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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

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Community steps out to deliver funds for hospice PaGE 5


Bay of Quinte attracts fishermen looking for big walleye PaGE 24

ProvInCIal PlundEr The Picton Pirates of the Empire B Junior C Hockey League earned the title of Junior C provincial champions last week, capturing the Schmalz Cup in five games over the Essex 73’s. It marked just the second time a team from the Empire league had won the trophy, the last being the 1993 Napanee Raiders. Picton won Game 5 by a score of 3–2 with Levi George getting the winning goal. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

Pirates capture Ontario championship Picton’s big night brings Schmalz Cup back east Chad Ibbotson Staff writer

WELCOMING Local students help comfort young cancer survivors PaGE 35


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In one night, what was a memorable season for the Picton Pirates became an unforgettable one. Wednesday, May 1 2013 will forever be remembered as the date the local Junior C hockey team defied the odds to win two games in one night and capture the Clarence Schmalz Cup as Ontario champions for the first time in the club's 24-year history. A week later Pirates coach and general manager Ryan Woodward said the win was just starting to sink in. “It still feels like it just ElatIon Picton Pirates executive past president John Perry, left, and Pirates coach and happened yesterday. I'm general manager Ryan Woodward celebrate after the Schmalz Cup victory. Woodward said just happy for all the play- the team was focused right up to the final buzzer in Game 5. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff) ers, sponsors, everyone “To be able to win not something that people are the Amherstview Jets in the who's been involved,” he said. “We just couldn't be one, but two tightly con- always going to remem- Empire league semi-final and the Port Hope Pantested games on home ice ber.” happier.” It was a long road. It thers in five games to win Woodward said the se- to clinch the series and the ries win came under un- trophy is just very, very was bumpy at times. It the league championship. When the Pirates usual circumstances, but unique,” he said. “It's began with a regular seacouldn't have played out something that may never son in which the club went reached the Schmalz Cup happen again and it's 34-4-0-2 before sweeping playoffs, the team quickly any better for his team.


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realized they'd need to step up their game. After being down 3–1 in their quarterfinal series against the Lakefield Chiefs, the Pirates won the series in seven games and swept the Alliston Hornets in the semi-final en route to a Schmalz Cup final matchup versus the Essex 73's. Woodward noted just how much it took to get to the final. “It's difficult and anyone who's gone through a long playoff run will understand. There are a lot of obstacles along the way that you have to deal with internally — injuries, adversity,” he said. “The guys really seemed to get stronger the further they went and you could start to see they realized they had an opportunity and they wanted to make the most of it.” The Pirates won the first game against Essex, but it was later contested and ruled to be replayed. They lost the second game at home. But the team didn't let up. They won both games in Essex setting up last Wednesday's thrilling series conclusion.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Increased provincial budget spending has MPP Smith seeing orange NDP influence on Liberal budget will mean increased debt for Ontario, little help for rural ridings, says local rep AdAm BrAmBurger Staff writer

Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith is furious with last Thursday’s $127.6 -billion Ontario budget, but this time he isn’t seeing only red.

Instead of lashing out at the governing Liberals alone, Smith charged that many of the new spending projects were authored by the NDP and, ultimately, they are projects he says the province can’t afford.

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“Instead of getting the spending under control and eliminating the deficit, Premier Wynne has decided it would be much easier to go left. She’ll continue spending to appease the NDP rather than do the heavy lifting,� he said. Smith said the budget includes $13.6 billion in new spending, which will push Ontario’s deficit to about $12 billion next year and require it to pay over $11 billion just to service the interest on its debt. “That’s money that could go into services at Prince

Edward County Memorial Hospital, into home care, and into other services,� he said. Smith pointed to a few spending planks the NDP asked for directly, including a one-per-cent top up on OntarioWorks benefits, a target 15-per-cent reduction in auto insurance payments, and $260 million toward home care services. He charged the government has to have a plan in order to lower insurance rates, yet right now it is a subject of contention in committees. A five-day guarantee for home-care access also


requires more definition. Smith added he felt the NDP might be “naive� in supporting the Liberal budget without concrete plans noting that the Liberals couldn’t be trusted on their recent gas plant scandal, nor their promises not to raise taxes heading back to Dalton McGuinty’s first election. In short order, the government brought in the health-care premium, then the province’s largest income tax increase. Other spending priorities include an increase in employer health tax exemptions, which will cost $265 million over three years and a youth jobs creation program — also an NDP-supported program — that will cost $295 million over a twoyear period. Smith said he didn’t feel the budget provided much for rural Ontario or Prince Edward-Hastings itself. He mentioned a $100-million spending commitment for rural roads and bridges, but noted the Rednersville

Road reconstruction itself would cost $10 million and Belleville is spending $91 million itself on infrastructure this year. Smith added a $20 million fund for innovation among small and rural hospitals introduced in 2012 and made permanent this year wouldn’t stretch too far for capital projects and does nothing to increase base operating funds for those facilities. “It’s less than a drop in the bucket for rural Ontario,� he said. “There were no real Prince Edward-Hastings projects or anything in this region mentioned.� Smith added that for all of Wynne’s talk about a new process for green energy approvals, there was also no mention of changes introduced at budget time. Smith’s Progressive Conservatives have already stated they will not support the budget and attempt to force an election. The NDP has yet to indicate whether it will offer its support or not.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

LHIN approves $190,000 in funding for residential hospice pilot site Three-bedroom facility to be reviewed in a year Chad Ibbotson

Staff writer

Hospice Prince Edward's residential hospice project officially received provincial backing on Tuesday. Representatives of the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) announced early this week in Picton that the project has been approved for funding as a pilot site. The LHIN announced the approval of $190,000 toward the operation of clinical services at the site. The new three-bed Downes Avenue facility, which is set to open its doors this June, will provide end of life care in a home setting. A release from the LHIN says the site will offer nursing and personal support by the South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) contracted providers in partnership with Hospice Prince Edward. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The various aspects of this partnership will be formalized through a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations,â&#x20AC;? the release says. The release says building a sustainable hospice system is part of the South East LHIN's third Integrated Health Services Plan. South East LHIN chief operating officer Sherry Kennedy said on Tuesday that the $190,000 is expected to be annual, but will be evaluated as a one-year pilot to assess the need. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We'll be working with Hospice Prince Edward and

pIlot engaged South East LHIN COO Sherry

Kennedy, Hospice Prince Edward board president Birgit Langwisch and HPE executive director Nancy Parks celebrate the funding announcement. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

the CCAC to evaluate the program over the first year and identify the need going forward and determine what's the right amount to go forward with to support the number of patients and their families that you'll be seeing,â&#x20AC;? Kennedy said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We anticipate, based on experience elsewhere in the province, this is a very valued and valuable component of care â&#x20AC;Ś that this will be the amount going forward.â&#x20AC;? Kennedy said hospice services are growing increasingly important as the general population ages. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Those of us at the LHIN are keenly aware of the changing attitudes, changing needs, and the changing expectations of patients and their families when it comes to end of life care,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We understand that palliative care is one of the most complex areas of health care that we face today.â&#x20AC;? Kennedy said Hospice Prince Edward has been a driving factor as the LHIN

attempts to introduce similar pilot residential hospice sites across the region. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What we've done, through the Integrated Health Services Plan, is taken a look at our population and the needs as they move forward in age and looked at the provision of community hospice services that are available or not available today,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We worked with our partners to help support the development of three, hopefully, residential hospice sites across the region. I'm pleased to work with Hospice Prince Edward as the first.â&#x20AC;? Hospice Prince Edward executive director Nancy Parks said the funding announced will allow the residential hospice to provide advanced clinical serv-

ices for palliative clients. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hospice Prince Edward will also co-ordinate and partner with Quinte Health Link, the Prince Edward Family Health Team, and other community health services, hospital providers and HPE volunteers to provide excellent residential hospice care for the first time in this area,â&#x20AC;? she said. Parks said the generosity of donors allowed the organization to purchase the site of the home at 40 Downes Ave. in Picton. She said the home will have three patient rooms, a family room, a kitchen for family use and

barrier-free access. The downstairs area of the home will provide an agency home for Hospice Prince Edward. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This home is owned by our community for use by our community,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hospice Prince Edward's community campaign has a goal of raising a total of $875,000 to support the creation of the community residential hospice, its programming and its ongoing presence in the community. More than half â&#x20AC;&#x201D; $450,000 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; has been raised to date.â&#x20AC;? Hospice Prince Edward board president Birgit Langwisch said the organization

is grateful the LHIN approved funding for the residential hospice. She said she's proud of the volunteers and local community for their generosity in supporting the project through the organization's fundraising campaign. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In many ways I hadn't thought, before I got involved with hospice, how every single person that deals with us brings an important piece to it. It doesn't matter which part of that you do, what matters is that you do it. It means a great deal to us,â&#x20AC;? she said.

We hope to see you for Adventure and Fun this summer Ages 4-12

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Social Notes Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Retirements, Weddings


Happy 40th Birthday Scott Dougherty

Happy Mother’s Day

To the BEST Mom and Grandmother

Happy 60th Birthday Congratulations

Gwen Dougherty Love Scott, Michael & Joshua

“Happy Mother’s Day to me!”

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Karl and Donna Reid May 11, 1963

to Craig Lester, son of the late David Lester of Wellington and grandson of Doug and Jean Lester of West Lake. Craig was recently awarded the Caring Canadian Award by the Governor General of Canada for his work as founder of Global Fire ( Craig lives in Barrie with his wife Brienna and their toddler son.


th 50 Anniversary Lynda & Larry

DR KARL EULER 1936-2013 Celebration of Life at Prince Edward Yacht Club July 7, 2013 2-4 pm all boaters welcome for the trumpeter led boat procession following the service. Please visit to share your memories and photos. Bring your favourite stories for an open mic.

Debbie Cole Love John , Jeff, Jen , Ryan and Jimmie Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Aleck & Marg Stickle May 11, 2013

Jack & Jill for

Amanda Leavitt & Travis Benson Saturday, May 11, 8pm Picton Elks Lodge Draws, Games, Light Lunch $15/couple, $10 single

Come Celebrate with us!

I am so very proud to be Dylan’s mom Love you DJ xxxx

Love, the girls and their families

May 11, 1963

Love Your Family

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Downes Avenue project inspires participation chad ibbotson

Staff writer

There's clearly support for hospice in Prince Edward County. All the evidence one needs was on display on Sunday as more than 300 participants took part in the second annual Hike for Hospice in support of Hospice Prince Edward. The charity event raised more than $41,000 toward the operation of the new residential hospice which is set to open its doors this June. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon for the walk, which took participants on two-kilometre, fivekilometre, and 10-kilometre routes through Picton. It also took participants past the Downes Avenue facility which will provide end of life care for up to three patients at a time. Hospice Prince Edward executive director Nancy Parks said it was a wonderful weekend for the organization. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The proceeds we raised were astonishing and, what's more amazing, we actually had more hikers hiking this year,â&#x20AC;? she said. Parks said so far this year's Hike for Hospice has raised $41,000, but donations continue to trickle in. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It's huge,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We have large community support for this residential hospice. Our community really wants this hospice and they're showing it through their support.â&#x20AC;? Parks said that support is

community support The family of hospice

volunteer Bob Willard lead the second annual Hike for Hospice on Sunday afternoon. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

coming from across the county â&#x20AC;&#x201D; from individuals, businesses, and service clubs. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone is supporting this initiative and it's wonderful,â&#x20AC;? she said. She said the Hike for Hospice is something people want to volunteer for because they see the need for the services that a residential hospice can provide. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They see it as a need that they might possibly have, but also for their loved ones; for their families and their friends in this community,â&#x20AC;? she said. This year the family of Bob Willard â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a hospice volunteer who passed away this year â&#x20AC;&#x201D; lead the Hike for Hospice. There is no shortage of stories which exemplify the value hospice has to families. Those stories are far-reaching and are a driving factor behind many hikers' desire to

give back to the organization, Parks said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Last year we had one of our donors, who donated in memory of his wife, lead the parade. Everybody that is in this hike is there for a reason,â&#x20AC;? Parks said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It could be because they support hospice, it could be because they're hiking in memory of someone that hospice supported. Everyone has a story of why they're hiking.â&#x20AC;? Parks thanked the community for all of their support, the volunteers who made it happen, and all the other groups who donated their time to make the event a success. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It takes a lot of time to put this type of event together,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We really want to thank everyone who was involved.â&#x20AC;? Linda Middleton â&#x20AC;&#x201D; who along with Anne Wait cochaired the organizing com-

mittee for the hike â&#x20AC;&#x201D; said everyone was pleased with the level of participation. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The community has been behind this venture 100 per cent,â&#x20AC;? she said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What a wonderful community we live in. It's just so great to see everyone so enthusiastic to continue to support this project.â&#x20AC;? She said organizations like Come Alive Outside, the Rotary Club of Picton, and massages from Trillium College therapists, as well as musical performances from Fraser Hardman, Jeanette Arsenault, Mark McGreevy, and Sam Hirst helped make the event special. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had lots of things that made it a family event,â&#x20AC;? she said. Middleton said events which engage residents serve as inspiration to donate or get involved. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When people participate like that they have some sense of ownership in the community hospice,â&#x20AC;? she said. The Family Health Team was the largest team contributor, bringing in close to $6,000 for the cause, while individual fundraisers Audrey Whitney and Denise Richmond each brought in over $1,500. Mayor Peter Mertens â&#x20AC;&#x201D; in a proclamation read by Picton councillor Bev Campbell â&#x20AC;&#x201D; declared May 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;11 National Hospice Palliative Care Week in Prince Edward County.



Second Picton Hike produces over $41,000 for Hospice


MILE.OF7!,-!24ON(79 "ELLEVILLEs613-969-9263 Picton Legionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 1st Annual

Sunday May 19th 2013 1 pm - 5 pm Featuring â&#x20AC;&#x153;Robin Edgar & Friendsâ&#x20AC;? Outdoor Licensed Beer Tent, BBQ, Prizes & Raffles To enter the Chowderfest: You must pre-register by May 15th. Entries must be in by 12:30pm on day of event for judging at 1:30pm. Chowder must be pre-cooked & brought in a crockpot/warming dish to keep warm. FOR INQUIRES CALL THE LEGION AT 613-476-3648

Kids Go To Camp


Thanks to funds raised at a County Christmas, the generosity of our sponsors and the kindness of PLEASANT BAY CAMP in Consecon, we have:

â&#x20AC;˘80 overnight camper spots â&#x20AC;˘40 day camper spots For children ages 8-12 â&#x20AC;˘ AUGUST 18th - 23rd

It is our desire that children from the County that would NOT otherwise have the opportunity to go to camp this summer, get to experience summer camp.... at no cost!

Applications taken from May 10th - 31st Due to capacity limits, all applications will be considered but are not guaranteed

EMMANUEL Baptist Church


Apply online at or pick up an application from the Church, or call 613 393 2234


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Looking back in the

Picton Gazette 80 years ago — 1933

■ Fishermen Morley Helmer and Charles Hudgin pulled in a 60-pound sturgeon from the waters off of Pt. Traverse. It was reported sturgeons usually also carried a high price per pound because of a lack of bones in the flesh. It was also reported that such a catch was extremely rare in local waters. ■ Former reeve W.A. Jones was the lone candidate to fill the spot left on Picton council by the deceased William Thibault. Jones’ lengthy municipal career was seen as an asset as the town council was working to keep a handle on an increasing tax rate. ■ In addition to running advertising in The Gazette, the Kellogg Company was trying to use product sampling as a way of marketing its cereal to local residents. With their newspaper, each household would receive a sample package of Corn Flakes to try. ■ St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church held a special service outdoors to bless parishioners’ automobiles and call for the intercession of St. Christopher.


16C 11C


Weekend WeATHeR fORecAST

14C 11C


14C 8C


12C 8C









There is a 60-per-cent chance of showers and a risk of an afternoon thunderstorm today.

There is a high likelihood of rain showers projected in Friday’s weather forecast.

There is a 40-per-cent chance of rain showers projected for Saturday.

A mix of sun and cloud with a 30-per-cent chance of rain showers is projected Sunday.

Above this maize of wildflowers will be this almost phantasmagoria in the branches – up to 25 species of warblers, thrushes, flycatchers, tanagers and orioles, just arrived from across the waters of Lake Ontario. Here the birds will rest for a few days, gorge on midges and emerging larvae, before heading to nesting grounds farther north. These walks take place every morning during the Festival, May 1120, at 8 a.m. Both Saturdays, there will be evening hikes from the Observatory to the lighthouse at 4 p.m. Two workshops will help birders improve their identification skills. On Saturday, May 11, I will present “Warblers I Have Known and Loved”, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Saturday, May 18th, Pamela Stagg will lead a workshop called “Look Way Up – Raptor Identification” , 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The workshops will be presented at Jackson’s Falls Schoolhouse B&B. The fee for each program is $25 and pre-registration is recommended. On Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30 p.m., there will be free presentation at Bloomfield Town Hall called Technobirding. Presented by Pamela Stagg, the program will show how our understanding of birds is increasing dramatically through the use of technologies such as bird banding networks, radar and radio-tracking – even radio-isotope analysis

of feathers to show where a bird has travelled. “ It’s easy to think of migrants like wood warblers as ‘our birds’,” Pamela explains. “But they may only be in our area for a few weeks each year. If we’re to save some of our most critically endangered species, we need to look at all the areas where the birds, live, not just local habitat. New technology will pinpoint all the v=places with birds call home. Throughout the Festival there will be daily banding demonstrations and tours of the banding station. A hospitality tent, provided by the Stewardship Council, will be open for visitors to chat with other birders, post their sightings, and meet the dedicated PEPtBO volunteers. Light snacks the Observatory’s own shade grown, bird-friendly coffee will be available, as well as PEPtBO merchandise. Public washrooms are located on site Details of the Birding Festival are on my website under events from the main menu. Scroll down until you see “Birding Festival 2013”, and then join us next week if you can. It will be well worth the trip.

*Based on Environment Canada data, used with permission.

60 years ago — 1953 Prince Edward Point is hopping — It’s for the birds ■ A number of county churches were working together to stage a large worship service to coincide with Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation May 31. ■ The cornerstone of the new Prince Edward District Collegiate Institute was to be laid at 2:30 p.m. that Monday with school board chair Gerald Norman officiating and W.B. Lane, the board’s oldest member speaking. The Collegiate’s glee club was also expected to perform. ■ Support for a bridge crossing near near Deseronto was growing as Napanee town council backed a plan that would see a bridge installed where Cronk’s ferry was operating near the north end of County Rd. 49. Napanee councillors were determined not to let Kingston influence the province’s decision to build the land bridge at the site of the Glenora ferry instead of Cronk’s ferry.

40 years ago — 1973

■ Prince Edward County warden Russell Thompson and Picton mayor H. J. McFarland expressed their support for a new bridge crossing the Bay of Quinte west of Belleville, near Loyalist College that have less congestion than the existing Bay Bridge site. McFarland also indicated he would back a plan to link New York State to Picton via bridges at Wolfe and Amherst Islands. ■ Cobourg mayor Jack Heenan told Picton Rotarians that rural communities needed to plan ahead to stop the province from implementing regional governments. He noted communities share social identities with one another before amalgamating politically.

20 years ago — 1993

■ Unemployment figures in Prince Edward County remained relatively stable as 1,000 people were listed as unemployed through the Canada Employment Centre in Picton, down just one person from a month earlier and down 15 people from May 1992. ■ Government grants of up to $12,000 were being made available to landowners taking steps to improve water quality by cleaning up shoreline with sewage systems and livestock access restrictions.


It was in 1997 when three of us met somewhere – can’t remember where – and discussed the possibility of creating a birding festival as a way to draw birders and tourist dollars into Prince Edward County. Few of us can even remember if the Birding Festival came first or was it the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists, or did it all happen at the same time. I do remember over 90 interested people crowded into a town hall when we launched the idea. Both entities have done exceptionally well since 1997. The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists, of course, a driving force right now in their effort to recognize the County’s South Shore and its rare alvar habitat and staging area for millions of spring and fall migrants, and protecting it from development. The Spring Birding Festival also has accomplished much in its 16 years of existence in drawing attention to a migration point that is rivaled only by Point Pelee. Routinely we see birders here now from across Ontario and Quebec, and from Michigan, New York and Ohio. So, the Birding Festival has been a positive thing for the County as it has brought in tourism dollars and has promoted Prince Edward Point as a number one birding area in eastern Ontario.


Also, it has increased exposure for the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory which is now instrumental in organizing the annual event. In terms of visitors, it will never become a Point Pelee, and perhaps we don’t want shuttle buses, and throngs of people in such numbers there is scarcely a spot for a brown thrasher to perch. Right now, it seems just right. Promoting this incredible birding area without abusing it. This year ’s festival features the same high quality roster of events as in past years with a few new twists. As in the past, knowledgeable birders will be on hand to lead visitors along a number of groomed trails through the Point Traverse Woods, bordered by carpets of blue phlox, Dutchman’sbreeches and columbines.

For more information on today’s topic, please e-mail or phone 613-476-5072. For more information on nature in the Quinte area, be sure to check out .

Tribunal to shift focus toward human health starting this morning This morning, Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal will continue its hearing into Ostrander Point by moving onto the questions of the project’s potential impact on human health. Filed by the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) and argued by Eric Gillespie, the appellant’s case will be the first to call actual victims of turbine-related health illness from Ontario.

It is expected that following opening statements this morning (beginning around 930 p.m. at the Sophiasburgh Town Hall in Demorestville), the appellants will call on up to 17 victims and complement that testimony with evidence from medical doctors and acousticians who can explain the symptoms those individuals have suffered. Among APPEC’s chief witnesses to be qualified as an

expert is Dr. Robert McMurtry, the former chair of medicine at the University of Western Ontario. APPEC chairman Henri Garand said the case will also include testimony from several Prince Edward County residents who believe they will suffer adverse health effects from the turbines. The proponent of the Ostrander Point site, Gilead Power is also expected to call

witnesses it believes will deny the causal relationship between the victim’s symptoms and the turbines. Garand indicated the hearings are expected to close June 6 with a deadline for a decision looming July 3. It is widely expected this phase of the appeal could set precedent for other wind applications in the future. -Staff

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‘Those of us at the LHIN are keenly aware of the changing attitudes, changing needs, and the changing expectations of patients and their families when it comes to end of life care..’


-S ouTH E aST L ocaL H EaLTH I NTEgraTIoN N ETwork cHIEf opEraTINg THE body ’ S dEcISIoN To fuNd a pILoT rESIdENTIaL HoSpIcE IN

offIcEr S HErry k ENNEdy oN THE couNTy THIS yEar .

Early risErs Members of the POOCH (Patron Of Our County Hospital) group were out in front of the Wellington

Legion prior to 7 a.m. Tuesday to demonstrate as Quinte Healthcare Corporation chief executive officer Mary Clare Egberts and board chair Brian Smith addressed the Wellington Rotary Club. Smith vowed Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital would remain vibrant and said his board had no intention of seeing de-amalgamation on its watch. Many of the protesters felt they didn’t receive the answers they hoped for from the visiting delegates. (Submitted photo)

Pirates’ victory an incredibly difficult feat to achieve

FOR many once-promising young hockey players in Ontario, it represents the end of the line. Dreams of hoisting a Stanley Cup have clouded for many Junior C hockey players and the carrot of receiving a scholarship based on their skill or climbing the ladder enough to have a competitive career beyond age 21 becomes farther out of reach with every game. Even now, the reality is that most members of the Picton Pirates Schmalz Cup championship team woke up after their celebrations last Thursday knowing they’d have to be in class, at work, or on the farm to catch up on their livelihoods after juggling their schedules to accommodate a miracle run. Their reality isn’t bonuses nor fame, and in a season, the notoriety of their accomplishments may be lost on all but the most dedicated fans who fill the arenas all year. And they’re the lucky ones who have moved on past merely stepping off cold school buses to play before half-filled matchbox arenas. Given those realities, it isn’t always easy for the coaches and managers of Junior C hockey teams to motivate their players and keep them on task and united to compete for greater glories. It takes a rare kind of team group to rise above adversity and come together for a chance to have a winning season. Beyond that, they play in a level of hockey that isn’t always fair. It isn’t bound by a salary cap and there are more than 60 organizations across Ontario battling for supremacy. Some play out of much larger towns with closer proximity to major cities, which means a deeper player base and better access to funds are almost a given. To many who know the game, it comes as no surprise that teams east of Hwy 400 seldom find themselves mentioned among those competing for — or winning — the trophy affectionately called Tubby's Mug through Ontario hockey circles. All of that makes the accomplishments of these Pirates worthy of celebration across the county. Over the past few years, the Pirates executive have stepped up their fundraising and marketing efforts, appearing in community events throughout the year. They’ve also regularly brought the players into the community to relate to the people of Prince Edward County and to gain pride in the uniform they wear. Coach and general manager Ryan Woodward and his staff have spent countless hours increasing the team’s dedication to practicing and perfecting a system, while scouting and acquiring proven talent and key recruits to add to the core his predecessor, our own Jason Parks, put together when the team first tasted success, knocking off a veteran-laden Napanee team in 2011 to win an Empire league championship. Those players, the ones who have to keep their fire for the game alive amid their many obligations saw the leadership from above and they took it upon themselves to get results many couldn’t reach. Their efforts are a special accomplishment and though the Pirates and their foes are playing better and better hockey, there’s no guarantee they or any other eastern Ontario team will win for a long time. We hope the town, county, and indeed, the region will properly acknowledge and celebrate visibly in the year ahead.


