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Recognising Significance

Peter Clarke (South African 1929-2014), The Sunbonnet (detail), signed, dated 1.5.1975, Black PVA, chalk and collage on paper, 65 by 48cm.

Estimate: R100 000 – R120 000 on Omni Fine Art Auctioneers’ Inaugural Auction




$-$3$1(6(&$59(',925< 786.9$6(0(,-, R15 000 - R20 000

FREIDA LOCK - INTERIOR R100 000 - R150 000

:,//,$00225&52)7 %,*3233<  PATTERN VASE, 1916 - 1918 R20 000 - R30 000



ENQUIRIES: 3$,17,1*6JDU\#RPQLFR]DÂ&#x2021;)851,785(ZDUUHQ#RPQLFR]D '(&25$7,9($576VKRQD#RPQLFR]DÂ&#x2021;6,/9(5 -(:(//(5<NDUHQ#RPQLFR]D FOR GENERAL ENQUIRIES: | 021 671 4497 |


Composite Image (top to bottom): Lisl Barry | Minenklulu Ngoyi & Isaac Zavale – Artworks on KKNK 2017

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COVER SHOT: Peter Clarke (South African 19292014), The Sunbonnet, signed, dated 1.5.1975, Black PVA, chalk and collage on paper, 65 by 48cm. Estimate: R100 000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; R120 000 on Omni Fine Art Auctioneersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Inaugural Auction

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KKNK ’17 8-15 April Every year, the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunsfees is held in Oudtshoorn. The festival covers all aspects of the arts – dance, drama, music etc; but we’re most interested in the festival’s visual arts programme. Curator of this sector, Dr Paul Bayliss announces:

will be juxtaposed to the exhibitions exploring the themes of anger and greed. By delving into positive emotions and characteristics it poses subtle, passive commentary on the age of destruction. It is a visual feast of beauty, a manifesto for a brighter future. Curators: Janet Dixon and Wilhelm Vincent. Gallery: ArtKaroo. Artists: Thijs Nel, Carl Roberts, Francois Tiran, Hein Botha, Ina Marx, Janet Dixon, Wilhelm Vincent en Warren Moses BROEIGROND: FERTILE GROUND FOR GOLDEN REGRETS reinvestigates the familiar landscape of South Africa. Inspired by the flora of the Karoo, the series engages with notions of contemplative spaces within the changing landscape. Captured through an infrared photographic process on a road trip, De Jager creates “specimens” of this flora for the viewer to inspect. Through a meticulous, meditative process, De Jager then paints these images in her recognisable painting style, experimenting with multimedia and the transcendental and intangible link between memory and landscape. Artist: Ronél de Jager

Dr Paul Bayliss (Curator of visual art for the KKNK)

“Experience the best visual art at this year’s festival. It is a showcase of a variety of artists working in diverse media within the broad framework of the theme ‘Greed and fear’. At the core of 2017’s visual art programme is the special festival exhibition, Die moontlikheid van sig / The Possibility of Sight, curated by Prof. Raimi Gbadamosi. The Prince Vincent building is the hub where you can gain new insight through the language of art and be visually stimulated.” THE POSSIBILITY OF SIGHT investigates the ability and desire to see what is happening in South Africa at the moment, and to articulate what is observed. There is never a moment like the present to seek an understanding of one’s personal liv ed experience, and as a consequence strive towards a viable collective future for everyone. This is a moment to move beyond irony, to seek new meaning and language, to behold. Curator: Prof. Raimi Gbadamosi. Artists: Michelle Monareng, Tshego Mabaso, Tatenda Magaisa, Shenaz Mohamed, Nathaniel Sheppard, Chad Cordeiro, Matshelane Xhakaza and Matete Motubatse. ANTONYM explores the themes of expansiveness, generosity, love, courage and acceptance. With an excess of pessimistic media, it is easy to be become engulfed in gloomy emotions. This exhibition aims to shift the focus, without minimising acknowledgement of the unpleasant realities of the world. Antonym 8

a multilingual project with Afrikaans, English, Zulu and Sesotho soundtracks. Filmverse 1 has received international and national acclaim, with some individual films winning awards. Artistic director: Diek Grobler GOLD MOULD intends to reflect James Reed’s implicit and explicit engagement with the fears and avarices of the human condition and the growing necessity for remedial action. Furthermore, it hopes to expose Reed’s idiosyncratic engagement with the idiom of “social sculpture” from a contemporaneous context and the inherent potential that such an expanded conception of art holds for ailing social and cultural

CAPTURING STATE showcases a variety of printmaking techniques from different artists that print with prints on paper. The exhibition includes a range of prints from well-established to unknown artists. Experimentation is a main focuse. From prints that glow in the dark to corrugated prints with metallic colours. Experience a visual taste of the endless possibilities that modern-day printmakers are exploring. Curators: Minenkulu Ngoyi and Isaac Zavale. Artists: Vivien Kohler, Minenkulu Ngoyi, and more. FILMVERSE 2 is a continuation of the ATKV’s successful project of poetry animation – a “visible” interpretation of 12 poems. It includes poems by older poets, such as Elisabeth Eybers, D.J. Opperman and Boerneef, as well as Nathan Trantraal, Andries Bezuidenhout and Ronelda Kamfer from the younger generation. Also included are poets Joan Hambidge, Johann de Lange, Jeanne Goosen, Marlise Joubert and Heilna du Plooy. It is SA ART TIMES | MARCH 2017

conditions. Curator: Wayne Matthews Artist: James Matthew Reed. INSIDE OUT is a collaboration between Liberty Battson and Franli Meintjes. Looking directly at Battson’s or Meintjes’ work the viewer is unable to fully comprehend the show. However, looking into the reflection the show becomes clear. The premise of the show is to encourage the viewer to not only look at the art at face value (black and white), but to look beneath both artists’ perspectives. Artists: Liberty Battson and Franli Meintjes. NATURAL SELECTION contemplates the underappreciated aspects of our environment that, through development and urbanization, are removed from our immediate experiences. The collection of work is an intimate

offering capturing moments lost to death, decay, or simply human ignorance. Different mediums including painting, drawing, print and sculpting collectively seek to define and apprehend its subjects and encourage quiet contemplation of an extended existence that we often do not make the time to see. Natural Selection challenges the boundaries between art and science and raises questions as to what constitutes an illustration as opposed to an artistic expression of the subject. Curator: Jeanne-Maré du Bois. Artists: Hanrie Coetzee, Willie Schlecter, Marinda Combrinck, Robyn Penn, Landi Raubenheimer en Shannin Antonopoulo. OVER MY DEAD BODY! responds to gender/childbased violence in the country. Mielke has intentionally avoided further victimisation and sensationalism, by consciously not revealing the identity of the victims. She has therefore actively turned the camera on herself and has utilised symbolic metaphors to “perform” and depict generic and specific cases of violence. She has used natural objects symbolic of alienation or defense to engage the paradox and discomfort of violence and vulnerability. The exhibition consists of a range of hand-printed, photographic printmaking techniques. It aims to respond to unacceptable levels of violence, and send a message that embodies the title of the exhibition: Over my dead body! Artist: Heidi Mielke. SACRED HYMNS & ASPHALT PRAYERS takes the baton from the festival’s curatorial theme “Greed and Fear”. The artists explore the theme through their own narratives undertaken in their respective practices. Nhlapo’s works (Unearth Series) grapple with the process of “excavation” as a cathartic means of constructing the “new” wherein images are superimposed to communicate various forms of “(un) earthed” tension. Through the literal representation of excavated archaeological sites, construction sites and other spaces of cultural significance, this visual process in fact unfolds as a metaphorical excavation of history, whilst negotiating his inner turmoil. This theme of alienation is taken further and explored collectively in Mashilo’s piece (Boer). Drawing from his earlier seminal works, the sculptural work Boer resembles a lower bust of a “white farmer’s shirt”. This contentious reference cleverly stimulates questions around ownership, greed and access. These two artists come together in a conversation that is personal and collective, poignant, and at times, cheeky. Artists: Nhlanhla Nhlapo & Setlamorago Mashilo. JEUGTALENT includes works by learners from our region. Young, aspiring artists have an opportunity to submit works and the best work will be included in this visual arts exhibition in the Prince Vincent building. Experience art from our next generation of artists and keep an eye on the KKNK website for more information. THANATOPHOBIA – The fear of death, is the most primal and oldest of the fears. It stems from the inherent instinct in life to attempt to survive and will automatically mobilise all of the individual’s resources into the fight or flight response when threatened. The most common strategy to manage it, is denial, expressed in many forms: manic

celebration; the development of complex systems of belief in an afterlife; the attempts to amass great wealth so as to develop an illusion of permanence; a continual development in medical care and genetics to ever increase lifespan; the desire of power as a means of control of one’s surroundings. This leads to the power to inflict violence on others as an expression of power to control life and death. This exhibition attempts to stare into the eyes of death and lovingly embrace it as an essential ingredient of our condition. Curator: Dead Bunny Society. Artists: Johan Thom, Wayne Matthews, Alison Jean Shaw, Laetitia Lups, Chris Slabber, Alexia Cocolas, Stefanie Langenhoven, Maaike Bakker, Dirk Bahmann, Neil Nieuwoudt, Stephan Erasmus, Christiaan Diedericks, Guy du Toit, Minien Hattingh, Elrie Joubert, Frederick Clarke, Meëk Meëk and Stephen Rosin. THE DIRTY PENNY PARADIGM: “My life is but a dirty penny that is only valued because it is the only one. My life is but a 10 rand note that can be used only because there may be change.” – Zindzi Mandela. Greed leads to more greed – a continuous vicious cycle. Greed also roots fear – the fear of loss of wealth and power. The antithesis of wealth is poverty. Poverty is the direct result of greed and the more greed in the world, the more poverty will prevail. This exhibition explores the various repercussions of greed and fear that people experience daily. Artists: Various. THE CONFESSIONAL is a group exhibition that will showcase award-winning artists associated with the Barclays L’Atelier competition. The premise of the show is built on the idea of having the most searched topics represented by top African artists. Each work on show will represent an artist’s personal confession within the framework of Google’s most searched statistics. As a collective these topics are expressed within the context of the artists’ own greed and fear. Curator: Liberty Battson (overall winner of the 2014 Absa/Barclays L’Atelier). Artists: Luyanda Zindela, Francois Knoetze, Kai Lossgott, Kevin Irungu, Andrew Mwini Mutuku, Shenaz Mahomed, Louis de Villiers (Skullboy), Lebo Rasenyalo, Nompumelelo Ngoma, Heidi Mielke, Fleur de Bondt, Sophia van Wyk, Jaco van Schalkwyk, Pauline Gutter, Sandy Harris, Peter Mammes, Franli Meintjes, Daandrey Steyn, Martyn Schickerling and Nina Liebenberg. Gallery: Absa Gallery. THE ART QUARTER will convert Oudtshoorn’s town center into one big art gallery with exhibitions from a diverse selection of visual artists, working in numerous styles and media. Get your party card and follow the art trail in the heart of the Festival. Visit for more information about the KKNK Festival.

Image: Willie Schlecter, Opuntia ficus – indica (Prickly Pear) 2010, Mixed media - Part of the exhibition Natural Selection


Fook Island (1971-1980’s) Walter Battiss Fook Book 1 recounts the history of Fook Island, discovered South East of the Seychelles on January 6, 1723 by the great explorer Ferdinand Fook. In 1973, his direct descendant King Ferdinand Fook the Third (Walter Battiss) generously invited a group of artists to join him on the island. Among them was Norman King Norman (Norman Catherine), who became heir apparent to the throne of Fook. Together, the citizens of Fook populated the island with conceptual beasts and tangible artifacts.

By Lyn Holm After a visit to the Seychelles in 1971, Karoo-born Walter Battiss announced his intention to invent a mythical island. He declared that “the concept will become real. It won’t just be a selfish thing that an artist makes and pins onto the wall, but something that everyone can participate in. That will make the island real… [even though] it is a fake island” (as retold by Layla Leiman in her article, ‘Return to Fook Island’). So Battiss playfully proceeded to manufacture material items to support the existence of Fook Island; maps, currency, postage stamps, postcards, ritual objects, cutlery and a complete history of the island (written in Fook’s own alphabet). In order to make the island real in the minds of others, Battiss chose to perform his Fook citizenship by using these items in the real world. According to the Walter Battiss Art Museum, “[w]hile in America, Battiss' fake Fookian driver's licence was accepted, and his Fookian passport displayed official stamps from Australia, Britain and Germany. On one occasion at the airport in Rome, he managed to even exchange some Fookian currency for ten dollars”.


The artist’s commitment to his concept carried into his conversations, and soon the concept of Fook was well-known to South Africa’s art community. Supporters like Janet Suzman, Esmé Berman, and Linda Givon were granted citizenship to the island. Still others developed the concept in their own art – Norman Catherine, most famously. Although quite obviously fictional and fantastical, Fook Island’s importance and relevance was, as Leiman put it, as “a kind of absurd response, the only kind of response one could argue, to the realities of the time”. Leiman of course refers to the Apartheid era, here. As good friend and regular collaborator with Battiss, Norman Catherine probably has quite an accurate perspective of Battiss’s original concept. While preparing for It Begins With Battiss, a group exhibition held at The New Church Museum in 2015, Catherine revealed to co-curators Candice Allison and Kirsty Cockerill that, “[b]asically, Walter Battiss invented Fook Island because he wanted everybody… to enjoy the freedom to create art, especially at a time in South Africa when there was serious censorship.”

