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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

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Heroes spar for honour in Hillier Park day guests mix education, entertainment for all ages

Committee offers $20,000 pending legal advice

adam bramburger Staff writer


New musical brings back stories of rum running days Page 9


Loyalist Humane Society holds sale to help cats Page 13


Pirates, Dukes return to the ice to start 2013-2014 Page 23


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Queen Ellie nestled into her throne as her loyal subjects workedthemselves into a quick frenzy. The battle was soon to begin. With each introduction, the applause ratcheted up a bit louder. Sir Aldric Angelheart, a Teutonic knight enters the battlefield first, swinging his two swords to the crowd’s delight. His opponent, Ragnar the Wanderer, enters bearing a large shield and a single blade. He earns his own share of applause. For a brief moment, the two warriors bow to offer respect to the audience and then to their queen before hell breaks loose. The warriors swing their blades madly, the crowd hanging on every movement and ever thwack of metal against plate armour and chain metal. They spar back and forth for a time, then Lord Zon — the tournament master, or referee in today’s terms — calls for the fighting to halt. The bout has been scored and the good knight Aldric has won the day. Ragnar has been left to humble himself before his young queen to look for forgiveness. This was high noon at Hillier’s Jack Taylor Park and if the excitement was any indication, more than 500 people liked the new twist that added olde style to the park day tradition. In true medieval fashion, the annual summer party received a revamp as jesters told jokes and weaved magic, guests led demonstrations of historic dances, and people of all ages were able to examine traditional costumes and weaponry. Hillier recreation committee member Cynthia Riordon explains that she saw members from the Blades of Glory Realm making a presentation at the Wellington library branch a few years back and their presentation immediately made her think of possibilities for the Hillier event. “I thought it was educational, entertaining, and nobody had been doing it regularly,” she said. “This

Chad Ibbotson

Staff writer

Fully engaged Sir Aldric Angelheart (Mark Englehart), left, and Ragnar the Wanderer (Austin Dyamond) engage in battle during the Hillier Medieval Festival Saturday. Crowds of all ages cheered on their favourite warriors. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

was a turn key group that could come in and lead a family friendly event.” As a supply teacher, Riordon said she noticed that medieval times are part of the school curriculum that young people always seem fascinated with, so she approached the Blades of Glory team to make a proposal for the festival this year. They envisioned an atmosphere where there were a number of different stages and presentations that would take place twice in the day so that visitors could take part in all of the ancient crafts as well as get their beef on a bun from the firefighters or have the fun of plunging someone into the dunk tank. Riordon said she felt more people came out to the village for the celebration because of the theme this year and added she felt even the adults found ways to get into the spirit and use their imaginations. “A lot of people dressed up this year. We didn’t do the costume contest because we could never get people to dress up in the past, but even the adults were in costume. They seemed to enjoy the medieval theme too.”

See KNIGHTS, page 28

P U L L - O U T


haIl the queen Ellie Weaver had her moment to

sit on the throne and feel superior as the warriors battled for her amusement as her many subjects offered their approval for the fun they were having . (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)



50 Main Street Bloomfield



Carol Brough


As the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists struggle to cover legal costs incurred in their appeal of the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park, they may soon get help in the way of a substantial grant from the municipality. Committee of the whole voted on Thursday to recommend that council award the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) a $20,000-grant that will be taken from the municipality's tax rate stabilization reserve with the caveat that a legal opinion finds there is no liability issue for the municipality. The issue is slated to appear before council on Aug. 27. The group incurred approximately $125,000 in legal costs during the 40day hearing and have raised over $84,000 to date. PECFN president Myrna Wood appeared before the committee Thursday morning to give an update on the organization following their successful appeal to the Environment Review Tribunal (ERT) of the Renewable Energy Approval (REA) for the proposed nine-turbine 22.5 megawatt wind project. Wood said she was very happy the committee decided to award the grant. “(The committee) is recognizing how important the tribunal process was; that they have made a decision and people should be ready to accept it,” she said. Wood said the tribunal made a very careful, thorough decision. The tribunal decision has already been challenged by project proponent Gilead Power and the Ministry of Environment (MOE). Such challenges can only be made with respect to errors in the application of the law. “The tribunal made a very careful decision in detail and I don't think it can be overturned,” Wood said.

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County to aid Field Naturalists

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Committee decides timing isn’t right for N.E.W. plan for council restructuring Many wish to hear feedback from citizens’ assembly first Chad Ibbotson

Staff writer

While a few councillors seemed interested by the idea, resident Gary Mooney's N.E.W. Plan for council restructuring didn't generate any motions at last week's committee-of-thewhole meeting as several councillors noted it would be inappropriate to discuss the idea further at this time. Mooney presented his restructuring plan to councillors Thursday morning, saying it would not conflict with the work of the citi-

zens' assembly as its purpose is to make a recommendation on council size. The N.E.W. Plan consists of three electoral wards — north, east, and west. Mooney suggested the plan would preserve the 10 historic wards while improving councillor representation and allowing for flexibility in the size of council. “This proposal is not about downsizing council, it is neutral on the number of councillors going forward. It does not compete with the citizens' assembly because it accommodates anywhere

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from as many as 15 councillors down to as few as six,” Mooney said. “… Really I feel it's complementary to (the citizens' assembly's) work. What the proposal is about is improving councillors representation.” The three electoral wards would overlay the current 10 historic wards with the north electoral ward covering Ameliasburgh and Sophiasburgh. East would include Picton, North Marysburgh, South Marysburgh, and Athol, while west would cover Hallowell, Bloomfield, Wellington, and Hillier. The plan says each electoral ward would represent roughly the same number of voters at 9,108, 9,070, and 9,272 respectively. However, many councillors thought the plan was premature with the citizens' assembly still working on a recommendation. Councillor Brian Marisett was

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alternatIve plan Gary Mooney brought council a plan that would see the 10 historic wards kept and three electoral districts created. (Facebook photo)

among them. “I respect that any citizen can come before us and make a deputation, but I feel

this is inappropriate at this point in time,” said Marisett. “… There shouldn't be any more discussion on this today, it's inappropriate.” Councillor Jamie Forrester said he hoped the discussion wouldn't “derail” the citizens' assembly.

“I don't really like the timing of this right now,” he said. Councillor Bev Campbell concurred with both Marisett and Forrester. “It's quite inappropriate for us to be discussing anything to do with this matter at this time. It can be seen as interference,” she said. “We don't know what the recommendation will look like, we don't know what our next steps would be.” Councillor Keith MacDonald disagreed. MacDonald said he didn't consider the plan inappropriate, saying it will give people something to consider while the citizens' assembly works on a recommendation. “It doesn't bother me, we have a consulting firm in here, council will make the final decision,” he said. “When people are talking at a coffee shop, a grain elevator, or something to that effect, this report will certainly give the people of the County of Prince Edward something to talk about.”

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On behalf of Wes, Kelly, Ella, Liam and their families  we would like to extend an enormous thank you to the community of Prince Edward County. The spirit, strength and generosity of one community coming together to fight Ella's cancer battle with us is simply overwhelming. We are truly blessed. We would like to publicly thank many of our friends and people in the community, who have generously given their time and ultimately their hearts to help in the battle of one young girl. There are far to many people who deserve our thanks and gratitude.

We would like to say thanks recently for the Hayloft benefit, the Brighton Speedway team was a huge lift for us early in our battle. The scrap book and beautiful birthday video made to help celebrate a special girls 5th birthday will never be forgotten. The generous donations of gifts and presents to make Ella feel like a Queen for the day succeeded. The bake sale and fund raiser organized by close friends showed a wide spread of support for Ella. The sale of the "Ella's Cancer Kicking Posse" bracelets turned a small yellow bracelet into a symbol of hope for a community. For all the children who organized lemonade stands, gave up allowances and at such a young age gained empathy for one of their own it is a life lesson that touches us all and we should be so proud of each one of them. The funds raised have been allocated into a trust fund entirely to Ella's well being.

We want people to know that everyone who has thought about our battle, and those who have personally contributed their time and resources to the "Team Ella" campaign have truly touched us. This is not an easy battle but the load is made lighter knowing that the entire community is behind our little girl. We know we are not alone facing this disease. There are many that have come before us and many who will follow behind us. We live in a wonderful community that we are proud to call home. For that we cannot thank you enough.

Kelly, Wes, Ella & Liam




The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Lost art of falconry a source of food and status throughout the ages Hillier audiences learn about hunting method AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

Metaphors about the value of a bird in the hand likely could have been more greatly appreciated by societies that practiced the craft of falconry. Chris Ketola of the Ontario Specialized Resource Centre was at the Hillier Medieval Festival on Saturday. He explained that in some societies birds of prey were considered both status symbols and necessary tools to help peasants feed their families. He indicated that falconry, the sport or art of training birds of prey to hunt animals dates back over 5,000 years and originated in the Middle East near the area of present-day Iraq. The craft then spread east to Asia and finally reached Europe around 400 A.D. when explorers from Europe started to travel in that direction. Ketola said that numerous famous figures throughout history including Genghis Khan and Henry the Eighth were noted for their involvement in the activity. Traditionally, hawks, falcons, and eagles were considered best suited for the hunt. At the time, owls weren’t thought to be bright and people believed buzzards to be too sluggish. “Around 500 to 1600 A.D. falconry reached its peak of

Bird’s eye view A young Harris hawk surveys the crowd at Hillier’s Jack Taylor Park as his handler Chris Ketola explains the history of the sport of falconry to the gathered audience. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

popularity,� said Ketola. “Everyone at some point got to train a bird or be around one being trained. Each family had a bird and royal families often had hundreds of them at one time.� Ketola said much like people today would buy a Ferrari or other sports car today to have fun and show off, the nobility of those days trained birds for the very same reason. In fact, he said, there were some

species of birds that only kings and high-ranking royals were allowed to have including golden eagles and Jer falcons. “One of the best ways to show off your wealth was to get the biggest class bird you could afford to train and have fun.� Peasants who tried to touch birds out of their class could be jailed, they could lose their hands, or even be executed as an example.

work. “They’re not dogs. They are selfish naturally,� he said. “If they’re not hungry, they don’t want to hunt or train or do anything. They’re quite lazy really.� While it isn’t as regularly practiced today, Ketola said falconry does still have some practical uses in

Most of them had birds like forest hawks and in their case, it wasn’t just showing off to have a bird, it was a way of life. “Peasants want to put meat on the table,� he said.�If you want to trap, you might get one rabbit in a week. Hunting with a bow, you’re not going to hit rabbit at 100 yards. If you have a well-trained bird, in one day you may be able to kill two rabbits, two squirrels, and two smaller birds.� Ketola said birds are typically trained young — most these days are born in captivity — and their handlers would train them by feeding them on top of a glove and building trust. Once that trust was built, the handlers would teach the birds to hunt by chasing a lure — in the air for falcons, on the grounds for hawks. or eagles. Once the animal went for a fresh kill, the handler would offer a piece of meat to the bird and hide the fresh kill under his body or under a mat. The bird would remain hungry to make another kill, while still trusting its handler. Ketola said that is the only way to make falconry

today’s society and several people still actively train birds. Besides hunting, people now use falconry to educate about past societies, and to control pest birds. Many airports and public area employ handlers and their birds to keep the population of unwanted birds in check.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Social Notes

Mayor changes mind on need for financial assistance

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Retirements, Weddings GRADUATION

SUPPORT, from page 1

She said Gilead has suggested the tribunal ignored the fact that the company had already obtained a permit which allowed it to kill, harm, or harass species at risk in the area. “They will try to prove that the permit takes precedent over the tribunal decision. We think it's outrageous that the provincial government continues its plan to destroy the habitat of our south shore,� Wood said. In its appeal of the ERT decision Gilead is seeking to recoup legal costs from PECFN. Wood said the group intends to continue to defend the tribunal ruling and the case will be heard in divisional court sometime after September. Councillor Bev Campbell made the motion to award the money to PECFN, saying it is a small group of residents trying to preserve the


70th Anniversary Leanne Preston

Ron and Wilma Smith, parents of Leanne Preston, are pleased to announce, along with Leanne’s husband Kirk and children Jared & Erin, Leanne’s recent graduation from the University of Ontario, Oshawa, where she received a degree in Nursing Science with honours as well as making the Superintendent’s List. Leanne has accepted a position as Case CoOrdinator with the Access Centre at the Lindsey Memorial Hospital. Congratulations, we are all very proud of you.

Thompson (Tom) and Doris Robinson

Guess Who’s Six!

Joshua Bird

Delany Carson

Reese Rowbotham

natural environment and has no source of income outside of donations and proceeds from small fundraising events. Campbell's motion included a lengthy preamble in which she points to PECFN's substantial and growing legal costs and council's stance that no renewable energy projects be constructed in an important bird area. Mayor Peter Mertens spoke in support of the motion. He said when PECFN asked for financial assistance months ago he didn't support it, but has since changed his mind. “It's totally unacceptable that the Ministry of Environment is part of this appeal. That's wrong for the ministry, they're using taxpayers money to appeal this tribunal decision,� he said. “Lastly, Gilead — a huge corporation — is asking the court for costs. That's disgusting, that's totally unacceptable. Mainly for those reasons I'll support this.�

Grant to help pay for County Rd. 14 bridge Province covers 83 per cent of $1.5-million bill Chad Ibbotson

Staff writer

Provincial funding has been approved for a bridge replacement in the municipality's north end. Prince Edward County officials announced last week that funding has been approved for the bridge on County Rd. 14 under the Ontario Government Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) capital program. The grant — worth $1,245,000 — represents 83 per cent of the approximately $1.5 million cost of replacing the bridge. The bridge is expected to be designed this year with construction slated to take place sometime in 2014 between spring and late fall. A release from the mu-

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Aug 22nd Love Parents: Jim & Tanya Carson Brother: Dylan Grandma: Rebecca Carson

Sept 3rd Love Parents: Brian & Leigh Rowbotham Sister & Brother: Madison & Anthony Grandma: Rebecca Carson


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nicipality says the replacement wasn't planned for this early in the municipal roads program. “Replacing this bridge became an unexpected priority in late 2012 after staff noted significant pavement settlement and deterioration,� the release says. “Load restrictions were immediately issued and remain in effect.� The release says the funding application process was facilitated through the new community development department while the application itself was developed collaboratively between several municipal departments. “Part of the community development mandate is to make applications and secure funding for priority projects on behalf of the municipality,� the release says. Prince Edward County mayor Peter Mertens said the funding eases the blow to the municipal budget and will also contribute to the economy. “Not only will this grant reduce the burden on taxpayers, but it will also create jobs which contributes to a stable economy,� said Mertens. “I would like to thank all staff for their contribution to the funding and planning of this project.� The provincial government has made $90 million available through 2013 and 2014 under the MIII capital program. The funding looks to help municipalities deal with critical water and wastewater projects, roads, and bridges. It is targeted to municipalities and local service boards that, otherwise, may not be able to afford to take on the financial burden of large-scale priority projects.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Craft and design show Kaleidoscope returns to Fields on West Lake this Sunday Jason Parks

Staff writer

Locals and visitors looking for unique items and handcrafted treasures can look no further than Fields on West Lake Sunday where the Second annual KaleidoscopeCelebration of Craft and Design Show will take place. Show organizer Barb Forgie, who has had a hand in the Mother of all Craft Shows and Mistletoe Magic series said the inaugural event, which took place last September, was a success and was moved up a month in order to capitalize on visitors that might be frequenting the area and looking for something to do this Sunday. “This year we said lets start the planning process ear-



MILE.OF7!,-!24ON(79 "ELLEVILLEs613-969-9263


Andy Forgie will be on hand at Fields on West Lake this Sunday to sing and play as part of the Kaleidoscope Celebration of Craft and Design . (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

be be provided by the very talented Andy Forgie and and Slow Taco will offer its Mexican-themed delights. The show also serves as a fundraiser for the Human Equine Assisted Learning Program in Hillier and a portion of the gate fees (admission is $2) will be donated to the HEAL program. The show runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



FALL IN LOVE WITH NEW YORK THIS AUTUMN! 6HSW 12-15, 19-22, 26-29 2FW 10-14, 11-14, 17-20, 24-27, 27-30

lively entertainment Popular musician

OllyQuinns Vintage Solar Lights are unique outdoor lights that use entirely recycled glass and can dress up any patio or garden. Laura Levitt and her Deja Vu Designs are dedicated to the upcycle and re-creation of textile and garments into one-of- a- kind wearable art. “Her stuff is really, really cool,� Forgie said. Acoustic entrainment will



lier, go for the end of August and catch some of the tourists that will be visiting the Quinte area.� The show will attract over 45 local and visiting artisans, some from as far away as Toronto and the eclectic ensemble will provide a dynamic display of hard-to-find goods and wares Among the local exhibitors is Lisa Burke with her Essential Relaxation line of natural bath and body care products. Joan Deir ‘s Mosaic Creations are abstract and linear creations on old windows & wall hangings that incorporates everything from the glass to slices of agate, gems, minerals, rocks, grasses, twigs and bark .


Bloomfield A.O.T.S. Men’s Club

Roast Pork and Ham Dinner with Corn on the Cob at Bloomfield United Church

Saturday, August 24 Serving from 4:30 to 7:00 pm Dinner includes roast pork, ham, corn on the cob, baked potato, veggies, salad, drinks, home-made desserts



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School starts September 3rd, 2013 for all schools within the Tri-Board jurisdiction; If you wish, you may confirm your child’s transportation for September 2013 at any time of night or day by accessing the tools below:

1. Integrated Voice Response System - phone 613-354-8202 or 1-866-934-7209 and follow the voice prompts. You will require your child’s OEN number (Ontario Education Number) found on their report card and their birth date, or

2. Go to and click on the “Student Information� button at the top of the web page. Scroll down to “What Is My Bus Number.� You will require your child’s OEN number (Ontario Education Number) found on their report card and their birth date. 3. If you have not registered your child for school, please do so at the school office during the week of August 26th, 2013. You must complete a Transportation Application form and the school will forward the form to Tri-Board for processing. Information will be returned to the school and the school will notify you of the details.

Due to the volume of Transportation Applications being processed during the week of August 26th, 2013, transportation for your child may not be se tup before the first day of school. Transportation to and from school will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian until the school notifies you of the transportation arrangements.

Students will soon be walking to school or waiting for the school bus. We ask all motorists to be aware of the need to be extra cautious and to obey all of the laws regarding our school buses.



Healthy Measures

Be Active Eat Well Be Yourself Healthy Measures is a 6-week program designed for women. This FREE program includes: A grocery store tour ? ? A new physical activity to try each week ? Healthy lifestyle topics such as label reading, portion sizes, positive body image, flexibility, strength training and much more! Classes will be held Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at: Picton Public Library, 208 Main Street West, Picton September 12 - October 17, 2013

Registration is required. For more information call 613-966-5513 ext 322.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013


Looking back in the

Picton Gazette 80 years ago — 1933

■ Cherry Valley men Fred Peeling and Jake Dainard appeared in court on a rae charge of “killing with the intent to steal” as they killed a heifer owned by Howard Reid while it was at pasture on the Ostrander Farm near Point Petre. The pasture’s owner reported a cow had been taken from his property with just the head left behind. Police interviewed hide dealers and found a match in Belleville. A butcher also provided testimony leading to the arrests. The men were remanded with bail set at $1,000 each. ■ A large frame barn measuring 60 x 70 belonging to Harold Spencer of Elmbrook burned to the ground. A threshing separator was also destroyed in the blaze. Fortunately, neither livestock nor other machinery was present. ■ Recently ordained priest Rev. Paul B. Brennan returned to Picton after 13 years of study to celebrate his first high mass at St. Gregory The Great Catholic Church.

60 years ago — 1953

■ The Prince Edward Chamber of Commerce resolved to go before town council asking for the placement of rubbish containers at strategic places in Picton to help alleviate the condition of filth on the streets and that signage be placed with the containers to encourage the public to use them to throw away garbage. ■ Picton council ordered street signs to mark the balance of all street intersections which join connecting highways coming into the town. Safety-Lite stop signs were also ordered for many intersections in a move that was designed to increase protection for the motoring public. ■ Following complaints from visitors about the conditions of the Outlet Beach, the Chamber decided it would increase from $75 the sum it would contribute to shoreline clean-up to keep the beach in a pristine condition for its many visitors.

40 years ago — 1973

■ The Task Force on Policing was to host a public meeting in Belleville to discuss the policing needs of municipalities in the region as well as the financing related to those needs. Picton Police Commission chair J. L. Mason said his organization was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share information and make submissions. ■ With drought conditions growing worse, many dairy farmers in the county resorted to using their winter rations of hay and grain to feed their cows. Several rural residents also reported dry wells. ■ The County’s welfare administrator Arne Nielson, 55, died of a heart attack while at a convention in Toronto.

20 years ago — 1993

■ Five officers with the Picton OPP detachment were trying a new Tilley hat that the force was considering switching to from its traditional peaked cap during certain functions. One officer said he heard references to Australia and the United States while on patrol. He also said the new hat didn’t breathe as well. ■ The 1st Canadian Division Headquarters and Signals Regiment was conducting a military exercise in the Cherry Valley area. The soldiers, based normally in Wainwright, Alberta, were practicing deployment and set-up procedures. ■ Waupoos apple grower Jim Hughes won the Progressive Conservative nomination for the fall federal election.



26C 15C


Weekend WeATHeR fORecAST

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25C 17C









There is a 70-per-cent chance of showers or a thunderstorm occurring this evening.

There is no probability of precipitation projected in tomorrow’s weather forecast.

There is no probability of precipitation projected in Saturday’s weather forecast.

There is no probability for precipitation projected in Sunday's weather forecast.

*Based on Environment Canada data, used with permission.

Kingbirds may be exception among flycatchers

Almost every day, early morning finds Belleville resident Kenzo Dozono along the H.R. Frink Centre’s famous boardwalk, at Plainfield. We’re not talking 9 am. early. We’re talking sunrise, early! Kenzo Dozono sensei who holds an eighth degree black belt in karate and teaches both karate and Tai-chi in Belleville, relaxes before and after a rigorous day of training and instructing, by surrounding himself with nature. He finds it at this popular conservation area, 9 km north of Belleville. Through his training, involving patience and compassion, and setting up a regular pattern of morning arrivals at the marsh boardwalk, the marsh inhabitants have come to know him. Those observers, who begin their day much later, cannot possibly envision what the atmosphere is like when the marsh starts to awaken at daybreak. And Kenzo is right there to see it happen as Virginia rails and their young scurry up and down the boardwalk as though it were Hwy 401. On several occasions, there have been soras, and green herons using the boardwalk as a morning race track, and last week, two river otters made a surprise visit. His eight-year-old Corgi/Pomerian dog, Cody, is right beside him and obediently remains motionless and quiet, as Dozono creeps up on birds and photographs them. Some of the photos he has emailed me show his hand ever so gently reaching out and touching some of the


birds. This requires patience, concentration and dedication. Dozono is very observant and very eager to increase his knowledge of nature, and often sends me photos for identification. He has a need to understand the identity of those creatures around him, and what they are doing. Last week, it was a photo of a juvenile eastern kingbird on the railing of the boardwalk and it was doing something most of us would not expect of a species of flycatcher. This one was gulping down a small frog! In the Quinte region, we have 15 species of flycatchers on record as having appeared here. Nine of these occur regularly, seven nest in the region, including the eastern kingbird, one of the larger members of this family. Some bird guides and references would have us believe that flycatchers eat only insects, obtained by a method known as “hawking” - that is, perched on an outer

branch, and sallying out after any flying insect that approaches near enough to be caught. We have all seen kingbirds doing this during spring and summer. These insects may include bees, wasps, ants, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, bugs, and flies. Insects, just like other flycatchers. However, if you delve a little deeper into literature on our eastern kingbird, you will find some interesting facts beyond what you may commonly know about kingbirds in our area. What we don’t often see is their habit of supplementing an insect diet with fruit — serviceberries, cherries, blackberries, elderberries, and nightshade — particularly right now as we get closer to fall. During fall migration kingbirds begin to eat a lot of fruit, and fruit becomes increasingly important as they migrate south. In the Amazon where kingbirds winter, their lifestyle includes one of eating almost 100-per cent fruit and they also give up their solitary lifestyle that we see in our area, and start travelling in flocks. Fruit we can accept as we know many species of birds will often swing both ways. Insects being a staple diet with insectivorous birds, but switching over to fruit when insect availability dictates that they must do so. Tree swallows are a good example. When late winter snowstorms and cold weather limit the number of available insects in the spring, tree swallows can survive for a little while on fruit still remain-

ing on bushes that hasn’t already been consumed by wintering birds. Likely not as palatable, but desperate times call for desperate measures. That kingbirds have a penchant for frogs is behaviour we truly don’t expect to see from an insect eating flycatcher here or in the Amazon. Dozono witnessed this firsthand and emailed me a close-up photo of a juvenile kingbird with a frog going down the hatch. According to his account of the unusual incident, the kingbird treated the frog the same way as it would instinctively deal with an oversized insect – by violently battering it against an object, then swallowing it whole. The consumed frog probably supplied the kingbird with enough moisture to last it the entire day, for kingbirds do not drink water. You will never see them at your bird bath. They obtain what moisture they need from the food they eat. Interpretive naturalists tend to refer to themselves as “professionals”. But, we are professionals only in the sense that we engage in this discipline as a profession. In no way do we suggest that we know everything about nature. Like Kenzo, by quietly observing, we learn. And, so do I. The frog thing was totally new to me.

ty man himself had assaulted his wife. The man was charged with forcible confinement, causing bodily harm by overcoming resistance, uttering threats, and assault. The man was released from custody and will appear in Picton court Sept. 4.

On Saturday, a single motor vehicle left Smokes Point Road and struck a hydro pole. Two occupants were transported to Trenton hospital with minor injuries. The 20year-old female driver, from Belleville, was charged with careless driving.

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County man dies in farming accident on Victoria Road

George Douglas Carter, 69, was buried under several large bales of hay weighing about 700 pounds each inside a barn on Victoria Road in Ameliasburgh Saturday, Aug. 10. A police investigation concluded the hay fell onto Carter when he opened an access door right next to where the bales were stacked inside. It was believed the

bales were stacked properly, but had shifted over time as animals ate away at them.