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Library offers courses to help with the latest in technology

The County of Prince Edward Public Library & Archives has recently revised the format and selection of courses to reflect the ongoing changes in how people use technology. The basic Internet skills workshop, which previously comprised six sessions, has been streamlined into three sessions. Meanwhile, various new single workshops have been added to the line up. The current basic skills session is full and the next session begins in the fall, however, the new one-day workshops are being offered this spring. On Friday, May 24, a Windows PC file management workshop will be held at the Picton Branch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are storing original information such as photos, copies of important documents and written works on your computer and have trouble organizing and finding them, this workshop will be of interest. Topics covered will include how to create, copy, move and delete files and folders, how to change how viewing of files, how to copy files from external devices and digital cameras, and how to back up data. There will be a brief overview of ‘the cloud’, a model of networked online storage. This workshop is specifically for Windows PCs running XP to Windows 8. Participants should be comfortable using a computer and bring their laptop if possible. If not, the library will provide a laptop for the session. To register, please contact Whitney Lee at 613-476-5962 or For Mac or tablet file management help, contact the Picton computer lab to arrange an appointment for a onehour, one-on-one session at 613-476-5962 or e-mail: For those who find software updates confusing, or want help navigating anti virus software and adding or removing programs, the Windows PC software maintenance workshop will be helpful. The workshop will take place at the Picton branch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Friday, May 31. The focus will be also be on learning how to maintain the software on PCs running Windows XP up to and including Windows 8. There are also new twohour information sessions in


The Picton Gazette


the new roster of courses. One is called “Understanding the options in choosing an Internet provider. “ This information session is for those looking for an Internet provider for their home or office. It is being offered on Friday, June 7 at the Picton branch from 10 a.m. to noon. “Residents of the county have a number of choices for getting high speed Internet service, and to take advantage of the best service for your location, knowing all the options is important,” says the library’s information technology co-ordinator, Eric Pierce. “You will learn a little more about how the Internet works "behind the screen” in the session as well as the key attributes of different types of Internet services such as DSL, cable, fixed wireless, cell phone based, and satellite.”. In the afternoon on the same day, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., the information session choosing a PC or tablet computer will be presented. “If you are buying a new computing device there are many choices available today and choosing one over the other can be confusing,” says Pierce. In this session, participants will learn the key attributes of all the available devices including Windows or Mac desktops, laptops and ultrabooks, Apple iPads and Android tablets. Come learn how to choose and purchase the right device for your needs. To register for this session, and for more information on any technology related training at the library, please contact Eric Pierce at 613-476-5962 or


From left, Eleanor Thorndyke, Lois Sheperd, Edith Duncan, and Isla MacLeod celebrate St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church’s 100th anniversary during a victorian tea on May 1. The tea was organized by Myrna Martin and was just one of several ways the church has been honouring its century in existence throughout the year. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette Staff)


Consider helping fund APPEC’s legal appeal

If hindsight were 20/20, and you could save something that were valuable to you for a relatively small investment, would you? Of course you would! I want you to consider what you value about living in the county. The answer will be a little different for each of you but I assume most of you would value what I call “quality of life” and “quality of place”. This takes into account a wide range of reasons that people choose to live in a rural setting but most likely includes: peace and quiet, slower pace of life, sense of community and belonging. Here in the county, we have all of that and more. Although we are not a "city", we have great restaurants, wineries, theatre, galleries,

festivals, et cetera to rival the likes of any "city" and we also have pastoral landscapes, beautiful viewscapes, the famous Sandbanks, and so much more. The Environmental Review Tribunal is underway to challenge the Ontario government on the basis of serious and irreversible harm to the environment and serious harm to human health. The first, if won, will protect only Ostrander Point. The second, if won, will protect all of the county, and all of Ontario. Legal appeals are costly but the board of APPEC has undertaken, on behalf of all us of here in the County, and on behalf of everyone in Ontario, to win this appeal and it is winnable. Visit APPEC’s web site to find out why.

But take note that previous appeals have not gone as far as hearing the testimony of the victims. This appeal will be the first time witness statements are heard at a Tribunal. What if there is not enough money raised to cover the cost of having the case heard in its entirety? What if this is our last chance to save our beloved county? If you believe that turbines do not make sense anywhere in Ontario, but least of all in a tourism area like the county, then here is your chance to help! Please consider carefully what living here is worth to you. Please include the likely devaluation of your home or business in that number. How much would you invest if you knew you had an excellent chance of being

successful at protecting those things you value - both the tangible and the intangible? Now is the time for action. We are at the 11th hour! It is not fair for the APPEC board to shoulder the cost of the legal appeal that will benefit all of us. So, get out your cheque book or go online and use a credit card and help APPEC win this appeal! If you have already given, thank you, but please do the exercise of determining what you would invest and then see if you can't dig a little deeper. Please visit or by mail APPEC Legal Fund, Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0 Thank you for giving as generously as you can.

A special thank you is in order to Councillor Robert Quaiff and to most of the councillors who supported his motion designating PEC as an “unwilling host” for industrial wind turbines (IWTs). I have no doubt that maneuvering such a motion through this council was not an easy task. I am still in disbelief by the arguments, or the deafening silence used by those five councillors (Kevin Gale, Barb Proctor, Brian Marisett, Keith MacDonald and Jamie Forrester) for voting against Quaiff’s motion. Gale and Proctor seemed to take comfort in their position that since they didn’t know what the public thought on the matter, then they felt justified in voting against the motion. What they seem to be say-

ing is – we haven’t paid much attention to the issue and since we didn’t survey the public (like as if they ever did) then we better plead ignorance and vote against protecting our community. And they did! Proctor even refused to protect her own South Marysburgh constituents – who have certainly made their opinions known on this matter! So who was she representing with her negative vote – herself? Marisett and MacDonald were hoping to get away by saying nothing. MacDonald once had to declare a conflict of interest on all matters relating to IWTs and in the last municipal election he filled out a questionnaire claiming to be opposed to wind turbines. I guess he had a change of heart, so

whose interest was he representing? Marisett remained silent like many people do when they are uncertain of what the best decision may be. That is his right, but this was a time for leadership and where was he? Snoring! Personally, the most interesting comments came from Jamie Forrester. From what I can gather he was standing up for the people who were afraid to speak up in defense of IWTs, because they were being “ganged up on and picked on.” He then drew a parallel with the time he grew up in Whitby and “he remembers when they built their nuclear plant and how people over reacted by making claims that no one would live there.” He attempted to bring the voice of personal experience into the debate – he failed.

I can honestly state that as a past Whitby councillor who sat for a number of years as the mayor’s representative on the Durham Nuclear Emergency Task Force, there never was a nuclear plant built in Whitby! Jamie is obviously confused about where he grew up. The job of being a councillor is often not an easy one. People are elected to express their variety of opinions and experiences in the hope that good decisions are eventually arrived at. They don’t all have to agree, all of the time. But as of this moment, I have no idea as to why those five councillors voted no. They owe their community at least that much, that’s why they were elected.

Karen Empringham Milford

Some deserve praise, others scorn for actions at council

Dennis Fox Northport

Pirates’ journey provides travelling fan cheer in a Winnipeg pub

Artist Marc Magee attended Saturday’s opening of the 30th annual exhibition of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists. Magee’s paintings Nipissing and Segwan show the history of the world’s oldest coal ship. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

What a thrill to follow the “Patch Eyes” on this amazing journey to a hard-earned provincial championship. My work took me to several countries and many provinces over this hockey

season. And as first Wellington’s, then Belleville's talented junior teams met hard endings, it was more than satisfying to follow, often at a distance, the peaking courage and skill

of our "Rats". One recent night in a Winnipeg pub , a fellow publican colourfully and grumpily lamented the collapse of the NHL Jets. I was able to calmly raise my own barley

sandwich to the continued and serial championships of "my Picton Pirates". And I actually got a cheer! Bill Roberts RR2 Picton

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Take care of your feet this month

May is foot health awareness month and this is when the International Federation of Podiatrists focuses on increasing the awareness of the importance of foot health among the general public. Most people take their feet for granted. But feet are vital to health and mobility, carrying you an average of 115,000 miles in a lifetime. No wonder foot problems are common. As people get older, these problems can get worse and it is especially important to care for your feet. In older people, foot problems can mean the difference between needing a long-term care home and being able to live at home. Feet are designed to perform two major functions: support and mobility. The heel of the foot serves as a firm pedestal for standing and the toes and the front of the foot are used primarily for walking. The flexibility and strength of your feet affects how you walk which in turn affects your posture and how you carry your weight. Neglected feet which become stiff and weak can cause backache, leg cramps and fatigue. It is important to wear shoes and socks that fit and that are comfortable. The foot tends to spread in the front under the body’s weight as people get older. Because most shoes are narrower in the front than the foot itself,



shoes can contribute to a variety of problems. Give yourself the foot test? Put your foot down on a piece of paper and trace around the bottom to see whether the front of your foot is wider than your shoe. If it is, it’s time to go shopping for a new pair of shoes. Basic foot care is also very important. Soaking and examining your feet, cutting your toe nails regularly etc. Older adults often find this very difficult due to other physical problems or just the aging process itself. It is important to keep your feet happy. Community Care sponsors foot care clinics with Registered Nurses who have

99 Days for

special training in foot care providing the service. If you need assistance with your foot care contact Community Care at 613-476-7493. Foot Care clinics are held in Picton and Wellington. The fee is $20.00 per person and appointments are necessary. The first visit is $25.00 as it is a longer visit. If you would like to make an appointment or would like more information call 613-476-7493. Some information for this column was taken from “Footnotes”, Veteran’s Affairs Canada.


The Walking Programs will wrap up for the summer on May 17. Call the office for the date we’ll resume in the fall. Meals on Wheels are available to seniors in Prince Edward County. Both hot and frozen meals are available. Check out the website for menus for the frozen meals or call the office for more information. Thinking about spring cleaning or yard work? The Home Maintenance program might be just what you need. Call the office for more information. We really need a person with a truck to help as a volunteer at the Thrift Shop. If you have some time and want to be a volunteer just come in and see us.



(Silver Membership)


Upgrades to a Gold or Family Membership available

Offer ends June 15, 2013


Welcome to Welch LLP Welch LLP Chartered Accountants would like to welcome Lesley Knox, CPA, CA to our Picton office.

Lesley brings with her a wealth of experience she gained while she held a number of senior financial positions in the private sector subsequent to working for a large public accounting firm.

The scope of expertise our people provide is a major part of the Welch LLP client experience. It is our commitment to delivering the insight you require to effectively manage your business. For all your audit, accounting and taxation needs call Lesley or any of our Partners and staff in one of our six Quinte regional offices. Picton: 613.476.3283

Lesley Knox, CPA, CA Manager

WHATTAM’S COMMUNITY CALENDAR The Community Calendar is donated as a public service to our community by The Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main St., West, Picton (613-476-2450)

SPACE IS AVAILABLE TO all non-profit groups or organizations that serve 'The County' ONLY. Calendar items can be faxed 4763031, email or placed in drop box at the side door of the Funeral Home by Saturday at noon.

WHATTAM'S is proud to present....'Free Family Movie Day' at the Regent Theatre the last Sunday of each month 2pm.

PICTON FOOD BANK in need canned fruit/veggies/cereals/kraft dinner/ cookies/ juice crystals/ peanut butter/tuna. Donations to the newly established Pet Food Bank also appreciated. LOYALIST HUMANE SOCIETY – Always in need of food, litter, cleaning supplies, paper products as well as kitten food canned & dry. ROTARY CASH CALENDAR WINNERS – Week 17 Apr 23–29, L.Harrison, J.Hartford, S.Blanchard, L.Ypma, A.Rasmussen. BLOOMFIELD UNITED CHURCH – AOTS Scrap Metal Pick-up! During the month of May. All steel, cast iron, aluminum, car batteries, electric motors & old appliances (no refrigerators) are acceptable. Call 393-2160 for pick-up. NEW HEALTHY BEGINNINGS PROGRAM – Thursdays 9am-noon at the Ontario Early Years Centre, 10 McFarland Court. A new baby drop- in group for parents & their infants. Info call 476-8142. ST. ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH WELLINGTON – The What Not Shop hours are Tuesdays 9-11am, Thursdays 2-4pm & Saturdays 10-12noon. Selling clothes, boots, bedding & household items. WEDNESDAY MORNING FRIENDSHIP GROUP – Meets every Wed morning. Albury Church, Rednersville Rd. Quilts for Sale. Proceeds to Relay for Life. MAY 9 – OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS – Meets 9:30am, 5 James Ave, Picton (off Lake St.)Everyone affected with a weight problem welcome. Info: 476-0351 or 476-3949. MAY 10 – WELLINGTON LEGION DINNER – 5-7pm. BBQ Rib Eye Steak w/mushrooms, veggies, dessert, coffee/tea $15.95. MAY 10 – SPRING SERENADE – Fundraiser for Loyalist Humane Society 7:30pm St. Mary Magdalene Church. Admission $15 adults / $5 students. L. Minty, cello. J.Farrar, soprano. M.Goodwin, piano. MAY 10-12 – COMMAND PERFORMANCE CHOIR – Presents the silent film “Nosferatu” at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Picton 7:30pm. Tickets $18 or $20 at the door. Available 962-0832 or from choir members or MAY 10/11– PE COMMUNITY THEATRE – Presents “Dial M for Murder” 8pm Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford. Advance tickets $14 by phone 476-5925 & outlets. $16 at the door. MAY 11 – HELP SAVE OSTRANDER PT CCSAGE - Yard sale fundraiser 8am-1pm, 14011 Loyalist Parkway, beside PE Animal Hosp. Call 476-7693 or 393-1985 for pick-up & info. Please sticker all donated items showing bargain prices. MAY 11 – BOOK LAUNCH – Finding your Voice: Discovering your Choices, this year’s International Women’s Day collection. Books & Co. 2-4pm. Enjoy readings & conversation. Info Roz 393-5046. MAY 11 – PEC 4-H DANCE CLUB – Country Square Dance 8-11pm Sophiasburgh Town Hall 2711 Cty Rd 5, Demorestville. $10/person, $20/family, 4-H members $5, under 9 free. Music Mike Kelly & the Allisonville Dance Band. Info Liz 476-8104, Sue 4760405, Keith 393-5336. MAY 12 – ST. ANDREW’S PICTON – Commissions first annual Artist-in-Residence, Jeanne Campbell at 10:30am. All welcome. MAY 12 – PE COMMUNITY THEATRE – One act matinee 2pm Mt. Tabor Playhouse. Tickets $10 at the door. Details at MAY 12 – CONSECON LEGION – Mother’s Day Breakfast 8am-11am. $6/plate. All welcome. MAY 12 – WELLINGTON ELKS – Mother’s Day Breakfast 8am-noon. Allisonville Hall. Donations accepted. All welcome.

MAY 13 – CONFINED SPACES CERTIFICATION – Cost $70. Contact Career Edge Picton 476-6456 to register. MAY 13 – AL-ANON meets Mon(s) 7:30pm Gilead Fellowship Church. Affected by someone’s drinking? 1-866-951-3711. MAY 13 – CAMP TRILLIUM-GARRATTS ISLAND – Join the Kiwanis members for dinner & a night of information & slide presentation with Carrie Arnold addressing the need to support children undergoing cancer treatment. Royal Canadian Legion 5:45pm. Dinner $15. Confirm attendance call Ron 476-3704. MAY 14 – AL-ANON (adults) & ALATEEN (teens) – Affected by someone’s drinking? 1866-951-3711. Meets Tues(s) 8pm Gilead Fellowship Church. MAY 14 – CHERRY VALLEY WOMEN’S INSTITUTE POTLUCK – Meeting 12 noon, Athol Town Hall. Presentation on Herbal Medicines at 1pm. Info Mary Lou 476-6590. All welcome. MAY 15 – AL-ANON meets Thurs(s) 10:30am St. Mary Magdalene Church. 1-866951-3711 Affected by someone’s drinking? MAY 15 – QEMA HOSTS “PETER REA’S ROCKIN VARIETY SHOW” with guests The Reasonettes, The Reatones Band. 7pm Wellington Town Hall. Special appearances by Ed Sullivan, George Burns & Elvis! A fundraising concert for summer programs at The Victoria Schoolhouse, Ameliasburgh. Refreshments. Donations appreciated. MAY 15 – PICTON HOSPITAL AUXILIARY – Annual General Meeting, Waring House Picton. Registration 11:30am, lunch ($15) 12 noon, business meeting 1:30pm, no charge. Reservations required for lunch. Contact Sharon 476-3846 no later than Fri May 10 to reserve. Proxies available at Coffee Shop Picton Clinic, Second Time Around Shop & Auxiliary Office. MAY 15 – SOUP & SANDWICH LUNCHEON – Picton United Church 11:30am-1pm. $7/person. Take out available. Call 476-6050. Proceeds to church outreach programs. MAY 15 – ARTS ON MAIN GALLERY – New show titled “The Heart of the County” features 20 leading artists from the County plus seven guest artists. Runs to August 12. Opening reception May 18, 2-4pm at 223 Main St. Picton. Info 476-5665. MAY 19 – ST. ANDREW’S PICTON – Hosts the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan with musicians Tom Leighton, Luke Norton (fiddler) & piper at 10:30am. MAY 19 – CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS STOCKING FUNDRAISER – Wellington on the Lake Recreation Centre, 2-4pm. Jeanette Arsenault presents I’m Acadian Canadian from Acadia & also featuring Anne Lederman fiddler from Toronto. Tickets $15 available from Doris 399-5093. MAY 20 – PE COMMUNITY CARE – Office closed for Victoria Day. Meals on Wheels will be delivered as usual. MAY 21 – SALVATION ARMY JOY MINISTRIES – Is having “Christmas in May” with a full turkey dinner at 12 noon. Tickets $7. Call 476-3159 to reserve. MAY 23 – SHOUT SISTER FUNDRAISING CONCERT – For Edith Fox Life & Loss Centre. Tickets $10. Children under 8 free. St. Mary Magdalene Church. Doors open 6:30 & concert 7pm. Tickets available from choir members or at the door. MAY 24 – BABYSITTING COURSE – For 12 yr olds & up, 9am-4pm. Cost $40 at the Ontario Early Years Centre, 10 McFarland Crt. Picton. Children will gain knowledge from Red Cross & St.John’s Babysitting courses. Registration required. 476-8142. MAY 25 – COMMUNITY BENEFIT DINNER & DANCE – Hosted by Wellington UC to benefit Hospice Prince Edward. Featuring “The Reasons” at Highline Hall Wellington & District Community Centre. Doors open 5pm. Dinner 6pm provided by Wheelhouse Catering. Dance 8pm-12am. Advance tickets only $40/person. Call Shelley 399-1179. MAY 27 – MONTHLY DADDY n’ ME PLAYGROUP – 5-7pm at Kente Public School, 264 Cty Rd 19, Ameliasburgh. Bring a friend, have supper, play in the gym, make a craft & hear a story. Contact PE Child Care Services 476-8142.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Teacher a driving force at learning centre for almost two decades Conley showed passion to help every client she met Staff writer

MovIng on From left, Prince Edward Learning Centre instructor Lori Farrington, departing learning centre executive director Linda Conley and executive assistant Christine Chapman celebrate Conley’s retirement in Picton last week. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)


Welcome Jeanne Campbell Artist-in-Residence

“Where Faith is Fun” 272 Main St., Bloomfield Rev. Ross Bruleigh

The Courage to be Colourful (dress accordingly)

Christian Family Sunday Worship Service 10:30am

Minister: Lynne Donovan 31 King St., Picton 613.476.6024 Sunday Worship 10:30 Radio 88.3 FM


UNITED CHURCH Demorestville Sunday, May 12th

**** 11:00 am ****


Then he said to his disciple, "behold your mother" (John 19:27) All children welcome at Sunday School

Message: “Great, Great, Great...” Looking for a key board or piano player for Sunday morning services; if interested; contact Rev Kirby. Rev. Kirby Breithaupt

C-613-403-4742 or H-613-476-2020


There were mixed emotions last week as the Prince Edward Learning Centre said goodbye to one if its most passionate voices. Co-workers celebrated Prince Edward Learning Centre (PELC) executive director Linda Conley's retirement on Friday in the Lipson Room above Books & Company in Picton; simultaneously saddened by the depart of colleague and happy to see her moving on to the next part of her life. Conley has been a driving force with the organization for almost two decades. PELC instructor Lori Farrington said Conley


EMMANUEL Baptist Church

Sunday Services 9am & 11am (full children’s programs). 7pm (Bible study). Tuesdays. 6:30pm Children’s Programs. (J/K - Gr 8) Wednesdays. 1:30pm Bible Study. 6:30pm Dinner and Service. Thursdays. Surge Student Ministries. 7pm. (Gr 9-12) Wish you could see what a service at Emmanuel is like? You can! Check out ϮϰϬDĂŝŶ^ƚ͕ůŽŽŵĮĞůĚͮĞŵŵĂŶƵĞůůŝĨĞ͘ĐŽŵͮϲϭϯͲϯϵϯͲϮϮϯϰ



7 Church St., Picton, Ont. K0K 2T0

Wellington Pentecostal Church

613-476-6276 Fax: 613-476-7293

Rev. Polly Marks-Torrance Box 213 Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0 613-399-2384

Mass Schedule Saturday 5:00pm Sunday 10:00am


Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



of the United Church of Canada

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Carrying Place 9:30am Consecon 11:00am Sermon: “A Mother’s Way” Soup & Tea Biscuit Lunch at Consecon. Everyone Welcome. Rev. Phil Hobbs 613-476-5278

“The Church in the Heart of the Village” Welcoming the Community

PICTON UNITED CHURCH 12 Chapel St. 613-476-6050 Minister: Rev. Dr. Hal Wilson Organist & Choir Director: Mr. Ronald Laidlaw

built the organization “from the ground up” over her years as executive director. “How the learning centre looks today is due, in large part, to her work and her passion. It's not just a job when you work in literacy — you have to believe in it,” Farrington said. Farrington said Conley's passion for the job was always evident; often coming to work with big ideas and the drive to accomplish them. “We would do it and it would work,” she said. While Farrington was happy for Conley, she said she's sad to see her leave. “It's kind of bittersweet because of how much she's looking forward to retirement — and fair enough, she's worked really hard — but as an organization we're really going to miss her and miss the team. We've worked together 15 years.” However, Farrington said change is good. “Linda would be the first one to root for change and to mix things up,” she said. Added PELC executive assistant Christine Chapman, “anyone walking through our door is trying to change their life.” Chapman said Conley knows the community inside and out and that knowledge has helped her connect clients with anything they need. “She's very empathetic, she's not judgmental, and she really listens to what that person who comes to her office really needs and sends them in the right direction,” Chapman said. “She is really passionate and always wants to better the life of the person who walks through our thresh-

old. It's really important.” Chapman said when Conley joined PELC, it was only about a year old and was an offshoot of Quinte Literacy Group in Belleville. When Conley came, Chapman said, she brought with her a different perspective “We had a couple of interim executive directors before Linda came in. Then Linda brought a whole other segment of learning in. She had been doing labour adjustments in Kingston, so she brought in all that talent,” She said. Chapman said she too would miss Conley being part of the team. Chapman has worked with the executive director for all of Conley's 18 years with PELC. “It's been a good team,” she said. “I'm sure it will (still) be a good team.” Conley said when the organization started it was just a small community program, but has grown into an essential community service. “We had maybe 10 students at the most and now we serve up to 100 people in a year. We have four staff, we have classes, we have projects — we've really grown over the years,” she said. After moving three times the organization found a home in the Armoury in Picton. Conley said it's a great space with great community partners. While she's not regularly in the spotlight, Conley was very appreciative of the gesture on Friday. “I'm thrilled, I really am. I'm not used to being the centre of attention, but this is very nice,” she said. “I'm looking forward to the next adventure. It will be good.”

Elder Abuse...Let’s Talk We Can Help



Sunday Worship 10:30am


Chad Ibbotson

Completely Confidential

Serving the Community for 219 years


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Smitty has been keeping customers happy for 25 years in the appliance business. This proves Smitty has the BEST PRICE, SELECTION, GUARANTEE, QUALITY & SERVICE plus same day delivery, seven days a week.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Ameliasburgh residents seek assurances from Bayfield about runaways Treatment centre hosts open forum about its procedures, but finds many neighbours still fearful and concerned Staff writer

While the senior management of Bayfield Treatment Centres attempted to reach out to their neighbours Monday, it appears people in the county’s northwest end are seeking a different type of communication. At Ameliasburgh Town Hall, Bayfield chief operating officer Sharlene Weitzman and director of residential services Todd Powell attempted to tell about 50 residents how their company has responded to incidents in the past two years of youth running away from their facilities and striking fear in members of the surrounding community in a rash of property crimes. “The events of the last few years in terms of some of our children running away and causing damage in the community has given us pause to speak and engage in a more open forum with our community,” said Weitzman. She indicated the public’s concern reached a boiling point with a specific string of incidents along County Rd. 1, where Bayfield claimed it was unable to learn the specifics of the activities, nor start dialogue with affected community members. Weitzman claimed that since Bayfield is not the guardian of the youth, it took some time for her to learn the specifics of the charges against the youth and the damages caused. Even when she did know, she indicated Bayfield was told not to take action while a criminal investigation was under way. Since, Weitzman said Bayfield has taken a number of steps it believes will reduce the risk of runaways causing damage in the community, adding tools s he believes are unprecedented in the province and in Canada. Bayfield has worked with

its staff to review counselling procedures, Weitzman said she now personally reviews every application for treatment at the centre, and it has moved some of its older youth onto its main campus from a community home. With the help of the public, Bayfield has also implemented the Newsline Alert System, an automated calling program that alerts interested people about the description of an individual believed to be in the public without supervision and the area the person is believed to be in. Members of the public were critical of Bayfield’s use of that system as some people who claimed to have signed up multiple times indicated they hadn’t been getting calls, including one sent out in the Consecon area just that morning. Even John Williams, one of the men who brought the system to the area, had his doubts about it. “ It's not the list that's the problem, the execution is the problem,” he said. “I didn't get a call, I'm on the steering committee, on the list.” Other neighbours, like Tom Livingston, wonder why Bayfield wouldn’t directly visit neighbours to try to put their minds at ease. He said there have been times when he’s seen heavily-armed police officers on his farm responding to Bayfield missing persons reports and viewed Bayfield trucks going up and down the street, but nobody stopped. “You should come up to the door and tell me what is happening,” he said, adding he’s also been on the calling list a long time and has yet to receive messages. Another man, whose property was damaged along County Rd. 1 indicated he is still living in fear. “The environment has been poisoned here. I feel safer feeling in Toronto than my farm. I wonder did I lock

my car, is my wallet in my car? I don't sleep well. You never know when something is going to happen. Somebody is going to get killed.” The man requested that municipal officials step forward to offer reassurance for residents that property crime will not happen before he and a number of others stormed out of the meeting stating they expect more from the company The question, however, is what can be done. Weitzman said her staff can counsel res-

idents but due to provincial regulations, they cannot physically intervene in a situation unless the individuals or others are deemed to be in imminent danger. The staff is also not expected to follow the youth to private property. Weitzman also pointed out the facility’s staff-toclient ratios are well above provincial standards, even during the night hours. Residents also asked if the municipality could protect neighbourhoods through bylaws tightening restric-

tions on the group homes, but ultimately Mayor Peter Mertens denied that, stating the zoning the homes fall under is a residential designation, which includes group homes of any sort. “This is an Ontario zoning bylaw, this isn’t a County bylaw per se,” he said. “This council has been looking at this for two years. We’ve looked at every legislative opportunity to look at setbacks, minimum distances and controls. Our hands are tied, exactly the same way

theirs are tied under the social service requirements. Mertens said other municipalities that tried to restrict saw their decisions appealed and voted down. He indicated the only way to mitigate the homes is to work for a private agreement and in this instance, Bayfield has already agreed to not build or relocate group homes within two kilometres of its existing group homes within a half-hour of Consecon.

