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How Picreel Can Help to Boost Sales for e-Commerce Websites?

What Is The Biggest Challenge? The biggest challenge is to get the attention of a fleeting visitor and to convert his interest into sale.

What Can You Do About It? You have to – • Increase the traffic • Increase conversion rate

Are you aware that 70 percent of conversion processes are abandoned before completion? It’s true this situation happens every day to an online business. Based on surveys 7 of 10 shoppers on your site left carts full of merchandise and headed for the exits.

How Can You Do It? Use Picreel’s - Shopping Cart Recovery Technology

How Does Shopping Cart Recovery Technology Work? Shopping cart recovery - It is an automated email program which is highly relevant and can deliver high ROI. These emails are activated in response to a customer’s behavior and reflect his or her actual interests. For any ecommerce website, an articulate cart abandonment service is compared to an attractive and appealing sales staff. However, these symbolic staffs should be convincing. Therefore the message is sent to abandoning visitors must be well framed and properly timed.

The rate at which your visitors abandon depends on how effective you have structured your checkout process.

Through the advance technology used by Picreel you’ll have the chance to recover your visitors and turn them into customers.

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How picreel can help to boost sales for e commerce websites  
How picreel can help to boost sales for e commerce websites  

Track visitor's movements on your website with heat map technology and stop them from leaving with Picreel's innovative exit intent technolo...