A man arrived at the Prince Edward OPP detachment just before 8:30 a.m. Aug. 18 to report a domestic assault. Upon investigation, police believe the 35-year-old coun-



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‘It's totally unacceptable that the Ministry of Environment is part of this appeal. That's wrong for the ministry, they're using taxpayers money to appeal this tribunal decision.’ -P rIncE E dward c ounTy M ayor P ETEr M ErTEns ExPlaInIng ThaT hIs MInd was changEd on con TrIbuTIng MunIcIPal MonEy To ThE P rIncE E dward c ounTy F IEld n aTuralIsTs gIvEn ThaT ThE ac TIons oF o nTarIo ’ s M InIsTry oF ThE E nvIronMEnT and g IlEad P owEr c orPoraTIon .


On the big stage The county trio Trinity, from left, Kim Inch, Renie Thompson, and Jeanette Arsenault led

Sunday morning’s Gospel hour at the Havelock Country Jamboree with musicians Jim Yates, Al Kirby, and Fraser Hardman. They said it was an amazing opportunity and thanked the helpful staff at the well-known country music festival and their many fans who traveled from the county and beyond to make the performance so enjoyable. (Submitted photo)

Canadians should seriously discuss Senate reform

IT’S is time that Canadians take a long, hard look at the system of governance they have in Ottawa and have a real discussion about what can be done to make changes for the betterment of the population. While Canadian senators do much more work within committees than many give them credit for, most people in this country can see that the socalled upper house really isn’t serving its most basic purpose that they would have all learned about in elementary school civics classes. Senators may alter the wording in legislation and send it back to the House of Commons for another look, but realistically, when the prime minister can decide who is going to sit in that chamber, it really loses the teeth it should have had as a body of elder statesmen who could stop bad legislation from being enacted. The Senate is in many ways just as partisan as the Commons, and it appears many people of all stripes advancing to that status like to use the perks of their position a little too much — as if a $132,000 salary wasn’t generous enough for the ability to serve one’s country. The question, however, is how to refocus that level of government given the strict amending formula provided within the Canadian constitution and the regional nature of awarding Senate seats, which has also been a source of contention for several parts of the country who question the current balance of seat distribution. Some say an elected body would fit the bill because those members would be responsible directly to their electorate and it would ensure that no party could stack the seats in its favour. One would wonder, however, if there is a landslide win for any party if there would be any built in checks and balances over such a system. Perhaps, the best change might be one where the Senate remains a body where individuals stay in their seats until they reach retirement age, just as they do now, but instead of being selected by the prime minister, perhaps the members should be elected from the population. That way, voters could ensure that their representatives are appointed in keeping with the political values they believe in at the time of an appointment and not manipulated according to whom is in power at any given day. Or, maybe it is just time to abolish the Senate and put the money that is being spent on it into some really progressive changes that would help more voices be heard in Canadian politics, perhaps by changing the funding and electoral systems to recognize the popular vote and not just the gains of parties or people who come past the post first. Maybe then, Canadian politics at all levels will go beyond just the idea of waving the party banner and forcing through one agenda back to the idea of representatives truly lobbying for their constituents and having more freedom to shape public policy and develop bills that a greater plurality of people will find acceptable to move forward with.


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Staff-recommended reading and a quality books sale

Most of us who work at the library are avid readers, as can be expected, and we are always happy to share recommendations of our favourite books. Over the summer, these are some of the diverse titles that we have enjoyed. Sue read The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. It is the story is of six teenagers at a summer camp for the arts who become inseparable and of their lifelong bond. Wolitzer follows these characters from the height of youth through middle age, as their talents, fortunes, and degrees of satisfaction diverge. “The story has great insight into relationships,” says Sue. Krista recommends The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery by Pilecki Witold. “This is an amazing book,” says Krista. A true story by polish army officer Witold Pilecki, it is his account of time inside a camp at Auschwitz. What makes the book exceptional is that the officer volunteered to be arrested by the Germans so that he could report from inside the camp. His intelligence reports, smuggled out in 1941, were among the first eyewitness accounts of Auschwitz atrocities. Pilecki received brutal treatment until he escaped in April 1943. This book is the first English translation of a 1945 expanded version of the report he wrote of his experience. Jennifer recommends a Canadian mystery novel she read by Howard Shrier called Miss Montreal . The fourth novel in the series featuring Toronto private investigator Jonah Geller, it finds the central figure back home after a disastrous case in Boston that left his partner badly injured and the usually fearless detective feeling raw. So when his company, World Repairs, is hired investigate the murder of an old acquaintance, a fellow Jew found in a laneway with a Star of David carved into his chest, Geller is only too happy to outrun his demons by getting on with it. NOW magazine wrote of the novel, “Miss Montreal is one of those books you can’t put down. It’s a great addition to the world of crime fiction and a must-read for fans of La Belle Ville.” Linda recommends Eye of God by James Rollins. This is a historical mystery and scientific exploration novel by the bestselling author. It reveals an apocalyptic vision of the future, predicted by the distant past, combining new scientific discoveries with plausible theory that leads to a shocking conclusion. “A great summer read, and a real page-turner,” says Linda. Tracy, along with her niece and a friend, all read the highly popular S.C. Stephens series Thoughtless,



Reckless, and Effortless. The stories centre on a small town girl who moves to the city on a scholarship to university, following her faithful, stable boyfriend. Problems begin when she becomes torn between her reliable boyfriend and the local rock star. “We all both loved and hated the characters,” says Tracy, “…you hate them, you throw the book at their stupidity, but then you cannot stop reading to find out if they will ever get it together.” The library has this series on its Kobo e-readers for lending. I read a great recommendation made to me by the Library’s CEO, Barb Sweet, entitled The Truth. The author is Michael Palin. I was familiar with Palin’s excellent non-fiction travel books and his work with Monty Python, but did not know of his fiction writing, so this was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. In The Truth journalist Keith Mabbut is offered a great opportunity at just a time in his life when he needs something meaningful. He is hired to write the biography of an elusive and highly influential activist and humanitarian, Melville Hamlish. Mabbut’s search to uncover the real man takes him to environmentally sensitive locations under attack in India and has him discovering more than he had expected. The plot is clever and the characters wholly believable. The questions raised about the cost of progress, media manipulation and hero worship make this a thought provoking book, but the inventive plot and brilliant writing are what drives the reader to keep turning pages. These titles and other great reads are all available at the library. If you are looking to buy a good read in support of the library, please mark your calendars for this Saturday, Aug. 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the Friends of the Picton Library will be holding their popular “Quality Books Sale”. Come for great deals on gift quality used books and help support your local public library.

The Picton Gazette welcomes letters to the editor of 500 words or less. The letters may be edited for clarity, legal ramifications, length or general taste at the editor’s discretion. We also reserve the right to refuse to publish submitted letters for the same reasons. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the views of the Gazette, its publisher, or staff. Submitted items become property of the Gazette.

The Rotary Club of Picton has plenty of international flavour at its weekly luncheon Tuesday as three exchange students were in attendance to share their youthful energy and experiences with the club’s members. From left, Jeff Finnegan represented the club on an exchange to Brazil during the past school year, Rotarian Frank Wright is a member of Rotary’s student exchange committee and a trusted counsellor for the students, Sofia Arnekull was an exchange student who visited PECI from her native Sweden two years ago, while Sarah Kaesmacher is an exchange student from Belgium staying in the county for this upcoming school year. Another local student, Miranda Boultbee, is now in Norway. (Submitted photo)


Age-in-place plans must include affordable housing

I have been following the discussion of the McFarland property development plan with concern, given the need for affordable housing in Prince Edward County, and wider civic engagement on this issue. First, I concur with the detailed advice offered by Pat Zolf on what has been presented so far, and have been disappointed by the lack of adequate response from the municipality to the serious points that she

raises. Second, from the point of view of sustainable and resilient community-building, the need to address the affordable housing situation in this community is a high priority that could soon become a crisis. Any use of municipal lands that does not carefully attend to that fact indicates a disingenuous approach on the part of the municipality. As I pointed out in the discussion on the blog of what we have been told so far, there are groups of citizens who have been meeting to discuss affordable housing and aging-in-place needs because it relates directly to them and their families, since they live here and are planning to continue living here. I suggest that the voices of those who have had the intention of making the county their home are not just heard, but listened to.

They can bring insights to bear that outside developers are ignorant of, and often impervious to, since their priorities lie elsewhere. Given the volatility of the shifting economy, working with old and generic models does little to enhance the prospects for sustainable growth and social cohesion in this community. Renia Tyminski

A confession about how Walmart came to Canada

Everyone knows I do silly things, so I thought I’d better tell you this story that happened back in 1992 or 1993. My husband Sid and I were in Florida and when I was in Walmart, I bought some nice sweatshirts to give to my neighbours at home. They said “shop to you drop at Walmart.” After I gave them to my neighbours, I took their pic-

ture and sent a copy to Sam Walton, the owner of WalMart and with it, a note saying he should have a store in the area. Of course, I was bragging about how beautiful it is here in Picton. His secretary wrote me a nice letter back saying that Walton was very ill, so she was writing it for him. She said they had no thoughts of ever moving to Canada, but thanked me for my letter.


Authors Janet Kellough, left, and Vicki Delaney launched their newest novels, 47 Sorrows and A Winter Kill respectively, at the Picton library Thursday. (Submitted photo)

Then, a few months later, the talk around Picton was that Walmarts were going to be in this area and how hard that would be on our little stores. I’m listening to all this conversation, but I never tell anyone it was my fault. It sure didn’t take Walmart very long to change their minds about Canada as very soon, two of the first stores were in Barrie and

Belleville. They put the first one in Barrie in March 1994 and that just happens to be my hometown. (No, I didn’t mention Barrie in the letter, just the Picton area). So, nearly 20 years later, I’m confession that it was my fault. Is everybody mad at me? I may have to hide for a few months. Mary Wellein Picton

Closure of Black River launch saddens neighbours

As of Aug. 1, 2003, the Black River community was disappointed at the short sightedness of the closure of the boat launch at the Black River Cheese Factory. The local neighbours disapprove of this decision and are irate. We feel the launch is just as important to us as the factory. This launch has been a part of our community for many, many years. It is enjoyed and used by neighbours, commercial fishermen, the Ministry of

Natural Resources, county residents and tourists, all who in turn support the cheese factory. There was a small notice posted at the launch only a few days before they closed it. There are many boaters still trying to access the launch and they are also surprised and angry at the closure. We would like to see the boat launch reopened. Karen Cowan Black River


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

WHATTAM’S COMMUNITY CALENDAR The Community Calendar is donated as a public service to our community by The Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main St., West, Picton (613-476-2450)

SPACE IS AVAILABLE TO all non-profit groups or organizations that serve 'The County' ONLY. Calendar items can be faxed 476-3031, email or placed in drop box at the side door of the Funeral Home by Saturday at noon. WHATTAM'S is proud to present....'Free Family Movie Day' at the Regent Theatre the last Sunday of each month 2pm.

tAll tAles Rick Zimmerman plays a veteran sailor recalling his involvement in the rum running business off the county’s south shore to his daughter, played by Jenica Hammett and the audience of The County Rum Runners. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Rum running past comes to life Cast overcomes obstacles to share tales of county history AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

Rum running during the American prohibition was big business in and around Prince Edward County. That said, it wasn’t easy business. The law, the frigid weather, and countless other obstacles popped up. In the end, however, the goods often got delivered to Lake Ontario’s south shore and those who succeeded profited. It’s fitting, then, that a show about that dirty little secret came together through some of its own complications with the audience not knowing the wiser at the Cannery Row Summer Theatre Series at Waupoos Marina Saturday. Suzanne Pasternak explained that her original show The County Rum Runners lost two cast members within the past couple weeks and it had to be significantly rewritten before opening day. “We were running by the seat of our pants,” she said. “It went from two daughters to one and let’s make it work. That’s showbiz.” Collectively, Pasternak, musicians Tom Leighton and Mark Despault, and actor Rick Zimmerman had worked together many times before, so they had no problem pitching in and writing right up until the morning of the show. Actress Jenica Hammett joined in with just three days to go to learn her lines and songs, add to the writing ensemble, and put some choreography into the show. “It was wonderful, all I did the last three days was listen to the CDs of the songs, write notes, and work my bum off,” she said. “I work

better under pressure.” Both Leighton and Despault wrote new, interesting songs just this week to enhance the score. In the show, Hammett plays Zimmerman’s twentysomething daughter who provides a comic foil for his stories of his fellow sailors who made their livelihoods moving goods in the cold of winter and dark of night to avoid the Coast Guard. She also offered another human element, showing how many young ladies mourned for one of the younger, more charming rum runners. She brought strong, deep vocals and good timing to her role. Zimmerman, offering the audience the character of a loveable drunkard shared his stories with his fine blend of humour and passion. He said his developing his character was a bit of a balancing act. “The fun or the challenge of it is to keep getting the stories across and telling the stories in their setting and having fun with the character at the same time,” he said. If it's all about the history, gets dry, if it's all about the character, miss the history.” That’s much like any oral history and, indeed, this show is a continuation of that. Pasternak talked to some people who actually knew legendary rum runners like Bruce Lowery and Ben Kerr in the late 1980s and also borrowed from the extensive research Bill Hunt did on the topic earlier that decade. Most of the stories shared actually happened, including tales where smugglers had to abandon their cargo in the water, ones where people on Main Duck Island “A lot of the facts are

truthful, it happened in Prince Edward County,” Hammett said. “Myself and my father's character were fictional characters, but everything else is based on history. I think it's really nice for people to know their history and what people would do just for alcohol.” Pasternak indicated sharing that history has always been an important part of the shows she’s worked on. “My part of it, the research, the stories, that's 25 years of work. For Bill Hunt, that a colossal amount of oral history he collected in early 80 It's a fantastic history lesson for people, but entertaining them at the same time.” She said that she has high hopes that the group can continue working on its shows with the idea of creating a series including the Rum Runners, The County Show, and perhaps another musical that would span over a week or two next year. Zimmerman said he has really looked forward to the creative process that led to the show they performed twice before sizeable crowds Saturday. “It's so great to work with these people, “he said. “I like the sharing and the fact we kind of keep the ball rolling to do the next incarnation or next version of the show.” Several of the cast members indicated they really liked staging the show at the Waupoos Marina as it was out doors and it proved to be an appropriate setting for a local story about boats and sailors on the lake nearby. Ironically, though the show was about the free flow of liquor, the musical also raised money for the Bellwood Foundation, an addictions counselling centre.


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Aug 20 - Aug 27




2. Killing Season




4. Shadow Dancer


1. Epic

3. Scary Movie 5

5. Olympus Has Fallen




























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NEW TO PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY call Sharon at WELCOME WAGON today to receive a WELCOME WAGON GIFT PACKAGE! Phone 475-5994. It’s absolutely free! ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY OF PEC is sponsoring “The Eva Monroe Memorial Tournament – Fore! The Memories” on August 22 at Wellington on the Lake Golf Course. Entrance fee $75/person includes an afternoon of friendship, nine holes of golf, cart, dinner & prizes! Additional info call Alzheimer’s Society of PEC 476-2085.

PICTON FOOD BANK in need canned fruit/veggies/cereals/kraft dinner/cookies/juice crystals/peanut butter/tuna. Donations to the Pet Food Bank also appreciated. LOYALIST HUMANE SOCIETY – Always in need of food, litter, cleaning supplies, paper products as well as kitten food canned & dry. ROTARY CASH CALENDAR WINNERS – Week 30 July 23-29-Myrna Pickering, Rod Pringle, Ray Cutler, Dan Harvey,Ron Johnson. MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT NETWORK – Picton Support Centre, 333 Main St. Open MonWed-Fri 9:30am – 2:30pm. View the online calendar at or call 471-1347. THE HUB CHILD & FAMILY CENTRE – Is fundraising with Mabel’s Labels. Sticky Labels, Peel & Stick Clothing Labels, Bag Tags, Allergy Alert labels & more. Personalize your labels with names, initials & phone numbers. Cool icons help even little ones identify their own belongings. Dishwasher, microwave, laundry safe. Visit to order while helping to raise much needed funds. Info call 4768142. PATCHWORK BUTTERFLY HUMANITARIAN GROUP – Fundraising every Saturday 9am2pm from now until Thanksgiving at Milford Market Square. HEARING HELP CLINIC FALL 2013 – Will be offered in the fall through a partnership between the Canadian Hearing Society & PE Community Care for Seniors. People are welcome to attend the Clinic to get answers to concerns about hearing loss, information about hearing health care & learn communication strategies for hearing loss. Call Community Care to sign up. People will be contacted once clinic dates have been determined. 476-7493. 55 ALIVE MATURE DRIVING – Classroom Refresher Course – September. A 55-Alive safe driving course will be held in September in Picton sponsored by PE Community Care, & will run from 9:30am – 3:30pm. The cost is $30pp, which includes workbook, refreshments & a light lunch. Call 476-7493 to register or for more information. www.communitycarefor THE 6th ANNUAL VICTORY ART SHOW – From 27 July to 24 August, featuring local artists at The Victory Gallery, 205 Main St. Picton. Entry free. HISTORIC WALKING TOURS OF PEC – Tours run until Labour Day weekend. All tours are booked through The Regent Theatre 244 Main St Picton 476-8416 ext 28. Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-4pm. Buy online PEC WESLEYAN CHURCH – 18 Talbot St Picton. Summer hrs for Sunday services 9:3010:30am July 7th to August 25 2013. For more info contact 393-2020. BLOOMFIELD YOGA CLASSES – New Time: Wednesdays 6 – 7pm at Bloomfield Town Hall. $5/class. Sponsored by Bloomfield/Hallowell Rec Committee. Info call 393-3798. ST. ANDREW’S ANGLICAN CHURCH WELLINGTON – The What- Not Shop - Hours are Tues 10-12, Thurs 2-4pm & Saturdays 10-12 noon. Selling clothes, shoes, bedding & household items. WEDNESDAY MORNING FRIENDSHIP GROUP – Meets every Wednesday morning 9am-12noon. Albury Church, Rednersville Rd. Quilts for Sale. Proceeds to local charities for women.

ONGOING BEGINNER FRENCH – Drop-in every Thursday, Picton Branch Library 2pm. ARTS ON MAIN GALLERY – County’s Leading Co-operative Gallery presents “Fall in Place” Aug 14 – Oct 28. Largest show ever. Info 4765665. AUGUST 22 – OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS – Meets 6:30pm at 5 James Ave, Picton (off Lake St). Everyone affected with a weight problem is welcome. Info 476-0351 or 476-3949. AUGUST 22 – QUARTER MOON COFFEE HOUSE – Great Live Open Stage Music, Bloomfield Town Hall, 7:30 pm sharp. Amateurs of all ages welcome. Free admission, donations accepted at the door. AUGUST 23 – WELLINGTON LEGION – Friday Night Dinner featuring Beef Bourguignon with egg noodles, vegetables, soup or salad, dessert, coffee/tea. $13.95. Serving 5-7pm. Takeout available. AUGUST 23 – PICTON BRANCH LIBRARY – CNIB Products for better living display with CNIB representative to answer questions from 10am – 12noon. AUGUST 23 – PICTON LEGION BR 78 –Presents Karaoke with “Karaoke Lady” 7-11pm. AUGUST 24 – BLOOMFIELD BRANCH LIBRARY – Herb Walk & Tea with Sherri Bergman. 10 – 11:30am. Registration required at 242-2096. Cost $20. AUGUST 24 – PICTON BRANCH LIBRARY – Meet & read with Gisele of TVO Kids Gisele from Gisele’s Big Backyard at 2pm. AUGUST 24 – FRIENDS OF THE PICTON LIBRARY – Will be holding a Quality Book Sale fundraiser, 10am – 2pm at the Picton Library. AUGUST 24 – PEC OPP AUXILIARY – “Cram the Cruiser” Wellington Food Bank BackTo-School Fundraiser 10am-2pm Pierson’s Foodland Parking Lot, Main St. Wellington. Please bring a non-perishable food item to help out your local food bank. AUGUST 24/25 – FREE TV/ELECTRONICS DROP OFF EVENT – Home Hardware Parking Lot 13544 Loyalist Parkway Picton 9am-4pm. Info Sponsored by Sonrise Christian Academy & The Kinsmen Club of Picton. AUGUST 25 – WHATTAM’S FREE FAMILY MOVIE – “Epic” 2pm at The Regent Theatre. AUGUST 25 – CRESSY UNITED CHURCH – 136th Anniversary 10:30am. Speaker Rev. Peter Mason. Refreshments following. AUGUST 26 – COMMUNITY BRAIN TALK – Meets 6:30pm PECMH Boardroom, 403 Main St. Picton. Information & practical advice on the subject of brain injury & concussion. Presented by the Acquired Brain Injury System Navigation of Southeastern Ontario. All welcome. AUGUST 27 – AL-ANON (adults) & ALATEEN (teens) – Affected by someone’s drinking? 1-866-951-3711. Meets Tues(s) 8pm Gilead Fellowship Church. AUGUST 28 – WELLINGTON BRANCH LIBRARY – Free afternoon movie “Skyfall” 2pm. AUGUST 29 – SILENT MOVIE NIGHT – At the Bloomfield Centre for Creativity (Baxter Bldg) 3 Stanley St. 7:30pm. Free admission. Bring a lawn chair. AUGUST 29 – AL-ANON – Meets Thurs(s) 10:30am St. Mary Magdalene Church. 1-866-9513711. For adults affected by someone’s drinking? AUGUST 29 – PICTON BRANCH LIBRARY – Free drop in beginner French 2pm. AUGUST 29 – PICTON BRANCH LIBRARY – Social Justice Drop-in discussion group 5:30pm. Info: Christine 476-5962. AUGUST 31 – PICTON LEGION BR 78 – Meat Roll at 2pm. SEPTEMBER 3 – QEMA VICTORIAN TEA – In appreciation Quinte Educational Museum & Archives invites members & friends to a Victorian Tea at the Victoria School, Ameliasburgh. 2 – 4pm. Take a trip “Down Memory Lane” reminiscing & sharing stories from past school days. Contact Louise 393-3049. SEPTEMBER 5 – SILENT MOVIE NIGHT – At the Bloomfield Centre for Creativity (Baxter Bldg) 3 Stanley St. 7:30pm. Free admission. Bring a lawn chair. SEPTEMBER 6 – WELLINGTON THRU THE AGES – A musical gala, captured on video originally produced for Wellington’s 150th Anniversary. Encore presentation at 7pm. Doors open 6:30pm, Wellington Town Hall, 246 Main St. Fundraiser for the Wellington Gazebo Rebuilding Fund. Presented by the Wellington District Lions Club. Free will donations accepted at the door.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Regent request for larger exterior doors denied for heritage reasons Committee of the whole sides with advisory committee despite foundation’s goals of improved patron accessibility Chad IbboTSoN

StAff wRiteR

In a decision that was seen among several councillors as the first test of the new Picton Heritage District, committee of the whole voted against a request from the Regent Theatre Foundation to install larger exterior doors at the front of the Main Street mainstay. Regent Theatre Foundation board of directors member Peter Blendell spoke on the foundation's behalf at last Thursday's committee-of-the-whole meeting. Blendell asked that the committee approve the foundation's building permit request, which the Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee (PEHAC) had said should

be denied. The doors were one of 10 items the foundation was seeking approval for and the only one to be denied. Ultimately the committee voted strongly in favour of the PEHAC recommendation. Much of the discussion centred around a heritage versus accessibility theme, which was thoroughly debated amongst councillors and representatives of both the Regent and PEHAC. Councillor Terry Shortt was among those who said heritage had to take precedent in this case. “We have just given downtown Picton a heritage designation and this is a test of our resolve in that matter,” he said. “We know these doors pass as far as

‘There has to be a willingness and there has to be a desire to support what we put in that document.’

PETER MERTENS MAYOR current building codes go, as far as accessibility goes.” Shortt said the Regent is an important part of the community and there are very few such theatres left. “A lot of the old theatres that had this look, this feel about it are gone,” he said. “… We seem to be losing it in pieces and this is just an-


Sermon: What happens when dad dies?

“Where Faith is Fun” 272 Main St., Bloomfield

Music by Tom Dietzel & Lynette Pettit

Thanks to all of the musicians, artists, poets & food producers who joined us for Summer at St. Andrew’s

10:30am Morning Worship Guest Speaker: Robert Lawson

Minister: Lynne Donovan 31 King St., Picton 613.476.6024 Sunday Worship 10:30 Radio 88.3 FM


UNITED CHURCH Demorestville

Sunday, August 25th

**** 10:00 am ****

All services in August & Sept 1st for both Wesley and Friendship @ Demorestville All Children welcome at Sunday School

Guest speaker “Sami Lester” Revelation 21: 1-4 “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth”

Message: “Jesus is worth it” Rev. Kirby Breithaupt

C-613-403-4742 or H-613-476-2020 EVERYONE WELCOME COME VISIT WITH US!


EMMANUEL Baptist Church

Sunday Services 9am & 11am (full children’s programs). 7pm (Bible study). Tuesdays. 6:30pm Children’s Programs. (J/K - Gr 8)* Thursdays. Surge Student Ministries. 7pm. (Gr 9-12) * ΎdŚĞƐĞƉƌŽŐƌĂŵƐƌƵŶĚƵƌŝŶŐƚĞƌŵƟŵĞ͘

Wish you could see what a service at Emmanuel is like? You can! Check out ϮϰϬDĂŝŶ^ƚ͕ůŽŽŵĮĞůĚͮĞŵŵĂŶƵĞůůŝĨĞ͘ĐŽŵͮϲϭϯͲϯϵϯͲϮϮϯϰ

CRESSY PICTON UNITED UNITED CHURCH CHURCH 136th Anniversary 12 Chapel St. 613-476-6050 Minister: Rev. Phil Hobbs Organist & Choir Director: Mr. Ronald Laidlaw

Worship Service 10:30am

August 25 - Sermon: “Like A Well-Watered Garden”

Serving the Community for 219 years


Sunday, August 25th 10:30am Guest: Rev. Peter Mason, former Bishop in the Anglican Church of Canada

Special Music by Clint Ryan and church choir

A time of food and fellowship will follow the service

other piece to lose.” Mayor Peter Mertens also suggested council must protect heritage by upholding council policies. “The heritage district has to be more than just words on paper,” he said. “There has to be a willingness and there has to be a desire to support what we put in that document.” Mertens said council relies on PEHAC to be the experts when it comes to heritage and councillors should strongly consider the advisory committee's recommendation. “As much as I'd like to see accessibility improve, I'm told that the accessibility is not being compromised. I have to go with that expertise,” he said. Councillor Heather



7 Church St., Picton, Ont. K0K 2T0

613-476-6276 Fax: 613-476-7293

Saturday Mass 5:00pm

Sunday Mass 8:30am and 10:00am

of the United Church of Canada 10 am Summer Services

will be at Carrying Place in August Worship Leader: Diana Duncan-Fletcher

Everyone welcome to join us!

