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exclusive miami a lifestyle for the select few

a lifestyle for the select few

exclusive miami a lifestyle for the select few

“We provide a more personalized approach�

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about this book Welcome

to your

ne w est a te in S outh

Florid a . In today’s

fast-paced world, most companies rely on the information age to acquire as many clients as possible in the shortest amount of time.


Group, we take a different, more personalized and traditional approach to adding value to your life. We get to know our clients. Because of that, we know that a discerning individual such as yourself is entitled to the very best of everything — including personal service from our leading real estate investment and management firm. And so in this book, we have compiled an exquisite collection of the very best in real estate that Miami has to offer . Consider it our house-warming g ift to you. It was designed by our Board of Contributors to inspire your daydreams. Our team of dedicated professionals would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we may be of service. We may be reached at 305.812.7205 or via e-mail at Kind regards,

Santiago Vitagliano Managing Principal The SAVI Group

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Your Needs you envision it, we build it for you!

It is that

simple. After having bought your new residence, condominium or lot you are at the half waypoint of making your dreams a reality. At The SAVI Group we understand our customers needs for a highly tailored turnkey construction management and design service. By interposing ourselves in between all the trades and resources needed we act as an orchestra director in your behalf freeing yourself from the tediousness of dealing with the day-to-day demands of managing your project.

our attributes for which we strive on a daily basis:

Excellence Perseverance Dedication Sophistication Discretion Knowledge Sensitivity 6 | exclusive miami

“Making your dreams a reality.” the savi group | 7

Our Promise At The SA VI Group, we take a completely different approach to building our client base. Instead of offering impersonal service to the masses, we gear all of our efforts to catering to themost exclusive clientele at what we do best — providing the most personalized real estate asset management, brok erage and constr uction management services in South Florida.

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we also go far beyond providing our clients with proformas, estimates and projections. When we founded The SAVI Group, we saw the need for something revolutionary, something innovative, to meet your needs. We realized that clients like you have expectations greater than anyone else in the market could meet. So we did away with projections. We did away with rough estimates of profits, costs and time. We feel that if we can’t be more exact than that, we don’t deserve to be in business. For this reason, we don’t provide projections but rather define exactly what it will take to do the job the right way — how much it will cost and how long it will last — and then give you a written promise that we will deliver just that.

On budget, on time, with the right profit and with precisely the quality you would expect from the best asset manager in the country — or we don’t charge you for our services.

You may be wondering by now how we can deliver on such a promise. Like most revolutionary ideas, it’ s actually quite simple: We discovered that exactness in our business can be achieved by refusing to do work that can’t be controlled. We realized that our business is not about assets, materials and timelines, but about interacting with other people. And at the center of that interaction, it is you, our client, whose needs must be fulfilled. Your ideas, your thoughts, your concepts and, finally, your life story are our guidelines to making your dreams a reality. Our asset management, brokerage and construction management practices are the most reliable and dependable in the industry , allowing us to be ahead of the curve while proactively heading off headaches before they occur . And in the end, at The SAVI Group, we understand that only by keeping our promises while being cost effective and ensuring the delivery of the best value for your money do we deserve your business.

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About The SAVI Group The SAVI Group utilizes a value-driven investment strategy to acquire direct or indirect interests in both residential and commercial real estate throughout Florida. By capitalizing on our in-house knowledge and extensive professional network, The SAVI Group is able to source and acquire confidential, unlisted, off-market real estate on a cost-advantageous basis from owners, investors, brokers and lenders. Utilizing post-acquisition strategies, the company aggressively repositions assets in an effort to improve profitability and value. Throughout the investment cycle, The SAVI Group seeks to maximize returns for its investors from Europe, Latin America and the United States. 10 | exclusive miami

Our Mission “Envisioning a world of your own...we can help you get there.�

At The SAVI Group, our clients are at the very core of our mission statement and the whole reason we are here. We are determined to serve your needs to the highest achievable standards.

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Our Services Asset Management Services Home Management Property Maintenance

Construction Management Services Property Development Property Construction Property Interior Decoration

Brokerage Services Sales & Leasing, Residential Sales & Leasing, Commercial International Sales

Property Acquisition International Marketing & PR

Investment Advisory Services Strategic Residential Acquisition Strategic Commercial Acquisition Portfolio Enhancement Strategy

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Our Team Santiago Vitagliano M r. Vitagliano has more than 15 years in the consul


and real estate industries at various senior executive levels. He specializes in the structuring, marketing and execution of commercial and residential real estate development projects in both domestic and international contexts. V itagliano funded The SA VI Group in 2002; since that time, he has held principal positions in multiple real estate investments and intermediated transactions totaling more than 3,000,000 square feet. Prior to The SA

VI Group, V itagliano

worked as the assistant project manager at Hines and developed a 540,000-square-foot mixed-use Class A office tower and parking deck in Coral Gables, Florida. In addition, he spent two years working for The SABRE Group, where he held positions in corporate management, project development and business reengineering in Dallas, London, France, Austria and Germany. In these capacities, Vitagliano worked in structuring, marketing and implementing logistic solutions for the airline industry. He holds an MBA from the University of California’s Haas School of Business and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Católica de Argentina, Facultad de Ciencias Fisicomatemáticas e Ingeniería.

