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Honouring Irma - 50 years on SA Woman’s Art Month Special Irma Stern, The Eternal Child, 1916, oil on board, 72.5 X 42cm. Image courtesy of the Rupert Art Foundation. Image edited for cover.


Irma Stern, Composition (detail), signed and dated 1923, oil on canvas, 139 by 95,5cm (Sold by Strauss and Co on 21 October 2013, for R9 662 800)

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;Searching I roamed the world to arrive at the origin at beauty at truth away from the lies of everyday and my longing was burning hot then the darkness opened up and I stood at the source of the Beginning. Paradise.â&#x20AC;? - From Irma Sternâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Journal

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Irma Stern as a young child. Image courtesy of the UCT Irma Stern Museum.


&HFLO6NRWQHVâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Kitchen still lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 7

Honouring Irma Since the beginning of this year, the UCT Irma Stern Museum has celebrated the life of Irma Stern in its exhibition programme (more so than usual). This is because 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the grande dame’s passing. As August was the month of her passing (23rd August 1966, to be exact), Art Times has chosen this month’s edition to remember the artist’s colourful contribution to South Africa’s art landscape. We asked Christopher Peter, the Director of the UCT Irma Stern Museum, to give us his take on the iconic artist “Irma Stern’s genius as a painter is one thing, but she was a highly complex and interesting person on several other levels as well. Her discerning eye as a collector being one, her extraordinary intelligence, her unique personal style, her intrepid travels. In fact, her life story is worthy of an epic film, spanning extraordinarily complex

decades of the 20th century beginning with the Gold Rush of the late 1890’s and ending in 1966 at the height of the Pop Art era. She experienced Germany during the First World War period, where she received her art education in Berlin and then experienced the personal sadness of a disengagement from Germany during the tragic World War II period. It must have been a consider able alienation for a woman who had played the art field successfully internationally as a young woman by the end of the 1930’s. This disengagement however, was the making of Irma, resulting in the epic journeys to Zanzibar and the Congo. This period has assured us of her unique voice in the realms of 20th Century painting. On a lighter note and just one of many dozens of aspects one could relay regarding Irma, she adored clothes and was an elegant and discerning dresser, in spite of her struggles with her ungainly size, which caused her considerable misery throughout her life.

Ceramic artist Hylton Nel, recalls seeing her at one of her exhibitions in the 1960’s wearing a remarkable outfit, boldly patterned in black and white rather like the markings of a Friesland cow, a topped with a tall black witch’s hat. This, I feel, was Irma’s one and only nod to Pop Art.

Top: Irma Stern’s home studio at ‘The Firs’. Image courtesy of the UCT Irma Stern Museum

Below (left to right): Irma Stern,White Lilies, signed and dated 1936, oil on canvas, 67,5 by 64,5cm (Sold by Strauss & Co, 1 November 2010, for R11 140 000) Image supplied by Strauss & Co and photography by John Hodgkiss

Irma Stern, Magnolias in an Earthenware Pot, signed and dated 1949, oil on canvas, 68 by 84cm (Sold by Strauss and Co, 9 March 2009, for R7 241 000). Image supplied by Strauss & Co and photography by John Hodgkiss and Les Hammond

Irma Stern, Still Life with Magnolias and Pumpkins, oil on canvas, 67,5 by 71,5cm (Sold by Strauss and Co, 24 May 2010, for R6 127 000). Image supplied by Strauss & Co and photography by John Hodgkiss

“The dominant theme of Irma Stern’s prodigious oeuvre is fruitfulness; its most consistent quality - vitality.” - Esmé Berman (South African art critic and historian)




“Irma went beyond the process of recording the exotic. She identified with her subjects in one specific sense: their grace was for her more than just a metaphor for freedom; it was the very incarnation of freedom that she sought and which was denied her in her private emotional life” - Neville Dubow (founding director of the UCT Irma Stern Museum) A close friend of Irma’s dress designer, the late Ursula Schwittay, donated a letter to the museum which Irma wrote to her thanking her for the execution of a gold lace dress which she described as a triumph. Attached to the letter was a cheque for £10.”

The UCT Irma Stern Museum The Irma Stern Museum is governed by the University of Cape Town and the Trustees of the Irma Stern Estate, and strives to celebrate the great and generous gift which Irma Stern has given to the nation of South Africa and to all who visit from abroad. It can be visited on Cecil Road, in Rosebank, Cape Town. The building in which it is housed, ‘The Firs’, was Stern’s private home and studio for nearly 40 years and it holds the largest collection of her work in South Africa. To mark the occasion of Stern’s anniversary, Christopher Peter will host a talk at the Museum on 29 October. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to view Stern’s artworks and artefacts not usually displayed for conservation reasons. A lunch will be prepared by Robert Mulders, inspired by Stern’s favourite dishes and wines from De Meye. The event will take place on 29 October from 10:30 to 14:00. Tickets range from R400 (early bird special) to R800 (on the day). Book tickets through Culture Connect SA: email / phone +27 (0)21 685 1782.

Room. Like Stern, Little draws inspiration from her garden, particularly its bird life. Her works are distinguished by keen observation and subtle use of colour. The exhibition will be held from 6 to 27 August. Flora Old and New will be a collaborative event with contemporary botanical paintings by BAASA Western Cape and older works of historic interest, on loan from UCT’s Manuscript Department and Bolus Herbarium Collections. Curated by Mary van Blommestein, the exhibition will be held from 3 September until 1 October. Jill Trappler’s exhibition, Unfolding into Spring, will include paintings, prints and fabric images addressing journeys taken from one state of being to another; alone and collectively. The artist continues her task of moving us through space with colour, line and shape as essential elements of seeing and imagining. The exhibition will be held between 8 and 29 October. In celebration of the influence Stern left on the South African art world, Michael Chandler will be curating a group exhibition at the Museum. The Spirit of Stern will celebrate her bold, artistic vision, her love of travelling around the globe and her educated eye which informed the objects she collected personally. The exhibition will run from 10 December until mid-January 2017. For regular updates on exhibitions at the UCT Irma Stern Museum, feel free to visit the Museum’s website:

More Museum Highlights In the The Purple Cloak, Lindsay Page will scrape back the superficial appearance, the perceived “prettiness” of the landscape in a close study of the mountains, fynbos, and waterways of the Garden Route – Page’s home. A small celebratory exhibition of silk embroideries by Constance Little (1908-2002), the artist’s mother, will run concurrently in the Irma Stern Sitting

Above (left): Irma Stern, Zanzibar Arab, 1945, signed ‘Irma Stern 1945’ (upper right), oil on canvas, 55.5 x 65cm (21 7/8 x 25 9/16in). Estimated at £800,0001,200,000. On auction at Bonhams’ South African Sale (London, 14 September 2016). Right: Irma Stern, Dakar Woman, signed and dated 1938, oil on canvas, 59 by 50cm (Sold by Strauss and Co on 17 March 2014, for R6 593 440).


The Eternal Child (1916) Irma Stern “I painted it in a sort of trance, simply following the inspiration of the moment. When I had finished it, I found it different from my other work” – Irma Stern (The Cape Argus, 12 June 1926). By Lyn Holm

Irma Stern, The Eternal Child (shown here in detail and in full), 1916, oil on board, 72.5 x 42cm. Image courtesy of the Rupert Art Foundation.

In 1913, Irma Stern left South Africa to pursue a formal art education in Germany. However, the political climate was set to boil as the world readied itself for war. The heat was heaviest in Europe and over the course of her studies, Stern observed a steady decline in the people’s well-being. Then one day, affect reached its apex in the moment the artist sat across from an emaciated little girl on the train. This image haunted Stern so deeply that the portrait she later painted from memory stayed with her almost her entire life. She refused to sell it and she spoke of its importance, often. Stern’s teacher at the time, Martin Brandenburg, did not share her sentiments towards The Eternal Child. He neither liked nor understood the piece, and he made his rejection known. Both strong-willed individuals, the disagreement between the two artists was so fierce that it caused Stern to terminate her studies under Brandenburg. She then showed the painting to Max Pechstein, a prominent member of Die Brücke (within the German Expressionist art movement). Pechstein was extremely impressed by the artwork; so much so that he began to mentor Stern and quickly helped arrange her first solo exhibition. A prominent follower of the German Expressionist art movement, it is not unlikely that Peckstein appreciated The Eternal Child because of its potential to provoke strong emotions. Granted, in some cases the reaction was repulsion (but as the work was Stern’s response to wartime suffering, repulsion would have been an appropriate response). Pechstein was able to appreciate the work rather than scorn it. An openminded study of the painting invites the frailty of the figure to allude to mortality, and her colourful dress, her bright flowers to express positivity. Although it is an abstract concept and possibly absurd, I believe that positivity (or naïve faith) is conveyed through the figure’s eyes. An unidentified writer for Bonhams Auction House seems to echo my intuition in an online essay about Stern’s 1941 Portrait of a Malay Child. In reference to the artist’s entire oeuvre, the writer expresses the opinion that “Stern’s portraits of children are among her most haunting” and then goes on to explain that “[h]er ability to combine the fragility of the child’s body with the innocence of the face gives these portraits a true sense of the delicate balance of childhood and the ever-impending responsibility of adulthood.” The figure in The Eternal Child is prevented from outliving her youthful frame of mind, held captive within the painting’s permanence. Despite critical scorn, Stern (and arguably also Pechstein) regarded The Eternal Child as seminal; marking a turning-point in the artist’s style and emphasis. Upon her return to South Africa four years later, critics continued to degrade Stern’s artistic practice and it took two full decades for her to be legitimized by the South African art community. Now, Stern’s works are among the highest priced on South African auction - an undeniable mark of appreciation for her artistic career, a career initiated by The Eternal Child. Sources Consulted: Bedford, Emma. 2012. Portrait reflects Sterns joy at discovering new worlds (Online). Available: [2016, July 13]. | Irma Stern 1894 – 1966. 2013. NLA Design and Visual Arts (Online). Available: [2016, July 13]. | Irma Stern (1894 – 1966). 2016. Johans Borman Fine Art (Online). Available: http://www. [2016, July 13]. | Lot 211: Irma Stern (South African, 1894-1966) Portrait of a Malay Child. 2011. Bonhams (Online). Available: auctions/18788/lot/211/ [2016, July 13]. | Ramadan & Eternal Child – Irma Stern. 2014. Study Moose (Online). Available: [2016, July 13].



A Sneak Preview of

FNB JoburgArtFair 9 – 11 September 2016 “East Africa is a vast geographical area with varied and often disparate social and creative perspectives and sensibilities. This year’s curatorial intervention will give audiences a first step towards engaging in artistic developments and narratives arising from the region. Presenting both emerging and world-acclaimed artists, galleries and non-profit organisations our intention is to provide a catalyst for on-going research, transnational dialogue and future projects of significance. ” - FNB JoburgArtFair Curator, Lucy MacGarry

As the annual, premium visual art event on the African continent, the 2016 FNB JoburgArtFair will see local and international art lovers, makers and gallerists converge on Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre. This year, the Fair will feature 80 exhibitions within 6 categories including Contemporary and Modern Art, Special Projects, Gallery Solo Projects, Limited Editions and Art Platforms. The selected galleries and organisations hail from 17 countries across Africa, Europe and the United States. A groundbreaking addition and highlight of the 2016 FNB JoburgArtFair is the first ever series of TEDxJohannesburgSalon Talks themed on the contemporary visual arts of Africa. The programme, presented by Ogogiii magazine – the bi-quarterly magazine known for cutting edge perspectives on African design, culture, business and global affairs – will include a full day of talks presented by dynamic artists, curators and thinkers at the Theatre on the Square at Nelson Mandela Square. EAST AFRICA FOCUS The Focus of this year’s FNB JoburgArtFair is set to highlight a transformational moment in East Africa’s art scene. Presented together in one location, the Focus spans the greater horn of Africa and great lakes regions from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda to Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. First is the solo presentation by 2016 Featured Artist, Wangechi Mutu (Kenya / USA) presented by Keyes Art Mile, Johannesburg. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, educated in Britain and America

and resident in New York since the mid-nineties, Mutu’s practice has achieved global acclaim. Visitors to the fair will also have the opportunity of seeing a new site-specific sculptural installation by Serge Alain Nitegeka (Burundi) presented by Stevenson, alongside new, large-scale works by Sanaa Gateja (Uganda) presented by Afriart. “As the premium art event on the African continent, the FNB JoburgArtFair aims to lead not only South African audiences but the world’s appreciation of cutting edge African art.” FNB JoburgArtFair Director, Mandla Sibeko. Further solo presentations by leading artists include Aida Muluneh (Ethiopia) presented by David Krut Projects, The Nest Collective (Kenya) presented by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, Jim Chuchu (Kenya) presented by Mariane Ibrahim and a video installation by Ato Malinda, Jackie Karuti (both Kenya) and Rehema Chachage (Tanzania) presented by Circle Art Agency. Futhermore, an invitational section will feature a selection of leading art spaces from Kampala, Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, through Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. These galleries and non-profit platforms include: Addis Fine Art (Addis Ababa) representing Ethiopian artists Michael Tsegaye, Leikun Nahusenay, Merikokeb Berhanu and Wosene Kosrof.

Afriart Gallery (Kampala) representing Ugandan artists Eria ‘Sane’ Nsubuga and Xenson. Circle Art Agency (Nairobi) representing Paul Ndema (Uganda) and Dennis Muraguri (Kenya).

Addis Foto Fest (Addis Ababa) representing Aron Simeneh (Ethiopia), Tahir Karmail (Kenya), Sarah Waiswa (Uganda), Mustafa Saeed (Somalia) and Ala Kahir (Sudan).

Left: Maimouna Guerresi, Lobna Dream, 2010, Lambda print on dibond, Edition of 5, 930 x 2000 mm

Kampala Art Auction (Kampala) representing Peter Genza (Uganda), Sheila Nakitende (Uganda), Longinos Nagila (Kenya), Ange Sita Swana (Rwanda) and Denis Mubiru (Uganda). Kampala Arts Trust (Kampala) representing Ugandan artists Joseph Ntensibe, Denis Mubiru and Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga. Kuona Trust Art Centre representing Kenyan artists Gor Soudan, Peterson Kamwathi, Paul Onditi, Osborne Macharia, Michael Soi, Naomi Wanjiku, Tahir Karmali, Beatrice Njoroge and Martin Onyis. For further information about FNB JoburgArtFair, visit

Image courtesy the Artist and Mariane Ibrahim

Right: Penny Siopis, Note 48, 2015, Mixed media on paper ©Penny Siopis. Image courtesy of Stevenson Cape Town and Johannesburg


Nourhan Refaat wins Barclays L’Atelier Refaat’s July Tale uses photos and masks to create three portraits. Each portrait depicts the complexity of a relationship; the attachment of two souls in spite of being blind and silent about their mutual issues.