We will be welcoming our new minister Rev. Sue Fleming in September

Campbell disagreed, saying even though the doors technically aren't in contravention of accessibility standards, it doesn't mean they're all that safe either. “There is a difference between compliance and reality,” she said. Campbell said those representing the theatre are there every day watching people come in and helping them when necessary. She said elderly residents with canes, walkers, or wheelchairs could be at risk of being hit with the suggested 29-inch doors. “If they have those fears, they're not going to come out into our community,” Campbell said. Campbell put forward an amendment to allow the foundation to move for-

Wellington Pentecostal Church

Rev. Polly Marks-Torrance Corner of Nile & West Sts. Wellington 613-399-2384

Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada



ward with the new 36-inch doors, but the motion lost. The Regent is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, but also falls within the new Picton Heritage District. Any building permit application for modifications to designated portions of the building must go to PEHAC for a recommendation. Blendell said the foundation was suggesting the landmark's current 29-inch doors which open into the lobby be replaced with the wider 36-inch doors which are the current standard. “The first reason they said we should not be allowed to widen the doors to the Regent Theatre is that new doors could be installed within the existing openings and meet all modern efficiency standards,” he said. “That statement is true if by modern efficiency standards they mean energy efficiency standards only. If they mean any larger sense of what's comfortable for the users, what the property owners would prefer, what the Ontario Building Code calls for, what's best for fire safety, emergency distress — it's not true.” Blendell also contested PEHAC's assertion that smaller doors in the existing opening would still offer barrier-free access to the community. “It's true in a very narrow sense. There is hardware that will open two doors at once to provide barrier-free access, but the fact is the public just doesn't like that solution as much as the one the Regent is proposing,” he said. A staff report submitted to the committee on Thursday says the Regent Theatre was designated in 1999 for its architectural and historical value. The designation makes specific note of “the central theatre doors.” “PEHAC has discussed the proposed changes to the facade and other renovations in detail and supports nine of the 10 proposed renovation items,” the report says. “PEHAC does not support the proposed changes to the door entryway since, in their opinion, it would alter the facade in such a way that would detract from the heritage and architectural integrity of the building.” PEHAC member Geoff Heinricks reiterated that point on Thursday. He said the advisory committee did it's best to reach a compromise and said the doors are not in violation of the building code or accessibility standards. “As far as the accessibility issue, that's not what this is about. With the building code the Regent is in compliance,” he said.


Industrial - Commercial - Residential






The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

The Ontario Drug Benefit Program and seniors The staff members of Community Care for Seniors field many, many questions and are sometimes asked about the cost of prescription drugs. It has come to our attention that some seniors are not aware of the Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB) so I went to the website of the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care to find information to share with you. This is the web site address where you can find this and more information Through the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care covers most of the cost of prescription drug products listed in the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Formulary, as well as some exceptional cases. If you belong to one of the following groups of Ontario residents and you have a valid Ontario health card, you are eligible for drug coverage under the ODB Program: people 65 years of age and older; residents of long-term care homes; residents of homes for special care; people receiving professional services under the home care program; and Trillium Drug Program registrants. In addition, people receiving social assistance (Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program



assistance), you are eligible for ODB coverage. As long as the drug products are prescribed by an authorized Ontario prescriber, the ODB Program will cover prescription drug products listed on the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary, including some nutrition products and diabetic testing agents. Some products listed on the Formulary will only be funded in limited circumstances and/or for a limited duration in time. (For more information go to the website address above). For a listing of what the ODB does not cover, please go to the website. The ODB program automatically pays for the

above listed drug products for people eligible for ODB coverage if the drugs are purchased in an accredited Ontario pharmacy that is online with the ministry's Health Network System; or from an Ontario doctor licensed to sell prescription drug products who is online with the ministry’s health network system. Prescription drugs purchased outside Ontario are not reimbursed by the ODB program. If you’re a senior, on the first day of the month after you turn 65 years of age, take your prescription and health card to your pharmacy. Tell the pharmacist that you’re now eligible for the ODB program. Depending on your income, you might be able to pay a lower payment per prescription through the Seniors co-payment program. For more information visit this website or call ServiceOntario, Infoline at -866-532-3161, TTY 1-800-387-5559 anytime between 8:30 a.m - 5 p.m.


With chores at home, either inside or out, Community Care can provide the names of carefully screened workers available at reasonable rates. Help is available with yard work, grass cut-

ting, leaf raking (fall is coming), snow shoveling (winter, too), light and heavy housework, meal preparation, and respite – both during the day and overnight. Call the office for more info.



Volunteer Drivers escort seniors to medical appointments and essential shopping. If you enjoy driving and meeting people, Prince Edward Community Care for Seniors staff want to discuss with you volunteer opportunities tailored to your availability. The life you change may be yours! Prince Edward County Community Care’s volunteers support seniors to live at home.


Breaded chicken cutlets filled with cheese & cooked ham, 6/ bag


CHICKEN BREAST Boneless, skinless, seasoned 4 kg box



STUFFED CHICKEN BREAST Choose from: chicken with broccoli & cheese or chiken kiev sold individually


Have you heard all the talk about your friends and neighbours being in Community Care’s videos? You can watch these videos at the web site The videos are available to borrow from your local library where you can sign the disc out and watch the videos on your television. You really should see these great three-minute shows!


Friday, August 23th Karaoke with “Karaoke Lady”, 7-11PM


Saturday, August 24

Early Bird Ticket Sale

Saturday, September 7th

Receive $5.00 off per ticket from August 20 to September 24


County Bounty Roll, 2PM A Bit of Nostalgia, 7-11PM

Fully cooked, 24/pkg



PEAMEAL BACON 800 g chunk

Tickets available at the Box Office Regent Theatre or go online to


Entries for chili cook-off must be pre-registered before the date of the event.

Cooked & served in a crock-pot one hour before time of judging.

Inquiries call 613-476-3648











A U G U S T $10 22, 23, 24 8:30 PM Bring your own chairs, blankets, & bug spray.

SMALL POND ARTS 337 Clarke Rd, Picton 613.471.1322



Cheese, raspberry, apple & almond 425 g



Choose from: butternut squash or broccoli Sold in indiviual steam pouch Product ready in about 3 minutes


ONION RINGS Tempura battered 2 lb bag Reg 5.99

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French style or onion dill 10/pack

GET READY FOR Chili-Fest Sept. 14th Music by “Little Bluff”, 1-5 PM Licensed Beer Garden Raffles & Draws • Chili & BBQ

2.49 ea


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 78 Picton In the Lounge





2.99 ea

Apples, blueberries, yellow plums, purple plums

38 Cold Storage Rd., Picton 613-476-2171



The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

There could be plenty of reasons people choose to grow their own garlic


case in the county, easy access to an adequate water source is important. While garlic has few problems with pests or diseases in home gardens, it is best to avoid areas where alliums, onions, chives and the like have been growing as they are in the same family and therefore often susceptible to the same ills. There was recently an interesting report in a garden magazine where a woman had planted a thousand garlic cloves in an old cow pasture. The crop apparently failed, as after the initial growth spurt, the plants all developed yellowing leaves and small yellowing bulbs. The gardening columnist who responded to her question regarding this crop failure felt that it could be either due to a lack of sufficient water or to a lack of the needed nutrients in the soil. Garlic beds are said to be medium in their require-

ment for nutrients. If you are planning to plant cloves in an area that has not been used for gardens you may be more successful if you have the soil tested in the previous year. Otherwise you may want to augment the soil generously with compost and composted manure if the latter is not part of the compost make up. Garlic prefers a pH between 6.5 and 7 and thus does well in the county’s neutral to alkaline soils. It is best to buy garlic bulbs locally at markets and roadside stands as garlic is best planted in the area to which it has adapted. Given that local garlic has been harvested recently, it is a great time to buy garlic bulbs both for seed purposes as well as for consumption. It can be more difficult to locate locally grown garlic if you wait until it is time to plant in October. Since using the largest cloves as seeds produces the largest bulbs the following year, use the smaller cloves in a bulb for eating after removing the large exterior cloves for planting. October is a good month to plant garlic though I have been successful planting as late as early in November. The bulbs used for next year’s plants should be chosen and the cloves separated just before planting. Garlic cloves are best planted 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 in) from each other. Once the ground is frozen I cover the soil with 10 to 15 cm of straw to help the ground stay frozen. In a warm winter this ploy is not fully successful but the garlic has always

survived this treatment. I remove the straw that covers the leaves of the young garlic plants before the end of April. Scapes begin to appear in early June. They are generally removed at the point that they have looped once or twice. The idea behind this is that if they are not removed they steal nutrients from the bulbs. Scapes can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. They provide a milder garlic flavour than the cloves. As the tips of the garlic begin to brown water should be decreased. When about 40 per cent of the top has browned the garlic should be harvested and then dried either in the sun or under a


One of the most thoughtprovoking and amusing questions I have been asked was by a woman who wondered why her father-in-law, whose garden she had inherited, had chosen to grow garlic in his flower beds. We could come up with any number of potential answers, but without being able to ask the gardener who planted them we would never know the real reason. Were they meant to be simply decorative, to repel pests or simply to use the space available to grow garlic? It could be all of those reasons or others as yet unknown. Today many people seem to be either growing their own garlic or at least purchasing their garlic from local sources. When I first realized that I had garlic growing on a property I bought here in 1975 I had very limited ideas about what it even looked like. As a result I decided that the bulbils near the end of the scapes were the actual garlic. That certainly made harvesting it easier as the soil was almost pure clay and required a great deal of effort to remove anything that was growing below the surface. Fortunately I have learned to both recognize and grow garlic since then. Garlic can be grown in a standard gardening bed, in raised beds, in pots and even in flower beds. They are not difficult to grow but do best with full sun and in well drained beds. They also need regular watering until just before the harvesting period. When there is less than adequate rain, as is often the

roof in a garage or garden shed. If you prefer not to take risks harvest one or two plants and allow to dry for several days. Once they are sufficiently dried so that the cloves are cleanly separated, the tops and roots can be removed and the bulbs stored in a cool dry space, preferably a root cellar for a longer shelf life. At or just above freezing point is best for preserving garlic for use over the winter so that a root cellar provides the perfect storage. Not having a root cellar I have chosen instead to happily use sprouting garlic in the late winter. Sprouting seeds of any kinds are viewed as healthy eating and cloves are the best garlic seeds.

In terms of type of garlic, I have used only hard necked garlic locally in the last decade or so although I have helped my daughter grow soft necked garlic in B.C. If you see garlic with their stems braided, it will be soft necked garlic. Generally garlic, at our road sides stands are the hard necked varieties. This is the type of garlic that produces scapes. An excess of garlic bulbs are never a problem as friends and neighbours eagerly take them and often offer to take more than you can spare! Have a gardening question? Send it to and we’ll get an answer for you..


Sign up during the month of May for up to 6mb dsl

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The Picton Gazette

Yard sale brings in $3,500 for humane society THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Visitors rounded donations up to provide support for cats

Smitty’s Warehouse Operation BEST ST

Staff writer

Not every treasure found at the Loyalist Humane Society this past weekend stood on four paws. While people typically visit the County Rd. 4 site to find a lively kitten or a cuddly older companion, for three days, they were also invited to find their favourite previously loved merchandise while helping to care for the cat population. On Thursday night, volunteers lined up piles of trinkets including clothing, household goods, toys, and collectables for the society’s annual yard sale. Sandy Szirtes, a school principal from Cornwall has been organizing the sale for several years. She regularly performs in fundraising concerts with her sister Lorain Sine and felt the event would be a way to raise additional funds to help the shelter with its operations. It costs the Loyalist Humane Society between $6,000 to $7,000 each month for veterinary bills alone, let alone the costs associated with feeding a population of cats that typically balances out around 200, maintaining the buildings, and keeping its living areas clean and hygienic. Szirtes said this year, the sale experienced its best turnout in recent memory. “Over the past three days, we’ve raised more than $3,500,” she said. “Last year, the same sale raised just $1,400.” She noted that a lot of volunteers gave generously and made sure they


Smitty has been keeping customers happy for 25 years in the appliance business. This proves Smitty has the BEST PRICE, SELECTION, GUARANTEE, QUALITY & SERVICE plus same day delivery, seven days a week.

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SMITTY’S KING OF APPLIANCES Open Evenings & Seven Days A Week River Road - Corbyville (Just North of Corby’s)

LoyAList Loot Volunteers at the Loyalist Humane Society yard sale, from left, Don

Roberts, Lorain Sine, and Sandy Szirtes, show off some of the art available at the sale,which helped the shelter raise money for its operations. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

spread the word about the event to friends and family. In particular, Bessie and Raymond Villeneuve and Darlene Johnson were relentless in their efforts to help the sale. Another volunteer who worked with Szirtes to organize the sale, Don Roberts, commended the people shopping at the sale for going the extra mile to help the cause. “Almost everyone who came bought something and a lot of the people would donate the balance,” he said. “They would round up to the next bill, $5, $10, or $20.” While many items did move over the weekend, there was still a healthy inventory on the tables around dusk Sunday night. Roberts said the volunteers will leave the remaining items on the tables for the rest of this week with people welcomed to pick up whatever they like for a simple donation to the shelter.

After that, the clothing, soft goods, and children’s toys remaining will be donated to the Community Care For Seniors thrift shop. While the yard sale brought much needed funding for the shelter, it also helped bring people into the facility to see the cats and it may have provided a spark in the number of adoptions. “There were at least six cats and kittens adopted during the sale,” said the society’s manager Anne Moffat. “I’m not sure how many came out because of the sale, but some of them did for sure.”

Moffat indicated that the shelter recently received a litter of four newborn kittens and it is looking for a foster mother that it might be able to pair with those kittens. As usual, the Loyalist Humane Society has a need for volunteers and for supplies. Those wishing to donate wet and dry cat food or cleaning supplies are welcomed to drop them off at the shelter. In other fundraising news for the shelter recently, the Barley Days Brewery donated $1,997 in tastings proceeds for the month of July recently.

Things to do...

On Saturday and Sunday, the film Epic will be showing on the big screen at 2p.m. -Staff



u full & partial dentures u custom mouth guards u affordable dentures

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Now Available - Affordable Mini-Implant Services

Lou Angelidis, D.D. 188 Main Street, Picton call us today 613-476-7070 PUBLIC NOTICE:


Free movie Saturday and Sunday

This weekend, families will have a chance for a free outing at the Regent Theatre, thanks to the Whattam Funeral Home.

For NEW or GOOD USED Appliances


AdAm BrAmBurger

To: Residents of Wellington, Bloomfield, Wellington on the Lake & Athol: Effective September 1st, 2013, Waste Management is

OPEN HOUSE: AGE-IN-PLACE MASTER PLAN Wednesday September 4, 6-8pm

changing your weekly curbside garbage pick-up day from Wednesday to Thursday. To avoid disruption, please ensure that your tagged garbage bag/s and Green Bin are at the curb by 7am each and every Thursday. Residents in the affected areas will receive


H.J. McFarland Memorial Home


603 Highway 49, Picton


An Age-In-Place open house is taking place on Wednesday, September 4. The purpose of the open house is to further refine the Age-In-Place Master Plan before it is presented to Prince Edward County Council.

for residents in Hallowell, Sophiasburgh, Picton, North

This will be the third and final opportunity for the public to review and share feedback on the Master Plan.

The 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements for the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward are now available online at Print copies of the financial statements are also available at Shire Hall at 332 Main Street, Picton, or Public Library branch. For further information, please

Have your Say: Anyone may attend the open house to learn about the planning process and to provide input on the development of the lands.

contact the undersigned.

More Information: For more information, contact

may be picked up at any County of Prince Edward

a letter by mail with a notice of the change. Please note that collection days ARE NOT changing and South Marysburgh, Hillier or Ameliasburgh. For more information, please contact Waste Management at 1.800.267.7874 or visit

the undersigned or visit the County website.

The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 613.476.2148 /

James Hepburn, Director of Finance The County of Prince Edward Telephone: 613.476.2148 x 331 e-mail:

Neil Carbone, Director, Community Development The County of Prince Edward 332 Main Street, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 Telephone: 613.476.2148 e-mail:

This advertisement is available in alternate formats upon request.


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Hubbs Creek starts using its grapes to make its own name in industry Last week I introduced you to Tony Auciello of Terra Cello Winery whom I introduced as one of the youngest and most passionate winemakers here in the county. Today I want to introduce you to Battista Calvieri, owner (along with his wife MaryAnn - 28 years - and younger brother Joseph) and winemaker at Hubbs Creek Vineyard. Also Italian, Battista's passion runs as deep as Tony's but he's a "bit" older! I've know Battista for a few years now but this was the first chance I had to catch up to him this summer as he has been very busy since their opening on the May long weekend.

Born and raised in Toronto, Battista is proud of his southern Italian background. He says that drinking wine with meals is an important part of their cuisine and is a cultural tradition. He grew up around wine making and while living in Tuscany for a few months he visited and talked to the wine makers of the area. He found a real passion there about making good quality wine and he caught the bug! Hubbs Creek Vineyard is a family-run vineyard situated in the township of Hillier near the town of Wellington, approximately two kilometers north of Lake Ontario. It is located on a



8-5 daily

HUGHES BLUEBERRY PATCH 2984 County Road 8 WAUPOOS 613-476-1309

sippin’ in the County JOE HACHE

500 million-year-old geological formation known as the Lindsay formation from the middle Ordovician period. The soil is stony (limestone fragments) and calcareous by nature. It varies in depths anywhere from 18 to 36 inches and lies on a fragmented lime stone bedrock and is locally known as Hillier clay Loam. It has a high lime content that is ideal for growing and making Burgundy style wines. After buying their current property in 2001, over three thousand vines of various clones of Dijon Pinot Noir went into the ground in the spring of 2002. The vineyard spacing for this first planting was four feet between the vines and five-and-a-half feet between the rows and is considered high density. Also, a single row of Dolcetto went in as a experimental plot. In the spring of 2003 some 2,500 Pinot noir vines

a toast at hubbs Creek Hubbs Creek Vineyard owners MaryAnn an d

Battista Calvieri opened on the May long weekend this year. and they are now selling some of their first products under their label at their boutique winery. (Joe Hache/For The Gazette)

were planted and they also planted 1,200 Pinot gris vines. For the 2003 planting they decided to use a more modern European approach when it comes to vineyard layout and used a different spacing strategy. This time they were spaced one metre between the vines and two meters between the rows. This is still considered a medium to high density. In the spring of 2004 another (1,200 vines) eight rows of Pinot gris were also planted at this spacing of two meters wide by one meter between the vines. Their latest planting was in 2010. Some 1,600 of Chardonnay were planted also using the modern European spacing and another row of Dolcetto was also added. They chose three varieties from the same region of France (Burgundy) because they suit the soils and cool climate found here in the county. Battista explained that the reason they only stick to a certain region is because it is easier for them to

focus on making quality such as Pomodoro and East wines. And when you stop & Main as well as some highby and discuss his wine he end restaurants in Toronto will go into a passionate ex- such as Canoe Barque and planation of why they do Archive. things the way they do! Battista is very proud of Battista is a trained elec- his wines and states that they tron microscopist working are scored in the high 80s to with the University of 90s by wine critics. When I Toronto and his scientific stopped by on the weekend background allows him to there was a couple there determine what are the right from New Brunswick and conditions for making the they could not believe that wine (the sweetness level, this passionate winemaker PH , acid levels et cetera.). was actually out there exYounger brother Joe as- plaining everything about sembles airplanes at Bom- what it's like to grow wine in bardier and with his skillsCHARTERED ACCOUNTANT They loved the the county. PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT they can custom build equip-LICENSED stories and loved the wine. ment. They tend to keep 613-476-2880 I encourage everyone to everything in the family. stop by Hubbs Creek when Financial Planning They have a boutiqueAudits - •they are out and sippin in the Returns style winery located at 562 Tax County. I had some excepDanforth Road and opened tional wine there and know the tasting bar and winery to the public on the May long it won't be long before I head weekend. They are now back to hear more stories and PERSONAL • COMMER open Friday, Saturday and have a taste or two. FARMING • CORPOR Sundays. -Joe Hache maintains an inBefore they opened they were selling their grapes to dependent guide to local some of the other well- wineries at Miss Lily’s Café • Elevator fo known wineries in the county. Their wine can be Join him in the Gazette for a found in local restaurants tour of county wineries.

A Great Team He



Gazette 5 x 6


Nine & Dine Sunday Social - Every Sunday Afternoon, 3:30PM 9 holes of golf, followed by a weekly dinner special! Non members welcome. No league fees. $22.00 for golf , $30 with a cart . Dinner is $15.00, and includes a drink. To sign up, call the Pro Shop 613 476 476-1485!

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Audits • Financial Planning Tax Returns


Bookkeeping • Payroll Consulting Computer Training

289 MAIN ST. PICTON, Suite 2

Above Miss Lily’s Café, with an elevator for your convenience



The Picton

Thursday, August 22, 2013


SOLD Century home on 25 acres and 620` of waterfront. Spacious home with 8 bedrooms. Also offers beautifully finished space in the barn. Great out buildings and a Muskoka feeling to the water’s edge. Very private and close to Lake on the Mountain, Waupoos Restaurants, wineries and marina. $995,000 MLS 2132289 Call GAIL fORCHt, Broker Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587

Fabulous 4 Bedroom, 4 season waterfront farmhouse cottage/home. Spacious open concept modern kitchen, dining, living room. Den on main floor could be 4th bedroom with 3 pc. ensuite. Main floor laundry in spacious foyer. Ready to move in and enjoy. Many upgrades, some windows, deck, 200 amp electrical, attic insulation. Parklike 3 acre lot to enjoy with the family. Southerly views over Adolphus Reach. Great outbuilding, concrete floors, with office. Was a horse barn at one time. Close to Picton, 20 minutes to Kingston. $345,900 2134897


Call JASON, KEVIN, SANDy or tAMARA yOuNG, Sales Reps 613-476-2100 or

35 SIDNEy SHORE LANE What a view! Spectacular views of Adolphus Reach. 5 acre estate lot. 2000+ sq.ft. finished space. 20x40 inground pool. Many recent updates, feature sheet to follow. $399,000 MLS 2131796 HERB PLIwISCHKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5399 613-476-5900

IMMEDIAtE POSSESSION Spotless, immaculate, quality, and warm all describe this 3 bed. 2 bath bungalow for $245,000 MLS 2132874

Prince Edward County Realty Inc. CONNIE GALLAGHER, Sales Rep Brokerage 613-476-7800 98 Main Street, Picton, ON


ASKING $179,900 Beautiful waterfront lot on Bay of Quinte. Approx 90’ shoreline. Driveway to water’s edge to launch your boat. Drilled well, shower/ bathroom building and holding tank. Hydro to two 35 ft trailers on property. Trailers are as is. Great for fishing, boating and swimming. Close to 401, minutes from Picton. Perfect retreat or great spot to build your cottage or home. This property has it all. MLS 2135508 ® GEORGE REID, Broker 613-399-2134 Real Estate Inc. Brokerage


uinte Isle


CALLING ALL BOAtERS!! $310,000 Viceroy 3 bedroom home has open concept and unique design. Full finished basement, propane forced air heat, central air, rustic fireplace and sunny eat in kitchen. All rooms are cheerful and open. Nicely landscaped to natural beautiful shoreline with boathouse. Large harbour side deck. Includes 30 ft 1958 Shepherd mahogany cabin cruiser in need of repair. MLS®2130667  Call ELIZABEtH CROMBIE, Sales Rep 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096

SOLD SOPHIASBuRGH wARD 3 bedroom brick sidesplit bungalow on beautiful 3 acre treed lot, perfect for a family, on quiet country lot in Sophiasburgh. Huge potential with vinyl windows, pine floor and newer steel on one roof, and a great well. Realize this home’s true potential with some TLC and re-decorating! Priced accordingly $159,900 MLS 2135596 Call MARy JANE MILLS, Broker 613-476-5900 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE

Situated at the edge of Picton in a private setting on over 7 acres, this 1895 newly renovated stone built home offers everything one could yearn for. 43 x 40 foot barn with loft & silo. 35 X 22 foot outbuilding, a pond and mature trees. Inside, there is a bathroom on both floors, 2 cozy fireplaces, large living and dining areas and a massive room, perfect for a gallery or museum. New propane furnace. $389,900 MLS 2132254

Call MARK GARDINER, Sales Rep Office: 613-476-2700 Cell:613-391-5588

AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT HOME Unique log home on Bay of Quinte is ideal as a year round home, cottage or rental. Open kitchen & living area, 4 season sunroom overlooking water. Large rear deck and front covered porch. $309,900 MLS 2134445 KEVIN GALE, Sales Rep cell 613-476-1874 H. 613-242-7295 C. QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE

wELLINGtON wAtERfRONt Rare find! Brick bungalow on sheltered harbour with access to Lake Ontario & West Lake with full municipal services. Finished on two levels each with a walk-out. Previous B & B. Asking $359,000 MLS 2132035 CHRIStINE & COLIN HENDEN, Broker & Sales Rep tel: 613-922-2251 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE

MCKINLEy ROAD SOLD Out !! The last of 6 lots on Mckinley Crossroad is Sold.... Farnsworth Construction has 1 lot left on Mitchell Road with an excellent well. Enjoy the privacy of a 10.3 acre lot in an area of fine homes. Call Herb and get the details. or 613-921-7441 HERB PLIwISCHKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5399 613-476-5900