Leiman is emphatic that Fook Island was “never intended to be an overt political statement. However, it can be read as a kind of alternate but parallel history to South Africa in the 1970s”. And after witnessing a lifetime of injustice, Battiss’s contemporaries understood the need for a place where, as Allison and Cockerill aptly put it, “commoners were as good as kings, where brutality held no reign”. So Fook Island became ‘real’ for all its citizens, because they needed it to. Sources Consulted: Allison, Candice & Cockerill, Kirsty. 2015. It Begins With Battiss. The New Church Museum (Online). Available: http:// [2017, February 8]. | Fook Island. 2017. Walter Battiss (Online). Available: http:// [2017, February 8]. | Leiman, Layla. 2013. Return to Fook Island. Mahala (Online), May 20. Available: http:// [2017, February 8]. | Walter Battiss and The Legend of Fook Island. 2017. Where to Stay (Online). Available: [2017, February 8].

Walter Battiss: Fook Island Bank Note (1975) | Stamp (1975) | Coin, copper, 3cm diameter Norman Catherine: Fook Island Skateboard | Map of Fook Island, Lithograph, 62 x 89cm / The Fook Island Luminous Terrier, colour lithograph, 48.5 x 70cm. Edition of 100 Images courtesy of the artist.


Farewell Kathy Coates

By Dr Wayne Alexander Director Education and Public Programmes Iziko Museums of South Africa

It is with great sadness that we learnt about the passing on of dear Kathy Coates. Employed by the Western Cape Education Department, Kathy offered Art Education at Iziko Museums of South Africa. She enjoyed her work and guided many school groups though the spaces at the Iziko South African National Gallery, exposing them to the enriching beauty of art. Kathy recognised education as an integral part of museums and contributed meaningfully to the learning and understanding of visual arts at the Iziko South African National Gallery, perceived as a space where exploration, discovery, appreciation, critical thinking and reflection are encouraged. The “colourful” Kathy also conducted many art and exhibition making workshops for learners, youth and teachers in the annexe of ISANG. Amongst other art techniques, she, in the most endearing manner, introduced many teachers to the concept of body

Photo: Michaela Irving

mapping. She also introduced young people to woodcarving workshops where living black artists shared their skills. Kathy was a willing soul who in particular loved working with the vulnerable and marginalised groups of our society, pointing to her beautiful caring nature. As an art educator, Kathy always aimed to provide all visitors, regardless of age and background, with inspiring and empowering experiences.

testament and example of her bright and vibrant personality, but also remains a reminder of Kathy’s desire for a socially and culturally cohesive South African society. Her physical spirit will be missed, but her creative soul will be with us forever. Hamba Kahle, Kathy. Lala ngoxolo. Go Well, Kathy. Rest in peace.

She realised that neither quietness nor ease was among the reasons that one navigates museum education so the issues of relevance precipitated new thinking regarding the meaning and role of Art Education. This boosted her to consider varied art activities that would contribute to Basic Education outcomes and add value to classroom practice. The colourful Heritage Tree which Kathy created and used during heritage month, is not only a

Composite image: Kathy Coates’ Heritage Tree | Coates at The Cape Gallery - Photo: Michaela Irving


Booknesses Taking stock of the book arts in South Africa

The University of Johannesburg’s Department of Visual Art in association with Jack Ginsberg will be hosting two exhibitions of artists’ books, a colloquium and associated workshops in March 2017. To showcase a selection of artists’ books from the collection of Jack Ginsberg | To add, through the publication of an extensive catalogue of the exhibition, to the discourse on the book arts in South Africa | To showcase a diverse range of recent book arts and book-objects from South African artists, designers and students which encompass traditional, experimental and digital responses to the book as an artwork | To gather the broad book arts community in South Africa to share and discuss diverse topics which relate to the book arts and to share their skills, knowledge and experiences of making, collecting and theorising the artist’s book in South Africa | To introduce South African artists, designers and students to international experts and keynote speakers in the field so as to make meaningful global connections.

Image: A page from Prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France (1913) – Illustrated by Sonia Delaunay, Poem by Blaise Cendrars. Editions des Hommes Nouveaux; Paris, France.




Workshops The launch of the Project Space at Phumani Papers and papermaking demonstrations and practical papermaking workshops at Phumani Papers | Paper engineering and structures workshop presented by Stephan Erasmus | A visit to Artist Proof Studio (APS) for cocktails and demonstrations on the printing and making of William Kentridge's Bookwork Triumphs & Laments | Bookbinding demonstrations and practical workshops by Heléne van Aswegen, Stellenbosch University. These workshops will take place 21-23 March 2017.

Exhibitions Booknesses: South African Artists’ Books: Curated by David Paton, Eugene Hon, Gordon Froud and Rosalind Cleaver, the exhibition of over 100 works will be accompanied by an online catalogue. The exhibition will be opened by Robbin Ami Silverberg. 24 March - 5 May 2017 at the FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus, Johannesburg Booknesses: Artists Books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection: Curated by David Paton and assisted by Annali Dempsey, Rosalind Cleaver and Jack Ginsberg, this exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive full-colour catalogue of the 258 book objects, historical and contemporary from SA and international artists represented in one of the largest and most comprehensive exhibitions of artists’ books ever to have been held internationally. The catalogue will contain essays by David Paton, Keith Dietrich, Pippa Skotnes, Robbin Ami Silverberg, and Kim Berman in conversation with Jack Ginsberg. Edited by Robyn Sassen, it will add extensive new knowledge to the field of book arts in South Africa. This much anticipated exhibition and its catalogue showcase a small aspect of the remarkable Jack Ginsberg Collection of Artists’ Books which is internationally acknowledged

respected and which is unique on the African continent. The exhibition will be opened by Sarah Bodman. 25 March - 5 May 2017 at UJ Art Gallery, University of Johannesburg, Kingsway Campus, Johannesburg

International Colloquium Booknesses: Taking Stock of the Book Arts in South Africa will be held at the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, Bunting Road Campus, University of Johannesburg 24 - 26 March 2017. It will include presentations in the form of practical demonstrations of work and papers, presented by local and international book artists and those working with the book as an artwork. Papers and round-table discussions will be presented within the following fields of the book arts: Conceiving, Designing, Making (a designer / artist’s perspective); Papers, Screens, Printing and Binding (an associated arts perspective); Collecting, Bibliography, Curating and Display (a collecting and exhibitions perspective); Teaching, Theorising and Writing (an academic and educational perspective). Keynote speakers will include Sarah Bodman, a Senior Research Fellow for Artists' Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, where she runs projects investigating and promoting contemporary book arts. She is also Programme Leader for MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at the Bower Ashton Campus of the UWE. Another keynote speaker will be Robbin Ami Silverberg, an artist and founding director of Dobbin Mill, a hand-papermaking studio, and Dobbin Books, a collaborative artist book studio in New York. Her artwork is divided between artist books and installations. She has a long association with the Department of Visual Art at UJ. The colloquium will be brought to a close on the evening of 26 March with a public conversation between Jack Ginsberg and William Kentridge introduced and moderated by Professor Jane Taylor. To register, or for more information visit

Images (Top to bottom): El Lissitzky and Vladimir Mayakovsky, Dlya Golosa. For the Voice or For Reading Out Loud (1923), Gosizdat; Berlin, Germany. Kara Elizabeth Walker, Freedom, a Fable: A Curious Interpretation of the Wit of a Negress in Troubled Times (1997); n.p. Peter Norton, USA. © Kara Walker, courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York. Paul Emmanuel, Cathexis (2003), Artist's publication; Johannesburg, RSA.


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4 5

MICHAELIS SCHOOL OF FINE ART (UCT) Graduate Exhibition: 24 February – 6 March 2017 (Michaelis Galleries, Hiddingh Campus Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town)

We were unable to bring you examples of the Michaelis School of Fine Art 2016 graduates’ works in the December 2016 / January 2017 edition of the Art Times. However, since then their annual graduate exhibition has come to fruition and we proudly present some of the artworks here… 1 2 3 4 5

Matete Motubatse, God is in the detail, Acrylic on canvas Calder Leighton, Untitled Drawing Machine, Bamboo, string, dc motor, wooden gears, graphite Alex Oellofse, Untitled, Inkjet print on watercolour paper Laylaa Jacobs, Hairy Fulla, Hair extensions on prayer mat Katlego Tlabela, Untitled (Fist), Offset photo-lithograph on Opale paper, Edition of 10 + 2 AP



The UNISA Art Collection A historical overview The UNISA Art Collection of mainly South African contemporary art was initiated in the early 1960s by the late Prof J. L. Steyn, then Head of the Department for Afrikaans-Nederland at the University of South Africa. Artworks purchased decorated the walls of the Senate Hall at the old UNISA Campus in Skinner Street, Pretoria. Funding for these acquisitions was made available by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of UNISA, the late Prof Samuel Pauw. In 1961 the Department of History of Art and Fine Arts was established under the headship of the Karin Skawran (1937-2015). In collaboration with Prof Walter Battiss (1906-1982), who was later appointed in 1967 as Head of Department, a regular budget was made available for the expansion of the art collection. It was Battissâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personal contact with many artists that contributed to the further extension of the art collection. At this stage there was no acquisition policy and no art gallery. At this time, the main purpose of the collection was for teaching purposes and research. In 1972 the department moved to the newly built campus on the Muckleneuk Ridge, occupying the 11th floor of the Theo van Wijk Building. It was again through the financial support of the university under the then-Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof Theo van Wijk (1917-2009) that the collection continued to grow. The collection at that stage comprised works by most major South African artists. In 1970, Walter Battiss initiated a silkscreen exhibition in the department. National and international silkscreens were exhibited and the technique was demonstrated to students by Maurice Khan and other South African artists. Several of these works were purchased for the UNISA collection. External support was also acquired through the support of Wits University Art Gallery (Gertrude Postel) where the UNISA collection was first publicly exhibited in 1979 and opened by Prof Theo van Wijk. Then in 1984 a temporary display venue was made available in the TVW Building Exams Halls with Valerie Evangelidis as a temporary curator of the collection. By 1985 the collection was comprised of 617 artworks, and there was discussion surrounding the need for a much more permanent gallery space. In 1989 the old library space on the 5th floor of TVW building was made available as the new home for the UNISA Art Collection. In the same year the new gallery space was inaugurated with the Battiss and the spirit of place exhibition, which was dedicated to the memory of Prof Walter Battiss. The new gallery space was made available to give the public access to the collection through regular educational exhibitions and art related events. The gallery space was later also made available to local professional and up-coming artists for showcasing their artworks. Although quite a few works were collected during the sixties and the seventies; the eighties can be identified as the foundation period of the collection. It was during this period that the university formally put proper structures and budgets in place to for the well-being of the UNISA Art Collection. Currently, the UNISA art collection has over 2000 artworks in its holdings. In 2011 a new gallery space was built as part of the new university entrance building, with much bigger storerooms and large office spaces. The new gallery exhibition space is 858m squared; with movable walls and a ceiling height of 4.270 m. It has become the pride of UNISA, located on the ground floor for easy access and recognition of UNISAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dedication to supporting the arts. Document compiled by Jacob Lebeko through the assistance of archival materials. Images: Left: Fikile Magadlela, Birth of a new man, 1975, Mixed media on paper. UNISA Permanent Art Collection. Right: Leonard Matsoso, The generation fourth from the last, 1972, Screenprint. UNISA Permanent Art Collection.



Frederike Stokhuyzen on show at The Cape Gallery 12 March - 8 April 2017 The glory and resilience of nature have remained a constant source of inspiration in Frederike Stokhuyzenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s work. The main body of work for this exhibition is drawn from an Autumn visit near Petersfield, Hampshire and the Cape West Coast in Spring.


Open Mon - fri: 9h30 - 17h00 Sat: 10h00 - 14h00 27 21 423 5309

Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award Hermanus FynArts 9 - 18 June 2017 2017 marks the first of Hermanus FynArts festival’s great milestone – five years on the scene. A fusion of an arts festival and a winter school, Hermanus FynArts boasts a programme crammed full of exhibitions, concerts, talks, panel discussions, workshops, demonstrations, dinners, tastings and pairings. Culminating in one of the principal exhibitions of the festival, the Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award is a national art competition with prize money to the value of R40 000. Last year’s winning work was Songlines of the Vineyard Hills, created by Desmond Smart using recycled yellowwood and plywood. The second prize went to Anne Raubenheimer, who submitted a polymer assemblage titled The Perfect Spot. Both works were sold on the opening weekend. This year’s competition theme is Reflections, and works will be judged by Stefan Hundt (curator of the Sanlam Art Collection), Michael Godby (Professor Emeritus of History of Art, UCT), and Lien Botha (artist, writer and curator). As in previous years, the work of 40 - 50 finalists will be exhibited in the cellar of Bouchard Finlayson Wine Estate during the festival. An appropriate backdrop to the exhibition, the cellar is fitted with lighting designed to highlight the artworks while still retaining the ambience of the traditional, working wine cellar.


The Bouchard Finlayson Wine Estate is situated along the well-known Hermanus Wine Route in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Not only famous for its Pinot Noir, the Route’s various tasting rooms make excellent venues for art exhibitions during the FynArts festival. In previous years, the artworks displayed there have also been enjoyed also by international tourists eager to take South African art back to their home countries. Entrants to the Tollman Bouchard Finlayson Art Award are invited to access the competition details, rules, entry forms and the full festival programme from the FynArts website: The deadline for entries is 19 May 2017. Should you have any queries, please email or phone Competition Coordinator Lorna Jakins on 082 443 9956.