Top: 2016 Barclays L’Atelier Winner: Nourhan Refaat (Egypt), July Tale, Photography, 40 cm x 60 cm, Edition: 10 Right: Winner: Nourhan Refaat


With a fresh pool of young African artists significantly raising previous benchmarks, the adjudicators are proud to announce the winners in one of the most strongly contested editions of the Barclays L’Atelier annual contemporary art competition. Nourhan Refaat of Egypt has claimed top spot and the main prize of R225 000. She also wins a six-month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris for her photographic work July Tale. South African Matete Motubatse from Cape Town has won the Gerard Sekoto Award and a three months’ residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts for his video Moya. The three merit awards go to Onyis Martin of Kenya (Bag Factory residency) for his mixed media piece Does it matter who is speaking?; Donald Wasswa of Uganda (Kuns: Raum Foundation, Sylt, residency) for his work Maali Ya Muswangali utilising leather off-cuts in plastic bags and sisal threads; and, South African Lebo Rasenyalo of Johannesburg (Ampersand Foundation residency) for her video O mogeng lebo, Nomo. Dr Paul Bayliss, Barclays Art and Museum Curator, says Barclays L’Atelier is now a truly continental art competition, as reflected in the diversity of entries received from participating African countries. “Barclays L’Atelier is renowned for delivering fresh, compelling insights from South Africa’s hottest young talent. But this year, with the competition being expanded to include 10 African countries in addition to South Africa, it effectively extended the continental conversation about art, delivering not only great diversity in aesthetic, but also dominant narratives from particular regions across the continent. The competition this year was extremely robust and our winners are most deserving of their accolades. The winning works reflect the strongest conceptual framework,” adds Bayliss. In Motubatse’s video Moya, his character attempts to blow a physical obstacle – a black plastic bag – off his head simply by using his breath. The word ‘breath’ in Sepedi translates to ‘moya’ which, in turn, can either mean ‘breath’, ‘air’, ‘spirit’ and/or ‘soul’ – all non-physical forms. The film symbolises ‘ntwa ya moya’; that is, an intense celestial battle of non-physical forces. The rest of the 2016 Barclays L’Atelier top ten finalists includes Jackie Karuti of Kenya for her photographic triptych I can’t wait to see you; South African Thandiwe Msebenzi of Cape Town for her photographic work Kwazi Kubenini; South African Sethembile Msezane of Cape Town for the photographic piece Chapungu – The Day Rhodes Fell; South African Asemahle Ntlonti of Cape Town for the sculpture Living Sacrifice; and South African Muntu Vilakazi of Johannesburg for the photographic work Mass Therapy: 2015. These winning works, along with the rest of the top 100 works, can be viewed in the competition’s first-ever virtual exhibition hosted on Barclays L’Atelier, held in conjunction with the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA), nurtures young talent and serves as a platform for young and emerging artists to make their mark in the African art arena. Last year, for the first time in the competition’s 30-year history, participation in the event was extended beyond South Africa’s borders to include artists from Botswana, Zambia, Ghana and Kenya. This year’s competition was further extended to Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius and Seychelles. Of particular attraction to entrants are the opportunities to attend a two-day art professionalism course in Johannesburg that will assist them in managing their art careers as viable businesses and the Barclays L’Atelier mentorship programme – two sought-after awards presented to the top 10 L’Atelier finalists. The competition also rewards the winning visual artists with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to develop their talents abroad through art residencies among international artists. Barclays L’Atelier is therefore widely celebrated as the African art competition that has a far-reaching and sustainable impact on young artists’ careers. “This aligns with Barclays Africa’s focus on Shared Growth which, in essence, reflects our commitment towards making a positive impact on the various communities we serve,” concludes Bayliss. SA ART TIMES | AUGUST 2016

About the winner: Nourhan Refaat was born in 1990. She has graduated from the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University and The American University in Cairo. Refaat also obtained an Integrated Marketing Communications Diploma from the International Advertising Association. She has been practicing photography for five years, using both digital and analogue cameras, with a special focus on storytelling. Since 2013 she has participated in many photographic group exhibitions.

Left: Gerard Sekoto Award: Matete Motubatse (South Africa), Moya, Video (still shown here), Run time: 4.23 min, Edition: 5. First Merit Award (Bag Factory): Onyis Martin (Kenya), Does it matter who is speaking?, Mixed media, 200 x 62 cm Second Merit Award (Kuns: Raum Foundation, Sylt): Donald Wasswa (Uganda), Maali Ya Muswangali, Leather offcuts in plastic bags, sisal threads and goss threads, 80 x 90 cm Third Merit Award (Ampersand): Lebo Rasenyalo (South Africa), O mogeng lebo, Nomo, Video (still shown here), Run time: 5 min Finalist: Thandiwe Msebenzi (South Africa), Kwazi Kubenini, Photography, 45.5 x 63.5 cm Above l-r: Finalist: Sethembile Msezane (South Africa), Chapungu â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Day Rhodes Fell (2015), Photography, 92 x 112 cm, Edition: 8 Finalist: Muntu Vilakazi (South Africa), Mass Therapy: 2015, Photography, 51 x 71 cm, Edition: 10 Finalist: Jackie Karuti (Kenya), I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to see you, Photographs, Edition: 5, Triptych (detail shown here) Finalist: Asemahle Ntlonti (South Africa), Living Sacrifice, Sculptural Installation, 200 x 200 x 100 cm



Anton Smit

2 August 1954 -

“Art is not to render the visible but to render visible.” – Anton Smit Anton Smit was born in Boksburg. His father was a police officer and his beloved mother, a teacher. He entered his first sculpting competition at the age of 16, and won first prize. He then proceeded to win first prize in the SA Association of Arts’ New Signatures Competition in 1979 - completely self-taught. Smit soon started sculpting full-time and he held his first solo exhibition in 1987, at the Beuster Skolimowski Gallery. In 1994, he exhibited 35 bronze sculptures at New York’s Grand Central Station - one of which was displayed on the front page of The New York Times. This he considers a highlight of his long career. The same year during Nelson Mandela’s inauguration, a collection of Smit’s work was exhibited at Pretoria’s Union Buildings. Nowadays, Smit works between his studios in Strand (in the Cape) and Bronkhorstspruit Dam, where 14 assistants help him create large, figurative forms in stone, metal and fiberglass. In 2003, the artist opened his own sculpture garden overlooking Bronkhorstspruit Dam. Smit enjoys collecting sayings and is an inspiring story-teller. He remains humble, often retelling how naively his career began. The artist’s son, Lionel Smit, has also grown to be an accomplished artist. Both father and son enjoy significant international exposure because of their work.

John Meyer

13 August 1942 -

“Paint unlocks a mysterious world, in which the ultimate transformation of materials takes place.” – John Meyer John Meyer was born in Bloemfontein and studied at the Johannesburg Technical College School of Art. He began working for an advertising agency before settling in London in 1967. There he worked as a freelance illustrator while furthering his artistic training. Upon this foundation, Meyer developed an internationally acclaimed career as a visual artist. He initially gaining regard as a portrait painter to European, South African and American aristocracy; painting famous figures from Nelson Mandela, to concert pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Since then, Meyer has travelled extensively and painted landscapes combining elements from disparate places. Since the early 1990’s, Meyer has concentrated on the ‘narrative genre’, painting emotive moments is if they were stills from imagined films. In 2009, Meyer won the Contemporary Artist Award from the German Museum Schloss Gottorf (Germany), and in 2015, Bonhams London dedicated a special auction to his Boer War series, Lost in the Dust. Meyer currently resides in Cape Town, and has recently been commissioned to paint the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – the world’s oldest reigning monarch.

Ephraim Ngatane

22 August 1938 - 14 March 1971

“Ngatane was one of the artists who had staying power and he put his thumb print on the history of South African art. His premature death at the age of 32 robbed us of an artist with great potential.” - Cecil Skotnes Ephraim Mojalefa (Kid) Ngatane was born in Maseru, Lesotho (then Basutoland). In Soweto, his primary school teacher convinced him that he should pursue an artistic career; so he trained under Cecil Skotnes at the Polly Street Art Centre from 1952 to 1954. He later taught at the Centre, developing several major artists, including Louis Maqhubela, and Ben Macala. In 1955, Ngatane joined the seminal ‘weekend painters’ group initiated by Durant Sihlali. Ngatane’s social-realist paintings sold well at his few solo exhibitions, both in Johannesburg and in London, however his main income came from painting ceramic pots. In 1964, the artist was admitted to the Charles Hurwitz SA National Tuberculosis Sanatorium, where he met Dumile Feni who had been admitted the year before. Together they completed a number of murals in the sanatorium (all but one has since been painted over). Ngatane succumbed to his disease in 1971, and was buried at Doornkop farm cemetery. Apart from an artist and a teacher, Ngatane was also a boxer, a skilled soccer player and an accomplished musician. He played Jazz on his alto-saxopohone and won a pennywhistle competition in 1957, after which he became the lead singer of his own band.

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Paul Emsley

25 August 1947 –

“I have always loved drawing. The dryness of the paper and the chalk demand precision and exactness. It quickly exposes one’s weaknesses and mistakes, leaving no room for cleverness or tricks.” – Paul Emsley Paul Emsley was born in Glasgow, but grew up in South Africa. He received his Diploma in Art & Design from Cape Technical College in 1969, and taught Drawing at Stellenbosch University from 1983 until 1995. He is known for his large detailed portrayal of people, animals and flowers. His work can be found in most public collections in South Africa, The National Portrait Gallery in London and at The British Museum. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including two UWE Drawing Prizes (2004 and 2008) and the BP Portrait Award (2007). The Sasol Art Gallery in Stellenbosch exhibited a major retrospective of his work in 2012. Emsley was commissioned to paint the official portrait of The Duchess of Cambridge that same year (as selected by Kate Middleton herself). The portrait took three-and-a-half months and two sittings to complete. Although the subject and her husband, Prince William, expressed delight and amazement at the unveiling of the artwork, the work caused a sizable public outcry because of how it presented the Dutchess. Never-the-less, the artwork is now on permanent display at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Emsley’s other notable portraits include Nelson Mandela, Sir V. S. Naipaul, Michael Simpson and William Kentridge. Since 1996, Emsley has lived in England but he still maintains a presence on the South African art scene. He currently lives and works in Bradford-on-Avon, in Wiltshire. Other artists in Emsley’s family include his sister Laura, his son Alex, daughter Margaret-Anne and daughter Katherine (designer and illustrator).

Ai Weiwei

28 August 1957 –

“I don’t criticize anyone… I don’t expect from anyone to be political (sic). But if one does nothing, then of course that is very political too.” – Ai Weiwei Ai Weiwei is China’s best-known contemporary artist and activist. He was born in Beijing, the son of writer Gao Ying and poet Ai Qing. When Ai was a year old, his parents were suspected of anti-government tendencies and were exiled to the North Korean border, where they were put to hard labour. For those first 19 years, Ai’s only source of education was one large encyclopaedia. The family was allowed to return from exile in 1976, at which time Ai began to study animation and became a member of a subversive group of political artists, ‘The Stars’. In 1981, he moved to the US, studied fashion, and then became a professional blackjack player. Ai’s first solo show was held in New York in 1988. In 1993, he returned to Beijing. While there, he produced 3 important art books. With no formal training in architecture, he founded an architectural practice called FAKE Design. The Chinese government chose him to represent the country at the 1999 Venice Biennale. The same year, he co-curated an exhibition directed at the government, entitled “F**k off”. He designed the 2008 Beijing Olympics stadium, “The Bird’s Nest”, in collaboration with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, and he received the Chinese Contemporary Art Award for Lifetime Contribution. Since then, the Chinese police have assaulted him, kept him under house arrest, bulldozed his studio and subjected him to constant surveillance. In 2011, he was arrested and detained for 81 days without formal charges. In 2015 he was finally provided with an international passport, so he relocated to Berlin.

Antony Gormley

30 August 1950 –

“I’ve never been interested in making statues… What I try to show is the space where the body was, not to represent the body itself.” – Antony Gormley Sir Antony Gormley (OBE) is internationally acclaimed for his figurative installations and public sculptures. The artist was born in London, to a large, wealthy family. His father ran a pharmaceutical company but was also an art enthusiast. “Sundays would always be church followed quite swiftly by visits to the British Museum or National Gallery.” In 1968, Gormley read Archaeology, Anthropology and the History of Art at Trinity College in Cambridge. He had little notion of an artistic career, but soon began earning money painting murals for school balls, night clubs and parties. Upon graduating he set off for the hippie trail in India. He was gone for most of three years, contracted typhoid, studied meditation, and considered becoming a Buddhist monk. And it was also during this time that he decided to pursue a life in art. Gormley returned home, and in 1974 took up a place at the Central School of Art in London, before moving to Goldsmiths. Then at the Slade, he met painter Vicken Parsons, who helped him make full body casts and later agreed to marry him. The couple now has three children; Ivo, Guy and Paloma. Gormley’s his first major show was at Whitechapel Gallery in 1981. Since then he has participated in several international art fairs, created notable public sculptures, gained an Honorary Doctorate, and won several large awards (including the Turner Prize in 1994). In 1997, he was made an Officer of the British Empire, and was knighted in 2014.