VIEwS Of wELLER'S BAy Bright & spacious home on 2 acres with large open concept kitchen featuring a breakfast bar, patio doors to large deck for BBQ's & lovely views. Spacious family room with woodstove for cozy evenings plus separate L/R. Generous size main floor master bedroom with ensuite & walk in closet.2 spacious bdrms on 2nd floor plus office area with skylite. Double attached garage, easy commute to Trenton, Belleville & Wellington. 10 min to North Beach plus public boat launch nearby. This ones for you! $309,900 MLS 2132270 LANtHORN REAL EStAtE LtD., BROKERAGE* *INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED

Call CAROL BROuGH, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or

A COuNty tREASuRE 1875 era country home, quiet road. Featured in Settlers Dream, approx 22 ac, creeks going through property on both sides of road. Lots of character & history. 3 bedrms, formal living rm, woodburning fireplace, formal dining room, historical Maddy Young murals on walls. Country kitchen upgraded, propane fireplace. Ornate front porch. Lg barn, heated workshop. Call for more details. MLS® 2132699


uinte Isle® Real Estate Inc. Brokerage

SHARON ARMItAGE, Broker of Record 613-399-2134



Call CAROL BROuGH, Sales Rep 613-476-2100 or

In the heart of Waupoos close to the Vineyards and Cider Co. Spectacular 4.99 ac parcel, stunning waterfront. Custom built home situated in an ideal private location close to the water. Well built and beautifully maintained. $849,000 MLS 2135175 Call GAIL fORCHt, Broker Office: 613-471-1708 Cell: 613-961-9587



wAtERfRONt & POOL $485,000 Gorgeous waterfront property on West Lake with commercial size swimming pool (20` x 40`) and hot tub. Four bedroom, 2 bath home with storage shed and workshop. Enjoy the wildlife, water views and sunsets from the deck. MLS® 2130549 Call ELIZABEtH CROMBIE, Sales Rep 613-476-2700 or toll free 1-877-476-0096

fOLKARD LANE wAtERfRONt BuNGALOw The well maintained home has an AMAZING VIEW!!! 3 bedrooms up and 1 down full walkout to patio and private pool area. The Waterfront is accessible but new stairs req’d. Recent extensive renovations to the kitchen. This home is well located near the golf course, hospital and shopping in downtown Picton. Well priced at $489,000 HERB PLIwISCHKIES, Sales Rep cell 613-921-7441 QUINTE LTD., BROKERAGE 613-476-5399 613-476-5900

Custom built home, fine quality and design. Featured in Canadian Homes and Cottages magazine, exposed in Toronto Star Homes section. 2.66 acres, natural shore line, perennial gardens, views of the Bay. Open concept, vaulted ceilings, waterside wall of windows. No detail overlooked. $1,100,000 MLS 2131441 Call LORI SLIK, Sales Rep 613-471-1708

RE/16 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013



Sales Rep

cell 613-921-7441


WATERFRONT WAUPOOS/ CAPE VESSEY Over 3000 feet of waterfront, spectacular estate property $1,399,000 MLS 2131893


WAUPOOS WATERFRONT Amazing acreage with potential severances. Just Listed in Waupoos. MLS 2135619

ADOLPHUS REACH Spectacular Views with 150’ Shoreline. 5 acres Beautiful In ground pool. Very Private! $439,000 MLS 2131796


WEST LAKE PUBLIC ACCESS NEARBY! Very cozy well maintained home with bunky and great double garage/workshop. West Lake access nearby. Quick possession. New propane furnace & pellet stove for heat. Lovely 1 acre lot very private. Close to beaches. $184,000 MLS 2131926

PICTON BAY WATERFRONT Well maintained home with AMAZING VIEW!!! 3 bedrooms up and 1 down, private pool area. $489,000

NORTHPORT PRISTINE WATERFRONT 109’ Exquisite New Build by Viceroy Very Private Exclusive Neighbourhood. $575,000 MLS 2134643

BISHOP LANE COTTAGE Excellent Fishing. Fully furnished Muscote Bay Pickeral are biting! $189,000 MLS 2130906

LAKE ONTARIO WATERVIEW Spectacular family home, 6 bdrms, double lot, commanding view of Lake Ontario. $529,000 MLS 2134713

EAST LAKE HOME WITH COTTAGE At the gates of Sandbanks Provincial Park. Great Summer Retreat for the Family or Rental Income. $329,000 MLS 2131863

PIRATES COVE Feel the history of our famous rum runners! Cute cottage with 100’ Sandy Waterfront $189,000 MLS 2131324

MUSCOTE BAY 800’ Shoreline. Marshy with Water Access 5 acres great views Famed fishing spot! New Price $159,000 MLS 2130066





LONG POINT PRIVACY 187’ Premium Waterfront. Well maintained home with a Beautiful Property and Shoreline. $419,000 MLS 2131379



HAWTHORNE MODEL To be built. Treed, 10.3 acre lot, excellent well report. Approx. 5 minutes from Picton on quiet country crossroad. Let the Farnsworth construction team put you into your dream home by Christmas. $349,900 MLS 2135476


BLOOMFIELD BEAUTY Simply immaculate 4 bdrm with all the bells & whistles. Must be seen to be appreciated. $250,000 MLS 2134104

`ROSEMARY MODEL` 1060 sq. ft. on the open concept main floor, with full sized WALKOUT basement & attached garage as well. Perfect for the `empty nesters`. Enjoy all the amenities of town living. Walking distance to downtown, theatres, churches & shopping. Close to hospital, community services, parks, golf courses & walking trails. 23 newly constructed executive condominiums all situated on one level, with full basements. Model may not be exactly as shown in photos. Various layouts and decor packages are available at the Buyer`s request. Starting at $219,000 MLS 2133251



NEWLY CONSTRUCTED HOME in the popular Pineridge subdivision. Full Tarion warranty included. See feature sheet for all the specs and inclusions. $429,000 MLS 2134318

SANDHURST SHORES water access in Sandhurst Shores subdivision. Ready to build. Municipal water. $54,000 MLS 2134869

Lovely 54 acre parcel on Rocks Crossroad. Nicely treed. Large pond. $99,000 MLS 2134430


BEAUTIFULLY RESTORED 2568 sq.ft., 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom C.1850 century home close to North Beach & wineries. Water view of Pleasant Bay. Newer windows, roof, furnace, plumbing, breaker panel and wiring. Absolutely gorgeous throughout. Bed and Breakfast opp. Bay view farm in PEC 1878 atlas. A must see historic home. $345,000 MLS 2135230

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION Being sold in as is condition. No warranties or representations. Spacious 1 1/2 storey home, triple garage. Large lot. $227,500 MLS 2132075


BLOOMFIELD BUNGALOW Lovely Bloomfield bungalow on double lot, scenic views from back deck, $249,000

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 f RE/17



Sales Rep

cell 613-921-7441







Phase 2 of the popular PineRidge Subdivision has begun. Now Taking Reservations for spectacular Country lots with all the amenities of City living Full Municipal services to all 46 Lots. Freehold Townhomes are also available. Reservations are going well! 10 Call for all the R E SE RVA T IO N S details....


SUMMER SPECIAL 5 FREE APPLIANCES on all remaining units sold!


`Rosemary Model` 1060 sq. ft. on the open concept main floor, with full sized WALK-OUT basement & attached garage as well. Perfect for the `empty nesters`. Enjoy all the amenities of town living. Walking distance to downtown, theatres, churches & shopping. Close to hospital, community services, parks, golf courses & walking trails. 23 newly constructed executive condominiums all situated on one level, with full basements. Model may not be exactly as shown in photos. Various layouts and decor packages are available at the Buyer`s request. Starting at $219,900 MLS 2130192


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RE/MAX Quinte Ltd., Brokerage 613-476-5900 (Office) 613-476-2225 (Fax) 1 Lake Street Picton, ON K0K 2T0

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RE/18 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013


Qu i nt e L td . , Bro ker a ge 1 La ke St ., Pi ct on ON

D L SO $139,900 MLS 2130679

D L SO $334,900 MLS 2133373


Want to list on the Toronto Real Estate Board? 5 acre country lot in beautiful Prince Edward County.To be built. Located in area of other new homes. Customer may customize plans with builder. 12-16 week delivery. $324,900 MLS 2131360 181 ACRE FARM $4 49 ,00 0

1500 sq.ft. 3 bedroom post & beam home, 72 x 128 free stahl barn, other barns & drive sheds/workshop, 3 silos with augers. Currently 80+ tillable, 80 bush, and 20-25 pasture or reclaimable soil. $485,000 MLS 2133442


How about video? Radio? Large Print ads? Call Tony today to Maximize Your Exposure and List to Sell!


11 acres in Prince Edward County. Outstanding escarpment views over Adolphus Reach from 4 bedroom farmhouse. Barn with great workshop. Please call before entering the property. $699,000 MLS 2132539



NEW HOMES AS LOW AS $299,900. CALL TONY FOR DETAILS! 5 acre country lot in beautiful Prince Edward County.To be built. Located in an area of other new homes. Customer may customize plans with builder. 12-16 week delivery. $379,900 MLS 2131372


THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 f RE/19



Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** Lot to be severed only minutes to Picton and Sandbanks Provincial Park. Almost 3 acres on a quiet road. Town amenities include fine dining, shopping, parks, community centre and hospital. This would be a lovely area in which to build your new home $55,000 MLS 2135438

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** LEvEL LOT Across the road from Lake Ontario, this vacant land takes advantage of the view without the high price tag of waterfront! You can build to suit your taste then get away from it all & relax on 53 South Marysburgh acres. Natural rear backdrop of cedars and some deciduous trees too. $129,000 MLS 2130962 

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** BuNgALOW Move in as this home is ready for it`s next family. A full three bedrooms, renovated washroom, eat-in kitchen, and sunken living/dining combination room, plus main floor laundry! Deck has a privacy fence and yard has wonderful gardens. $179,000 MLS 2135034

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** WATERFRONT LOT 2+ acre lot with amazing views of Prince Edward Bay. With 350 feet of elevated shoreline you are sure to enjoy many sunny afternoons at this property when you build your dream home. Hydro is available and this lot is located in an area of lovely homes. $199,000 MLS 2133462


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

PICTON DuPLEx Duplex walking distance to Yacht Club, hospital, parks and community centre, as well as all downtown Picton amenities. Two fully-contained units with separate parking, hydro and heating. Live in one and rent the other, rent both and let the rental income cover investment, or convert back to a single family residence! $225,000 MLS 2134784


Mary Jane Mills**

NOW JuST $239,900 Spacious 3 bedroom sidesplit. Extensive renovations: new kitchen, patio doors to deck, gleaming hardwood floors, fireplace, renovated bath, double vanities. New office/den on lower level. Quiet country road in Sophiasburgh, one acre lot. 26 x 36 two car detached garage, 220 amp for welder, additional 12 x 32 toy shed. New roof in 2011, soffits in 2012, and eavestrough! Economical heat with woodstove. Great school district, close to Hwy 49 & 401 access. MLS 2133844


Mary Jane

Mills** PICTON banner OWN THIS HOME FOR AS LOW AS $1,317.00/MTH Fabulous 4 bedroom family home in a great Picton neighbourhood. This home shows beautifully with hardwood floors on the main level in the oversized living room and dining room, gorgeous newer kitchen with ceramic tile floor and backsplash and patio doors to the back deck. The main floor also features a full bath with Jacuzzi tub and main floor laundry/mudroom combo at side entrance. $269,000 MLS 2133366


Tammy Beaumont* 613-242-3045 A full brick bungalow on a corner lot, boasting enough parking for 6 vehicles!Potential in-law suite. 2 bedroom,easily made into 3 with 2 bathrooms. Power awning available at the push of a button for instant shade on your private back deck. Maple kitchen cabinets, gas fireplace, and the list goes on. $229,900 MLS 2135523


Veronica Norton*

Cozy 3 bedroom with great views of West Lake and the infamous Sand Dunes. Walking distance to beach, downtown, sport fields and community centre. Set back from street with front porch/deck allows you to watch `The County` and it`s visitors go by. Modern kitchen and eating area open to large living room with hardwood floors. Lower level rec room offers more entertainment. $250,000 MLS 2134408

Herb Pliwischkies*

1 RENTAL uNIT AvAILABLE The largest model of Rosemary Court Condominium development. 1600 sq.ft. plus full basement. Allow 6 weeks for finishing. Choose your own materials and colour scheme. Photos of interior are samples only. Double car garage 5 Free appliances and 2 years condo fees included in the purchase price on all remaining inventory! $279,900 MLS 2135283

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** 613-922-2251

1 Lake Street, PICTON, ON 613.476.5900

304 Main Street, WELLINGTON,ON 613.399.5900 or Toll Free 1.888.217.0166

*Sales Representative **Broker


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

BAILEy ROAD Quaint little home on a lovely treed lot just minutes from Picton. Perfect for first time buyers, weekend getaway or investment, this 3 bedroom, 1 bath home has rental income from an Xplornet tower on the property to offset the mortgage, plus free internet. Cheaper than rent! Start building equity today! $139,900 MLS 2133847

MINuTES TO PICTON Beautiful 68 acres with a combination of woods and pastoral land - we were visited by a stunning buck when we walked this last. This would be a spectacular spot to build a dream home with lots of privacy. There is a small cabin on the property. Only 10 minutes from Picton and a half hour from Hwy 401. $149,000 MLS 2134610

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** 613-922-2251

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** 613-922-2251

PICTON. Estate Sale...looking for someone to love this unique home. BONUS: attached one-bedroom suite rented at $750 monthly. Call us for more details. Asking $199,000 MLS 2134954


OWN THIS HOME FOR AS LOW AS $1072.31/MTH Lovely 2 bedroom home on a gorgeous treed lot, perfect for a couple or weekend retreat. Large master bedroom with rustic look refinished floors, brand new 3 piece en-suite and walk-in closet, 2nd bedroom next to the newly renovated main bath. Large stone fireplace in the living room is the focal point. Large eat in kitchen and sunroom on the main floor. In-ground pool. $229,000 MLS 2133886

Ron Norton*


SOPHIASBuRgH WARD Over 2,000 feet of frontage on Black Rd. &1,500 on County Rd. 14. Severance potential. Solar project lease in place. Call us for details. $219,000 MLS 2134272

Ron Norton*

1500 sq.ft. log home, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom. 2 car attached garage. On 1.6 plus acre lot. 200 amp electric service with 100 amp sub for garage. Minutes to Consecon & Wellers Bay, 25 minutes to air base in Trenton. $229,000 MLS 2131790


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

A great home for the growing family or for retired busy body that keeps taking on projects. Hardwood floors & vinyl on main. Hi eff. propane furnace with A/C & air exchange. Separate 2 car detached garage heated, insulated, with 200 amp service & loft. Large kitchen with patio doors to large deck & above ground pool. 2 minute drive to town & all conveniences. $259,000 MLS 2135285

Situated on a generous lot on the outskirts of town, this newer bungalow has all of then amenities you expect and more. Main floor living with three bedrooms, hardwood floors, central air and vacuum. Features both a 2-car attached and a 3-car detached garage. A full, partly finished basement too. $269,000 MLS 2133920

Veronica Norton* All brick, maintenance free, 2 bdrm bungalow w/ attached garage/workshop sitting on 49+ acres. Outside offers your very own nature preserve and inside offers hardwood floors and open concept living/dining. Come take a look! $289,900 MLS 2134768

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green* Lovely large raised bungalow on a 1.5 acre lot close to Picton within walking distance of the Golf Course and easy access to the Millenium Trail. Approximately 15 years old this raised bungalow has plenty of room with the lower level partly finished and a one bedroom in-law suite. $309,000 MLS 2133226


Kevin Gale* WATERFRONT CONDO Imagine sitting on your deck looking down Picton harbour, with your boat at your fingertips. This 2 storey, 2 bedroom condo will complete your dream. Call for details. $309,900 MLS 2134228

CONSECON LAKE. 15 mins. to Trenton & 401. Kid friendly waterfront & year round home with lovely upscale finishes, two levels, both with a walk-out. $329,000 MLS 2135452    

New home built in 2007 - 2008, on 335 ft gorgeous lot, fronting on a sheltered harbour, opening into West Lake with access to Lake Ontario. Quality workmanship and 5ft basement. 26 ft deck. Walk out from living room. New home built in 2007 - 2008, on 335 ft gorgeous lot, fronting on a sheltered harbour, opening into West Lake with access to Lake Ontario. Quality workmanship and 5ft basement. 26 ft deck. Walk out from living room. $330,000 MLS 2133719

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green* 2.73 acre waterfront lot on year round road. Beautiful trees along the shore, in area of fine homes. Level with gentle slope to the water, driveway installed. Water access to Bay of Quinte, Napanee River, Hayward Long Reach, Picton Bay and Lake Ontario. Imagine! $385,000 MLS 2135355

Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green* Bright, sunny, inviting! You get a wonderful feeling of openness when you walk in. Beautifully decorated home, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a jacuzzi, double garage and extra parking. Large living room windows, big kitchen. Main floor master bedroom, ensuite. Private gardens. $399,000 MLS 2132747

Colin Henden* Christine Henden** 613-922-2251

Ron Norton*

WILSON RD. Situated on 2+ acres surrounded by farmland & woods. Very spacious, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, full unfinished basement. Decorate to your taste! $399,000 MLS 2133348

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge** WATERFRONT BuNgALOW Renovated waterfront home has excellent boating, fishing and swimming. Expansive 36x30ft. deck leads to level waterfront. The detached garage has workbenches and garage door opener. Only 15 minutes to Picton and Sandbanks Provincial Park! $349,000 MLS 2135031


Marc Ouellette* Colleen Green*

$449,000 Great business opportunity and place to live. Currently operating as `The Reel Thing`. Store, 3 bedroom house w 2 bathrooms and bachelor apartment (currently rented). Revenues from above ground gas tank, boat rentals, fishing supplies, and dockage. Easy access to Lake Ontario. Zoned Tourist Commercial (TC). MLS 2134341

RE/20 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013


Entertain with the environment in mind

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a goal for many people. Whereas little thought was given to protecting the environment in the past, nowadays men, women and children alike recognize the impact their behavior has on the immediate and long-term future of the planet. Though some eco-friendly men and women may feel as if they have ex-

hausted the ways in which they can live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, there are always new ways to consider to protect the environment in everything you do. For example, hosting a party for family and friends can be a great opportunity to have some eco-friendly fun. The following are a few ways party hosts can entertain with the environment in mind.

OPEN HOUSE. SUN 1 to 3pm 3592 Rednersville Rd. (Cty Rd 3)

Quinte Ltd., Brokerage

Independently owned and operated

WATERFRONT Bay of Quinte! Contemporary, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, finished walkout lower... WOW… $439,000!! #2135433

• Serve organic foods and beverages. One of the easier ways to turn a party into an eco-friendly affair is to serve organic foods and beverages. Visit your local farmer's market for fresh and locally grown organic foods. Organic foods are healthier for the environment and may even be healthier for your guests as well, while locally produced products have a much smaller carbon footprint than products imported from afar. When choosing beverages, opt for organic wines, teas

and juices instead of more traditional and less eco-friendly options. • Don't go disposable. Disposable place settings and utensils might be more convenient when hosting a large gathering, but such products are unnecessarily wasteful, especially if they are not made from recycled materials. When When the weather permits, make use of natural hosting, use your own reusable din- sunlight by moving the party outdoors to reduce nerware. It might not be quite as con- your energy consumption. venient as disposable products, but ing the paper used for the invitations such dinnerware is more and the envelopes they're sent in as well eco-friendly, especially if as the fuel it takes for the postal service 0 0. you wash the dirty dishes to deliver each invitation. If you must 9 , 9 4 1 $ in the dishwasher rather use traditional paper invitations, choose than hand washing them invitations made from recycled or susafter the party. The latter tainable materials. cleaning method is more • Location, location, location! Lolaborious for you, and it cation is everything in real estate, and OPEN HOUSE – SAT. AUG. 24 – 1-3PM even wastes more water. the same might just be true when host232 MELVILLE ROAD, P.E.C. • Opt for e-vites in- ing an eco-friendly party. When choosOlder style home with many new upgrades incl. vinyl siding, windows, doors, kitchen laminate floors, cupboards, 100 amp wiring, stead of traditional in- ing a location for your next etc. Home features 3 BR, eat-in kit, gar F.P. in LR, large front foyer, vitations. Many people, get-together, find one that's convenient 2 decks. Dir: North Closson Rd. east of Loyalist Prkwy Hwy. 33, off Cty. Rd. 1 watch for OH signs. even those not con- to everyone who plans to attend. This 447 Dundas St. W., Trenton sciously trying to be reduces the heavy toll that traveling can TEL: 613-392-6594 more eco-friendly, have take on the environment, and your Toll Free: 800-567-0776 Fax: 613-394-3394 embraced the conven- guests and you will be happy that no ience of e-vites when one had to travel far and wide to make inviting friends and fam- an appearance. If you plan to have your to a party. But e-vites party at a venue, look for a facility that's FRANK BARRY ily are as eco-friendly as certified as eco-friendly. Such facilities SALES REPRESENATIVE they are convenient, sav- might have been constructed predomi-

Example: mortgage, car loan and credit cards total $225,000. Roll that debt into a new $233,000 mortgage, including a fee to break the existing mortgage, and look at the existing mortgage, and look at the payoff.

Mortgage Car Loan All credit cards TOTAL

TODAY $175,000 $ 25,000 $ 25,000

MONTHLY CURRENT $ 969 $ 495 $ 655


PAYMENTS* NEW $1,113 $ 0 $ 0


Conveniently situated on Bloomfield’s Main Street, this licenced Retirement Home is now offered for sale. Featured in “The Sellers Dream”, this well-maintained brick home has nine bedrooms & nine bathrooms and is fully occupied. Ideal business for a single person or couple who love providing care for Seniors! Contact us for financial details.



Call today! 613-968-6439 ext.22 / cell 613-921-8141 * 4.5% current mortgage, 3.09% new mortgage, 25 year am. Credit cards 19.5% and car loan 7%, both at 5 year am. OAC. Subject to change. For illustration purposes only.

Craig Dick, Mortgage Agent

Network Partner Mortgage Intelligence Independently owned & operated-license #12179 Corp: 855-654-3434


Talk to me today about using the equity in your home to reposition your debt and improve your cash flow.

Go to for more photos & details of these properties

CHRISTINE HENDEN Broker 613.967.9305


Quinte Ltd., Brokerage


1 Lake Street, Picton, ON



Mother & Son Team Let our experience & energy work for you! 613.476.5900


Kevin Gale* 3 bedroom waterfront home boasts 80` of clean & level shoreline. Spacious kitchen/dining area, walkout to sheltered patio, in ground pool. Living room walk out to the waterfront. Large detached 4 bay garage. Must be seen to be appreciated. $459,000 MLS 2131505

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

EASt LAkE Set on 20 acres with 528 ft. of level, clean, waterfront on East Lake, you can boat to the famous Sandbanks Beach! This home features 5 unfinished bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs, large country kitchen and sitting rooms, and main floor laundry. The attached drive shed includes a former country kitchen and a second storey. Also an excellent opportunity for a B&B or vacation rental. $599,000 MLS 2134284

Veronica Norton* Century home completely redone from windows to hardwood floors, With a full front south facing veranda. Large country kitchen with centre island, separate dining room and 2 full baths. All of this sitting on six plus acres just 2 minutes from Picton. $475,000 MLS 2130359

Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

LIVE tHE LIfEStyLE! This is a very special property with over 600ft of water front, 15+ acres, set only minutes from Picton and Hwy 401, golf course, harbour and town amenities. Water front is accessible, with a bunkie and gorgeous views from the 3000sqft home. Natural pond, privacy and peaceful ambiance. $949,000 MLS 2134483

1 Lake Street, PICTON, ON 613.476.5900

304 Main Street, WELLINGTON,ON 613.399.5900 or Toll Free 1.888.217.0166

*Sales Representative **Broker


Colin Henden* Christine Henden** 613-922-2251

GLENORA RD. Close to the Ferry, this all brick bungalow has a finished walk-out basement, 4 bedrooms & 2 baths. Terraced property with terrific view of Picton Bay. $499,000 MLS 2131702


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

nantly with eco-friendly materials or they may employ more efficient electronics throughout the building in an effort to reduce the venue's carbon footprint. • Take the party outdoors. Another way to entertain with the environment in mind is to take your party outdoors. Make use of a sunny day by moving the festivities outdoors, where you won't need to turn the lights on to see your guests and where you can serve cold foods or foods prepared on a charcoal grill to further reduce your reliance on electricity and gas. Hosting a party and doing so in an environmentally conscious way is easier than many party hosts initially think. A few creative touches can enable your party to be as eco-friendly as it is fun.

Located west of Wellington, this property is being offered for sale for the first time in decades! Featuring 32 acres on Lake Ontario with approximately 1200ft of waterfront. The century home has original features intact. Enjoy significant estate living or plan to sever the lot and maximize your investment. $1,775,000 MLS 2135490


Jim Wait* Darlene Eldridge**

125 acres of very good land, level and clear. Small amount of hardwood bush. Approximately 1200 feet of road frontage. $575,000 MLS 2135494

Herb Pliwischkies*

PINERIDGE SUBDIVISION PHASE II We are ready to accept your reservations on Phase II, 46 lot development. Photo is taken from elevation on 2nd phase. Several builders to choose from. Builders terms available. Reserve your water view lot before they are gone. Call Herb for more details.