Images (right): Winning work 2016: Desmond Smart, Songlines of the Vineyard Hills Second prize 2016: Anne Raubenheimer, The Perfect Spot


Tyrone Appollis, Juskei Baptism, 2017, acrylic on canvas

Of My Time – Tyrone Appollis Celebrating the life and art of Tyrone Appollis in his 60th year

Sanlam Art Gallery Sanlam, 2 Strand Road, Bellville T 021 947 3359 / 083 457 2699 • E

15 March 2017 – 12 April 2017 Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:30

Cape Town Art Fair Review By Eileen Kinsella With all eyes on the city’s burgeoning contemporary art scene, this year’s edition of the Cape Town Art Fair was worth the trek. Now in its fifth season, the fair ran from February 17-19. A VIP opening and vernissage on Thursday, February 16, drew eager crowds to the Cape Town Convention Centre. Although the crowd was international, dealers from Johannesburg and Cape Town took pride in what they called a “hometown” event, one that allows them to show a wide range of their programs, rather than a solo show or thematic exhibit tailored to a European or American audience. Monna Mokoena and Odysseus Shirindza of Gallery MOMO (Johannesburg and Cape Town) praised the fair’s layout in the spacious convention center, which has been easy to navigate. “It’s a great platform for us to introduce new and more established artists alike,” said Mokoena. Exhibitors noted a welcome increase in international collector attendance, a trend that has been on the rise during the fair’s short lifespan. “It’s incredible,” said Liza Essers, owner of Goodman Gallery, which has branches in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. “There is a big buzz, everyone is really excited and we’ve done really 20

well,” she told artnet News, just a few hours into the opening, noting that most works were already sold. Essers was encouraged by the participation of Italian dealer Massimo Minini, saying, “to have a legendary dealer like him here is, I think, a defining and turning point in terms of the development and evolution of this art fair.” Joost Bosland, director and partner of Stevenson Gallery (Cape Town and Johannesburg), agreed. “It’s so incredible to be a host for a change. We’re in our own city and people from Johannesburg and internationally as well have come here to see what we are doing.” “We want Cape Town to become a destination,” said Jonathan Garnham, owner and director of Blank Projects gallery based in Cape Town. artnet News also chatted with Tumelo Mosaka, the fair’s dynamic new director, who introduced the ‘Unframed’ section this year. Mosaka described the atmosphere at the vernissage as “a good, healthy vibe,” and said the fair aims to keep building on its strength. Among the standouts of international galleries was the booth of Galeria Continua, which lists spaces in San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, and Havana. On view were works by artists with popular appeal, such

as Kader Attia, Antony Gormley, Shilpa Gupta, and Pascale Marthine Tayou. “For us, African is our strength,” Mosaka said, “but we obviously want to keep adding more international galleries.” Another Goodman artist, Zimbabwe-based Misheck Masamvu, was featured prominently on the outside of the booth. Masamvu and his wife, Ginny, also took a booth in the Culltural Platforms section to share in-progress works from the collective they founded in Harare, called ‘Village Unhu’. As Masamvu explained to artnet News, “to some extent, I look at the collective as part of a family. We took the set-up of a village in the sense that… it is something that might disappear. The main thing that we wanted to address that was missing, is the formal studio space.” Now, after some trial and error, Masamvu says the Village Unhu space is also functioning as a gallery, another aspect of the equation he eventually determined was crucial. Edited, first published by artnet News

Image: Installation view at Cape Town Art Fair 2017 Photo: Nina Lieska/Repro Pictures





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Ralph Gelbert Artist Profile A childhood fascination with different cultures, landscapes and wildlife has driven German artist Ralph Gelbert (b. 1969) to travel the world and capture his diverse experiences and impressions in pigment, with each of his vibrant abstract paintings portraying a particular place at a particular time. Europe was of course his first muse, but memories of family holidays in Namibia brought him to South Africa in 1997 – where he fell in love with the scenery and found inspiration in the contrasts and diversity. For a few months every year, Gelbert now returns to paint in his studio in industrial Woodstock, a suburb whose character provides a dynamic backdrop to his work: “I love the incredible, raw vibe around my studio – the bustle, the sounds, the characters, the energy,” he comments. He shows this liveliness in his work: his Woodstock paintings are a mix of quirky synthetic-looking pinks and bold reds over the black and grey of an inner city neighbourhood. His keen enthusiasm for South Africa extends beyond the environs of the city into the wild, with blues, yellows, browns and greens finding their way 22

onto his palette. The artist discovers pleasure in “the silence of the bush, the magnificent brightness of colours. The darkness in the wilderness, skies filled with stars, and the sounds of animals. The fluorescent ocean, the bright white beaches and the endless horizons. You see the world in a new perspective when up in the mountains.” Gelbert’s paintings are purely abstract, freed from a dependence on external reality, in the tradition of Art Informel and Colour Field artists. In his own unique style, clouds of sensuous colour ebb and flow over the surface, dissipating and growing. Unrecognisable forms simultaneously dissolve and emerge, an effect enhanced by contrast between the alternating translucent glazing and organic-seeming crusting of sections of the surface. While the works are titled after specific locations, such as Clifton or Wally’s Cave, Tel Aviv or the Lake District, they serve as impressions of places rather than mere copies of landscapes. They instead employ the communicative nature of colour, emerging from an unconscious response to the nature of a place or

the experience of it. Because of the familiar logic of colour - red is unflinching, blue is gentle, but together they are something else – the audience can react to Gelbert’s paintings spontaneously, whether they have been to Woodstock or Namibia or not. Gelbert’s work has been exhibited and collected as widely as he has travelled (in the UK, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Austria and the USA) but he regards Cape Town as his second home. “Each season I return to Cape Town I find new inspiration – the views, the people, the vibe, the mix,” he comments. “It's like hints of colour adding to a painting to build a picture, and this shows in my work. And of course nothing beats Cape Town in summer!” Top Image: Ralph Gelbert, Etosha (detail), 2016, Oil on canvas, 200x180cm


Tay Dall Solo Exhibition

Synergy Walker Bay Modern Art Gallery, 167 Main Road Hermanus 3 March - 17 March 2017

Suspended Animation 2

+27 (28) 312 2928 | |

South African Artists Abroad Peter van Straten will be hosting his solo exhibition Spotlight on Peter van Straten at The Obsession of Art Gallery in Bergen, The Netherlands (19 March – 16 April 2017). Various South African artists will be represented by Goodman Gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong (23 – 25 March 2017). Lionel Smit is currently exhibiting Faces of Identity at Everard Read London (until 25 March 2017). Pieter Hugo’s 1994, focusing on children born after the year in which apartheid was officially abolished, is part of an expansive exhibition at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum: Good Hope. South Africa and The Netherlands from 1600 (now, until 21 May 2017). Hugo also presently has three solo exhibitions running, at Yossi Milo in New York, where he is showing 1994 (now, until 11 March 2017); Cokkie Snoei in Rotterdam, showing 1994 and Californian Wildflowers (now, until 18 March 2017); and Priska Pasquer in Cologne, showing Kin (now, until 9 April 2017). Nicholas Hlobo currently hosts his first solo exhibition in Sweden. Titled Zawelela ngale (They have crossed to the other side), the show is held at the Uppsala Konstmuseum's gallery space in the old Gustav Vasa Castle (now, until 14 May 2017). Nandipha Mntambo, Moshekwa Langa and Zanele Muholi are included in When the Heavens Meet the Earth: Selected Works from the Sina Jina Collection of Contemporary Art. The exhibition brings together selected works from Robert Devereux’s contemporary art collection and it is held at Heong Gallery, Downing College, in Cambridge (now, until 21 May 2017). Nandipha Mntambo is also exhibiting in Berlin, at the Julia Stoschek Collection (now, until 26 November 2017). The exhibition titled Jaguars and Electric Eels investigates an alternative interpretation of anthropology and zoology. Lucinda Mudge will be exhibiting The Wolf is Always Near at Everard Read London (5 – 27 May 2017). Images top to bottom: Peter van Straten, Return to the water of life. Image courtesy of the artist Nicholas Hlobo. Umrhubuluzi, 2010, the Norlinda and José Lima Collection, on a long term loan to Oliva Creative Factory Art Museum, S. João da Madeira, Portugal. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town/Johannesburg and Lehmann Maupin, New York/Hong Kong.

Lucinda Mudge, Tread Softly bc u Tread on my Dreamz (detail), 2016, Ceramic, gold luster, 55 cm high. Image courtesy of the artist and Everard Read London

Lucinda Mudge, is it too late now to say sorry - sorry for you (detail), 2016, Ceramic, gold luster. Image courtesy of the artist and Everard Read London



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Makiwa Gallery 1 - Place Vendome (Franschhoek) | Magnificence in March | until 31/03/2017

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Lonely Nights by Banele Khoza and Nkululeko | Freedom by Alex Msibi

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Rust-en-Vrede Gallery (CT) | James Jersey de Knoop – Suspended | Carolyn Gad - "Journey to Imagination" Craig Muller - Solo Exhibition | | until 03/05/2017 Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery (JHB) NT Ngulube – TRACES until 13/04/2017

An immersive drawing by Liza Grobler – last month at Cape Town Art Fair 2017. Photo: Nina Lieska/Repro Pictures



Eastern Cape Alexandria

Port Elizabeth ArtEC - EPSAC Community Art Centre artEC is a non profit organisation and Community Art Centre, set up for the advancemen t of the Visual Arts and Art Craftsmanship. Working to uplift the arts in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, helping artists and encouraging a public interest in the arts., T. 041 5853641,, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum The Vibrant City , See the city through the eyes of artists; this exhibition will contain artworks from the Art Museum’s permanent collection that depict Nelson Mandela Bay, ends 31/03/2017, Remembering the SS Mendi , This exhibition will be on display to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the sinking of the SS Mendi. Local Eastern Cape artist Hillary Graham produced a comprehensive installation and his artworks are part of the museum’s permanent collection, 21/02/2017 till 18/05/2017, Park Drive Central, T. 041 5062000, artmuseum@,

East London Ann Bryant Art Gallery Permanent Collection, The house was built in 1905 for Arthur Savage, and was bought two years later by a local businessman, Edmund Bryant. In 1946 his widow, Ann, left the house to the city on condition that it be used as an art gallery. She also left the city her collection which formed the core of the collection, 31/02/2017 till 13/04/2017, Southernwood, T. 043 7224044, annbryant@,

Free State Bloemfontein Oliewenhuis Art Museum Paradisus (Deperditum). A solo travelling exhibition by Christiaan Diedericks. 18/02/2017 till 26/03/2017. Waverley. T. 051 0110525 ext 611. www.

Clarens Richard Rennie Art Gallery Home to the most recent oil and watercolour landscapes by renowned South African Artist Richard Rennie, 275 Main St, Clarens, C. 072 2305080, info@, richardrenniegallery.webs. com

Gauteng Johannesburg

Vincent Art Gallery The home of Contemporary Fine Art and the Masters. We also offer professional framing, décor, ceramics, pewter, semiprecious stones and silver jewellery. 8 Dawson Rd, Selborne, East London, 5201 Tel: 043 7221471 Cell: 083 700 4711

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Absa Art Gallery Art by leading South African artists, ABSA Towers North, 161 Main Road, Johannesburg, T. 011 3505139, paulbay@absa., Absa-Bank/Attractions/Absa-Gallery Alice Art Gallery Patrick Rapai, 04/03/2017 till 05/03/2017, Frances Wedepohl and Giorgio Trobec, 11/03/2017 till 12/03/2017, Monique van Wyk, 18/03/2017 till 19/03/2017, Christelle Pretorius, 25/03/2017 till 26/03/2017, Roodepoort, T. 011 9581392, info@aliceart., Artist Proof Studio One of the largest and most vibrant community and professional printmaking facilities in Southern Africa, accommodating up to 50 students per year. Hosting, publishing and collaborative projects with many artists and organisations each year., Newtown, T. 011 4921278, admin@, www.

Bag Factory Artist's Studios The Bag Factory offers artists the opportunity to pioneer unmapped territory and test their limits in a spirit of exchange and global connectedness, Fordsburg, T. 011 8349181,, www. Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery NT Ngulube - TRACES, Nkhosinathi Thomas Ngulube's Solo 2017 Exhibition celebrating his latest body of work themed around romance, companionship and love, 30/03/2017 till 13/04/2017, Bryanston, T. 011 4638524,, Cherie de Villiers Gallery Dealers in fine paintings and sculptures by leading South African artists., Sandton, T. 011 3255395, cheart@, CIRCA on Jellicoe Again Again, Solo Exhibition by Brett Murray, 02/03/2017 till 08/04/2017, 2 Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank, T. 011 7884805,, Crouse Art Gallery Beautiful gallery with a coffee shop situated at 368 Ontdekkers Rd, JHB. a Gem of a gallery with a big variety of art in the Eden Meander Mall, George. Errol Boyley, Anton Benzon, Hennie Niemann, Chris Tugwell, Andre de Beer, and many more, Ongoing, Florida, T. 011 6723821,, Daville Baillie Gallery The Daville Baillie gallery has been around since 2008. Their beginnings in Hyde Park is where they had great success specializing in the trade of South African old masters and contemporaries, Johannesburg, C. 076 7939292,, www. Everard Read Again Again, Solo Exhibition by Brett Murray, 02/03/2017 till 08/04/2017, 6 Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank, T. 011 7884805,, Fifth Avenue Fine Art Auctioneers The April Auction, Our next Catalogued Auction Sales of: South African and International Paintings, Bronze Sculpture, Porcelain, Persian Carpets, Antique Furniture, Silver, Glassware, Bronze Sculptures and Other Works of Art and Collectables - Sunday 9th April at 10am: Preview - Friday 7th April 9am-5pm - Saturday 8th April 10am - 4pm, 404 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, T. 011 7812040,, Gallery 2 See Art, A group show including fourteen artists, curated by Derek Zietsman is based on the premise that successful visual artists structure their works using an 'alphabet of art-making' to initiate dialogue with viewers, a dialogue that helps viewers to 'see' the works, 11/02/2017 till 04/03/2017, Parkwood, T. 011 4470155/98,, www. Gallery MOMO World renowned contemporary art gallery situated in the suburb of Parktown North, Johannesburg. The gallery was founded in 2002., Parktown North, T. 011 3273247, juan@,