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Book Reviews

FRAGMENT | LIONEL SMIT FRAGMENT showcases Lionel Smit’s paintings, bronzes and photographic prints produced between 2009 and 2015. The first aspect the reader is likely to notice is the book’s size – which cleverly and appropriately reflects the monumental scale of most of Smit’s artworks. Full of seductive close-ups, the reader cannot help but feel as if he/she is standing right up close to the artist’s works. The sensation is heightened by the book’s scent – that of fresh PVA paint (probably an unintentional sensorial addition). Short texts within the book include a biography, an interview with the artist and a short essay on how the concept of fragmentation is reflected in Smit’s work. Particularly poetic are the quotes interspersed between the images, describing seminal moments in the artist’s career and

important choices, both stylistic and conceptual. Far from the usual indulgence that artists take in explaining their work, these quotes are concise and leave room for the reader’s contemplation. These quotes included, the texts reveal mysteries in Smit’s work that the reader may never have known were there to discover. The overall impression of the book is magnificence, largely due to the size and vibrance of the images within. This reviewer is convinced that owning the book is the next best thing to owning a genuine Lionel Smit artwork. Find out how you can get your copy by contacting Veronica at Lionel Smit Studio: / +27 (0)21 854 3063

THE OLD WOMAN AND THE MOON An inner journey in oil This book represents a journey of psychological discovery and self-healing. Guided by the teachings of CG Jung and Renee Ramsden (among others), the author reveals and explains her artworks produced using the technique of Active Imagination. By following the journey of the author/artist, the reader gains insight into this method of meditative art-making. The artist’s progress along her journey is evident, though difficult to quantify from an outside perspective. The book’s appendices explain ‘Active Imagination’ and other useful techniques in easy-to-understand language, so the potential practitioner need not feel intimidated. The true usefulness of this book is as a case study for using the technique, proving its potential within Art-Therapy, while making it accessible for those without training in the field of Psychology. Find out how you can get your copy by visiting Book reviews written by Art Times staff writer



2016 Barclays L’Atelier Winning Artwork: Nourhan Refaat, July Tale (detail), Photography, 40 cm x 60 cm, Edition: 10 See this and the rest of the finalists’ works at the Absa Gallery in Johannesburg – on exhibit until the end of August.


Kimberley Gundle in the footsteps of the Maasai “These bold and dignified people living in this harsh, beautiful landscape captivated me.” Your work currently involves capturing the Maasai tribes of East Africa. What is your personal connection to the Maasai? In 2009, I followed in the footsteps of the Maasai. Starting in the foothills of Mt. Longido, a sacred Maasai mountain and walking across the dusty, rocky floor of the Great Rift Valley. We passed many remote settlements; we saw women swathed in brightly coloured cloth, adorned in ornate beadwork, walking for miles across the dusty plains to get water. We came across groups of warriors watching over young Maasai boys herding their cattle and their goats as their forefathers have done for centuries. Our Maasai guide introduced us to some of the communities we passed. These bold and dignified people living in this harsh, beautiful landscape captivated me. I have returned many times to both Kenya and Tanzania, staying in remote settlements; drawing, photographing and absorbing the culture, documenting these semi-Nomadic pastoralists. Their lives are under threat from the harsh physical environment, and the changing world around them; they live a fragile existence. I have seen many changes over the last eight years – the one that has had the most visual impact is the mobile phone, which many Maasai now carry in beautiful beaded pouches. I give a percentage of the sales from my work back to the communities who have inspired my work, and the funds go towards community projects such as schooling and medical care. Kimberly Gundle, Tepena, 2013, Archival Inkjet prints on Hanermuehle paper, Ed. 7, 900x1200mm

What is your artistic motivation? In my approach to my work I liken myself to an anthropologist studying, preserving and protecting a people, an environment and an atmosphere. My drawings are often presented as hangings as they are as much concerned with edges as with space: the spaces between the shapes and the layers of paper suggest the interlocking of individual lives within the Maasai community. In other pieces I use the form of the cameo to encapsulate the Maasai culture and heritage, like the impression of a loved one. By placing each portrait in a golden frame enclosed in a domed cover, I shelter a culture and tradition from the encroaching fangs of modernisation that threaten its erosion. I build up an emotional and physical geography of the Maasai through the nature of mixed media within my work, both celebrating and cherishing the subjects of my work. Just recently, you exhibited at Scope Basel Art Fair and you have a long history of exhibiting at international art fairs. What can you tell us about your experience of these large fairs? In June 2016 I exhibited at Scope Basel Art Fair represented by Candice Berman Fine Art. We worked well together, and it was fascinating being on the stand to watch reactions to my work, although generally when exhibiting at international art fairs I am not on the stand. I exhibited at the Venice Biennale in both 2013 and 2015, which was a very different experience, as the work was up for six months rather than a few days. Soon, you will be exhibiting your work at FNB Joburg Art Fair (at The Sandton Convention Centre, 9 - 11 September). What can visitors expect for your contribution? I will be represented by Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery, at the Fair. Visitors will be immersed in the beauty and fragility of the Maasai. They will be introduced to the Maasai women, bold and beautiful, whom have been inspiring me since 2009. Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery is in the Limited Editions section, thus I will be exhibiting between five and seven large limited edition archival prints, with only 7 prints in each edition. Visitors will be able to see the original mixed media drawings on Japanese and Nepalese paper at Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery – at Riverside Shopping Centre, 319 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston. Kimberly Gundle, Sompol, 2013, Archival Inkjet prints on Hanermuehle paper, Ed. 7, 900x1340mm



Neels Coetzee

Something out of Nothing 23-25 September 2016 Prince Albert Art Festival Pr i n c e A l b e r t


023 5411 057

Greyton Creative Arts Festival an Overberg feast for the senses – 26 - 28 August Greyton is not an ‘along the road’ town it is an at the end of road destination … although we like to think you can begin your real journey here. Nestled against the majestic Riviersondereind mountains lies the quirky village of Greyton and for the second year running, it is host to the Creative Arts Festival. To add variety and unconventionality, organisers have cast their net beyond Greyton to include over 40 artists from the Overberg region. Discerning art lovers and connoisseurs can expect a broad spectrum of mediums promising to stimulate the senses. Known artists from the region include Kali van der Merwe, Philip John and Jan Vingerhoets from Baardskeerdersbos, Carol Mangiagalli, Johno du Plessis and Gert Naudé from Caledon, Heinrich Joemath and mouth artist Martin Sodoms from Genadendal, Catherine Paynter, Marina Aguiar, Warrick Kemp, Gretha Quinlan and Monique Fagan from Greyton, Catherine Brennon from Hermanus, and Gareth and Ginny Hinkling, Gustav Bester, Margaret Epstein, Louis Stroh van der Walt from Villiersdorp. Also exhibiting are Anthony Shapiro, Jo Pentz and Karin Abedian, three well know ceramicists from Cape Town as well as Victor Harley from Pringle Bay. “Our primary objective has always been to showcase the artistic talent we have in Greyton. By inviting our neighbouring villages and towns to participate adds flavour and a new dimension to the event,” committee chair Estelle van Loggerenberg

Gretha Quinlan, IX/II (detail), acrylic on canvas

points out. “The Creative Arts Festival is an ideal opportunity for art collectors to invest in works from acclaimed artists and upcoming talent.” The festival programme line-up aims to attract a wide audience. Included is an outing to a working dairy farm, a guided hike to the Genadendal bushman paintings, close encounters with farm animals, informative talks, an introduction to clay pigeon shooting, an architectural heritage walk of the village, beer tasting at Greyton’s very own brewery, gluhwein

by candlelight and a late night movie evening. A further highlight is self- proclaimed Xhosaspeaking Jewish comedian-leg-spinner Nik Rabinowitz’s show “Midwife Crisis”, his first state of the planet address since becoming a father of three. During the festival weekend, youngsters are encouraged to attend “Goosie’s Story” the tale of a recued battery chick focusing on the humane treatment of animals. Greyton’s famous Saturday market with its upmarket crafters and local food stalls is extending opening hours to accommodate the expected increase in visitors. Workshops suitable for young and old have been arranged to take place at various times over the weekend. Try the fun-filled drama sessions with Ryan Johnson where children are encouraged to play up or explore nature’s healing remedies with local fynbos guru Marshall Rinquest. Alternatively, create candle castles with chandler Grabbie, experiment with cake decorating techniques under the guidance of cake designer Elicetone Diedericks or join Erna Moolman for a fabric hand printing session. For more information on these and other events, visit as well as the Greyton Creative Facebook page on GreytonCreative and

PArt2016 Something Out of Nothing – 23 - 25 September 2016 People travelling through the Karoo often complain, “You just drive through nothing.” The exhibitions planned for the PArt2106 ‘Something Out of Nothing’ art festival – and an attractive town with a disproportionate number of things to do for a village its size – suggest otherwise. Prince Albert’s third biennial art festival, PArt2016, is scheduled for September this year. With over 40 artists invited to participate, the theme they will explore in their work is ‘Something Out of Nothing’. “Prince Albert’s outsider artist, Outa Lappies (aka Jan Schoeman), coined the phrase,” explains co-director of PArt2016 Mary Anne Botha. “An artist-philosopher, he chronicled his travelling life. Using scrap metal and found objects, he made karretjies and lig-huisies; and he grew sunflowers to feed the birds. He showed us that we can live lightly in the Karoo. He made his life with his own hands, and passed his art from hand to hand. He died in 2011,” she said. This festival will honour both his legacy and that of artist Neels Coetzee, who died of cancer in March. Running in tandem with PArt2016 is a collaborative land art project, ‘Stories of Rain’, in which varied landscapes and world heritage rock art sites across South Africa will be visited by a team of international land artists. Concurrently, 20

at the invitation of local artists, two artists – from Iran and Korea – will work on site on Letterhuis farm 35kms outside Prince Albert, and leave behind temporary nature creations. We invite you to experience a change of scenery, something fresh, the clear light and 360 degrees of space. Look beyond and leave your preconceptions behind. Booking: Contact: Prince Albert Gallery: / tel: +27(0)23 5411 057 Prince Albert Gallery website: Prince Albert Gallery and PArt Festival: princealbertgallery

Outa Lappies, Lantern (detail), mixed media





6 AUG 2016 @ 10:00AM MAIN GALLERY:

ARTS FESTIVAL 26 – 28 AUGUST In the little town of Greyton, you’ll find something very BIG. A world of well known local artists…



Level 0, Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa Phone: 0214213333 / 0832528876 Email:

Tel: +27 (0)21 872 5030 Fax: +27 (0)21 872 7133


Eastern Cape Alexandria

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum Mohau Modisakeng: Lefa La Ntate, Mo hau Modisakeng is the recipient of the Standard Bank Young Artist for Visual Arts 2016 award, 27/07/2016 till 02/09/2016, Yeyethu, Sonke, Celebrating 60 years of collecting – this exhibition comprises a selection of artworks that represent important milestones in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum’s permanent collection, 21/06/2016 till 02/10/2016, Park Drive Central, T. 041 5062000, za,

Free State Quin Sculpture Garden & Gallery Maureen Quin receiving the 2016 Medal of Honour for Visual Art from the South African Academy of Science and Culture. (Left) Prof. Wessel Pienaar, the chairman of the Academy, (right) Prof. Alex Duffey

East London Ann Bryant Art Gallery East London Fine Art Society Peep Show, Artist are invited to submit artworks that must measure not more than A5 format (148mm x 210mm) or preferably smaller Closing date for entries is Monday 22nd August 2016, 25 Aug 6.30pm till 10/09/2016, Southernwood, T. 043 7224044, annbryant@,

Bloemfontein Oliewenhuis Art Museum Performing Wo/Man, 26/05/2016 till 14/08/2016, The Visionary Brusher Game, 12/07/2016 till 21/08/2016, From Crane Flies to Cameos, 12/07/2016 till 21/08/2016, 28th Sophia Gray Memorial Exhibition, 25/08/2016 till 25/09/2016, Waverley, T. 051 0110525 ext 611,, OliewenhuisArtMuseum Gallery on Leviseur Opening times are Monday – Thursday 8am to 5pm; Friday - Saturday 8am to 10pm; Sunday 8am to 2pm, 59 Genl. Dan Pienaar Avenue, Westdene, Bloemfontein 9301, C. 082 8352335,, www.

Clarens Art and Wine Gallery Clarens Art & Wine Gallery on Main, We offer Art and Wine lovers the best opportunity in the Free State to experience the widest range of top quality wine and unique artwork by established artists at the best prices, Clarens, T. 058 2561298,, www.

Vincent Art Gallery The home of Contemporary Fine Art and the Masters. We also offer professional framing, décor, ceramics, pewter, semi-precious stones and silver jewellery. 8 Dawson Rd, Selborne, East London, 5201 Telephone: 043 7221471, Cell: 083 700 4711, Email:, www.

Port Elizabeth ArtEC - EPSAC Community Art Centre artEC is a non profit organisation and Community Art Centre, set up for the advancement of the Visual Arts and Art Craftsmanship. Working to uplift the arts in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, helping artists and encouraging a public interest in the arts. T. 041 5853641,,

Call Eugene to advertise here 021 424 7733

Richard Rennie Art Gallery Watercolour or Oil Landscapes, Richard Rennie Gallery in Clarens has the largest selection of Richard Rennie Watercolour landscapes and Oil Landscapes in many styles from Real through Modern to Abstract. 275 Main St, Clarens,, richardrenniegallery.

Gauteng Johannesburg

Artist Proof Studio Nos Encontramos Casa Longe De Casa (We found a home away from home), Exibition of prints by Mario Soares and Sizwe Khoza, 28/07/2016 till 20/08/2016, Newtown, T. 011 4921278,, Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery FNB Joburg Art Fair, 09/09/2016 till 11/09/2016, Bryanston, T. 011 4638524,, www. Cherie de Villiers Gallery Dealers in fine paintings and sculptures by leading South African artists.Sandton. T. 011 3255395cheart@global.

outoftheCUBE@KKNK 2016 new website updates on outoftheCUBE …

CIRCA on Jellicoe The Song Of The Chicotte, Blessing Ngobeni, 07/07/2016 till 06/08/2016, 2 Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank, T. 011 7884805,,

Please visit the ‘ootc@real_life’ page to see the updated full coverage of our participation at KKNK16 and TAF16 _ also our ‘art shop’ page has some rare and classic prints for sale!

Crouse Art Gallery We at Crouse Art deal exclusively in original South African Art, specifically in investment art. We offer works from a variety of artists, Errol Boyley, Anton Benzon, Hennie Niemann, Chris Tugwell, Andre de Beer and many more, Florida, T. 011 6723821, suzette.crouse@, timeline Everard Read Between Rot and Genesis, A solo exhibition by Michael MacGarry, 07/07/2016 till 06/08/2016, 6 Jellicoe Avenue Rosebank, T. 011 7884805,, Fifth Avenue Fine Art Fine Art Auctioneer, 404 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall Park, T. 011 7812040,, Gallery 2 Collection Various Artist, Eric Duplan, Gideon Appah, Bambo Sibiya amongst others, 04/08/2016 till 01/10/2016, Parkwood, T. 011 447 0155/98,, Goodman Gallery Shirin Neshat, 18/08/2016 till 14/09/2016, Parkview, T. 011 7881113,, Graham’s Fine Art Gallery Exhibits a significant collection of important South African artists such as Stern, Pierneef, Sekoto, Laubser, Preller, Battiss, Pinker and Hodgins; as well as contemporary artists such as Jan Neethling, Norman Catherine and Bronwen Findlay, Bryanston, T. 011 4637869,, www. In Toto Gallery Biophilia, Gawie Joubert, 28/07/2016 till 29/08/2016, Birdhaven, T. 011 447 6543,, www.

