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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

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Candidates hit ground in Picton Tuesday Thompson, Smith try to leave their impression on county voters AdAm BrAmBurger Staff writer


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Young performers give their all for rOC at regent PAge 12


PeCi midget sprinter leaves pack behind in two races PAge 20


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Prince Edward County’s largest urban centre got its first direct taste of the 2014 provincial election Tuesday as two candidates made their way to Picton. In the morning, Liberal Georgina Thompson joined former County mayor Leo Finnegan and a small group of her campaign team as they went up and down Main Street to introduce the candidate to business people and their patrons. After about a couple of hours of discussions and glad-handing in any open shop she could visit, Thompson was upbeat upon a return visit to the Gazette office. “We went all the way up to Tim Hortons, stopped in just about every business, then crossed the street (and visited more),” Thompson said. “They’re very positive. Nobody is out there saying ‘Yay, yay, we’re going to vote for you, but they were very positive and saying they’re glad I’m running — things like that.” Thompson said she received questions about a variety of topics on her walk, including job creation, infrastructure, the hospital, and green energy. She indicated the stimulus budget Kathleen Wynne’s government brought forward that triggered an election had a provision to help rebuild rural infrastructure in Ontario. “I believe there’s $24.8 million for rural infrastructure in the budget,” she said. “It appears your roads are a big deal. There will be money in there for roads.” Thompson said her party is interested in listening to the needs of municipalities and, if elected, would look to councils to identify their needs to be addressed. “It’s not really for us to dictate what we’re going to do,” she said. “It’s for you to tell us what you need and put in for that.” Calling the budget a “very aggressive” one, Thompson said the Liberals will be investing in health care and education if they return to government. With respect to the hospital, the former South East Local Health Integration Network chair said she

Blue crew Progressive Conservative candidate and incumbent MPP Todd Smith shakes hands with Chris Rogers upon entering his office on Main Street Tuesday evening. Smith told his supporters that he was looking for them to help him reach out to the public in an effort to keep Prince Edward-Hastings blue next term. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

heard concerns about the hospital closing, but noted the plan was always to rebuild the facility and that plan is still moving forward. “It’ll have the services the area needs,” she said. “For sure, you’re going to have an emergency department, you’ll have some beds — it’s between the committee that is working on it, doctors from this community are working on it and they’ll best decide what services and what its specialty is going to be.” With regard to the turbine issue, Thompson said “I see the need for all forms of clean energy” and added some groups have told her they don’t think turbines need to be gone entirely, but rather, just moved away from flight paths. She indicated the many appeals that followed the Ostrander Point approval are part of the democratic process. She appeared ready to let the courts determine the outcome. “Nobody has won or lost,” she said. “It all depends what comes out of the (appeals process).” Thompson said she believes Wynne is the only leader who knows how to stimulate the economy and

P U L L - O U T

IT’S TIME.....




she attacked Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s million jobs plan. “Where are all those jobs going to come from, where is he going to take them from?” she said. “Police, nursing, and not-for-profit organizations. That is a good thing? I don’t think so.” Thompson indicated she would be back in the county knocking on doors, but did not mention any plans for a county- based office. Meanwhile, just after 6 p.m. Smith walked into his office just south of Shire Hall with his wife Tawnya and his daughters Peyton and Reagan to the applause of about 30 supporters, including former Progressive Conservative MPPs Gary Fox, James Taylor, and Bill Wightman, Taylor, the first mayor of the County, had high praise for Smith. “I want to say how impressed I was with our candidate here, just a very solid, knowledgeable intelligent person who does what he says,” Taylor said with a staccato delivery on the last five words. “It's that integrity that is so important to me”.

See CAMPAIGN, page 2 E S TAT E

Liberal candidate Georgina Thompson was on the campaign trail with former County mayor Leo Finnegan Tuesday morning on Main Street.(Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)


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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Smith says its his job to help people understand party’s plan to cut bureaucracy

CAMPAIGN, from page 1

Smith told the crowd that in his two-and-a-half years as a first-time MPP, he did what he promised in 2011. “When I was elected I promised I was going to bring a strong voice to

Queen's Park, I was going to bring the voice of Prince Edward County and Hastings County to Queen's Park so they understood what wasn't amenable in Price Edward County, your voice wasn't being heard at Queen's Park,” he said.

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tion Networks, which don’t directly care for patients, they’re at the Ontario Power Authority, which will be made redundant when his party ends the feed-in tariff program, or other hydro jobs that are already redundant. “Even Smokey Thomas of OPSEU said there are 40,000 jobs at the middle management of the public sector that we can do without,” he said. “It all adds up to a bloated bureaucracy and everyone knows it exists. “Priorities is what it all comes down to. It’s providing front-line health-care services, it’s about putting teachers in classrooms, not board offices, and about those developmental service workers we need to provide front-line services, not people pushing pencils in offices,” he said. Smith said he doesn’t shy away from talking to constituents concerned about public sector cuts and indicated the campaign period is his chance to explain the plan. “That’s my job over the next four weeks to make sure

people understand it,” he said. “There are people in unions who have their own take, but this all just comes down to priorities.” Smith had members of local anti-wind groups, wineries, small business organizations, and service clubs in his audience Tuesday. He noted he worked hard to support their issues over the past term. “I’ve met with local tourism organizations and chambers of commerce — I've met with all of them, I know what their issues are. I"I’ve been pleased to bring forward legislation to deal with those issues,” he said, citing legislation to restore municipal decision making in green energy planning, another bill that helped the wine industry, other red-tape reducing legislation, as well as the meetings he’s had with health-care stakeholders and others in the riding. “I promised to be that strong voice for Prince Edward County and I’m looking to follow through as best I can,” he said.

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“I think people are ready for change. A lot of feeling of mistrust, the current government saying they're going to do one thing and going to do another thing.” When asked about the criticism provincially for Hudak’s plan, Smith quipped that’s because “it’s the only plan out there.” He said the Liberal budget simply brought with it more reckless spending and said it is time for a bit of tough medicine to rein in that spending. “Government has grown by leaps and bounds the last five years, we understand that but nobody else seems to understand that,” he said. Smith noted that since 2009, the public sector has grown by 100,000 jobs, yet virtually no private sector jobs have been added. He dismissed the notion that all public sector jobs are on the chopping block should the PC Party win election. “Most of those jobs are bureaucrats,” he said. Smith said those jobs are at the Local Health Integra-

Market Lane

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“ That's exactly what I did when I had that opportunity to sit in that legislature for the first time.” Smith didn’t speak a lot about the issues in the meeting, but attempted to rally his troops to help with door-todoor campaigning and staffing the office to help swing a victory. “We really do need change in Ontario. We got the change right in Prince Edward-Hastings and a lot of other ridings in 2011, we’ve got to finish that job to make sure we have a Progressive Conservative government so we can start the turnaround to get this province back on track.” Smith did indicate that though he has yet to start knocking in the county, he has personally visited 15 different polls in Belleville. He said he was well received. “I’m very pleased with the support from the people of Belleville. The signs are going like crazy. People are grabbing them and putting them on their lawns, he told the Gazette.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Collection allows for safe prescription narcotics disposal Committee looks to make progress in education campaign on drug misuse ADAMBrAMBurger

StAff WRiteR

Long Weekend Sales DR. OETKER PIZZA

reADy to DeStruCt Prince Edward County Narcotics Committee members Anthony Mann and Janice Hall brave the wind Saturday to collect unused prescription drugs for safe disposal. Pharmacies also regularly offer the service. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

“The committee has brought the medical and law enforcement communities together so we can see the problem from all sides,� she said. “ Mann notes that just through collection events within the OPP jurisdiction alone last year, some 330 kg were collected with an estimated street value of $370,000. “It really is everywhere, not just in the big cities,� Mann said. He indicated that through Saturday’s event, the committee could not only keep the narcotics out of the wrong hands, but also prevent unsafe disposal into landfills and water supplies. Also, both Mann and Hall wanted to stress to

people that the OPP collection isn’t the only opportunity people have to turn in narcotics with no questions asked. “This can be done any day of the year at any pharmacy,� Hall indicated.

She explained that pharmacies are able to turn their collected narcotics over for incineration, which takes place in a facility that has been approved by Ontario’s environment ministry.


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A colorful collection of pills started to pile up within the first hour of a safe narcotics disposal event at the Prince Edward OPP detachment Saturday morning. In loose bags, in vacuum sealed popping packets, and in individual, labelled vials there were ample quantities of such potent prescription drugs as morphine and oxycodone. “If it fell into the wrong hands it would be a concern,� said OPP community services officer Const. Anthony Mann, who indicated he was hopeful the collection would net more drugs as the day went on. “We’re hopeful that we do get more, but really, just what we do have, we’re happy to have. It helps reduce prescription drug abuse and misuse. In recent years, that type of usage of prescription drugs has become a real headache for both law enforcement and healthcare professionals. A study conducted through Prince Edward County pharmacies in October 2010 showed that 40,000 oxycodone pills were prescribed by local doctors to their patients in that month alone. With those statistics, the fact that police noticed there is a steady trade of illegal prescription drug sales, and another 2009 study that suggested 20 per cent of Canadian students between Grades 7 and 12 took at least one prescription drug for a non-medical reason in a year, several community stakeholder groups formed the Prince Edward County Narcotics Committee to educate the public and push for change. Janice Hall, a pharmacist with the Prince Edward Family Health Team, said the committee has been actively working on awareness, however it is hard to quantify the impact “On the prescribing side, we are seeing that education working as narcotics are being prescribed less for many conditions, but the overall impact is hard to measure,� she said. Hall explained it is hard to quantify how many prescription drugs are out in the community, so it’s hard to measure what is being used as intended and what is being brought in for safe destruction. That uncertainty has also made it a drug of choice for some as elderly or sick relatives often don’t notice their medications are missing.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

NDP selects party veteran Stewart to carry banner in provincial election Belleville resident ran unsuccessfully in Alberta in 2001 and has been riding exec since 2006 AdAm BrAmBurger Staff writer

Despite holding the balance of power in the last provin-

Happy "93rd" Birthday to Leland Pearsall May 23rd, 2014. Enjoy your day

cial legislature and being the only party to know when an election would be triggered, the NDP had to play some catch up in Prince Edward-Hastings. On Friday, the Ontario NDP’s local riding association took care of that business by declaring Merrill Stewart its candidate at a meeting at the Unicor Hall in Belleville. The 63-year-old Stewart is making his first run in Ontario, though he is no stranger to provincial politics having run for the NDP

in Clover Bar-Fort Saskatchewan during the 2001 Alberta election, where he placed third behind PC Rob Lougheed and Liberal Skip Gordon. A father of two, Stewart moved to Belleville in 2004 and has spent the last eight years as a member of the local riding association’s executive committee. Stewart had been working with Sears’ home improvement sales division, but recently took early retirement during a round of layoffs in the company.

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Originally from Prince Edward Island, Stewart was the son of a Royal Canadian Air Force member and found his family moved often around Canada. His wife Linda lives with him in Belleville, while his two sons live in Edmonton and Toronto respectfully. Stewart has also spent considerable time working with a number of charitable organizations. He has served as the national chair of the Canadian Friends Service Committee, a charity that works to promote international peace and development, jails, justice, and Indigenous issues. He also sat on the board of Bridging the Gap, a charity that works with children and is a member of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, which includes human rights groups, unions, and churches that have become concerned with anti-terrorist legislation on Canadian civil liberties. In a press release issued by the riding association, some of Stewart’s acceptance speech was made available to the media. There, he spoke about jobs and took aim at Tim Hudak’s plan to cut public

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moving forwArd Merrill Stewart earned the

NDP nomination for the Prince Edward-Hastings provincial election Friday night after serving eight years as a local NDP riding executive. (Submitted photo)

service positions in order to create private sector jobs. “This election is about jobs. You don’t create jobs by laying 100,000 people off. We’ve had 100 years of austerity and it doesn’t work,” he said. “Andrea Horwath’s plan to give employers a tax credit for hiring new employees is a plan to create jobs.” Stewart indicated he was planning to formally kick off his campaign in Bancroft this week. The Gazette’s e-mail requests through his campaign manager Andy Hanson for an interview were not granted prior to press time. In 2011, Bancroft area

nurse Sherry Hayes ran for the NDP in Prince EdwardHastings, where she came in third place behind PC Todd Smith (18, 732) and Liberal incumbent Leona Dombrowsky (15,688) as she garnered 7,400 votes or 16.6 per cent of the overall votes in the riding,. That was more than 1,000 votes higher than previous candidate Jodie Jenkins took in 2007 and was the closest the NDP came to winning the local seat since Paul Johnson was elected MPP in 1990, part of a surprising sweep across the province that saw Bob Rae the first New Democratic premier in the province’s history.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

St. John’s Anglican Church looks forward to 75th Apple Blossom Festival in Waupoos County Cider to play host to landmark spring celebration May 25 Jason Parks

Staff writer

It's a celebration three quarters of a century in the making and the 75th annual St. John's Anglican Church Apple Blossom festival held in Waupoos at the County Cider Company May 25 from 1-3 p.m. promises to be the best one yet. While the traditional hand crafted pies made by the St. John's parishioners and community minded folks along County Rd. 8 will be available by the pie or by the slice, this year's event will incorporate the County Cider Company and their offerings. “It's such a great community get-together and it draws people from all over but we really want to encourage people to stop by this year and support St. John's and the work they do in the Waupoos community,” event organizer Judith van Baste-

say Pie St. John’s Apple Blossom festival organizer Judith van Bastelaar and the County Cider Company’s Grant Howes show off an example of the pies available at the festival next Sunday (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

laar said. A more comprehensive program incorporating one of Ontario's hottest craft cider company with the standard pie sale and blossom festival is a spin on one of Prince Edward County's oldest continuing community celebrations.

Howes said he was happy to open the cider house doors and bring in a slate of events sure to compliment the pie sale as well as a slice of Black

River Cheese over a warm slice “We are going to present tutored cider tastings, not only with our ciders but with other Ontario craft ciders and we are introducing some new ciders that won't be available until June including a pear cider and a cider that uses blood orange juice,” Howes said. One of the tastings involves a craft cider produced under the watch of renowned chef Chris Haworth who will be on hand making a special batch of paella. “Spain is one of the world's largest consumers of cider and this dish goes unbelievably well with cider,” Howes said. A walking tour of the orchard where Howes will have experimental and standard varieties of apple trees in bloom along with baby lambs are other aspects of the festival that has drawn thousands of people over the



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“Some of the Jamaican workers were saving up money to take home to their families and they were robbed,” Howes said. “Unbeknownst to any of the farmers in Waupoos, the congregation and the church got together and replaced the money and I think the guys actually got more than what they had originally saved.” “Those are the types of good deeds that are done in this community and that's why this fundraiser is so important,” van Bastelaar added. “This is a very involved community and we always want to be doing more.”

The Kirk in the County St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Anniversary

Friday May 23 at 7:00 pm Single Malt Tasting (limited space, call Lynne at 613-476-1167)


years. Basking in the late May afternoon sunshine with a plate of pie in one hand and a cup of sparkling cider in the other while you walk amongst the blossoms is a memory worth making, according to van Bastelaar. All while supporting the little church on side of the hill in the hamlet of Waupoos. Howes mentions some of the efforts St. John's and the congregation has undertaken in the past years including supporting a group of victimized offshore workers as one of the community-minded initiatives they have undertaken.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014


Looking back in the

Picton Gazette 90 years ago — 1924

n Raynor and Williams purchased the Bayside Inn from J.H. Fitzpatrick. The former orphanage was transitioned into a popular resort destination by its previous owner, resulting in a spike in tourism in Picton. The new owners planned to continue to work to establish the site as a popular summer destination. n A fire broke out in the basement of the Oddfellows Building at about 6:45 p.m. and was found to have arisen among wastepaper stored in a box. Had R.H. Calnan not found the box and prompted W.T. Pope to sound the alarm, it was expected that the fire could have threatened an entire town block. n Town council instructed its solicitor to prepare a letter stating that upon passing a bylaw proposed by the reeve, curtains and stalls would be removed from all restaurants within the town. No reason was listed for the intended changes. n Despite a bid by mayor Blakely to have parking in Picton returned to curbside parallel parking, council voted to keep its angular parking in place.

70 years ago — 1944

n Each of the municipalities in Prince Edward County exceeded their targets in the Victory Loan campaign as the total collected exceeded $1,246,000 for the sixth such campaign. Picton found its goal of $392, 500 the hardest to fill, but on the last day W.H. Benson bought $75,000 worth of the bonds to put his community over the top to support the war effort. nDr. J.K.L. Christian, a winner of the Military Cross, who served in the First World War died in Ottawa following a post-war career of hospital administration. He was buried in Picton’s Glenwood Cemetery, where many of his wife’s family members were also buried. n A runaway team of horses caused a lot of damage on the Wellington farm of D.C. Stevenson. The team, driven by a hired hand became frightened, ran, and piled up near a fence. One horse crashed to the ground, broke a leg, and was destroyed. Bob Stevenson ran to extricate the horses and found himself kicked in the leg.

60 years ago — 1954

n Education minister Dr. W.J. Dunlop opened Picton’s new $1 million Prince Edward Collegiate Institute after Premier Leslie Frost was forced to spend 10 days in hospital after a flare-up of a First World War sniper bullet wound in his left hip. The facility would also host commencement that same day. nThe junior non-commissioned officers’ mess at the Royal Canadian School of Artillery burned to the ground, with its loss estimated at about $15,000.

20 years ago — 1994

n Sophiasburgh council ordered a new explosives transfer and storage cite to cease operations and remove explosives until it obtained proper zoning. The site had 59,000 kilograms of explosives stored in fie trailer-style magazines. Sensing the community’s objection, the operator said his company would pull up roots, avoiding an OMB hearing. n Ontario Liberal leader Lyn McLeod met with local riding association members and chambers of commerce, hoping to gain support for an upcoming election.




18C 10C

Weekend WeATHeR fORecAST

16C 16C



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There is no probability of precipitation projected in today’s weather forecast.

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*Based on Environment Canada data, used with permission.

On being the very first

Call me anthropomorphic, if you want. I don’t really care. The bobolinks each spring return to the hay field beside our house on almost the same day each year - May 3. This spring it was May 5. I was okay with that. After all, it was a long winter and the weather affected the arrival dates of some species. They are essentially birds of open fields, and not something many of us have on our “yard list.” Upon their return each spring to our area, a half dozen or so gather at the tops of the trees along our fence, and burst out in a joyful frolic of song, as though to make sure that I am aware of their arrival. Then, as if content that I have seen them, they return to the field and erupt into a series of rollicking notes, full of kinks and twists that would be impossible to transcribe to musical scale. Shooting up into the air like a skylark, the male paddles along on the tips of its wings, seemingly propelled by the tempo of the song, then drops into the grass while another male takes the cue and repeats the performance. It is a stage show, highlighted by several encores, and would appear to be a dress rehearsal for my benefit alone. Am I being too anthropomorphic? Two were in the trees beside my fence early that morning, May 5, and as always, made a special effort to announce their presence – the same trees that are ignored once the nesting sea-


TERRY SPRAGUE son gets underway. As I walked toward the car in the driveway to leave for an early morning appointment, the two bobolinks came further into the yard and sang from a white spruce. Hardly habitat conducive to a bobolink. Is it possible that these two birds that nested in the field last summer, had actually recognized me? Perhaps sublimely connecting me with the hay field that I walk around every morning? Certainly if these are the same birds who were present last summer, they saw me every morning. I won’t go so far as to admit – at least, not in this column anyway – that I held conversations with these birds last summer, but I would like to think that they were comfortable with my presence so near their nests, and had come to accept my daily appearance. Did these two birds last week recognize

me? Is that possible? Of course, all we can do is speculate about such things. If nothing else, the possibility provides comfort for the soul, and that can’t be a bad thing. I always seem to find myself unconsciously in competition with the sharp eyes of Ontario Birds e-mail subscribers, whose 2,500 keen birders invariably come up with early spring migrants two or three days ahead of me. E-mails pour in mainly from Point Pelee, Rondeau, Long Point and Toronto, enthusiastically reporting the first arrivals in their area, always a few days before they arrive here. While a two-or three-day time delay can be expected, situated as we are at the east end of Lake Ontario, it would be nice to be first once in a while. Yet, here they were last week, just barely into May, having already arrived back from southern Brazil where they had spent the winter. And no one else in Ontario had seen any. Their rollicking notes were delivered ecstatically as they announced their return to the hay fields where they will nest this summer. Even from a distance, the males’ holiday apparel stood out along the distant fenceline, ready to cheer and charm the females, once they return a week or two later. Our experiences with blackbirds have programmed us to dislike and mistrust members of this family whose beneficial traits go largely unnoticed, while their nest robbing attrib-

utes, high population and predominance at bird feeders stand out vividly in our memory. Their infamous reputation is more than made up by other members of the same family whose appearance brightens our backyards — the Baltimore oriole, the eastern meadowlark and, in more recent years, the orchard oriole. The bobolink, also a member of the same questionable family, is the ambassador of the open fields, whose merry, jingling outbursts keeps the atmosphere festive beyond the backyard. Even more than our beloved Baltimore oriole, the arrival of the bobolink each spring is assurance that the snows of winter are behind us, and life has meaning again. Once the bobolinks arrive, we know the floodgates will soon open, and flycatchers, warblers, thrushes and other neotropical migrants cannot be far behind. Despite the cool weather of late April, migrants continue to trickle in bravely, but warm southerly winds will stimulate birds to cross Lake Ontario, seeking the first point of land to rest and feed before moving on. We are ready for them, with binoculars poised.

For more information on today’s topic, please e-mail or phone 613 848-4549. For more information on nature in the Quinte area, be sure to check out .

Heal With Horses therapy centre to host open hose Saturday

The Horse Boy method has been considered an up-andcoming therapy to help people with autism communicate, advocate, and find joy. This weekend, a local equine therapy provider is giving Prince Edward County residents a first-hand opportunity to see how the method works. On Saturday from 11 am. to 4 p.m. the Heal With Horses not-for-profit centre will host its first open house at its facility on 997 Danforth Road.

There, organizers say the public will have a chance to see a demonstration of the Horse Boy method, and also learn about how the centre mixes that with equine-guided learning, where participants engage with horses on the ground in an activity that is said to help offer self-awareness and leadership development. The centre will also be showing off its facilities for stress-free riding sessions and a farm and nature camp called

The More Than Human World. In addition to the demonstrations that will take place between 12 and 3 p.m. there will also be a chance to enjoy a barbecue and to meet a herd of micro-mini therapy pigs, which are owned by Heal With Horses’ sister business Our Little Piggy. Children will also have an opportunity to play on a playscape, make crafts, wander with their families through nature trails, and say hello to

the horses. An information table and a bike raffle will also be in play. Admission to the open house will be by donation and Heal With Horses spokesperson Suzanne Latchford says her centre will take those donations and help enable another family with an autistic child to make use of their facilities and services in the future. -Staff

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THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014


our oPinion

‘We need a little bit of tough medicine, we need to rein in our spending...Government has grown by leaps and bounds the last five years. We understand that, nobody else seems to understand that.’




cattlemen Promote cardiac care The Prince Edward County Cattlemen donated an additional $2,500 to the Prince Edward Family Health Team’s cardiac rehabilitation program for an education library with up-to-date reference books, exercise DVDs, information posters, Nordic walking poles, and a beautiful display cabinet. That money is on top of the $70,000 the Cattlemen raised to purchase exercise equipment for the cardiac rehab program, which has seen over 150 referrals since Feb. 2012. Pictured are physiotherapist Nancy Lock, Dr. Steve Blanchard, cardiac rehab nurse and health educator Cathy Brose, and John Hancock representing the Cattlemen. (Submitted photo)

Producers must be considered in U.S. price gap debates

EVEN with the Canadian dollar slipping back down around 90 cents in American currency after a few years at or near par with the greenback, there likely still several Quinte area families among the 1.7 million non-commercial vehicles each year that cross the border at Hill Island and many of them are going around the east end of Lake Ontario to shop. Many people who favour cross-border shopping in the United States say they go there for the selection as there are varieties of products that aren’t available in Canada on shelves south of the border. A lot of those shoppers also cite pricing differences as a reason they aren’t supporting stores at home. List prices for items like automobiles, books, gasoline, and children’s clothing are indeed enticing, but a lot of families have been finding their way to grocery stores in the United States because many farm products are cheaper there. A recent study from the C.D. Howe Institute think tank cited statistics from the Organization for Economic Co-operations and Development (OECD) that noted dairy products were priced 77 per cent higher on average in Canada than in the United States and that meat cost 76 per cent more. Both of those figures, the Howe research indicates, have risen dramatically since 2007. It’s a worrisome number. When one recalls that Canada greatly increased the exemptions on taxes and duty for cross-border shopping in 2012 — increasing personal limits for 24 hours from $50 to $200 and for 48 hours from $400 to $800, one could really stock a fridge affordably. In its February budget, the Canadian government had noted that it would work to eliminate that price gap between the two countries, which on the surface would seem to be a good thing for keeping dollars in the economy. The Howe Institute cautions, however, that much of the reason for the difference in prices between the two countries comes in areas where Canada has provisions in place to support its own producers such as supply management schemes, marketing boards, and protective tariff designed to prevent the import of lower quality goods. Such provisions have been painstakingly debated and crafted over several years with the input of various agricultural organizations and commodity groups, all levels of government, and some retail representation as well. One would presume the assistance in place would ensure that Canadian producers are getting the dollar values they need to stay viable, to provide food for Canadians, and to compete in the international marketplace. When working to eliminate the price gap, government must ensure that whatever it does, domestic farmers will continue to thrive and continue to offer the best quality goods they possibly can to help keep Canadian families buying homegrown. That said, all possible attempts should be made to encourage wholesaling and competition within the market to drive down consumer costs where possible. The closer to home money is spent, ultimately, the better the economy will be for all around.

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THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Pick up a good book, selected by County library staff

Articles in this column suggesting books and movies available from the library have been well received, so we present a few more titles for your consideration. Note that books circulate through the six branches of the library and any title can be ordered from any branch. Gisa Iannaaci recommends The Shadow Collector by Kate Ellis. It’s a classic “who- dunnit” according to Gisa and a good read. The online summary on the library’s site (there is one for every book in the collection) explains the story. “Lilith Benley and her mother were rumored to be witches, and when they killed two teenage girls and fed their bodies to their pigs, they were swiftly brought to justice. Eighteen years later, a young woman is found brutally murdered at a neighboring farm, just as Lilith, recently released from prison, returns to her old home. The farm is the setting for a celebrity TV show and when Detective Inspector Wesley Peterson is called in to investigate, he has to deal with fragile egos and hidden truths. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson discovers a gruesome wax doll at a house that once belonged to a woman hanged for witchcraft in the 17th Century. Meanwhile, when Lilith vanishes and a celebrity dies in grisly circumstances, Wesley knows it is up to him to uncover terrible secrets and lies from the past and bring a dangerous killer to justice--a killer who will stop at nothing to dispense vengeance and death.” Danger figures in the recommendation from Archives manager Krista Richardson as well in the book A Walk Across the Sun by Corban Addison. Addison leads readers on a chilling, eye-opening journey into Mumbai's seedy underworld--and the nightmare of two orphaned girls swept into the international sex trade. When a tsunami rages through their coastal town in India, 17-year-old Ahalya Ghai and her 15year-old sister Sita are left orphaned and homeless. With almost everyone they know suddenly erased from the face of the earth, the girls set out for the convent where they attend school. They are abducted almost immediately and sold to a Mumbai brothel owner, beginning a hellish descent into the sex trade. Halfway across the world, Washington, D.C., attorney Thomas Clarke faces his own personal and professional crisis and makes the fateful decision to pursue a pro bono sabbatical working in India for an NGO that prosecutes the subcontinent's human traffickers. There, his conscience awakens as he sees firsthand the horrors of the trade in human flesh, and the corrupt judicial system that fosters it. Learning of the fate of Ahalya and Sita, Clarke makes it his personal mission to rescue them, setting the stage for a riveting showdown with an international network of ruthless criminals. For something completely different, and for those who enjoy non-fiction, consider this recommendation by Linda Mann for Longitude by Dava Sobel. “An interesting and easy read about the development


The Picton Gazette


of a reliable and accurate method of determining longitude,” says Mann, “something we currently take for granted.” The book chronicles the true story of a lone genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time. Anyone alive in the eighteenth century would have known that "the longitude problem" was the thorniest scientific dilemma of the day--and had been for centuries. The quest for a solution has occupied scientists for the better part of two centuries when, in 1714, England's Parliament upped the ante by offering a king's ransom to anyone whose method or device proved successful. One man, John Harrison, dared to imagine a mechanical solution--a clock that would keep precise time at sea, something no clock had ever been able to do on land. Longitude is the dramatic human story of an epic scientific quest, and of Harrison's forty-year obsession with building his perfect timekeeper, known today as the chronometer. Full of heroism and chicanery, brilliance and the absurd, it is also a fascinating brief history of astronomy, navigation, and clockmaking. Through Dava Sobel's consummate skill, Longitude opens many new windows on our world. Patrick O'Brian, author of the Aubrey/Maturin naval series wrote of the book, "The marine chronometer is a glorious and fascinating object, but it is not a simple one, and its explanation calls for a writer as skilled with words as the watchmakers were with their tools: happily just such a writer has been found in Dava Sobel." I recommend a title from an author that appeared at this year’s recent Authors Festival. From the author of Cereus Blooms at Night and Valmiki's Daughter, both nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, comes a beautifully written novel entitled Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab. Author Shani Mootoo’s prose vividly conjures both the tropical landscape of Trinidad and the muted winter cityscape of Toronto, but it’s the passionate eulogy to a beloved parent, and the nuanced, moving tale about the struggle to embrace the complex realities of love and family ties that make this an especially great read. Shani Mootoo , who was born in Ireland and grew up in Trinidad before immigrating to Vancouver more than thirty years ago, now lives in the county.