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Board of Contributors The SAVI Group is pleased to highlight the work of our board of contributors and their remarkable talent and accomplishments. The following are biographies, in alphabetical order, of the professionals responsible for the work depicted in this book.

( in alphabetical order) Pepe Calderin Design — Interior Design Tessi Garcia Design — Interior Design Eduardo Gregan Goudie — Construction Kobi Karp — Architecture & Design Ramon Pacheco — Architecture & Design

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Pepe Calderin Interior Design

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Critz Residence

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Fisher Island Residence

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Pepe Calderin Pepe C alderin, founder and principal of Pepe C alderin D esign, has more than 20 years of experience in high-end residential and commercial interior design. Formerly a principal of Levine, Calderin & Associates, Calderin opened Pepe Calderin Design in the midst of the American recession, only to witness firsthand the importance of finding beauty in the everyday. His thirst for life and remarkable client service allowed his business to prosper; he enjoys a long and fiercely loyal client roster. Licensed in the state of Florida, his Miami-based architecture and interior design firm specializes in innovative and modern design throughout the Americas, Europe and Saudi Arabia. He offers complete design concepts, space planning, construction documents, permitting plans, 3D renderings, specification and purchasing of materials, furniture and lighting as well as installation. Calderin pays special attention to ensuring each client has an individualistic space representative of his or her specific needs. As the recipient of numerous national and international design awards, Pepe Calderin Design has garnered recognition for its fresh, energetic and visionary approach to the design process, where the philosophy is “A space has no boundaries, and has endless possibilities.�

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Tessi Garcia Interior Design

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Jade Residences Common Areas

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Jade Residence i

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Jade Residence ii

the savi group | 31

Brickell Key Residence

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tessi garcia With more than 25 years in the design industry

, T essi Garcia

has proven to be a pioneering force in architectural interiors, audiovisual, lighting design, and construction management. Her name is associated with some of the most defining structures that illuminate the skyline of Florida’ s most magical city , including Miami’ s famed Freedom Tower, The Jade Residences at Brickell Bay

, and South

Pointe Towers. The Cuban-born artist and creative designer , Tessi Garcia, draws inspiration from her rich, multicultural background. A childhood spent in both Cuba and

America armed her with an

acute eye for design and an innate ability to project her clients’ inner soul onto the physical spaces of each design plan. Having worked with some of the most prominent names international development, including The Related Group, Skyline, and Swire Properties, Garcia remains one of the premier designers in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. Garcia made a mark on the city of Miami in 1988 with the commission for the multimillion-dollar design project at South Pointe Towers. Garcia was also one of the original innovators of the “Light Up Miami” project where she introduced a custom-designed light sculpture for the top of the building, creating a “lighthouse” for the southernmost tip of Miami Beach.

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The Illuminating Engineer Society awarded Garcia’ s firm for its lighting work on this project. She earned more national attention in 1989 when she was chosen to restore the historic F reedom Tower, to its former elegance. While a traditionalist at heart, her creations have predominantly been manifested with a unique “state-of-the-art” appeal. A passion for contemporary, functional design with a touch of fantasy drives her imagination, without compromising the warmth of the interiors she creates. Her innate ability to maintain privatized confidentiality throughout the project phase and beyond has enabled her firm to garner a roster of clients that includes prestigious artists and athletes, and her work continues to be enriched despite a redefined economy. In an era that demands tangible results, Garcia’s passion translates into a mission of service for quality of life enhancement. Her designs create both serene and passionate non-conforming spaces that breathe love and communication to the soul.

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Coral Gables Residences

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Eduardo G. Goudie Construction

the savi group | 37

Coral Gables Residences 38 | exclusive miami

the savi group | 39

Coral Gables Residences 40 | exclusive miami

Eduardo Gregan Goudie E duardo Goudie has managed construction projects for over 20 years involving single family home-building, residential developments (including townhouses, high-rise construction and developments such as the Kenlands), commercial real-estate developments (primarily retail centers) and infrastructure projects such as bridges and highways. F

ormerly, he was a top executive

with Telepizza in Spain (the equivalent to Domino’

s Pizza in the

US) and was responsible for managing their national expansion and restaurant operations in several cities in Spain. He is goal oriented, has a keen attention to detail and has excellent research and troubleshooting capabilities. Eduardo Goudiee has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, a second major in Construction Engineering from Florida International University and has completed significant coursework towards an MBA. He is a licensed Certified General Contractor and a Certified Standard Building Inspector in the State of Florida.