Absa Art Gallery Barclays L’Atelier 2016,top 100 Artworks, Absa gallery will be exhibiting the Top 100 artworks of this years Barclays L’atelier. This year artists fro m Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Botswana, Egypt, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mauritiu s, Ghana and South Africa, were invited to participate, 14/07/2016 till 26/08/2016, ABSA Towers North, 161 Main Road, Johannesburg, T. 011 350 5139,, www. Attractions/Absa-Gallery

Johannesburg Art Gallery Bleek, Richardt Strydom, 15/05/2016 till 14/08/2016, Free From My Happiness, Sibusiso Bheka, Tshepiso Mazibuko & Lindokuhle Sobekwa, 15/05/2016 till 14/08/2016, Joubert Park, T. 011 7253130,, FriendsofJAG

Alice Art Gallery Christelle Pretorius, 09/08/2016 till 10/08/2016, Maria M, 20/08/2016 till 21/08/2016, Monique van Wyk, 13/08/2016 till 14/08/2016, Este Mostert, 27/08/2016 till 04/09/2016, Roodepoort, T. 011 9581392, info@,

Lizamore & Associates Gallery Fragile Histories, Fugitive Live, Keith Dietrich, 04/08/2016 till 27/08/2016, The Forgotten, Group Print Exhibtion, 04/08/2016 till 27/08/2016, Parkwood, T. 011 8808802,, www.lizamore.

Seen here, ‘Urban Night’, an archival pigment print by Gwen Miller. > archive > transcode > Gwen Miller

Sanlam Art Lounge Landscape & Still Life: A Selection of works from the Sanlam Art Collection, 1843 – the present, 02/05/2016 till 20/08/2016, 6th Floor, 11 Alice Lane, Sandton, T. 011 7786210,, Springs Art Gallery We encourage artists to book space, SAG shows a variety of art forms, reflecting the cultural diversity of South Africa. We ask that all artists wishing to exhibit at SAG submit a proposal. We encourage artists to book space for an exhibition of completed works, or to book in advance and work towards completing a series of work, 01/06/2016 till 31/07/2016, Springs CBD, T. 011 999 8726/7, Thabo.Sekoaila@, springs+art+gallery/ Stevenson Simon Gush: Nightfall, The show, on the 5th floor, will be viewable after hours only on Thursday 21 July, 6-8pm, and Thursday 4 August, 6-9pm, Braamfontein, T 011 4031055/1908,, Standard Bank Art Gallery Henri Matisse: Rhythm and Meaning , The first Matisse exhibition in Africa, 13/07/2016 till 17/09/2016, Johannesburg, T. 011 6314467, www. /About-Us/ Sponsorships/Gallery Swelco Studio A revolving exhibition of paintings, prints, sculpture and photography featuring a range of artists such as Ndabuko Ntuli, Patrick de Mervelec, Daniel Novela and Allen Hallett, amongst others. Shop L38, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, T. 011 0266586 UJ Art Gallery Majak Bredell: Codex Magdalene & Monuments Magdalene, 10/08/2016 till 07/09/2016, APK Campus, Auckland Park. T. 011 5592099,, faculties/fada/UJ-Arts-and-Culture/UJ-Art-Gallery Yiull Damaso Artist Studio Yiull Damaso Artist Studio is a working artist studio where one can view both Yiull’s latest pieces and a curated selection of other artist works. Situated: 56 Buckingham Ave, Cnr Rothsay, Craighall Park (behind Corner Café), Open Monday - Saturday, Craighall Park, C. 083 2340870, yiulldamaso@,




Heather Auer

Works on paper by Hanno van Zyl

Salon91 Contemporary Art Collection 91 Kloof Street Gardens, Cape Town +27 82 679 3906 +27 21 424 6930

Song of Africa by Heather Auer, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

Heather Auer Art Gallery Quayside Centre, Simon’s Town Waterfront c/n Wharf & St George’s Street, Simon’s Town, Western Cape Tel +27 (0)21 786 1309 / 082 779 2695 / 082 828 9203 110 Loop Street, Cape Town Open daily: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm /


2 — 28 August 2016 18:30

27th AUGUST - 18th SEPTEMBER ‘16 Bordeaux Street | Tel: 082 819 7627 or 021 876 2616 |

Isabel le Roux FLY ME AWAY I think my interest to fly started when I first painted in Paris in 1997. I desperately wanted to fly with my paintings like Chagall. The birds aren’t there to have the paintings defined but to show that the paintings are set alive with the motion and flow of the birds.

hartklop... Flowers for Picasso, 800x1000, Oil

‘n voël het in my vasgevlieg in my hart kom nesmaak. my hartklop kom deel. van die sagte plekkie in my lyf sy kussing gemaak kitaar met my hartsnare gespeel.


jy’t in my vasgegroei die skadu van my boom geword. Eye to eye, 450x750, Oil

jou wortels het my grond gedeel die sonskyn in my hart gesteel.

Marlise le Roux ATMOSPHERIC IMPRESSIONS OF NATURE I draw inspiration from the rainbow of SA colours. I use colour to tell my story and to evoke a passionate response to my landscapes, still lifes and forest scenes. With warm colours associated with fire and the sun, I love to paint autumn vineyards, a sun setting over a derelict farmhouse, a wood almost on fire through the last rays of sunlight. It represents passion, excitement, power and strong emotion. Calmer colours found in water, mysterious woodlands and the moment the sun steals the last bit of colour over the horizon, leaves a suggestion of calm, balance and harmony.

In my landscapes I try to depict these passionate emotions that the diverse SA landscape awakens in us. It is not just about capturing a moment in time, my landscapes are overly expressive, enigmatic and constantly changing.


My latest abstract paintings are done in a unique acrylic base technique. I form a mental “fluid interpretation” of the subject I wish to capture. My palette is a blend of harmonious colours that is carefully selected for the final transformation. Vibrant use of colour is the most important ingredient in my paintings but plasticity of the subject is also present. Jointly they create an unexpected harmony transforming a blank canvas into a visual feast .My imagination is a filter between nature, emotions and the movement of colour .I want to keep the viewers mind thinking and analyzing and their eyes moving through the canvas. If you observe and explore the ingredients of each composition with enthusiasm and passion you can discover my world.

le Roux Exhibition @


SINCE 1990


18:30 FOR 19:00



17 SEPTEMBER 2016 09:00 - 14:00

CELEBRATE SPRING AND JOIN THE LE ROUX’S FOR A COLOURFUL MORNING FILLED WITH ART, BUBBLY AND RETAIL THERAPY | | 011 958 1392 | 083 377 1470 | 54 dryf road, roodepoort, gauteng


Pretoria Association of Arts Pretoria An impetus to paint, Margaret Gradwell, 08/07/2016 till 03/08/2016, Verwysingsspraak, Willem Truter, 15/07/2016 till 03/08/2016, Nieuw Muckleneuk, T. 012 3463100,, Centurion Art Gallery The Centurion Art Gallery is a commercial satellite of the Pretoria Art Museum. Opening times are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm; Closed on weekends and public holidays , Lyttelton Manor, T. 012 3583477,, Chris Tugwell Art Gallery The Chris Tugwell Galleries, in existence for over fifty years, showcase work from some of South Africa’s most exciting and talented artists. This includes paintings, ceramics, glass and limited edition bronzes and sculptures by well-known South African masters Brooklyn, Pretoria T. 012 346 0925, www. Pretoria Art Museum South African Art PAM Collection, This selection of artworks from the permanent collection of the Pretoria Art Museum briefly reviews South African art. It includes works by early 20th century painters, the Resistance artists of the 1980s, and artists of the 21st century, ends 31/01/2017, Sasol New Signatures 2016, The Sasol New Signatures competition is a platform for promoting emerging artists and their work to the art loving public at large. The finalists’ artwork will be on display from beginning August and the awards ceremony will take place in September, ends 01/08/2016, Arcadia, Pretoria, T. 012 3586750,, www. St. Lorient Fashion & Art Gallery Rooftop VII “Beyond the limit”, 24/07/2016 till 29/10/2016, Sculptural Glass - “Beyond the limit”, 24/07/2016 till31/08/2016, Tay Dall Solo Exhibition, 24/07/2016 till 31/08/2016, Pretoria, Brooklyn Circle, T. 012 4600284,, UNISA Art Gallery UNISA Permanent Art Collection, The UNISA Art Gallery aims to provide quality, innovative, relevant and socially engaged visual art experience within the education and research context, New Muckleneuk, Pretoria, T. 012 4415683,, www.unisa.

KZ Natal Ballito Imbizo Gallery (Ballito) Reflections & Shadows, Exquisite new works in oil paint and ceramic by Jeannie Kinsler and Louise Jennings will be on exhibition at Imbizo Gallery in the Lifestyle Center in Ballito, KZN, T. 032 9461937, info@imbizogallery.,

Durban Artspace Durban Fracking the Grid: Views from an Energy, Meghan Kirkwood presents landscape photographs that describe the dynamic, 81,000 hectare Bakken region in western North Dakota, 30/07/2016 till 18/08/2016, Once More, Karla Nixon - Masters exhibition, 25/08/2016 till 01/09/2016, KwaZulu-Natal, T. 031 3120793,,

Durban Art Gallery KwaZulu-Natal Collections - an exhibition of works from the permanent collection of the KZN Museum Services, Various artists and art institutions of KwaZulu-Natal. 30 Anton Lembede St, 031 322 1163, From Codesa to present, Various artists who participated in the Art Gallery’s exhibition based workshops at INK Creative Center. T. 031 3112264, Thulani.,

Gallery Umhlanga Framing specialist, Umhlanga, T. 031 5612199,,

KZNSA Gallery Masters: The Marriage of Craft & Art, A project of the KZNSA’s Social Art Programme, funded by the National Lotteries Commission Curator: Grace Kotze. The exhibition examines perceptions of craft and fine art and aims to blur distinctions between the two, with crafters and artists recognized equally as masters, 20/07/2016 till 07/08/2016, T. 031 2771705, gallery@,

Imbizo Gallery Birthday Bash, Vanessa Lomas will display some new art pieces, and Tony Riley some new bronze sculptures, with Will & Carol Fox showcasing the Ingwe Leopard Project. HOPE the limited edition Leopard prints will be on sale, 01/07/2016 till 31/07/2016, Hoedspruit Central, T. 087 808 2826,, www.

Limpopo Hoedspruit


Newcastle Carnegie Art Gallery Carnegie Art Gallery is a public art museum situated in the Central business district of Newcastle, KZN. Its collection includes contemporary paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fibre art, beadwork, weaving and wooden carvings by critically acclaimed and recognised South African artists, Newcastle, KZN, T. 034 3287622, Phumzile., www.carnegie-art.

Pietermaritzburg Tatham Art Gallery Thunga Uthimule: the art and times of Be, Ben Nsusha, a well-known KwaZuluNatal artist, was born in Umzumbe. His career spans 40 years in which his work has been exhibited locally and aboard. His exhibition, Thunga Uthimule, a reflection of his observations of people and society, includes ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and painting, 24/07/2016 till 11/09/2016, Pietermaritzburg, T. 033 3922801, brendan.bell@, The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery at Butterflies for Africa (Pietermaritzburg): Maren Scharien, German born, but local artist Maren Scharien has years of experience and she has many facets to her art. We have a number of ‘pointillism’ paintings each dot is hand painted and the designs and pattern she creates imitate the Aboriginal technique. Mark Phillips and Hennie Nieman are still exhibiting, 18/07/2016 till 31/08/2016, Pietermaritzburg, T. 033 3871356,, www.

Nottingham Road Aladdin’s-de-Light Ceramics and Stained glass by Louise van Niekerk, as well as paintings by Midlands Artists., Stained glass workshops by specialists Jan & Louise van Niekerk, Peter Feek, Hillary Grant, Curry Hermine, Spies Coleman, Ian Warden, Christiane Jamar & Arlene Welsh, Central Nottingham Road, Midlands Meander, T. 033 2666460, info@aladdins.

Umhlanga Rocks Makiwa Gallery Makiwa Gallery Fine Art & Sculpture, Fine Art & Sculpture for discerning art collectors - exhibiting renowned artists Makiwa, Royalene, Llewellyn Owen Davies, Sarah Richards, Allen Hallett, Tony De Freitas, Marlien van Heerden, Elbe van Rooyen, Nicole Pletts, Ian Hertslet, Anton Gericke, Coral Spencer, Brendan Broedelet, Kobus Nel, 01/08/2016 til 31/08/2016, Umhlanga Rocks, T. 031 5611194,, www.

Graskop Le Gallerie Restoration. Maria Koch , By appointment only, Graskop, T. 013 7671093,,

White River The Artists’ Press One of the largest and most vibrant community and professional printmaking facilities in Southern Africa, Waterfield Farm near White River. T. 013 7513225mark@artistspress. The Loop Art Foundry & Sculpture Gallery A collaboration and network for the avid art patron and collector as well as a full service facility for the artist. White River. T. 013 7582409theloop@

Potchefstroom North West University Bending Light, Kleoniki Vanos & Lothar Bottcher, 01/09/2016 at 6pm, Potchefstroom, T. 018 2994341, gallery@nwu.,

Western Cape Cape Town Artvark Gallery New Jewellery by Klip Colab Jewellery (Marina Louw and Nicolene Bottcher), as well as Ilse Malan (this Cape Town Designer’s work is worn all over the world and is designed to have a striking effect with a true SA indigenous feel, it is manufactured in SA from quality precious metals and stones), Kalk Bay, T. 021 788 5584, artvark@, Agapanthus Winter Exhibition, New sculpture and ceramics, 01/08/2016 till 28/08/2016, Kalk Bay, T 021 7883187,, www. /Agapanthus-1685648945005941/ ArtB Gallery Bellville, Annual Vuleka Competition, An exhibition of selected works. First Prize R30,000 Second Prize R8,000 Third Prize R5,000. Prizes sponsored by Radi van Zyl, 03/08/2016 till 24/08/2016, Bellville, T. 021 9171197,, Barnard Gallery Justin Dingwall: Albus, Justin Dingwall’s highly successful body of work Albus will have its first showing in the Western Cape at Barnard Gallery, in association with Lizamore & Associates, 23/08/2016 till 20/09/2016, Newlands, T. 021 6711553,, www.