The members of the Demorestville Women’s Institute recently presented a $500 donation to Hospice Prince Edward. Hospice executive director Nancy Parks (top row, third from right) attended a recent meeting at the Friendship United Church Hall to accept the donation on behalf of her organization. (Submitted photo)


Volunteers committed to keeping food bank going

The Picton United Church County Food Bank (PUCCFB) is and always has been an outreach of the church, under the umbrella of the mission and service Committee, to assist those in need in Prince Edward County. It was started 30 years ago by two very special members of the Picton United Church, Beth Thompson and Della Mae Gray and has continued

under the very capable and dedicated leadership of Marilyn Bradley and Pat Romkey. Charitable, non profit organizations and even churches have struggled through difficult economic times and on top of that had to adjust to comply with changing government regulations. In spite of these difficult times and changing demands the gen-

erosity of the donors and willingness of the volunteers was always there to meet the need. We, the volunteers, are continuously amazed by the generosity of this community which allows this very important outreach to continue. Until a new director is put in place the remaining volunteers will continue the work of the PUCCFB on a weekly basis.

As over 20-year volunteers of the (PUCCFB) and members of the Picton United Church we would like the community to know how much we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our volunteer work there. We thank you for your continuing support. Seona Halsey Trudy Greer Jennifer Dulmage

Be wary of expanding ability to sell beverage alcohol

So you want to privatize The Beer Store. Be careful what you wish for. Ontario Hydro was the best utility in the world. It was decided to privatize the corporation and now we pay through the nose for electricity. The province built a toll highway and then sold it for a pittance. It is now a cash cow for out of province owners that can raise rates at a whim. Don’t use Quebec as an example. Quebec wants to keep people happy in their misery so they put very little

tax on alcohol based products. I lived in Alberta when that province privatized liquor and beer sales. Alberta had some of the best stores in Canada but they were dismantled and now most liquor/beer stores are located in low rent plazas making an environment that makes you wary to enter. The price of product, just as in every other province except Quebec, jumped radically and selection dropped. A large percentage of all stores in Alberta are owned by one private company so

what’s different other than higher prices. The provincial government will continue to collect tax on beer sales, the breweries will still produce beer at a profit and justifiably so, the addition of private outlets will only add another layer of cost to the overall product price. As well, I don’t want my grandchildren hanging around the outside of a convenience store late at night and having access to alcohol bought by someone of age. By the way, what makes

you think The Beer Store will remain, they haven’t in other provinces. As for the craft breweries, the convenience stores, because of limited space, will only sell the most popular brands, just like they do in the other provinces, so no craft or low volume beer. Warren Grimm West Lake

(Editor’s note: The Beer Store monopoly is already controlled by three private corporations. The LCBO is publicly run.)

Councillors should take seriously the oath they swore

Oaf in office or oath of office? There seems to be a great deal of confusion amongst municipal officials as to their duties and behavior and interactions with regards to their constituents and the public in general. I believe it is also important for the public, (constituents) to understand

what the elected official swore and oath to: “I will faithfully, to the best of my ability, perform the duties and responsibilities of my office and will not allow any direct or indirect monetary or other personal or private interests to influence my conduct or affect my personal duties in public matters”

All decisions made while in Public Office should be measured against this sworn oath. I have seen, and heard of some totally illogical and irrational things done in council driven by favourtism and nepotism..Lets hope the next council will take time to reinforce the intent of the

sworn oath. There are obligations to swearing an oath and appropriate consequences. Gross negligence or willful neglect are not covered under errors and omissions.

In response to Liz Bernstein's “A plea for turbine support,” Gazette, May 8. Turbines are installed for purely selfish purposes guaranteeing a land owner income on a property that otherwise won't support itself. Whether or not an area

has Wynne turbines installed is up to the provincial government and local folk have no say. The turbine people got their foothold in the Chatham and Kingston area and their product is a blight on the landscape. When the users of given energy i.e.

Toronto or Ottawa start installing turbines or gas plants in their areas, that is, directly in their home sites, then we will see what the insolated tree huggers think. No one here wants to destroy the earth and didn't you come here to see the wild

life. We are installing acres of solar panels, recycle and keep our island green. Don't push your government town attitude down our throats.

Stan Grizzle East Lake

County is perfectly green without any need to install turbines

Warren Grimm West Lake

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

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SPACE IS AVAILABLE TO all non-profit groups or organizations that serve 'The County' ONLY. Calendar items can be faxed 476-3031, email or placed in drop box at the side door of the Funeral Home by Saturday at noon. WHATTAM'S is proud to present....'Free Family Movie Day' at the Regent Theatre the last Sunday of each month 2pm. May 25 “Muppets: Most Wanted”

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working the reel William Duncan enjoyed his experience at the Bloomfield Millpond Park Saturday, where he kept on fishing and finally managed to attract a small catfish on a hook baited with a worm late in the derby. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Bloomfield pond attracts 115 anglers Perseverance pays off as young fisherman goes down to the wire AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

Cold winds blew across the Bloomfield Millpond Park around noon Saturday, bringing a chill to the air, and ominous clouds hovered nearby hinting of rain yet to come. That didn’t bother William Duncan, nor did word from trusted senior angling advisor and accomplice John that there just didn’t seem to be any fish biting thus far this year. William decided he would scrap his modern bait and ask John to help hook a classic worm on the line as he and his brother Jack cast lines for fish under some tree cover just at the edge of the cattails on the pond. The time was dwindling and many other families were packing p after their involvement in the BloomfieldHallowell Recreation Committee’s annual Cops, Kids, and Canadian Tire fishing derby. William waited and waited. Just when the rest of the people were about to congregate to hear the day’s prize winners, he came running toward the playground with a sealed plastic bag in hand and a huge smile across his face. He’d open the bag for whomever would stop and there, he’d reveal a brown catfish — likely generously measured at about 10 centimetres in length — floating in a small pool of water scooped from the pond. Duncan walked right up to councillor Barry Turpin to show the fruits of his labour and he ended up walking away with a big trophy for his catch, just as Turpin was about to wrap up the event for another year. It’s the type of experience that could make a life-long fisherman out of the young boy, and it is also the reason that volunteers put so much into the one-day event. Turpin said this year there were 115 children who signed up to participate. “It was a success,” he

Ace Anglers Joining Duncan as winners on Saturday were, from left, Jordon Derush (biggest fish), Kira Parks (smallest fish), Alex DeMille (most fish), and Jacob McFaul (strangest catch). (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

said. “The weather kind of held out for us and everyone really had a good time.” Turpin said often the fishing is a little bit slow as the water doesn’t warm up until later in the year, but he indicated the recreation committee does try to make it easier to catch fish. “We try to do restocking with the Ministry of Natural Resources regularly and we have to arrange for a fish stocking licence to do that,” he said. He added the committee also provides the technology to help the young anglers find their prized catch. Between the sponsors of the broader Kids, Cops, and Canadian Tire promotion, with Bob Izumi and Fishing Forever, and its own funds, the committee hands out a number of rod and reel sets each year. The derby was also lucky enough to have Jamie Forrester and the Picton Kiwanis supplying live bait for those that wished to use it. Turpin added that sponsors have allowed them to give each participant an even greater array of goodies

when participating. Through the promotion, the young anglers aged 12 and under can receive logoed hats or t-shirts as well as equipment, they can receive McDonalds coupons, and candy courtesy of County Treasures and More. Picton Home Hardware provided prizes for winning teams, while NoFrills helped stock the barbecue. “We get a lot of good local support for this event,” said Turpin. “There are also a lot of committee members willing to help out.” He added often parents and grandparents take part and have just as much fun as the youth they’re assisting throughout the day. This year, prizes went to Jordon Derush for the longest fish for a 22-inch pike, Kira Parks for smallest fish with a four-and-a-half inch minnow, Alex DeMille for most fish, Duncan and Alana Chapman for catching catfish, and Jacob McFaul and Alberton Graham for strangest catches. They hauled in a cutting tool and a toad and an old newspaper respectively.

Wellington Gazebo Fundraising Campaign ongoing. Give to G.E.T.(Gazebo Enhancement Ticket)Service Club Lottery. 4 Local service clubs have united in one effort to raise the Gazebo! Wellington Rotary, Elks Lodge, Royal Canadian Legion Br 160 & the Wellington District Lions members all have tickets to sell. Grand prize $1000. Draw to be held May 21 at the Wellington District Lions 40th Anniversary Celebration.

PICTON FOOD BANK in need of marg containers or similar containers, canned fruit/veggies/ kraft dinner/ juice crystals/pet food. Cash donations always appreciated. LOYALIST HUMANE SOCIETY – Always in need of food, litter, cleaning supplies, paper products as well as kitten food canned & dry. MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT NETWORK – Picton Support Centre, 333 Main St. Open Mon-Wed-Fri 9:30am – 2:30pm. View the online calendar at or call 471-1347. TOPS #4918 – Take Off Pounds Sensibly meets every Wed at the Anglican Church Hall Picton. Weigh in 5:45 & meeting 7pm. Your first meeting is free! Info Gena 399-3461. Also meets Tuesday’s 9:30am weigh in & meeting 10am Emmanuel Baptist Church, Bloomfield. Contact Betty 476-3894. PEC PIPES & DRUMS – Practice every Thurs at Picton Town Hall 5:30-8:30pm. Free lessons. No experience necessary. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – 12 & 12 meeting every Wednesday 8pm Picton Hospital Boardroom. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – Discussion meeting every Tuesday 7:30pm Consecon United Church Hall, Consecon. ST. ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH WELLINGTON – The What-Not-Shop – Hours Tues 10-12 noon, Thurs 2-4pm & Saturday 10-12noon. Selling clothes, shoes, bedding & household items. CAR SEAT INSTALLATIONS & INSPECTIONS – Are available & completed by trained staff of the HUB Child & Family Centre, 10 McFarland Court Picton. To book an appointment call 476-8142. WEDNESDAY MORNING FRIENDSHIP GROUP – Quilts for sale every Wednesday 9am-12 noon at Albury Church, Rednersville Rd. Proceeds to local charities for women. PEC QUILTER’S GUILD – Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month Pinecrest School Bloomfield 6:30pm. First meeting is free, yearly membership $25 + name tag $5. Beginners welcome. Info Maggie 3932864. CONSECON LEGION – Tuesday nights Euchre 7pm. Cost $5. Wednesdays Crib night 7pm. Cost $5. Thursday nights Fun Darts 7pm. Cost $5. CHERRY VALLEY GAMES NIGHT – First & third Fridays of the month. Cards, ping pong, Scrabble, board games 7:30-10:30pm. Adults only. Bring snacks & refreshments. Athol Community Hall 1679 Cty Rd 10. NIA FITNESS CLASSES – Dance, Kick, Stretch & Laugh. Classes in Wellington sponsored by the Wellington Rec Committee. Call Gina 399-2588 for info & registration for Spring Classes. MAY 16 – WELLINGTON LEGION – Friday Night Dinner. Call the Legion to confirm menu & event 3991684. MAY 16 – HOMESCHOOLERS MEET UP & BEGINNER FRENCH FOR KIDS – Picton Br Library 10-11:30am. All welcome. MAY 16 – FOOD NOT BOMBS – Free soup lunch. Picton Br Library 12 noon. All welcome. MAY 17 – PIE & BAKE SALE – Starts at 9am, till all gone, Athol Town Hall Cherry Valley. Baked & presented by the members of the Cherry Valley Women’s Institute. Arrive early for best selection. MAY 17 – QEMA’S TREATS TREASURES & CRAFTS SHOW – Bloomfield Town Hall 9:30am4:30pm. Hand knits, jewelry, kitchen ware, baby blankets, china & collectibles. Lunch is available. Rent a table to sell your creations in a busy location. Call Kathy 393-3115 to reserve. MAY 17 – 3rd ANNUAL COUNTY SUSTAINABLITY GROUPS – Rain Barrel Fundraiser in support of PECI Student Environmental Bursary & other CSG efforts. Pre-Order online before this date or call Don 476-8016. Barrels cost $60 & pick-up is at 847 Cty Rd 13 (Valleypine Farm – corner of 13 & 16 near Black River Cheese Factory) between 10am & noon on May 17. MAY 18 – CONSECON PASTORAL CHARGE – Service at Consecon Church 10am led by Consecon UCW. Children’s program provided. MAY 18 – CONSECON LEGION EUCHRE – Begins at 1pm. Cost $5. Beef & Pork Dinner $12pp to follow 4-6pm. MAY 19 – PE COMMUNITY CARE OFFICE – Closed for Victoria Day. Meals on Wheels will be delivered as usual. MAY 19 – PE COMMUNITY CARE THRIFT SHOP – Closed for Victoria Day. MAY 20 – SALVATION ARMY JOY MINISTRIES

LUNCHEON – Begins at noon. Full Roast Beef Dinner. Tickets $7pp. Call 476-3159 in advance to reserve a spot. MAY 20 – AL-ANON (adults) & ALATEEN (teens) – Affected by someone’s drinking? 1-866-951-3711. Meets Tues(s) 8pm Gilead Fellowship Church. MAY 21 – SENIORS LUNCHEON SOCIAL – Noon at the Milford Town Hall. Roast Loin of Pork dinner, dessert coffee/tea $10pp. Reserve by Tuesday prior at 12 noon by calling 476-7493. Seniors are asked to bring their own soup bowl, plate, cup & cutlery. Delivery can be arranged for seniors who live in or near Milford. For those requiring take-out please advise when you register. MAY 21 – SOUP & SANDWICH LUNCHEON – Picton United Church 11:30am-1pm. Home-made soup, sandwiches, cookies & beverage $7.50pp. Take-out available call 476-6050. Proceeds to church outreach programs. MAY 21 – PECMH AUXILIARY – AGM at Huff Estate Winery, 2274 Cty Rd 1. Registration 11:30am. Luncheon 12 noon. (Cost $18) Business meeting 1:30pm-no cost. Reservations required for luncheon. Contact Sharron 399-3846 no later than Friday May 16. MAY 21 – FLOWER PAINTING IN ACRYLICS WORKSHOP – Picton Br Library 1-4pm. Free except for $8-10 materials cost. Registration required with Kate 476-5962. MAY 21 – PETER REA’S ROCKIN VARIETY SHOW – Wellington Town Hall 7pm. Starring Peter Rea, Bud Gregory, Fred Hall, Doo Wop Rod, Judy Fraser, Mark Davis, David Strachan, The Reasonettes, The Reatones Band (Jake & Mike) & special guests. Free admission but donations gratefully received for QEMA’S summer programs at The Victoria Schoolhouse in Ameliasburgh. MAY 21 – WELLINGTON DISTRICT LIONS CLUB – 40th Anniversary Celebration 6pm Essroc Centre, Wellington. Pork & Beef BBQ $25pp. Advance sales only. Entertainment by the Frere Brothers. Call Art 399-3846 or Janet 961-0990. MAY 22 – AL-ANON – Meets Thurs(s) 10:30am Gilead Fellowship Church. 1-866-951-3711. For adults affected by someone’s drinking? MAY 22 – DROP IN BEGINNER FRENCH – New session starting with Maurice. Picton Br Library 2pm. Free. MAY 22 – SOCIAL JUSTICE GROUP – Discuss issues that matter & meet like minded people. Picton Br Library 5:30pm. MAY 22 – CML FUN FAIR – CML Snider School Rain or Shine! Fun Fair 5-7pm & CML Band 7-8pm. Fun & games for the whole family. $10/child or $25/family. All welcome. MAY 22 – FARM ANIMAL RESCUE – Presentation on the impacts of factory farming animals with Pam Armster. Picton Br Library 7pm. MAY 23 – TODD NOLAN’S A SALUTE TO CLASSIC COUNTRY – With Special Guest Steve Piticco at the North Marysburgh Hall 2699 Cty Rd 8 Waupoos 8pm. Admission $15. MAY 24 – AMELAISBURGH GARDEN CLUB – Seedling Sale. MAY 25 – CONSECON PASTORAL CHARGE – Service at Consecon Church 10am led by Carol Rout. Children’s program provided. MAY 25 – WHATTAM’S FREE FAMILY MOVIE – Regent Theatre 2pm “Muppets: Most Wanted” MAY 25 – CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS STOCKING FUNDRAISING CONCERT – For the Storehouse Foodbank children. Musicians from the Quinte Irish Session & children dancing from the Kelly School of Irish Dance. “Children Helping Children” 2pm Wellington on the Lake Recreation Centre. Advance tickets call Doris 399-5093 $10 each or purchase at the door. MAY 25 – ST. ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH – Roast Beef Supper in the Ameliasburgh Town Hall. Serving 4-6pm. Adults $12/Children 6-11yrs $5. Info 399-3082. MAY 26 – AMELIASBURGH GARDEN CLUB – Plant Auction. MAY 26 – PE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY (PICTON FAIR) – General Meeting 7:30pm Picton Town Hall (Corner Ross & King Sts.) All welcome. Info 4766154. MAY 27 – MEET MYSTERY AUTHOR – Hilary MacLeod reads from her latest novel “Something Fishy” Picton Br Library 7pm. MAY 28 – 55 ALIVE MATURE DRIVING CLASSROOM REFRESHER COURSE – Sponsored by PE Community Care. Runs from 9:30am-3:30pm. Cost is $30pp & includes workbook, refreshments & a light lunch. Call 476-7493 to register or for more info. MAY 28 – LOAVES & FISHES LUNCHEON – Noon at the Salvation Army. All are welcome. No charge. End of season BBQ. Good food & fellowship. MAY 28 – CENTENNIAL ORGAN CONCERT – With Duncan McDonald at St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, 335 Main St. Picton (across from Shire Hall). 7:30pm. Tickets $15. MAY 30 – FREE MOVIE NIGHT - Consecon Church Hall showing “The King’s Speech”. Snacks available. MAY 31 – FRIENDS OF THE PICTON LIBRARY – Annual spring Better Book Sale 10am-2pm. MAY 31 – CAPTAIN CORBIN & HIS MAGICAL PIRATE ADVENTURE – The library presents free fun for the family. Ameliasburgh Town Hall 11am. JUNE 1 – COUNTY KIDS OF STEEL TRIATHLON – Call for Race Crew & Athletes. Details JUNE 1 – CONSECON PASTORAL CHARGE – Service at Carrying Place Church 10am. Children’s program provided. Services continue in Carrying Place for the month of June.


C hurch

The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Municipality joins with others across Canada to commemorate First World War veterans


Parish of Marysburgh Rev. Canon David Smith 613-929-2757

St. John’s 3207 County Road 8 Sunday Worship 9:00am

St. Philip’s 44 St. Philip’s St. Milford Sunday Worship 11:00am Children’s Church at St. Philips Website:


UNITED CHURCH Demorestville

Sunday May 18th ****11:00am****

All Children welcome at Sunday School

Matthew 6:26-28 "Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns;" Message: “Tethered”

YARD SALE Saturday May 31st @ Wesley United, Mountianview - Yard & Bake sale Rev. Kirby Breithaupt

C-613-403-4742 or H-613-476-2020 EVERYONE WELCOME COME VISIT WITH US!


272 Main St., Bloomfield Minister: Maureen Ellison

10:30am Morning Worship



County plans to plant 100 poppies at Shire Hall Chad Ibbotson

Staff wrIter

EMMANUEL EMMANUEL Baptist Church Baptist Church

SundayServices Services Sunday

9am&&11am 11am(full (fullchildren’s children’sprograms). programs).7pm 7pm(Bible (Biblestudy). study). 9am Tuesdays. Tuesdays.6:30pm 6:30pmChildren’s Children’sPrograms. Programs.(J/K (J/K- -GrGr8)8) Wednesday. 6:30pm Mid-week Service. Dinner. Wednesday. 6:30pm Mid-week Service. Dinner.Music. Music.Study. Study. Thursdays. Surge Student Ministries. 7pm. (Gr 9-12) Thursdays. Surge Student Ministries. 7pm. (Gr 9-12) tŝƐŚLJŽƵĐŽƵůĚƐĞĞǁŚĂƚĂƐĞƌǀŝĐĞĂƚ tŝƐŚLJŽƵĐŽƵůĚƐĞĞǁŚĂƚĂƐĞƌǀŝĐĞĂƚ ŵŵĂŶƵĞůŝƐůŝŬĞ͍zŽƵĐĂŶ͊ŚĞĐŬŽƵƚ ŵŵĂŶƵĞůŝƐůŝŬĞ͍zŽƵĐĂŶ͊ŚĞĐŬŽƵƚ ǁǁǁ͘LJŽƵƚƵďĞ͘ĐŽŵͬĞŵŵĂŶƵĞůůŝĨĞŶĞƚǁŽƌŬ͘ ǁǁǁ͘LJŽƵƚƵďĞ͘ĐŽŵͬĞŵŵĂŶƵĞůůŝĨĞŶĞƚǁŽƌŬ͘



12 Chapel St. 613-476-6050 Minister: Rev. Phil Hobbs Organist & Choir Director: Mr. Ronald Laidlaw

Fifh of Easter

The Celebration of Holy Communion Sunday Worship 10:30am Sermon: “God’s Spacious House” Serving the Community for 220 years


This Sunday: Music by Tom Dietzel & Lynette Pettit Anniversary Week-end Celebrations

Fri May 23 at 7 pm, Single Malt Tasting Sat May 24 at 7:30, An evening of Scottish Music

St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church Picton Rev. Charles Morris

Sunday 9:00am & 10:30am Wednesday, 10:00am

Minister: Lynne Donovan 31 King St., Picton 613.476.6024 Sunday Worship 10:30 Radio 88.3 FM

Wellington Pentecostal Church

Rev. Polly Marks-Torrance Corner of Nile & West Sts. Wellington 613-399-2384

Wed. May 28, 7:30pm A Centennial Organ Concert with Duncan McDonald. Tickets $15.

Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

335 Main St., Picton


Right around the corner in your neighbourhood. (Across from Shire Hall)




7 Church St., Picton, Ont. K0K 2T0

613-476-6276 Fax: 613-476-7293

Saturday Mass 5:00pm

Sunday Masses 8:30am and 10:00am

Next month Prince Edward County will take part in a national campaign to commemorate the First World War. Municipal staff will be planting 100 poppies at Shire Hall this month as a reminder of those who lost their lives fighting in the First World War. The County joins several other towns and cities in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. The war began on July 28, 1914 and lasted until Nov. 11, 1918. More than nine million lost their lives. The planting of the poppies first came at the request of Cobourg resident Theresa Glover, who wrote to mayors of several Canadian municipalities asking them to plant 100 poppies in their public

parks and green spaces to recognized the centennial. The requests have since become a national campaign with both municipalities and individual residents planting the flower, which has served as a symbol of remembrance since 1920. The use of the poppy was inspired by the First World War poem “In Flanders Fields” written by Canadian physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. McCrae was inspired to compose the work after presiding over the funeral of fellow soldier and friend Alexis Helmer who died during the Second Battle of Ypres. “We gladly and soberly support the 100 poppies initiative,” said Mayor Peter Mertens . “These flowers will act as a reminder to the entire community of the sacrifices made by soldiers during the First World War — and in the 100 years since.”

Small Pond Arts banner raising marks five years of operation on Clarke Rd.

Small Pond Arts will celebrate five years in Prince Edward County this month with their latest banner-raising party. All are invited to the annual event, which will take place on Sunday, May 25 at 3 p.m. at 337 Clarke Road just outside of Picton. Small Pond Arts owners Krista Dalby and Milé Murtanovski will again raise a banner to the spring season, this time marking their fifth year in Prince Edward County. In celebration of the milestone, Small Pond Arts sent out a call for submissions for a guest artist to create this year's banner. The winner of the competition was Leanne Shea Rhem — a textile artist from Toronto. Rhem was awarded a two-week residency, as well as an honorarium to be put toward materials. The design will be kept secret until the reveal, but Dalby and Murtanovski said Rhem's design was the clear winner both because of the concept and because Rhem's understanding of the inten-

tion behind the art project. “I am very interested in community art projects and art that is freely available to the public,” Rhem said in her application to Small Pond. “By raising a different banner every year you are able to inspire the surrounding communities of Prince Edward County to engage in artistic expression by displaying public art; I would love to be a part of that.” Rhem graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) University in 2011 and has since participated in a number of exhibitions, collaborative projects, and community initiatives. Her work includes a series of wearable sculptures focusing on aspects of female experience through the use of fibrebased materials and techniques. The party kicks off at 3 p.m. with the banner raising at 4 p.m. A potluck dinner will follow at 6 p.m.


-Chad Ibbotson, Staff

The ROC would like to thank the following community partners for their support toward our ROC’n REVUE Fundraiser. We thank you for “Believing In Youth”.

Event Sponsors: Prince Edward Community Theatre The Marysburgh Mummers County Theatre Group Loyalist Contractors Terra Vista Landscape & Construction McDougall Stanton Insurance Shirley Harrison Accounting Services Dan Claxton Electric Larry Reynolds Reynolds Farm Lori Silk /Chestnut Park Williamson Insurance Crowe Dock The Regent Theatre Chef Michael Hoy

Raffle: Home Hardware Picton Gilbert & Lighthall Miss Lily’s Café Giant Tiger Picton Susan’s Just Because County Farm Centre Reynolds Trucking

Door Prizes: Portabella Restaurant on the Knoll -Isaiah Tubbs The Hubb at Angeline’s Inn Angelo’s Picton Harbour Inn Schooner’s Subway Robyn’s Nest & Spaw


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Shuffleboard offers a great outlet to be physically active and to socialize with others driving skills. The cost is $30 per person, which includes workbook, refreshments and a light lunch. Call 613-4767493 to register or for more information. Space is limited. Book early.




ing about 25 years ago when my husband retired and we joined the "snowbird" trip every winter. My mother before me was a shuffleboard player. “What can I say? I love the game. It's physical, and mentally challenging, there is a lot of strategy involved, and it's a good way to meet people. Shuffleboard can be played for fun or taken more seriously. We have everything from beginners to pro.” Join Bruce and the shufflers on Thursdays at 1 p.m. at the Picton Arena. If you’d like more information call her at 613-399-3109.

lined up This Prince Edward Shuffleboard Club

member hopes to keep her discs away from the danger of being knocked into the kitchen, where it would lose her points in her match. (Submitted photo) Council and is 55-ALIVE REFRESHER Safety designed specifically to help IN WELLINGTON

A 55-Alive safe driving course will be held Friday, June 20 in Wellington sponsored by Prince Edward Community Care. The course will be at the Wellington on the Lake Recreation Hall and will run from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. This driver retraining program was developed by the Canada



H Retirement Home

A Special thank you

Seniors will gather for good food and conversation at the Community Care Seniors Luncheon Social at the Milford Town Hall on May 21 at noon for great food and company of new and old friends. Wheel House and Occasions Catering is preparing homemade soup, roast loin of pork with mashed potatoes, buttery corn, coleslaw, rolls and butter and coconut cream pie all topped off with coffee and tea for $10 per person. Reserve your place by

to all the reisidents and their families, past and present, for the wonderful memories we shared over the past 20 years. I have enjoyed my time at The Maples and it will always have a place in my heart. I’ d like to Congratulate the new owners, and I wish them all the very best. Sincerely, Jean Dorenburg

the Tuesday prior at noon by calling 613-476-7493. Seniors are asked to bring their own soup bowl, plate, cup and cutlery. If you can’t come to the hall for this meal it can be delivered to shut-in seniors who live near Milford. If you wish to have a take-out meal please advise when you register. The price is the same for take out and eat in.


The Community Care office will be closed Monday, May 19 for Victoria Day. Meals on Wheels will be delivered as usual on this day. Prince Edward Community Care’s Thrift Shop will also be closed that day.The thrift shop will open as normal on Tuesday, May 20.

older drivers improve their

For all your Landscaping Needs....