Goodman Gallery Mikhael Subotzky, WYE, 02/03/2017 till 01/04/2017, Parkview, T. 011 7881113,, Graham's Fine Art Gallery ColourFlux, Morrison's work deals predominantly with colour and shape and she uses these elements to explore juxtaposition, repetition, movement and rhythm. Painting is for Morrison, "a physical encounter of freedom; it is essentially a bodily act and experience.", ends 11/03/2017, Bryanston, T. 011 4637869, graham@grahamsgallery., Johannesburg Art Gallery The Evidence of Things Not Seen, The exhibition explores various forms of identity and explores issues of feminism, queerness, revolution and culture in Black identity, ends May 2017, Joubert Park, T. 011 7253130,, www.facebook. com/FriendsofJAG Lizamore & Associates Gallery Lonely Nights, Banele Khoza, Nkululeko - Freedom, Alex Msibi, 09/03/2017 till 30/03/2017, Parkwood, T. 011 8808802,, www.lizamore. Sanlam Art Lounge 6th Floor, 11 Alice Lane, Sandton, T. 011 7786210, Stefan.Hundt@, SMAC Art Gallery Haunt, Jake Aikman, 02/02/2017 till 25/02/2017, Johannesburg,, Springs Art Gallery The Springs Art Gallery is the only Civic Gallery in the whole of Ekurhuleni. SAG shows a variety of art forms, reflecting the cultural diversity of South Africa, Springs CBD, T. 011 999 8726/7, Thabo.Sekoaila@, springs+art+gallery Stevenson The Island, by Simon Gush, 09/03/2017 till 07/04/2017, Braamfontein, T 011 4031055/1908,, www. Standard Bank Art Gallery Andrew Tshabangu: Footprints, Footprints is an exhibition that assembles a selected body of Andrew Tshabangu’s photographs spanning more than twenty years. As an attentive observer, Tshabangu is drawn into ordinary subjects and their nuanced intricacies. His photographs are saturated with a sense of quietness that captures the human spirit – a spirit of hope, courage and determination, 18/02/2017 till 29/04/2017, Johannesburg, T. 011 6314467, standardbank/About-Us/Sponsorships/Gallery Swelco Studio A revolving exhibition of paintings, prints, sculpture and photography featuring a range of artists such as Ndabuko Ntuli, Patrick de Mervelec, Daniel Novela and Allen Hallett, amongst others. Shop L38, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, T. 011 0266586, Bruce.Ehlers@, www.stephanwelzandco. Touch of Genius Gallery Wanted: Art Lovers, Collectors, Believers; Art Gallery/ Framery/ Sip & Paint, Month end Saturday, Randburg, T. 011 056 9087,,





ESTHER MAHLANGU A TRIBUTE TO NELSON MANDELA Esther Mahlangu in association with The House of Mandela, presents a series of paintings created by Esther in 2004.

2 MAR - 2 APR 2017 10 High Street, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Esther created these artworks by embellishing a series of prints of drawings created by Mr Mandela in 2001. This is the first time that these artworks have been exhibited publicly. Several other works by Esther will also be on exhibit.

083 777 6644



38 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek, Cape Winelands Tel: 021 876 4280 |



SINCE 1990


to feel good. Maybe beautiful is not the

art in the garden winner 2016

right word. Perhaps it’s not the kind of

11 - 12 March 2017



beauty that is conspicuously, but the kind you come across unknowingly, almost unexpectedly - a beauty that is more than a visual charm.”

Alice Art Gallery are actively dedicated to the promoting of new talent and we

Michael Heyns has a permanent home at

would like to invite you to support our

Alice Art Gallery since 2016. His gallery

Art in the Garden exhibitions.

has over 100 of his artworks on display.

Meet Frances June Wedepohl who

“Ever since I can remember I wanted to

was born in 1964 in Port Elizabeth and

paint pictures and I became a full-time artist.

He has also done sculptures, pottery and has over time designed an extremely artistic and unique lifestyle and living environment for himself. Always a master at work.

contemporary artist DERRIC VAN RENSBURG Internationally known for his superb impressionist paintings. Derric van Rensburg is talented, versatile and rated one of South Africa’s top practicing artists. His career followed the commercial and manufacturing world. “Of the Old Masters, it was Van Gogh

now resides in Gauteng. She did a T3

and Rembrandt who inspired me most.”

in Architectural draughting and was top student of that year.

He has in many ways contributed to the development of emerging artists and has

Frances was the winner of Alice Art Gallery’s Art in the Garden competition for 2016. Her works can be viewed online and you can meet her in the gallery on

done so through teaching and numerous DH Lawrence did not say without reason


that ‘The human soul needs beauty more

11 - 12 March 2017

than bread.’ We are made like that. The

He is continuously developing new

dream to paint full time came true when

techniques and new genres.

For over twenty five years we have

the National Film Board closed in 1979

provided useful guidance and valuable

and I became a full-time artist.

advice to emerging and established artists. Active and continued participation

I also want to quote what John Rocha

and involvement by the artist is an

said: There is a clarity, an essence, a

essential part of any successful artist/

singular truth that informs all I do - I want

gallery relationship.

to make beautiful things. I want people

The new season for Art in the Garden has started and our next exhibition is 6 - 7 May 2017 | 54 dryf road, ruimsig, roodepoort

“The human soul needs beauty more than bread” - DH Lawrence


became an artist by profession in 1945

(SOUTH AFRICAN 1931 - 2008)

at the age of 29. He joined the Natal

Natal Technical College. He officially


Field Artillery during WWII. After the war he moved to Knysna, where he actively painted. His paintings epitomize a sense of liveliness and variety of tone and colour with richness, truth and deep accuracy. His passion for nature in all its moods and nuances, coupled with versatility, embraces the sea, farmlands, the vastness of the Karoo, the Winelands Hennie Griesel was one of the most under-estimated artists. His magnificent works can be seen worldwide. Everything he delivered was pure talent.

and the beauty of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.


An art collector from Fort Laudendale

Amos Langdown’s paintings in various media, but shows a preference for oil. His

in Florida in the USA was so impressed

paintings show a deep understanding of

with Griesel’s work that he took 9 of

and sympathy for the people and events

them with to the USA.

in the world surrounding him.

Griesel believed that his work must speak for him. Of his most popular work


include still-lifes of copper and flowers,

(SOUTH AFRICAN 1930 - 2014)

especially cosmos and sunflowers.


Adriaan Boshoff is known as one of

(SOUTH AFRICAN 1918 - 2007)

South Africa’s greatest impressionists and managed to capture an impression

Errol Boyley is mainly self-taught but during the 1940’s he studied art at the

with eye and soul and recreate it into dabs of colour on canvas. He is an expert on colour, being able to create two hundred different colours from three basic colours and developed a perceptive eye to observe colours which most others fail to see. Articulate, widely read, infectiously Many of his figurative studies portray a

enthusiastic humble, he has played an

romantic-impressionism with a Victorian

invaluable and pioneering role in the art


world, both as an artist and teacher.

AliceArtGallery | 011 958 1392 | 083 377 1470 |


The Melrose Gallery Esther Mahlangu - 'A Tribute to Mandela', 'A Tribute to Nelson Mandela' is an exhibition of a series of paintings created by Esther Mahlangu in collaboration with Mr Mandela in 2004. The Melrose Gallery is proud to be hosting Esther Mahlangu and Dr Makaziwe Mandela for the official public unveiling of this moving series of artworks, 02/03/2017 till 02/04/2017, Melrose Arch,, www.facebook. com/themelrosegallery UJ Art Gallery The UJ Gallery hosts regular walk abouts providing the viewer with better insight into the exhibition of the day. Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm, APK Campus, Auckland Park., T. 011 5592099,, za/faculties/fada/UJ-Arts-and-Culture/UJ-ArtGallery

Pretoria Association of Arts Pretoria Cats & Crows, Exhibition of works on paper, 10/03/2017 till 25/03/20177, Nieuw Muckleneuk, T. 012 3463100,, www. Centurion Art Gallery Quilts-Tex tiler Art, The Centurion Art Gallery is committed to displaying a variety of art forms and mediums. Therefore quilts from all over South Africa will be presented at the biennial exhibition of quilts at the Centurion Art Gallery from 27 February to 11 March 2017,27/02/2017 till 11/03/2017,Lyttelton Manor,T. 012 3583477, za, Chris Tugwell Art Gallery The Chris Tugwell Galleries, in existence for over fifty years, showcase work from some of South Africa’s most exciting and talented artists. This includes paintings, ceramics, glass and limited edition bronzes and sculptures by well-known South African masters, Brooklyn, Pretoria, T. 012 346 0925, info@christugwell., Makiwa Gallery (Brooklyn) Original Fine Paintings / Sculptures / Glass Art – For discerning Art Collectors of Fine SA Art by artists Makiwa Mutomba, Munro, Liezl le Roux , Llewellyn, Heidi Hadaway, Borowski, Monday 9 am - Sunday 5 pm, Nieuw Muckleneuk, T. 012 3461726, infobk@, artists-brooklyn Pretoria Art Museum Tacit, A group exhibition acknowledging 20 years of collaboration and reciprocity at Dionysus Sculpture Works’ studio and foundry. Artists include: Angus Taylor, Berco Wilsenach, Brendon Erasmus, Cedrick Kwata, David Brown, Deborah Bell, Johan Thom, MJ Lourens, Norman Catherine, Rina Stutzer, Ongoing, Arcadia, Pretoria, T.012 3586750,, UNISA Art Gallery Permanent Collection A selection of some of the best artworks in the collection, 16/02/2017 till 14/03/2017, New Muckleneuk, Pretoria, T. 012 4415683,, groups/222848047188

The White River Gallery Pattern and Path, Karin Daymond , 04/03/2017 till 28/03/2017, White River, C. 083 6758833, art@whiterivergallery.,

KZ Natal Durban Artspace Durban Olive Schreiner Revisited, Drawings and paintings by Jannie van Heerden: 11 March Walkabout by the artist, 04/03/2017 till 16/03/2017, Kwa Zulu-Natal, T. 031 3120793,, Durban Art Gallery KwaZulu-Natal Collections - an exhibition of works from the permanent collection of the KZN Museum Services, Various artists and art institutions of KwaZulu-Natal, 30 Anton Lembede St, 031 322 1163, Durban Art Gallery From Codesa to present, Various artists who participated in the Art Gallery's exhibition based workshops at INK Creative Center, T. 031 3112264, Thulani., KZNSA Gallery Beyond Binaries, A Qala! Collective Pan African Show, 22/02/2017 till 19/03/2017, Durban, T. 031 2771705, gallery@,

Pietermaritzburg Tatham Art Gallery Departures, This exhibition draws together three bodies of work spanning six years of Faye Spencer's art production: the Office Politics series, Indian Yellow and the Wish List projects, which include paintings, printmaking and creative writing, 29/01/2017 till12/03/2017, Pietermaritzburg, T. 033 3922801, brendan.,

Umhlanga Rocks Makiwa Gallery High on Colour, Fine Art -Painting & Sculpture by renowned artists : Makiwa, Tony De Freitas, Marlien van Heerden,Llewellyn Owen Davies, Sarah Richards, Ian Hertslet, Dante Ruben, Elbe van Rooyen, Anton Gericke, At Botha, Coral Spencer, Nicole Pletts, Brendan Broedelet, Open Daily: Mon-Sun 9:30-5:30, 01/03/2017 till 31/03/2017, Umhlanga Rocks, T. 031 5611194,, www.makiwagalleries. com/artists-umhlanga-gallery

Mpumalanga White River The Artists' Press Hand printed lithographs, Publishing and online gallery of hand printed lithographs by Hanneke Benadé, Conrad Botes, Anton Kannemeyer, Johann Louw, Colbert Mashile, Judith Mason, Sam Nhlengethwa, Walter Oltmann, Claudette Schreuders, Strijdom van der Merwe, Diane Victor and many other leading South African artists, Ongoing, Waterfield Farm near White River., T. 013 7513225, mark@ , The Loop Art Foundry & Sculpture Gallery A collaboration and network for the avid art patron and collector as well as a full service facility for the artist., White River, T. 013 7582409, theloop@,

North Cape Kimberley William Humphreys Art Gallery Contested Spaces, A selection of resistance art from the gallery's art collection, ends 31/01/2018, Civic Centre, T. 053 8311724/5,,

North West Lichtenburg Jonel Scholtz Art Gallery Ongoing exhibition of SA Artists, Lichtenburg, C. 082 8538621,, www.jonelscholtz.

Barnard Gallery Ryan Hewett: Once Were Leaders, Barnard Gallery is pleased to present Ryan Hewett's highly anticipated solo exhibition, Once Were Leaders. In this collection of abstract portraits Hewett contemplates the nature and intersection of power, influence, morality and vulnerability – in both public and private lives, 07/03/2017 till 04/04/2017, Newlands, T. 021 6711553,, www. Carmel Art Dealers in fine art and distributors of Pieter van der Westhuizen etchings., Green Point, T. 021 4213333,, www. Casa Labia Gallery Dealers in fine art prints. We stock a wide variety of Wallcandies, beautifully framed reproductions of the works of both International and South African artists, Open Daily: Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 4pm, Muizenberg, T. 021 7886068,

Potchefstroom North-West University Gallery Them and Now, Us and Then, A selection of works out of the NWU Art Collection, 10/02/2017 till 31/03/2017, Potchefstroom, T. 018 2994341, gallery@nwu.,

Western Cape Cape Town Artvark Gallery Creative Spirit, A solo show of late modern contemporary and abstract artworks by master painter Hennie Niemann Snr. There will also be a book signing of his autobiographical book entitled "Creative Spirit". Opening 1st April @ 11am, 01/04/2017 till 01/05/2017, Kalk Bay, T. 021 788 5584,, www. Amplify Studio To Love or Not To Love: A Street View By Noncedo Charmaine, Residence Photographic Exhibition, 02/02/2017 till 17/03/2017, 125 Loop Street, Cape Town, C. 087 4700421,, www. ArtB Gallery Bellville Art@60+, 16/02/2017 till 03/03/2017, Bellville, T. 021 9171197,, AVA Gallery “Omang?- Who Are You?", An exhibition of lino print and embroidery on fabric by Ann Gollifer & Shepherd Ndudzo. In working towards this 2017 exhibition many pieces from the original show have been reworked with new embroidered images in response to current imbalances of power world-wide, 09/03/2017 till 08/04/2017, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, 8001, T. 021 4247436,, www.