The White River Gallery Penryn College 25th Anniversary Exhibition, The duration of August, White River, C. 083 6758833, art@,

Kimberley William Humphreys Art Gallery Contemporary South African Ceramics, Contemporary South African Ceramics as part of the gallery’s permanent collection., Ongoing, Civic Centre, T. 053 8311724/5,,

North West Hartbeespoort Dam Chris Tugwell Art Gallery The Chris Tugwell Galleries, in existence for over fifty years, showcase work from some of South Africa’s most exciting and talented artists. This includes paintings, ceramics, glass and limited edition bronzes and sculptures by well-known South African masters. Hartbeespoort Dam T. 012 253 1606,,


Lichtenburg Jonel Scholtz Art Gallery Ongoing Exhibition - SA Artists, Artist exhibiting: Jonel Scholtz, Glendine, Elsbeth, Isabelle le Roux, Este Mostert, Dougie du Toit, Carla Bosch, Hanli Kotze and Munro, ends 31/07/2016, Lichtenburg/Welgevonden Farm Coligny, C. 082 8538621, jonelscholtz@truenw.,

Contact Eugene: Very affordable prices, your listing will stand out & circulate. Call 021 424 7733 or email




Study for Sculpture, Young Man with a Chair by Sydney Kumalo 1981

021 422 4185



69 Burg Street, Cape Town, 8001

We focus on artists with fresh ideas that show skilled craftsmanship. Artworks are selected from established as well as upcoming, local and international artists.

38 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek, Cape Winelands Tel: 021 876 4280 |



Die Kunskamer (Established in 1971), Celebrating 44 years in SA Art, Fresnaye, Sea Point, Cape Town. T. 021 4349529,, www. Eatwell Gallery, Artist Studio, Lynne-Marie Eatwell, Eric Oswald Eatwell and Mags Eatwell, 01/07/2016 till 30/08/2016, Noordhoek, T. 021 7892767,, EBONY/Curated Mirror Complex, A Solo Show of Collages and Paintings, 07/07/2016 till 02/08/2016, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4249985, info@,

Goodman Gallery David Koloane, In the City, 28/07/2016 till 07/09/2016, Woodstock, T. 021 4627567,, www. G2 Art We are a permanent gallery in the Cape Town CBD. Offering a diverse range of contemporary painting, mixed media and sculpture by South African artists. Including, Jimmy Law, Nicole Pletts, Kelly John Gough, Cornelia Stoop Alfred Budaza amongst many others, Cape Town, T. 021 4247169, di@,

Eclectica Art & Antiques Purveyors of antiques, furniture, bespoke pieces of objet d’arts & fineart, incl. SA Masters. Wynberg. T. 021 7627983 melissa@

Carmel Art Dealers in fine art and distributors of Pieter van der Westhuizen etchings. Green Point T. 021 421 3333,, www.

Eclectica Contemporary ‘Charting’ curated by Andrew Lamprecht, Eight contemporary painters explore new directions, techniques and ideas in their medium. Participating Artists: Sepideh Mehraban Asanda Kupa Restone Maambo Benon Lutaaya Jeannette Unite Loyiso Mkize Pauline Gütter Ronald Muchatuta, 07/07/2016 till 27/08/2016, CBD, T. 021 4224145,,” Eclectica Design & Art Muse Montage, The group show looks at the idea of ‘muse’ and its manifestation in the creative process, 04/08/2016 to 22/10/2016, Cape Town, T. 021 4220327,, www.

Heather Auer Art Gallery Quayside Centre c/n Wharf & St George’s St Simon’s Town 7975 +27 (0)21 7861309 +27 (0)21 7827321 0827792695 0828289203

Eclectica Print Gallery An eclectic collection of South African and International Prints and Artworks on paper, Opens 07/07/2016, Burg Str, Cape Town, T. 021 4224185,, www.

Everard Read Gallery Cape Town Surface / Subtext 18 August (6.30pm) – 11 September 2016. Group exhibition, participating artists incl ude: Emalie Bingham, Ricky Burnett, Bronwyn Lace, Zwelethu Machepha, Thania Petersen, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Elize Vossgatter and Barbara Wildenboer. 3 Portswood Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Tel : 021 4184527

DF Contemporary Hannelie Taute, Stink Gedagtes 083 564 1035

Gallery F Specializing in Black and White photography, Cape Town, T. 021 4234423, gavin@, Gallery MOMO Geodesy (-33.923429, 18.413835), Geodesy is an exhibition that explores our endless curiosity with space and how it provides us awareness of our dignity and limitations, Cape Town, T. 021 4245150,,

Kalk Bay Modern 40 Years/40 Faces, A gallery of portraits: An exhibition of new portrait paintings by Nicolaas Maritz opening Saturday 23 July, 11am, 23/07/2016 till 27/08/2016, Kalk Bay, T. 021 7886571,, www. Kalk Bay Sculpture Studio Sculpture Studio and fine arts foundry, Jean Tiran, Pete Strydom, Chris Bladen, Ongoing, Kalk Bay, C. 073 1807209,, Leonardo da Vinci Gallery Pop Art & Grafitti, Wayne Blks, 15/08/2016 till 28/08/2016, CBD, C. 083 745 6073,, www.

Lindy van Niekerk Art Gallery Dealers in Contemporary South African Fine Art (& the Old Masters) and picture framing. 114 Kendal Rd, Eversdal, Durbanville, 7550 Michaelis Galleries The galleries are a unique opportunity for staff and students of the university to exhibit their artworks or curated exhibitions in a non-commercial, experimental space. The galleries also form an invaluable teaching resource, allowing students to learn and hone curatorial and exhibition design and management skills. Gallery hours are 11am to 4pm, Tuesday – Friday, T. 021 480 7170,, www.michaelis.uct.

In-Fin-Art - Picture Framers & Art Gallery Expert advice | Extensive range of moulding profiles | Custom made hand-finished frames | Conservation framing with museum glass | Original art by l ocal contemporary artists 9 Wolfe St, Wynberg Tel: 021 761 2816 Iziko SA National Gallery Home Truths, Domestic Interiors in South African Collections curated by Emeritus Professor Michael Godby, 19/05/2016 till 23/10/2016, Cape Town Central, T. 021 4674660,, Jan Royce Gallery, Bona Fides, Exploring the construct and manipulation of knowledge in our daily lives through the multimedia work of 11 local artists, 06/07/2016 till 30/07/2016, Gardens, T. 021 4221624,, www. Johans Borman Fine Art Currently showing a selection of works by SA Masters including Walter Battiss, Cecil Skotnes, Ezrom Legae and Piet van Heerden, as well as works by contemporary artists such as Owusu-Ankomah, Jaco Sieberhagen, Marlene von Dürckheim, Anthony Lane, Georgia Lane, and Richard Mudariki, Newlands, T. 021 6836863,, www.

Mogalakwena Gallery In Essence Marleen de Villiers & Daniël Jansen van Vuuren, 7 July - 26 August 2016 Exhibition on a dialogue between mind and essence, symbol and meaning, as well as the energy centres of the body. MOGALAKWENA GALLERY 3 Church Street, Cape Town, between Adderley Street and St George’s Mall Parking at Mandela Rhodes




Alp by Lars Fischedick

The Cape Gallery, 60 Church Street, Cape Town seeks to expose fine art that is rooted in the South African tradition, work which carries the unique cultural stamp of our continent. featured artist: Angela Key

Muse Montage

4 August - 21 Oct 2016 179 Buitengracht Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001 T 021 4220327

Framing Place 46 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925 Tel: 021 447 3988

With unwavering commitment to quality and timeous delivery, our Key Services include: •

Custom colour wood frames

Conservation Framing

Framing of art, objects, mirrors & prints

Stretcher frames


Open Mon - fri: 9h30 - 17h00 Sat: 10h00 - 14h00 27 21 423 5309


Mullers Gallery 20/20 Hindsite, The theme of vision evoking hindsight around various issues. Artists involved are Zyma Amien Ingrid Bolton Noeleen Kleeve Gina Niederhumer, 04/08/2016 till 27/08/2016, Cape Town, C. 083 2704304, 99 Loop Gallery Two exhibitions, ‘Meeting You’ is painter & performance artist Anastasia Pather’s first solo in Cape Town. Curated by Brett Charles Seiler, ‘This Brief Moment, Forever’ captures fleeting seconds. Kelly Johnson and Mariëtte Kotzé provide a conversation on existence, creation and personal experience, 04/08/2016 till 26/08/2016, Cape Town, T. 021 422 3766,,

Salon91 Pay Dirt, Works on paper by Hanno van Zyl, 02/08/2016 till 28/08/2016. Contemporary Art Collection, Borrowed Scenery, A solo exhibition of paintings by Heidi Fourie, 31/08/2016 till 24/09/2016, Gardens, T. 021 424 6930, info@, Sanlam Art Gallery Precious Paradise, A selection of historically important and contemporary works reflecting on the country and its art. Artists include amongst others, Gavin Younge, Diane Victor, Stanley Pinker, Leora Farber, Irma Stern, Hugo Naude to name a few, ends 09/09/2016, Bellville, T. 021 9473359,, www. South African Jewish Museum Taxi Hand Signs by Susan Woolf, 10/07/2016 till 04/09/2016, Gardens, T. 021 4651546, gavin@, www.sajewishmuseum.

Stevenson The Quiet Violence of Dreams, 21/07/2016 till 27/08/2016, Woodstock, T. 021 4621500,, www.stevenson. info/ SMAC Art Gallery Your skin is not the best hiding place, A solo exhibition by Marlene Steyn, 06/08/2016 till 10/09/2016, Ground, A solo exhibition by Alexandra Karakashian, 06/08/2016 till 10/09/2016, Woodstock, T. 021 4611029, info@, Smith Gallery Jill Joubert - a solo show of sculpture, Joubert’s sculpture has its source in San/ Bushman creation myths as well as Italo Calvino’s Folktales. This strange and magical world is created from re-cycled wood. Lovingly re-worked, they become transformed into otherworldly spirit-figures that are startling, unnerving but with a gentle humour, 02/08/2016 till 27/08/2016, Cape Town CBD, T. 021 4220814,, The AVA Gallery The AVA in association with Spier advances contemporary art in South Africa through exhibitions, discussions, residencies, screenings, publications and educational workshops, 35 Church Street, Cape Town, 8001, T. 021 4247436, info@,

Red! The Gallery & Cafe Great contemporary art & vibey art Café. Steenberg Village, Reddam Avenue, Tokai Gallery: 021 7010886 Café: 021 7024466 Red Room Art Dealers of South African fine art in Cape Town. Swing by our gallery in Hout Bay and adventure through our exquisite collection of oils, drawings, prints and sculptures of the most reputable South African artists like Robert Hodgins, Diane Victor, Wilma Cruise, Jan Neethling and many more. Hout Bay, C. 071 6021908, contact@redroomart., Rose Korber Art Selected work available by leading contemporary artists. William Kentridge, Gavin Younge, Robert Slingsby, Deborah Bell & Claudette Schreuders, T. 021 4330957, C. 082 7816144, Gardens,, www.rosekorberart. com Rust-en-Vrede Gallery Chris Denovan Solo Breaking the Mould, In Chris Denovan’s upcoming solo exhibition “Breaking the Mould” he attempts to create a new layer of depth in his work by painting individuals whom he is inspired or fascinated by on plexiglass, 23/08/2016 till 21/09/2016, Gretchen van der Byl-Lysis, Gretchen van der Byl presents a new body of oil paintings in her upcoming solo exhibition titled “Lysis” in Salon C, 23/08/2016 till 21/09/2016, Rust-en-Vrede Clay Museum Hand Warmers, 19/07/2016 till 17/08/2016, Durbanville, T. 021 9764691, rustenvrede@telkomsa. net, S Art Thonton Kabeya - Eria Sane - Henry Mzili - Robert Slingsby - Khehla Chepape Makgato Stanislaw Trzebinski - Adriaan Diedericks - Janko De Beer - Sara Gaqa - Nasser N.Zadeh - Vincent Osemwegie - Bastaan von Stenis - Michael Selekane - Dario Manjate - Paa Joe - Lioda Conrad - Restone Maambo and more., Hout Bay, C. 076 712 5240,,

South African Print Gallery Woodstock: Dealers in Fine Art Investment Prints Main Gallery: 100 Years Of Fine Art Printmaking Artist: Rupert Sheperd Title: Portrait of Ruth Prowse Medium: Lithograph Price: R 8 390

Annex: Joshua Miles “Overberg In Print” Opens 27 July - 7 September Artist: Joshua Miles Title: Werk Toe Medium: Reduction Linocut Price: R 9 600

South African Society of Artists SASA was founded to cater specifically to the practicing artist. We hold four exhibitions annually. Cape Town Central T. 021 6718941 StateoftheART Gallery Animalium Magicis, A solo exhibition of works by Johannesburg artist Sally Rumball in which she explores the magic and enchantment of animals using folklore, mythology and aspects of spiritualism and religion as her well, 04/08/2016 till 20/08/2016, Central City, T. 021 8014710,, www.


The Cape Gallery Wildlife: Adventure and Narrative, The annual Wildlife Exhibition allows artists to display their admiration for the beauty and diversity of the natural world, capturing the intense action or intimate interactions. While many artists have a more traditional, naturalistic approach, other works are more playful and anthropomorphic, 24/07/2016 till 27/08/2016, Cape Town, T. 021 4235309, web@, The Framing Place Conservation framing, framing of art, Block mounting and Block frames.Observatory. T. 021 UCT Irma Stern Museum Sewing Paradise, A celebration of the contribution women make to the world through their creative talents. The show will feature Manina Buamann’s magnificent collection of hand-embroidered Uzbek suzanis as well as artworks created in response to these Central Asian textiles. Curated by Michael Chandler, 02/07/2016 till 30/07/2016, Rosebank, T. 021 6855686,, www.

