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POSTCARDS Spectacular images from world over that celebrate our quest for inner discovery

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS Tucked away in a corner of Europe, Tallinn is the perfect winter break that you have been searching for

THE STATE OF BLISS Thought you’ve seen it all? Head to Brisbane to rev up this winter the way Aussies do!

THE PRECARIOUS POLE A traveler dares to travel to the ends of the world to rediscover a land frozen in time





LIVE LIFE, KING-SIZE Here’s a different side to Macau, the world’s greatest city of temptation

SOUL’D OUT Tired of soul-searching? Head to Cape Town, a land which has been once too blessed

CALIFORNIA TRIPPIN’ What is it about San Francisco that sets it apart from the rest of America?


PHOTOSTORIES Watch the world wake up to the festivity and cheer of December, the most special month of the year


Tuscany, Italy

Image by Johan Ensing

It is when early morning mist slowly dissipates to reveal the silhouette of a lone standing tree on a hillock that Tuscany's sprawling landscape is most arresting. The Val d'Orcia is known to capture the utterly romantic essence of the Italian countryside. Its pastures look straight out of a 15th century village portrait, untouched, golden and breathtaking. This is a valley for poets, artists and dreamers, where one can feel a part of nature's spectacular imagery with soft rolling hills, summery pastures, sienna colored cottages along the hillside and endless stretches of vineyards.



Extended thanks to Anupama Paliwal Images Anu Wintschalek, Anupama Paliwal, Brian Gylte, Bruno Girin, Isaac Bell, Kai Yun, Paolo Trofa Pavel Trebukov, Riccardo Romano, Triin Vihur




There are plenty of ways to experience life, but as they always say, no one knows how to live it up the way Aussies do! Images Garry Schlatter, Matthew Stewart



This calm image was actually taken on a stormy morning in Moreton Bay. Life is strange in this part of the world

of adventure. Serious diving enthusiasts never miss

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waters. There are other great diving sites around

is famous among divers and sea lovers alike. The

like the St. Paul wreck dive site, Dolphin site, and

natural rocky environment of Flat Rock is home to

The Pines that you could explore.

a splendid amount of Grey nurse sharks and clown fish and divers can actually experience the thrill of

Simple pleasures of the ocean keep Brisbanites

swimming alongside these bottle-nosed grey docile

rooted to their soil. There are no airs about living

man-eaters! The estuaries around flow with turtles,

in the city. Here, the waters and the sands are the


way of life. This is not hard to see if you are strolling

an experienced paddler, what matters is the will and

by the Brisbane River at any point of the day. The

strength to challenge the waters! Various agencies

longest river in Queensland flows right through the

offer riverside tours and if you are an amateur, you

city and gushes out in finality into Moreton Bay, and

might find the advice particularly useful – no, never

a flurry of activities bursts along its banks throughout

try stuff you have seen on television or stand while

the day. Paddling along the riverside is a great way

on a kayak! Slowly and steadily, you could relax your

to view Brisbane city and is a must-do if you are

muscles and take in the view of the glorious Story

within city premises after a long day at Redcliffe.

Bridge and the waterfront neighborhoods that are

It doesn't really matter if you are a first timer or

always bustling with energy. The Brisbane River is




What is life like at the very end of the world? A traveler dares to cross the borderline of adventure by traversing dangerous seas and harsh weather to rediscover a land that lies frozen in time: Antarctica. Words Ethan Daniels Images Ethan Daniels, Audrey Scott






CAPE TOWN has always been the Mecca of soul-searchers. This winter, head to the sun-drenched beaches of the Cape and experience the sheer ecstasy of living wild. Images GufoAstuto Micheletto, Kim VanZyl, Paul Bruins, Paul Tosio, Ulrich M端nstermann


Images David Yu, David Kiene, Michael Holden, Paulo Penicheiro, Thomas Hawk

San Francisco is known to embrace one and all, but what is it that truly sets apart this one city from the rest of America? We find out.





Thought Australians were a desert people? You could not have been more wrong! Head to small town Woodford and experience Australia’s eclectic cultural extravaganza in full form. From street theatre and acoustic jams to high energy concerts and late-night cabarets, thousands spill onto Woodford’s grounds to celebrate the summer and welcome the New Year with zest! This epic festival is a journey into Australia’s distinct native culture and celebrates life in true Australian spirit. No matter what you want to do, there is something here for everyone. In short, it really can’t get better than beer, dancing, fun and sport to celebrate culture and life can it? If you are looking for some excitement this December, this is what you must experience – one long, unmissable party. Images Garry Schlatter


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Picsean Travel - December 2010  
Picsean Travel - December 2010  

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