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Keelan-Bishop adds to county poster series ADAM BRAMBURGER STAFF WRITER

Artist Marc Keelan-Bishop set his eyes on Hillier for the latest installment in his popular county poster series. The new poster, which Keelan-Bishop will debut at the Marm Art Mart at the House of Falconer this weekend, depicts the historic Christ Church off in the distance and a bird capturing a treat from among the luscious grape vines that have become prevalent in the area. The poster is the ninth in a series that originally started as a project Keelan-Bishop wanted to pursue as an entry for the annual Art in the County exhibition. It started with depictions of Picton and Bloomfield and grew to include Sandbanks Provincial Park, Wellington, Lake on the Mountain, Mountain View, Point Petre, and Black River. “Being a commercial and educational illustrator, I wanted something where I didn’t have to teach or focus on a client’s demands,” he recalled. Keelan-Bishop took his inspiration from the series on a style of vintage travel posters that were common from the late 1800s up until around the time of the First World War. He has a collection of posters in that style, including a rare piece of Vietnamese Communist propaganda. Typically, Keelan-Bishop said posters in that style were created using silk-screening, so they often featured large elements in a given colour and



NEW ENTRY Marc KeelanBishop added another county locale to his series, debuting this new Hillier poster this week. (Submitted photo)

attracted the eye with their bright, vibrant colours. One day, Keelan-Bishop said he might like to take a few of the designs to Chrissy Poitras, of Spark Box Studio, an expert in silk screening to try the posters on a different medium. As for other elements to his style, Keelan-Bishop indicated he likes to do things that are a bit playful and unexpected. The picnic-themed Sandbanks design, for example, depicts a couple about to meet for a meal on the beach, but it also has clever portrayals of a bird about to eat a frog and a ladybug about to eat an aphid. The Black River poster shows Vicki Emlaw of Vicki’s Veg-


gies and in her hair, if one looks closer they can see people out tending gardens. “I like to have a bit of fun with them,” he said. The idea that came together the easiest, Keelan-Bishop said, was the Picton poster, which shows the intersection of urban and rural in town with a tractor in front of the neon glow of the Regent Theatre. Some of the ideas came quickly, and some took more time. Keelan-Bishop said he created the new Hillier concept in two days after scrapping a previous conception. Typically, he said, once the idea comes it can take as much as two whole days to do the drawing — he works primarily in Adobe Illustrator, then a week or in editing. Keelan-Bishop considered printing the work in the fineart giclee style, but chose instead to offer more affordable poster prints for $15 each or $120 for the set to allow them to be purchased by tourists as souvenirs. He said he loves the fact his art can be shared in many homes instead of just one and the notion he doesn’t have to part with his originals. The posters are sold in four county locations. Fans of the series need not worry, Keelan-Bishop doesn’t expect Hillier to be his last. “I don’t think I’ll be finished until I’ve done a dozen. Waupoos keeps calling to me and I’m thinking about the Fish Lake Road area,” he said. “I feel like I’m obligated to cover the entire county.”




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