The Inspectors Corner

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 f RE/21


Wayne Fulton is a local home inspector and can be reached at 613-354-9547

Clothes dryers are one area that very seldom receives regular maintenance. Hundreds of home fires and injuries occur each year as a result of excessive heat buildup in clothes dryers caused by blockage of the airflow through the dryer and/or the attached venting system. Most of these fires could easily be prevented with simple

and regular maintenance. Proper venting and regular maintenance makes for a more efficient and safer clothes drying experience and can reduce energy consumption. Lint screens and compartments in the dryer should be checked and cleaned after each load. Lint should also be regularly removed from accessible points in the dryer vent hose connection and exterior vent cover periodically. Even with the regular cleaning of a dryer lint trap, it is possible for a significant amount of lint to accumulate at one or more points in the duct. Vent system blockage also causes


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the dryer motor to work harder and possibly overheat. Lint is flammable and excessive heat can result in the ignition of the trapped lint or other combustible materials in or close to the duct. Improper drying of the clothes is often the first sign of a problem with a dryer venting system. The entire venting system should be regularly checked for damage, leakage, or blockage from lint, bird nests, rodents, etc. Any substantial blockage, whether from lint build-up or other restrictions in the vent hose or ductwork, such as crimped sections, undersized fittings, etc., will obstruct the airflow

uinte Isle®


CHECK IT OUT! GREAT PRICE! GREAT LOCATION! Huycks Bay Rd. Large waterfront building lot with 1 1/2 car garage, well with 10 gpm, hydro in garage, 101’ shoreline. Huyck’s Bay has great fishing and lots of wildlife. In area of nice homes and cottages. Asking $169,900 MLS 2135296

Clothes Dryer Maintenance



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Large property housing approx 8,500 sq ft main building, 3,000 sq ft 2nd building and lg building lot. 3,000 sq ft building has 3 bedrm apt on 2nd level, potential for income lower level. 1.3 ac parcel lends itself to serious development. Call for more details. Asking $879,000 MLS 2135475

At least annually, the entire vent duct should be disconnected and cleaned out along its length, including the exterior damper and cover and portions of the system within the dryer itself (with electric power off). The base of vertical sections will likely contain the most accumulated material. Check your dryer manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions for details on proper exhaust venting and the regular maintenance recommended. Regular maintenance can reduce your risks of fire and makes for a more efficient cloths drying experience.

through the dryer as well as the venting system. Lightweight, flexible plastic vent materials are especially susceptible to blockage, damage, or burn though and are no longer acceptable for exhaust ducts. While more difficult to work with, solid aluminum ductwork is the best option for any dryer venting systems. All joints should be fitted and taped, not screwed. Screws will protrude into the duct and should not be used to hold sections together; one screw can be enough to catch lint, allowing for a build-up that can eventually obstruct air flow.

CONSECON ST, WELLINGTON Yesteryear charm. 3 bedroom 1 1/2 storey alum/sided home, lg treed lot, lots of original features. Lg country kitchen, oak cupboards, separate dining rm, bright living rm, main floor 3 pc bath & bedroom. Glassed in front porch, pine floors, fireplace. 2nd floor 2 bedrooms, 4 pc bath. Detached 2 car garage, great place for business or artist. MLS 2133682





24 MACDONALD ST., WELLINGTON Views of Lake Ontario, public access to the water at the end of the street. 3 bedrooms, new bathroom, updated kitchen, laminate flooring, newer siding, shingles and windows. Large treed lot. Perfect getaway or vacation rental. Immaculate and renovated. MLS 2134282 Asking $259,000

NORTH OF WELLINGTON ON WILSON RD 40 ac in wine country. Close to Cty Rd 1&2. 2 bedrm br/vinyl bungalow. Great room with liv rm/ din rm/ kitchen. Master bedrm walkout to deck, ensuite, jacuzzi, 3 pc bath. Laundry area and deck off dining area. Small bush at back of property. Call on this one. Asking $329,900 MLS 2134851

SUNSET VIEWS OF ADOLPHUS REACH Lot is cleared, ready for you to build your retirement home or a getaway cottage. 100 ft clean shoreline, perfect for swimming, fishing or deep water sailing. Hydro to lot line, driveway is in. Call for more details. MLS® 2133082

NILES ST., WELLINGTON Close to schools & beach. All brick backsplit. New kitchen, newer windows, gas furnace, air conditioning, 3 bedrms, 2 baths. Lg fenced lot, privacy at the back. Great home for young family or retirees. Finished rec room. Call to view. Asking $209,000 MLS 2134702

LOOKING FOR A PLACE WITH AMAZING GARDENS? Consecon St, Wellington. Brick bungalow, lg lot. Lots of room for avid gardner. 3 bedrooms, lg country kitchen, recently updated. Bright living room, built in wall unit. Maple flooring throughout. Main level 5 pc bath. Lower level 3 pc bath, family rm, hobby rm, large utility room. Many upgrades, nothing left to do. Call for more details. Asking $279,900 MLS® 2132603

THIS PROPERTY HAS IT ALL... Pub/restaurant, living quarters, great location. Close to wineries, marina, on County Rd 8. Licensed for 140 people, double patio, dining rm, pub area. Lg living area upstairs, possible bed & breakfast. Perfect for the entrepreneur who is open to ideas. Could be small convenience store, would be great for caterer. MLS® 2130928

LAKEBREEZE COURT, WELLINGTON Executive stone/br home, lg lot. Open concept family rm/ kitchen, eating area. Formal living rm/ dining rm. Main floor master bedroom, lg ensuite, walkin closet. Main floor laundry, door to double garage. 2 bedrms, 4 pc bath on 2nd level. Full unspoiled basement. Hardwood throughout home, air conditioning, gas furnace, walk to all amenities. Call to view. MLS 2131558

NATURE LOVERS LOOKING FOR PRIVACY 8+ acres, view of Bay of Quinte. Elevated bung, lg bright living rm, eat in kitchen, patio doors to side deck. Receptive foyer leads to double garage and lg deck, pool & hot tub. Full finished basement, family rm, fireplace. Lg workshop. Perfect home for growing family. This home has it all! MLS® 2133430

GLENORA RD Close to Picton, municipal water, nicely treed lot, view of Picton Bay. Perfect location for your new home. 100 ft wide by 200 ft deep, mature trees at back of property. MLS® 2133769

CLOSE TO SOUP HARBOUR 1453 County Rd 14. Peaceful and tranquil. 2+ acres, deeded access to Lake Ontario. Drilled well, hydro to lot, entrance is in. Ready to build your new home. Asking $69,900 MLS® 2125759

PICTON BUNGALOW ~ GREAT PRICE Cute bungalow, small lot, cheaper then rent. Perfect home for retirees going south or young couple starting out. Small lot, maintenence free exterior, neat & tidy interior. 2 bedrm, new oil furnace & tank 2010. Cheaper then rent. Call to view. Asking $129,900 MLS® 2126793

COUNTY RD 8 Hop, skip and jump to Picton. Hobby farm, 9 ac, paddocks for horses, barn plus small animal barn. Lg 2 storey stucco brick home. 5 bedrms, lg liv rm, stone fp with insert, fam rm, den, country kitchen, hobby room, two 4 pc baths, one 2 pc bath. Oil furnace. Great soil for market garden. Call to view. Asking $329,000 MLS® 2134594

MAIN ST., WELLLINGTON Core area. Lg commercial property, approx 8500 sq ft solid building with all municipal services. Lg surfaced parking area. Great opportunity for income development subject to severence. Asking $499,000 MLS® 2134611

WHARF ST., WELLINGTON Commercial building. 3 bedrm fully renovated apt, modern kitchen, cork flooring, stone gas fireplace, air conditioned, lg deck. Main floor approx 1650 sq ft commercial space. Great for restaurant, office, studio or fitness centre. Building in great shape. Subject to severance. $379,000 MLS® 2134612

80 MAPLE ST., WELLINGTON 4.57 ac development property backing onto Millineum Trail, close to all amenities. All municipal services, lg frame building suitable for industrial or storage. MLS 2134617

NILES ST., WELLINGTON Great lot backing onto creek, mature trees. Close to school and churches, walkable to beach and all shopping. Municipal services available. Asking $68,500 MLS® 2134613


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RE/22 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013





$299,900  Enjoy them from the living room, the kitchen or the deck as this property's flat acreage affords long views and lots of privacy. Ample light, airy layout,bleached hardwood floors all lend itself to a showcase home. Attached 2 car garage with new garage doors. Easy commute to Belleville or Picton. MLS® 2135548

$499,000 Located among very prestigious homes on Old Orchard Road, this charming 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom brick home provides a sense of privacy in the summer. Then as the leaves begin to fall, the view of the Bay of Quinte opens up before your eyes. Features in ground pool, 2 car gagarage, circular drive and naturally landscaped garden. MLS® 2133116



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Plan No. SHSW2661


Step inside this classic plan to be treated to a great view all the way out the back window — a smart layout that makes any space seem bigger. A three-sided fireplace warms the family room and adjacent light-filled eating nook. There's seating for four at the kitchen’s casualsnack bar. In the master suite, enjoy a private bathroom with a separate tub and shower. Two additional bedrooms use a full hall bath. Square Footage: 1,791 Bonus Space: 254 sq. ft.

To see more details on this plan, visit and enter the plan number above. Use advanced search features to browse thousands of other home designs, including bungalow, two-storey, multi-level, and cottage country homes. Order blueprints online or call 1-800-663-6739 for more information on how to order and modify plans.


Optional Bonus Space

Main Level

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 f RE/23


Spectacular country setting! This 20 acres parcel is yours to enjoy only Beautiful 5.2 ac building lot, Waupoos Wine Country. Rolling terrain, mature 10 minutes from Picton and a short distance to the 401. Build your dream trees, well in place. Area of significant properties. home with an abundance of privacy or continue to farm a portion. $88,200 MLS 2131827 $85,000 MLS 2135029 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* Sarah Scott*

Great opportunity to own over 22 acres in a picturesque rural setting! Ideally located only minutes to Picton and just a short drive to Highway 401. Level farmland to build your dream home and enjoy all that nature has to offer. $89,000 MLS 2135030 Sarah Scott*

3.7 ac, South Shore of Lake Consecon. Rolling lot to 200 ft of waterfront. Well in place. Lovely water views. Minutes to 401. $160,000 MLS 2133552 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Charming 3 bedroom 2 bath home, view of Picton Harbour. Fully renovated. Stone landscaped patio, gardens in private back yard. Open concept main floor, large master, 4 piece ensuite. Minutes to Picton, Lake on the Mountain, wineries, restaurants, marinas. Great starter, seasonal rental, or retreat. $225,000 MLS 2134565 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

OPEN HOUSE 6 ArGyLE CrES SAturDAy AuGuSt 24 12-1pM $248,500 MLS 2131254 Gail Forcht**



Charming home with curb appeal on a huge country park like lot with 4 apple, 2 pear trees and white maple trees. Big bright eat-in kitchen, garden doors to deck, dining room, main floor master bedroom, 4 pc bath, main floor large laundry room. 3 good size bedrooms on upper level. $169,000 MLS 2134447 peter Lynch*

2 large bedrooms and master with his and her closets. Light hardwood flooring runs throughout the entire home with tile in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Backyard is ready to be landscaped to your desire. Four new appliances included. Take a look above the treeline! $155,000 MLS 2127191 rob plomer* & Kate Vader*

Enjoy the security of condo living in this upgraded 1495 sq. ft. Sir Hendrike model located in the Milford building. Minutes from downtown Picton. Large balcony to enjoy sunsets. Large spacious living room/dining room with upgraded hardwood floors. Heated underground parking and storage unit included. $242,500 MLS 2135379 peter Lynch*

Nestled in amongst mature trees, in a desired neighbourhood, is this three bedroom side split with a finished walkout basement. Hardwood floors throughout, newly renovated kitchen open to the dining room and living room. Large front veranda, interlocking brick walkway, paved double driveway, detached garage. $245,000 MLS 2135090 Lori Slik*

Utterly charming “big little” house with private mature garden and great parking! Big eat-in family kitchen, French doors, fireplace, main floor den, laundry and powder room, plus three large bedrooms! Upgraded mechanics and roof. The perfect-in-town home behind a white picket fence! Outstanding value in Picton! $269,000 MLS 2134665 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Stylish 2 Storey Executive Condominium Suite fully remodelled with 3 level views! Truly a rare find, light-filled 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence with gracious room sizes and open concept living, set within a beautiful tree-lined neighbourhood. Near all that Belleville and surrounding areas have to offer. $292,000 MLS 2130530 rob plomer* & Kate Vader*

Classic Arts & Crafts style 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath home. Warmth and character plus numerous upgrades. Outstanding original woodwork and floors, stained glass windows, living room fireplace, large covered front porch and a circular drive. This one won't last! $299,000 MLS 2134169 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott*

Perfect, polished gem for one or two! Charming spaces, fully-fenced oversized Picturesque waterfront lot in Long Point. Enjoy the breathtaking views garden, terrific carriage house – all on a quiet short in-town street! Walk to and wildlife surrounding. Walk right in, with pebble beach front. Imagine everything! Updated kitchen, attached porch. Generous reception rooms! the possibilities! Charming pergola entrance. Hurry for this one! $299,000 MLS 2134030 $299,000 MLS 2135521 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* Gail Forcht**



Expansive County home, incomparable views of Adolphus Reach. Big spaces, newer kitchen, family room, 3 main floor bedrooms, lower level with office, recreation room, 4th bedroom. Detached garage, above ground pool, expansive deck. 2 separately deeded lots form 2-acre property. $269,000 MLS 2133854 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

5 Bedroom 2 bath renovated century home with in-law suite, many 3 Bedroom Waterfront retreat. New garage with insulated bunkie. Close upgrades throughout. 8.1 acres, perennial gardens, fruit trees, gazebo to Lake on the Mountain, vineyards, restaurants and marinas. and plenty of privacy. Quonset, workshop storage area and a small barn Spectacular sunsets and private Muskoka feeling at the water. for commercial use. Close to Picton & the 401. Priced to sell! Great value $328,000 MLS 2132240 $325,000 MLS 2134598 Gail Forcht** & Sarah Scott* Gail Forcht**

Betty Burns

Office Manager Sales Representative

Ann Cooper Sales Representative

Gail Forcht Broker

Laurie Gruer Sales Representative

Liz Jones

Sales Representative

Ideal executive bungalow, lots of room for the grandkids! Located close to everything. Garage, landscaped gardens, 3 bathrooms, main floor den/family room, 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 more in the walk-out lower level. Fireplace, hardwood floors and a new kitchen in 2012! $359,000 MLS 2135601 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Rob Plomer Sales Representative

Catherine Deluce Pres. & CEO Broker

Duane Russell Broker

Impeccable home minutes from Picton. Gracious open layout with main floor family room large, private lower level retreat, +deck and landscaped yard with patio. Master bedroom with adjacent sunroom, geothermal heating, and an eco-water system complete the picture.$369,000 MLS 2131688 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Sarah Scott Sales Representative

Richard Stewart LLB

Vise President Legal Counsel Sales Representative

Sam Simone Sales Representative

Lori Slik

Sales Representative

Kate Vader Sales Representative

RE/24 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Glenora Estates Drive, beautiful views over Prince Edward Bay! 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, open concept dining-living family room, den, walk out screened porch . Lower family-recreational room, bathroom, wet-bar facilities and large walkout. Access to water at the foot of your driveway! $379,000 MLS 2134147 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

Picture perfect setting: Farm fields along Warings Creek only minutes to Sandbanks and Picton. This Century farmhouse in West Lake has a new kitchen, a great family room and a screened-in porch. Great well. 21 acres, large 1840s barn which is fully insulated, with plumbing, heating and hydro. $399,000 MLS 2132612 Sarah Scott*




7,000 sq. ft. two-storey block building on the edge of Picton! Excellent condition, heated, and with an adjoining quonset hut. Excellent renovated house, too, all on 4 acres. 4 bedrooms/2 baths. Think of the possibilities in this outstanding live/work opportunity $379,000 MLS 2132244 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


Build your dream home on this spectacular 8.5 acre escarpment-like property minutes from Picton. 1,374 ft Long Reach waterfront. Rustic cabin at water’s edge, hydro and propane. Surveyed building envelope offers incomparable south and east views. On a clear day, you really can see forever!

Enjoy this fantastic waterfront lot with lovely two bedroom brick bungalow! Overlooking 200 feet of Lake Ontario shoreline. Watch the sunsets from your sunroom or enjoy the propane fireplace in the spacious living room. This home features main floor laundry, large 4 piece bathroom, $385,000 MLS 2133154 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* updated septic and more! $399,000 MLS 2135614 Call Peter Lynch


Handsome executive residence on the edge of Wellington. Formal reception rooms, chef’s kitchen, wonderful family room with fireplace. Master suite, 2 more bedrooms on second level, with a 4th bedroom on lower level. Main floor laundry, double garage, large decks, beautiful garden.

Elegant Town Hill living! Nestled in historic Picton, walking distance to all amenities, this exceptional condo unit has all the finishes and features you would ever need. 1,675 square feet living space on 3 floors, plus basement. Custom-designed kitchen complete with centre island breakfast bar. $450,000 MLS 2135256 Rob Plomer* & Kate Vader*

Executive country estate! Beautifully updated, minutes from Picton. Stonewalled gardens, terraces, sprawling grounds. Exquisite master suite, separate guest areas, stunning family room. Separate guest house/ artist’s studio, radiant floors, monk’s staircase, private flagstone terrace, complete privacy!

Meticulous waterfront home in highly sought after community. Spacious one level living, large deck, guest suite, games/ family room in walk-out lower level. Ideal for boating, swimming with retractable dock. Stunning views of Sand Dunes. Updated mechanicals, double garage, exquisite gardens.

Calling all sailors! Spectacular waterfront home on Prinyers Cove. Beautiful light-filled spaces. Dramatic loft master suite, four additional bedrooms. Sunroom, screened porch. Full lower level with walk-outs, huge family room, storage. Ideal cottage or full-time home. Bring your boat!

5 bedroom, 3 bath waterfront home on West Lake, minutes to the popular Sandbanks Provincial Park. Large dock, retaining wall, boat house. Impeccable interior, impressive formal foyer with 12 ft ceiling. Lower level in law- suite with private entrance. $599,000 MLS 2132112 Lori Slik*

Exceptional value, unlimited possibilities. 1870`s home. 16 stall horse barn, tack room, office, paddocks, fenced pasture. Attached 50 x 50 double steel, bright, insulated building. New wiring, plumbing, heating, windows. Backs onto North Bay. Unrestricted view of Pleasant Bay and Lake Ontario. A no exit road. $599,000 MLS 2120002 Gail Forcht**

Sparkling lightbox in heart of Waupoos! Extraordinary home designed and built for an artist: wonderful views from all windows, abundant natural light, contiguous 35’3” x 29’4”studio space. Pond, gardens, beautiful finishes inside: slate, hardwood, wrought iron. One-of-a-kind! $609,000 MLS 2135273

Perfect Bay of Quinte retreat with outstanding features and great panache! 2 storey main house, family room, multiple decks, balconies, minstrels’ gallery! Guest house/studio on the water! private pool, gazebo, and cantilevered deck. Minutes from the 401! $649,000 MLS 2134237

Perfect “lifestyle” opportunity in downtown Picton: 3-bedroom Guildcrest home, turnkey variety store in high-traffic location. Faces LCBO and sits on route to Sandbanks Provincial Park. Comprehensive business offers Ontario Lottery, groceries, ice, dry-cleaning transfer, excellent storage.

Perfect family retreat! Handsome updated 1877 farmhouse, 126 ac between Picton and Waupoos. Beautifully renovated and decorated, full of natural light! 3 bedrooms plus separate master area with views over farmland. Magazine-quality kitchen, 3 full baths. Separately deeded in 2 parcels.

Grand Victorian overlooking Picton Bay. Period character, charm. Sprawling lawns, wrap-around verandahs, the perfect summer house. In winter, curl up by one of the 3 fireplaces, or in the cozy family room. Double parlours, large family kitchen, 4 baths, 5 bedrooms. Pool, too!

It’s easy being Green! Perfect study in maximizing efficiency while minimizing maintenance costs. 10 acres on the Bay of Quinte! Beautiful spaces, unique details, open layout, upper deck with panoramic views. Minutes from 401. Don’t miss this responsibly designed strikingly beautiful home.

$649,000 MLS 2132758 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Betty Burns

Office Manager Sales Representative

Ann Cooper Sales Representative

Gail Forcht Broker

$399,900 MLS 2133347 Lori Slik*

$499,000 MLS 2133378 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

$679,000 MLS 2132140 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Laurie Gruer Sales Representative

Liz Jones

Sales Representative

Originally designed for the physically disabled, great family home with inlaw suite or separate guest quarters. Count the features: elevator, hardwood floors, spectacular new kitchen, family room, 4 bedrooms, 2 offices! Double garage, pergola, and garden building, too! Spectacular views! $449,000 $449,000 MLS 2134267 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* MLS 2134547 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg

$529,000 MLS 2132615 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

$689,000 MLS 2133167 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*

Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Rob Plomer Sales Representative

Catherine Deluce Pres. & CEO Broker

Duane Russell Broker

$559,000 MLS 2134071 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

$695,000 MLS 2132009 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Sarah Scott Sales Representative

Richard Stewart LLB

Vise President Legal Counsel Sales Representative

Sam Simone Sales Representative

Lori Slik

Sales Representative

Kate Vader Sales Representative

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 f RE/25



Grand dame of Main Street!—impeccably restored, featured on “House and Garden” tours! Spectacular reception rooms, pine floors, high ceilings. French doors, etched glass. Gourmet kitchen! Beautiful master suite, separate guest spaces. Carriage house for entertaining or a studio.

Gracious, well-appointed, custom-built home on Picton Bay. View nightly sunsets from the 30' deck or balcony off the master bedroom. Large living space includes office/library/granny suite with separate entrance & bath. Great location on the water with town services. $695,000 MLS 2132740 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg* $695,000 MLS 2135451 Liz Jones

High over Picton Bay on a cul-de-sac, this home offers wonderful space, all modern conveniences, remarkable views. Huge addition: great room, studio, master suite. Chef’s kitchen plus office and 2 guest bedrooms. Huge garage, radiant floor heating and a staircase to the cove below. $789,000 MLS 2133501 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*

A County landmark on 65 acres! Handsome farmhouse of brick and stone and big red barn all behind a picket fence! Amazing stone-walled Great Room, 3 bedrooms and your own tennis court. Minutes to Cherry Valley or Pointe Petre. Impeccable condition – just move in! $789,000 MLS 2134354 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Beautifully built waterfront home, professionally landscaped, Rednersville Road minutes from Belleville or Trenton. 3500 sq ft, vaulted beam ceilings, 2 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, living room, family room, eat in gourmet kitchen, all the amenities. Multi level decks, panoramic views of the Bay of Quinte. $869,000 MLS 2132286 Peter Lynch*

Completely inspiring! Waterfront executive home, dramatic spaces, wall of glass overlooking Adolphus Reach. 17 ft indoor hydropool and sauna. Great Room, sybaritic master suite. Separate guest areas, library, office. Graded walkways, decks, charming seating areas from which to enjoy the views!

Commercial property in the heart of Wellington! Established waterfront restaurant, huge potential. Approved plans for 5 guests rooms on 2nd level or build your home over the store. Additional building on site provides revenue. On Loyalist Parkway, beside marina, close to Community Centre.

