, Crestwood, Glenwood, High Park, Mayfield, & West Jasper/Sherwood. We are looking for submission of articles, story suggestions, community information, announcements, notice of events, business openings, classifieds “we welcome it all”.



A Day of Fido Friendly Fun S t d




12th F


t 4

Dogapalooza was also about pro- run on a volunteer basis and do not moting the local businesses on have a central location.” the Stony Plain Road. It’s all a part of the ongoing efforts to Dogapalooza was supported by the revitalize Stony Plain Road and Jasper Place revitalization initiative as B idbusiness on the surrounding areas. Learn Jill well about as the Stony Plain Road MARIAN BRUIN Bladon, who owns and operates gre atis sabout association. health and “Dogapalooza t u ff s (780) 944-5417 e s s e n i s Tailz, a one stop shop with u encouraging a people presence on b l in e t l o c aeverything a e s nutrition il M e n from sdog food to dog Stony Plain Road. We are hoping tot n On September 12 the first Dogapalooza a i r a n i r e t ve grooming, organized the half day bring the community together. a u c t io The event was held at 16105 Stony&Plain n a event. “I thought this would be is safer when people know Road. avIte was ea great success with the perfect opportunity to boost community H their neighbours and walk their dogs approximately u r 770-1000 people and t a c i their at the site! It the profile of the businesses in through the community”, said Marian c a r dogs participating ims r f T o l i n wasraafun w family event for both human the area”, said Jill. “I also want- Bruin, project coordinator N aof the revitald a g r great ed the rescue groups and pet o ization. “We couldn’t offer these o and canines. There was a charity BBQ f d r u on step fori andyao“jumpy thing” for kids. Dogs and therapy societies to be highlight- events if people like Jill didn’t n t a D othe whole their humans could participate as well. ed at the event, as these groups ward to volunteer. It takes community, business and residential to For the other side of the family, there make positive changes to the area”. e : bobbing for wieners, o ngames, d Zdog K iwere Dog Games or musical mats. Participants could take , t n e T g in pvendors, Juinm With excerpts from Jamie Hall from the the displays, silent auction, , C g o n m i t p n e i t i t ive o b e d Pa groups, and the dog events Edmonton Journal, September 11, a c erescue Fdog i e n c e 2009. that were on the site. te an h uhappening

d R a l ly - O d e m o n s t ra t i o n s,

Pa ra c Games

ity Char


im a ls M e e t re s c u e a n ir lo o k in g fo r t h e f u r-eve r h o m e

apy Pe t T h e r and t at i o n R e h ab i l i s Societie

A Day of Fido Friendly Fun Saturday, September 12th From Noon to 4pm On Stony Plain Road & 161st Street



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Sing e c n a D Act

Edmonton CHILDREN’S DANCE THEATRE Pre-school - Adult classes Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Drama, Musical Theatre, Tumbling


WEST END SPACE. YOUR IDEAL PLACE. Finally... the ultimate balance between work and play. Business Condominiums on the street level with private residences above – perfect for the urban professional. Located on the west edge of four

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Saturday & Sunday fron Noon to 5:30 pm or Monday from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

#201 15505 Stony Plain Road S P U R R OCTOBER 2009

SPURR Vol 2 Issue 8 October 2009