Call Eugene to advertise here 021 424 7733

Die Kunskamer (Established in 1971) Celebrating 44 years in SA Art, Fresnaye, Sea Point, Cape Town., T. 021 4349529, info@,

Eatwell Gallery, Noordhoek Visit the working studio of artist; Lynne-Marie Eatwell and also see work from Eric Oswald Eatwell. Lynne works both in the medium of oil painting and sculpture and welcomes guest for studio visits.

Eatwell Gallery, Tel: 0217892767




- F R A N S C H H O E K -




EBONY/Curated Founded in 2007 by Dewald Prinsloo, Leonard de Villiers and Marc Stanes, our two gallery spaces in Franschhoek and Cape Town showcase classic and contemporary fine art combined with exclusive, local design, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4249985, info@ebonycurated. com, Eclectica Art & Antiques Purveyors of antiques, furniture, bespoke pieces of objet d'arts & fineart, incl. SA Masters., Wynberg, T. 021 7627983,, www. Eclectica Contemporary Black Magic, “This exhibition encapsulates the varied themes that inform the modern black landscape and extracts key aspects, which one is all too familiar with, in an attempt to take apart, understand and reassemble what belonging to this group is and means” Loyiso Mkize , 02/03/2017 till 31/03/2017, CBD, T. 021 4224145, info@eclecticacontemporary., Eclectica Design & Art Verging Thresholds, This exhibition explores concept of being surrounded by various 'indications' of potential change, these transformative moments of change that are the on the verge or at a threshold, 02/02/2017 till 19/04/2017, Cape Town, T. 021 4220327,, Eclectica Print Gallery An eclectic collection of Fine Art Prints and artworks on paper by South African Masters and contemporaries and select international artists, Ongoing, 68 Burg Str Cape Town, T.021 4224185,, Everard Read/CIRCA Cape Town Bred in the Bone, Bronwyn Lace. A solo exhibition of Laces new multimedia artworks, including video, site specific installations, sculpture and drawings, 22/02/2017 till 19/03/2017, Lionel Smit Premise, an exhibition of new paintings, sculpture and drawings, 01/03/2017 till 26/03/2017, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, T. 021 4184527,,

Gallery F Specializing in Black and White photography,,,Cape Town,T. 021 4234423,,www.galleryf. Gallery MOMO Gallery opening and closing times are: Monday to Friday 9AM—5PM | Saturday, 10AM—2PM, Cape Town, T. 021 4245150, Goodman Gallery Jeremy Wafer, 09/03/2017 till 15/04/2017, Woodstock, T. 021 4627567,, www. G2 Art We are a permanent gallery in the Cape Town CBD. Offering a diverse range of sculpture, contemporary painting and mixed media by South African artists. Including, Brian Rolfe, Pieter Robbertze , Anthony Gadd, Cornelia Stoop, David Liknaitzky and Nasser Zadeh amongst many others , Ongoing, Cape Town, T. 021 4247169,, contact-us/

Leonardo da Vinci Gallery South Africa Urban Township , Young students from township work closely with a woman of great passion to heal the burden of the past through art, and to produce quality work with an emotional authenticity, Opens 18/03/2017, Roche Bobois, 10 Kloof Street, C. 083 745 6073,, Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery Dealers in Contemporary South African Fine Art (& the Old Masters) and picture framing, 144 Kendal Road, Durbanville,, Michaelis Galleries The galleries are a unique opportunity for staff and students of the university to exhibit their artworks or curated exhibitions in a non-commercial, experimental space. The galleries also form an invaluable teaching resource, allowing students to learn and hone curatorial and exhibition design and management skills. Gallery hours are 11am to 4pm, Tuesday – Friday, T. 021 480 7170,, www.

In-Fin-Art-Picture Framers & Art Gallery Expert advice | Extensive range of moulding profiles | Custom made hand-finished frames | Conservation framing with museum glass | Original art by local contemporary artists, Cape Town Iziko SA National Gallery Our Lady, Group Exhibition, 11/11/2016 till June 2017, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4674660,,

Great contemporary art & vibey art Café. Steenberg Village, Reddam Avenue, Tokai Gallery: 021 7010886 Café: 021 7024466

Rust-en-Vrede Gallery James Jersey de Knoop - Suspended, Suspended - a solo exhibition of Urban Landscape paintings by James Jersey de Knoop, Carolyn Gad - "Journey to Imagination", An exhibition of whimsical illustrations by Children's Book Illustrator Carolyn Gad, Craig Muller - Solo Exhibition, Notes from an Emerald Valley - A collection of observations whilst in residence in the Kwazulu Midlands - by artist and printmaker Craig Muller, 28/03/2017 till 03/05/2017, Durbanville, T. 021 9764691,,

Heather Auer Art Gallery Quayside Centre c/n Wharf & St George’s St Simon’s Town 7975 +27 (0)21 7861309 0827792695 0828289206

Red! The Gallery & Cafe

99 LOOP | CAPE TOWN w w w. 9 9 l o o p . c o . z a | 0 2 1 4 2 2 3 7 6 6

99 Loop Gallery Clare Menck/Karen Cronje Jeanne Hofman, March at 99 Loop see 3 solo shows by 3 top female painters: Menck's quiet mood pieces, Cronje's fragmented landscapes and Hoffman's collage-like abstractions, 01/03/2017 till 25/03/2017, Cape Town, T. 021 422 3766,, www.99loop.

Jan Royce Gallery Group show including work by Stanislaw Trzebinski and Jan Menzel, Opens March 2017, Gardens, T. 021 4221624,, www.


Kalk Bay Modern Recent Works, Ben Coutouvidis, 25/03/2017 till 15/04/2017, Kalk Bay, T. 021 7886571,,

Contact Eugene: Very affordable prices, your listing will stand out & circulate.

Kalk Bay Sculpture Studio Fine arts sculpture studio and gallery, Jan Tiran, Pete Strydom, Chris Bladen, Arabella Caccia, Ongoing, Kalk Bay, C. 073 1807209,

Call 021 424 7733 or email

S Art Thonton Kabeya - Eria Sane - Henry Mzili - Robert Slingsby - Khehla Chepape Makgato Stanislaw Trzebinski - Adriaan Diedericks - Janko De Beer - Sara Gaqa - Nasser N.Zadeh - Vincent Osemwegie - Bastaan von Stenis - Michael Selekane - Dario Manjate - Paa Joe - Lioda Conrad - Restone Maambo and more., Ongoing, Hout Bay, C. 076 712 5240, olafbessenbacher@, Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection Reserve, A solo exhibition of paintings by Cathy Layzell, 01/03/2017 till 01/04/2017, Gardens, T. 021 424 6930,, www.salon91. Sanlam Art Gallery Of My Time - Tyrone Appollis at 60, Premier film screening of "Of My Time Tyrone Appollis Artist" and exhibition of recent and past works, celebrating his 60th birthday and more than three decades of practicing as an artist, poet and musician, 14/03/2017 till 12/04/2017, Bellville, T. 021 9473359, Stefan., South African Jewish Museum Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm; Friday 10am to 2pm; Closed on Saturday; Sunday 10am to 5pm, Gardens, T. 021 4651546, gavin@, www.sajewishmuseum.




Heather Auer

The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town seeks to expose fine art that is rooted in the South African tradition, work which carries the unique cultural stamp of our continent. ‘Market Day’

featured artist: Derek Drake


Open Mon - fri: 9h30 - 17h00 Sat: 10h00 - 14h00 27 21 423 5309

Heather Auer Art Gallery Quayside Centre, c/n Wharf and St George’s St Simon’s Town 7975 +27 (0)21 7861309 0827792695 0828289203

Level 0, Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: 0214213333 Email:

Framing Place 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925 Tel: 021 447 3988

With unwavering commitment to quality and timeous delivery, our Key Services include: •

Custom colour wood frames

Conservation Framing

Framing of art, objects, mirrors & prints

Stretcher frames

Pieter van der Westhuizen | New edition of 8 landscape prints View at


Wall Art Gallery Wall presents a collection of works where the formal affinities between the painted and incised wood panels of Cecil Skotnes and Lucky Sibiya; drawings of Sydney Kumalo and Ezrom Leagae and the bronzes of Zoltan Borbereki, Edoardo Villa and Sydney Kumalo are clearly discernible, V&A Waterfront, T. 021 4181953,, www.wallsaart. South African Print Gallery Woodstock: Dealers in Fine Art Investment Prints A Selection of South African Prints Artist: Jordan Nickel (Pose) Title: Dude Medium: 16-Colour Screen Print Price: R 25 000 South African Society of Artists SASA was founded to cater specifically to the practicing artist. We hold four exhibitions annually., Cape Town Central, T. 021 6718941, gchambers@, StateoftheART Gallery A selection of exceptional art by emerging artists on show at our Shortmarket Street gallery including works by Grace Kotze, Janna Prinsloo, Lisette Forsyth, Kufa Makwavarara and Tanya Sternberg amongst others. Browse full inventory of available work online at, Central City, T. 021 8014710,, Stevenson A Painting Today, 06/03/2017 till 22/04/2017, Woodstock, T. 021 4621500, cpt@, SMAC Art Gallery Jody Paulsen, 11/02/2017 till 25/03/2017, Woodstock, T. 021 4611029,, The Cape Gallery A solo exhibition by Derek Drake, An exhibition of paintings by Derek Drake Derek Drake uses symbolism to explore the collective rhythm and language of Africa; its people, its communities and its traditions, 19/02/2017 till 11/03/2017, An exhibition by Frederike Stokhuyzen, The glory and resilience of nature has remained a constant inspiration in Frederike Stokhuyzen’s work over decades. The main body of work for this exhibition is drawn from two destinations; an Autumn visit to Rotherwick, Hampshire, UK and the Cape West Coast, SA, in Spring, 12/03/2017 till 08/04/2017, Cape Town, T. 021 4235309,, www. The Framing Place Conservation framing, framing of art, Block mounting and Block frames., Observatory, T. 021 4473988, info@, UCT Irma Stern Museum Atlas, Solo exhibition by Sorrel Hofmann, 11/02/2017 till 04/03/2017, Rosebank, T. 021 6855686,, www.

WHATIFTHEWORLD Bend to Her Will, WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present "Bend to Her Will", a solo exhibition of new work by Sanell Aggenbach, 16/03/2017 till 20/04/2017, Woodstock, T. 021 4472376, matthew@,

Franschhoek Atelier at 1 unie Lets try again2017, Private ongoing viewing of contemporary fine art and sculpture by Johannes du Plessis. Open studio by appointment.1 Unie street Franschhoek. cell 0825796403 or T 021 8764382 johannes.dup@ or check out pictures on Facebook. Art - du Plessis, Ongoing, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764382,, www. Art in the Yard Artificial Beasts by Chris Denovan, The exhibition will showcase Chris’s new body of work an expoloration of portraiture as well as to comment on the artistic act of portrait-making itself and what that means in a contemporary world full of digital self-identification. Chris' aesthetic inspiration of pre-modern portraiture sets us within a timeline and highlights strongly the way in which our perception of portraiture has changed, Opens 18/03/2017, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764280,, EBONY /Curated EBONY is a Fine Art gallery and Contemporary Design space showcasing the best in South African art, craft, bespoke furniture and interior decor. Artworks by Andrew Barlow, George Diederick During, Richard Smith, Walter Oltmann and many others currently on show, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764477, info@, IS Art Echo, an exhibition of sculpture by Guy du Toit and paintings by Liekie Fouche, 19/02/2017 till 31/03/2017, Elgin Marbles, Deconstructive fragments in time/dreams/ desires. An exhibition of work by Frans Mulder, 23/04/2017 till 31/05/2017, 11 Huguenot Street, Franschoek, T. 021 8762071, gallery@, The Gallery at Grande Provence New works, by Arabella Caccia, Talitha Deetlefs, Gerhard Deetlefs and Marieke Prinsloo-Rowe, Ongoing, Franschhoek, T. 021 8768630, gallery@, www.grandeprovence.

The La Motte Museum Offers a culture-historical experience featuring the estate’s history & architecture. Exhibition: A tribute to the life and work of Jacob Hendrik Pierneef. 14 December 2016 - 3 January 2018. Showcasing over 100 artworks by JH Pierneef from the La Motte Museum and various other private and public collections. Hours: Tues - Sun: 09h0017h00 Exhibition catalogue and guided tours available. T 021 876 8850, E museum@, Makiwa Gallery 1 Place Vendome Magnificence In March, Fine Art & Sculpture for discerning collectors, exhibiting renowned artists: Makiwa Mutomba, Anton Gericke, Brendan Broedelet, Dante Ruben, Marlien van Heerden, Sarah Richards, Shaune Rogatschnig, Tony De Freitas & Zacharia Mukwira. Open Daily: MON-SUN 9:30-5:30, 01/03/2017 till 31/03/2017, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762600,, Makiwa Gallery 2 – Pick ‘n Pay Daily Magnificence In March, Fine Art & Sculpture for discerning collectors, exhibiting renowned artists: Makiwa Mutomba, Anton Gericke, Brendan Broedelet, Dante Ruben, Marlien van Heerden, Sarah Richards, Shaune Rogatschnig, Tony De Freitas & Zacharia Mukwira. Open Daily: MON-SUN 9:30-5:30, 01/03/2017 till 31/03/2017, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762609,, Moór Gallery Sublime - Group Exhibition, Sublime features a wide selection of impressive artworks of a supremely high standard and technical approach by some of South Africa’s leading contemporary artists. Solo exhibition: Mathew Brittan - It’s not all that meets the eye, 18/03/2017 till 15/04/2017, Franschhoek, C. 082 6555308, art@moorgalleryfranschhoek., The Boutique Gallery Krisjan Rossouw , Photographic Exhibition, Opens 23/02/2017, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762723, info@, pg/theboutiquegallery"

South African Print Gallery Franschhoek: Moor Gallery, 4 Bordeaux Str A Selection Of Fine Art Prints Artist: Brett Murray Title: Tribal Elders Medium: Screen Print Price: R 4 500

George Crouse Art Gallery Artdealers, Old MastersAdriaan Boshoff, WH Coetzer, Gregoire Boonzaaier, Irman Henkel, Hugo Naude BRONZES- Llwelyn Davies, Kobus Hatting, INVESTMENTS - Anton Benzon, Christiaan Nice, Hennie Niemann, Ina van Schalkwyk, Marie Vermeulen Breedt, Michael Heyns, Daily 9am to 5pm, George Eden Meander Shop 31, T. 044 8870361,, www. Cape Palette Art Gallery Summer exhbition, Exhbition of contemporary artists including Fiona Evan Rowett, Theo Vorster, Clare Menck , Hennie Meyer, Doris Brand , Ig Terblanche, Derric van Rensburg , Leanette Botha, Peter Delaney and more, Ends March 2017, Heather Park George, T. 044 8708751,, www.