5th Anniversary Celebrations

• 2 Hr Design Consult $50

20% Discount Spring Pruning & Clean-up



Because of your support, hundreds of artisans in the developing world are given hope and dignity. Thank you! Come in on Saturday May 17th for cake and free samples of fair trade chocolate and coffee. 190 Main Street, Picton



I was contacted recently by Norma Bruce who is the president of the Prince Edward County Shuffleboard Club which was founded in 2008. Who knew there was even such a group? What a great way to meet new people and get some exercise for both your body and your brain. The club starts to play May 22 and the season runs until Aug. 28. They meet every Thursday at the Picton Arena at 1 p.m. They can’t start their season any earlier because it depends on the ice coming out and the floor drying up. The local shuffleboard club was started by Durelle and Bish Kowacz. They came home from Florida and decided that the County needed an outlet for seniors to play shuffleboard. It started at the curling club, and, according to Bruce, these two people worked on their own, spending many days on their hands and knees painting the courts. “We owe everything to them,” says Bruce. You don’t have to be an expert shuffler to play with the local club. They welcome everyone and if you don’t know how to play they’re happy to teach you. The local group likes to have fun. Last year there were 46 members and there’s room for lots more people to join. Membership is $15 and weekly play is $3. They take a break for coffee and cookies – and socializing -- during the afternoon. If tournaments are your thing, and you get good enough as a shuffler, there are lots of opportunities. In fact Picton has hosted two Provincial Tournaments, one in 2011 and again last year in 2013. The tournament brought shufflers from all over the province of Ontario and many were impressed with what we have to offer in the County. Bruce says “I began play-




BIG SALE Paintings by


up to 50% off 3 days only:

MAY 17, 18, 19 S

337 Clarke Rd. Picton 613.471.1322

w w w. k e b a p i . c o m


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Roc’n Revue puts young talent in spotlight at Regent for a good cause Fundraising show raises $6,500 for youth centre programming AdAm BrAmBurger Staff writer

Those associated with the Recreation Outreach Centre (ROC) in Picton would say they had the best fundraising

event imaginable Thursday. Indeed, the Roc’n Revue at the Regent Theatre was a big hit as there were more than 200 people in the seats and that translated into more than $6,500 that will

Pet of the Month


Nail Trim


donated to Loyalist Humane Society


124 Main St. Picton

be used to provide programming at the youth centre and in Prince Edward County schools into the next school year. It wasn’t just a financial thing, however, as the ROC’s program facilitator Hilary Fennell explained. “We’d been talking a lot about it and we realized, ultimately, that we’ve got to work directly with the kids,” she said. “We could stand up and say what we do, but that spoke volumes.” Fennell said the ROC decided its best appeal to the community would be to show the impact its programs have and to showcase the abilities of local youth by putting them on stage in the spotlight. “Many of them had never performed on the Regent stage,” she said. “That brought a lot of energy and it really empowered them.” Some 13 different acts were recruited to be part of a program with even more acts as collaboration was the name of the game. There was song, dance, poetry, and drama to offer. Fennell noted that many of the young people involved with the ROC had been rehearsing chorus

Public Notice

Avis public



Public Access Prohibited Be advised that public access to Wellers Bay National Wildlife Area is prohibited to prevent disturbance to wildlife and their habitats, and to protect the public from hazards posed by unexploded explosive ordnance. This former National Defence bombing range is designated as a National Wildlife Area and provides important habitat and refuge to a variety of wildlife species. The area is clearly marked by warning signs around its perimeter. All persons are prohibited from using the Wellers Bay National Wildlife Area for recreation, and any person found doing so may be charged under the Wildlife Area Regulations of the Canada Wildlife Act. All unexploded explosive ordnance, new or old, partial or complete, must be considered dangerous as it may explode, causing serious injury or death. If you have found something that might be an unexploded device, do not touch or disturb it in any way. Note the location of the object and leave the area. Call your local police and report what you have found, and where you found it. For more information, please contact: Canadian Wildlife Service Environment Canada Telephone: 519-472-6695 Environment Canada Inquiry Centre Telephone: 1-800-668-6767 (in Canada only) or 819-997-2800 TTY: 819-994-0736 Email:

Accès public interdit L’accès public à la Réserve nationale de la faune de la baie Weller est interdit afin d’empêcher que les espèces sauvages et leur habitat ne soient perturbés et afin de protéger le public des dangers liés aux munitions explosives non explosées. L’ancien secteur de bombardement de la Défense nationale est maintenant une réserve nationale de la faune et constitue un important habitat et refuge pour diverses espèces sauvages. La réserve est clairement identifiée par des panneaux d’avertissement autour de son périmètre. Il est interdit à toute personne d’utiliser la Réserve nationale de la faune de la baie Weller à des fins de loisirs, sous peine d’accusations en vertu du Règlement sur les réserves d’espèces sauvages de la Loi sur les espèces sauvages du Canada. Toutes les munitions explosives non explosées, qu’elles soient récentes ou vieilles, morcelées ou complètes, peuvent exploser et causer de sérieuses blessures ou même la mort. Si vous avez trouvé quelque chose qui pourrait être un engin explosif, ne le touchez pas et ne le déplacez pas de quelque façon que ce soit. Notez l’endroit où se trouve l’objet et quittez la zone. Téléphonez au service de police local et signalez ce que vous avez trouvé et où vous l’avez trouvé. Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec : Service canadien de la faune Environnement Canada Téléphone : 519-472-6695 Informathèque d’Environnement Canada Téléphone : 1-800-668-6767 (au Canada uniquement) ou 819-997-2800 TTY : 819-994-0736 Courriel :

Bringing it together The Recreation Outreach Centre’s chorus group per-

formed several songs as part of the Roc’n Revue last Thursday at the Regent Theatre. The young people had been rehearsing for about a month . (Submitted photo)

numbers for about a month to get ready for showtime and most showed incredible dedication leading up to their curtain calls. ROC executive director Darlene Thompson saw the enthusiasm of the young people as they went on stage and she also felt the audience returned that energy in their attention to the performances, in their applause, and their enthusiastic response to the idea of supporting the ROC in all of its programming ventures for youth. “This has got to carry on,” Thompson said. “Craig (McMillan) at the Regent has already got us booked in again for next year.” Fennell said the organization also owes a debt of gratitude to the performers and backstage crew who donated their talents to keep the event flowing.

ShAring A Song Meghan & the Minors lead

singer Meghan Lal sings Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield with the help of her band members and backup musicians during Thursday’s concert . (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014



The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

The taste of fresh herbs in favourite recipes is reason to grow them

Why grow fresh herbs — especially when dried herbs and some fresh herbs are available all year in your local super-market? Once you have tasted fresh mint sauce, (made with the correct mint) on your roast lamb, fresh sage in your sage and onion stuffing with duck or turkey, fresh tarragon tucked in the cavity of your grilled trout, a sprig of lemon balm in your iced tea, a bouquet garni brush used to brush oil on your grilling beef, even a selection of fragrant herbs in a vase on your dinner table, I am sure you will want to grow a few of this easily

Ask A mAster gArdener BARBRA STOCK

grown, huge range of plants. To make a bouquet garni brush, take a selection of herbs: Rosemary, sage, thyme et cetera. tie together, like a twig broom. Herbs are often put together with spices, but they are very different. Herbs are the flowers, leaves, stems and roots of plants grown in moderate climates. Spices are nuts, fruits, bark, seeds

May 16, 20 & 21 at 7:30pm Matinee: May 20 at 3:30pm

Thurs. May 15 at 7:00pm

"The theatre event of the decade."

National Theatre's Sun. May 18 at 1:00pm Captured Live in HD from London’s Royal Ballet

Tchaikovsky's Sun. May 25 at 2:00pm WHATTAM'S FAMILY MOVIE

Sunday, June 1 at 8:00pm

Zapp Productions! presents Grammy Award Winner

Wed. June 4 at 7:00pm Captured Live in HD

Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones

Thurs. June 5 at 8:00pm

The Regent Theatre presents with Rod Beattie

Sat. June 7 at 8:00pm

The Ultimate Tribute Sat. July 12 at 8:00pm


etc. of shrubs and vines grown in tropical climates. Herbs are often divided into groups; Culinary, fragrant/ornamental, medicinal/insecticidal, although these groups are not very rigid. It is not necessary to have a formal herb garden or a knot garden, herbs grow almost anywhere that you have a good friable soil and sunshine, in a mixed border, container, vegetable garden, hanging basket. Herbs do not need very fertile soil, just a little compost. In fact lush growing herbs, do not have the flavour or scent of plants that have been grown in less rich soil. If you want to pick a few stems for your cooking, then a site near your kitchen, or a container near your door that you can easily reach in all weathers would be best. Most herbs are very decorative and look attractive in a mixed or perennial border. Parsley, purple basil, chives, thyme all make nice edging, lavender, fennel, sage, especially the variegated varieties look well in the middle section. If you are looking for a nice tall plants to make a background of plants that don’t need much staking then costmary, tansy, dill, bergamot, lovage, comfrey, will all give good results. If you have a large hosta bed, under planting with

sweet woodruff will not only keep weeds from growing but help to keep slugs away. Herbs in containers on your deck are very attractive, but also provide delightful aroma when you pass, strawberry jars, in particular the large ones make culinary herbs convenient. Make sure that you put a perforated tube, full of vermiculite down the middle of the jar to ensure even watering. Don’t forget to give the pot a quarter turn every day or so to ensure all the plants receive the same amount of sunshine. A large bay tree, or rosemary will provide a great plant on your deck and will continue to look good indoors in the winter. Growing herbs in your vegetable garden has many advantages, companion planting being one. Companion planting is growing certain plants that can benefit others when planted in close proximity. This subject will be dealt with in later articles. There are so many herbs to talk about; this article can only give a taster. Here are some suggestions for herbs that grow well in the county.


n Basil. Do not plant outside until the temperature is plus-7 or 8 regularly at

night. But you can start the seeds inside. There are many varieties, choose one you like, and enjoy freshly made pesto. n Calendulas or English marigolds. Seeds germinate easily; this plant is a companion for many others as it deters insects. Petals can be used in salads and can be used in place of saffron when dried. n Parsley technically is a bi-annual, but tastes very bitter the second year and does not always over-winter. Your choice of flat or curly depends on your taste. Grow as a border plant or in containers very good in strawberry jars. n Borage: the young leaves/flowers are good in salad. n Dill: this grows easily from seed and will seed itself for next year. n Stevia seed is expensive, but it makes an excellent substitute for sugar fresh or dried. n Nasturtiums, although not strictly a herb, the seeds germinate easily, I like the Alaska variety. The leaves are variegated the flowers pale colours. You can eat the leaves which are peppery, edible flowers can be filled with cream cheese etc. When dried, the seeds can be added to pickles. n Chamomile can be very invasive as it self-seeds, it is usually used for teas. If you know your Beatrix Potter you will remember that

Peter Rabbit’s mother gave him this to drink at bed time to help him sleep. n The bronze variety looks of fennell good in a border, both the flowers and seeds taste of aniseed and go well with fish.


n Mint is a waterside plant is very invasive The English variety Mentha spicata is what you need for mint sauce, although the chocolate variety is great with ice cream, especially if you ”paint” one side of the leaf with melted chocolate. I suggest you grow it in an old blue box or large container, sunk to the rim. It does really well on the edge of a stream or pond. n Chives are easy to grow I like the garlic variety which has flat leaves and flowers in autumn you can eat leaves and flowers. n Lemon balm is a type of mint it is not invasive. Use it for teas, especially iced tea. n Thyme offers many varieties. The French has the best flavour but is rather straggly. The lemon varieties are good with fish. n Lovage is a very tall plant that can be used in place of celery. The hollow stems make great stirring sticks for Caesars, especially when topped with a sprig of leaves. n Oregano is very hardy and easy to grow I prefer the kaliteri variety, an essential for pizza and Italian cooking. n Winter savoury. Although not as much flavour as the summer variety, it is hardy. n French tarragon. This cannot be grown from seed, the seed is always Russian tarragon, very invasive and tastes like grass. The French is available as plants, grows slowly but over-winters well. n Salad Burnett is not well known in Ontario, but very common in England. It tastes of cucumber and is great for salads, especially good if you cannot eat regular cucumber. To gather herbs at their most flavourful pick “after the dew has left and before the sun has heated up” If you would like to try some unusual herbs I suggest that you contact www., 1-800-6684372 in Goodwood. Their catalogue of thousands of herbs from around the world is a joy and full of information. They have a postal service, but a visit to their greenhouses is very special. At our plant sale at 8.30 a.m. May 24 in the Metro parking lot, there will be a leaflet with suggestions of different things to do with herbs. For more information on this article contact our web site and I will be pleased to help. Like us on Facebook: Prince Edward County Master Gardeners, follow us on Twitter: PEC Master Gardeners and check out our web site,


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

County InspIred Green Peach founders, from left, Jennifer MacKenzie and Erin DeMille are bringing their new line of handmade homeware inspired by Prince Edward County to the Wellington Farmers’ Market this Saturday from 8–1 p.m. (Submitted photo)

New duo offers handmade homeware Chad Ibbotson

Staff writer

A new local business promises handmade, high-quality homeware with Prince Edward County-inspired designs. New county business Green Peach will be launching their first homeware collection this Saturday, May 17 at the Wellington Farmers' Market. The Green Peach Summer 2014 collection will include county wine totes, market totes, beach totes, kiddo's totes, kiddo's sun tents, beach blankets, and summer napkins. Co-founders Erin DeMille and Jennifer MacKenzie design and create each of the products by hand and both bring experience in fashion, textiles, and design. Green Peach (an amalgam of the duo's favourite colours) looks to provide consumers with lifestyle and homeware products that reflect the beauty of Prince Edward County, said DeMille. While both are relatively new to Prince Edward County, DeMille said the pair saw their business as a “back to our roots” venture. “I was from Belleville and I was in Toronto for about 10 years, and for (MacKenzie) she always lived in Montreal, but her roots were here,” she said. “We thought we would bring a little bit of the modern, city stuff back to the county that we enjoyed and saw there.” She said the pair met about two years ago and clicked as both enjoyed similar backgrounds in design and fashion. The high-quality aspect of the product line was something DeMille said could only be achieved by creating the products by hand. “We both had worked in fields that leaned towards that mass-produced, manufactured thing. Both of us have a high attention to detail and were frustrated by the quality of stuff like that,” said DeMille. She said that idea of com-

ing back home brought with it thoughts of improved quality of life that translated into study, longer-lasting products. “We're really committed to products that will last and are sturdy and might be around in 20 or 30 years. Handmade is really the only way to go for products like that,” she said. DeMille said the 2014 line will be a mix of fashion and homeware — combining both MacKenzie's and DeMille's expertise respectively. “We decided we were going to meld our fields and test the waters a little bit to see how everything went — that lent itself to the beach and cottage kind of area that

we're focusing on,” she said. “The bags focus on holiday and beach and I would say the homeware is fun, relaxed, and laid back and lend themselves to the rustic county thing we were envisioning.” She said the colour schemes are very much inspired by Prince Edward County, with muted tones of farmers' fields. The green and peach namesake colours also figure in prominently, said DeMille. “We're taking a cue from the surroundings,” she said. DeMille said she and MacKenzie are both excited for the launch on Saturday. She said both are familiar with the Wellington Farmers' Market and felt it was a natural place to start. “We're just really excited to use this business as a way to meet people and support the community,” she said. “It's going to be really fun and we want people to really like the products and we're really interested in hearing feedback.” The Wellington Farmers' Market takes place at 243 Main Street in Wellington on Saturdays from 8 a.m. —1 p.m.

1. Stalingrad

3. The Monuments Men 4. About Last Night 5. 3 Days to Kill

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Camp Dates: July 14 to July 18 9am to Noon

Friendship United Church 2765 County Road 5, Demorestville Please register on line: or call Leslie 613-476-2020

eye-catching items PECI students look over the inventory from Ten Thousand Villages that was brought to the school last week in advance of World Fair Trade Day Saturday and Mother’s Day Sunday. The school’s Make Poverty History club earned 10 per cent of sales over the three days at PECI to help schools in Kenya. (Submitted photo)

PECI students get taste of fair trade Ten Thousand Villages helps with Make Poverty History campaign

The Make Poverty History club at PECI didn’t have to go far to teach classmates about fair trade practices. The club partnered with Picton’s Ten Thousand Villages store, one of a network of 36 outlets in North America that has been run as a project spearheaded by St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, featuring hand-

crafted items purchased directly from artists in developing countries through long-term fair trade arrangements. The store brought some of its displays to the school over a three-day period last week and students were able to buy the goods. In turn, Ten Thousand Villages donated 10 per cent of its sales at PECI

to Make Poverty History to help schools it supports in Kenya. “It was a perfect partnership,” said Rev. Lynne Donovan at St. Andrew’s. “The youth have a real passion for global justice. And some of them have amazing marketing skills.” -Staff

MORTGAGE RATE: Rate Survey as of Monday, May 12, 2014

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014


Tha s Goodnes It’s FORD!




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W me Wee welcom welcome your ttrade, giving g you the highest highhest allow wance inn GT TAA allowance GTA


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Bottoms Up! “So tell me something,” asked the woman I ran into at the dentist’s office. “Why did you take the pews out of your church?” Her voice was mildly accusatory as if we had committed some ancient transgression. But truth is she is one of about a dozen people who have cornered me in that same fashion since St. Andrew’s renovated its building four years ago. At this point I have my response down to a fine art. “We wanted to create a multi-functional space to share with the community,” I say. “We want to Rev. Lynne Donovan support endeavours that contribute to a healthier world.” And so we’ve welcomed those who practice yoga, meditation, sustainable agriculture; we’ve turned our sanctuary into an art gallery and a cabaret; we’ve sold items on behalf of Ten Thousand Villages. And now we are preparing to host a single-malt tasting event to kick off our anniversary weekend. I am reminded of one of my favourite Stephen Covey quotes, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” It is quite astounding when discussing the church how often we get caught in conversations that have nothing to do with “the main thing.” If the life of Jesus is any indication of what “the main thing” is about then we need to think again about community and inclusion and breaking bread and drinking wine TOGETHER. Yet this inclination towards inclusivity may have been what got Jesus into trouble: “But when the teachers of religious law who were Pharisees saw him eating with tax collectors and other sinners, they asked his disciples, “Why does he eat with such scum?” (Mark 2:16) The earliest followers of the Way were known for eating and drinking together in a world that was deeply divided by class, gender and religion. The most recent scholarship suggests that this kind of inclusive meal predates Christian worship. In fact, it was Christian worship. So we exchanged pews for comfortable chairs so that we can gather around tables to eat and drink together after the example of Jesus. And we have stirred in some activities that promote curiosity, creativity and courage. But all of these things point to the main thing: the creation of a Circle of Friends who supports the principles of hospitality and diversity.

Rev. Lynne Donovan is the minister at

Council removes Young-Woodward heritage designation Efforts to form a trust to purchase 1815 home stalled, prompting request Chad Ibbotson Staff writer

Heritage took a backseat to a resident's property rights on Tuesday evening as council voted to remove the YoungWoodward House from the Prince Edward County heritage register as a listed property. The months-long discussion around the house came to a close on Tuesday as resident Mark Woodward again came to council asking to have the property delisted following several unsuccessful attempts to find an alternative solution. The vote to remove the property from the register passed by a margin of 11-5 with councillors Jamie Forrester, Alec Lunn, Brian Marisett, Janice Maynard, and Dianne O'Brien voting against. Having a heritage property listed simply gives council 60 days to seek out alternatives if a demolition permit application for the property is received by the municipality, but Woodward argued the listing has made it difficult for his elderly mother to sell the home. The costs to repair the home are also a hindrance. The home – located at 891 County Rd. 11 – was built in 1815 by Colonel Henry Young, the first United Empire Loyalist to settle in Prince Edward County. Last September the Prince Edward Heritage Ad-

tIme to move on Mark Woodward was before Prince Edward County council again Tuesday night, stating that he has exhausted many options and wished to delist the Young-Woodward Home. (Chad Ibbotson/Gazette staff)

visory Committee (PEHAC) advised council against removing the property from the register and had asked for more time to work with the Woodward to find a solution. Edwin Rowse of E.R.A. Architects had also attempted to form a trust to purchase the house, but on Tuesday Woodward said all those efforts had stalled and again asked for the home to be removed. “I was prepared to move forward with the request to delist in November 2013, when E.R.A. architect Edwin Rowse contacted me and requested time to investigate the formation of a trust which would have taken over the house with a severance,” said Woodward. “Mr. Rowse has done a lot of work for us, however he's been unsuccessful in gaining support from others to form a trust.” Woodward said County chief administrative officer Merlin Dewing has also made numerous attempts to

find a solution to no avail. Additionally, Woodward said regulations under the provincial policy statement would make it impossible to sever a lot to build a new house on. “During my last meeting with the planning department it was made clear to me that should a severance be approved for the house, that there could be no residence permitted on the remaining as per the provincial policy statement,” he said. “This came as a surprise after months of effort to save the home and allow my mother to sell her waterfront land at fair market value.” The regulations would only allow the severed property to be used as farmland, he said. Woodward said the family has been patient, but would like to move on. “We've provided various groups adequate time to pursue alternatives and find solutions that would meet my mother's needs in selling her property and meet vari-

ous heritage enthusiasts',” said Woodward. “... We've done our due diligence, we desire to exercise our property rights without interference.” Councillor Terry Shortt was among those who supported Woodward's request. “(Woodward) has been very patient. He's listened to the options that have come forward, he's made efforts to deal with those in a favourable manner and he's been met with nothing but roadblocks at every turn,” said Shortt. Shortt said it was never council's intention to force heritage property owners to list their properties or to force them to stay listed. “As far as the importance of the property, I realize the historic value, but apparently there are others who don't because even when there was an attempt to put a trust fund into place to address this property they couldn't find enough interest,” Shortt said. “If these properties are this important to the province they should be putting some financial means behind this.” Forrester was opposed to removing the property from the register. He said the Athol landmark could be threatened by demolition. “This is probably one of the most significant houses in Prince Edward County and basically we've got nothing to do. We can't stop it and we could have a demolition in front of us in four months,” he said. Forrester said council should have done everything in their ability to try to sever the land and save the house.

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The Picton Gazette Tall ship adventure from Napanee to Picton to be offered next month

For one night only next month, guests can get a look at what it would have been like to welcome tall ships on Picton’s harbour. After spending several days at Napanee’s inaugural Riverfront Festival, the St. Lawrence II will set sail for a once-in-a-lifetime course to Prince Edward County. Aboard the 70-foot wooden vessel, June 15, guests will hear about the region’s maritime history from Brigatine Inc. business manager David More while helping to navigate the ship. Lunch will be provided on board. In Picton, guests will have a threecourse dinner created by chef Michael Sullivan and an overnight stay at the Merrill Inn. After a hot breakfast at the inn the next morning, historian Peter Lockyer of History Lives Here will take visitors on a customized bus tour throghout the county with lunch at the Agrarian, shopping in Bloomfield, and a visit to the Black Prince Winery. Return transportation to Napanee would be provided by coach bus. The all-inclusive tour is being booked for $545 per person based on double occupancy through

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Committee-of-the-whole meetings to stay at 1 p.m. chad IbbotSon

Staff writer

St. Lawrence II

This Kingston-based tall ship, usually used as a youth training program, will be available for one history-themed cruise June 15.

(Submitted photo) It’s the type of history tourism that Lockyer has long advocated for. “ The St. Lawrence II is a regional treasure,� says Peter Lockyer. “ Packaging the vessel together with our inns, fine food, wine, shopping, and local history make this a world-class travel adventure. This year’s trip is a pilot project. But we’re hoping the St. Lawrence becomes a fixture of life in Picton harbour in the future bringing heritage consumers from the world to our community on a regular basis.�

-adam Bramburger, Staff

Committee-of-the-whole meetings will stay at their current 1 p.m. start time. At the April 24 committee-of-the-whole meeting Picton councillor Bev Campbell put forth a proposal to change the start of the meetings to 7 p.m. as a pilot for the final 10 committee meetings of the term. That motion lost in a 10-4 vote. On Tuesday evening Hallowell councillor Heather Campbell pulled the motion from committee and put forward an amendment to change the start time to 5 p.m. but again the motion lost, this time in a 12-4 recorded vote with both councillors Campbell, councillor Jim Dunlop and councillor Brian Marisett voting in favour. Councillor Bev Campbell had said at the April meeting that pushing back the start time would open committee discussions to a wider audience. “Committee of the whole is where council conducts most of its discussion and debate around issues, it's the meat of what we do,� Campbell said at the


meeting. “Many are unable to attend and learn what is going on because it falls right in the middle of the work day.� However, the majority of councillors who spoke Tuesday cited the balance of afternoon committee meetings and evening council meeting. Councillor Dianne O'Brien was among those who were against pushing back the committee start time. O'Brien said she spoke to taxpayers prior to Tuesday's meeting to gauge their sentiments on the question. “The gist of what people I've spoken to is they believe now that we have the best of both worlds,� she said. “We have our committee of the whole in the early afternoon, they can get to it if it fits their schedule. We have council in the evening and again that fits their schedule and that's what they do. We never have a problem, if there's an issue people want to address, with filling that gallery.� O'Brien said holding one meeting in the afternoon and the other in the evening is “democracy at its highest.�

Councillor Kevin Gale agreed. “I'm going to stick with what I said at the committee-of-the-whole meeting. Here we are at night, it's a beautiful day outside, the roads are clear it's sunny and warm, it's a council meeting which is half of what council does and

we've got three people,� he said. Councillor Janice Maynard said a 5 p.m. start time wouldn't be any better than the 7 p.m. start time suggested at the April committee meeting. She said it might even be less feasible. “I just won't support it,� she said.

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ahead of the Pack PECI midget boys sprinter Keneil Warren cruises to a win during the heat portion of the Bay of Quinte Track and Field Championships at the Bruce Faulds

Track in Belleville yesterday. Warren won the 100-metre and 200-metre sprints last week at the Michelle Foley Bay of Quinte Invitational, setting a new mark in the 200-metre event. For more about the team’s finish at the regional championships, please see next Thursday’s Gazette. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

Panthers’ midget sprinter sets meet mark in 200m Keniel Warren captures two races at Michelle Foley Invitational as PECI track and field team prepares for Bay of Quinte competition Jason Parks

Staff writer

A record fell at the Michelle Foley Bay of Quinte Invitational Track and Field Meet last week, but don't look toward the usual suspect.

With PECI's standout track star Cole Norton skipping last week's tune up at Mary Anne Sills Park, it was time for another Panther to shine. Midget boy Keneil Warren showed there could be track dominance outside

Norton as he captured both the 100-metre and 200metre sprints, setting a new Bay of Quinte Invitational record in latter event. Warren, a St. Greg's product, won in a photo finish over East Northumberland's Ben Sinder with a

time of 10.50. In the 200 m, Warren shattered senior teammate Mitch Reid's 2011 mark he set as midget runner (24.75) with time of 26.67. “He had a great first outing, it was a real solid start for his season,” PECI track

and field coach Bob Bell said.. The aforementioned Reid was PECI's other top finisher as he placed fourth in the senior boys’ long Jump with a mark of 5.39 m and was the top Bay of Quinte Conference finisher

in the event. PECI was back at in soggy conditions yesterday at the Bay of Quinte Track and Field Championship at Sills Park. Check out next week's Gazette for complete coverage of the event.

Eagles have strong showing in tournament County Under-13 team sweeps through round-robin with 3-0 mark before falling in semifinal Jason Parks

Staff writer

sPringing into action PECSA U13 Eagles

forward Ethan Ashley factored into the scoring last weekend as the club made a strong showing at the Frank Sobil Classic Spring Soccer Tournament in Oshawa. (Submitted photo)

In spite of it serving as a spring tune up, the Prince Edward County Soccer Association Under-13 PRZ Paintball Eagles showed mid-season form at this weekend's Frank Sobil Classic Spring Soccer Tournament in Oshawa. Hosted by the Oshawa Kicks organization, the Eagles ran a perfect 3-0-0 record through the preliminary round to earn the number one overall seed heading into Sunday afternoon's play downs. Unfortunately for the locals, a Kingston United squad and some non-impartial officiating wound up dousing the the dreams of a championship in the

semi-finals. Competing in the six team premier division, Eagles skipper Andrew Houston liked what he saw from his squad in their first organized games in 2014. “They did exceptionally well considering it was their first tournament and we've got four new players on the roster from last season,” Houston said. Last year's Under-12 Eagles squad challenged for the top spot in the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association's ranks and this season's squad is looking to do the same. Outscoring their opposition a collective 12-0 through three games shows the local club is aiming to do just that.

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Defensively, the Eagles were spot on, not surrendering a goals. The locals whitewashed the Aurora Stingers (5-0), Kingston United (3-0) and the host Oshawa Kicks (3-0) in succession.


“The goaltending was good, JackMacCool wasn't busy but he was solid on the shots that did get through,” Houston said. “Overall, I liked our game defensively. As soon as we lose the ball in the offensive zone, that's where the defence starts and the team is really picking that up and their defensive play was exceptional hence no goals scored in the round robin.”

After defeating Kingston United a day prior, the Eagles just couldn't get the bounces and were shaded by the eventual champions 2-1 Sunday afternoon. The Eagles got scoring from Ethan Ashley, Bailey Maracle, Joey Monroe, Gabe Goad and Devon Wilton. The Eagles regular season gets underway May 21 when they travel to Belleville. Their first home game of the 2014 SOSA season is May 28, 2014 when they host Kingston United. Kick off is at 6:30 p.m. The SOSA loop also features teams from Kingston (Cataraqui, Pegasus, and United), Quinte West, Peterborough,and Portland,

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Picton 613-476-5900 Wellington 613-399-5900



The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

OPP concerned with off-road vehicle deaths

The OPP says that in 2013, off-road vehicle fatalities reached a four-year high of 20 and theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re hoping that number will decrease this year Of those 13 fatalities, the OPP reported that some 13 involved a lack of helmet use, while nine involved alcohol consumption. The OPP is encouraging people who use the recreational vehicles this Victoria Day weekend to stay smart and to always wear

helmets. Those who have been drinking should not operate the vehicles. Police also noticed that motorcycle deaths increased last year to 26, with far too many occurring because of impaired, aggressive, or distracted driving. They urge all motorists, including motorcycle users to be cautious.


On Monday, May 4 Prince



dward Co E un e c n ty ri

SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Registration May 22 at 12:30pm Picton Arena

Please call

The Golden Girls Bridge Club presents a $500 cheque to the Alzheimer Society of Prince Edward County. The proceeds are from a recent bridge luncheon specifically organized to raise funds for the society. The club is hopeful other organizations will take up its challenge and raise money for Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and is thankful to Portabella Restaurant for their help with the fundraiser. Here, the societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interim executive director Laura Hare receives the donation from Fran Renoy as other bridge players look on. (Submitted photo)



Edward OPP officers responded at the site of a motor vehicle collision involving two vehicles at the corner of Doxsee Road and County Rd. 4. One driver was transported to hospital by ambulance and treated for minor injuries. A 19-year-old female driver from Picton was charged with careless driving contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

For more info

Norma 613-399-3109

The Gazette, 613-476-3201

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The Rotary Club of Picton donated $1,000 to become a Pot of Gold contributor to the Reaching For Rainbows after-school program for young girls. at St. Andrewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Presbyterian Church. Here, several Rotarians were invited to drop in during snack time to give their gift. Flanked by many of the girls participating in the program, from left, are Rotarian J.J. Johnston, Rotary community service director Marion Hughes, St. Andrewâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s minister Rev. Lynne Donovan, and Rotary vicepresident Rick Jones Tuesday. (Adam Brambrger/Gazette staff)

                 *         - *      *


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 ;78/;=>/<6:=    +&)#"-&$#$'#&&#"&$+&-% %#,&$&(" ** 


PUBLIC NOTICE: SURPLUS LAND SALES 720 Dundas St. W. Belleville 962-4584 1-877-258-8346 720 Dundas St reet West, Belleville, at the corner of Hwy 2 and Wallbridge-Loyalist Parkway 1-877-969-1171 720 Dundas St reet West, Belleville, at the corner of Hwy 2 and Wallbridge-Loyalist Parkway


Smittyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Warehouse Operation BEST ST For NEW or GOOD USED Appliances


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r r r GUARA



Open Evenings & Seven Days A Week River Road - Corbyville (Just North of Corbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s)

The following lots have been deemed surplus to the needs of the County, and are for sale. These lots are unsuitable for development but may be suitable as a woodlot or an addition to a property. Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll

#135032805019600 #135032804506401 #135032805019300 #135051103523901 #135051103524500 #135051103524600 #135051103525800 #135091802008501 #135051103504701 #135051103506200


Zufelt Road, Ameliasburgh Zufelt Road, Ameliasburgh 934 County Road 1, Ameliasburgh Close to Oram Road, Hillier Christian Road & County Rd 1, Hallowell Christian Road & County Rd 1, Hallowell Christian Road & County Rd 1, Hallowell Off Tubbs Road, Sophiasburgh Gerow/Gore, Hallowell Gerow/Gore, Hallowell

For more information about these properties, contact William Rorabeck, Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., by phone at 613.476.3281 or in person at 102 Main Street, Box 2429, Picton ON, K0K 2T0.