The Bidge by Wilna van der Walt Wilna Van Der Walt Art Gallery My work is centered on the symbolical journey and I work by way of active imagination. My work is inspired by dream images as well as reality and include landscapes and African themes. Wilna Van Der Walt Art Gallery, 41 Fontein Str. Darling Cell: 063 658 0306

Franschhoek Atelier at 1 unie Introduction to versatility, Private ongoing viewing of Contemporary fine art and sculpture by Johannes du Plessis at his studio, by appointment, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764382, johannes.dup@, Art in the Yard Showcasing superb and unique artworks from local and International artists. All mediums of painting, and a strong collection of sculpture. Open Monday to Sunday 9.30am to 5.30pm Franschhoek, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764280,, EBONY /Curated Winter Exhibition, Artworks by Patrick Bongoy, Hugh Byrne, Andrew Barlow, Sam Nhelengetwha, Matete Mathibele Motubatse, Jan Sinclair and the usual mix of Ceramics and Design, Franschhoek, T. 021 8764477, info@ebonycurated. com, IS Art “Strata” Jeannette Unite and Isabel Mertz An exhibition of painting and sculpture, exploring and investigating the earth, the apparatus that we use to measure, divide, observe and map, 17/07/2016 till 31/08/2016, 11 Huguenot Street, Franshchoek, T. 021 8762071,, www.facebook. com/Is-Art-Franschhoek-147031572033399/ The Gallery at Grande Provence Sam Allerton, New artist at the gallery, Ongoing, Franschhoek, T. 021 8768630,, www.

Wall Art Gallery Showing a selection of iconic South African artists who shaped a new pictorial language for South African artist expression. V&A Waterfront, T. 021 4181953,, www.wallsaart. WHATIFTHEWORLD Braids, Paul Edmunds, 22/06/2016 till 20/09/2016, Binding Forms, Mia Chaplin, 22/06/2016 till 20/09/2016, If Found Return to Africadia, Siwa Mgoboza, 22/06/2016 till 20/09/2016, Woodstock, T. 021 447 2376,, www.

GALLERY DISPLAY BLOCK Call 021 424 7733 or email

The La Motte Museum Offers a cultural-historical experience featuring the estate’s history and architecture. Current exhibitions: Heritage collection of old South African master, JH Pierneef and contemporary exhibition. Thoughtful Journey – a celebration of female artists. Experiences: Historic Walk – Wednesdays & Sculpture Walk – Thursdays (10am – 11am bookings essential) T 021 876 8850, E museum@,




Battiss, Walter Whall The Flower Picker

Contact Graham’s Fine Art Gallery to sell or get a free valuation on the finest quality South African art. With over 27 year’s experience in South African Master’s specifically, we obtain top prices for: Irma Stern Alexis Preller JH Pierneef William Kentridge Maggie Laubser Gerard Sekoto GRAHAM’S FINE ART GALLERY AT Battiss THE Stanley Pinker Maude Sumner Walter Robert Hodgins Pieter Wenning Pieter Hugo Naudé 68 on Hobart, Block A corner William Nicol Drive and Dover Road (entrance off Hobart Road), Bryanston

Detail: Justus Jager, 00447 ‘Shady transaction 2’ (Blindes geschäft 2), 260 x 50, 190 x 160, 70 x 160 (260 x 210, 3 parts), Oil on canvas, 2012-2014

Graham: +27 83 605 5000 68 on Hobart, Block A corner William Nicol Drive and Dover Road (entrance off Hobart Road), Bryanston Graham: +27 83 605 5000 Gallery: +27 11 463 7869 Email:


Makiwa Gallery 1 Place Vendome, Winter Calidescope of Art & Colour, For discerning Art Collectors of Fine South African Art. Owned by renowned Artist, Makiwa Mutomba, also showcasing other respected SA Artists e.g. Anton Gericke, Brendan Broedelet, Frederike Stokhuyzen, Marlien van Heerden, Sarah Richards, Shaune Rogatschnig & Tony De Freitas. Open Mon-Sun 9:30-5:30, 01/08/2016 till 31/08/2016, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762600,, www. Makiwa Gallery 2 Pick ’n Pay Daily, Winter Calidescope of Art & Colour 2, For discerning Art Collectors of Fine South African Art. Owned by renowned Artist, Makiwa Mutomba, also showcasing other respected SA Artists e.g. Anton Gericke, Brendan Broedelet, Frederike Stokhuyzen, Marlien van Heerden, Sarah Richards, Shaune Rogatschnig & Tony De Freitas. Open Mon-Sun 9:30-5:30, 01/07/2016 till 30/08/2016Art, Franschhoek, T. 021 8762609,, Moór Gallery Ephemeral Pleasures - Group Exhibition, Ephemeral is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. The experience of pleasure is subjective and different individuals will experience different kinds and amounts of pleasure in the same situation. The exhibition explore these fleeting moments in time, 27/08/2016 till 18/09/2016, Franschhoek, C. 082 6555308, www.

South African Print Gallery Franschhoek: Theo Paul Vorster “Playland” 23 July - 21 August Artist: Theo Paul Vorster Title: Whatever Floats Your Boat Medium: Linocut Price: R 4 000

George Crouse Art Gallery Art dealers, Old MastersAdriaan Boshoff, WH Coetzer, Gregoire Boonzaaier, Irman Henkel, Hugo Naude Bronzes- Llwelyn Davies, Kobus Hatting, Investments - Anton Benzon, Christiaan Nice, Hennie Niemann, Ina van Schalkwyk, Marie Vermeulen Breedt, Michael Heyns, Daily 9am to 5pm, George Eden Meander Shop 31, T. 044 8870361, suzette@crouseart., Wonki War Di Marshall pottery. South African Dinnerware and Table Accessories. George T. 044 8841883, www.wonkiware. Cape Palette Artist Studio Exhibition of prominent contemporary South African Artists, Hennie Meyer, Clare Menck, Doris Brand, Ig Terblanche, Philip Denn, Peter Delany, Leanette Botha , Fiona Rowett, Derric van Rensburg , Guy Thesen, Anne de Goede , Marinda Combrinck , Wendy Mc Kay, Andrew Owen, Ian Tainton, to name a few, Heather Park George, T. 044 8708751,, www.

Great Brak River

Plettenberg Bay


Art@39Long Trendy boutique gallery on the Garden Route. Beautiful selection of art and craft on trend with national and international movements. Can also be used as a venue for special occasions, Great Brak River, C. 082 5763338, artat39long@, Gallery on 103 This Boutique “Gallery on 103”, welcome you to a vibrant and inspiring space in the heart of Great Brak River. A selection of Mandalas in pointillism, papermache, sculptures, quirky wire and stone work. Regular temporary art exhibitions by other artists. Wednesday’s 10:00 - 15:00 or appointment. Great Brak River, T. 044 6203144,, www.

Old Nick Village A sensory shopping experience presenting fine art and the creative work of many of the best artists, crafters and creative manufacturers of Southern Africa, curated in a number of independent galleries and shops and housed in a 19thcentury Cape farm complex. Plettenberg Bay T. 044 5331395, www.

Art at Tokara Watch this Space, A brief pause in our exhibitions until August/Sept while our exhibition space gets a new look. Watch this space!, 01/06/2016 till 01/08/2016, Crest of the Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch, T. 011 7880820, julia@juliameintjes., Oude Libertas Gallery The art gallery hosts the Afrigami Project with a permanent Art Installation called Reflections. Stellenbosch - c/o Adam Tas and Libertas Roads. T. 021 8098412, oudelibertasgallery1@gmail. com, Palette Fine Art Gallery Palette Art Gallery specializes in bronzes and paintings from local artists, Lydia da Silva, Tony da Silva, Mariette van Velden, Claudia Meyer, Tay Dall, Carol Norvall, Ruth Brunskill, Winnie Eaton, Vicky Sanders, Leon Muller, James Cook, Wendu du Plessis, Carla Mulder, Carol Bradley, Jana Neethling, & Winnie Eaton, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8550908,, www. Rupert Museum Current Exhibitions, Showing a selection of 20th century South African and international artworks. On view are works by Irma Stern, Maggie Laubser, Jean Welz, Cecil Higgs and the Pierneef Station Panels, as well as contemporary artworks by Penny Siopis, William Kentridge, Stanley Pinker and Willie Bester to name a few, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8883344,, www. SMAC Art Gallery Instruments of Memory, A solo exhibition by Masimba Hwati, 20/08/2016 till 01/10/2016, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8873607, info@, Stellenbosch Art Gallery Hennie Niemann Snr. Solo Exhibition & Book Launch, Ongoing, Stellenbosch, T. 021 887 8343,, www.

Prince Albert Prince Albert Gallery The Prince Albert Gallery exhibits the works of a wide variety of South African artists specialising in painting, etching and ceramic art. Prince Albert, T. 023 5411057, karoogallery@,

Hermanus Abalone Gallery Reflections, Christoff Barnard, Alta Botha, Lien Botha, Nel Erasmus, Elzaby Laubscher, Judith Mason, Lynette ten Krooden, Louis van Heerden, Jeanette Unite, Kristin Yang, 05/08/2016 till 05/09/2016, Hermanus, T. 028 3132935,, www. Rossouw Modern Winter Break, We will be open through winter with a short break between 18 - 28 July. New Jono Dry, Ruan Huisamen and Frans Mulder drawings. Please note our Telkom line no longer operates. New number follows, Ongoing, Hermanus, C. 072 7552033, info@, Rossouw Modern SPACE Winter Show, Collection of latest charcoal and mixed media drawings by new addition Henk Serfontein, Ongoing, Hermanus, C. 083 2288651,, Walker Bay Art Gallery Walter Battiss & Norman Catherine Exhibition, 10/06/2016 till 19/06/2016, Hermanus, T. 028 3122928,, www.

Knysna Knysna Fine Art Winter Exhibition, Lucinda Mudge, Phillemon Hlungwani, Lionel Smit and Colbert Mashile, 15/07/2016 till 30/08/2016, Knysna, T. 044 3825107,,

South African Print Gallery: Prince Albert A Selection of South African Prints Artist: Chris Diedericks Title: Medicine Man (Redux) Medium: Screen Print Price: R 10 400

Riebeek Kasteel Riebeek Kasteel - The Gallery Solo Studios: Intimate Art Encounters, A unique opportunity to visit local artsits in their personal workspaces for one weekend only, 29/07/2016 till 31/07/2016, Riebeek Kasteel, C. 083 6533697, astridmcleod@,

Somerset West

Langebaan Bay Gallery Art in the Heart of Langebaan, Marra Sq., New, exciting artwork by Lynne Menge, Michele Batchelder, Thea Darlow, Antonia Velissariou, Sandy Esau, George Meyer, Joan Schrauwen, D’Leo, Melanie du Toit, Marie Prinsloo, Aletia, Marina Clunie, Gerda Claassen, Ronnie Biccard to name a few, Langebaan, C. 073 3048744, baygallery@, The Art Square Studio/Gallery The art square offers a creative and social platform where the artist and public can meet. Solo exhibitions every last Thursday of the month. West Coast hospitalityeveryone welcome, Langebaan, C. 082 8538187,,

Paarl Hout Street Gallery Specialising in paintings and fine art by more than thirty SA artists. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm; Saturday 8.30am to 1pm and Sunday by appointment only Paarl. T. 021 8725030 zetler@

Teresa Decinti Fine Art Gallery Contact: 082 432 5188 Facebook: Teresa Decinti Fine Art Gallery Eikehoff Church Street Stellenbosch website:

Imibala Gallery ‘Colours and Clay’: Andile Dyalvani, Catherine Brennon, Cathy Layzell, Clementina van der Walt, David Kuijers, David Walters, Frank van Reenen, Gabriella Raaff, Gerhard van Eck, Hennie Meyer, Hugh Byrne, Janie Siebert, John Bauer, Karlien de Villiers, Lisa Firer, Mark Chapman, Mary Visser, Peter van Straten, Ralph Johnson, Sarah Walters, Strijdom van der Merwe, Tracy Payne, William Sweetlove or 021 852 2411

Vincent da Silva Studio Somerset West, C. 074 1724359,, www. Stellenbosch

US Museum Nomusa Makhubu - Intertwined 2005 - 2015, 10/05/2016 till 30/07/2016, Stellenbosch, T. 021 8083695,,

Tulbagh Saronsberg Cellar Saronsberg Private Collection, A permanent exhibition of contemporary South African art that suggests an underlying respect for creative expression and unconventional thinking. Artists include Paul du Toit, Angus Taylor, Colbert Mashile, Diane Victor and Walter B attiss, Tulbagh, T.023 2300707,, www.





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OPENING OF BONA FIDES AT JAN ROYCE GALLERY 1 Australian cellist James Clark 2 Top Billing TV Director Lars Schwinges & American recording artist Branden James


3 A selfie being taken in front of Loyiso Mkize’s The Traveler 4 Alice Womersley with participating artist Sepideh Mehraban, in front of her work 5 Guest curator Andrew Lamprecht with participating artist Jeannette Unite in front of her work 6 Loyiso Mkize discussing his work


Photos: Paula Schreuder

7 Maik Kobald and Juliette Welham 8 Juliette Welham, Paula Schreuder and Dani Bakkes




TURBINE ART FAIR 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Elizabeth Wright & Jenna Burchell Skye Forrester & Wes Langridge Kim-Lee Loggenberg, Noma Ngwenya, Phumi Kunene (David Krut Projects) Lynn & Leigh Murray, Gus, Alexa & Rori Parkins Kondwani Chumba, Lena Chirwa, Candice Chirwa Elmarie, Jocelyn, Cailyn & Taygen Ingram Bulelwa & Masopha Moshoeshoe

at the Strauss & Co/Conde Nast House & Garden booth 16 17 18 19

Peter and Mariette Theron, Marion Dixon, Susie Goodman, Jackie Murray Rose Buckland & Serena Crawford Wilhelm van Rensburg (Strauss & Co) & Steven Sack (Origins Centre) Jackie Murray, Susie Goodman, Nicola & Fab Genovese, Carla Taljaard (Cool Capital)



SA Art Auction Sizzlers

LOT TO WATCH |rma Stern (SA, 18941966), Zanzibar Arab, 1945, signed ‘Irma Stern 1945’ (upper right), oil on canvas, 55.5 x 65cm (21 7/8 x 25 HIGHLIGHT | William Kentridge, 9/16in). Untitled (from Deluge Series), charcoal Estimate: £ 800 000 – 1 200 000 and pastel on paper, signed and dated 90. 119 x 83 cm


14 September 2016 101 New Bond Street London, W1S 1SR Tel: +44 20 7468 8213 email: More info:

ASPIRE ART AUCTIONS | JOHANNESBURG 31 October 2016 The Park on 7, Hyde Park Corner Jan Smuts Av & William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park Tel: 071 675 2991 email: More info:

RUSSELL KAPLAN AUCTIONEERS | JOHANNESBURG 10 September 2016 Russell Kaplan Auctioneers Corner Garden & Allan Roads, Bordeaux Tel: 011 789 7422 email: More info:

RESULT | Fernand Allard l’Olivier (BELGIAN, 1883-1933), Mantwiela, signed and inscribed with the title, oil on panel, 34 x 25,5cm excluding frame; 58 x 50 x 5cm including frame. Estimated at R10 000 – 15 000, this painting sold for R111 245 on Strauss & Co’s online auction (8 - 18 July 2016).