Wonderful log house, 8 ac, private master retreat, sunken living room, striking stone fireplace. Spring-fed pond with sand beach! 2 additional cabins for rental income. Large commercially zoned building for your dreams to happen: Yoga centre? Art school? Plant nursery? You decide! $875,000 MLS 2131989 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Betty Burns

$895,000 MLS 2132060 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*


Elegant waterfront home, 2.26 ac, panoramic views of the Bay of Quinte. Heated inground pool, boardwalk to water’s edge. Open concept home, gourmet kitchen, great room, fireplace, dining room, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, professional landscaping, minutes from Trenton and Belleville. $899,000 MLS 2132025 Lori Slik*

Office Manager Sales Representative

$895,000 MLS 2131687 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*



Ann Cooper Sales Representative

Gail Forcht Broker

A County landmark! Handsome historically-significant waterfront home, 1.2 ac, heart of Wellington. 225` spectacular shoreline, views of the Sandbanks! Sprawling lawns, appealing ponds. 1880 house, high ceilings, beautiful staircase, grand reception rooms. $949,000 MLS 2134664 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Laurie Gruer Sales Representative

Liz Jones

Sales Representative

Unforgettable stone executive, 3+ ac Lake Ontario shoreline. Impeccable landscaping, gazebo, multiple terraces. 4 bedrooms, main floor master, 2 great rooms, chef’s kitchen and triple garage. Minutes to Wellington or the 401! Ideal family retreat! $1,195,000 MLS 2134321 Laurie Gruer*, Sam Simone*, Monica Klingenberg*

Monica Klingenberg Peter Lynch Sales Representative

Rob Plomer

Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Catherine Deluce Pres. & CEO Broker

Duane Russell Broker

Stunning blend of old and new! 4000 sq. ft.+/- 19th century 5 bedroom log home, 2 board and batten additions, 7.7 acres, 590 ft waterfront on the Bay of Quinte. Waterside guest house, garden gazebo, 3 car garage, finished loft, add’l 2 car garage. Exceptional Prince Edward County estate! $1,195,000 MLS 2133806 Gail Forcht**

Sarah Scott Sales Representative

Richard Stewart LLB

Sam Simone Sales Representative

Lori Slik

Sales Representative

Kate Vader Sales Representative

Vise President Legal Counsel Sales Representative




RE/26 f THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013


Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage* 102 Main St., Picton

CAROL BROUGH Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

ELSIE WIERSMA Sales Rep. 613-848-4810

GARY MORDEN Broker 613-885-2304


HUGH JACKSON Broker 613-476-5026

Affordable 2 bdrm Home in Great Picton neighbourhood. Garage, Deck & Perennial Gardens. $159,000 2135078 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100

SaiLorS deLiGHt, 263’ deeP WaterFront

Open concept ranch bungalow, detached garage. 1 acre of beautiful landscaping. $649,000 MLS 2132000 To view call Hugh Jackson or Tracey Dickson

PrinceSS on Queen Street

Queen Street Cutie! 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 1/2 storey style home, in the heart of beautiful Prince Edward County. $234,900 2133928 Call Pat Benson-Moore

WWW.1363countyroad15.coM nt ro F r te a W

n Pr eW ic e

Century Waterfront Home on Bay of Quinte. Walkout to Interlock Patio. Separate building for Studio/Gallery/Guesthouse. $429,000 2130013 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

country bunGaLoW WaterFront uS PH H L o ac ad re

4 bedrm, 2 bath, finished basement. Almost 8 acres with possibility of severance. $379,900 MLS 2134510 To view call Hugh Jackson or Tracey Dickson

rooM to roaM

A nature`s lovers paradise in Prince Edward County. 8 acres of privacy. 3 bedroom renovated home, inlaw suite. $269,700 2134199 Call Pat Benson-Moore

JASON YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

JOY HUMPHREY Broker 613-849-5999

KEVIN YOUNG Sales Rep. 613-476-2100

Picton - 613-476-2100 Toll Free 1-866-294-2100

KIM HADWEN Sales Rep. 613-969-7591

Great county Lot at aLLiSonviLLe

Mostly private and wooded, close to Conservation park on the river in the Hamlet. $39,000 MLS 2134971 Gary Morden

342 St. LaWrence St., Madoc en e oP ouS H


VINCE MARTEL Sales Rep. 613-399-2100

Century farm house with many upgrades. Large wrap-around covered porch. Quiet road minutes to Sandbanks & Point Petre. $299,000 2132468 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

county road 15


Century home with separate 3 storey coach house. Lots of upgrades, home business opportunity. $299,900 MLS 2133372 Call Elsie Wiersma 613-848-4810

WWW.12306dLoyaLiSt.coM t on r rF te a W

PAT BENSONPAUL SANDY STEVE TAMARA TOM TRACEY MOORE GENTILE YOUNG SENSENSTEIN YOUNG McEVOY DICKSON Sales Rep. Broker Sales Rep. Sales Rep. Sales Rep. Sales Rep. Sales Rep. 613-849-8501 613-476-2100 613-476-2100 613-885-1307 613-476-2100 613-967-2100 613-403-7690 GorGeouS WaterFront eState on tHe bay oF Quinte WWW.409WaLMSLey.coM

2.5 ac estate waterfront home, prestigious Old Orchard Road, on Bay of Quinte. Best in versatility, location and recreation. $820,000 MLS 2134133 Tom McEvoy and Joy Humphrey

Sa t, 2- au 4P G M 2

*Independently owned & operated

n Pr eW ic e

Glenora Road Waterfront. Spectacular views of Picton Bay & Golf Course. Spacious 3000 sq.ft. Bungalow. $495,000 2132730 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

KeLLy road

$164,900 An excellent getaway or use as a weekly rental. New roof, furnace, minutes from Sandbanks, great well. Paul Gentile or Vince Martel 2133060


98 acre former dairy farm. 70 workable acres. Home, barn and buildings in great condition. Perfect property for traditional farming, hobby farming or general country living. 2134327 Call Kim Hadwen


Quiet Country Living. Spacious 4 Bedroom 2 Storey Home.10 Minutes to Picton or 401. $159,900 2132148 Call The Youngs (613) 476-2100

Custom Built Bright & Spacious Home with 3 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms. Close to Picton and Amenities $289,000 2133299 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

bay oF Quinte WaterFront

Private 3 season cottage. Level lot to the water, dock & boat launch. $299,500 MLS 2134335 To view call Tracey Dickson or Hugh Jackson

GaS bar/convenience cLoSe to SandbanKS

Busy convenience store/gas bar on County Road 12 near Sandbanks Provincial Park. Excellent location attracting local campers. $289,000 MLS 2133316 Tom McEvoy


Quiet country living close to Picton. Bright & Sunny Custom Built Bungalow. Beautifully landscaped 7.4 acres with Trails & Woods. $399,000 2130858 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

vacant Land avaiLabLe

MLS 2130123 2.7 Acre wooded bldg lot $65,000 MLS 2130317 3.3 Acre waterfront lot $349,000 MLS 2132642 98 Acres waterfront $599,000 MLS 2130092 10 Acre wf building lot $149,900 MLS 2131464 52 Acres level farm land $124,900 To view call Tracey Dickson or Hugh Jackson

Close to the best fishing, shopping, recreation and minutes to the 401 highway. $235,000 MLS 2134558 Paul Gentile or Vince Martel

1379b FranKFord road



Immaculate 10 yr bunaglow. Loaded with quality, comfort, style, beautiful views & privacy. $369,900 MLS 2135488 Call Elsie Wiersma 613-848-4810

WWW.914countyrd.coM nt ro F r te a W

n Pr eW ic e

Private Waterfront Home on Long Reach. 4 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms. Deep Mooring for boats & fishing. $349,900 2131009 Call The Young's (613) 476-2100

FarMHouSe WitH 64 acreS

4 bedroom, 2 storey home with small barn, 1500’ of road frontage (separate acreage across road). $179,000 MLS 2135517 Steve Sensenstein

ineXPenSive GetaWay $119,000

MLS 2132027 CALL caroL brouGH FOR DETAILS 613-476-2100


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013



Cowan Roofing





613-393-5656 OR




Everything for the home ...from The Castle


Hennessy Home Finishing & Contracting FULLY INSURED


Bruce Hennessy

613-399-3793 613-827-3793 Cell



Handyman & Woodturning Service

Specializing in Century Home Verandah Posts Antique Chair Repairs Restoration or New!

Discounts for Seniors & Vets







After hours call 399-2504

Gerow Propane Ltd.

Goheen Construction Co.

Propane for Farm, Home & Industry, Automotive, Conversions, Parts, Service

Michael Goheen

Locally owned & operated


Crushed Gravel - Screenings - Septic Stone - Sand Fill Screened Masonry, Concrete & Filter Media Sand Portland, Masonry Type “N” & “S” Cement • Cement Blocks & Brick Poured Walls & Floor Finishing Available Excavator - Backhoe - Dozer Rentals • Septic System Installations



• High Efficiency Furnaces • Fireplaces • Air Conditioning • Clothes Dryer • Water Heaters • BBQ’s, Cookstoves

Harold Gerow

Highway #2 Just East of Brighton

Tel. (613) 475-2414 EXCAVATING

• Lawn Rolling • Retaining Walls • Septic Systems • Backhoe & Dozer Work • Mini Excavator • Trucking • Topsoil • Mulch • Gravel

613-813-4147 613-476-6940

Owner/Operator Jerry McCann

Insured & Licensed Tel 613-354-5512 Cell 613-572-5071

4003 County Rd. 9 Napanee, Ontario K7R 3K8


Sid the Plumber licensed 25 years #09285

PAINT GUY Robert Cole


New & Renovated Home Painting

Affordable rates Seniors discounts repair & installations Prompt * Quality Service

Sid Wells Plumbing 613-476-1172

• Wood, Gas, Pellet, Electric • Stoves, Fireplaces & Accessories • Sales, Service, Installations • Free Estimates • Chimney Sweeps

County’s Largest Fireplace Showroom

124 Main St., Picton


DAVE HOEKSTRA • All Work Guaranteed

476-5388 HANDYMAN

More than a



Snow Plowing • Excavators • Dozers Skidsteer / Bobcat Float Service • Dump Trailer

• window & door installation • kitchen & bathroom renovation • flooring & tiling • decks • fences • stairs • painting • framing • drywall

C: 613.920.3178 R: 613.476.1187

Call Pascal

F: 613.476.6101 E:


MASONRY CONTRACTOR • Natural Stone • Brick • Block • New Construction, Restoration, Renovation • High Efficiency Masonry Heaters & Wood Burning Bake Ovens

Creative Solutions, Built to Endure, Green Approach

Call Lawrence 613-476-4187

La Montagne Masonry Contractor RENOVATING


McCann Heating & Cooling PLUMBING

• Dishwashers

~ SERVICES OF A.C.I. TECHNICIAN AVAILABLE ~ “Providing quality products & service since 1947”

Roofing Materials, Remodeling Debris & Garbage Multiple Bin Sizes



• Washers • Dryers

• Ranges (No Mileage Charge)

HOME UPGRADES Kitchen, Bath, Flooring, Patio, Decks, Fencing, Painting, Decorating & Staging.

• Refrigerators • Freezers



56 MAIN ST. PICTON PHONE: 613-476-2446 FAX: 613-476-5272




Full Disposal Call




General Construction Renovations Additions Concrete Siding

Terry Cowan 613-476-2525


Olde Tyme Builders




SERVING: Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Agricultural • Bulk Markets • Small cylinder exchange program 24 Hour

1-877-544-3335 Emergency Service 613-544-3335

Unit #1 - 1525 John Counter Blvd. Kingston


Prince Edward Well Drilling

KEN THURSTON • • • • • • •

Hardwood Floors Custom Tiling Drywall Interior Painting Additions New Homes Custom Building

• Well Cleaning • Flow Tests • Licensed & Certified by the Ministry of the Environment


— Box 3, Picton, Ontario K0K 2P0 —



Residential • Agricultural Industrial • Commercial Specializing in Industrial Control Maintenance Design and Installation 26 years in business TERRY SHORTT President Trenton, ON K8V 5W6 613-391-7069


• Residential and Commercial • Interior and Exterior Painting

Fully Insured Kevin Dokis 613-503-2236


Wayne Cronk Painting Wayne Cronk Painting

Brush & Roller • Airless Spraying Barns & Commercial Building Interior & Exterior Houses Roof Replacement & Repair Bucket Truck Service General Maintenance Sandblasting • Parking Lot Striping Prompt Service • Free Estimates

613-476-5863 20 Years Serving Prince Edward County


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

The Ag & Rural Update is an electronic bulletin that is produced weekly by staff at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Food, (OMAF), Brighton Resource Centre is distributed free to subscribers. Not all of the information used in this farm calendar is supplied by the electronic bulletin.

Aug 21-22 - Hasting County Plowing Match and Farm Show, 255 Fairgrounds Rd, Quinte West. Hosts: Doug Parr and Bruce Philp. Admission $5.00 Adults • Children Under 12 Free • FREE PARKING. For general information call 613395-5177 / email or visit Aug 24 - 9am-3pm, Haliburton 6th Annual Garlic Fest, The Country Bakery, 9192 Hwy 118, Carnarvon. For information, contact Sheila Robb at 705-489-4201 or email: or visit: The Garlic Fest has "everything garlic", including a garlic information / education centre as well as booths featuring local pottery, jewellery, native plants, lavendar and musical entertainment and refreshments. Sept 10 - Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, 7:30 to 9:30pm, Centreton Community Centre. For information, call Eileen Argyris, Secretary - Northumberland Federation of Agriculture


Residential and Farm Wiring Farm Generator Sales and Service R.R. 3, Picton 476-4700

DEERHAVEN FARM & GARDEN LTD. The Big Green Machinery Dealer!

896 Bell Blvd. West Belleville, Ontario (613) 962-5021


GRAIN PRICES FOB Trenton as quoted by

TRENTON GRAIN Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CORN $215.00/t NEW CROP CORN $153.00/t NEW CROP WHEAT $190.00/t NEW CROP SOYBEANS $412.00/t


at 905-885-1456 or email: Sept 24 - Local Food Workshop, 7-9pm, 1107 Garrett St., OSO Township Hall, Sharbot Lake, ON. Pre-registration by email: NODiscover the best of September harvest, local available ingredients and recipes. Cooking the bounty on the BBQ will be showcased. Oct 3-4 - Healthy Communities Symposium (Minden), Minden Community Centre, 55 Parkside St., Minden, ON. This symposium will profile ‘local’ healthy community initiatives in the areas of transportation, food, housing and the arts, and will have a focus on rural economic development. It is being co-hosted with the Communities In Action Committee (CIA) and sponsored by the local Health Unit (HKPR) and the Haliburton County Development Corporation (HCDC). For start times and more information on various workshops, tours and speakers involved, and to register, visit

J. H. Anderson Elevators & Farm Supplies Inc.

Buy & Sell Top Prices

476-6597 RR 2 Picton


Century 21

Sales Representatives

Kevin, Tamara, Jason, Sandy Young


Lanthorn Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage Full Service Family Team

Bus: 613-395-3883 1-800-465-9297 Fax: 613-395-2652

Parts Sales & Service

McKeown Motor Sales



DOG & PUPPY CHOW 16kg Reg. $33.00 SALE


179 Talbot St. Picton 613-476-7507 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-12pm

Ambiance 40lb. Hardwood

Northern Pellets 40lb. Hardwood

For further info & pricing contact The County Farm Centre.

38 Cold Storage Rd., Picton 613-476-2171 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-4pm

Dishonourable conDuct Blades of Glory

herald Brother William demonstrates to the crowd a move knights wouldn’t typically make, striking an opponent from behind with a weapon. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

Fighters share own love of history with audiences

KNIGHTS, from page 1

Part of the day’s successes can be attributed to the notion that Blades of Glory has a tried and true program of events to lend to such activities. After taking off his armour to portray Sir Aldric, Mark Englehart spoke a bit about the organization he belongs to. Blades of Glory has a realm in Hastings where it invites Grade 3 to Grade 7 students to learn about history in a hands-on fashion. Since 1994, they’ve had more than 150,000 children visit with their schools and Englehart says they are now looking to host more family events through open Sundays, which offer similar programming to that offered at the festival. “We’ve been all over the place,” Englehart said. “The (Royal Ontario Museum), Casa Loma, Gravenhurst...” Englehart indicated that while the warriors are interested in perfecting their own craft, they’re also quite aware and willing to work with a crowd to ensure the message gets across accurately. “We love the questions. When we get to go out and people ask a lot of questions, that’s gravy for us.” A black belt in karate, Englehart happened to be friends of the owner of the company who asked him to be involved. He gladly accepted and has also found he has taken a keen interest in the history being presented. That interest actually helped Englehart develop the character that he portrays in tournaments. “All of us usually have some historic ties,” he said. “I’m a Teutonic knight and my family is direct descendants of the Teutonics. Sir Aldric was one of my ancestors.” Englehart has even gone to great lengths to learn about what knights were wearing in the 1,200s and 1,300s to ensure his character is accurate. In his armour, for example, there were very few plates compared to some of

the other knights who would enter the field. He said that was because they’d want affordable armour and plate metal was just new. Most Teutonic, he said, wore chain metal, like his outfit. Also to prepare warriors for action, the realm has opened Western Medieval Martial Arts sword training schools in Peterborough and in Campbellford and it is hopeful to bring one to Belleville as well. Englehart said Ragnar (Austin Dyamond) was actually a member of the original class. Once he learned proper swordplay, he was able to join in the fun and games. While the heat is certainly a detriment to fighting under a heavy metal suit of armour, Englehart said there is also a chance of real danger during the fighting. “Occasionally, you miss the armour. If you take a sword strike across the knuckle, it is going to sting,” he said. Most of the injuries come with taking practice swings, however, when there’s not as much sense a fighter is going to hurt themselves, he said. In tournaments, the men are mostly honourable. Instead of taking one free shot they’re allowed under the rules of the competition, many will allow their opponent an opportunity to seek protection first. Judging by the way people reacted to the experience, Riordon said she plans to bring Blades of Glory back to Hillier next summer, albeit she’ll ask them to tweak their program somewhat to offer some variety for returning visitors. “There are other things they could offer like an archery tournament that could offer a new experience,” she said. Riordon added Blades of Glory can also offer a more detailed falconry demonstration than the one offered this year, which actually shows the birds and their handlers hunting and a number of other lessons.

The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013





• WOOD • GAS • PELLET STOVES • LINERS• CHIMNEY SYSTEMS • ZERO CLEARANCE FIREPLACES • PELLET • HEARTH PRODUCTS & much more Quality Sales, Service & Installation • Regency • BIS • Dura-Vent 177 LAKE ST. PICTON 476-8100

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES AND INFORMATION CLASSIFIED ADS: $5.49 for 15 words or less. 12¢ each additional word. BIRTHS MEMORIAMS, CARDS OF THANKS: 15¢ each word, minimum $8.50 (50 words)


1929 CHEV 4dr, excellent original condition, white wall tires, $7500. HORSE DRAWN BUGGY 2 seater, excellent shape $450. Lincoln MIG WELDER and Plasma Cutter $600 613-476-5229. 5x10 LANDSCAPE trailer with large ramp, $700 613-476-5302. AUTOMOTIVE KEYS & remotes with programming. By appointment. Prince Edward Locksmith 613-476-3382.

CEDAR SOURCE LUMBER CO. Specializing in Western


Stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, dishwashers, 3 mos. old & up. Sold with written guarantees. Fridge's $100. & up.


At the lowest prices in the area. Trade-ins accepted on new appliances. Big selection to choose from.


While Supplies Last 1x8 WRC tight knot bevel siding 60¢ / linear ft



1x12 S1S2E WRC boards $1.00 / linear ft 1x4, 2x2, 2x3 Clear Western Red Cedar $1.5/board ft


1x6 Fence Board #2 #3 mixed $2.50 each Free Western Red Cedar Shavings Open Tues-Sat, 10-5 or by appointment

PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE refinishing and restoration. Antiques bought and sold. Free pickup and delivery. Butler Creek Antiques, Schoharie Rd. 613-4761142.

6 Stanley Street Bloomfield Ask for Terry


BOAT TOPS, BOAT TOPS, BOAT TOPS. Repair & replace tops, windows, screens, covers, seats, Call Weldon 613-885-6871. DRY MAPLE firewood, $240/full cord picked up or delivery extra. Wayne Anderson Consecon 613392-8380.

County Traders We Purchase Estates Furniture & Antiques BUY, SELL, TRADE 39 Stanley Street Bloomfield, Ontario MON.-TUES. CLOSED Wed. - Sat. 10am-4pm Sun. 12noon -4pm

ESTATE SALE MUST BE SOLD Antiques, Collector Items, Appliances, Dishes, Hammond Organ, Fisher Woodburning Air Tight Stove, Professional 5’x9’ Chapman Pool Table (excellent condition), Key Cutting Equipment, uncut blanks, etc. More Misc. Items. Offers Considered Cash Preferred Call for Sale Days 613-391-9250 613-966-5607


613-393-9993 888-905-9993

FIREWOOD FOR Sale. Call Kevin McConnell, 613-476-6889 FIREWOOD SALE: Log length, single or double loads. Call 613332-1199 or cell 613-334-9544 FREE-Jack Pine Logs in Cherry Valley, between 12"-7" diameter, between 30'-12' long, call Robert 416-910-3066. ROOF SYSTEM for Naylor boat lift, 10 feet x 24 feet, 2 years old, $1500 or best offer. Exhaust fan for pottery kiln, $25. 613-476-2656. USED VINYL Windows many sizes and configurations. White vinyl, thermal pane, double hung vert, fixed, singles, doubles & triples. With brick mould. Can be viewed at or 1296 Hamilton Rd. between Belleville and Trenton Mon to Fri 9am-5pm.



2013 DOG DAYS OF SUMMER REBATE SALE with savings up to $750


Call for more information Your local DEALER

FRANKFORD, ON 613.398.1611 BANCROFT, ON 613.332.1613



For good used appliances in working order or not but no junk please. VISA & MASTERCARD accepted. We have our own financing also. Shop at our competitors & then come see for yourself quality at low prices. Open evenings 7 days a week. We Deliver.

Red Cedar & Fir



GUITAR LESSONS, starting September 12. Contact Drew Ackerman 613-476-8900.

DON HINDE MUSIC SCHOOL Lessons on • Guitar • Piano • Violin Picton and Wellington 613-476-7125 email


ASP CONTRACTORS, airless spray painting, power washing, barns, houses, factories, etc. Corn, glass and sandblasting, new steel roofs installed, roofs screwnailed and boards replaced, eavestroughs and gutter guards installed, addions and foundations. 1-800-589-1375, BARN REPAIRS. Steel roofs repaired or replaced, barn boards replaced, beam repairs, sliding doors, eavestroughs, screwnailing, painting, sandblasting, etc. Call John, 613-392-2569 HAY FOR SALE: 90 4x4 round bales, Milford area. Call 613-4760002


DOG SITTING in my home, personalized care for your dog while you're away. Large exercise yard. Call Karen 613-399-5682.

The Picton Gazette

C LASSIFIEDS Ph. 613-476-3201 - Fax 613-476-3464 Email: THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013 - 30 DEATHS - $21.00; FOUND, BEREAVED - No charge Box Replies $5.00; EXTRA $1.50 charge for billed ads. EXTRA $5.00 charge for a HEADING COMBINATION RATES available for The Picton Gazette and The Napanee Beaver


CARS AND trucks wanted for scrap or recycling, we buy scrap metal, free pickup or you bring in. Dan 613-929-7572. We also sell auto parts and tires.

LOOKING TO SELL YOUR RV? Consignment Space Now Available in high traffic location in Bloomfield.

Reasonable Rates



MOTORCYCLE: 2006 Victory Jackpot, sunset red, stage 1 engine, Bassani exhaust. Lots of chrome. Must see. 613-476-5509


OFFICE SPACE 1800sq.ft. and 850sq.ft. Main floor, downtown Picton, high visibility. Phone 613-4767701 SECURE INDOOR STORAGE. RV's, Trailers, Cars and Boats or other 14' high access door, outdoor storage also available, supervised access by appointment only by owner living on property. 613503-1819.


1 1/2 storey, 2 bedroom house, $1100 plus utilities, first/last/references 613-476-6231. 1 BEDRM apartment,44 Main St. Picton. completely redone,$800 plus hydro, includes heat, water, garbage & laundry. Please contact Jeff at 1 BEDROOM apartment, Sept., $900 monthly all inclusive. Non smoking building. Contact Brian at 613-240-5332 2 BEDROOM 2 bath, 1 year old modular home, town water, deck, open concept, grass cut, snowplowing included, $1150 plus utilities (gas heat). Available September. Raspberry Fields 100 Upper Lake St. 613-885-1307 (cell) 3 BEDROOM home in Country, no pets, no smokers. $1,400 monthly plus utilities. Call 613-393-5078 or 613-476-5229 A PLACE to call home. Available October 1st. 3 bedroom, 1 bath, quiet location, nice backyard, hardwood floors upstairs. 16 London Avenue, Picton (Macaulay Village). 613-921-2535 BEAUTIFUL ONE bedroom apartment located close to Main Street. This 900 square foot unit has a private balcony. For more information call 613-771-3203. BEAUTIFUL MOBILE HOME on large 1 acre lot, 2 bedroom + den, fully furnished $950+utilities, first/last/references. Phone 613476-5294 FULLY FURNISHED upper apartment of Victorian Home, short/long term rental, large, bright, 1 bedrm. apt, balcony, sunroom entrance, can sleep 6, $1100mo includes utilities, also available weekly 613399-2209. LAKEFRONT, 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Wellington, yearly rental $1300/mo +hydro, non-smoker, no pets.


SHORT TERM FURNISHED RENTALS, apartments, houses, cottages, starting September 613476-7701. SMALL, CUTE, newly renovated in Picton. Large master bedroom, 2 small rooms and bathroom on 2nd floor. Living room and large sunny kitchen on first floor. Picturesque location in town. Close to shops, medical centre and nature. Great neighbours. Parking, small yard. New paint and new carpets. Very clean. Would suit 1-3 persons. $1000 plus utilities. Reply to SPACIOUS LOFT, 1 bedroom, washer/dryer, Rednersville, $1000mo. plus 1/2 utilities 613848-3320.

GREAT TENANTS WANTED for Great Landlords!

4 bedroom townhome available now. Bright, hardwood floors, yard, storage, parking for 2 vehicles.

50% off first month’s rent.

Sentinel Property Management 613-966-9079


CLEAN FEMALE with a job looking for short term rental Sept 5mid Nov. 4 days per week. Consider options: rent your home while waiting to be sold, house sitter, companion for elderly parents in evening... please call 613-4767329 ask for Dawna Marie.


ADOLPHUS REACH 1050ft waterfront property (10 acres) situated 20 mins from Picton, Napanee, and Bath, beautiful secluded south facing waterfront lot, perfect for building dream home, also has investment potential. 413822. Agents welcome. Phone 416-520-2576


PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY Country brick bungalow, approx. 6kms from Picton. Approx 1400 sq.ft. 4 bedrooms (3 up, 1 down) complete with 25’x25’ attached double garage. Eat-in kitchen, L-shaped LR/DR. 4 pce bathroom, main floor laundry with extra shower. Full partially finished basement with rec room, family room and workshop, cedar closet. Electric F.A. furnace, a/c and central vac. Good location on 1 acre lot. Paved double drive. Quick closing possible. Price $319,000. Call Orman Tripp 613-391-9250 cell 613-966-5607 home


NEED SPACE? From Boxes to Boats 1/2 Price Storage in Wellington Indoor/outdoor storage for boats and RV’s of all shapes and sizes. Monthly & Seasonal Rates


Providing professional service with care, dignity and personal attention to all details surrounding the loss of a loved one. 2 Centre Street, Picton Robert C. Osborne 476-5571 Funeral Director NOTE: Report errors immediately. The Picton Gazette will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement. CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: Tuesday at 4:00pm


75 ACRES vacant land, 55 workable acres, remainder bush, 1800' paved road frontage, well pumps 56 gal/min, 15 mins south of Belleville, 10 mins to Picton 613399-5143.


MINT AND used postage stamps, covers, post cards, coins and paper money. Call Bob 613-9672118. WANTED BOX TRAILER 5'x8' or similar for dump runs, must be excellent condition, please no junk, 613-476-3923 (leave message).


WILL Buy Scrap Vehicles Metals and Appliances


613-476-2994 or 613-242-0117


Scrap Metal & Scrap Cars & Electronics - TV’s, Computers, etc. Appliances

FREE Pickup

613-476-1621 CHILD CARE

IN-HOME CHILDCARE fall 2013. Certified elementary teacher. Fresh, healthy food; spacious, clean play area. 3 child maximum. Located on West Lake Rd. Contact Jenn, 613-393-0147


HOUSEKEEPING. One time or whatever you need. Phone 613393-1357 INDOOR/OUTDOOR Masonry, small jobs, concrete floors, repair work, fireplace/woodstove backings, pointing, basement repair work, professional masonry & brick cleaning, repair brick & block work. Small deck and small deck repair. Call George 613-393-2144 or 343263-0027.