See BAYFIELD, page 23

PUBLIC MEETING: HERITAGE CONSERVATION DISTRICT Meeting Date/Time: Thursday, May 23, 2013, 7:00 pm²9:00 pm Meeting Location: Macaulay Museum, 35 Church St., Picton In accordance with the Ontario Heritage Act, a public meeting is being held to discuss the proposed Picton Main St. Heritage Conservation District Plan. The Plan is being considered for an area of Picton that includes properties fronting on, or near sections of:


Main Street, extending from Shire Hall and Paul Street to the East side of Talbot Street and Lake Street; and


Bridge Street, including properties 1 to 36.

A presentation of the Draft Plan will begin at 7 pm, followed by discussion and a question/answer period. Have your say: Anyone may attend public meetings and make verbal or written remarks either in support of or in opposition to the proposed Plan. Appeals: The Ontario Municipal Board may dismiss appeals (in part or in whole) put forward by a person or public body who has not made a verbal submission at a public meeting, or made a written submission to the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, before the by-law adopting this plan is made. More information: The proposed Picton Main Street Heritage Conservation District Plan will be publicly available on May 15, 2013, online at; hard copies may be obtained by visiting the Edward Building, 2nd Floor Reception, 280 Main St., Picton from Monday-Friday, 8:30am²4:30pm. The Heritage Conservation District Study is also available online or in hard copy.

Victoria Leskie, Clerk²The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Telephone: 613-476-2148, Fax: 613-471-2051 E-mail:

Planning Services Department, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward Location: 280 Main St, 2nd Floor, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Mailing: 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Telephone: 613-476-2148, Fax: 613-471-2050

Dated at the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, this 25th day of April 2013

This advertisement is available in alternate formats upon request.


Thank You iddjgYZY^XViZYcjghZhl]d XddgY^cViZXVgZidbdgZi]Vc &'!*%%%eZdeaZZkZgnYVn# We value our invaluable nurses. Hdji]:Vhi8dbbjc^in8VgZ6XXZhh8ZcigZ 8dccZXi^c\ndjl^i]XVgZ


AdAm BrAmBurger


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Markwell sentenced to six years in prison Bloomfield man to receive credits for pretrial custody following manslaughter JasonParks

Staff writer

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A Bloomfield man has been sentenced to six years in prison for stabbing his roommate in the neck and killing him during an alcohol-fuelled altercation in their Stanley Street home last May. Justice John Johnston delivered the sentence to Lawrence Markwell at Picton's Superior Court Tuesday morning, citing the remorse shown in a pre sentence report and during trial as part of the reason at arriving at the length of sentence for the convicted Markwell was convicted in January, 2013 when a jury of six men and six women found him innocent of second degree murder but guilty of manslaughter. The jury felt there was provocation when Markwell plunged a pocket knife into Thomas McCormick's neck, nicking a major artery and killing his best friend in the home the pair shared for close to a decade around midnight on May 1, 2012. Johnston said he supported the jury's findings that both cleared Markwell of the more serious charge and convicted him of a lesser charge and said it was very difficult to develop a sentence in such a case.






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The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) retained Dillon Consulting Limited to complete the initial design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the replacement of the Pearsall Creek culvert on Highway 62, north of Huff’s Corners in Prince Edward County. It is anticipated Highway 62 will remain open during construction, however it will likely be reduced to one lane with temporary signals used to allow two directions of travel. If periodic closure of the highway is required, a detour will be in place to direct traffic. THE PROCESS The study will be completed following the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) for a Group ‘B’ project. The study will identify the most appropriate method to replace the culvert and will assess the impacts, including traffic management during construction and impacts to the natural environment. A report documenting the study process will be available for review at the end the study. If during the study it is determined there are no significant environmental effects associated with the project, the MTO may decide to step-down the project to a Group ‘C’. If this is the case, a notice will be published in local newspapers advising of the change and a study documentation report will be completed for MTO’s internal use. PUBLIC AND AGENCY CONSULTATION Public and agency consultation is an important component of the study. It is anticipated that a Public Information Centre (PIC) will be held once a recommended method for replacing the culvert has been identified and impacts of the project have been assessed. A notice of PIC will be published in local newspapers. If you would like to be contacted directly prior to the PIC, please contact Dillon at the address below and request to be added to the contact list. Additional information on the project is available at COMMENTS We are interested in receiving comments or concerns you may have with the study. Please contact: Sabrina Stanlake, RPP, Planner Dillon Consulting Limited Box 426, London, ON N6A 4W7 tel: 1-888-345-5668 ext. 1235 fax: 519-672-8209 e-mail:


1.02 Kg Tray

“Lawrence Markwell was not in a trapped position where he had to reside in the home with Thomas Mac Cormack,” explained Johnston. In granting enhanced credit for pretrial custody, Johnston pointed to the content of the pre sentencing report that painted Markwell as a sympathetic figure full of remorse for his actions on the morning of May 1, 2012 and believed that there was no indication his actions were part of a pattern. With enhanced one day for one and a half day credit for his time spent at the Quinte Detention Centre awaiting trial, Markwell's actual time in federal custody will translate to four and a half years. Johnston commended the crown and the defence




J. JoHnsTon ONtariO JUStiCe

for their efforts to bring the judicial process along quickly. Outside the courthouse after Johnston had meted out his sentence, both crown and defence counsel thought the punishment was fair. “I think it's important we express to the public and Thomas McCormick's family how deeply sorry my client is for what happened. He wants his condolences passed to the family and if he could have that moment back, he would in a second,” Roberts told reporters. “The most important thing is that the McCormick family has lost a brother, my client has lost his best friend and that's not going to change.” Roberts called the penal term “fair and balanced.” “We have no issues, my client felt he's been treated very fair through out the entire trial,” she said. Crown attorney Jodi Whyte called Johnston's sentence “appropriate.” “I think it's appropriate given their friendship and (Markwell's) remorse. There were a number of factors in this case that the judge rightly took into account,” Whyte said.

Replacement of the Pearsall Creek Culvert Class Environmental Assessment and Initial Design

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‘Lawrence Markwell was not in a trapped position where he had to reside in the home...’


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“His sentence must send a strong message to the community that in a civilized society, we will not sanction the use of weapons in a fight,” Johnston said. In arriving at his sentence, Johnston noted the pair had a close relationship that would turn tumultuous and toxic when alcohol was introduced and it was during one of these instances where the common physical altercations between the two took a tragic turn. Johnston mentioned that any sentence must also reflect the loss of McCormick, although neither a long nor short sentence would restore the loss of the slain man to his family. “Mr. McCormick's death was a tragedy,” said Johnston. “Nothing I say today is meant to minimize Mr. McCormick's death. At the core of this sentencing hearing is the tale of two longtime friends.” In his view, case law submitted by defence counsel Ruth Roberts had some similar aspects to the case at hand but was lacking overall and this instance was not a case of battered spouse syndrome as was suggested.


38 Cold Storage Rd., Picton 613-476-2171


Darren Waters, P.Eng., Senior Project Engineer Ministry of Transportation 1355 John Counter Boulevard, Kingston, ON K7L 5A3 tel: 1-800-267-0295 fax: 613-540-5140 e-mail:

If you have any accessibility requirements in order to participate in this project, please contact one of the Project Team members listed above. Information will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will be part of the public record. Pour des renseignements en français, veuillez communiquer avec Stephen Betts au 416 229-4647, poste 2433.

The Picton Gazette

LOOKING FOR A hOBBY FARM? 24 Acres with a comfortable country 3 bedroom bungalow w/ lower level walk out & in-law suite. Cozy gas fireplace in the main living room plus a pellet stove for the inlaw suite. Wrap around deck & raised flower or herb/veggie garden. Fully fenced property. Pasture, bush, stream & trails. Perfect for having your own horses, chickens, sheep or beef cattle. Close to beaches, wine areas & 401. $229,000 MLS 2132640 Call CAROL BROuGh, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or LANthORN REAL EStAtE LtD., BROKERAGE* *INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED


The luxury of privacy and 2.96 acres on the edge of Picton! Set on a knoll back from the road with wonderful views. The house boasts, newer windows, electrical, offering lots of light, new kitchen, refinished floors, propane fireplace, hot tub on the rear patio. 3 bdrm, 2 bath with single car attached garage. For the handyman, artist or person who collects there is a spacious insulated barn/building and a pole barn for storage. Lovely wooded area on one side and views over fields from the rear. A great place to start and raise a family or a place to relax and be close to all but still not give up that special place in retirement. $330,000 MLS 2127470 Call GAIL FORCht, Broker SARAh SCOtt, Sales Rep Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587


ofHOMES Prince Edward County’s



Call LORI SLIK, Sales Rep 613-471-1708


AFFORDABLE wAtERFRONt LOt MuSCOtE BAY 130 ft. waterfront lot convenient to Belleville and Picton. Live on beautiful Muscote Bay! Nice homes in area. Road is in to the property. A bargain at $133,000. Easy water access. Good fishing area. MLS 2132134



uinte Isle

In the quaint village of Wellington, here is an opportunity to own your own business or give your current business great exposure. With over 1500 square feet of space, and a half acre lot on municipal services and zoning highway commercial with a diversity of options allowed for a variety of commercial opportunities (see documents) Wellington is one of the hot spots to be in the summer months with walking distance to a public beach on Lake Ontario, harbour, restaurants, cafes and artesian boutiques. This is a great opportunity to work in Prince Edward County and live the dream!!! $475,000 MLS 2132922

SERVING THE COUNTY FOR OVER 14 YEARS thursday, May 9, 2013

hERB pLIwISChKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 613-476-5399

SAt MAY 11th 12-2pM

9 CARLA COuRt, wELLINGtON Listen to the waves lapping the shore. Water 75ft away from your door. Quebcois log home. 3 bedrooms, lg lot, view of Lake Ontario. Open concept kitchen, dining rm, living rm, cathedral ceilings, skylight, lots of windows. Lg master, 2 gas fireplaces. Tastefully finished on both levels, lg decks off main and lower level, w/o from lower level. A very special home for a unique buyer. $319,000. MLS® 2132960 Call for more info. GEORGE REID, ® Broker 613-399-2134 Real Estate Inc. Brokerage


Beautiful 1500 square foot modular home constructed by Northland (Meadowbrook model). Located in residential sector on 80` x 80` lot with forest on one side. Home has lots of oak and mahogany with double sided fireplace. 12 x 20 four season room with fireplae and heat pump can be used for extra bedroom. This addition faces 12 x 20` deck. $349 fee common includes; taxes, water, sewage, ploughing, garbage and security. $244,900. MLS 2127572 LANthORN REAL EStAtE LtD., BROKERAGE*



Call VINCE MARtEL, Sales Rep 613-476-2100



wAupOOS wAtERFRONt $650,000 This beautiful waterfront home is designed to enjoy the spectacular views of Waupoos Island, Smith's Bay & Prince Edward Bay. This sophisticated home has 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, library/study, 3 fireplaces & attached double garage with large workshop. Stairs & path to the water. MLS®2132898 Call ELIZABEth CROMBIE, Sales Rep 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096

1.5 yr old award winning custom built home, professionally designed & decorated. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. $485,000 MLS 2130639


Call MARY JANE MILLS, Broker 613-476-5900

OpEN hOuSE SAt MAY 11th 3-4:30 pM

AFFORDABLE BuILDING LOtS MItChELL ROAD Rare find! 10.4 acre newly severed building lot with well. Close to Waupoos & Black River. Well treed. Nature lovers paradise. $65,000. MLS 2132456 hERB pLIwISChKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5399 613-476-5900

6 ARGYLE Affordable home, much larger than it looks,in a great Picton neighbourhood. This 3+ bedroom home has the potential for an in-law suite on the lower level and ideally suited for the first time home owner or family. Large master bedroom with 2 pce ensuite. Spacious one and half sized lot with new storage building on the property. Walking distance to downtown on a quiet cul de sac. $257,900 MLS 2131254 Call GAIL FORCht, Broker SARAh SCOtt, Sales Rep Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587


MARY StREEt OFFICE $389,000 A unique property that offers a mix of commerical and urban housing under one roof. Located in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Picton a perfect fit for professionals with Core Commercial zoning. Upper level is approx 1200 sq ft with main level of 1,600 sq ft. 3 car attached garage. Private back yard overlooking park. MLS® 2117594 Call ELIZABEth CROMBIE, Sales Rep 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096


MAIN St., wELLINGtON Immaculate and renovated. 1885 era brick 2 storey home, all the charm of the past and a view of Lake Ontario. Lg principal rooms, polygonal turret to enhance its charm. Full country kitchen, sunroom with fireplace, 2 full baths, lg fenced lot, extra lot for parking 3 cars, pine closets. Asking $339,000 MLS® 2133023 ShARON ARMItAGE, ® Broker of Record 613-399-2134 Real Estate Inc. Brokerage


uinte Isle

The premium lot on Pirates Cove Lane, over looking breath taking South Bay. Dock, beach, raft great for swimming, launch your boat right there! Roast weenies and marshmellows in the fire pit. 39 st Mallard trailer with huge 38`x 8` Sunroom. Ye be warned don`t miss out on this one..... ARRR! $198,900. MLS 2123366 Call MARK GARDINER, Sales Rep Office: 613-476-2700 Cell:613-391-5588

OpEN hOuSE SAt MAY 11th 10AM-12pM

AFFORDABLE wAtERFRONt They`re not making any more fabulous waterfront so it`s a great investment. This smaller year-round home sits on 150 ft of the best waterfront around and it`s only 10 kilometers away from Picton. A new propane furnace (2013), metal roof, wrap-around verandah and 3 firplaces are just a few of its features. Great affordable vacation retreat and if desired build your dream home later.Offered at $279,000 MLS 2131730 LANthORN REAL EStAtE LtD., BROKERAGE* *INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

Call CAROL BROuGh, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or

38 ShENENDOAh ROAD Bay of Quinte. Enjoy this unique 2 bedroom log home which is nestled on a nice, deep waterfront lot. Open kitchen & living area on main floor. Spacious 3 season sun room provides a panoramic water view. Ideal year round home, cottage or summer rental. $329,000 MLS 2130830 KEVIN GALE, Sales Rep cell 613-476-1874 h. 613-242-7295 C. QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE

OpEN hOuSE SAt MAY 11th 1-3 pM

AFFORDABLE BuILDING LOtS ELMBROOK ROAD Lovely country setting, quiet road with 21 acres to build your dream home. Close to Picton and less than 20 minutes to 401. Some woods - corn crop on site. $60,000. MLS 2130829 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5900

hERB pLIwISChKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 613-476-5399

16 StANLEY St. BLOOMFIELD Features three bedrooms, living, dining & family rooms,new bathroom, hardwood & pine floors, lots of original charm & municipal water. Situated on a huge lot backing onto the Millenium Trail. $189,900 MLS# 2132930


ChRIStINE & COLIN hENDEN, Broker & Sales Rep tel: 613-922-2251

RE/14 f THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage* 102 Main St., Picton

CAROL BROUGH Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

ELSIE WIERSMA Sales Rep. 613-848-4810

GARY MORDEN Broker 613-885-2304


HUGH JACKSON Broker 613-476-5026

Great Wellington Neighborhood. 3+ Bedroom Colorado Style Home. Bright and Spacious Rooms $239,900 2131826 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


Large corner lot, 2 bedroom, 2 baths, full useable basement. Includes removeable wheelchair ramp. $172,900 MLS 2133096 Steve Sensenstein


Walk to downtown & close to the Millennium Trail, public school and the new Essroc Community Centre and Arena. Municipal services available. No through traffic - dead end street. Last lot available in this development. $66,000 MLS 2116263 Call Carol Brough


Private 4 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom Home. 41 acres on Popular Glenora Road. A Pleasure to Show! $469,000 2126260 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100


$164,900 -An excellent getaway or use as a weekly rental. New roof, furnace, minutes from Sandbanks, great well. Paul Gentile or Vince Martel 2133060



Century Circa. Approx. 2000 sq.ft. Metal Roof. MLS # 2131362 Call Joy Humphrey 613-849-5999

JASON YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

JOY HUMPHREY Broker 613-849-5999

Picton - 613-476-2100 Toll Free 1-866-294-2100

KEVIN YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

KIM HADWEN Sales Rep. 613-969-7591


2.7 acre wooded lot, short ferry ride to Picton. Ideal location for Executive home. $65,000 MLS 2130123 To view call Hugh Jackson or Tracey Dickson


Custom built brick 3 bedrm home overlooking Prince Edward Bay in prestigious Glenora Estates. Cherry cabinetry, eat in kit, separate dining room, huge games room, attached garage. MLS 2121442 Call Pat Benson-Moore


Secluded Waterfront home on Muscote Bay. Geothermal system. Stunning Sunsets. Convenient location between Belleville and Picton $545,000 2132315 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


Frontage on Lake Ontario & Prince Edward Bay. Excellent for year round home or private retreat. $599,000 MLS 2132642 To view call Hugh Jackson or Tracey Dickson


Fabulous home featuring beauty, convenience and privacy on the northern shores of Prince Edward County. One of the finest in the County! MLS 2113636 Call Pat Benson-Moore


Quiet country living close to Picton. Bright & Sunny Custom Built Bungalow. Beautifully landscaped 7.4 acres with Trails & Woods. $399,000 2130858 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100

PAT BENSONMOORE Sales Rep. 613-849-8501

PAUL GENTILE Broker 613-476-2100


*Independently owned & operated

SANDY YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

STEVE SENSENSTEIN Sales Rep. 613-885-1307

Approx. 8.5 ac. 3 bedroom home is "move in ready". Great barn, several paddocks, pond. $299,000 2132187 Call Kim Hadwen



Spacious Home in Picton. Beautiful Backyard with Pool & Basketball Court. Great in-town location $249,900 2133002 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


On canal known as West Lake Bay leading to West Lake/Lake Ontario. From your dock just minutes to Wellington harbour, Sandbanks. Natural gas on road. $109,000 2130576 Gary Morden


1 QUAKER COURT $148,900 MLS 2132964 Immaculate smoke & pet free bungalow. Hardwood floors, new furnace 2010 & shingles 2009. Call Elsie Wiersma 613-848-4810



Charming Century Farmhouse. Wrap Around Porch. Peaceful Country Setting close to Picton & Belleville $239,900 2132026 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100


Most affordable Condo in downtown Picton. Beautiful one bedroom in historic building, close to all amenities. $137,900 Call Vince Martel or Paul Gentile. 2130451

TOM McEVOY Sales Rep. 613-967-2100

TRACEY DICKSON Sales Rep. 613-403-7690


VINCE MARTEL Sales Rep. 613-399-2100

Century farm house with many upgrades. Wrap-around 70` long 10` wide covered porch. Quiet road minutes to Sandbanks & Point Petre. $299,000 2132468 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


Approx 2,000 sq ft living space & attached garage. Immaculate & meticulously maintained. $399,000 MLS 2130397 To view call Tracey Dickson or Hugh Jackson


Extensive renovations. Original millwork, hardwood and pine flooring. $389,900 2121817 Joy Humphrey, Tom McEvoy


Westwind Condos "Loyalist Bldg". South and East facing with an abundance of natural light. Great Retirement Living

$209,900 2127436 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100


Spacious modular with 2 bedrooms & storage. Private outdoor deck, on leased land. $54,200 MLS 2132345 To view call Tracey Dickson or Hugh Jackson


General Store with takeout stand in Milford. 3 bedroom rental unit beside the store. $449,000 2130462 Tom McEvoy



THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 f RE/15

Happy Mother’s Day!

Plan No. SHSW00535


Equally beautiful as a primary or vacation home, this plan offers surprising amenities and lots of curb appeal with stone accents. Inside, thefirst-floor master suite features a corner tub and separate large shower, as well as plenty of counter space and a walk-through Flingopen the French DESIGN FOR closet. LIVING doors to the patio to enjoy fresh breezes. The living room is vaulted and has a fireplace and wood DESIGN FOR LIVING storage bin, with nearbydoors opening to the wraparound patio. The kitchen boasts a snack bar that overlooks the dining room and a window over the sink. Headback for the wide utility room and Plan No. SHSW00535 from there, either to the back veranda or out front. Second-floor bedrooms are separated by a hallway WINDOWS MAKE THIS COTTAGE witha full bath and storage. Bedroom 3 has a walkFirst Floor: 1,185 sq. ft. in closet. Thoughtful touches include the closet in Second Floor: 497 sq. ft. Total: 1,682 sq. ft. the foyer and a window in the garage.

Sunday, May 12th

©Copyright Select Home Designs. All rights reserved


Plan No. SHSW00535 To see more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse WINDOWS MAKE THIS COTTAGE thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level,and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information Plan No. SHSW00535 on how to order and modify plans. ©Copyright Select Home Designs. All rights reserved

6 Talbot Street, Picton

First Floor: 1,185 sq. ft. Second Floor: 497 sq. ft. Total: 1,682 sq. ft.



Renovations, Additions Soffit, Fascia, Siding

Feel free to visit our website -

ERIC HELMER 613-476-4945

613.476.5900 613.242.3045 FAX: 613.476.2225 TEL:


Otto Buikema

Second Floor

First Floor



Off: 613-476-3144 Fax: 613-476-2562 Cell: 613-967-9319

1 Lake Street Picton, ON K0K 2T0

First Floor: 1,185 sq. ft. Second Floor: 497 sq. ft. Total: 1,682 sq.Second ft. Floor


981 Cty Rd 8, Picton

Independently owned and operated

Quinte Ltd., Brokerage

©Copyright Select Home Designs. All rights reserved

First Floor

April 28-May 4, 2012 SHSW00535 DEPTH: 48' - 0"


Equally beautiful as a primary or vacation home, this plan offers surprising amenities and lots of curb appeal with stone accents. Inside, the first-floor master suite features a corner tub and separate large shower, as well as plenty of counter space and a walk-through closet. Fling open the French doors to the patio to enjoy fresh breezes. The living room is vaulted and has a fireplace and wood storage bin, with nearby doors opening to the wraparound patio. The kitchen boasts a snack bar that overlooks the dining room and a window over the sink. Head back for the wide utility room and from there, either to the back veranda or out front. Second-floor bedrooms are separated by a hallway with a full bath and storage. Bedroom 3 has a walk-in closet. Thoughtful touches include the closet in the foyer and a window in the garage.


April 28-May 4, 2012 SHSW00535 DEPTH: 48' - 0"

To see more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level, and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information on how to order and modify plans.

First Floor




vacation home, this plan offers surprising amenities and lots of curb appeal with stone accents. Inside, the Equally beautiful as a primary or Second Floor first-floor master suite features a corner tub and separate large shower, as well as plenty of counter space and a walk-through closet. Fling open the French doors to the patio to enjoy fresh breezes. The living room is vaulted and has a fireplace and wood storage bin, with nearby doors opening to the wraparound patio. The kitchen boasts a snack bar that overlooks the dining room and a window over the sink. Head back for the wide utility room and from there, either to the back veranda or out front. Second-floor bedrooms are separated by a hallway with a full bath and storage. Bedroom 3 has a walk-in closet. Thoughtful touches include the closet in the foyer and a window in the garage. To see more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level, and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information on how to order and modify plans.


April 28-May 4, 2012 SHSW00535 DEPTH: 48' - 0"


Equally beautiful as a primary or vacation home, this plan offers surprising amenities and lots of curb appeal with stone accents. Inside, the first-floor master suite features a corner tub and separate large shower, as well as plenty of counter space and a walk-through closet. Fling open the French doors to the patio to enjoy fresh breezes. The living room is vaulted and has a fireplace and wood storage bin, with nearby doors opening to the wraparound patio. The kitchen boasts a snack bar that overlooks the dining room and a window over the sink. Head back for the wide utility room and from there, either to the back veranda or out front. Second-floor bedrooms are separated by a hallway with a full bath and storage. Bedroom 3 has a walk-in closet. Thoughtful touches include the closet in the foyer and a window in the garage. To see more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level, and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information on how to order and modify plans.


Broker of Record

uinte Isle®



Real Estate Inc. (613) Brokerage

287 Main St. Wellington, Ontario, K0K 3L0 • Fax 399-2140



HEART OF THE COUNTY On the route for all County Tours. Pub/restaurant, living quarters, great location. Close to wineries, marina, on County Rd 8. Licensed for 140 people, double patio, dining rm, pub area. Lg living area upstairs, possible bed & breakfast. Perfect for the entrepreneur who is open to ideas. Could be small convenience store, would be great for caterer. MLS® 2130928

LAKEBREEZE COURT Executive stone/br home, lg lot, village of Wellington. Open concept family rm/ kitchen, eating area. Formal living rm/ dining rm. Main floor master bedroom, lg ensuite, walkin closet. Main floor laundry, door to double garage. 2 bedrms, 4 pc bath on 2nd level. Full unspoiled basement. Hardwood throughout home, air conditioning, gas furnace, walk to all amenities. Call to view. MLS 2131558

ALWAYS WANTED TO BUILD THAT NEW HOME? Here is your chance. Close to Trenton, Wineries & 401. 1 Acre parcel of land just west of Hillier, drilled well with approx 12 gpm on property. Entrance permit available, hydro close to lot line. Asking $41,900 MLS® 2132411

PICTON BUNGALOW ~ GREAT PRICE Cute bungalow, small lot, cheaper then rent. Perfect home for retirees going south or young couple starting out. Small lot, maintenence free exterior, neat and tidy interior. 2 bedrm, new oil furnace and tank 2010. Call to view. Asking $134,900 MLS® 2126793


READY TO RETIRE?? Consecon St, Wellington. Brick bungalow on lg lot. Lots of room for avid gardner. Features 3 bedrooms, large country kitchen, recently updated, bright living room with built in wall unit, maple flooring throughout home, 5 pc bath on main level. 3 pc on lower level plus family rm, hobby rm, large utility room. Many upgrades and nothing left to do. Call for more details. Asking $279,900 MLS® 2132603



A COUNTY TREASURE 1875 era heritage home on a quiet country road. This property featured in Settlers Dream sits on approx 22 ac of land with creeks going through property on both sides of road. Lots of character & history. Features 3 bedrms, formal living rm with woodburning fireplace, formal dining room, boasts historical Maddy Young murals on walls. Country kitchen totally upgraded and propane fireplace. Ornate front porch. Large barn with heated workshop. Call for more details. MLS 2132699

NOTHING TO DO ON THIS ONE 108 Wallbridge Cres., Belleville. Immaculate 3+ bedroom home, renovated & decorated. Newer kitchen, new carpeting, hardwood flooring in living rm/dining rm, slate flooring in kitchen, 2 baths, air conditioning, gas furnace. Come & view. Asking $179,900 MLS® 2131416

SATURDAY, MAY 11TH 2:15-4PM 8 MONROE COURT Wellington on the Lake. Close to Belleville, Trenton & 401. Adult community, lots of amenities, rec centre, pool, library, banquet hall. 2 bedrms, one with ensuite, 4 pc bath, formal dining rm, bright living rm, eat in kitchen, attached 1 car garage. Treed backyard, private deck. Walk to beach & parks. Fees applicable. $114,900 MLS® 2123993

SATURDAY, MAY 11TH 12:30-2:15 CONSECON ST, WELLINGTON Yesteryear charm. 3 bedroom 1 1/2 storey alum/sided home, lg treed lot, lots of original features. Lg country kitchen, oak cupboards, separate dining rm, bright living rm, main floor 3 pc bath & bedroom. Glassed in front porch, pine floors, fireplace. 2nd floor 2 bedrooms, 4 pc bath. Detached 2 car garage, great place for business or artist. Call to view you won’t be disappointed.