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Residential Projects

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Kobi Karp Architecture & Design

the savi group | 43

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San Marino Residence

the savi group | 45

Tree Residence

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Floating Cube Residence

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Los Pinos Residence

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Various Residences

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Los Pinos Residence 52 | exclusive miami

Kobi Karp Kobi Karp architecture and interior design (KKaid) has been providing creative and innovative design solutions to renowned clients in the hospitality, retail and high-rise residential development community for more than two decades. The firm specializes in architecture, interior design and planning. KKAID’s clientele includes corporations such as Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, SuperClubs, Club Med, Wyndham, Sonesta and development corporations such as The Related Group, Leviev Boymelgreen, Maefield Corporation, BSR Development, Forest City Enterprises, Magna, Renzi Holdings, Fortune International, Cornerstone Group, Paradise International, Maclee, Merco Group and GFS Corporation. KKAID is headquartered in Miami. Its profile extends beyond the typical architectural firm in offering a diverse range of services relating to buildings, from planning through design, construction and management. To date, KKAID has participated in the completion of more than $10 billion in commercial, residential and mixed-use properties. The firm’s staff has the expertise to drive projects from site planning through project build-out and has established a reputation that has won the loyalty of clients, the esteem of colleagues and the praise of city planners. the savi group | 53

photography by: chroma inc | george cott

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Ramon Pacheco Architecture & Design

the savi group | 55

56 | exclusive miami

Golden Beach residence

the savi group | 57

58 | exclusive miami

the savi group | 59

Coral Gables residence I

60 | exclusive miami

Golden Beach residence

the savi group | 61

62 | exclusive miami

Coral Gables residence I

the savi group | 63

64 | exclusive miami

Coral Gables residence I

the savi group | 65

Coconut Grove Residence

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the savi group | 67

68 | exclusive miami

Coral Gables Residence II

the savi group | 69

Coral Gables Residence III

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Coral Gables Residence III the savi group | 71

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the savi group | 73

74 | exclusive miami

the savi group | 75

Ramon Pacheco “N ot only am i an architect, but i ha ve a p assion for art.” “As an artist, my designs are an expression of my love of art.” Ramon Pacheco, “The Architect to the Stars” said from his office in Miami. Creating architectural works of art with a high regard for function, aesthetics, and the surrounding elements is the design philosophy of Ramon Pacheco & Associates. The Miami based firm, established in 1986, specializes in the design of high end residential projects throughout the United States, South and Central

America. Ramon

has a larger than life client list that includes Michael Caine, Latin musician Gloria Estefan, Cristina Saralegui also known as the “Oprah of Latin America” and Mario Kreutzberger known as Don Francisco of Sabado Gigante. Key influences in his works include his many travels, as well as his love of nature. During his studies and early career


Ramon Pacheco was greatly influenced by the works of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. Later, in his journeys throughout Europe, he became fascinated with the rigorous quality of classical architecture especially the works of Andrea Palladio and Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

76 | exclusive miami

This elegant fusion of past

and present

is the theme of some of his works today


With over 500 homes under his belt in the Southern Florida region, he strives to be the best in the industry which is why he tells his daughters, who are also in the family architectural business, bad things spread in a second -- good things take a long time. The firm’s success is due to his dedication to client satisfaction. “The most satisfying part is seeing my clients enjoying the spaces we design for them. The majority of my business comes via referral or repeat clients and I believe this says a lot about my dedication to quality and satisfaction.�

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in brief A t T he SA VI Group, we are very proud of the featured contributors and our past achievements. The future shines bright for The SA VI Group and its team of seasoned and dedicated professionals that make it the


company it is today . At The SAVI Group, our clients are at the very core of our mission statement and the whole reason we are here. W e are determined to serve your needs to the highest achievable standards. Do not hesitate to contact us today to find out how we may be of service to your needs.

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board of contributors (in alphabetical order)

Pepe Calderin Design — Interior Design Tessi Garcia Design — Interior Design Eduardo Gregan Goudie — Construction Kobi Karp — Architecture & Design Ramon Pacheco — Architecture & Design


Chroma Inc./George Cott - Pages: 54-75, Front & Back Covers Joe Lapeyra - Pages: 24, 25, 30, 31, 33 Michael Lipman - Pages:26-29 Santiago Vitagliano - Pages: 2-10, 76-77

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exclusive miami Copyright Š 2012 by The SAVI Group All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used in any form or manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the author, who retains the exclusive rights to the content, layout and design of this book. Additional credits are given to our Board of Contributors herein sited who’s work is showcased and rights have been granted to reporoduce their work in this publication.

first edition ISBN: 978-0-615-58360-0 Printed in the United States

Book design and layout by Picturia Press (

produced by The Savi Group 1111 Lincoln Road, 4th Floor Miami Beach, FL 33139 United States of America T 1.305.812.7205 W

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