STRAUSS & CO. | CAPE TOWN 10 October 2016 Vineyard Hotel, Colinton Rd Newlands, Cape Town Tel: 021 683 6560 email: More info:

ASHBEYS GALLERIES | CAPE TOWN 11 August 2016 Ashbey’s Galleries 43 Church Street Cape Town Tel: 021 423 8060 email: email: More info:

STEPHAN WELZ & CO. | JOHANNESBURG 30 – 31 August 2016 Stephan Welz & Co. 4th Floor, South Tower Nelson Mandela Square, Cnr Rivonia Rd & 5th Street, Sandton Tel: 011 880 3125 | email: jhb@ More info:

Results, highlights and lots to watch

RESULT | Alexis Preller (SA, 1911 1975), The Constellation, signed & dated 65, oil, Item 121 of Alexis Preller Retrospective - Pretoria Art Museum HIGHLIGHT | Louis Jansen van Vuuren 1972, 91 x 101. Sold for R436 800 by (SA, 1949 -), Still Life with flowers and 5th Avenue Auctioneers (17 July 2016). Peaches, 0il on canvas. Estimate: R20 000 - 30 000

5TH AVENUE AUCTIONEERS | PROVENANCE AUCTION JOHANNESBURG HOUSE | CAPE TOWN 21 August 2016 5th Avenue Auctioneers 404 Jan Smuts Ave Craighall Park, Johannesburg Tel: 011 781 2040 email:

10 August 2016 Provenance Auction House 6-8 Vrede Street, Cape Town Tel: 021 461 8009 email More info:


SA Puppet Mastery & Irma Sterns at Bonhams BONHAMS | LONDON Original puppets from the smash-hit play, War Horse – Joey, Topthorn, the Goose and a pair of crows – will all head to Bonhams in London on 13 September 2016, to be sold at an evening charity auction in aid of the Handspring Trust. The Victoria and Albert Museum was the first to acquire one of these magnificent puppets in 2013. In all eight sets were made, of which three are being preserved for future productions. Being one of five remaining sets, this set will be signed and numbered 1/5 by Adrian Kohler, Handspring’s Master Puppeteer. War Horse, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, is the most successful play ever mounted by the Royal National Theatre of London. During its eight-year run in London’s West End and tour to 11 countries around the world, War Horse was seen by more than seven million people worldwide.

“War Horse captured hearts round the world including famously that of H.M. The Queen. This is a one-off opportunity to acquire a piece of theatrical legend and benefit a great cause.” - Bonhams Director of African Art, Giles Peppiatt The puppets, which are central to the success of the play, were designed and made in South Africa by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of Handspring Puppet Company, assisted by an array of highly creative artisans employed by the company between 2010 and 2014. Each set of puppets for War Horse took eight months to create and are made of cane, 14

leather and tyvec (a material used in book-binding). The torsos are reinforced with aluminium and strong enough to carry a rider. Handspring Trust was founded by Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of Handspring Puppet Company and is, in its own words, “a not-for-profit organization seeking to inspire creativity, commitment and innovation towards new puppet theatre arts”. The charity auction evening will be sponsored by Investec the international banking and asset management group. Two of Irma Stern’s most vibrant and important paintings; Zanzibar Arab (1945) and Watussi Dancers (1944?) are among the major works in Bonhams South African Art sale in London on September 14. Both are estimated at £800,0001,200,000. Watussi Dancers was painted in the mid-1940s and reflects the extensive travels which the restless South Africa artist had made to Zanzibar and the region of the African Great Lakes during this period. It was in the Congo that Stern encountered the Tutsi people whose elegance and grace she captured in Watussi Dancers. Zanzibar Arab was painted in Zanzibar in 1945, it was also reproduced in the artist’s book ZANZIBAR where the artist illustrated her best works from this tour. The world record painting by Irma Stern “Arab Priest” that achieved £3.1 million at Bonhams recently was also illustrated in this publication. Both paintings are framed in Stern’s beloved Zanzibar frames, crafted from sections of wooden

Zanzibar doorways that remain to this day one of the enduring features of the island.

“The paintings we are offering in September demonstrate the depth of [Irma Stern’s] talent and the breadth of her boundless artistic curiosity.” - Bonhams Director of African Art, Giles Peppiatt Other works by Stern in the sale include Still Life with Red Flowering Gum, estimated at £200,000300,000 and Congo Women, estimated at £150,000-200,000. A particularly interesting work is Mediterranean Coastal Town. Stern never forgot her European roots. Her parents were German Jews who settled in South Africa in the 19th century and her formative years as an artist were spent in Germany during and immediately after the First World War. Her studies under the Expressionist painter Max Pechstein at the Berlin Academy set the course for the rest of her career. She also enjoyed great critical and commercial success in Europe to where she returned regularly throughout her life. Mediterranean Coastal Town, estimated at £80,000-120,000, is the result of a visit she made in the very early 1960s, a few years before her death in 1966. Bonhams has sold eight of the top 10 paintings by Irma Stern bought at auction including the world record Arab Priest, sold for £3,044,000 in 2011 and Bahora Girl, sold for £2,419,600 in 2010. Original puppets, including the protagonist Joey (foreground), from the smash-hit production of War Horse.


Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on at Welgemeend? August-September 2016

Alexis Preller, Egrets R150 000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 200 000 To be sold in Cape Town on 10 October 2016

Art Valuation Days

Art Conversations Exhibition

with Strauss & Co Specialists

Selected works from the Kilbourn Collection

Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August

Friday 5 August to Friday 2 September

We are currently sourcing South African and International Art for inclusion in our forthcoming auctions.

Viewing by appointment: Helena Le Roux 082 461 9753

For an appointment: 021 683 6560 R20 per item, maximum of 5 items per person.

Entrance fee: R30 (public), R5 (scholars), R50 (guided tour)

Welgemeend, Corner Welgemeend Road/Lingen Street, Gardens Proceeds in aid of the restoration and preservation of Welgemeend and the Boerneef Art Collection



Art Conversations A Tribute to Stephan Welz at Welgemeend STRAUSS & CO. | CAPE TOWN

Cecil Edwin Frans Skotnes, Mythical Figures, signed, carved, incised & painted Woodpanel, 122 x 121 cm

The illustrious Cape Town manor home of Welgemeend, an estate founded on the slopes of Table Valley in 1693 and declared a monument in 1944, will once again open its doors for a monthlong winter exhibition of important South African art (5 August – 2 September 2016). The exhibition will showcase a selection of works drawn from two important private collections: Welgemeend’s historical collection of earlier 20th-century masterpieces assembled by the much-loved Afrikaans poet and scholar Izak Wilhelmus “Boerneef” van der Merwe, and works from businessman and newly appointed Strauss & Co chairman Frank Kilbourn and his wife Lizelle’s collection of modern and contemporary South African art. It is the third time that the Kilbourns, passionate art collectors of thirty years, will showcase a sampling of their holding of over 1000 pieces in this classic Cape setting. Their association with Welgemeend is longstanding and goes back to Frank’s time as chairman of Jan van Riebeeck Primary School’s governing board. “I thought it was just the most absolutely beautiful place,” says Kilbourn, who soon came to recognise Welgemeend’s untapped potential as a way to familiarise a younger public with art when he attended a charity auction at the historical home. That auction was overseen by Stephan Welz, the esteemed head auctioneer and managing director of Strauss & Co who passed away in late 2015. Welz and Kilbourn shared much in common when it came to art and culture – a rich conversation ensued. “Between Stephan and I, we came up with the idea of putting on this charity exhibition showing some of my collection in a loosely curated fashion,” explains Kilbourn. “This is the third time I’m doing it, although 12

George Milwa Mnyaluza Pemba, The Dice Players, signed & dated 68, inscribed with the title on the reverse. On the reverse: R30 original cost, oil on canvas, 35 x 45 cm (Strauss & Co, Johannesburg Auction, Lot 81 Part II, 07 September 2009)

unfortunately this year without Stephan.” By way of a tribute to Welz, Kilbourn will speak about his friend and fellow art-lover Welz at a fundraiser dinner being hosted at Welgemeend on 4 August. The auctioneer’s widow, Carmen Welz, as well as art critic and consultant Amanda Botha, will join Kilbourn in offering convivial remembrances. Proceeds from the fundraiser dinner, which kicks-off the month-long exhibition and education programme aimed at school learners, will benefit Welgemeend and its remarkable Boerneef Collection. “Boerneef is such a fantastic example of someone who collected art very passionately and with great dedication, but with limited means,” says Kilbourn. A teacher at the University of Cape Town for four decades, Boerneef eschewed cars and never travelled abroad, devoting himself entirely to his books and art. “The depth of his collection is inspirational,” says Kilbourn. The Boerneef Collection includes works by Irma Stern, Maggie Laubser, Cecil Higgs, Jean Welz, JH Pierneef and Alexis Preller, among others. The Frank and Lizelle Kilbourn Collection also includes works by Stern and Pierneef, as well as key paintings by Walter Battiss and Robert Hodgins. Frank Kilbourn shares a geographical connection with Stern. Kilbourn hails from maize country: he was born in Ventersdorp in North-West Province, which, he points out, is some 200km north-east of Stern’s birthplace in Schweizer-Reneke. The Kilbourn Collection also includes many works produced after 2000, notably contemporary paintings by Georgina Gratrix, Zander Blom and Khaya Witbooi, and photographic works by Robin Rhode. Kilbourn’s involvement with Strauss & Co comes at a time of remarkable interest in South African contemporary art globally, which is matched by

growing competition in the auction marketplace. Strauss & Co has been quick to respond to these changes. Kilbourn takes over as chairman from businesswoman and collector Elizabeth Bradley, who retired earlier this year. Shortly before his passing in 2015, Welz personally welcomed the understated collector and publisher Caro Wiese as a member of the board of Strauss & Co. Her tastes and cultural affiliations are strongly aligned with those of the Kilbourns. Wiese is a co-host of the fundraiser dinner together with Frank and Lizelle Kilbourn, The Friends of Welgemeend, Strauss & Co and Delaire Graff Estate. Commenting on the vibrant mood currently distinguishing the South African auction market, Kilbourn says: “I recognise the importance for investors to have liquidity in the market, which is what auction houses enable. South African art will continue to be well served by a really professional auction firm like Strauss & Co. My new involvement with the company is a continuation and deepening of my love for art.” Art Conversations: A Tribute to Stephan Welz takes place at Welgemeend on 4 August at 6.30pm. To book a table contact Helena le Roux on 082 4619753. Art Valuation Days at Welgemeend, with Strauss & Co Specialists Friday 5 and Saturday 6 August - R20 per item, maximum of 5 items per person . For an appointment: 021 683 6560 Proceeds in aid of the restoration and conservation of Welgemeend and the Boerneef Art Collection SA BUSINESS ART | AUGUST 2016


South African Artists Abroad Paintings by Deborah Poynton are included in Der Feine Riss: Zeitgenössische Malerei auf dem Historischen Feld (The Subtle Rift: Contemporary Painting in the Historical Frame) at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin (now, until 4 September 2016).

ACHIEVEMENTS: Clive van den Berg has been named the recipient of a Rockefeller Foundation residency at the Bellagio Center on Lake Como, Italy. The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Program offers academics, artists, thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners an opportunity to pursue focused, goal-oriented work, and the unparalleled opportunity to establish new connections with fellow residents from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies. The Foundation’s Bellagio Residency Program supports the generation of important new knowledge addressing complex world issues facing, and innovative new works of art that engage with global and social issues. Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin have been named professors of photography at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany. They will take up the position in October alongside a faculty that includes Thomas Demand, Wim Wenders, and Matt Mullican as fellow professors. HFBK enjoys an illustrious past – previous notable faculty and students at the academy include Joseph Beuys and Sigmar Polke; Martin Kippenberger and Rebecca Horn – and will celebrate its 250-year birthday next year. Pieter Hugo has collaborated with New York fashion label Hood By Air on a series of photographs featuring the Gully Queens of Kingston, Jamaica. The resulting publication was launched at Dashwood Books, New York, and is now available from their online shop.

San Francesco, Cuneo, Italy (now, until 28 August, 2016). The group show fills all the space inside the deconsecrated Church of San Francesco and, with works by 30 artists from different generations and different parts of the world, it illustrates the various ways in which video can be used as a narrative image-based tool. The show includes work by Marina Abramovic, Valie Export, Douglas Gordon, Ana Mendieta, Bill Viola and others. Cameron Platter is exhibiting a new body of work at Depart Foundation in Los Angeles (until 24 September 2016). U-SAVED-ME is Platter’s first solo exhibition in the United States, featuring work made over a two-year period. Comprising video, sound, sculpture, tapestry, and drawings, the works in the exhibition cohere to form an immersive installation that captures the artist’s eclectic and multidisciplinary approach to research and art making. Moshekwa Langa is included in the Biennial of Painting: Yoknapatawpha, at the Museum of Deinze and the Leie Region, Belgium (now, until 25 September 2016). The exhibition brings together modern and contemporary painting and highlights the desire for the unknown and exotic versus the certainty of their local environment.