NATURE LOVERS LOOKING FOR PRIVACY 8+ acres, view of Bay of Quinte. Elevated bung, lg bright living rm, eat in kitchen, patio doors to side deck. Receptive foyer leads to double garage and lg deck, pool & hot tub. Full finished basement, family rm, fireplace. Lg workshop. Perfect home for growing family. This home has it all! MLS® 2126106

BAY OF QUINTE WATERFRONT At the Telegraph Narrows. Hint Lane off County Rd 15, easy access from Hwy 401 & 49. Lg lot, drilled well, hydro, zoned residential use. Landscaping done, extensive decking at shore. Call for more details. MLS® 2120805

CLOSE TO SOUP HARBOUR Peaceful and tranquil. 2+ acres of land, deeded access to Lake Ontario. Drilled well, hydro to lot and entrance is in. Ready to build your new home on. Asking $69,900 MLS® 2125759

PRIVATE & PRETTY The lot is cleared and ready for you to build your retirement home or a getaway cottage. 100 ft clean shoreline, perfect for swimming, fishing or deep water sailing. Hydro to lot line, driveway is in. Call for more details. MLS® 2133082

CHASE RD HILLIER WARD. Close to Closson Chase Winery and Karlo Estate Winery. 25 acres of land, approx 12 acre workable. The rest is young bush and some marsh. Asking $119,900 MLS® 2132698



*Member of the Quinte and District Real Estate Board Inc.


RE/16 f THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013



Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

10 Acres. Excellent weekend trailer site! Only minutes to Sandbanks Provincial Park, Lake Ontario and unmaintained ATV trails. Private yet accessible. $25,900 MLS 2131292

Kevin Gale* Business for sale. YOU can own the ONLY "Green Store" between Kingston & Port Perry. This well established business boasts 700 square feet of retail space, catering to those that are sensitive to the environment and in search of products that are safe & healthy. $39,900 MLS 2131300

304 Main Street, WELLINGTON,ON 613.399.5900 or Toll Free 1.888.217.0166

1 Lake Street, PICTON, ON 613.476.5900

*Sales Representative **Broker

Mary Jane Mills**

Located just outside of the hamlet of Hillier, this 1.47 acre building lot is perfect for your new home. Within minutes to Trenton, Wellington and North Beach Provincial Park, this is an ideal rural home site with a drilled well with good flow rate. Build your dream home here! $44,900 MLS 2132268


Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251

CUTE!! Compact two-bedroom home, nicely reno’d. Features west-facing covered porch overlooking fenced back yard & detached garage. Affordable @ $149,900 MLS 2132529

SAT, MAY 11 12:30-2

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**


Waterfront Lot. Beautiful lot in prestigous Smiths Bay. Level, gorgeous views, and a great place to build your new dream home. Boat, fish and swim. $159,000 MLS 2131469

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green*


Clean, well maintained, move-in ready! The work has been done. Pride of ownership is evident throughout this home. Lots of updates in this side split including: forced air gas furnace, new owned hot water tank, plumbing updated, and 200 amp electrical service installed. A list of upgrades are available. $224,900 MLS 2133035

Mary Jane Mills**

Bay of Quinte views from your master bedroom, kitchen, front room and deck. 3 bedroom bungalow with newer kitchen. Exclusive use of waterfront across the road. $279,000 MLS 2127465

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251

LOOKING FOR PRIVACY? Then come & visit this unique property! 5.75 acres with a charming house in immaculate condition, featuring 2 large bedrooms, large bathroom, living with fireplace, dining room & eat-in kitchen, plus a full, high, basement. If you need some acreage, come & check out this unique property. $299,000 MLS 2127091

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green*


Main floor master, finished basement, lovely gardens walking to Main St. See virtual tour $419,000 MLS 2132747

Mary Jane Mills**

2 bedroom bungalow on quiet street in Demorestville. 2 bedroom inlaw suite with separate driveway and entrance. Tenants paying $600/month. $139,900 MLS 2130272

Veronica Norton* Affordable 4 bdrm, 2 bath family home just minutes from downtown picton. Kitchen and dining room are open and airy with plenty of cupboard and counterspace. Hardwood & ceramic flooring throughout the home. $181,000 MLS 2130113

Ron Norton*

1500 sq.ft. log home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom. 2 car attached garage. On 1.6 plus acre lot. 200 amp electric service with 100 amp sub for garage. Minutes to Consecon & Wellers Bay, 25 minutes to air base in Trenton. $229,000 MLS 2131790

Ron Norton*

22 ELKS STREET, PICTON Great starter or retirement home in Picton within walking distance of downtown. 3 bdrms and 1 bath all on one level. Full unfinished basement with the potential of a 4th bdrm and good sized recroom. New furnace installed. $185,000 MLS 2131003

Veronica Norton*

A duplex in the heart of Prince Edward “The County”. 1 – 3 bedroom & 1 - 2 bedroom units, 15 minutes to Belleville or outlet beach 10 minutes to Picton & Wellington & a short walk to Huffs Winery & Schroedters Farm Market/ restaurant. $229,000 MLS 2132257

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251 The largest model of Rosemary Court Condominium development. 1600 sq.ft. plus full basement. Allow 6 weeks for finishing. Choose COUNTRY SETTING. Close to picturesque village of Milford. your own materials and colour scheme. Photos of interior are samples Featuring space for studio or office, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, lots only. Double car garage 5 Free appliances and 2 years condo fees included in the purchase price on all remaining inventory! $279,900 of living space & a cozy fireplace in living room plus full basement & garage/workshop. $289,000 MLS 2130332 MLS 2131582 Herb Pliwischkies*

Veronica Norton*

Wellington charmer on fenced lot with in ground pool, large eat in kitchen & dining room with family rooms to entertain. Master bdrm with south view of yard/pool and Lake Ontario. $213,900

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251


MOVE-IN READY! Lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow offering many recent updates. Features hardwood & laminate flooring, fully-finished basement with wall-to-wall wood burning fireplace & wet bar in family room. Spotless condition – inside & out. $229,900 MLS 2131892

Ron Norton*

5 FIRST AVENUE, WELLINGTON A great 4 yr. new quality Hickory built home in Wellington. Large eat in kitchen with centre island and sliding doors to south facing deck. 3 bdrm, 2 bath and just steps to tennis court, ball fields & Wellingtons Community Centre. $299,000 MLS 2130091

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green*

Veronica Norton*

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251

Jane St., Picton. Circa 1890. Features lots of updates yet retains its original character. Offers 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 4 main floor rooms & laundry, fenced yard overlooking park-like property & 2 car garage. $329,000 MLS 2131347

Great building lot with sunset views and mature trees on West Lake in a very private community. Access to Lake Ontario & minutes by water to the Sandbanks beaches. The water is deep and weedless to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, sailing, wind surfing etc. $349,000 MLS 2132460

Ron Norton*

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** Tel: 613-922-2251

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

Keep your options open with this one! Completely upgraded with beautiful original maple floors and trim. Dining room boasts the original built-in buffet. Property offers a view of lake ontario and is within walking distance to all local amenities. $300,000 MLS 2131559

Century home completely redone from windows to hardwood floors, With a full front south facing veranda. Large country kitchen with centre island, separate dining room and 2 full baths. All of this sitting on six plus acres just 2 minutes from Picton. $475,000 MLS 2130359

Waterfront.Well-built, quality home on 2.2 acres with approx. 150ft of level, sandy waterfront. Featuring three bedrooms, vaulted great room with a wall of windows overlooking the water, kitchen/dining combo and full, finished basement. Add a hot tub, bunkie for guests or studio, hydro and phone at waterfront and you are all set. $549,000 MLS 2130867

CIRCA 1890 – PICTON. Gracious solid-brick centre hall plan – completely restored from walls in, preserving original character while including modern conveniences & updated mechanicals. Includes double car garage & large lot. $479,000 MLS 2132362

NEAR SANDBANKS Set on a gorgeous 20 acres with 528ft. of level, clean, waterfront on East Lake. The additional 34 acres (10 acres hardwood bush) across the road is perhaps some of the prettiest vacant land in the region. An excellent opportunity for a B&B, vacation rental, or build your dream home closer to the water. $799,000 MLS 2125198

GLENORA RD. WATERFRONT. Wellbuilt & updated all brick bungalow featuring a lovely view of the Bay, finished on two levels with walk-outs on both. Lovely terraced grounds sloping towards shore with sea wall & dock. $499,000 MLS 2131702

Herb Pliwischkies*

PINERIDGE SUBDIVISION PHASE II We are ready to accept your reservations on Phase II, 46 lot development. Photo is taken from elevation on 2nd phase. Several builders to choose from. Builders terms available. Reserve your water view lot before they are gone. Call Herb for more details.




THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 f RE/17

Sales Rep

cell 613-921-7441 WATERFRONT

WAUPOOS Over 3000’ Waterfront Spectacular Estate Property 149 Acres on 3 Parcels Severances Possible $1,799,000 MLS 2131893

NORTHPORT PRISTINE WATERFRONT 109’ Exquisite New Build by Viceroy Very Private Exclusive Neighbourhood. $599,000 MLS 2131470

LONG POINT PRIVACY 187’ Premium Waterfront. Well maintained home with a Beautiful Property and Shoreline. $439,000 MLS 2131379

ADOLPHUS REACH Spectacular Views with 150’ Shoreline. 5 acres Beautiful In ground pool. Very Private! $439,000 MLS 2131796

PICTON BAY WATERFRONT Next to Picton Golf Club. This Bungalow has a full finished walkout lower level Stunning Views 20x40 Ingnd Pool $489,000 MLS 2127075

PICTON WATERFRONT Condo with 40’ Boat Slip. Rare Opportunity Extremely well maintained Many recent updates $359,000 MLS 2130900

EAST LAKE HOME WITH COTTAGE At the gates of Sandbanks Provincial Park. Great Summer Retreat for the Family or Rental Income. $329,000. MLS 2131863


BISHOP LANE COTTAGE Excellent Fishing. Fully furnished Muscote Bay Pickeral are biting! $199,000 MLS 2130906

PIRATES COVE Feel the history NEW of our famous rum runners! Cute cottage with 100’ Sandy Waterfront $189,000 MLS 2131324

Very cozy well maintained home with bunky and great double garage/workshop. West Lake access nearby. Quick possession. New propane furnace & pellet stove for heat. Lovely 1 acre lot very private. Close to beaches. $189,900. MLS 2131926

MUSCOTE BAY 130’ Waterfront Building Lot Priced to move at $137,000 Close to Belleville and Picton MLS 2127103

MUSCOTE BAY 800’ Shoreline. Marshy with Water Access 5 acres great views Famed fishing spot! New Price $159,000 MLS 2130066


PRIME PICTON COMMERCIAL Prime location site for a restaurant/franchise, gas bar, motel/hotel - located on the busiest intersection in Prince Edward County, Waring Corners - new Home Hardware and Waring House Country Inn nearby. An excellent opportunity! $849,000. MLS® 2130629

COMMERCIAL DUPLEX Prime Picton Commercial. Well established Optical,eye care centre. Fully licenced bar/restaurant just opened under Shonseys Grill Excellent return on investment. Adjacent to large Municipal parking lot. Be a part of Pictons` booming downtown economy! $275,000. MLS® 2130170

COMMERCIAL DUPLEX/TRIPLEX Terrific location in the heart of Picton. Modernized commercial building. Full basement. Could be duplexed or triplexed. Vendor will consider financing with good credit history. $369,000. MLS® 2131185

RESIDENTIAL LAKE ONTARIO WATERVIEW What more do you want? This majestic stone home includes 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious 10ft. ceilings, and intricate crown mouldings. Can you say bed and breakfast? There is plenty of room for everyone in this beauty. Gorgeous water view of Lake Ontario. Treat yourself to a viewing today! $539,000. MLS® 2130435

Construction has begun! 2nd phase of the very popular Pineridge Sub-Division. See feature sheet for all the $80,000. details. MLS® 2131310


fireplace. $349,000. MLS® 2132770

TERRIFIC NEIGHBOURHOOD Well maintained newer bungalow in great neighborhood. Many recent updates including hardwood floors 2nd bath - basement drywalled. California shutters. 6 new appliance. Drywalled garage. A must see! C/A, & nicely landscaped. Gas

MUST BE SOLD Classic red brick Century home, in central Picton. This home has been well maintained, with many renovations and updates over the years. 4 bedrooms, and two full baths. Large principle rooms. Modern functional kitchen. Central air, gas f/p. in living room. 21`x 18` family room with doors to a private deck area. Hardwood floors down and newer pine floors up. Great attic space ! Fenced back yard. Storage shed/workshop for the handyman! This home is very warm and tastefully decorated. $259,000. MLS® 2130288

MCKINLEY CROSSROAD NEW CONSTRUCTION The `Avalon` model. See attached feature sheet for all the specifications and details, or Go to The Builders Website for other models which may be constructed on site. 7 acre lot on McKinley Crossroad minutes from Picton. $375,300. MLS® 2127107

AFFORDABLE BUILDING LOT IN MILFORD Level building lot with well in the Village of Milford. Shovel ready, minutes to Picton. .66 of an acre. Builders terms available. $45,000. MLS® 2130080

MINUTES TO BELLEVILLE Hillside scenic view - super 2 bedroom bungalow. Recent upgrades include: complete newer septic system - tank - weeping bed in 2010 - new hi-eff propane furnace (2009) - roof 2012 - newer submersible pump - extra insulation (attic) 2012 - newer windows. Municipal water to lot line. $154,900. MLS® 2131246

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Being sold in as is condition. No warranties or representations. Spacious 1 1/2 storey home, triple garage. Large lot. $240,500. MLS® 2132075 MITCHELL ROAD NEW CONSTRUCTION The `Hawthorne` model to be built. See attached feature sheet for all specifications and details. One seven acre lot left on one of Prince Edward County`s nicest crossroads minutes to Picton. Excellent wells. Nicely treed to the rear of the property. Many other home models to choose from. Approx. 14 weeks construction time required. Excellent in-house financial terms available. $344,900. MLS® 2127109

RE/18 f THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Sharing a MASTERPIECE....exclusive listing, offered at $549,000 call for details 613 922 7409


Cheryl Griese, Broker credited with several diamond awards

DIR: 613-922-7409 613-476-5900


Quinte Ltd., Brokerage Each office is independently owned and operated

Contemplating another drought this summer

We spent last summer talking and writing about managing gardens and lawns in drought conditions. Early this spring we focused on helping our lawns and gardens fully recover from last year’s drought. Now after two dry weeks the long range weather forecasts provide little hope for significant rain in the near future. When lack of rain significantly impacts gardening either because of the lack of water due to the limitation of available wells or the cost of using increasingly more expensive municipal water, what are the alternatives? Thinking back to last summer and the amount of additional bucket haulage to water remote new shrubs, trees and planters, the mulching, and the moving of hoses, what could be done to reduce the amount of extra work? The first thing I did was cancel an order for a new tree. Last summer I began increasing my supply of soaker hoses trying to decide which are best for what parts of my garden in terms of dispersing and not wasting a precious commodity, water. I will now purchase more. As well, when talking to a friend, I discovered that he is seriously considering putting a tank on a four foot platform near his garden and having it filled with water occasionally by the tanker trucks in the county over the summer so he could maintain his vegetable garden. What I remember of the county in the late ‘70s is one particularly bad drought year, but it was also part of a series of years with less than optimal rain. Given the high possibility of yet another year of drought, are there


other solutions, what could be pared back, reduced or increased to make coping with drought easier? Certainly more soaker hoses would reduce the number of moves required to water minimally. Perhaps installing an irrigation system in the vegetable and small fruit gardens along with more intensive planting in fewer beds would work as well. Heavy composting under the mulch would provide more water absorbent material thus decreasing the need for watering frequency. Plants that droop first when not watered can be replaced by drought tolerant perennials and annuals. Using less water is such a popular environmentally acceptable approach that both the Internet and books carry long lists of possible plant replacements. A recent article on a cottage garden also listed some excellent choices of sun loving flowering plants and grasses that are more tolerant to drought conditions. If the plan for a minimal care garden is successful

even when rain is lacking, the reward for the gardener is less worry and more free time. You could just use the time to sit and look at your garden and dream. If sitting is not your thing, you could use your spare time to focus on creating something you have always wanted in your garden. For example, it could be a recycling fountain or a minimal water use pond. Perhaps you have always wanted rock walls or pathways. If you are really handy you could do it yourself or find someone to do it with you. Perhaps your preference is a rail fence instead. It could be a green house that has filled your dreams, now you have time to look at options around use and affordability. You could spend the summer planning a better garden either with a specific theme or a more drought-resistant design. Would you like to take a holiday from your garden? You could spend time looking at other gardens and gathering ideas. Alternatively, you could do all the things you never find time for because you do so much gardening. You could take up kayaking or pottery or walking on the county beaches. The threat of yet another drought is also a window to the possibility of change to undertake a more environmentally friendly way of gardening and/or to enjoy life and gardening more. To have your gardening questions answered, send an e-mail to Questions will be answered directly by e-mail and your question may appear here.



$625,000 Nestled in the historic village of Milford is this beautiful newer home which has been built to accommodate a larger family, an extended family or an ideal B&B. Here you will find the combination of modern amenities and quiet old fashioned lifestyle. Enjoy the privacy with large lot facing the lovely old mill pond. MLS® 2131670


$129,900 Watch as the sun goes down. An incredible opportunity to own 300 ft. waterfront in Prince Edward County. Panoramic views of Adolphus Reach. Close to vineyards, orchards, galleries and 2 marinas. Located at the mouth of Prinyers Cove. MLS® 2114360

$369,900 Viceroy 3 bedroom home has open concept and unique design. Full finished basement, propane forced air heat, central air, rustic fireplace and sunny eat in kitchen. All rooms are cheerful and open. Nicely landscaped to natural beautiful shoreline with boathouse. Large harbour side deck. This home is priced to sell. MLS®2130667

Elizabeth Crombie Sales Representative 104 Main Street, Picton

613.476.2700 or toll free

Libby says...


$885,000 Architecturally designed & custom built home and studio on 34 acres on a quiet side road not far from Sandbanks beaches. All the modern conveniences in an old world ambience. Studio is a short stroll from main house. Endless features. MLS® 2111720

1.877.476.0096 Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 9-5

“Spring Birding Festival May 11-20th - see details at” To see the Feature of the Week check out my web site: To contact me, email: Tradmarks owned or controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association. Used under licence.





$649,000 Prestigious Glenora Road waterfront home with 3 bedrooms/2 baths and with 10 foot ceilings in family room, entry, master bedroom and ensuite. Seasonal rental boathouse with 40` dock at the shore. Make your summer dreams come true! MLS 2131565


$299,000 Very charming 1880 Century red brick on 4.4 acres just 10 minutes from Picton. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, office/bedroom on main floor. Beautiful pine floors. Inground pool and hot tub with deck and sunroom. Lots of space, 2.5 car garage plus 19 X 31 ft workshop with furnace. MLS® 2130274


$365,000 Spectacular waterfront building lot of 3.24 acres and 190 feet of shoreline. One of the best building lots in PEC. Next to prestigious homes and winery. 20 minutes from 401. New shore well. MLS® 2125197

$985,000 On the shores of Adolphus Reach this property is ideal for the active boater. The more than 3,000 sq ft home is on nearly 3 acres with a mature tree lined drive to a 3 car garage and a circular turnabout. The water and sunset views are grand as well as the sweeping landscape to the shoreline with dock included. MLS® 2113636

THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 f RE/19



Sales Representative

Sales Representative

OFFICE: (613) 399-2700







Sales Representative

FAX: (613) 399-3372 TOLL FREE: (866) 399-9902 G






MLS®#: 2133064

MLS®#: 2132602

Spacious 3 bdrm side split on a lovely 7 acre lot with municipal water.

Spacious 2 storey home featuring a great barn & 73 acres in the Hillier area.






MLS®#: 2132168

MLS®#: 2132869

A must see Century home with numerous original features near Sandbanks.

Spacious brick century home in Picton within walking distance of all amenities. Set up for a B&B.

2 bdrm cottage with protected shoreline on Weller's Bay














NE Waterfront


MLS®#: 2133132

MLS®#: 2131894

MLS®#: 2132756

MLS®#: 2131680

MLS®#: 2126885

Elegant 4 level split Duvanco built home in Belleville.

Churchill Model,1423 sq ft, in the beautiful Wellington On The Lake community.

3 bdrm home featuring a full updated kitchen and eating area.

Quaint 3 bdrm bungalow with a 1+ acre lot on the Bay of Quinte.

Neat and tidy 3 bedroom, 2 storey home over looking the harbour.








MLS®#: 2132971

MLS®#: 2131840

!! ! D






MLS®#: 2132652

Spacious 3 bdrm bungalow with a lovely view of Lake Consecon.

2 separate apartment buildings with additional land.

Great starter/investment home in a great Wellington location.




MLS®#: 2131058

MLS®#: 2131053

Upgraded 3 bdrm town house condo with numerous customized features in this end unit.


Affordable south facing 1 level home with 10 acres near beaches and wineries.





NE Waterfront

MLS®#: 2132525 Wellington On The Lake freehold bungalow with a lovely view of Lake Ontario.

MLS®#: 2132987

MLS®#: 2127373

MLS®#: 2131639

A true nature lovers retreat of 76+ acres featuring total privacy quaint cabin

Seller will consider holding the mortgage on this exceptional 41 acre parcel close to Picton.

Beautiful bungalow in a neighborhood of fine homes overlooking Weller's Bay.

MLS®#: 2130259 3 bdrm home on a private 2 acre setting with the pleasures of waterfront living.







Hilden Homes Listed with Royal LePage Wellington

Kirkwood Model on County Rd 15 MLS®# 2131903 $359,900

Cambridge Model on County Rd 12 MLS®# 2131906 $345,900

Benson Model on Loyalist Parkway MLS®# 2131904 $214,900

Loyalist Model on County Rd 15 MLS®# 2123713 $287,900

!! ! D


SO Deerfield Colorado Model in Northport MLS®# 2131902 $279,900

Waterfront Huntington Model on Shennendoah Rd

MLS®# 2132410 $539,900

Rockdale Model on Loyalist Parkway MLS®# 2131651 $234,900

New Home To Be Built Near Milford MLS®# 2133153 $345,000


RE/20 f THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Catherine Deluce, President & CEO, is pleased to announce the 2012 Award Winners for their outstanding sales performance!