=? ',-%%'0.+'' -;-IEQ(('-!*.")&'-< '%.,('',+'("%4,-+-"' -BKKIR1(+FP('-(BF4JIE(+H('7 ',-%%-"('",1-+7.'-"-",+ "&"-> ??6'-+"((0+.-!(+"-246'))+(/+"-7 ',-%%.+'' -!("("-!++"+%,,!+&(,--4 .&"""+(+""+%'+6 ,(.)-(BGIE>.'-"-",+ "&"-        2"'%."',-%%-"(')'"'         ('.++'-1",-"'    ,-.)7=/"'                       ??)-(BJIE7EE+(&-!'.)-(BF4HIE7EE+(&-!'.-.++7                      +(&(-"('(CIEHI                                   

Neil Carbone, Director, Community Development, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 T: 613.476.2148 x 257 E:

This advertisement is available in alternate formats upon request.



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The Picton Gazette

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

— This week’s crossword —



1. Compartments 5. A fencing sword 10. Curtsies 14. Moonfish 15. U.S. Senator Spector 16. Norse goddess of old age 17. Become stuck in 18. Vestige 19. Beat with a cane 20. Literary elephant 22. Nursing group 23. Cobitidae fish 24. Reprocessing discards 27. Graphic cardiac cycle 30. Hyrax 31. Stage of a journey 32. Show host: Bergeron 35. Wine cask 37. Resting place 38. Cab

39. Spills the beans 40. Dishonorable man 41. Tossed, taco or fruit 42. If not 43. Scarf 44. Brook sound 45. Dip lightly into water 46. Box, abbr. 47. ___ - you're it! 48. Word element meaning ear 49. Light-skinned race 52. Book jacket notice 55. Before 56. Alt. sp. of 5 across 60. Melodic Hindu music 61. The Laws of Status Gablach 63. Swiss river 64. Feels ill 65. A secret store

66. Greenish blue 67. Greek goddess of discord 68. Dunce cap shaped 69. El __, Texas town


1. Hair grooming tool 2. Samoan capital 3. A cutting remark 4. Remove fleece 5. College admission test 6. Orderly arrangements 7. White (French) 8. Remembered 9. Midway between NE and E 10. Obscure with mist 11. Earthenware water pot 12. Alliance 13. Breathe deeply and heavily 21. 1936 fishing film 23. Liquefied natural gas 25. UC Berkeley 26. Improvised explosive device 27. Pulled away 28. Arum lilly 29. Take hold of 32. Italian aviator 33. Laud 34. Relating to TV images 36. Relative biological effectiveness (abbr.) 37. Blat 38. Bar bill 40. Ripieno 41. Adventure stories 43. Heat unit 44. Actress Ling 46. Rig


ARIES (Mar 21/Apr 20) No matter how challenging it may be, slow down and give yourself time to reflect, Aries. You're always on the go, but it's important to slow down every now and then. TAURUS (Apr 21/May 21) Taurus, steer clear of added responsibilities this week, as you already have enough on your plate. Some alone time might be worth its weight in gold. GEMINI (May 22/Jun 21) You're not easily overwhelmed by intense people or things, Gemini. Use this resilience to sail through a particularly challenging task that gets sent your way this week. CANCER (Jun 22/Jul 22) There is no need to figure out all of the answers in the next few days, Cancer. If something is on your mind, then take your time to weigh all of your options. LEO (Jul 23/Aug 23) It could be challenging to be playful and lighthearted this week, Leo. Take every situation seriously and give ample thought to each and every decision you must make. VIRGO (Aug 24/Sept 22) Make the best of a delicate situation at work, Virgo. Although you may not be ready for more responsibility, your reaction will be noticed by your bosses.




i s i lv

e aliv

LIBRA (Sept 23/Oct 23) Libra, hold tight to your beliefs this week and don't let anyone sway your opinion. You will serve as an example to others who bend whichever way the wind blows. SCORPIO (Oct 24/Nov 22) Scorpio, you may not have all of the solutions, but rest assured that you have been moving in the right direction. An interesting conversation illuminates the situation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23/Dec 21) You have gained a new sense of purpose, Sagittarius, and you're ready to put some of your plan into action. Expect a few raised eyebrows, but most people will be receptive. CAPRICORN (Dec 22/Jan 20) Capricorn, you are ready for a well-deserved vacation or retreat. But you cannot run away from your responsibilities this week. Just hold out a little longer. AQUARIUS (Jan 21/Feb 18) Your finances seem to be a constant source of aggravation, Aquarius. This week you are ready to take care of business and hammer out a foolproof budget. PISCES (Feb 19/Mar 20) Pisces, your energy level will be quite high, making it vital for you to do something productive before your stamina slows down.


Easy Sudoku Puzzles by KrazyDad, Bo

Sudoku #1 1 4 6 8 7 2 8 6 9 5 3 7 2 8 4 5 5 3 1 9 6 7 9 3 8 6 2 4 3 9 5 1 4 1 7 2 Sudoku #3 1 4 2 5 8 6 9 1 7 5 3 8 9 3 8 4

3 7 2 3 4 1 5 9 2 1 6 4 8 1 6 7 9 3 4 7 2 8 6 8 2 5 1 4 7 5 9 3 1 6 8 4 2 7 9 3 8 6 5 5


3 7 8 6 9 2 4 7 5 3 6 9 1 2 4 5 Hillside 2 6 1 7 52.

47. Fly 6 7 1 9 53. 8 Den 3 5 4 2 49. Unrefined 5 sign 2 4 6 54. 7 Grapefruit 1 3 9 8 and tangerine 50. Born under the Ram 51. Civil Rights group3 8 5 2 57. 4 Indian 6 9 7weaverbird 1 2 1 7 3 9 5 4 8 6 4 9 6 7 1 8 2 3 5

Sudoku #2 7 6 1 9 9 5 8 3 2 4 3 5 3 1 7 6 5 9 6 8 4 8 2 1 6 7 9 2 1 2 5 4 8 3 4 7

8 4 3 5 2 1 2 4 6 7 6 7 9 1 8 4 5 2 8 9 2 3 1 7 4 7 9 6 3 5 5 1 8 4 3 3 8 7 9 6 9 6 5 2 1

Sudoku #4 5 1 4 6 3 2 9 8 7 9 8 5 1 4 2 3 6 2 3 7 9 8 5 1 3 Geological 4 2 1 7 times 5 6 9 58. 6 3 7 9 Gambling 8 5 2 4town 59. 1 Reciprocal 4 5 6 7 3 8of9a sine 61. 62. 5 1 9 6(abbr.) 7 8 4 2 Hogshead 8 3 9 4 2 1 7 6 4 7 6 8 5 3 1 2

s u d o k u by

1 8

Sudoku #5 7 8 9 5 6 1 4 3 2 1 6 3 8 4 2 5 7 9 5 4 2 7 9 3 1 8 6 4 3 8 6 2 9 7 1 5 2 5 6 1 7 4 3 9 8 9 1 7 3 5 8 2 6 4 8 2 4 9 3 7 6 5 1 3 9 5 4 1 6 8 2 7 6 7 1 2 8 5 9 4 3


2 8 3

7 Sudoku #7 3 6 862 5 9 8 5 5 4 7 8 2 6 258 9 61 3 6 4 2 3 4 7 5 5 5 6 281 8 1 7 3 2 7 3 9 6 1 3 8 1 9 2 4 9 6 1 7 4 3 5 7 3 9 2 1 8 1


































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Sudoku #6 6 9 8 1 7 3 5 9 2 1 4 6 8 4 7 2 9 5 2 7 1 6 3 5 4 2 1 3 3 7 9 8 5 8 6 4



8 2 3 7




7 6 4

8 1

2 3 5 9


4 9 8 5 1 3 5 9 6 6 8 1 4 3 4 9 7 2 8 7 5 8 6 9 2 6 4 5 1 9 1 3 7 2 1

LAST WEEK’S ANSWER Sudoku #8 7 5 9 4 6 2 3 8 1 6 4 3 1 7 8 9 2 5 2 1 8 5 9 3 4 6 7 8 7 1 6 2 4 5 9 3 9 2 4 7 3 5 8 1 6 5 3 6 8 1 9 7 4 2 3 9 7 2 4 6 1 5 8 1 8 2 9 5 7 6 3 4 4 6 5 3 8 1 2 7 9





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cottAGe foR rent in July. Newly renovated private waterfront family cottage on West Lake overlooking the Sandbanks. Sleeps 5-6. Families only. Available June 28-July 5 ($1000.00). Phone 613-393-3010 dAIly, weekly, monthly, Vacation Rental and B&B. 2 Bed/2 bath home in town, starting May 1, email or phone 403-826-6036 to book.

coMMeRcIAl foR Rent Retail Space FOR LEASE:

124 Main St: 1) Small Retail $700/month, incl. utility 311 Main St: 1) Retail $750/month, incl. utility

Apply at our Office: 141 Main St, Picton Please Call: 613-476-3275 First & Last & References

offIce SpAce, first month rent free. Waiting room, office & examination room or 3 offices, downtown Picton, main floor/no stairs, excellent signage, rent $659 monthly including heat. Professional building. Has been used in past as chiropractic centre and hearing centre. 613-476-7980

foR Rent

1 BedRooM available immediately or June $925 all inclusive, clean, quiet, non-smk building. Contact Brian, 613-614-1098 1 BedRooM available June 1st, downtown, 2nd floor, quiet, clean, large, newly renovated, $659 plus utilities 613-476-7980. 1 BedRooM condo at the Edward Building, heat/air/water/satellite, heated underground parking included in rent 613-393-5850. 1 BedRooM includes heat, cable, tv, water, large spacious, clean, eat-in kitchen, walkin closet, lots of windows $850 monthly 613-4767980 1 BedRooM totally furnished including cable TV and internet. By the week or the month. Please or 613-476-7980 1 lARGe bedroom, livingroom and dining area, eat-in kitchen, fridge & stove, lots of closet space, laundry facilities, patio door to deck with gazebo. Garden space on 2 acres. Separate entrance. Heat and hydro included. Nonsmoking seniors. 10 min. to Picton. $850 monthly. 613-476-1529 2 BedRooM senior apartment, parking, 4 appliances, non-smoker, no pets. References. Available July 1st. 613-476-8945


4 bedroom townhome available now. Bright, clean, freshly painted, hardwood floors, large yard, end unit.

50% off first month’s rent.

Sentinel property Management 613-966-9079

foR Rent

eR cARe eld RetIReMent hoMe

has rooms available starting at $1,600 monthly inclusive Please call 613-393-2741 Let us spoil you!

2 BedRooM 2 bath, brand new modular home, town water, deck, open concept, grass cut, snowplowing included, $1195 plus utilities (gas heat) Seniors Discount. Raspberry Fields 100 Upper Lake St. 613-885-1307. 2 BedRooM 2 bath, newly renovated, large kitchen, livingroom and yard, laundry hookups, fridge/stove included, quiet location Picton, available April 1st, $995mo. plus utilities. contact 2 BedRooM 2nd floor apartment of a house in Picton, available June 1 $850+ water/sewer, includes heat, parking, front yard, low maintenance 613-476-8052. 2 BedRooM apartment in Picton, large fenced yard close to downtown, newly renovated, beautiful balcony $800+hydro, first/last/references available July 1st 613484-0828. 2 BedRooM apartment, 1 car parking, $650 monthly plus hydro. Well maintained 12-plex. Suit quiet, mature adults. References required. 613-920-1017 2 BedRooM apartment, available May $1050 monthly plus hydro. Large, clean, fully updated, mature, quiet person only. Non-smk building. Contact Brian. 613-240-5332. 2 BedRooM available June $1100 monthly plus hydro. Large, non-smk, parking included. Fully updated. Clean quiet people only. Contact Brian, 613-614-1098 2 BedRooM bungalow, new flooring, bathroom renovated, nice yard, lawn maintenance and snow removal included. Heat and hydro average $175. monthly. Suitable for senior or couple. $695 plus. Local cell 613-885-1307


NEW CONSTRUCTION! Macaulay Village: 2 bed. bungalow, avail late spring $1200/month plus util. Belleville: 2 bedroom luxury condo rent $1600/month plus util. Apply at our Office:

141 Main St, Picton

Please Call: 613-476-3275 First & Last & References

houSe foR rent in lovely Bloomfield - Renovated, bright and spotless. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Carport. Fridge and stove. Washer/dryer hookups. Small finished basement. Backyard with screened porch. Prefer no pets and nonsmoking. First and last months rent as well as references required. $1250. monthly plus utilities. Call Liz 613-756-5542 lAkefRont, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Wellington, yearly rental $1300 monthly + hydro, nonsmoker, no pets.

lARGe 2 bedroom apt. Open concept Kitchen + large master bedroom. Heat (gas), water, parking incl., hydro extra. 1-877-588-2174 or $720.00. First/last/references. Available June 1 2014. lARGe BRIGht one bedroom apartment, Bloomfield, Main Street, call 613-393-2634. lookInG foR a place to call home? Very clean and sunny 3 bedroom. Charming in-town location! Fridge/stove, parking incl. $1000 plus.

Providing professional service with care, dignity and personal attention to all details surrounding the loss of a loved one. 2 Centre Street, Picton Robert C. Osborne 476-5571 Funeral Director NOTE: Report errors immediately. The Picton Gazette will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: Tuesday at 4:00pm

foR Rent

eMployMent wAnted

E MAPLES H T Retirement

houSekeepInG. One time or whatever you need. Phone 613393-1357.


Sun Ray Painting



has available Main floor suite with sunroom, walkout to deck, full bath

wAnted to Rent

yeAR Round cottage to rent near Picton. Phone 613-707-7062

ReAl eStAte foR SAle

lARGe one bedroom +Den Condo in central heritage building in Picton, fresh upgraded carpet & appliances, ensuite laundry, air conditioning $156,500 613-476-7313.


MInt And used postage stamps, covers, post cards, coins and paper money. Call Bob, 613-967-2118 wAnted StAndInG Timber, hard and soft wood. Also looking for field boulders 613-968-5182.

wAnted to Buy WILL Buy Scrap

Vehicles, Metals and Appliances and will do moving, dump runs of brush, grass cutting, garage & basement cleaning


613-476-2994 or 613-242-0117

eMployMent wAnted

A SpRInG day is the time to clean eavestroughs, get yard work done, flowerbeds cleaned, gardens rototilled, get rid of unwanted trash, trees trimmed, pruning and any other jobs. Half ton truck available. No job too small. For reasonable rates call Paul, 613-393-5021 ABSolute lAwn and Home Maintenance: lawn care, home maintenance, fully insured, free estimates. Call 613-920-0681 AffoRdABle MAIntenAnce. Interior/Exterior painting, carpentry, decks & sheds Bob 476-4789.


Rubbish Removal Scrap Metal & Scrap Cars & Electronics - TV’s, Computers, etc. Appliances

FREE Pickup


BuRRowS RenoVAtIonS. Decks, Landings, Storage Sheds, Railings, Building Repairs, Drywall & Trim, Flooring & Painting 613476-7617. GRASS cuttInG SeRVIce available, 20+ years experience. Free estimates call Wayne 613922-7138. GRASS cuttInG Serving Prince Edward County, good rates, quality service, large & small jobs, using John Deere Zero turn mower. Call Paul for free estimate, 613-6541401. Fully insured. We show up! IndooR/outdooR MASonRy. Small jobs, concrete floors, repair work, fireplace/woodstove backing, pointing, basement, repair work, professional masonry and brick cleaning, repair brick & block work. Small deck and small deck repairs. Call George 613-393-2144 or 343-263-0027.

SheIlA BRuShey Catering. Buffet lunches, dinners and banquets. Sandwich trays, d’oeuvres, homemade dessert trays and more. 613393-5021.

34 years of experience Serving picton-Bloomfield and area

Ray paquette

MARGIE’S MOP HEADS Cleaning Service 343-263-8830 Free Estimates margiesmopheads 10% Discount to Seniors

help wAnted

requires full time and part time reliable cleaning staff. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. Experience a plus. References essential.

Apply at the Inn, 433 Main St Bloomfield. 613-393-3301

AZ dRIVeR to share driving duties for cement tanker truck, working out of a local facility must have clean abstract, criminal search, atleast 1 yr exp. please call 613471-1472. BAIley’S ReStAuRAnt is looking for a line cook, please call 613476-7187 after 2pm or email resume to BlAck RIVeR Cheese is looking for Retail Customer Service personnel. The permanent part time position requires a mature person with previous retail experience as well as day, evening and weekend availability. Please send resume to or fax to 613-476-1760. cAt SIttInG in your home, needed for two cats during twofour week holidays. We provide equipment, food and litter. Call 613-476-0049.

F ULL TIME R ETAIL SALES A SSOCIATE required immediately for Lady Gray, Picton. Call 613-885-3998 or drop off resume to 184 Main Street. JoIn the Subway Team in a fun, fast paced environment. Competitive wages. Experience an asset but not a must. Drop resume to 166 Main Street, Picton.

the pRInce Edward County Community Care for Seniors Association assists clients by arranging Home Maintenance (heavy housework, yardwork, gardening, lawn mowing and odd jobs). Any people interested in providing such services at competitive rates are asked to come into the Community Care office, The Armoury, 206 Main Street, Picton, to fill out an information form. You must have your own transportation. Deadline date is May 30th at 4 p.m. wIllIAMS fAMIly dIneR, is looking for an experienced, smiling waitress/waiter. 19 Elizabeth Street Picton.

woMen’S clothInG Store in May. Resumes for full time and part time sales staff who like working weekends in summer. email to or fax 613-476-2688


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014






Bonnie Elizebeth Elsbury

MacDERMAID, Thelma June

49th Annual General Meeting You are cordially invited to join us Monday, June 23rd, 2014 at 7:00pm Elks Lodge, Elks Street, Picton

Picton Car Cruise Night

Every Thursday night starting May 1st 6-8pm at CanadianTire For info call Laverne 613-476-1621


Featuring 6oz Burger & Fries $6.00 Lobster rolls, fish & chips, homemade burgers, home cut fries, jumbo dogs and lots more Open Daily 11am – 6:30pm 114 Lake Street (Brown's Garage)







The family of the late Winnifred Thompson would like to thank the staff of the H.J. McFarland Home along with Dr. Haigh & Dr. Koval for their care and support given to our Mother over the last 6 1/2 years. Also many thanks to the staff of Whattam’s Funeral Home, to Pastor Kevin Stenhouse and Pastor Dennis Pringle for their guidance, help and words of comfort. Thank you to the ladies of the Free Methodist Church for the delicious luncheon after the service and to everyone who gave flowers, made donations and sent cards of sympathy. All was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all who paid Dad (Russ Burrows) their last respects, the donations to Branch 78, the help from everyone, ladies auxiliary, members, and individuals for providing food, setup, support, and all your condolences. It was a good send off for Dad. Lest we Forget Thank You All Pat Burrows, President Br #78 The Burrows & Sheady Families





Stump Grinding Tree Trimming and Removal Brush Chipping Lot Clearing Cabling & Bracing Fully Insured 15 years Experience

Glenn Guernsey


Ted Dainard Welding Farm & General Repair Restoration

Miller Rd and County Rd 10 Cell 613-920-0843 Home 613-476-3140


PETER REA’S Rockin’ Variety Show for QEMA at Wellington Town Hall, Wednesday, May 21, 7 pm with The Reasonettes, The Reatones Band and many special guests. Free admission but donations gratefully accepted for children’s summer programs at the Victoria Schoolhouse.


I would like to thank the girls in Picton Emerg; the nurses and entire staff of BGH for great care for three weeks. Dr. Birchard my sincere thanks. Since returning home, all the kind friends for remembering me with cards, calls, floral arrangements, visits and good wishes, your name will go down in my book of fond memories. Sincerely, Margaret Watts.

WALKER- Taylor. In loving memory of our dear sister, Betty Marie, who passed away May 18,1974. Those we love remain with us For love itself lives on And cherished memories never fade Because a loved one is gone. Always remembered by Bob, Deanna & Elva. WHITE- Jacquie. In memory of a dear friend who passed away May 21, 2013. Of all the many blessings However great or small To have had you in our lives Was the greatest gift of all You always had a smile to share Time to give and time to care A loving nature, kind and true This is the way we remember you. Although we’re not together We will never be apart Because you have that special place Right here within our hearts. Forever loved and deeply missed by your bookclub girls.

BURRILL, Richard A. ‘Rick’

Suddenly at Kingston General Hospital, surrounded by his sister and family on Saturday May 10th, 2014. Rick Burrill of Bloomfield, formerly of Picton, at the age of 56. Beloved husband of the late Carol. Father of Sherry and the late Ryan.  Cherished brother of Barb and her husband Scott Young and uncle of Ariel and Kelsey. A GRAVESIDE SERVICE will be held at Cherry Valley Cemetery on Friday May 16th at 1:00 p.m. If desired, donations to Hospice Prince Edward would be appreciated (cheques only please). Arrangements entrusted to the Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Whattam Funeral Home COLE, Linda Lee

With her family, at Extendicare Kingston, on Monday December 2, 2013, Linda Lee Cole (nee Thompson), of Amherstview, at the age of 72. Beloved wife of D. Gary Cole. Much loved mother of Dayna and her husband Philippe Leduc of Nepean and grandmother of Matthew. Dear sister of Robert (Lynda) and Doug (Doris DeMille), all of Picton. As desired by Mrs. Cole, cremation has taken place. A graveside service for family and friends will be held at Cherry Valley Cemetery on Saturday May 24, 10:30am. Carolyn Grondin officiating. Arrangements entrusted to the HICKS FUNERAL HOME, 2 Centre Street, Picton. 613-476-5571


passed away peacefully on November 7, 2013 in Picton Hospital with family by his side. Much loved husband of Evelyn G. (nee Gibson). Father to Eric (Barb), Al (deceased 1998), Andrew (Tami). Dearest son of the late Kenneth and Rose (nee McConnell) Johnson. Beloved brother of Carman (Reta), Murney (June), Colleen (Rick Kozmanuk), Roger (Gerti). late Lloyd, Elva, Ivan, Ronald, Robert, Arthur & Harland. Loving grandfather of Grant, Monica, Jordyn, Dustin, Nathan and Tristin. Great grandchildren Madison and Brooke. Floyd was a World War II veteran and proud member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 78. There will be a grave side and internment service at Cherry Valley Cemetery at 11:00AM on May 16, 2014.



Passed away suddenly at home, with his son John at his side on Monday, May 12th, 2014. In his 91st year. Beloved husband of the late Dorothy. Loving and devoted father of Tom (Bertha) of Chilliwack, BC, John of RR#1, Picton, Joanne (John) Cole of Wellington and the late Patricia (Don) of Brighton. Cherished grandfather of Michael, Scott, Carrie, Gary and Brandi and great grandfather of Tyler, Kailey, Riley and Teighan. Predeceased by his siblings Llewelyn, Charlie, Harold and Doris. Herb had a love of the outdoors and enjoyed spending time with his friends at Tim Hortons. He immensely enjoyed his life on the farm on Ridge Road. As per Herb’s wishes cremation has taken place and there will be no visitation or service. If desired, Memorial Donations to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation would be appreciated by the family. Arrangements entrusted to the AINSWORTH FUNERAL HOME, WELLINGTON, ON (613) 399-3177 Online condolences and donations at

HOWARD, Kenneth Charles

Peacefully at Hallowell House Nursing Home, on Monday May 12th, 2014. Ken Howard of Picton, at the age of 85. Beloved husband of the late Barbara Howard. Loved father of Dean and his wife Kathy of Picton and the late Dennis. Father-in-law of Janet Doyle of Milford. Proud grandpa of Esther and her husband Brad and their children Cole, Kyle, Ryan and Evan. Remembered by his many nieces and nephews and sisterin-law Helen Miller. A private graveside service will be held at the Cherry Valley Cemetery with the Reverend Audrey officiating. If desired, donations to the Hallowell House Residents Council would be appreciated by the family. (Cheques only lease). Arrangements entrusted to the Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Whattam Funeral Home

in her 62nd year passed away peacefully on May 8th, 2014 at Q.H.C. Belleville, Ontario with family by her side. Survived by much loved spouse Charlie Hill. Loved mother of Michael Boyer, Mark Boyer, and James Boyer. Cherished Grandma of Garry and Alex Guthrie, Samantha and A.J. Boyer, Karrie Boyer and James Jr and Great grandmother of Jaxon, Justin and James. Missed by many brothers, sister, nieces and nephews. Cremation has taken place. By Bonnie's request there will be no funeral service. A Celebration of her life will be held at a later date.

A Memorial Visitation will be held for Thelma June MacDermaid on May 22, 2014 at the Demorestville Town Hall from 2 until 4 pm. Arrangements entrusted to the Whattam Funeral Home 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Whattam Funeral Home

Want to do business in Napanee/Deseronto markets? Call your Picton Gazette sales rep. at 613-476-3201 today to book your advertisement.


Inspiring Possibilities

Community Living Prince Edward seeks interested community members to join its Board of Directors.

WILLIAMS, Violet 'Vi" (nee McCaughran)

Peacefully at PEC Memorial Hospital, Picton, on May 06, 2014 in her 89th year, surrounded by her loving family. Cherished wife of the late J. Russ Williams, dear mother of Colleen Williams and Elaine Hopf, beloved grandmother to her grandchildren and their families: Michael Klinowski of Toronto, Kate Oriet of Windsor, Colleen Clarke of Toronto, Heidi Hopf of Brantford and great grandchildren Waylon, Maya, Owen, Pablo, Isabelle, Charlotte, Ross and Fletcher.  She will be sadly missed by niece Kelly Glasgow and her extended family and by sons-in-law Dave Carpenter and Christian Ellitsgaard. Fondly remembered by the McCaughran family of Northern Ireland and the Williams/Branch/Carrington amilies of South Western Ontario. Vi was the recipient of a provincial medal for her 32 years service in Patient Care with the PEC Memorial Hospital Auxiliary in Picton. Formerly, Vi worked as a nutritionist at Chatham General Hospital and was employed as manager of ARC Industries in Picton.  Over the years, Vi was an avid golfer and curler and an active member of the Picton Yacht Club (GHOSTS). She was a faithful member of Picton United Church. A Celebration of Life Tea will be held at the Picton United Church at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 07, 2014.  All friends and associates are kindly invited to join the family.  There will also be a commemorative family service in Sweaburg, Ontario.  All donations may be made to the PEC Picton Memorial Hospital Foundation.

CLPE is a non-profit organization offering a wide variety of supports and services to individuals with an intellectual disability and their families in Prince Edward County. Ideal candidates will be passionate and committed to the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities and to excellence in the provision of supports to them and their families. In addition to individual skills and expertise, Board members will reflect strong ethics, and must be prepared to work in a team environment and to commit adequate time.

Interested candidates are encouraged to review our website at for more information about Community Living, and to contact our office for an information and application package. Contact: Brian Smith, Executive Director Telephone: 613-476-6038, ext. 107 Email:

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together"

The County Community Foundation is a public foundation created by and for the people of Prince Edward County. We work with private donors, communities, and charitable organizations to stimulate charitable giving, establish permanent endowment funds, and support initiatives which make an ongoing difference in all areas of Prince Edward County. COUNTY COMMUNTY FOUNDATION Project COORDINATOR Position

The County Community Foundation (the Foundation) is looking for a project coordinator to support administrative and communications activities, and assist on data collection, for the Vital Signs Action Plan. Get involved! This is an opportunity to work on the high-profile issues of food insecurity, learning and getting around, key issues emerging from the Vital Signs Report. Under the direction of the County Community Foundation, you will be working with the Foundation and representatives of several services organizations in the community as we move projects forward. In taking on this role, you demonstrate initiative, integrity and an interest in community issues. You have excellent communication and computer skills. You are well-organized and skilled in the organization of meetings, maintaining clear and accurate records of activities, assisting in efficient and accurate data collection, and undertaking other administrative tasks for the foundation.