Gordon’s Bay Ndiza Gallery at Krystal Beach Ascending Artists, Group Exhibition featuring: Achim Von Armin, Anastasia Sarantinou, Christiana Behrman, Chenjerai & Mambakwedza Mutasa, Corne Pienaar, Gary Frier, Gerhard Van Vuuren, Joseph Chikwenhere, Mo Nique, Petra Humm, Phillip Matthews, Roel Roelofsen, Ron Waldeck, Ronni Mileham, Zach Mukwira, 15/02/2017 till 15/04/2017, Gordon's Bay, C. 076 2285046,,

Great Brak River Art@39Long In the Heat of the Time, Save the date: 1 April ; 11 am Exhibition with Sheena Ridley , Fiona Rowett, Helen Pfeil, Mien Greyling and more. Talk with dr Matthys Strydom on his book: Prentjies teen die Muur, 42826, Great Brakriver, C. 082 5763338,, www.39long. gallery

Call Eugene to advertise here 021 424 7733




MATHEW BRITTAN Detail: No 8. We Speak Flowers.


Tel: +27 (0)21 872 5030 Fax: +27 (0)21 872 7133


Gallery on 103 The Boutique "Gallery on 103", welcomes you to a vibrant and inspiring space in the heart of Great Brak River. A selection of Mandalas in pointillism, papermache, sculptures, quirky wire and stone work. Regular temporary art exhibitions by artists. Wednesday's 10am 3pm or by appointment, Great Brakriver, T. 044 6203144,, www.

Hermanus Abalone Gallery Alta Botha: Fore/After Solo Show, Group Show : Main Gallery: Titia Ballot, Christoff Barnard, Lien Botha, Nel Erasmus, Hannes Harrs, Elzaby Laubscher, Nomthunzi Mashalaba, Jeannette Unite, Louis van Heerden. Sculpture Garden: Mariki Chin, Richard John Forbes, Gordon Froud, Shepherd Ndudzo, Carl Roberts,Sanna Swart, 18/02/2017 till 31/03/2017, Hermanus, T. 028 3132935, art@, Rossouw Modern Group Show, Rossouw Modern Presents a group show with Artists Bastiaan van Stenis, Hugo Maritz, Adriaan S de Lange, Jono Dry, Frans Mulder, Nicole Pletts, Obert Jongwe, Arend Louw, Christiaan Diedericks, Adriaan Diedericks, Paul Stein, Jaco Sieberhagen and our latest artists Nasser Zadeh and Glenn Cox, 01/03/2017 till 30/03/2017, Hermanus, T. 028 3132222, info@, www.rossouwmodern. com Rossouw Modern SPACE Most Southern Art Preview , A Preview of the most southern art ever produced in the World by SANAE 55, in Antartica, 03/03/2017 till 19/03/2017, Hermanus, T. 028 3132222,, www. Walker Bay Art Gallery A Selection of South African Contemporary Artists including Solly Smook, Jimmy Law, Louis Chanu, Claire Denarie,Tay Dall and many more. Also, specializing in selling and buying South African Old Masters, Hermanus, T. 028 3122928,, www.


Riebeek Kasteel

Knysna Fine Art The Art of the Print, An exhibition of works from the Artist Proof Studio, Diluvian Delft, Ceramics by Ann-Marie Tully, Opens 02/03/2017, Knysna, T. 044 3825107,,

Riebeek Kasteel - The Gallery Featuring contemporary paintings and sculptures by mostly local artists. Only an hour's drive from Cape Town, Riebeek Kasteel, C. 083 6533697, astridmcleod@,



Bay Gallery Art in the heart of Langebaan. Marra Sq., Exhibition of unique artwork by talented local artists. Joan Schrauwen, Sandy Esau, Gerda Claassen, George Meyer, Marie Prinsloo, Kervin Cupido, Thea Darlow, Jannie Jordaan, Antonia Velissariou, Daan Samuels, Melanie du Toit, Sandy Diogo, Marina Clunie, Elzette Welgemoed, Aletia and Anna Meredith,,Langebaan,C. 0733048744,,www. The Art Square Studio/Gallery The Art Square offers a creative and social platform where the artist and public can meet. Solo exhibitions every last Thursday of the month. West Coast hospitality- everyone welcome, Langebaan, C. 082 8538187, arts2gether@gmail. com,

Robertson Art Gallery Should you find yourself in the Robertson Wine Valley on Route 62, pay a visit to this gallery, where you’ll find a carefully curated selection of art by top SA artists, as well as a large range of sterling silver jewellery. Specialists in framing, the team can assist you with professional advice, Robertson, T. 023 6265364,, www.

Paarl Hout Street Gallery Specialising in paintings and fine art by more than thirty SA artists. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm; Saturday 8.30am to 1pm and Sunday by appointment only, Paarl, T. 021 8725030,,

Somerset West Cavalli Gallery The gallery at Cavalli (Winner of the regional 2015 Best of Wine Tourism Award for Art and Culture) aims to encourage the local arts through its platforms of public sculpture spaces and a public art gallery., Somerset West, T. 021 8553218,,


Plettenberg Bay Old Nick Village A sensory shopping experience presenting fine art and the creative work of many of the best artists, crafters and creative manufacturers of Southern Africa, curated in a number of independent galleries and shops and housed in a 19thcentury Cape farm complex., Plettenberg Bay, T. 044 5331395, info@, about/

Ecology I by Barbara Wildenboer


09 March 18:00 Imibala Gallery

Prince Albert

Anton Smit: Between the Shadow and the Soul 12.01.2017 - 26.02.2017 For more information contact 021 852 2411 or

Vincent da Silva Studio Somerset West, C. 074 1724359,, www.


Prince Albert Gallery South African Print Gallery: Hermanus Rossouw Modern, 3 Harbour Road Artist: Clare Menck Title: Dancer/Sailor With Tattoo Medium: Monoprint Price: R 3 420

The Prince Albert Gallery exhibits the works of a wide variety of South African artists specialising in painting, etching and ceramic art. Painting by Diane McLean - White Enamel Still-life Tel: 023 5411 057 57 Church Street, Prince Albert, 6930

Absolut Art Gallery Woordfees: Letterlik, The US Woordfees is a collective of artists and creatives combining their voices to inspire, challenge, explore and sometimes just to entertain, 03/03/2017 till 30/03/2017, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8829296,, www. Oude Libertas Gallery The art gallery hosts the Afrigami Project with a permanent Art Installation called Reflections., Stellenbosch - c/o Adam Tas and Libertas roads, T. 021 8098412,, www.

Palette Fine Art Gallery Palette Art Gallery specializes in bronzes and paintings from local artists, Lydia da Silva, Tony da Silva, Mariette van Velden, Claudia Meyer, Tay Dall, Carol Norvall, Ruth Brunskill, Winnie Eaton, Vicky Sanders, Leon Muller, James Cook, Wendu du Plessis, Carla Mulder, Carol Bradley, Jana Neethling, & Winnie Eaton, Ongoing, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8550908,, www. Rupert Museum This museum’s collection was started by the Late Dr Anton Rupert and his wife Mrs Huberte Rupert in the 1940s. It opened in February 2005 and showcases selected acquisitions of South African and international artworks. It includes a small new show of works by the German socialist, Käthe Kollwitz, Ongoing, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8883344, deh@remgro. com, SMAC Art Gallery Looking for Ghana & The Red Suitcase, Lhola Amira, 04/02/2017 till 01/04/2017, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8873607,, Stellenbosch Art Gallery Stellenbosch Art Gallery; Mixed exhibition by SA Old Masters Gregoirer, Battiss, Dawid Botha, Eric Laubscher, Hugo Naude and Adriaan Boshof; Modern Contemporary by Herman Van Nazareth, Claire Denarie, Solly Smook, Hannelie Kempen, Jimmy law, Conrad Theys, Wilco Roon, Kaffie Pretorius, Kobus Louw, Opens 09 March. Sculptures by Louis Chanu & Jean Doyle; Ceramics by Evette Weyers, David Reade & Rika Senekal both to open 07 March (12pm), Stellenbosch, T. 021 887 8343,, www. Teresa Decinti Fine Art Gallery Teresa specializes in painting panoramic views, sketches, as well as work in oils and watercolours, 3 Eikehof Stellenbosch, C. 082 432 5188, www. US Museum The Sasol Art Museum houses a permanent collection of over 3000 pieces belonging to the University of Stellenbosch. The collection features pieces related to South Africa's history, foreign artist works while in the country and many of South Africa's most reputed artists., Stellenbosch, T. 021 8083695,,

Swellendam Baardskeerdersbos Art Route Artist studios open with guest artists, 25-26 March 2017, Swellendam, C. 072 1363309, www.

Tulbagh Saronsberg Cellar A permanent exhibition of contemporary South African art that suggests an underlying respect for creative expression and unconventional thinking. Artists include Paul du Toit, Angus Taylor, Colbert Mashile, Diane Victor, Norman Catherine, Rina Stutzer and Walter Battiss., www.saronsberg. com




+(50$186 $  & H O H E U D W L R Q  R I  6 R X W K  $ I U L F D Q  $ U W V





Christiaan Diedericks

Blood Sweat & Tears I (Ancient slavery), Engraved porcelain, glaze, gold lustre, custom made Perspex stand, 100 x 40 x 40cm, Unique work â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no edition, 2016

PARADISUS (DEPERDITUM) Oliewenhuis Art Museum 18 February â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 26 March 2017

Oliewenhuis Art Museum is a satellite of the National Museum, Bloemfontein, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture.

1 2












1 2 3 4

Carolin-Fij Schermers, Ilse Schermers & Koos Van Bergen Mr. & Mrs. Venning, Charlotte Doneel Marcus Smit, Alisha Erasmus, Andre Naude & Helena Weyers Chris Van Niekerk & Lynita Crofford

JENNIFER MORRISON OPENING AT GRAHAMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S FINE ART GALLERY 5 Sarah Rennie, Jennifer Morrison, Fiona Raissig 6 Pamella Thusi & Bonga Ndaba 7 Graham Britz & Jennifer Morrison

13 15


14 17


8 9 10 11

Charles Shields & Beezy Bailey Shany van den Berg Thania Petersen Mary Smith


12 13 14 15 16

Andy Mason, Lars Fischedick & Tanja Meyburgh at Eclectica Design & Art Mark Rautenbach, Paul Birchall & Anthony Evans at Eclectica Design & Art Maik Kobald at Jan Royce Gallery Katherine Bull at SMITH Studio Deborah-Ann Calitz, Chris Denovan & Lisa Palmer at Eclectica Design & Art 17 Izak Vollgraaff with Stanislaw Trzebinski sculpture at Jan Royce Gallery



1 2













15 16


Koos de Wet, Christine Crowley, & Anastasia Natassia Moller & Martin Bouwer The Christine Crowley Family Jozua Rossouw (Gallery Owner), with Anderson

CAPE TOWN ART FAIR 2017 Photos: Brenton Geach

5 Sisa and Phumla Mawisa, Tumelo, Nonhle & Ofense Mosaka 6 Lungi Morison (granddaughter of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu), Ayo Adeyinka (Tafeta Gallery Director), Andile Dyalvane & Atang Tshikane.

7 Menni Venter, Emma van der Merwe & Jaco Roux 8 Karen Steward, Serge Attukwei Clottey & Marion Smallbones 19 Jeanne & Conrad Botes, Wendy & Justin Patrick 10 Michael Oldfield, Michael Chandler & Sang Fung 11 Normal O'Flynn and Liza Grobler 12 Atang Tshikane & Lizelle Strydom 13 Niki Berry, Suzie Copperthwaite Hozack & Lisa Pellatt 14 Cam Cassim & Mirjam Asmal 15 Jay Pather, Philippe Olza & Paul Birchall 16 Julian McGowan, Justin Rhodes and Trevyn McGowan 17 Tsepo Raziya and Siphiwo Ralo


At the SA Print Gallery we see things differently, we use less hy We draw what we understand as the best SA produced fine art We don’t have a great deal of Kentridge’s or what most comme but rather quietly go on to gather what we’re good at : acquiring SA Fine Art Printmaking language developed over the past 100 Rather spread your investments by buying 10 Maufangejo’s ea Painting - chances are, you’ll be more impressed by Maufange View our amazing SA Fine Art Prints at

ype and acquire wisely. t prints from the past 100 years. ercial galleries consider â&#x20AC;&#x153;sure thingsâ&#x20AC;? g the best and most interesting of 0 years. ach than a non starter R 150K ejoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Print returns in five years time...