Chuck Slik (Posthumously) Laurie Gruer Chairman’s Award Chairman’s Award

WAuPOOS BuiLDiNG LOT! Beautiful 5.2-acre building lot in Waupoos Wine Country, ready for your dream home! Rolling terrain and mature trees make this a very appealing site and there is already a well in place. Surrounded by significant properties, and just minutes from Picton! $88,000 MLS 2131827 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Sam Simone Chairman’s Award

Gail Forcht Chairman’s Award

Sarah Scott President’s Award

Lori Slik President’s Award

iN THE HEART OF TOWN! Beautifully-maintained Picton Victorian home with many upgrades and lots of space! Three bedrooms on second level plus fourth bedroom on main floor with 2-piece ensuite. Large family room addition opens to lovely south garden. Bright sunroom – perfect for summer evenings! Terrific in-town location just three blocks from the shops and services of Main Street. Main floor laundry, too! Upgrades include: main floor windows and front door in 2005, air conditioner in 2006, furnace in 2007, plumbing for second level bathroom in 2008, roof in 2010 (shed roof in 2011), paved driveway and deck in 2012. $325,000 MLS 2132496 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* Completely renovated 3 bedroom home situated on South Bay offers flexibility and opportunity from laid back weekend getaways to calling it your new full time abode. Open concept design with keen emphasis on the view! Recovered pine floors make for a stunning and inviting warm entrance. Outside features additional room for rest, relaxation and entertaining with a large deck and good size yard overlooking the waters edge. Access for swimming made easy with your own quaint sandy beach. At night you will be in awe stargazing at the night`s sky beside the bonfire pit. Double car garage is perfect for storage of recreational gear, and could be transformed into a trendy Man Cave. If you are an avid boater the waters are truly spectacular, Little Bluff within 10mins for daily summer excursions. A Must See! MLS 2132623 $359,000 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*


SHOWS LiKE A MODEL HOME! Wanted: couples in search of a low-maintenance lifestyle, singles who need space for guests and hobbies or families looking for a private lower level retreat for teenagers. Wonderful, impeccable house minutes from Picton with geothermal heating, an eco-water system, a main floor family room, large deck, and lovely landscaping. Oversized single garage. Great sunroom adjacent to the master bedroom, too! Nothing at all to do – just move in! $369,000 MLS 2131688 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Charming home on quiet side road, modern upgrades, conveniently located between Belleville & Picton. Ideal for a first time home buyer or growing family. Over 3 acres of land, 1 storey raised dwelling complete with finished walkout basement to private patio area. Comfortable interior features traits of countrychic throughout, apx 2,000sq ft of living space. Large windows fill the home with natural light on both levels, a great feature to have for daily living in a walkout basement! Upper floor features 3 bdrm with master that accommodates a king size bed, 4pc bath, large living room, open concept kitchen. Walkout basement features 4pc bath, optional 4th bedroom/office, laundry room, utility room, open concept recreational / family room with wet bar, pellet stove. Did we mention the walkout patio is hot tub ready?! Detached garden shed with lean too offers extra storage behind the home amongst beautiful green space, combination hardwood/softwood bush, fire pit area. You'll love this adorable gem! $231,900 MLS 2132880 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

ENCHANTiNG COTTAGE RiGHT OuT OF “MOTHER GOOSE” Hurry! Charming three-bedroom post-and-beam (circa 1840) right on Milford Millpond. Rolling lawns and a big deck from which to enjoy the bucolic views! Big family kitchen, main floor master bedroom, plus two family bedrooms upstairs. Walk to the post office, the library or the bistro – or paddle your canoe on the pond! Being sold fully-furnished. Perfect as a holiday rental! $259,000 MLS 2131431 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*

`Stone Haven` A Limestone Century Home Circa 1860`s set on 1.3 private and tranquil acres surrounded by farm fields, hardwoods/softwoods and lilacs. A tree lined drive takes you up to this charming renovated/upgraded home and a front veranda beckons you to sit back and enjoy this home that displays, pride of ownership throughout. The house boasts an abundance of natural light with 20 inch deep window encasements. In addition to an original 24` x 48` drive shed and a 3 car garage with a workshop is a 18` x 36` pool. Close to 401, rec center and Belleville. $372,000 MLS 2130945 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

THE BEST “LiTTLE BiG” HOuSE iN PiCTON! This one has it all! Ideally-located Picton gem in meticulous condition. Beautiful master suite plus two more bedrooms. Stunning chef’s kitchen opens to a main floor family room, then to a compact, carefully-designed garden. Separate den, two full baths and a handy mudroom to the side. Impeccably decorated and upgraded throughout. Perfect for couples, singles, families or downsizers! $299,000 MLS 2131430 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Stately Century home boasting triple brick, fabulous original faux grained finished wide baseboards, built ins, doors and trim. This grand home has been upgraded with care and attention to maintain its period integrity. Refinished pine floors, single hung arch top windows, transoms over the doorways, large principle rooms, tall ceilings, dbl frt. doors and side porches. Large country sized kitchen with beadboard ceiling and built in pantry. 2-3 pce baths plus spacious master bdrm. with 2 pce. ensuite. Back staircase to a suite, ideal for B & B. New roof, natural gas heat, steps to downtown Bloomfield and 10 mins. to the Sandbanks. $378,000 MLS 2131701 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

Welcome to this expansive County home with incomparable views of Adolphus Reach, a huge lot, and wonderful space for a family! Built approximately twenty years ago, it offers big spaces, a newer kitchen and family room addition, three main floor bedrooms and a huge lower level with an office, a recreation room and a fourth bedroom. A detached garage, two garden sheds and an above-ground pool complete this outstanding offering. Enjoy the wonderful water views from many of the windows, and just stroll down the street for the public access to the cove. This property is comprised of two separately-deeded lots and more than 2-acres. Whether used as a weekend retreat or as a full-time residence, 35 Prinyers Drive is a sun-filled, beautifully-maintained residence full of happy memories – and ready for more! $319,000 MLS 2131641 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

WELCOME HOME! Big, bright family house in downtown Picton seeks new owners. Four full bedroom suites, two sunporches, and lovely reception rooms. Main floor master walks out to large deck and beautiful gardens. Great potential for home office or studio in fourth bedroom with separate staircase. 4.5 baths! New gas furnace in 2012! $379,000 MLS 2132966 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Ann Cooper Sales Representative

Gail Forcht Broker


Betty Burns

Rob Plomer Director’s Award

Charming and well maintained home located on an established tree-lined street in Macaulay Village! Ideal opportunity for first time home buyer, young families, or those looking to downsize into permanent-seasonal residence. Neighbourhood is pedestrian-friendly and located 5 minutes to stores, parks, restaurants, and schools in the town of Picton. Enjoy coffee in the mornings on the large front porch or relax in the spacious backyard with expansive deck when entertaining family and friends. Comfortable interior features 3 bedrooms (including master with his and her closets), 2 baths, large open concept living room with fireplace, and dining room. Tile and upgraded flooring in excellent condition, kitchen’s large and bright space offers ample room to cook and entertain. Some additional upgrades include A/C, exterior workshop with power, shed, 2 pc bath on main floor, spray foam insulation in basement and laundry on the second floor. You’ll love this adorable home and its amazing location! $151,900 MLS 2133092 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

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THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 f RE/21


Reinvent yourself here in this perfect live/work situation right on the edge of Picton! This 4+ acre parcel includes: a large heated 2-storey building, a 40’ x 60’ Quonset hut and a bright century farmhouse. The house has been upgraded and includes a newer kitchen, main floor laundry, main floor master and large 4-piece bath, huge reception rooms plus four bedrooms upstairs! Makes an ideal home-based business! $379,000 MLS 2132242 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Meticulously-maintained waterfront home in one of the County's most in-demand communities! Spacious one-level living, plus guest suite, games room and family area in the walk-out lower level. Ideal for boaters and swimmers with clean water, retractable dock and stunning views of the Sand Dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park! Updated mechanics, double garage and exquisite gardens. Huge deck for entertaining and for enjoying West Lake views. Move right in to this bright, impeccable, cheerful house! $529,000. MLS 2132615

Unique waterfront property on Picton Harbour, fantastic views, beautiful fully treed lot with hardwood trees close to Picton. A great living room with vaulted ceilings, glass doors to a wide deck makes for excellent entertaining. Dining and kitchen areas are open concept, with beautiful hardwood floors and a sweeping staircase lead to a balcony and master bedroom with a 4pc bath. The walkout level features a family room with gas stove, built-in shelves and patio doors. There`s a hobby room, a work room and lots of storage! $380,000 MLS 2131013 Lori Slik*

OPPORTUNITY ON GLENORA ROAD! One word: impeccable! Appealing Glenora Road home with waterfront on Picton Bay, two levels of accommodation, and a location on the edge of Picton! Large reception rooms, three bedrooms, and a cozy family room. Two full baths, single garage and great storage areas. Meticulouslymaintained landscaping features a waterside gazebo, extensive terraces and a rolling dock. A distinctive layout and a large deck off the reception rooms complete this outstanding offering! $539,000 MLS 2131689 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

OPPORTUNITY! Build your dream home on this spectacular 8.5 acre escarpment-like property just minutes from Picton! 1,374 feet of Long Reach waterfront. Appealing 3-season cabin at water’s edge with hydro and propane. Surveyed buildings envelope offers incomparable south and east views. On a clear day, you really can see forever! $385,000. MLS 2133154

Be a part of the vibrant downtown of Picton. This two storey commercial building has over 2300 sqft on the main floor for retail, with 16 ft ceilings, non slip floor, all walls with shelving and counter space at the rear. Second floor mezzanine overlooks the main floor with 2 private offices. The third floor is over 2300 sqft and has been fully renovated with kitchen, 3 piece bath, storage room and a large office/lounge with 4 floor to ceiling windows overlooking the main st. The building is three phase power, fully air conditioned, newer windows, newer roof, service elevator, and service door at rear. This building has plenty of opportunity, call listing broker for more details and to book a viewing. $565,000 MLS 2126862 Lori Slik*, Peter Lynch*

Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*



BRING THE FAMILY! Handsome executive residence on the edge of Wellington and just steps from Lake Ontario! Come on in! Formal reception rooms, a chef’s kitchen, and a wonderful family room with fireplace. Master suite and two more bedrooms on second level, with a fourth bedroom in the lower level. Main floor laundry, double garage, large decks and beautiful garden. $479,000, MLS 2131642 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

The perfect family retreat! Handsome updated 1877 farmhouse on 126 acres between Picton and Waupoos. Beautifully renovated and decorated and full of natural light! Three family bedrooms plus separate master area with views over the farmland. Magazine-quality kitchen and three full baths. Property is separately-deeded in two parcels. $679,000 MLS 2132140 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Ultimate privacy offered here on this 9+ acre property. Take in the fabulous water views of Long Reach from almost every window in this 4 bedroom home. Great living space with walkout-basement. High-end kitchen with recessed lighting and quarts counter tops. Brazilian Cherry flooring. Lower level has potential for an in-law suite and already equipped with an in-door workshop. A sun room on both levels of the home to enjoy year-round. Take in natures beauty with walking trails throughout the property and a short walk down to the water. $489,000 MLS 2131335 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

IT’S EASY BEING GREEN! Who said it’s not easy being Green? This landmark property is a perfect study in maximizing efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs – while enjoying 10 spectacular acres right on the Bay of Quinte! Featured on TV and in the press, this house offers beautiful spaces, unique details and a location just minutes from the 401. Weekend retreat? Full-time County residence? Don’t miss this responsibly-designed strikingly beautiful home! $695,000 MLS 2132009 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Three bdrm, 3 bath home in Picton on prominent Bridge Street just walking distance to Main St. Fully-restored century home has exceptional upgrades including hardwood, marble, granite, tall coffered ceilings, original staircase and cedar decking. Beautiful large two-tone kitchen with high-end appliances, separate living room spaces with remote natural gas fireplace. Original pine flooring upstairs in hall and bdrms. Large master with walk-in closet and tiled walk- in shower. Engineered with variable speed furnace, central AC, in-ceiling speakers, and high-speed internet connectivity. $499,900 MLS 2131997 Lori Slik*

The grand dame of Main Street! -- impeccably restored and polished, and featured on "House and Garden- tours! Spectacular reception rooms with cherry floors, high ceilings, French doors and etched glass. State-of-the-art gourmet kitchen! Beautiful master suite plus separate guest spaces. Unforgettable carriage house for entertaining or for a studio. Absolutely nothing to do but move in! $695,000 MLS 2132740 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Sales Representative

Gail Forcht Broker


Perfect "lifestyle- opportunity in downtown Picton: appealing 3-bedroom home and turnkey variety store in ideal high-traffic location. Family-run for many years! Faces the LCBO and sits on route to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Comprehensive business currently offers Ontario Lottery, groceries, ice, dry-cleaning transfer, and excellent storage. Adjoining house is 1990 Guildcrest with excellent space and huge lower level with great potential. Terrific live/work opportunity! $649,000 MLS 2132758 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Ann Cooper



One of the finest waterfront properties in Prince Edward County, this property has 310 feet by 3 acres of prime waterfront land which is clear of trees and level to the lake! Waterfront is completely accessible - no stairs needed. The property is located on a private road off of County Road 7 on Adolphus Reach just past Lake on the Mountain and is only 15 minutes from Picton. The 310 feet of pebble beach waterfront faces north-west on the Bay of Quinte where a home can be built near the water`s edge. It is perfect for boating and swimming. With a total lot size of 8.9 acres, the remaining parts of the lot consist of the access lane as well as 5.5 acres of lovely woods treed with maple, oak and beech trees which give ample privacy from the road. With a solid, properly graded access road, hydro to the property and rural residential zoning, this property is ready for anyone looking to build their dream home in the County!!! $395,000 MLS 2132918 Peter Lynch*

Betty Burns


Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

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RE/22 f THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


County man must pay back $32,000 he gained from frauds committed against businesses and former employee Jason Parks

Staff writer

A Prince Edward County man pled guilty to fraud charges totalling around $32,000 in Picton's Provincial Court on Wednesday. James Miller was before Justice Geoff Griffin and admitted he defrauded a number of businesses both in and outside of Prince Edward County as well as a former employee. As part of the plea agreement and the sentence proposal drafted by Crown attorney Mike Lunski and defence attorney Bruce Campbell, Miller was handed a nine-month conditional sentence to be served

in the community followed by an 18-month probation term. As part of that sentence, Miller paid over $19,000 to businesses and individuals he defrauded over the past five years on Wednesday and will start paying the balance of the funds owed this fall in a quarterly payment plan that will last as long as his probation period. In accepting the co-operatively developed sentence, Griffin said Miller's actions strike at the heart of a small community and shake the sense of trust, pride and family in a small agriculture community like Prince Edward County. “That a member of the

community would steal has shaken the faith in the community,” Griffin said. “This shaking of faith is more significant because it came against small businesses and individuals, not large corporations.” Lunski said there was difficulty in developing the sentence being offered because there is a sense Miller should be going to real jail and serving a penal sentence. However, such a sentence would not allow for timely and full restitution to the victims. “He could have declared bankruptcy, possibly spent some time in jail and then moved away to another community, perhaps to Alberta

where he has made good money before as a heavy equipment operator,” Campbell said. “He's instead chosen to do what's right by staying and facing the issue and taking the hard road.” Griffin agreed Miller could have eluded the court, declared bankruptcy and fled the community and the justice noted his willingness to attend court and pay back the victims. He said he also understood Lunksi's comments about Miller receiving jail time. “It's hard not to put Jamie Miller in actual jail, he's worthy of jail but in some ways that would be easier on him,” Griffin said. “He could go in

there, hide, serve his time...It will be much harder on him to put him in the community and face some of the people he's victimized. It's also the only way restitution will be paid and if he' doesn't meet those obligations or stay within the conditions set out today, he will be going to jail.” As part of the sentence, Miller is to remain in the province Ontario, maintain employment, abstain from alcohol, participate in any counselling prescribed by the court or officer of the court. He is to reside at an approved residence and not to be anywhere else other then for the purposes of employment, medical emergencies

Enjoy panoramic water-views from almost every room in this executive home in an estate setting. 9 ft ceilings in lower level with large second master bedroom and walkout to the patio. Main living area, bright and spacious rooms with walkouts to the cedar deck. Custom kitchen, Diamastone countertops, stainless steel appliances, soft-closing drawers, an abundance of storage. Perfect for entertaining, kitchen opens up to large dining room with wall of windows and 20 ft ceilings. Open-concept into living room with pot lighting throughout, new heat producing fireplace with glass door and built-in screens. Private suite and two spacious bedrooms for guests and family. Treed ravine leads to water`s edge or drive to protected cove below. Walking trails and room for a pool and tennis court. Home is beautifully landscaped with extensive gardens. Impeccable home in a desirable location, only minutes to Picton and ten minutes to the 401. $699,000 MLS 2130425 Gaill Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

Custom stone home. Picturesque, private setting, 525 ft. waterfront overlooking Cape Vessey. Almost new Dave Main built executive home. Abundance of light through numerous windows. Gourmet kitchen, gas range cooktop, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops. Grand master bdrm on main floor, ensuite, walk through closet. 2nd bdrm with ensuite. Guest suite on upper level with its own heat, 3 pce. ensuite bathroom plus sitting area. Family room boasts floor to ceiling windows overlooking water. Great room with stone fireplace, open concept formal dining area offering south facing waterfront vista. Just under 5 acres of privacy to enjoy the sunsets and wonderful swimming. Close to Waupoos wineries, restaurants, marinas and fresh vegetables and fruit. $895,000 MLS 2130920 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

A stunning custom gem on the shores of Lake Ontario! This meticulously-designed home features exemplary finishes and classic proportions, and takes full advantage of its extremely private setting at the end of a four-season road. Radiant in-floor heating, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and several walk-outs. Wraparound verandah and pergola. Optional main floor master plus three more bedrooms and office. Your ideal waterfront retreat in The County! $719,000 MLS 2132704 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

28 beautiful waterfront acres on South Bay, with 779 feet of shoreline! Perfect family retreat features a handsome 10-year old cedar shake bungalow with 3 bedrooms, and a complementary 2-bedroom guesthouse. Beautiful views and panoramas. Remarkable privacy – but just minutes to Picton! Lovely master suite, screened porch and hot tub terrace. A paradise for boaters or birders! $1,050,000 MLS 2132068 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

REINVENT YOURSELF HERE! Wonderful log house on 8 acres features a private master retreat and a sunken living room with striking stone fireplace. Spring-fed pond with your own sand beach! Two additional cabins for rental income and a large commercially-zoned building for your dreams to happen: yoga centre? Art school? Plant nursery? Views of the Adolphus Reach, too! $875,000 MLS 2131989 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Rare Opportunity to own one of the most desirable properties in the County. Situated in the heart of Waupoos close to the Vineyards and Cider Co. Spectacular 6.8 acre parcel, over 500 ft. stunning waterfront, views to open water and over to Waupoos Island. Home is situated in private location close to the water, water views from walkouts to a wrap around deck. Includes a severed 1.81 acres lot. Custom built home, 12 in. walls, large stone fireplace in Great Room, vaulted ceiling, formal dining room. Impeccable birds eye maple floors on upper level, finished lower level with walk out to double garage. Spacious guest bath, bedroom, rec room with propane stone fireplace and workshop on the lower level. Well built and beautifully maintained. Dock included. Easy access for boat launching. Potential for another severance. $1,200,000 MLS 2131828 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

LIVE/WORK OPPORTUNITY IN WELLINGTON! Handsome commercial property in the heart of Wellington! Established waterfront restaurant offers huge potential growth. Approved plans for 5 guest rooms on second level – or develop your own waterside home “over the store”. Additional building on the site provides additional revenue. Ideal siting on Loyalist Parkway, beside the marina, and close to the Community Center. Your own home and business in the heart of Wellington! $895,000 MLS 2132060 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Surrounded by some of Prince Edward County`s most beautiful agriculture and green spaces, this c.1850`s brick Georgian style home sits on 80 acres of workable land and features over 1200 feet of waterfront. This property represents an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a beautiful and well maintained period building of the time after three generations of family stewardship. Original architecture of the home has been well preserved and includes exposed brick walls, hardwood flooring, rooms with barn beam and large trim accents, fieldstone fireplace and grand rooms for entertaining. Outside the home a large sun deck off the great room oversees the gardens and stone landscaping that enhance the tranquil setting of land with stunning panoramic views to the south over East Lake. Charm and privacy unite in pure country perfection! $1,295,000 MLS 2132990 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

HIGH DRAMA ON THE ADOLPHUS REACH! Completely inspiring! This waterfront executive home features dramatic spaces and volumes, an abundance of natural light, and a decidedly spa-centric feeling. 17-foot indoor hydropool and sauna are accessible from the Great Room or from the sybaritic master suite. Separate guest areas, library and office. Overscaled hallways and staircase – and a wall of glass overlooking the Adolphus Reach! Beautiful landscaping features graded walkways, terraces and decks, and charming seating areas from which to enjoy the views! $895,000 MLS 2131687 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

BAY OF QUINTE EXECUTIVE! Much-admired stone house on the Bay of Quinte with exceptional design and incomparable finishes. Architectdesigned and professionally decorated with exquisite attention to detail. Don’t miss the screened terrace over the water, the sybaritic main floor master suite, the home gym and in-house media room, and the yacht basin. Priced far below replacement value, this is an outstanding opportunity to own one of Prince Edward County’s most beautiful houses! $1,650,000 MLS 2132010 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*

Gail Forcht Broker


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Ann Cooper


Betty Burns


Office Manager Sales Representative

or other court matters. Griffin said is was difficult to understand how Miller ended up in this situation. “It's hard to understand how we got here today. From what I can tell you are not addicted to any drugs or living beyond your means, addicted to some lavish lifestyle as can be the case in these situations,” Griffin said. Miller's only reply was that he got himself into “real financial problems.” The original tab on Miller's fraud charges was originally set at $39,000, however, a bill owing worth around $6,000 was settled in the days leading up to Wednesday's plea and sentencing.

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The Picton Gazette


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Phone system touted as best safety feature

BAYFIELD , from page 11

Don Carr, a representative of of a citizens’ group in the area of Redersville Road and Old Orchard Road said he has found some peace in working with Bayfield in an attempt to address issues. “It was a very heated start,” he said. “You can imagine us experiencing for the first time an organization and a business were behind some of the experiences our residents were having in the area — but there has been progress.” Carr said his group has been able to reach the agreement with Bayfield about separation between group homes and it’s also championed the Newsline. He also noted it is important to recognize all Bayfield residents are not causing problems and the centres are working on the issues. “This is not a hundred kids in running loose in the county,” he said. “It is a small percentage of troublemakers, just as there is in all aspects of

Justin Dart 613-969-6788

society.” Carr added typically the runaways happen during the day before night medication is given and in most cases, the children can be identified by their lack of footwear. He stressed the Newsline along with its co-founder Mike Batty as the most reliable means of communication on the issue. “Given that runaways are inevitable and legislative action in the county is limited, the Newsline it all we have,” Batty said. “It lets us know to gird our loins, lockdown our property, look out for our family, and get the children recovered as soon as possible. It’s in everyone’s best interest’.” The number to be added to the Newsline is 613-3923551 ext. 241. When asked about the high cost to taxpayers for police response to the incidents, Powell said Bayfield has no influence on the police response, they simply file a missing person’s report. The County’s police services board chair, Robert

Quaiff, was in attendance however and said the OPP has just developed a daily activity report number to coincide with Bayfield activity. It also now has a community liaison offcier dedicated to the facility. In the last six months, he said it appears police spent $20,000 on investigations connected to individuals there, but the liaison officer could help reduce calls. While its evident Bayfield is dealing with more difficult youth and is seeing more restrictions from above about handling them, some residents appear to be losing patience with the system. Livingston said he’s lived near the centre for 40 years and tension is increasing. He didn’t feel Monday’s meeting helped matters. “People felt talked down to and saw this turned back on us,” he said, adding many are afraid the violence could still escalate. “Definitely fear plays a large part. We shouldn’t feel the need to lock everything up every day of our lives.”


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ISA Certified Arborist

Removal,613-969-6788 Pruning, Planting,

P.O. Box 1206, Trenton, On K8V and 5R9 Stump Grinding Email. Consulting

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Dental Care

Full service including:

• Implants • Sedation • Dentures • Wisdom Teeth • Cosmetics NEW PATIENTS ALWAYS WELCOME Dr. Rami Majid 9 Chapel St, Picton 613-476-2353


SPORTS The Picton Gazette

“Maker of Small Appliances”

Factory Outlet Open 9am-3pm Weekdays

Essroc Cement is made by local people

Support your Community. Specify Essroc Cement at your local retailers. PICTON CEMENT OPERATION 613-476-3233


Anglers flood to Bay of Quinte for opening weekend Area waters busy for Kiwanis walleye derby ChAd iBBotson

Staff writer

The county's marinas were a bustling arena of anglers as the Kiwanis Walleye World Live Release Fishing Derby kicked off open season on walleye and pike over the weekend. The Quinte region's signature fishing event regularly attracts hundreds of anglers from across the province to Prince Edward County and surrounding communities. Taking home the top prize was Rob Wengel with his 11.92-pound walleye. Second in the senior walleye category went to John Grills for his 11.3-pound fish, and third to Jeff Lupton at 11.06. First place in the senior pike category went to Sean Robinson for his 13.44-pound fish, second to Colin Wolsey at 13.07, and third to Shawn Brummell at 12.89. In the junior categories Tynika Williams reeled in an 8.84-pound fish to win the junior walleye category, while Braeden Palmer took home top prize for his 10.05-pound pike. None of the tagged fish were caught. Kiwanis member and Picton resident Rod Holloway said the weigh station was fairly busy on Saturday morning. He said this is his first year volunteering at the derby and he was enjoying

PiCton Pike South Porcupine resident George Bernard drove close to nine hours from just outside of Timmins, Ont. to take part in the Kiwanis Walleye World Live Release Fishing Derby over the weekend. Bernard said he enjoys the derby so much he plans to make it a yearly trip. Bernard’s catch above weighed just over six pounds. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

the sunshine. “It is beautiful. I've heard people say this is really good compared to other years,” he said. “I don't mind it at all.” He said early on Saturday the biggest fish he'd weighed was close to 11 pounds. He said there were a lot of com-

ments from passersby about how big the fish coming into the weigh station were. Although the prizes, fish, and fun may draw the crowds, Holloway underscored the reason Kiwanis hold the event every year. “Kiwanis, we're trying to

raise money for kids projects. I'm a retired teacher, so I'm really interested in the welfare of kids and I'm glad to be part of this,” he said. “It's a real opportunity to do something for the community and for children.” South Porcupine resident

George Bernard made close to a nine-hour drive to Picton to take part in the event. He said it was his second year entering the derby. “I enjoy it a lot. I'm making plans to book a cabin every year for the next five years,” he said.

He said the fishing is a little slower here than in South Porcupine, which is just outside of Timmins, but said the lake system is bigger here. “We've got a pretty good wind blowing through here too, so that makes a difference,” he said. Bernard said the waterways were jammed with boats as anglers looked to take advantage of the beautiful weather throughout Saturday and Sunday. “There are about 40 (boats) just at the dock we're at,” he said. Oshawa resident Brandon Van Asten said he's an avid fisherman who loves fishing for pike and muskie. This is the fourth time Van Asten has entered the Kiwanis derby. “I love it — especially season opener; get the boat wet, get the lines wet for the first time. It's good,” he said. “We usually launch here and fish out in Picton Bay, up to the lake and Hay Bay. Tomorrow we'll try some new water near Belleville.” Early Saturday morning Van Asten brought two pike in to the Picton weigh station; one weighing 7.65 pounds and the other 8.48. “Hopefully this afternoon we'll get a few bigger fish and be in contention. We didn't think those ones would win anything, but you never know,” he said. “It's a good day for fishing all around.” He said another fish caught his eye, however.

See FISH, page 31

Pitching powers Panthers past Titans in battle of unbeaten teams PECI manufactures just enough offence to defeat defending champions AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

stingy thrower Matt Gallo allowed just one hit through four innings as he led the PECI Panthers past St. Theresa Monday night. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

With the pitching Matt Gallo and Bob Wilson provided the PECI Panthers Monday against the St. Theresa Titans, most of the other potential stories in the game just didn't matter. The duo of veteran moundsmen compiled a four-hitter over seven innings as the Panthers stayed unbeaten by handing the defending Bay of Quinte champs a 3-1 loss, their first this year. "That's the storyline," said Panthers coach Matt Ronan. "We threw twice the amount of strikes as balls. It allowed our pitchers to keep their batters off balance and they dominated the game. When you receive a four-hitter, you really can't ask for more from

them." After Gallo and his opposite number Nick McTaggart kept the game knotted through an inningand-a-half, the Panther offence would find all the runs it needed in the bottom of the second inning. George Goddard started things off for the home side with a hard-hit, one-out triple to the rightfield fence. The Panthers' next batter, Scott McQuaid won an extended dual with McTaggart, finally belting an RBI single down the line in left field. Ultimately, he would also score in the inning as Riley McConnell dropped a fly ball into left field between three Titans. Gallo showed a momentary chink in his armour in the third inning as he allowed the Titans to fill the bases with a Trevor Walsh

single followed by an out and consecutive bases on balls to Dawson Whyte and Corey Farrell. He kept his composure, however, and got two batters to fly out within the infield to preserve the lead. "A couple of errors got me flustered, but I eventually got my head back into it and started throwing strikes," said Gallo. Added Ronan: "I gave him the nickname Johnny Drama back a ways and we started with the bases loaded and one out. To get those last two outs is huge. It was great by Matt — a gut check and he stayed strong and finished. He's a guy who has been pitching (in the league) for three years, he knows how to handle those situations." After four innings, Gallo would give way to Wilson

See BASEBALL, page 31

Congratulations Picton Pirates Ontario Champions

Call Cheryl or Leslie to book this premium ad spot!


having given up just one hit and striking out two batters.The Titans would pick up their first run of the game in the fifth inning as Walsh cashed in a runner with a sacrifice fly. The Panthers would answer back in the bottom of the inning, however, though they didn't take full advantage of St. Theresa's relief pitching. After Phil Seguin reached base on balls, Kyle Gould doubled into left field to place him on third base. Gould would miss his sign, however, and be called out going to third base as Seguin held his spot. Gallo helped his own cause for a win with a well-hit RBI single to right field, but was caught stealing ending the rally in progress.