This is a contractual position starting as soon as possible and finishing March, 2015. Work schedule will be flexible as needed and as defined by the Foundation. Total hours are estimated to be 170-200. Applications should be sent in writing by May 23, 2014 to: County Community Foundation 280 Main Street, Suite 103, Picton ON K0K 2T0


The Picton Gazette HELP WANTED

be noticed… be appreciated… Choose ParaMed

Personal Support Workers

Part Time Contract (guaranteed hours biweekly) Picton To apply, please visit Call Natasha Crosier @ 1-800-267-4354 for more information We offer: • a competitive salary • paid mileage • benefits • flexible schedules • training and incentives • orientation and supervisory support • training allowance ™

get better



AT 10:00 A.M. AUCTION SALE OF KATAHDIN SHEEP, LIVESTOCK SUPPLIES & FARM MACHINERY AT DOUG JARRELL SALES ARENA, BELLEVILLE This sale features a flock of approximately 130 Katahdin sheep, many selling with lambs at their side. Also selling is a quantity of farm machinery & livestock supplies including a 20’ feeder wagon, Wallenstein 3pth wood splitter, 3pth landscaping rake, pallet forks, transplanter, JD L120 riding mower, a qty of feeders & fencing supplies also sell. See website for full listing & pictures. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033


AT 5:00 P.M. AUCTION SALE - DOUG JARRELL SALES ARENA, BELLEVILLE Glass top & wrought iron kitchen table/4 chairs, walnut dining table/ leaf & 6 chairs, corner what not, chesterfield & chair, sofa bed, 2 Lazy boy chairs, Queen & double beds, dressers, chests of drawers, parlour chairs, qty. of glass & china, decorator pieces, linens & bedding, books, qty. of garden & shop tools etc. See my web site for detailed list & photos. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033


AT 10:30 AM AUCTION SALE - MRS. BETSY KIDD AND ESTATE OF CARL KIDD, 14819 LOYALIST PARKWAY WILBETH COTTAGE, R.R.# 2 BLOOMFIELD, ONT PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY 18 miles SOUTH of Belleville on Highway # 62 to Bloomfield and turn WEST onto Loyalist Parkway (Highway 33) for ½ mile. ANTIQUE FURNITURE- Antique pine step back cupboard with upper glass doors, antique pine corner cupboard with 16 lite upper glass doors, antique pine single door armoire, antique walnut sideboard with mirrored back splash, antique butlers desk with lower doors, antique country couch, antique pine dough box, antique blanket box, antique pine washstand, antique centre pedestal side table with single drawer, antique pine oval work table, antique fainting couch, antique pine drop leaf table with single drawer, antique walnut washstand, antique Victorian walnut dresser with marble top , Victorian walnut arm chair, 2 ladies side chairs, Rosewood melodeon, child’s antique rocker, child’s antique captains chair, Sheraton style 4 poster bed, antique brass bed, antique dresser top mirror, antique high back organ stool, antique side table with single drawer, antique oak extension table, antique Boston rockers, wooden trunk, buggy seat, spool bed, antique centre pedestal checkerboard table, Duncan Phyfe coffee table, antique wooden butter churn, antique pine carpenters box, barn lanterns buggy lamps, prints, pictures, tins, iron ware, several stoneware pieces including1 gal – Ross and Company – Picton, Merchant Jug from Bassville Que with blue, Hart Bros and Lazier stoneware, 5 gal Flack and Van Arsdale jug, Belleville Pottery Co 8 gal churn, Picton CW 1 gal crock; Royal Albert Kentish Rockery dinnerware, Royal Doulton figurine, Bennington door knobs, Birks Sterling silver flatware for 8,toilet set pieces, glassware’s and china pieces, silver plate pieces, wool carpets, vintage Merlin trumpet,Selmer trumpet , musical accessories including Korg 55 rhythm synthesizer, amplifiers, speakers, Roland RB drum machine, headsets, stereo crossover, foot switches, turntable, music books, classical LPs, ; antique Enfield long rifle (1862), kitchenwares, hand and power tools, 10” radial arm saw, approx 110 sq ft of new hardwood flooring garden accessories, numerous other articles from an old County Homestead. TERMS- CASH OR CHEQUE OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS Plainfield 613-477-2082 www. for photos

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014


AT 10:00 A.M. ON SITE AUCTION SALE - FARM MACHINERY & TOOLS FOR MARY & THE ESTATE OF TOM CALLAHAN R.R. # 1 CORBYVILLE Directions: From Hwy. 401 east of Belleville take Shannonville Road (exit 556) north to Harmony Road. Turn east & follow 3 kms. to sale site at 3378 Harmony Road. Allis Chalmers 170 2wd tractor with AC 500 loader, New Holland 488 9 ft. haybine, Allis Chalmers 4 bar side delivery rake, New Holland BR730A big round baler with super sweep pickup (in excellent shape, baled less than 1000 bales), New Holland 310 small square baler, John Deere 3pth 3 furrow trip beam plough, Triple “K” 3pth 10 ft. cultivator, Allis Chalmers model 2800 13 ft. trail type discs, Turnco cultipacker, Chain harrows, New Idea model 3618 single axle manure spreader with top beater, John Deere 3pth 7 ft. single auger snow blower, 3pth post hole auger, bumper hitch 12 ft. tandem axle stock trailer (sells as is), 3 pth cement mixer, 2 wagon running gear, horse fore cart, horse chariot, loader mount bale clam, Wic bedding chopper/ gas motor, Farm King 6inch x 16 ft. grain auger, Farm King 4 inch x 12 ft. grain auger, 6-20 inch barn fans & 2 controls, 2-18 inch wall mount barn fans, floor model portable 4 ft. barn fan, Mueller flat top 600 gallon bulk tank/ compressor & auto wash, surge vacuum pump, Surge electrobrain & receiver jar/pump, qty. stainless steel milk line, Delaval bucket milker, Surge milker pails, stainless steel sink, 3 round bale feeders, pig hopper bottom feeders, small animal portable scales, 5 farrowing crates, approx. 20 rubber cow mats, 2 feed carts, cow lift, Memco Ac 225 welder with welding accessories, approx. 80 ft. of chain link fencing with posts & 2 gates, Double set of heavy horse leather harness, assorted Diamond Bar & tube farm gates, a number of 20 ft fence panels, electric dehorners & cattle clippers both as new, rolls of page wire, approx. 10 - 20 ft poles, garden seeder, small amt. of horse tack & numerous other smalls found around the farm. See my web site for detailed list & photos. Please note this is a holiday Monday sale!! AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033 Terms: Cash, Debit, Visa, MC or Cheque/ID Lunch available Owner and/or auctioneers not responsible in case of accident


AT 10:00 AM DOUGHTY MILK BOTTLE/DAIRY COLLECTION AUCTION SALE CONDUCTED AT FARM TOWN PARK 427 WEST FRONT STREET, STIRLING, ONT. 1 mile WEST of traffic lights in Stirling. Farm Town Park located behind Stirling Arena. Large collection of Ontario silk screen and embossed milk bottles including bottles from PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY (Anderson’s Calnans, Prince Edward Dairies, Meyers, Herrington, Latchford, Old Orchard in various sizes) HASTINGS COUNTY (Lee Grills, Trenton Creamery. Wilsons, Frankford Dairies, Fosters Dairies, Butlers, Walmuir, Roblin, Avondale, Reids, Bayview, Whalens, Montrose, Neals – Marmora, Harpers) EASTERN ONTARIO (Rosebay- Napanee, Holmes, WH Hunter, Crown- Kingston, Prices, Maple Valley, Maple Croft, Wilmott, Cornwall, WL Ralph’s, Cowans, Grenville, Woodland – Parham, Clarkes, Central, Chaplins, Cochranes, Kemptville, Maple Leaf, Ottawa Dairies, Perth Dairies), NORTHERN ONTARIO (Community- Kapuskasing, Gore Bay- Clover Hill, Kirkland Lake, Elk Lake – Maple Leaf, Leach – Sturgeon Falls, Parry Sound, Blue Ribbon, Sundrigde, Farquars- Little Current,Timmins Dairy, Eloys- North Bay, Georgian Bay Dairy, Standard Dairy – Sudbury, Palm Diaries, CENTRAL ONTARIO, Colbourne, Spencers, Trent Valley, Rutherfords- Campbellford, Andersons Campbellford, Cedar Dale –Orono, Port Hope City, Moores – Port Hope, Browns – Cobourg, Hardings- Cobourg, Markles, Fishers, WJ Lightle, Highfields, Cobourg City, Lakeview, Stuarts, Glen Rae, Bowmanville dairy, Whitby, Beatons, Oshawa Dairy, Staples, Newcastle, Ajax, HuttonsLindsay, Lindsay Creamery, McMullens Dairy, Archers, TORONTO- Blantyne, Downings, Scarboro Farm, Newmarket, Roselawn, Lakeside, Ravenswood, Walnut, Parkdale, North York, Harris and Sons, Mountain View, Avondale, Milton, Potts Bros, WESTERN ONTARIO- Hoopers, Masons, Sunnybrooke, Riversview, Cedar Hill, North Side, Baxters; Out of province bottles. Wooden milk crates, paper collectibles, milk tokens, numerous other articles related to the dairy industry Complete list of bottles available on Viewing 8:30 am to sale time – day of sale OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS Plainfield 613-477-2082 www. for photos


Consignment Sale 6:30pm Viewing 5:00pm 662 Cty. Rd. #12. 3.5 kms southwest of Bloomfield at Koopmans Auction Centre 50lb brass boat anchor, Nautical Antiques, milk cans, 2 folding bikes (like new), treadmill, Official medical weigh and height scales, Quantity of stamps, Antique porcelain dolls and collectibles, Antique glass, Underwater spear gun, 2 Pedicure chairs, full salon equipment for 3 stations, double sided hanging mirrors, massage table, wall mounted hair dryers, oak work stations, oak bar, hand tools, futon bunk beds, single bed. plus many more items. See website Always accepting good clean consignment for upcoming sales. We also conduct Estates, Farm and Commercial sales on site. Canteen Available, Terms: Cash and Debit For your entire auction needs, call Auctioneer: Gerald Koopmans 613-393-1732


AT 10:00 AM AUCTION SALE - DON AND MARG RICHARDSON SALE CONDUCTED AT 623 WALLBRIDGE ROAD R.R.# 5 BELLEVILLE, ONT. Exit NORTH off 401 Highway at Wallbridge Loyalist Road (Interchange 538) for 2 miles and turn WEST onto Wallbridge Road at Tuckers Corners. 1988 John Deere 210 C Series I 2 wd diesel industrial tractor with front end loader with material bucket, canopy, 3887 hours – good running condition; 1955 Ferguson 35 gas tractor with Quick front end loader, – good running condition; Vintage Fordson Dexta gas tractor – running condition; Hudson “Oscar 36” portable saw mill with 21 hp gas engine with electric start, 16 ft capabilities- excellent; Wallenstein 3 point hitch 6” PTO wood chipper, Woods 3 point hitch 6 ft scraper blade, 4 x 8 single axle utility trailer, Craftsman DGT 6000 (25hp) garden tractor with 42” front mount snow blower, 54” mower deckexcellent; grass sweeper, grass de tatcher,Troy Bilt 7 hp rear tine garden tiller-like new; John Deere self propelled power lawn mower – new; Stihl straight shaft grass trimmer, Stihl chainsaw, Stihl flower bed tiller, 3 ton flat wagon, Delta X 18” surface sander, Craftsman 12” band saw, 16” bench top scroll saw, Craftsman bench top drill press, Sears 8” chop saw, quantity of power and hand tools, stacking tool chest, floor jacks, aluminum ladders, shop vac, cement mixer with electric motor, garden tools, yard decoratives, quantity of 2” rough cut 10’, 12’, 16 ‘ pine lumber; HOUSEHOLD AND COLLECTIBLES- SELL AT 10 AM; hand crafted pine book shelves, pine TV cabinet, Gibbard walnut bedroom furniture, 4 antique wooden spoke wagon wheels, cross cut saws, cream cans, oak bar chairs, antique oak library table, walnut knee hole desk, telescope, knitting machine, Singer sewing machine, craft table, growing lamps and stand, 2 drawer file cabinet, oil lamps, Wade figures, antique dishes, Blue Mountain pottery , antique washstand, carved tree artwork, cedar garden swing, Cape cod chairs, numerous other articles. VEHICLE- 2004 Chevrolet Impala 4 door – 184,000 kms- excellent condition- sells as is TERMS- CASH OR CHEQUE OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS Plainfield 613-477-2082 www. for photos


AT 9:00 A.M. AUCTION SALE - BARDON SUPPLIES LTD STOCK REDUCTION SALE 405 COLLEGE STREET EAST, BELLEVILLE Large sale of surplus and discontinued plumbing and heating products including – tubs, showers, oil tanks, plumbing fixtures, Furnaces, piping, bathroom accessories, few tools. NO RESERVES - NO DELIVERY PROVIDED ALL SALES FINAL TERMS: CASH OR CHEQUE, MC, VISA & DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED BY BARDON’S OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS Plainfield 613-477-2082 www. for photos


AT 10:00 A.M. ON SITE AUCTION SALE - THE ESTATE OF KEN EATON, CAMDEN EAST, ONT. CANADIANA FURNITURE, TOYS, SHOP TOOLS, ETC. Directions: From Hwy. 401 east of Napanee take Camden East Road north into Camden East. Continue north 3 kms. to Dewey Road. Turn east & follow to sale site at 285 Dewey Road. This sale features a number of pieces of early Canadiana furniture and primitives, as well as folk art, wood shop tools & garden supplies. Antique food storage locker from Camden East area ( mid 19th century), Kitchen table with hand hewn legs, square nails & original paint from Sydenham Ski Lodge, library box cabinet, antique map cupboard, 2 Prince Edward County clock shelves, antique dove tailed Waterloo County blanket box dated from the 19th century, “Challenge” antique oak ice box in beautiful condition, 1880s original paint dome top chest, antique wooden carpenter’s box, old painted tool chest, fireside wall box, B.C. salmon box, antique pail bench, wicker fern stand, wooden rocker, washstand, 2 board square nailed tapered leg kitchen table, double bed, 3 drawer chest & night table (painted), oak coffee table, wicker chair, wicker fern stand with liner, jam cupboard, large number of old tin toys including a Structo dump truck, Lincoln grader, steam shovel, other tin trucks, several cast iron toys, red ware finger jug, folk art goose decoy, coke box, folk art original paint wooden wind mill, block planes, milk bottles, duck decoys, decorated stoneware crocks, collection of old bottles, old trunk, old parrot cage, early Canadian child’s sled, large number of old tins, old trim, windows, panel door, brass knobbed bed, wooden boxes, planters, a number of finger jugs, wooden mallet, retro ash tray, lantern, shotgun style milk cans, bamboo side tables, several prints, modern lamps, box of fishing tackle & rods. Troy-Bilt 6 H.P. trimmer mower, garden dump cart, Portable woodsplitter/ 5.5 H.P. Honda motor, Jonsred CS2145 chainsaw, Stihl MS230 chain saw, Ridgid compound saw on Ryobi stand, Campbell Hausfeld portable air compressor, King 14 inch wood band saw, Craftsman 10 inch scroll saw, Mastercraft table top drill press, Craftsman 10 inch table saw, 12 gallon shop vac, delta 6 inch grinder, chop saw, gluing clamps, number of hand power tools, large qty. of shop hardware, cant hook, garden tools, scythe, small anvil vise, power mac chain saw & numerous other shop related tools. All shop & garden tools are in excellent condition. This is a very interesting sale of Canadiana furniture, folk art pieces, tools & old primitives found around this century farmstead. See my web site for detailed list & photos. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033 Terms: Cash, Debit, Visa, MC or Cheque/ID Estate and/or auctioneers not responsible in case of accident


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Garage/Yard Sale Guide COME TO KATE’S YARD SALE! This holiday weekend 2 days

Friday and Saturday

If rain either day, will continue thru weekend on good days.

Starting at 9 am

Variety of items, including some x-large ladies clothes, hubby’s tires and more. We finally de-cluttered! Stop by for a visit!

1419 County Road 12, West Lake Road

just past Tambo Store on opposite side

GARAGE SALE May 17 & 18

8:30am - 4pm

55 Washburn Street Tools, household items, collectables, die-cast model cars, and lots more!


Saturday and Sunday May 17 & 18 (weather permitting)

8am - ?

182 County Rd 10 Picton Contents of House


Saturday, May 17 14 John St, Picton 8am - ?

Antique toys, furniture, shelving, household wares and more


11300 Glenora Rd. (3 houses up from ferry)

Sat. May 17 Sun. May 18 9am - 3pm

Attn: Cottagers Downsizing: household goods, linens, books, glassware, etc.


Saturday, May 17 Sunday, May 18

50 Lakebreeze Crt Wellington Household items, Christmas items, 3 speed bike & power tools


Saturday May 17 8am - ?

4 Bay Street

Royal Doulton figurines & Toby jugs, African and Asian and a lot of this and that


8am - 1pm Saturday, May 17 196 McKinley X’Rd Household Items, Clothing, Kids Items, and much more

Cancelled if Raining

MILFORD STREET SALE Saturday, May 17 8am to 2pm Many Locations

New items, art, jewellery, furniture and more


20 Roger Street Picton May 16, 17, 18 9am - 4pm Dryer, Freezer, Windows


Saturday & Sunday May 17 & 18 from 8am 12266 Loyalist Pkwy (Glenora Rd) 2 Families (one Downsizing)


Saturday, May 17 1-4pm No early Birds

(Raindate Sun. May 18 1-4pm)

343 County Rd 22

old Picton Airport follow signs to Building 11

China, furniture, home accessories and more


226 County Rd. 10 (Lake St.) Sat. & Sun. May 17 & 18


257 Cty Rd 8 May 23, 24, 25 & 26 9am - 5pm

Antique bathroom vanities, plumbing, electrical to building supplies, tools, old windows, glass, households & much much more.

PLUS BIG SALE 35% off entire store at Kathleen's Radical Kreations


981 Fish Lake Road Saturday, May 17 Rain or shine in the grey barn

Open at 8am

Furniture, electronics, Tracker/AC/Swiss Army luggage, all clean and in very good shape.


Friday and Saturday 9am Collectibles, furniture, pictures, curio clock.

46 Hill Street Picton


Saturday, May 17 Sunday, May 18 9am - 4pm A lot of tools

1655 County Rd 17, Milford


20 Spencer St.

on Hill St. Driveway Gardening Tools and more

Saturday, May 17 9am - 12 Noon

HOSTA SALE Sat. & Sun. May 24 & 25 7am - 7pm

1238 Ridge Rd.

Hundreds of hostas to choose from! $5 each



22 Maple Ave. Picton Saturday, May 17 8am

2km West of Bloomfield



Some furniture, kitchen items, household goods & books. Something for Everyone

Friday May 16th 2pm - 8pm Sat. May 17th 8am - Noon at 14 Wellington St. Bloomfield Guy stuff & Household Items


Tea & Scones with Heritage Cream Come and browse at

272 Lakview Avenue Wellington Saturday, May 17 & Sunday, May 18 from 10am to 4pm


Sunday Only May 18th 9am - 3pm

Raindate Monday May 19

3 Elizabeth St. (corner of Mary)


May 16, 17, 18, 19 8am - 4:30pm

15087 Loyalist Pkwy Rain or Shine

Lots of perennials including

iris, peony, hosta, day lily, asparagus & rhubarb roots and more. Shrubs including rose of sharon, lilac, roses & raspberry canes, maple seedlings. Garage Sale Goodies as well, household goods & collectibles. BRING A BOX


in support of Bucks & Does Hunting for a Cure Relay for Life Team BBQ & Bake Sale Lots of household items.

May 17th & 18th 8am - 4pm Rain or Shine 13312 Loyalist Pkwy (across from No Frills)


Vintage, home decor, glassware, linens, antique washstand, as well as unique, and big ticket items. Will be held alongside the popular Cherry Valley Women's Institute Pie Sale Rain or Shine No Early Birds Please

Milford Market


Saturdays 9am - 2pm

There’s something for everyone!

Come see the many different vendors and stay for a BBQ!


SATURDAY MAY 24 • 9am to 4pm (rain date May 25)

14011 HIGHWAY #33


Spring Cleaning? Why not put aside those unwanted items that someone else may be able to use and support the legal funds to stop wind turbines in the County. Large donations can be dropped off at 7am the day of the sale at the big barn, 14011 Highway #33, near corner of County Rd 32, or pick up of larger saleable items (no junk or bedding please) can be arranged by emailing Include your name, address, phone number and brief description of item(s). Small items can dropped off at Royal LePage, 104 Main Street Picton from Wednesday May 21 to Friday May 23. Donate and/or come out to the Yard Sale on May 24 and find a treasure. Tickets for the South Marysburgh Heritage House and Winery Tour will be available to purchase at the Yard Sale.


The Picton Gazette


THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

No rest after hosting Dudley Hewitt Cup

Dukes back on ice with development camp this weekend Jason Parks

Staff writer

The Wellington Dukes are back at it this weekend with their annual spring development camp at Essroc Arena. Close to 60 players from all over North America will be in attendance and looking to impress Dukes brass. Head coach and general Manager Marty Abrams said the early camp usually sets up the club's main training camp in August. “This early camp gives us a chance to get some of the evaluating done so we can get right down to business at our late August camp. Players should arrive ready to compete and battle if they want to be recognized and invited back,” he said. Among those looking to impress are 18-year-old forward Nick DeVito who played for the South Kent Selects last season. Another US-Born player looking to make a name for himself is Joseph Deluca who suited up of for the Jersey Hitmen of the United States Premier Hockey League last season. Players are on the ice on

Saturday (10-1 p.m. and 2-5 p.m.) and Sunday (9-12 p.m.) Also of note, the Wellington Dukes are taking part in a spring hockey project called the Central Development Hockey League. In addition to the Wellington prospect club, the nine team loop features prospect clubs from the Central Canadian Junior Hockey League including Cornwall, Nepean, Carlton Place and St. Lazare, Quebec. Last weekend, the Dukes won both their games, taking down the St. Lazare Flyers 4-1 on Saturday and the Carlton Place Canadians 5-4 on Sunday. Shaw Boomhower, 15, leads the Dukes in scoring through two games with four points (two goals + two assists). Wellington will play their home games at the Wally Dever Arena in Belleville and host the Nepean Raiders Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. For a complete schedule, visit the web site /view/cdhl.

PECI Junior Panthers attacker Lydia Snider (foreground) protects the ball against an East Northumberland Blue Dragon during the Panthers’ 2-1 win last week. Coupled with a tie against Trenton and losses to St. Paul and Bayside, the young squad is 1-2-1 on the year and is showing signs of improvement with each game played. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Baseball Panthers mow through league tournament with a pair of lopsided wins

The PECI Baseball Panthers were able to use Monday’s tournament in Melrose as a way to get their younger players involved in all aspects of the game. It appears that learning experience didn’t hurt the squad any when it came to results either. In the first game of the day Monday, the Panthers hammered St. Paul 20-1. Andrew Dayton picked up the win on the mound with both Max Manlow and John McHugh tossing innings in relief. Later in the day, the Pan-

Motorcycle races come to Shannonville

The Vintage Road Racing Association is promising some of the best motorcycle road racing in Ontario May 30-June 1 at the Shannonville Motorsports Park. The opening round race, the Quinte TT will be contested on the fast Pro Track circuit. Practice, race school and endurance racing will take place on the Friday, with heats going Saturday, and the finals Sunday. The feature two-stroke Vintage GP class will be joined by an open class for two-stroke Grand Prix bikes built after 1989. Spectators can see the bikes and meet the riders also. Gates will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 pm. and there will be an entry fee of $25 per person for the weekend, which includes parking, camping and program, or $10 per person per day. Children 12 and under will be admitted for free. -Staff

thers beat the Moira Trojans by a 12-0 mark. Pat McPherson started the game and gave up no hits during his time in the game. Coach Matt Ronan was really pleased with the effort he saw. “Patrick has really come

on as a pitcher these last two years,” he said. “He’s a hard-throwing left hander and I’m sure he could play at the U.S. collegiate level, however he’s been accepted to attend RMC in the fall.” Ronan said Kevin Wil-

son and Dan Seguin were able to come in to pitch in relief that game. Ronan indicated the games were a testament to the amont of depth the team managed to put together. “It was a great opportu-

nity to get our younger guys in the lineup,” he said. “Young players like Matt Dobson and John McHugh showe up every day patiently waiting for an opportunity — today was their day and they impressed,” he said. “This

is a team that is 18 deep with 11 of them in Grades 9 and 10. They work hard during practice and it’s nice to see them come into games and contribute the way they did today.” -Staff


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Pitch, Hit, and Run champs emerge Individual skill and all-around winners advance to sectionals

making contact Hayden Crowe has his eye on the ball as he looks to drive it up the centrefield gap during the Major League Baseball Pitch, Hit, and Run competition in Wellington Saturday. Crowe advanced for his running skill. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)


On a blustery Saturday, young athletes gathered in Wellington for a chance to advance in the Pitch, Hit, and Run competition. There was some spirited competition between Prince Edward County minor baseball players to compete in the Major League Baseball-sanctioned skills competition for a chance to move on to regional competition. Among boys aged 7 and 8, Cooper Norton showed his strength as he won the pitching and hitting competitions and the overall title, while Jordan Doxtator was the fastest player moving around the base paths. The boys aged 9 and 10 division was among the most hotly-contested of the day as three different players took first place in an individual skill. Aaron McCambridge was tops on the mound, Aiden Reddick had the best hit off the tee, and Hayden Crowe won the battle of the base paths. Ultimately, however, it was Reddick who had the highest total score in the division. For boys aged 11 and 12, there wasn’t that much competition, ultimately, as Ben Wells swept the table and won in every category. Among boys aged 13 and 14, Dryden Norton led the way as he was the allaround champion and the top hitter and runner. Johnathon McHugh hit the strike zone the most in the pitching contest.



239 NOrTh FrONT ST. www.bellevillevw.COM

Trendline, heated seats, 48km, $23,,900 + hst



this season. Those competitors who won all-around or individual skills in any age category will get to go to the upcoming sectionals competition for a chance to move on to a competition at the Rogers Centre. All the sectionals winners deemed to be in the Toronto Blue Jays market will be compared and the top three finishers in each category would be invited to the final championships in Toronto.


Open Public Meeting

Tuesday May 22, 7pm Picton Library Factory Farming Impact on Environment, Climate Change and Health Presented by

Pam Armster

For information:  613-503-2253 pam.armster@gmailcom

Prince Edward Farm Animal Rescue

vAlUe ADDeD ON All reMAiNiNG 2013’s

2013 Passat 2.5 Auto Demo - Tungsten silver, blue tooth,

The Wellington Lions Dragon Boat Club is back on the water on West Lake. Interested participants are welcome to try the sport free of charge. Life jackets and paddles are provided. Visit the Beach Street dock on a Monday or Friday at 5:30 p.m. for a chance to participate. No experience is necessary. (Submitted photo)

In the girls’ competition, Sydney Stark was the champion, successfully showing off her skills at pitching and running. Among girls aged 9 and 10, Hannah Crowe will advance as she successfully ran the bases. Rebecca McHugh put herself through to sectionals among girls aged 11 and 12 as she qualified in every category, taking the pitching, hitting, and running competitions locally. No girls aged 13 and 14 entered the competition



Come in and see our full stock of computer parts and printers, external drives, flash memory, keyboards, mice, monitors, tablets and cables. We repair and upgrade all PC and laptop makes and models.

113 Richmond Blvd. Napanee 613.354.2056

2013 CC 2.0T Auto Demo - Three to choose, sportline,

belleville vw 613.966.3333

vented roof, 96km, 83km, 3,000km, $31,900 + hst

TwO POSiTiONS AvAilAble:

Office Assistant required by the Regent Theatre Foundation, full-time for up to 10 weeks with a possible start date of June 23, 2014. Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday or as required. To be eligible for this HRSDC-funded position, applicants must be registered full-time students during the preceding academic year who intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year. Students must be legally entitled to work in Canada and cannot have another full-time summer job. Duties will include assisting in office administration and reception duties. Candidate must be knowledgeable in respect to computer programs (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Power Point) and be able to execute clear communications with sponsors, members, volunteers and general public. live events Assistant required by the Regent Theatre Foundation, full-time for up to 10 weeks

with a possible start date of June 23, 2014. Hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Some weekend hours will be required. To be eligible for this HRSDC-funded position, applicants must be registered full-time students during the preceding academic year who intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year. Students must be legally entitled to work in Canada and cannot have another full-time summer job. Duties are not limited to, but will include assisting with live events, working in the box-office and assisting with marketing. Candidate must be knowledgeable with respect to computer programs (Microsoft Office, Word & Excel,) be able to execute clear communications with sponsors, members, volunteers and general public. Previous retail experience would be considered an asset. Apply no later than Wed. June 4, 2013 by sending a cover letter and resume to: We thank all who apply. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Playtime Come Alive Outside has actively been pro-

moting unstructured play outdoors in Prince Edward County with many promotions, including this soccer field on Elizabeth Street last Canada Day. (Submitted photo)

The Ag & Rural Update is an electronic bulletin that is produced weekly by staff at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, (OMAF), Brighton Resource Centre is distributed free to subscribers. Not all of the information used in this farm calendar is supplied by the electronic bulletin.

Register for Beef Sen$e This 4-H Ontario conference is for youth from ages 18 to 25. Find out from some of the top farmers what it takes to run a successful beef operation. Gain an advantage by learning the importance of beef business management and how it can lead to increased profits. By touring top beef farms in Ontario, you’ll see successful management systems in action. Network with young beef farmers and industry leaders and learn the key elements of a succession plan. The maximum number of participants for this conference is limited to 40. This conference is co-managed with the Beef Farmers of Ontario. The conference registration deadline is July 3, 2014 and the date of the event is August 7 – 9, 2014 at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario. The cost to attend is $125 per person + HST. This includes accommodations, meals, tour travel and resource materials. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. For more information, please visit: May 24 - Almonte Truck and Tractor Pull, 10am – 3:30pm, Almonte Fair Grounds, 195 Water ST., Almonte, ON. Antique Tractors, Farm Tractors & 4X4 Trucks. BBQ put on by the Lanark County 4-H’ers. Admission is $10 per person kids 12 and under is Free if accompanied by an adult. All

proceeds from this event will go to the North Lanark Agricultural Society For more information on the event go to check out the link or call Bryan 613-805-3326.

June 5-8 - Brooklin Spring Fair (Brooklin Agricultural Society), 67 Winchester Rd E, Brooklin, Whitby, ON. Admission Prices Family Day Pass $25.00 (For up to 5 people with a maximum of 2 adults and kids up to 12 years) Adults/Seniors/Students $10.00 Children 5-12 $5.00 Under 5 years of age Free! Parking: Free. From Oshawa and East: Exit the 401 at Thickson Rd. in Whitby. Go north approximately 11 km to Winchester Rd. and turn left onto Winchester Rd. The fairgrounds are a short distance away on your left. For the parking lot turn left on St. Thomas St. just before the fairgrounds. For more information contact Michelle Ratte at 905-655-7093 or email or visit June 12 - Prince Edward Federation of Agriculture Monthly Director Meeting, 7:30-10pm, OPP Office Boardroom, County Rd. 1, (Schoharie Road), Picton. All Welcome! Contact Patti Stacey at 613-476-3842 or email


FOB Trenton as quoted by TRENTON GRAIN Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CORN - $192.00/t NEW CROP CORN - $182.00/t NEW CROP WHEAT - $251.00/t SOYBEANS - $587.00/t NEW CROP SOYBEANS - $462.00/t


Residential and Farm Wiring Farm Generator Sales and Service R.R. 3, Picton 476-4700

DEERHAVEN FARM & GARDEN LTD. The Big Green Machinery Dealer!