Yinka Shonibare, MBE, Boy Balancing Knowledge II (2016), Fibreglass mannequin, Dutch wax printed cotton textile, books, globe, leather and steel, 181 x 75 x 157cm. Estimate: ÂŁ50,000-70,000


Christie’s to Raise Funds from Donated Artworks for Zeitz MOCAA CHRISTIE’S | LONDON

El Anatsui, Warrior (2015), Aluminium and copper wire, 315 x 350cm. Estimate: £400,000-600,000.

Christie’s will present work by some of the world’s leading international contemporary artists, donated to benefit Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, the first major contemporary art museum in Africa, which will open in Cape Town during September 2017. Fourteen artists including El Anatsui, Roger Ballen, Yto Barrada, Peter Beard, Eamonn Doyle & Niall Sweeney, Frances Goodman, Kendell Geers, Antony Gormley, Rashid Johnson, Isaac Julien, Harland Miller, Athi-Patra Ruga, Yinka Shonibare MBE and Pascale Marthine Tayou, will be offered in Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction on the 8 March 2017. The proceeds will be used towards Zeitz MOCAA’s endowment to ensure the long-term sustainability of the museum. The works will be exhibited in London from 3 - 7 March 2017 as part of 20th-Century at Christie’s, a series of auctions that take place in London from 28 February - 10 March 2017. Mark Coetzee, Executive Director and Chief Curator: “Zeitz MOCAA is dedicated to creating a platform for artists from Africa and the world, and providing Access for all to our exhibitions and programming. The extraordinary generosity of artists from around the world in donating to this fundraising auction will guarantee that we fulfil our mission for years to come.” Francis Outred, Chairman and Head of Post-War and Contemporary Art, EMERI: “I was struck when visiting 18

the site early last year, by the extraordinary ambition and vision of the designer Thomas Heatherwick, to slice the historic Grain Silos of Cape Town and create an astonishing structure for viewing art. The historic building, which once acted as a key site for imports and exports, will now act as a point of intersection between Africa and the rest of the world for a whole generation of artists. I am delighted that Christie’s can play a part in this story and we hope to raise as much money as possible through the generous donations of the artists and galleries to go towards the museum’s future.” A major highlight of the auction is El Anatsui’s Warrior (2015, estimate: £400,000-£600,000) one of the artist’s iconic ‘bottle-top’ works. Moulding thousands of aluminium bottle tops that he sources from distilleries near his home in Nsukka in Nigeria, Anatsui creates finely worked tapestries sewn together with copper wire – grand, variegated ‘cloths’ that ripple across West African history, tying together past and present. Warrior is a virtuosic display of dynamism and movement, the image of a figure in gold is woven into the single layer of the metal fabric, appearing to leap lithely out of the work and into the space before it. More highlights include Yinka Shonibare MBE’s Boy Balancing Knowledge II, (2016, £50,000-70,000) which uses the commercial history of widely-available patterned ‘African’ fabrics – which are in reality

produced in the Netherlands and exported to Indonesia – to explore ideas of African authenticity in the global market. Pascale Marthine Tayou’s Poupée Pascale reinterprets the adornment rituals of West African sculpture by clothing his crystal figures in costumes made from the debris of everyday life. At the same time, these works speak to Antony Gormley’s own deconstructed human figures, or Isaac Julien’s work on China’s shifting sense of itself in a hyper-globalised twenty-first century. Housed in the historic Grain Silo that has stood on Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront since 1921, Zeitz MOCAA is a path-breaking, not-for-profit institution, which will look to nurture art from across Africa and the African Diaspora. Developing a programme that will help celebrate and historicise African art while supporting new artists, the museum will be housed in one of the most historic structures in Cape Town. The building, comprising 9,500 square metres will display works in 80 galleries over nine floors and is being designed by Thomas Heatherwick. While the size of the museum space itself will enable African and Diaspora artists to be exhibited on a grand scale, in its commitment to art education and open access, the museum will also look to communicate a distinctive sense of art that is available to all – and that will look to inspire generations of artists to come. SA BUSINESS ART | MARCH 2017

Bonhams’ Spring South African Sale BONHAMS | LONDON

By Giles Peppiatt Bonhams Director of African Art It was in May 2007 that Bonhams became the first western auction house to hold dedicated sales of South African Art in London. I had until then included works from South Africa in Topographical auctions, but the demand was so high that I knew the time had arrived to launch a sale devoted entirely to South African Art. Since then we’ve gone on to establish numerous world auction records and carve a pace as the pre-eminent auctioneers of South African artists in the world. Our next sale of South African art in London on Wednesday 22 March is led by a moving piece, The Hammer Worker, created in 1911 by the father of South African sculpture, Anton van Wouw (18621945). It is estimated at ZAR1,340,000 -2,000,000 (£80,000-120,000). One of the artist’s most recognizable sculptures, The Hammer Worker depicts an African miner sitting beneath an overhanging rock ledge, working away at the hard surface with hammer and chisel. His labours echo those of the sculptor himself.

Van Wouw is also represented in the sale by The Mealiepap Eater from 1907, estimated at ZAR415,000-580,000 (£25,000-35,000). The bronze depicts a Shangaan man, from a tribe that lived in southern Mozambique and in the Northern Transvaal or Limpopo province of South Africa. The name Shangaan was derived from the Zulu warrior Soshangane and the tribe had once been rulers of the Gaza Empire. Van Wouw shows his subject eating mealiepap from a traditional three-legged pot. The work of Irma Stern (1894-1966) has long been popular with collectors. Bonhams holds the world record for a painting by this most fascinating of artists and has set seven of the top 10 auction prices for her work. Our March sale offers a painting from the final years of her career. Harvesters is the product of Stern’s fruitful trip to the Congo region in 1955, an area she had already visited twice during World War Two when her German-Jewish background made it impossible for her to visit much of western Europe. Stern’s unique vision won early critical favour in Europe, but it took time before her work gained wide acceptance in South Africa. She is now, of course, regarded as one of the country’s greatest artists and her home, The Firs at Rondebosch where she lived from 1927, has become a museum dedicated to her work. Anton van Wouw’s godson, Jacob Pierneef (1886-1957), known simply as Pierneef, is another in-demand artist, mainly for his luminous evocation of South Africa’s Highveld. Our sale offers a wide selection of characteristic Pierneef paintings. Malutis,

for example, is estimated at ZAR670,000-1,000,000 (£40,000-60,000) and Hectorspruit and Joels Drift, Basutoland (Golden Gate) at ZAR500,000830,000 (£30,000-50,000) each. The latter painting is particularly interesting. It most likely depicts Brandwag Buttress, a great rock formation located in the Golden Gate Highlands, near the Lesotho border, now a national park. The region is named after the golden and ochre sandstone cliffs that line the valley, and is notable for the San rock paintings that adorn a number of the caves. Finally, to a personal favourite of mine and an artist whose work has perhaps been overlooked in recent years. The Bus Stop by Robert Hodgins (1920-2010) was painted in 1999 and is estimated at ZAR500,000-830,000 (£30,000-50,000). Hodgins, who was born in Britain but emigrated to South Africa at the age of 18, returned to the UK to study at Goldsmiths College in 1944. Nine years later, in 1953, he settled back in South Africa where he lived and worked for the rest of his life. The mid 1950s were a crucial time for Hodgkins’s artistic development. He moved away from portraying idealised beauty to concentrate on the reality of human experience. Bus Stop with its emphasis on the central figure slumped on the bench, knees splayed, perfectly exemplifies this shift in Hodgins' aesthetic. Bonhams South African Art Sale Wednesday 22 March 2017 101 New Bond Street London

Background: Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (South African, 1886-1957), Hectorspruit (detail), signed and dated 'J.H.Pierneef.44' (lower left); bears inscription 'HECTORSPRUIT TRANSVAAL' (verso), oil on board, 54 x 66.5cm (21 1/4 x 26 3/16in). Estimated: £30,000-50,000. Left: Anton van Wouw (South African, 1862-1945), The Mealipap Eater, circa 1907, signed 'A.VAN WOUW./S.A. Joh-burg'; inscribed 'G. Nisini fuse/Roma', bronze on marble base, 16.5 x 23 x 27cm (6 1/2 x 9 1/16 x 10 5/8in) including base. Estimated: £25,000-35,000

Sotheby’s Gets on Africa’s Tall Horse SOTHEBY’S | LONDON

Hannah O’Leary

During the last decade, an appreciation for Africa’s modern and contemporary art has begun to mature on the global market. International auction houses are not only featuring more modern and contemporary African art than ever before, but they are setting up designated sales and departments specifically for this work. To a large extent, Bonhams has led the charge up until recently with record-breaking South African art sales, but now, hosting its first-ever African art auction on 16 May 2017, we’re curious to see how Sotheby’s strength will influence the African art market.

Hannah O’Leary, we’re privileged to interview you for a second time since your placement as Head of Sotheby’s Modern and Contemporary African Art Department last year. Since you were once part of the aforementioned team at Bonhams, how have you witnessed the public’s response to African art change over the years? The marketplace for modern and contemporary art from Africa has transformed dramatically over the past decade. When we started the African art department at Bonhams in 2006 there was just one London gallery promoting contemporary art from Africa – the October Gallery (founded in 1979). Now, 10 years later, there are over a dozen galleries specializing in African artists as well as a successful annual contemporary African art fair, 1-54. More recently Paris and New York have developed into contemporary African art hubs in their own right, while new contemporary art galleries and auction houses have opened across the African continent (Lagos, Accra, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa). There has been a massive increase in market demand from collectors in Africa and the African diaspora, as well as international art collectors and influencers who embrace art from Africa as innovative and relevant. Sotheby’s entry to the market is in direct response to its current strength and its even greater potential over the coming years. To what extent do you think the market for African art is influenced by trends/fashion? There are certainly trends in the global art market at the moment that have a direct and positive effect on the African market. For example, the current discourse on diversity and the representation of race, gender and ethnicity is a particularly exciting development for the African market. The art world has long been dominated by white men, but recently reputations and prices have been rising for artists from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Although I would argue this as a long-overdue correction as opposed to a ‘fashion’. Another trend we are witnessing is the increased use of social media, which provides exciting opportunities for artists in areas of Africa where the traditional art school/gallerist/museum model does not exist, to raise their profiles and interact with the art world at large. Online platforms are also attracting a diverse range of new collectors outside the historic art capitals of London, New York and Paris. A concern has been voiced quietly but consistently over the years that the ‘bubble’ might burst at some stage. How stable do you envision the market for African art to be? I feel extremely positive about the future of this market – we have not even begun to realise its full potential. African artists are vastly underrepresented in the art market and in so-called ‘international’ collections. The continent represents more than 15% of the world’s population and less than 0.1% of the contemporary art market, so to describe it as a


‘bubble’ is completely inaccurate. Let’s address this issue again when African artists are outselling their international counterparts! There are, without a doubt, contemporary African artists producing very strong work. Whose work in particular do you think will stand the test of time? I do not think the names El Anatsui, Yinka Shonibare and William Kentridge will come as any surprise to your readers – all create amazing, highlyoriginal work, and are collected and exhibited by major international institutions. We are offering a masterpiece by Yinka Shonibare, Crash Willy, for £120-180,000, and we have original artworks by El Anatsui and William Kentridge starting at just £20,000. I cannot think of any American or European artists of similar stature whose work sells at these levels. Of the younger generation of African artists I think Armand Boua and Aboudia are garnering a strong international following – I look forward to seeing how their careers progress. Works by both artists are included in our auction with estimates below £10,000. Are there estimates on specific artworks that you feel curious to see challenged at the May auction? I hope so! We have seen auction records broken year on year for African artists, and that is a trend I hope to see continue. We are offering works for sale by artists whose importance far outweighs the prices their current market suggest. From South Africa I would include David Goldblatt, Christo Coetzee and Ephraim Ngatane in that category – we have great pieces by all these artists for under £10,000. Even at the top end of the scale, I think El Anatsui’s bottle-cap sculpture, Earth Developing More Roots, is a wonderful buy at £650,000-850,000 when you consider similar pieces are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum and MoMA in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the British Museum. Looking past this coming auction, how do you plan to use your experience in the industry to develop the Modern and Contemporary African Art division at Sotheby’s, possibly even the market itself? The international market for modern and contemporary African art is still relatively young, and small, in comparison to the global art market. As one of the biggest and most respected companies in the art world, Sotheby’s interest and support of the African market has already had a major impact. My colleagues and I, in the new African Art department, have a wealth of experience particular to this market as well as a wonderful network of contacts within the field, both locally in Africa as well as internationally. Combined with Sotheby’s international network of experts and wide reach in the international art world, we hope to promote modern and contemporary African art on a global scale and expand its audience worldwide. SA BUSINESS ART | MARCH 2017

Ruan Huisamen, Mandi, charcoal and pastel on fabriano paper (detail), Sanlam Portrait Award 2015 Top 40

Sanlam Portrait Award 2017

Prize awarded for the winning portrait Enter from 3 to 13 July 2017

Rules and entry forms available on:

Stephan Welz & Co. Upcoming Auction Highlights STEPHAN WELZ & CO. | JOHANNESBURG Stephan Welz & Co. have consigned a wide array of alternative assets for their next auction on 28 & 29 March 2017 in Johannesburg. The sale contained

notable works from Willem de Sanderes Hendrikz, Angus Taylor, Robert Griffiths Hodgins, William Joseph Kentridge and many more.

Willem de Sanderes Hendrikz (South African, 1910-1959), Head of a Hottentot, Bronze, Height: 35,5cm (excluding base). Estimate: R 100 000 - R 150 000.

William Joseph Kentridge, (South African, 1955 - ), Deserted Stadium, signed and dated '87, Charcoal and pastel on paper, 74 x 50cm. Estimate: R 350 000 - R 450 000.

Robert Griffiths Hodgins, (South African, 1920-2010), Three Men Waiting, signed, dated 1998/9 and inscribed with the title on the reverse, Oil on canvas, 91,5 x 122cm. Estimate: R 600 000 - R 900 000.


Angus Taylor, (South African, 1970- ), Unstoppable, signed, dated 2003 and numbered 1/24, Cement and steel, Height: 143cm (excluding base). Estimate: R 400 000 - R 600 000.