Only at

$5 from every bottle donated to Pirates Playoff Hockey




The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

County Culture

St. Andrew’s in Picton welcomes

Jeanne Campbell,

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory

Spring Birding Festival 


May 11 -20

Theme: The Courage to be Colourful

Guided Bird Hikes Workshops on Raptors and Warblers Bird Banding Demonstrations Hospitality Tent

May 12 at 10:30am 31 King St. Picton

May 15: Techno-birding: a free presentation Bloomfield Town Hall 7:30 pm

Royal Canadian Legion


All welcome

Robin Edgar & Friends, Licensed Outdoor Beer Garden.

Saturday May 25th Meat Roll 2 PM Inquiries call 613-476-3648

May 10-12th, 2013 at

7:30 pm

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church King Street, Picton, ON

TICKETS or call 613.962.0832 or from choir members

18 DOLLARS OR 20 at the door

The Silent Film

NOSFERATU featuring...

a choral soundtrack with bite! performed live by Command Performance Choir

Looking For Something To Do In The County?

Theatre Ca fe Art Galle ry

Wine Tasting rt e c Con Casua l Dinin g Check Out This Feature Weekly!

Saturday, May 18 10 am - 5pm Sunday, May 19 10 am - 4pm

Crystal Palace

Picton Fairgrounds 375 Main Street East, Picton

Our Fall 2013 Show will be Sept. 13, 14 & 15!

BBQ at 6pm Proceeds to support Relay for Life

Sunday May 19th Chowderfest 1-5 PM

Spring Show & Sale

For More Information Call Holly 613-393-5886

Friday, May 10th 7-11pm Eric Baragar


Admission – $400


Branch 78 Picton In the Lounge

Prince Edward County 2013


at Gre r’s he Mot ay D ! Gift

by Frederick Knott directed by Lynn Fennell

May 3, 4, 10, 11 at 8pm

Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford, Ontario Tickets: $14 in advance, $16 at the door

“a classic suspense drama and Advance Tickets available a film masterpiece by In Picton: The Picton Gazette, 267 Main St. Alfred Hitchcock” Kelly’s Store, 197 Main St. Starring: Cheryl Singer, In Wellington: Sidestreet Gallery, Main St. Pat Larkin, Bill McMahon, Bryan Persaud 613-476-5925 and Barrie Atkinson

by Jean Lenox Toddie directed by Jennifer Goodman & Georgia Papanicolaou

Sunday Special One Act Matinee Series May 5 & 12 at 2pm $10 at the door, Mt. Tabor Playhouse


The Picton Gazette

• WOOD • GAS • PELLET STOVES • LINERS • CHIMNEY SYSTEMS • ZERO CLEARANCE FIREPLACES • PELLET • HEARTH PRODUCTS & much more Quality Sales, Service & Installation • Regency • BIS • Dura-Vent

C LASSIFIEDS Ph. 613-476-3201 - Fax 613-476-3464 Email: THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013 - 26

177 LAKE ST. PICTON 476-8100

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES AND INFORMATION CLASSIFIED ADS: $5.49 for 15 words or less. 12¢ each additional word. BIRTHS MEMORIAMS, CARDS OF THANKS: 15¢ each word, minimum $8.50 (50 words)

21FT ROUND pool $1000, you take down. Weslo 860 Treadmill $200. Fitness Quest Ab Lounger $100. B. Johnson 613-968-6673. AUTOMOTIVE KEYS & remotes with programming. By appointment. Prince Edward Locksmith 613-476-3382. BOAT TOPS, BOAT TOPS, BOAT TOPS. Repair & replace tops, windows, screens, covers, seats, Call Weldon 613-885-6871.

CEDAR SOURCE LUMBER CO. Specializing in Western Red Cedar & Fir

While Supplies Last 1x8 WRC tight knot bevel siding 60¢ / linear ft


1x10 S1S2E WRC boads 90¢ / linear ft 1x12 S1S2E WRC boards $1.00 / linear ft 1x8 WRC tight knot channel ideal for privacy fence, 6ft lengths $4.25 each 1x6, 6 ft fence board $3.50 each 1x4, 2x2, 2x3 Clear Western Red Cedar $1.5/board ft Clear Fir, some beams Lots of clear WRC rough for craftsman 1x2 to 2x12 1x6 Fence Board #2 #3 mixed $2.70 each Open Tues-Sat, 10-5 or by appointment

6 Stanley Street Bloomfield

613-393-5757 Cell: 760-333-6275

Ask for Terry

County Traders We Purchase Estates Furniture & Antiques BUY, SELL, TRADE 39 Stanley Street Bloomfield, Ontario MON.-TUES. CLOSED Wed. - Sat. 10am-4pm Sun. 12noon -4pm

613-393-9993 888-905-9993

FACE CORD wood, $85 you pick up. Phone 613-393-5287 FRIGIDAIRE DRYER excellent condition. 613-476-2331. GLASS SHELVING with brackets, 50 pc. from 10x40" and 8x40" suitable for display of minature cars, trains, etc. Best offer. ALSO 4 ceiling fans, mens & childrens bicycles all in good condition. 613-4762897 or 613-476-0280. MIXED BODY wood, cut 14-15", split and delivered. 2 cord load $500. Phone 613-393-5287 PERENNIAL PLANT Sale. Saturday, May 18th, 8am-12 noon, 2400 County Rd 15. Lamb's Ear, Bergamot, Labrador Violets, Salomon's Seal, Bloodroot, Siberian Iris, Garlic Chives, Obedient plant, Sedum, Black Raspberry, Anise, Hyssop, Pines, Lilacs and more. QUANTITY OF Cedar Rails, short lenths, 5' approx. pick your own 50¢ each 613-399-3515. TREES for spring planting, sugar maple, pine, spruce, white birch, white cedar for hedges. 613-8134907. TREES- All sizes of nursery hardwoods, evergreens, shrubs all planting included. Bare root 2 foot Pine, spruce, tamarack $20. Also cedar hedges, gardens, water features, shoreline erosion work. Call now for a free site inspection or to get quotes on any species or size classes. SCHMIDT'S TREE PLANTING SERVICE 613-393-3366. WHITE IKEA table with 6 high back retro chairs $150; Heritage Quilt made in Picton, 40 years old, solid green and primitive rural patches $150; Oriental Hall runner, $100. 613-476-4305.



WHITE VINYL, double hung, tilt-in windows. 33"x52" $50 each and 70"x52" $100 each. Quantities available. Viewing 1296 Hamilton Rd., Trenton. 613-392-3100

QUINTE PET Minders. Loving care for your pets in their own home. Daily visits, also overnights & vacation stays 613-476-6265.


2001 HONDA CRV- Silver, 4 cyclinder, auto, air, 162,000km, safety & etested, mint $5900 613471-0310.




Save up to $750 on selected models SALE ENDS MAY 15/13

Call for more information Your local DEALER




DEATHS - $21.00; FOUND, BEREAVED - No charge Box Replies $5.00; EXTRA $1.50 charge for billed ads. EXTRA $5.00 charge for a HEADING COMBINATION RATES available for The Picton Gazette and The Napanee Beaver

FRANKFORD, ON 613.398.1611 BANCROFT, ON 613.332.1613


BUYING. Spring Cleaning? Emptying the basement, barn or attic? Give us a call. We buy signs, advertising, watches/clocks (working or not), paper, tins, fountain pens, lighters, pipes, corkscrews, costume jewellery and many items you were going to throw out. Also buying gold & silver. Call 613-393-5886. PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE refinishing and restoration. Antiques bought and sold. Free pick-up and delivery. Butler Creek Antiques, Schoharie Rd. 613-476-1142.




Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, 3 mos. old & up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridge's $100. & up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from.


For good used appliances in working order or not but no junk please. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors & then come see for yourself quality at low prices. Open evenings 7 days a week. We Deliver.


ASP CONTRACTORS, airless spray painting, power washing, barns, houses, factories, etc. Corn, glass and sandblasting, new steel roofs installed, roofs screwnailed and boards replaced, eavestroughs and gutter guards installed, additions and foundations. 1-800-589-1375, BARN REPAIRS, steel roofs repaired or replaced, barn boards replaced, beam repairs, sliding doors, eavestroughs, screwnailing, painting, sandblasting, etc. Call John, 613-392-2569 GRAIN WAGON, 250 bushel on 10 ton wagon 613-476-5418. OPEN SATURDAYS 10am-12 noon. Young, tender, grass fed beef. Various cuts available, frozen. Also delicious gluten free sausage made with beef, lamb and local ingredients. #355B Morrison Pt Rd 613-476-4263 WHEAT STRAW, round bales 4x4 $25/bale or take all 22 bales for $400. 613-476-5058.


9 WEEK old lab puppies, first shots, vet checked, dewormed, ready to go to good homes 613645-2223. DOG SITTING in my home, personalized care for your dog while you're away. Large exercise yard. Call Karen 613-399-5682.

94 GMC 14ft CUBE VAN 350 Automatic 3 speed dual rear drive with trailer hitch as is, $3,500 obo 613-827-3637 or 613-476-0231

CARS AND trucks wanted for scrap or recycling, we buy scrap metal, free pickup or you bring in. Dan 613-929-7572. We also sell auto parts and tires.

FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE! Good or bad credit, let me get you on the road... Affordably!!

Ronnie B’s Auto Sales 613-393-3336 FORD ESCAPE 2001 all wheel drive, 173,000kms, certified, etested. $4,000. 613-393-3767 GRANDMA IS selling her baby. 2000 Chrysler Intrepid, all power, 130,000 miles, certified, etested, summer and winter tires. A must see, $3000 613-476-1529.


1995 350 Big Bear with Easy Tow Trailer, one owner, excellent condition. Call 613-352-5874.


1996 TEMPEST Bowrider 15'2" with 1996 Mercury 55hp. Boat, motor and trailer in excellent condition. New battery, 2 gas tanks, includes all safety equipment, $3,500. Phone 613-476-3822


1250 SQ.FT. of Prime Commercial space for rent. Located in Wellington on Hwy 33 (high visibility). Currently setup for service garage with 2 bays plus office, washroom, storage room and parking. Space is zoned for many uses and can be modified as needed. 11ft and 8ft bay doors with separate office entrance. Electric 9000lbs hoist available. Rent and use negotiable. 613-399-5822,

Retail Space FOR LEASE

26-311 MAIN Retail Space (former KA Media) Avail July 1 Front only, 872 sq ft, $900/month, plus util. Front & back, 1,500 sq ft, $1,100/month, plus util.

27-311 MAIN Retail Space (former Engineer Office) 600 sq ft, $750/month, includes util. Avail May 1 Apply at our Office:

141 Main St, Picton

Please Call: 613-476-3275 First & Last & References


1 & 2 bedroom apartments, beautifully furnished close to downtown, $800 & $1000 mo. includes utilities, cable and internet, 613-3911441, 941-249-2425. 1 BEDRM apartment,44 Main St. Picton. completely redone,$800 plus hydro, includes heat, water, garbage & laundry. Please contact Jeff at 2 BEDROOM side by side duplex bungalow, private parking and yard, walking distance to Main Street, quiet seniors area, lawn and snow care provided. $690 plus. Available Sept 1. Steven, 613-885-1307 (cell). 2 BEDROOM, sunroom, spacious, large backyard, $995 plus hydro. Parking included. 47 King Street 1 block to downtown. Non-smoking, first/last and references required. Contact Brian 613-240-5332 or


Main Street Apts: Bachelor, 2nd floor, avail June 2013 $500 plus 1 bed, 2nd floor, avail June 2013 $550 plus Macaulay Village: 4 bed house, available July 2013 $900 plus util. Trillium Grande (Belleville) 2 bed 2 bath luxury condo $2,200/mo plus util. Apply at our Office:

141 Main St, Picton

Please Call: 613-476-3275 First & Last & References

FULLY FURNISHED upper apartment of Victorian Home, available June 2, short/long term rental. Large, bright, 1 bedroom apartment, sunroom entrance, can sleep 6, $1100 mo. includes utilities, also available weekly. 613399-2209. SHORT TERM accomodations. Beautifully furnished 1 & 2 bedrm units, until May, one block away from downtown Picton, view at or call 613-391-1441.


HOUSING WANTED. Festival Players of Prince Edward County is seeking housing/home stays for theatre artists working in the County this summer. Short and long-term stays. Housing stipends may be paid. Details are online ( or contact us at 613-476-1991 PROFESSIONAL LOOKING to rent 1-2 bedroom apartment/condo in the town of Picton. 613-849-8501


MINT AND used postage stamps, covers, post cards, coins and paper money. Call Bob 613-967-2118. WEST LAKE Terrace is looking for interested individuals who would like to come and volunteer in our home. We are looking for people who enjoy playing cards and games and also those who may enjoy spending time outdoors with some of our residents. If you are interested please contact Julie Clarkson at 613-393-2055 or


WANTED: GOOD used 4 wheeler, must be reasonably priced. 613399-5143

WILL Buy Scrap Vehicles Metals and Appliances


613-476-2994 or 613-242-0117

Providing professional service with care, dignity and personal attention to all details surrounding the loss of a loved one. 2 Centre Street, Picton Robert C. Osborne 476-5571 Funeral Director NOTE: Report errors immediately. The Picton Gazette will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: Tuesday at 4:00pm


HOME BASED child care located in Milford on Athol bus route. Reasonable rates. Healthy meals. Call Nicole Walker, 613-961-9394


A DINNER PARTY? Party Platters, hor d'oeuvres. Call Sheild Brushey Catering, 613-393-5021 A SPRING day is the time to clean eavestroughs,flowerbeds cleaned, gardens rototilled, get yard work done, get rid of unwanted trash, trees trimmed, pruning and any other jobs. Half ton truck available. No job too small. For reasonable rates call Paul 613-393-5021. ABSOLUTE HOME and Property Maintenance. Free estimates, seniors rate, quality service. Call 613920-0681 AFFORDABLE MAINTENANCE: Interior/exterior painting, carpentry, decks. Bob, 613-476-4789



MAINTENANCE and Campground operations person for summer camp park. Must be mature, personable, reliable. Call 613-847-6588 OUTERBANKS DELI- NOW HIRING. All summer positions: You must have be hard working with an effervescent personality and a desire to learn; Ice-cream attendant, Delicatessen, Coffee Barista, Cash Service Representative and Managerial Positions. Please forward resume to RECEPTION and Reservation Clerk required at Summer Camp Park. Must be mature, personable, reliable, computer skills an asset. Call 613-847-6588 TIRED OF reading help wanted ads every week? Want to improve your skills? Call Prince Edward Learning Centre at 613-476-1811. It's free! WILLIAM'S FAMILY DINER,19 Elizabeth Street,needs a waitress for evenings, apply with resume in person.


Scrap Metal & Scrap Cars & Electronics - TV’s, Computers, etc. Appliances

EVER THOUGHT about getting your GED? We can help. Call Prince Edward Learning Centre at 613-476-1811. It's free!


Be Your Own Boss Make Your Own Money!


CHAPPY'S. We'll do almost anything! Moving, dump runs of brush, grass cutting. Garage and basement cleaning. Ph 613-476-2994 or 613-242-0117 or Jenny 613243-7204.


Foot Care Time to Heel 613-391-5388

GRASS CUTTING SERVING Prince Edward County, good rates, quality service, large & small jobs, using John Deere Zero turn mower. Call Paul for free estimate, 1-855-399-1100 tollfree. Fully insured. We show up! INDOOR/OUTDOOR Masonry, small jobs, concrete floors, repair work, fireplace/woodstove backings, pointing, basement repair work, professional masonry and brick cleaning, repair brick and block work. Small decks and small deck repairs. Call George 613393-2144 or 343-263-0027. VALLEY LAWNCARE. Attention home and cottage owners in the vicinity of East and West Lake. Reliable and courteous service always for your lawncare and property needs. Call 613-922-7138


County Holiday Homes, a vacation rental & property management agency in PEC, is now accepting applications for summer housekeeping. For more details, visit /Home/Jobs or call 613-476-5993.

FULL TIME optometric assistant/ receptionist. Computer knowledge including word processing, previous experience or willingness to learn multiple skills, please send resume with hand written cover letter to Advertiser Box 830 c/o Picton Gazette, 267 Main St. Picton K0K 2T0.


has 4 openings for cashiers, maintenance and cook(s) positions available now. Suited for students.

Fax resume to 613-962-0095 or mail to PO Box 1444 Belleville, Ont. K8N 5J1

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Tambo take-out snack bar is looking for a cook to rent the snack bar. It is well equipped for fast food. Very busy in summer season. Located on the way to the Sandbanks Park. Suited for couple or retired couple with skills in food safety procedures and cooking.

Call 613-962-0095 or send resume to P.O. Box 1444, Belleville, ON K8N 5J1









Stump Grinding Tree Trimming and Removal Brush Chipping Lot Clearing Cabling & Bracing Fully Insured 15 years Experience

Glenn Guernsey


ROGER'S MOBILE WASH & DETAILING for all your washing needs, auto, boats, RVs, homes, decks, patios, heavy equpment and monument cleaning. Also store front and graffiti cleaning. Bug spraying available. Free estimates. Seniors discount. 613-962-8277 or cell 613-885-1908


The Picton Gazette COMING EVENTS

Meet & Greet The Prince Edward County Chamber of Tourism & Commerce

Where: Dave’s Roadhouse, 106 Main Street, Bloomfield When: Tuesday, May 14th, 5 – 7 pm Who: Members & prospective members Come on out before the hectic long weekend, take a breather and network with your fellow membes, share your experiences and take away information and new ideas. Find out what PECCTAC is working on now and RSVP by calling Jan @ 614-476-2421 or email

KIDS OF STEEL 7TH ANNUAL Swim-Bike-Run Triathlon Sunday June 2. Ages 6-17yrs Sub-Midget ages 3-5yrs Register at VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for more information call 613-476-7776.

BULLFROGS EATERY in Bloomfield is now

OPEN SUNDAYS 8am - 2:30pm Come Join Us for Mother’s Day Special: $10.75 French toast, strawberries & whipped cream, bacon, coffee

PETER REA'S Rockin Variety Show. Wednesday, May 15th, 7pm at Wellington Town Hall. A fundraising concert for QEMA's summer program for children. Guests include The Reasonettes, The Reatones Band (Jake & Mike), Judy Fraser, Bud Gregory, Fraser Hardman, David Strachan, Terry Spilchen, Mark Davis & Doo Wop Rod Moise. Refreshments. Donations greatly appreciated.




Sunday, May 12th

Serving 4pm - 7pm $10 per person

613-476-2342 166 County Rd 6 *No Reservations

Happy Mother’s Day! LOST & FOUND

• Lady’s prescription glasses • Bluetooth headpiece • Blue frame glasses • Small purse - owl design

To claim come to

267 Main St. Picton

The Picton Gazette CARDS OF THANKS

A big THANK YOU to the paramedic's Paul & Scott for your quick response to our 911 call and the decision to take me to Kingston when I was having my heart attack. My family and I thank you so much. Cathy Pettingill The family of Barbara Norman wish to express their deep appreciation to those who have offered such kindness and support. To all family, friends and neighbours for their expressions of sympathy, cards, flowers, food, phone calls, donations to charity and prayers. Thank you to Bob Osbourne and the kind and caring staff of Hicks and Whattam Homes. Special thanks to Major Dean and Margaret Locke, Major Sam Roberts, Gena Guernsey and the Home League Ladies of The Salvation Army. Debbie Simpson & Cassie Wadia for their touching eulogy. Georganne McLeod and Shirley, the pallbearers, Paul and Angie Harvey and Amie Frost-Lewis (Heritage Hall). Albert Norman, Larry, Ronnie, Kevin and Families.


CHARLEBOIS, Norma. In loving memory of my wife and best friend, who left us May 15, 2009. God saw you getting tired And a cure was not to be, So He put His arms around you And whispered "Come with Me". With tearful eyes I watched you, And saw you pass away. Although I loved you dearly, I could not make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, Hard working hands to rest. God broke my heart to prove to me He only takes "the best" I miss you, love Gil CHARLEBOIS, Norma. In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother, who left us May 15, 2009. We miss you in so many ways, We miss the things you used to say And when old times we do recall, It's then we miss you most of all. Love always Don, Laurie Marc, Sarah, Brian Charlebois, Peter, Michele Matthew, Meaghan, Travis and Ava Sloski CHARLEBOIS, Norma. In loving memory of a dear mother, who left us May 15, 2009. Things I feel most deeply are the hardest things to say, Dearest Mum, I loved you in a very special way, If I could have one lifetime wish, one dream that could come true, I'd pray to God with all my heart for yesterday and you. Miss you Mom, Love Michele



Jeff Ferguson


November 4, 1972 - May 7, 2003

In loving memory of our dear son, dad, brother, uncle & cousin. We think of him in silence, We often speak his name, But all we have are memories, And his picture in a frame. It’s been 10 long years without you, For you were someone special Who was thought so highly of, Who’ll always be remembered With affection, warmth and love. So sending thoughts to Heaven On the day you went away, And hope you know you’re missed More than words could say. Lovingly remembered by your family.


MOORE, Jean Doreen

Passed away peacefully at the Kingston General Hospital on Monday, October 29th, 2012. Jean Doreen Moore of Wellington in her 84th year. Loving wife of the late Neil Moore. Beloved mother of Alex (Michelle), Garfield, Marilyn, John and the late Brad. Grandmother to Melanie and Amy. Jean owned and operated the West Lake Marina from 1977 until 2011. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends. A Graveside Service will be held on Saturday, May 11th at 12:00pm at the Wellington Cemetery. Reverend Steven Spicer officiating. Memorial donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated by the family. Arrangements entrusted to the Ainsworth Funeral Home, 288 Noxon Avenue, Wellington. Online donations and condolences at


MONROE, Thomas

with his family, at the Hallowell House Nursing Home on Tuesday May 7, 2013, Tom Monroe, at the age of 80. Beloved husband of Wilhelmina ‘Willie’ Monroe (nee Mitchell). Loved father of Teresa Lalonde (late Rene), Susan (Nyma Chuckdong), Daniel, Kathryn, Angela Nobes (Ray Fawcett) and Derrick (Lori) and grandfather of Jason (Warren Winkelman), Karma, Dechen, Devin, Breanna, Brooke, Todd, Kiersten and Erica. Dear brother of Gerald and the late Don, Noreen, Doris,  Stan and Leighton Jr. ‘Topper’. Mr. Monroe is resting at the HICKS FUNER HOME, 2 Centre Street, Picton, 613-476-5571. Funeral Service in the Chapel on Friday May 10 at 11am. The Reverend Audrey Whitney officiating. Interment Cherry Valley Cemetery. Memorial donations to the Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward or Hallowell House would be appreciated (cheques only, please). The family will receive friends on Friday morning from 10am until service time.

Love Marge, Nancy, Janet, Cathy, Allan and Boyd, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

HOOK- Ruth (Clapp) September 6, 1921-June 16, 2005. Bouquets of memories wrapped with love. Daughters Gloria, Dianne & Debra.

Madeline Ferguson

In loving memory of a dear wife and mother who passed away May 12, 2010. Your memory is our keepsake with which we’ll never part, God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts. We cannot bring the old days back, when we were all together, But secret tears and loving thoughts will live with us forever. Loved forever Mom. Garnet & Family

In Memory of

HELE, Elizabeth Mae “Betty” (nee Grummett),

long time employee, Home Hardware, Picton – Loved her Lord and lived her faith as an example to her family and friends. Peacefully on Thursday April 25, 2013 surrounded with her loving family, her Pastor Jacques and his wife Tatiana at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville at the age of 86. Betty, beloved wife of the late Scott Hele (2012). Much loved mother of Gilbert Hele and his wife Nina, Mark Hele and his wife Charlotte, and the late Edwin Hele and his wife Audrey. Proud Grandma of Michelle (Todd), Michael (Nicole), Christopher (Melanie), Travis, Jeremy (Alison), James, Christina (Jeremy), Deborah (Dan), and Great Grandma of Emma, Benjamin, Chloe, Alexis and Landon. Dear sister of Donna and Bonnie (Wim) both of St. Catharines, and sisters in law Mary Anne Livingston of Kelowna, BC, Virginia Ralley (Al), of Oshawa, Shirlee Hele of Cavan and Eleanor Hele of Picton. Friends and family may call at the Armstrong Funeral Home, 124 King Street East, Oshawa on Tuesday April 30th from 6pm – 9pm, and on Wednesday May 1st at Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church, 200 King Avenue, Newcastle from 10am. Funeral Service will take place at 11am. Interment 3pm at Cherry Valley Cemetery, Picton, Memorial donations to the Gideon’s International would be greatly appreciated by the family. To share an online condolence please visit For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. -Philippians 1:21



THE CORPORATION OF THE COUNTY OF PRINCE EDWARD JOB OPPORTUNITY CORPORATE SERVICES & FINANCE CONTRACT - HOSPITALITY & EVENTS SUPERVISOR The County of Prince Edward is an island community on the shores of Lake Ontario with a proud United Empire Loyalist heritage. Boasting beautiful beaches and a unique rural landscape, the County offers serene country living. Our strong agricultural roots, thriving tourism attractions, renowned regional cuisine, and growing wine industry combine to offer a unique and unmatched quality of life. Our Human Resources Department is currently accepting applications for the contract position of Hospitality & Events Supervisor for an 18 month term. Reporting to the Manager of Community Centres and Events Marketing, this position will be responsible for coordinating the daily user schedule and will provide oversight of the bar/canteen/catering requirements for the Wellington and District Community Centre and the Prince Edward Community Centre.

Happy Mother’s Day Bessie Dulmage “We Miss You”



Peacefully at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital on Wednesday May 1st, 2013, in his 90th year. Bert is survived by his beloved wife of 64 years, Annie. Loving father of Linie of Montreal, Theo (Wanda) of Waupoos, Roberta (Grant) Stewart of Atlanta, GA and of the late Marty. Proud Opa to Rebecca and Jennifer West, Shannon and Corrie Thissen and Lennox (Sarah) Stewart and Corinna Stewart and great-grandpa to Landon Stewart. Son of the late Herman and Martina Thissen. Dear brother of Dora, Maria, John, Theo, Tini and the late Piet, Johanna, Henk, Rieksa, Diny, Elizabeth, Riet, Nellie and Tineke. Fondly remembered by many nieces and nephews and family members in Holland. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church on Saturday May 4th at 11:00 a.m. The Reverend Father Thomas Thazhappally officiated. Interment to follow at Mount Olivet Cemetery. If desired, donations to Hospice Prince Edward or the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation would be appreciated by the family. The family received friends on Friday evening from 6 until 8 p.m. at the WHATTAM FUNERAL HOME, 33 Main Street, Picton, with a prayer service being held at 7:30 p.m.

Ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications: • Post-secondary diploma or degree in Event Management, Hospitality, Administration or equivalent work related experience. • 2 years of Food/Beverage service experience in large facilities, such as arenas and/or hospitality venues • Experience supervising within a unionized environment preferred • Sound knowledge of the Occupational Health & Safety Act • Excellent communication and supervisory skills • Superior customer service skills and the ability to maintain good working relationships with customers and the public • Ability to keep accurate, detailed records and produce written reports • Smart Serve and Safe Food Handling certification would be an assets • Valid Class ‘G’ Driver’s Licence • CPR/First Aid training A more detailed job description is available online at This position is under review and subject to change; however, the current annual salary range for this position is $56,224 to $68,316 per annum, as per Band 3 of the Non-Union Bylaw. Please submit your application prior to 9:00am on May 22, 2013 to We thank all candidates for their interest, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. We are an equal opportunity employer. The personal information being collected will be used in accordance with The Municipal Act and The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and shall only be used in the selection of a suitable candidate.

Want to do business in Napanee/Deseronto markets? Call your Picton Gazette sales rep. at 613-476-3201 today to book your advertisement.


The Picton Gazette HELP WANTED


The Prince Edward Yacht Club is seeking a student for seasonal summer employment to perform the duties of dock / grounds attendant. To be eligible for the position, you must be between 15 and 30 years of age on the start date of the job; you must be returning to a full-time school programme in the fall; you must be a resident of Ontario and eligible to work in Canada; you cannot be an immediate family member (ie son or daughter, grandchild) of any of the employer's officers, directors or senior management team.

The position will involve a 40 hour work week including weekends. You will be required to provide dock side assistance to arriving and departing boater, facilitate VHF radio (training will be provided as necessary), and personal communication with visitors, maintain daily records relating to dock services provided, perform yard and clubhouse duties including yard and lawn maintenance, and general clubhouse cleaning. Please forward your resume and available references before 5pm on Friday, May 17, 2013, by: Mail or deliver to Prince Edward Yacht Club, 30 Fairfield Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0, or by email to


NOTICE OF UPCOMING HYDRANT FLUSHING Hydrant Flushing will be conducted throughout the County this Spring and Fall, as follows:



The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward hereby gives notice that an application has been made to the Minister of Transport pursuant to the Navigable Waters Protection Act for approval of the work described herein and its site and plans. Pursuant to section 9 of the said Act, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward has deposited with the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, and in the Ontario Land Registry Office #47 – Prince Edward County, at Picton Ontario under the deposit number PE187141 a description of the following work, its site and plans: County Road 28 Bridge Replacement, located on County Road 28, approximately 250m east of Highway No.62, Lot 68, Concession 2 Bay Side in Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario, at Sawguin Creek. Comments regarding the effects of this work on marine navigation may be directed to: The Superintendent, Navigable Waters Protection Program, Transport Canada, 100 Front Street South, Sarnia, ON N7T 2M4. However, comments will be considered only if they are in writing and are received not later than 30 days after the date of this notice. Although all comments conforming to the above will be considered, no individual response will be sent. Dated this 10th day of May, 2013 The County of Prince Edward

Fall 2013: • Picton: September 2-27 • Wellington: October 7-18 • Carrying Place & Consecon: September 3-13 • Rossmore & Fenwood: September 16-27

Saturday, May 11

22 Demille Street Northport Village on County Rd 15

Important! Hydrant Flushing may cause temporary discolouration to your water supply, but does not affect the safety or quality. The County is committed to providing a high quality water supply from treatment plans to customers’ taps.

The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Telephone: 613-476-2148, Fax: 613-471-2051, E-mail: NOTICE TO CREDITORS and OTHERS IN THE ESTATE OF ALISON ISOBEL TURPIN, DECEASED All persons having claims against the Estate of Alison Isobel Turpin, late of the County of Prince Edward and Province of Ontario, who died on or about March 24th, 2013 are hereby notified to send particulars of same to the undersigned on or before Monday, June 3rd, 2013, after which date the aforementioned Estate will be distributed by the undersigned having regard only to the claims then filed. DATED: 24 April 2013

MATHERS LAW OFFICE Shelagh M. Mathers Barrister and Solicitor Suite 4, 6 Talbot Street Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Solicitor for the Estate



HUGE PLANT & GARAGE SALE May 10, 11, 12 May 17, 18, 19, 20

Rain or Shine 2 km west of Bloomfield

15087 Loyalist Pkwy Household goods, antiques, collectibles, Sedum, Peony, Hosta, Iris, Daylilies, Primrose, Lilac, Rose of Sharon, Trumpet Vine, Hydrangea, Rhubarb & Asparagus Root, Raspberry Canes, Spider Lily and more. Bring a box

Humanitarian Fundraising Patchwork Butterfly


Milford Market Square

Household items, collectibles, china and much more.

Purses, different scrubs $2, Jewellery, but no Betsy Johnson yet. Many other great vendors.

Saturday, May 11 201/2 Prospect Ave. 8am - 12 noon

Every Saturday 9am - 2pm May 18 to Thanksgiving



SPRING 2013: • Picton: May 6-June 28 • Wellington: May 13-24

Detailed information is available on the County’s Website


8am - 2pm


HELP SAVE OSTRANDER POINT Saturday, May 11th, 2013 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

1. Please contribute items for our yard sale beside Prince Edward Animal Hospital, at 14011 Loyalist Parkway, to help with APPEC’s legal expenses for the ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW TRIBUNAL. • Please drop off donated items from 9am to 5pm on Friday, May 10 at Royal LePage ProAlliance office, 104 Main St. Picton • For pickup of larger items call Paula or Bill Peel at 613-476-7693 • Please sticker all donated items showing suggested bargain price 2. Please come on May 11th to BUY some treasures at the yard sale!

3. Please offer to help if you can, and encourage others to donate stuff, and to come and buy treasures! (Call Lynne Rochon 613-3991985


Saturday, May 11 8:30am 126 Main St., Picton


MORTIMER STREET May 11th - 8am - Noon Karaoke Machine, Guitar, Trombone, TV, Stereo, Dart Board, Dewalt Saw Bench, Taps, Lighting, Rugs, Pfaff Sewing Machine, Rugs, Easter/Christmas Decorations, and various household treasures! Mortimer, just behind the Harbour Inn. We won’t be ready to see you until 8am.


Saturday, May 11 197 Main St., Bloomfield Rain or Shine


YARD SALE Sat. May 11 48 Paul St.

Proceeds to Relay for Life


Friday and Saturday May 10 and 11 410 Main St. Bloomfield Treasures new & old. Superb collection of books, Christian novels, cooking, gardening, CDs, DVDs and children’s videos. Home décor, collectibles, quality Christmas Dec. Come and See!


Saturday, May 11 8am - 4pm Cty. Rd. 4 #268 Talbot St. Rain or Shine

YARD SALE 48 Centre St. Picton

Saturday, May 11 8am - 12 noon Furniture, dishes, TV & stand, DVD player, cuckoo clock, etc.


YARD SALE Saturday, May 11 10am - 4am Northport County Road 15 across from Demille St. watch for the signs.

Selling small appliances - coffee makers, irons, kettles, etc., dehumidifiers, tools, name brand clothing - there’s a bit of everyting


2243 Cty Rd 10 Cherry Valley Sat. May 11 8am - 12noon Rain or Shine

Toys, books, car carrier, household items.


Saturday, May 11 8am - 2pm Many household items, collectibles, vintage radios, cameras, wicker furniture, pictures, lamps, many other items incl. Grampian 26’ sailboat

1422 Wilson Rd. Corner of Wilson & Cty. Rd. 2 4km N. of Wellington



Saturday, May 18th from 8:30am to 3pm



Rain or Shine Saturday, May 11th 997 Ridge Rd 8am-1pm


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013


Consignment Sale 6:30pm Viewing 5:00pm 662 Cty. Rd. #12 3.5 kms southwest of Bloomfield at Koopmans Auction Centre 2000 Titanium fifth wheel trailer (32ft), Craftsman 4750w 10hp generator, 8 sections of scaffolding with planks, 15 hp Johnston outboard, 13 hp gas motor with electric start (like new), black and grey water tank for camping trailer, Master craft belt &disc sander, Gas weed eater straight shaft, Dewalt reciprocating saw, air nailer, hand tools, inversion table, hydraulic hairdressing chair, water tubes for behind boat, bar frig, oak table with scissor leaves & 6 chairs matching buffet and hutch, wing back chair, occasional tables, cedar chest, antique trunk, 2 large tool cabinets, wood art easel, Antique bevelled glass picture frame, M&M’s collectibles, Kierstead prints, Silver Jubilee Gold stamp “Series of the King and Queen of Great Britain.” Made with 23K gold, Antique Photo Album full with pictures (some taken by TJ Hess Photographer main st. Picton ), die cast cars, fishing poles, tackle plus many more items arriving daily. Also for Sale but not part of auction 2005 Coachman Chaparral Fifth wheel 27ft, 1997 American Star 30ft fifth wheel Always accepting good clean consignment for upcoming sales. We also conduct Estates and Commercial sales on site. For your entire auction needs, call Auctioneer: Gerald Koopmans 613-393-1732.


AT 9:00 A.M. ON SITE AUCTION SALE - THE ESTATE OF HETTIE BURLEY, R.R. # 1 ODESSA DIRECTIONS: Take Lennox & Addington Cty. Rd. # 2 east from Napanee to 6639 L & A Cty. Rd. # 2 (at Storms Corners). Watch for signs. This old farmstead auction is loaded with antique furniture & interesting smalls etc. Gibbard walnut dining table, 6 chairs, china cabinet & sideboard, Antique painted Hoosier cupboard, pine pail benches, Antique maple curio cabinet/ glass on 3 sides, maple fold down secretary, antique tongue & groove wardrobe, antique jam cupboard, slant top desk, white tongue & groove jam cupboard, Findlay Meteor wood stove, East lake washstand, dresser/ mirror, oxen yoke, 50’s era china cabinet, oak library table, numerous small hall & plant tables, antique youth chair, wicker ferneries, photographer’s chair, slat back child’s rocker, antique dresser/ mirror & matching washstand, cane bottom ladder back chair, 2 dome top trunks, “D” end tables, chesterfield & chair, antique captain’s chair, milk stool, old wicker furniture, painted washstand, milk cans, magazine racks, butter box, painted 4 drawer pine chest, room screen , 2 steel beds, wooden bedstead, Victorian chair, Victorian wicker chair, cabinet sewing machine, spool bed, assorted chairs, washboards, jardiniers, cups & saucers, vases, cake plates, salts & peppers. A number of crocks Wallbridge & Clark Belleville, Hart Bros. & Lazier Picton C.W. (damaged), merchant crock, James R. Burns Toronto crock, Medalta crock, butter crocks, open mouth crocks, 2 dash churns, finger jug, Mary Gregory pitcher & glasses, Shelley cup & saucer, Fire King Jadite, McCoy milk pitcher, batter pitcher, Oriental tea set, Myott “Shrewsberry” pattern dishes, Eaton’s sealer, costume jewelry, gent’s & ladies’ pocket watches, Beswick cat, carnival glass pieces, pink depression fruit bowl, nappies, juice glasses, cream & sugar &butter dish. covered cheese dish, Aladdin lamp (electrified), miniature oil lamps, cast iron horse bank, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans pins, old local post cards, interesting old scrap books, silver plate biscuit jar, dress form, cook books, numerous old prints & frames, view masters & slides, child’s cup & bowl, Royal Doulton “Bunykins” cup & Astro Bunnykins “Rocketman”, RCMP collectible figurines & decanter, bulldog bank, wicker baskets, sewing notions & material, jars of old buttons, vintage clothing, a large qty. of old local advertising pieces, C.L. Lake, Odessa advertising calendar (1942), Sears catalogue, numerous retro juice & water glasses, everyday dishes, old agate ware, butter print & ladle, Big Ben alarm clocks, mixing bowls, Campbell’s Dairy, Peterboro milk bottle, oil bottle, old tins, collectibles & numerous other pieces from this old farmstead, far too many to list. Massey ferguson 165 diesel tractor/ Allied loader ( ex.condition, All new rubber). McKee 6+6 3pth snowblower, 3Pth 5 ft. flail mower, John Deere L110 42 inch cut riding lawn mower, John Deere 110 garden tractor with cultivator, plow, disc & 3 blade mower, tow behind garden sprayer/ 6 ft. boom, single axle hydraulic dump trailer, 3.5 H.P. push mower, Stihl weedeater, tow behind buzz saw/ Volvo engine, drag discs, 3PTH 2 furrow plough, 3pth 8 ft. cultivator, rough cut cherry & cedar lumber, garden tools, forks & shovels, qty. of bushel hampers & baskets). REAL ESTATE - 50 acre farm sells by auction. Located at 6639 Cty. Rd. 2, the intersection of Hwy. 2 & County Rd. 7 at Storms Corners east of Napanee. Centrally located between Kingston & Napanee. 5 bedroom farm house features kitchen, living room, 2 sunrooms, propane furnace & fireplace. 3 car garage, paved circular drive, large hip roof barn, 2 drivesheds. Property fronts on 2 roads with creek running through it. Approx. 20 acre woodlot of spruce, pine & cedar. 20+ acres of sandy loam workland. An ideal farm for the hobby farmer or market gardener. This farm has all kinds of untapped potential. Viewing by appointment. phone Robert @ 613-352-7579 to arrange viewing. Offered for sale at 1:00 p.m. May 11. (Sells subject to owners’ approval). For a buyer’s package contact the auctioneers. NOTE: 2 AUCTIONEERS WILL BE SELLING SIMULTANEOUSLY AT THIS SALE. See my web site for detailed list & photos. CONTACTS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033 Terms: Cash, Debit, Visa, MC, or Cheque/ID Lunch available Estate and/or auctioneers not responsible in case of accident


ANTIQUE & MODERN & COLLECTABLE AUCTION SALE At the Palace Building Fair Grounds, York St., Napanee (Behind Curling Club) From the home of Ruth Grose of Napanee and others FEATURING: Early pine cupboard; some Teak pieces; contemporary corner cupboard; roto tiller; few die cast cars; ANTIQUE & COLLECTABLES: Early pine blind door storage cupboard early paint no restoration c/a 1850; China cabinet; Teak table with 6 chairs; Teak dresser & matching wardrobe type chest of drawers & 2 night stands; 2 small rocker; 2 carved table lamps; Duncan Phyffe coffee table; Beattie wash tub stand; 2 buck saws; 3 cross cut saws; 2 old pictures; FURNITURE: Pine wall display unit with storage drawers; loveseat sofa bed; chesterfield; recliner; wing back chair; chesterfield; coffee & end tables; book shelves; bamboo & brass display units with glass shelves; contemporary Quebec type corner cupboard; electric fireplace; double bedroom suite, bed, box & matt, dresser, armoire & 2 night stands; modern TV stand unit; several nice small tables; small child’s platform rocker; large & small book shelves; hanging lamp; IKEA child’s bed; 2 hall trees; pictures; APPLIANCES & ELECTRONICS: 3 microwaves (1 stainless); 20" floor fan & others; bar fridge; water cooler; 5000 BTU air conditioner; Bissell vac & shampooer; 2 new infra red heaters; electric foot warmer; 27" slim TV; JVV HD 5CD double decker player; CHINA & GLASS: Set of Arklow dishes (Rep of Ireland); Stoke on Trent; Blue Willow; Cross & Olive; Pinwheel; Blue Mountain; collector plates; etc. OTHER: 6 hp Craftsman roto tiller; large boat bumpers; new wheel barrow; new shop vac; new Sport Rack (bicycle) to fit trailer hitch; 2 port a potties; new solar lights; glider & rowing machine. NO BUYERS PREMIUM - Very Partial Listing VIEWING SALE DAY ONLY - 12 noon Terms: Cash, Interac, Visa, MasterCard only. Canteen available NEIL LAMBERT, AUCTIONEER Napanee 613-354-3406 e-mail Watch or Napanee Beaver for listing & pictures for next sale


AT 11:00 AM AUCTION SALE - BOB AND GLORIA CAWLEY 11056 HIGHWAY 33 ADOLpHUSTOWN, ONT. 1 KM EAST of Glenora Ferry on Highway # 33. ( Ferry on 30 minute service schedule) VEHICLE – 1987 Toyota Celica 2 door hatchback – 130,000km, automatic , excellent condition sells certified- never winter driven; SHOP TOOLS- delta 6” jointer, delta 12” single surface planer, Craftsman 12” tilt head band saw, Busy bee single unit dust collector, Makita scroll saw, Craftsman 36” wood lathe Delta XL 10” table saw, Makita router and bits, Shop Craft bench top drill press, Ryobi rechargeable tools, combination belt/disc sander, pressure washer, garden tools, tool boxes, hardware, hand tools, clamps, work mate, roller stand, dowel jig, power tools, kitchenware’s, few household articles. TERMS- CASH OR CHEQUE OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESpONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS plainfield 613-477-2082 for photos


AT 10:30 AM AUCTION SALE - ART AND GAIL CREWS 258 GLEN ROSS ROAD R.R.3 FRANKFORD, ONT 11/2 miles NORTH of Frankford traffic lights on North Trent Street- Glen Ross Road. HOUSEHOLD CONTENTS AND COLLECTIBLES- sell at 10:30 am – Maple centre pedestal dining table and 4 chairs, Maple hutch, walnut finish coffee and end tables, brown leather chesterfield, white wicker furniture, oak finish electric fireplace, washstand, walnut plant stand, Maytag refrigerator with lower freezer drawer, Kenmore electric stove, Kenmore upright freezer, Viking upright freezer, Celestron telescope, bedroom furniture, single beds, maple rocker, glassware’s, coca stes, tea sets, Vintage Canadian postcards, vintage greeting cards, butter box, crocks, collection of sealers, milk bottles with carrier, vintage yard sticks, Canada dry signage, 1870’s pop bottles, vintage Mickey Mouse baby bottle, vintage ash trays, vintage newspapers, vintage calendars, kitchenware’s, tins, barn lanterns, collection of vintage hardcover books, FIREARMSPAL REQUIRED- Ithaca 12 ga , Italian made 22 automatic rifle, 410 double barrel shotgun; OUTDOORS - Ford 2N gas tractor – restoration project, 1968 Scott Atwater outboard – not running, electric wood splitter, flat bed wagon, cant hooks, saws, chain saw chaps, Craftsman 10” radial arm saw, Beaver bench top table saw, 8” beaver table saw with 4” jointer, 5 hp garden tiller, single axle 3” x 6’ trailer, Arctic Cat 340 Puma snowmobile – not running; VEHICLE 1994 Dodge Dakota pick up truck –166,000kms- running condition- sells as is; Numerous other articles. TERMS- CASH OR CHEQUE OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESpONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS plainfield 613-477-2082 for photos


AUCTION SALE AT 5:00 p.M. DOUG JARRELL SALES ARENA, BELLEVILLE Round drop leaf table, old pine cupboard, hi back European bench, 2 press back chairs, wardrobe, several beds, pine dresser/ mirror, 2 night stands, old pail bench, oak chest, antique oak dining table/ 4 leaves, large qty. of smalls including, die cast cars in boxes, numerous bird carvings, old carpenter’s box, old prints & frames, lamps, oil lamp, qty. of glass & china, flatware, Hastins & Prince Edward atlas, marble top, 3 area rugs, 2 air conditioners, dehumidifier, water cooler (new). Cub Cadet model 1142Sc riding lawn mower in excellent shape, Small utility trailer, Shopsmith with drill press, table saw, sander & lathe, 9 H.P. gas engine, Dewalt 740 radial arm saw, biscuit joiner, orbital & belt sander, Ryobi planer, Poulan chain saw, step ladder, old enamel kitchen sink, Stihl weed eater, garden tools, wheel barrow, push mower & numerous other pieces. See my web site for detailed list & photos. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033

SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2013

AUCTION SALE 9:30 A.M. Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Antique Dolls/Carriage Collection, Radio Collection, Stamps, Royal Doultons, China/Glass, Alum. Boat/Motor, Lawn Tractor, Lawn Mowers, Roto Tiller, Etc. Held Approx. 12 Miles West of Kingston, Odessa Fair (Exhibit Palace), From 401 (Exit 599) Cty. Rd. #6 South Through Lights on Left Antique 9 Pce. Dining Room Suite; Chesterfield Suite; Settee; China Cabinet with Light; Antique Tables; Antique Chairs; King Size Bed; Captains Bed; Flat Screen T.V. (New); Nesting Tables; Victorian Chairs; Easy Lift Chair; Cedar Chest; Rug; Lamps; Antique School House Clock; Steeple Clock; Oil Lamps; Royal Doultons (Autumn Breeze, The Love Letter); Wood Carving Signed; Crockery Foot Warmer; Ironstone Chamber; Collection of Straight Razors; China/Crystal/Glass; Named Milk Bottles; Stamp Collection; Early Maps of Local Lakes/Rivers; Large Antique Picture; Costume Jewelry/Boxes; Compacts, Etc.; Quilts, Only a Partial Listing - Please go to web site. NOTE: Antique Dolls/Carriage Collection: Large Victorian Doll House/Furniture; Approx. 30 Antique Collectible Dolls (Barbara Ann Scott in Original Box, Chatty Cathy in Box, Shirley Temple, Just to name a few); Antique Toys - Washer; Sewing Machines; Stove; Iron; Dishes; Top Etc. - go to Web Site for pictures. Antique Radio Collection (Approx. 20) - Early Telegraph Machine; Stewart Warner; Strombergh Carlson; Sercnader; De Forest Marconi (Just to name a few - go to Web Site - pictures. New Wheel Chair; Walker Etc.; 12' Alum. Boat; 9.9 Mercury Outboard; Mastercraft 8 H.P. Lawn Tractor; Ariens Rocket VII Rear Tine Roto Tiller; 12 Volt Yard Work Lawn Mower; Yard Pro XT7 Power Lawn Mower with bagger; 6 80 lb. Milk Cans; Bicycle Caboose; 10' Band Saw; Drill Press; Shop Vacs; Router/Table; 110 Weldmate Arch Welding Kit; Tool Box; Battery Charger; Gas Engine; Grinders; Sanders; Deremil Sprayer; Tools and Wrenches of all Types; 3 Wheel Bike; New Alum. Door. This is Only a Partial Listing. Please go to Web Site AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This is rather a large sale, has something for everyone. 9:30 Outside Items, Tools Etc. 10:30 A.M. Dolls/Radio’s, Etc. Approx. 1:30 P.M. Furniture and completion to end of sale. For listing and pictures All Verbal Announcements take precedence over any written matter.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash/Interac/Cheques (with proper I.D.) AUCTIONEERS: DAVE A. SNIDER, (613-386-3039) BRAD SNIDER (613-386-3773) Property Owner/Auctioneers not responsible for any accident on or about property day of sale.


AT 10:00 A.M. ON SITE AUCTION SALE - THE ESTATE OF GERALD & MARION BRENNAN, READ, ONT. Directions: From Hwy. 401 take Marysville Road north to Enright Road. Turn west and follow to 811 Enright Road. This sale features antique and modern household effects, as well as a quantity of shop and garden tools. Selling are a set of 6 “Northwind” press back chairs, Single pedestal antique dining room table with 2 leaves, Antique sideboard with mirror, “Salada Tea” and “Wishing Well Orange” door push bars, Dining room table with 3 leaves & 6 chairs, Hutch by Sklar-Pepplar, Corner curio cabinet, Dinette set with 2 chairs, 2 matching wingback recliners, Chesterfield & matching chair, Coffee & end tables, 30” LG flat screen TV, Bedroom set by “Malcom Furniture” including a Double bed, Hi-boy chest, Dresser with mirror & night tables. 3 Double beds, Pine chest of drawers, Rocking chair, Antique press back chair, Glider rocker, Park Bench with cast ends, Ingraham mantle clock with key, Small oak hall table, Cedar lined chest, Parlor Lamp, Several oil lamps, Bookends, Chest of Heritage flatware, Partial set of Wm. Rogers flatware (in chest), Several Royal Doulton figurines including: “Lavina” H.N.1955, “Tea Time” H.N.2255, “Kerry” H.N.3036, “Gillian” H.N.3042, “The Love Letter” H.N.3105 & “Dawn” H.N.3600. Also by Royal Doulton are “Bedtime Bunnykins” D.B.55, and “Lady Wood Mouse” D.B.H5. Two hand painted pieces by Fenton, 12 pieces of Pinwheel stemware, 8 pinwheel water glasses, Pinwheel vase, Cranberry candy dish, 50 Piece set of “Sound of Music” dishes by Motts, 6 plates by Limoges, Numerous collector plates, Royalty pieces, BMP divided dish, Milk glass footed bowl, Corning ware tea & coffee pots, Large quantity of pressed glass, Silver plate teapot, cream & sugar, Anniversary clock, Kierstead prints, Numerous books including several coffee table books, Old movie projector & speaker, Old cameras, Antique students desk, Old sideboard (as found), Childs tricycle, Numerous bicycles (new & old), Wooden toboggans, Milk cans, Texaco pail, 20’Aluminum extension ladder, Aluminum step ladder, Sm. Mastercraft air compressor, Husky tool chest, Craftsman bench grinder, Workmate, Cable puller, Car ramps, Broadcaster, Stihl FS56 weedeater, Canadiana 26” cut 5hp riding mower, Ski-doo Olympique with 340 engine (Very good condition), BBQ, 2 wheeled cart, Rabbit cage, Assorted garden tools including forks, shovels, rakes etc. Quantity of hand tools and hardware. Also selling will be a large quantity of scrap metal. See website for pictures. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033 Terms: Cash or Cheque/ID Lunch available Estate and/or Auctioneers not responsible in case of accident.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Hayesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; overtime tally in Game 1 sets table for Game 5 home-ice heroics

CHAMPS, from page 1

The clock was reset to 19:47 remaining in the third period of Game 1 with the score 2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;1 for the Pirates. The 73's had some jump and Chad Hendrick was able to find the back of the net to even the score. Six minutes later Cole Bolton got a head of steam down the wing and came in alone on Essex goaltender Trevor Wheaton. Bolton fired a swift wrist shot that clanged off the post and in to give Picton the lead again. The 73's wouldn't let up and at 12:29 Kenny Murduff took a tripping penalty that proved to be costly. On the ensuing man advantage Aaron Thibert was able to beat Picton goalie Andrew Pearson to again even things up. The game went to overtime. As the 73's put some pressure on the Picton defence the puck squirted to an Essex forward sifting in from the wall. He fired a shot that went under Pearson's right pad. There was a roar of cheers from the Essex players both on the ice as well as the bench as they thought they'd tasted victory. As Pearson lifted his pad the puck was clearly wedged under it. You could almost hear the collective heart of Essex thud to the ground. Woodward said the moment was a wake-up call for the Pirates. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We were on our heels too much and we needed to regain momentum,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The guys responded

pressured Pirates defenceman Brandon Peever tries

to skate the puck out of danger during the second period of Game 5 last Wednesday. Essex had some pressure, but were unable to pull away. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

the right way.â&#x20AC;? Minutes later there was a faceoff in the Essex zone. Mitchell Smith fired the puck to the net and Eric Hayes drove it home to give Picton the Game 1 win. After the ice was cleared and the anthem sung, the puck was dropped for Game 5 with the Pirates leading the series 3â&#x20AC;&#x201C;1. Five minutes into the first period Jordan Ryan beat Pearson to make it 1â&#x20AC;&#x201C;0 and an elated crowd fell silent. The remainder of the first period was full of battles, and of stellar performances in goal from both Pearson and Wheaton.