896 Bell Blvd. West Belleville, Ontario (613) 962-5021

McKeown Motor Sales


J. H. Anderson Elevators & Farm Supplies Inc.

Buy & Sell Top Prices

Phone: 613-395-3883 Toll Free: 1-800-465-9297 Fax: 613-395-2652


50 lb bag


179 Talbot St. Picton 613-476-7507 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-12pm

tial display and learned about the benefits of getting unplugged and going outside. The display received acclaim and garnered four awards for its design and construction. As the nicer weather arrives on the home front, Come Alive Outside will move back into full swing with activities promoting unstructured play and reconnecting with nature. Come Alive Outside and the Prince Edward County Soccer Association are starting the second year of an adult soccer league, the family play area for Canada Day will return, and more programs are planned. The movement has also created the Come Alive Outside Book of Games, which was distributed to more than 13,000 people in Chicago recently. For more information on Come Alive Outside, local programs, and how to get involved, contact facilitators Scott Wentworth at or Sarah Walker at, or visit their web site at -Staff

Century 21

Sales Representatives

476-6597 RR 2 Picton


Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage Full Service Family Team


Steer Show Entries Poulan Pro Rear Tine Poulan Pro Front Tine Tiller Tiller 24" tilling 17" tilling width width 208cc engine 208cc engine reg $899.99


The efforts of Come Alive Outside to lead cultural change in Prince Edward County are being noticed. In June 2011, the County was the first community in North America to declare itself a Come Alive Outside community and since, it has hosted numerous outdoor events to promote healthy, active living. That movement came about following a disturbing trend of statistics, including a rise in anti-depressants and stimulants prescribed to youth and a finding in the New England Journal of Medicine that suggests for the first time in two centuries the current generation of children in North America will have a shorter life expectancy than that of their parents. Landscape Ontario, the provincial green industry trade association (the largest of its kind in North America) noticed the success of Come Alive Outside and asked one of its chief proponents, the Scott Wentworth Landscape Group, to design its 2,200 square foot display at Canada Blooms and to feature the Come Alive Outside messaging used in the county as its theme. More than 200,000 people visited the experien-

Kevin, Tamara, Jason, Sandy Young

Spring Brook, Ont. K0K 3C0 Parts, Service & Sales


Come Alive Outside message spreading beyond community

Prince Edward Cattlemen’s Association

12th Annual Steer Show Picton Fair September 6th, 2014

reg $549.99









Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller 17" tilling width 205cc engine reg $999.99




38 Cold Storage Rd., Picton 613-476-2171 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-4pm

Open to Residents of Prince Edward County Steers born in 2013 Finished weight 1100-1400 lbs Entries must be in by May 30th Entry Forms Available at Picton Animal Hospital or contact


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Beautiful Hanging Baskets, Planters & Garden Flowers

Open Monday-Friday 8-7 Saturday & Sundays 8-5 1955 Cty Rd 7, Milford



A lush, green lawn is coveted by many current and wouldbe homeowners. Not only can a beautiful landscape make a home feel more welcoming, but it also increases the resale value of a property. Frequent watering, proper fertilization, pest management, and mowing are all essential components of lawn maintenance. But there is more to those beautiful blades of grass than just aesthetic appeal. The following

nty The Cou

Fast facts about grass

are some interesting facts about grass that even the most devoted lawn enthusiasts might be surprised to learn. * Grass is defined as any plant of the family Gramineae, a group of vascular plants that grow across the globe. * There are as many as 10,000 varieties of grass in the world. These range from grass to rice to wheat to bamboo.

* Many grasses are annual or perennial herbs with fibrous roots and rhizomes. * Grass can withstand many different climates and has been discovered at the North Pole and at the equator. * Twenty percent of Earth's vegetation is comprised of grass. * Grasses have been transformed into paper and home decor items. Bamboo, which is a type of grass, is frequently used for flooring be-




Red • Black • Cedar

Top Soil • Gravel • Trucking Retaining Walls • Septic Systems Backhoe & Dozer • Mini Excavator




• • • • • •

We do all concrete work! Call us!

Stampe d Concre te the b est paving syste m by f ar


Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm Sat. & Sun. 8am-6pm

Reg & Paula Kelly, Owners Tel: 613-476-3065

Fax: 613-476-2293

Dale & Sharon Hegadorn 1169 County Rd 8 RR#4 Picton


Installtion & Service

P.O. Box 6130 Picton, ON K0K 2T0


n Fam a rm

y il



92 Talbot St. Picton • Award-Winning Landscape Architecture & Design • Residential & Commercial Landscape • Property Maintenance Services

ASAP Mowing

14 years experience

Residential & Commercial In Ground Sprinkler Systems Design

Stamped Concrete Landscaping Driveways Sidewalks Patios Excavating

Serving Prince Edward County and Surrounding Area Pruning, Tree Removal, Hedging, Bracing & Cabling, Storm Damage, Deep-Root Fertilizing, Planting, Consultations.

1217 County Rd. 1, Bloomfield




Now taking orders for

• Lawn Maintenance • Flower Beds Schedule • Pruning, etc. Your Spring • Free Estimates Cleanup

cause it is durable and sustainable. * Grass is mostly comprised of water, which makes up about 80 percent of grass and 90 percent of grass clippings. * A typical lawn will have about six grass plants per square inch. Some lawns may have millions of grass plants. * The average lawn releases enough oxygen to sustain four families of four.

GARDEN CENTRE Fresh plants arriving every week!



• Mulches & Soils • Granulars • Riverstone • Peastone • Natural & Interlocking Stone • Pick-up or Delivery

Annuals • Vegetables Herbs • Geraniums Hanging Pots • Sleeves Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm 2079 Fry Road, Picton, ON K0K 2T0


EXTENDED HOURS STARTING MAY 20TH Mon-Fri 8am-8pm Sat 8am-6pm Sun 9am-5pm


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014



JUNE 5 – 29


A stormy adventure – Shakespeare’s final play

by Dave Freeman Hilarious chaos in a run-down hotel.


JULY 3 – 27

A comedy about friendship and infidelity




by Norm Foster Sequel to The Foursome. New Story. New characters! 206 KING W PRESCOTT, ON







JULY 8 & 9


A Comedy of Unlikely Friendship JUNE 20 – JULY 19


A Musical Romantic Comedy

JULY 16 & 17


JULY 23 & 24




Jon Kimura Parker (Pianist)

MAY 23


JULY 23 – 26



Written by Mel Brooks A down on his luck producer comes up with a plan to make more money by putting on the worst Broadway Musical the world has ever seen. With 12 Tony Awards including the Tony triple crown of best Musical, Book and Score, The Producers is a perfect summer musical that promises to be an equal opportunity offender. Viewer discretion is advised.






JULY 13 – AUG 24

Grammy winning guitarist!

Theatre, music, comedy, storytelling, cabaret!




JULY 22 – AUG 2

Laugh out loud fun!

An award-winning dark comedy




AUG 1 – 24



Awesome Eagles tribute!

DISCOVER THE BEST IN LIVE THEATRE For complete theatre listings and to plan your trip, visit THEGREATWATERWAY.COM


Live theatre for kids and their grown ups!

Prince Edward County’s



WELLINGTON BUILDING LOT A premium end lot in Wellington`s Lakebreeze development. Build your new home here in an area of upscale housing. Easy walk to downtown and close to the millenium trail. Full municipal services available. Call Carol. Asking $62,000 MLS 2133820 Call CAROL BROUGH, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or






LAKEBREEZE CRT WELLINGTON 3 plus bedrm home, nice size lot, walkable to all amenities. Close to beaches, parks & schools. Lg bright living rm, fieldstone gas fireplace. Great kitchen, bright eating area looking over millennium trail. 3 baths, lg family rm, fireplace. On demand water system, air conditioning. Single car garage, entrance to finished basement. Call to view. Asking $289,000 MLS#®2142989 GEORGE REID, Broker 613-399-2134


uinte Isle® Real Estate Inc. Brokerage

Almost new, completely remodeled 2 story home. Granite kitchen, floors redone, gas fireplace, new furnace and central air, some new windows. New siding has been ordered! Double lot, beautifully landscaped, double garage. Perfect location for home based business. $269,000 MLS 2142663 HERB PLIWISCHKIES, Sales Rep

cell 613-921-7441 613-476-5399

Call CAROL BROUGH, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or



A SAILORS PARADISE Lovely views, all day sun, view of Prinyer's Cove. The panoramic window wall dominates this well constructed & beautifully maintained home. Open concept living area facing the water, custom kitchen w/island, dining area, living room, cosy propane fireplace & walk-out to deck area. Main floor master bedroom, 3 pc. bath. Spacious upper sleeping areas reached by an open stairwell & balcony overlooking panoramic windows in the living area. 2 guest bedrooms on upper level, 3pc bath, Jacuzzi tub. Lower level family room, propane fireplace, office area, 2 pc powder room & patio doors to water side. Double, detached garage, lots of parking for your guests. Asking $364,900 MLS 2142016



NILES ST. WELLINGTON All brick 4 plex. Each unit contains 2 bedrms, 4 pc bath, lg eat in kitchen, laundry hook ups, bright livingrm. Lg lot, paved parking lot, next to tennis courts. Walkable to all amenities. Asking $369,000 MLS# ®2142900 SHARON ARMITAGE, Broker of Record 613-399-2134

Call LORI SLIK, Sales Rep 613-471-1708


cell 613-921-7441 613-476-5399


uinte Isle® Real Estate Inc. Brokerage

All-season, private retreat among mature trees & perennial gardens on the shores of Long Reach. Totally renovated in 2010 by Elliott Sage, comfortable cottage lifestyle living. Spacious, bright, 4 bedroom, custom-designed home. Expansive decks, private gardens. 2 full levels of generous living space for a family. No-traffic, no noise zone, secluded property on a private, well-maintained, all season lane shared with 6 other properties. Minutes to Picton and easy, quick access to Highway 401. $749,900 MLS 2142988



Magical and serene nature lovers paradise. This Geertsma built home situated on a 105` private sandy beach is your dream retirement home. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout. Impeccably maintained 2 bedrooms up and 1 down. Master bedroom ensuite c/v, c/a, fireplace, open concept! mixed trees on a gently sloping lot. wildlife galore! MLS 2142853



LINDA MIDDLETON, Broker of Record/Owner 613-476-7800

ZONING FOR 13 PERSON LIVING The current use is providing a good family income, but transforming this historic gem into an Inn or similar usage would truly make this a Destination Location. $569,000 for this great investment property. MLS 2142870

Prince Edward County Realty Inc. Brokerage

98 Main Street, Picton, ON


Thursday, May 15, 2014


Call GAIL FORCHT, Broker or SHANNON WARR-HUNTER, Sales Rep Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587


1710 CTY RD 5, SOPHIASBURGH SUNDAY 11:00 TO 1:00 $324,900 MLS 2140345

Call PAT BENSON-MOORE, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or

Call ELIZABETH CROMBIE, Sales Representative 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096


29 FERGUSON STREET Stately renovated 4 bedrm home, gorgeous in-town lot. Plenty of room for guests & entertaining, lg principal rooms. Master oasis on 3rd level, fireplace, balcony, skylights, ensuite, soaker tub, separate shower, heated floors. 9’ ceilings throughout. Laundry on 2nd floor doubles as guest room or can be moved back to the basement. Full-height basement for dry storage, workshop or hobbies, wide staircase. Big country kitchen, granite counters, solid wood cabinets, wainscotting. Plenty of original character. Walk to everything in town. $448,000 MLS 2143000

Call GAIL FORCHT, Broker or SHANNON WARR-HUNTER, Sales Rep Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587





Call ELIZABETH CROMBIE, Sales Representative 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096



cell 613-921-7441 613-476-5399

Spacious country bungalow on a quiet road, 10 minutes out of Picton. Perfect for a family, large yard (1.8 acres), 3 good sized bedrooms, lg recroom. Beautiful kitchen, new 2006, main bath renovated 2010, new roof (30yr shingles) 2012, new propane furnace 2014! Pellet stove 2010 in rec room. Nice and sunny, lg windows, sliding patio doors to deck with view of East Lake! $219,000 MLS 2142962

Call MARY JANE MILLS, Broker 613-476-5900 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5900

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! On the edge of Picton, backing on the Macauley Mountain Conservation Area, this 1200 square foot brick & stone bungalow with COMMERCIAL ZONING offers an infinite number of opportunities. The garage was set up as a body & paint shop in the past and should hold up to 8 cars with a lean-to and fenced-in compound. 250 feet of road exposure. The home boasts a large deck, mature trees, a pond, walkout basement, 2 fireplaces and newer windows. $350,000 MLS 2135977

Call MARK GARDINER, Sales Rep Office: 613-476-2700 Cell:613-391-5588

SUN MAY 18 1-3 PM

1800 COUNTY ROAD 15, NORTHPORT ROAD $799,000 This elegant country farmhouse circa 1860 offers seclusion, comfort, meandering walking paths, pasture fields and waterfront. 450 feet of natural shoreline on the Bay of Quinte. Limestone patio overlooks 12 acres of pastoral views. Totally renovated with 2 fireplaces. A natural retreat! MLS®2133542

Terrific location for this commercial/ residential property. Century brick with ample parking and detached garage. 1 bedroom currently rented. Core commercial allows almost any commercial operation. Lower level vacant, easy to show. $339,000 MLS 2142830 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE



21 MAIN ST, PICTON SUNDAY 1:30 TO 3:00 $299,000 MLS 2135824

SAT MAY 17 1-3 PM

14 ARGYLE CRESCENT, PICTON $359,000 Located in quiet neighbourhood in a desired location this 3 bedroom family home has been lovingly maintained. Comfortable living with lovely hardwood floors and lots of cozy wood. Features main floor laundry, fireplace in family room, master bedroom with walk in closet and ensuite. Paved drive with double garage and large garden shed. MLS®2140685

Spacious, energy efficient, thoughtful design. 4 bedroom, 3 bath stone home. High ceilings, custom tile work. Chef`s dream kitchen, walk-in pantry, commercial Jenn-Air range, working island, desk area, Quartz counters. Huge veranda, covered patio. Incredible Master suite, 5 pc ensuite, dream closet! 2nd level laundry. Radiant in-floor heating + central air, R60 insulation (Arxx). 70 ac, private oasis of wildlife, seasonal creek, rolling hills & limestone, trails to tour the forest & meadows, fruit trees, concord grapes! $888,000 MLS 2142746

With the real estate market heating up,

Check out my sizzling listings on page 10 of this section! KEVIN GALE, Sales Rep cell 613-476-1874 H. 613-242-7295 C.


CHRISTINE & COLIN HENDEN, Broker & Sales Rep Tel: 613-922-2251

QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5900 302 MAIN ST. BLOOMFIELD Circa 1890. Spacious twostorey home, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, unfinished 3rd floor. Great location for vacation rentals could be purchased furnished. $329,000 MLS #2141368


RE/2 f THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014


Picturesque two acre lot featuring two road frontages in the charming South Marysburgh community. Waterviews over South Bay. Located across from Mariner’s Park with it’s historic lighthouse. Minutes to the Village of Milford, many local wineries, and the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area. $63,000 MLS 2137065 Liz Jones*

New 3 bdrm Northland trailer (2013) in lovely park on East Lake in Prince Edward County. Minutes drive to Sand Banks Provincial Park, local wineries, antique shops, quaint villages & birding. Pristine condition, includes all existing furnishings & appliances, window coverings, lighting, A/C & TV. On a quiet lane away from playground, waterviews of East Lake. Full length decking, storage shed. $73,900 MLS 2142531 Liz Jones*

Private Country Building Lot near Milford with 38 acres of Land - Zoned RU1 this opportunity offers great opportunity! Notable feature include a seasonal creek and blasted well installed on the property. Topography of the land comprises of mature and softwood bush. A hidden gem to be discovered in South Marysburgh! $129,000 MLS 2142393 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

Great opportunity with spectacular views! Build your dream home here among substantial County homes. 4.8 picturesque acres close to Picton or to Long Point beaches. Ideal for those who appreciate nature, wildlife and great birding! One-of-a-kind… $139,000 MLS 2141952 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Right out of Mother Goose! Utterly charming renovated home on the edge of Milford just perfect as a weekend retreat! Main floor master, upgraded kitchen and bath and generous sitting room. Main floor laundry. Heat the whole house with the new propane stove, or use baseboard heaters. Two charming terraces for summer entertaining, too! $169,000 MLS 2143005 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Level South Bay waterfront lot perfect for swimming. The most amazing cove to kayak or canoe, explore the bluffs just around the corner. 3 season family trailer on the property. Fantastic retreat from the daily grind. Propane & solar set-up, pump for drawing water from the lake. Includes deck, BBQ & dock. Ready for you and the family for summer! $169,000 MLS 2142587 Gail Forcht**

Spectacular sunsets from this lovely waterfront lot. Great fishing and boating. Driveway is in and hydro to lot line. Asking $196,500 MLS 2142585 Peter Lynch

Private waterfront oasis- sandy beach, 60’ dock, pristine family trailer lg sunroom & deck. Solar power system, water line from lake, propane furnace, appliances. A true `getaway` to enjoy with the whole family - excellent swimming for children with shallow gradual shore. Minutes to the Black River Cheese Factory, farm stands, wineries etc. $198,000 MLS 2142752 Gail Forcht**

Newly severed lot in the village of Wellington. Waterfront on West Lake, municipal water & sewer hookup to lot line. Shared driveway with the western lot & driving access to water’s edge to launch your boat. Views of the sand dunes & boating access to the Sandbanks Provincial Park. $199,000 MLS 2142114 Lori Slik*

Beautiful red Victorian awaits your special touch. Ideally located on a quiet culde-sac, easy stroll of the shops and cafes on Main Street. Graciously scaled rooms, eat-in kitchen, lg family room, formal dining & living rms. Lg master plus second bedroom & hall bath on 2nd level. Main floor laundry & guest bath. $259,000 MLS 2141875 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Outstanding value in one of Picton’s most coveted neighbourhoods! Appealing sidesplit offers excellent principal rooms, generous family room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. No need for a cottage: enjoy the inground pool, pool house, fenced garden and charming gazebo. community of substantial newly-built properties. $274,000 MLS 2141612 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Great opportunity to own over 22 acres in a picturesque rural setting! Ideally located only minutes to Picton and just a short drive to Highway 401. Level farmland to build your dream home and enjoy all that nature has to offer. $89,000 MLS 2135030 Sarah Scott*


5.2 ac lot on County Road 8 which connects Picton to Cressy. Rolling terrain, mature trees, opportunity to create your own home on a site of your choice, beautiful vistas all around. Among some of Prince Edward County’s most significant properties. Established well, hydro access. $85,000 MLS 2142768 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


$188,000 MLS 2142251 Gail Forcht**



Great opportunity to own an investment property in the heart of Bloomfield, quiet street. Hardwood floors, original tin ceilings, modern kitchen, great open concept living room with fireplace and a cozy den. Close to Picton and ten minutes to Sandbanks Provincial Park, this house is a must see! $215,000 MLS 2142966 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

Panoramic waterfront views on a large lot. Private lane to the property offers additional peace and quiet. Totally renovated 4 season cottage with great room for family gatherings. 2 full baths, 4 bedrms, laundryroom, woodstove, great water for swimming & boating. Wonderful private retreat and great seasonal rental. $288,000 MLS 2140429 Gail Forcht**

Waterfront retreat, outstanding views & sunsets. Well-built home on a generous lot above the treed private waterfront setting below. Easy access to owned waterfront. Great location, close to Lake-on-the-Mountain, vineyards, restaurants & marinas. New garage with an insulated bunkie, year-round living or wonderful getaway property. $298,000 MLS 2141804 Gail Forcht**



In-town living at its finest! 1.5 story 3 bedroom home with an abundance of charm. Home has undergone many renovations including all new bathrooms, great open concept kitchen with eating area, newly painted and some new flooring. WETT certified woodstove provides for a great source of heat throughout the home! $212,000 MLS 2142312 Sarah Scott*

Betty Burns Justine Deluce Gail Forcht Laurie Gruer

Office Manager Sales Representative

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Sales Representative

Sprawling 52 Ac / 1200’ Waterfront. Enchanting property is a special offering, a chance to recapture the pleasures of life. 2 Storey Building, 13 sleeping quarters, barn inspired workshop, partial footprints of infrastructure; cabins, water shed, hydro, lanes & trails. Pristine shoreline on Prince Edward Bay, panoramic views. Located east of Waupoos Winery, total privacy, easy access to town and the heart of artisan culture in the county on your doorstep. $1,595,000. MLS 2140231 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*


1.3 ac waterfront lot, quiet road, surrounded by prestigious executive homes. On Bay of Quinte, a boaters paradise, deep water. Gateway to Lake Ontario. Dug well and septic. Boat house in need of repair. No other lots in this area available for sale. Build your dream home in one of the most sought after areas in Prince Edward County. Exclusive $325,000 MLS 2142275 Lori Slik*

Liz Jones Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Rob Plomer Duane Russell Sarah Scott Sam Simone

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Chestnut Park  Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

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Catherine Deluce Chair & Founder

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Richard Stewart LLB

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43 Main Street, Picton ON K0K 2T0

Office: 613.471.1708 Toll Free: 1.877.471.1708

THURSDAY, TMAY 15, 2014 f RE/3


Impeccably located 4-bedroom home steps from the lake, shops, cafes & schools. Great condition! Huge addition provides lg family room, powder room, den/office with direct access from outside. Sun-porch for summer afternoons. Master suite plus 3 more bedrooms. Designer`s own home. $329,000 MLS 2141819 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

End of Point waterfront lot overlooking the historic GAP as well as spectacular view of Lake Ontario. 276 feet of pebble and rock shelf beach. 6-8 feet of clay loam over bedrock. `The` place to build your dream home! $339,000 MLS 2140896 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

OWNER MUST SELL!!! Beautiful views over Prince Edward Bay! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open concept dining-living family room, den, walk out screened porch . Lower family-recreational room, bathroom, wet-bar facilities and large walkout. Access to water at the foot of your driveway! $349,000 MLS 2140246 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

Spacious 19th Century brick home, renovated and updated. Large principal rooms, eat-in kitchen, separate dining room. Deck, pergola, limestone patio, rolling farmland. Recent renovations to suit a B&B; separate master loft bedroom, 3 pce ensuite. Prime location, minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park in Cherry Valley. NOW $349,000 MLS 2137253 Gail Forcht**

Stately Century home, triple brick, fabulous original faux grained finished wide baseboards, built ins, door & trim. Upgraded with care & attention to maintain its period integrity. Lg country sized kitchen, built-in pantry. 2-3 piece baths, spacious master bedroom with 2 piece ensuite. Back staircase to a suite. Ideal for a B&B. $358,000 MLS 2141840 Gail Forcht**

Amazing space in great Picton neighbourhood close to schools, parks & yacht club. Very lg lot, great 2-storey carriage house plus single garage. House has 5 bedrms, one on the main floor, 2 full baths, main floor laundry, lg storage area at rear of main floor. Amazing natural light throughout! $345,000 MLS 2141742 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY MAY 17 11:30AM - 1PM 100 BRIDGE STREET , PICTON $358,000 MLS 2142168 Gail Forcht**




Gorgeous waterfront lot on West Lake in the quaint community of Sheba`s Island! Facing west, beautiful sunsets, improved shoreline with steel seawall. Beautifully treed, nicely landscaped, natural gas available. 103` clean shoreline ideal for swimming & boating. Minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park. $325,000 MLS 2141304 Lori Slik*

Just what you’ve been looking for: a perfect in-town bungalow in a great location! 3 Bedrooms on the main floor plus two more in the lower level! Beautiful garden with a wonderful tulip tree! Hardwood floors, new kitchen and 3 full baths. Walk to everything! $359,000 MLS 2142226 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Wonderful restored Victorian in terrific location! Designer’s own home, done with flair and panache and full of character and charm. Spectacular main floor features double parlours, renovated kitchen, huge dining room and cozy den with woodstove. Perfect set up for guest suite on main floor. Big screened porch too for summer evenings. $369,000 2142445 Laurie Gruer, Sam Simone, Monica Klingenberg

Waterviews of the Bay of Quinte from this updated bungalow near Belleville. Beautiful acre lot with mature gardens privacy, and fruit trees. The backyard oasis includes an inground pool and hot tub! 3 bedroom home with fully finished basement, eat in kitchen and hardwood floors. Great family home in the County but minutes to Belleville’s amenities. $375,000. MLS 2140513 Liz Jones*

Comfortable country living, everything you need on main floor plus more! Hardwood floors, high ceilings, lots of windows. Lg master, 4 pc ensuite, walk-in closet, walk-out to deck. Private landscaped backyard. Main floor laundry. Open concept kitchen, dining & great room, propane fireplace. Partially finished lower level, room for hobbies, storage. Covered porches! 2 bedrooms upstairs, full bath, sitting area. Added bonus income earning Solar panels. Close to Picton & Black River, Waupoos. $373,000 MLS 2142647 Gail Forcht**

Century home, steps to downtown Picton. Generous room sizes, eat-in kitchen, dining room with pressed tin ceiling. Hardwood floors, verandah, detached garage. Private back garden, perennials, deck. Master bedroom, ensuite, walk-in closet/dressing room. Designed for home-based office, B&B or in-law potential. Park nearby. $373,800 MLS 2141079 Gail Forcht**

Opportunity! Build your dream home on this spectacular 8.5 ac escarpment-like property minutes from Picton! 1,374 ft Long Reach waterfront. 3-season cabin at water`s edge, hydro & propane. Surveyed building envelope offers incomparable south & east views. $379,000 MLS 2142071 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

310 ft by 3 ac prime waterfront land, clear of trees, level to the lake! Waterfront is completely accessible - no stairs needed. Private road off County Rd 7 on Adolphus Reach just past Lake on the Mountain. 15 minutes from Picton. 310 ft pebble beach waterfront faces north-west on Bay of Quinte. Total lot size of 8.9 ac. $395,000 MLS 2142003 Peter Lynch*

Village of Wellington, own your own business or give your current business great exposure. Over 1500 sq ft of space, 1/2 acre lot on municipal services, zoning highway commercial with a diversity of options. Wellington is a hot spot to be in the summer months. A great opportunity to work in Prince Edward County & live the dream. $425,000 MLS 2142744 Lori Slik*

125+ ft sandy waterfront. Home features floor-to-ceiling windows on 2.2 ac. Great room, cathedral ceiling, loft master bedroom. 2 bedrooms on main level. Finished lower level, 10` ceilings. Insulated & heated bunkie with a belvedere. Deck, propane BBQ hookup, hot tub. Sheltered cove, sandbar, private beach. $487,000 MLS 2140023 Gail Forcht**

Absolutely meticulous executive home, completely upgraded and decorated. Just move in! Perfect auxiliary building ideal as guest house or studio. Spectacular 2-acre property features stunning stone walls and a private stone courtyard adjacent to the house. An absolute gem! $489,000 MLS 2142041 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


Calling all nature lovers! On the marsh, canal access to West Lake, immaculate bungalow, beautiful views, tranquil setting. 3-bedroom home, water views from almost every room, fully-finished lower level with walk-out to patio. Main level features newly renovated kitchen, gleaming hardwood floors, a gas fireplace and walk-out to deck overlooking the water. This could all be yours for $439,000 MLS 2142760 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Waterfront opportunity on Sheba’s Island! Beautifully-maintained 3-bedroom house, full lower level, walk-outs to the lake. Updated kitchen, furnace & appliances. Lovely front gardens, interesting slope to the dock & seawall. Don’t miss this affordable waterfront property in one of the County’s great locations! $482,000 2142257 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Betty Burns Justine Deluce Gail Forcht Laurie Gruer

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Liz Jones Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Rob Plomer Duane Russell Sarah Scott Sam Simone

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43 Main Street, Picton ON K0K 2T0

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RE/4 f THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014



Secluded bungalow on Glenora Road for under $500,000! New kitchen 2014, master with ensuite bath, double garage, separate heated workshop. Fullyfinished lower level, walk-out to Picton Bay. Wonderful views, your own dock! Move right in – or take this one to the next level! Terrific investment! $495,000 MLS 2142956 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Acadian style waterfront retreat, shore of Smith`s Bay. Secluded mature lot, views of Waupoos island, 10 mins from Picton, close to Black River Cheese Factory. Yearround log cottage, fully renovated & upgraded. Main floor `keeping room`, traditional wood stove, incorporates living/dining area/chef`s kitchen. Lg 3-season screened porch, 2 decks, spectacular views. Lower level 2 bedrooms, den, 2nd wood stove. Bunkie used as exercise room, garden. $498,000 MLS 2142611 Gail Forcht**

24 acr right on Lake Ontario! Stunning waterfront, incomparable vistas! 10-yr old house built by Ron Kerr and perfect for a family. 2 fully-finished levels with walkouts, decks, sprawling lawns. Terrific master-suite and enormous family room with games room adjacent. Double garage, too. Ideal weekend retreat or full-time home! $499,000 MLS 2142490 Laurie Gruer*, Monica Klingenberg*, Sam Simone*

20 ac great vistas just minutes from Picton! Stunning executive home ideal for lg family or multiple generations. 5 bedrms with ensuites, state-of-the-art mechanicals, wonderful natural light. House takes full advantage of rolling terrain & open fields. Lower level could work well as separate suite. $510,000 MLS 2141766 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