Bringing together a group of individuals with an accumulated 50 years experience in the auction industry, Omni Fine Art Auctioneers opens its doors to the public this month.

will be the highlights on the Omni annual calendar. All auctions will be available live, on-line for ease of bidding and provide an alternative to the traditional methods.

Peter Clarke, one of South Africa’s most loved poets, storytellers and print-makers and includes works from his private estate as well as from individual private collections.

Situated in the leafy suburb of Newlands, Cape Town; Elle, Gary, Karen, Shona and Warren, look forward to welcoming both established and aspiring collectors to this exciting venture.

Omni does not intend to solely be a traditional auction house but as their name implies, they will be offering a variety of services such as a permanent gallery on site, which will host exhibitions of both established and new artists, from both local and abroad. Added to this will be an array of lectures and events, both educational as well as entertaining.

The inaugural auction will debut a never been seen, fresh to the market Irma Stern oil on board titled AFRICAN IDOL, dated 1952, which appears in the artist’s scrap-book currently housed at the South African National Library. Other artists represented in the sale include Hodgins, Page, Lock, Battiss, Domsaitis and Makhamo to name but a few.

Omni aims to provide Cape Town and the rest of South Africa with a unique and vibrant establishment and to become a vital component of Cape Town’s event calendar.

They also look forward to offering a selection of Georg Jensen silverware, a variety of antique ivory carvings and an exquisite range of premium jewellery as well as an array of desirable collectables and furnishings. Omni Fine Art Auctioneers wait with anticipation to welcome you to their offices at 9 Hemlock Street, Newlands, for consignments, valuations or friendly guidance.

This newly created enterprise consists of passionate, enthusiastic and experienced individuals who look forward to engaging with clients on a one to one basis within a warm and welcoming environment. Covering a wide range of departments including paintings, decorative arts, ceramics, carpets, jewellery and objects d’art, their specialists aim to utilise their skills to facilitate the auction process as well as offer valuations, advice and private treaty sales. A derivative of the Latin omnis, meaning ‘all encompassing’, Omni aims to provide a space where all are welcome. Their ambition is to grow into a prime institution that provides both buyers and sellers with a platform from which to access the exhilarating realms of decorative and fine arts through the channels of auctioneering. The energetic team will be offering catalogued auctions monthly that will provide clients the opportunity to sell goods timeously. This will also allow buyers, collectors, interior designers and investors to access top quality items frequently. Added to this will be a seasonal quarterly premium catalogue auction, which will include a variety of higher end items from different genres, derived from all four corners of the world. These premium auctions

The team consists of a department headspecialist for each main genre, to assist clients with specific items or collections, ensuring you get the finest, up to date information on a one to one basis. There is also a service department, which is designated to overseeing and liasoning with lawyers, insurance companies and estates, to ensure ease and professionalism in this pressurized area. This institution also believes that it is vital to give back to its community and will endeavour to accommodate charitable events and promote social awareness. Launching on 30 March with an introductory event and an opening exhibition of unseen Peter Clarke artworks the following week, Omni’s inaugural auction on 25 April is indeed exciting news on the auctioneering calendar. Their first exhibition showcases the works of the Cape Town born artist

For further information and appointments please email

Image: Left: Irma Stern (South African 198-1966), Two African Girls (detail), Signed with the initials and dated 1927, Ink and wash, 52 by 40cm. Literature: Welz, S,. Art at Auction in South Africa, Creda Press, Cape Town, illustrated on page 21. Estimate: R200 000 – R250000 Above: Frederick Hutchison Page (South African 1908-1984), Phantom Pass (detail), Signed and dated 74, Oil on board, 52 by 86cm. Estimate: R100 000 - R120 000



Strauss & Co: The Old Boxer - Robert Hodgins STRAUSS & CO | CAPE TOWN Auction Highlight Important South African and International Art – Evening sale Cape Town, Monday 6 March 2017

When he was 14, Robert Hodgins was yanked out of school and told by his mother to earn his keep. He was employed as a gofer at Libraire Populaire, a newsagent on Dean Street in Soho, London. Twice daily, Hodgins delivered reading material to Soho's beau monde, including politician and art collector, Sir Philip Sassoon, and the seventh Duke of Leinster, Edward FitzGerald, who scandalised polite society by marrying May Etheridge, known as the "pink pyjama girl" of Shaftesbury Theatre. Between deliveries Hodgins swept floors and kept watch over printed material on the store's pavement display. "A lot of it was sheer boredom," he recalled in 2007. "Standing watching people go by on the street, making sure they don't nick magazines is not the most enlightening of opportunities." The mind-numbing labour however trained his eye to recognise detail and difference in 10

people, a skill that later fed into his work as a painter centrally preoccupied with the human form. Best known for his sardonic depictions of businessmen and high-ranking military leaders, often channelled through his interpretation of playwright Alfred Jarry's buffoonish regent Ubu, Hodgins' repertoire of archetypes and characters is however far more diverse. This lot is the earliest in a small group of late-career pictures portraying boxers – they include the oil on canvas Ubu, Boxing Promoter (2002) and photogravure Champ (2004). It is also his most haunted interpretation. Rendered in sullied reds, this aging pugilist's most pronounced feature is his cleaved head. This detail corresponds with a fragment of biography from Hodgins' youth. In 1918, London's Pugilistic Benevolent Society was renamed the British Board of Boxing Control. An important sanctioning body, it also distributed pensions to retired fighters from its headquarters on Dean Street, close to where Hodgins worked. "Outside were these boxers in various stages of decrepitude, heroic figures who couldn't walk straight. They were shaking and had brain damage," remembered

Hodgins. Rather than functioning as a portrait of any particular boxer, this lot describes a formative visual encounter from the artist's adolescence, one that stayed with him after he left London in 1954 to teach painting in Pretoria. Commenting on his working life and visual training on Dean Street, Hodgins later observed: "At the most impressionable time of my life, without knowing it, I was being impressed." Important South African and International Art, Decorative Arts and Jewellery Monday 6 March, 2017 The Vineyard Hotel, Newlands, Cape Town Preview: Friday 3 to Sunday 5 March, 10am to 5pm Walkabout: Saturday 4 March at 11am Enquiries and Catalogues: 021 683 6560 / 078 044 8185 Robert Griffiths Hodgins, The Old Boxer (detail), signed and dated 1999/2000, oil on canvas, 90 by 120cm. Estimate: R600 000 – 800 000


th 5 AVENUE F INE A RT AUCTIONEERS Wanted for next auction 1 April 2017 | 9:30 am Art, antiques, objects, furniture and jewellery

~ Next Auction 9 Apr 2017 ~ Now accepting entries




~ Let us do the same for you ~ TEL : 011 781 2040/39/41



Alexis Preller, Woman in A Mountain Landscape, oil on board SOLD R550 000 View catalogue at 011 789 7422 • 083 675 8468 • 12 Allan Road, Bordeaux, Johannesburg


LOT TO WATCH | Maggie Laubser, Black Swan, signed, oil on board, 44,5 x 39,5cm. Estimate: R700 000 – 900 000.

STRAUSS & CO | CAPE TOWN 6 March 2017 Vineyard Hotel, Colinton Rd, Newlands Tel: 021 683 6560 | email: More info:


Results, highlights and lots to watch

HIGHLIGHT | Irma Stern (South African, 1894-1966), Harvesters, signed and dated 'Irma Stern/ 1955' (lower right), oil on canvas, 68.5 x 61cm. Estimate: £70 000 – 100 000

BONHAMS | LONDON South African Art Sale 22 March 2017 Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street Tel: +44 20 7468 8213 | email: More info: 23872/

28 – 29 March 2017 South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square Cnr Rivonia Rd & 5th Street, Sandton Tel: 011 880 3125 | email: More info:

5TH AVENUE AUCTIONEERS | JOHANNESBURG 9 April 2017 5th Avenue Auctioneers, 404 Jan Smuts Ave, Craighall Park Tel: 011 781 2040 | email: More info:

LOT TO WATCH | Norman Catherine (South African, 1949 -), Negotiator, 1990, oil on canvas, signed and dated, 89.5 x 149 cm. Photograph: Repro Pictures

ASPIRE ART AUCTIONS | CAPE TOWN 27 March 2017 The Avenue, V&A Waterfront Tel: 071 675 2991 | email: More info: RESULT | Clare Menck (South African 1969 - ), Swimming Nude (Self-Portrait), signed and dated 2009, oil on canvas laid on board, 30 x 40cm. Est: R8 000 - 12 000. Sold for R35 130 (6 February 2017)

STRAUSS ONLINE 31 March – 10 April Tel: 011 728 8246 | email: More info/bid: 8

RUSSELL KAPLAN AUCTIONEERS | JOHANNESBURG 1 April 2017 Corner Garden & Allan Roads, Bordeaux Tel: 011 789 7422 | email: More info: SA BUSINESS ART | MARCH 2017



Melrose Gallery Rising The Melrose Gallery is a cutting-edge, 290m2 art space that recently opened its doors in the exclusive Melrose Arch urban precinct. Directors’ Clint Strydom and Craig Mark have big plans for the gallery’s inaugural year… And a very exciting year it looks to be! Clint and Craig, you’re hitting the ground running, with top quality exhibitions from the word ‘go’. Would you share some of the Gallery’s line-up with our readers? We are very excited with the exhibition line-up and the response that the new space has received from both artists and collectors. Some of the confirmed exhibitions: ‘Esther Mahlangu – A Tribute to Nelson Mandela’ will run from 2 March until 2 April at The Melrose Gallery. Esther, the globally acclaimed Ndebele artist, will be unveiling this moving series of paintings which she describes as ‘the most memorable collaboration’ of her illustrious career. The exhibition will also include other paintings created by Esther. ‘Christiaan Diedericks – Paradisus Deperditum’ will run from 8 April until 8 May at The Melrose Gallery. This exciting solo exhibition is coming to Melrose Arch after its recent run at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum. ‘Clint Strydom – The Hidden Voices and Silent Shadows of Number Four Prison’ will run from 11 May until 12th June at Constitution Hill. This powerful photographic exhibition narrates

the fascinating story of the nefarious Old Fort Prison that was home to Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Oliver Tambo and Robert Sobukwe amongst thousands of others who were incarcerated there. ‘Mbongeni Buthelezi – Solo’ at The Melrose Gallery, will run from 1 June until 28 June. Mbongeni has developed a strong and loyal following for his paintings created from waste plastic that is applied in layers using a heat gun. This exhibition is already attracting much interest from the media and collectors who are eager to see some of Mbongeni’s latest works. ‘Willie Bester – Solo’ at The Melrose Gallery, will run from 1 November to 4 December. We are extremely excited to be hosting this important solo exhibition of new and older works by Willie Bester, one of South Africa’s foremost talents. Craig, you have a long history managing artistic events and campaigns. Clint, you are an artist in your own right. Would you share with us how you came to be partners in this venture? We’ve worked together on numerous projects over the past 15 years. One of these was a project called ‘Aston Martin Elements’ which saw Clint creating a series of modern abstract photographs that were recognized as part of Aston Martin’s brand identity for rollout via their global dealership network. Towards the beginning of the project we met Justin Divaris, the CEO of Daytona, who owns the exclusive rights to Aston Martin, McLaren and Rolls-Royce

in South Africa. Over the years, Justin purchased several of Clint’s works and proposed that we open a gallery together when a space became available in Melrose Arch. How will your combined experience in the industry make The Melrose Gallery stand out above the rest? We each bring unique skills, experience and networks to The Melrose Gallery. The gallery provides Clint with a platform from which to showcase his own photographic artworks as one of the few artistowned galleries in the country. It also provides the opportunity to create and collaborate on projects. Clint’s involvement adds an artist’s perspective on selection of works and exhibitions. Craig brings his own strong database of clients, artists, and media. He also brings experience in terms of the conceptualization and implementation of large projects within the arts, culture and heritage sectors to the mix. What is your vision for the gallery, moving forward? Our aim is that The Melrose Gallery provides the South African art sector with a new, fresh, modern, and warm space. We hope to provide a welcoming home for both acclaimed and up-and-coming artists while creating value for both established and potential collectors. We aim to host regular exhibitions and popular openings and to conceptualise ways of taking art and creativity into public spaces throughout the Melrose Arch precinct.


THE SOUTH AFRICAN SALE Wednesday 22 March 2017 New Bond Street, London

ANTON VAN WOUW (SOUTH AFRICAN, 1862-1945) The hammer worker 60 x 67 x 23cm (24 x 26 3/8 x 9 1/16in). £80,000 - 120,000

ENQUIRIES +44 (0) 20 7468 5881




Cnr Rivonia Road & 5th Street, Sandton

Trust us to unlock the true worth of your valuables. CONSIGN TODAY FOR OUR CAPE TOWN JUNE AUCTION

011 880 3125

021 794 6461

VIEWING: 24 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 27 MARCH 2017 AUCTION: 28 & 29 MARCH 2017 4th Floor, South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, SW2380AT

Jean Welz, Still Life with a Bowl of Figs (detail) R300 000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 500 000

Auction Important South African and International Art, Decorative Arts and Jewellery The Vineyard Hotel , Cape Town, 6 March 2017

Preview 3-5 March 10am to 5pm

Enquiries 021 683 6560 |

Alexis Preller, Still Life with Pomegranates R4 000 000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 000 000

Now inviting consignments Modern and Contemporary South African and International Art Entries close end March

Auction Johannesburg, 5 June 2017

Enquiries 011 728 8246 |

SA Business Art | /March 2017 | Free | Read daily news on

BUSINESS ART African Art Auctions Go Global Irma Stern (South African, 1894-1966), Young Arab (detail), signed and dated 1942, oil on canvas, 60 x 50cm. Estimate: R12 000 000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16 000 000 On Strauss & Co Auction, 6 March 2017.

South African Art Times March 2017  

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