MILFORD BISTRO is looking for part time and full time kitchen help, cooking and kitchen experience required. Email resume to PART TIME labourer needed for Cherry Valley Construction Project. Must be familar with operating chainsaw & other power tools $15/hour call Robert 1-416-9103066. VOLUNTEER SECRETARY wanted for 1.5 hours per week with group support system, no experience nessessary, will train. Apply to box 834 c/o The Picton Gazette 267 Main St. Picton K0K 2T0. WE REQUIRE a person to work 23 days per week in retail setting for 7 hours per day @ $11/hour. Please call 613-476-7329 ask for Dawna Marie.


ROGER'S MOBILE WASH & DETAILING for all your washing needs, auto, boats, RVs, homes, decks, patios, heavy equpment and monument cleaning. Also store front and graffiti cleaning. Bug spraying available. Free estimates. Seniors discount. 613-962-8277 or cell 613-885-1908

Ted Dainard Welding Farm & General Repair Restoration


A DINNER Party. Party Platters, hor d'oeuvres. Call Sheila Brushey. Catering. 613-393-5021. A SUMMER day is the time to clean eavestroughs,flowerbeds cleaned, gardens rototilled, get yard work done, get rid of unwanted trash, trees trimmed, pruning and any other jobs. Half ton truck available. No job too small. For reasonable rates call Paul 613393-5021. AFFORDABLE MAINTENANCE: Interior/exterior painting, carpentry, decks. Bob, 613-476-4789 ATTENTION SNOWBIRDS- Are you looking for an experienced live-in house sitter for the winter? Includes home security, care for animals and plants, Dec.-April, references available. 613-847-6690 leave message. CHAPPY'S. We'll do almost anything! Moving, dump runs of brush, grass cutting. Garage and basement cleaning. Ph 613-476-2994 or 613-242-0117 or Jenny 613243-7204. GRASS CUTTING SERVING Prince Edward County, good rates, quality service, large & small jobs, using John Deere Zero turn mower. Call Paul for free estimate 1-855-399-1100 tollfree. Fully insured.

Miller Rd and County Rd 10 Cell 613-920-0843 Home 613-476-3140


Stump Grinding Tree Trimming and Removal Brush Chipping Lot Clearing Cabling & Bracing Fully Insured 15 years Experience

Glenn Guernsey



MAN, 55 would like to meet a lady, 40-55. Call Randy, 613-847-9545.



Crafters Cottage

Susan Smith


residential renovations, new homes












Cherry Valley Springs Take a drive out to for


Enjoy a Pickerel Dinner or The Weekly Feature And don’t forget about Thursday Night Ribs Friday, Saturday Special Pickerel Dinner or Weekly Dinner Special #1533 Cty. Rd. 10 Cherry Valley 613-476-6781


• Small camcorder found July 1 • Lady’s prescription glasses • Bluetooth headpiece • Small purse - owl design

To claim come to

267 Main St. Picton

The Picton Gazette BIRTHS

Tristin Laura Rae Guernsey Liam has a sister! Andrew and Fiona are happy to announce the arrival of their new baby girl. Tristin Laura Rae, arrived August 13, 2013 weighing 7 lbs 8 oz at Oshawa Lakeridge Health Hospital. Proud grandparents are Rae and Mary Guernsey and Robert and Jannette McNeill.

Jeff, Tiki and Ryan Hicks are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Sydney Tineke Elizabeth, born July 13, 2013, weighing 6 lbs. Proud grandparents are Tineke and the late Hugh Dixon of Picton and Dave and Betty Hicks of Shannonville.


Thank you for remembering me, and our children Anne, Peter, Heather, Mary, Paul and Marlene, at the time of Lyle's passing. Your cards and notes have eased the pain of losing a loving husband and father. He always enjoyed his visits at the farm while cleaning onions. Do we have an applicant for the job? Sincerely, Irene Hagerman and family.

Bryce and Mary Benton are thrilled to announce the arrival of their second grandchild but first grandson! Bryce Antonio Benton daSilva born January 15, 2013 at 12:04pm weighing 3lbs 9oz. 7 months later Bryce weighs in at 16 lbs! Aunt Dagney, Aunt Robin and cousin Madison couldn’t be happier. Proud parents are Lynsey Benton and Adam daSilva of Ottawa. Bryce is a first grandchild for Francine and Tony daSilva of Ottawa.


CARTER, Randall. In loving memory of a dear husband, who passed away August 25th, 2011. It's been two years, since you've been gone, When you were called away. Leaving me special memories Of all the good old days, But if God could have spared you, Just a few more years. Looking at your pictures, I cry silent tears You're no longer suffering, No longer in pain, Resting peacefully in Heaven, Until we meet again. Forever loved and missed your wife, Jeanne.

SEDORE- Samuel. August 25, 2011. As time unfolds another year Words, feeling and tears, Can't describe how much we miss you. Love you forever Kim, Linda, Sam & MacKenzie

Samuel Sedore

April 12, 1932 - August 25, 2011 We thought of you with love today But that is nothing new We thought about you yesterday, And days before that too. We think of you in silence We often speak your name Now all we have is memories And your picture in a frame. Your memory is our keepsake With which we’ll never part God has you in his keeping We have you in our hearts. Love always and missed every day Lovingly by wife Barbara Your daughter Debbie and husband Robert & family



CARTER, Randall. In loving memory of a loving father and father-inlaw, who was taken from us too soon on August 25th, 2011. Always a smile, never a frown, Always there when someone was down, You are someone special, Your one of a kind, Someone like you Dad, Is hard to find. But gone are the good days, We used to share, But in our hearts, You'll always be there. Love and miss you so, son Randy, daughter-in-law Debbie. CARTER, Randall. In loving memory of a precious, loving poppy who went to Heaven August 25th, 2011. We miss you, we love you, We wish you were here, To watch us grow up Year after year Seeing your pictures Your smiling face Know one else Poppy will take your place Guided by angels from up above We're sending you Poppy all our love. Love and miss you always, your grandsons Payton and Levi


MARKLAND, Howard Leland Entered into rest surrounded by his family in Cherry Valley on Friday, August 16th, 2013. Howard Leland Markland of Picton in his 85th year. Beloved husband of the late Lyla Markland (nee Ainsworth). Loving father of Ken, Larry (Diane), David (Patti) and Janice Markland. Fondly remembered by his 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Survived by his brother Harold (Denise) and predeceased by sisters Agnes and Annie and brothers Bill, Earl and Jack. Friends may call at the Hicks Funeral Home, 2 Centre Street, Picton on Thursday, August 22nd from 1-3 and 6-8pm. Funeral Service will be held in the chapel on Friday, August 23rd at 2:00pm. Reverend Audrey Whitney officiating. Interment Glenwood Cemetery. Memorial donations to the Picton Legion Branch 78 or Hospice Prince Edward would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences and donations at


CONNOR, Mary Hilda Peacefully at Kentwood Park, on Monday August 19th, 2013, Mary Connor, formerly of Toronto, at the age of 97. Loving wife of the late Arthur. Mother of David (Marie) of Picton and the late Douglas (late Leslie) of Aurora and grandmother to Christopher and James. The family wishes to thank the caregivers at Kentwood Park L.T.C., Mary’s home for the past eight years, for the care and compassion they have shown her. A graveside service will be held in Resthaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery (Scarborough) on Friday August 23rd, at 11 a.m. Reverend Fran Langois officiating. If desired, donations to the Kentwood Park Residents Council or the P.E.C.M.H. Foundation would be appreciated by the family. (cheques only, please) Arrangements entrusted to the Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

HEALEY, John At home, surrounded by loved ones on Sunday August, 18, 2013. John Healey of Picton, formerly of Aurora, at the age of 81. Loving partner of the late Carole Miller. Father of Angelique and her husband Ed McPherson of Belleville. Granddad to John. Sadly missed and forever loved by Wes, Janie, Holly, Debbie, Denny, Steve, Jamie, Freya, Baron, Brent, Laura, Sharyn, Brian and Brodie. A Graveside service will be held at Church of Christ West Lake Cemetery on Thursday August 22nd at 3:00 p.m. Reverend Bill Kidnew officiating. If desired, donations to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation would be appreciated by the family. (Cheques only, Please) Arrangements entrusted to the Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Whattam Funeral Home

Whattam Funeral Home


The family of Kenneth ‘Raymond’ McIntosh wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our family and friends for your love and support which helped us through this sad time. A Special Thank You to: The Staff of the Hallowell House for your kindness and care of our father, and to all the residents who became his friends, Art and Fred in particular. Dr. Norah Connell for your loving care, Dad admired you greatly and often stated ‘she is one in a million’. The Whattam Funeral Home for attending to all the details. Our family and friends who came to remember and celebrate our father’s life, your presence lightened our heavy hearts. In particular, those who shared their remembrances, Bruce Dickie, Gloria Greenfield, Dave Harrison, Jerry Foster and George Henley. Dayton Johnson, Annette McIntosh, David and Lenore Bongard, your music lifted our spirits. The South Bay United Church Women for the wonderful food. Our dear friend Marianne Malachowski for her many kindnesses. And to all who donated to the Mariners’ Park Museum and the South Bay Cemetery in memory of our father.


Died peacefully in Picton on Tuesday August 13th, 2013. Connie Lister, retired Chemical Engineer and Manager of Industrial Chemicals of Canada for Proctor & Gamble, avid sailor, former resident of Prinyers Cove and of Toronto, at the age of 80. Beloved husband of Isolde B. of Picton. Loved father of Deborah and her husband Dwight Clements of Uxbridge and John and his partner Susan French of Midland.  Opa of Christopher (Nyssa), John (Randell), Rachel, David and Peter.  Brother of the late Keith and brother-in-law of Delphine.  Remembered by Donna and Ruth. A Celebration of Connie’s rich life will be held at the Whattam Funeral Home, 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario on Thursday August 22nd at 11:00 am. The Reverend Audrey Whitney to officiate. Memorial donations to the H.J. McFarland Memorial Home Resident’s Council would be appreciated by the family. (cheques only, please)

Whattam Funeral Home



At Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital, on Wednesday August 14th, 2013, Bill Steen of Mary Street, Picton, at the age of 69. Loved son of Edna Steen and the late William Sr. Dear father of Tracy Steen and her husband Paul Cole of Picton, Billy of Brockville and Danny and his wife Amy of Picton.Dear brother of Pat Latchford and Terry Steen both of Picton.Sadly missed by his grandchildren  Kaylea, Haley, Nolan, Nathan and the late Elijah. Bill will be fondly remembered by all his nieces and nephews and his best pal Cheeko. A graveside service will be held in Glenwood cemetery on Friday August 23rd , at 10 a.m. Cremation has taken place. If desired, donations to the Loyalist Humane Society would be appreciated by the family. (cheques only, please) Arrangements entrusted to: the Whattam Funeral Home 33 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

Whattam Funeral Home

Garage /Yard Sale Guide 4 FAMILY

YARD SALE Elegants & Trash Sat, Aug 24 8am 12493 Loyalist Pkwy, Glenora Rd


Saturday, Aug 24 9am-2pm Continuing to downsize!

Garage /Yard Sale Guide YARD SALE

21 Washburn St. Picton Saturday, Aug. 24 8am - noon No Early Birds! Infant and toddler toys and clothing, books and misc. items.

YARD SALE 128 Cty Rd 10 Sat, Aug 24 8am

Lots of good stuff! Clothing, furniture, desk, dressers, household items, bedding, etc. (2 riding lawnmowers) NO EARLY BIRDS, PLEASE!

1384 County Rd 12


18 Richmond St. Picton Saturday, Aug. 24 7:30am - noon

Bikes and household items


Household items, box trailer, truck cab, 9x12 garage doors, excess construction materials: sinks, light fixtures, tile, insulation, doors, windows, pvc, roofing material, etc, etc.

Sat. Aug. 31 8am to Noon 60 Factory Lane, Cherry Valley


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Garage/Yard Sale Guide Milford Market


Saturdays 9am - 2pm 2179 Cty Rd 17 There’s something for everyone!

Sat Aug 31st Pancake Breakfast 8:30-10am

Come see the many different vendors and stay for a BBQ!

QUALITY BOOK SALE The Picton Library Sat, Aug 24 10am-2pm Sponsored by The Friends of the Picton Library



on the yards of Jane Street, Picton Saturday, Aug 24th 8am start

Antiques, tools, home decor, dishes. Something for everyone.


GOING OUT OF BUSINESS & YARD SALE Low Low Prices on Decor items tons of craft supplies, wood, metal and material, woodworking tools, etc.

SAT, AUG 24 8AM 655 HWY 49, PICTON


8 Spring St Saturday, Aug 24

9am till it’s alll gone!

Something for everyone! Priced to go! No early birds!


Quantity of lawnmower parts, cartons of sealed bearings, V pulleys, brass bushings, gasoline engines, electric motors, flat & round steel bars, homemade electric sanders, grinders, etc. not CSA approved.

Good prices, cash preferred, offers considered

Call for Sale Days 613-391-9250 613-966-5607

JUNK IN CLINT’S TRUNK Huge Antique/ Collectibles Sale

Interesting & Decorative Stuff SAT, AUG 31 SUN, SEPT 1 8AM-3PM 343 CTY RD 22 UNIT 10 (old Picton Airport)

ANTIQUES IN THE BARN 15087 Loyalist Pkwy 2 km west of Bloomfield on Hwy 33

August 24 & 25 8am-4:30pm Rain or Shine

Lots of stuff including: Lionel

train set, costume jewellery, clocks, phones, stained glass, dishes, display case, featherweight sewing machine, old tools, furniture & more

YARD SALE Sat. Aug. 24 9am - 2pm

368 Lake on the Mountain Road


YARD SALE Sat, Aug 24 8am-2pm 9 Carla Crt, Wellington

Bar w/ 2 stools, household accessories and much more. Rain Date Sun, Aug 25


1425 Ridge Rd Fri, Aug 23 Sat, Aug 24


Computer desk, old night stand, many good household items, plus toys.

1981 Highway 62

YARD SALE Sat, Aug 24 2 Richmond St. Unit 5, Picton 10am-2pm Cash please Sm dog cage, desk, shredder, a few porcelain dolls. Cancelled if raining.

PICTURE FRAMES & COLLECTIBLES FOR SALE various sizes available, all custom frames with matting.




AT 9:30 A.M. AUCTIon SALE FoR THE ESTATE oF oLIVE o. CRAWFoRD, HARRoWSMITH, onT. on SITE Directions: The sale site is in Harrowsmith at 3996 Colebrook Road. Antique side by side bow front china cabinet, Antique 6 legged oak dining table/3 leaves, set of 6 arm chairs, open face pine hutch, walnut tea wagon with tray, Roxton maple coffee & 2 end tables set, oak roll top desk, dressing mirror, 2 pine arm chairs, antique drop leaf table, 2 hall tables, chesterfield & chair, chesterfield, matching loveseat & wing back chair, Victorian couch & chair, Sanyo TV & cabinet, antique wooden rocker, serving cart, antique 4 drawer chest, wicker fernery/ tray, antique dome top trunk, double bed with 4 drawer chest vanity & bench & night table, double bed with dresser & mirror & matching marble top table with towel bars, cedar chest, several plant stands, 3 wall mount display cabinets, “D” end table, Maytag washing machine (as new), Woods chest freezer, McLary “Royal Charm” wood stove with water reservoir. This sale features a large quantity of glass & china including, but not limited to a large set of over 90 pieces of “The Friendly Village” pattern set of dishes including a number of the accessories, Royal Albert “Silver Birch” pattern set of dishes totaling over 65 pieces, a large assortment of cups & saucers (some footed), several Quebec carvings, old crocks and a finger jug, pink & green depression pieces, black Americana salt & pepper, cranberry pieces, shaving mug, pie bird, hand school bell, old cookie jar, early primitive kitchen utensils, carnival glass, several pieces of art glass, Avon Cape cod pieces, a number of collector plates/ certificates, a number of pieces of pinwheel crystal including footed bowls, decanter, cream & sugar with tray, assorted creamers, a large collection of novelty salts & peppers, Wedgwood pieces, carnival fruit bowl/ nappies, cake plates, egg coddlers, 3 antique hanging hall lamps, numerous prints, sad irons, 2 cast iron pots, wall bracket oil lamps, Aladdin lamp & lamp parts, Tonka toys, old carpenter’s box, miniature oil lamps, wash set pieces, Wade figurines, child’s table, silver plate pieces, a pillow sham made from old tobacco silks, small kitchen appliances, child’s wagon & antique sled, “original 6” hockey game, old post cards, antique wall phone (as found), old cook books, 2 “Chums” books, old records, perfume mister, “White Rose” curling game in box, antique “Mallory” battery rack dispenser, Robinson ice cream cone holder, old globe, butter bowl with ladles & print, dresser top mirror, Centennial vintage dress with matching bonnet & purse, vintage shoes, child’s old boots, chest of silver plate, old books, antique lap top writing desk, Troy built 5.5 Hp rear tine tiller, Husqvarna model 33 chain saw, cross cut saw & a few garden tools. This is a large and interesting sale of household effects & furniture. See my web site for detailed list & photos. AUCTIonEERS: DoUG JARRELL & BEn TREVERTon 613-969-1033 Terms: Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard & cheque/ ID Lunch available Estate and /or auctioneers not responsible for accidents or lost items


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Consignment Sale 6:30pm Viewing 5:00pm 662 Cty. Rd. #12 3.5 kms southwest of Bloomfield at Koopmans Auction Centre Contents of home from Foxboro, Kenmore front loading washing machine and Dryer, Refrigerator, electric lift chair, cedar chest, glider rocker, buffet and hutch, Elliptical, treadmill, Maple table and chairs, Collection of County Magazines 1st issue –Present, Antique doll, Bicycles from Police Station, Quantity of hand tools, power tools, 50cc mini bike, Ford garden tractor with front mount snow blower, Craftsman Riding lawnmower with rear bagger, 20 Ft Wrinker boat and trailer with new top. Much more arriving daily! See website for pictures! Always accepting good clean consignment for upcoming sales. We also conduct Estates and Commercial sales on site. For your entire auction needs, call Auctioneer: Gerald Koopmans 613-393-1732.


Beginning at 9am Preview Sale Day from 7:30am Hubbs Estate Auction We have been asked by the executors of the Estate of Al (Sonny) Hubbs, late of 510 Main St. in Bath the Village of Bath Ont. to sell the contents of his workshop by unreserved public auction. Sonny was a long time employee of Dupont of Canada as a machinist and his workshop is fully equipped with a wide variety of machinist’s tools plus an assortment of carpentry hand and floor mounted tools. In addition to the above, there is a workshop for the repair of radios and TV’s that consists of a supply of tubes and all of the necessary equipment to test and repair. The auction will be sold on site at his late residence. Highlights of the sale will include a Hobart Cyber Tig welder with foot control, a hydraulic work bench, an industrial Elliot milling machine, an older model steel lathe, floor model drill press, several sizes and styles of vises, a belt sander and grinder mounted on a hydraulic stand, a chain hoist approx. 12 ft. in height, acetylene torches and tanks, Lincoln arc welder, a Trademaster 10 inch table saw with cast top, Ryobi 10 inch planer, a Powermatic industrial band saw, hydraulic press, steel work benches, large air compressor, tool catalogues, a quantity of machinists tools to include drill bits, etc., hydraulic motors and parts, several tool boxes on wheels, hand and electric hand tools, surveyors transit, cement mixer, a small quantity of air tools, table saw blades, a quantity of copper and galvanized fittings, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, sandpaper, welding rod, etc., welding masks, Dovetail jig, mortising attachment for drill press, electric floor model jig saw and joiners, aluminum step and extension ladders, a quantity of 4X8 sheets of aluminum and stainless steel, scrap lumber, a nearly new garden dump trailer, a Murray riding lawn tractor with 42 inch cut, a nearly new Snapper 305cc wood chipper, a 10hp Noma snowblower with a 27 inch cut, 1999 Polaris Sportsman 335 with 1,700 miles in great condition, includes gun boot, Homelite electric chain saw, a new Titan Laser level, fishing rods and tackle, plus many more items too numerous to list. Terms: Cash, Cheque with forms of ID, Visa, MasterCard and Interac. A 10% buyer’s premium will be applied to the hammer price. AUCTIonEERS: TIM PoTTER AnD CEC KnIGHT Tim Potter Auction Services 1049 Simmons Rd. odessa ont. K0H 2H0 (613) 386-3635 For photos, of this auction. Please view our web page at


The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013


AT 5:00 P.M. DOUG JARRELL SALES ARENA, BELLEVILLE Sale of household furniture & store closeout fixtures & inventory. Dining room table, 6 chairs, china cabinet & sideboard, Duncan Phyfe china cabinet, maple kitchen table & chairs, coffee & end tables, bedsteads, hall tables, several plant tables, lady’s slipper chair, chests of drawers, display racks & stands, cabinets, qty. of new inventory, costume jewelry, silver plate flatware, garden pieces & small shop tools & numerous other pieces. See my web site for detailed list & photos. AUCTIONEERS: DOUG JARRELL & BEN TREVERTON 613-969-1033



4:00 P.M. Estate Auction Sale Primitives, Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, China/Glass, 2 Hanging Lamps, Power Scooter, Hospital Bed, Etc. Estate Car Held Approx. 12 Miles West of Kingston, Odessa Fair Grounds (Exhibit Palace), From 401 (Exit 599) Cty. Rd. #6 South Through Lights on Left Empire Chesterfield; Victorian Ladies Chair; 4 Poster Double Walnut Pineapple Bed/Dresser; Walnut 4 Poster Bed with Rolling Pine Foot Board; Box Springs/Mattresses; 2 Victorian Dressers; Primitive Pine Blanket Box (Blacksmith Strap Hinges); Primitive Single Rope Bed; Washstand; Lodge Chair; 6 Early Stenciled Chairs; Continental Table; 4 Harp Back Chairs; 2 Windsor Style Arm Chairs; Pressback Arm Chair/2 Straight Chairs; Vilas Maple China Cabinet/Hutch; Maple Table/6 Chairs; Teak Extension Table/Teak Chairs; Antique Oak Library Table; Dresser; Lamps; Antique Cedar Chest; Antique Extension Table; Antique Mirror; Several Hand Made Quilts; Quantity of Linen/Bedding of All Types; Paintings/Prints; Portable Electric Sewing Machine; Much More; 2 Antique Hanging Lamps with Milk Glass Shades; 2 Antique Milk Glass Shade Hall Fixtures; China/Glassware/Crystal; Cups/Saucers Etc.; Milk Glass Indian Head Plate; Several Cake Plates; Bell Collection; Chest of Cutlery; Silver Tea Service; Quantity of Silver Pces. Etc.; Collection of Marbles/Alleys; Buttons; Cast Iron Fry Pans; Quantity of Cooking Pots/Pans Etc.; Canning Sealers; Only a Partial Listing. NOTE: Celebrity XL Scooter (2 New Batteries); Health Care Electric Hospital Bed; Walkers; Etc.; Sears Safe; Electronic Treadmill; Work Out Bench/Weights; Metal Shelving; Lawn/Garden Ornaments/Tools; Much More. VEHICLE - Classic 1986 Chevette (Chev), 80,546 Original Miles; One Owner, 4 Cylinder, Certified. Sold Approx. 4:30 This sale is from 2 Estates with many interesting articles. This is only a partial listing. All Verbal Announcements takes precedence over any written matter.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash/Interac/Cheques (with proper I.D.) For pictures and listings go to AUCTIONEERS: DAVE A. SNIDER, (613-386-3039) BRAD SNIDER (613-386-3773)

Owner/Auctioneers not responsible for any accident on or about property day of sale.

ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS for The Picton Gazette All clients... please find below file formats accepted: 1. PDF - best format to send, please make sure that “embed all fonts” is active, all images on the pdf have been saved as cmyk (if colour) or greyscale if B&W with minimum resolution of 170 dpi and that it is high-resolution output compatible with Acrobat 5 or later 2. jpeg - although we can use this format, it is of lesser quality than PDF or tif so we prefer not to use them 3. tif - this format is fine for pictures and graphics but it makes the type fuzzy so is not recommended for this purpose 4. eps - this format is acceptable as long as none of the pictures or graphics need to be clipped, if they do, then the image should be changed to a tif so it retains the clipping 5. Copy can be sent as Word, Excel, Quark, textedit, appleworks or just as part of your email message If these guidelines are not followed

The Picton Gazette cannot be responsible for poor reproduction at press!