Calling All Sailors! Spectacular Waterfront Home Right on Prinyers Cove, Offering Beautiful Light-Filled Spaces And Lots Of Accommodation. Dramatic Loft-Style Master Bedroom With Stellar Views! Sunroom And Screened Porch Offer Perfect Spaces For Waterside Relaxation. Full Lower Level With Walkouts, Great Storage And A Huge Family Room! Ideal Family Cottage Or Full-Time Home. Bring Your Boat! $499,000 MLS 2142354 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Opportunity! Busy well-established convenience store, high-visibility location adjacent to LCBO. Catch traffic headed to the beach! Currently features Ontario Lottery, ATM, dry-cleaning drop off, convenience, grocery items. Sale includes store, 3-bedroom bungalow, lg detached garage for storage. Anti-theft security systems. $549,000 MLS 2141992 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

SATURDAY, MAY 17 11AM-1PM 3513 COUNTY ROAD 3, AMELIASBURGH $549,000 MLS 2140539 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*



Big, bold and beautiful! Perfect country retreat for a big family: lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, many nooks and crannies for reading, games or projects. Ideal for canoes on the pond or strolls to the Bistro! Thirdfloor studio with spectacular views. A house full of sunshine! $499,000 MLS 2142318 Laurie Gruer*, Monica Klingenberg*, Sam Simone*

5 bedrm, 3 bath waterfront home on West Lake, minutes to Sandbanks Provincial Park, boat ride to Sand dunes. Good swimmable walk in waterfront, lg wharf, retaining wall with board walk & boat house. Impeccable interior, dining rm, living rm, 12’ ceilings. Covered deck. Master bedrm, ensuite, walk in closet, private balcony. $599,000 MLS 2142134 Lori Slik*

A perfect package: charming renovated Century home on a beautiful waterfront with its own guest house, stunning pool, & historical brick outbuilding just waiting to be a studio! Spectacular Bay of Quinte views from decks & terraces. Easy access to Picton & 401. Splendid opportunity! $599,000 2142078 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

One of the County’s most significant properties - refined & redolent of this area’s history. Built in 1875, completely restored, triple-gabled farmhouse, featured in several publications. Gracious reception rooms, family kitchen, 4 bedrooms (sequestered master suite), main floor family room, several outbuildings, handsome barn. Ideal weekend retreat or full-time County home, Three Gables is an opportunity not to be missed! $599,000 MLS 2142755 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Custom built home, 2.73 ac, approx. 190` waterfront East Lake. 11 sets of French doors, double-hung windows. Enclosed sunroom, screened in front porch. Open concept living rm, propane fireplace, kitchen & dining area. Spacious deck overlooking water. Lower level walkout to poured patio. 3 car garage. Lg outbuilding. $625,000 MLS 2141814 Gail Forcht**

“Once upon a time...” Welcome to this enchanting country property minutes from Picton. 126 diverse and interesting acres. Beautifully restored classic farmhouse featured in several publications. Offers 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, beautiful reception rooms and upgraded services. Charming bunkie/studio and an outstanding barn, upgraded and enhanced for a variety of uses. Your perfect “County Retreat” $649,000 MLS 2142030 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Right out of a magazine! Beautifully-restored Picton residence, great scale & original character. Bay windows, high ceilings, French doors, transoms, hardwood & pine floors. Spectacular gardens, much-admired carriage house. One of Picton’s finest homes, featured on house & garden tours. $679,000 MLS 2141997 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Level waterfront living, walk to Picton! Custom built home, picturesque setting nestled in towering trees. Lg principal rooms, wall-to-wall views of waterfront. Master bdrm, 5 pc ensuite, double closets, balcony. Formal living & dining rooms, crown mouldings. Great room, wood fireplace. Main floor library/office, separate entrance, private bath, perfect space for home office/studio or nanny suite potential. 3 car attached garage, huge workshop. Prestigious Glenora Rd! $695,000 MLS 2142371 Liz Jones*

Overlooking the Bay of Quinte, waterfront Century farm house exudes charm. Enter the gracious foyer from the wrap-around porch & you are surrounded by beautifully maintained original wood details. Modern eat-in granite kitchen, butler's pantry, formal living & dining, large family room & updated baths. Radiant heat in many rooms, laundry room on bedroom level. Much to be appreciated here. $700,000 MLS 2141036 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*



Magnificent estate, 34 ac, mature trees, sprawling country vistas! Over 3,000 sq ft living space. All bedrooms offer attractive views. Main level master bedroom, walk in closet, ensuite. Architectural detailing infused throughout, '19th century - country home' feeling. Secondary building, heated workshop, studio & office. $749,000 MLS 2142254 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

All-season, private retreat among mature trees & perennial gardens on the shores of Long Reach. Totally renovated 2010 by Elliott Sage, comfortable cottage lifestyle living. Spacious, bright, 4 bedroom, custom-designed home. Expansive decks, private gardens. 2 full levels of living space for a family. No-traffic, no noise zone, secluded property on a private, well-maintained, all season lane shared with 6 other properties. Minutes to Picton, easy, quick access to Hwy 401. $749,900 MLS 2142988 Lori Slik*

Betty Burns Justine Deluce Gail Forcht Laurie Gruer

Office Manager Sales Representative

Chief Operating Office Broker of Record


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Spectacular opportunity in the heart of Prince Edward County! Handsome log house privately sited on 8 ac, spring fed pond. Income from 2 charming cottages rented month to month. Lg commercial building on the Parkway, purpose built as a brewery, immense potential for other uses. Reinvent yourself here! $799,000 MLS 2141924 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Liz Jones Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Rob Plomer Duane Russell Sarah Scott Sam Simone

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Chestnut Park  Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

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Catherine Deluce Chair & Founder

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Richard Stewart LLB

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43 Main Street, Picton ON K0K 2T0

Office: 613.471.1708 Toll Free: 1.877.471.1708

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/5


The Time To Buy Is Now The Place to Look Is In

OPEN HOUSE 89 West Mary Street, Picton

The Picton

Gorgeous century home in Picton with spacious rooms, hardwood floors, big eat-in kitchen and amazing yard with perennials. Formal dining room has original tin ceiling and separate entrance, could be your home business office. Just steps away from the centre of town and all amenities.

The Painted Peppercorn is a successful restaurant in the downtown core of historic Picton. The creative menu has made this a popular eatery for 9 years. Continue as a restaurant or evolve the location into a wine bar, a tapas bar, or a café. 28 person seating plus a 28 person patio, transferrable liquor license, lots of parking. You get: the business (equipment, furniture and good will), AND owned commercial space in a prime location – all for the amazingly low price of $145,900! Call for further details! MLS 14601414

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$373,800 MLS 2141079





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Perfect deep water mooring on the highly coveted 'Prinyers Cove', with over 700ft of waterfront and 6.32 acres. The park-like setting boasts majestic hardwood trees and the ultimate in privacy. One large cottage with vaulted ceilings and a screened in verandah, reminiscent of the Muskokas, built in Copy Copy 1946 and 2 smaller cottages plus a permanent dock to bring your yacht to Water view lot with municipal services overlooking West Lake. Close to or moor just off the shore. The ultimate in peace and quiet, yet close to vinetown Beach and Wellington centre. House presently rented. With some yards, restaurants and 20 minutes to Picton. This property is also potentially TLC it could be a great seasonal rental until you are ready to build your severable. For over 1/2 a century has been a special place for extended dream home. $143,800 MLS 2141900 Gail Forcht** family to come and reunite. $637,000. MLS 2141268 Gail Forcht** website website

Copy Much-admired County landmark in the heart of Picton! Impeccably restored Colonial

Revival classic is featured in “The Settler’s Dream” & other publications. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, exquisite period detail, 2 staircases, splendid entrance hall with fireplace, expansive veranda's & balconies, a recently-built carriage house. Unique opportunity! $929,000 MLS 2142432 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


An enchanting spacious & updated century home, 24 acres and over 600 ft of waterfront on Adolphus Reach. The home boasts a marvelous veranda, tin ceilings, 2 staircases, pine and hardwood floors, original trim, and french style Copy windows in the 1860's part of the house. This property is perfect for a retreat, B&B or special place for your family and friends. Finished and insulated space in the historic barn would make an excellent studio. Numerous outbuildings. Stairs to the Muskoka-like shore where you can spend time swimming or watching the boats go by from your private deck. The possibilities are endless with potential to sever. $968,000. MLS 2140361 Gail Forcht**


Copy Heart of Waupoos, close to Vineyards, Wineries & Cider Company. 6.8 ac, over 500’ waterfront, views to open water & Waupoos island. Wrap around verandah, lg windows & walkouts! Custom built home, 12” walls, lg stone fireplace, vaulted ceiling, formal dining rm, maple flrs. Spacious guest bath, bedrm, workshop, office & family rm, fireplaces on lower level. Walk-out to attached double garage. Includes 1.81 ac severed parcel, potential for another. $1,075,000 MLS 2142256 Gail Forcht**





Copy Custom stone home, picturesque, private setting, 525 ft waterfront overlooking Cape Vessey. Almost new Dave Main built executive home. Gourmet kitchen, great room, stone fireplace, formal dining area. Main floor grand master bedroom. 2nd bedroom, ensuite, guest suite on the upper level. Large family room. 4.16 ac. $834,000 MLS 2140319 Gail Forcht** website

On the Picton bluff towering over the harbour, the stateliest home in town, Copy Copy Exciting design right on Adolphus Reach! Recreated to take full advantage CIRCA 1859. In 154 years, this exclusive residence has passed between only of waterfront & sunlight this sophisticated home offers great volumes of space, 3 families. 4,200 sq ft, 6 bedrm, 4 baths, 12 ft ceilings, hdwd floors, 2 fireplaces, indoor spa pool & several walk-outs to decks or terraces, sumptuous master formal living/dining rooms, granite kitchen, 2 bedrm guest suite. Infrastructure suite plus 3 more guest areas. Easy access to Picton or Kingston! $829,000 updates completed. One of the largest lots in Picton. Great potential for B&B MLS 2141689 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* or mixed residential/commercial use. $799,900 MLS 2141644 Lori Slik* website website

Custom-built waterfront home with a 35 x 15 foot boat slip plus lift. Hardwood and ceramic floors. Corian countertop in the spacious gourmet kitchen with large island that opens into family room with fireplace and walkout to huge composite deck. Master bedroom overlooking the water has fireplace, bright and spacious ensuite with glass Copy freestanding soaker tub, double sinks, granite counter and 31' of walk-through shower, closet! Great room has high ceilings, propane fireplace and large windows to maximize the views of the bay. Formal dining room. Exercise room, sauna and hot tub in the lower level and a large recreation/games room with fireplace. New roof, maintenance-free composite decking, and professionally landscaped grounds set privately back from the road. $1,078,000 MLS 2142998 Gail Forcht**


Copy waterfront property on the Bay of Quinte in Prince Edward County. Private Exquisite serene setting, beautiful gardens & landscaping, deck on the water! Indoor pool, 2 level great room, wood burning fireplace, tranquil solarium/lanai overlooking the sunsets across the Bay of Quinte. Master bedroom, ensuite, fireplace, view. 3 car attached garage, detached 3 car garage. 5 bedrooms. Updated mechanical. Min from Belleville & all Prince Edward County has to offer! $1,100,000 MLS 2142796 Peter Lynch*

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Copy Surrounded by some of Prince Edward County`s most beautiful agriculture & green spaces. C.1850`s brick Georgian style home, 80 ac workable land, over 1200’ waterfront. Extraordinary opportunity to acquire a beautiful & well maintained period building of the time after 3 generations of family stewardship. $1,295,000 MLS 2142943 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader* website


Copy floor plan, extensive recreational facilities, breathtaking outdoor-waterfront Sprawling spaces. Magnificent estate on the Prince Edward County peninsula. Vaulted ceilings, towering north facing windows. Gourmet kitchen, grand foyer, sunken great room, formal dining with wet bar, scotch tasting room with fireplace, billiards lounge, wine cellar with dining room & butler`s kitchen. Brazilian iron wood dock capable of harbouring 70 foot vessel. $2,550,000 MLS 2142695 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

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Mary Jane Mills**

Quaint little home on a lovely treed lot just minutes to Picton. Perfect for first time buyers, weekend getaway or investment, this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home has rental income from an Xplornet tower on the property to offset the mortgage plus free high speed home internet. Larger than it looks, and affordable to maintain, this home has great potential. This home is cheaper than rent! Start building equity today! $123,900 MLS 2140551



Veronica Norton* Great starter or retirement home, on quiet street, a short 5 min walk to shopping, theatre and restaurants. Windows & roof replaced 2008. Large private lot allows for BBQ celebrations/parties, outdoor rink or just relax and enjoy. $139,000 MLS 2142273


SAt, MAy 17 12:30-3pM

Ted Surridge*

20 ELMdALE dRivE, WELLington `The Milford Model` 2 bed, 2 bath located in Wellington on the Lake, `Freehold Section`. Most of the interior has been freshly painted, soft neutral colours. Bay window in bright spacious living room. Main floor laundry. Eat-in kitchen, patio doors, 10x12 deck, beautiful Southerly view of Lake Ontario. Walking distance to Medical Centre, Dentist Office, Recreation Centre, Golf Course. $179,900 MLS 2143003

Ted Surridge*

278 niLES StREEt, WELLington Maintenance free home in the middle of the Village. Finished basement except for flooring & trim, new breaker panel with new wiring in basement, new studding & insulation, dry walled & painted, plumbing replaced with plastic drain & press lines, High Eff. gas furnace 1 1/2 yr old. Utilities/taxes carry for less than $450/month. $190,000 MLS 2141559


Kristen Rutgers* Nice cottage on Smiths Bay, large treed lot, quiet recreational community, deck on front of house with waterview and deeded access to Smiths Bay, year round road. Ideal rental property. Quick possession. approx. $198/year road maintenance cost. $199,900 MLS 2141750

Veronica Norton* 1500 sq ft Log Home on the edge of the village of Consecon. Just a 5 min walk to convenience store with LCBO outlet, restaurants & Weller`s Bay. 200 amp hydro service with 100 amp sub panel for attached 2 car garage. 25 mins to Trenton and 401. $239,000 MLS 2142856

Veronica Norton*

In town home overlooking Wellington Boat Launch & harbour. Large exterior building acts as detached garage workshop & man cave. 5 minutes to downtown & rec centre, ball park & tennis courts. $260,000 MLS 2141222


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis*

Renovated waterfront home on South Bay is a fantastic to enjoy boating, fishing and swimming! This is an excellent family cottage, a yearround home, or a perfect property for rental investment. An expansive 36x30 deck overlooking the water is the best place to relax and enjoy a family gathering. Includes a detached garage with workbenches. $299,000 MLS 2142635

12405 LoyALiSt pARKWAy Larger than you think, cozy, updated 1.5 storey home, outstanding waterview. Professionally landscaped, stone patio, firepit, terraced gardens. Open-concept living area, new kitchen, woodstove, lg main level master bedroom, full ensuite. 2 bedrooms upstairs, main floor laundry. Clean, pretty house ready to move into close to Picton & Belleville. $210,000 MLS 2141679

Kristen Rutgers*

pERFECt dupLEx Classic red brick Century home, in central Picton. Well maintained, many renovations & updates over the years. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Large principle rooms. Modern functional kitchen. Central air, gas f/p in living room. 21`x18` family room, doors to a private deck area. Hardwood floors down, newer pine floors up. Great attic space! Fenced backyard. Storage shed/workshop! Tastefully decorated. New shingles & rubber membrane installed 2013. Vacant with quick possession possible. $254,900 MLS 2141216


Mary Jane Mills**

100’ Long Reach Waterfront. Quaint 2 bedroom year-round home, dead end, quiet country lane. Easy access to 401 via Marysville exit. Lg front room with waterview, 2 bedrooms, one bath, main floor laundry, spacious kitchen, dining area, hardwood floors. Sauna. Perfect waterfront getaway or retirement home. Lg 2 car garage for storage, workshop or potential bunkie for guests. Must be seen! $279,000 MLS 2142341


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis*

Wanted: Investor, artist or family to purchase this renovated century home in historic Cherry Valley! Currently a seasonal rental, you can have the balance of the income that’s already coming in for the year. Or use the property for your family to live in while you run a home-based business out of the lovely barn. Mature, partially treed lot, 4 bedrooms, tin ceilings, bright windows, many other features. $349,000 MLS 2143031

*Sales Representative **Broker

Donna Hawryluk* Nick Hawryluk*

WALK to SHopS Larger-than-it-looks 3 bdrm home with 1 1/2 baths. Family addition has a woodstove and walkout to the covered deck in a fabulous private treed yard backing onto bush. Close to town yet with a feeling of country, modestly priced home that gives you everything you want in the way of space and property. Set back from the road you could easily drive past without even seeing it. $155,000 MLS 2136476

Ron Norton*

285 noxon AvEnuE, WELLington Great starter 4 bdrm home in centre of town close to all amenities. Could be a great investment property. $195,000 MLS 2141850


SAt, MAy 17 11AM-2pM

Donna Hawryluk* Nick Hawryluk*

1 Lake Street, 304 Main Street, PICTON, ON WELLINGTON,ON 613.476.5900 613.399.5900 or Toll Free 1.855.330.5900 Toll Free 1.888.217.0166

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis* Prime lot, level, idyllic 1 acre with 350ft of waterfront. Beautiful long and short vistas, and only 20 minutes to town. Crystal clear water with unparalleled access allowing you to trailer your boat to the waters` edge. Oaks are among the beautiful mature trees that already grace this property. $219,000 MLS 2141223

Veronica Norton*

Wellington Waterfront Home/Cottage in the middle of town, large south facing open concept kitchen dining room with walk out to large deck, improvements include roof,ceramic floor, hi efficiency furnace, shore line improvement with waters edge dock that allows a boater access to West Lake or Lake Ontario just steps to shopping, beach, recreational facilities. Exceptional Starter or Retirement opportunity. $250,000 MLS 2140058

Veronica Norton*

Donna Hawryluk* Nick Hawryluk* REdonE And pREtty Great family home looks over the Mill Pond. Lg yard, 211' deep! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor Master with ensuite. Open, bright eat in kitchen, hardwood floors. Lg, bright living room, wood stove. Barn, concrete pad in heated garage/workshop. Very affordable at $160,000 MLS 2141918

96.5 ACRES!

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis* This gorgeous water view farm offers great potential building sites with unobstructed raised views of Prince Edward Bay. Features an Historic barn as well as a picturesque 75 ft x 200 ft pond that has water all year round. Great for anyone wanting to pasture horses or other livestock. $199,000 MLS 2141230  

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis*

Set on a double lot, this 4200sqft steel building on 1.46 acres in Picton`s industrial park has many potential uses due to the zoning. Full municipal services and extra large natural gas line. Slab foundation. Presently being used for laundry, formerly used for a catering business. Industrial kitchen and refrigeration is intact. $239,000 MLS 2141187 

Ron Norton*

Cozy 2 bedroom Mobile with 28ft x 12 ft addition. Great location! 40 plus acres of work land and approximately 24 acres of mostly hard wood bush. $250,000 MLS 2141254

Veronica Norton*

Maintenance free exterior on this great bungalow with a large attached 2+ car garage and workshop. The home is perfect for a retired couple with hobbies or a couple just starting out with a home-based business. Hardwood floors and trim throughout. Completely open kitchen/dining/living area. Centrally located just 10 mins to Picton, Bloomfield & Wellington. 20 mins to Belleville. $279,000 MLS 2140601

57 LAKEBREEZE CouRt – LoCAtion, LoCAtion! Fabulous quality built home with open dining room, kitchen and family room with vaulted ceilings and a cozy gas fireplace. Large master suite with walk-in closet and 3 pc ensuite. Great sized recroom with large above-grade windows for a bright and open lower level which also includes an additional bedroom with walk-in closet and a 2 pc bath. $295,000 MLS 2140341

Ron Norton* In the middle of town, this opportunity only comes along once in awhile. The property currently has 2 living units + 1 retail. It could easily be converted back to its original single family home or continued as is. Your chance to own a piece of `The County` & enjoy the town offerings. $400,000 MLS 2141064

Veronica Norton* Main Street opportunity in core commercial area in the centre of town. Cozy 3 bdrm home, open concept main floor kitchen/dining/living area. Office space currently rented with great tenant. Outdoor space, private in-ground pool area. Make this your home, business opportunity or both. $400,000 MLS 2141848


SAt, MAy 17 12:30-2pM Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Mark Davis* Magnificent parcel of 141 acres, stunning waterviews over Picton Bay, a short drive to Hwy. 401 & Picton. Over 100 years old, 3 bedroom home, center hall plan, and in-law suite with private entrance. Includes 10 acres stand of hardwoods, and farmable Class 2 soil, too. $599,000 MLS 2142279

Donna Hawryluk* Nick Hawryluk*

400' WAtERFRont Fabulous 50 acre parcel of land on Lake Ontario, zoning allows a great variety of uses. Access to water is level, beach is pebble with shallow water at the shore, perfect for swimming. Trees & partly cleared areas, faces south, year-round maintained road. Wonderful place to build your home, loads of property for whatever your heart desires. $675,000 MLS 2136438

Donna Hawryluk* Nick Hawryluk*

tuRn-KEy B&B This charming old home is redone and currently used as B&B, with 3 guest rooms each with private bath, and separate owner suite with private entry and enclosed porch. Wonderful location with view of Lake Ontario-walk to restaurants and shops, close to Sandbanks. It is spotlessly clean and fully equipped with established clientele. $680,000 MLS 2142087

Veronica Norton*

118 pLEASAnt BAy Rd Stunning custom built home overlooking Pleasant Bay. West facing floor to ceiling windows. Beautiful family friendly kitchen, island opens onto dining room and grand but cozy living room. Main floor ideal for entertaining! Master suite set apart on 2nd floor, westerly view. Lower level recreation space for the family or completely selfcontained in-law suite, walk-out to patio. $549,000 MLS 2141731



cell 613-848-4403

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/7



cell 613-921-7441


Almost new, completely remodeled 2 story home. Granite kitchen, floors redone, gas fireplace, new furnace and central air, some new windows. New siding has been ordered! Double lot, beautifully landscaped, double garage. Perfect location for home based business. $269,000 MLS 2142663

Wow! Spectacular property. 4800+ sq. ft. beautifully maintained living space. Designer kitchen, stainless steel appliances. Radiant heating, 2 fireplaces, 750 sq. ft. master bedroom. Full granny suite. Professionally landscaped, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths in main house. Bathrooms in outbuildings. Inground sprinkler system. Huge sunroom. 6000+ sq. ft. insulated & heated garage space. Very unique! Very scenic! Replacement cost over $1.000.000. A must see! $595,000 MLS 2142447

Terrific location for this commercial/ residential property. Century brick with ample parking and detached garage. 1 bedroom currently rented. Core commercial allows almost any commercial operation. Lower level vacant, easy to show. $339,000 MLS 2142830


Magical and serene nature lovers paradise. This Geertsma built home situated on a 105` private sandy beach is your dream retirement home. Beautiful hardwood floors throughout. Impeccably maintained 2 bedrooms up and 1 down. Master bedroom ensuite c/v, c/a, fireplace, open concept! mixed trees on a gently sloping lot. wildlife galore! MLS 2142853

Great County Listings NEW LISTING


249 FRY ROAD Newly constructed bungalow situated on 2 acres. Open concept kitchen, dining and living area with Vaulted ceilings. 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths,nicely finished. Fully insulated and dry walled basement. Double garage. Central Air. 3 baths. Large MB with ensuite. Setback with a private treed lane way. Great Curb Appeal. $339,000 MLS 2136616

ELMBROOK ROAD Lovely country setting. Quiet road, 21 acres to build your dream home. Close to Picton and less than 20 min to 401. Some woods-corn crop on site. $60,000 MLS 2140096 PRIME DEVELOPMENT LAND CONSECON Excellent development site. Severances possible. Possible vtb to qualified buyer. $159,000 MLS 2140431

4 bedrooom split level on a magnificent in town lot. Beautiful mature trees, very private. Deck off the kitchen. Newer addition with large family room-could be a Granny Suite with separate entrance. New furnace and Central Air. Some new windows. Metal roof. Quick possession. $240,000 MLS 2141237

Nice brick bungalow in the Village of Bloomfield. Big double lot, fenced, extensive renovations in the past 2 years includes new septic, furnace, siding, paint, alarm system & some windows. Attached garage, deck, workshop. $249,000 MLS 2140158

Scenic rural waterview estate lot. 5+ acres 800` frontage central to Belleville and Picton. Possible severance. View of Muscote Bay and Big Island. $159,000 MLS 2140081

4 bedroom century home on King Street. Large rooms and a rec room for the kids! Perfect starter home. Gas fireplace. Furnace. 200 amp service. Premier location in the heart of Picton. $229,000 MLS 2143068

Spectacular 10.3 acre lot minutes from Picton, this Farnsworth built home is sure to please many happy clients. 3 bedroom, 2 baths full basement, vaulted ceilings, c/a, deck and veranda, master bedroom ensuite. Choose your own finishes. Other models to choose from. Site is shovel ready! $329,000 MLS 2140566

3 buildings on one lot! Commercial building zoned M-1, 2500 sq ft office, workshop & 3 1/2 bay garage - separate meter. House can be single family or duplex or in-law suite etc. 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 fireplaces, 2 full baths. Guest house-2 bedrooms unti-$750.00, above ground pool - 27 foot round -wraparound deck, 3 oil tanks. Artesian well, 90% newer windows on main house. Ideal to live-workplay. Very clean! $349,000 MLS 2137216


Nice cottage on Smiths Bay, large treed lot, quiet recreational community, deck on front of house with waterview and deeded access to Smiths Bay, year round road. Ideal rental property. Quick possession. approx. $198/year road maintenance cost. $199,000 MLS 2141750

NO MONEY DOWN, NO PROBLEM. Give Herb a call and let me show you how I can assist you with home ownership. Perfect starter home/condo. 3 bedroom, full rec room. New carpets and flooring. Patio area. Last of the rental units. Immediate possession. Newly painted. Approx. $836.58 monthly payments including Principle, interest, taxes and condo fees. WHY PAY RENT! $104,000 MLS 2136763


Classic red brick Century home, central Picton. Well maintained, many renovations and updates over the years. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Large principle rooms. Modern functional kitchen. Central air, gas f/p in living room. 21`x18` family room, doors to private deck area. Hardwood floors down, newer pine floors up. Great attic space! Fenced backyard. Storage shed/workshop for the handyman! Very warm and tastefully decorated. New shingles, rubber membrane installed in 2013. Vacant with quick possession possible $ $244,900 MLS 2141216




Terrific waterfront commercial zoned house with cottge. Located on East Lake minutes from the park entrance. Open concept newly renovated kitchen. New metal roof. Triple car garage. A must see! $299,000 MLS 2131863

Magnificent Curb Appeal! A majestic stone home, situated on a double lot with full municipal services. 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Spacious 10` ceilings, fully finished lower level. Intricate crown moldings, marble and hardwood floors throughout. Perfect for an upscale bed and breakfast. Panoramic water view of Lake Ontario. Large parkland space between House and waterfront. Priced to sell!!! $499,999 MLS 2140859

Newly constructed Colorado bungalow situated on 10.3 acres. 5 minutes to Picton. A piece of paradise! 9` ceilings with vaulted in living room. Open concept hardwood and ceramic throughout! This home is a pleasure to show. 10x10 deck off the dining area. Double car garage. Central air! $329,900 MLS 2140648

Spectacular 10.3 acre lot minutes from Picton, this Farnsworth built home is sure to please many happy clients. The Ridgeview 2 has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths full, basement, vaulted ceilings, c/a, deck and veranda, master bedroom ensuite. Choose your own finishes. Other models to choose from. $364,400 Mls 2140566

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$124,900 - Picton - Why pay a Condo Fee Just move in - have a little garden MLS 2141583

$178,000 - Century Charmer! Move-in condition in a quiet neighbourhood of Picton MLS

$199,900 - 14 Duncan St. Bloomfield Sat. May 17, 11am - 1pm MLS 214

$349,000 - 1643C County Road 15 Sun. May 18, 11am - 1pm - Waterfront

$449,000 - 229 Gommorah Rd, Sun. May 18, 11am - 1pm MLS 2142153

$509,000 - 12130 Loyalist Parkway Sat. May 17, 11am - 1pm - Waterfront MLS 2141563

$789,000 Million $ Views, fantastic bungalow Looking for a dream home?

$379,000 Water Front Lot on Cty. Road 35 Beautiful Level Lot with Gorgeous Views MLS 2141956

$125,000 Beautiful 50 ac property waiting for your vision - Build your dream house/hobby farm MLS 2140240



Sales Rep.



Mother & Son Team Let our experience & energy work for you!