The 73's took the slim lead into the second period, but again they came out and put the pressure on Picton. After making three 10-bell saves in tight, a rebound off Pearson squirted to the side where Scott Bromley waited. He fired the shot high to the shelf over a sprawling Pearson before diving into the glass in front of an incensed crowd of Picton fans. Just five minutes later, those incensed fans would be elated. With Essex ahead 2â&#x20AC;&#x201C;0 they began to take undisciplined penalties. The Pirates were given a glorious chance to get back in the


so close Pirates forward Brian Bunnettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deflection clanged off the post early into the replayed third period of Game 1. It was just one of many chances Bunnett had on Essex goalie Trevor Wheaton. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

game with a five-on-three power play due to a checking from behind penalty to Marco Canzoneri and a tripping penalty to Dylan Solecki (both players were ultimately ejected from the game). Jack Davison found some open ice at the side of the Essex goal. He called for the pass and fired a rocket past Wheaton to get the Pirates on the board. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We needed a goal before the end of the second period and once Jack Davison was able to get us on the board, the guys came alive. We started to press and we were moving our feet well,â&#x20AC;? Woodward said. The Pirates had momen-

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tum on their side to open the third period, but were denied on several excellent chances. In the end, it was a couple of pucks that Wheaten should have had that got the Pirates the victory. At 12:22 of the third Mitchell Smith walked out from the wall and fired a puck on net that dribbled slowly through Wheaton's legs and into the net. Under two minutes later Levi George rushed in on Wheaton fired a shot that Wheaton saved, but George picked up the rebound and fired a back hand short side that beat the Essex goaltender. It was all the scoring the Pirates would need

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as they played out the remaining six minutes of the game to the roar of biggest crowd at the Prince Edward Community Centre in recent memory. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The fans did a fantastic job of creating energy in that building. It was as loud as I've ever heard it in Picton. They were definitely a part of that game and the players were able to feed off that,â&#x20AC;? Woodward said. Woodward said the final six minutes of the game seemed to fly by as both teams continued to push the pace. Even as the seconds ticked down, Essex continued to attack. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The guys were watching the clock, but they were still focused until the end,â&#x20AC;? he said. Pirates forward Evan Greer seemed to be at the heart of the series. In the five games of the final he had 11 points. As the Pirates celebrated their Schmalz Cup victory Greer said he couldn't explain the feeling. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I don't even know what to say. Our whole team battled hard. Andrew Pearson was phenomenal; couldn't have done it without him,â&#x20AC;? he said. Also, the Game 1 replay came because Greer continued to play after being called for three stick infractions. Greer said it was a great feeling to see the team pull out the win in the replay. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It felt great. I couldn't even watch the game to be honest,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;To see them do that for me, I'm just speechless.â&#x20AC;? Pirates defenceman and captain Brandon Peever described the feeling as surreal. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can honestly say it hasn't hit me yet, but it's just a lot of excitement here with boys and words can't even explain what's going on right now,â&#x20AC;? he said. Peever pointed to the support of the fans as a source of inspiration for the team. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I've never seen the Picton arena as jam packed and as noisy as it is tonight. I can't thank the fans enough for cramming into here just for us tonight,â&#x20AC;? he said. Pearson said it took a lot of hard work to get the win and to have the success the team has seen all season long. â&#x20AC;&#x153;It was an amazing way to end the season. We worked for it. We're a pretty skilled group of guys and we're lucky to have some players we do have,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We came to practice ready to work and our coaching staff really pushed us. This just makes it all worth it.â&#x20AC;?


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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

More than $200,000 of cash and prizes available to be won during derby

FISH, from page 24

“We had a few bigger ones follow us and one really big one. To get him to commit is something else, but we'll see.

We know where he lives,” Van Asten laughed. There was more than $200,000 worth of cash and other prizes up for grabs this year. First place in the senior

Impact sluggIng Panthers first baseman George Goddard slides into third base after hitting a long triple that sparked his team’s bats during the second inning of Monday’s win over St. Theresa. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Ronan said he'd like to have some of those plays on the base paths back. "We made three key mistakes there," he said. "We need to be sharp and get more jump if we want to win against that team in the future." Still, Wilson managed to save the win as he didn't let another runner into scoring position. In all, Ronan said he was pleased with his team's effort in an important game as the Panthers look down the stretch with games

against Nicholson Monday and Quinte Thursday. "St. Theresa plays great ball. We knew we were going to be in for a ball game and a seven-inning game in an hour-and-a-half shows there were two teams out there who know how to play the game," he said. "Our veterans were there. They were ready to play this game early on. They were walking the halls thinking baseball and wanting baseball." Ronan says he expects the Panthers will see St. Theresa again in their quest for a league title.

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First place in the senior pike category earned a 2013 Legend 16-foot wide body fishing boat and trailer and a Mercury 20-horsepower motor valued at about $7,500.

Now taking orders for

Running mistakes limit Panthers’ run production late in game

BASEBALL, from page 24

walleye category took home a 2013 Legend FX fishing boat and trailer and a 2013 Mercury 60-horsepower four stroke motor valued at about $22,000.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Artist offers church colour and creativity Campbell takes up residence at St. Andrew’s to help find beauty AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

The Ag & Rural Update is an electronic bulletin that is produced weekly by staff at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, (OMAF), Brighton Resource Centre is distributed free to subscribers. Not all of the information used in this farm calendar is supplied by the electronic bulletin.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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Jeanne Campbell will use a tried and tested process when she begins her work as the artist-in-residence at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church this Sunday. She'll let her creativity take over, rely on her keen instinct of colour, and courageously let her work take her where it goes — and ultimately, she'll be counting on her risks to deliver beauty. Campbell studied art at Ryerson University and from several other artists she admires, but says she is mostly self taught. Her experiences, she says, come from the chances she's taken in the name of trying something different artistically. After recently moving to Picton from the Napanee area and joining the St. Andrew's congregation, Campbell showed Rev. Lynn Donovan the spirit she says might help the faithful come to a new understanding of the mystery they seek to share more fully. "What excites me so much about Jeanne is her playful spirit... the holy spirit in tradition is playful and unpredictable," Donovan said, explaining that through Campbell's outlook on art, she can encourage other members of the community to see life in different, colourful ways. In essence, Donovan said that while an artist-in-residence might be an unheard of distinction for many churches, it is really a throwback to Christianity's earliest times. "Before the Reformation, art and beauty was at the heart of Christianity," she said. "The Church was a patron of the arts, and the majority of art was church-based. The time came and that changed. Protestants limited expressions of beauty to one thing, the ear." Donovan reasoned that many Protestant churches limited visual art inside their holy buildings simply to stained glass, considering religious images as idols. She said many forms of art can show the beauty of faith, not just those that might be con-

colourful creAtions Jeanne Campbell, left, has accepted an opportunity as artist-in-residence at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, working alongside Rev. Lynne Donovan. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

sidered religious. At St. Andrew's, Donovan said the community is going to try to embrace more sources of inspiration. "It's about time we started using all the senses," she said, noting the community has long used her husband Phil Norton's colourful photographs as part of its worship sessions as well. With that, she approached Campbell about being artist in-residence, knowing fully well that unlike other church projects like the Ten Thousand Villages store or Reaching For Rainbows, she didn't exactly know where this one was heading. That was just fine by Campbell. "I sort of like to work under the radar and am not really the one to step up, but this is the perfect opportunity to do it," she said. "There are no definitions, I'm just going for it." The one thing for sure about the position is that Campbell will oversee the Courage to be Colourful art

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show, which will open June 8. The project will include decorating the back walls of the church sanctuary with works from more than 20 congregants, invited community members, and Reaching For Rainbows participants that show colour. The art will stay in the church until the jazz festival weekend, allowing visitors to the church to contemplate the works and to be inspired by them. Over that course of time, the facility will be open to many visitors for a summer cultural series and a host of concerts. The show will also offer a chance for patrons to contact artists about commissions and private sales. Beyond the show, Campbell's year-long post may include several tasks as she goes along, such as offering arts workshops for the community or envisioning new ways to bring the beauty of the Easter season to the physical church. Donovan said she's interested in the impact those workshops may have on some of the older members of the congregation in particular. "We're talking about people who live on this side of the lines, now we'll see what they can do when they go outside of them," she said. Added Campbell: "It means stepping out, taking a risk, and fooling around — it's having fun and if it isn't fun, then why are we doing it?"


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May 7 - May 14

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

County purchases two pumpers and a tanker to add to its fleet of fire trucks

Jason Parks

Staff writer

department, I would like to thank County Council for their support by approving the 10-year plan for the replacement of the fire departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vehicles,â&#x20AC;? said County fire chief Scott Manlow. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These new vehicles will serve the community for a number of years to come.â&#x20AC;?


Hail to tHe CHiefs Prince Edward fire chief Scott

Manlow and his Quinte West counterpart John Whelan check out one of the new fire trucks purchased by the municipality. Thursday evening. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

tanker. The trucks were delivered in early 2013 for a total cost of $662,550. The pumpers are located in Ameliasburgh (Rossmore station) and Bloomfield (Mallory station), and the


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Spring Birding Festival celebrates migrating birds at Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory, May 11th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 20th

Things fto do...

What better place to see spring birds than at Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory â&#x20AC;&#x201C; more birds migrate through Prince Edward County than anywhere else on the north shore of Lake Ontario. For many visitors, the highlight of the season is seeing wood warblers, the brilliantly-coloured birds often described as the butterflies of the bird world. The Observatory has them in abundance.



% : ( 1 52

tanker is servicing the Hallowell region (Heights station). Cost, design, warranty, service and delivery were key considerations in selecting the manufacturer. The new trucks will


Prince Edward County is home to three new fire trucks. The trucks â&#x20AC;&#x201D; two pumpers and one tanker â&#x20AC;&#x201D; have been added to the Prince Edward County Fire Departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fleet of firefighting vehicles with the purpose of improving emergency response times, increasing safety measures for firefighters and enhancing overall operations of the fire department. The trucks were formally unveiled by the Prince Edward County fire department at the Mutual Aid meeting in Wellington on Thursday evening with members of County council and both local and neighbouring firefighters on hand. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Public safety is the Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s top priority,â&#x20AC;? said Prince Edward County Mayor Peter Mertens. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are committed to ensuring our firefighters are equipped with the latest equipment, designed to keep our residents safe.â&#x20AC;? In 2012, council approved a 10-year capital plan, designed to retire and replace the departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vehicles. A bidding process was held in 2012 and Dependable Emergency Vehicles of Brampton, Ontario was contracted to provide the two pumper trucks and one 1,800-gallon

plan objective of providing an efficient, effective and responsive municipal government. With the 10-year plan currently underway, new trucks will be added on a yearly basis at a cost already accommodated in the annual budget. â&#x20AC;&#x153;On behalf of the fire

replace two 27-year old pumpers and one 30-year old tanker. In addition to providing increased safety measures, the new trucks will reduce the fire departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vehicle maintenance costs, positively impact the Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s insurance underwriterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rating, and support the Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strategic

Trucks bought for $662,550 to fulfill priority identified in 10-year plan


The Spring Birding Festival makes it easy to see the many migrants of Prince Edward County. Knowledgeable volunteers will lead bird hikes through Traverse Woods (Prince Edward Point) daily from the 11th to the 20th, starting at 8:00 a.m. On Saturday May 11th and Saturday May 18th, there will also be birding hikes from the Bird Observatory to the Lighthouse at 4:00 p.m. On Sunday, May 19 at 8 am meet at the Marinersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Museum for a guided driving tour of some of the birding hotspots in the County. This event is sponsored on by the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists. The fee for each event is $5 and pre-registration is not required. The Spring Birding Festival is a wonderful way for families to participate in the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fastest -growing pastime. Children are always fascinated by the banding demonstrations (daily at the banding lab, 10:00 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; noon). There will be childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s activities, bird-friendly coffee, soup and light refreshments at the hospitality tent daily from 9:30 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12:30 a.m., as well as a selection of merchandise to purchase.



Bird photographers can enter their work in the photography competition. The deadline for entries is May 25th and work will be displayed at AV Frame and Photo on Main Street in Picton. 7,&2 7,&2





Please call The Gazette, 613-476-3201

Two workshops will help birders improve their identification skills. On Saturday, May 11 th, Terry Sprague will present Warblers I Have Known and Loved, 11 am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1 pm. On Saturday, May 18th, Pamela Stagg will lead a workshop called Look Way Up â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Raptor Identification, 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4 pm. The workshops will be presented at Jacksonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Falls Schoolhouse B&B. The fee for each program is $25 and pre-registration is recommended. On Wednesday, May 15 at 7:30, there will be free presentation at Bloomfield Town Hall called Techno-birding. Presented by Pamela Stagg, the program will show how our understanding of birds is increasing dramatically through the use of technologies such as bird banding networks, radar and radio-tracking â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even radio-isotope analysis of feathers to show where a bird has travelled. For more information about the Spring Birding Festival, please visit


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

How would you get help at a moment like this?

isaiah tubbs resort & The Restaurant on the Knoll

For Your Special Mom! Sunday, May 12th Buffet Brunch with seating times at 9am, 11am and 1pm Featuring: Carved Angus Roast Beef, Roast Chicken in a Mushroom Bacon Sauce, Roast Pork Loin with Apple Onion Salsa, Baked Vegetarian Pasta, Mussel and Seafood Bar, Made-to-Order Omelettes and Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs, Sausage, Eggs Benedict, Strudel, Sliced Fruit, Decadent Desserts and more!

Lifeline is the only medical alert service that automatically calls for help even if you or a loved one can’t.

25.95 per person.


Call Lifeline today at 1-800-LIFELINE (1-800-543-3546) and receive 50% OFF THE INSTALLATION

Table d’Hote Dinner from 5-8pm 3 Courses Featuring:

Quote code 547

Potato Leek Soup topped with Goat Cheese Crouton, Grilled Angus Tenderloin Steak with a Brandy Peppercorn Sauce, Tiger Shrimp and Garlic Mashed Potato, Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding Available at local participating programs. Not to be combined with any other offer. AutoAlert cannot detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always press your button.

39.95 per person.



The O’Connor House

English Tea Room

1642 County Road 12, Picton Bring this ad with you to receive 20% Off Brunch or Dinner! Call for reservations 613-393-2090

Make Mother’s Day special by treating Mom to a


with Mike & Francine

DROP IN MOTHER’S DAY Prime Rib Special


includes soup or salad, coffe/tea & dessert

Breakfast Sunday open 8am


courtesy of the Picton Elk’s Lodge!

French Toast with Fruit & County Maple Syrup Every Mom receives a carnation

SUNDAY, MAY 12TH - OPEN 10:00AM - 9:00PM FEATURING 6 DELICIOUS SPECIALS CALL FOR RESERVATIONS! Open Wed to Sun - 11am to 4pm 369 Main Street in Deseronto 613-396-1888

SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY DINNER MENU $15.99 Includes appetizer, entree & dessert. 5 Delicious entrees to choose from

Now Open Thursday to Sunday

For more information contact Chuck:

613-393-0100 1705 County Rd 12, West Lake


s Love L I d e e IA uN All Y o DA Y SPEC

’S THER PACK O 4 AL M Show A s ts e k e T i ic T h E 4 T G o T AY 12TH, 2013 om M 1.U5DES0 E e IR k P $ R8 X Ta OFFER E S M CL SST P ICE IN


OR LIC. 1F9L+O i kets 4 Tic



Great Kid's Menu $5.99.

o Canada’s #1 Tribute T To

Or come out and enjoy our


$5.99 Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast Sunday, May 12th 8am - $5 pp


STRATHCONA PAPER CENTRE 186 Main Street, Wellington

The County Junction Family Diner


patio open

20018 Loyalist Parkway, Consecon (corner of Hwy 33 and Cty Rd 1) For reservations call 613-399-1700


FRIDAY AY Y,, JUNE JU JU UNE NE 7TH, 7TH 7T 7 TH,, 2013 TH 20 20 013 13 8:00P 8:00P 00P.M. .M .M. FRIDAY, TICKETS: LIC. FLOOR 19+ $24.50 ADV. * $ 29.50 DOOR GRAND STAND All Ages $ 19.50 ADV. * $ 24.50 DOOR


(6 613) 354-4423 35 54-4 442 423 (613)



The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013

Here are some great ways to give Mom what she really wants for Mother's Day...

Joyous arrIval A member of the Quinte Pedal for Hope team rides into PECI

Monday morning for a visit at the local secondary school. The team has raised over $100,000 for pediatric cancer research in the past two years. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

Pedal For Hope rolls through schools Police team, students band together to fight cancer Jason Parks

Staff writer

The Pedal for Hope team pedaled around Prince Edward County this past week, bring their message of awareness and fundraising for pediatric cancer research to local elementary and secondary schools. The high energy presentation that features local and regional police officers stopped by all seven public elementary schools, St. Greg’s Catholic school and PECI over a three day span. Students and staff participate in a number of events including an ice cream eating contest and head shaving contest. Those activities help lighten the mood because pediatric cancer is a tough topic to talk about. “It's a message that is pretty sombre but we also want to make the kids realize the power that they have to help the kids with cancer,” Belleville Police Sgt. Julie Forestell told the Gazette after the group had just visited PECI. The local secondary school not only raised $1,000 for the 2013 Pedal for Hope campaign but also over $2,700 for the family of Sarah Reddick. A PECI student, Reddick is currently battling acute myeloid leukaemia and nine students including graduating student Kristen Piper doffed their locks in support of Sarah. “It's absolutely incredible for them to offer to have their heads shaved to raise money for the Reddick family,” PECI educator Greer Koutroulides said. “For Kristen, this is a huge commitment. She has prom and grad photos coming up but she was going to support Sarah no matter what.” Reddick received a day pass from the hospital where she is recovering from her latest treatment and couldn't say enough about the Pedal for Hope team and her fellow students. “To me Pedal for Hope is a reflection of the loving and caring environment that PECI and the County is.

off wIth theIr haIr PECI’s Kristen Piper and School president Kurtis Brewster get their heads shaved in support of Sarah Reddick, a fellow classmate battling leukemia. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

In the mIx Mix 97 Morning Crew member Orlena Cain struggles with her bowl of ice cream during the ice cream eating competition at the Pedal for Hope visit at PECI monday morning. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

It shows the strength, power and determination behind our school and the riders. Being able to raise $1000 for pediatric cancer research is fantastic. The support my family and I have received from the school and community has been incredible,” Reddick said. In two years, Pedal for

Hope locally has raised over $100,000 for pediatric Cancer research and members of the Quinte team will travel over 400 km, visiting 26 schools. Originating in the Peterborough area in 2005, the Pedal for Hope campaign has raised $1.3 million in Central Ontario to find an end to childhood cancers.

Let Mom relax and get pampered It's not easy for Mom to look genuinely delighted when Dad and the kids, full of smiles and secrets, hand her -- for the fourth year in a row -- the infamous Mother's Day box of chocolates, along with lots of promises ("Mom, you'll be queen for the day! By the way, what's for breakfast?"). Though she tries hard, her best efforts at saying "It's just what I wanted" are getting less emphatic as the years go by. But it's true: Moms can be very hard to buy for. So what's a dad or kid supposed to do? We have a few ideas on what Mom really wants, and how to give her a day she will not soon forget! Plan Ahead This is an occasion that should focus on Mom and make her feel really special -- like the sun rises and sets on her! Try to think of what she has mentioned throughout the year. You should be making notes of these subtle comments months ahead, so keep a running list. If you hear her mention her love of tulips, don't bring home carnations. Pamper Her If there is any special time in Mom's life to show her your appreciation, this is it. A manicure, pedicure, facial or any other activity in which she can relax without a care in the world would be perfect for this day. Let Her Relax If Mom's not into a spa treatment (or if she's already treated herself), give her some time alone. Pick up a couple of her favourite DVDs, a stack of magazines she loves or a new book release -- and let her have a few hours of real me time. If you really want to give her a break, pack up the kids and visit the grandparents or friends for a few hours and let her have the house to herself. Give what she wants Mother's Day is the time to show your mom you understand and appreciate her. So tailor your gift around what she likes -- or dislikes.

If she likes to shop, buy her a gift certificate for her favourite store. If she hates weeding the garden, surprise her by doing the chore for her. Think outside the family Don't forget all the other moms you know, especially those without partners. Send those moms you love cards or call them and wish them a happy Mother's Day.

A girl's gotta eat Mom doesn't need to be chef and dishwasher on her special day. Make reservations, order her favourite takeout meal or pick up groceries and cook a nice dinner for her at home. The bottom line Just let her know how much you love her and how much you appreciate everything she does for you all year long -- it's the best gift of all.

Bring Mom for Lunch Sunday May 12 11:30am - 3pm

• Spring flavours prepared with care and flare • Homemade desserts OPEN 11:30am-3pm Daily





The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 9, 2013






Cowan Roofing

Handyman & Woodturning Service

Specializing in Century Home Verandah Posts Antique Chair Repairs Restoration or New!

Discounts for Seniors & Vets


Terry Cowan 613-476-2525

Everything for your home from the Castle

C.F. EVANS LUMBER CO. LTD. 56 MAIN ST., PICTON, ONTARIO K0K 2T0 PHONE (613) 476-2446 FAX (613) 476-5272 Serving the County Since 1933 HANDYMAN




• window & door installation • kitchen & bathroom renovation • flooring & tiling • decks • fences • stairs • painting • framing • drywall

Call Pascal


Home Finishing & Contracting FULLY INSURED


Bruce Hennessy

613-399-3793 613-827-3793 Cell





613-393-5656 OR




COUNTY APPLIANCE SERVICE • Refrigerators • Freezers • Washers • Dryers • Dishwashers

• Ranges (No Mileage Charge)

DAVE HOEKSTRA • All Work Guaranteed


After hours call 399-2504


HOME UPGRADES Kitchen, Bath, Flooring, Patio, Decks, Fencing, Painting, Decorating & Staging.


Roofing Materials, Remodeling Debris & Garbage Multiple Bin Sizes

1-877-544-3335 613-544-3335

24 Hour Emergency Service

Unit #1 - 1525 John Counter Blvd. Kingston


Prince Edward Well Drilling • Well Cleaning • Flow Tests • Licensed & Certified by the Ministry of the Environment

— Box 3, Picton, Ontario K0K 2P0 —






Crushed Gravel - Screenings - Septic Stone - Sand Fill Screened Masonry, Concrete & Filter Media Sand Portland, Masonry Type “N” & “S” Cement • Cement Blocks & Brick Poured Walls & Floor Finishing Available Excavator - Backhoe - Dozer Rentals • Septic System Installations


~ SERVICES OF A.C.I. TECHNICIAN AVAILABLE ~ “Providing quality products & service since 1947”

Gerow Propane Ltd.

Goheen Construction Co.

Propane for Farm, Home & Industry, Automotive, Conversions, Parts, Service

Michael Goheen

Locally owned & operated



THE PROPANE PEOPLE SINCE 1937 • High Efficiency Furnaces • Fireplaces • Air Conditioning • Clothes Dryer • Water Heaters • BBQ’s, Cookstoves

Harold Gerow

Highway #2 Just East of Brighton

Tel. (613) 475-2414


Snow Plowing • Excavators • Dozers Skidsteer / Bobcat Float Service • Dump Trailer

C: 613.920.3178 R: 613.476.1187 F: 613.476.6101 E: RENOVATIONS



Picton Gazette sales rep. at 613-476-3201 today to book your advertisement.

HUBBS CONSTRUCTION From Drywall to Complete Reno

Over 25 Years Experience

Call Jamie 613-503-0185 RENOVATING


McCann Heating & Cooling SERVING: Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Agricultural • Bulk Markets • Small cylinder exchange program







General Construction Renovations Additions Concrete Siding


More than a


Owner/Operator Jerry McCann

Insured & Licensed Tel 613-354-5512 Cell 613-572-5071

4003 County Rd. 9 Napanee, Ontario K7R 3K8



Sid the Plumber licensed 25 years #09285

Affordable rates Seniors discounts repair & installations Prompt * Quality Service

Sid Wells Plumbing 613-476-1172

• Wood, Gas, Pellet, Electric • Stoves, Fireplaces & Accessories • Sales, Service, Installations • Free Estimates • Chimney Sweeps

County’s Largest Fireplace Showroom

124 Main St., Picton


Olde Tyme Builders KEN THURSTON • • • • • • •

Hardwood Floors Custom Tiling Drywall Interior Painting Additions New Homes Custom Building




Residential • Agricultural Industrial • Commercial Specializing in Industrial Control Maintenance Design and Installation 26 years in business TERRY SHORTT President Trenton, ON K8V 5W6 613-391-7069

MASONRY CONTRACTOR • Natural Stone • Brick • Block • New Construction, Restoration, Renovation • High Efficiency Masonry Heaters & Wood Burning Bake Ovens

Creative Solutions, Built to Endure, Green Approach

Call Lawrence 613-476-4187

La Montagne Masonry Contractor PAINTING

PAINT GUY Robert Cole


New & Renovated Home Painting PAINTING

Wayne Cronk Painting

Brush & Roller • Airless Spraying Barns & Commercial Building Interior & Exterior Houses Roof Replacement & Repair Bucket Truck Service General Maintenance Sandblasting • Parking Lot Striping Prompt Service • Free Estimates

613-476-5863 20 Years Serving Prince Edward County

Picton Gazette May 9 2013  
Picton Gazette May 9 2013