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AT 10:00 AM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS ANTIQUES AUCTION SALE CONDUCTED AT BELLEVILLE AND DISTRICT FISH AND GAME CLUB, 170 ELMWOOD DRIVE, BELLEVILLE, ONT. 2 miles EAST of Belleville on Old Highway 2 and turn NORTH onto Elmwood Drive for ½ mile. ARTWORK 3 original Manly MacDonald oil paintings including 20” x 16” “Bay of Quinte, Near Northport”, 16” x 12” Hay Bay Autumn, 16” x 12” Laneway by Bay ; 2 original Joseph Guinta 8″ x10” oil paintings – Quebec scenes, Peter Ertyl Snyder 8″ x 10” oil “Winter Ride”, 8” x 10” original by Hoffman, artwork tiles by Charles Sucsan, ANTIQUE FURNITURE Kimball walnut cased baby grand piano, Jonas Chickering grand piano in mahogany, burled walnut chest of drawers, pine step back cupboard, pine 2 door cupboard, walnut and mahogany chest of drawers, walnut side tables, oak parlour tables, English Oak storage boxes, oak sideboard, mahogany corner curio cabinet, single walnut pineapple bed, Windsor arm chairs, cherry side table with single drawer, Victorian arm chair, brass US letter mail box, Chippendale style side table, walnut tea wagon, walnut dining table, Victorian parlour chairs, mahogany sideboard, oak silver flatware storage case, oak confectionary glass front cabinet, oak 2 drawer side table, child’s sleigh, Gingerbread clock, oak cased wall clock, English bracket clockLeeds; spinning wheel, ANTIQUE GLASSWARES, CHINA AND COLLECTIBLES Cranberry glass pieces, Flo Blue, Moorcroft candy dish, oil lamps, Royal Bayreuth, Iron stone, Gone with the Wind lamp, Pressed glass, quilted glassware’s,Torquay, Sterling silver flatware pieces, hand thrown pottery, 30 Royal Doulton figurines, German porcelain dolls, Yonge Street signage, Beswick pieces, quantity of Canadian and paper coins, FIREARMS AND COLLECTIBLES (PAL required) Browning Gold Hunter Pump action 12 ga, Ithaca double barrel 20 ga., Cogswell and Harrison double barrel 12 ga, 10 ga shot gun marked T Jackson, BSA double barrel 12 ga., 57 Snider hammer rifle, wooden ammo box, collection of German WW II pins, crests, badges; RCMP crests, German WWII uniform, Indian Dept Officers uniform with pattern sword, 16 ft cedar stripe canoe, 2 signal cannons, numerous other articles. NO BUYERS PREMIUM TERMS- CASH OR CHEQUE OWNER & AUCTIONEER NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENT OR INJURY DAY OF SALE SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS Plainfield 613-477-2082 for photos



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butane 34. Priest's liturgical vestment 35. Goat and camel hair fabric 36. Sticky 38. Talk 39. Committed information rate 40. Strong twisted cotton thread 42. 331/3 rpms 43. Honey (abbr.) 44. Founding Father Franklin 45. Frees from pain or worry 47. Tennis player Bjorn 48. Not inclined to speak 49. Shoulder blade 53. Express pleasure 56. One week before Easter


1. Feminist Lucretia 5. Lacrimal gland fluid 9. Airborne (abbr.) 12. Double-reed instrument 13. De Mille (dancer) 15. Burn plant: ____ vera 16. Represent by drawing 17. Roy Harold Scherer 19. Point that is one point N of due E 20. Causing vexation 21. Belonging to a thing 24. Leg joint 25. Suffragette Anthony 27. Form a sum 28. Point midway between E and SE 31. Convert a hide into leather 32. Radical derived from

— This week’s crossword — 60. Attired 62. Chew the fat 63. Weighing device 64. Captain __, British pirate 65. Tropical American cuckoo 66. Any place of bliss or delight 67. Remain as is CLUES DOWN

1. "Rounders" actress Gretchen 2. Off-Broadway theater award 3. Grave 4. Court game 5. Pitch 6. Sense of self-esteem 7. Mandela's party 8. Lights again 9. Likewise 10. Film set microphone pole 11. "Housewives'" Leakes 14. A torn off strip 15. Promotions 18. A. Godfrey's instrument 22. Bill in a restaurant 23. Cozy 24. Knocking out 25. Polio vaccine developer 26. Numeral system 28. Former gold coin worth $10 29. Swats 30. Flows back or recedes 31. Rotation speed indicator 33. Respect beliefs of others 37. Original matter 41. Cologne

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ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you have some shopping to do, but it is better if you space out your purchases and conserve your funds. A surprise bill may pop up and catch you off guard. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, recreational plans may have to take a back seat to responsibilities at work this week. Just when you thought you were done with all of your assignments, some extra work finds you. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, you may feel as though you are alone this week. All it takes is a phone call or email to have some company if you feel the need. Don't hesitate to make a connection. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 It may be difficult to get to the heart of a matter that has monopolized your time, Cancer. But some things will come to light soon enough if you remain patient. LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 There is no easy way out of a tricky situation involving some friends. You will end up in hot water if you take one's side over the other. The best thing to do is remain neutral. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, this week brings a chance to get rid of old habits that have been keeping you from putting your best foot forward. Take advantage of this opportunity.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, you are expected to lead the way for others, even though you do not have all of the answers. Don't worry, you work well under pressure and others will follow your lead. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Your career could be coming to a crossroads, Scorpio. Start networking now as much as possible so you are in a better position should you need to make a move. SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, jump into something new if you feel like taking chances. Even if your leap of faith doesn't reap any rewards, you will feel better for having tried. CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you may end up getting blamed for something that isn't your fault. Bide your time and the truth will come out. Accept the apologies of those who were quick to blame. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, try not to overdo things when you are met with a burst of creative energy this week. You may start more projects than you can possibly handle. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Pisces, so much is going on this week that you will need to organize your thoughts and manage your time effectively. You're up to the task.

57. Father 58. Brew 59. Strong desire 61. Insecticide

50. Songwriter Sammy 51. Jai __, sport 52. Payment (abbr.) 54. Settled onto 55. Incline from vertical

44. Small round soft mass 46. Kisses noisily 47. Large passenger vehicle 49. Prevents harm to creatures

s u d o k u Answers

Intermediate Sudoku Puzzles by KrazyDad, B



Sudoku #1 6 2 1 5 5 9 4 1 8 7 3 4 1 8 2 7 3 6 7 8 4 5 9 6 2 4 8 3 9 1 6 2 7 3 5 9

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2 7 3 1 6

5 9 4 7 3 5

Sudoku #3 4 5 3 8 2 7 8 1 6 1 9 2 7 4 2 6 9 8 6 7 1 3 5 9 3 2 7 5 8 6 4 3 5 9 1 4

7 9

9 3 3 5 8 8 1 5 5 3 4 4 2 7 1 8 6 2 9 1 6 7 2 6


3 2 1 6 9

5 7

5 4 8

2 26 7 8 4 7 1 1





2 1 6 8 9 4 7 5 8 3


7 4 8 89 114

Sudoku #5 4 9 2 7 3 6 5 8 7 3 2 1 5 6 5 1 6 8 9 4 7 6 3 1 4©52008 9 2 2 5 8 3 6 7 4 9 4 7 1 8 2 3 3 8 4 6 2 1 9 1 2 9 5 7 3 8 7 6 5 9 4 8 1

CALL Sudoku #7 BRIAN RABY, C.A., Trustee in Bankruptcy 3 6 8 5 To Discuss Your Options 4 5 9 6

6 7 8



1 9 6 5 5 7 4 6 2 3

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1 2 7 3 6 1 5 7 7 9 3 1 8 4 2 9 5 3 6 8 2 8 1 4


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Sudoku #2 9 8 2 6 7 5 3 4 1 4 6 7 8 6 1 5 3 2 7 8 5 9 4 1 2 1 5 9 6 3 9 2 4 7 8 3

3 1 7 2 9 8 5 8 9 9 2 4 4 6 5 7 3 2 6 4 3 8 7 1 1 5 6

Sudoku #6 5 1 6 7 7 4 9 2 3 8 2 9 4 9 1 8 8 3 5 6 2 6 7 5 9 5 4 3 1 7 3 4 6 2 8 1

8 5 6 3 4 1 7 2 9



6 1 2 3 3 7 1 9 8 6 7 8 4 5 9 2

LAST WEEK’S ANSWER Sudoku #4 4 6 2 3 1 8 7 5 9 7 5 9 4 6 2 8 3 1 3 8 1 7 5 9 4 6 2 9 3 4 1 7 5 2 8 6 8 1 7 2 9 6 5 4 3 6 2 5 8 4 3 9 1 7 5 9 8 6 3 7 1 2 4 1 7 3 5 2 4 6 9 8 2 4 6 9 8 1 3 7 5


9 4 2 8 6 3 4 1 7 5 7 2 5 6 2 7 1 9 9 3 8 4 8 6 2 1 6 5 9 8 Come 5 4 3 7 1

smile with us!

Sudoku #8 2 8 5 1 7 9 6 3 4 8 7 1 3 9 4 1 6 2 3 7 5 8 • Implants • Sedation • Dentures 7 6 3 5 4 8 1 9 2 4 8 5 6 • Wisdom Teeth • Cosmetics 3 2 9 4 3 9 4 7 8 2 5 6 1 2 5 6 PATIENTS 8 6 1 7 WELCOME 4 3 5 8 2 9 NEW ALWAYS 5 1 3 7 5 2 8 9 1 6 3 4 7 Dr. Rami 1Majid 1 9 4 2 5 9 2 6 7 4 8 3 9 St, Picton 8 7 613-476-2353 9 Chapel 6 7 5 2 3 5 4 9 1 6

Dental Care 2 9 7




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Pirates ready to reload to attemp to keep Schmalz Cup Picton has few spaces to fill as 2013-2014 camp opens Jason parks

Staff writer

The shortest offseason in Picton Pirate history quickly came to an end this past weekend as the club set sail in its defence of the OHA Schmalz Cup championship. After a gruelling three month, five round playoff march that ended in May with the Pirates downing the Essex 73's in five games to win the Ontario Junior C crown, the club was back on the ice at the Essroc Arena this weekend for a pair of sessions. Pirates coach and general manager Ryan Woodward agreed the timeline between is club making Junior C Hockey history and starting up its title defence was short, but the organization “wouldn't have it any other way.” “It's been a quick turn around and we've had to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time but we are really happy with the turnout in camp,” Woodward said. The club is going with a smaller camp this season as there are quite a few veterans ready to reload and take another stab at a possible provincial title. But that doesn't mean the

a brief break Picton Pirates coach and general manager Ryan Woodward talks to players during a brief respite in

the club’s training camp session at the Essroc Arena Tuesday night. The Pirates are coming off a Schmalz Cup championship season in 2012-13 and had their shortest off season in club history.. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

club is returning en masse from the magical 2012-2013 season. Forward Cole Bolton has already signed with the Kingston Voyageurs and Mitchell Smith, a centre that

had 74 points in 40 regular season games for the club has moved on to the Kitchener Junior B Dutchmen. On the back end, Adam Wood looks poised to take one of the Wellington Dukes

netminding jobs while Jacob Panetta is in the mix to take a job with the Junior A club's defensive corps. The Pirates rookie-of-the year-award winner looked sharp this weekend, con-

trolling the play and looking like he's ready to take the next step in his hockey career. “First and foremost, we pride ourselves in developing players, bringing in

guys that can help us achieve our internal goals while becoming better players,” Woodward said. “Panetta has had a great off season, in great shape and we fully expect him to be playing Junior A hockey this season for the Wellington Dukes.” In every season but one the club has seen its 16-yearold player move on to Junior A hockey. It's a coveted position on the Pirates and Woodward said there is no shortage of prospects pining to be a part of the Picton Pirate process. “There are a number of candidates for our 1997 birth year underage player. It's a point of pride us to have a 16 year old and we take our time with it so we don't make a mistake,” he said. So far, I've been impressed with (Quinte AAA products) Brodie Butt, Calum Kennelly, and Cory Farrell up front and Noah Sager and (Prince Edward County native) Matthew Scott on the back end,” Woodward said. “There's a lot of talent out there and the selection is going to be a very difficult one but I think we will be picking a based on our need where we can give them significant playing time,” he added. The Pirates prospects will be in action tonight in Trenton when they take on the Campbellford Rebels prospects at 7:30 p.m. At the RCAF Arena.

Dukes seeking right mix to contend for Dudley Hewitt Cup on home ice Wellington opens training camp Saturday with a competitive class of recruits from across North America in town Jason parks

Staff writer

Dukes DepenDence Wellington Forward Ab-

bott Griduckis is one of several sophomore Dukes that the club is relying on when it breaks camp for the 2013-2014 season next month. (Adam Bramburger/Gazette staff)

The nine-month Odyssey that will lead the Wellington Dukes to the 2014 Dudley Hewitt Cup Championship starts in earnest this weekend at the Essroc Arena. The club will host its annual late summer training camp and not unlike any other late August session, there is that certain buzz in Wellington that can only be created when top-end Junior A hockey talent is in town. But let this corner be the first to say the buzz is slightly different than in years past. The kids are coming this weekend, that's for sure. But they are good. They are skilled. And they are hungry for a shot at a Central Canada Championship and a birth into the 2014 Royal Bank Cup in Vernon, British Co-

lumbia. Right from the drop of the puck on Saturday at 10 a.m., expect a training camp unlike any you might have seen in years past in Wellington. With the talent Wellington Dukes coach and general manager Marty Abrams has coming this weekend, the action will be fast and furious from the get go. Veterans will feel the challenge from up-and-coming players from North America immediately and it will be up to those second and third year players to fend off the competition. “I think it's going to be a very competitive camp, It's going to be smaller than in pervious years but that usually means a quicker pace. We think it's going to be a very fast paced environment,” Abrams said. The stakes will be high as the club will start discharg-

ing hopefuls on the first day if they are not up to snuff. Abrams wasn't tipping his hand as to the names of the prospects that are coming other than Belleville Bulls draft pick Josh Supryka who will tune up with the Dukes prior to joining the OHL club at the ned of the month for their training camp. “We will get a good look at the (parent club) Belleville Bulls draft picks at their camp which starts Aug. 28 and there could be players that could help us at that camp,” Abrams said. Help aside, it will be up to the veterans to get the Wellington Dukes train full of steam and on the right track right away. The club that went 29-224 last season was loaded with inexperienced players, many playing their first OJHL season. Slick Mike Soucier (7

goals, 15 assists in 46 games), Joe McKewon (9+11 in 53), Cam Nicoll (5+6, 38 games) and Abbott Girduckis (12+7, 53 games) were all first year front liners that should be taking a leap forward this season. On the back end, sophomore defenders Brody Morris and Zach Bishop will be key members of a Wellington defensive corps that had its issues last season but have hopefully developed after last years seasoning. The key towards our success will be on the returning players, all the ice and training they've had over the past 12 months should equate into them becoming better players and if they are better players, we should be able to build on our 29 wins from last season,” Abrams said.

See DUKES, page 37

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Lloyd tops leader board at Kash

Three Dukes in Summer Select Showcase

Wellington angler hauls in biggest bass on his lake

“It's really going to come down to how much that group has improved over the last 12 months and who's ready to step up.” In other Dukes news, the club is looking for two billets due to a pair of last minute cancelations. “It's so important to have these kids settled right off the bat and our billet situation is better than it has been in years, but these last minute situations are things all teams deal with,” Abrams said. If a family was on the fence of having a player live in their home during the

Jason Parks

Staff writer

Tim Lloyd reeled in some cash fishing Kashwakamak Lake this past weekend. The Wellington native took part in the first annual Land O' Lakes Tourist Association bass fishing tournament on Saturday and reeled in a 3.48 pound large mouth bass which was the heaviest fish weighed at the Kashwakamak weigh station. The beautiful bucketmouth netted Lloyd and his fishing partner Rick Marshall a bevy of cash and prizes from the five lakefish off that included Desert Lake, Big Gull Lake, Sharbot Lake and Loughbrough Lake. While Kashwakamak Lake can yield four- and five-pound bass, Lloyd said he knew a smaller fish was was going to wind up being at the head of the leader board. “We prefished the Lake Friday and it was 26 and nice,” Lloyd said. “That night, it got down to nine and the fish basically shut off.” Between the two of them, the Lloyd and Marshall duo caught about 30 bass in total but almost all were one to two poundssave for the winner.

DUKES, from page 36

hockey season, this might be the year to get on board and help the local hockey club out. “No matter what happens, it's going to be a historic year for the hockey club and we want to put our best foot forward. Billets are a pivotal piece of the puzzle. We need our players living in really good homes. I also can't say enough about our core of billets that have supported us over the past seasons. They are the best in the league,” he added. Round the 'Roc: Newcomer Cody Gratton and Girduckis

were outstanding at the recent Ontario Summer Select Showcase in Cornwall. In three games for the OJHL 1 all- star team, Girduckis had a goal and three helpers to lead his team in points. Gratton chipped in with three assists during the weekend c o m p e t i t i o n s . . . Netminder Lucas Machalski had an up and down camp, looking great in one contest but surrendering a handful of goals in the other. It should be noted he was on the weaker of the two OJHL all-star teams and his club only scored four goals in three games.


Tim is ToPs Wellington angler Tim Lloyd was the Kashwakamak Lake winner at the Land O’Lakes Tourist Association Bass Tournament on Saturday. with a 3.48 pound bass (Submitted photo)

Using a white senko worm, Lloyd figured he had a tournament fish on when the wannabe lunker finally committed. I knew it was going to be a top fish but then it started to come loose near the boat,” Lloyd said, laughing. “The fish wound up swimming right into the net.” Overall, the winner was

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measured at 19-and-a-half inches long and just under the three-and-a-half pound range. It's not the first trip to the podium at a bass derby this season for Lloyd as he weighed in the second heaviest fish at a tournament in Trenton earlier this month.


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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

County Rotary clubs receive special recognition for their works District 7070 salutes Wellington trail project, Picton polio fundraisers AdAm BrAmBurger

Staff writer

In recent weeks, both Prince Edward County Rotary Clubs got a boost in the form of special recognition from their district. The Wellington club recently welcomed District 7070 governor Valarie Wafer and assistant governor Michael Parker. After Wafer shared her introductory speech about this year’s theme Engage Rotary, Change Lives, Parker stepped forward to hand the club the Tibor Gregor Award for the district’s best community service project of 2012-2013. Led by member Barry Davidson, an active cyclist himself, the club has been working since last August to restore the Millennium Trail in the Wellington area. The work started with trimming and mulching a stretch of the trail on the east side of Wellington from Conley Road to County Rd. 1. The Rotarians also got to work raising funds and partnering with local contractors in order to widen the trail to 15 feet,

top community project The Rotary Club of Wellington recently received District 7070’s Tibor Gregor Award for best community project for the Millennium Trail work. Here, assistant district governor Michael Parker, left, presents the award to club president Howard Ziedenberg at a recent meeting. (Submitted photo)

then grade and resurface it to allow more community members to use it. As planned, the Rotarians finished that section and continued to work on two more phases to stretch the renewed trail west through the village for eight kilometres toward Greer Road. Community donations at the club’s bottle depot, an adopt-a-kilometre campaign, and other in-kind gifts and

for others in the county wishing to spread the improvements the length of the 42-kilometre trail. Club president Howard Ziedenberg accepted the award on behalf of his membership, indicating that the many community activities his club undertakes represent the concept of engaging in Rotary and changing people’s lives. Meanwhile, the Picton club

labour helped the club to meet its obligations and carry through with the $70,000 project to be completed this month. Some of the finishing touches on that stretch of trail will include the addition of interpretive signage, rest stations, and a parking area. The success of the project has also convinced Davidson to reach out beyond his own community to offer assistance

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tary Foundation chair William R. Patchett, left, presents Scott Lavender with a certificate recognizing the Picton club for its PolioPlus efforts. (Submitted photo)

was rewarded for its efforts in helping with one of Rotary’s goals in the broader world community. Rotary International has long concerned itself with the eradication of polio worldwide and it continues to work in that direction. Just last week, the organization announced it has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to inject an additional $200 million to the cause, with the Gates Foundation granting $100 million up front and Rotary raising funds to match it dollar-for-dollar over the next three years. When the organization was asked to lead the global campaign alongside UNICEF and the World Health Organization in 1985, it was reported that more than 350,000 people suffered from the disease in 125 different countries. Last year, Rotarians

learned there were just 227 cases in just three countries — Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Rotary takes part in eradicating polio through the Rotary Foundation, which Rotarians can directly support through donations of their own funds. The Picton club also regularly contributes to the foundation’s PolioPlus campaign in honour of every guest speaker that visits its Tuesday lunch meetings. District 7070’s foundation chair William R. Patchett recently attended one of those meetings to present an award and praise to past president Scott Lavender who has long served as Picton’s foundation chair. ‘Your club, Picton, was most instrumental in supporting the Polio programme thanks to the leadership of Scott Lavender and your fellow Rotarians,” said Patchett.

Prince Edward Point observatory now open for fall banding

s $IVERTORGANICWASTEHEADEDTOLANDlLL s #REATECLEAN RENEWABLEENERGYTODAY s (ELPFEEDTHEEARTHTOMORROW The Green Bin program is open to Prince Edward County residents with regularly scheduled curbside garbage pick-up. Participation in the program is voluntary.

FoundAtion’s Fighters District 7070 Ro-

The scientists and volunteers are ready for a busy fall migration which may see more than 10,00 birds caught and banded at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory this year. Over the weekend, this year’s bander-in-charge Stephane Menu and assistant Lizzie Grayshon set up their 12-metre “mist” nets to catch early migrants. Already, they’ve reported a variety of species passing over the county’s south shore including warblers, flycatchers, and sparrows. The nets open each day a half-hour after dawn and remain open for six hours, weather permitting. The banding effort requires OPEN 11AM-5PM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK 613-373-1133

a lot of volunteer time to go smoothly. Typically, volunteers take the birds from the nets, place them in cloth bags to be brought to the banding lab for identification and measurement. That data is then sent to the Canadian Wildlife Service and Bird Studies Canada. The observatory also benefits from volunteers to greet, guide, and serve visitors from around the world visiting to view the migrating birds as they stop by. For more information about how to become involved and about upcoming events, visit the web site -Staff 9261 LOYALIST PARKWAY, ADOLPHUSTOWN, ONTARIO


TThis his notic noticee is aavailable vailable in alt alternate ernate for upon on rrequest. equest. fformats, ormats, up &/2-/2%).&/2-!4)/. &/2-/2%).&/2-!4)/. SShire hire Hall aatt 332 M Main ain SStreet, treet, PPicton, icton, ON K0K 2T 2T00 s613-476-2148s s613-476-2148swww

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

Eagles pick up pair of 5-1 wins over Quinte West to even their season mark Under-12 team can leap into second place with success in final two games Jason Parks

Staff writer

The Geodynamics PECSA Eagles are back to the .500 mark with just two games remaining in their schedule. The local rep soccer club scored back-to-back 5-1 wins over the Quinte West Wolverines Thursday and Tuesday evening. The wins move the Eagles to 5-5-3 and more than developing into well rounded soccer players, their coach said the Eagles are turning into well rounded teammates. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You can't help but increase your play and develop into a better player when you are playing against better players,â&#x20AC;? Eagles skipper Andrew Houston said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But you can see the camaraderie develop and that's first and foremost thing. Everyone gets along on this team, there's no issues at all and friendships

are really being developed.â&#x20AC;? Those league results sandwiched an impressive showing at youth soccer tournament in Ottawa where the Eagles won three out of four games but were unable to play in the finals due to a technicality. The Eagles won two of three preliminary games on Saturday and won their first playoff game on Sunday but were eliminated from further play due to a bizarre set of rules that factored in pool seedings, difficulty rankings and plus minus totals. Even though the squad was robbed of a chance to play for a title on Sunday, Houston said the main factor on the weekend was the fact the players had fun and that resulted in wins. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you look at the overall standings, we were fifth out of twelve teams and we played some really

good competition,â&#x20AC;? he added. In Quinte west on Tuesday evening, the Eagles got a pair of goals from Joey Monroe while Devon Wilton, Jack MacCool and Connor Verhoog all had singles. On Thursday at their home pitch, the visiting Wolverines were able to keep leading scorer Monroe quiet but it didn't matter as MacCool, Wilton, Cooper Rogers, Callum MacDonald and Sebastien Traynor all found the range. Keegan Makpah was solid in the Eagle net, stopping every shot sent his way except one.

The Eagles can climb over the .500 mark tonight when they host Portland. The local squad will complete its season next Thursday when they host Belleville and could actually leapfrog the Comets if in the stars align over the final two weeks of the season. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We could end up in second place overall if things fall into place and that's a great accomplishment for kids that are in their first year of rep soccer,â&#x20AC;? the coach said. Both home games kick off at 6:30 p.m. at the Johnson Street soccer pitch.

JumPing Joey Geodynamics PECSA Eagles striker

Joey Monroe tries to block a kick during Under 12 play last week. Monroe had a pair of goals in the Eagles win Quinte West on Tuesday.. (Jason Parks/Gazette staff)

Powell, Rankin earn club championships

Golfers claim overall honours as well as super senior bragging rights

This past weekend, Larry Powell managed to successfully defend his title as the menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and super senior (age 60-69) menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s champion at the Picton Golf and Country Club with a two-round total score of 153. Powellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s closest competitor from the field, Chris Lawlor, managed to come in five strokes back for a total of 153 and the top prize in the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight. The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight champion this year was Randy Coates, who turned in a score of 167. Tye Eaton was the runner up in that category with a score of 173. Just behind Eaton, the top â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight finishers, Pete Lavender and Murray Kinnear turned in scores of 174 and 175 respectively. John Hughes would take the top honours in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight this year with a 190, while Doug Wilson had a score of 192 as runner up. The senior champion (ages 50-59) for 2013 was John Haynes with a score

of 162. In the senator competition for those 70 and older, Garry Daly took the title scoring 178. Experience also proved valuable in the womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s club championship as Deb Rankin also earned a double victory with the overall womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s title and the super senior womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lead as she shot 178 overall. Seven strokes behind Rankin, there was a tie atop the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight as Heather Kinnear and Ilona Anderson each turned in a 185. The â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight champion was B.J. Campbell this year as she finished with a final score of 190, just four strokes ahead of runner-up Eve Forsyth. In â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; flight, Murial Thibert and Karen Insley also claimed a tie in first place as they both scored 201 over the weekend. Kinnear claimed the trophy among the seniors with a 185, while Campbell was the top female senator.

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The Picton Gazette THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013

COUNTY SCHOOL OF DANCE REGISTRATION DAY Sunday, August 25th, 2013 3:00-6:00 PM- At the studio! 311 Main St., Picton (rear entrance)


Check for further info

Dwayne Inch, Chair of the Board


Mandy Savery-Whiteway Director of Education

Large Selection of Fabric: up to 45% OFF reg. price Kwik Sew Patterns $ 7.99 reg. $12.99 Notions: 15% OFF reg. price excluding books, batting

Aug. 16 - 31 PICTON FABRIC WORLD 261 Main St. Picton


with Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board We Welcome New Registrations at Elementary and Secondary Schools

Schools will be open for new registrations during the week of August 26, 2013. Call ahead to confirm dates and times. Specific documentation is required (proof of age, home address, custody orders). Student transportation • • 1.866.569.6638

Call Your Local Public School or Visit Our Website to Learn More Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board 156 Ann Street, Belleville, ON K8N 3L3 Phone: 613.966.1170 Toll-free: 1.800.267.4350 Twitter: @HPEschools Need space for a community event? Look no further! Schools offer affordable and accessible space for community use outside school hours—auditoriums, classrooms, gymnasiums, lecture theatres and sports fields. Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board has dozens of school facilities in communities from Prince Edward County to Maynooth and Quinte West to Deseronto.

Your Community School Welcomes You!

CONTACT: Community Use of Schools • 613.966.1170 • 1.800.267.4350 Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board—fostering strong school/community connections!

Picton Gazette Aug 22 2013  
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