WEST LAKE SHORE - 3.6 acres. Main house: 3 bed, 2 bath, original charm. Newer suite: 2 bed, 2 bath. $499,900 MLS# 2140770

Quinte Ltd., Brokerage


1 Lake Street, Picton, ON




PICTON - deep lot - walk to downtown or harbour. 4 bed, 1 bath, eat-in kitchen, living room, den. $159,900. MLS # 2137493

ROSEMARY COURT in PICTON - Gorgeous! Finished on 2 levels..walkout from both. Open-concept. $279,000 MLS# 2141048



CIRCA 1890

COUNTY RD. 49 - Spacious & wheel-chair friendly. 4 main-floor rooms, 3 beds, 2 baths. New gas furnace. $199,500 MLS# 2141288


INCOME COUNTY RD. 49 - Beautiful home - designed for 2family living. Outbuilding with solar panels generating good income. $549,000 2142394

CLOSE to PICTON - Lots of original character. 3 bed, 3 bath, spacious rooms, 3 acres with mature trees. $268,000 MLS# 2142935


JANE ST. in PICTON. Huge lot with mature landscaping, original barn & garage. All mechanicals updated! $329,000 MLS# 2141455


WELLINGTON - Walk to everything! 3 bed, 1 bath, huge kitchen, living room & finished basement. $202,000 MLS# 2142384

CIRCA 1890

PICTON - Lovingly restored! Solid red brick home with centre hall plan. Spacious rooms, 4 bed, 2 bath. $475,000 MLS# 2140115


COUNTY ROAD 1 - 3500 sq. ft. building on 2.2 acres surrounded by farmland. Phase 2 Environmental done. $329,000 MLS# 2136995

LYON'S ROAD - 10 mins. to Picton & 401. 5 acres, mostly treed, 300 ft. of shoreline on Adolphus Reach. $235,000 MLS# 2131166


PICTON - 3 bed, 2 bath, living, dining, kitchen, finished basement with access to garage. Asking $199,000 MLS# 2140718

CHERRY VALLEY- Immaculate condition, easy to maintain, 2 bedroom home, lots of recent updates. Garage. $169,000 MLS# 2142221


PICTON - Fenced lot, private deck. 2 bedrooms. New kitchen & bath, living room, laundry. $169,900 MLS# 2140270


BLOOMFIELD - Great corner location. Commercial space on main floor & 3 bedroom residence up. Offstreet parking. $450,000 MLS#

WELLINGTON - Building & business. Popular restaurant/cafe business, income from attached retail unit & furnished apt. MLS# 2140531

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/9


Quinte Ltd., Brokerage 1 Lake St., Picton ON Opportunity Knocks! 3 bedroom raised bungalow in need of reno with walkout basement on a beautiful 1.48 acre lot in South Marysburgh. Deeded waterfront access to Smiths Bay. $129,000 MLS 2141931


Completely renovated 3 bedroom story and a half farmhouse on a quiet country lot on the edge of beautiful Bloomfield, in the heart of Prince Edward County. All work completed in `09, includes wiring, plumbing, furnace, drywall, roof, windows & doors, all new insulation(blown in attic & walls), and of course 2 new baths & incredible kitchen. 12x12 steel sided shed and 24x24 steel sided barn that could easily be converted into a garage. Backyard is fenced for your pets. Ready to go for you @ $269,000 MLS 2142764

Impressive quality built executive home less than five minutes from Picton. Built on a knoll overlooking a pastoral setting of 18 acres, this well appointed home is professionally landscaped and boasts a backyard oasis for your family`s enjoyment. Inside, you`ll be comforted by elegant finishes throughout the 3500 sq ft of living space. This one is truly for the distinctive buyer! By appointment only. $699,000 MLS 2136886

RECENTLY RENOVATED ~ READY FOR YOU! Just Finished! Recently remodeled 3 bed 2 bath family home quiet established neighbourhood in Picton. 2 new baths, kitchen upgraded, new flooring, new deck, new roof, new lighting all sitting on landscaped lot, fully fenced ready to go for you! This house heats for less than $1500/year! We`re even throwing in the new appliances! $249,000 MLS 2141959

Well kept 3 bedroom semi-detached home in a quiet neighbourhood. Nicely landscaped and fully fenced with a new deck to enjoy the backyard. Single car garage and two parking spaces. Close to all amenities. A great buy at $179,000! MLS 2142314

First time on the market in over 50 Years! Immaculately kept 3 bedroom farmhouse on the edge of Milford. Close to the Millpond, and just North of the waterfall, this property has it all. With 2 Ѕ acres, this completely private setting with no immediate neighbours is the true definition of tranquil. It’s all been thought of, complete with a backup generator so you’ll never be without! 1 Ѕ car garage beside the house, plus a Huge 40X80 building means loads of indoor storage, and an insulated and heated workshop/ garage area in the front half. First years’ seasoned firewood is included in the sale.Very comfortable living @ $329,000 MLS 2142891

Adolphus Reach, 4000+ sq ft of fully renovated & updated luxurious living space in this Queen Anne Waterfront Home. 10 Acres Total. Every inch of space was carefully considered in the design phase. Features 3 elegant bedrooms, each with Ensuite. Spa Room and Private Terrace off Master overlooking the grounds and waterfront. Run your business from the 3rd floor custom office space. Main floor features grand sitting/living rooms, a fully updated kitchen including Sub-Zero and Viking designer series appliances. Country Elegance at its best in Prince Edward County-This is the one folks-untouchable quality, for less!!! $950,000 MLS 2142277

Building lot on quiet country road. Small one room building on existing foundation. Well, septic and 200 amp hydro on site. Some clean up required, great opportunity for someone looking to save money. $49,000 MLS 2142322

Welcome to West Lake! Dating back to the early 1800`s, this 4 bedroom home on the water is sure to please. Currently stucco exterior with double brick underneath. Store your boats and other toys in the barn over the winter and in the summer fish for bass, pike and walleye or take a quick trip to the Dunes and spend the afternoon with and friends on the beach. Don`t have energy for that? Relax in the hot tub or just lounge around the pool with a cold drink. A fine example of country charm in Prince Edward County. $485,000 MLS 2142762

On the beautiful north shore of Prince Edward County, this 285 acre waterview parcel is one of the most picturesque properties in the area. On a year round, recently paved major County Road, this property is only a few minutes to Belleville, Trenton and Picton, and 50 miles to historic Kingston. 401 Exit #566 (Marysville Road), and it’s less than ten minutes to the property. Rolling off the escarpment, the farm is situated on a limestone base, with clay loam soil. From the entrance at the road, you’ll travel 2.5KM to the rear fence line, and being over 1/3KM wide – it’s a BIG piece of land, lending itself to many possibilities! Is it a vineyard? Equestrian centre? Or is it a combination of nature, cash crop, and sustainable living in a peaceful setting away from the rest of the world? Perhaps you’re even thinking Golf Course. Please do not access the property alone, or without calling to set up. German Shepherds roam the property freely. $1,200,000 MLS 2133541

RE/10 f THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014



Re/Max Quinte Ltd., Brokerage

Lake Street, Picton

KEVIN GALE Sales Representative 100% Club Member Member of Remax Hall of Fame

Office: 613-476-5900 Cell: 613-242-7295

COUNTRY BUNGALOW Immaculate 2 bedroom home is ready to move into. Home features large kitchen & living room with propane stove. Walkout from laundry room onto a newer rear deck that overlooks a massive yard. New roof last year. New windows in 2009. This home is much larger than it appears and will appeal to first time buyers or seniors looking to downsize. $159,000 MLS # 2142094

COUNTRY LIVING 4 bedroom country home with outbuildings on a 2.5 acre lot between Picton and Belleville. The older home has been nicely updated and is ready to move into. Large living room, kitchen with walkout to deck, 2 bedrooms down & 2 up, main floor laundry and 2 bathrooms. Ideally suited to first time buyers or as a rental property. $169,000 MLS # 2141332

SOLD WELLINGTON-ON-THE-LAKE This 2 bedroom 'freehold` home features open living concept. Walk from the living room to the 4 season sunroom & enjoy a marvelous view of Lake Ontario. The home is in immaculate condition and ready for occupancy. Large master bedroom boasts his & hers closets. Double garage with inside entry.

VILLAGE BUNGALOW Very functional 2 bedroom home on one level is well suited for seniors or first time buyers. Large open country kitchen with lots of cupboard space. Massive living room, main floor laundry and 2 good sized bedrooms. Home sits on a corner lot in County village and has a large outdoor shed which serves as a workshop and extra storage space. $129,000 MLS # 2143054


NEWER COUNTRY HOME Charming country home sits on the hilltop of a 1.7 acre lot. The home features a large open plan with a cozy woodstove, large solid oak kitchen and a good sized dining room. Lower level hosts games room, family room, the 3rd bedroom and a 4 pc bathroom with laundry. The attached dbl garage with inside entry. 560 sq ft of unfinished space in the 2nd floor loft. $339,900 MLS # 2140669

SOLD PICTON BAY CONDO Fabulous 2 bedroom waterfront condo, facing down Picton Bay is ready for immediate occupancy. Open living concept on the main floor with a walkout from living room onto balcony overlooking the harbour. The master bedroom also overlooks the harbour. A wonderful retirement property or weekend getaway. Monthly include designated boat slip and storage locker. $289,000 MLS # 2142146


BAY OF QUINTE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Immaculate 3 bdrm waterfront home on 80` of clean & level shoreline. Spacious kitchen/dining area with a walkout to sheltered patio and in ground pool. Living room with a walk out to the waterfront. Massive master bedroom has balcony overlooking the water. Large detached 4 bay garage. Jump in your boat & catch your dinner or marvel at the sunsets with a glass of wine. $429,000 MLS #2143008

COUNTRY FAMILY LIVING 3 bedroom family home in the Village of Northport is ready for immediate occupancy. Large, newer country kitchen with oak cupboards. Living room with walk out to spacious side deck. Cozy, enclosed front porch. Home has attached one car garage with breezeway leading to the kitchen. Home is close to municipal park/boat launch and Sophiasburgh public school. $179,000 MLS # 2142483

RENOVATED & READY Cozy 3 bedroom home, in the heart of wine country, is an ideal starter home or rental property. New drywall & insulation, new windows, new kitchen, new wiring, new propane fireplace, new vinyl siding & some new flooring. Spacious country kitchen. Large living room is accented by new propane fireplace.

COUNTRY BUILDING LOT Nice, level 2.2 acre building lot has been newly severed and has a new drilled well. Surrounded by farmland, this is an ideal location to build your country dream home. A short 10 minute drive will take you to Picton. Black River Cheese and Waupoos wineries are close by. $49,900

COUNTRY BACK SPLIT Immaculate 3 bedroom brick/vinyl home sits on over 1.5 acre lot between Picton & Belleville. Main floor features open concept living with hardwood floors. Lower level boasts large family room with gas fireplace & games room. Attached one car garage with walkout, as well as additional 2 car detached garage/workshop. Quiet treed area behind the house with walking paths. $289,000 MLS # 2143007




ARMITAGE Broker of Record

uinte Isle®



THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/11

Real Estate Inc. (613) Brokerage

26 MacDonald. Wellington, Ontario, K0K 3L0 • Fax 399-2140

SHARON ARMITAGE, OWNER/BROKER OF RECORD *Member of the Quinte and District Real Estate Board Inc.

LAKEBREEZE CRT WELLINGTON 3 plus bedrm home, nice size lot, walkable to all amenities. Close to beaches, parks & schools. Large bright living rm, fieldstone gas fireplace. Great kitchen, bright eating area looking over millennium trail. 3 baths, large family rm, fireplace. On demand water system, air conditioning. Single car garage, entrance to finished basement. Call to view. Asking $289,000 MLS®2142989


NILES ST. WELLINGTON All brick 4 plex. Each unit contains 2 bedrooms, 4 pc bath, lg eat in kitchen, laundry hook ups, bright living rm. Large lot, paved parking lot, next to tennis courts. Walkable to all amenities. Asking $369,000 MLS®2142900

CALL ON THIS ONE Big Island. Elevated Bungalow with attached 2 car garage. Large eat in kitchen, lots of oak cupboards, bright eating area, patio doors to side deck for barbecuing. Bright living/dining rm with large window facing Bay of Quinte. 3 bedrms plus 4 pc bath on main level, 2 bedrms plus large bright family rm with fireplace on lower level. Large foyer from garage, to large back deck and hot tub, and front door. Large workshop great for home occupation on this 8 plus acre parcel. $359,900 MLS®2140918

VILLAGE OF WELLINGTON 4 bedrm brick 2 storey Circa home on Main St close to beach, parks, churchs and views of Lake Ontario. Recently renovated, nicely decorated and features large principal rooms. Country kitchen, dining rm, family rm, den and formal living rm. Newer gas furnace, windows, ashphalt shingles. 2 full baths, pine closets. Call to view. Asking $314,500 MLS®2141658

BAY OF QUINTE Waterfront lot with lots of potential. This property slopes gently to the water and has drive to put your boat in. Property features drilled well, bath house with shower and toilet, storage for pump etc., holding tank, hydro is in to trailers on property. Perfect retreat until you’re ready to build your retirement home. Great area for fishing, swimming and boating. Close to Kingston and Belleville. Asking $179,000 MLS®2135508

PERFECT FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS CLOSE TO WINERIES On the edge of Hamlet of Hillier. 3 bedroom starter home for young family features new kitchen, some new flooring, freshly painted and brand new 4pc plus bath. New propane furnace, new wiring, new windows. Attached single car garage. Nice size lot and a lots of water. Priced to sell at $169,900 MLS®2137410

THIS ONE IS READY TO GO County Rd #1. Large Bungalow set in the trees close to Trenton and Picton. View of Lake Consecon. Features 3 bedrms, den, kitchen, living rm, dining rm and great room. Lower level has family rm and walkout to patio area, as well as workshop and unspoiled area that could be used for home occupation etc. Detached 2 car garage, driveway paved, extensive landscaping has been completed. This home is a must see. Asking $289,900 MLS®2136635

EXECUTIVE HOME On large lot in upscale subdivision in Village of Wellington. Features open concept family rm/ kitchen/ eating area as well as separate living rm/ dining rm. Main floor master bedroom with ensuite and walkin closet. 2 pc bath and laundry on main floor with inside entrance to 2 car garage. Second level has 2 bedrooms and 4 pc bath. Unspoiled basement with rough in for bath. Call on this one. Asking $389,900 MLS®2142317

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS 1.3 acre parcel lends itself to some serious development. All pieces are in core area of town. This property features 8500 sq ft solid building with Main St access, as well as 3000sq ft building featuring 1700 commercial and 3 bedrm completely renovated apt with Wharf St. access, separate lot backs onto Niles St. Asking $879,000 MLS®2135475

PICTON BUNGALOW Perfect for single person or an older couple, small yard, carport, 2 bedrooms and open concept living rm, kitchen and eating area. 4 pc bath. New oil furnace, alum/sided and steel roof. Carries cheaper then rent. $114,900 MLS®2126793

GLENORA RD Close to Picton and has municipal water at your lot line. View of Picton Bay. Mature trees at back of this 100 ft x 200 ft lot. This is the spot for your new home. Asking $125,000 MLS®2133769

LOOKING FOR PEACEFUL AND PRETTY? This is it, close to Soup Harbour. 2 acres of land with deeded access to Lake Ontario. Property features a drilled well, driveway entrance is in. Ready to go to build your new home. Asking $69,900 MLS®2125759

VILLAGE OF WELLINGTON Niles St. Great lot backing onto creek. Mature trees and close to all amenities. Walkable to beach and schools. Municipal services are available. Asking $68,500 MLS®2134613

LARGE BUILDING LOT In Village of Wellington. Water sewer and gas to the lot line and all service fees have been paid. Close to harbour and beach. Mature trees on lot. This one is ready to go. Asking $69,000 MLS®2140827

CALLING ALL ENTREPRENEURS Wharf St. Wellington. Commercial building features on second level 3 bedrm fully renovated apt with modern kitchen, cork flooring, stone gas fireplace, air conditioned. Large deck. Main floor is approx. 1700 sq ft of commercial space. Great for restaurant, office, bakery, studio or fitness centre. Building in great shape. Subject to severance. Asking $379,000 MLS®2134612

80 MAPLE ST. WELLINGTON 4.57 acres of land with large industrial building on site. All municipal services are in place. Great for storage or for business. Backs onto millennium trail, close to all amenities. Great development property. Asking $429,000 MLS®2134617

MAIN ST WELLINGTON Core Business area. Property with large solid building with all municipal services. Large surfaced lot with potential galore. Great opportunity with income development. Subject to severance. Asking $49,9000 MLS®2134611

RE/12 f THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014





$429,000 Enjoy this lovely year round home on level lot, excellent fishing and nature at its best! Close to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Maintenance free exterior, cozy woodstove and propane fireplace. Large deck with gazebo overlooking West Lake - perfect for entertaining and enjoying life. MLS®2140870


$549,000 This red brick house sits on a prominent knoll overlooking the marshlands of Muscote Bay. It was built in 1800's on a farm that was one of the County's top hop producer. The surrounding land was severed and is still worked. Renovation was done being respectful of modern architecture but keeping the farmhouse feel. A gracious home to welcome family and entertain friends. MLS®2126234

$425,000 A sophisticated red brick century home in old historic part of Picton near the old jail. Newly renovated 4 bedrooms with quality & craftsmanship and spacious principal rooms and a welcoming layout that embraces the natural light. State of the art kitchen, sweeping staircase, high ceilings, pine flooring all lend this home to a luxurious lifestyle in Prince Edward County. Immediate occupancy. MLS® 2140085

Elizabeth Crombie Sales Representative

104 Main Street, Picton

613.476.2700 or toll free 1.877.476.0096 Hrs: Mon.-Sat. 9-5

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$459,000 All stucco 2 storey home on large lot in town with mature trees & shrubs and detached carriage house. Enjoy the views from large covered front porch or step inside to spacious foyer with dramatic sweeping staircase and gracious living and dining rooms. Large deck at rear of property to inground pool and pool house. MLS®2133812

“Enjoy this great long weekend and holiday!” To see the Feature of the Week

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$259,000 A place with space! Roomy country home in move in condition with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, large country kitchen, tastefully decorated. Detached double garage on large lot. Good home for 1st time buyers or early retirees who want space for extra hobbies. MLS®2133330




$349,000 Exceptional all brick 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with shop/garage. 2.5 storey with a walk up third floor attic. Sunny front porch, formal living and dining room with cozy fireplace in family room. Hardwood floors downstairs. MLS®2142887

$1,195,000 Spectacular executive 5 bedroom, 3 bath home with over 3,000 sq ft of living space on 2.2 acres on Lake Ontario. Custom built stone & brick bungalow with attached 2 car garage. Patio and deck features stairs leading down to lake. 200 ft shoreline with natural stone ledges. A story book setting! MLS®2140703


$91,900 This lot is 5.9 acres with 250 ft of frontage on Cty Rd 8. RU1 Zoning with a 31 ft trailer currently on site which is available at additional cost. Well on site, this land is ready for your new home. MLS ®2142680



BAY OF QUINTE WATERFRONT HOME $1,085,000 Gorgeous waterfront home on Bay of Quinte featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, hobby room, play room and sunroom. Warm and welcoming in a park like setting this is one of the nicest wterfront homes within minutes to Belleville. Level property, easy access to water and great for swimming and boating. MLS ®2142344



$1,165,000 Thoughtfully designed 6 year old 3 level home on Picton Bay. This gracious home boasts 14 rooms with 7 baths. A formal dining room, butler's pantry, elevator, wine cellar, gourmet kitchen designed for entertaining are just a few features. Spectacular sunsets! MLS® 2135295


$649,000 This home combines beauty and comfort and a place to relax. Custom 2 bedroom home is located on wide lake front with picture windows to take advantage of the expansive views. Elegant two levels with over 2,600 sq ft of living space with high quality finishes such as quartz counter tops, luxurious bathrooms and hardwood floors. Perfect place to unwind on the shoreline patio on 100 feet of Lake Ontario. MLS ®2126055





$269,000 Excellent waterfront lot facing south west, build your dream home here. Protected shoreline with 80 ft of clean waterfront with good access. 18'x50" concrete swimming pool with deck and fenced yard. Drilled well and hydro & gas to lot line. MLS ®2142908



$89,000 This one acre lot has lots of trees for privacy. Close to public access to West Lake, Sandbanks Provincial Park and boat launch. Hard top road frontage with hydro and gas to lot line. MLS®2142915



$399,900 Newly renovated waterfront home on almost 7 acres on ridge overlooking Adolphus Reach. Meandering trails for walking and hiking and adventurous path down to the waterfront. At the beautiful waterfront you can swim, boat or fish from the cantilevered dock. Large garage and storage shed for all the man toys. Great value. MLS®2141726


$149,000 Perfect waterfront lot for building your dream home here on West Lake. 80 ft of waterfront. Residential zoning with gas and hydro to lot line. Clean shoreline - swim and boat right from shore. MLS®2142911



$129,900 An incredible opportunity to own 300 feet of waterfront in Prince Edward County. Panoramic views of Adolphus Reach. Close to vineyards, orchards, galleries and 2 marinas. Located at the mouth of Prinyers Cove. MLS®2137520

$695,000 Built in 1864 this grand home in the center of a thriving artisan village is perfect for entertaining and enjoying the good life. This magnificent home has been lovingly cared for by its owners who are ready to retire. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, 3 fireplaces, original library and many other authentic details. I look forward to showing you. MLS®2111566

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/13


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Mark Gardiner, UE Sales Representative

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Close to Sandbanks & fully renovated, this century home is an ideal seasonal or year-round home. Inside, the home is tastefully decorated in relaxing beach tones & features comfortable living spaces, large bdrms & the character of an older home. New kitchen w/granite & stainless appliances, 2 new baths, new windows, new & re-stored flooring, new plumbing & wiring, new gas furnace and new roof. Newly enclosed porch and separate patio for great summer-time entertaining! 1.2 acres plus large outbuilding. $299,000 MLS 2142002

GREAT LOCATION FOR A BUSINESS! Between Belleville and Picton, close to the Sandbanks Vineyards and Distillery. 4 bedroom, 2 bath home sits in a rural pasture setting overlooking rolling fields. Features include: 32 x 26 outbuilding, hardwood and granite flooring, open concept kitchen, dining and living area, master bedroom with sitting room, large cozy family room with a wood stove. Natural Gas at lot line. $249,900 MLS 2135545




Situated across from Adolphus Town Beach, this almost 7 acre waterfront home has meandering trails for walking and hiking. On an ATV, there is an adventurous path to the water`s edge where you can swim, boat or fish from the cantilevered dock. Newly renovated, it boasts hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces and 5 bedrooms, 2 leading to the multi-tiered deck. The studio has road exposure - good for a home business. Large garage and storage shed for all the toys. $399,900 MLS 2141726

An incredible opportunity to own 300 feet of waterfront in Prince Edward County. Panoramic views of Adolphus Reach. Close to vineyards, orchards, galleries and 2 marinas. Located at the mouth of Prinyers Cove. $129,900 MLS 2137520

On a quiet road but situated near all the action of the famous Sandbanks Provincial Park, Outlet Beach and West Lake, this brick bungalow is beautifully landscaped with lush gardens, manicured shrubs, white birch and apple trees. A brick pathway leads through a magnificent hedge into the expansive back yard. The home features gleaming floors throughout. The master bedroom with ensuite flows out to the tiled sunroom with fireplace and then spills out onto a large deck. $279,000 MLS 2141749

Endless possibilities with the zoning on this property. Call the planning department and find out for yourself 613476-2148. $249,900 MLS 2137431

Home of the Week DESIGN FOR LIVING



Renovations, Additions Soffit, Fascia, Siding ERIC HELMER 613-476-4945


6 Talbot Street, Picton

Otto Buikema

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Plan No. SHSW00817

If your lot slopes to the front and faces a gorgeous vista in that direction, this may be the perfect plan for you. The front features a wall of windows extending a full two levels to ensure a view from both the loft and the living room. The huge deck can be accessed from the dining room or the first-floor master bedroom and also shelters the lower-level entry. Dishing up meals to the dining room is easy via the kitchen's open counter. The master suite includes a private bath, while two additional bedrooms share a full hall bath that's convenient to the back entrance. A loft area provides additional sleeping space if you need it. The plan calls for the lower-level foyer to be finished, with a complete unfinished basement available for future growth.

To more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level, and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information on how to order and modify plans.

RELEASE DATE: May 11-17, 2013

©Copyright Select Home Designs. All rights reserved

Plan No. SHSW00817

READY FOR VIEWS First Floor: 1,296 sq. ft. Second Floor: 396 sq. ft. ©Copyright Select Home Designs. All rights reserved Total: 1,692 sq. ft.

Plan No. SHSW00817

READY FOR VIEWS First Floor: 1,296 sq. ft. Second Floor: 396 sq. ft. Total: 1,692 sq. ft.

Second Floor First Floor

First Floor: 1,296 sq. ft., Second Floor: 396 sq. ft., Total: 1,692 sq. ft.


RE/14 f THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Did you know the average person moves 11.4 times in his or her lifetime? So says the most recent information from the U.S. Census Bureau. Various factors prompt people to move, from job opportunities to the desire to be closer to family members to wanting to live in a nicer climate. Moving is seldom an easy task, and is often ranked among the most stressful events in a person's life. The Employee Relocation Council cites it as the third most stressful event in life, following only death and divorce. That stress is only heightened when an entire family is making the move and an adult is starting a new job simultaneously. Despite the potential headaches involved with moving, an estimated 43 million Americans move each year. Those moving are often married couples between the ages of 25 and 44 with one or two children between the

5 tips for relocating the family

ages of 2 and 11. To make the process go more smoothly, consider the following tips. 1. Gradually introduce the concept of moving. Moving is a decision to be discussed with the whole family, even with young children who may not fully understand the process. Kids who are involved in looking at new homes or voicing opinions about which amenities they desire in a new neighborhood will feel empowered and in control. 2. Research potential new neighborhoods carefully. Finding a new residence is not entirely about buying a home that fits the family and its needs. It also is about finding a desirable neighborhood and community. A good school district is an important factor, as is proximity to recreation, local culture and transportation. Drive around a neighborhood during different times of the day to gauge how ac-

tive it is. Investigating businesses in the area can also help gauge the personality of a given neighborhood. 3. Work with an experienced agent. A real estate agent who is familiar with a variety of communities is a great asset. A buyer's agent will find homes and negotiate on the part of the buyer, having your best interests in mind. Because the agent will be paid a commission on a portion of the sale price, which doesn't come out of your pocket, it is in the real estate agent's best interest to help you find a home you can call your own. In addition, the agent will handle many of the tasks that may be overwhelming if you were doing them on your own, such as scouring available listings, waiting for inspections or filling out pertinent paperwork. With a real estate agent handling these tasks, families can remove some of the stress from the moving process.

4. Pack children's rooms last. Young children who see favorite items disappearing into bubble wrapping and boxes may start to feel anxious. It's not uncommon for preschoolers to act out or experience nightmares during the moving process. Maintain a sense of normalcy in the home as long as possible. Begin by packing nonessential items, only packing kids' items when your moving date is right around the corner. Let children say good-bye to familiar haunts and even to their old home. 5. Plan a school orientation. Take advantage of any programs schools offer to acclimate kids to their new environment. Kids often leave friends behind when moving to a new home. The faster they get back to a normal routine, the better it will be for them. Schools are where children will make new friends and participate in social occasions, so tour their new schools

before the school year begins, and meet with a few residents and current students to learn about special programs that may make a move less stressful for youngsters. Relocating a family can be stressful. But involving kids in the process and anticipating an adjustment period can help families adjust more easily. *Independently owned & operated


17 AY 2PM T M -1 SA 0AM 1



Spacious One Level Wheelchair Accessible Home. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Garage. $139,900 MLS 2142065 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

Large lot with sweeping views over Big Island marsh. Perfect for watching wild life. Easy commute to Belleville or Picton. $35,000 Call Carol Brough 613-476-2100

WELLINGTON ON THE LAKE ADULT LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY 2 Quaker Court ~ Sat. 12:30-2:00pm 5 Empire Blvd. ~ Sat. 2:00-4:00pm 12 Reynolds Place ~ Sun. 12:30-2:30pm 11 Reynolds Place ~ Sun. 2:30-4:00pm Call Elsie Wiersma 613-848-4810

Walk to downtown, easy commute to Belleville or Napanee. $114,900 MLS 2136252 Steve Sensenstein

Raised ranch on 20 acres. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, workshop. A MUST SEE! $399,900 2141512 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


Spacious & Bright home on Glenora Rd. 5 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms. Many Upgrades. $379,000 2142833 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100


ELSIE WIERSMA Sales Rep. 613-848-4810

GARY MORDEN Broker 613-885-2304

HUGH JACKSON Broker 613-476-5026

JASON YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

JOY HUMPHREY Broker 613-849-5999

KEVIN YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

PAT BENSONMOORE Sales Rep. 613-849-8501

PAUL GENTILE Broker 613-476-2100

SANDY YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

STEVE SENSENSTEIN Sales Rep. 613-885-1307

TAMARA YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

TRACEY DICKSON Sales Rep. 613-403-7690

VINCE MARTEL Sales Rep. 613-476-2100


Spacious bungalow with large master bedroom. Walking distance to Rec Center & Golf. $124,900 2142250 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

Beautiful wrap around veranda. Style and elegance, large principal rooms, rear deck over looking Westlake, 119 ft. lake front. $389,000 MLS 2136424 Gary Morden


CAROL BROUGH Sales Rep. 613-476-2100


18 Y M MA P N M-1 SU 11A




17 AY 2PM T M -1 SA 0AM 1


Picton - 613-476-2100 Toll Free 1-866-294-2100

Custom 2 bdrm home, unfinished basement. Attached garage, 2 lg outbuildings. $339,000 MLS 2141968 To view call Hugh Jackson or Tracey Dickson

18 Y M MA P N M-1 SU 11A


Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage* 102 Main St., Picton

157 Cannifton Rd N Belleville. Super 3 bdrm 2 bth well built & maintained. $229,900 MLS 2141442 Joy Humphrey 613-849-5999

Spacious open concept home, 2 bdrm, 3 bath. 2 car attached garage, above ground pool. $349,900 MLS 2140033 To view call Tracey Dickson or Hugh Jackson


Custom built 5 bedroom home, main floor in-law suite. 2 car attached garage. $449,000 MLS 2141944 Paul Gentile or Vince Martel


THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 f RE/15

THE PICTON GAZETTE 708 Highway 49, Picton




ŸOr, live in

residence above and operate your business on ground level

ŸHigh visibility Gary Croke, Sales Representative 613-384-1997,

ŸAmple parking Ÿ$259,000

MICHELLE BOWES Production Manager

The Picton Gazette / 1815 NORTH BIG ISLAND RD

The Napanee Beaver 613-354-6641 ext 113 chimelle123

Own your very own waterfront cottage on the Bay of Quinte, on Big Island. 2 bedroom cottage, 12x19 deck, 6x24 dock. Enjoy the phenomenal sunsets from your deck. Good swimming, boating and fishing complete with all furnishings. $224,900 MLS 2142197


This custom built 2+2 bedroom bungalow was designed to sit perfectly on one of the nicest lots on the Bay of Quinte. Just some of the upgrades include - cherry kitchen, granite floors, marble ensuite, 2 kitchens, guest suite, economical geo thermal heating/cooling, etc. Don't miss out on this amazing property, book a viewing today. MLS 2141738 $769,900

Linda Schick Sales Representative



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