Minnette Vári currently has work on The Incantation of the Disquieting Muse: On Divinity, Supra-Realities or the Exorcisement of Witchery at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin. The exhibition deliberates around concepts of the supranatural beyond Western misconceptions – through an exhibition, performances, lectures, and other invocations. The project looks at how ‘witchery’ phenomena and practices manifest themselves within cultural, economical, political, religious and scientific spaces in Africa and beyond. The project is curated by Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, presented by SAVVY Contemporary and the GoetheInstitut South Africa (now, until 7 August 2016). Sue Williamson’s work appears on Lucy’s Iris at Musée départemental d’art contemporain de Rochechouart, France (now, until 15 December). Twenty artists show Africa from various perspectives, looking at the role of women on the continent, addressing issues such as the environment, memory, colonial history or identity. Work by Lisa Brice features on Making & Unmaking, curated by Duro Olowu from (now, until 18 September 2016) at the Camden Art Centre, London. Olowu is a celebrated fashion designer and curator. His exhibition brings together works by more than 60 international and UK-based artists working in diverse media, placing antique West African textiles and Bauhaus tapestries amongst contemporary works and new commissions. Artists featured range from Louise Bourgeois to Lisa Brice Isaac Julien, Yinka Shonibare MBE and Malick Sidibé.

Top left: Deborah Poynton, Morality Play II, 2008, oil on canvas, 250 x 200cm. Image courtesy of STEVENSON Cape Town and Johannesburg; and the artist

Top right: Pieter Hugo / Hood By Air collaboration.

Candice Breitz’s work features on the exhibition A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift at QAGOMA / Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (now, until 17 April 2017).

Image courtesy of Dashwood Books

Below left: Still from Cameron Platter’s U-SAVED-ME exhibition. Image courtesy of Autre

Below right: Lisa Brice, Untitled, 2016. Courtesy of the artist Lisa Brice. Photo: Noah Da Costa

EXHIBITIONS: Pieter Hugo is the In Focus artist as part of the 2015 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition. The show opened at the National Portrait Gallery in London and is now at Edinburgh’s Scottish National Portrait Gallery (until 2 October 2016). Hugo also has a solo show, Thirteen Works, at the Gallery of Photography, Ireland (now, until 21 August 2016). Work by Candice Breitz, Alfredo Jaar and William Kentridge features on the group exhibition Moving Tales: Video from the La Gaia Collection at Chiesa di

Diane Victor (b.1964, South Africa), Family Matters, candle smoke on paper, signed, 98.5 x 151 cm




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Catalogued Auction Sales of: South African and International Paintings, Silver, Porcelain, Antique Furniture, Bronze Sculptures, Persian Carpets, Rugs & Other Works of Art and Collectables





George Pemba, Oil on board

SOLD R 145 000

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upcoming auction dates 10 Sep & 22 Oct 2016

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Barbara Pitt From Aero Girl to Art Educator

2009: Barbara Pitt in London (2009)

Aero girl: Anthony Devas, Art Student, c. 1951, Oil on canvas, 14x10 inches. By permission of Nestle UK & Ireland. By permission of Nestle UK & Ireland.

The following is a series of excerpts from Hayden Proud’s original text: Barbara Pitt, who died on June 26, was a committed teacher who had the real gift of transforming lives, irrespective of age or origin. In Cape Town her name will always be synonymous with that of the Foundation School of Art, an independent institution that she presided over for some twenty years in the city’s ‘bohemian’ suburb of Observatory. It was not the first art school that she established; teaching was always in her blood, and in her earlier life in the UK and Johannesburg she embarked on several similar initiatives. However, it was her Foundation School that became her defining venture. It reflected her generous, unconventional and inimitable personality, providing a space for ‘everyman’ to encounter the visual arts through hands-on practice and classes in art appreciation. For Pitt, drawing was the ‘foundation’ of all art; hence her choice of this name. The School was an integral part of the cultural landscape of ramshackle and ‘alternative’ ‘Obs’, reflecting much of its offbeat, cosmopolitan and multicultural character. Despite a number of relocations it remained tied to, and integral to the identity of its suburb… Pitt grew up in a working class family. The eminence of her surname often used to prompt her joke that she ‘was descended from William Pitt’, Britain’s youngest-ever Prime Minister, ‘on the wrong side of the blanket’. One of seven siblings, she was educated at Eltham Hill Grammar School where her South East London or ‘Thames estuary’ accent was polished to a point which even her ambitious mother 8

criticised as being ‘too posh’. Her mother also firmly opposed her decision to go to art school because she had higher ambitions for her. Pitt was nevertheless determined and was accepted to study for a four-year Art Teacher’s diploma (ATD) at Goldsmiths College. She stayed the course there from 1948 to 1952, with a tiny grant to cover her art material costs. As a student, she lived in near-penury. Surviving ‘on tea and buns’, she even became malnourished and ill. It was only by taking temporary and part-time jobs of many different kinds that she was able to get by. In her second year at Goldsmiths, Pitt began to act as a part-time, paid model for the society portraitist Anthony Devas (1911-1958). She became the subject of several of his more informal, sensitive and introspective paintings over a few years, including one painted when she was newly married and pregnant. At the time of her first sittings for Devas, he received a generous commission to paint a large series of portraits of beautiful young women, later to be known as the ‘Aero Girls’. These portraits were to feature in successive print advertisements for Aero chocolate in the popular British press… At Goldsmiths itself, Pitt rubbed shoulders with some subsequently famous personalities. She was in the same class as the young Bridget Riley (later to become Britain’s definitive Op Artist), who was also then training to become an art teacher. At one stage, Sam Rabin, then lecturing at Goldsmiths, singled out both Pitt and Riley for their special drawing abilities. Mary Quant, the famous fashion designer, was another co-student, as was our own Robert Hodgins (1920-2010), then studying

Aero advert: The original Aero advert featuring Anthony Devas’ portrait of Barbara Pitt

as a mature student on a grant after his wartime service, prior to his return to South Africa. Another acquaintance with whom she enjoyed an obvious rapport in view of their mutual experience as artists’ models, was the outrageously camp Quentin Crisp (1908-1999). For several decades Crisp worked as a professional artists’ model in several London art schools such as St Martin’s and Goldsmiths. His best-selling memoirs, which appeared as The Naked Civil Servant in 1968, always had a special place on Pitt’s bookshelf. Another student friendship that she nurtured was with Tom Keating (1917-1984), the highly controversial art forger who duped many a serious art dealer and collector… Read the full story on, under SA Art. Barbara Pitt Ryan, art educator and designer, born London 14 December 1932; died Cape Town 26 June 2016. She is survived by her daughters Scarlett and Vivien in the United Kingdom. Hayden Proud is a Senior Curator at the Iziko SA National Gallery. He taught Art History and painting at the Foundation School of Art on a part-time basis in the 1980s and early 1990s. SA BUSINESS ART | AUGUST 2016

Hannah O’Leary joined Bonhams, London in 2006, where she helped pioneer international auctions of both South African Art and Modern & Contemporary African Art. Her first auction as Head of Department totaled over £8.7million and remains the highest grossing sale of South African Art ever held (2010). O’Leary was also instrumental in obtaining world record prices for major South African artists, including Irma Stern, Vladimir Tretchikoff, J.H. Pierneef, Alexis Preller, and Gerard Sekoto. She was recently appointed Sotheby’s Head of Modern and Contemporary African Art and is currently in the process of orchestrating the house’s first African art auction.

represent the avant-garde. Artists from Africa should be included within international, historical discourse, and I am delighted to see the major institutions start to address this within their permanent collections. We intend to do likewise within the secondary art market, to identify those ‘blue chip’ African artists who will stand the test of time. In light of your success in garnering record sales for SA art, is there a specific approach that works for you? There are so many South African artists whose work is currently undervalued at auction: Dumile Feni,

Ernest Mancoba and Edoardo Villa, to name just a few. So I hope to see their records tumble several times over the next few years. It is my job to know all the collectors and understand what they want, and to source museum-quality works that are fresh to the market. The beauty of an auction is that prices and records are decided by bidders competing in the saleroom - we simply set the stage! Thank you for sharing your perspective with us. We will watch with interest as Sotheby’s becomes established in the South African art industry.

Hi Hannah. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Your history in the auction industry is quite phenomenal. How did it all begin? 10 years ago I was working as a cataloguer in the Topographical pictures department at Bonhams, which is a sale category traditionally consisting of 19th century paintings by British and European artists working outside of Europe - think Thomas Baines or Thomas Bowler. However, we would occasionally include more modern pictures including works by South African artists. They were selling for increasingly large amounts so we decided to hold a South African Sale in early 2007, which was a huge success, and we never looked back. We put together two South African Sales every year and added auctions of pan-African art from 2009. This was a market I could really get behind. I came from a background in modern and contemporary art, and South African art and culture had always interested me. It was also hugely exciting to begin something new, to hold the first international sales of modern African art, and I was lucky that my career progressed swiftly alongside the growth of the market. What has been your most memorable sale? There have been so many; my first South African Sale, when we had no idea if anyone would show up, but was standing-room only; my first as Head of Department, which remains the highest-grossing auction of South African Art ever held; every world record for the South African Masters has been hugely exciting. This being said, I think my most memorable will be my first sale at Sotheby’s. The response to our entry into this market has been phenomenal, and I am aware that the whole art world is watching, which motivates me to present something really special. What are your hopes for the new department at Sotheby’s? I hope that we can help redefine what international collectors think of as “African Art” – to move away from notions of ‘primitivism’. Today, African art is more likely to be informed by international events and local politics than traditional masks and artefacts. This is not really an issue locally in South Africa, where there is a rich art history and a sophisticated art market, but there are still so many world-class South African artists that are all but unknown outside of the country. Our auctions will provide a platform for artists from across the continent who push boundaries or

Hannah O’Leary


Powerful Women in Art We took the opportunity of Women’s Month to interview female leaders in the South African art industry. This month, we include Mary-Jane Darroll of Aspire Art Auctions, and Hannah O’Leary of Sotheby’s. Next month we will continue the series with two more female business leaders. Mary-Jane Darroll is Senior Art Specialist and Director of the new Aspire Art Auctions together with partners, Emma Bedford (Senior Art Specialist and Director), Jacqui Carney (Art Specialist), and Ruarc Peffers, (Senior Art Specialist and Director). She is the Former-Curator of the Standard Bank Gallery and Corporate Collection. During her tenure at the Bank she was also Fine Art Co-ordinator of the Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Subsequently she was Head of the Paintings Department at Stephan Welz & Co and later a Director of the Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg (where she was instrumental in the conceptualisation and origination of Circa Gallery). Following this, she was a founder member and Executive Director of Strauss & Co and most recently Curator and Art Project Director at the Nirox Sculpture Park. Hi Mary-Jane. Thank you for the opportunity to ask you about Aspire Art Auctions. How did the idea of an auction house develop between yourself and your business partner, Ruarc Peffers? I had been approached by an auction house and this started me thinking about what would be required. I thought of the team I would like to work with and began conversations with Ruarc. He suggested we rather start a new auction concern and build what we really aspired to and not take over an existing framework – where people are often resistant to changing with the times. We found that we shared a common passion for the evolution and development 6

of the art market and artists – as well as a desire to profile South African art abroad and promote international art in South Africa. Coincidentally, Ruarc was approached by Kevin Handelsman on behalf of our funders, Brian Joffe and Adrian Gore, who have now contributed significant financial strength to our new enterprise. With the thought of developing a team with the finest expertise, we expanded to include Emma Bedford and Jacqui Carney. Selling contemporary South African art on auction is becoming quite a popular concept. What separates Aspire Art Auctions from its competitors? Aspire will specialize only in fine art, allowing us a more in-depth focus on the research around each work, as well as a first-world gallery aesthetic. We intend to evolve the auction house processes and structures to embrace the growing market of younger collectors who celebrate fine art through social media and online marketing platforms. We hope to encourage and grow this market, as it’s this market that will ultimately become the ‘old master’ market, later on. In the late 90s, not even twenty years ago, it was difficult to sell works by the likes of Battiss and Preller, whilst top-drawer Pierneefs and Maggie Laubsers were struggling around the hundred to two hundred thousand Rand mark. It’s easy, in hindsight, to see the evolution. The real mettle of any serious collector is to have vision and confidence in the long-term view of the market. With the experience of our specialists in the

historical, modern and contemporary markets, we are focused on improving these sectors. What have your years in auction and curation taught you that you believe will help make Aspire truly successful? In auctions, the most valuable tool is that of volumes. When one sees over a hundred thousand images a year and a small percentage of this comes to auction, one develops a mental database and visual acuity that can’t be taught or learned in any other way. This exposure enables one to discern and evaluate, to be able to differentiate authentic artworks from fakes. Do you have any tips on how to judge the investment value of an artwork when purchasing it first-hand? Historically, as a rule of thumb, if one looks to the academic environment of the art market, a good measure has always been how top-notch artists hold each other in high esteem, even though the monetary values might not be high yet – that reassessment comes over time. Thank you, Mary-Jane, and all the best for this very exciting venture. We look forward to Aspire Art Auctions’ inaugural sale in October.

Mary-Jane Darroll (foreground) with Emma Bedford, Ruarc Peffers and Jacqui Carney. Composite photo: Photos originally by Nina Lieska


THE SOUTH AFRICAN SALE 14 September 2016 New Bond Street, London

IRMA STERN (South African, 1894-1966) Watussi Dancers oil on canvas 91 X 95 cm within a Zanzibar frame £800,000 - 1,200,000 R15,476,000 - 23,214,000 Prices shown include buyer’s premium. Details can be found at

ENQUIRIES +44 (0) 20 7468 5881

Sanlam Art Gallery Sanlam Head Office 2 Strand Road, Bellville Tel: 021 947 3359 / 083 457 2699

Until 30 September 2016 Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 16:30

Precious Paradise Land, Life and the Body in South Africa

Stanley Faraday Pinker (1924 – 2012), Ons Land, oil on canvas, Sanlam Art Collection

Landscape and Still Life Selections from the Sanlam Art Collection

Sanlam Art Lounge 11 Alice Lane, Sandton Tel: 083 457 2699 / 011 778 6210 Email:

2 May – 5 August 2016 Monday – Friday: 12:00 – 16:30 Saturday 10:00 – 13:00 Closed Sunday

Maggie Laubser (1886 – 1973), Cypress-Italy, oil on cardboard Sanlam Art Collection

Image details: Aida Muluneh, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Idle Mindâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, 2016, courtesy of the Artist and David Krut Projects

Africa's Premier Contemporary Art Event 9 - 11 September 2016 Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg For more information, please contact

(1894-1966) 50 years on

Irma Stern as a young woman. Image courtesy of the UCT Irma Stern Museum

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